The Maryland Directory — 1878

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The Maryland Directory — 1878

The following county links will lead to the individual county accounts contained in the 1878 Maryland Directory, published by J. Frank Lewis & Co. of Baltimore. The preface to this work reads:

"Being a descriptive compilation of the counties, towns, villages, and post offices and names of merchants, manufacturers, professional men, farmers, tobacco planters, peach growers, mechanics, churches and pastors; also price and quality of farming and other lands, and amount produced per acre; mountain, valley, and river scenery; suitable points for emigrants and others to locate; mills and mill owners; country merchants, and general stores; state, federal, judicial, municipal, town and county officers; hotels and summer resorts; shipping, express, postal and freight routes, taxable property and rates of taxation; newspapers, banks, bankers, benevolent societies, colleges, schools, and other new and valuable information never before published."

  • Maryland Banks - 1878

    Annapolis - Famers' National; capital $251,700; Alexander Randall, President, Louis G. Gassaway, Cashier

    Annapolis - Savings Institution; capital $25,000; Wm. H. Gorman, President, Eugene Worhington, Cashier

    Baltimore - Chesapeake, capital, $359,903; J. S. Gittings, President, J. M. Littig, Cashier

    Baltimore - Citizen's; capital $1,000,000, Henry James, President, J. Wesley Guest, Cashier

    Baltimore - Commercial & Farmers' National; capital $512,560, Jesse Slingluff, President, John D. Early, Cashier

    Baltimore - Farmers & Merchants' National; capital $650,000; J. Hanson Thomas, President, James Sloan, Jr., Cashier

    Baltimore -- First National; capital $1,110,000; J. S. Norris, President, E. J. Penniman, Cashier

    Baltimore -- Franklin; captial $625,000; C. J. Baker, President, Geo. Sanders, Acting Cashier

    Baltimore - Marine; capital $405,490, B. A. Vickers, President, Samuel T. Shaw, Cashier

    Baltimore - Merchants' National; Captial $1,500,000; Alexander H. Stump, President, Wm. L. Gill, Cashier

    Baltimore-National Bank of Baltimore; capital $1,210,700; Henry A. Thompson, President, J. Thos. Smith, Chasier

    Baltimore--National Farmers and Planters'; capital $800,000; Enoch Pratt President, Richard Cornelius, Cashier

    Baltimore--National Mechanics'; captial $1,000,000; Robert T. Baldwin, President, C. R. Coleman, Cashier

    Baltimore--National Union; capital $1,258,725; Wm. W. Taylor, President, R. Mickle, Cashier

    Baltimore-Old Town; capital $150,000; E. G. Hipsley, President, James R. Edmunds, Cashier

    Baltimore-Third National; capital $600,000; Thos. Y. Canby Vice President, A. M. Carter, Cashier

    Baltimore - Traders' National; captial $250,000; Isaac S. George, President, Clayton Cannon, Cashier

    Centerville-Centerville National; capital $75,000; Wm. McKenney, President, R. E. Feddeman, Cashier

    Chestertown--Kent National; capital $50,000; George B. Wescott, President, W. N. E. Wickes, Cashier

    Cumberland--First National; captial $100,000; Joseph Shriver, President, Edwin T. Shriver, Cashier

    Cumberland--Queen City Savings; capital $100,000; James M. Schley, President, W. E. Weber, Cashier

    Cumberland--Second National; captial $100,000; Lloyd Lowndes, Jr., President, Daniel Annan, Cashier

    Easton--Easton National Bank of Maryland; capital $200,000; J. L. Adkins, President, R. Thomas Cashier.

    Easton--Workingmen's P. B. & L. Ass'n; capital $140,000; M. M. Dawson, President, R. B. Dixon, Treasurer

    Elkton--National Bank of Elkton; capital $50,000; Jacob Tome, President, Charles B. Finley, Cashier

    Frederick--Central National; capital $200,000; George R. Dennis, President, P. M. Englebrecht, Cashier

    Frederick--Farmers and Mechanics National; capital $125.000; Ezra Houck, President, Samuel Nixdorff, Cashier

    Frederick-First National; capital $100,000; Thos. Gorsuch, President, Thos. M. Markell, Cashier

    Frederick, Franklin Savings; capital $90,000; A. D. O'Leary, President, W. H. Nicodemus, Cashier

    Frederick-Frederick County National; capital $150,000; John H. Williams, John H. Williams, President, Perry B. McCleery, Cashier

    Frederick--Frederick Town Savings Institution; capital $175,000; Louis Markell, President, L. V. Scholl, Cashier

    Hagerstown--First National; capital $100,000; Geo. Schley, President, P. B. Small Cashier

    Hagerstown--Hagerstown Bank; capital $150,000; Wm. T. Hamilton, President, Joseph Kausler, Cashier

    Hagerstown--Washington County Savings Institution; capital $30,000; Geo. W. Smith President, Thomas Taggart, Secretary and Treasurer

    New Windsor--First National; capital $55,000; Thos. F. Shepherd, President, N. H. Baile, Cashier.

    Port Deposit--Cecil National; captial $300,000; Jacob Tome, President, R. C. Hopkins, Cashier

    Rising Sun--Rising Sun Banking Co.; capital $100,000; James M. Evans, President, H. H. Haines, Cashier

    Uniontown--Uniontown Savings Institution; capital $40,000; John Gore, President, Wm. H. Starr, Cashier

    Westminster, Farmers and Mechanics National; capital $75,000; Joseph Schaeffer, President, Wm. A. Cunningham, Cashier.

    Westminster--First National; capital $125,000; G. S. Haines, President, Geo. R. Gehr, Cashier

    Westminster--Union National; capital $100,000; J. K. Longwell, President, J. W. Hering, Cashier.

    Westminster, Westminster Savings Institution; capital $10,000; Jesse Reifsnider, President, B. W. Bennett, Cashier

    Williamsport--Washington County National; capital $150,000, S. S. Cunningham, President, E. G. W. Stake, Cashier.

  • Maryland Newspapers - 1878

    Agricultural College--Independent Farmer, Tuesdays, Independent; subscription $1; established 1878. Dr. Thomas Foster, editor and publisher.

    Annapolis--Anne Arundel Advertiser, Thursdays, Democratic; subscription $1; established 1870. Wm. T. Iglehart, editor and publisher.

    Annapolis--Gazette, Tuesdays, Republican; subscription $1; established 1745. J. Guest King, editor and publisher.

    Annapolis--Maryland Republican, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $1; established 1809. L. F. Colton & Co., editors and publishers.

    ANNAPOLIS--THE RECORD, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $1; established 1875. E. B. Riley, Jr.,editor and publisher.

    BALTlMORE AMERIcAN, daily, except Sunday, and weekly, Saturdays, Republican; subscription, daily $10, weekly $1.50; established, daily 1773, weekly 1849. Charles C. Fulton & Son, editors.

    BALTIMORE--BALTIMOREAN, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1872. Crutchfields & Hass, editors and publishers.

    BALTIMORE--BULLETIN, every evening, except Sunday, Democratic; subscription $6; established 1875. Bulletin Publishing Co., editors and publishers.

    BALTIMORE-CATHOMC MIRROR, Saturdays, Religious; subscription $3; established 1850. Kelly, Piet & Co., editors and publishers.

    BALTMORE-DEUTSCHE CORRESPONDENT, daily, except Sunday, and weekly, Fridays, Democratic; subscription, daily $7, weekly $2.50; established, daily 1840 weekly 1844. Frederick Raine, editor and publisher.

    BALTIMORE-GAZETTE, daily, except Sunday, and weekly, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription, daily $10, weekly $1.60; established daily 1840, weekly 1864. Gazette Publishing Co., editors and publishers.

    BALTIMORE-HERALD, daily, except Sunday, Republican; subscription $3; established 1873. Herald Publishing Co., editors and publishers.

    BALTIMORE--JOURNAL OF COMMERCE--Saturdays, Commercial; subscription $5; established 1849. Porter & Hamilton, editors and publishers.

    BALTIMORE MARKET JOURNAL, Saturdays, Commercial; subscription $2; established 1871. E. J. Simpson editor; Smith & Simpson, publishers.

    BALTIMORE-NEWS, daily, except Sunday, Democratic; subscription $3; established 1870. Hermange & Brewer, editors and publishers.

    BALTIMORE--PRESBYTERIAN WEEKLY, Thursdays, Reilgious-subscription $1.50; established 1872. Rev. George Morrison, editor; Graham, Morrison & Pratt, publishers.

    BALTIMOE-SUN, daily, except Sunday; and weekly, Saturdays, Independent; subscription, daily, $6; weekly, $1.50; established, daily, 1799, weekly, 1838. A S. Abell & Co., editors and publishers.

    BALTIMOR--STANDARD, Saturdays, Independent; subscription $1.50; established 1875. Wm. K. Connelly, editor and publisher.

    BALTIMORE--SUNDAY NEWS, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1874. liermange & Brewer, editors and publishers.

    BALTIMORE--UNDERWRITER, Thursdays; aubscriptlon $3; establisbed 1865. Bombaugh & Ransom, editors and publishers.

    BEL AIR-THE AEGIS AND INTELLIGENCER, Fridays, Democratic subscription$1.50; established 1856. F. W. Baker, editor and publisher.

    BEL AIR-HARFORD DEMOCRAT, Fridays, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1868. J. M. Streett & Co., editors and publishers.

    BOONSBORO--ODD FELLOW, Thursdays, Republican; subscription $1.50; established 1842. J. M. Mentzer, editor and publisher.

    CAMBRIDGE-CHRONICLE, Wednesdays, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1828. Sulivane & Vinton, editors and publishers.

    CAMBRIDGE-DEMOCRAT AND NEWS, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $150; established 1838. J. H. Johnson, editor and publisher.

    CENTERVILLE--OBSERVER, Tuesdays, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1864. Wm W. Busteed, editor and publisher.

    CENTREVILLE-RECORD, Thursdays, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1875. W. Scott Roberts, editor and publisher.

    CHESTERTOWN-KENT NEWS, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1840. Plummer & Usilton, editors and publishers.

    CHESTERTOWN - TRANSCRIPT, Fridays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1862. George A. Hanson, editor and publisher.

    CRISFIELD-LEADER, Saturdays, Independent; subscription $1.50; established 1872. Wm. R. Reese, editor; Hodison, Bock & Co., publishers.

    CUMBERLAND-CIVILIAN, Sundays, Republican; subscription $2; established 1828. Wm. H. Lowdermilk, editor and publisher.

    CUMBERLAND NEWS, daily, (Sunday excepted,) Republican; subscription $7; established 1871. Henry J. Johnson, editor and publisher.

    CUMBERLAND-MOUNTAIN SENTINEL, Fridays, Independent; subscription $1.50; established 1878. Gordon & Sheiry, editors and publishers.

    DENTON - AMERICAN UNION, Thursdays, Republican; subscription $1.50; established 1860; Jno. H. Emerson, editor and publisher.

    DENTON - JOURNAL, Saturdays Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1847. Melvin & Steele, editors and publishers.

    EASTON-GAZETTE, Saturdays, Republican; subscription $1.50; established 1816. W. H. Councell, editor and publisher.

    EASTON-LEDGER, Thursdays, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1863. Julius A. Johnson, editor and publisher.

    EASTON-STAR, Tuesdays, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1800. T. K. Robson, editor and publisher.

    ELKTON-CECIL DEMOCRAT, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1841. G. W. Cruikshank, editor and publisher.

    ELKTON-CECIL WHIG, Saturdays, Republican; subscription $2; established 1841. H. R Torbert, editor and publisher.

    ELLICOTT CITY-AMERICAN PROGRESS, Fridays, Republican; subscription $1.50; established 1871. I. Wolfersberger, editor and publisher.

    ELLICOTT CITY-TIMES, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1869. Louis J. and J. Harwood Watkins, editors and publishers.

    FEDERALSBURG MARYLAND COURIER, Saturdays, Independent; subscription $1.10; established 1872. Wm. D. Noble, editor and publisher.

    FREDERICK-EXAMINER, Wednesdays, Republican; subscription $2; established 1804. Keefer and Knauff, editors and published.

    FREDERICK-MARYLAND UNION, Thursdays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1854. Chas Cole, editor and publisher.

    FREDERICK-REPUBLICAN CITIZEN, Fridays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1821. Baughman Bros., editors and publishers.

    FREDERICK-TIMES, daily and weekly Republican; subscription $1.50; established 1876. Kaufman & Bouldin, editors and publishers

    FROSTBURG-MINING JOURNAL, Saturdays, independent; subscription $2; established 1871. J. B. Oder & Bro., editors and publishers

    HAGERSTOWN-NEWS, daily, except Sunday, and weekly, Saturdays, Republican; subscription, daily, $5; weekly, $1; established 1873. Adams & Herbert, editors and publishers.

    HAGERSTOWN - HERALD AND TORCH LIGHT, Wednesdays, Republican; subscription $2; established 1813. Negley, Mittag & Sneary, editors and publishers.

    HAGERSTOWN-YEOMEN's GUARD, Tuesday, Democratic - subscription $1.50; estabilshed 1878. Robert Haydn & CO., editors and publishers.

    HAVRE DE GRACE-HAVRE REPUBLICAN, Fridays, Republican; subscription $1.50; established 1868. A. P. McCombs, editor and publisher.

    LEONARDSTOWN-ST. MARY's BEACON, Thursdays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1868. King & Downs, editors and publishers.

    LIBERTY-BANNER OF LIBERTY, Fridays, Republican; subscription $1.25; established 1850. J. S. L. Rodrick, editor and publisher.

    LONACONING - VALLEY TIMES, Fridays, Independent; subscription $2; established 1877. M- Frost, editor and publisher.

    MECHANICSTOWN - CATOCTIN CLARION, Thursdays, Independent; subscription $1.50; established 1870. Alex. P. Beatty, editor and publisher.

    MIDDLETOWN-VALLEY REGISTER, Fridays, Republican; subscription $1.50; established 1844. G. C. Rhoderick, editor and publisher.

    NEWTOWN-RRCORD&GAZETTE, Saturdays, Independent; subscription $2; established 1865. A. J. Merrill, editor and publisher.

    OAKLAND-GARRETT CO. HERALD, Saturdays, Democratic; subription $1.50; established 1878. H. P. Tasker, editor and publisher.

    OAKLAND-REPUBLICAN, Saturdays, Republican; subscription $1.50; established 1877. James A. Hayden, editor and publisher.

    PORT TOBACCO-MARYLAND INDEPENDENT, Thursdays; subscription $1; established 1878. John S. Button & Co., editors and publishers.

    PORT TOBACCO-TIMES, Fridays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1844, Samuel O. Wells, editor and publisher.

    PRINCE FREDERICK-CALVERT JOURNAL, Saturdays, Democratic; Subscription $1.50; established 1866. Parran & Sollers, editors and publishers.

    PRINCESS ANNE - SOMERSET HERALD, Tuesdays, Independent; subscription. $1.50; established 1860. C. W. Fontaine, editor and publisher.

    PRINCESS ANNE-TRUE MARYLANDER, Tuesdays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1865. E. G. Polk, ed itor and publisher.

    REISTERSTOWN-PEOPLE'S VOICE, Saturdays, Independent; subscription $1 established 1874. B. Howard Scott, editor and publisher.

    ROCKVILLE-MONTGOMERY ADVOCATE, Thursdays, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1872-Wm. Brewer, editor and publisher.

    ROCKVILLE-MONTGOMERY CO. SENTINEL, Fridays, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1855. M. Fields, editor and publisher.

    SALISBURY-ADVERTISER, Saturdays, Democratic; supcription, $1; established 1867. Lemuel Malone, editor and publisher.

    SALISBURY--EASTERN SHOREMAN, Saturdays, Democratic, subscrption $1, established 1868; E. Stanley Toadvin, editor and publisher.

    SNOW HILl-DEMOCRATIC MESSENGER, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $1; established 1869. Littleton Dennis, editor and publisher.

    SNOW HILL-WORCESTER Co.SHIELD, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $1; established 1844. B. Everett Sraith, editor and publisher.

    ST. MICHAEL'S-COMET AND ADVERTISER, Saturdays, Independent; subscription $1; established 1866. Geo. E. Haddaway, editor and publisher.

    TOWSONTOWN-BALTIMORE COUNTY HERALD, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $1.50, established 1869. Joseph B. Mitchell & Co., editors and publisher.

    TOWSONTOWN-BALTIMORE COUNTY UNION, Saturdays, Republican; subscription $1.50; established 1854. LougneckerBros., editors and publishers.

    TOWSONTOWN--MARYLAND JOURNAL, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1865. Wm. H. Ruby, editor and publisher.

    UPPER MARLBOROUGH--MARLBOROUGH GAZETTE, Wednesdays, Democratic, subscription $2; established 1836. I. S. Wilson, editor and publisher.

    UPPER MARLBOROUGH--PRINCE GEORGIAN, Fridays, Democratic; subscription $2, established 1862. Thomas J. Turner, editor and publisher.

    WESTMINSTER--AMERICAN SENTINEL, Saturdays, Republican; subscription $1.50, established 1834. E. J. Rippard & Co., editors and publishers.

    WESTMINSTER--DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $2; established 1866. H. & W. H. Vanderford, editors and publishers.

    WILLIAMSPORT--PILOT, Saturdays, Democratic; subscription $1.50; established 1870. Oscar S. Shawen, editor and publisher.

    WOODBERRY--NEWS, Saturdays, Independent; subscription $2; established 1872. F. L. Morling & Co., editors and publishers.

  • Allegany County

    ALLEGANY COUNTY is in the western division of the State, and is bounded on the east by Washington County, south by the north branch of the Potomac River to the mouth of Savage River, then in a north easterly direction to summit of Savage Mountain, (which is the dividing line between it and Garrett County,) and on to the Pennsylvania line. This county is crossed by the ranges of the Mlegany Mountains, from which it takes its name. The geology is composed principally of sandstone and limestone, with quartz and slate. The most valuable minerals are the vast coal fields and iron ore beds. The soil is of varying character, of sand and clay; in some parts quite fertile, though mostly uncultivated and covered with natural forests. The waters of the county are the north branch of the Potomac and Savage River, and George's, Wills', Town, Fifteen Mile and Evitt's Creeks, with many tributaries heading in the mountains, and all flowing into the Potomac. The surface of Allegany is broken and irregular, the greater part being in the mountains, and covered with the original forests of fine timbers; whilst between the mountain ridges are many broad and level valleys, which have in most cases rich, deep soil, and are covered with excellent grasses, forming naturally, very fine grazing lands, and yielding large crops of good hay. The lands also make good farms, producing all kinds of grain and fine fruit Allegany possesses in its immense coal fields the most valuable mineral deposits in the State.

    The celebrated Cumberland coal field lies west of the city, in a basin formed by the Great Savage Mountain on the north-west and the Dan's Mountain on the south-east, and running north-east and south-west from Pennsylvama State Line, through Allegany County, into Mineral County, West Virginia. The basin is about five miles wide between the two ranges and about twenty miles long. The floor of the basin slopes from either end upwards to Frostburg, where it attains its greatest altitude, from 2,000 to 2,100 feet above mean tide.

    The southern slope of the basin is drained by George's Creek, flowing south-west from Frostburg and emptying into the Potomac River. The northern slope, by Jenning's Run, flowing north-west into Wills' Creek. The aggregate depth of the coal formation here is 1,100 feet, its base being the Millstone Grit. Capping the summits of Savage and Dan's Mountains, it extends down their sides into the valley, where it dips below the surface. The principal coal veins are, first, the "Big Vein," fourteen feet of coal, lying 1,860 feet above tide. This is the vein from which most of the coal is now mined. It underlies the surface of the valley at Frostburg and Borden Shaft, but southward, down the George's Creek, water has cut away that portion of the measure lying in the lowest part of the valley and with it this vein, (which here must have been very near the surface), leaving the higher parts only of the vein standing in the hills thus formed on either side of the water course. Second, the "Four Foot Vein," which lies about 800 feet below the "Fourteen Foot Vein." This vein is below water in the higher part of the basin; but appears about sixty feet above at Barton, and lies above the level from that point southward, down the George's Creek. This vein has been opened by the Piedmont Coal and Iron Company, and proves to be equal In quality to the BIg Vein, and in the southern portion of the basin lies in such a way as to be easily mined. Lastly, the Six Foot Vein," which lies 160 feet below the "Four Foot Vein," and is above water level in the lower part of the valley only. This vein is now successfully mined at the New Reading opening, at Westernport. These two lower veins, though smaller in size than the "Big Vein," have a much greater acreage, as but ilitle of either vein has been cut away by erosion. At present the abussent supply contained in the large vein is so easy of access and can be so cheaply mined, that these smaller veins have not received the share of attention which they eventually will. Several new openings other than those mentioned are now being made in these smaller veins, with very encouraging prospects.

    The total acreage of coal land in this field is 44,132. Of this, 17,300 acres contain the large "Fourteen Foot Vein," and of course all contain the two smaller veins. Besides these, which are the working veins, there are numerous other small veins, throughout the entire depth ol the coal measure; these veins are from six inches to three feet In thickness; they have never received any attention from mining companies or experts, and we are not able to say what may be their actual value in workable coal. The Cumberland coal field is one of extraordinary wealth. Mining began in 1842, and since then over 81,000,000 tons in all, and 2,410,891 tons in a single year, have been sent into the market by twenty companies, the portion of the field now most worked being that between Frostburg and Piedmont, on George's Creek. This immense transportation has been chiefly done over the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. in the two principal veins there are estimated to be now 318,000,000 tons, besides several underlying veins not yet developed. The coal occurs in such a manner as to make the expense of working a minimum, being never far from the surface and In veins of great thickness, the one of fourteen feet having no parallel elsewhere.

    The coal produced is semi-bituminous, burns very easily and to a very light ash, having no slack or clinker; it is excellent for blacksmithing, and unexcelled for manufacturing purposes generally, being the very best fuel for generating steam. It is largely furnished for the supplies of New England, the State of New York, for steamship purposes, and to all the Atlantic cities, and is largely exported to the West Indies, the eastern and western coasts of South America, Cailfornia, etc. It is also sent by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and its connections, for manufacturing purposes to Ohio, Indiana, Illnois, and many other Western States. This county has also large supplies of iron ores which are smelted in several large furnaces; many undeveloped beds being a very fine description of ore; also, excellent building materials of limestone and sandstone, and large quantities of hydraulic cement; sandstone suitable for manufacturing glass can be found in large quantities on the suburbs of Cumberland. Fine clay, of a very superior quality, is found and manufactured in immense quantities at Mt. Savage. This county has great and most innumerable water powers, comparatively little used, having only some few grist and saw nillis for local uses only. The climate is pure and healthy. The principal productions are corn, oats, buckwheat, potatoes, butter, hay, wool, liquors, leather, coal and lumber.

    Judges - Fourth Judicial Circuit: Hon. Richard H. Alvey, Chief Judge,Cumberland. Hon. Wm. Motter and Hon. George A. Pearre, Associate Judges, Cumberland Commissionrrs of Court- Robert W. McMichael, John B. Fay and Gliasan T. Porter, Cumberland. Auditor-M. A.Healey. Clerk to Court--Theodore Luman, Cumberland. P. Rowland, W. O. Hoffman, J. H. Thurston, S. B. Harrison, and F. McCulloh. Crier-B. T. Garlitz. Sheriff John G. Bauer, Cumberland. Deputy Sheriffs-F.M. Offutt, W. Montgomery, G. B. Paker and M. Reid. State's Attorney. A. Hunter Boyd, Cumberland. Warden of Jail--John G. Bauer. Physician to Jail- Dr. G. B. Fundenberg. Judges of Orphan's Court--John Coulehan, Chief Judge, Robt. Bruce, and Wm. Piatt. Register of Wills-John Rhind, Cumberland. Deputy-M. F. Howard, Cumberland. County Commissioners--A. C. Greene, W. R. Beall, Geo. Reuschlein, A. B. Shaw and A. Trail. Attorney to Commissioners-- Henry W. Hoffman. County Treasurer--Robert Shriver. School Commissioners-John M. Buchanan, Pres't., Dr. G. B. Fundenberg and Jesse R. Wilson. Secretary--Geo. G. McKay. Trustees of Almshouse--T. W. Shryer, L. W. Brant and Amos Gross. Steward-J. H. Stallings. Physicians--Dr. G. B. Fundenberg. Register of Voters--H. H. Yonkers, Orleans; Frankis Darkey, Oldtown; Owen McElfish, Flintstone; E. J. Edwards, Joesph Wegman, J. C. Hoffman, and E. E. Grannon, Cumberland, A C. Rawlings; Maurice A. Miller, Westerport; Aden A. Everstine, Barton, J. T. Brady and John H. Kenney, Lonaconing; John Hitchins and Worthington McCulloh, Jr., Frostburg; James Stevens, Mt. Savage. Constables--H. White, J. H. Houx, J. George, Jacob Wickard, Wm. Bell, M. Reed, H. Thomson, Wm. Findlay, S. H. Sechman, G. B. Parker, John Johns, and L. Shaw. Tax Collectors--J. B. Stottlemyer, Wm. Hall, J. D. Armstrong, A. M. Rush and Patrick Mullen. Justices of the Peace--Daniel Blocker, H. J.Flanisagan, Andrew Gender H H Hobrock, J. Wm. Jones, J. M. Strong, J. B.Widener, J. F. Harrison , S.Cresap,O. Riordan, G.W. Sheets, O. G.Barcbus, John Ryan, Jas. Dooley, John Laveue, John Barth, Jas.Watson, Henry R.Atkinson,Perrin Lennox J M Turner, C. B. Murphy, John Sammon, John C. Weis, Patrick Kaden and H. Shiruliff. Notaries Public--W. E. Griffith, J. B Humbird, Jas. A, MeHenry, and G. L. Wellington. Congressman, Sixth District-Hon. Wm. Walsh, Cumberland. U. S. Commissioner--Henry W. Hoffman, Cumberiand, Revenue Collector-Daniel C. Bruce, Cumberland. State Senator-Hon. Thomas G. McCulloh, Cumberland. Members House of Delegates--Hon. George M. Rawlings, Henry R. Atkinson, Wm. O. Sprigg, and John R. Brooke, Cumberland. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Cumberland, the county seat. Law Terms-2nd Monday in April and October, and 1st Monday in January. Chancery Terms--1st Monday in January, 3d Monday in February, and 2nd Mondays in April, June, August, and October. Population of County--White 27,000; Colored 1,500. Registered Vote 7,000. Assessed Valuee of Personal, Real, Stocks and Rail Road Property--$20,656,340. State and County Tax--88 cents on $100.


    Is on the Cunaherland & Penna. Railroad, 5 miles north of Piedmont, W. Va. third division of the Balto. & Ohio R R., 33 miles from Cumberland via B. & O., 21 by pike, 11 from Frostburg, and 15 from Mt. Savage. The climate is healthy, and the land is mostly cleared out, with some oak, hickory, ash, walnut, beech and chestnut yet standing of a light growth; oak the heavies. The land is thin and slaty, can be bought for $10 to $12 per acre, and produces 25 bus. oats, 150 bus. potatoes, 25 bus. corn, 12 bus. buckwheat, 10 bus. rye, and a ton of hay; not much wheat raised, average per acre 10 bus. There are no inducements for emigrants, this being a mining town, and all the support of the inhabitants is obtained from that source. Plenty of good water; George's Creek, a small stream, passes here, and furnishes an abundant supply for local use. Peter Goodwin, Postmaster. Population, 1900.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS - M. E, Rev. J. K. Walsh Roman Catholic, Rev. Father M. A Fennie; ~resbyter~au, Rev. J: A. Bower; Baptist, no pastor; Lutheran, (German,) no pastor.

    BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES - A. F. & A. M. --Allegany Lodge No. 157. K. of P.--Monterey Lodge, No. 90. I.O.O. F.-Barton Lodge No. 94. Free Gardiners--Oliver Lodge. Foresters-- Lincoln Court.

    Dick, James
    Dick, James
    Dick, James
    Davis, James P
    Baker and Confectioner.
    Sweet, Edward
    Barnes, George
    Pierce, John
    Shafer, Wm
    Boots and Shoes.
    Conn, Washington
    Kight, Zedekiah
    Mcleod, Alexander
    Miller, Gotleib
    Miller, George
    Book, and Stationery.
    Campbell, Robert
    Cabinet Maker
    Santsmyer, H & Son
    Wolf, John W
    Kelley, Phillip
    Thompson, Hugh
    Coal Companies.
    Caledonia Coal Co, A J Clark, Supt.
    Piedmont Coal and Iron Co, John Somerville, Supt
    Potomac Coal Co, Geo W Lyons, Supt
    Swanton Coal Co, A McDonald, Supt
    Dry Good, and Notions
    Creutzburg, H
    Darby, C A
    Somerville, J & Bro
    Campbell, Robert
    General Merchandise
    Kalbaugh, Z W
    Park, James
    Tibbets, J & Co
    Groceries and Provsions.
    Creutxburg, H
    Darby, C A
    Schramm, Henry
    Somerville, J & Bro
    Barton, Mrs M Ward
    Valley, O G Barchus
    Weir, A Weir
    Justices of the Peace.
    Barchus, O G
    Kaden, Patrick
    Mining Supplies.
    Creutzburg, H.
    Millinery and Fancy Good,.
    Hocking, Miss Nannie
    Crawford, Dr
    Owens, Dr
    Piper, J W
    Pig Breeder and Shipper.
    Shaw, H Clay
    Saddles and Harness
    Dean, J W
    Jarboe, John H
    Saloons and Restaurants.
    Boyd, Mrs M
    Davis, Thomas
    Gannon, Michael
    Mansfield, John
    Stock Denier.
    Shaw, H Clay
    Stoves and, Tinware.
    Murrie, John W
    Tailor, and Clothier,.
    Somerville, John & Bro
    Telegraph Operator.
    Dick, James
    Wolf, John W
    Barnes, John
    Blunt, Joseph
    Broadwaters, Amos Sr
    Broadwaters, Amos Jr
    Broadwaters, Geprge 0
    Broadwaters, Henry M
    Broadwaters, John W
    Broadwaters, W W
    Clayton, Martin
    Colmer, Peter
    Custer, Jarvis
    Dawson, Mrs Louisa
    Duckworth, Alton C
    Duckworth, George
    Evans, David
    Foundling, Arthur
    Francis, Joseph
    Green, Robert
    Inskeep, Joseph
    Klipstine, John
    Klipstine, Philip
    Magruder, James
    Mcintyre, Peter
    Merril, Elias
    Micbaels, Jesse
    Michaels, Kilta
    Moore, Levi
    Norman, Jacob
    Polland, James
    Ross, Henry
    Ross, John
    Ross, Salem
    Ross, Wm of H
    Russell, Robert
    Shaw, A B
    Sbaw, John
    Trenear, Henry
    Wagner, John A
    Warnick, Ashford
    Warnick, David
    Warnick, John


    Is on the second division of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and the north branch of the Potomac River, seven miles west of Cumberland. The situation is pleasant, climate medium, crops generally good. Land can be bought at $50 per acre, and produces 20 bus. of wheat, 85 bus. of corn, 40 bus. of oats and 25 bus. of potatoes. The village contains a manufacturer of lime, cattle dealer, and a mill. Robert Deremer, Postmaster. Population 100.

    Winters, John
    Deremer, Robert
    Shook, Jacob
    Cattle Dealer.
    Brady, JohnC
    Sechman, S H
    General Stores
    Hudson, J B
    Seehman, Samuel
    Winters, Elijah
    Justice of the peace.
    Cresap, Stanly
    Lime Manufacturer.
    Roman, Martin L
    Wigfield, Elijah
    Athe, B
    Brady, J C
    Cisle, James
    Darrow, Mrs M G
    Daugherty, Michael
    Elliott, Franklin
    Frost, M
    Hemming, Wm
    Jones, John
    Long,Upton D
    McKenzie, David
    McKenzie, R
    McKenzie, Thornton
    McKensey, C.
    Martz, Peter
    Sipes, W
    Stoteler, M.
    Squires, John
    Winters, Daniel
    Wright, E.


    Th on the Cumberland & PennL Railroad, 4 miles north-east of Cumberland, and one-half mile west of Mt. Savage Junction, The location is in a narrow Valley of Wills and Short Mouutains. The scenery is grand and sublime. Climate healthy. Land is sand loam and can be bought for $10 to $15 per acre; about one-half of which is cleared. Oak, walnut, chestnut and locust compose the timber yet standing, A Jenning's Run and Wills' Creek passes here, and furnished plenty of good water. There is one good school and one M. E. Church, Rev. Mr. Wilson, Pastor. Postmaster, Matthew Corrigan.

    Clarke, John
    Bancord, Mrs C
    Bancord, Thomas
    Clawson, George
    Jenkins, Manuel
    Logsdon, Henry
    Taylor, Reuben


    The, county seat, is a flourishing town, the second largest and most important town in the State. It is situated at the confluence of Wills' Creek with 'he North Branch of the Potomac River, and on its left bank. The location in a basin or amphitheatre formed by the Wills' and Knobly ranges of the great Allegany Mountains, completely surrounding it with mountain ranges and peaks, and It is called the "Queen City." Wills' Creek here bursts through Wills' and Dan's Mountains to join the Potomac, and up the magnificent gap so formed runs the old National Road with its single arched bridge. Here is the superb Queen City Hotel, owned and operated by the Balto. & Ohio Co., from the gallery of which can be seen a pretty yellow stone gothic church, standing on a hill in the heart of the town. Here stood Fort Cumberlnnd, and here wss the rendezvous for Braddock's expedition.

    The City is on the outer edge of the great coal basin and is connected with it by the Cumberland & Penna R. R., which runs from Cumberland to Piedmont, through the coal basin, and by the Eachart mines branch, which runs from Cumberland to Echart and other mines on the eastern edge of the coal fields. It is the principal shipping point for the celebrated Cumberland coal'. It is near the centre of the main stem of that great National highway the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 204 miles from river navigation at Parkersburg and. Wheeling, in West Virginia, and, 178 miles from tidewater at Baltimore. The Pittsburgh and Connellaville Branch joins the main stem here and connects it with Pittsburgh, 149 miles, and the oil regions of Pennsylvania. The Bedford and Huntingdon branch of the Pennsylvania Railway connects it. with all important points in central and eastern Pennsylvania,. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal has its western terminus here, and connects it with, tidewater at Georgetown,.in the District, of Columbia, and Alexandria, Virginia.

    Cumberland is an incorporated town, and is governed by a Mayor and Board of Councilmen, and has a regularly organised police force. The city is lighted with gse, and is furnished with an abundance of Potomac River water by the "Holly System of Fire Protection and Water Supply." It is well supplied with churches and good schools several church buildins are very handsome, and by their picturesque situation and architectural beauty add greatly tothe appearance of the "Mountain City." The inhabitants of Cnmberland are industrious and enterprising; they are noted for their hospitality and good morals. The city beingsitnated at an elevation of from six to seven hundred feet above tide level, is free from miasma and its climate pure and healthy. It hss grown rapidly since the war, and now with cheap fuel and cheap iron, offers ununual facilities for the sucessful establishment of all classes or iron manufacture. Persons would do well to further acquaint themselves with its facilities before locating elsewhere. The Cumberland Steel Works, an important enterprise, are located near the city; they manufacture a fine quality of steel, and make tool steel a specialty. A Hunter Boyd, Esq., Attorney-at-Law, State's Attorney for Allegany County, has frunished us with much valuable information in regard to the city and county. His office is No.8 N. Liberty street, Cumberland. W. H. Lowdermilk, Postmaster. Population 14,000.

    BENEVOLENT SOCITIES--A. F. & A. M.-Salem Royal Arch Chapter; Antioch Commandery Potomac Lodge, No. 100; Ohr Lodge, No.181. I.O.O. F.---Cumberland Encampment, No.23; Chosen Friends' Lodge, No.84; Herman Lodge, No.51; Buena Vista Lodge, No.53. 1.0. R. M.- Mohegan TrIbe, No.126. K. of P.-Cumberland Lodge, No.60. I. O. M. Mountain City Lodge, No.27. Heptasopki-Omicron Conclave, No.15; Sigma Conclave, No. 15. I. O. B.-B. B'er Chajim Lodge, No.177. I. O. G. T.-Sheffer Lodge, No.25.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS--First Presbyterian Church, (New Church,) Rev. E. B. Raffensperger; Emanuel (Protestant Episcopal) Church, Rev. S. C. Thrall, D. D.; Christ's Reformed Episcopal Church, Rev. J. K. Dunn; (English Lutheran) Christ Church, Holloway; Centre Street M. E. Church, Rev. W. S. Edwarda, D. D.; Kingsley (Methodist Episcopal) Chapel, Rev. D. M. Browning; Methodist Protestant Church, Rev. T. F. Little, St. Patrick's (Catholic) Church, Rev. Edward Brennan and res. S. F. Ryan; Sts. Peter and Paul (German Catholic) Rev. Fathers Antonius and Francis; Zion's (German Reformed Church, Rev. R. F. Schwedes; Hebrew Synagogue, Rev. M,. Wuzel, Rabbi; Baptist Church, Rev. H. J. Chandler; Evangelical Lutheran Church (German,) Rev. F. Keugele; German Lutheran Church, Rev. J. P. Conradi; McKendree Chapel (Colored) Rev. H. Coillns.

    MUNICIPAL OFFICERS--Mayor --W. A. Withers. Clerk-T. F. McCardle. Treasurer--Alexander Adams. Collector Henry Shaffer. Attorney-John B. Fay. Chief of Police--George Martz. Lieutenant--Samuel Hodge. Superintendent Water Works--George Charles. Chief Engineer-- Joseph Zweng. Trustees Sinking Fund--W. A. Withers, ex-officio President; Dr. C. H. Ohr, and Judge J. T. Coulehan. Councilmen--M. A. Healey, Andrew Spier, John Weible, A.J. Ryland, Francis Vogtman, Jacob Shuck, Lewis Young, E. M. Bryon, J. F. Zacharias, Geo. W. Morgan and Peter Kelley.

    Agricultural Implements
    Buckey, V. A.
    Attorneys at Law.
    Blackiston, A. H.
    Boyd, A Hunter 3 n. Liberty
    Boyd & McCleave 3 n Liberty
    Brace & Richmond 4 Washington
    Brown, Jacob
    Cahill, Joseph A
    Candler T F
    Chew, J. R.
    Cox, S A 56 Baltimore
    Fay, John B. 9 Washington
    Gonder, T E
    Gordon, J H & Son
    Harrison, J F 14 n Centre
    Healey, Maurice A
    Hoffman, Henry W.
    Hughey, Thos. Cook 15 Washington
    Hurley, B. F. M.
    Lowndes, Lloyd Jr 6 Washington
    McHenry, J. J. & Son
    McKaig, A Beall, 54 Baltimore
    McKaig, W M. 54 Baltimore
    McCleave, John
    McMichael, R W Wash'n & Water
    Pearre, Judge Geo. A.
    Porter, Glissan T 18 Washington
    Price, Wm M
    Read, Wm J
    Sebley, James M
    Seiss, J Frank Blaltimore and R R
    Semmes, John E
    Semmes, Rich T 68 Baltimore
    Thrall, J V L
    Walsh, Hon Wm
    Williams, Ferdinand, 1 Washington
    Gephart, J H (Adams)
    Marean, E (B & O)
    Lewis, A R & Co
    Miller, D P
    Brengle, J (Western Md.)
    Marean, E (B & O)
    Agents-Sewing Machines
    Ely, H F
    Reynolds, James
    Young, Charles
    Wickard, Wm
    Frantz, Daniel
    Hast, J G
    Lear, August
    Long, George 15 n Mechanic
    Nickel, Adam & Son
    Bell Hanger.
    Laing, James 68 Baltimore
    Hendley, J & Co
    Bell, Herbert
    Cooper, George
    Cooper, J T
    Cooper, Samuel
    Fattor, Rosine
    Adams, J W
    Buckey, V A
    Glick, John
    Goddard, Wm Centre and Commerce
    Kelley, John
    O'Donnell, Barnard
    Richards, S M & Bro
    Strohmenger, John
    Billiard Saloon.
    Glisan, W R
    Boat Builders.
    Coulehan, Richard
    Doerner & Bender
    Mertens, Frederick
    Young, Wm
    Books and Stationery
    Noon, Peter Baltimore and Liberty
    Swartzwelder, E M
    Boots and Shoes.
    Adler, S & Co
    Armbrnster & Co
    Ash, Wm H
    Brengle, C W & Son
    Derr, J C & Sons
    Edwards, S J & Co
    King, Alexander Jr
    Kohl, Henry
    Kolb, John
    Madore, L C
    McGirr, Arthur
    Minke, F
    Paulus, Jno
    Robb, James
    Schaefer, G F
    Schiller, John 77 Centre
    Smith, John
    Stubblefleld, J C & Co
    Himmier, George & Bro.
    Stucklauser, G near Viaduct
    Broom Maker.
    Grigsbee, Barney
    Beer Bottler
    Hering, Geo & Co Creek and Canal
    Blaul, FA
    Blauer, Frank
    Griffin, John T
    Glos, Casper
    Grenning, Chris
    Gross, Simon
    Hailer, W H
    Hildebrand, August
    Howell, Charles
    Maler, M
    McFerran, Alexander
    Morrissey, John
    Neubisser, Louis
    O'Neill, Dennis E
    Reichert, Casper
    Rylalid, A T
    Ryland, Jacob
    Shober, J M
    Snyder, Joseph Liberty opp City Hall, and 23 City Hall Market
    Weigand, Henry
    Wolfe & Bro
    Young, J C
    Book Binder.
    Johnson, H J
    Haley, Francis
    Roft, Andrew
    Scott, Arthur
    Weibe], Holly
    Builders aud Contractors.
    Bruce, Dr J J
    Crook, A A
    Doerner & Bender
    Donnelly, J W
    Hewitt, Otho
    Walton, James B
    Warner, Lewis
    Ways, S D
    Cabinet Makers
    Boward, John
    Butler, K H
    Flrrschutz, H W F
    Ingman & Welty
    Young, Charles & Son 28 n Centre
    Canal Superintendent.
    Stanhope, Lewis G.
    Canal Collector.
    Willison, A
    Canal Inspector.
    Hammond, C V
    Carpets and Oilcloths.
    Adler, S & Co
    Fox, Charles
    Shepherd, L M
    Sonneborn, Joseph
    White, Isaac
    Carriages and Wagons,
    Buckey, V A
    Furley, Henry
    Keiley, Jno
    Richards, S M & Bro
    Russell, E J & Co
    Cumberland Hydraulic Cement and
    Manfg Co, Geo F Gephart, see
    Civil Engineer.
    Sheridan, Denis Wash'n and Water
    Coal Companies.
    American Coal Co, Charles Robb, agt Blaen, Avon
    Consolidation Coal Co, James Millholland, 2d vice prest
    George's Creek Coal and Iron Co
    Hampshire & Balto Coal Co. J B Winslow, agent
    Maryland Coal Co
    New Central Coal Co of Md. Malcolm Sinclair, gen'l manager, 18 Wash'n.
    New York Mining Co
    Coal and Wood Dealers.
    Brant, L W
    Bynon, A
    Coulehan, Michael Basin Wharf
    Coulehan, W T
    Krigbaum, J P
    McHugh, James
    Reichert, Casper
    Weld & Sheridan
    Cigar Manufacturers.
    Shaw & Gephart, near City Hall
    Cracker Manufacturers.
    Long, George 15 n Mechanic
    Rodenhauser, John 24 Bedford
    Bruce, Dr John J
    Commission Merchants.
    Johnson, J S
    Orrick, James C & Son
    Weld & Sheridan
    Confectionary and Fruits,
    Bare, James V
    Farrell, Mrs. M.
    Hast, J. G.
    Long, George 15 n Mechanic
    Morris, R I
    Musarite & Debarbieri
    Rodenhauser, John 24 Bedford
    Trieber, Mrs John
    Hummeishine L K & Son
    Porter, H V
    Weller, J M.
    Wilson, L B 17 n Liberty
    Himmler, John
    Campbell, E H
    Damm, L & M
    Laney, H
    LeFevre J H & Son
    Rohrbach, Theo
    Shryer, Thos W 103 Baltimore
    Shriver & Co
    Zaceharias, J F
    Dry Goods and Notions
    Adler, S & Co
    Baltrell & Rouss, 75 Baltimore and 1 & 3 Centre
    Doerner, George
    Eisenburg, G
    Glos, Casper
    Harbaugh, S P
    Kranse, J W
    Sanders, H & Sons
    Shepherd, L M
    Shepherd, W H
    Sonneborn, Jcseph
    White, Charles
    White, Isaac
    Footer, T
    Pasley, Donald
    Fancy Goods and Notions
    Mayer, Lottie 9 Centre
    Percy, Miss Lucy
    Thress, Mrs S
    Feed and Flour
    Beall, W R & Co
    Dilley, B
    Rimmier, Frederick
    Percy, J H & Co
    Rohrer, L L & Co
    Darnell, A V
    Weer, Henry
    Founders and Machinists
    KcKaig, W W & Son
    Roberts, W M & Co
    Butler, K H
    Ingman & Welty
    Toung, C & Son 28 n Centre
    General Merchandise
    Doerner, George
    Flanaghan, H. J.
    Gramlich, F. M. & Son
    Glos, Casper
    Murphy, D.
    Sanders, H. & Sons
    Sowers, Jacob
    Wegman, J. J.
    Gun and Locksmiths
    Simmons, J. W. L.
    Tauber, John
    Glass and China
    Beall, W H & Co
    Hast, Henry
    Hetzel, C F & Co
    LeFevre, H & Son
    Reuschlein, J Centre and Knox
    Glove Manutaeturers
    Renschlein, George
    Shepherd, L M
    Bare, James V
    Beall, W R & Co
    Berg, Conrad
    Brengle, Jacob
    Buckey, H
    Connell, Thomas
    Conter, Robert
    Coulehan, W T
    Daum, Otto
    Deibold, George
    Dilley, B
    Dixon, J T & Co
    Dodson, Charles
    Embrey, C W
    Everline, C
    Feldt, W H & Co
    Fleckenstein, G F
    Frantz, W F Jr
    Goldsmith, J
    Greer, Mrs H M
    Hast, Geo P
    Hast, Henry
    Hetzel, C F & Co
    Hoffman, John
    Isaacs, W W
    Johnson & Kephart
    Kearney, M M 83 Baltimore
    Knievrin, W & Son
    Koegel, John
    Kornhoff, William
    Laing, Frederick
    Long, W C
    Magruder, J N Bedford & Decatur
    Murphy, D
    Murphy, W
    Nolte, C
    Percy, J H & Co
    Bead, R & Bro
    Bemminger, C
    Reuschiein, John Centre & Knox
    Rice, J N
    Sammons, Thos
    Sanderson, Joseph
    Schmidt, Conrad
    Shaw & Gephart, near City Hall
    Shinholt, J W
    Smouse, Peter
    Smouse, J N
    Somerlot, Charles
    Sommers, D
    Speelman, S
    Sullivan, James
    Tearney, M
    Turner, W E
    Weibel, John
    Wegman, J J
    Werkmeister, John A
    Anderson, G Espy
    Humbird & Carleton
    Johnson Bros
    Magruder, H C
    Hats, Caps,
    Derr, J C & Sons
    Edwards, S J & Co
    Hoover & Ayers
    King, Alex, Jr.
    Minke, F
    Stubblefleld, J C & Co
    American House
    Centennial Hotel, B F Garlitz
    City Hotel, J Newcomer
    Farmer's & Drover's, J Rinehart
    Mountain House, Jno Kelso
    Queen City Hotel
    Shipley House, John Cessna
    St Nichoins, C C Hedges
    Ice Dealer
    Stucklauser, Gustave
    Junk Dealer,.
    Lowry, Edward & Co 46 B Meehanic
    Pfyenmayer, C
    Justices of the Peace.
    Blocher, D
    Gonder, Andrew
    Harrison, J F 14 n Centre
    Hobrock, Herman H 70 n Meohanlo
    Flanagan, H J
    Strong, J M
    Williams, J T
    Leather and Findiugu.
    Shearer, R H & Bro 29 Baltimore
    Livery and Sale Stables.
    Kelso, John
    Smith, Lewis
    Willison, H
    Lumber Dealers.
    Doerner & Bender
    Gannon, Francis
    Rein, Peter & Co
    Landwehr, M & Co 45 Centre
    Weld & Sheridan
    Leonard, Wm
    Marble Yards.
    Miliner, I B
    Smenner, A E 10 & 12 5 Centre
    Merchant Millers
    Cook, J W
    Johnson, R D & Co
    Leonard, Wm
    Orrick, Jas C & Son
    Rohrer, L D & Co
    Millinery Goods.
    Cole, Mrs Rebecca
    Firley, Miss M
    Hodel, Mrs A M
    Mayer, Lottie 9 Centre
    McGirr, Miss Kate
    Miller, Mrs L M & Co
    Price, Mrs M
    Shuck, Mrs Eliza
    Sonnehorn, Joseph
    Thress, Mrs S
    White, Charles
    Clary, J N
    Paper Hanger.
    Hafler, D B
    Carr, M A R F
    Craigen, M T
    Fechtig, J A
    Fundenberg, G. B.
    Fundenberg, W. F. (Eye and Ear)
    Healey, P A
    McCormick, W H
    Ohr, C H
    Parsons, E H
    Perry, G C
    Schindel, 0 M
    Smith, J M
    Welfley,D P
    Wiley, W W 14 5 Mechanic
    Wilson, J Jones
    Bothwell, J N
    Darnell, J L
    Wuhelmi, F G
    Pianos and Music.
    Wiesel, J P 28 Baltimore
    Picture Frames.
    Mason, S A
    Wickard, Wm
    Plumber, and Gas Fitters
    Free, M A 25 Bedford
    Laing, James 68 Baltimore
    Seay, C A
    Alleganian & Times
    Dally News
    Produce and Provisions.
    Brengle, Jacob
    Coleman, H J
    Hanse, J H
    Johnson, J S
    Tearney, M
    Welsh, E H
    Wilson, Richard
    Revenue Collector.
    Bruce, Daniel C
    Restaurants and Saloons
    August, I
    Clary, J A N
    Deneen, John B
    George, S S
    Grove, John
    Gross, R L & Co
    Hahne, August
    Hast, John T
    Herring, G
    Kane, M T
    Kilgoine, John
    Lashansky, David
    Lester, M
    RuhI, George
    Waldeck, George
    Webster er Hager, Balto nr bridge
    Zimmerman, C
    Saddles and Harness
    Ext, Wm
    Handle, Jacob
    Hoblitzell, W T
    Ogle, Theodore A
    Shearer, R H & Bro 29 Balto
    Saddlery Hardware.
    Shearer, R H & Bro 29 Baltimore
    Salt Dealer.
    Brengle, Jacob
    Sash, Doors and Blinds
    Doerner & Bender
    Gannon, Francis
    Hem, P & Co
    Landwehr, M & Co 45 Centre
    Walton, James B
    Saw and Planing Mills.
    Doerner & Bender
    Landwehr, M & Co 45 Centre
    Walton, James B
    Alpine Hall
    St. Edward's
    Slate Dealer.
    Shipley, W H
    Steel Manufacturers
    Cumberland Steel Works
    Soap Manufacturers
    Cook, J W
    Shipping Merchants.
    Welsh, E H
    Weld & Sheridan
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Allen, E
    Gessner, George 10 n Mecharne
    Graw, Geo
    Habig & Leasure
    Johnson Bros
    Laing, James 68 Baltimore
    Mathews, Jas L
    Morehead, William
    Tailor, and Clothier,.
    Cain, Thomas
    Hamburger & Coleman
    Holzshu, C L
    Klinger, E
    Kratz, Alex
    Millinger, W G
    Peterman, J T
    Schwarzenbach, George
    Smith & Isaacs
    Sonneborn, Samuel
    Strauss, Isaac
    Wegman, J J
    Tanners and Curriers.
    Hoyt, J B & Co
    Rabold & Son
    Schauwecker, H & Co
    Withers, A L & Son
    Tin and Sheet Iron Workers.
    Allen, E
    Cope, John W
    Gessner, Geo
    Johnson Bros
    Morehead, William
    Rizer, Charles L
    Singer, Charles
    Wolz, S L
    Tobacco and Segars.
    Beall, W H & Co
    Bush, A M L
    Harbaugh, S P
    Hast, Henry
    Hetzel, C F & Co
    Hilleary, Levi S
    Ruler, Ed
    Kane, M T
    Kearney, M M 83 Baltimore
    Korns, Jesse
    Shaw & Gephart, near City Hall
    Shuck, W S
    Young, Charles & Son 28 n Centre
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Hendley, in H
    Hodel, John G
    Kelenbeck, 3 H
    Little, S T 108 Baltimore
    Poole, A A
    Smith, P J
    Wilkins, W H
    Wines and Liquors.
    Bruce, M T & Co
    Clark, James & Co
    Hetzel, C F & Co
    Kane, M T
    Kearney, M M 88 Baltimore
    Rosenhem, S
    Wharf Superintendent.
    Coulehan, M


    Is a mining village near Frostburg, on the Eckhart branch of the Cumberland and Penna. Railroad. It is picturesquely situated in a basin formed by Dan's and Great Savage Mountains, making it one of the most interesting mining villages in the Cumberland coal fields. It has a salubrious and sunny climate, and is one of the most healthy of the coal villages. The land is mostly cleared. The timber yet standing is a heavy growth of oak, hickory, maple and locust. The land is a clay loam and is very productive; can be bought for $20 per acre, and produces 20 bus. oats, 200 bus. potatoes, 40 bus. corn, 15 bus wheat, 15 bus. rye, 25 bus. buckwheat, and 1+ tons of hay. Trout Run, a clear stream, furnishes an abundance of good water. Crops are generally good. Population 1,000. Post Office, Frostburg.

