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Patrick County, Virginia Muster Roll

By Rhonda Robertson

Recorded in Circuit Court Order Bok 18, page 550-569 requested recorded by W. T. Akers, William Ayres and William B. Via members of the Stuart-Wharton Camp of Confederate Veterans.

Roll of Company I, 24th Virginia Regiment
Left Patrick Courthouse May 28, 1861 – Confederate States Army

A. M. Lybrooks, Captain
John Mitchell, First Lieutenant
Bruce Frazier, Second Lieutenant
Powel Hughes, Third Lieutenant

Arnold, John Died in camp
Aistrop, H. C.
Blackard, William Died in hospital
Blackard, Wiloby Died in hospital
Blackard, Aaron
Boswell, W. T.
Bryant, William Killed at Howlet House
Bowlin, W. T.
Barnett, W. H. Killed at Gettysburg
Bishop, Joseph Died on the way home
Beasley, R. M.
Barnard, Charles Died at hospital
Barnard, Thomas
Burnett, Frank Died in hospital
Clifton, William
Clark, Thomas Wounded at Seven Pines
Clark, C. C.
Coleman, William
Conway, B. D. Wounded
Dalton, Willis
DeHart, Thomas
DeHart, Jonathan Killed at Drury’s Bluff
Dehart, Daniel E.
Duncan, John Died in camp
Edwards, Joseph Wounded
Frazier, Ben Died in hospital
Frazier, Albert
Frazier, Samuel Died in hospital
Figgins, George W.
Gilbert, Penn Wounded at Drury’s Bluff, died in Richmond
Gilbert, John T. Died in hospital
Gilbert, Samuel S. Missing at Gettysburg
Gilbert, L. D. Wounded
Grady, Patterson Died in camp
Gilpin, Thomas
Gunter, Joseph
Gunter, G. B.
Gilley, William Died in hospital
Harris, William
Haley, Samuel H
Hundley, James Died in hospital
Hatcher, Daniel Wounded at captured at Gettysburg
Haden, William A Wounded
Hooker, William Died in hospital
Joyce, John Died in hospital
Keaton, Matt Disappeared
Keaton, Mc Died in hospital
Keaton, White Died in hospital
King, William
Kerstn, A. M.
Lawless, Marion Died in hospital
Lawless, A. J. Killed at Drury’s Bluff
Lawless, Thomas Left in Pennsylvania
Lawless, Mc. A.
Lawless, George W.
Loving, Arthur J. Wounded at Gettysburg, died from wounds
Leak, Thomas
Light, H. C. First Corporal, twice wounded
Lawson, Hamp Disappeared
Mabe, William
Martin, A. W. Wounded
Martin, John W. Died in hospital
Martin, James Died in hospital
Moss, Doc Died in hospital
Moss, Robert
Nunn, William
Nunn, Edward
Nunn, Frank Died in hospital
Overby, Thomas Died in hospital
Plasters, W. C. Wounded at Gettysburg
Plasters, Mark Wounded at Seven Pines
Plasters, Joseph Died in hospital at Richmond
Plasters, Mike Died in hospital at Newport News
Puckett, Hosey
Pack, James Died in hospital
Roberson, William Died in camp
Roberson, James M.
Radford, R. F.
Ross, Lewis T.
Simpson, Howard
Shelton, Joseph A. Died in hospital
Shelton, James Killed in Williamsburg
Shelton, Joseph
Spencer, John R.
Spencer, W. H. Killed at Seven Pines
Spencer, Harden Killed at Drury’s Bluff
Shockley, William H. Third Corporal, twice wounded
Staples, John Wounded at Williamsburg
Taylor, George
Taylor, James Went North
Tuggle, Anderson Killed at Second Manassas
Vipperman, Thomas H. Killed at Drury’s Bluff
Wiggington, A. J. Wounded at Cold Harbor
Wiggington, C. M. Wounded at Gettysburg
Waller, James Wounded, died at Williamsburg
Waller, Peter
Waller, John C.
Waller, John Died in hospital
Williams, John D. Scout and missing
Williams, Frank
Wimbish, Peter Lost in Maryland
Wimbish, John Third Sergeant, killed at Drury’s Bluff
Wolf, Harry
Willard, Isaac Died in hospital
Young, A. J. Died in Richmond hospital

