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Pulaski County Wills 1838 – 1859

ADDAIR, James. Appr. of estate returned April 25, 1845.

ALLISON, Charles. Will proved May 5, 1846. Names brothers, Robert, John and Francis; sister, Martha Childress, and nephews, Charles (son of Robert), Robert (son of John) and James Cole (son of Stephen Cole).

ANDERSON, Christinah. Will proved September 10 1846. Names children, Elizabeth Woolwine, Peggy Gray, Eve Songer, Polly S. Barger, Jacob, John and William; the heirs of her deceased children, George, Nancy Shepherd and Susan Hues.

ANDERSON, Jacob. Will proved April 7, 1842. Names wife, Christinah and children, Elizabeth Woolwine, Peggy King, Polly S. Barger, Eve Songer, Susannah Hughes/Hues, Jacob, John, William, Nancy Shepherd and Malinda.

BASKERVILLE, George W. Will proved October 1849. Names, Nancy B. and children, Cynthia M., Martha A., John B. and Spencer.

BELL, John. Guardian Appt. for his children viz: John, Hannah, Elizabeth, Peyton, Nancy and Sarah.

BISH, Peter. Will proved April 7, 1842. Names wife, Phebe and children, Isaac, Abraham, Samuel Emmanuel, David, Catherine Cain, Susan, Gordan and Sally Bish.

BLACK, John. Will proved August 8, 1850. Names children, Polly Jones, Martha Warden, James, John, William, Hugh and the heirs of his deceased son, Robert.

CADDALL, Nancy. Apr. returned August 24, 1841.

CALFEE, William. Bill of sale returned October 1851.

CARNAHAN, John. Will proved May 6, 1858. Names children, Mary Ann, Isabella E., Thomas S., William B., Samuel W. and John N.

CARPER, John. Will proved July 1845. Names children, Frederick, Henry; leaving to each of them “One draw of my pension money.”

CLOYD, David. Will proved April 6, 1848. Names children, Joseph, Gordon, James M. Son-in-law, David McGavock (and his children, David and Sarah). Grandson, David Kent.

CLOYD, Thomas. Will proved October 1849. Names wife, Polly and children, David and Lucinda (wife of Gordon Kent). Thomas Cloyd owned “Dunkards Bottom.”

COOK, Henry. Will proved June 1849. Names wife, Polly and children, Alexander, Henry and George.

CROCKETT, James. Apr. returned July 1842.

DAVIS, Sarah (of Reed Island). Will proved February 1855. Names children, Joseph, William, Hugh, Joannah Sloan and the heirs of a deceased son, James. Speaks of her mother, Joannah Stephens, deceased. Names grandchildren, Sarah, William, Rhoda and Joannah, all children of her son Joseph. Mentions land inherited thru her deceased brothers, Peter and James Stephens. Also grandson, James, son of Hugh.

DRAPER, Margaret. Will proved February 1859. Names children, Margaret P., Jane C. Tate, John S. and Susan S.

EATON, Crozier. Will proved December 18, 1857. Names wife, Keziah; brothers, Joseph, David, Edward; sister, Elizabeth Williams; the children of his deceased sister, Nancy Scott and of his deceased brother, Richard.

FARMER, Martha. Sale bill returned May 1850.

FULKNER, Elizabeth. Inventory returned February 1841.

GALBREATH, Catherine. Will proved July 1857. Names children, Mary A. Rayel (wife of John), William, Bartram, Sarah Mitchell and the widow, Catherine, of her deceased son, Thomas.

GLENDY, John. Will proved January 1858. Names wife, Polly and children, William I., Margaret Darst, Mary A., Elizabeth D., Robert and Gilly A.

GORDON, Giles. Apr. returned September 1841.

GUTHRIE, Richard. Will proved June 6, 1850. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Elizabeth Stone, Cassandra Graham, Eliza Munsey, Hetty Munsey, Cynthia Wygal, John, William and the heirs of his deceased son, James G. (viz. Hary, Hugh, Elizabeth, Lieza, Margaret, Jane, Almina and Stephen R.)

HOGE, Elizabeth. Will proved July 1851. Names children, John, Matthew, Matilda Loyd, Rebecca McIntyre, Nancy R., Margaret Hickman, George D., Moses H., Eliza Long, Jane Peterman; grandchildren, Edward Thomas, Mary Elizabeth, Margaret Virginia (children of Moses) and Thomas and Rachel (children of a daughter, unnamed.)

HOGE, John. Will proved August 1847. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Moses H., Eliza A. Long, Jane Peterman, Matilda Loyd, Nancy, Margaret R. Hickman, John, Rebecca McIntire/McIntyre. Grandchildren, John M., Thomas and Rachel Peck (children of a daughter, unnamed); Margaret Jane, John Montgomery, James Thomas and Ann Eliza (children of daughter, unnamed).

HOWARD, Alexander. Account returned August 1854.