    Steineman, U
    General Merchandise.
    Collins, Johnson
    Parker, Wm & Bro
    Thrasher, Jacob
    Womsley, Joseph
    Pengelly, Henry
    Townsend, M M
    Pengelly, John
    Smithers, C


    Is on the Pittsburgh & Connellsville Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, near the State line and six miles N W. of Cumberland; it is a village of considerable business enterprise; the Fire- brick Works of Messrs. Gardiner, Stuart & Co., employing a number of hands, are located here. It contains a Methodist and a Presbvterian Church, and a good Public School. The situation is in a valley of Wills' Creek, and between two ranges of the Allegany Mountains, making it a beautiful and picturesque location for a town. The climate is healthy, and the land good, varying in price from $5.00 to $200.00 per acre, according to kind and quality. It readily produces 15 bus of wheat, 55 bus. of corn, 25 bus. of oats, and 75 bus of potatoes to the acre. Crops are generally good. We are indebted to the Post Mistress, Mrs. Mary A. Shoup, for favors. Population, 126.

    General Merchandise
    Gardner, Stuart & Co
    Lownsbury, J B
    Grist Mill.
    Clark, John H Manufacturers of Fire-Bricks
    Gardner, Stuart & Co
    Buchanan, John M
    Buchanan, Thos G
    Clawson, George
    King, Clarence M


    Is in the north.eastern section of the County, near the Penna line, 12 miles from Cumberland. The climate is varied and village healthy. The land is limestone, and slate loam can be bought at from $1.00 to $100 per acre, according to quality and improvements. Produces 30 bus. oats, 50 bus. Potatoes, 80 to 40 bus. corn and 15 to 25 bus. wheat. The timber yet standing a medium growth of oak, ash, pine, walnut, hickory and maple. The land is mostly cleared and there are no inducements to emigrants. Flintstone and Town creeks supply an abundance of cool water. M. E. Church North, Rev. E. E. Anderson;M.E.South, Rev. S. R Snapp. Miss M. M. Casteel and Amanda Laney, Teachers. Population 350. Jacob Lashley, Postmaster.

    Hamilton, Levi
    Leasure, Jeremiah
    General Merchandise
    Elbin, H B
    Montgomery, R R
    Turner & Lashley
    Willison, J B
    Wilson, J W & Bro
    Dicken, William
    Robosson, T P
    Hoyt, J B & Co L. T. Dickinson, Agent
    Wagon Makers.
    Fitler & Browning


    Is a growing town, the second largest aud most important in Allegany County. It is situated near the headwaters of George's Creek, on a plateau letween the Great Savage and Dan's Mountains of the Allegany Range, seventeen hundred feet above tide. The location and climatic conditions are eminently healthy, and the town is already favorably known as a summer resort, notwithstanding the accommodations have hitherto been confined to private entertainment. Tbe great want is a commodious hotel. The almost universal conclusion is, this is a fine opening for a profitable investment.

    The town is near the centre of the great George's Creek semi-bituminous coal region, and midway between Cumberiand, Md., and Piedmont, West Va, on the line of the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad, and enjoys quick conneetions with the great trunk line railways, east and west. Frostburg is an incorporated town, governed by a Mayor and a Board of six Councilmen, and hss a resularly organized police force. The town is lighted with gas, and is provided with water from the numerous springs on the eastern slope of the Great Savage Mountain, by means of pipes and reservoirs. It contains fourteen churches the Methodist and Catholic being notable for costliness and fine architectural appearance. Several schools afford excellent educational facilities; two weekly papers provide local news for the people, and two fine halls for the public amusement. The Opera House owned by Thos. H. Paul, is well adapted for all kinds of amusements. Among the stores there are two as stylish establishments as can be found anywhere.

    Excepting Virginia City, Nevada, Frostburg probably lies higher above tide than any town of equal size in the United States. This altitude affords a view in all directions, rarely excelled for beauty and sublimity anywhere. Eastward, Dan's Mountain running northward, breaks off into a defile traversed by the National Pike and Eckbart Branch of the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad. Here nestles the picturesque town of Eckhart, 1 Ç miles from Frostburg, with 1,000 inhabitants. Southward, the great George's Creek Valley, flanked on the left by Dan's Mountain, and on the right by the Big Savage, stretches seventeen miles away to the Potomac. Traversed by the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad and George's Creek, both of which are fronted with dwellings, make nearly a continuous town the entire way. Aside from its material significance, the tourist cannot fail to be impresseed with the scene; every element of nature and handiwork of man being present to lend grandeur and diversity to the prospect. On the west, the rugged precipitous sides of the Great Savage stand like a bulwark, as it is, against the storms of winter. Continuing northward, the mountain maintains its altitude, breaking off to the right in hills and gentle declivities, until the bed of Jennings' Run is reached. Here another valley opens to view, quite as rich in landscape perspective as the George's Creek. To the right a ridge rises diversified with fertile farms and umbrageous groves all the way over until we reach Eckhart, our starting point.

    Standing on the steps of the JOURNAL office, the eye easily sweeps from the hills of Pennsylvania, across Maryland, over into the mountains of West Virginia. A great part of the town is here spread out at our feet. Not far off the site of Braddock's route to Fort DuQuesne, surveyed by Washington, is visible. A monument of that disastrous expedition still stands just outside the corporate limits, noting, it is said, the first day's march from Fort Cumland-eleven miles. Six miles by air-line to the south-east, Dan's Rock towers high and rugged, overlooking the most extended and varied landscape in all this section. From this point Frostburg and Cumberland are plainly seen; the mountains in all directions, the Potomac and its magnificent bottom-lands, farm houses and railroad, comprise a "bird's eye view" which no one can ever wholly forget. The tourist to this section who has not visited Dan's Rock has no conception of the wonderful features with which this region abounds. In short, no town of the size and prominence of Frostburg enjoys in its surroundings a more unique topography; and no point of this region array of imposing projections furnishes a more interesting outlook than Dan's Rock.

    If to these we add the novelty of our industrial avocations, the salubrity of our atmosphere and purity of our water, we have a series of conditions, which, properly estimated, must sooner or later give the town a commanding prominence as a summer resort. The inhabitants of Frostburg and vicinity are mainly miners of foreign birth or extraction-made up of English, Welsh, Scotch, Irish, German, etc; they comprise an industrious, thrifty and intelligent population; of good morals and studious habits, they will compare favorably with any people anywhere. To them the town owes its extraordinary growth since the war, and the coal region its immense development. We are indebted to I. B. Oder, Editor "Journal," for this sketch and other favors. C. H. Walker, Postmaster. Population 5,000.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-Eckhart Baptist, Rev. Wm. P. Fortney; Reformed, Rev. J. Rubl; St. Michael's Roman Catholic, Rev. V. F. Schmitt; Welsh Congregational, Rev. J. P. Thomas; M. E. (Colored,) no pastor; Primitive Methodist, Rev. M. Harvey; Presbyterian, Rev. John Thomas; Methodist Episcopal, Rev. W. B. Edwards; German Lutheran, Rev. J. Stumpf; Bethel, (Colored,) Rev. Joseph Thompson; Welsh Baptist, Rev. D. H. Jones; English Lutheran, Rev. D. L. Mackenzie; English Baptist, no pastor; M. E. (bouth,) Rev. T. G. Nevitt; Protestant Episcopal, (St. John's,) Rev. Geo. S. May.

    ORDERS-A. O. Foresters-Court Wineland Bangers, No.5,556. Knights of Phythias-Frostburg City Lodge, No.88. Ivorites-Light of Wales Lodge, No.20, Class E. I. O. O. F.-Frostburg Lodge, No. 49-Lodge meetings, every Tuesday. Degree Lodge, Monday after the first Tuesday in each, month. Frostburg Encampment, No.29, first and third Mondays every month. Home Lodge, No. 127; Savage Mountain Lodge, No.128. A. F & A. M.-Mountaiu Lodge, No.99. I O. Forssters-Court Mt. Pleasant No.8. Imp. O. R. M.-Allegany Tribe, No.67. Free Gardiners -Frostburg Adam Lodge. St. Michael's Total Abstinence. Knights of Honor-Frostburg Lodge, No.590.

    ASSOCIATIONS-Frostburg Building; Frostburg Mutual Building; Frostburg Perpetual Building.

    SOCITIES--Young Men's Christian Ass.; Orion Literary Sociable; St. Joseph's Benevolent; Welsh Literary Class; St. Michael's Temperance and Beneficial.

    COMPANIES-Gas Company; Water Company.

    MUNICIPAL OFFICERS-Mayor-W. H. Ravenscraf~ Councilmen--Richard Beall, E. Clise, Geo.. Boettner, Sr., John Nash, L. C. Burgermeister, W. Y. McCulloh. Bailiff and Chief of Police-George Ort Night Police-Ed. Price. Clerk--J. S. Metzger.

    Adams-Hitchins, A E
    Bitchins, John
    Metzer, J S
    McCulloh, J B
    Porter, John L
    Agent-Real Estate.
    Grove, John S
    Oder, J B
    Koch, W H (C&P)
    Steineman, U (C & P) Eckhart
    Jandod; J (Ailan Line)
    Attorney at Law.
    Grove, John S
    McCulloh, T C
    Thomss, W C
    Zellers, G W
    Wittig, Gec H
    Billiard Saloon.
    Reichenbach, Charles
    Gaunt, Conrad
    Michael, T & Co
    Zinken, Conrad
    Gorsuch, L M
    Builders and Contractors
    Michael, Chas O
    Building Material.
    Beau, Rich'd & Son
    Johnson Bros
    Bepler, Lewis
    Bepler, Wm H
    Engle, Wm
    Porter, J M & Bro
    Wilderman, Robert M
    Boots and Shoes.
    Cooper, W J
    Rartman, J
    Hocking, Geo H
    Jeifries, Samuel
    Mason, H & Co
    Sehneider, Henry
    Shaffer, H B
    Slefker, Conrad
    Towles, J L
    Thomas, William
    Wasmuth, E
    Wilbams, James
    Carriages and Wagoum.
    Robinson, J S
    Carpenters and Builders
    Fox, Andrew
    Griffith, Alexander
    Miller, Charles
    Sanerbaugh, John
    Willison, Andrew
    Cabinet Makers
    Gross & Nickel
    Jarrett, O & Bro
    China and Glass.
    Wineland, M
    Cigars and Tobacco.
    Mason, H & Co
    Civil Engineers.
    Armstrong, Jas D
    Armstrong, Wm
    Ward James H
    Clerk County Corn.
    Armstrong, Davidson
    Clothing, Mats and Trunks.
    Stern, B
    Cutlery and Guns.
    Beall, H. & F. C.
    Coal Mines.
    Borden Mines A C Greene agent
    Consolidation Coal Co
    Cumberland Coal and Iron Co
    Johns, John
    Parker, G B
    Commission Merchant.
    Kane, James
    Armstrong, J D
    Confectionery and Fruit.
    Blasse, A R
    Fattor, Peter
    Lapp, Conrad
    Morgan, Richard
    Spiel, W B
    Theophil, August
    Coburn, E E
    Knode, J H
    McNeil & McCulloh
    Percy, D G
    Wingert, G A
    Doors and Sash.
    Daweon, John T
    Dry Goods and Notions.
    Hitchins Bros
    Jandorf, Mrs Fanny
    Shaffer, H B
    Standish, J M & Go
    Wineland, M
    Betz, Daniel J
    Engines and Boilers
    Paul, Robert C
    Paul, Thos & Son
    Gross & Nickel
    Jarrett, O & Bro
    Fire-Brick Manufacturer,.
    Savage Mountain Works
    Founder, and Machiststs.
    Paul, Robert C
    Paul, Thos & Son
    Gas Fitter.
    Gerlach, Anthony
    General Merchandise.
    Bear, H
    Clary, Roderick
    Edwards & Rogers
    Evans, Wm
    Standish, J M & Co
    Wineland, M
    Grain and Feed.
    Carlln, Joseph
    Kane, James
    Gents' Goods
    Valentine, A T
    Groceries and Provisions
    Ford, Josiah & Bro
    Halle, Mbert Jr
    Jenkins, Thomas
    Jones, James
    Keller, John T
    Mason, H & Co
    McLuckie, Wm
    Percy, W B & Co
    Beckner & Stevens
    Standish, J M & Co
    Wehner, George
    Wineland, M
    Wright, John B
    Hats and Caps
    Shaffer, H B
    Hardware and Steel.
    Beall, H & F C
    Wineland, M
    City Hotel, Owen Evans
    Frostburg Hotel, C Lynch
    Grand Central, P Payne
    Tunneil Hotel
    Iron Workd
    Frostburg Iron Works
    Justice, of the Peace.
    Atkinson, H R
    Weis, John C
    Beau, Richard & Son
    Johnson Bros
    Michael, Chas O
    Wright, John B
    Marble Works.
    Williams, Andrew
    Mattress, and Bedding.
    Gross & Nickel
    Carlin, Joseph
    Millinery and Fancy Goods
    Croft, Mrs M
    Gross, Mrs Eliza
    Jandorf, Mrs Fanny
    Mining Machinery.
    Paul, Thos & Son
    Miners' Lamps.
    Zais, Frederick
    Opera House,.
    O F Opera House
    Paul's Opera House
    Oyster, and Fish.
    Wehuer, George
    Hawke, James H
    Hoblitzell, Chas W
    Frost, M
    Oder, J B & Bro
    Mason, H & Co
    Rogers, A A
    Brace, C H-Homeopathic
    Englar, J W J
    Graham, T J
    Getzendanne, C H
    Ravenacraft, Wm H
    Townsend, M M (Eckhart)
    Cumberland & Penna
    Saddles,and Harness.
    Fisher, G W
    Saw and Planing Mills
    Beall, RIchard & Son
    Dawson, John T
    Johnson Bros
    Michael, Charies 0
    Wililson, A J
    Kartzell, Allie B
    Wheeler Hall
    Mimes Korns, Principals
    soap Manufacturer.
    Hill, George
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Johnson, Frederick
    Zais, Frederick
    Steam Heating.
    Paul, Robert C
    Paul, Thos & Son
    Saloons and Restaurants.
    Bombach, John
    Dufty, Edward
    Donohue, Edward
    Gunter, Wm
    Mitchell, Frederick
    Preston, J
    Schneider, Conrad
    Vogtman, John
    Williams, Thomas
    Youngerman, M
    Tailor, and Clothiers.
    Koenig, F W
    Valentine, A T
    Telegraph Manager.
    Walker, C H-W U
    Telegraph Operator.
    McCuIloh, T C
    O F Opera House
    Paul's Opera House
    Tinware Manufaeturer.
    Zais, Frederick.
    Jarrett, O & Bro
    Watches and Jewelry
    Betz, Daniel J
    Tumbleson, John W
    Wines and Liquors.
    Frey, Otto
    Stern, B


    Is on the Cumberiand&Pennsylvam.a Railroad, 5 miles south of Frostburg, 24 from Cumberland by (C.&P. R. R.) and 18 by a good pike. It is 8 miles fom Piedmont, W.Va, and 34 from Cumberland by B. & O. Railroad. The location Is pleasant and climate good. The George's Creek valley narrows here to a glen, with steep rocky spurs of the Allegany Mountains. There are two parallel mountain ridges which blank the George's Creek valley. This Is an important mining town; there are four companies operating ten openings, capable of producing 27,036 tons per week, and a much larger amount if the demand was sufficient. All the land in the vicinity is owned by the coal companIes, and can be had for $15 to $40 per acre, for agricultural; coal land at from $500 to $1000. The land is generally broken, with a small amount that is productive, which is very valuable. The buckwheat, hay and potatoes grown on these lands are o! the best quality. It mostly produces 10 bus. wheat, 25 bus. c3ra, 20 bus. oats, 200 bus potatoes, 20 bus rye, 15 bus buckwheat and 1 1/2 tons of hay, per acre. The timbered land is alight growth of oak, pine, spruce, maple, chestnut and walnut There are five good pubilc schools. George's Creek supplies plenty of cool water. Wm. McIndoe, Postmaster. Population. 4,500.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS--M. E., Rev. J. W. Cornelius; Presbyterian, Rev. W. H. McGiffert; Primitive Methodist, Rev. Moses Harvey; St. Mary's Roman Catholic, Rev. Father J. M. O'Brien; I. P. M. E., no regular pastor; German, E. J., no pastor; Christ's Baptist, no regular pastor.

    BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES-A. F. & A. M.-Georges Creek Valley Lodge, No.161. K of P-Rising Sun Lodge, No.86. 1 0 0. F-Lonaconing Lodge, No.85; Jackson Encampment, No.26. I. O. Red Men-Tuscarora Tribe, No.62. K~ of R.-Lonacomng Lodge, No.591. Foresters-Printy Lodge, No.2. Free Gardinors-Thistle Lodge. Rechabites-Salem Tent, No.28.

    SOCIETIES-Lonaconing Literary; St. Mary's Benevolent; National Total Abstinenee; St. Patrick's Temperance; A. O. Hibernians.

    Matheney, R (Adams)
    Porter, Dr G E
    Matheney, R
    Agent-Sewing Machines.
    Angus, D
    Mclndos, Wm (Allan Line)
    Ryan, D A
    Baker and Confectioner.
    Huth, L
    Bel1, H H
    Hanekamp, H
    Rohing, Conrad
    Bratz, James
    Crois, Uriah
    Rank, L
    Boots, Shoes and Hats.
    French, Wm
    Gonser, Isaac
    Hilber, John
    Perry, Frederick
    Robinson, Henry
    Scott, Robert
    Allen, Cbristopher
    Boston, Mrs E
    Bennett & Engleby
    Carr, Robert
    Hanekamp, H
    Lonaconing Cooperative Co.
    Nelson, Andrew
    Cabinet Maker.
    Elehorn, A
    Carpenters and Builder,.
    Arnold, Simon
    Petrie, Frank
    Shockey, C C
    Confectionery and Fruit.
    Baner, Mrs B M
    Huth, Louis
    Lau, John
    Locke, Mrs Mary
    Sauter, P T
    Coal Companies.
    American Coal Co - A Jackson Clark, Supt
    George's Creek Coal and Iron Co - John Douglas, Supt
    Maryland Coal Co - S M Petrie, Asst Supt
    New Central - R Boyd, Agent
    MacDonald, O T
    Myers, Joseph
    Porter & Sloan
    Dry Goods and Notions.
    Dobbie Byrnes & Co
    Eisenberg, G
    General Merchandise.
    Atkinson, W & Son
    Combs, John S
    Dobbie, Byrnes & Co
    Fresh, Geo H
    George's Creek Cooperative Co
    Henshaw, W B
    Johnson, C D
    Lonaconing Cooperative Co
    Myers, Joseph
    Peebles, Peter
    Perry, Frederick
    Ryan, John
    Sloan, D R & Co
    Stewart, James
    Tully, P T
    Grain Dealers.
    Orrick, J C & Son
    Groceries and Produce.
    Angus, D
    Dobble, Byrnes & Co
    Hilber John
    Speir, Hugh
    O. Fellow's Hall
    Myer's Hall
    Rechabite Hall
    Brady House J T Brady
    Jackson Hotel
    McKinley's Hotel
    Merchant's Hotel John Atkinson
    Justices of the Peace.
    Murphy, C S
    Ryan, John
    Millinery and Fancy Goods.
    Bell, Miss E M
    Whitefleld, Mrs B
    Nicklin, James W
    Orrick, J C & Son
    Henshaw, W E
    Paints, Oil and Glass.
    Porter & Sloan
    Marmion, George
    Porter & Shilling
    Wililams, J M & D W
    Dean & Bro
    Saddles and Harness.
    Dean &Bro
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Barber, Samuel
    Engleby, Thomas
    Stone Masons
    Durat & Shue
    Saloons and Restaurants.
    Bowkley, Wm
    Dixon, David
    Douglass, J C
    Ferrens Wm
    Fresh, G H
    Karrins, John
    Lochner, John
    Long, Simon
    McDonnagh, Charles
    Petrie, Frank
    Weber, Fred
    Tailors and Clothiers.
    Hirsh & Manabach
    McCoy & Hannon
    Stuiber, Geo
    Telegraph operator.
    Ryan, D A
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Weiland, H B


    Is on the Cumberland & Penna Railroad, nine miles N.W. of Cumberland; the village is situated on surrounding hills, 100 to 300 ft. above the railroad tracks, which are in a valley, making the altitude over 1500 ft above sea level. The climate is especially fine and healthy. Most all the officers of the Union Mining Co. and of the C. & P.R. R. live here. The population of Mt Savage is fully up to business requirements. The land is good for potatoes, grain, &c. All the available farming land is cleared. The timbered land is well cut out and thinned; white oak, black oak, red oak, chestnut, sugar maple, hickory, locust, with some white pine yet standing. Land sells exclusive of mineral rights from $200 to $400 per acre and produces an average crop, which is generally good. Mt. Savage first became worthy of note by the erection of a rolling mill in 1839 and two blast furnaces in 1840. The first operations were carried on by a company of Engilsh capitalists, but subsequently the property changed hands and was operated by the Mt Savage Iron Company," an essentially American concern. In the Mt Savage Mill were rolled the first rails made on the Western Continent; in honor of which a medal was awarded by the "Franklin Institute." For a number years these iron works, alternately prosperous and struggling against adverse circumstances, gave employment to a large number of operatives; population of Mt. Savage being then something over 4,000 souls. In the mill was closed. At the blast furnace several subsequent attempts were made to compete with more modern furnaces; but at present they too are lying in idleness. Of the rolling mill scarcely a trace is now visible, as as been dismantled to make room tor other works. The present industries from which Mt Ravage derives its life, are: The manutacture of fire brick (began as early as 1842), iron and brass foundries and the minnig of coal and fire clay; all operated by the Union Mining Co. operated by McGowan, Wright & Co. of Pittsburg, James Skelding, Sup't, here manufacture by a new process merchantable pig iron furnace slack and cinder; they employ a number of operativess. On the site of the old rolling mill are being erected new and enlarged works;or the manufacture of fire brick and other clay ware, which are expected to be occupied by the beginning of 18';S. The old brick works will then be dismantled. There is one public and one private school. St. George's Episcopal Church, Rev. J. W. Nott; M. B., Rev. H. Clay Smith; St. Patrick's Roman Catholic, Rev. F. F. O'Connor. Population 2,000. Postmaster H. J. Kenah.

    Rainsford, Geo E
    Brass Founders
    Union Mining Co
    Shafer, Ryan
    Boots and Shoes
    Barth, John
    Callaghan, Edward
    Callaghan, F
    Ewalt, Henry
    Miller, Joseph
    Logsdon, John
    Snyder, Joseph
    Clerk and Time-keeper.
    Wack, C B
    Com. Merchants.
    Williamson & Co
    Lavelle, John
    Holtzman, James L
    Miliholland, Henry
    Fire Brick Manufactory.
    Union Mining Co
    Union Mining Co
    Furnace Co.
    Mt Savage Furnace Co
    Gas Furnaces
    MacGowan, Wright & Co
    General Merchandise.
    Carney, A J
    Clarke, Martin
    Manley, Edward
    Munn, S A
    Thrasher, Ephraim
    Thrasher, P J
    Williamson & Co
    Yates, Thomas
    Groceries and Provisions.
    Stevens, Mrs Jane
    Mt Savage, B O'Donnell
    Varnum, Miss S J Ryland
    Ice Cream Saloon
    Holtzman, James L
    Iron Manufacturers
    MacGowan, Wright & Co
    Justices of the Peace.
    Barth, John
    Lavelle, John
    Master Carpenter.
    Renix, Nathan
    Master Mechanic.
    Vanhorne, J F
    Master Mechanic-Ass't.
    Howson, N W
    Master of Transportation
    Kenah, H J
    Coombs, John S
    Thomson, Alexander
    Produce Dealers
    Williamson & Co.
    Road Master.
    Burwell, P L
    Rolling Mills
    MacGowan, Wright & Co
    Steves and Tinware.
    Beall & Carter
    Telegraph Operator.
    Klein, John


    Is on the Cumberiand & PennL Railroad, 11 miles from Frostburg, 5 from Piedmont, and 8 from Lonaconing. Climate good and land medium; mostly cleared; some white oak, beech, chestnut and maple yet standing of a heavy growth. Land can be bought for $25 per acre, and produces 30 bus. oats, 12 bus wheat, 25 bus. corn, 200 bus. potatoes. Crops are generally good. George's Creek supplies the village with good water. One Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. Bowen, Pastor. Population 800. Postoffice at Barton or Pekin.

    McNally, Daniel
    Carpenter and Builder
    Shaw, A B
    General Merchandise.
    Snyder, A W
    Bernard, N & Bro
    Dorsey, J H
    Saw Mill.
    Shaw, A B
    Boughton, W G


    Is 10 1/2 miles west of Cumberiand, its nearest shipping point Climate healthy Lind is limestone, and can be bought for $80 per acre; produces 25 bus wheat, 50 bus. corn, 80 bus. oats, and 300 bus potatoes. Chestnut oak bark is found in the mountains, and delivered at $7 and $8 per cord. Murley's Branch, a small stream, rises one-half mile west from under an arched rock. The water is very cold in summer, and warm in winter. Good limestone, sulphur, and warm spring water within 20 yards of each other, can be seen two miles from here. Thess springs, a natural curiosity, are often visited by strangers. Iron, coal, and other ores are to be found. The mountains, fields ssd waters abound in game and fish of several varieties. This is considered by the many inhabitants a grand place for a summer resort Willison & Bobinette, Merchants. Amon Wilson, Postmaster.


    Is on the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad, and George's Creek, a few miles south ot Frostburg. The location is in the celebrated Cumberland coal fields; and all the land in the vicinity is owned or leared by the Consolidation, National, Hampshire, and Baltimore Coal Companies. The price of land is governed by the minerals to be found. Coal property has sold within the last ten years from $200 per acre up to .500, wlth sales as high as $1000; other lands $4, $5 to $10. The timber yet standing is an average growth of oak, spruce, with some chestnut. One M E. Church, Rev J . H. Marsh, Psstor and one public achool. The land is mountainous and the cilmate healthy. W. L. Shaw, Postmaster. Population, 500.

    Coal Miners
    Consolidation Coal Co.--James B. Thomas, Gen. Supt.
    Hampshire & Balto Coal Co.--C. W. Shaw, Gen. Supt.
    Midland and National Mines - R. I. Anderson, Supt.
    General Merchandise.
    Ferrens & Co
    Shaw & Paul
    Price & Smith.
    Ferrens, William
    McGinn & Cusick


    Is on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, and the North Branch or the Potomac River; Green Spring, Socond Division Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, is within one-fourth of a mile and affords every convenience for receiving and ahipping goods. The land along the river is nearly all owned by a few persons, viz: Elwood Ginevan and Wm. Conely, 7,00 acres; John Rechembaugh, 200; Isaac Long, 1700; Thomas Young, 800; Luther M. Cresap, 1000; Christian Kelly, 1600 and Mrs. Little, 350. The farms of Messrs. Long, Ginevan & Conely and Christian Keiley, Esq., comprise all the land in the district along the river. It is generally good and can be bought at from $8 to $75 per acre. Crops fair. Produces 6 to 25 bus. wheat, 30 corn, 15 oats and 65 to 250 bus. potatoes per acre. The land away from the river in the hills is very poor, most of it worn out. The Messr& Appolds of Baltimore and the Carroll heirs own large tracts in this district. Old Town is one of the oldest towns in this county, its ancient name being Leipton. A house is yet standing that was used as a fort by members of the Cresap family to fight the Indians. This family were the first settlers here, one only still living, Luther Martin Cresap, Farmer and Miller; he is now an old man, married, but has no children or near relatives. The Lantz family is also an old family; the only good house in the village is a large brick one, built by them in 1811; there are a great many members of thia family still living here and throughout this county and in Virginia. The village contains a new and neat Methodist Church, Rev. Mr. McDonel, Pastor, and one public school. We are under many obligations to Chrlstiah Keiley, Esq., owning 1600 acres of good land for this sketch. Population 50. Postoffice, Green Springs, W.Va.

    General Merchandise
    Carder & Darky
    Mountz, J D
    McCully, Wm
    Cresap, L M Miller
    McElfish, F.
    Showacer, C.C.


    Is on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and Fifteen Mile Creek. Orleans road, 50 miles east of Cumberland by rail, Second Division Balto. & Ohio R. R., is reached by a good ford three quarters of a mile across the Potomac River. Fifteen Mile Creek runs through the district for 12 miles and takes its name from being fifteen miles from Hancock in Washington Co., and fifteen from Oldtown in Allegany. It is five miles from Sidelin Hill Creek, the dividing line of Washington Co., 42 miles from Cumberland by the county road, nine from Pa. line, and seven from National road. There are 29,896 acres of land owned by Richard Caton, Duchess of Leeds, Emily MacTavish; Lady Stafford and Marchioness of Wellesby. There could be a great many good farms cleared out on these lands, if sold in 150 to 200 acre tracts. Mrs. Eveline Bevans also owns 1777 acres of land in this district which is very finely timbered, and is said to be underlaid with iron ore and coal. There are some very fine Sulphur Springs on the lands, one in particular, which is known as Carroll's Sulphur Spring, and the water is very fine. The land here is well watered, very fine springs on the top of some of the highest hills. Climate is healthy, and crops fair generally. Land can be bought at from $8 to $10 per acre, and produces 10 bus. wheat, 20 bus. corn, 25 bus. oats and 80 bus. potatoes. There is splendid bass fishing, and plenty of deer, turkeys and all kinds of game in the mountains; and it is a good location for the lumber or sheep business. We are indebted to Thos. Callan, Esq., for this information. Population 150. Post office, Great Cacapon, West Va.

    Carpenter, John
    County Commissioner
    Trail, Ashford
    General Stores.
    Callan, M L
    Sprigg, Vanlear
    Yonker, RH
    Justice of the Peace
    Shirdiff, H
    Watson, Jas
    Lumber Dealers.
    Callan, M L
    Riley, L
    Trail, Nathan
    Beach, Wm B
    Stock Dealers.
    Price, G W
    Stottlemyer, J B
    Tax Collector.
    Stottlemyer, J B


    Is on the Cumberland & Penna. Railroad, 10 miles from Frostburg and 8 from Piedmont, W. Va. The location is in the mining regions. Climate healthy. The land medium and mostly cleared. Oak, pine, hemlock and walnut of a heavy growth yet to he found. George's Creek furnishes an abundance of pure water. Coal lands, (none for sale,) average from $500 to $1000 per acre. Other land $5 to $25, and produces 80 bus, oats, 200 bus. potatoes, 80 bus. corn, and 12 bus. wheat. Crops are generally good. There is a M.E.Church, one Primitive M. E. Church, and two public schools. Population 1200. James M. Sloan, Postmaster.

    Boots and Shoes
    Buckle, Charles
    Kelley, Edward
    Coal Companies
    Atlantic and George's Creek Consolidated -- John Sheridan, Supt
    General Merchandise
    Ryan & Hoban
    Sloan & Bro.
    Yost, Mrs. Sarah
    Douglass, Wm.
    Ford, Patrick
    Tennent, Mrs. Jennett


    Is in the eastern section of the county, near the Washington County line; Orleans is its shipping point, and Orleans road, Second Division B. & O. R. R., nearest station. Climate is mild. Crops and land good; can be bought at from $4 to $8 per acre, and produces 10 bus. wheat, 20 bus. corn, 16 bus. oats snd 80 bus potatoes. E. V. Creek, Postmaster. Population 200.

    Brady, Samuel
    Deputy Sheriff.
    Watson, I N
    School Teacher
    Watson, John D.
    Supervisors of Roads
    Norris, J. M.
    Shipley, H. P.


    Is twelve miles west of Cumberland, and nine miles east of Keyser, W.V., the terminus of the Third Division of the Baltimore & Ohio R. R. The situation is between two ranges of mountains, forming a beautiful valley for six miles. The Potomac River forms the boundary on the east, and a range of the Alleganies on the west. The climate is excellent, with plenty of good water. Crops are very good; land can be bought for $40 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 30 bus. corn, 40 bus. oats, and 50 bus. potatoes. The village contains two methodist churches and two public schools. A. C. Rawlings, Esq., kindly furnished the above information. E. Mclntire, Postmaster. Population 100.

    Albright, Hiram
    Dawson, John O
    Dawson, James H
    General Merchandise.
    Middleton & Mclntire
    Luniber Dealer.
    Nalls, E


    Is the southern terminus of the Cumberland & Penna. Railroad, and it is one- half mile from Piedmont,W.Va., on the B. & O. The climate is temperate and healthy. Land is fair, not nunch cleared. Oak, chestnut, pine, beech, maple and walnut, of fine growth, compose the timbered land. Farming land can be bought at from $10 to $12 per acre, and produces 25 bus oats, 150 bus. potatoes, 25 bus. corn, 12 bus. buckwheat, 10 bus. rye and one ton of hay; not much wheat raised, average per acre, 10 bus. The land sold for farming is done with a reservation; should minerals be developed, the price is to be a fixed rate, by whico all these lands are sold. Coal lands sell from $500 to $1000 per acre. No minerals of value developed as yet. Westemport is an incorporated town, and is governed by a board of town commiasioners. George's Creek supplies good water. John C. McCulloh, Postmaster. Population 1500.

    BENEVOLENT SOCITIES:-A. F. & A. M:-Hiram, No.103. I.O.O.F. Philos, No.91; Mt. Carmel Encampment, No.7. I.O.. Rechabites-Samaritan Tent, No.82. U. A. M.-Wappocono, No.49. In't. G. T.-Potomac, No. 11. Cadets Temperance-Union Section, No.12.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-St. Peter's Roman Catholic, Rev. Jeremiah O'Sullivan; United Brethren in Christ, Rev. C. W. Steinapring; other denomnations attend in Piedmont.

    TOWN COMMISSIONERS-Martin Fusner, Pres't; Joseph Fusner, John Onthank, Charles A. Pagenhardt and Austin Jones. Bailiff-Wm. Bell.

    Duckworth, Wesley
    Klein, B P
    Maher, James
    Whetesell, Conrad
    Boots and Shoes.
    Durham, John
    Fisher, Lewis
    Montgomery, W
    McHatton, John
    Cabinet Makers.
    High, J D
    Karp, Frank
    Carpenters and Builders.
    Kalherg, August
    Sheetz, Geo W
    Coal Companies.
    Canton Mine
    John M Kelley, Supt
    Franklin Coal Mines
    James Boyce, Proprietor
    H C Black, Supt
    Coal Miner
    Spangler, Geo W
    Cullen, Mrs C W
    Grim, Frederick
    Bell, Wm
    Daily, John
    Founders and Machinists.
    White, Gleeson & Co
    General Merchants.
    Fazenbaker, J S
    Getty, John H C
    Hugg, R E & Co
    Jamisson, J S
    Kelley, John M
    Kight & Bro
    Miller Bros
    Roberts, Simon
    Ryan & Hoban
    Groceries and Produce
    Hogan, Michael
    Guns and Pistols.
    Pagenhardt, C A
    Hardware, Iron, &c
    Pagenhardt, C A
    Allegany, John Naven
    Justice of the Peace.
    Riordon, Owen
    Sheetz, George W
    Mine Car Manufacturers.
    White, Gleeson & Co
    Mineral Water.
    Rehs, Henry
    Hughes, James
    Saloons and Restaurants,
    Fraser, John
    Gaffney, W
    Grim, Frederick
    McHatton, John
    McManamie, John
    Rehs, Henry
    Fuller, Stephen
    Kuhnle, Christopher
    Klein, R P



    Anderson, G Espey
    Bankard, Mrs H
    Beall, John T
    Beall, Thos
    Beall, Wm
    Boor, G W
    Boor, Jacob
    Boor, John
    Bowden, Boyd
    Brady, J. C.
    Broatmarkle, Henry
    Broatmarkle, Michael
    Bucy, Hanson
    Busey, Lemuel
    Carleton, Henry
    Darrow, Mrs. Wm.
    Dean, Mathias
    Deekin, Henry
    Dilley, Joseph
    Dougherty, Daniel
    Dressman, B. H.
    Eberly, Mathias
    Everstine, James
    Fonghtman, Mrs C
    Frantz, Joseph
    Frost, M A
    Frost, Orman
    Fundenberg, S H
    Gross, Amos
    Gross, Lewis
    Hebb, Hopewell
    Hendrickson, O. P.
    Hendrickson, Richard
    Hendrixon, John
    Hinkle, Geo. P.
    Hinkle, John
    Hinkle, Morgan
    Hinkle, Wm.
    Humbird, James
    Humbird, John
    Hutson, John
    Lafferty, Isaac
    Laing, Fred, Jr.
    Lanahan, James
    Leasure, Thos.
    Leopold, George
    Lloyd, Lowndes, Jr.
    Logsdon, Henry
    Logsdon, Marshall
    Logsdon, Wm.
    Long, Daniel
    Long, U. D.
    Lynn, Galloway
    Mattingly, Francis
    Mattingly, James
    Mattingly, Thos.
    Melster, John
    Millman, Henry
    Millman, F. X.
    McCormick, Dr.
    McKinsey, Thornton
    Myers, George
    Naughton, Michael
    O'Neal, Edward
    Perry, Capt. Roger
    Potts, Aaron
    Read, Nelson C.
    Resley, Horace
    Ridgley, Charles
    Rice, Levi
    Rouzer, Martin
    Sanders, Henry
    Schlunt, George
    Schulz, Phillip
    Semmes, Rich'd T
    Smeezen, Henry
    Smith, Dr Jas
    Smouse, John
    Smonse, Peter
    Stallings, John
    Steele, Henry
    Stottler, Morgan
    Tauber, John
    Taylor, Reuben
    Taylor, Wm
    Twigg, Frank
    Walker, John
    Weber, Henry
    Wilheim, John
    Wilkinson, Thos
    Willison, Owen
    Wilson, James
    Wilson, Jesse
    Winters, George
    Wolford, Charles


    Ash, Elwell
    Ash, John
    Beader, August
    Browning, Jesse
    Browning, Ephraim
    Bucey, Henry Sr
    Bucey, Henry Jr
    Bucey, Denton B
    Chaney, Ambrose
    Chaney, Leonard
    Davis, Wm B
    Dicken, Wea
    Diebert, H
    Deffenbaugh, Dan'l
    Elbin, Wm
    Fletcher, George
    Gordon, Simon
    Hardsock, John
    Jamison, Thos
    Kifer, Jacob
    Kifer, Abram
    Lashley, George
    Lashley, Jacob
    McCoy, Jas
    McElfish, JOS
    McElflsh, Thos
    Morgan, Wm
    Morgan, Sam'l
    North, Henry
    Perren, Lenox
    Robinett, Jeremiah
    Robinett, Moses
    Robinett, Jesse of Wm
    Robinett, Jesse of M
    Robinett, Jasper
    Robosson, T P
    Slider, Stephen
    Smith, Isaac
    Turner, B L
    Twigg, John M
    Twigg, John F
    Twigg, John T
    Willison, H F
    Willison, D L
    Wilson, Isaac
    Wilson, Lawrence
    Wilson, Sam'l
    Wilson, John H
    Wilson, Moses
    Wilson, Joshua
    Wilson, James
    Wilson, Jackson
    Wilson, Argyle
    Wilson, William


    Arnold, Jesse J
    Atkinson, H B
    Burns, Martin
    Clise, Peter
    Cutter, Frederick
    Davis, Alexander
    Engle, William
    Graham, C M
    Hanna, James
    Hansell, George
    Hansell, John
    Hansell, William P
    Harden, John
    Humbirdson, A F
    Kelly, William
    Kimberiy, John
    Kirby, John
    Lewis, William
    Loar, George W
    Loar, Henry
    Loar, John
    Logsdon, Moses
    McCaughan, John
    McKenzie, Josiah P
    Mathias, William
    Myers, John
    Neff, Thomas W
    Poland, Moses
    Poland, Thomas
    Porter, George W
    Porter, John S
    Porter, Josiah
    Porter, William W
    Bace, Conrad
    Bephorn, Henry
    Shombert, John
    Smith, Theodore
    Staples, William
    Wagas, Henry
    Ward, James H
    Winebrenner, Isaac
    Winebrenner, Morris
    Winter, Enoch
    Wolf, Charles
    Workman, William C
    Yeates, Benjamin


    Broadwater, Amos
    Brown, Hanson
    Chaney, Jesse W
    Chancy, John C
    Coleman, Geo W
    Coleman, Kelita
    Coleman, Wm S
    Crow, Isaac
    Curry, Amos
    Durst, Albert
    Dye, Jas J
    Dye, John
    Garlitz, Isadore
    Garlitz, Noah B
    Goodwin, John
    Green, Adam
    Green, Benj
    Green, Bobt
    Green, Simeon W
    Jacobs, Wm
    Lancaster, Andrew
    Lewis, Thos J
    MeRenzie, Isadore
    MeRenzie, Jeremiah J
    MeRenzie, Sadres
    Merrill, Andrew J
    Merrill, David
    Miller, Jacob F
    Miller, Phillip
    Miller, Samuel
    Miller, Wm
    Ritchie, Thos
    Robinson, Jesse J
    Robinson, John F
    Robinson, Morgan
    Robinson, Nelson J
    Roontz, Jacob W
    Skidmore, Joseph
    Staup, Peter
    Wampler, Daniel F
    Weir, Jas
    Weitzell, Elias
    Wilhelm, John

    Mt. Savage

    Arnold, Jeremiah
    Bluchbaugh, Simon
    Brailer, Augustus
    Combs, John S
    Garey, Cornelius
    Kimmel, Peter
    Kneiram, John
    Logsdon, Leo
    Logsdon, Peter
    Logsdon, Wm
    Martin, Jacob
    Mattingly, John
    Mattingly, Sylvester
    Monaghan, Anthony
    Pratt, James
    Pratt, Wm
    Booney, Patrick
    Shaffer, Rhinehart
    Trimble, Henry
    Trimble, Joseph
    Trimble, W S
    Weld, H T
    Workman, W C
    Yates, Wm

    Murley's Branch

    Ash, Amos
    Bottomfield, Abert
    Chaney, Isaac
    Dean, Joseph
    Flake, J T
    Frazee, Daniel
    Fletcher, David
    Hamilton, Alexander
    Hardsock, Wm
    Hinkie, Sumer
    House, H
    Jamison, C B
    Jamison, Eliza
    McElflsh, Geo
    McElfish, Luther
    McElfish, Upton
    McElilsh, Owen
    Middleton, B
    Middleton, Joel
    Robinette, G A
    Robinette, Geo
    Robinette, J C
    Robinette, M L
    Rice, David
    Rice, Levi
    Twigg, Gec
    Twigg, Thos
    Twigg, A
    Twigg, Oliver
    Willison, Ashford
    Willison, James
    Wilson, Amon
    Wilson, Asias
    Wilson, Bliss
    Wilson, Hambury
    Wilson, Jesse
    Wilson, Jonathan
    Wilson, Thornton
    Wolford, Samuel


    Antony, John
    Barnerd, Daniel
    Clice, J.Peter
    Clice, J K
    Fair, William
    Furley, Henry
    Hansel, John
    Hansel, Phillip
    Holly, Jeff
    Lore, George
    Llewellyn, John, Jr
    Llewellyn, John, Sr.
    Liewellyn, Thomas
    McKenzie, Joseph
    Poland, Harrison
    Poland, Thomas
    Stevenson, John
    Winters, B

    Old Town

    Alterton, Luke
    Alterton, Peter
    Athey, Geo
    Athey, Upton
    Barth, Adam
    Barth, Christ Heirs of
    Beard, Mrs
    Carts, Mrs
    Crabiree, Lewis Heirs of
    Crabtree, Resin
    Crabtree, Thomas
    Cresap, L M
    Daniels, Denis
    Daniels, John
    Devenhurg, Daniel
    Devenburg, John
    Byler, Josiah
    Fields, Wilson
    Fisher, James
    Furlow, S D
    Ginevan & Conely
    Harris, Sophia
    Hartley, Martin C
    Hartly, John
    Hartly, Riley
    Herrick, Henry
    Kelley Christopher
    Kerns, Mrs A
    Littel, Mrs M
    Littel, Nimrod
    Long, Isaac
    Mathews, J & Wm
    Myers, Henry
    Piper, M J
    Rise, A
    Rechambaugh, John
    Reely, Bverhart
    Ruby, John
    Sheeler, Sam
    Shotsen, John
    Shryock, Lewis Heirs 0
    Stallings, Aaron
    Stallings, Charles
    Stallings, Norman
    Stallings, Samuel
    Stump, David
    Twigg, Lewls
    Twigg, Preston
    Twigg, Riley
    Twigg, Oliver
    Twigg, Charies Heirs of
    Wakefield, J
    Wagoner, Sam Heirs of
    Wilson, Geo
    Wilson, James


    Apple, Jno H
    Barnes, Joseph
    Barnes, Samuel
    Barahart, Wm
    Brinkman, Wm
    Brinkman, F
    Brinkman, H
    Fletcher, Phil
    Gross, John
    Hailer, Jno W
    Harper, Dennis
    Hartley, James T
    Hettinhouser, L C
    Higglns, Jas B
    Jima, Hugh
    Jilles, Wea
    Keefer, M
    Keefer, Frank
    Kermara, M H
    Kisler, Albert
    Lindenburg, F
    Linn, Wm
    Luttrell, F B
    Mahony, Sam
    Mann, H
    Mann, Thos
    Many, James
    McDonald, William
    Nolan, Jerry
    Norris, G B
    Norris, Jos M
    Norris, T H
    Northcraft, M H
    Northcraft, Bdwd
    Potts, Jonas
    Price, John
    Price, G W
    Reiser, Albert
    Robinson, John
    Robinson, L
    Boby, Jas P
    Roby, John W
    Rockwell, L
    Rujan, D S
    Shiply, B D
    Shiply, H P
    Shiply, Heze
    Shiply, Sam
    Slider, Nathan
    Stottlemyer, C O
    Stottlemyer, J B
    Stottlemyer, B H
    Stott, John
    Trail, Nathan
    Trail, Nathan of
    Twigg, Michael
    Watson, D C
    Watson, I N
    Watson, John D
    Weaver, George W
    Zigler, Jacob


    Arnold, David
    Fitzpatrick, John
    Green, Robert
    Jacobs, Norman
    Jacobs, Wm H
    Miller, Samuel
    Moffat, Robert
    Poland, James
    Spencer, John N
    Timney, Daniel

    Piney Grove

    Barnes, Samuel
    Barnes, Joseph
    Barnhart, William
    Dreek, James N
    Creek, Thomas
    Fletcher, Philip
    HaIler, John W
    Mann, Henry
    Mann, Thomas
    Mahoney, Samuel
    Norris, G K
    Price, John W
    Reisar, Albert
    Shipley, Barnard
    Shipley, Samuel
    Shipley, Hezekiak
    Trail, Hugh
    Watson, David C


    Carder, John
    Cookerly, John C
    Cresap, Bdward
    Hart, John
    Hutson, Lynm
    Kelley, J B
    Lynn, Sprigg
    McCarty, A B
    Bavenacraft, B
    Bavenscraft, John
    Bawlinga, A C
    Welch, John
    Wilson, James W


    Coleman, Phineas
    Crabtree, W H
    Dayton, G W
    Duckworth, A C
    Duckworth, Uriak
    Fazenbaker, B N
    Fazenbaker, Jesse
    Fazenbaker, O C
    Kight, Richard
    Kight, Wm of E
    Kooken, Jesse
    McAnally, Patnek
    Michaels, Chas
    Michaels, David
    Michaels, G F
    Michaels, G T
    Poland, Jesse
    Poland, Matilda
    Ravenscraft, J F
    Wilt, J M

  • Anne Arundel County

    ANNE ARUNDEL is the most centrally situated county of the State, and is bounded on the east by the Chesapeake Bay, south by Calvert County, west by the Patuxent Biver and Prince George's County, north-west by Howard County, and north by Baltimore County. At its northern extremity it lies immediately opposite to and is connected with Baltimore City by a draw-bridge about a mile long. Iron ore abounds in the northern part of the county.