Stuart, Patrick County, Virginia, enrollment of Company J
Confederate Reserves of A. D. 1864

A. D. Reynolds, Captain
P. H. Giles, First Lieutenant
Ed Davis, Second Lieutenant
Zack Frazier, Third Lieutenant
Tolliver Spencer, Orderly

Ayres William
Agee, Austin
Aistrop, Pat
Alexander, William
Bennett, Richard
Boyd, German
Bowman, Coleman
Barnard, Charles
Conner, R. W.
Carter, Walker
Cheeley, J. A.
Carter, John
Craddock, Jack Died in prison
Collins, Jack
Canidy, Constant
Chaney, Steven
DeHart, John
Dehart, Green W.
Dilon, Reid
Delon, John G.
Doss, Joll
Epperson, William
Edwards, Albert
East, William
Fain, Henry
Fain, Jacob
Foster, Abe
Floyd, John
Fray, John
Gilbert, William P.
Gilbert, Robert
Gates, William
Hatcher, Rush
Hall, Waller
Hall, Russell
Hancock, Lewis P. Died in the war
Hubbard, Jeff Died in the war
Hooker, James
Hooker, Eph
Joyce, Abe
Joyce, Calvin
Jenkins, Peter
Keaton, Hanceford
Martin, Isaac
Martin, Daniel
Martin, Richard
Martin, James Enlisted in 58th Virginia Regiment
Moran, George
Lize, Lee
Mills, James
Marshall, Elijah
Newman, Hayman
Newman, Joseph
Oakley, William
Orander, John
Perkins, Jordan
Pigg, George
Pigg, Beverly
Pickeral, Thomas
Pendleton, George
Ross, Samuel
Ray, Pink
Ross, William
Ross, Jeff
Rickman, Henry Died in the war
Reynolds, Caloway
Stovall, John P.
Smith, Daniel
Scott, Joseph Enlisted 1864 District of Danville, VA 1865
Spangler, Coon
Tuggle, Tab Died in the time of the war
Tatum, James
Thompson, Taylor
Wimbish, James Died in the war
Williams, Henry
Ziglar, William
Duncan, John
Tate, James
Tolliver, Spencer
A. D. Reynolds Promoted to Major
P. H. Giles Promoted to Captain
Ed Davis Promoted to First Lieutenant
Zack Frazier Promoted to Second Lieutenant
John P. Stovall Elected Third Lieutenant

The Roll of Captain D. Lee Ross’s Company C, 51st Virginia Infantry
Captain W. T. Akers, Company D, 51st Regiment of Virginia Infantry
and Captain R. J. Woolwine’s Company D, 51st Regiment of Virginia Infantry

Captain Ross commanded this company the first year of the war and it was then Company C when the company was reorganized in 1862. W. T. Akers was elected Captain and was then lettered Company D and renamed Company D until the end of the war.

D. Lee Ross, Captain first year of war, did not reenlist.
W. T. Akers, 1st Lieutenant first year of war, elected Captain 1862, promoted to Major of Rgt in 1864
A. J. Harbour, 2nd Lieutenant, first year of war, did not reenlist
C. F. Ross, 3rd Lieutenant, first year of war, did not reenlist
J. M. Cruise, 1st Sergeant, transferred to Company H, 51st Regiment
S. F. Shelor, 2nd Sergeant then promoted to 1st Sergeant, Company D, then to Lieutenant, Company D
Isaac A. Nolen, 3rd Sergeant, first year of war, did not reenlist
W. G. Price, Sergeant first year of war, then promoted to Captain, Company H, 51st Rgt of VA Infantry
John E. Lackey, 5th Sergeant, captured, died in prison
William D. Via, 1st Corporal
C. C. Rakes, 2nd Corporal
B. R. Hall, 3rd Corporal was promoted to Sergeant
R. J. Woolwine, 4th Corporal, promoted to Orderly Sergeant in 1861, elected Lieutenant in 1862 and promoted to Captain in 1864.