HURST, John. Will proved August 1855. Names children, Delila Nunn, Elizabeth Herrill, William, Mark, John, Matilda (wife of Hillary Ashworth); the heirs of his deceased child, Jesse, Catherine Holly and Thomas.

HURST, William. Inv. returned December 1839.

INGRAM, Aaron. Apr. returned October 1839.

JORDON, Michael. Apr. returned February 6, 1857.

LESLEY, William. Apr. of estate returned December 9, 1852.

MARTIN, Robert. Will proved May 5, 1859. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, David, William, Robert and John.

MEDIDITH, Jeremiah. Will proved October 1855. Names wife, Sarah Ann and children, Bellvveidra, Florence Jane, Salome Snow, Cephus Shelburn and Jeremiah. (could be the surname is Meredith)

MILLER, James. Will proved May 20, 1855. Names children, William, Andrew, Alsey Raines, Joseph, Eliza, Polly, John and Samuel.

MILLER, Margaret. Will proved February 8, 1849. Names children, William, Elizabeth Vermillion. Witnesses: Daniel, Elizabeth and John K. Miller.

MILLER, Daniel. Apr. of estate returned July 25, 1840.

MONNAHAN, Martha. Will proved December 7, 1854. Names children, John Bell, William Hellums, David Heavener, Catherine Scott and Ann. Also, Ann’s children, Martha, George, David and Elizabeth.

MORRIS, Robert (of the City of Philadelphia). Will proved May 21, 1804. Names wife, Mary and children, Thomas, Henry, Hetty Marshall and Maria Minor (?).

MORRIS, Mary (of Philadelphia). Will proved there February 1, 1827. Names children, Thomas and Henry.

MEURHEAD, Andrew. Will proved May 7, 1857. Names wife, Jane and children, George W. F., John C., Benjamin F., James W., Crozier E. Ralph, Edwin W., Sarah, Joseph M., Samuel C., Andrew, Nancy Vermillion and Martha.

PATTON, Henry. Will proved June 7, 1849. Names wife, Eleanor and children, William, stephen, Peggy Ingram, Nancy Neal, Thompson, Austin, Maria Cummings and the heirs of his deceased children, Calvin, Eliza Thorn and Lucinda McDonnald. (These children were by a first wife, names Martha).

PECK, Jacob. Will proved February 9, 1854. Names children, Louisa Robinson, Catherine Weeks, Christopher, Nancy Burton, Fadela Burton, Mary Brookman and William.

PIERCE, James A. Will proved August 10, 1854. Names children, David S. and others, names or number not given. Wife living, but unnamed. Brother, William. Children all minors.

PRYOR, John (of the City of Richmond). Will proved there March 1823. Names wife, Elizabeth Graves; nieces, Dorcas Bryan, Elizabeth Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Charlotte Morrison (of Williamsburg, Va.), Elizabeth Hazelwood; nephews, Thomas Pryor and Archer, William, Romert, John, and Pryor Hankins. Friend, Lewis Burwell. First wife was names Ann.

RAINES, Meridith. Apr. returned January 1841.

RANKIN, James. Will proved June 7, 1849. Names wife, Mary. At her death all his slaves were to be freed, and his entire estate sold “and proceeds to be used to remove said slaves to some free state, and to fix them comfortably.”

SHEPHERD, …………. Will proved December 1840. Names wife, Elizabeth.

SIFFORD, Harmon. Apr. of estate December 9, 1852.

STEEL, James. Sale bill December 5, 1852.

SWOPE, John. Will proved April 10, 1856. Names sisters, Elizabeth Sheets, Catherine Powell, Rosanne Smith and his brother Henry’s sons, Peter and George.

TIPTON, William. Will proved March 6, 1856. Names wife, Patsey and children, number or names not given. Witnesses: James S. Tipton and others.

TROLLINGER, John. Will proved November 5, 1840. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Henry, John, Sally Trinkle, Polly Elliot, Elizabeth Jordon (wife of Michael), Phebe Shifflebarger. Also a half-sister, Elizabeth Lincos. (Has another daughter not named in will, Eliza Durham.).

TURNER, Francis, deceased. Apr. of estate July 1847.

VERMILLION, Rizen. Will proved June 6, 1854. Names wife, Amelia and children, Edwin R., John H., Uriah, Thomas B., James H., Mary A. and Sarah E.

WYGAL, James. Will proved May 4, 1854. Names wife, Mary and children, James G., Rhoda, Mary Trollinger, Thomas C. and Nancy Yost.

WYGAL, John. Will proved December 5, 1844. Names wife, Catherine and children, Birdine (a son), James, Sebastain, Jefferson, Abraham, Jackson, ann, Sarah, Keziah and Mary E.

WYSOR, Henry. Will proved February 1844. Names children, James, Henry, Polly Dills, Elizabeth Grayson and Caty Blackwell.