    This county is of a rolling character, but has no very elevated points, and, like most of the other counties, has all descriptions of soil. Below Annapolis there is generally a stiffer soil, and mostly an excellent fertile country, and very productive in tobacco and grain. The lands along South and West Rivers are the chief grain producing sections, while those in the upper and central portions of the county are noted for their fine fruits and vegetables The country between Annapolis and Baltimore is almost entirely cultivated in truck gardens, and sends to the Baltimore markets a large proportion of their finest supplies, producing immense quantities of strawberries, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, cantaloupes, watermelons, cabbages, &c. This section is highly adapted for this purpose, being mostly a light soil, easily tilled, and, being protected by the elevated lands north of Baltimore, is several days earlier in ripening crops than the soils around the north of the city The timbers are principally oaks, chestnut, and pines. There are some fisheries in the county though not very extensive, but oysters abound around all the shores south from Sandy Point, and also wild fowl in the season.

    Judge Fifth Judicial Circuit-Hon. Oliver Miller, Chief Judge, Annapo1is, Hon. Edward Hammond and Hon. Wm. N. Hayden, Associate Judges, Annapolis. Commissioners of Court-Win. T. Iglehart, S. Thos. McCullough. Auditor-Jas. H. Hodges. Clerk to Court-Sprigg Harwood, Annapolis. Clerks. Deputy, Thos S Beall, Thos. B. Gassaway. Crier-Philip C. Clayton. Sheriff--Thomas S Nutwell, Annapolis Deputy Sheriffs-Augustus Brian, Geo. W. Murdock. State's Attorney-Henry Aisquith, Annapolis. Warden of Jail-Allen White. Physician to Jail. Dr Geo. Wells. Judges of Orphans Court -Thos. S. Iglebart, Chief Judge; Geo F White and Charles S. Welch. Register of Wills-Dr Wm. T. Revell. Surveyor-Amos H. Harman. County Commissioners--Daniel Caulk, Annapolis; Geo. N. Potee, Brooklyn, and Allen Warfield, Odenton. Attorney to Commissioners--S. Thos. McCullough, Annapolis. Clerk--George M. Duvall, Annapolis. County Treasurer--None. School Commissioners--R. H. Green, Pres't, Annapolis, Dr. N. S. Knighton, Friendship, and Wm. Shipley, Brooklyn. Examiner, Secretary and Treasurer--Wm. Harwood. Trustees of Almshouse--John T. E. Hyde, Thos. C. Boone, S. C. Acton, John Tucker, and John B. Owens. Physician--Richard H. Green. Steward-Jno. Marshall. Registers of Voters--John S. Marriott, Thos. E. Cooksey, Thos. C. Boone, Charles R. Harman, B. D. Smith, Geo. W. Murdock, and Henry O'Neill. Constable--Thos. Basil. Tax Collectors-_Jno. T. Hammond, A. K. Clayton, E. R. W. Shekells, H. S. Anderson, Jacob Watts, S. S. Tracey and H. G. Webb. Justices of the Peace, W. H. Gassaway, Dennis C. Thompson, Robt. Welch, J. F. Deale, Notary Public--John F. Elliott, Congressman, Fifth District--Hon. Eli J. Henkle, Annapolis. U. S. Commissioner--J. W. Randall. Revenue Collector-Jno. G. Taylor. State Senator-Hon. M. Bannon, Annapolis. Members House of Delegates-Wm. Snowden, Samuel G. Acton and Geo. W. Nutwell, Annapolis. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Annapolis, the county seat: Law Terms-3rd Monday in April and 4th Monday in October. Chanceys Terms-3rd Monday in January and 3rd Monday in July. Population of County-White, 15,457; Colored, 11,000. Registered Vote-5,875. Assessed Vatue of Personal, Real, Stocks and Railroad Property-$10,267,318. State and County Tax-101 cents on $100.


    The capital of the State, county seat of Anne Arundel, is a city and port of entry, situated on the south bank of the Severn River, 2 miles from its entrance into the Chesapeake Bay; 20 miles S. by E. from Baltimore and 87 miles E. by N. of Washington. The Annapolis & Elkridge H. B., 21 miles long, connects it with Baltimore and Washington by rail, and it is in daily eommunication by steamers with Baltimore and other points on the bay and its tributaries. Annapolis was founded about 1649. The settlement was at first called Providence, afterward Anne Arundeltown; and lastly, having received a city charter in 1705, Annapolis, (i.e. "the city of Anne,") in honor of Queen Anne, who bestowed several valuable presents on the town, giving an organ to one of their churches, &C The State House where meets the Legislature and the Court of Appeals, is a fine old building, and is located on a beautiful elevation in full view of the bay and near the centre of the city. The State Legislature meets biennially in January, and the Court of Appeals holds its sessions from October to July, with a short intermission in the spring. The U.S. Naval Academy; St. John's College, (a State institution), one of the oldest in the country, and St. Mary's Seminary for priests, (Roman Catholic), are situated here. The city contains large and well attended Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran and Roman Catholic Churches, also a bank, a market house, 4 newspapers and 4 printing offices, and four good hotels. The Maryland Hotel and the City Hotel are the head-quarters for the sons of Md. when they come biennially to legislate for the State, and lively old times they have in this ancient city during the time of the sitting of the State Legislature, which holds its sessions daily for three months. Annapolis is an incorporated town and is governed by a mayor and board of aldermen, and has a regular police force. The city is lighted with gas and is supplied with plenty of good water. It has a convenient and well protected harbor. Vessels of the largest size anchor with safety in Annapolis Roads, and during the winter of 1877, when access to Baltimore was prevented by the ice, numbers of vessels-many of them foreign barques, sought and found shelter in the harbor of Annapolis. Oyster packing, during eight months of the year, is the principal trade of the place, and the citic contains several large establishments for this trade. During the summer the Annapolis Canning Company is busily engaged in putting up fruit and vegetables, dile fly peaches, peas and tomatoes. The citizens of Annapolis are industrious and enterprising, and are noted for their morality and hospitality. The elty is healthy and presents many attractions for tourists, pleasure seekers and those wanting homes. Population 10,000. W. O. Bigelow, Postmaster.

    STRANGER's GUIDE TO INTERESTING PARTS.-The State House, built of Imported brick. In it are, the Senate Chamber as it was when General Washington resigned; the Executive Chamber, with portraits of all former governors; the State Library and the Court of Appeals. At the foot of the State House Hill are the Treasurer's Office, where the provisional legislators met before the erection of the State House; the Comptroller's Office, the Land, Office, containing the recerds of the Colonial Government, and the Office of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, where are found archives under the autograph of General Washingtori, when Vice-President of the Potomac Company. Gubernatorial Residence, a splendid modernly built edifice, finished February, 1870, is opposite. United States Naval Academy, founded October 10th 1845 under the Presidency of James K. Polk, is beautifully situated on some fifty acres of ground, fronting Severn River. As an institution for the acquisition of naval knowledge it has, without a doubt, no superior in the world. To visitors it is open from 7 a. m., to 10 p.m. Music on the lawn from 9 to 10 a. m., and from 5 to 7p.m. United States Naval Hospital, on "Strawberry Hill," is connected with the academy ground by a bridge, and accommodates over three hundred patients. United States Naval Cemetery, on said property, is also a place worthy of note. St. John's College, founded 1784, endowed by Maryland, adjoins the Naval Academy. It has three large public halls, extensive grounds, a front on Severn River for bathing and boating. A preparatory department Is attached, which qualifies students also for other high schools. The Faculty numbers eleven of the best talent in the country. Average attendance 200 pupils. Churches-there are St. Anne's Episcopal, Presbyterian, First and Second Methodist and the St. Mary's (Catholic.) The latter Is built on the estate of John Carroll of Carrollton, and with it is connected a college for the education of ecclesiastics.

    BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES--A.F.& A. M.-Annapolis Lodge, No.89; Palestine Commandry, No.7; H. A. Chapter. 5. of T-Annapolis Division, No.10. I.O.M-Capital Lodge, No.22. 1 0.0. P-Metropolis Lodge, No.17. K. of P-Friendship Lodge, No.8. I. O. G. T.-Capital Lodge, No.152. L 0. R. M.-Chesapeake Tribe, No.82.

    ASSOCIATION--Annapolis Savings; Workingmen's B and L.; Young Men's Christian.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-First M. E., Rev. Dr. J. H. Dashiels; Wesley M. E., Rev. J. H. M. Lemon; Presbyterian, Rev. H. O. Gibbons; Episcopal, Rev. W. S. Southgate; St Mary's Catholic, Rev. Father McHerney.

    CITY GOVERNMENT.-Mayor--James H. Brown. Counsellor--William H. Tuck. Aldermen-- James Andrews, Charles S. Welch, John T. Hammond, John J. Brewer, William Bryan, Augustus Gassaway. Clker, Allen McCullouch. Messenger-Wm. Hinton. Health Officer-Dr. Richard H. Green. Treasurer-Robert W. Tate. Collector of Tax-John T. E. Hyde. Commissoner-William Black. Constable--Thomas Basil. Chief of Police--Henry Burlingame. Poii'eme~Cbas. Stinchcomb, Michael Curran, James Watkins and James Mace. Lamplighters--Adam Miller, Ed. Hurdle.

    Attorney at Law
    Aisquith, Henry
    Claude, Dennis
    Hodges, Jas H
    Iglebart, W T
    McCullough, S Thos
    Mullan, Ferdinand
    Munree, James M
    Randall & Hagner
    Randall, J Wirt
    Revell, James
    Stockett, Frank H
    Stockett, J Shaaf
    Thcker, W Frank
    Tuck, W H
    Vansant, Jas H
    Jones, T. J. K.
    Agent-Ticket and Freight
    Brewer, George
    Boone, T. C.
    Bryan, W. & Son
    Muehlmeister, C. 34 Calvert
    Smith, M. M.
    Bowers, J. P.
    Jackson, Norfolk
    Smothers, J. H.
    Bell Hanger.
    Smull, E H 62 Main
    Feltmeyer, Gotlieb
    Martin & Myers
    Peterson, Stites & Co
    Books aud Stationery.
    Angli'm, Mrs M A
    Hopkins & Feldmeyer
    Boots. and Shoes.
    Berry, C O
    Brooks, W E
    Englelke, J F
    Goodwin, R
    Hall, J C
    Voilmer, F 86 Main
    Boat Builder.
    Brown, Wm
    Building Material.
    Tunis, W W & Bro
    Basil, William
    Freeman, William
    Basil, David
    Basil, Fleteher
    Brewer, Jackson
    King, George
    Carpenters and Builders
    Baker, A
    Butler, W H
    Caulk, Daniel
    Clayton, P C
    Gardner, W B
    Himeihaven John
    Marshall, J
    Ryan, Jas E
    Treadway, Henry
    Wells, James
    Gassaway, L G
    China and Glassware.
    Hopkins, James
    Clothing Dealers
    Dorsey, D W 118 Main
    Kramer, J Frank 100 Main
    Rehn, Louis H
    White, F O
    Coal and Wood.
    Basil, Jos S M
    Crass, Geo C
    Kealy, John
    Confectionery and Fruit.
    Smith, M M
    Wagner, M
    Basil, Thomas
    Collector of Claims.
    Elliott, John F 77 Duke of Gloucester
    St. John's, Prof. J M Garnett Pres.
    St. Mary's, Rev. Farther Nicholas Firle, Rector
    Walton, Thomas O
    Dredge Builders
    Peterson, Stites & Co
    Goodman, H H 109 Main
    Handy & Rullman, 68 Main
    Stansbury, R A
    Dry Goods.
    Andrews, James
    Kramer, J Frank 100 Main
    Munree, James & Son
    Schoff, Mrs C
    White, P O
    Fancy Goods and Notions
    Feldmeyer, Mrs
    Hopkins, Mrs M C
    Kramer, J Frank 100 Main
    Marshall, Mrs E C
    Rehn, Mrs S J
    Ryan, Mrs J E
    Stewart, Mrs S W 84 Main
    Taylor, Mrs L H
    Furniture Dealers
    Jacobi, Geo
    Pfeiffer, W L
    Gas Fitter.
    Small, B H 62 Main
    General Merchandise.
    Anderson, J W
    Basil, J S M
    Clayton, L S 5 Market Space
    Duvall, T J
    Franklin, Geo E
    Hopkins, James
    Kealy, John
    Munroe, Thomas
    Reyel, M F
    Thomas, John H
    Tydings, Thomas
    White, Mrs H S W
    Whittington, J W
    Groceries and Provisions
    Basli & Russell
    Bright, Mrs C
    Clayton, Louis S 5 Market Space
    Dexter's Grocery
    Hopkins, James
    Marks, Mrs C
    M6ss, Gec W
    Russell, C H & Bro
    8mith, L B
    Tate, Jas E
    Welch, Jas M
    Zichike, Chas
    Clayton, Louis S 5 Market Space
    Black's, W Black
    Carroll, J. A Medley
    City, Colton & Co L F
    Marx's, F Bralnard
    Maryland, W H Gorman & Co
    Insurance Co.
    Mutual Fire Ins Co
    Justices of the Peace.
    Gassaway, W H
    Thompson, Dennis C
    Welch, R H.
    Livery Stables.
    Martin, B C
    Vansant, J H
    Lumber Dealers
    Basil & Parlett
    Tunis, W W & Bro
    Messenger of Court.
    Chaney, M D
    Durno, G. C.
    Williams & Wells
    Millinery Goods
    Hopkins, Mrs. M. C.
    Stewart, Mrs. S. W. 84 Main
    Notary Public
    Elliott, John F. 77 Duke of Gloucester
    Oyster Packers
    Annapolis Canning Co
    Brown & Bro
    Brown, Joseph H & Co
    Couletan & Co.
    Dorsey, M G
    DuBois, C A & Co
    Medford, Russell & Co
    Russell, J & Co
    Sands, J & Co
    Stanley & Co.
    Basil, T & Co
    Kalmey, J W
    Strange, B E
    Chance, James
    Hopkins, C H
    Bishop, Wm 2 South
    Brewer, William
    Claude, A
    Green, B H
    Handy, Claude
    Ridout, M C
    Walton, H Roland
    Wells, Geo
    Smull, E H 62 Main
    Stewart, Samuel
    Black, William
    Deufel, John
    Dressel, John
    Kaiser, Henry
    Kuliman, G
    Martin, B C
    Lannay, W M
    Wooley, A C
    Saddles and Harness.
    Hays, J S
    Schools and Academies
    Cowman, Mrs Rose
    Hodges, Miss P A
    Pindell, Miss B W
    Sisters of Notre Dame
    Taylor, E C
    Welsh, Mrs Richard
    Wilcox, Miss G L
    Stoves and Tinware
    League, Jas. H. & Co., 113 Main
    Wilson, Wm. H. F. & Son
    Baer, Herman 43 Main
    Bellis, Wm H
    Richardson, I N
    Telegraph Manager.
    Johnson, J J (W U)
    Tobacco and Cigars
    Bishop, J C
    Clayton, Louis S 5 Market Space
    Coblens, D C
    Hart, Alex
    Welch, Jas M
    Giddings, Luther
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Boessel,C 83 Main
    Hayden J E 59 Main
    Martin & Myers
    Wines and Liquors.
    Coblens, D C
    Iglehart, Jas & Son
    Moss, Geo W
    Tate, James E


    Is at the junction of the A. & Elkridge Railroad with the B. & O. 19 miles from Baltimore, 21 from Washington, and 21 from Annapolis, the county seat and capital of the State. The situation is pleasant and healthy. Climate mild. Land fair, and sells at from $100 to $200 per acre, principally cleared. Crops are average and generally good. The Patuxent River which is here a small stream, is three-quarters of a mile distant. John T. Couglein and Miss Kate Laynor, Teachers. Centralia Grange, 87, P. of H. T. J. Bowie, Master, C. W. Haslup, Secretary. Population 450. Alphonso Latchford, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. and Express.
    Smith, Joseph B
    Attorney at Law.
    King, Geo W
    Journey, A
    Latchford, Joseph
    Latchford, J F
    Clarke, William
    General Merchandise.
    Haslup, Jas P
    Kelly, James
    Latchford, Alphonso
    Parkhurst, M Fitzsimmons
    Justice of the peace.
    Pitt, Thos I
    Fitzsimmons, Thos
    Kelly, J C
    Latchford, Wm
    Hughes, A
    Latham, P H
    Garrison, J W
    King, J H
    Latchford, Joseph


    Is 5 miles from Annapolis and near Joyce's Wharf, on Severn River, itsshipping point. Climate, land, business, and crops rood, and place healthy. Land is mostly cleared and can be bought at from $20 to $80 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 30 bus. oats, 150 bus. potatoes, 40 bus. corn, and 1000 lbs. tobacco. M. E. Church, South, Rev. J. L. Kibler, Pastor. Mr. Thomson and Miss Annie Whiteburst, Teachers. Population 200. E. F. Arnold, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Arnold, E F
    Boone, Thomas
    Johnson, Addison
    Perrigo, Daniel
    Revell, H M


    Is 5 miles from Upper Marlboro on B. & P.R. R., and near steamboat navigation on the Patuxent River. Climate is changeable and place healthy. The land is medium to good, mostly cleared; a light growth of white oak, red oak, poplar and walnut, yet standing. Land can be bought at from $20 to $50 per acre; produces 20 bus. oats, 100 potatoes, 50 corn, 16 wheat, and 1000 lbs. tobacco. Crops generally good and business fair. M. E. Church, Rev. St John Neal and Jones, Pastors; M. E. South, Rev. E. H. Henry and Williams, Pastors; Episcopal, Rev. T. C. Gambrill. Miss Georgiana and Maggie Owens, Public School Teachers. Planters Grange, 31, P. of H., Thos Owens, Master, H. Tell, Sec. Population 50. Joseph Chaney, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Chancy Joseph
    Drury, James O
    Gardner, Samuel
    Smith, G A
    Carr, B A
    Richardson, Henry


    Is on the middle branch of the Patapsco River, 3 1/2 miles S. E. of Baltimore, and connected with it by a commodious bridge. It is a flourishing village, regularly laid out and rapidly increasing in population and importance; has a well protected harbor, with plenty of deep water. The land is principally cleared, loamy and mixed with sand; the timber yet standing es composed of pine and chestnut. The land is worth from $50 to $150 per acre; it produces 30 bus. wheat, 35 oats, 40 potatoes and 80 corn. Climate healthy, crops generally good. Two churches, one colored. One academy and two public schools. Myrtle Grange, 106, P. of B., W. A. Shipley, Master; W. Linthicum, Sec. Population 140. August Marx, Postmaster.

    Geis, John
    Irwin, Thomas
    Smith, Henry
    Zinkhan, J Adam
    Brick Manufacturer.
    Potee, Geo N
    Robinson, O P
    McNerry, Wm
    General Merchandise.
    Fisher, John G
    Grieneisen, Lewis
    Leiman, Mary
    Robinson, C N & Bro
    Russell, Mrs John
    Stoll, Herman
    Wilman, John
    Acton S G
    McPherson, John W
    Welling, Henry
    Robinson, O P
    Robinson, J B
    Warfield, C
    Winterson, Rich'd
    Gardner, Geo
    Hawkins, Jas H (colored)
    Hedon, Baptist
    Reddish, Purnell
    Kapler, Emanuel


    Is 3 miles from Crownsville, on the A. & E. R. R. and 8 miles from Annapolis. South River, which is near, affords plenty of fish. Climate mild, village henithy, business medium, land fair, mostly cleared, and can be purchased at from $10 to $30 per acre, and produces 10 to 15 bus. wheat, 30 bus oats, 25 to 35 bus. corn, and 1,000 pounds tobacco. Crops generally good and inducements to emigrants fair. Two M. E. Churches, Rev. W. A. McDonald, Pastor, and one colored M. E. Church. Two schools, one white and one colored. Population 75. L. B. Talbert, Postmaster.

    Cadle, John H
    General Merchandise
    Talbert, L B
    Cooksey, Thomas E.
    Hammond, George.


    Is 8 miles from Annapolis, and on the A. & E. R. R. Climate mild and village healthy; business and land medium, plenty cleared, one-half heavily timbered; that now standing is chestnut, pine and oak; plenty of land for sale and can be purchased at from $5 to $35 per acre; it produces 10 bus wheat, 20 corn; good corn and tobacco crops. Two churches, one Episcopal, and one school. Population 300. Edward Armistead Owens, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Owens, Edward A
    Cooksey, Ephraim
    Hammond, Geo


    Is 4 miles from Rutland, 9 miles from Crownsville, on the A. & E. R. R. and is situated on the county road leading to Owensville, 4 1/2 miles from Taylorsville or South River Landing. Climate temperate, village healthy; fine land and mostly cleared; crops good, business medium; land can he purchased at from $10 to $60 per acre, and produces 5 to 25 bus. wheat, 30 oats and 20 to 60 corn. Population 60. Thos. Talbott, Postmaster.

    Talbott, Thos
    General Merchandise.
    Anderson, Saml
    Woodward, D D
    Davidson, B R
    Shipley, Nathan
    Coats, Joseph
    Howes, McCeney


    Is 13 miles from Upper Marlboro, on B. & P. R. R., and near Fair Haven, on the Chesapeske Bay, the shipping point Climate variable, and health medium; business, crops, and lsnd good; land is principally cleared and can he bought for $20 per acre; it produces 11 bus. wheat, 13 oats, 75 potatoes, 40 corn, 2,000 lbs. hay and 800 lbs. tobacco. The inducements to emigrants are, cheap land and labor, near to navigable water and markets; two M.E. Churches, Rev. St. Clair Neal, Rev. Charles Jones; one M. E. Church South, Rev. E. H. Henry; St. Mark's P. E. Church, Rev. Theo. C. Gambrill, Public School Teachers, Mrs. G. W. Pembroke, Joseph W. Wood. Friendship Grange, 89, P. of H., Ham. G. Webb, Master, Arthur Carr, Sec'y. Population 200. Richard Owings, Postmaster.

    Wood, Joseph W.
    Jones, James H.
    Leitch, John V.
    Wilkerson, Richard
    Wilkerson, Wm. T.
    General Merchandise
    Chew, T. E.
    Cole, Samuel
    Hutchins, J. T.
    Ward, J. Wesley
    Plummer, Thomas
    Scrivener, Wm. B.
    Wood, Mrs. S. E.
    Peach Growers
    Carr, Arthur
    Cunningham, John
    Stalling, V. B.
    Trout, P. H.
    Webb, Wm. H.
    Knighton, N. S.
    Pembroke, G. W.
    Leitch, Thomas


    Is on the B. & P.R R, 12 miles from Baltimore. The Postoffice is 3/4 of a mile west of the station. Climate is temperate and the vicinity healthy. The land is fair and mostly cleared, and worth from $10 to $50 per acre; not much for sale. The cultivation of fruits and vegetables receive considerable attention, and are sent by rail to Baltimore where they find a ready market. Two churches--M. E. South, Rev. B. S. Highly; Colored M. E., no regular pastor. Benten Crisp and Charles Mason, Public School Teachers. Population 80. J. W. Shipley, Postmaster.

    Redmiles, R F
    Grieves, David F
    Kelbaugh, John
    Shipley, E H
    General Merchandise.
    Shipley, J W


    Is 16 miles from Baltimore, and near Jessup's Cut, its shipping point on the B. & O. R. R. Climate healthy, business medium, crops and land good land is mostly cleared, is worth $100 per acre, produces 20 bus. wheat and average crop of oats, potatoes, corn and bay. Episcopal Church, no regular minister; M. E. Church South, Rev. J. D. Still; Roman Catholic Church, Father Staunton. Public School Teacher, Wm. Whiteside. The House of Correction, a State Justitution, is situated on a beautiful elevation a short distance south. Population 800. J. F. Lowekamp, Postmaster.

    Lowekamp, J F
    Clarke, Robt. T.
    General Merchandise
    Clarke, John T.
    Lowekamp, J. F.
    Ore Banks
    Hobbs, Geo. W.
    Kerfe, S. E.
    Linthicum, A. S.
    White, C. B.
    Hill, John


    Is 7 miles from Upper Marlboro on the B. & P. R. R. and near navigation on West River. Climate good, and village very healthy. Land is a clay loam and principally cleared; can be bought at from $20 to $50 per acre, and produces 12 to 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 200 potatoes, 60 corn, 2,000 lbs. Hay and from 800 to 1,200 lbs tobacco. Business fair. Crops good. Two M. E. And one Episcopal church. C. Page, J. B. Swan, and Miss J. S. Lamb, Public School Teachers. Population 300. J. W. Bevan, Postmaster.

    Carr, Geo. W.
    Hunt, R. S. & Co.
    Peake, Chas.
    General Merchandise
    Bevan & Pindell
    Clayton & Bowie
    Johnson & Jenkins
    Shepherd, R. H.
    Clayton, Wm. Q.


    Is on the A. & B. R. R., 12 miles from Annapolis and 2 from Severn River; climate mild and place healthy; business and land medium, land principally cleared; the timber yet standing is a heavy growth of oak, pine and chestnut; -plenty of land for sale and can be purchased at from $5 to $30 per acre; produces 10 bus. wheat, 20 corn and an -average amount of other products; --corn and tobacco crop good. Two M. B. Churches, Rev. Henry Joyce; one Episcopal Church, Rev. Chas. Ritter; A. A. Co. Academy, P. M. Leskin principal, and a public schooL Population 800. L. Cecil, Postmaster.

    McKnew, Geo W
    General Merchandise
    Cecil & Son
    Dicus, Mrs J L
    Dicus, J. L.
    Williams, Wm. G.
    Jones, Wm.


    Is at the junction of the B. & P. and A. & E. R. R, 19 miles from Baltimore and 19 from Annapolis. Climate raild and place healthy, business and land medium, not much cleared; the timbered land is of heavy growth and that yet standing is composed of chestnut, pine and oak; land is worth from $5 to $30 per acre and produces 10 bus. wheat, 20 corn. Corn and tobacco crop good. The inducements to emigrants are cheap lands; one church and one public school. Population 100. Jacob Watts, Postmaster.

    Agent R. R. & Express.
    Creidler, Geo B
    General Merchandise
    Murray, Geo M
    Watts, Jacob
    Tydings, O


    Is 5 miles from Crownsville, on Annapolis & Elkridge R. R. Climate is temperate and village healthy. Plenty of land, which is mostly cleared for sale. Crops and business fair. Land can be bought at from $10 to $30 per acre, and produces 7 to 10 bus. wheat, 80 oats, 25 corn and a heavy crop of tobacco; not much hay or potatoes raised for market. South River Is near and affords plenty of water for easy and cheap means of transportation to Baltimore, Annapolis and other points. Population 50. Jno. T. Beard, Postmaster.

    Cadle, John H
    General Merchandise
    Beard, S & Son
    Clark, J T Jr
    Hook, W. H.
    Welsh, Thos.


    Is 5 miles from Annapolis, and on White Hall, Deep and Mill Creeks. Climate mild and healthy. Business medium. Crops and land generally good. Plenty ot land for sale, easily cultivated and cheap; can be bought for $20 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 150 potatoes, 80 corn, and 2,000 pounds hay. Water communications good, and it is convenient to Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington. One white and one colored school. One Episcopal Church, Rev. Samuel Ridout, Pastor; M. E. South, Rev. J. L. Kibler, Pastor. Population 375. De Witt Kent, Postmaster.

    Hayman, O
    Tate, Joseph
    General Merchandise.
    Ridout, H S & Bro
    Pettibone, Phillip
    Revell, H M
    Ridout, Z D
    Bombarger, Geo.
    Ditser, Chas.
    Ridout, Weems
    Green, Leslie (colored)


    Is on the A. & E. H. R, 18 miles from Annapolis. Crops fair; not much business; plenty of land, mostly cleared, and for sale at from $5 to $15 per acre; not many potatoes or much hay raised for market. Population 50. M. M Sappington, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Baldwin, J F
    Cecil, James


    Is near the River of that name, and 9 miles from Annapolis: The shipping point is Rhode River Landing. Climate moderate and healthy. Not much business. Crops are generally good. The land is a clay loam, principally cleared; can be bought at from $80 to $40 per acre, and produces 12 bus. wheat, 20 oats, 80 potatoes, 40 corn, 1,000 lbs tobacco and 1,500 lbs. hay. Population 200. J. W. Dove, Postmaster.

    Bealle, James
    General Merchandise
    Collison, Capt N G
    Dove, James W
    Owens, Edward
    Bird, Jacob W
    Bird, W F
    Weems, Richard


    Is 4 miles from West River, and 80 miles from Upper Marlboro, on B. & P. R. R. Climate mild. Business medium. Land is mostly cleared, and can be bought at from $20 to 530 per acre, and produces 8 to 12 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 oats, 25 to 80 corn, and heavy crops of tobacco; not much hay or potatoes raised. Population 25. Miss Christiana Crandell, Postmistress.

    General Merchandise.
    Crandell & Glover

    Franklin, J A,
    Franklin, T J
    Johns, Henry


    Is on Tracy's Creek, 10 miles from Upper Marlboro', on B. & P.R R., and near Tracy's Landing, Fair Haven and West River. Place healthy, climate, business, crops and land good; plenty of cleared land, can be hought for $30 per acre, and produces 12 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 100 potatoes, 85 corn, 3,000 lbs. hay, 1,000 lbs. tobacco. The inducements to emigrants are healthy climate, good society, and cheap lands. P. E. Church, Rev. Theo. C. Gambrill. Population 25. Albert Wilson, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Crandell, Wm T
    Perry, Robert


    Is on the A. & E. R. R., 10 miles from Annapolis and 2 1/2 from Severn River. Climate mild, health, business and land medium; the land is principally cleared, the timber yet standing is a heavy growth of oak, pine and chestnut; plenty of land for sale, and can be bought at from $5 to $85 per acre; producea 10 to 15 bus. wheat, 30 to 50 oats, 100 to 150 potatoes, 30 to 40 corn, 800 to 1,000 Ibe. tobacco, and 2,000 lbs. hay; corn and tobacco crop good. M. E. Church, Rev. 3. D. Still, and a public school 3. E B. Dodson and R. F. Dodson, teachers. Population 250. Richard Baldwin, Postmaster.

    Williams, Benj.
    Lavage, John
    Furlong, H S
    General Merchandise.
    Baldwin & Co
    Justice of the Peace.
    Dodson, R F
    Mead, Walter
    Sand Refiners
    Spear & Co
    Rauch, C
    Rowe, Wm
    Williams, Richard T


    Is 12 miles from Annapolis and 3 miles from Galesyille, on West River, the shipping point. Climate good and place healthy; business, principally farming; mostiy cleared land of good quality, can be bought at from $15 to $40 per acre. and produces 15 to 20 bus. wheat, 20 to 80 oats, 20 to 40 potatoes, 40 corn, 2,000 lbs. hay, 1,000 lbs. tobacco; crops are generally good. Emigrants are offered good and cheap lands as an inducement to come here. Episcopal Church, Rev. Dr. Hodges; M. B., Rev. E. H. Henry and Rev. W. A. Willlams. West River Grange 15, P. of H., H. M. Murray, Master. Population 100. J. W. Chew, Postmaster.

    Hopkins, J H
    Hunt, John
    Hunt, Robert
    General Merchandise.
    Chew & Co
    Learch, Emile
    Linthicum, Stephen
    Tillard, E
    Justice of the Peace.
    Deale, J Franklin
    Bird, J W
    Cheston, Morris


    Is near Patuxent on the B. & P.R. R and adjacent to Patuxent River, which furnishes an abundant supply of water; village healthy, climate temperate, business medium, the land is various in quality, susceptible of improvement and mostly cleared; the timber yet standing is composed of oak, hickory, gum, sycamore, birch and pine. Some of the land is heavily timbered, Is worth from $5 to $50 per acre, and produces 10 bus. wheat, 15 to 20 oats, 20 to 25 oorn, 800 to 1000 lbs. tobacco. Crops are fair. The inducements to emigrants are healthy climate, nesr churches, schools, mills and markets. Two M. E.. Churches; one P. E. Church; one Roman Catholic Church, and two public schools are near. Population 85. A. G. Woodward, Postmaster.

    Attorney at Law.
    Ducket, Marion
    Schumaker & Co
    General Merchandise.
    Anderson, C F
    Conway, Z P
    Hopkins, John
    White, G B
    Varley, Chas R
    Varley, J T
    Williams, W G
    Lee, G W
    Boise & Woodward



    Alen, Jas W
    Arnold, Thomas
    Benjamin, Warren
    Berry, N. E.
    Boone, Thos C
    Brice, C C
    Brice, H S
    Brown, H L
    Bush, H H
    Butler, Wm H
    Chaney, M D
    Claude, D
    Conner, J. W.
    Coolhan, N. T.
    Corner, Theodore
    Davids, Clinton B
    Diefel, John H
    Dorsey, Essex B
    Dorsey, Richard
    Drever, Dr A
    Durno, Geo C
    Duvall, Chas E
    Duvall, Geo M
    Duval1 Grafton
    Duvall, Rich'd H
    Duvall, Sam'l B
    Fowler, Rev Jos O
    Frederlck, Chas T
    Garner, Benj
    Garner, Sam'l
    Giddings, Luther
    Gunning, John
    Higgins, D W
    Hoffman, Chas
    Holland, Dr J G
    Hunter, Jas H
    Ireland, Wm
    Kent, W L
    King, Joseph
    Laley, Thomas J
    Lane, Henry
    Linthicum, Thos J
    Lusby, Eli
    Mara, Wm
    Marshall, John
    Miller, John of P
    Moran, J W
    Moss, James
    Moss, R. L.
    Nichols, J B
    Nichols, J W
    Redgrave, Sam'1 T
    Seaman, L S
    Sevier, Wm F
    Sheckels, Ezra
    Steel, Frank K
    Sweeting,.Wm B
    Thomas, John
    Tucker, John
    Tucker, Tilinnan
    Walton, Edward
    Watkins, John T
    Wells, John B
    Wells, Wilson W
    Williams, Wm
    Winchester, H B
    Winchester, Horace
    Winchester, John

    Annapolis Junction

    Brown, Basil P
    Clarke, JM
    Clarke, S V
    Clarke, W B
    Conner, M
    Dorsey, L B
    Duvall, W B
    Fisher, Frank
    Goodwin, B
    Goodwin, J L
    Haslup, Lewis P
    Hamilton, Walter
    Hughes, Dr A
    King, J H
    King, W F
    Latcnford, Jno
    Latchford, G G
    Ogle, R L
    Owings, C
    Rhodes, B M
    Rhodes, J M
    Romming, C
    Stockett, E
    Townsend, W L S
    White, Samuel
    White, T J

    Arnold's Store

    Arnold, E B
    Arnold, Thomas H
    Bourke, J M
    Brice, George
    Cox, Isaac
    Joyce, Cyrus N
    Joyce, John H
    Lucas, Samuel
    Mitchell, John S
    Nicholas, J B
    Revell, Dr. H
    Wilson, James
    Wilson, T J


    Brooke, Samuel
    Chaney, Joseph
    Darnal, F H
    Darnal, P H
    Darnal, P B
    Drury, H of P
    Gardner, Samuel
    Gary, Thos H
    Gott, E Jr
    Gott, B B
    Hardesty, Matthew
    Hopkins, Joseph T
    Hopkins, Wm H
    Meekins, Joseph A
    Owens, Addison
    Owens, C W
    Owens, Enoch
    Owens, Mrs E C
    Owens, Geo W
    Owens, Horace
    Owens, Jas
    Owens, Jas Jr
    Owens, J E
    Owens, J R
    Owens, N W
    Owens, W F
    Pindell, Gassaway
    Pindell, B M
    Shepherd, Joseph
    Sunderland, Wm E
    Welch, Geo W


    Anderson, Van
    Anderson, Wm J
    Benson, James
    Bohiman, Henry
    Brian, Joseph
    Burch; Toliver
    Clark, Edwin
    Crisp, Grafton
    Crisp, Nicolas J
    Crisp, Rich'd O
    Crisp, Rob't T
    Cogan, John
    Cromwell, John
    Cromwell, Randolph
    Cromwell, Richard
    Fisher, J George
    Hammond, John T
    Hammond, Rezin W
    Hawkins, Wm
    Helmstetter, Simon
    Huber, J F
    Jacobs, John
    Langville, John
    Lehr, Wm
    Linthicum, S
    Linthicum, W
    Lucas, James
    Merritt, George
    Mewshaw, Franklin
    Mewshaw, Wm
    Miller, Peter
    Muir, Joseph
    Phe1ps, Rains
    Pumphrey, Chas
    Pumphrey, Nathan
    Puimphrey, Thomas
    Pumphrey, Wm
    Rider, Abraham
    Riley, George
    Sansbury, James
    Sansbury, Wm
    Shipley, Luther
    Shipley. W A
    Smith, Geo
    Stewart, C D
    Stewart, Henry
    Stewart, Joshua
    Stroh, George
    Stull, Daniel
    Thmas, Richard
    Tracy, Samuel
    Warfield, Dr Claudius
    Williams, Geo


    Cadle, John H
    Carr, Wm A
    Duvall, Daniel
    Gantt, J M
    Hawkins, John
    Hawkins, Wm
    Lang, G A
    Mead,D B
    Nickols, B S
    Talbert, Thomas
    Tipipet, P F
    Townshend, D W
    Waters, Chas A


    Anderson, Frisby
    Anderson, Monat
    Anderson, Wm
    Clark, Judeon
    Cooksey, Ephraim
    Dodson, John B
    Dorsey, Win
    Duvall, Daniel
    Duvall, Richard
    Gantt, Jno F
    Hammond, Dr Geo
    Linthicum, Theodore
    Lusby, Benj
    Lusby, Eli
    Marsh, Geo S
    Meade, Brook
    Tongue, Benj
    Ward, Joseph
    Waters, Richard
    Watson, Richard
    Wilson, Richard
    Worthington, Brice


    Beall, Geo T
    Davidson, B R
    Dorsett, S H
    Iglehart, James A
    Iglebart, Jno W Sr
    Iglehart, Jno W
    Iglehart, Thos S
    Mackall, W G
    Robinson, Mrs B
    Seilman, J H
    Talbott, Thos
    Williams, J. W


    Carr, Arthur
    Crosby, Walter
    Cunningham, John
    Gover, Geo S
    Gover, James G
    Griffith, F L
    Leitch, Thos Jr
    Owings, Mrs Maranda
    Owings, W Beal
    Phibbins, R P
    Plummer, Robt B
    Prout, Win T
    Scrivener, Win B
    Smith, Win
    Trott, Jersey
    Ward, Harry
    Webb, H G
    Wells, Jno
    Wells, O M
    Wells, Thomas
    Wilkerson, Benj
    Wilson, J E


    Disney, G F
    Harman, Amos R
    Jeffery, Enos
    Jeffery, Richard
    Shipley, Alex
    Shipley, Geo B
    Shipley, L R
    Shipley, Richard A


    Anderson, Andrew
    Biggs, John W
    Clarke, Benj
    Clarke, G
    Clarke, Jos
    Colton, Hon Geo
    Gardner, Geo
    Gardner, John
    Garale, Win
    Goodwin, Benj
    Hutchens, L H
    Jeffrey, John
    Kennard, Geo I
    Owens, Joshua
    Warfield, Geo T


    Brashears, J W
    Burwell, J B
    Drury, J B
    Drury, Samuel
    Hall, A
    Hall, A H
    Hall Mrs F
    Hall, W H
    Hildt, Geo
    Jones, J F
    McCeny, Thos
    Owens, Arthur
    Owens G
    Owens, M
    Shepherd, Owen,
    Shepherd, Wm
    Wayson, Jas B
    Welch, Mrs L P
    Welch, W
    Wilson, J T


    Anderson, Mrs. M.
    Anderson, S. M.
    Brown, James
    Cecil, J. D.
    Cecil, L.
    Cecil, O.
    Chew, P. L.
    Day, Samuel
    Gorter, G. O.
    Hall, Edward of B.
    Hall, F. C.
    Hall, T. W.
    Higgins, R. F.
    Hopkins, Marshal
    Hopkins, Montgomery
    Jones, Wm.
    Joyce, Rev. Henry
    Lloyd, A. J.
    Morgan, R. G.
    Prather, C. C.
    Smith, H. R.
    Turner, James W.
    Turton, Henry F.
    Upton, T. A.
    Warfield, L.
    Williams, Dr. Wm. G.
    Woodward, Henry
    Woodward, Geo. H.
    Woodward, R. D.


    Anderson, E. E.
    Comergys, John P.
    Day, Nathaniel
    Disney, Chas. T.
    Disney, N. M.
    Disney, R. S.
    Disney, Wesley
    Downs, Jas. T.
    Dyson, N. M.
    Fairall, A.
    Harman, Enos
    Jackson, John
    Lowman, John
    Lowman, John P.
    Nichols, Jas. W.
    Phelps, W. W.
    Pumphrey, W. B.
    Warfield, Allen
    Warfield, L.
    Watts, James P.
    Watts, N P
    Wheat, Wm T
    Woodward, J H


    Beard, Edward
    Beard, Stephen
    Cadle, John H
    Gaither, H
    Gaither, Eli
    Gai[her, Ephraim
    Gaither, Henry
    Hodges, Henry
    Hodges, Jno T
    Hopkins, Isaac
    Hopkins, Samuel
    Stockelt, J B
    Watkins, Benj

    Saint Margaret's

    Boone, Thos C
    Duvall, Grafton
    Duvall, Henry
    Howes, Wm
    Kent, Mrs Juliana K
    McTick, Mrs A B
    Merikin, Mrs B
    Moss, James
    Pettibone, Charles
    Richardson, Samuel N
    Richardson, Samuel R
    Richardson, Thos
    Ridout, Francis H
    Ridout, Rev Samuel
    Ridout, Weems
    Stinchcomb, Alfred
    Stinchcomb, Wm
    Thomas, John


    Donelson Moses
    Duvall, Geo
    Gardner, John
    Higgins, J L
    Isaac, Joseph
    Joyce, W T
    Lowmao, Denton
    Mewburn, Edwin
    Moke, James
    Mules, Mrs Sarah
    Higgle, John
    Rogers, John
    Sappington, Miss M. M.
    Sutton, Mrs S M
    Turner, James
    Turner, James M
    Turner, John

    South River

    Ball, Wm A
    Colinson, Benjamin
    Colinson, Edward
    Duckett, Thos A
    Ford, Thus
    Harris, Wm F
    Lee, Wm D
    Meade, John F
    Owens, John B
    Suit, James B
    Tucker, B L
    Weems, Dr Richard


    Bichell, P
    Dashields, W H
    Franklin, Dr J A
    Franklin, Dr T J
    Hyde, G W
    Johnson, U M
    Johns, Dr Henry
    Lewis, L D
    Maitland, James
    Simmons, W H
    Smith, Joseph
    Weems, Franklin
    Wells, J C

    Tracey's Landing

    Armiger, John
    Crandall, Wm T
    Hall, Edward
    Hall, Thus J Sr
    Hall, Thos J
    Nutwell, Gao W
    Owens, Wm F
    Perry, Robert
    Sherbert, John
    Starlings, Wilson
    Wilson, Albert


    Baldwin, Richard
    Baldwin, Springfield
    Bryan, John
    Butler, A J
    Butler, Wm
    Cadle, James
    Chaney, James
    Chaney, Samuel
    Crandle, Wm
    Dodson, J E. E.
    Dodson, R F
    Ford, Joseph
    Hatch, Mrs
    Lavage, John
    Rawlings, S G
    Rice, Mrs E
    Watson, Chas
    Watson, Richard
    Whitney, Mrs Milton
    Whittington, Wm F
    Williams, Benj
    WilIiams, R T
    Wilson, Richard

    West River

    Bird, Mrs Emily
    Bird, Frank M
    Bird, J W
    Bird, Mrs Mary
    Burwell, Alex
    Calhoun, Geo
    Cheston, Dr Jas
    Clayton, Alex
    Clayton, Dr Wm Q
    Hopkins, John H
    King, Beni
    Lyons, Wm
    Murray, Alex
    Murray, Henry M.
    Peake, Wm. H.
    Steele, Dr C H
    Thomas, Murray
    Waters, Dr F
    Woollen, J R


    Anderson, C F
    Anderson, Randolph
    Anderson, Boderick
    Anderson, Wm T
    Barber, G A
    Besiniere, Waters
    Bell, Andrew
    Carr, P Dorsey
    Chany, Andrew
    Disney, Wm J
    Donaldson, John
    Donaldson, Joshua
    Harman, Andrew
    Higgins, Gao H
    Hopkins, John
    Hopkins, Joseph
    Hopkins, Marshall
    Hopkins, R
    Lee, Gao W
    Linthicum, Mrs L
    Linthicum, Thos br
    Linthicum, Thos
    Macabee, Richard
    Malonee, Leonard
    Malonee, M V
    Mullin, H C
    Tharles, J T
    Thompson, M
    Varley, Chas R
    Varley, J P
    Watts, Philip H
    Watts, Sam'l E
    Webb, Mrs M E
    White, G B
    White, G F
    Williams, Dr W G
    Woodward, A G
    Young, O
    Zimmerman, Geo

  • Baltimore City

    The following classification embraces the names of firms and individuals, engaged in most all the leading branches of business.

