1810 Patrick County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List Index

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Index of the 1810 Patrick County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List

This list mentions 715 individuals and represents for most of them a family. Consult the original tax list for more information on these people, their families and property.

1810 Patrick County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List Index
Abbington, John Burnett, Cornelius East, William Harris, Reuben Loggins, Tilman Pennington, Isaac Smith, William, Jr.
Absher, John Burnett, Jeremiah Edins, David Harris, Sherrard Low, Aaron Perkins, David Smith, William, Sr.
Absher, Sally Burnett, Jeremiah, Jr. Edins, John Harris, Samuel Lyon, Elijah Perkins, Miss Elizabeth Spaulding, Francis
Adams, Isaac Burnett, John Edwards, Elisha Harris, William Lyon, William Perkins, Miss Susanna Spaulding, John, Jr.
Adams, John Burnett, John, Jr. Edwards, James Harris, William Mankins, Hezekiah Perkins, William Spaulding, John, Sr.
Adams, John, Jr. Burnett, Obediah Edwards, Thomas Harris, William, Jr. Mankins, Jesse Philips, Elijah Spaulding, Miss Patsey
Adams, Joseph Burnett, William Fendley, Ceasar Harrison, Francis Mankins, John Philpott, Alexander Spaulding, Thomas
Adams, Joshua Burnette, Jeremiah, Sr. Ferrell, James Harrison, George Mannon, Henry Philpott, Benjamin Spears, James, Jr.
Adams, Thomas Campbell, John Ferris, Josiah Harrison, Richard Martin, Giles Philpott, Edward Spears, James, Sr.
Adams, William Capt. Carrell, Benjamin Finn, Daniel Harroll, Jonathan Martin, Isaac Philpott, John W. Spencer, John
Adams, William Carter, Jedediah Finney, John Harvell, Peyton Martin, Micajah Philpott, Martin Spencer, John, Jr.
Adams, William, Jr. Carter, George Finney, Peter Haskins, Joseph Martin, Mory Pigg, George Spencer, John, Jr.
Agee, John Carter, William (Major) Fitzgerrald, Harvey Henny, John Martin, Moses Pigg, James Spencer, William, Jr.
Akers, John Carter, William Foley, Christopher Hensdale, Henry Martindale, Daniel Pigg, John Spencer, William, Sr.
Allen, Anderson Cassida, Joel Foley, Gabriel Hensley, John Martindale, John Pike, Benjamin Sprouse, David
Alley, Erasmus Cassida, John Foster, Charles, Sr. Henson, Francis Martindale, William B. Pilson, William Sprouse, George
Anderson, Barker Cazey, Dennis Foster, Lewis Hickman, John Massey, John Pittman, John B. Sprouse, Robert
Anglin, Adrian Cazy, William Foster, Charles, Jr. Hill, Charles Massey, Richard Poore, Stephen Snead, John
Anglin, John Chandler, Isaac Frans, John (Captian) Hill, John Massey, Warren Price, Bernard M. Snead, Thomas
Anglin, Philip Chandler, Richard Frans, Daniel Hilton, Edward Masters, John Pucket, Ephraim Snead, William
Arnold, John Chandler, Thomas Frans, Haman Hilton, Elijah Maynor, Isaiah Pucket, James Staples, Col. Samuel
Askew, Alexander Chandler, William Frans, John, Jr. Hilton, Nathaniel N. Maynor, Richard Pucket, Solomon Staples, Norman
Askew, Amos Cherry, John Frans, Mary Hilton, Samuel Mays, Benjamin Pucket, Thomas Stewart, Benjamin
Askew, Daniel Childres, Miss Milley Frans, Peter Hix, John Mays, James Purdie, Caleb Stone, Eusibius
Askew, John Chilton, Stephen Frans, William Hollandsworth, Daniel Mays, John Purdie, Ezekiel Stone, Richard
Askew, Obediah Chitwood, Joel Frazer, Robert Hollandsworth, James Mays, Richardson Purdie, James Stovall, Joseph
Askew, William Cizimore, Elijah Frazer, Thomas Hollandsworth, Thomas Meredith, Joseph Rae. John Stovall, Major Britt
Atkerson, Joseph Cizimore, Newman Freeman, Sally Hollandsworth, Thomas Miller, John Rae, William Strange, John
Atkison, Jesse Clarke, Jesse Fulcher, George Holmes, Thomas Miller, Martin Rakes, Charles Strange, Robert
Atkison, Solomon Clark, George, Sr. Fulcher, Henry Holt, Nathaniel Mills, Richard Ratliff, Joseph Stricklin, John
Atkison, Stephen Clark, George S. Fulkerson, James Holt, Newton Mize, Benjamin Ratliff, Peter Strong, Samuel