Akers, John A. Elected Lieutenant killed in battle
Akers, Nathaniel C.
Akers, William Tyler Died of wounds
Adams, M. P. Killed in battle
Akers, Isaac N. Promoted to Sergeant
Agee, G. M.
Agee, John T. Died in service
Akers, Samuel R. Promoted to Sergeant
Anthony, J. V.
Adams, J. I.
Allen, Creed G. Deserted
Akers, E. A.
Branch, Joshua Deserted
Brammer, Jonathan S.
Burnett, Jeremiah
Balisles, George W.
Burnett, John Died May 27, 1927
Boyd, Isaac
Belcher, Costley
Brammer, M. S.
Belcher, Peter
Belcher, Daniel Died in service
Burnett, J. A. Promoted to Lieutenant
Bryant, Alexander N.
Bryant, A. J.
Brammer, T. P. Deserted
Bradley, M. W.
Bowers, Jacob
Bryant, William
Bowling, John W.
Bowling, Henry T.
Boyd, Samuel S. Deserted
Boyd, William Deserted
Conner, Alexander Killed in action
Canady, Randolph
Canady, Marshall P.
Canady, Pleasant
Canady, Constant
Clark, J. R.
Clark, Jackson
Cheely, R. J.
Cheely, Graves W. Promoted to Lieutenant
Conner, George W.
Cockram, Charles
Cannaday, S. H. Deserted
Carter, John P. Promoted to Corporal
Cockram, William H
Corn, Peter
Craddock, James Deserted
Cox, Elijah
Cockram, David Deserted
DeHart, Pleasant
DeHart, John W. Deserted
DeHart, Eli Deserted
DeHart, Joseph C. Deserted
Dodson, F. W. Deserted
DeHart, Eleazer
DeHart, Thomas T. Deserted
DeHart, Aaron Died in service
DeHart, Robert
Duggins, Edward C. Died in service
French, G. C. Killed in battle
Foley, Peyton
Foley, James W.
Farley, C. P.
Foster, Peyton M.
Foley, Reed
Foley, Fleming Deserted
Foley, William S. Deserted
Griffith, Perry
Graham, James
Griffith, M. H. Promoted to Corporal, deserted
Hodges, Robert Died in service
Houchins, Michael W.
Hubbard, S. W. Died in service
Hubbard, Jonathan W.
Hopkins, H. D. Deserted
Harriss, W. T.
Harriss, George L.
Holley, John R.
Hall, David Killed at Fort Donelson
Hall, James F.
Hall, David T.
Hylton, Ira A. Died in service
Harbour, J. T. Killed in battle
Harbour, C. J.
Hatcher, Elkanah
Hatcher, Edin T.
Hollensworth, T. L. Killed in battle
Hall, William C.
Hall, John C.
Hall, Jasper R.
Horsley, Rubin C.
Hungate, Thomas
Hubbard, Thomas M.
Hancock, John T.
Hylton, William B.
Holley, David
Harbour, A. J. (Hick)
Hanks, Pugh H.
Janey, John
Jefferson, William
Jefferson, John P.
Jestice, John Died on his way to the Army
Keaton, Hiram
Keaton, James M.
Lackey, James M.
Leary, William Deserted
Lawson, James M.
Lawson, Lafayette
McAlexander, James Died in service
McAlexander, Jeremiah Died in service
Martin, William G. Deserted
McAlexander, John
Moore, W. T. Died in service
McAlexander, Samuel
McAlexander, David
McAlexander, Daniel
McAlexander, Charles
McAlexander, Darius
Morrison, David J. Deserted
McAlexander, James C. Deserted
McGee, John P.
McGee, William
McDonald, Hiram F. Deserted
Morrison, Thomas C.
Martin, David H. Deserted
Morrison, James T.
Martin, Larkin T. Died in service
Morrison, John T. Deserted
Martin, E. N.
Martin, Crawford
McGee, Green Deserted
Moore, Jacob S.
Manan, William
Mize, W. B.
Nolen, C. M.
Nolen, Ephraim S. Died in service
Nolen, John Deserted
Nolen, David Deserted
Pendleton, John
Price, B. M.
Roberson, Abram
Ross, James Died in service
Ross, Samuel
Roberson, Landon
Ratliff, L. G. Died from wounds
Rorrer, W. R. Deserted
Ray, Joseph Deserted
Reynolds, George W.
Reynolds, William A. Deserted
Ross, Charles P.
Rakes, John D.
Ross, James W. Died in service
Ratliff, Phillip
Ross, R. R.
Rakes, Alexander
Ross, William
Reynolds, William Captured and died in prison
Ross, John T.
Ross, John W. Killed on pickett
Rakes, Charles J. Deserted
Rakes, S. J. Died in prison
Shelton, R. L.
Spencer, James M.
Sowder, Emanuel
Stovall, Quincy A.
Shelor, James F.
Smith, George
Salmons, Jonathan
Shelton, William A.
Smith, C. B. Killed in battle
Salmons, John Deserted
Turner, John T.
Turner, E. B.
Thomas, Pleasant
Thomas, W. H.
Thomas, Charles T.
Thomas, N. A. Deserted
Thomas, Lewis T.
Thomas, Tazewell P.
Thomas, Peter J.
Turner, Creed O.
Thomas, J. R. Died in service
Turner, George T. Deserted
Turner, Bruce L. Died in service
Vaughn, C. P.
Vaughn, E. D. Promoted to Sergeant
Vaughn, James P. Died in service
Vaughn, John J. Died in service
Via, D. G. Died in service
Via, William A. Died in service
Via, James R.
Via, J. E.
Washburn, John T. Promoted to Corporal
Whaling, James
Wood, German
Wood, John
Washington, David
Wood, Richard J.
Wright, C. J.
Wood, Levi
Willard, James
Washburn, J. P.
Young, Pleasant Killed in battle
Zentmeyer, David F.