    Blackford, Wm H
    Proud, John G & Sons
    Mann & Co
    Agents-Roal Estate
    Dugan, Pierre C
    Lindsay, Geo W & Son
    Agricultural Association
    Md. State Agr'l & Mechanical
    Agricultural Implements
    Cottingharn, S H & Co
    Dorsey, Moore & Co
    Durborow, John C
    Lee, L H & Bro
    Norris, Thos & Son
    Sinclair, H & Co
    Slifer, S H & Co
    Underhill, H P
    Frederick, Geo A
    Gott, Jackson C
    Artists, Decorators
    Convery, John R
    Emmart & Quartley
    Artists' Materials
    Minifie, Wm & Son
    Rodenmayer, J
    Attorneys at Law
    Carr & Campbell
    Carter, Bernard
    Chandler, Geo H
    Gleeson, Wm E
    Handy, & Bevan
    Hennighansen & Smith
    Hinkley & Morris
    Hirshberg, Lewis N
    Horwitz, T B
    Johnson, H Edgar
    Jones, Isaac D
    Lingenfelder, Henry
    Mathews, H Stocket
    Reese, D Meredith
    Ross, John R
    Steele & Steele
    Stevens, F P
    Venable & Packard
    Whyte, Joseph
    Whyte, W Hollingsworth
    Whyte, W Pinkney
    Bennett, F W & Co
    Grotjan, Mitchell & Co
    Snowden, H W & Co
    Bankers and Brokers.
    Brown, Alex & Sons
    Clabaugh, Nelson & Co
    Johnston Bros & Co
    McKim & Co
    Patterson, A B & Co
    Wilson, Coiston & Co
    Book and Stationery
    Baltimore News Co
    Bond, J W & Co
    Carroll, D H
    Cushings & Bailey
    DeKatow, A
    Guitean, S & Co
    Kelley, Piet & Co
    Lucas Bros
    Murphy, John & Co
    Boots and Shoes
    Cecil, Geo T
    Cullan, Thomas
    Eney, Joseph H & Co
    Frank & Adler
    Spear, J & A
    Weinberger Levi
    Bottling Establishment
    Lewy, S
    Beck, Thos & Son
    Butterfield & Co
    Seeger, Jacob
    Building Material.
    Thomas, Jos & Son
    Carpets, Oil Cloths, &c
    Griffith, G S & Co
    Nachman, Adolph
    Cheap Jewelry
    Smith, B
    Cigar and Tobacco
    Boyd, Wm A & Co
    Dillehunt, John G
    Dufur, Wm H & Co
    Hornthal & Deiches
    King, Geo A
    Kohier, Geo
    Maull, Edward A
    Sneeringer, Taylor & Co
    Gutman, Moses & Co
    Strasburger & Son
    Walker, Noah & Co
    Coal Miners and Shippers
    Boyce, James
    Mayer, Carroll & Co
    Pratt, E & Bro
    Coal and Wood.
    Ledley, Benj P
    McCullough, John G
    Collar Manufacturers
    Leonard, S C
    Maxwell, F G & Co
    Commission Merchants
    Baldwin & Cugle
    Bay, John W
    Belt & Co
    Claridge, G D & Co
    Crew & Jerome
    Crittenden, A C & Co
    Desch, C S & Co
    Dudley, Fenwick & Co
    Gibson, G & Co
    Grotj an, Mitchell & Co
    Herbert, Hairsten & Co
    Jordan, H P & Co
    Kimelelter, V V & Bro
    Knight, Robert
    Moale, Armstrong & Chadwick
    Moore, W H & Co
    Neale, Francis & Sons
    Oliver, L V & Co
    Pitte, Geo W & Co
    Basin & Co
    Sherman & Co
    Blagle, C W & CO
    Smith & Whiting
    Saewden, H W & Co
    Staley, Koons & Co
    Steliman, John & Sons
    Thomas, Wm H
    Williar, Geo P & Son
    Wilson, Leroy M
    Woodaide & Griffith
    Worley, Smith & Co
    Zimmerman & Co
    Miller, Wm A
    Cracker and Cake Bakers
    Mason, Jas D & Co
    Tyler & Bros
    Danforth's Fluid
    Danforth, Roderick F
    Gill, Bryson & Son
    Baily, James
    Blaney, F M
    Coleman & Rogers
    Davis & Miller
    Eareckson, Dr Edwin
    Habliston, Chas O
    Leef Bros
    Stehi, Justus
    Thornton, W E
    Dry Goods
    Bevan, Saml & Co
    Billingsley & Vernetson
    Bruff, Faulkner & Co
    Cleaveland, E H & CO
    Rose, Joseph
    Rosenthal, S & Co
    Whiteley, Bro & Co
    Dyer and Scourer.
    Linck, Fred G
    Baugh & Sons
    Bullock, John & Son
    Gassaway, Wm. A.
    Griffith, Wm. R.
    Horner, Joshua Jr & Co
    Md Fertilizing and Manf'g Co
    Patapsco Guano Co
    Popplein Silicated Phosphate Co
    Reese, John S & Co
    Rhodes, B M & Co
    Rogers, J R
    Russell, John B
    Turner, J J & Co
    Turner, Robert & Son
    U S Fertilizing and Chemical Co
    Walker, Joshua
    Whann, Walton & Co
    Woodeide & Grith
    Zell, P & Sons
    Fertilizing Materials
    Baker, H J & Co
    Chappell, P 5 & Son
    Price, Wm G Jr
    Hunteenufler, H W & Co
    Feast, Sam'l & Sons
    Pentland, James
    Foreign Fruits
    Dix & Wilkins
    Lumsdon John W
    Miller, Wm A
    Price, Wm G & Son
    Founders and Machinists
    Adt, John B
    Aitcheson, James
    Egghng & Harris
    Frank, Ernest & Son
    Jones, Dinsmore & Co
    McShane, Henry & Co
    Reeder, C & Co
    Regester, J & Sons
    Wilson, J B & Son
    Banks, Morton D
    Jenkins, Henry W & Son
    Rosendale & Co
    Rosenthal, M & Sons
    Furniture- Church and Office
    Thomas, Joe & Son
    Gina, Cutter.
    Wolf, Ernest A
    Gold and Silver Platers
    Hamill, Chas W & CO
    Holmes Bros & Co
    Agnew, T A & Co
    Foley, DJ Bro & Co
    Green, Thomas M & Bro
    Ijarns, Alfred
    Kelley, Caleb & Sons
    Moale, Armstrong & Chadwick
    Moore, W H&Co
    Small & Reddie
    Smith & Whiting
    Staley, Koons & Co
    Stump, A H & Sons
    Yoe, Benj. R. & Co
    Guns and Pistols
    McComas, A
    Trimble & Kleibacker
    Jenkins, Edward & Sons
    Warfield & Rohr
    Hubs, Spokes and Rims
    Stinson, J & E
    Ink Manufacturer
    Gebhardt, Carl
    Iron Dealers
    Keyser Bros & Co
    Pratt, E & Bro
    Variety Iron Works
    Wintermitz, Sam'1 G
    Laundry Supplies
    Dunscomb, T C & Co
    Lead Manufacturers,
    Robertson, James & Co
    Baer, Arthur P & Co
    Belt, Wm
    Coakley Eros
    Curtain, H G & Co
    Hoffman, G L & Co
    Kerchner.& O'Mailey
    Linen Goods.
    Killiken, H H
    Hoen, A & Co
    Duker, Otto & CO
    Linthicum, S S
    Swain & Banks
    Turner, I
    Wilion & Hunting
    Machinists Supplies
    Jackson & Tyler
    Morton, Reed & Co
    Heuter & Mallory
    Manufacturing Chemists
    Slingluff & Co
    Marble Works
    Falkenstein, Fred'k
    Marine Railways
    Skinner, Wm & Sons
    Woodall, Wm E & Co
    Mercantile Agencies
    Bradatreet, The J M & Son Co
    Millinery and white Goode.
    ~rmBtrong, Cator & CO
    Musical Instruments
    Elsenbrandt, H H
    Nat'l L. & B. Collection Bureau
    Mitchener, W A & E P
    Oils, Lamps and Glassware
    Bokee, Howard
    Newbold & Sons
    Oyster and Fruit Packers
    Foote, D E
    Hemingway, H F & CO
    Chase, B F & C O
    Convery, John H
    Enirnart & Quartley
    Paints, Oils and Glass
    Bolton Bros
    Bolton & Sons
    Paper Manufacturers
    Hoffman, Wm H & Sons
    Pimo Manufacturers
    Knabe Wm & Co
    Stieff, Chas M
    Pipe Works
    Neudecker, L H & CO
    Pork Packers
    George, P T & Co
    Smith, S H& Sons
    Wipfleld, Adam
    Buck & James
    Daugherty & Wright
    Kelly, Piet & Co
    King Bros
    Lucas Bros
    Murphy, John & Co
    Kahier, J A C & J J
    Saddles and Harness
    Boyd, J H
    Hammond, Jobn D & Co
    Harris, John L & Co
    Hunt, Sam'l & Son
    Lerch, Augustus
    Marden, Jesse
    Murdock, Richard
    Spear, P Forney
    Bolgiano, J & Son
    Simpson, W A & Co
    Townsend, Sam'l & Son
    Shirt Manufacturers
    Meginniss, C. Geo.
    Milliken, R. H.
    Stationers' Supplies
    Gebbrrdt, Carl
    Stoves and Tinware
    Gluck, Wm J H
    Hutchinson Bros
    Lenderking, P H
    Robinson, Joshua
    Sohlimm & Klein
    Sexton, S B & Co
    Wood, Wm E & Co
    Buschman, H
    Jones, H C
    Keeler, John K
    McPherson, Duncan
    Roberts & Co
    Tailors' Trimmings
    Focke & Spilcker
    Tanners and Curriers
    Stalfort, J. D. & Sons
    Tobacco Manufacturers
    Neudecker, L. H.
    Wilkins, H. & Co.
    Upholstery Goods
    Warfield & Rohr
    Wall Papers and Window Shades
    Mettee, Milton D.
    Watches and Jewelry
    Blake, Chas. W.
    Hare, John R.
    Hennegan, Bates & Co.
    Justis, Wm. S. & Son
    Kirk, Samuel & Son
    Sadtler, G. T. & Sons
    Wines and Liquors
    Decormis & Co.
    Fowler & Zeigler
    Homrighausen, J.
    O'Neal, Chas. H. & Co.
    Thomas, Geo. P. & Co.
    Thomas & Warfield
    Wolfe, Wm. L. & Co.
    Wood Engravers
    Schertlen & Appleby
    Spedden & Co.
    Wright, Thomas H.

  • Baltimore County

    BALTIMORE COUNTY is the most central of the northern tier of counties, and one of the largest in the State, being hounded on the north by Pennsylvania, east by Harford County, west by Carroll County, and southwest and south by the Patapsco Falls and River, separating it from Howard and Anne Arundel counties. This county, from its position surrounding the metropolis, is the most important in the State. The surface is uneven and varied, and the rivers and falls which traverse it afford immense water powers, and are the sites of the most extensive milling operations in the Union. The Little and Great Gunpowder Falls, Patapsco River and Gwynn's and Jones' Falls are improved with large carpet, cotton and woolen factories, furnaces, foundries, paper and louring mills, all doing a large and flourishing business. The fineet and strongest cotton duck and the best flour are here manufactured. In many parts fruits are extensively cultivated, and the vicinity of Baltimore is remarkable for the fine quality and profusion of its garden vegetables. Iron ores of the brown hematite order, magnetic oxide and carbonate species are found in many parts of the county, and smelted in small furnaces. Southwest from Reisterstown are very extensive beds of chrome ore, yielding a large proportion of that artQele produced by our State, which furnishes the entire supply of chrome used in this country, and much of that used in Europe. The large beds of clay in the vicinity of Baltimore have always been celebrated for producing bricks unequalled in the country for uniformity of color and smoothness. This clay is also manufactured into stoneware and earthenware. Beds of clay for fire-bricks also exist in the same vicinity.

    Large quarries of fine building stone are extensively worked, affording good granite and goelis, in the vicinity of Baltimore. In the neighborhood of Texas and Cockeysville are unlimited quantities of excellent marble, the fine-grained while species used for the Capitol extension at Washington, and the slum marble, well known from its use in the construction of the Patent Office at Washington. Large quarries of limestone exist in many parts of the county; a great quantity is burned at Texas. Lime is abundant in Long Green, Dulany's, Greenspring, Worthington and other valleys, which valleys contain some of the very finest and most productive lands in the State. There are some fisheries on the bay shore, and some of the best points for shooting wild fowl. This county is well provided with traveling facilities; most of the roads leaving the city are turnpikes, whilst all the railway routes also center here. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad running south-westerly and westerly; the Western Maryland railroad north-westerly; the Northern Central extends the entire length of the county in a northern direction, and the Philadelphia Railroad towards the east. There are also horse railways running westerly to Catonsville, and northerly to Towsontown, seven miles from Baltimore. The county is in length about 35 miles, the greatest width is 28 miles, and the least width on the Pennsylvania line about 11 1/2 miles, giving an area of 718 square miles.

    Judges - Third Judicial Circuit-Hon. Richard Grason, Chief Judge; Hons. George Yelloit and James D. Walters, Associate Judges. Commissioners of Court-D. Hopper Emory and W. Fitzhugh Wharton. Auditor-Washington Yellott. Clerk to Court-John Bacon, Towsontown. Cashier-Lewis M. Bacon. County Clerk-Wm. M. Isaac. Equity Clerk-R. Edwin Hook. Record Clerk-Wm. H. Koller, F. Asbury Chilcoat, Walter L. Burke, John D. Bedford and J. Fred. Price. Crier-Lewis Vogle. Interpreter-John J. Pilert. Baliff's-Geo. W. Seipp, William Morfoot, James H. Linney and John F. Kennedy. Sheriff -Samuel W.Worthington, Towsontown. Clerk-Samuel W. Storm. Deputy Sheriffs-Charles O. Kemp, Morris Elwood and William M. Risteau. 8tatd~ Attormsy-Jervis Spencer, Towsontown. Warden of Jail-William Todd. Pkysician to Jail-Dr. Jackson Piper. Watchman-Thomas M. McDonald. Judges of Orphan's Court-Joshua F. Cockey, Chief Judge; Albert M. Brown and Luther Timanus. Register of Wills--Joseph B. Mitchell, Towsontown. Deputy- Thos. Philpot Bailiff Henry Bishop. Surveyor-Charles B. McClean. County Commissioners--William Carmichael, President; Edward W. Stiefel and John H Millender. Attorneys to Commissioners-C. Bohn Singluff and D. G. McIntosh. Clerk and Auditor-J. Harman Schone. Watchman and Bailiff-Clark Webb. Keeper of Court House-George L. Stocksdale. County Treasuer-Henry C. Hutchins. Clerk-John C. Bosley. School Commissioners-Wm. M. Isaac, President; O. P. Macgill, John E. Swift, Daniel Jenifer and Charles Gore. Examiner and Treasurer-Thomas C. Bruff. Assistant Secretary-Thomas G. Rutledge. Attorasy-William Grason. Superintendent of Almshouse-Henry J. Zouck. Physician -Dr. Geo. W. Norris. Resident Physician--Dr. Thomas K. Galloway. Engineer--S. L. Scally. Tax Collector--Daniel Shamberger. Congressman Second District--Hon. Charles B. Roberts. State Senator--Hon. Edward D. Freeman. Members House of Delegates. Hons. Wilson Townsend, George H. Williams, Andrew Banks, John I. Yellott, J. Wolff Burton and Malcolm H. Johnson. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Towsontown, the county seat: Law terms--1st Monday in March and 3d Monday in May. Chancery Terms--4th Monday in August and 1st Monday in December. Population of County--White 70,387; colored 8,363. Registered Vote-17,174. Assessed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks, and Railroad Property--$58,191,703. State and County Tax--64 1/4 cents on $100.


    Is on the N.C.R R, 16 miles from Baltimore, and derives its name from the Ashland Iron Furnace, which is here located. Land, limestone, nearly all cleared, is valued at $100 per acre, yields 25 bus. wheat, 50 corn, and 2 tons hay. Freabyterlan Church, one achooL Population 250. John T. Riley, Postmaster.

    Agricultural Implements
    Miller, U G & Co.
    Ambrose, John T
    General Merchandise
    Duncan, J C D
    Hilgeman, J F
    Lents, A J
    Iron Manufacturers
    Ashland Iron Co.
    Paper Manufacturer
    Hoffman, Wm H
    Benson, R B
    Thompson, Wm


    Is on the Harford Road, 5 miles from Baltimore. Land, good, sells at from $100 to $200 per acre, and yields 20 to 30 bus. wheat, and 60 to 100 corn. Roman Catholic and other churches in the vicinity. Public schools near. Population 175. H. B. Bartleson, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Day, Luther
    Dilworth, Robert
    O'Neil, Henry
    Snyder, John
    Russell, Chas
    General Merchandise
    Baldwin, Thomas
    Bartleson, H B
    McCormick & Hagan
    Keuble, Fred
    Watkins, J. B.
    Lime Quarries
    Dilworth, Robert
    George, P. T.
    Jenkins, Geo.
    Gittings, John L.
    Baldwin, A. S.
    Baldwin, Chas. A.
    Phipps, Robert


    Is 6 miles from Freeland; land,good, principally cleared, is valued from $15 to $30 per acre, produces 20 bus. wheat, 40 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. Lutheran and Methodist churches. Public schools convenient. Population 400. Daniel Beckley, Postmaster.

    Malonee, J
    Painter David F
    Price, John A
    Wolf, Reuben H
    Fitz, Geo.
    Hare, Geo.
    Hare, Philip
    Painter, E.
    Pergoy, S.
    Strevick, Ephraim
    Swan, Wm.
    Wisner, Geo.
    General Merchandise
    Fair, Samuel
    Wheeler, Wm.
    Zouck, G. W.
    Crammer, David
    Hare, Abraham
    Rush, Daniel
    Shamberger, John O.
    Paper Manufacturers
    Beckley, Daniel
    Gore, Franklin
    Norris, J. B.


    Is 3 miles from Glencee. Land, limestone, Is valued at $50 per acre, yields 15 bus. wheat, 25 corn and 1 ton hay. Churches and schools convenient, Population 150. Wm. H. Ensor, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Brooks, B C
    Crommer, John
    Price, Luke B
    Wheeler, E. D.
    General Merchandise
    Ensor, Wm. H.
    Merryman, John W.
    Ensor, Geo. K.
    Morrax, Daniel
    Merryman, Moses
    Brewel, Mrs. Ann
    Ensor, Geo. W.


    Is a mountain valley, enclosed by numbers of undulating knolls and heights covered with evergreens and wild flowers of every description, and springs of purest water burst from the hillsides and gush and gurgle through the shrubbery, till they are lost In the noisy stream below. This place is owned by Mr. C. W. Bentley, of Baltimore, and bears his name, and is situated thirty-one miles from Baltimore, on the Northern Central Railroad, 600 feet abeve tidewater. Embracing upwards of 260 acres of land, it forms one of the most beautiful and romantic spots in Baltimore county. The water at this place, as shown by Prof. Alkin's analysis, is highly medicinal, that of the principal springs resembling closely in composition and curative properties the water of the celebrated Lebanon Springs in New York State. Some years ago a hotel was erected with handsomely improved grounds. This hotel was burned several years ago. In the vicinity are a number of extensive paper mills. All the paper made at these mills Is shipped from Bentley's, and the materials used are also received through this station. This, taken in connection with the agricultural products of the neighberhood and the other freight shipped from and to this station, manes this a place of no small import. Within two miles of this place are situated three grist mills in connection with several saw mills, which have become a necessary convenience for the farmers in the vicinity. A school house is also being erected to accommodate the pupils who now assemble in one of the lower rooms of the warehouse. The improvements may be briefly enumerated as follows: To the west, at the foot of a high hill, nestles " Sunny Side," the summer residence of Mr. Bentley; In front of this is a large stone warehouse, used for the storage of freight; a few yards south of this, on the opposite side, is a neat frame building, used as a store and residence; at some distance north and facing the station is located the M. B. Parsonage of Bentley Springs Circuit; this is a tasty frame cottage, so situated as to command a view of the beautiful suno~nding scenery, and itself constitutes an attractive feature In the landscape of the romantic spot; still further north is the new M. E. Church, a fine large buliding, the material composing it being a fine quality of blue stone, which is abundant in this section. At a point between the railroad track and the parsonage Mr. Bentley is having erected a very extensive foundry, boiler and machine shop, the foundations of which are nearly completed- When this establishment is finished Mr. Bentley contemplates removing his establishment on Front street, adjoining Jones' Falls, Baltimore city. This will be the means of securing employment to a largenumber of hands, and of giving new life and excitement to this locality. The place promises to become a favorite summer resort very soon again, as the ground has been purchased from Mr. Bentley for the purpose of rebuliding the Glen House on a larger scale. Work will soon be begun, and the hotel will probably be ready or occupation by next season. Population 50. J. Houston, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Shaffer & Houston
    Paper Manufacturers
    Abraham, Joseph
    Dushane & Glatfelter
    Roofing Felt Manufacturer
    Knight, C. P.


    Is 7 miles from Parkton. Land, good, principally cleared, sells from $20 to $50 per acre, and yields 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 50 corn, and 3 tons hay. Baptist and United Brethren churches. Public schools. Population 150. Thomas Kelbaugh, Postmaster.

    Tracy, Cornelius
    Wirner, John
    Wilhelm, Benj.
    Wilhelm, Rev John L
    General Merchandise.
    Price, Mordecai B
    Wilhelm, Daniel
    Cox, Oliver
    Jsckson, Wesley
    Benson, Rev Joshua L
    Gorsuch, Jacob
    Peregoy, Henry
    Wilhelm, Abraham


    Is on the Green Spring Branch of the N.C.R. W., 9 1/2 miles from Baltimore. Land, sandy loam, principally cleared, can be bought at from $50 to $200 per acre, according to location and improvements; produces 25 bus. wheat, corn, and 2 tons hay. M. E. Church. Public schools convenient. Population 200. F. H. Mather, Postmaster.

    Justus, Levi
    Bleaching and Dyeing
    Wright, R & Co
    Cross, D. W.
    Hare, David
    Lovett, Sam'l
    Zink, J. W.
    General Merchandise
    Brown, A & Son
    Hahn, J.
    Mather, F.
    Bryan, J. M.
    Swen, Geo.
    Naylor, H. L.
    Stock Breeder
    Brown, G. O.


    Is 7 miles from Cockeysville; land, hmestone, is worth $50 per acre, produces 20 bus. wheat, 50 corn, and 1 ton hay. Black Rock Church, and pubilc school. Population 200. Aquilla Ensor, Postmaster.

    Baker, Wm
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Brooks, Chas
    Cole, J A
    Gerver, B
    Whitaker, Henry
    Brooks, G R
    General Merchandise
    Benson, Rev Joseph L
    Ensor & Co
    Ensor, Geo of L
    Kemp, C. O.
    Davis, Evan
    Benson, Rev. Joseph L.
    Bolinger, Daniel
    Zouck, H. J.
    England, F. F.
    Merryman, M.
    Naylor, John


    Is on the Baltimore, Calverton and Powhatan Railway, near the city limits, on the west. Climate, moderate; land, very valuable, produces good crops of wheat, corn, potatoes, and market supplies. Churches and schools near. Population 1,000. L. F. Bowen, Jr, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    McCormack, Moses
    Slack, John
    Poole, John
    Uhie, John
    Bowen, L. F.
    General Merchandise
    Bowen, L. F.
    Delcher, John
    Eney, W. J.
    Calverton, Ripple & Fawsett
    Tinker, Rupley & Berryman
    Coale, L. P.
    Walbrook, Thos.


    Is on the Frederick Road, 3 1/2 miles from Baltimore, and at the junction of the Frederick Turnpike and B. & P.R. R. The Baltimore, Catonaville & Ellicott City Passenger Railway can pass every half hour, and six trains of the B. & P. R. R pass daily. Village healthy. Land, valuable, nearly all cleared, yields 25 bus. wheat, 40 oats and 80 corn. M. E. and Roman Catholic churches. Public and private schools, and other religious and educational institutions near. Population 1,500. Aug. Auer, Postmaster.

    Bakers and Confectioners
    Badger, Mrs Mary
    Eitze, Jacob
    Schultze, Henry A
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Burgess, W H
    Erpron, Conrad
    Fallon, B
    Hardesty, Nicholas
    Kapran, Conrad
    Schlosser, Henry
    Seldel, B
    Roots and Shoes.
    Steinwedel, W
    Steifel, B W
    Mombuger, John
    Coal and Lumber.
    Kelly, Thos
    Sullivan & Co
    Harden, Thos J
    Brummel, Jobn
    Cook, John
    Dodd, John
    Eyer, Jacob
    Feast, John B
    Hess, Geo P
    Picquett, Geo
    Reicbman, Wm
    Steinecker, John
    Flour and Feed.
    Klarner, H A
    Dyser, Geo
    Bscberick, Geo
    Hartmann, John
    Hoffman, A
    Roasberg, Chas
    Sullivan & Co
    Fairview, S Balderson
    Marble Works
    Lachenmayer, E H
    Hazelhurst & Co
    Legg, J H
    Tilton & Tilton
    Titlow, H R
    Tyson & Bro
    Hollyday, J. G.
    Saddles and Harness
    Baer, M.
    Buhn, Hays
    Opitz, John
    Yarn Manufacturers
    Felbus, Lewis
    Wines and Liquors
    Bopp, John
    Detrich, Adam
    Gleim, N
    Huffer, Geo
    Medenwaldt, E
    Ranier, C


    Is on the Frederick Road, 6 miles from Baltimore. The Baltimore, Catonsville & Ellicott City Passenger Railway cars leave every hour to and from the city. The Narrow Gauge Railway, which has been surveyed, reaching from Batimore to Ellicott City via Catonsville, when constructed, will open up and develop one of the most beautiful suburban sections that environ the city. The surrounding country is filling up rapidly with country seats of retired merchants and business men of the city, and with the additional facility of the Narrow Gauge Railway, giving ingness and egress to the city in fifteen to twenty-five minutes, and low fare. With this improvement this section undoubtedly wm attract the attention of capital, and its future will be one of great prosperity. Land, valuable, nearly all cleared, with some oak, hickory, ash, dogwood, poplar, cedar and chestnut yet standing, and produces 20 to 25 bus. wheat, 40 oats, and 80 to 40 corn. M. E., P. E. and Lutheran churches. Public, private and German schools. Spring Grove Asylum, (a State institution for the insane,) an imposing, substantial and well conducted edifice, is located here. Population 2,000. C. P. Fusting, Postmaster.

    Bakery and Confectionery
    Drasler, Mrs Rosa
    Grim, John
    Miller, Geo
    Seicke, Miss A M
    Kelley, S
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Adams, Remus
    Ammenheuser & Pratorius
    Koder, Francis X
    Pilert, John J
    Boeis and Shoes
    Fischbach, Geo
    Lynch,M K
    Schotta, A
    Weber, Fred
    Kirh, E
    Maisel, N J & Bro
    Minnick, C B & Son
    Coskery, H J
    Dry Good..
    Burns, Mrs M A
    Schweinsberg, Mrs S M
    Feast, Sam'l & Sons
    Flour and Feed.
    Tumblison, Frank A
    General Merchandise
    Fusting, C P
    Mattfeldt, Chas W
    McMiller & Slack
    Miller, Henry
    Groceries and Provisions.
    Ege, John
    Myers, L
    Platt, John
    Unger, Mrs A
    Doyle, T
    Myers. Humphrey
    Petzold, Chas
    Justices of the Peace
    Pilert, John J
    Smith, A
    Reed, A K
    Gerry, N R
    Macgill, C W G
    Wysham, W E
    Kalb, Geo S
    Saddles and Harness
    Freund, Jacob
    Asperger, John
    Fisher, Geo
    Smith, Mrs Mary C
    Priester, V
    Watcehes and Jewelry
    Steibel, Geo H
    Wine and Liquors
    Kilpatrick, R W
    McDaniels, L A
    Pilert, John J
    Sluther, Paul
    Wuth, John


    Is on the P. W. & B. R. R., 15 mlies from Baltimore; land, good, principally cleared, is worth $50 per acre, and yields 20 to 30 bus wheat, 50 to 75 corn, and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools convenient. Population 150. Wilmot Johnson, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Lewis, Frank P
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Brazier, Robert
    McClelan, John
    Ullrich, F W
    Bevans, Wm
    Carback, James
    Fowler, W
    Hughes, John C
    James, H M
    Sheridan, J A
    General Merchandise.
    Chapman, C C
    Gerst, Jacob
    Loy, A
    Wilkie, J
    Allender, W T
    O'Connor, Daniel


    Is on the N. C. R. W., 15 miles from Baltimore. Land, good, valued from $50 to $200 per acre, yields 20 bus. wheat,40 corn, and 2 tons hay. Several fine marble qusrries are In the vicinity, giving employment to a number of people. P. B. Church, one school. Population 300. J. W. Frankenfield, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Frankenfield, J W
    Dunean, Wm & Son
    Howard, Jarrett
    Howard, Wm
    Keys, Geo
    Zink, John
    Carpenters and Builders.
    Frantz, Thos
    Trimbell, C T
    Hubbard, G W
    Coal and Lumber
    Hardisty, B. McLean
    Commission Merchant
    Frankenfield, A. C.
    Green, J. W.
    Cotton Manufacturer
    Woodward, Baldwin & Norris
    Hyatt & Clark
    General Merchandise
    Cockey, J. F.
    Duncan, J. D. C.
    Mordew, Jacob
    Mitchell, T. D.
    Gill, H. S.
    Justices of the Peace
    Cain, Joshua
    Duncan, Wm.
    Marble Quarry
    Connolly, J. B.
    Ennis, Wm.
    Matthews, Thos. H.
    Benson, B. R.
    Galloway, Joseph B.
    Anzel, Martin
    Dietz, Geo.
    Tracy, W. A.
    Zink, John


    Is 6 miles from Stemmer's Run; land, inglass and gravelly, can be bought for $75 per acre, yields 20 bus. wheat, 50 corn, and 2 tons hay. M.E. Church, one public school. Population 150. Virginia M. Ady, Postmistress.

    Guilfoyle, Harry
    Chenoweth, John
    Donavin, Owen
    Keller, John
    General Merchandise
    Smith, James
    Ady, Mrs. Caroline
    Hughes, Wm. T.
    Oales, Wm.
    Harrison, H.


    Is on the N. C. R. W., 13 miles from Baltimore; land, limestone, can be bought at from $75 to $150 per acre, produces 30 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 corn, and 1 ton hay. St. Joseph's Church, two public schools. Population 150. Eliza Fitzgerald, Postmistress.

    Anderson, Geo L
    Price, David
    Sparks, Edward
    Doyle, Edward
    General Merchandise.
    Armstrong, John C
    Eaton, Mrs Mary
    Fitzgerald, Mrs Margaret
    Fitzgerald, Mrs Patrick
    Fitzgerald, Thos W
    Flavin, Mrs
    Griffin, Thos W
    O'Hara, Martin
    Lime Burners
    Bosley, John of Wm
    Childs, Wm E
    Kennedy, Martin
    Kennedy, Philip
    Price, John O.
    Shipley, Vincent T.
    Ward, Thos.
    Nevin, Thomas
    Galloway, John
    Galloway, Thos K.


    Is on the W. M. R. R., 19 miles from Baltimore. It is at the head of Worthington Valley and near the Emory Grove Camp Ground, from which it derives Its name. Land, limestone, weli cleared, sells at from $50 to $100 per acre, as to location and improvements produces 20 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 100 potatoes, 50 eorn, and 2 tons hay. Populatlon 50. S. P. Townsend, Postmaster.

    Agricultural Implements
    Pennlngton, R. H.
    Chaney, Isaiah
    Gore, Mrs. L. E.
    General Merchandise
    Pennington, R. H.
    Townsend, S. P.


    Is 10 miles from Magnolia. Land, good, can be bought for $50 per acre; produces 20 bus. wheat and 50 corn Churches and schools convenient, Population 50. John C. Walton, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Arthur, John
    Lee, John H
    Smith, Joseph A
    Dilworth, John
    Canman, Elijah
    Robertson, Edward
    Fertilizer Manufacturer.
    Rockord, Henry
    General Merchandise.
    Reckord, John H
    Wright, W O. B
    Dampman, J
    Gross, John
    Gorsuch, James
    Devereaux, James
    Wright, John S
    Carter, Dennis
    Steinmetz, John


    Is on the Belair Road a few miles from Baltimors. The land, well cleared valuable and fertile, and many are engaged in truck farming. Churches and schools near. Population 100. C. Scholl, Postmaster.

    Kemp, John W
    Krach, Philip J
    Beholl, Christopher
    Brehm, G
    Booksbum, Charles
    Oyeman, Robt T
    Schone, John & Son
    Moller, Valentine
    Schafer, F
    Justice of the Peace.
    Carter, John G
    Corse, Geo. F
    Brehm, G
    Griasell, John
    Krause, John
    Marhaucke, Mrs Mary
    Sommer, M
    Brantigan, M
    Hartman, F
    Frohn, Sebastian
    Graner, Geo
    Herrman, John


    Is 1 mile from Arlington. Land, clay, is worth from $100 to $400 per acre, yields 25 bus. wheat, 35 corn, and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 80. Alfred H. Blade, Postmaster.

    Mepham, O
    Smidth, John
    Carpenter and Builder
    Ortwine, Wm.
    General Merchandise
    Lowrey, M. A.
    Arthur, Thos
    Powder Manufacturer.
    Parks, James


    Is on the N.C.R. W., 20 miles from Baltimore, 600 feet above tidewater; place health soil rotten rock; land, principally cleared, commands from $75 to $100 per acre; produces 15 to 25 bus. wheat, 40 corn, and 2 tons hay; water excellent; location picturesque. Emanuel P. E. Church and a seminary. Population 125. Geo. R. Mowell, Postmaster.

    Eckers, Wm.
    Underwood, Geo. A.
    Underwood, Joseph
    Wilson, Wm.
    General Merchandise
    Cole, Frank
    Mowell, Geo. R.
    Ensor, Geo. K.
    Matthews, Elias
    Austin, P. H.
    Mitchell, A. R.
    Mitchell, F. D.


    Is 5 miles from Bentley's Springs. Land, sandy loam, principally cleared, is worth $25 per acre; yields 16 bus. wheat, 50 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco, and 2 tons hay. M. E. Church. One public school. Population 100. J. V. Winemiller, Postmaster.

    McCoy, Joseph
    Seitz, Chas & Co
    General Merchandise.
    Winemiller, J S
    Winemiller, J V
    McCurdy, John


    Is on the York Road, 4 miles from Baltimore. The general aspect, when approaching by the York Road Railway, is exceedingly striking and beautiful. It has, for the convenience of travelers and others, hotels and livery stables, and many from Baltimore find this a pleasant retreat in summer. The lands surrounding are fertile, well cleared and valuable; produce 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 120 potatoes, 80 corn, and 2 tons hay. M. E., P. E., Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches near. Woodlawn, St. Mary's, Notre Dame, boarding, and one public school. Population 1,500. Cordelia Kelley, Postmistress.

    Beames, James
    Bell, Jesse W
    Cross, John H
    Hall, B
    Haubert, Daniel
    Griffin, A J
    Rogers, James
    Yaste, Milton
    Boots and-Shoes
    Boon, John
    Salon, D
    Allison, Joseph
    Briteny, John
    Crsnson, Wm A
    Gether, Wm
    Harrison James -
    Pool, R. A.
    Schulley, James
    Tondry, Wm.
    Yost, Wm. & Son
    Hauhert, D
    Bitter, Mrs Mary
    Flour and Feed.
    Everding, H B L
    Brackenridge, A.
    General Merchandise
    Balls, John
    Daugherty & Haubert
    Gallagher, Patrick
    Norris, James T.
    Taylor & Woods
    Wilson, James H.
    King, James A.
    Govanstown, Ely G. Ulery
    Guilford, Chas. F. Smith
    Livery Stable
    Monger, L.
    Brackenridge, Wm. D.
    Prentiss, John H.
    Taylor, Melville
    Ward, James R.
    Woods, Benj.
    Heinecke, T. A.
    Martin, R.
    Lewis, W. T.


    Is 2 miles from Woodstock. Land, mostly cleared valued at $50 per acre and yields 20 bus. wheat, 40 corn, and 1 ton hay. Churches and schools adjacent. Population 800. M. W. Weller, Postmaster.

    Dunigan, Wm
    Isaac, J T
    Mansfield, Jacob
    Putney, T
    Carriage Manufacturer
    Webb, Geo
    General Merchandise
    Trozell, P
    Weiler, Wm F
    Granite Quarries
    Giffin, Robert
    Putney, S. P.
    Weller, W. F.
    Taggart, Mrs. J.
    Justice of the Peace
    Dorsey, Andrew
    Paper Manufacturer
    Bull & Bro.
    Bailey, G. W.
    Offutt, T. Z.


    Is 9 miles from Freeland. Chestnut soil. Land can be bought at from $10 to $40 per acre, yields 10 to 80 bus. wheat, 20 to 70 corn, and 1 ton hay. Grave Run M. E. Church, one public school. Population 160. George H. Hare, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Piper, Wm
    Purkey Moses
    Stoner, Dan'l F
    Matthews, Thos
    Alban, Thos
    Lambert, A J
    Wink, Joseph
    General Merchandise
    Burgoyne, H A
    Frank, John K
    Lambert, Geo W
    Resh, Daniel
    Wareheim, W W Woolen Manufacturer
    Hare, Geo H


    Is 3 miles from Monkton. Land, variable, principally cleared, is worth $30 per acre; produces 15 bus. wheat, 25 oats, 100 potatoes, 25 corn, and 1 ton hay. M. E. and Baptist chnrcbes. One public school. I. O. O. F. and K. Of P. Lodges. Population 800. Harry O. Jessop, Postmaster.

    Bull, Jacob
    Hunt,Geo O
    Lawson Daniel
    Marsh, K
    Foster, W.
    Haines, Levi W.
    Jones Wm.
    Pitts, Joshua
    Shane, Henry W.
    Miller, Geo.
    Nelson, Joseph
    General Merchandise
    Anderson, T B
    Elliott, Geo W
    Fell, Rachel
    Jessop, Chas
    Jessop, James O
    Kelley, Hoses
    Lloyd, Daniel J
    Mayes, J T
    Ensor, N G
    Justice of the Peace
    Coney, Geo H
    Diven, John E.
    Diven, John T
    Mayes, B H
    Shultz, Amos
    Smith, Geo W
    Stewart, Joel
    Vance, Jacob
    Donaldson, D
    Gailey, Rebecca
    Conn, Daniel A
    Hopkins, F
    Smith, N
    Keech, James O
    Mitchell, Alex R
    Mitchell, F D
    Tracey, M
    Ensor, Nathan
    Smith, Thos
    Wittig, Chas C
    Carman, A S


    Is on the Harford Road, 6 miles from Baltimore. Land, valuable, produces 16 bus. wheat, 45 corn, and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 300. M. M. Kilchenstein, Postmistress.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Christopher, B
    Fuller, Henry
    Fuller, Wm
    Hoddinott, Geo & Sons
    Snyder, John
    General Merchandise
    Kilehenstein, Mrs M M
    Reuter, John
    Toman, John
    Wilhelm, Mrs K
    Streett, L.
    Whiteford, R. A. & C. A.
    Brinker, S. W.
    Kilchenstein, L. F.
    Whiteford, A. X.
    Bader, John
    Stock Dealer
    Whiteford, J. M.


    Is 5 miles from Magnolia. Land, variable, is composed of dark clay loams, gravel and sand, alluvial along the rivers, mostly cleared; is worth from $20 to $40 per acre, yields 15 bus. wheat, 40 corn, and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools in the vicinity. Population 125. H. H. Blackistone, Postmaster.

    McCubbin, Ross
    Smith, Henry
    Bennett, C
    Droayer, Jarrett
    Pfeifer, Martin
    Tyson, Frank
    Knight, Wm H
    Baxter, Richard
    Bensel, Conrad
    Myers, Henry
    Wells, Thos
    General Merchandise.
    Blackistone, H H
    Gatch, Jacob
    Knight, Rebecca
    McDow, Alice
    Shanks, Mary A
    Deiter, J W
    Altvater, E W
    Schubert, 3 N
    Guyton, Wm
    Overbeck, Chas


    Is on the N.C.R. W., 10 miles north of Baltimore, situated on a high, healthy and in a beautiful section of country. Land, limestone, can be bought for $50 per acre; yields 17 bus. wheat, 40 corn, and 2 tons hay. M. E. and Lutheran churches, one private schOOl, and the Lutherville Female Seminary. Population 600. D. A. C. Webster, Postmaster. Blacksmith
    Robinson, James
    Shriver, Alfred
    General Merchandise
    Ohambers, John
    Leisenring, G M & Co
    Cockey, Frank
    Galloway, John
    Peebles, T. C.


    Is 2 miles from Freeland. Land can be bought at $40 per acre, produces 20 bus. wheat, 20 corn, and 2 tons hay. M. E. andM. P. churches, one public school. Population 150. Wm. F. McCubbin, Postmaster. Blacksmiths
    Bond, J.
    Hedrick, G.
    Leppo, L.
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Day, Wm.
    Kurtz, Wm.
    General Merchandise
    McCubbin, Wm. F.
    Reed, J. W.
    Green, Mrs. E.
    Davis, Geo.
    Heathcoat, M.
    McDonal, D. M.
    Matthews, E. F.


    Is on the N.C.R. W., 28 miles from Baltimore. Land, principally cleared, with some oak yet remaining; is valued at from $75 to $100 per acre; produces 25 bus. wheat, 60 corn, and 2 tons hay. M. E. and P. E. churches, one pubilc and a private school. Population 40. Samuel Miller, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Bond, Thos.
    Young, Abraham
    Merryman, Robert
    Young, G. W.
    General Merchandise
    Miller, Sam'l
    Kauffman, Thos
    Wilhelm, John M.
    Miller, Sam'l
    Hopkins, W. F.
    Price, A. H.
    Miller, John


    Is 6 miles from Parkton; land can be purchased for $35 per acre, and yields 20 bus. wheat and 70 corn. Churches and schools near. Population 100. Thomas Gonsuch, Postmaster.

    Thompson, Jobn T
    Tracy, C G
    Wisner, John W
    Hall, Elijah
    Jackson, Wesley
    Johnson, Geo W
    Ryan, Thos A
    General Merchandise
    Price, M B
    Gorsuch, Jacob S
    Gorsuch, Thes J
    Price, B F


    Is on the N. C. R W., 6 miles from Baltimore. Land, valuable, on account of its proximity to the city; limestone soil; commands from $100 to $1,000 per acre, and produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 45 oats, 150 potatoes, and 50 corn. The timber yet standing comprises oak, hickory, chestnut and walnut. Wm. E. Hooper & Sons' cotton factory, running 1,500 spindles, is located here, and provides employment for a number of people. The Bare Hill copper mine is also in the vlcinity. The scenery of the place is picturesque anf admiring. The economy of living attracts and has the patronage of many visitors during the summer. Mt. St. Agnes, Roman Catholic, St. John's and St. John's P. E. churches; ~t. St. Agnes Academy. Catholic Parish and three public schools. Population 600. Wm. Z. Knaub, Postmaster.

    Dixon, Thos. & John
    Buckley, E.
    Bond, Benj. W.
    Belt, Mrs. Mary E.
    Cotton Mills
    Hooper, Wm. E. & Sons
    General Merchandise and Groceries
    Ayers, James E.
    Cooper, M.
    Ditzel, C.
    Harney, Philip
    Hook, J W
    Reach, James
    Bhea, James
    Wiedey, Chas & Co
    Cooper, M.
    Hill, Wm.
    Oyster Dealers
    Belt, John
    Benberry, Wm.
    Bowen, J. S.
    Ewing, H. M.
    Buttner, C. F.
    Stinchecumb, Wm. H.


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 2 miles from Baltimore, near Gwynn's Falls. The village Is slightly elevated; climate mild. The land is mostly cleared, composed of iron ore, and is sold in lots for building purposes, ranging in price from $300 to $1,000, according to location. The lots sell fast, and the improvements are rapid. The average production of crops to the acre are 40 bus. corn, 20 wheat, and a fair amount of other farm products. M. E., (colored,) M. P. and United Brethren in Christ churches. Two public Schools. Population 500. Lewis J. Lancaster, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Turfield, P T
    Johnson, Margaret
    General Merchandise
    Elbaugh, Jacob
    Gillerman, Miss Eliza
    Handy, Mrs Caroline
    Russell, Thos H
    Wildenfurst, Mrs. T.
    Justices of the Peace
    Cooper, Alonzo
    Jackson, John W.
    Hall, T. B.
    Coker, Geo. T.
    Foster, Wm.
    White Lead Manufacturers
    Adams White Lead Co.


    Is 5 miles from McDonough on the W. M. R. R Land, clay loams, can be bought for $40 per acre; yields 20 bus. wheat, 30 corn, and 3 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 50. Wm. A Randall, Postmaster.

    Belt, C.
    Fogle, Josiah
    Green, Wm.
    Stanfield, T. B.
    General Merchandise
    Luttgerding, H. C.
    Luttgerding, H. C.
    O'Dell, J. D.
    Bailey, G. W.
    Harker, J. F.
    Seymour, B. S.


    Is on the Phliadelphia Road near the eastern limits of Baltimore. The land surrounding is well cleared, valuable and fertile. The people are mostly engaged in truck farming. There are two M. E. churches and a public school near. Population 400. H. Kimble, Postmaster.

    Attorney at law.
    Baldwin, O P Jr
    Blacksmiths and wheelwrights.
    Gruebert, Geo
    Jackson, Charles K
    Johnson, R
    Boots and Shoes
    Bahe, C K
    Groceries and Physicians
    Buck, John T
    Johnson, Richard
    Kimble, H
    Shooman, Jno
    Howard, J Dautrich
    Justice of the Peace
    Carter, John C
    Saddles and Harness
    Rackemsperger, Jacob
    Bennett, C
    Rover, Geo K
    Peters, H


    Is on the W. M. R R., 14 miles- from Baltimore. Land, good, well cleared, commands from $100 to $800 per acre, according to location and improvement; yields 25 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 200 potatoes, and 40 corn. Crops are generally good. Churches and schools near. Population 800. F. B. Harman, Postmaster.

    Black, E
    Marshall, John T
    Flelgh, Aug
    Ginrich, W H
    General Merchandise.
    Harman, F. B. & Son
    Tobin, S
    Pennington, J
    Buffington, S
    Ice Cream.
    Painter & Bro
    Butler, C E
    Fishpaw, A & Co
    Smith, J B
    Campbell, Dr
    Long, H
    Siegk, J


    Is 7 miles from Freeland. The Baltimore & Hanover R R., in course of construction, will run within 2 1/2 miles of the place. The Gunpowder Falls which flows through this village, furnishes excellent water power and numerous good mill sites. The paper mills of Messis. Wm. H. Hoffman & Sons are located here; they manufacture four tons of paper per day, and employment to over 100 people. Land, easily tilled, ranges in price from $20 to $50 per acre; yields 15 to 20 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 corn, 40 oats, 150 potatoes, and 2 tons hay. M. E., United Brethren and Evangelical Lutheran churches, one public school. Population 200. .Wm. B. Hoffman, Postmaster.

    Belt, G D
    Wink, Geo
    Hasrris, John
    Henry, Abram
    Kemp, John
    Knott, John
    General Merchandise.
    Hoffman,Wm H & Sons
    Landes, John
    Shearer, John D
    Sheffer, Chas
    Paper Manniseturers.
    Hoffman, Wm H & Sons


    Is on the N.C.R. W., 29 miles from Baltimore; business good. Land, clay, mostly cleared, is worth $45 per acre; produces 15 bus. wheat, 20 corn, and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 50. Wm. H. Stiffier, Postmaster.

    Little, J C
    Litner, D K
    Carpenters and Builders.
    Sanders, W H
    Stiffer, Wm F
    Tracy, G. W.
    General Merchandise.
    Stiffier, M J & Co
    Stifier, C M
    Cameron, G H
    Carr, G W
    Rankin, M E


    Is on the N.C.R. W., 18 miles from Baltimore. Land Is valued at from $50 to $200 per acre, according to location and improvements; produces 15 bus. wheat, 40 corn, and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 400. John D. Durkees, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Durkees, John D
    Attorney at Law.
    Mitchell, W Frank
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Hartman, Augustus
    Nowell, John W
    Brown, J E
    Hall, John
    Cotton Manufacturers.
    Gosnell, Henry
    Phoenix Manufacturing Co
    General Merchandise
    Fristoe, Mark H
    Kemp, Thomas E
    Royston, Bosley
    Royston, Bosley
    Dugan, Michael
    Morris, Henry D
    Belt, Ebenezer
    Paper Manufactarers.
    Hoffman, Wm H & Sons
    Danneily, F O
    Thompson, W S


    Is 1 mile from a station of that name on the W. M R. R. Land varies in price from $50 to $200 rer acre, yields 20 bus. wheat, 40 potatoes, 40 corn, and 2 tons hay. Two M. E., Baptist, P. E., and Roman Catholic churches. Public schools convenient. Population 200. P. Murray, Postmaster.

    Curtis, C
    Davis, Henry
    Fauistick F
    Shipley, C M
    General Merchandise
    Corbett & Rickerd
    Faulstick, F.
    Foley, Wm
    Murray, P.
    Tobin, L
    Watts, A
    Winternode, John
    Justice of the Peace.
    Mettam, Sam'l B
    Wilkinson, Wm
    Counselman, J T
    Hill,C C
    Saylor, H L


    Is on the Baltimore & Powhatan Railway, 4 1/2 miles from Baltimore. Land, dark soil, varies in value from $200 to $350 per acre, and yields 20 to 25 bus. wheat, 50 oats, 800 potatoes, 30 corn, and 1 ton bay. M. E. and Presbyterian churches. Public schools near. Population 300. W. P. Bennett, Postmaster.

    Forsyth, Joseph
    King, Jasper
    Smith, E
    Smith, John
    Bacon, John
    Catillon, James
    Rimmey,Wm H
    Schafer, Andrew
    Cotton Goods Manufacturers.
    Campbell, Ross & Co.
    General Merchandise.
    Bennett, Wm P
    Wilson, David
    Field, P S


    Is 3 miles from Pikesville. Land, one-half cleared, commands from $50 to $100 per acre; yields 25 bus. wheat, 30 to 50 corn, and 2 tons hay. M. E. Church, one public school. Population 100. Wm. F. Gardner, Postmaster.

    Frieschman, Henry
    Spielman, Henry
    Sudman, John D
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Frazure, Wm
    Frieschman, Henry
    Hall, James
    Crooks, John
    General Merchandise.
    Gardner, Wm F
    Gosnell, Mrs Sarah
    Holt, Aaron
    Slade, Lutber
    Livery Stable.
    Lockard, Wm
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Bayers, John
    Baurbor, T K
    Hebb, H J
    Krause, G A


    Is 3 miles from Parkton. Land, clay and sandy loams, principally cleared, is valued at $20 per acre, yields 15 bus. wheat, 30 corn and 1 ton hay. Pine Grove Church, Rayville Academy and public schools. Population 36. Wm. Gorsuch, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Davis, R D
    Elder, A A
    Masemore, T R
    Richards, J G
    Jones, James
    Purkey, O
    Stiffler, W F
    General Merchandise
    Gorsuch, W
    Scott, Walter
    Simcoe, J S
    Baker, Henry


    Is 1 miles from Emory Grove; business, crops and land good. Land mostly good. mostly cleared, commands from $80 to $100 per acre; produces 80 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 80 to 100 potatoes and 50 corn. Lutheran and three M. E. churches. One public and three private schools. Three seminaries, one female. Lodges-A.F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., Mechanics and K. of P. Population 500. Wm. D. Yingling, Postmaster.

    Agricultural Implements
    Beckley, P E & Co
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Chaney, Isaiah
    Shriver, Philip L
    Stumpf, Lewis
    Brown, Wm G
    Carpenters, and Undertakers
    Barryman, Henry C
    Selby, Edwin D
    Flory & Cost
    Tracey, J. T.
    Candler, Dr
    Gore, Albert
    Brooks, Dr George
    Gore, R S V
    Henry, Dr Robt J
    Fairley, Thos
    General Merchandise.
    Russell Bros
    Shriver, Wm L
    Townsend, S P
    Welsh, Wm W
    Zouck, P
    Emrich, Henry F
    Stumpf, Henry
    Hitshue, W
    Nichols, George W
    Justices of the Peace
    Beckley, John H
    Storm, Sam'l P
    Livery Stables.
    Stone, George R
    Lumber, Coal and Fertilizers
    Beckley, P. E. & Co
    Selby, Edwin D
    Fitch, Henry S
    Gore, Joseph
    Millinery and Dressmaking.
    Gettier, L A
    Stumpf; Mrs M
    Dorsey, C O & Son
    Wagoner, David L
    Dickson, I N
    Gere, James
    Larsh, James C
    Conrad, Peter
    Jacobs, C
    Gies, Christian
    Gies, H Lewis
    Gies, John
    Long, Sam'l J
    Yingling, Nimrod
    Brown, J V
    Crout, John E
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Yingling, Sam'1 B


    Is 4 miles from Cockeysville. Land can be purchased at from $38 to $100 per acre, yields 20 bus. wheat, 40 corn and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools in the vicinity. Population 94. S. W. Tipton, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Pierce, James L
    Long, Henry
    Tawney, John L
    Tawney, Wm J
    Cronhardt, John
    Gent, Thos
    Leaf, John
    General Merchandise.
    Tipton, S W
    Wilson, Henry
    Merryman, Moses
    Krumholtz, Fleming
    Tyson, Jerome


    Is 3 miles from Parkton. Land, well cleared, varies in price from $20 to $50 per acre; yields 8 to 20 bus. wheat, 10 to 60 corn, and 1 to 3 tons hay. Churches and schools convenient. Population 150. C. M. B. Stabler, Postmaster.

    Palmer, A J
    Carpenters and Millwrights.
    Mathews, Thos
    Stabler, H S
    Tyson, Geo
    Justice of the Peace.
    Wier, Henry
    Stabler, A J
    Wilison, Edwin
    Alder, Wm


    Is on the Green Spring Branch of the N.C.R. W., 12 miles from Baltimore. Land, limestone, well cleared, commands from $50 to $200 per acre; produces 15 to 25 bus. wheat, 50 to 75 corn, and 1 ton hay. One church and a public school. Population 50. B. B. Gemmill, Postmaster. Blacksmith
    Leaf, J H
    Chalk, James L
    Cross, David
    Iron Manufacturers
    Ashland Iron Co.
    Scott, John
    Naylor, L. H.