Atkison, William Clark, Joel Fulkerson, Peter Hooker, James Mize, John Ratliff, Silas, Jr. Switzler, John
Ayres, Elcarny Clark, John Fuson, William Hooker, Samuel Moles, James Ratliff, Silas, Sr. Switzler, Lewis
Ayres, Elihu Clark, Joseph Fuston, Edward Hooker, William Moles, Jeremiah Reaves, Charles Tatum, Jesse
Ayres, Thomas, Jr. Clark, Samuel Gaines, James S. Hopkins, Richard Moles, Jeremiah, Jr. Reaves, George Tatum, John
Ayres, Thordas, Sr. Clark, William (Son of John) Gaines, William Hopkins, William Moles, John Reaves, Josiah Taylor, David
Bailey, Thomas Clark, William Galaspy, John Hornsby, Mrs. Jemimah Moles, Joseph Reaves, Thomas Taylor, James
Baker, German Clay, Jordon Gates, Susanna Houchins, Bennet Moore, Abner Reynolds, Abram Taylor, James (Dec'd)
Baker, Thomas Cockran, Edward Gilbert, John Howard, Henry Moore, Clarrin Reynolds, George Taylor, James
Baker, William Cockron, Preston Godard, Moses Howell, Paul Moore, William (Major) Reynolds, Henry Taylor, Robert
Balisle, Barabas Coffee, Micajah Going, Burbage Howell, Samuel Moorfield, John Reynolds, Jesse Tennison, Thomas
Balisle, William Cole, John Going, Hezekiah Holt, Newton Mooring, Nelson Reynolds, Joseph Tennison, Zephaniah
Banks, Elijah Cole, William Going, John, Jr Hubbard, Benjamin Morris, John Reynolds, Moses Thomas, Augustine
Banks, Thomas Collins, Daniel Going, John, Sr. Hubbard, Jesse Morris, Samuel C. Reynolds, Richard Thomas, Benjamin
Banks, William, Jr. Collins, Elijah Going, Stephen Hubbard, Jonathan Morris, William Reynolds, Thomas Thomas, Charles, Jr.
Banks, William, Sr. Collins, Elisha Going, William Hubbard, Stephen Morrison, James Richardson, William Thomas, Charles, Sr.
Barnard, Archibald Collins, William Going, William, Jr. Hughes, John Morrison, Laurina Rickman, Abner Thomas, Cornelius
Barnett, Isham Colson, John Gray, Powell Hughes, Mrs. Mary Morrison, Thomas Rickman, John Thomas, John
Barrett, John Conner, John Gray, William, Jr. Hughes, Mrs. Nancy Murphy, Alexander Rickman, Peter Thomas, Nicholas
Bartlett, James Corn, George Gray, William, Sr. Hughes, Samuel Murphy, James Rickman, Peter, Sr. Thomas, Pleasant
Barton, Sharp Corn, Jesse Gregg, Jacob Hull, James Mcalexander, James Rickman, Thomas, Jr. Thomas, Richard
Barton, William Corn, John A. Gregg, John A. Hurt, Moses (Dec'd) Mcalexander, William Rickman, Thomas, Sr. Thomas, Washington
Baughan, Henry Corn, John, Jr. Guinn, Pierce Ingram, James Mcalexander, William, Jr. Rickman, William Thompson, Francis
Baze, William Corn, John P. Gussit, John Ingram, James, Jr. Mccarroll, George Rickman, William Thompson, Henry
Beasley, Thomas Corn, Mrs. Nancy Gussit, John, Jr. Ingram, John, Jr. Mccutcheon, George Rigney, Jonathan Thompson, William
Bellar, Elisha Corn, Samuel Hagwood, Gregory Ingram, John, Sr. Mccutcheon, Samuel Roberson, James Trent, Field
Bellar, Peter Corn, William Hail, James Ingram, Paul C. Mccutchin, James Robinson, David Tuggle, Henry
Blackbourn, Jacob Cox, Francis Raines, Archilous Ingram, Rowland Mccutchin, John Rogers, Clement Tuggle, Henry, Jr.
Blackbourn, John Cox, James Haines, Joshua, Jr. Innis, Early Mcintire, Daniel Rogers, Robert Tuggle, John
Blanchit, Joel Cox, Randolph Haines, Joshua, Sr. James, John Mcmillion, Abram Ross, Daniel Tuggle, John, Jr.
Boaz, James Craddock, Isham Haines, William Johnson, Burwell Mcmillion, Dudley Ross, David Tuggle, John, Sr.
Boaz, Robert Craddock, James Hairston, George Johnson, John Mcmillion, Henry Ross, Nathaniel Tuggle, Joshua
Bolling, James, Sr. Craddock, Thomas Hairston, Harden Johnson, Lewis Mcmillion, Nathaniel Rowan, Robert Turner, Adam
Bolling, Marvel Crews, David Hall, John Jones, Daniel Mcmillion, William Rusk, John Turner, Captain John
Bolt, Charles Critz, Col. Haman Hall, John Jones, Isaiah Newman, Elam Russell, Joroyall Turner, Captain James
Boothe, Daniel Critz, Jacob Hall, Mrs. Martha Jones, Jesse Newman, John Russey, William Turner, John, Sr.