We certify that the foregoing roll is as near correct as we can make it. R. J. Woolwine, Captain Company D, 51st Regiment Infantry, Wharton’s Brigade, Breckenridge’s Division, Early’s Corps, S. T. Shelor, Lieutenant Company D, 51st Virginia Regiment approved W. T. Akers, Major, 51st Virginia Regiment.

A Sketch of Captain John E. Penn’s Company of Patrick County, Virginia

Captain John E. Penn’s Company Patrick-Henry Volunteers left Penn’s Store July 1, 1861 for Lynchburg to go into camp for military instruction. They marched from Lynchburg July 3rd and were mustered into service July 5th and were assigned to the 42nd Virginia Regiment as Company H Lowrings Brigade, General R. E. Lee’s Division, they left Lynchburg July 20th being ordered to Beverly from that place and this command was known as the Army of Northern Virginia.

The enemy were found so strongly fortified on he Alleghany Mountains that our General deemed it impossible to dislodge them. The command was then ordered to Sewell Mountain to reinforce General Gloyd and Wise who were falling back in the face of a large force of the enemy. The enemy then fell back on Gauley River and the roads were in such bad condition that our Army could not pursue them. This command was then ordered to Greenbrier Ridge (Bridge) to go into winter quarters. Sometime in December it was ordered to the Valley of Virginia to form General Stonewall Jackson’s Division. History will tell the balance of the movements of this command. A list of the names of Company H, 42nd Virginia Regiment.