    Is on the B. & O. R. R, 9 miles from Baltimore. The Washington Branch is on the main line here and it is known as the Relay Station. The Viaduct Hotel erected and operated by the B. & O. R. R. Co., a new, neat and comfortable structure, is quite a resort for city people; the nearest water course is the Patapsco River, which furnishes sufficient power for milling and other uses. The land Is nearly all cleared, valued at from $50 to $500 per acre; yields 20 bus. wheat and 25 corn. Churches convenient, one public school. Population 800. J. W. Howser, Postmaster.

    Agts--Real Estate and Insurance
    Hall, Geo W
    O'Hern, Col M
    Richardson, J. P.
    Worthington, Daniel
    Agent-R. R.
    Howser, J W
    Attorneys at Law
    Browning, Warield T
    Dobbin, Robert A
    Dobbin, T M
    Donaldson, J J
    Banks, Samuel
    Boots and Shoes
    Clogg, G C
    Jackson, Wm
    Commission Merchant
    Latimer, R.
    General Merchandise
    Heliman, John J
    McDaniel, T J
    Old Relay, C I Lowrey
    Viaduct, B & O R R Co
    Justice of the Peace
    English, T J
    Isaac, Joseph
    Levering & McAtee
    Waltzl, A
    Hall, James
    Hall, T B


    Is 1 1/2 miles from Monkton. Land varies in value from $35 to $55 per acre; yields 10 to 25 bus. wheat, 40 to 50 corn, and 2 tons hay. Churches and shools near. Population 150. Wm. T. Curtis, Postmaster.

    Attorneys at Law
    Bacon. Geo
    Bacon; L M
    Hunter, T J
    Akehurst, David P
    McComas, Thos
    Shepperd, John W
    Merryman, Robt G
    Nelson, Howard
    Young, Geo
    General Merchandise
    Curtis, Wm. T.
    Hess, Jacob S.
    Miller, Sam'l
    Inglefritz, Martin L.
    Stutehoff, John W.
    Emory, R.
    Mitchell, F.
    Price, A. H.


    Is 3 miles from Phoenix, situated on Jarretteville Pike and Old York Road, 8 miles from Towsontown. Soil isinglass; land, high and undulating, mostly cleared, is worth $75 per acre; produces 15 bus. wheat, 35 corn and 2 tons hay. This section is very desirable for country residences, healthy, and excellent water. One church and a public scbool. Population 150. G. H. Duncan, Postmaster.

    Harmon, Geo.
    Street, R L
    Brown, Edward
    Brown, Ensor
    Damuth, S P
    Hall, Melville
    General Merchandise.
    Duncan, G H
    King, Isaac
    Smith, John
    Bagley, Chas
    Smith, Christopher


    Is 5 1/2 miles from Phoenix. Land, isinglass, principally cleared, is valued at $50 per acre; produces 20 bus. wheat, 40 corn, and 2 tons hay. One church and a public schooL Population 100. E. A. Weakley, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Green, Henry
    Hilgartner, Henry
    Amrein, Henry
    Burk, Henry
    Justice of the Peace
    Smith, R. T.
    Kennedy, Michael
    Emory, Richard
    Jones, Geo.
    Mesiner, Andrew
    Naw, John
    Sherman, Louis


    The county seat, is on the York Road, 7 miles from Baltimore, the terminal point of the York Road Railway. The court house and jail are located here, the former an imposing and substantial structure, delightfully situated a short distance from the railway. Many pretty villas and private residences dot this section, and being contiguous to the city is quite a resort in summer. The town is laid out in streets and avenues, and well lighted at night with lamps. Land, limestone, is valued at from $50 to $200 per acre, according to location and Improvement; yields 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 25 to 35 oatsland 30 to 50 corn. The timber is of a heavy growth, and consists of chestnut, oak and hickory. M. E., M. P., P. E. and M K (colored) churches, one public and a private school. A. F. & A. M-Mount Moriah 116. I.O.O. F.-Towson 79, and Ridgely Encampment. Centennial Grange 181, P. Of H. A Building Aasoclation and a Temperance Society. Population 900. Sarah Feast, Postmistress.

    Agents-Real Estate
    Bowen,H L & Co
    Jean, Geo. B.
    Macgill, O P
    Attorneys at Law
    Berry, John
    Boarman, Robert R.
    Bosley, S. P.
    Burke, N. C.
    Courey, John F.
    Daivs, T. Sturgis
    Dorsey, John T. B.
    Emory, D. C. H.
    Emory, D. Hooper
    Ensor, A. W.
    Ensor, & Grason
    Fendall, Chas E.
    Grason, Wm.
    Herbert, Chase. E.
    Hunter, Thos. J.
    Keech, Wm. S
    Macgill, Carroll S.
    Macgill, O. P.
    McIntosh, D. G.
    Mitchell, W. Frank
    Perrie, A. W.
    Slingluff, C. B.
    Spencer, Jervis
    Talbott, J. F. C.
    Wharton, Wm. F.
    Yellott, John I.
    Yellott, Washington
    Macgill, O. P.
    Owings, James W.
    Wilson, Sam'l G.
    Baker and Confecitonery
    Held, Louis
    Jackson, Chas. E.
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Ekas, F. A.
    Hild Bros.
    Sheridan, Chas. H.
    Bricklayers and Plasterers
    Phipps, Harry
    Phipps, Joseph
    Whittle, Sam'l
    Collings, Sam'l
    Debaugh, Phillip
    Carpenters and Builders
    Boyd, Theodore
    Burns, John
    Butler, Sam'l F.
    German & Bro.
    Hamilton, Geo
    Horn, Geo
    Shriver, Alfred
    Brown, Canton
    Whittle, B D
    Cole, Mrs Johanna
    Roach, Mrs. Mary
    Sheridan, Mrs. Mary
    Willis, Richard
    Dry Goods and Notions.
    Bryer, A
    Ware, Mrs Jennie
    Flour and Feed.
    Scharf, John
    General Merchandise
    Feast, Mrs Sarah
    German, A J
    Lee, J W & Son
    Roe, John D & Co
    Shealey, M A & Son
    Smedley, C H Mann
    Towson, Edward H Ady
    Justices of the Peace
    Herbert, Gideon
    Miller, James
    Livery Stables
    Linzey, Tobias C
    Cochran, F B
    Jarrett, James H
    Piper, Jackson
    Stausbury, J T
    Wingfield, T H
    Longnecker Bros
    Saddles and Harness
    Dienstbach, Henry
    Flanigan, Patrick
    Parker, John
    Phipps, James
    Rudingier, Julius
    Stieber, John G.
    Loose, August
    Emory, Wm. H.
    Pilson, Geo. W.
    Wines and Liquors
    Mann, C. H., Jr.
    Robinson, Sam'l, J.
    Urban, Lewis H.


    Is 3 miles from Freeland. Land mostly cleared is worth $25 per acre; yields 18 to 20 bus. Wheat, 30 to 40 corn, and 1 to 2 tons hay. The country in this section is high and healthy; the people are industrious, and the merchants doing a good business. Two churches and a public school. Population 286. P. L. Merriken, Postmaster.

    Oeligrath, Wm.
    Waltemeyer, Joseph
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Amos, E.
    Amos, J. O.
    Ulrich, Wm.
    Wilhelm, Daniel
    Wineholt, R. E.
    Spicer, N.
    General Merchandise
    Briggs, C.
    Merriken, P. L.
    Thomas, Henry
    Justices of the Peace
    Alben, M.
    Hoshal, Benj.
    Oeligrapth, A.
    Rule, Wm.
    Price, Geo.
    Price, Wm.
    Keeney, J. Y.
    Miller, John
    Paper Manufacturer
    Gore, J. W.
    Baldwin, J. S.


    Is on the Philadelphia Road near the Harford County line, 7 miles from Magnolia. Land, well cleared, sells at $20 per acre; produces 15 bus. wheat, 30 corn and 2 tons hay. M. E. And Roman Catholic churches. Population 100. B. Chenowith, Postmaster.

    Blair, R.
    Peterson, C.
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Norwood, J. L.
    Schultz, F.
    General Merchandise
    Dilworth, W.
    Nichols, Joseph
    Standiford, J.
    Gitting, David
    Mulitzer, E.


    Is on the York Road, 2 miles from Baltimore. The location is pleasant and the surroundings picturesque and healthy. The land is fertile, highly improved, and is dotted with many handsome residences, and is held at high prices, lying, as it does, around the northern suburhs of Baltimore. The cars of the York Road Railway, which pass here, afford cheap and quick travel to Baltimore and Towsontown. M. E., P. E. and Baptist churches, a lodge of Masons, a buiding association, a parochial and one public school. Population 900. S. A. Bonsall, Postmistress

    Klug, Ph A
    Cross, John C
    Steigler, Louis G
    Balls, John
    Kries, John F
    Shelley, Mrs H A
    Fisher, John H
    Livingston, B C
    Sylvester, S B
    Dry Goods
    Klug, Mrs A A
    Bayner, J
    Spring, Misses
    Hamilton, Chas
    Massey, W F & Co
    Waldenburg, C
    White, J H
    General Merchandise and Grocers
    Bateman, J S
    Bertling, B
    Blum, Mrs. Barbara
    Bordley & Co.
    Boyer, Lewis
    Cochran, John
    Hall, C. W.
    Huff, E. H.
    Yeager, A. C.
    Waddy, Mrs. Bertha
    Cold Spring, Lewis Ritter
    Dew Drop, Robert Russell
    Justices of the Peace
    Cole, J. C. L.
    Moore, Phil L.
    Heiche, P. H.
    Monmonier, L. A.
    Rankin, R. G.
    Deal, Wm. C.
    Gibbs, G. W.
    Hamilton, Chas.
    Steitz, Charles
    Uhing, John H.
    Hartman, J. H.
    Brown, J. T. S.


    Is on the N. C. R. W., 3 miles from Baltimore and pleasantly situated on the slopes of two hills, which form a valley through which runs Jones' Falls. It lies immediately north and east of Druid Hill Park, and is claimed to be the largest manufacturing village in the titato. The iron works of Messrs. Poole & Hunt, the cotton mills of the Mount Vernon Co., W. B. Hooper & Sons, and the Messrs. Gambrills, are all in the vicinity. These establishments give employment to a large number of people and furnish the principal means by which it derives its prosperity. The country for miles around is attractive and in many places fine residences may be seen. There are churches of several denominations, public and private schools, a market house, public halls, and lodges of K. of P., Mechanics, Masons and Odd Fellows. Population 9,000. J. Brayshaw, Postmaster.

    Attorneys at Law.
    Davis, Phineas J
    Smith, James H
    Tipton, Dixon M
    Wilhelm, DC
    Bakers and Confectioners.
    Arthur, J T
    Brooks & Co
    Ebaugb,W H
    Gafney, Mrs Susie
    Hawkins, Mrs John
    Hoover, Jacob
    Kelly, Mrs Jane
    Knight, John G
    Looz, John
    Cooper, John
    Wadsworth, C C
    Martin, Andrew
    Boots and Shoes.
    Algire & Wheeler
    Dunn, M
    Hahn, John
    Hume, Hiram
    Walters, G T
    Brooks, C
    Bohr, G W
    Yager, J B
    Carpet Weaver.
    Childs, John P
    Brooks, J L & Co
    Greenwood, J B
    Cress, Dr James
    Leef & Co
    Shipley, D McG
    General Merchandise.
    Belt, C T
    Benson, J P
    Ca mer, G C
    Eichelherger, A G
    Excelsior Cooperative Co
    Gibson, Geo G
    Peregoy, Chas & Son
    Groceries and Provisions.
    Baldwin & Thompson
    Bone, J M & Bro
    Davis, T
    Gibson, James F
    Maghar, Mrs Catherine
    Reddington, John
    Salfner, Chas E
    Tilgman, N C
    Poole & Hunt
    Timanus, John T
    Millinery and Dressmaking.
    Field, Mrs Fanny
    Hicks, Mrs James
    Hoshal, Mrs M
    Lofflin, Mrs Hannah
    Pace, Mrs Susie
    Wilhelm, Mrs G C
    Bates, John H
    Grisson, J G
    Litsinger, Harry T
    Betts, Chas C
    Crowther, Dr John
    Jones, B E
    Wuhams, D S
    Stoves and Tinware.
    McCann & Co
    Mohar, Robert
    Boiler Covers.
    Disney, J B
    Belt, C T
    Lloyd, Wm
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Jeffries, F


    Is 1 1/2 miles from Glenn Morris on the W. M. B. B. Land, mostly cleared, 'with some oak and chestnut yet remaining, can be bought at from $20 to $100 per acre, and produces 10 to 85 bus. wheat, 20 to 80 corn and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools in the vicinity. Population 70. C. Musselman, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Reigler, Fred
    Reigler, Geo
    Wooden, Frank
    Abbott, Hanson
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Clark, J W
    Deice, John
    Lesfe, Jacob
    Spearnase, Gustus
    Morrison, Wm
    General Merchandise.
    Musselman, C
    Slade, Wm &
    Justice of the Peace
    Shipley, A F
    Stambaugh, Henry
    Wilson, J H
    Belt, Alfred



    Cockey, Peter
    Hawkins, J W
    Hinton, Wm
    Hoover, Chas
    Hoover, Geo
    Jessop, Chas L
    Jessop, Geo
    Jessop, Mrs Mary
    Massemore, Z
    Price, J B
    Webster, Wm


    Baldwin, A S
    Baldwin, J M
    Baldwin, James
    Baldwin, Thos
    Brogden, James
    Carman, Caleb
    Day, Luther
    Dilworth, Robert
    George, P T
    Gittings, John S
    Haile, Chas T
    Jenkins, Mrs A M
    Jenkins, Edward F
    Jenkins, Geo
    Lunday, James
    Neuhauser, C
    Patterson, S L
    Rankin, Sam'l
    Roach, Robert
    Watkins, I
    Watkins, John
    Watkins, W H
    Wilson, John V
    Yellott, Geo W


    Alben, Jehu
    Alben, M.
    Armacost, Jabez
    Armstrong, Wm.
    Baublitz, Dan'l
    Baublitz, Geo.
    Baublitz, John
    Baublitz, Wm., J.r
    Beckley, Dan'l
    Bone, Chas.
    Bull, John
    Bull, L.
    Bull, Thos.
    Cooper, Thos.
    Crockett, U. G.
    Curtis, Sallie
    Deyhoff, Jesse
    Ensor, John
    Frank, Geo.
    Gardner, Basil
    Gore, Franklin
    Gwin, Jacob
    Gwin, Wm.
    Hale, Geo.
    Hampshire, Geo.
    Hare, A. H.
    Hare, David
    Hare, Geo.
    Hare, Geo. A.
    Hare, Geo. F.
    Hare, Henry
    Hare, Jacob
    Hare, John
    Hare, Joseph
    Hare, Michael
    Hare, N. H.
    Hare, Philip F.
    Hicks, Geo.
    Holsner, Wm.
    Hoshal, Jacob
    Hover, Peter
    Inghan, John
    Ingham, John W.
    Kemp, Wm.
    Lampert, Geo.
    Lampert, Wm.
    Lawson, Edward
    Marshall, Sam'l
    Martin, L.
    McCully, J. W.
    Milendore, Casper
    Painter, Abraham
    Parker, James
    Patterson, Sam'l
    Ports, G. W.
    Ports, Wesley
    Price, Ephraim
    Price, James
    Royston, Edward
    Rush, Jacob
    Schlosser, Wm.
    Seiks, Fred
    Shamberger, Jacob
    Shultz, John
    Stifler, Henry
    Stifler, John
    Weaver, Rufus
    Wheeler, Dan'l
    Wilhelm, John L.
    Wisner, Wm.
    Zouck, G. W.


    Bacon, Lewis
    Bosley, John
    Bosley, Joseph
    Brooks, Charles
    Chilcoat, John
    Cole, Sam'l
    Crother, M.
    Ensor, Geo. D.
    Ensor, Geo. G.
    Ensor, Geo. S.
    Ensor, John of A.
    Ensor, John B.
    Ensor, John H.
    Ensor, Luke E.
    Ensor, O. M.
    Ensor, Wm. C.
    Gorsuch, John C.
    Mathews, C. W.
    Mathews, Mrs. E. D.
    Mathews, John
    Merryman, Sallie B.
    Nash, Joseph
    Price, J. M.
    Price, Sam'l M.

    Bentley's Springs

    Cameron, Daniel
    Cooper, Wm W
    Downs, Abraham
    Downs, Hinkle
    Downs, J K
    Downs, Keller
    Ensor, Noah
    Ensor, Wm.
    Hunt, Thomas
    Irwin, Henry J
    Lewin, John
    Mackey, R G
    Magee, Thos
    McCubbins, B
    McCubbins, John
    Morris, Lemuel
    Palmer, Wm
    Price, Valentine
    Rigney, John
    Scharff, Isaac T
    Scharff, T C
    Shauck, Wm
    Shunk, Geo
    Simpson, Wm
    Standiford, James
    Wilhelm, Sam'l
    Williams, David
    Wilson, Eli
    Wilson, Richard
    Winemiller, E
    Withers, Edward
    Woodruff, H
    Young, James

    Black Rock

    Armacost, E
    Ensor, Wm
    Hale, Gco
    Hoover, Peter
    Jackson, Andrew
    Kelley, John P
    Milander, Casper
    Miller, Samuel
    Shamberger, Thos
    Sparks, Wm
    Wheeler, Dan'l
    Zouck, John H


    Bell, Chas
    Bosley, Chas
    Bowen, G
    Cockey, Samuel
    Cockey, Stephen
    Cockey, T
    Cooke, A
    Cowling, E
    Cox, A
    Cox, U
    Gray, D C
    Harris, Wm
    Johnson, Wm F
    Kelly, Eli
    Lee, Alfred
    Lee, Wm
    Parks, J P D
    Parks, John
    Rogers, Chas B
    Shock, J T
    Wildeson, R. R.


    Chilcoat, Aquilla
    Cockey, Thos H
    Cole, A of A
    Davis, Evan
    Fowble, J M
    Griffith, Lewis
    Royston, Joseph
    Scott, Thos H
    Wheeler, Chas

    Calverton Mills

    Creaghon, Patrick
    Geiston, E
    Gelston, V
    Healds, Char
    Johnston, E


    Cook, Henry
    Hammond, C L
    Hess, G P
    Judic, Joseph F
    Sauerwaldt, F M
    Sizer, Jacob
    Tiepe, Henry
    Tiepe, F
    Tiepe, John
    Walker, L
    Young, Thos


    Crosby, A L
    Crosby, S K
    Gary, James A
    Glen, John
    Heird, S C
    Jones, Reuben
    Lurman, G W
    Richstein, Geo
    Skinner, T
    Smith, Owen K
    Taylor, T J
    Upman, John
    Upman, Richard
    Walker, Bennett
    Tilson, John S


    Ahern, F J
    Ahern, John
    Asher, J B
    Biddison, C W
    Biddison, Thos
    Blinkman, H
    Btamble, John
    Dollinger, John
    Dow, L.
    Eccleston, J
    Eccleston, Wm
    Edwards, Geo
    Edwards, Philip
    Fowler, Thos
    Gale, H. O.
    Gale, J M
    Galie, R W
    Galloway, W C.
    Hughes, C
    Hughes, J W
    Hughes, W C
    Jackson, A C
    King, H
    League, J W
    Malcomb, Wm
    McClary, Joshua
    Meeks, Wm
    Montgomery, James
    Morrow. J
    Myers, F
    Myers, M
    Pitcher, T. J.
    Pruitt, H
    Ray, F P
    Ritter, Geo
    Ritter, Geo Jr
    Ritter, John
    Rollins, W T
    Shaffer, D
    Shuts, James
    Sohn, Adam
    Sterling, Geo
    Tennison, O
    Vincent, Bichard
    Wade, Gee H
    Wilkinson, John
    Wilson, B
    Wilson, Wesley
    Wilson, Wm
    Young, Wm
    Zincand, M


    Armacost, Jacob
    Bond, John
    Bond, Thos
    Bosley, John
    Bosley, John of Wm
    Cockey, G
    Cockey, Judge Joshua F
    Crother, John
    Frantz, Wm Sr
    Gorsuch, Noah
    Hardesty, B McL
    Love, Capt
    Matthews, John D
    Matthews, Thos H
    Matthews, Wm W
    McDonough, Michael
    Merryman, John
    Morgan, Jarrett
    Morgan, Sam'l
    Price, John O.
    Starr; B V
    Webster, Wm
    Wight, John
    Worthington, Sam'l.
    Worthington, T L

    Cub Hill

    Ady, Mrs Caroline
    Bennett, Geo
    Bishop, Edward
    Blacklock, Wm
    Bowen, Wea
    Chenoweth, John
    Cowley, Mrs W
    Dawson, Wm
    Donavin, Owen
    Fastie, Gee
    Ferguson, Levy & D
    Graham, Daniel
    Hines, Benj
    Hines, John
    Hughes, Wm T
    Jenifer, Daniel
    Mays, E
    Perine, Mrs Emeline
    Proctor, Robt
    Seitz, Geo
    Shanklin, Mrs Annie
    Shanklin, Isaiah
    Shank un, John F
    Shanklin, John W


    Bosley, John of Wm
    Fitzgerald, Michaci A
    Kennedy, Mertin
    Kennedy, Philip
    Parks, Elisba F
    Parks, Elisha J
    Parks, John K
    Parks, Wm
    Price, John O
    Shipley, Vincent T
    Ward, Thos

    Emery Grove

    Akehurst, Wm
    Arnold, Mrs M J
    Barr, R
    Berryman, Ephraim
    Bosley, David
    Bosley, Joshua
    Cockey, M G
    Dyer, Patrick
    Eysmans, Chas
    Frank, J H
    Frantz, Elam
    Giest, Jacob D
    Gill, Gee M
    Gill, Mrs Harriet
    GillI, John G
    Gill, Joseph
    Gill, Stephen
    Given, Dr J J
    Gore, Mrs L B
    Gore, Sam'l
    Groff, Chas
    Groff, Wm
    Johns, John T
    Johnson, Mrs B A
    Kinear, J C
    Landon, Mrs E
    Lloyd, J Leachman
    Lloyd, John L
    Lloyd, Nimrod
    Longnecker, David B
    Longnecker, John S
    Love, H Horace
    Metz, Wm
    Minor, Mary
    Murphy, H H
    Naylor, Amos
    Pearce, John G
    Pennington, H H
    Semmes, Chas W
    Shipley, Robt L
    Sullivan, David
    Townsend, Sam'l P
    Tracey, Joshua
    Worthington, Benj J
    Worthington, Edward
    Worthington, John T
    Worthington, Mrs M Q

    Fork Meeting House

    Bears, John
    Clayton, Elijah
    Davis, John
    Dilworth, Francia
    Duworib, George
    Dilworth, John
    Doyle, Peter
    Garrett, Jesse
    Gorsuch, Ed win A
    Gorsuch, Jos H
    Gorsuch, Thos B
    Grover, Grafton
    Lawrence, Dr D H
    Meyers, henry
    Porter, B P
    Ridelle, Chas J
    Smithson, Henry


    Gumpf, John
    Kingsley, J
    Kleeman, A
    Lentz, Henry
    Lentz, John
    Lents, Philip
    Louis, Peter
    Lutz, Daniel
    Oler, Jacob
    Shepperd, James
    Sheridan, John


    Amos, Wm
    Anderson, Wm A
    Anderson, Wm H F
    Austin, Edward
    Carroll, Henry
    Conn, Dsniel
    Eaton, Wm
    Gorsuch, Dickenson
    Gorsuch, Joshua
    Gomuch, T T
    Johnson, Thos
    Matthews, Airy
    Matthews, Aquilla
    Matthews, Evan
    Matthews, Gee
    McCulloh, J S
    Merritt, J N
    Mervyman, Henry
    Mowell Jos W
    Pierce, br Thos
    Price, Warrick
    Torbut, Upton H
    Yost, R D

    Gorsuch Mills

    Allen, Lewis
    Anderson, John
    Baker, Isaac C
    Bond, Ross
    Green, Wesley
    Harkness, Thos
    Hershiner, B F
    Matthews, B
    Miller, John
    Mitzel, Geo
    Blade, Silas
    Trout, James
    Whitcraft, G W


    Ahell, A B
    Akehurst, Chas
    Bash, H M
    Bradford, Hon Aug
    Brown, Gee
    Brown, Robert P
    Clark, James H
    Cochran, Thos A
    Harrison, Fred'k
    Hilberg, T L
    Johnson, Reverdy
    Perine, David M
    Pleasants, J Hall
    Pratt, Enoch
    Presstman, Gee
    Rieman, Joseph H
    Huhi, Peter
    Sadtler, Gee D
    Turnbull, Henry
    Walters, Wm T
    Wilson, Wm C


    Rolander, Geo
    Crooks, Sam'l
    Dorsey, Andrew
    Dorsey, John
    Fite, Alfred
    Gosnell, N
    Lilly, Sam'l
    Mason, Robt
    Nelson, T
    O'Dell, W C
    Offutt, Milton
    Owings, U H
    Penn, John
    Putney, Geo
    Rehmeyer, H
    Sumwalt, J B
    Taggart, Robert
    Verney, James
    Wagner, Dan'1
    Worthington, J
    Worthington, N H
    Worthington, R W

    Grave Run Mills

    Albah, Thos
    Burgoyne, H A
    Fowbie, O P
    Hare, Henry F
    Hoffacker, Geo W
    Hoffacker, Henry H
    Bosh, Frank
    Resh, Jacob
    Bauble, C
    Wink, Joseph


    Armacost, M
    Bailey, A
    Bull, Gee A
    Canoles, Chas A
    Donaldson, David
    Foster, D A
    Foster, John B
    Foster, W N
    France, Howard
    Galilon, Richard B
    Hamilton, W
    Hicks, J W
    Johnson, Wm
    Knight, John
    Lovell, J
    Litzinger, John
    Lutz, John
    Mayes, J C
    Mayes, John P
    Mayes, N
    Mayes, Thos
    Merryman, H N
    Miller, S H
    Peregoy, J
    Peregoy, M
    Ruhie, Wm
    Saumenig, C
    Saumenig, Frank
    Sparks, A
    Spendler, J
    Stilts, Amos
    Stilts, J B
    Stilts, Wm
    Thompson, J
    Vance, Howard
    Wheeler, J F
    Wheeler, T

    Lavender Hill

    Bash, Henry
    Cole, M.
    Cowley, Wm.
    Craig, Capt. Alex
    Duncan, Mrs. E.
    Duncan, Mrs. E.
    Fowler, Aquilla
    Fuller, Isaac
    German, Howell
    Miss, Mrs. Dr.
    Hiss, Jacob, Jr.
    Hook, Wm.
    Jenifer, Thos. R.
    Johnson, John
    Kilchenstein, J. A.
    Kinline, Michael
    Laubach, Henry
    Miller, Aug.
    Miller, Fred'k
    Miller, Henry
    Shanklin, Jeff
    Shanklin, John
    Shanklin, John Jr
    Simon, Peter
    Stanshury, EW ah
    Ulrich, John
    Whittaker, L

    Little Gunpowder

    Allender Dr W T
    Baxter, John
    Bennett, Wm
    Bucbtel, Sam'l
    Coupman, Addison
    Oropmore, Alfred
    Day, Edward
    Droayer, Herman
    Feusae, Louis
    Hawltins, James
    Knight, Thos
    Knight, Wm H
    Milkie, Henry
    Onion, J W
    Pfeifer, Geo
    Pfeifer, Wm
    Pyle, P P
    Rader, Geo
    Taylor, Col Ben F
    Williams, Wm
    Zingruheim, Geo


    Anderson, S M
    Corbin, Wm
    Gilmor, Wm
    Wilson, Wm O

    Maryland Line

    Caskey, R
    Genimell, Wm P
    Jordan, B F
    Lee, J
    Lenn,J H
    McDonal, A
    McDonal, Aquilla
    Rutiedge, T G
    Standiford, A M
    Sykes, Wm
    Wordrouff, A P


    Alder, Daniel
    Anderson, Geo
    Bacon, John
    Bosley, E.
    Bosley, Samuel
    Cuddy, Elihu
    Curtis, John
    Holmes, J B
    Hunt, L
    Mathews, Chas
    Mathews, Clarkson
    Mathews, Eli
    Mathews, Mrs O
    McBride, James
    Merryman, Jno.
    Parson, L
    Pearce, John
    Pearce, Wm.
    Perdue, Walter
    Remare, R A
    Shepperd, Josiah
    Sparks, F M
    Sparks, Josiah
    Tipton, Slicer

    Mt. Carmel

    Ashe, Henry N B
    Alban, John 0
    Benson, B Frank
    Benson, Benj
    Benson, John W
    Benson, Joshua T
    Bossom, Abraham
    Bossom, B Frank
    Bossom, Efisha
    Cole, Benj
    Cole, C M.
    Cole, J B
    Cole, N V
    Dehoff, John B
    Ensor, N W
    Gorsuch, Benj
    Gors'ach, Thos J
    Hall, John
    Hall, John O
    Hall, M
    Hall, Thos
    Jackson, Noah F
    Kelbaugh, Christ
    Lovell, Isaac
    Miller, John G
    Miller, Milton H
    Miller, Stephen H
    Miller, Thos
    Palmer, John
    Royston, John
    Thompson, Geo
    Thompson, Noah
    Tracy, Wm L
    Turnbaugh, Jacob
    Tumbaugh, John
    Ulrich, Isaac
    Zouck, John H
    Zouck, Richard

    Mt. Washington

    Buchanan, Chas
    Coates, Alex
    I)iggs, Dudley
    Hamuton, James
    Lehr, Robert
    Nevill, Geo
    Smith, Geo W
    Sutton, James L
    Vaughn & Co
    Ward, John
    Woolston, B S

    Mt. Winans

    Carny, Owen
    Gable, Charles
    Gheb, Araham
    Hise, John
    Link, John
    Linthicum, Matthew
    Mitchell, Yerry
    O'Brien, Joseph
    O'Brien, Patrick
    Rittenhouse, James
    Wade, Geo

    North Branch

    Allen, P W
    Bailey, G W
    Belt, C
    Black, Joseph
    Conry, H S
    Fite, J
    Harker, Wm H
    Ireland, Edward
    Luttgerding H O
    Mansfield, John
    O'Dell, E C
    Oursier, W D
    Randall, Lloyd
    Randall, Wm
    Randall, Wm A
    Stanfield, James


    Birch, Wm H
    Bishop, David
    Button, James
    Cowley, James E
    Dungan, Capt A T
    Friend, Lewis
    Gambrill, Wm
    Hews, Asbury
    Horner, Joshua Jr
    Jacobs, J W
    Laughlin, Chas
    Lutz, Tobias
    McCormick, Alex
    Merritt, Wm
    Parlett, A J
    Polk, John H
    Reese, Thos H
    Rever, W H

    Owings Mills

    Allen, Col. W.
    Archibald, John
    Bleakley, S H
    Carroll, J N
    Cooper, A A
    Easter, James
    Fox, G
    Groff, B F
    Hook, RW
    Lee, Col. J. F.
    Mason, W. T. T.
    Mole, G W
    Nicholas. Col W C
    Painter. M
    Reese, John
    Ryland, John
    Wood, Dr

    Paper Mills

    Arehart. Sam'l
    Bailey, Frrd'k
    Baublitz, John
    Bohn, J A
    Bollinger, Joseph
    Burke, Chas
    Carr, Peter
    Dixon, Geo W
    Eberhart, Gen
    Fultz, Geo M
    Goodwin, Joshua
    Hampshlre, Gen D
    Hampshire, John
    Hare, Abram
    Hare, John
    Hare, Joseph
    Henry, Jacob
    Hilker, Dan'l B
    Hilker, Henry
    Hoffman, Geo W
    Hoffman, Wm D
    Hoffman, Wm H
    Hoffman, Wm J
    Huffeisen, Henry
    Jones, Edward
    Markey, Wm
    Matthews, J N
    Rampha, E
    Ruhl, Jacob
    Shearer, Jacob
    Swem, Wm
    Waldman, Conrad
    Wirtz, Jesse
    Zimmerman, H


    Armacost, M
    Bull, N H
    Cameron, D W
    Cathcart, B F
    Chilcoat, A A
    Cooper, A S
    Cooper, James
    Cooper, W T
    Ensor, Wm
    Jones, Joseph
    Little, Georre
    Little, Wm H
    Morton, M
    Price, James T
    Rampley, James


    Milson, Richard T
    Anderson, Wm A
    Barrett, Edward
    Bean, Wm Jr
    Carroll, Henry H
    Carroll, Wm S
    Fuller, Joshua
    Griffith, Thos T
    Johnson, Jacob
    Johnson, Oacar
    Masemore, Zedekiah
    Mayes, Mrs Mary A
    Moore, Samuel
    Patterson, Mrs Mary T
    Pearce, Jno & Thos
    Philpet, Thos
    Price, Oliver R
    Richardson, John F
    Richardson, Thos Jr
    Richardson, Thos V
    Royston, J M
    Royston, Wesley A
    Slade, Levi A


    Barnett, D
    Barron, Edward
    Biddell, Alex
    Counselman, James B
    Cockey, Chas T
    Craddock, Thos
    Crehen, Augustus
    Devries, Wm
    Fisher, John
    Harrison, Chas K
    Maynard, H F
    McHenry, Sam'l H
    Mirhal, Geo
    Mittnacht, Geo H
    Moffett, James H
    Myer, Thos J
    Ridgley, James
    Rogers, Chas L
    Shipley, B
    Shipley, Chas G
    Slade, John
    Smith, J
    Stewart, C M
    Taggart, C
    Tucker, A
    Wagner, Jno W
    Walker, P H
    Wyse, F O


    Arthur, B F
    Hammon, J D
    Hotton, H B
    Kalb, John
    Makin, John
    Makin, Joshua
    Riley, Geo
    Smith, Daniel
    Timanus, Luther
    Weidemyer, Adolph
    Weiderman, Wm
    Younger, Lemuel
    Zimmerman, Chas
    Zimmerman, John
    Zimmerman, Wm


    Burkett, Wm
    Campbell, Wm
    Carr, Wm
    Choate, Edward
    Choate, Pearce
    Clagett, Adam
    Haganritter, John
    Harrey, Wm
    Jean, D
    Klohr, H
    Klohr, Henry
    Russell, Wm
    Shipley, C H
    Slining, John
    Smith, C F
    Spielman, Wm
    Sterling, Wm
    Wstters, Sam'1
    Wolf, J C
    Worthington, B


    Cooper, B F
    Cooper M
    Cross, P S
    Eareckson, Robert
    Garretkj R
    Gorsuch, E
    Hays,J B
    Hoshal, Bennett
    Hoshal, E
    Kerr, Robert
    Kidd, D
    Kldd, Eli
    Kldd, Wm
    Kirschner, J
    McCullough, L
    Shaver, Jacob
    Wilson, D


    Bailey, Henry
    Banks, Andrew
    Baseman, Sylvester
    Baseman, Judge V W
    Bennett, J L
    Berryman, Edward
    Berryman, Henry
    Brooks, Gen'l H S
    Cockey, M G
    Downey, Albert
    Ducker, Geo
    Eighner, David
    Porney, Jacob S
    Gingrich, Christian
    Gingrich, Geo B
    Gore, A W
    Gore, Albert
    Gore, J McHenry
    Gore, Jessie
    Gore, John F
    Gore, John H
    Grafton, S H
    Humphrey, James
    Kane, John
    Kemp, J Edwin
    Kephart, Geo
    Miller, A B
    Neal, John
    Norris, G S
    Norris, Wm
    Passano, Joseph
    Peirce, J G
    Reese, Chas
    Rich, A A
    Seymour, John
    Stockadale, Albert
    Stocksdale, Chas W
    Stockadale, M
    Stocksdale, Thos
    Sugars, Dan'l
    Sugars, Geo
    Triplit, Ephraim
    Warner, Edward
    Warner, Geo W
    Weishample, Christian
    Welch, Luther
    Williams, James


    Boblitz, J
    Boblitz, Thos
    Bouqueene, Augntns
    Carver, Wm
    Childs, John D
    Childs, Thos C
    Cox, Uriah
    Geist, Martin D
    Gent, Orrick, W
    Gent, Wm
    Griffith, Abram.
    Griffith, Edwin
    Harris, Ephraim
    Joice, Geo T
    Jones, Aquilla
    Long, John
    Martin, Geo W
    Matthews, John D.
    Scott, Abraham C.
    Scott, Edwin
    Scott, Thos, M
    Small, James
    Wilderson, Remington


    Baker, James
    Cuddy, Wesley R
    Eaton, Samuel
    Gettle, Jacob
    Gilbert, Thos
    Hare, Geo
    Harris, Nicholas
    Muller, PH
    Palmer, A. J.
    Pearce, Josias S.
    Slade, Madison
    Slade, Wm
    Stabler, A J
    Wier, Henry
    Williams, M

    Stevenson Station

    Bennett, Wm A
    BradY, Sam'l
    Clayton, S S
    Cockey, C T
    Cook, Adolphus
    Hopkins, Joseph S
    Rodgers, Chas B
    Shoemaker, S M
    Stewart, C Morton
    Stump, W G H
    Taggart, Cadiff

    St. Denis

    Mitchell, Perry
    Randle, WmT
    Reed, MrsGW
    Ring, Dennis
    Schmidt, Chas T
    Shipley, Allen
    Smith, John Chandler
    Sutton, Samuel

    St. James

    Anderson, A B
    Carroll, Henry
    Cockey, Joshua H
    Curtis, Geo & Chas
    Curtis, John M
    Hunt, Levi
    Hunt, Wm
    Hutchins, H C
    Hutchins, Nicholas T
    Hutchins, Wm
    Nelson, Nathan
    Pearce, Jacob M
    Pearce, Micajah
    Price, WmT
    Shepperd, Josiah
    Slade, Wm T

    Sunny Brook

    Brown, Henry
    Brown, John
    Burnet, Chas
    Curtis, W H
    Fishpaw, Elijah
    Hall, Wm
    Jackal, Jacob
    King, Isaac
    Miller, Peter
    Minix, Leopold
    Owens, Thos L
    Pocock, John
    Pursol, John
    Schoelkopf, Henry
    Smith, Christ.
    Smith, Frank
    Smith, John
    Wheeler James
    Wilson, Wm

    Sweet Air

    Baldwin, John S
    Burk, Conrad
    Curry, A Jackson
    Fitzsimmons, Patrick
    Hall, Wm
    Henderson, Jas N
    Hooper, James
    Jessop, Edward
    Johnson, Benj
    Kennedy, Chas F
    Law, Sam'l B
    Morrison, Alex M
    Morrison, Geo
    O'Donovan, Edward
    Parker, Nicholas H
    Parks, Joseph
    Pocock, Eugene
    Powell James D
    Price, Joshua R
    Price, Wm
    Sherman, Louis
    Stansbury, Thos
    Wilson, Gittings
    Wlison, Jackson


    Anderson, S M
    Bosley, Dr G M
    Bowen, Geo V
    Bowen, Wm
    Boyce, James
    Buckman Bros
    Chew, Mrs Chas R
    Davis, T S
    Ewing, K
    Gilmore Bros
    Gittings, R J
    Hartman, Isaac
    Herman, B
    Jenkins, Rob't
    Johnson, Benj
    Merryman, Geo H
    Owens, John B
    Parlett, Wm
    Pearce, John C
    Pleasant, Richard
    Price, Wm
    Ridgely, Mrs Chas
    Shanklin Arthur
    Shealey, Mrs M A
    Smith, Geo A
    Stansbury, Dr J T
    Steteer, John C
    Stevenson, John
    Stevenson, W
    Turubull, H C
    Vanhorne, Beni
    Ware, R R
    Wisner, Jacob

    Union Meeting House

    Alben, Joseph
    Alben, Z
    Bull, C
    Bull, J N
    Cooper, J W
    Cooper, John
    Cooper, John Jr
    Cooper,. Joseph
    Cotter, J B
    Cotter, N
    Cullings, Nelson
    Daily, Jesse
    Davis, Mills
    Gore, C M
    Gore, Chas
    Gore, Sam'l
    Hampshire, Geo
    Hampshire, J B
    Hoshal, Jesse
    Hoshal, Steven G
    Housman, John
    Housman, Reuben
    Housman, Wilson
    Kidd, Chas
    Kidd, John
    Kroh, P
    Kroh, W
    McCullough, Vincent
    McCullough, Wm
    Michels, Jacob
    Owings, G D
    Parrish, John
    Barrish, Peter
    Peppler,. P
    Royston, Caleb
    Shauck, J N
    Shaver, Enoch
    Spicer, Wm
    Spicer, John
    Spicer, John Jr
    Turnbaugh, M
    Wilhelm, Henry
    Wilhelm, Peter B
    Wipperman, H
    Wipperman, John

    Upper Falls

    Bevard, J
    Bryerly, M
    Davis, G T
    Davis, R
    Day, J Y
    Fleury, B A
    Foster, J
    Haley, P B
    Haman, D
    Pfeltz, G A
    Raphel, E F
    Reynolds, E
    Standiford, C
    Wann, B
    Wilson, K S


    Barrenger, Frank
    Engle, Gotleib
    Erdman, George
    Folks, George
    Hoen, August
    Hoen, Ernest
    Quick, Henry
    Rutherford, Andrew
    Watson, John


    Anderson, Mrs B
    Blizzard, J
    Bond, M A
    Coshley, Thos
    Deice, John
    Duncan, J A
    Gill, Benj M
    Gill, C M
    Haynes, Wm
    Helms, J G
    Huster, G
    Leefe, Jacob
    Muaselman, Mrs M M
    Nairn, C T
    Reigler, Fred
    Shamleoffie, Nicholas
    Shipley, A F
    Slade, J B
    Slade, Wm A
    Stambaugh, Henry
    Starr, Henry
    Uhler, C W
    Upperco, Benj S
    Upperco, J L
    Upperco, Jesse
    Vickery, H G
    Walters, Alex K
    Wooden, B
    Wooden, Frank

  • Calvert County

    CALVERT COUNTY lies on the Western shore of Chesapeake Bay, and is one of the smallest counties, being in length about 32 miles, with an average width of about 7 miles, having an area of 235 square miles. This county is a peninsula, and bounded by the Bay on the East, the Patuxent River on the West, and on the North by Anne Arundel County. The surface is undulating, and drains from a central elevation towards the Bay and River, into which numerous little creeks empty.

    The soil is a soft fine mold, except on the Patuxent where it is more clayey, and is well adapted to the growth of corn, tobacco and wheat, though the great staple is tobacco. The climate is generally warm and mild. The waters of the Chesapeake and Patuxent abound in the finest fish and oysters; immense quantities of the latter are annually carried to Baltimore and the Northern markets; the trade employing large numbers of men. Tripoli, which is used as a polishing material, Is found in many localities, the deposit on the Patuxent being very large. Marl exists also, affording a good fertilizer in many localities. Oak, chestnut, pine and locust are the natural timber growths, and mostly line the navigable waters, and are carried to market.

    Judges Seventh Judicial Circuit--Hon. George Brent, Chief Judge. Hon.Robert Ford and Hon. Daniel R. Magruder, Associate Judges. Commissioners of Court-Joseph A. Wilson and Chas. S. Parran. Auditor-Chas. S. Parran. Clerk of Court--John H Basford, Prince Frederick. Deputy Clerk--Somerville Sollers. Crier-George W. Bowen. Sheriff-Stirling Smith, Prince Frederick. State's Attorney-B. B. Hagner, Prince Frederick. Warden of Jail-Stirling Smith. Judges of Orphan's Court-R. H. T. Norfolk, John A. Sedwick and David Carcand. Register of Wills--Basil S. Dixon. Deputy-Dr.W. H. Norfolk. Surveyor- John B. Gray, Port Republic. County Commissioners-Jas. A. Bnnd, Wm. N. Breeden and Webster L. Webb. Clerk-Edward H. Ireland. Registers of Voters-Wm. H. Hellen, John R. Beckett and W. L. Webb. Constables-Robert S. Allison, James S. Catterton and John W. Ward. Tax Collectors-James S. Thomas, B. O. Bowen and O. W. Spicknall. Jusitices of the Peace-James I. Blackburn, W. W. Dorsey, Thomas H. Grover, Geo. W. Weeden, James L. Hutchins, Thomas C. Carpenter, C. H. Bowen, C. B. Harrison, Jesse Carr, Wm. Ireland, Thomas M. ?lummer and Jas. P. King. Coroner-Stirling Smith. Congressman Fifth District-Hon. Eli J. Henkle. Annapolis. State Senator-Joseph A. Wilson, Prince Frederick. Members House of Delegates-John C. Parker and Thos. H. Jones. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Prince Frederick, the county seat: Last Term--1st Monday in May and 1st Wednesday in November. Chancery Terms-1st Monday in February and July. Population of County-White, 4,332; Colored, 5,533. Registered Vote-2,200. Assessed Value of Real, Personal and Stocks-$2,145,800. State and County Tax-97 1/4 cents on $100.


    Is 4 miles from Lower Marlboro on the Patuxent River, and 15 from Upper Marlboro, on the B. & P. R. R Climate pleasant, village healthy; business, crops and land good, land mostly cleared, Is worth from $10 to $25 per acre, and readily produces 7 to 15 bus. wheat, 25 to 50 oats, 50 to 100 potatoes, 25 to 50 corn and 600 to 1,000 pounds tobacco. The inducements to emigrants are fine lands, naturally good soil and susceptible of the highest improvement; mills, churches, schools and an abundance of good water. All Saints P. E. Church, Rev. Mr. Willis; one public school, Wm. J. Weems, teacher. The people of this vicinity are mostly engaged in farming and are noted for their sobriety, intelligence and industry. Population 75. C. B. Harrison, Postmaster.

    Plummer, Thos M
    Hardesty, Benj T
    Hardesty, Charles
    Hardesty, Richard
    General Merchandise
    Harrison, Frank T
    Fowler, Wm. C.
    Barber, Philip P.
    Hardesty, Chas.


    Is 11 miles from Upper Marlboro, on the B. & P. R. R., and near Ferry Landing on Patuxent River, its shipping point. Climate temperate and place healthy; business, crops and land good; the land is easily tilled, can be bought at from $6 to $40 per acre, and produces 15 bus. wheat, 25 oats, 80 corn, and 850 lbs. tobacco. No potatoes or hay raised for market. Two churches, Smithville M. E. and Shiloh M. E. South. Public Schools, Nos '7 and 8, J. B. W. Tanevhill and C. W. Hyde, Jr., teachers. Highland Grange, 61, P. of H., F. B. Smith, Master, T. B. Jones, Sec'y. Population 36. P. S. Sullivan, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Chaney, L. L. & J. C.
    Sullivan, W W & Bro
    Chaney, J T
    Fowler, J W
    Chaney, T M
    Petherbridge, J F
    Smith, J S


    Is 17 miles from Upper Marlboro, on the B. & P.R. R., and near Deep Landing, the shipping point, on the Patuxent River; climate variable, village healthy, business and crops good; the laud is a sandy loam, mostly cleared; can be bought at from $10 to $40 per acre, and produces 5 to 30 bus. wheat, 25 to 50 corn, 500 to 1,000 lbs. tobacco, and a fair amount of other crops; two M. E. and two P. E. Churches Revs. Mr. Willis, Lorrison, Lemmon and Cornelius. Huntingtown Grange 55, P. of H., C. B. Belt, Master; Mrs. F. M. Norfolk, Sec. population, 100. R H. T. Norfolk, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Armiger, John S
    Atwell W F
    Norfolk, J. J. & Bro.
    Spicknall, Thos S
    Dorsey, Thornton
    Norfolk, W H
    Stanforth, B
    Cox, John F


    Is on the Patuxent River, 12 miles from Prince Frederick, the county seat, and 11 from Brandywine, on the B. & P. R. R. Climate mild, place healthy, land medium, mostly cleared; can be purchased at from $5 to $30 per acre, and produces 3 to 20 bus. wheat, 10 to 40 oats, 150 to 200 potatoes, 25 to 50 corn, 400 to 1,000 lbs tobacco; business, crops and water good. One of Weems' Steamboats twice 'a week. M. B. Church, Revs. J. T. Gill and H. Baggs. Public School, Miss Bettie Hutchins, principal. Population 100. T. W. Sparklin, postmaster.

    Gurdizer, Joseph
    Teppitt, John T
    Armiger, B F
    Varr Jesse
    General Merchandise
    Thuman, W B
    Sparklin, B
    Dalrymple, J M B
    Thomas, J H
    Ireland, John F
    Dalrymple, Wm H
    Wood, Geo H


    Is 25 miles from Upper Marlboro, on B. & P. R. R., and near Governor's Run, its shipping point. Climate mild, village healthy. Not much business done. Crops generally good. Land is variable in quality, and can be bought at from $5 to $30 per acre and is one half cleared; it is close to markets and has good schools and churches. Plenty good water. Land produces 5 to 40 bus. wheat, 10 to 50 oats, 15 to 100 corn and 400 to 1,000 lbs. Tobacco. Christ Church, Rev. G. W. E. Fisse. Public School, Miss H. B. Frazer, Principal. Chesapeake Grange 73, P. of H., Dr. G.W. Dorsey, Master; Dr. W. P. Dorsey, Sec. Population 50. W. P. Dorsey, Postmaster.

    Holland, Thos
    Wiesman, Francis
    Hawkins, E J
    Howe, Anthony
    Kelton, F P
    Wales, S D
    County Surveyor.
    Gray, John B
    General Merchandise
    Boyd, Geo W
    Fowler, J W
    Hellen, C. E.
    Sedwick, John
    Sollers, J. P.
    Cats, G.
    Dorsey, C. H.
    Dawkins, J T
    Dorsey, W P
    Parker, J C
    Mandt, C H


    The county seat, is 5 miles from Leach's Wharf on the Patuxent River, the shipping point, and 20 from Brandywine on B. & P.R. R. The situation is in the centre of the peninsula, midway between the Patuxent River and the Bay. Climate generally mild and healthy. The land is mostly cleared; some oak, chestnut, pine and locust yet standing of a light growth. The land is well adapted to the growth of tobacco; and this with wheat and corn comprise the staple products. It can be bought at from $5 to $25 per acre, and produces 5 to 15 bus. wheat, 15 to 40 corn, and 400 to 550 pounds tobacco. Crops and business medium. St. Paul's Episcopal church, Rev. Mr. Cornelius, and a public school. Clifton Grange 72, P. of H., Dr. I. A Baden, Master; M. Kate Baden, Sec'y. Prince Frederick Grange 76, Dr Geo. H. Jones, Master; Somerville Sollers, Sec'y. . Battle Grange 115. James A. Bond, Master; A. H. Bowen, Sec'y. Population 100. Edith V. Dowell, Postmistress.

