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Quaker-Nester Cemetery

Carroll County, Virginia

Laurel Fork District

Location: Dugspur Community

Directions: Beside Rt. 624 (Nester School Road), 0.3 mile east of Rt. 671 (Newmantown Road).

GPS Coordinates: N 36.801768 W 080.575907

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson, 19 January 2015;

Comments: The cemetery is well fenced and in good condition. Information in [brackets] is not on the stone.

Quaker-Nester Cemetery, Carroll County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Formerly known as the Charlie Walker Nester Cemetery. As per a monument erected in 1992 this cemetery is at the site of the old Fruit Hill Quaker Meeting House, 1805-1830. There is an undetermined number of burials here. Many of the older graves were marked only with fieldstones, most of which are illegible and have been removed and placed in piles at the edge of the cemetery.
Row 1
NESTER, Connie E. 16 May 1912 07 Aug 1963 Shared stone with next; Connie Erthel; s/o Charles Walker Nester & Cleora Ellen Newman
NESTER, Nellie J. 23 Mar 1912 [02 Jul 1988] Nellie Mildred; d/o Lindsey James & Chloe Epperly; w/o Connie Erthel Nester
NESTER, C. Walker, Elder 19 May 1890 10 Apr 1956 Shared stone with next; Charles “Charlie” Walker; s/o Matthew Ganey Nester & Mary Ann Puckett
NESTER, Cleora Ellen 14 Aug 1888 25 Apr 1963 d/o James Madison Newman & Louisa Jane McPeak; w/o Charles Walker Nester
NESTER, Eula Ocie 28 Nov 1907 31 Aug 1949 d/o Charles Walker Nester & Cleora Ellen Newman
NESTER, Cleavie 11 Jul 1913 01 Mar 1970 Cleve “Cleavie” Wateman; s/o Charles Walker Nester & Cleora Ellen Newman
Unknown Fieldstone
McGRADY, Alva M. 14 Jan 1914 05 Oct 1970 Shared stone with next; Alva Martin; s/o Elcan Clinton McGrady & Elizabeth Lee Scales
McGRADY, Sereta 13 May 1925 d/o Jesse Lee Dalton & Rosa Ellen Largen; w/o Alva Martin McGrady
GREER, Rosie Dalton 06 Aug 1902 15 Apr 1993 Rosa Ellen; d/o Robert E. Lee Largen & Cora M McPeak; w/o Jesse Lee Dalton & ? Greer
Row 2
PICKETT, Chattie Caroline 1881 08 Aug 1961 d/o James Henderson Pickett & Mary Catherine Vaughan
Row 3
These 2 names are listed on the historical monument mentioned above
STANLEY, Zachariah, Sr. 06 Oct 1737 26 Feb 1810 s/o Thomas Stanley & Elizabeth Crew
STANLEY, Sarah Crew 1749 1812 d/o Ellyson Crew & Lydia Ladd; w/o Zachariah Stanley, Sr.
Unknown 6 Illegible or unmarked stones
Row 4
Unknown 3 Illegible or unmarked stones
From an earlier survey
HURST, Amacity 29 Mar 1857 d/o Franklin Hurst & Charity Montgomery
HURST, Charity 45 yrs 5 mos 20 Jan 1868 d/o Levi Montgomery & Rachel Dalton; w/o Franklin Hurst
L. E. M. 28 May 1850 20 Oct 1857
D. C. 18 Oct 1857
P. M. 15 yrs. 12 Nov 1883