John E. Penn Captain
J. A. Tatum First Lieutenant
Joseph G. Penn Second Lieutenant
R. G. Penn Third Lieutenant
E. L. Penn Orderly
Thomas G. Penn First Sergeant
J. J. Adams Second Sergeant
Hubbard Brown Third Sergeant
Green Penn Fourth Sergeant
J. T. Cobb First Corporal
John S. Penn Second Corporal
J. P. Anglin Third Corporal
Edd Agee Fourth Corporal
Allen, J. H.
Agee, Charles
Burge, Robert
Carter, Robert
Dalton, Hayman
Gillie, Fountain
Giles, S. S.
Harris, William
Hutts, Owen
Keaton, Hansford
Murphy, William L.
Penn, William A.
Paul, Michael
Scales, Noah
Smith, James
Sanders, Jack
Spencer, E. E. J.
Shelton, William
Stuart, William D.
Tillie, Burwell
Thomas, James
Washburn, William
Agee, James
Brown, J. M.
Clark, Alexander
Dalton, Peter
Edwards, William H.
Gillie, Leftridge
Hatcher, Robert
Hancock, John
Koger, James
Keaton, Lee
Murphy, William F.
Penn, Samuel
McReynolds, Hardin
Scales, Nat
Sanders, Silos
Spencer, Green
Shelton, Joshua
Sheltnson, Anderson
Stone, James
Tillie, J. H.
Thompson, Austin
Woodall, James
Agee, Garrett
Brown, Robert
Clark, William H.
Dalton, Nick
Gillie, P. D. Deserted
Goad, Henry
Harriss, Israel Deserted
Koger, J. H.
Koger, King
Lee, H. H.
Murphy, Richard M.
Paul, Vaten
Scales, James
Smith, Thomas
Sanders, James
Spencer, John
Shelton, William C.
Shelton, Peter
Tatum, William F.
Tuggle, Nathaniel
Via, W. B.

Muster Roll of Company H, 51st Virginia Infantry
which left Patrick County July, 1861 in command of Captain Green Conner and
reorganized in 1862 with the following officers

William G. Price Captain, living in the west
E. D. Via First Lieutenant, resigned
N. B. Terry Second Lieutenant
N. R. Hall Third Lieutenant
J. W. Cruise Fourth Lieutenant
S. G. Arrington First Sergeant
C. M. Boyd Second Sergeant, killed
S. G. Rorrer Third Sergeant, died from wounds
David Conner Fourth Sergeant
R. B. Williams Fifth Sergeant
C. G. Pendleton First Corporal, wounded Lee Town, Virginia
John Moran Second Corporal
George T. Burroughes Third Corporal
William Conner Fourth Corporal, went to West Virginia

Ayres, William Wounded at Lee Town, Virginia
Adkins, O. C. M. Deserted
Adkins, Booher Deserted
Burroughs, George T. Killed
Buroughs, Tom Went west
Boyd, Israel
Boyd, Charles
Boyd, Caleb
Boyd, H. H. Deserted
Bowman, Charles H.
Branch, John Deserted
Blancet, Samuel
Brammer, H. T.
Cockram, Peter Deserted, went to Ohio
Cockrun, German Deserted, went to Ohio
Conner, William B. Deserted
Conner, John Deserted
Conner, James Deserted
Collins, A. J.
Coleman, Samuel
Davis, Wesley
Duncan, A. J.
Dehart, W. Green Died Raleigh Courthouse, West VA 1861
DeHart, W. T., Jr.
DeHart, William
DeHart, Thomas J.
DeHart, Thomas Deserted
Donathan, George
Elgin, Absolum
Fry, Louis A.
Fry, John H.
Fain, William Living in Floyd County
Graham, Parris M. Floyd County
Graham, Noah B. Killed at Lee Town, VA
Haley, Gussom
Hubbard, William
Hubbard, Ben. B.
Hubbard, John C.
Hamley, Henderson
Hundy, H. H. Killed
Himes, James
Handy, Peter Deserted
Handy, Nat
Hale, Jerry L. Living, from Franklin
Harriss, Gran Deserted
Harriss, Samuel Deserted
Harriss, Newman
Hylton, Hardin Deserted, went to Ohio
Haden, Ceaton
Howell, Caleb
Howell, I. C.
Harriss, Philip From Floyd County
Hughs, John J. Deserted
Hall, Hardin
Hall, John H.
Huff, John H.
Ingram, R. L. Deserted
Joyce, Thomas
Jones, David Deserted
Jones, William Deserted
Jefferson, Peyton G. Deserted
Jefferson, M. P. Deserted
Jefferson, Thomas T. Deserted
Lyon, William, Sr.
Lyon, William, Jr.
Lyon, Silas T.
Lusk, Eli Deserted from Wyoming County, WV
Lusk, Floyd Deserted from Wyoming County, WV
Martin, Joshua
McAlexander, William H.
McAlexander, Peter
Miles, A. W. Killed
Moss, Robert
McHine, E. A. Discharged from Monroe County, VA
Moran, James Killed at Lee Town, Virginia
Nunn, William
Newman, John
Pendleton, V. H.
Pigg, Paul C.
Pigg, Thomas
Plaster, T. J.
Rakes, David Deserted
Rakes, Thomas T.
Rorrer, John W.
Reed, Flemon
Richardson, John S.
Shelor, J. F.
Summer, J. H. From Floyd County
Scott, John W.
Scott, Samuel
Souers, T. E.
Terry, Henry C.
Terry, W. A.
Terry, Mat Wounded at Fort Donelson
Terry, John J.
Underwood, Alfred Crossed lines to Ohio
Wood, Elijah
Williams, James Deserted
Wood, John B.
Willard, A. J.
Roberson, Welch