    Attorneys at Law.
    Briscoe, J P
    Briseoe, I T
    Hagner, B H
    Parran, C S
    Wilson, Hon Joseph A
    Hall, Joseph
    Simmons, C W
    General Merchandise.
    Bowen, C H
    Hall, J J
    Shemwell & Bro
    Brentford, Jas Alnutt
    Baden, J A
    Jones, Geo H
    McDaniel, Wm


    Is at the mouth of the Patuxent River. Climate mild, village healthy, business good and crops medium. The land is dark and sandy, mostly cleared, and varies in price from $8 to $50 per acre, and produces 5 to 15 bus. wheat, 8 to 20 oats, 50 to 200 potatoes, 80 to 50 corn, 600 to 1,200 pounds tobacco, and 3/4 to 1 1/2 tons hay. Oak, pine and chestnut comprise the timber yet standing. M. E. Church, Rev. A. C. Gill; M. B. South, Rev. A. L. Torreyson; P. E., Rev. Mr. Fisse. Public schools, Nos. 1 and 8, Misses Alice Ireland and Mollie Hawkins, teachers. Population 200. Jno. D. Schenton, Postmaster.

    Kopp, Wilhelm
    Marsh, Chas L
    Stevens, F B
    General Merchandise.
    Hellen, James & Son
    Lusby, Wm T
    Norwood, Richard
    Solomon, Chas S Agt
    Marine Railways.
    Marsh, James T
    Solomon, Chas S Agt
    Baytleld. Wm
    Tolley, Wm A
    Oyster Planters.
    Coster, Thomas J
    Tucker, L J
    Sedwick, Wm A


    Is 5 miles from Port Republic, and at the head of St. Leonard's Creek. Planter's Wharf, on Patuxent River, is the shipping point. Climate mild; not much business done; crops good, land variable in quality; can be bought at from $5 to $80 per acre; about one-half cleared, and produces 5 to 25 bus. wheat, 10 to 15 oats, 15 to 75 corn, and 400to 800 pounds tobacco. Chast Church and Middleham Chapel, Rev. G.W. B. Fisse; a public school, Miss Bettie A. Griffiss, Principal. St. Leonard's Grange 78, P. of H, John B. Mackall, Master; J. A. Sedwick, Sec. Population 200. James H. Frazier, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Bowen, O C
    Freeman & Hellen
    Farran, S
    Dawkins, W S
    Gott, Joseph
    Sedwick, John A


    Briscoe, James T
    Briscoe, Philip
    Carcand, David
    Carcand, Wm M
    Chaney, Leroy L
    Cox, Wm
    Drury, John H
    Fowler, James S
    Fowler, John W
    Fowler, Wm C
    Gantt, Francis
    Gantt, Geo. B.
    Gantt, Thos. J.
    Gibbons, Mrs. H. L.
    Gibson, John
    Graham, Thos. J.
    Hardesty, Wm. T.
    King, Geo. E.
    Owings, Franklin
    Owings, Wallace
    Plummer, Thos. M.
    Prout, Edward
    Prout, Joseph R.
    Reynolds, Wm.
    Sasscer, John
    Sunderland, B. A.
    Sunderland, Joseph S.
    Talbot, J. F.
    Turner, Joseph
    Turner, Samuel
    Ward, Edward S.
    Webb, Webster L.
    Wilkerson, Alex
    Wood, Samuel P.

    Briscoe, James T.
    Briscoe, Philip
    Carcand, David
    Carcand, Wm. M.
    Chaney, Leroy L.
    Cox, Wm.
    Drury, John H.
    Fowler, James S.
    Fowler, John W.
    Fowler, Wm. C.
    Gantt, Francis
    Gantt, Geo. B.
    Gantt, Thos. J.
    Gibbons, Mrs. H. L.
    Gibson, John
    Graham, Thos. J.
    Hardesty, Wm. T.
    King, Geo. E.
    Owings, Franklin
    Owings, Wallace
    Plummer, Thos. M.
    Prout, Edward
    Prout, Joseph R.
    Reynolds, Wm.
    Sasscer, John
    Sunderland, B. A.
    Sunderland, Joseph S.
    Talbot, J. F.
    Turner, Joseph
    Turner, Samuel
    Ward, Edward S.
    Webb, Webster L.
    Wilkerson, Alex
    Wood, Samuel P.


    Griffith, L M
    Griffith, Capt Lewis
    Griffith, Bohert H
    Howes, J W
    Howes, S Z
    Howes, Webster
    Jones, L B
    Jones, Thos H
    Lane, Fletcher
    Lane, J W
    Smith, David P
    Smith, F B
    Smith, Dr John S
    Smith, Thos W
    Smith, Wm D


    Belt, Chas B
    Bird, C C
    Bird, Dr S B
    Cox, James N
    Gibson, David
    Hardesty, Joseph
    Harris, J T D
    King, Joseph
    Manner, C H
    Norfolk, Joseph J
    Williams, S C

    Lower Marlboro

    Bell, James
    Forbes, B
    Hance, W H
    Howe, Denis
    Ireland, H C
    Ireland, Dr J F
    Jones, J W
    Jones, Thos B
    Jones, Wm
    Lyons, J B
    Lyons, John
    Bay, James
    Scaggs, Geo W
    Smith, James S
    Younger, Geo

    Port Republic

    Bond, B D
    Bond,B B D
    Bond, J J
    Bond, John
    Dorsey, W A
    Hance, Benjamin
    Lavelle, A
    Boss, G F
    Smith, Sterling

    Prince Frederick

    Baden, Dr J A
    Bond, B
    Bond, James A
    Bone, James
    Bowen, A H
    Bowen, C
    Bowen, C H
    Bowen, P A
    Bowen, W H
    Bowen, W J
    Breeden, Joseph B
    Brook, J
    Dail, W B
    Duke, N
    Freeman, A
    Grover, Thomas B
    Hance, M B
    Jones, Dr Geo H
    Magruder, J A
    McDaniel, Dr Wm
    Mitchell, J. W.
    Morton, H. E.
    Parran, W. A.
    Roberts, J. G.
    Shalley, W. H.
    Skinner, W. D.
    Sollers, Sommerville
    Sollers, W. D.
    Thomas, John
    Thomas, J. S.
    Weeden, S.
    Williams, W. G.
    Wilson, James A.
    Wilson, S. B.

    Solomon's Island

    Barreda, F. L.
    Bourne, E. W.
    Solomon, Chas. S.
    Somervell, A.
    Somervell, L. W.

    St. Leonard's

    Bond, J. Thomas
    Bowen, B. J.
    Broome, John
    Dawkins, W. S.
    Frazier, James H.
    Gott, James
    Griffiss, Joseph W.
    Hardesty, Robert
    Johnson, John H.
    King, James F.
    Mackall, John B.
    Mackall, Mrs. L. C.
    Peterson, John W.
    Sedwick, B. J.
    Sedwick, John A., Jr.
    Wall, James T.

  • Caroline County

    CAROLINE COUNTY is of small area, and is bounded on the east by the State of Delaware, north-west and west by Queen Anne's and Talbot, and south by Dorchester counties.

    The main branch of the Great Choptank River runs through the county, and is navigated by steamboats to Denton. This, with several creeks, afford excellent facilities for sending produce to market, and in return, obtaining lime, ashes and manures; scarcely any land lying more than five miles from navigable water.

    Some of its soils are sandy, some are low meadow-lands of rich black earth, but the largest proportion is a loam with a clay subsoil. The last will produce grains, grasses, vegetables, cotton, and tobacco, which latter two are raised in small quantities very successfully for domestic use. The sandy soil is very productive in sweet potatoes, and every variety of vegetables and fruits. Peaches are very largely cultivated and sent to Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York markets.

    The general character of the county is level, but sufficiently undulating to afford drainage, and the roads are mostly level and hard, and give very fine travelling facilities. Some excellent fisheries of shad and herring are in the county, and crabs, wild ducks and other game are abundant in their respective seasons.

    Judge Second Judicial Circuit-Hon. John M. Robinson, Chief Judge, Centreville. Hon. J. A. Wickes, Chestertown, and Hon. Frederick Stump, Perryville, Associate Judges. Commissioners of Court--Luther H. Gadd and Clinton Cook. Auditor--Phillip W. Downs. Clerk to Court-John W.Temple, Denton. Deputy Clerks--L. H. Gadd and C. Cook. Crier-James Hignutt. Bailiffs-H. Irwin, W. L. Davis and Thos. P. Davis. Sheriff-- J. Evitts, Denton State's Attorney-G. M. Russum, Denton. Judge of Orphan's Court-Robert Jarrell, Greensboro, W. A. Ford, Denton, and Dr. H. F. Willis, Preston. Register of Wills-Jas. B. Steele, Denton. Deputy-J. G. Steele. Surveyor--S. H. Melson. County Commissioners- Col. J. E. Douglas, Pres., Preston, Dr. H. C. Comegys and W. S. Ridgely. Secretary and Examiner--Rev. Gen. F. Beaven, Hillsbormlgh. Trustees of Almshouse-H. C. Culbreth, Esma Lowe, J. Boon Dukes, M. Patton and A. N. Davis. Physician-Enoch George. Overseer-Wm. Driggis. Registers of Vote's-DR. Heather, J. A. Roe, L. H. Gadd, John Rumbold and Eli C. Gullett. Justice of the Peace-Richard Jones, J. P. Fieroe, Perry G. Stevens, Thos. A. Smitb, Jas. E. Johnson,Wm. H. Bullock and W. H Watkins. Constables-Wm. M. Price, W. H. Lowe, Tilghman Roe, Wm. C. Willoughby and Wm. T. Slaughter. Tax Collectors--Alexander Saulsbury, Jas. S. Whithy, B. J. W. Garey, E. M. Towers, Elijah Hignutt. Congressman First District-Hon. Darius M. Henry, Cambridge. State Senator Hon. Thos. F. Garey, Denton. Members House of Delegates-Jas. Massey and Charles H. Todd, Denton. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Denton, the county seat: law Terms-1st Monday in April and October. Chancery Terms-2d Monday in January and 4th Monday in June. Population of County-White, 12,000; Colored, 1,100. Registered Vote-2,957. Assessed Value of Real, Personal and Railroad Property-$3,730,l76. State and County Tax-103 1/4 cents on $100.


    Is 9 miles from Federalsburg on the Dorchester & Delaware R R., and near Gilpin's Point on the Choptank River. Climate warm; the crops and land are fair. Land can be bought at from $12 to $00 per acre; produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 15 to 40 corn, 25 oats and 40 to 75 potatoes. Population 50. Wm. C. Willoughby, Postmaster.

    Covey, John
    Legates, Wm T
    Cohee, Wm H
    Willoughby Wm C
    General Merchandise
    Willoughby, Wm C


    Is 15 miles from Harrington on the Delaware B. H., and near Potter's Landing on the Choptank River, the shipping point. Climate good, place healthy. The timber yet standing is composed of oak, pine, poplar, gum, &c.; the land is one-half cleared, a light clay; can he purchased at from $10 to $30 per acre, and produces 5 to 20 bus. wheat, 20 to 35 oats, 5 to 40 potatoes, 10 to 40 corn and 2 tons hay. Crops are generally good. H. H. Cannon, C. A. Boop and M. E. Rose, teachers. Population 300. J. W. Stevens, Postmaster.

    Roop, J F
    Starkey, R
    Wooters, W H
    General Merchandise
    Stevens, J. W.
    Pool, L. W.
    Smith, H. E.


    Is 7 miles from Easton on the Md. & Delaware B. B., and 2 1/2 from Hog Island on the Choptank River. Climate fine, land naturally good and is susceptible of the highest improvement; ample market facilities. The land can be purchased at from $15 to $20 per acre, and produces 30 bus. wheat, 50 corn, 30 oats and 60 potatoes. Bethlehem Church, Rev. John W. Dean and a public school, Henry Vosburg, teacher. Population 32. Isaac W. Davis, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Hignutt, Wm T
    Pool, James
    Andrew, Newton
    Messick, R. M.


    Is 9 miles from Harrington on the Delaware B. R, and near Denton on the Choptank River, the shipping point. Climate mild, business and crops good. The timber now standing is composed of oak; the land is a sandy loam, mostly cleared; is worth $20 per acre, and produces 15 bus. wheat, 20 oats, 60 potatoes, 25 corn and ii tons hay. M. P. Church, Rev. W. C. Ames; M. E no regular pastor. Public School, John Lee, Principal. Population, 100. F. A. Porter, Postmaster.

    Harvey, T
    Stevens, W B
    Stafford, James
    Ames, Rev W C
    General Merchandise.
    Porter, A T
    Porter, T W
    Stafford,Wm P
    Moore, Miss Jennie
    Stafford, Mrs Margaret
    Saulsbury, Theodore
    Warren, Jonathan
    Williams, Thomas


    Is 4 miles from Potter's Landing on the Choptank River, and 8 from Federalsburg, on the Dorchester & Delaware B. H. Climate mild, village healthy; business, crops and land good; land mostly cleared. Can be bought at from $10 to $25 per acre, and produces 10 to 15 bus. wheat, IS oats, 140 potatoes, 85 to 40 corn. Inducements very good for emigrants. Two M. E. Churches, one colored; public school, Sallie L. Maloney, Principal. Population 20. Wm. Loockerman, Postmaster.

    Loockerman, T C
    General Merchandise.
    Stevens, B G
    Justice of the Peace.
    Johnson, Jas B
    Pool, L W
    Meredith, W H
    Isler, J B


    The county seat, is an ancient little town, situated on the Great Choptank River, 6 miles below the head of navigation of schooners of 100 tons burthen, 150 miles by water to Baltimore, and 90 by rail to Philadelphia. It is incorporated and its government confided to five Commissioners and a Bailiff, who hold their places for one year from the date of their election. Its site has an elevation of from 25 to 30 feet above the level of the river, it is well drained, and consequently has the recommendation of freedom from mud, a pest of most country towns. The main street has well paved side-walks which are well shaded by Maple and Georgia Poplars. It has tri-weekly communication with Baltimore. Ridgely Station, on the Md. & Del. Rail Road, can be reached daily by a ride of 6 miles by stage coach. Street lamps afford light. Water is supplied by pumps and is of excellent quality, though somewhat unpleasant to strangers, being slightly impregnated with iron. The public buildings, viz: tile court house and jail (the latter seldom occupied by its appropriate denizens) are built upon a public square of rather more than an acre in extent, filled with shade trees, making it a pleasant resort for the citizens of the town in hot weather, and affording splendid croquet grounds; the square is said to be the largest and prettiest public square on the shore. The court house is built in old English style, having a main building of brick, with wings of the same material on either side. The town is remarkably healthy and equally quiet. It has of places of public worship, for the whites, one Methodist, one Catholic and one Episcopal church, and two churches for the colored people; it has an academy, having a higher and lower department; and two comfortable hotels. The Masonic Fraternity has a commodious hall for their meetings. Population 500. Chas. Stevens Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-M. E., Rev. John E. Smith; P. E., Rev. B. J. Stearns; Roman Catholic, Father John Renchey; Colored M. E., no regular pastor; and one Friends' meeting house.

    BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES AND ASSOCIATIONS: Temple Lodge, 128, A. F & A.M., J. W. Kerr, Master. Denton Grange, 43, P. of H., J. W. Kerr, Master, H. C. Fisher, Sec'ry. Citizens Building and Loan, B. J. Jump, Pres't, Josiah White, Sec'ry.

    TOWN COMMISSIONERS-John W. Temple, J. W. Bryant, Thos Melvin, Dr. Enoch George, and Luther H. Gadd. Bailiff -B. N. Hutson.

    Lowe, Wm W
    Attorney at Law.
    Bryant, Joshua W
    Downes, Philip W
    Hignutt, James E
    Jump, Rohert J
    Melvin & Mutchier
    Ridgely, Wm S
    Bussum, Geo M
    Irwin, Henry
    Handy, Richard
    Comegys, John T
    Downes, Samuel T
    Macher, Wm O
    Pritchett, Edward
    Davis, Thos P
    Murphy, Thomas
    Murphy, Wm F
    Smith, Thomas A
    Cooper, Thos M
    Lednum, J I
    Fisher, Gee M
    Stevens, Charles
    White & Dunning
    Kerr, J W
    Peters & Dowling
    Fruit Packers
    White & Dunning
    General Merchandise.
    Blackiston, Henry & Son
    Downes & Stewart
    Field, B F & Co
    Harris, J H
    Heather, T E
    Rochester, 0 E
    Andrew, Jacob
    Cooper, Thos M
    Brick, James Melvin
    Choptank, Andrew Baggs Jr
    Justice of the Peace.
    Smith, Thos A
    Livery Stables.
    Baggs, Andrew Jr.
    Melvin, James
    Millinery and Notions,
    Holmes, Mrs Lucy P
    Choptank, Peters & Dowling
    Eastern Shore, J W Kerr
    Downes, Wm H
    Fisher, Geo M
    George, Enoch
    Straughn, Frederick
    Saw Mill.
    Emerson, Wm R
    Denny, Clinton
    Shewbrooks, Wm T
    Irving, John W
    Pritchett, Edward
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Blackiaton, C H
    West, Luther
    Wooters, Thomas


    Is 9 miles from Federalsburg, on the Dorchester & Delaware R. R. and near Gilpin's Point on the Choptank River; climate mild, village healthy, business and crops good; land a light loam, mostly cleared, and can he bought at from $5 to $75 per acre, and produces 5 to 30 bus. wheat, 10 to 30 oats, 100 to 300 potatoes, 5 to 30 corn and 2 to 3 tons hay. Harmony M. E. church and a public school, J. T. Blades, teacher. Population 50. J. B. McNash, Postmaster.

    Roe, L. D.
    Dukes, C. G.
    Stevens, Daniel
    General Merchandise
    Wright, A. R.
    Mowbray, W. H.
    Melson, S. H.
    McNash, J. R.


    Is on the Choptank River, and 12 miles from Denton and 14 from Ridgely, on the Maryland & Delaware R R. Climate medium. Land good, can be bought at from $12 to $50 per acre, and produces 15 bus. wheat, 40 corn, 20 oats and 150 potatoes. Is a shipping point of some local importance. Several steamers ply up and down the river and a large number sailing vessels, weekiy. Population 40. J. H. McNash, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    McNash, J H
    Stack, F.


    Is on the Md. & Delaware B. R, 20 miles from Clayton, Delaware, and 24 from Easton, Md. Climate mild, place healthy. The land is mostly cleared; is an alluvial soil resting upon a clay subsoil, and susceptible of improvement; can he bought at from $8 to $80 per acre, and produces 12 to 15 bus. wheat, 150 potatoes, 25 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay; crops are generally good; business good during fruit season. Fifty-seven thousand baskets of peaches were shipped from this place to Philadelphia and New York in the season of 1877. There is one church and two schools, one colored. Population 75. J. J. Reed, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. and Express
    Graham, J Y
    Booker, B
    General Merchandise
    Graham, R E & Co
    Reed, J. Jump
    Grist Mill
    Saulisbury, A.
    Saw Mill
    Roe, C. J.


    Is on the M. & D. R. R., 5/8 of a mile from a station of that name, 24 above Easton, Md., 90 from Philadelphia, Pa. and 60 from Wilmington, Delaware. By water it is 123 miles to Baltimore, and by the cross route to Chester River it is only 60; it is situated on the head-waters of the Great Choptank River; the river is navigable to the town only by lighters; 4 miles below is the shipping point, called the Stakes. Schooners of ordinary tonnage reach this landing easily and take off large cargoes of grain to Baltimore. Climate mild and temperate, free from pulmonic and rheumatic affections, and the inhabitants are frank, genial and hospitable, and as moral as any people In the country. It is located in the midst of a pleasing, healthful and fertile country. The soil is diversified, the land sandy and clay loams, mostly cleared; can be purchased at from $15 to $50 per acre, and produces 10 to 25 bus. wheat, 15 oats, 15 to 60 Corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. The town is one of large and varied business. There are 2 fruit and vegetable canning establishments, packing and shipping the fruits and vegetables grown in the surrounding country. There is a large steam saw and planing mill, cutting ship and building lumber no order; the same mill produces immense quantities of fruit baskets and crates; the enterprising owners of this mill have built to order and on their own account sea vessels, ranging from 300 to 700 tons. There are large mercantile establishments in the town, doing a thriving business; it has a good hotel, churches and schools. Greensborough Grange 110, P. of H., Wm. J. Clark, Master; Dr. Abiel Bowen, Secretary. Greensborough is an incorporated town and is governed by aboard of commissioners. Population 750. W. H. Comegys, Postmaster.

    TOWN COMISSIONERS - J. P. Manlove, Pres't,-James Massey,Wm: T. Downs and James E. Nichols. Baliff-John C. Brown.

    Comegys, W H
    Agent, R. R. & Express
    Moore, J Allen
    Agent-Real Estate.
    Orrell, R J
    Agricultural lmpl Manufr.
    Satterfield & Moore
    Simpers, Hugh B
    Attorneys at Law.
    Melvin & Mutchler
    Nickolls, Richard
    Greenley, John
    Hopkins, Andrew J
    Wooters, Wm H
    Nicols, James E
    Cabinetmakers & Undertakers.
    Andrew, M M
    Pritchett, T B
    Rich, Walter
    Letty & Roe,
    Wilson, B J
    Jarrell, H B
    Simpson. Wm H
    Whitby, Mrs S M
    Carriage Maker
    Richards, J. S.
    Brown, John C.
    Bowen, Abiel
    Lobstein, J. E.
    Fruit Packers
    Bernard & Culbreth
    Roe, Andrew B.
    General Merchandise
    Coursey, Robert E
    Jarman T H
    Massey & Gray
    Satterfield & Moore
    Silverthorne, B C
    VanGesel, J H
    Grain Dealers
    Draper, J B & Co
    Satterfield & Moore
    Jarrell, H. E.
    Simpson, Wm. H.
    Whitby, Mrs. S. M.
    Hardware, &c
    Jarman, T H
    Rich, J L
    Justice of the Peace.
    Fieroe, J P
    Livery Stable.
    Cranor, Wm A
    Lumber Dealers.
    Satterfield & Moore
    Millinery & Notions
    Bernard, Mrs M B
    Fieroe, Mrs Mary
    Betson, G. W.
    Comegys, Henry C.
    Goldsborough, G. W.
    Nickols, James E.
    Saw & Plaining Mill
    Satterfield & Moore
    Booker, John H.
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Downs, W T
    Stoll, J L
    Watchmaker & Jeweler.
    Cook, Wm F
    Wooters, Abner


    Is on the Md. & Delaware R. R, 27 miles from Clayton, Delaware, 17 from Easton, Md., and near Choptank River. Climate pleasant, village healthy, business medium. The land is black and sandy, with some clay loam, principally cleared; not much timber standing. The land can he bought at from $5 to $15 per acre, and produces 5 bus. wheat, 100 potatoes, 20 corn and 2 to 4 tons hay. Crops are good. Pippin's Church, Rev. Mr. Gregg, one mile distant; public school, Wm. Straughn, teacher. Population 90. Wm. Hynson, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Smith, J N
    Ayees, Asa & Sons
    Price & Goldstein
    Gibson,C W
    Fertilizers, Brick, Titling, &c
    Smith, J N
    General Merchandise.
    Pratt & Ford
    Walls, Geo
    Grain Dealers.
    Smith, J N
    Horse Dealers.
    Price & Goldstein
    Anderson, Hugh B
    Paper Dealer.
    Gibson, C W
    Peach and Fruit Growers
    Carter, B J
    Culbreth, R B
    Hardcastle, A
    Hardcastle, A
    Saw Mill.
    Casho, Wm H
    Bush, J C
    Gough & Sweeny


    Is on the Md. & Del. R. R, 6 miles from Denton the county seat, by a good county road, and 12 from Easton; it is pleasantly situated in a moderately diversified country, immediately on Tuckahoe Creek, a tidal stream, which is navigable to the town by scows and small sailing boats. The shipping is 2 miles below, and from this point steamers and sailboats ply to Baltimore. The creek empties into the Great Choptank River, and by water the town is 120 miles distant from Baltimore. The place is healthy, having only mild oases of malarial fevers in the early fall. Climate, business, crops and land good. The land is a sandy loam, principally cleared; some oak, pine, hickory, chestnut, poplar and ash yet standing; it can be bought at from $8 to $50 per acre, and produces 15 bus. wheat, 20 oats, 150 potatoes, 25 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. Hillsborough is an incorporated town and is governed by 5 commissioners; it offers superior inducements to agriculturists and fruit growers. Hillsborough Grange 19, P. of H., James M. Wooters, Master; Charles R. Wooters, Sec. Population 800. Mrs. Margaret Sherwood, Postmistress.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-M. E., Rev. Wm. M. McQuay M. E. South Rev. Geo. T. Tyler; P. B., Hev. Geo. H. Beaven; M. E., colored, no regular pastor.

    TOWN COMMISSIONERS-Thomas Sparklin,Pres't; Geo. H. Beaven, Sec'y; Alex. H. Matthews, Dr. P.S. Reynolds and Asbury Prouse. .Bailiff-Wm. H. Roiph.

    Agent-Railroad and Express.
    Diggans, C W
    Anthony, John
    Collins, Sam'l J
    Sneed, Samuel
    Ringold, Frederick
    Melvin, James S
    Russom, John F
    Bishop, J B
    Rolph, Wm H
    Duffey, H
    Fertilizers, &c
    Wheeler, Capt C C
    General Merchandise.
    Elliott, Mrs A Z
    Fleming & Stayton
    Jump, S P
    Stewart, Joseph R
    Grain Dealer.
    Wheeler, Capt C C
    Melvin, James S
    Roiph, Wm H
    Justice of the Peace.
    Stevens, Perry G
    Millinery and Notions.
    Parvis, Mrs Susan
    Whitbey, Mrs Harriet L
    Jarrell, C B
    Hackett, Thomas
    Holt, Thomas S
    Reynolds. P S
    Young, W F G
    Ringold, Frederick
    Saddle and Harness Maker.
    Whitbey, Luther
    Ship Timber.
    Ford, Geo E
    Booker, Walter
    Telegraph Operator.
    Diggans, C W
    Brown, Thomas
    Sherwood, Geo C


    Is situated immediately on the Md. & Del. H. H., 121 miles from Baltimore and 30 from Easton; it has the unusual fortune of having two counties and two States for its area; it lies mostly in Maryland and partly in Delaware, and derives its name from the abbreviation of those two States. The climate is mild, place healthy and land mostly cleared. It is in the midst of a country whose soil, which consists of sandy loams, is easily cultivated and improved. The land is worth from $15 to $40 per acre, and produces 8 to 20 bus wheat, 10 to 25 oats and 20 to 40 corn, and a fair amount of other products. Crops are generally good. It is not a pretentious town, but it has celebrity and enterprise; deriving the former from the May-Bennett duel, and exhibiting the latter in its large fruit preserving establishment. This establishment preserves or dries by the SEYMOUR process an immense amount of peaches during the season. There is also here a steam saw mill and agricultural implement factory; in connection with the latter is a sorghum syrup mill; the juice from the cane is evaporated in steam heated pans, invented by the ingenious proprietor, Mr. Wm. W. McKnett, and produces a syrup of dense gravity and excellent flavor. There is not much original forest left, and the timber yet standing is composed of oak, gum, maple, poplar and hickory. Good Inducements are offered agriculturalists, fruit growers and truckers. Marydell M.E. Church, Rev. E. H. Hynson; M. E. South, Rev. Mr. Watts. Population 175. James Green, Postmaster.

    Dunn, Frank M
    Agent R. R. and Express.
    George, J T
    Agricultural Implements.
    George, J T
    McKnett, Wm W
    Pippin, James L
    Green, James
    Walters, John B
    Stafford, Edward
    Dunn, Frank M
    Carsons, Miss Elizabeth
    Bowman, David P
    Fruits and Fertiltzers.
    George, J T
    Fruit Preserving Co.
    General Merchandise.
    Boyer, S G
    Clark, Andrew
    Johns, J & Co
    Grain Dealers.
    Dunn, Frank K
    George, J T
    McKnett, Wm W
    Boyer, Mrs S E
    Carsons, Miss Hannah
    McClyments, Dr
    Saw Mill.
    McKnett, Wm W
    Hall, James
    Telegraph Operator.
    George, J T
    Parviss, Henry


    Is on the Choptank River and 10 miles from Ridgely, on the Md. & Delaware R R. Climaue mild, place healthy; business and crops good; land medium and mostly cleared, can be purchased at from $5 to $100 per acre, and produces 10 to 30 bus. wheat, 15 to 30 oats, 30 to 200 potatoes, 5 to 50 corn, and 500 to 4,000 lbs. hay. Population 100. B. G. Stevens, Postmaster.

    Spenee, James E
    Cohee, Geo W
    Stevens, A J W
    Fruit Packer.
    Richman, A
    General Merchandise.
    Johnson, Thos F
    Stevens, B G
    Liden, S F
    Lankford, G W
    Stewart, Capt Thos R
    Hignutt, John W
    Eliott, J J
    Miller, Casper
    Griffith & Sloan


    Is 6 miles from Williamsburg on the Dorchester & Delaware R. R., 3 from Choptank River, 1 1/2 from Hunting Creek and 2 from Medford's Landing, the shipping point. Climate healthy; business, crops and land good; land principally cleared; can be bought at from $10 to $75 per acre, and produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 150 potatoes and 20 to 40 corn. The village is elevated, plenty of water power, and not subject to malarial influences; society good; altogether rendering it one of the finest places for residence on the Peninsula. Principal need is capital, combined with enterprise, to create a demand for population and make more demand for home markets for produce. These are some of the inducements offered emigrants to settle here. Churches, schools, (one colored,) mills and good water. Friends Meeting House; one M, E. Church, Rev. J. Jewel; one academy, J. R. Phillips, principal, and Miss Eugenie Willoughby, Lizzie Wright, James A. Trice, W. E. Harrig and Josiah Adams, teachers. Preston Grange 119, P. of H., W. H. Smith, Master; James E. Douglass, Sec. Population 154. J. B. Fletcher, Postmaster.

    Adams, James
    Patehett, W K
    Todd, Herbert
    Jones, L C
    Cohee, Wm H
    Conway, H H
    Fluharty, S H
    Jones, L C
    Pritchett, W L
    Todd, J W
    Todd, W B
    Bradley, W S
    Douglass, J H
    General Merchandise.
    Bradley, W S
    Douglass, J H
    Fletcher, J B
    Hubbard, Jesse
    Bradley, H D
    Campbell, Mary
    Fluharty, T H
    Gardiner, W W
    Trice, Francis
    Stafford, A
    Willis, H F
    Patchett, W K
    Todd, Herbert
    Saw Mill.
    Douglass, J E
    Gale, Geo
    Travers, S J
    Bradley, J W
    Cox, T F


    Is on the Md. & Delaware R R, 16 miles from Easton, 151 from Baltimore by rai1 and near Choptank River and Tuckahee Creek; its surroundings being on a ridge, almost exactly half way between the bay and centre of peninsula. Climate mild and regular; it has an elevation conducive to health, and perfect drainage; convenient to railroad and navigation. The land Is principally cleared and of more than average good quality; can be bought at from $l0 to $l00 per acre, and produces 15 to 40 bus. wheat, 20 oats,100 potatoes, 20 to 60 corn and 2 to 3 tons hay. The inducements to are salubrity of atmosphere, natural fertility of soil, which is well adapted to the growth of all kinds of fruits and yegetables, hay and grain. The country is settling up and improving rapidly, and it is destined to become a rich and highly productive community. M. E. church, Hey. Wm. K. McQuay; public school, James Swan, teacher Population 75. James K. Saulabury, Postmaster.

    Agent-Railroad and Express
    Smith, Thos A
    Swan, James
    Stevens, H A
    Gerhart, J B
    Smiley, Moses
    Vernon, Wm H
    Perry, J A
    General Merchandise.
    Sanlsbury, James R
    Smith, T W
    Smith, T W & Bro
    Smith, Thomas A
    Gerhart W
    Peach Growers
    Patterson, Joseph L
    Ridgely, Wm B
    Sanson, J
    Smith, Sylvester
    Saw Mill.
    Smith, A G
    Telegraph Oprator.
    Smith, T A
    Turner, Chas H


    Is 8 miles from Federalsburg, on the Dorchester & Delaware R. R, and 8 from Potter's Landing, on the Choptank River. Climate mild, village healthy, business medium, land mostly cleared and easily improved; can be bought at from $10 to $25 per acre, and produces 5 to 30 bus. wheat, 10 to 25 oats, 50 to 100 potatoes and 10 to 25 corn. Crops are generally good. M. E. Church and a Public School. Population 85. James L.Bullock, Postmaster.

    Thompson, Francis
    General Merchandise.
    Bullock, James L
    Hignutt, John W
    Hignutt, Wm T
    Meredith, Wm H


    Is 4 miles from Greensboro, on the Md. & Delaware R. R. Crops land, and water good; land can be purchased at from $15 to $35 acre, and produces 10 to 30 bus. wheat, 15 to 25 oats, and 20 to 75 corn. Church, Rev. John Irvin, Pastor; and a public school. Population 60. Enoch Clark, Postmaster.

    Davis, Henry
    Spencer, John M.
    General Merchandise
    Clark, Enoch
    Holland, John
    Price, A. J.


    American Corners

    Dean, Shadrach
    Duke, Wm. T.
    Trice, Silas A.
    Turner, J. W.


    Andrew, T.
    Butler, J. A.
    Collison, M. K.
    Dill, J. K.
    Dixon, E. E.
    Dixon, J. A.
    Evitts, W. S.
    Goolee, J. E.
    Green, F.
    Harrop, Peter
    Hignutt, P. F.
    Hobbs, C. W.
    Hobbs, S.
    Johnson, J. M.
    Johnson, J. M., Jr.
    Layton, Beauchamp
    Moore, E. W.
    Neal, Wingate
    Nuttle, E. E.
    Nuttle, T.
    Nuttle, W. B.
    Stevens, G.
    Stevens, H. F.
    Todd, T. N.
    Towns, M. F.


    Birkright, Wm.
    Blades, Wm.
    Dillin, John
    Dilnowinkel, Ernest
    Holmes, James H.
    Laing, Robet
    Legates, Nathaniel
    Messick, R M
    Nichols, Jeremiah
    Parrott, James
    Sisk, Wm
    Valliant, Henry
    Valliant, Wm. H.
    Waddell, Collison
    Waddell, Wm
    Warren, Alfred


    Baker, Alex
    Baker, James
    Baynard, F
    Cahall, John A
    Cleaves, John
    Cowan, John
    Deweese, Wm H
    Garrett, James
    Harvey, Wm T
    Porter, F A
    Porter, T W
    Russell, John
    Smith, H H
    Stephens, Capt W B
    Thawley, Henry
    Thawley, J. W.
    Voss, James
    Voss, John
    Walls, L
    Webber, Wm
    Williams, Wm T


    Ahearn, John
    Andrew, Wm
    Beachamp, James
    Davis, Tilghman
    Dixon, James A.
    Everngam, Joseph H.
    Everngam, Joseph M.
    Fountain, A. H.
    Hignutt, Elijah
    Horsey, John
    Hubbard, J. P. J.
    Johnson, Caleb T.
    Johnson, Edward
    Loockerman, J. W.
    Loockerman, Wm.
    Manship, J R
    Mervine, Washington
    Nichols, John
    Stevens, Wm
    Waggamon, Tilghman
    Wright, Peter


    Anthony, Joshua
    Anthony, Robert
    Atkinson, Dr E B
    Ayer, F
    Baily, Stephen
    Bloxsom, L J
    Busb, C D
    Butler, Moses
    Butler, Thomas
    Butler, W H
    Cannon, Henry
    Carlisle, James
    Carlisle, Richard
    Carroll, Wna
    Carter, Col H C
    Clark, John W
    Clark, H W
    Collison, G W
    Downes, Ernest
    Dukes, JHoon
    Dukes, Levi T
    Dunning, Chas A
    Dyer, Edward
    Emerson, Robert H
    Evitts, Jonathan
    Fisher, Henry
    Fisher, John J
    Fisher, R W
    Ford, Wm A
    Fountain, John T
    Fountain, H E
    Garey, H J W
    Garey, Thos F
    Glazser, Henry
    Griffin, John
    Griffith, W H
    Grimes, O
    Hignutt. James E
    Hobbs, Chas W
    Hobbs, Saulsbury
    Horsey, W G
    Irwin, Henry
    Jarrell, John
    Jewell, L
    Jones, Thomas
    Jopp, Henry
    Kerr, John W
    Kinemon, B
    Kirkman. Wm
    Morgan, Evan
    Peters & Dowling
    Potter, Geo & Bro
    Price, Martin
    Redden, J G
    Richardson, G W
    Richardson, Wm P
    Ridgely, Wm S
    Ringold, John
    Ringold, W R
    Robertson, W T
    Roe, James
    Sanders, Wm
    Saulsbury, Edward
    Sanlsbury, Wm E
    Shields, Chas
    Slaughter, Thos H
    Smith, T S
    Spurey, G W
    Urry, Thomas
    White, Josiah
    Wilison, Elias
    Wilison, Henry
    Wilison, Solomon
    Willey, W W
    Wilson, A J
    Wilson, J W
    Wyett, John

    Fowling Creek

    Butler, J
    Corkran, F
    Fleetwood, P
    Frampton, H S
    Friend, F
    Handy, T
    Hutchinson, M P
    Nichols, TW
    Patton, M
    Rumbold, J
    Sparkim, E
    Todd, C H
    Todd, F S
    Townes, F. W.
    Tribbett, J.
    Willis, P
    Willougbhy, W

    Glipin's Point

    Butler James
    Corkran, T F
    Handy, N P
    Payne, J L
    Saulsbury, W B


    Blank, S.
    Casho, Wm H
    Cheffins, B
    Cuibreth, H C
    Goldsborough, Dr G W
    Hardcastle, Dr Alex
    Jarman, S J
    Jarman, W S
    Jarrell, R
    Jones, B W
    Jones, Wm
    Kinamon, James
    McGonigal, Mrs J A
    Murphy, A V
    Pennington, Wm
    Powell, M B
    Pruitt, Wm
    Simpers, H B
    Verril, B
    Watling, S


    Barthell, J
    Bennett, J C
    Bernard, Joseph H
    Bibby, W J
    Bowen, Dr A
    Boyce, Wm T
    Butler, W P
    Carter, Edward C
    Carter, James
    Carter, John T
    Carter, Richard
    Carter, Samuel M
    Cartwiight, H
    Clark, L D
    Clark, Wm J
    Cohee, Henry
    Cooper, J W
    Coursey, Thomas B
    Cranor, S D
    Cranor, Wm
    Cuibreth, H B
    Curry, Thos B
    Dawson, John F
    Day, Wm M
    Eliwangor, C.
    Fieroe, J P
    Green, Natham
    Greenley, A J
    Groff, Robert
    Heavaloer, Bernardi
    Heavaloer,. Wm
    Hobbs, J
    Hobbs, W. B
    Horsey, James C
    Horsey, John H
    Horsey, Nathaniel
    House, Benjamin
    Jackson, Fletcher
    Jackson, Robert H
    Jarman, George
    Jarrell, Robert Jr
    Jewell, J
    Kennard, Thos
    Kline, Jacob
    Lowe, Esma
    Lewis, J C
    Longhellow, J B
    Longfellow, Jonathan
    Marvell, H D
    Massey, W B
    Maxwain, A B
    Mitchell, T A
    Moore, David H
    Moore, Geo H
    Morris, B V
    Orrell, Joseph B
    Pippin, James
    Pippin, Marcellus
    Pippin, Trustin
    Plummer, Moulton
    Plummer, Riaden
    Porter, G W
    Powell, John H
    Ridgeway, Alex
    Ree, James A
    Ree, Nathaniel
    Sangston, John T,
    Satterfield, Wm C
    Shanger, W F
    Sipple, J
    Sipple, N
    Stevens, Geo A
    Stokely, Jacob
    Tuttle, J M
    Whitaker, John
    Whitnack, C
    Willig, Dennard
    Young, Samuel


    Arnntz, Wm B
    Ayres, Asa & Sons
    Carmeier. J W
    Carter, B J
    Clark, H H
    Clark, N
    Cuibreth, H B
    Gaudel, John
    Gaudel, Nicholas
    Gibson, C W
    Gougb, T H
    Guewell, Isaac
    Guewell, J
    Hardcastle, A
    Hudson, Peter
    Hynson, Wm
    Jones, James
    Jones, John W
    Lamb, Wm G
    Lant, Wm
    McDaniel, Henry
    Montague, Chas
    Montague, D
    Montague, Wm
    Morris, Charles
    Newler, C B
    Reckards, W W
    Ross, R
    Seward, John
    Shaw, James B
    Smith, J N
    Sumle, Wm B
    Vinson, James & Bro


    Allee, J H
    Andrew, Luke
    Anthony, James T
    Anthony, Joseph
    Barton, F T
    Barton, J H
    Barton, Wm B
    Beachamp, Jeremiah
    Beck, Joseph
    Bonwell B M
    Breeding, Lewis
    Brown, James
    Cahall, Byard
    Cahall, Wm B
    Callahan, Mrs Matilda
    Calloway, Dean
    Calloway, J C
    Cannon, Wm
    Carroll, John W
    Carson, A
    Chance, Samuel
    Christopher, A H
    Clough, Sarah A
    Colgan, Samuel
    Covert, J H V
    Creveling, Isaac
    Dean, Charles
    Dukes, Capt L T
    Dukes, Wm J
    Eaton, Mrs Mollie
    Fisher, H S
    Fleming, C H
    Flowens, Nathan
    Gadd, A
    George, John H
    Gait, Joseph
    Griffin, John R
    Hackett, Thomas H
    Harrison, Wm H
    Hendrix, Frank
    Hicks, Richard O
    Ireland, Isaac A
    Jarrell, C E
    Knotts, J W
    Legg, Mrs Martha
    Long, John D
    Long, Wm T
    Mason, Wm B
    Meredith, John T
    Montague, John T
    Moore, Geo H
    Morgan, F B
    Mullican, F A
    Mullican, Henry
    Mullican, James T
    Mullican, Mrs S A
    O'Dowd, J H
    Powell, Geo T
    Price, Wm T
    Rhodes, Dennis F
    Rhodes, Henry
    Richardson, John W
    Richardson, Joseph
    Ringold, Elisha P
    Ringold, Wm T
    Saulsbury, Andrews
    Saulsbury, Robert
    Seward, John M
    Sewell, Charles
    Sewell, Thos S
    Sexton, A J
    Smith, Garrison M
    Smith, Geo B
    Smith, Julius
    Smith, S N
    Sparkun, Thos B
    Stanton, T B
    Starkey, John B
    Stevens, Mrs Emeilne
    Traynor, John
    Turner, Daniel
    Turner T B
    Walls, Wm H
    Whitbey, Richard
    Wilkinson, Wm J
    Willis, Andrews
    Wilson, Marion
    Wooters, C R
    Wooters, J M


    Beddle, John
    Beddle, Wm
    Boudle, John H
    Boyer, James E
    Clemments, Thomas
    Cole, Thomas
    Couley, Tilman
    Dill, Benj
    Dill, Robert
    Downs, Daniel
    Ford, Martin R
    Greenwell, Frank
    Hall, James H
    Harwood, James
    Hayden, Daniel
    Heather, David R
    Heather, M V B
    Heather, Wellington
    Hinsley, Daniel
    Hubbard, Edward
    Hubbard, Newton
    Hutchins, James
    John, Geo H
    Kersey, John B
    Livingston, James
    Luff, Thomas
    Moore, Thos E
    Moore, Washington C
    Moore, Wm
    Pippin, Titus J
    Pippin, Wm
    Price, James J
    Reed, Daniel S
    Scott, Nathaniel
    Scotton, Philip
    Scotton, Spencer
    Vinson, Nicholas
    Virden, John
    Voshell, Geo T
    Voshell, James B
    West, Simon
    Williams, James


    Austin, Wm H
    Billups, Wm
    Bradley, R D
    Carmine, Capt C S
    Carroll, Peter
    Carroll, Willis
    Coates, John
    Cohee, J F
    Cohee, Wm H
    Collins, John G
    Collins, Capt P N
    Collins, Peter
    Collins, S J
    Connelly, C
    Connelly, Joseph
    Dean, Henry
    Dean, S F
    Douglass, J E
    Douglass, Joseph
    Douglass, J H
    Fluharty, A
    Fluharty, S H
    Harris, J N
    Harrison, Joseph
    Holmes, James H
    Hubbard, Jesse
    Hubbard, O
    Johns, Joshua
    KelIy, J F
    Kelly, Wm T
    Moore, E T
    Noble, T S
    Noble, Wm
    Palmer, W F
    Parker, W A
    Patchett, J P
    Pool, Isaac
    Pool, John
    Sherron Bros
    Sisk, Wm
    Stafford, J O
    Taylor, P D
    Taylor, H P
    Todd, Elijah
    Todd, J W
    Towers, A
    Towers, Wm
    Trice, Alex
    Trice, Geo
    Trice, James A
    Waidron, D L
    Whitely, G F
    Williams, L P
    Williams, M
    Williams, W H
    Williamson, W W
    Willis, H F
    Wiliis, J S
    Willis, Z
    Willoughby, D
    Wright, Jesse
    Wright, John
    Wright, John R
    Wright, Nichols

    Potter's Landing

    Chaffinch, S L
    Hignutt, James
    Holbrook, W A
    Saulsbury, James W
    Stevens, B G
    Towers, Elijah
    Williamson, E W
    Willis, A J


    Atkins, Dr E E
    Babes, Warner
    Blake, Alex
    Bowers, Jacob D
    Covert, J H
    Curtis, Monzo
    Dawson, John F
    Dawson, T L
    Doolittle, J D
    Dorris, Christian
    Dukes, Thomas
    Eaton, George
    Frazer, C
    Frazer, James H
    Griffin, John H
    Harlow, Alex
    Heller, J
    Heller, Jacob A
    Jackson, Wm
    Kephart Jacob
    Knots, James
    Lane, James
    Lane, John
    Lathrop, Z
    Long, John D
    Lynch, John
    Lynch, Owen
    Mason, Isaac
    Maxwir, A B
    Melvin, Riley
    Patterson, Joseph L
    Perry, James A
    Peterson, Thomas
    Philips, Peter
    Pippin, James
    Pippin, T
    Ridgely, Wm S
    Roe, Thomas Sr
    Roe, Thomas
    Sanson, F
    Sanson, J
    Segler, Isaac J
    Sigler, J J
    Smith, Nathaniel
    Smith, Perry
    Smith, Sylvester
    Smith, Wesley
    Sparkun, J D
    Starkey, John E
    Stephens, W A
    Stephenson, J T
    Swann, Gilbert
    Thomas, Aaron
    Thompson, Alfred
    Thompson, Chas C
    Tilghman, Nathaniel
    Voaks, John T
    Whitby, Chas H
    Wiley, John
    Williams, S
    Wilison, James D
    Wend, Charles H
    Wood, Wm


    Bowdie, Henry
    Bulock, Robert
    Bullock, Thos E
    Bullock, Wm H
    Liden, Shadrach
    Liden, Wm. E.
    Liden, Willis A.
    Neal, F. E.
    Noble, Philip
    Noble, Thomas
    Noble, Thomas H.
    Segebaden, G.
    Todd, Bennett
    Williamson, M.


    Carter, E. C.
    Carter, R. J.
    Cooper, J. W.
    Ellewanger, Chas.
    Green, Thos C.
    Green, Thos. P.
    Horsey, N.
    Irvin, Rev. John
    Schabinger, Jno. H.
    Singer, Christian
    Smith, E. B.