Bowlin, Thomas Critz, Miss Dinah Hall, Nathan, Jr. Jones, Sampson Newman, Joseph Sandifur, Matthew Turner, Mrs. Elizabeth
Bowlin, Thomas Crum, John Hall, Nathan, Sr. Jones, William Newman, Winston Sawyers, William Upthegrove, Elijah
Bowling, James, Jr. Crutcher, Charles Hall, Robert Jourdan, Robert Nichols, Barksdale Scales, James Vancil, Elias
Bowman, Aaron Crutcher, Samuel Hall, Thomas R. Joyce, Alexander Nowlin, Francis Scales, Peter Vancil, John
Bowman, Gilbert Crutcher, Samuel, Jr. Hall, William Joyce, Andrew Nowlin, James Seay, Abram Vawter, Clement
Bowman, Hamon Cummings, Joseph Hall, Zadock Keaton, Cornelius Nowlin, Richard Sergeant, Abram Via, William
Bowman, Hafan Cummings, Malachi Hanby, David Keaton, David M. Nowlin, Samuel Sharp, Charles Walden, Richard
Bowman, John Cummings, Moses Hanby, Gabriel Keaton, Elijah Owen, Leonard Sharp, James Waldron, William
Bowman, John, Jr. Dale, John Hanby, John Keaton, Nelson Owen, Peter Sharp, John, Jr. Walden, Moses
Bowman; Leonard Deal, Alexander Hanby, Jonathan Keaton, Solomon Pack, James Sharp, Leonard Ware, William
Bowman, Robert Deal, James Hanby, Samuel, Jr. Keaton, William B. Packwood, Elisha Sharp, Richard Watson, Thomas H.
Boyd, Hugh. Deal, William Hanby, Samuel, Sr. Keaton, William, Jr. Packwood, Richard Sharp, Robert Watts, William
Boyd, James Dearman, James Hancock, Abel Kennon, Samuel Packwood, Samuel Sharp, Thomas Webb, Cutt
Boyd, Joseph Dehart, Elijah Hancock, Benjamin Koger, Henry Packwood, William Sharp, William, Sr. Webb, Henry
Boyd, Robert Dehart, Gabriel Hancock, John Koger, John, Jr. Palmer, Malachi Sharp, William, Sr. Webb, Theophilus
Brammer, Burgess Dehart, James Hancock, Major Koger, John, Sr. Palmer, William Shelton, Archelaus Webb, Valentine
Brammer, Jeremiah Dehart, Jesse Hancock, William Lackey, James Parr, Mrs. Mary Shelton, Claiborne Weddle, Martin
Brammer, John Dickerson, Elijah Handy, Peter Landrith, Benjamin Parr, Noah Shelton, Eliphaz Whalen, John
Brammer, Shadrack. Dickerson, James Handy, William Landrith, James Pedigo, Abel Shelton, Frederick Whitlock, Richard
Brammer, William Dlickerson, Read Hannah, Gabriel Landrith, Mrs. Hannah Pelson, Richard Shelton, Nathaniel Whitlock, Thomas
Branson, Andrew Dillard, Thomas Hannah, William Lawson, Jacob Pendleton, Pryor Simpson, William Wilks, Francis
Branson, Gerrard Dilliard, Edward Harbour, Abner Lawson, James Penn, Abraham, Jr. Sims, Ignatius Wilks, Israel
Branson, Gerrard, Jr. Dillion, Benjamin Harbour, Benjamin Lawson, William Penn, Captain Abram Singleton, James Williams, Elisha
Branson, John Dillion, Henry Harbour, David Leah, Joseph Penn, Colonel George Slaughter, William Willis, Joel
Branson, Thomas Dillion, Littleberry Harbour, John Lee, John Penn, Edmund Smallman, Griefe Willis, Joseph
Branson, Valentine Dorothy Thomas Harbour, Moses Lee, Richard Penn, Gabriel, Jr. Smith, Bartlet Witt, Daniel
Brewer, William Duncan, Martin Harbour, Noah Lee, William Penn, Gabriel, Esquire Smith, Burwell Witt, Silas
Bridwell, Enoch Duncan, Winston Harbour, Richard Lee, William Penn, George, Sr. Smith, John Witt, William, Jr.
Brim, Joseph Dunn, James Harbour, Talmon Lee, William, Sr. Penn, Greensville Smith, John Witt, William, Sr.
Brown, John Dunn, Lucy Harris, Alexander (Mulatto) Lewis, Alvin Penn, Horatio Smith, John Woodrough, James
Brown, Nathaniel Dunn, Thomas Harris, Bernard Lewis, Edward Penn, James Smith, Joseph Woods, John
Brown, Thomas Duveaze, Bartlett Harris, Claiborne Lewis, Morris Penn, Mrs. Ruth Smith, Mrs. Lucy Woods, John
Brown, Thomas East, Drury Harris, Elijah Lockey, George Penn, Philip Smith, Mumford Woodson, Benjamin
Bryant, Elias East, Isham Harris, Isham Lockhart, Mrs. Elizabeth Penn, Thomas Smith, Munford Woosley, Benjamin
Burge, William East, John Harris, Henry Lockhart, Robert Penn, William Smith, Nathaniel Wright, Salley
Burnett, Crawford East, Joseph Harris, James (Mulatto) Loggins, Cam Penn, Wilson Smith, Sampson Young, Nathaniel