This roll is as near complete as we can get and if there are any names left out please send them to William Ayers, Stuart, Virginia and they will be placed on the roll.

Muster Roll of Company H, 58th Virginia Regiment
Left Patrick September 1861

George E. Booher Captain, Company H, 58th Virginia Regiment
William Frazier First Lieutenant
George W. Hylton Second Lieutenant
Henderson Shelton Third Lieutenant
C. T. Martin First Sergeant
Shelton, William
Shelton, Tobe
Shelton, Arch
Craddock, William J.
Craddock, Josh
Stovall, George
Ore, Robert
Mabe, Mat Killed
Morrison, Janot Wounded one arm
Carter, Robert
Hughes, Matt Died in service
Clark, Harrison
Clark, William
Brim, Rice
Brim, Phil
Shelton, Charles
Shelton, Lee
Martin, William
Martin, Jim
Mabe, Jessey
Belton, Ham
Gunter, Beverly
Adams, Abraham
Spencer, J. J. Died in prison, Elmyra, New York
Hatcher, William

Any names that are not on this roll will be entered on the same as they send in their names to William Ayers, Stuart. This is only part of the roll but it is the best we can do now.

Roll of Company K, 50th Regiment of Confederate States Army

J. T. Lawson Captain, first organized
Martin Staples First Lieutenant
W. T. Noel Second Lieutenant
B. F. Cloud Third Lieutenant, second organization
Asa Scott Second Lieutenant
J. H. Rangeley Third Lieutenant
C. T. Lawson First Sergeant
I. H. Ruthledge First Sergeant, Killed Chancellorsville
S. H. Dunkley First Sergeant
James Campbell Second Sergeant
T. J. Hatcher Sergeant, died Elmira, New York
Joseph Smith Sergeant, went west
Emy Deatherage Sergeant
F. S. Dickerson Sergeant, living in Carroll County
John Shelor Sergeant, died at Elmira, New York
John Stopp Corporal, killed 1864
Samuel Smith Corporal, killed at Fort Donelson
G. A. Richardson Corporal, killed at Chancellorsville
Leroy Boalt Corporal, living in Carroll County
A. F. Mays Corporal, lost an arm
D. K. Harrell Corporal
R. D. Yeatts Corporal
Robert Newman Corporal, killed May 1864