  • Carroll County

    CARROLL was created by an Act of the General Assembly passed at the session of 1835-86, and again at the succeeding session of 1836-37, and it was organized early in 1837. The county was named in affectionate honor of the then venerable and yet venerated Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the last survivor of the Signers of the Declaration of American Independence. It was formed from the eastern portion of Frederick and the western portion of Baltimore Counties. The soil of a large part of the county is of singular fertility, and especially in the regions known as Pipe Creek Valley, Sam's Creek Valley, and Bachman's Valley, is unsurpassed as to productiveness, probably by an equal area in the world. The community is essentially agricultural; perhaps, it is more entirely an agricultural county than any other in the State. A large number of considerable fortunes have been amassed by patient industry and prudent painstaking, economy, by farmers, before the advent of railroads and the mighty rush of modern progressiveness. Indeed, every farm, particularly in each of the valleys mentioned, was occupied by an owner, who accumulated surely by slow processes. With the advent of the stock and bond era, came, to many of these careful men, the thirst to grow rich more rapidly. The mines of wealth lying around them were, to an extent, neglected for more shiny ores; and it may be doubted whether, during the new era, the particularly fat and fruitful regions of the county have advanced in substantial wealth. But, as compensation, other large regions, with whose soil nature had been less prodigal of favor, have wonderfully increased in value and productiveness, by the combined agencies of labor, lime, and other fertilizers. In population it is fourth in rank, being exceeded only by Baltimore, Frederick and Washington. In the moderate, comfortable, competence of the people, it is believed to be at least equal to that of any county in the State. There is very little of overgrown wealth, and very little aching poverty. The aggregate wealth is distributed amongst the mass with remarkable comparative equality. It has not one millionaire to curse or bless it as the case might be; considerable number of its citizens own one hundred thousand dollars in value, and perhaps a fraction more, whilst large numbers are possessed of ten, twenty to fifty or sixty thousand dollars, and large numbers yet of smaller sums, but equal stalwart independence and manliness of feeling and sentiments, with any and all their neighbors. Steady moderation is a peculiar characteristic of the people of the county. The juries are distinguished for giving moderate verdicts. The county authorities never subscribe for railroad stocks or bonds; and display no taste for grand undertakings in architecture, or other of the huge arts. The people thought they needed one railroad and they built it, substantially, with their own means, so far as they had need for it; but when others thought that it ought to be grander and bigger, and go further, the people listened but kept their hands off their own and their neighbor's pockets, and left to the others to do their own way, in their own way. The products of the county are mainly cereal, and of the dairy. In the southern part of the county the land is adapted to tobacco, and formerly large quantities were produced, and smaller quantities -are still produced. Limestone is superabundant, and facilities for the improvement of the soil are all that can be reasonably expected, or desired, by men willing to work. The lands of Carroll, like those of all other counties, in all other States, have shrank in salable value, until that which only has any actual intrinsic value, (which is the only basis of all values,) has hardly any market price. Consequently there is more or less opportunity for men of moderate means, and who desire to increase them by honest labor, to come in and make homes, and raise their own corn, bacon and grapes; nature has not exhausted her beneficence. In Carroll at all events; and keeps in store, even grapes, for those who will plant and tend the vines. Every man's palate and his children's palates may be refreshed and gladdened, if only be be willing, in earnest. The soil is of great variety, but each variety is yielding to the touch of labor, and sends out its fruits with a sort of joyful gladness, to meet that honest touch. The surface is rolling and variegated, presenting no flat lands, or standing water, nor mountainous heights, but a succession of valleys and hills, all of which are of easy cultivation from base to summit, and yet presenting sceneries of much general beauty. The principal streams are Little and Big Pipe Greeks, Sam's Greek, Morgan's Run, and the north and south branches of the Patapsco, each affording tine water power, many of which are appropriated by numerous flour mills and minor manufacturing enterprises. The north branch of the Patapsco has its rise at Westminster, and, within two miles of its head, acquires large proportions, increasing in volume steadily until it reaches Finksburg Station on the Western Md. R R This road runs immediately by the side of the stream from this station to its head, about 9 miles. A flouring mill of good capacities is very near the head of the stream; a short distance below is a large and important tannery, conducted by Messrs. Bear; again a flouring mill, and these are the only appropriations, thus far, of the numerous magnificent water powers with which the stream abounds. The attention of manufacturers ought to be, and will assuredly, in time, be attracted to the peculiar advantages offered by the succession of powers, within this short distance; one amongst which is an entire immunity from destructive floods, growing out of the fact that the head of the stream is too near to permit sudden large accumulations of water. In healthfulness this county is unsurpassed. There are no local causes for disesees of any kind; chills and fevers and mosquitoes are unknown. At New Windsor, a flourishing village on the W. M. R. R., surrounded by as beautiful country as earth contains, there has been carried on for several years a fine hotel and boarding house, which has been extensively resorted to during the summer months. At Westminster there are several good hotels and comfortable boarding houses, which have become resorts, to a moderate extent, for a few years past; and during the past summer the City Hotel was opened to visitors, and patronized to the full measure of its capacity, after extensive additions and improvements had been made, enabling accommodation for largely over one hundred guests. Westminster is believed to be now as agreeable a summer resort for moderate people in search of health and comfort only, as can be found anywhere. Taneytown, one of the oldest villages In the State, abounds in health and comforts; so of Uniontown a sweet, clean, inviting village, and so also of Manchester, Hampstead, Union Bridge and other smaller towns, which are scattered through the county, and all which invite the toil worn and city-be-grimmed to the quiet repose and pure healthful comforts of God's own beautiful and gracious devisings, which He has properly scattered around them all. The county, when formed, had one bank, one of the first chartered in the State, and conducted with great skill and profit to its stockholders, and Some advantage to the community perhaps. It still continues, having renewed Its youth, and dispensing its benefits to its stockholders anyhow, to say no more, under the broad aegis of the U.S. Three young and lusty sisters have been added to the family so that now we are blessed with four, almost enough. The Western Maryland College, under the general patronage of the Methodist Protestant Church, Is located at Westminster, and is a vigorous institution of most respectable standing, with an able, careful and laboring faculty Calvert College, at New Windsor, is resuming the usefulness and regaining the position which it occupied for many years, and up to the war, under the energetic control of Its founder, Mr. Andrew H. Baker. It was his own private enterprise, and a most honorable one; but its weight, under the reverses occasioned by the war, crushed him. Its magnificent location at New Windsor, and fine buildings, finely arranged and again occupied,. remain and invite more extensive use than is now made of them. A private academy of high grade Is conducted by A. McKinney, near Taneytown, excluded from all contact with the distractions of the outside world. There are other respectable private schools. The public school system is in healthful condition throughout the county, at an annual expenditure of about fifty thousand dollars At Union Bridge are the workshops of the W. M. R. R., and several miner manufacturing establishments; so also at Manchester are some manufactories, and at New Windsor. At Westminster is located a very extensive and important establishment, the "Taylor Manufacturing Company" which does a large business in the manufacturing of vertical, horizontal and stationary engines, which are in demand in all parts of the country from Maine to Texas. The engines manufactured by this company have some peculiar excellencies not yet attained by other establishments, this at least is the inference from the very extended demand for its products from almost all other localities. The agriculture of the county is in an advanced state, with room, however, for improvement by added labor. The capacities for manufacturers, especially the water powers, strongly invite more enterprise. The men of the county are perhaps equal to the average of their neighbors of the State, but are not pretentious, and in fact possess no title to superiority over the mass of mankind; and if there be any, the number is very limited who conceive themselves to be above the common average of their neighbors. Moderation is a characteristic of Carroll County.

    Judges Fifth Judicial Circuit--Hon. Oliver Miller, Chief Judge, Ellicott City. Hon. Wm. N. Hayden, Westminster, and Hon. Edward Hammond, Elliott City, Associate Judges. Commissioners of Court-Chas. B. Roberts and Joseph M. Parke, Westminster. Auditor-John J. Baumgartner. Clerk to Court-Frank T. Shaw, Westminster. Crier-Wm. S. Brown. Sheriff -Peter Woods. States Attorney-D. N. Henning, Westminster. Warden of Jail-Peter Woods. Physician to Jail-Dr. Leonard Zepp. Judges of Orphan's Court--Adam Shower, Chief Judge, L. P. Slingluff and Isaac C. Baile. Register of Wills--Henry E. Beltz. Surveyor-J. Henry Hoppe. County Commisioners-David Fowbie, Jonas S. Harner and John J. Abbott. Attorney to Commissioners- Richard B. Norment. Clerk and County Treasurer--Lewis G. Trumbo. School Commissioners- Wm. Reese, David Pugh, Alfred Zollickoffer, Francis L. Hering and Wm. Reindollar. Examiner and Secretary-Joseph M. Newson, Westminster. Steward to Almshuse--John Tracy. Physician--Dr. W. K. Fringer. Registers of Voters-Wm. L. Rudisel, John B. Haines, Jonas Frock, Noah Stocksdale, Samuel S. Spauld ing, George Shower, Lee McElroy West, Francis S. Hann. Abraham Albaugh, John Shunck, Jesse Lambert, John Hartsock. Constables James Kuhns, Adam Danner, John Boose, Elias B. Arnold, Wm. G. Lindsay, Geo. L. Beagle, Robert G. Matthews, Benj. Groft, Philip J. Dietrich, Charles F. Roop, L. T. Veitch, John B. Eppley. Tax Collectors -Washington Reaver, J. Hamilton Singer, Daniel Myers, Jesse Long, Richard H. Wadlow, Joseph Weimer, Geo. P. Albaugh, Isaac T. Green, Byron S. Dorsey, Jacob Sharretts, Joseph A. Waesche, Geo. P. Buckey. Justices of the Peace-Henry Gait, Daniel E. Ghrist, Jesse W. Legore, Azariah Oursier, J. Oliver Wadlow, Francis Warner, G. W. Crapster, Geo. W. Matthews, Hanson M. Drach, Joab Brown, Isaiah Hann, Wm. T.Smith, Thomas Jones. Notaries Public--Hugo E. Fiddis, John F. Buffington. Congressman-Second District--Hon. Chas. B. Roberts, Westminster. Revenue Collector-Henry B. Grammar. State Senator-Hon. James Fenner Lee. Memiers House Delegates-Hon. Frank T. Newbelle, T. Herbert Shriver, Robert Seliman, Jr. and Frank Brown. Terms of Ctrcuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Westminster, the county seat: Law Terms-Second Mondays in February and August. Chancery Terms-Second Mondays in May and November. Population of County-White, 27,160; Golored, 1,987. Registered Vote-7,400. Assessed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks and Rail Road Property--$17,410,521. State and County Tar- 64 1/4 cents-on -$100.


    Is on the W. M. R. R., 3 miles from Westminster and 34 from Baltimore. The nearest stream is Pipe Greeh, which supplies plenty of good water. Climate mild, place healthy and crops good. The land is composed of limestone, principsily cleared, and commands -$80 per acre, produces 20 to 25 bus wheat, 40 to 50 oats, 100 to 150 potatoes, 60 to 70 corn and 2 tons hay. Population 50. James W. Beacham, Postmaster.

    Close, Geo W
    Ice Cream
    Beachman, James W.
    Baker, Daniel
    Moule, David
    Reese, Edward
    Brothers, J
    Haines, Washington
    Clouther, Verley


    Is 6 miles from Westminster, on the W. M. R. R., and near Morgan's Run, which furnishes an abundant supply of pure water. Climate mild, village healthy, business medium and crops good. The land is hiuy, mostly cleared, can be bought at from $10 to $60 per acre, and produces 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 25 to 40 oats, 60 to 100 potatoes, 40 to 60 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. Population 30. J. W. Nelson, Postmaster.

    Mengel, Wm.
    Smith, H. T.
    General Merchandise.
    Nelson, John W
    Beicker, John
    Edmondson, John W
    Shanck, Jarret F


    Is on the W. M. R. R., 26 miles from Baltimore and 7 from Westminster, the county seat. Climate pleasant, village healthy; business, land and crops plenty of cleared land; can he bought at from $20 to $100 per acre, and produces 15 to 25 bus. wheat, 80 to 50 oats, 200 to 300 potatoes, 50 corn, and 2 to 2 1/2 tons hay. Emigrants are offered superior water power and excellent facilities for business. The North Branch of the Patapsco River passes here and furnishes an abundance of good water for manufacturing and other purposes. Population 250. Ezra Chew, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Chew, J H
    Fertilizer Manufacturers.
    Chew & Smelzer
    Flour and Feed.
    Koons, E E
    General Merchandise.
    Bash, E H
    Chew, J H & Co
    Chew, M
    Justice of the Peace.
    Oursler, A
    Koons, E E
    Bush, J A


    Is on the W. M. R R., 5 miles from Manchester and 6 from Westminster. The village is healthy; not much business done; crops are good, and plenty of cleared land. The land is worth $80 per acre, and yields 40 bus, wheat, 60 oats, 80 potatoes, 100 corn and 1/2 ton hay; plenty of good timber yet standing. One Public School, J. Dehoff, Teacher. Population 85. Samuel Snyder, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Snyder, Samuel & Edward
    Bixler, George
    Yingling, Daniel & Bro
    Yingling, H


    Is 4 1/2 miles from New Windsor, on the W. M. H. H., and near Sam's Creek. Climate mild, village healthy; business and crops good; land gravelly, mostly cleared; can he bought at from $10 to $100 per acre, and produces 18 bus. wheat, 25 oats, 75 potatoes, 50 corn and 1+ tons hay. There are some fine chestnut timber yet standing. Two churches, Tunkard and Methodist. A. P. Albaugh and E. Lovell, teachers. Population 70. Joseph T. Stern, Postmaster.

    Helm, John W
    Yingling, Fillmore
    Brick Manufacturer
    Vantz, E.
    Butter and Cheese Manufacturer
    Bennett, P. J.
    Haines, John T.
    Haines, Rubin
    Keefer, John
    General Merchandise. -
    Stern, Joseph T
    Jones, Thomas S
    Aldridge, L A
    Haines, E A


    Is on the W. M. R. R., 51 miles from Baltimore. Double Pipe Creek, from which it takes its name, is near, and furnishes water sufficient for milling and other purposes. Climate is mild and healthy; business good, and the improvements indicate the zeal and energy of the people; it is being paved and buildings constructed. Crops good; land, red soil, principally cleared, can be bought at from $80 to $65 per acre, produces 10 to 25 bus wheat, 30 to 50 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. Dunker Church, Revs D. P. and Dan'1 R. Sayler. Public School, Mrs. A. Grossnickle, teacher. Population 125. Elizabeth J. Renner, Postmistress.

    Forney, Albert
    Dotterer, Franklin
    Fogle, Emanuel
    Miller, Wm T
    General Merchandise.
    Angell, J H
    Weant, J W
    Stoner, W S
    Cover, T F
    Diller, Charles H


    Is on Bachman's Valley R. R. The nearest stream is Pipe Creek. Climate temperate and healthy. Crops good; soil is limestone; land principally cleared and sells at $70 per acre, yields 20 bus wheat, 35 oats, 40 corn and 1 ton hay. Public School, Miss Lamotte, teacher. Population 50. C. Wentz, Postmaster.

    Sullivan, E
    Rurgenhorn, Martin
    General Merchandise.
    Palmer, D T
    Lime Burner.
    Greider, A
    Garrett, Eli
    Hoover, O
    Stoner, David
    Mine Boss.
    Tragesser, F
    RR Superintendent
    Johnson, C L


    Is 3 1/2 miles from Sykesville, which is 32 miles from Baltimore, on the Main Stem of the B. & O. R. R The nearest streams are Piney Falls and Morgan's Run. Climate healthy, business fair and crops good. The land is 2/3 cleared, can be bought at from $15 to $18 per acre, and yields 12 to 37 bus wheat, 15 to 40 oats, 150 to 300 potatoes, 20 to 90 corn and 2 tons hay. M.E., Church, Rev's C. Baldwin and W. Redgers; M. B. South, Rev, D Bush, Episcopal, Rev. B. Piggott. Public School, C. Gorsuch and Miss Shipley Teachers. Freedom Grange 139, P. of H., N. D. Norris, Sr., Master; N. Dorsey Norris, Sec. Population 50. T.A. Barnes, Postmaster.

    Frizzell, E T & B S
    Kelly, Thomas
    Barnett, Sam'l
    Clemons, J M
    General Merchandise.
    Barnes, T A
    Malonee, J
    Swartz, W D
    Selby, J
    Selby, M
    Shipley, H C
    Barnes, J E
    Ninon, G


    Is 22 miles from Baltimore. The main portion of the village lies 1 1/4 miles from the W. M. R. R. Ulimate pleasant, village healthy. The land is splendid and valuable, principally cleared, and yields to the acre 30 bus. wheat, 50 to 60 oats, 200 to 300 potatoes, 50 corn, and 2 to 3 tons hay; very little tobacco raised. Crops are good. There is more milk shipped to Baltimore from this station than from any other on the W. M. R. R. It has convenient churches and good schools. Finksburg Grange 143, P. of H., L. A. J. LaMotte, Master; S. B. Stockdale, Sec. Population 150. J. M. Williams, Postmaster.

    Agt.-R. R. and Express.
    Clark, L
    Orem, C
    Shipley, D
    Baxter, W.
    General Merchandise
    Horner, Geo. W.
    Williams, J. M.
    Fitch, H. S.
    Rouston, J
    Hering, F L
    Moores, S L
    Bouger, D B
    Telegraph Operator.
    Fitch, Miss Alice B


    Is 4 miles from Sykesville, on the B. & O. R. R., and adjacent to Morgan's Run and Piney Falls, which furnish a plentiful supply of water. Country exceedingly healthy, business medium, crops good. The land is mostly cleared, Is a sandy loam with clay subsoil,- easily cultivated and susceptible of improvement, equal to any in the State; it varies in price from $10 to $50 per acre and produces 15 to 37 bus. wheat, 20 to 40 oats, 100 potatoes, and 1 to 2 1/2 tons hay. Plenty of timber yet standing for all purposes. Any quantity of land for sale at cheap prices. The Patterson estate containing 1,800 acres, and owned by the daughter, is within 1/2 mile of this place; it is in a high state of cultivation, made so by judicious farming with plenty of lime Population 22. Mary E. Wadlow, Postmistress

    Carpenter and Undertaker
    Ohler, Lewis
    General Merchandise
    Wadlow, J. & Son
    Deckebaugh, John
    Justice of the Peace
    Wadlow, J. Oliver
    Hines, Wm. M.
    Steele, J. W.
    Ohier, Lewis


    Is 5 miles from Westminster, on the W. M. R. R.; the nearest stream is Meadow Branch. Climate medium, village healthy, business and crops good. Soil, limestone; land, principally cleared, Is worth $75 per acre, and realizes 20 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 200 potatoes and 100 corn. Bethel Church, Rev. Levi Fleagle. Public School, S. P. Weaver and James Little, Teachers. Population 200. F. Hollenberry, Postmaster.

    Willet, Abraham
    Zentz, Wm F
    Fleagle, Mordecai
    Singer, Jeremiah & Son
    Cattle Dealers.
    Cover, E & Son
    Babylon, Frank T
    Koons, John L
    Warner, A S
    General Merchandise.
    Hollenberry, Frank
    Warner, A
    Derr, John T
    Frizeil, E L L
    Decker, Upton
    Fleagle, L
    Haifley, Joel
    Matthias, Frank
    Babylon, Geo W
    Sheets, Jesse
    Rinehart, Jacob
    Fleagle, J T
    Handley, J H
    Telegraph Operator.
    Cover, H F
    Yingling, Wm
    Myerly, Geo & Bro


    Is 6 miles from Patapsco on the W. M. R.R. The health of the place is unexceptionable, and the country is pleasingly diversified. The soil is composed of sand and clay loams, and is capable of easy improvement and tillage; it varies in price from $12 to $50 per acre, and produces 10 to 18 bus. wheat, 12 to 40 oats, 25 to 50 corn, and 1 to 2 tons hay. The health of the country and the character of the lands offer inducements to agriculturalists. Lutheran Church, no pastor; M. E. Church, Rev. D. Haskell; United Brethren in Christ, Rev. J. R. Snoke. Public School, Jacob Christ, teacher. Concord Lodge No. 48, K. of P.; Red Jacket Tribe, 1.0. P. M. Population 270. C. M. Murray, Postmaster.

    Attorney at Law.
    Myerly, Lewis C
    Shugars, James L
    Coppersmith, David
    Wooden, Wm F
    Cox, Daniel A
    La Motte, John E
    General Merchandise.
    Hunt, T J
    Murray, C M & Bro
    Murray, John W
    Wooden, Lewis H
    Horses and Mules.
    Richards, Wm
    La Motte, Harrison H
    Merryman, Gao
    Myerly, Wm H
    Justice of the Peace
    Drach, H M
    Richards, Chas
    Smith, Jeremiah
    Drach, H M
    Stansbury, John W
    Wells, B C
    Palmer, Isaac J
    Saddle and Harness
    Tovell, Caleb
    Saw Mills.
    Gross, Geo
    Houck, Wm
    Marshall, James
    Turner, Jacob
    Gill, J L
    Bixler, J


    Is on the Western Md. Railroad, 10 miles from Westminster, and 43 from Baltimore. Climate mild and healthy. Business, crops and land good. Land is principally clearcd and sells for $60 to $125 per acre; it readily produces 12 to 28 bus. wheat, 30 to 50 oats, 60 to 150 potatoes, 60 corn, and 2 tons hay to acre; no tobacco raised. Pipe Creek is near and supplies good water. Population 50. Josiah Englar, Postmaster.

    Agent-Railroad and Express.
    Englar, Josiah
    Crumbacker & Bro
    General Merchandise.
    Albaugh, D F
    Englar, Josiah & Son
    Grain Dealers.
    Englar, Josiah & Son
    Ice Cream Manufacturer.
    Albaugh, D F
    Lime Burner.
    Leister, W H
    Englar, J & J
    Royar, L
    Haines, J L


    Is 2 miles from Melrose on the Bachman Valley R. R., by pike 10 from Westminster, and 30 from Baltimore: it is 900 ft. above tidewater. From the hills adjoining the town a wide and rich landscape spreads out into Pennsylvania, and the far-off mountains on the west and north. The business or the place is not very active; trade has been diminished by the Bachman Valley and W. M. R. Roads. It is hoped that it will be restored when the Hanover & Baltimore B. B. is put in operation, which is now in process or construction, and will reach the town by a short branch. Climate and health good. Land is three-fourths cleared; the soil is of a red, gravelly formation, easilv tilled and capable of high fertility. The land varies in price from $20 to $60 per acre, and produces 10 to 25 bus. wheat, 15 to 35 oats, 15 to 50 corn, and 1 to 2 tons hay. The timber yet standing is composed of oaks and chestnut. Public School, Dr. Hanson Drach, principal, Geo. Shower, teacher. Select Private School, Jacob Baithausen, principal. The town is incorporated and is governed by a mayor and five councilmen. Population 700. E. A. Ganter, Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-Lutheran, Rev. Geo. Sill; German Reformed, Rev. Wm. Roupe; M. E., Rev. J. H. Haskell; Roman Catholic, Rev. Fathers Gloyd and Delaney; United Brethren, Rev. J. R. Snoke.

    BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES-Daniel and Jacob Lodge 23, L 0.0. F.; Carroll Encampment 17, 1.0.0. F.; Manchester Lodge 78, K. of P.; Lebanon Lodge 104, A. F. & A. M.

    MUNICIPAL OFFICERS-Mayor-Jacob Campbell. Councilmen. Henry Beagle, Edward ()ursler, John Bentz, John Lynard and Luther Trump.

    Agricultural Machinery.
    Shower A & Son
    Albaugh, Edwin
    Sellers, E G
    Schaffer, Jacob
    Everhart & Wink
    La Mott, John
    Wink, J
    Young, Nelson B
    Frist, James
    Cigars and Tobacco.
    Everhart, Wm T & E S
    Lilly, S L
    Wareheim, Nelson
    Fultz, John
    Burns, Geo
    Beagle, Geo
    Kelly, James
    Belschner, G L
    Campbell, C
    Trump, Luther
    Thomas, H W
    General Merchandine
    Bosley, Thomas M
    Crumrine, E J & Go
    Eisenbrown, W J
    Everhart, Chas
    Everhart, E S & Co
    Hoffacker & Kopp
    Masenheimer, Henry
    Belschner, John L
    Black Horse, Jacob Warner
    Franklin, A D Grove
    Washington, Wm Green
    Danner, John
    Lynard, John J
    Ballauf, Frederick
    Schaffer, Edward S
    Justices of the Peace.
    Baltozer, Jacob P
    Motter, Henry
    Shower, A & Son
    Marble Worker.
    Miller, Cornelius
    Cox, Mrs. M E
    Motter, Mrs J M
    Wolf, Mrs
    Beltz, Henry E
    Shower, Jacob
    Shower, T A
    Weaver, J F B
    Shower, George
    Boose, H
    Burgeman, August
    Cox, Emanuel
    Leese, J E
    Stoves & Tinware
    Belschner, John L
    Belschner, G L
    Trump, Geo
    Kelly, James
    Lippy, Oliver
    Appold, A
    Frankforter, Conrad
    Menchey, Lewis


    Is 5 miles from Taneytown, on the F. & P. line R. R., and near Bear Branch, which supplies an abundant quantity of good water; climate mild, village healthy, business and crops good. The land is composed of slate, mostly cleared, and sells at from $60 to $100 per acre, yields 25 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 50 potatoes, 55 corn and 2+ tons hay. N. H. Kester, Wm. N. Marker, teachers; P. Lookingbill and Wesley Rodkey, ministers. Population 64. N. H. Fleagle, Postmaster.

    Myers, J
    Tany, J T
    Fleagle, Jacob
    Harman, A
    Humbert, Wm
    Morelock, D E
    General Merchandise.
    Fleagle, N H
    Eck, Henry
    Stonesifer, Wm
    Davidson, H
    Hiltabidle, H
    Stonesifer, A


    Is 2 miles from Linwood, on W. M. B. B., the shipping point, 12 miles from Westminster and near Sams Creek, which furnishes an ample supply of water. Climate and health excellent; business flourishing; soil is limestone and blue slate, very fertile and retentive of manures; lands range in value from $50 to $100 per acre, and produces 15 to 80 bus. wheat, 12 to 25 rye, 30 to 60 oats and 50 to 75 corn; barley, clover and timothy are produced in high perfection. The timber yet standing, consists of white and black oaks, hickory, walnut, locust, ash and chestnut. The Postmaster is perhaps the oldest officer in official servitude in the State, he received his appointment from Amos Kendall, under Andrew Jackson, and has hald it continuously from that time to the present. Population 75. Samuel McKinstry, Postmaster.

    Jones, Benj
    Senseney, John Q
    Englar, A
    General Merchandise.
    McKinstry, John
    Dorsey, Reazin
    McKinstry, M C
    McKinstry, Sam'l
    Zumbrun, Jacob & Sons
    Saddles and Harness
    Shaw, J H
    Saw Mill.
    Zumbrun, Jacob & Sons
    Marshall, A J


    Is on the W. M. R. R., 48 miles from Baltimore and 15 from Westminster, in a fertile and thriving section of country. The nearest streams are Little and Big Pipe Creeks. Climate and crops good. The place is healthy and the business is not heavy; land is principally cleared, it is a red soil, easily cultivated and capable of high fertility, and can be bought at from $40 to $100 per acre, and produces 15 to 35 bus. wheat, 15 to 35 oats, 35 to 65 corn, and 1 to 2 tons hay. One M. E. Church, Rev. H.P. West; one Public School. Population 180. M. L. Babylon, Postmaster.

    Agent-Organ and Piano
    Bierly, F. T.
    Agent-R. R. & Express
    Agricultural Implements
    Buckey, Daniel E.
    Miller, John N.
    Arnold, Joseph
    Green & Bro.
    Reifsnider, Wm.
    General Merchandise
    Babylon, M. L.
    Warner, Ferdinand
    Grain Dealer
    Winemiller, J. H.
    Lynn, Lewis F.
    Justice of the Peace
    Hann, Isaiah
    Lampert, Washington
    Bollinger, Joel K.
    Buckey, Daniel E.
    Thompson, Chas.
    Wilt, Levi
    Farrow, L. B.


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 34 miles from Baltimore, and near Patapsco River. Ohm ate van shie, place healthy, business and crops good; land principally cleared, and clay soil; can be bought at from $15 to $40 per acre, and produces 25 bus. wheat, rye and a fair amount of other crops. Mr. John A. Dusbane, of Baltimore, has a large paper mill here, giving employment to a number of persons. and manufactures all kinds and grades of paper. Population 100. Geo. F. Jones, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. and Express
    Jones, Geo F
    Pickett, Geo H
    Paper Mills
    Dushane, John A.
    Supt. Paper Mills
    Jones, Geo. F.


    Is on the main stem of the B. & O. R. R., 43 miles from Baltimore. Climate, business and crops good; village healthy; land can be purchased at from $60 to $100 per acre, and produces 20 to 30 bus. wheat, 30 to 50 oats, 125 to 150 potatoes, 30 corn, 1 1/2 to 2 tons hay and 800 to 1,000 lbs. tobacco. Population 100. J. C. Duvall, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Mullinix, Thos P
    Majors, Thos
    Vansant, O P
    Commission Merchant
    Dorsey, W. H. B.
    General Merchandise
    Anderson, A.
    Grove, S. E.
    Rankles, J. B.
    Esgie, R A Nelson
    Ridgeville, C A Smith
    Lewis, Mrs T
    Bromwell, J E
    Todd, B H
    R. R. Supervisor.
    Hipsley, John
    R. R. Track Foreman.
    Duvall, J C
    Detrick, P J
    Gilbert, Geo H
    Howser, T F
    Lewis, Thos


    Is immediately on the W. M. R. R., 7 miles from Westminster and 40 from Baltimore. The nearest streams of water are Pipe Creek and Dickinson Branch. Business good. It is in he midst of a beautiful, salubrious and fertile country, deservedly popular as a summer resort. Soil is of limestone and blue slate formation, highly productive and readily commands from $60 to $100 per acre, and produces 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 25 to 40 oats, 75 to 125 potatoes, 40 to 60 corn, and 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 tons hay. The land is mostly cleared; the timber yet standing is composed of oaks, hickory and chestnut. One Public School and the New Windsor College. The town is incorporated and is governed by four commissioners. New Windsor Grange 146, P. or H., Sol. S. Ecker, Master; Jos. A. Stouffer, Sec. Population 400. Elhannan Stouffer, Postmaster.

    CHURHCES AND PASTORS--German Baptist, (Tunkard); M. E., Rev. W. A. Koontz; Presbyterian, no regular pastor; Roman Catholic, Rev. Father Gloyd.

    TOWN OFFICERS-Burgess-Cbarles P. Baile. Commissioners-Wm. Norris, Wm. H. Vansant and Jeremiah Baile.

    Agent- R. R.
    Engel, C C
    Agricultural Implements.
    Barnan, Wm H
    Attorney at Law.
    Norris, A H
    Vansant, W H
    Boots and Shoes.
    Lambert & Erhard
    Carriage Makers
    Biser, Josiah
    Woods, C W
    Cattle Dealers
    Lambert, John
    Norris, Wm H
    Woods, Andrew
    Binge, Simon
    Tipton, Thomas
    Maynard, D H
    Brown, G H
    Norris, C Edward
    Engel, Peter
    Ergel, Peter & Son
    Furniture Manufactory.
    Baile, C P
    General Merchandise.
    Ingersoll, F R
    Stouffer, E
    Windsor, J H
    Grain Dealers
    Engel, Peter & Son
    Grist Mill
    Johnson, Jethro
    Diehl, Jacob
    Lambert & Erhard
    Woods, Andrew
    Lambert & Erhard
    New Windsor, Louis Dielman
    Justices of the Peace
    Dielman, Louis
    Smith, Wm. T.
    Engel, Peter & Son
    Machinist and Founder
    Smith, Samuel A.
    Smelzer, David W.
    Yingling, Wm.
    Notary Public.
    Buffington, Dr John F
    Brown, G H
    Bufflngton, John F
    Rogers, Dr
    Saddle and Harness Maker
    Lambert, Jesse
    Diehl, Jacob
    Smelzer, John
    Trite, John
    Trounfelter, Jacob
    Veitch, Louis
    Slaugenhaupt, Albert
    Thomson, Albert
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Gitt, George Z


    Is on the F. & P. Line, R. R, midway between Frederick, Md., and York, Pa., near the Pa. line. The vicinity is healthy; land good, can be bought at from $30 to $75 per acre, and produces average crops of all kinds. Population 10. C. Schue, Postmaster.

    Schue, C
    General Merchandise
    Schue, C
    Lime Manufacturer
    Schue, C.
    Weist, P. M.


    Is 6 miles from Sykesville, on the B. & O. R R., and near Piny Run a small water course. Climate good, vicinity healthy; land is partly cleared, can be bought at from $15 to $40 per acre; produces 15 to 37 bus. wheat, and an average of other crops; tobacco is raised in small quantities. Population 20. Joshua Leatherwood, Postmaster.

    Birnes, Elias
    General Merchandise
    Smith, John
    Trenwilth, Mrs M
    Buckman, Thos.
    Rawlins, Frank
    Rawlins, Gassaway
    Wheeler, Andrew


    Is 3 miles from New Windsor, and near Sam's Creek, a small stream from which it derives its name. Place healthy, business medium, crops and land good. The land is mostly cleared, can be bought at from $50 to $100 per acre. Produces 30 to 35 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 corn, and a fair amount of other farm products; butter and cheese is manufactured to some extent. M. E. Church, Rev. Charles A. Reid; Public School, Wm. R. Curray, and S. Roberts, teachers. Population 75. D. E. Stem, Postmaster.

    Bair, Nathaniel
    Brown, Charles
    Wilt, John W.
    Bair, Geo.
    Nicodeumus, Morgan
    Shivers, Geo.
    General Merchandise
    Stem, D. E.
    Manufacturers, Butter and Cheese
    Bennet, Pinkney J.
    Cold Spring Dairy Co.
    Devilbiss, Geo.
    Devilbiss, Jesse L.
    Wilson, Jesse T.
    Yingling, Wm.
    Haines, Reuben W.
    Cashorn, Hezekiah
    Stimmell, Cornelius


    Is situtated on the turnpike leading from Westminster to Littlestown, Adams Co., Pa., 9 miles from the former and 5 from the latter. Silver Run, from which it derives it name, flows near by. Climate mild, village healthy; business crops and land good; land mostly cleared, valued at about $80 per acre, and produces 30 bus. wheat, 60 oats, 60 potatoes, and 70 corn. Wheat, corn and oats are the staple production. It is as pleasant a situation as any in the country, and surrounded by as fine a country as any in the State; its people are busily engaged in various occupations. J. R. Lippy and A. S. Morelock, teachers. Population 100. John N. Mark, Postmaster.

    Koontz, Henry
    Koontz, Jacob
    Little, Geo. L.
    Kesselring, Sam'l
    General Merchandise
    Albaugh & Hanes
    Mark & Morelock
    Justice of the Peace
    Messinger, Samuel
    Wolf, Geo.
    Marshall, James S.
    Bemiller, J.
    Little, J. W.


    Is on the Frederick Division of the Penna. R. R., 5 miles from its junction with the W. M. R. R., 48 from Baltimore, and 137 from Philadelphia, by rail. The climate is equable and healthy. Soil is of red sandstone formation, with a clay subsoil, easily improved and retentive in its character. The land is mostly cleared and commands from $20 to $100 per acre; produces 10 to 30 bus wheat, 10 to 40 oats, 15 to 75 corn, and 1 to 2 tons hay. The timber is composed of oak, hickory, beech and maple. There are great inducements here for agricultural implement makers and machinists; and the soil offers in price and character, inducements to agriculturists. Associated Reformed Church, Rev. Mr. Long; Lutheran, Rev. Mr. Luchenbach; Roman Catholic, Rev. Fathers Gloyd and Delaney. One public, and the Eagle Institute, a select school, Andrew McKinney, principal. Frederick City Lodge, K. of P.; Taneytown Grange 154, P. of H., A. N. Hess, Master; C. M. Hess, Sec. Population 500. Charles C. Currens, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Burns, Edmund
    Fink, Henry
    Haugh, Wm T
    Scilidt, James
    Fleagle, Benj
    Shriner Bros
    Cabinetmaker and Undertaker.
    Fair, Geo H-
    Fair, Daniel
    Hildebrand, John
    Hockensmith, E
    Sponseller, Chas A
    Thompson, Joseph
    Galt, Washington
    Koons, James
    McKellip, J
    Eckenrode, Tobias H
    Eckenrode, T H
    Reindollar. B. B
    Reindollar, John
    General Merchandise.
    Bekenrode, T H
    Elliott, F H
    Plickinger & Reiismder
    Haughf J H
    Reindollar, J & Co -
    Grain, Lumber and Coal.
    Eckenrode, T H
    Reindollar, S B
    Davidson, J & Son
    Currens, Chas O
    Fisher, Wm
    Elliott, R Stonesifer
    Union, Wm H Crouse
    Job Printers
    Steiner & Reid
    Justices of the Peace.
    Fisher, Wm
    Flickinger, Geo A
    Leather and Oils.
    Davidson, J & Son
    Lime Manufacturer.
    Flickinger, Geo A
    Haugh, Wm T
    Fleagle, Beni
    Ecks, Henry T
    McFadden, Chas
    Mehring & Heiners
    Roberts, Frank A
    Millinery and Notions.
    Fink, Mrs W
    Root, Miss Amanda
    Birnie, C
    Motter, Geo T
    Swope, Sam'l
    Harner, Ephraim
    Rider, John S
    Thompson, Thos D
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Angel, Nathan
    Kemp, John H


    Is a thriving and important town on the W. M. R lit., 18 miles from Westminster and 45 from Baltimore. Climate and health good. It has a large trade in grain, lumber and coal. The town was originally known by the name of "Buttersburg," derived from the quantity and quality of butter taken in exchange for merchandise, by one of the early merchants of the place. It was made a post village in 1810, and the present name given to it. It is to this town that the proud honor belongs of having given the first conception of the reaping machine to America. Jacob B Thomas, a resident of the place, gave birth to this conception, and so far completed his plans as to put a reaping machine with automatic attachment, in the harvest of 1811. This machine was pushed by men, and like many of the earlier productions or Inventors, was a partial failure. It did, however, cut and gather grain, by its crudeness subjected the inventor to ridicule, and his sensitive spirit could not cope with this and the incredulity of his neighbors; he abandoned his work and left the glory to be gathered by his cousin, Obed Hussey who, taking up the Union Bridge model, perfected it into an operative machine, and thus became known to fame as the pioneer of reaping machine. Capt. Daniel Rinehart, a brother of the sculptor and producer of Clytie, lives but a short distance south; It was upon a marble quarry, upon his elegant farm, that the young Rinehart first attempted to give life to the cold marble. There is a charming succession of meadows, fields and hills surrounding the town, and all fat with richness; and from a hill one mile west of Union Bridge, the eye rests upon a scene beyond description. Off to the northwest, in towering grandeur, are the Catoctin Mountains, which serve as a background to the ever varying hill, dale, meadow and wild wood. To the south, verdant fields rolling, rising and rolling, hide behind nestling forests, clothed in the drapery of autumn's richest foliage. It Is here that the artist can find many views superior to the beautiful, natural scenery, already upon canvas, in Corcoran's art gallery; it is here that the Maryland farmer is a millionaire, his lime fields are gold fields; here substantial houses, costly barns, neat, enduring fences - all tell that prosperity is at home. The soil is of limestone and old red sandstone, and varies in price from $50 to $150 per acre, and produces 15 to 40 bus wheat, 80 to 60 oats, 40 to 90 corn, and 1 1/2 to 3 tons hay. There is a flourishing cabinet furniture manufactory here; one high, one public and a private school, under the management of the Friends. The town is incorporated and is governed by a mayor and hoard of councilmen. Population 600. Moses Shaw, Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-German Baptist, (Tunkard,) no regular pastor; M. I., Rev. W. A. Koontz.

    BENEVOLENT SOCITIES-Plymouth Lodge 143, A. F. & A. M.; Olive Council 50, O. U. A. M.; Union Bridge Grange 30, P. of H., Thos. F. Shepherd, Master; S. Shepherd, Sec.

    MUNICIPAL OFFICERS--Mayor--John Hartsock. Councilmen--Moses Shaw Joseph Wilson, Daniel lit. Fogle and Wm. Kelly; Sec'y and Treasurer John B. Eppley.

    Agent Express
    Stoner, M C
    Agent-R. R.
    Beard, Albert L
    Agt.--Real Estate and Collection
    Eppley, John B
    Winter, Geo H
    Hollenberger, W.
    Shunk, Geo. W. & Bro.
    Furney & Morningstar
    Wolfe, Joseph
    Snyder & Krise
    Hitechew, A. P.
    Kelley, Wm. & Son
    Wilson, Joseph
    Wolfe, Joseph
    Weaver, Joseph
    Myers, J. & Bro.
    Furniture Manufactory
    Furney & Morningstar
    General Merchandise
    Anders & Lightner
    Buckey, Geo. P.
    Clary, Jesse T.
    Clemson, James H.
    Rowe, Levi
    Shaw & Engel
    Wilson, Wm.
    Grain, Lumber and Coal
    Stoner & McKinstry
    Myers, J. & Bro.
    Wolfe, Joseph
    Hitechew, A. P.
    Kelley, Wm. & Son
    Knight, U. R.
    Union Bridge, D. H. Linn
    Western Maryland, W. M. Brower
    Justices of the Peace
    Jones, Thomas
    Yingling, Granville T.
    Engleman, Eden
    Millinery and Notions
    Sayler, Mrs Ella B
    Stewart & Tipton
    Dehoff, John W (Homeopathist)
    Mannakee, E O
    Maynard, C
    Kelley, Edward
    Winter, Geo H
    Clay, Theodore
    Telegram Operator.
    Beard, Albert L
    Gardner, John P
    Garber, Wm
    Russell, Thomas W
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Hyder, Geo M
    Woolen Mills
    Wood, Shepherd


    Is 7 miles from Westminater, on the W. M. B. B. and Dear Big Pipe Creek. Climate mild, village healtliy, business medium and crops good. The land is composed of flint and slate and slate, one-half cleared, can be bought at from $25 to $100 per acre, and produces 10 to 30 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 oats, 30 to 50 corn and 2 tons hay. Public School, John Burgoon and Michael G. Webster, teacher. Union Advance Grange 157, P. of H., S. W. Erb, Master; J. Wm. Earhart, Sec. Population 125. A. K. Shriver, Postmaster.

    Orem, Samuel
    Tagg, Wm. & Son
    Brick Manufacturer
    Myers, John
    Carpenters & Cabinetmakers
    Byers, Wm. G.
    Renaker, Wm.
    Yingling, Martin
    Bankert, Wm
    Erb, Joseph
    Stonesifer, Samuel
    Fruit Packers
    Shriver, B F & Co
    Fullen Mill.
    Earhart, David B
    General Merchandise
    Hall, F. M.
    Justice of the Peace
    Legore, Jesse
    Myers, Jesse
    Shriver, B. F. & Co.
    Stiteley, Thos. J.
    Wolff, P.
    Saw Mill
    Myers, Jeremiah
    Bemiller, John
    Koontz, Jesse
    Earhart, J. Wm.
    Shriver, A. K. & Sons
    Yingling, Albert
    Yingling, Ephraim
    Yingling, Pius


    Is situated in a pleasingly undulating and healthful country, 2 3/4 miles from Linwood on the W. M. R. R. And is distant by pike 7 miles to Westminster, 35 from Baltimore by rail. The nearest streams are Little and Big Pipe Creeks. Crops good, business fair. Soil is of a yellow slate and limestone. The land is principally cleared and can be purchased at from $40 to $100 per acre, and produces 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 20 to 50 oats, 50 to 100 potatoes, 50 to 75 corn, and 1 to 3 tons hay. The timber is composed of oak, hickory, and some walnut. The tannery of Messis. G. L. Hoffman & Co., of Baltimore is located here. Church of God, (Weinbrennenarian) Rev. Samuel Nail; German Baptist, (Tunkard); Lutheran, Rev. David D. Floyd; M. E. (Colored) Rev. John Valentine; M. E. P., Rev. C. H. Littleton; P. E., no pastor. Two public schools, Theodore Adams and Misses Mary Heyder and Ella Beam, teachers. Nu Conclave 13, Heptasopha; Wyoming Tribe 36, I. O. R. M. Population 400. Thomas F. Shephard, Postmaster.

    McCollum, Wm. H.
    Routson, T H & Bro
    Englar, John W
    Cabinetmaker and Undertaker
    Fuss, David
    Gilbert, J Wesley
    Harman, David
    Slonaker, Andrew
    Davis, JesseTH
    Danner, Adam
    Rhinehart, Isaiah
    Kuhn, Mrs Catherine
    Fancy Goods
    Burrall, Miss. M.
    General Merchandise.
    Devilbiss, C S & Son
    Formwa1t, E
    Starr, Wm H
    Weaver, Harrison
    Eckert, Jacob
    Stanabury, Wm J
    Weller, J O
    Uniontown, John W Eaglar
    Devilbiss, J S
    Justice of the Peace.
    Christ, Daniel E
    Bankard, Jesse
    Engleman Wm
    Flesgle, Benjamin
    McFadden, Chas
    Roop, Upton
    Weaver, J J & Son
    Saw Mill
    Roop, Upton
    Mathias, Reuben J
    Anders, Wm A
    Hoffman, G L & Co
    Buyers, Thomas F
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Christ, Daniel E


    Is on the W. M. R R., 40 miles from Baltimore, and near Little Pipe Creek, which furnishes a liberal supply of pure water. The location is in the midst of as fertile a part of the Co., "Wakefield Valley," as any in the State. The people are known for their simplicity, industry and hospitality. Climate very healthy crops are excellent, and business medium. The land is nearly all cleared; can be bought at from $80 to $130 per acre, and readily produces 25 to 30 bus wheat, 40 oats, 100 potatoes, 65 corn, and 8 tons hay. The "Wakefield Valley Creamery," a stock Co. composed of 20 dairy farmers of the "valley," is an important business enterprise, conauming 600 gallons milk daily in the manufacturer of butter and cheese. Population 50. Joseph Hoover.


    Snyder, Geo.
    Warren, Elias
    Butter & Cheese Manufacturers
    Wakefield Valley Creamery
    Waesche, Joseph A.
    General Merchandise
    Engel, Joshua
    Lime Burner.
    Roop, David
    Roop, David
    Haines, Washington
    Stock Raisers
    Englar, Ezra
    Stouffer, Joseph A


    Is 3 miles from Avondale and 4 from Westminster, on W. M. R B. Morgan's Run is near, and supplies plenty of water for milling and other purposes. Climate and business medium, village healthy, land good, of a limestone formation, not much cleared, can be bought at from $30 to $80 per acre, and yields 15 to 80 bus. wheat, 20 to 50 oats, 50 to 100 potatoes, 60 to 80 corn, and 1 to 2 tons hay; crops generally good. Church of God, (Weinbrennenarian) Rev.W.M. Palmer. Public School, Miss Laura Pool, teacher. Population 96. J. B. Allison, Postmaster.

    Somers & Barnes
    General Merchandise
    Allison, James B
    Sellman, J W
    Lime Burner
    Albert, R. F.
    Appler, Jacob
    Ranoull, Wm
    Baile, Daivd
    Nicodemus, Washington
    Shuey, J. T.
    Somers, J. P.
    Reach, J. H.


    Is on the B. & 0. H. R, 40 miles from Baltimore. Climate temperate, place heathy, crops and land good. The land is principally cleared; is worth $25 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 25 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 corn, 2 tons hay and 1,200 pound tobacco. The inducements to emigrants are good water and cheap land; M. E. and Baptist churches, and a public school. Population 26. J. W. Z. Narr, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. And Express
    Steele, James H
    Eisenhauer, John
    Gosnell, W. Harry
    General Merchandise
    Gosnell, Wesley P.
    Narr, John W. Z.
    Miller, Daub, John
    Waters, S. R.
    R. R. Foreman
    Hall, Joshua


    The county seat, is situated at the head waters of the Patapaco, immediately on Parr's Ridge, 1,000 feet above tide and on the W. M. R. R., 33 miles from Baltimore. it was founded in 1766 by an English family, from whom it received the name 'Winchester," which was afterward changed by an act of the General Assembly to Westminster. The year after the county was created (1836), it was incorporated as a city and selected as the county seat. This old city is in some respects interesting. Lying as it does between two ranges of Parr's Ridge, - sits surroundings are picturesque and romantic. On College Hill, a beautiful undulating country may be seen from the cupola. A view of the mountains is obtained, extending from the Potomac to the Susquebanna, while at your feet, as it were, is Westminster, with its tall church steeples, fine public buildings and handsome private residences. The surrounding country is as healthy, rich and productive agricultural region as any in the State; it is well watered by the Patapsco and other streams, which afford ample power for all kinds of manufacturing establishments iron and copper ore abound in large deposits, and are successfully mined and shipped to Pennsylvania and New York. Quarries, containing the finest varieties of marble, have been opened and are worked In the vicinity. Westminster contains the usual number of county buildings, all well adapted to the purposes br which they were erected. The fair grounds are located at the west end, contains 30 acres of land, with stabling to accommodate 500 head of stock; the track is elliptical in form half mile, and is nearly level. The Western Md. College, a fine four-story brick building, is well located on the highest site around Westminster; it is well arranged and adapted to the purpose for which it was founded; The Democratic Advocate building, corner Main and Court streets, 40x80 feet, two-stories high, is well fitted to be the headquarters for this ably conducted and largely circulated Maryland newspaper. The Cemetery, containing 14 acres of land, is beautifully laid out in walks and drives, and planted with shrubbery. The Churches are mostly built in the best style of ecclesiactal architecture. Some of them very beautiful; and the private residences of the inhabitants are broad, comfortable, substantial structures, suggesting a thrifty and contented community. Population 3,000. A. H. Huber, Postmaster.

    Western Maryland College, Westminster, Maryland - 1878

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-Baptist, Rev. L Cole; German Reformed, (St. Paul's), Rev. J. G. Noss; Evang. Lutheran (Grace), Rev. John A. Earnest; M.E. (Centenary) Rev E E. Shipley; M. E. (colored), Rev. A. Valentine; M. P., Rev. S. B. Southerland P. E. (Ascension), Rev. Isaac L. Nicholson; Roman Catholic (St. John's), Rev. Father Gloyd.

    BENEVOLENT SOCIEIES--A. F. & A. M--Door to Virtue and George Washington Lodges. 1; 0.0. P.- Salem Lodge, No.6. and Columbia Encampment. K of P.--Charity Lodge, No.58. S. of T.-Carroll Division, No.42.

    ASSOCIATIONS-Westminster Savings, Westminster Gas Light, Westminster Cemetery, Carroll Co. Agricultural, Carroll Building, Mutual Fire and Taylor Manufacturing Co.

    CITY GOVERNMENT-Mayor-P. H. Irwin; Counsellor-Joseph M. Parke; Councilmen--Jesse Yingling, W. B. Thomas, Geo. W. Sullivan, N. I. Gorsuch and J. W. Perkins; Secretary--John Matthews; Treasurer-W. B. Thomas; Com. Collector and Bailiff-Israel Zeibor.