Arrington, William
Ayres, William ` Transferred to 51st Virginia Regiment
Bowman, Preston Killed at Fort Donaldson
Bowman, Ruel
Barnard, Jehue
Barnard, Patison Killed on Blackw
Barnard, Joseph Killed at Elimira, New York
Bowman, John
Bowman, Ruben
Bowman, Crockett Killed at Gettysburg
Bowman, Henry Died at Elmira, New York
Bowman, Galen
Bowman, Jeff
Beasley, Richard
Bowling, William
Bowling, J. T. Transferred to 42nd Infantry
Boyd, R. J.
Clifton, Daniel
Clifton, James
Clifton, Samuel
Cheeley, Peter
Craddock, P. J.
Castle, Joseph
Castle, Carter
Cockram, A. G. Killed at Chancellorsville
Cockram, Nathan Killed May 1864
Campbell, J. E. P.
Conner, John Living in Wythe County
Chanler, Jackson
Cranford, William
Dalton, Frederic
Dunkin, John H.
Deatherage, Champ Killed at Charleston, WV
Deatherage, Leab
Edens, Claborne
Epperson, Benny
Epperson, John
Fergeoson, Harden Killed at Fort Donaldson
Fain, Abraham Died at Elmira, New York
Goen, Perrion Killed at Gettysburg
George, A. J.
Gates, Vergal
Houchins, J. T.
Houchins, Burwell
Harrell, T. G.
Harrell, W. B. Died at Point Lookout
Harriss, Green
Hylton, James A.
Houchens, John Left in Tennessee, February, 1862
Handy, W. R.
Handy, Isaac
Holand, Ballard Died at Point Lookout
Hatcher, John
Hatcher, Joseph
King, Robert F.
Kimbal, William
Lawson, Silas Still living at West Emmis, MO 1914
Lambert, C. C.
Lawson, W. Z. T. Killed May, 1863
Lawson, A. T. Died at Point Lookout
Lewis, A. J.
Mankins, Joel Died Point Lookout
Mankins, Cloud
Mankins, _____
McAlexander, Joel Died Richmond, 1865
McMillon, Edward
Mabe, Samuel
Monday, J. A.
McPeak, Bluford Wounded
Mays, George Died at Elmira, New York 1865
Moore, E. E. Left in Maryland, 1864
Newman, Joseph Died Point Lookout
Newman, John
Perkins, C. T. Killed at Fort Donaldson 1864
Perkins, William Killed at Fort Donaldson 1863
Puckett, Reed
Puckett, Robert
Puckett, Elijah
Puckett, Doctor
Puckett, Ephraim
Puckett, John
Pagget, Campbell
Pickeral, Richard
Palmer, Tiberious Left Maryland 1864
Pendleton, A. C. Killed Winchester 1864
Pack, James Killed Chancellorsville
Pack, John Killed Chancellorsville
Rogers, Sanders
Richardson, H. D.
Richardson, Elkanah
Rakes, C. B. Went to the enemy
Rutledge, James Killed at Gettysvburg
Reynolds, T. B.
Reynolds, J. J.
Reynolds, P. B.
Rose, Jacob
Rogers, George R.
Scott, G. B. Killed near Richmond
Sayers, Phil Killed near Richmond
Sayers, William
Shelor, G. B. Died at Fort Donaldson 1862
Sanders, Vinsen Died at Fort Donaldson 1862
Smith, William Died at Blue Sulphur Springs
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Thomas Wounded
Smith, Albert
Smith, Isaac
Smith, Elis
Spangler, F. M.
Spangler, Wash
Terry, William
Terry, R. P.
Terry, J. G.
Underwood, W. R.
Webb, Henry
Wood, John Killed at Gettysburg 1863
Wood, S. H. Went to Ohio in time of war
West. J. G. Died in August 1863
West, W. J.
Howell, Samuel Killed in Battle 1864
Hufferfinger, W. A. Living in Carroll County
Yeatts, George W.
Robertson, Jack

Soldiers that enlisted from Patrick County in different commands

Roberson, Samuel F. Company K, 10th Virginia Cavalry
Roberson, Daniel A Company K, 10th Virginia Cavalry
Bennett, Thomas Killed, 10th Virginia Cavalry
Bennett, Venith T. Killed, Company K, 10th Virginia Cavalry
McAlexander, Peter Company K, 10th Virginia Cavalry
Wright, Jackson Orange Artillery
Wright, Wash Orange Artillery
Emberson, Wade Orange Artillery
Akers, Henry Died, Orange Artillery
Martin, C. J. Orange Artillery
Thomas, Taswell Orange Artillery
Thomas R. T. Orange Artillery
Thomas, R. H. Orange Artillery
Rorrer, William A Orange Artillery
Shelton, Robert Orange Artillery
Wright, S. G. Died, Orange Artillery
Wood, Elijah Orange Artillery
Helm, Adam Orange Artillery
Bennett, Bluford Died, Orange Artillery
Burnett, Jacob
Thomas, Jackson
Thomas, James
Houchins, Lee
Ratliff, C. L.
Roberson, Abram
Martin, John
Hall, Henry
Via, Isaac
Via, Ruben Died 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Boaz, Jefferson Died 32nd Virginia Cavalry
Burge, D. E.
Joyce, William 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Boaz, James 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Allen, George 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Adams, William 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Fry, Richard 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Young, C. H. 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Cobb, T. 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Mays, James 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Spencer, John 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry
Collins, Levi P. Company H, 23rd Virginia Battalion
Moss, W. A. Company H, 23rd Virginia Battalion
Collins, Joseph Company H, 23rd Virginia Battalion
Carter, Franklin Company H, 23rd Virginia Battalion
Wright, James Company H, 23rd Virginia Battalion
Goins, Lee Company H, 32nd? Virginia Battalion
Martin, S. J. Company D, 6th Virginia Regiment Int.
Williams, P. S. Company D, 6th Virginia Regiment Int.
Wood, J. W. Company D, 6th Virginia Regiment Int.
Taylor, D. R. Company D, 6th Virginia Regiment Int.
Adams, Thomas Company D, 6th Virginia Regiment Int.
Purdy, John Company D, 6th Virginia Regiment Int
Martin, J. W.
Hollingsworth, Jackson
DeHart, Jesse H. Company A, 24th Virginia Regiment Infantry
DeHart, Henry Company A, 24th Virginia Regiment Infantry
Dillon, Marion Company A, 24th Virginia Regiment Infantry
Dillon, Purris Company A, 24th Virginia Regiment Infantry
Ross, D. J. Company G, 21st Virginia Cavalry
Pilson, William
Spencer, Peter
Conner, Cread
McAlexander, Daniel
Bennett, Howard
Adams, Joshua
Boyles, Lee
Rorrer, David
Smith, B. F.
Campbell, James
Heard, Ira
Bryant, Jackson
Howell, Thomas
Stoops, William
Lawson, Mat
Gilbert, John
Trent, John
Rogers, George
Trent, Thomas
McCandlish, Oscar
McClandish, Clarney
Lawson, W. S.
Rose, Charley
Edwards, L. V.
Hendricks, William Carter’s Artillery

Mr. S. F. Shelor, here is a correct list as I can give if of the men that I know that went from the county.

A. O. D. Bynes Camp and the name of the Company was Company G, 21st Virginia Cavalry Company,

Will E. Peters Regiment in the 32nd Battalion Virginia Cavalry

Boaz, Jefferson Private
Burge, D. C. Private
Joyce, William Private
Boaz, James Private
Allen, George Private
Staples, Martin Private
Adams, William Private
Fry, Richard Private
Young, C. H. Private
Cobbs, T. Private
Mays, James Private
Spencer, John Private

C. W. Fry’s Company
Carter’s Battalion of Artillery

Wright, Jackson Private
Emerson, Wade Private
Akers, Henry Private
Martin, Jack Private
Thomas, Taswell Private
Thomas, R. T. Private
Harbour, R. Private
Rorrer, W. A. Private
Shelton, Robert
Wright, S. J.
Wright, J. N.
Akers, Isaac N.
Wood, Elijah
Hulm, Ad.
Burnett, Jacob
Burnett, Bluford
Thomas, Jackson
Thomas, James
Houchins, Lee
Ratcliff, C. C.
Roberson, Abram
Mastin, John
Hall, Henry

Company D, 6th Virginia Regiment of Infantry

Martin, S. J. Private
Williams, R. S. Private
Wood, J. W. Private
Taylor, D. R. Private
Adams, Thomas Private
Purdy, John Private
Martin, J. W. Private
Hollingsworth, Jackson Private