    Berrett, Jos. W.
    Diffenbaugh, John T.
    Knipple, J. Henry
    Yingling, J. M.
    Fritchey, Theo. L.
    Thomas, Wm. B.
    Fritchey, Theo. L.
    Thomas, Wm. B.
    Manning, Richard
    Shriver, Francis
    Agent-R. R. And Express
    Grimes, E. O.
    Agricultural Implements
    Stouch, George
    Wagoner, E.
    Attorneys at Law
    Bamgartner, J. J.
    Bond, James A. C.
    Crouse, B. F.
    Henning, D. N.
    Maulsby, Col. Wm. P.
    Norment, R. B.
    Parke, Joseph M.
    Pearson, Isaac E.
    Reifsnider, Chas. T.
    Roberts, Hon. Chas. B.
    Settle, Milton B.
    Smith & McKellip
    Bakers and Confectioners
    Bankard, Peter
    Biggs, James W.
    Callahan, Margaret
    Grammar, H.B.
    Hesson, Joseph
    Keefer, James
    Sheets, Jacob
    Wilson, Miss M. E.
    Zellers, Samuel
    Zepp, David
    Bankers and Brokers
    Fritchey, Theo L
    Thomas, Wm B
    Gerke, John H
    Hope, James
    Myers, Andrew
    Henry, Wm D
    Shipley. Edward
    Shoemaker, Samuel
    Shreeve, Jesse
    Books and Stationery.
    Grammer, H B
    Sheilman, James M
    Boots and Shoes.
    Lawyer & Beaver
    Legore, I U
    Oursler, Wm
    Cabinetmakers & Undertakers
    Bankert & Fowler
    Crouse, Ira E
    Sharrer & Son
    Elgen, Jacob
    Geiselman, John
    Kase, Henry
    Lantz, M L
    Leas, Geo
    Eckenrode, John
    Herr, F K & Bro
    Cigars and Tobacco.
    Hesson, Joseph
    Liedlich, P
    Mitten, H & Bro
    Sheliman, James K
    Wantz, Charles V
    Gorsuch, Nathan I.
    Mathias, O. H. P.
    Schenthal, H.
    Hoppe, J. H.
    Western Maryland, J. T. Ward, Pres.
    Billingslea, Chas.
    Fouke, Geo. S.
    Boyle, Joseph B.
    Huber, A. H.
    Wilmer, John W.
    Dry Goods
    Derr, Theodore
    Miller & Lindsay
    Yingling, J. & Co.
    General Merchandise
    Bixler, Jacob
    Blanchard, B. G.
    Gehr, E. K.
    Haines, H.
    Norris, H. L.
    Orndorff & Albaugh
    Reese, Wm. & Son
    Wampler, John T.
    Grain and Fertilizers
    Grimes & Weaver
    Ebaugh, Mrs. Caroline
    Mackley, E.
    Matthews, John
    Zepp, David
    Knight, J. W.
    Reisnider & Stephan
    Schaeffer, M. & Bro.
    Harness and Saddlemakers
    Miller & Zeigler
    Utz, Jehu
    Zepp, Edward
    Zepp, Wm. H. H.
    Achor, F. E. Cootes
    City, F. I. Wheeler
    Marsh, John Marsh
    Montour, Henry Hann
    Wilson, G. Wilson
    Justices of the Peace
    Hoppe, J.H.
    Matthews, Geo. W.
    Reifsnider & Stephan
    Schaeffer, M. & Bro.
    Zentgraf, John
    Strasburger, A. C. & Bro.
    Wilson, Jacob
    Livery Stables
    Thomson, John
    Lumber and Coal
    Dell, H. W.
    Lynch, E.
    Marble Worker
    Beaver, A. J.
    Knight, J. W.
    Taylor Manuf'g Co.
    Gladhill, James
    Malehorn, Mrs. E. B.
    Moritz, Miss. C. A.
    Pool, Miss. Eliza
    Sherman, Mrs. G. W.
    Notions, Toys, &c.
    Copenhaver, Miss Kate
    Keefer, James
    Wilson, Miss M. E.
    Oysters and Fish
    Keen, John H.
    Perkins, J. W.
    Billingslea, J. H.
    Billingslea, James L.
    Butler, Francis
    Hering, J. W.
    Shaw, F. T.
    Wells, E. D.
    Woodward & Swormstedt (Homeopathists)
    Zepp, L.
    Plumbers and Gas Fitters
    Callaghan & Son
    Bankard, Joseph
    Matthais, B J
    McElroy, Lee
    Wickert, S C
    Bankard, Joseph
    Berestine, John
    Cagle, Geo
    Doyle, Hugh
    Willet, C J
    Yingling, O P
    Zahn, Edward
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Callaghan, P & Son
    Grumbine, J C
    Schaeffer, M & Bro
    Anders, John T
    Henneman, Chas.
    Kretzer, John A
    Telegraph Operator.
    Crouse, Mrs M
    Wall Papers & Window Shades
    Coon, Wm
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Moore, Wm
    Shoemaker, Sam'1
    Uttz, John


    Is 6 miles from Woodbine, on the main stem of the B. & O. R R.  Gillis' Falls, a small stream, is near, and furnishes water for local use. Climate moderate and healthy; business and crops good. The soil is clay and honey comb. Land is 2/3 cleared; can be bought from $12 to $60 per acre; produces 18 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 100 potatoes, 50 corn, 900 to 1,200 lbs. tobacco, and 2 tons hay. M. B. Church, (Ebenezer) Rev. Mr. Koontz. Bethel Church of God, Rev. Mr. Palmer. Pine Orchard and Jenkins Schools, A. P. Buckingham and M. Spurner, teachers. Population 100. James Easton, Postmaster.

    Butler, John H
    Dicus, Gro
    Knootz, Frederick
    Powers, James
    Carpenter & Undertaker.
    Pickett, Chas R
    Richey, Thos B
    General Merchandise.
    Nelson, W B
    Shipley, H L
    Justice of the Peace.
    Zile, H M
    Cronk, Wm H
    Easton & Pickett
    Gilliss, Jos H
    Pickett, Geo
    Crawford, F J
    Warfield, R O D


    Is the P.O. and Station for Bruceville, a small village at the junction of the W. M. R. R. with Frederick Division of the Penna. R. R. It is 16 miles by W. M. R. RH. from Westminster, the county seat. The lands are of the red stone formation, mostly cleared, and capable of high fertility, and vary in price from $30 to $70 per acre, and yield 12 te 25 bus. wheat, 15 to 25 oats, 30 to 50 corn, and 3/4 to 1 1/2 tons hay. The timber yet standing is composed of white and black oaks and hickory. Population 80. David Hiltsbidle, Postmaster.

    Agent--R. R. And Express Hiltabidie, David
    Haugh, T F
    Koons, Nicholas
    Mehting, Fred
    General Merchandise.
    Weant, Sam'1
    Grain and Forwarding.
    Hiltabidle, David
    McGinnis, W L & Bro
    Myers, Joel
    Lauver, M A



    Beacham, James W.
    Bixler, H.
    Casell, David
    Clouther, Verley
    Danner, Abraham
    Englar, David
    Haines, H
    Harmna, A.
    Kane, Richard
    Lane, Timothy
    Longe, Richard
    Orendorf, Wm.
    Pennington, Noah
    Ryehart, Lynk
    Shriver, E.
    Stephenson, Thomas
    Van Bibber, Thomas

    Bird Hill

    Barnes, Perry G
    Bartholow, H T
    Bowers, Sebastian
    Davis, Elias N
    Davis, Hanson
    Davis, Harrison
    Davis, John
    Ogg, Nicholas
    Osterhus, Edward
    Phillips, J. T.
    Selp, Phillip


    Allgire, Amon
    Armacost, C.
    Babylon, J.
    Brown, Chas. W.
    Bush, Jabez A.
    Chew, John H.
    Davidson, J. W.
    Davidson, John
    Elsroad, John
    Elsroad, John
    Flater, P A
    Hering, G S
    Lingenfelter, P
    Mages, John
    Miller, David
    Miller, Wm
    Mummaugh, Geo
    Oursler, A
    Rauscb, E
    Read, E J
    Read, J B
    Rhodes, James
    Stull, Daniel
    Stull, Geo
    Taylor, E
    Taylor, K
    Taylor, Sam'l
    Uhler, John
    Wampler, J L
    Weaver, G W
    Westaway, Wm H


    Bixier, Noah
    Brown, D K
    Boyer, J
    Gummel, Geo
    Reese, A J
    Reese, Daniel
    Royer, C
    Snyder, Samuel


    Albaugh, Abraham
    Bair, A
    Bennett, P J
    Buckingham, L.
    Cover, C.
    Demmitt, Henry
    Farver Robert
    Franklin, Stephen
    Gorsuch, S
    Greenwood, Mrs
    Haines, Andrew
    Jones, Thomas S
    Kelly, Thomas G
    Kiler, Daniel
    Kiler, Isaac
    Kiler, Jacob
    Murray, Sam'l
    Naill, W W
    Robertson, J
    Roop C
    Shilling, Chas
    Stern, Jesse
    Warner, U S

    Double Pipe Creek

    Birely, Jacob
    Birely, O D
    Cash, Lewis
    Cormack, Joshua
    Dern, Geo W
    Dotterer, Joshua
    Dotterer, Josiah
    Englar, David
    Fox, Hezekiah
    Fox, Samuel
    Frock, Jacob
    Haugh, Samuel
    Kolb, Thomas
    Morningitar, Levi
    Ritter, Peter L
    Sayler, Daniel H
    Stumbaugh, Jacob
    Valentine, Albert
    Valentine, Grace
    Valentine, Sylvester
    Weybright, John
    Weybright, Samuel
    Whitmore, Emanuel
    Wilhide, Reuben

    Frederick County

    Albaugh, J & M
    Bireley, A. D.
    Eiler, Horatio
    Eiler, Josiah
    Grossnickle, Cyrus
    Grossnickle, Daniel
    Miller, Joseph A
    Miller, L F
    Warner, Barton
    Warner, D C
    Wilhide, John L


    Garrett, E
    Garrelt, Wm
    Gorsuch, N
    Masamore, J H
    Rice, John
    Roth, James
    Sullivan, Noah
    Wareheim, H F B
    Wentz, C


    Armour, J D
    Barnes, T A
    Barnett, J
    Bier, G
    Coffey, J
    Friisiell, P
    Gibson, W
    Henson, G
    Johnson, A
    Lee, R
    Norris, N D Sr
    Norris, N D
    Purvis, J F
    Rennels, J
    Serivner, E
    Shipley, J & S D
    Slack, J & S
    Slack, W D
    Snyder, B
    Wealton, C


    Armacost, G W
    Blizzard, J.
    Brown, T
    Cole, L H
    Evans, L
    Fitch, H S
    Frazier, D
    Gist, J
    Gray, J J
    Hollingsworth, J H
    Lamotte, F
    Lamotte, L A J
    Leister, A
    Lisle, J D
    Maitin, J
    Power, J
    Small, J


    Baker, H J
    Bennett, John
    Bevrct, Julins B
    Buckingham, O P
    Cumming, A P Gordon
    Devries, Wm T
    Harris, John
    Hewitt, Robert K
    Lee, Josbua
    Manro, Geo W
    Penne, Joshua T
    Prugh, David
    Prugh, Geo M
    Scrivner, Joshua
    Shipley. Edwin & James
    Steele, Henry
    Wadlow, J Oliver


    Babylon, -Jesse
    Coltrider, Daniel
    Frizell, Wm
    Myers, Jacob
    Myers, James
    Myers, Wm
    Rinehart, Jerennlah
    Roop, David J
    Royer, John
    Strevig, E
    Warchime, John
    Warehime, Samuel
    Zill, L


    Armacost, Geo W
    Armacost, John A
    Armacost, Joseph
    Baker, Elias
    Bixler, Absalom
    Bromall, David
    Bromall,. David O
    Bush, John M
    Cooper, Henry S
    Cox, Amos A.
    Cox, D A
    Deal, Geo S
    Ebaugh, N F
    Face, Richard
    Grogg, David
    Grogg, Wm
    Houck, Elias
    Houck, Wm
    Jackson, Benj
    Kagle, Wm
    Kelbaugh, John W
    Keller, John
    Kemp, Wm
    Little, Joseph
    Martin, Caleb
    Martin, Mordecai
    Martin, Richard
    Merriman, Elisha
    Millender, Casper
    Miller, R. H.
    Miller, Rebecca
    Munoy, Ephraim
    Munoy, John P
    Munoy, John W
    Munoy, Wm A
    Null, Daniel
    Nyres, Mrs.
    Richards, David W
    Richards, Geo C
    Richards, Wm
    Rill, Leonard
    Rinehard, Henry
    Rinemon, David
    Rinemon, Jacob
    Rinemon, Wm
    Shaffer, Andrew
    Shaffer, David
    Shaffer, Geo
    Shaffer, Jacob of John
    Shaffer, John of K
    Shaffer, John W
    Shaffer, W H
    Shearer, Adam
    Shubkagle, Wm
    Shultz, John
    Smith, J H
    Stousbury, Henry
    Stousbury, Micajoh
    Stousbury, Whitfield
    Wisner, Henry
    Wooden, C C.
    Zepp, Wm


    Benedict, John
    Brough, H. H.
    Crumbacker, David
    Delaplane, John
    Englar, Jonas
    Englar, F. J.
    Ebbert, Jonas
    Garner, E. B.
    Garner, Ephraim
    Haines, Evan
    Haines, Moses
    Jordan, J. H.
    Lambert, Geo.
    Messler, John T.
    Royer, Dr. Levi
    Rinehart, I. C.
    Sauble, E.
    Sauble, Jacob
    Senseney, J. E.
    Shriner, E. L.
    Shriner, J. C.
    Smith, Nathan

    McKinstry's Mills

    Bankerd, Alfred
    Byers, Daniel
    Clemson, Dennis U
    Foutz, Richard R
    Fuss, Adam
    Graham, Sam'l
    Haines, Thos J.
    Harp, Benj.
    Kelley, Joseph
    McKinstry, J. & E.
    Parrish, Chas.
    Pearre, O. H.
    Renold, Israel
    Repp, M. O.
    Rinehart, Israel C.
    Shriner, Peter H.
    Simpson, O. B.
    Smith, Chas. E.
    Stoner, Sam'l


    Albaugh, Joshua
    Bechtol, Martin
    Becker, E.
    Berkheimer, Henry
    Berwager, Edward
    Berwager, Godfrey
    Beltz, H. E.
    Bixler, Daniel
    Bixler, Geo.
    Bixier, Henry
    Boring, J W
    Boring, John M
    Boring, Mordecai
    Bosley, Benj
    Bosley,T M
    Bowman, Daniel
    Bowman, Jacob
    Brelhart, Isaac
    Burns, David
    Caltrider, Danl
    Caltrider, Geo
    Caltrider, Joshua F
    Campbell, J
    Cams, Nicholas
    Cramer, B
    Crouse, John
    Crumrine, B J
    Dehoff, Sami
    Everbart, Geo
    Face, Richard
    Fair, Jacob
    Fair, Levi
    Frank, Geo K
    Frankferter, C
    Fruhrman, Edward
    Fultz, Philip
    Garrett Danl
    Grentzer, Jacob
    Grove, Charles
    Hare, Jesse
    Hawk, David
    Herpst, John
    Hively, Adam
    Hively, Wm
    Hoffacker, D H
    Hoffacker, Geo
    Hoffacker. Jacob
    Hoffacker, Samuel
    Kealer, Wm
    Koontz Reuben
    Koller, John
    Kreitzer, Leonard
    Knizendaler, Conrad
    Lamhert, Conrad
    Lawson, Daniel
    Lippy, David
    Lippy, Lewis B
    List, John S
    Loats, John
    Lucahaueh, W F
    Markel, Elias
    Menciley, Valentine D
    Miller, Aaron
    Miller, Geo P
    Miller, Henry
    Miller, Wm
    Musselman, W
    Myerly, Elias
    Nenninger, Daniel
    Oursler, B
    Panabaker, David
    Pfuffer, A
    Pfuffer, John
    Reagle, Geo L
    Reagle, Henry
    Reagle, Jacob
    Redding, L S
    Reed, John
    Reinhart, Henry
    Reth, James
    Roads, A J P
    Roads, W E F
    Robenstein, Bliss
    Sellers, N W
    Sellers, Peter
    Shaffer, E
    Shaffer, Jacob of J
    Shaffer, Martin
    Shaffer, Noah
    Shaffer, Beubin
    Sherman, Henry
    Sherman, Jesse
    Shower, Adam
    Shower, Geo
    Shower, Jacob
    Sinkers, Geo
    Smith, John H
    Snyder, S
    Stansbury, Geo
    Steffe, Henry
    Streevig, Henry
    Streevig, John L
    Trump, Geo
    Walter, Wm
    Wareheim, E
    Wareheim, Geo
    Wareheim, Henry S
    Wareheim, Philip
    Wareheim, Samuel
    Wareheim, Samuel S
    Weike, John
    Werner, Eli
    Werner, Henry
    Werner, Jesse
    Wilhelm, Michael
    Wilison, Wm
    Wilson, James
    Yasto, Heury
    Yingling, Ephraim
    Yingling, George
    Yingling, Jacob
    Yingling, Sainnel
    Yost, Frederick
    Zepp, Wm


    Arthur, A
    Bankard, F
    Bankard, J
    Davidson, J
    Erb, B
    Favorite, Wm L
    Fleagle, Jesse
    Harnish, H
    Hiltabidle, A
    Hym flier, H
    Jones, H
    Keefer, J
    Marker, J
    Nusbaum, J
    Rodkey, J
    Stonesifer, D
    Stonesifer, S
    Yingling, M
    Zepp, T A


    Angle, John W
    Bittinger, Wm
    Buckey, D B
    Bnffington, Bphraim
    Clabaugh Bdward
    Dutrow, Eli
    Fuss, Henry
    Fuss, Sam'l
    Haines, David
    Harhaugh, Sam'l
    Harman, John
    Hitechew, Ephraim
    Koontz, Conrad
    Koontz J H
    Koontz, John A
    Landis, Robert
    Lynn, Lewis
    Newman, Thornas
    Norris, Oliver
    Otto, T G
    Otto, Thomas
    Pittinger, John
    Sharretts, Jacob
    Sharretts, John
    Shoemaker, Frederick
    Shriver, Henry
    Stoner, Augustus
    Trimmer, Isaac
    Williams, H T
    Winemiller, J H


    Bentz, John
    Betts, Thos J
    Chaney, B F
    Danna, Henry
    Gaither, J K
    Gartrell, John B
    Gartrell, Stephen B
    Gibson, W H
    Henderson, N B
    Mercer, Thos B
    Rowland, John W
    Warfield, John M

    Mt. Airy

    BewaIl, Joshua
    Brashears, Cornelius
    Brashears, B J
    Bussard, Henry
    Cisry, B T
    Davis, A G
    Grove, Geo
    Hood, J V
    Hood, James
    Seliman, B Jr
    Sparvis, Joseph
    Vansant, R

    New Windsor

    Baile, Jesse
    Barnes, Augustus
    Barnes, John
    Carbaugh, Louis
    Chew, Wm
    Condon, R W
    Diehi, Sam'l
    Ecker, Elsworth
    Ecker, S S
    Buglar, B W
    Englar, Hiram
    Englar, J W
    Englar, Louis P
    Englar, S P
    Englar, Uriah
    Fritz, Geo
    Frownfreller, D
    Greenwood, Dan'l
    Haines, Jesse
    Harisock, Marshal
    Hibberd, Job
    Hibberd, Josiah
    Hibberd, Theodore
    Lambert, John W
    Lindsey, Louis
    Maynard, D H
    Myers, Chas T
    Myers, Jesse
    Myers, John W
    Myers, Wesley
    Otto, Peter
    Repp, Wm
    Roop, A A
    Sauble, John
    Shirgluff, L P
    Smelzer, Wm
    Smith, Joshua
    Snader, Elwood
    Snader, John T
    Snader, L. N.
    Snader, Philip B
    Stouffer, Ephraim
    Weaver, Jesse
    Winters, Levi
    Winters, Wm


    Allen, Thos
    Barnes, Joseph & Bro
    Bushey, L M
    Day, F
    Dorsey, B
    Dorsey, Mrs M & Sons
    Dorsey, Wm & Bro
    Grimes, David
    Hewitt, R M
    Lee, Joshua
    Parrine, Joshua T
    Paynter, John & Wilson
    Penn, James
    Place, John
    Rawlins, Gassaway Sr
    Shipley, Brice
    Smith, John
    Streaker, H
    Wilson, C
    Wilson, N
    Wilson, Wm

    Sam's Creek

    Bond, John T
    Carlisle, A
    Cover, Peter
    Curray, W R
    Devilbiss, Charles
    Devilbiss, George
    Devilbiss, Isaiah
    Buglar, S P
    Ensor, Hamilton
    Klees, John
    Lindsey, Columbus
    Long, Abraham
    Naill, David W.
    Naill, Jacob L.
    Nusbaum, Isaiah
    Plaine, Hiram
    Reid, Chas. A.
    Shrivers, George
    Snader, E. T.
    Stem, John H.

    Silver Run

    Cover, Samuel
    Dutterer, James E.
    Hesson, Isaac
    Koontz, Absalom
    Koontz, Geo
    Mause, John
    Study, John


    Baumgardner, Henry
    Baumgardner, Wash'ng
    Benner, Geo
    Birnie, Rodger
    Bollinger, J. K.
    Buffington, David
    Clabaugh, G W
    Crabbs, John
    Crapster, Basil
    Fair, James S.
    Flickinger, Amos
    Fogle, Jacob
    Galt, Henry
    Galt, James B.
    Galt, Sterling
    Galt, Washington
    Garner, Oliver
    Good, John
    Goulden, Wm.
    Harnish, Joseph
    Haugh, WM.
    Hawn, Samuel
    Hitterbrick, Henry
    Kautz, Joshua
    Keefer, Wm.
    Lambert, Jacob
    Martin, David
    McAllister, Alex
    Mearing, Jacob
    Mentzel, Charles
    Null, Daniel
    Raitt, Nathan
    Reaver, Washiogton
    Reifsnider, Wm
    Reindollar, David
    Beindollar, Henry
    Reindollar, John
    Renner, John
    Roberts, Frank
    Rudisel, Thomas
    Sell, Bmanuel
    Shoemaker, Geo A
    Shriner, Samuel
    Slaughenharpt, Sam'l
    Smith, Peter
    Smith, Wm P
    Swope, Dr Samuel
    Wilt, Henry C

    Union Bridge

    Bollinger, Geo
    Bowers, Stephen
    Clemson, D D H
    Clemson, John
    Clemson, John D
    Cox, James L
    Crumbacker, Jesse
    Davis, Hiram
    Davis, Wm H
    Dern, Isaac
    Devilbiss, Chas M
    Bcker, Lewis B
    Engelman, Eden
    Englar, Francis J
    Farqubar, Jos & Wm
    Fogel, Wm H
    Forrest, Wesley
    Garber, John of S
    Graham, Archibald
    Hahn, Jacob
    Haines, G S
    Haines, Lewis
    Johnson, Christopher
    Johnson, Peter
    Jones, Hiram
    Jones, Thomas
    Koontz, Albert
    Lightner, Dani B
    Mannakee, Dr B O
    McConkey, Geo W
    Myers, Charles
    Myers, John
    Norris, Wm G
    Null, Abraham B
    Ogle, James W
    Penrose, B G
    Rakestraw, James
    Repp, Chas D
    Repp, B Hamilton
    Repp, lsaac
    Repp, Jacob
    Repp, Samuel
    Rinehart, Oapt Dani
    Rinehart, David
    Rinehart, W S
    Sauble, Emanuel
    Saylor, Reubin Jr
    Senseney & Son
    Shepherd, Solomon
    Shirk, John
    Singer, B T
    Smith, Gideon
    Smith, Peter
    Starr, Thaddeus
    Stitely, David H
    Stitely, Gen W
    Stoner, Abraham
    Stoner, Bphraim
    Stoner, Jacob
    Strausburg, Josiah
    Utz, John H
    Wakefield, Capt
    Williams, L T
    Wolfe, Daniel
    Wolfe, Samuel
    Wood, Pemberton
    Wood, Shepherd
    Wood, Thomas

    Union Mills

    Bankert, Christian
    Bankert, Wm
    Baumgartrer, Peter
    Brown, Henry
    Burgoon, John
    Burgoon, Wm
    Dutro, James B
    Earhart, D B
    Erb, Joseph
    Erh, Samuel
    Frock, John
    Frock, Peter
    Humbert, Jacob
    Koontz, Abraham
    Mathias, Leander,
    Morelock, Samuel
    Myers, Henry P
    Myers, Jeremiah
    Myers, Jesse
    Renaker, Paul
    Renaker, Wm
    Rumler, Perry


    Adams, E.
    Babylon, P H
    Babylon, Wm
    Banbaker, J. C.
    Bankerd, Emanuel
    Bankerd, Franklin
    Bankerd, Henry
    Bankerd, J. C.
    Baust, Joseph
    Baust, W H
    Beck, S
    Benedict. J P
    Bowers, Joseph
    Brown, G H
    Buffington, B
    Bylmyer, J H
    Caylor, Joel
    Caylor, Levi
    Cookson, D
    Cornell, Alex
    Cover, H C
    Culvertson, Joseph
    Devilbiss, J S
    Devilbiss, James
    Dhiel, Daniel
    Erb, J
    Fiscie, Geo
    Flickinger, Frederick
    Fogle, H
    Foreman, B
    Formwalt, Ii M
    Foutz, David
    Foutz, Joseph
    Garber, JM
    Garher, John
    Garner, Jasper
    Gilbert. Wm
    Gore, John
    Habn, S
    Heek, N
    Hitchew, W
    Hollinburger, J H
    Keepers, E
    Kelly, E
    Lemon, J
    McFadden, C H
    Myers, Charles
    Myers, Davis
    Myers, J
    Myers, Lewis
    Myers, S
    Nusbaum, B
    Nusbaum, Wm
    Roop, Daniel
    Roop, Upton
    Routson, David
    Routson, T H
    Row, B
    Row, Jacob
    Segaffose, J W
    Senseney, A H
    Senseney, B M
    Shaw, M G
    Shephard, T F
    Shorb, Joseph
    Singer, H J
    Smith, J
    Starr, J N
    Starr, J T
    Starr. Milton
    Stauffer, P H
    Steward. W A
    Stoner, David
    Stoner, J D F
    Stoner, Samuel
    Stoner, Solomon
    Winters. B
    Wortz, M
    Wright, J C
    You, Jacob
    Zollickoffer, A


    Beard, E
    Bixler, Aaron
    Bowersox, B D
    Cassell, David
    Cassell, Joseph
    Englar, D H
    Englar, D W
    Englar, Ezra
    Englar, Wm H
    Formwalt, Lewis
    Geiger, John
    Haines, Ephraim
    Hoover, Joseph
    Marker, Henry
    Pennington, N
    Richardson, James
    Rinehart. B L
    Shriver, D K
    Stevenson, Jesse
    Stouffer, Joseph A
    Wagoner, Samuel


    Baile, Lewis N
    Barnes, A H
    Biggs, John T
    Carr, Alex
    Duvall, Geo W
    Forest, Isaac
    Gorsuch, Roht D
    Harris, John
    Manahan, Levy
    Manahan, Lennox
    Owings, D A
    Robertson, D H & Bro.
    Robertson, D & J
    Robertson, Jeremiah
    Seilman, Vachel R
    Shipley, Nathan
    Shuey, J L
    Shuey, J T
    Snader, Henry M.
    Williams, J. N.


    Burall, Wm
    Davis, Henry S
    Davis, Nimrod
    Davis, Samuel G
    Fleming, C F
    Gillis, Thomas of F
    Gosnell, J T
    Gosnell, W Harvy
    Gosnell, Wesley
    Henry, R
    Lowman, Zachary
    Poole, John F W
    Russell, Wm
    Seihy, J N
    Warfield, Beale
    Wood, Basil
    Zepp, John


    Baile, Henry
    Bankert, Jacob
    Baumgartner, Daniel
    Biggs, Wm J
    Bixier, Benj
    Blizzard, James
    Bonsack, D D
    Bowers, John H
    Buckingham, Wm
    Burns, Daniel
    Byers, David H
    Cole, C H
    Crowl, Josiah
    Englar, Theo F
    Fenby, Wm
    Geiman, David
    Geiman, Jeremiah
    Gault, John
    Gist, Mordecai
    Goodwin, Mrs. Daniel
    Hering, Dr. J. W.
    Koontz, Emanuel
    Lawyer, Wm.
    Longwell, Hon, John K.
    Lucabaugh, Jno. W.
    Lynch, Edward
    Marker, Jacob
    Miller, Geo.
    Myerly, Jacob
    Orendorff, F. H.
    Orendorff, Joseph
    Reese, David
    Rinehart, Wm. G.
    Roop, John D.
    Roop, Samuel
    Royer, Margaret
    Sauble, Samule
    Schaeffer, Geo
    Schweigart, Cyrus
    Shaeffer, Joseph
    Shaeffer, Lewis
    Shaeffer, Noah
    Shasifer, Simon
    Shreeve, Mrs Mary
    Stevenson, Thomas
    Stoner, Joseph
    Wampler, Francis
    Winters, Airheart
    Young, John
    Zacharias, Jacob
    Zepp, Lawrence


    Bowers, Conrad
    Condon Upton
    Cover, Josiah
    Frizzell, Joseph
    Gist, Col. J C
    Pickett, Thos
    Plckett, Wesley
    Sellman, J B T
    Shipley, Larkin
    Zile, David
    Zile, H M

    York Road

    Biehl, John
    Birely, Frederick
    Buffington, Jacob
    Fringer, N.
    Haugh, W. H.
    Keefer, J. L.
    Koons, G. W.
    Landers, Robert
    McGinnis, F. A.
    Mehring, Marhal W.
    Miller, Geo.
    Myers, Joel
    Otto, Thomas G.
    Reifsnider, Isaiah
    Sharretts, Jacob
    Snook, Wm.
    Trimmer, Isaac
    Wilhide, Chas. R.
    Wilhide, Chas. W.
    Winemiller, J. W.
    Yingling, Edward

  • Cecil County

    CECIL COUNTY was organized in 1674, and named in honor of Cecilius Lord Baltimore. It is the most northern of the Eastern Shore counties, and forms the north-east corner of the State, being bounded on the north by Pennsylvania, on the east by Delaware, (the celebrated Mason and Dixon's line separating the three States,) on the south by Sassafras River, and west by Chesapeake Bay and and Susquehanna River.

    This County is one of the most thriving and enterprising in the State. The character of the land is mixed, the part above the Bay being mostly rolling and quite hilly, like the Western Shore, and below Elkton, quite level and similar to the adjoining Eastern Shore counties. The soil comprises every variety; a considerable portion centrally situated, called The Barrens," being pure sand and gravel, (though this section has of late much improved), whilst other parts have heavier clayey soil, mixed rocky, and the lower part an excellent light clay loam. The County is well populated, and the farming and improvements generally are in advance of the average throughout the State.

    Wheat, oats and corn are the staple farm productions; very large crops of hay are raised and sent to Baltimore and elsewhere in bales. In the southern part, known as Sassafras Neck, are many large peach farms. The crop is very large and profitable here.

    Cecil County possesses inexhaustible quarries of excellent granite at Port Deposit, on the Susquehanna River. Soapstone exists on the same river, and in the northern part near Pennsylvania are large beds of iron ore and chrome, comprising a good proportion of the most valuable chrome mines in the world. Near North East River are extensive deposits of clay suitable for making fire-bricks, and, laterally, discoveries are reported or kaolin or porcelain clay or a fine quality. At North East fire-brick is manufactured extensively by two firms. They give employment to a large number of persons and their goods find a ready sale. Here are also the extensive rolling mills of the MoCollough Iron Co., and a razor-strop factory, making this quite a manufacturing village.

    The County is welt watered and possesses some of the best water-powers, which are in most cases well improved with large furnaces, forges, rolling mills, paper, grist, and saw mills. All the paper used by the Baltimore Sun and Philadelphia Ledger is manufactured at mills a few miles from Elkton.

    "Gilpin's Falls," on Great North East Creek, is a wild and romantic place, and is also a great water-power, which is at present not used. The creek falls about a hundred feet in a very short distance. Cecil has the largest number of shad and herring fisheries of any county in the State extending from the mouth of the Susquehanna River around the bay and river shores into the Sassafras River. These shores also afford abundance of wild fowl in season. The County enjoys excellent facilities for transportation.

    Judge Second Judicial Circuit--Circuit-Hon. John M. Robinson, Chief Judge. Hon. Joseph A. Wickes and Hon. Frederick Stump, Associate Judges. Commissioners of Court-Francis A. Ellis and James T. McCullough. Auditor Clinton McCullough. Clerk to Court-Arthur W. Mitchell, Elkton. Clerks-Wm. K. Reckefus, W. H. May and H. H. Gilpin. Crier.-John B. Brown. Sheriff-Wm. T. Bouldin, Blkton. State's Attorney-Clinton McCullough, Elkton. Judges of Orphans' Court -James McCauley, Chief Judge; James M. Evans and James A. Lewis. Register of Wills-Reuben D. Jamar. Deputy-Reuben E. Jamar. Surveyor-James J. McCauley. County Commissioners-Benj. M. Crawford, David T. Cameron and Richard H. Crothers. Attorney-Noble T. Biddle. Clerk-Isaac F. Vanarsdale, Elkton. School Commissioners -Francis S. Everist, Prest., Geo. Bidd1e and Samuel J. England. Secretary and Examiner-Rev. John Squler, Elkton. Trustees of AlmsAouse-Wm. Mackey, Nicholas P. Manley, John B. Alexander, John B. Russell and John Steele. Steward-Stephen Plack. Pkysician-Dr. Chas. M. Ellis. Registers of Voters-John Wroth, Noble Biddle, Wm. O. Gilmour, Wm. R. Mahan, Granville S. Jefferis, Joseph Golibart, John B. Abrab am S, John J. Bennett and H. H. Duyckinck. Constables-John Richards, James H. Benson, Geo. R. Carpenter, Samuel B. Grant, Isaac S. Deford, Thomas Tyson, John C. Hendman, Chas. R. Kirk, Benj. T. CaIdwell, John T. Rutler and James Davis. Justices of the Peace-Benj. F. Terry, G. F. Chrisfield, Samuel B. Foard, Geo. R. Howard,James Spence, Joseph Benjamin, Isaac N. Benjamin, Samuel Logan, Isaac R. Taylor, David Archibald, Sheldon Beach, Joseph W. Abrahams, Robert Burroughs, James Cummings and David Wherry. Notaries Public-Reuben B. Jamar, Wm. R. Gilpin, Geo. W. Vandever, Andrew Orr and Horatio J. Sheppard. Congressman, Second District-Hon. Chas. B. Roberts, Westminster. State Senator-Hon. John M. Miller. Members House of Detegates-Hons. James Turner, Wm. M. Knight and James M. Touchstone. Terms of Circutt Court which are held in the Court House at Elkton, the county seat: Law Terms-3rd Mondays in March, June and September. Chancery Term-2nd Monday in December. Population of County-White, 21,860; colored, 4,014. Registered Vote-6,100. Assessed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks and Railroad Property-$18,278,958. State and County Tax 80 1/2 cents on $100.


    Is 3 miles from North East, on the P. W. & B. H. H., and is a place of considerable business and trade. Climate healthy; crops and land good. The land is principally cleared; can be bought at from $10 to $100 per acre; produces 20 to 30 bus. wheat, 35 oats, 150 potatoes, 25 to 100 corn, and 1 to 3 tons hay. M. P. Church and a Public SchooL Population 60. Joseph T. Reed, Postmaster.

    Burns, Samuel
    McDugall, Wm
    Fields, John R
    Fields, Wm C
    Fitzgerald, John
    White, John T
    Cigars and Tobacco.
    Milburn, Nicholas
    Alexander, Nathan
    Riddell, Thomas
    Passmore, Ellis P
    General Merchandise.
    Reed & Bro
    Simcoe, Geo & Son
    Taylor, Joseph
    Cooper, Chas
    Cooper, John
    Poultry Dealers.
    Burns, Jonathan P
    Janney, John T
    Ramsey, Wm T
    Benjamin, Geo W
    Carr, Henry
    Carr, Wm
    Heapes, James L
    Woolen Mills
    Johnson, H C & Wm


    Is 9 miles from Middletown, on the Delaware R. R., and near Frederick Town, the shipping point on the Sassafras River. Climate, healthy; business land and crops good. The land is mostly cleared, is worth $50 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 150 potatoes and 40 corn. Population 300. H. M. Hayes, Postmaster.

    Black & Piser
    Myers, F F
    Sanders, Caleb P
    Mattaux, Wm
    Morris, John
    General Merchandise.
    Beaston, J M
    Crookshank, J C
    Davis, G N
    Ernest, J. M.
    Ford, G. A.
    Crawford, E N
    Hardcastle, Jerome
    Hall, Samuel.
    Russell, John
    Terry, F F
    Anderson, Patrick


    Is near a station on the P. W. & B. R. R. of that name, 40 miles from Baltimore. It is beautifully located on the west bank of the North East River, and commands a picturesque view of the Chesapeake Bay for over 20 miles. It is regularly laid out into streets and squares, and is one of the most pleasant locations in the State for a town. You can in almost any part take in at a glance the North East, Elk, Sassafras and Susquehanna Rivers, with their hundreds of sails. It is healthy at all seasons; the farms are highly productive and worked by intelligent and enterprising men; Fishing is carried on to a considerable extent from the waters in the vicinity, which abound in fish of several varieties. The land is clay and sandy loam, principally cleared; can be bought at from $25 to $40 per acre, and yields 20 bus wheat, 50 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 to 50 corn, and 1 1/2 tons hay. M. E. Church, Rev. Samuel Logan. Public School, Gen. S. Mattingly and Miss Jennie Killough, teachers. Population 250. Wm. T. Richardson, Postmaster.

    Baker, John W
    Gibson, B B
    Alexander, Nathan
    Graham, F D L
    Graham, John B
    Holland, John H
    Thompson, Benj L
    General Merchandise.
    Richardson, Wm T
    Jordan, A M
    Frederick, Henry
    Logan, John W
    Graham, John B


    Is 4 miles from Elkton, on the P. W. & B. R. R., and near Big and Little Elk Creeks. Climate mild, place healthy, business, crops and land good; the land is principally cleared, and is worth $40 per acre; yields 25 bus wheat, 50 oats, 300 potatoes and 50 corn. There is within 3 miles of this place 5 flour mills, 4 paper mills, 2 cotton mills) and 4 saw mills, located on Big and Little Elk Creeks, and doing a thriving business. A Church, Rev. John France, and a Public School, E. S. Quigley, teacher. K. of P. Lodge 41, Mechanics Lodge 19, I.O.R.M. Tribe 50. Population 260. Harriet Brown, Postmistress;

    Campbell, John
    Work, D C
    Scott, Winfield
    Miller, J W
    Grant, S B
    Cotton Mills.
    Baldwin & Co
    Brewster, John
    General Merchandise.
    Brown, J W
    McCullough, James H
    Price, W H
    Spence, James
    Spence, Kate
    Grant, Wm C
    Justice of the Peace.
    Spence, Jarnes
    Lewis, Joseph K
    Mackall, R C
    Mackey & Bro.
    Scott, Howard
    Taylor, Job
    Burnett, Joseph T.
    Paper Mills
    Cecil, J. D. Carter
    Ledger, G. W. Childs & Co.
    New Leeds, Harlan & Bro.
    Providence, J. B. Patton
    Carter, H C
    McNeal, G W
    Ross, Robert
    Grant, Wm. J. & Co.
    Hammond, L. B.
    Kelley, James T
    McFaddin, H H


    Is picturesquely and advantageously situated on the Elk River, 12 miles from its entrance into the Chesapeake Bay, and at the western terminus of the Chesapeake and Delaware canal. Here enters Back Creek into the Elk River, giving another water advantage to the town. This rare combination of water facilities give unequalled resources for all the purposes of trade and manufacturers. No place is better located for fruit and vegetable canning and drying houses. Daily steamers (Ericsson Line) to Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, place these large cities in easy and cheap communication. The surrounding country produces the peach, the pear and apple in the finest perfection. Grapes, berries and all market vegetables are produced with ease and remarkable success. The town is equi. distsnt 60 miles, between Baltimore and Philadelphia, and is 6 miles from Elkton. There is one other shipping point, Bohemia Wharf, on the Bohemia River, 5 miles distant. Sailing vessels go from this point to Baltimore. The climate is mild and equable, and the health very good. The waters of the Canal are strongly impregnated with the sulphate of iron, brought down from the agent prevents even incipient stagnation in the waters of the Canal, and thus exerts a controlling influence upon the general health. Business is large and increasing. The town is on a portion of the famed "Bohemia" Manor. The soil of the adjacent Country is composed of red clay and sand loams, with occasional recurrences of white oak clay; it commands from $25 to $75 per acre, and produces crops of wheat varying in yield from 10 to 30 bus., the same of oats, corn 20 to 60, and hay from 1 to 2 tons. It is an incorporated town, and is governed by a President and Town Commissioners. Population 1,500. A. P. Barwick, Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PA5TORS.-M. E., Rev. J. D. Kemp; M. E. (Colored), no regular pastor, '; Presbyterian, Rev. Chas P. Mallery; Roman Catholic no regular pastor. Universalist, no regnlsr pastor.

    BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES--A. F. & A. M., Cecil 125; K. of P., Hand in Hand 45, I. O. O. F. Bohemia 65; O. U. A. M., Chesapeake 20.

    CHESAPEAKE AND DELAWARE CANAL.-Supt, J. F. Price; Collector, J. T. Hedrick, Chief Engineer Water Works, T. Lorraine.

    TOWN COMMISSIONERS-Dr. J. V. Wallace, G. W. Hume Craig, Thomas Correy and H. C. Biddle.Bailiff--N. A. Colmary. Lamplighter. Samuel Lloyd.

    Craig, G. W. Hume
    Bakers and Confectioners.
    Krastle, John
    Layman, James G
    Queck, Wm
    Queck, Geo.
    Hemphill, James
    Lewis, Wm
    Steele, James P
    Terrell, John M
    Cabinetmaker and Undertaker
    Ooleman, Wm B
    Fillingame, G W
    Griffin, Thomas R
    Rague, John
    Forrest & Carpenter
    Metz, Jacob
    Carpenter, Geo H
    Hopper, T B
    Woolley, G S
    Flour and Feed.
    Vandegrift, Thos P
    General Merchandise.
    Barwick, W. J.
    Boulden, F.
    Boulden & Bowen
    Clark, John
    Correy, Thomas
    Hyrons, W. P.
    Reed Bros.
    Reed, J. M.
    Reese & Bouchelle
    Young, Phillip
    Grain, Coal and Fertilizers
    Steele, J. H.
    Bayard, Capt. F. Layman
    Chesapeake City, M. L. Realey
    Justice of the Peace.
    Chrisfield, G F
    Keeper Drawbridge.
    Morgan, Chas H
    Lime Manufacturers
    Diament, John E
    Garrison, Edward
    Livery Stables
    Biddle, Henry C
    Wood, Samuel P
    Lumber Dealers
    Burgett, H
    Lindsey, Wm
    Freeman, Wm H
    Millinery and Notions.
    Anderson, Mrs Sarah
    Colmary, Mrs S A
    Karsner, Wm C
    Wallace, J V
    Banks, Joseph
    Layman, James G
    Stapp, Michael
    Vance, James
    Ship Chandler.
    Barwick, Wm J
    Evar, Evans
    Houck, James T
    Powell, Alex
    Barwick, A P
    Tinware and Stoves
    Buchanan, John W
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Michener, Smith


    Is on the P. & B. C. R. R, 8 1/2 miles from Port Deposit. The situation is healthy and in the midst of a tine farming and grazing section. Crops of all kinds are produced in abundance, and dairying and stock raising is carried on to some extent. The ]and is in a high state of improvement and sells at from $40 to $80 per acre, and produces large yields of wheat, corn, oats, potatoes and hay. Friends Meetings (Orthodox and Hicksite); M. E. Church, W. J. O'Neal; Presbyterian, Rev. S. A. Gayley. West Notingham Academy, G. K. Bechtel, Principal, and a Public School. Colora Lodge 62, K. of P. Population 100. Street Brown, Postmaster.

    Dorsey, Milton
    Tosh, R L
    Brinton, B F
    Gray, Z.
    McCardle, S.
    Fertilzer Manufacturers
    Waring, Thos. & Bro.
    Florist and Nurseryman
    Balderson, George.
    General Merchandise
    Elliott, A. S.
    Kennard & Moore
    Thomas, William
    Tosh, Joseph H.
    Hay Dealers.
    Brown, Street & Bro
    Masons and Plasterers.
    Brown, John
    Brown, John Jr
    Brown, Jos P
    Ewing, Ambrose
    Magraw, H S
    Moore, Amos
    Kennard, J
    McKinney, Wm
    Nesbitt, M T


    Is on the Columbia & Port Deposit R. R., 7 miles from Port Deposit. Conowingo Creek, a small stream, flows through the town. Climate mild and healthy. Business, crops and land good. Land is hilly, and varies in price from $50 to $100 per acre. Produces a fair average of all farm products. Conowingo is divided by the Susquehanna river, the western part being situated in Harford county, (called West Conowingo,) and eastern part in Cecil county, (called East Conowingo,) connected by Conowingo bridge, a very commodious structure, and profitable to the stockholders, the only bridge across the river between Havre de Grace, Md., and Columbia, Pa. There are good shipping facilities by railroad and by the Susquehanna River and Tidewater Canal. The Independent Telegraph Company, having direct wires, is located here. James C. Bell, a wealthy gentleman, owns 1,000 acres of land, which he has and continues to improve. There is considerable timber yet standing on hills and along the river. The scenery on the Susquchanna at this point is truly romantic. Good schools and churches are 1 1/2 miles distance. Population 150. C. C. Caldwell, Postmaster.

    Agent-Dupont's Powder.
    Archer, H H
    Crothers, Hiram
    Ross, James
    General Merchandise
    Archer, H H
    Caldwell, S J
    Caldwell, C C
    Moore, R D
    Matthews, S. H.
    Roman, S. T.
    Lecompt, C. C.
    Telegraphy operator
    Caldwell, S. J.
    Telegraph President
    Caldwell, C. C.


    Is 12 miles from Middletown, Del., and 4 from Fredericktown, on the Sassafras river; is in daily communication with Baltimore and Philadelphia. Climate changeable, with some chills in mild form. Business and crops good. Soil and climate well adapted to the growth of peaches, corn, wheat, berries and fruits of all kinds. Large quantities of herring and shad are caught in the Sassafras and other streams. Land can be bought at from $20 to $100 per acre; produces 10 to 25 bus. wheat, 75 to 150, potatoes, 20 to 60 corn, and 1 to 2 tons hay. Episcopal Church, Rev. Lewis Walk; Presbyterian. Rev. G. W. Gailord, and three public schools. Population 50. R. A. Duhamell, Postmaster.

    Duhamell, Wm. J.
    Taylor, Thomas
    Morgan, Jas. A.
    Stephens, Wm.
    General Merchandise.
    Duhamell, R A
    Crooksbanks, Francis
    Freeman, Wm
    Wells, S E


    Is 6 miles from North East. The situation is on an elevation, between the Elk and North East rivers, and commands a fine view of the surrounding country. Climate moderate and very healthy. Land is sandy loam, excellent quality, and easily improved and very productive. The timber standing is a second growth of chestnut, hickory, walnut and locust. Improved land can be bought at from $20 to $40 per acre, and the unimproved at from $10 to $20. Produces 12 to 30, bus. wheat, 20 to 40 oats, 60 to 100 potatoes, 20 to 60 corn, 1 to 2 tons hay; no tobacco raised. One white and one colored M. E. churches, and two public schools. Population, 250. J. W. Purner, Postmaster.

    Groves, A
    Groves, J
    Brick Mason
    Montgomery, Wm
    Hyland, N J
    Gainor, Thos B
    McNamee, J C
    Stockhouse, W K
    Wilson, Wm J
    General Merchandise.
    George, A H
    Purner, J W


    The county seat, is on the P. W. & B. R H., 52 miles from Baltimore, and 46 from Philadelphia. The situation is at the head of Big Elk river, a small winding stream, navigable to its head only for the smallest craft. It is in the midst of a fertile and well tilled country, the soil of which is a light loam. At the present time these lands command an average of $40 per acre, and yield from 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 corn and 2 tons timothy hay. The principal woods are oak, chestnut, hickory, walnut, locust and some pine. The town has a fair business, and some manufacturing interests. The paper mills, at which all the paper used in printing the Baltimore Sun and Philadelphia Ledger, are located on two small streams, one to six miles distant. The rolling mills of the McCullough Iron Company are near, and the factories of the Elk Mills Company, manufacturing large quantities of linen diaper for table-cloths, are situated within four miles. There, are here all necessary buildings for county purposes. The Court House is an old structure, having been built in 1791. The jail recently erected is a commodious building, and will meet all requirements for many years. The order of Odd Fellows have a good hall, the lower floors of which are ueed as offices; the Mutual Fire Insurance Company occupying the entire first floor. The facilities for education are the Elkton Academy, T. L. Graham, principal, and several public and private schools for both white and colored. Population, 2,000. P. C. Strickland, Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS .-M. E., Rev. D. C. Ridgeway; two M. E., (colored,) no regular pastors; Presbyterian, Rev. W. W. Heberton; P. E., (Trinity,) Rev. H. A. Skinner; Roman Catholic, Rev. Father Wm. Dallard.

    BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES.-A. F. and A. M., Union 48; I.O.O.F., Cecil 62; K. of P, Washington 51.

    TOWN OFFICERS.-John Partridge, President; P. H. Cleaver, Secretary; R G. Reese, Treasurer; Dr. H. H. Mitchell, H. E. Jamar, M. Dunbar and Thomas Drennen; Bailtif, A. P. Shockley.

    Brown, Edwin
    Henry, Mrs Anna
    Dunbar, Wm
    Agent-R. R
    Wells, Benj
    Agricultural Implements
    Strickland, P C
    Hinchilife, Joseph
    Attorney. at Law.
    Riddle, Noble T.
    Blake, Geo. A.
    Constable, Albert
    Cruikshank & Wirth
    Ellis, Franics A.
    Evans, Hon. Alex
    Evans, W. S.
    Groome & McCullough
    Haines, Reuben
    Jones & Haines
    McCullough, Hiram
    McCullough, James T.
    Miller, Hon. John M.
    Physick, H. L.
    Thackery, R. C.
    Torbert, John
    Vandiver, R. R.
    Warburton, W. T.
    Wilson, John E.
    Bakers and Confectioners
    Brown, John E.
    Cummings, Morris
    Giles, E. E.
    Hall, Mrs. C.
    Heatzig, Mrs. Elenora
    Henry, Mrs. Anna
    Realey, Capt. Wm.
    Dunbar, Wm.
    Morgan, D.
    Titus, Howard
    Books and Staionery
    Brown, John E.
    Hinchliffe, Joseph
    Boots and Shoes.
    Ash, J M
    Crouch, Thomas C
    Hochheimer, Samuel
    Brick Manufacinrers.
    Gilpin, John
    King, Geo T
    Cantwell, John W
    Gallaher, J R
    Wells, Joseph L
    Carpenter. and Builders.
    Merritt, J P
    Nelson, W R
    Purnell, W G
    Rambo, J C
    Strickland, P C
    Thomas, J E
    Cabinetmakers and Undertakers
    Boyd & Gibney
    Heatitig, W B
    Marshbank, R
    McGrady, Patrick
    Meisel, McCloskey & Co.
    Cigar and Tobacco
    Hinchliffe, Joseph
    Simon, S.
    Taylor, George W.
    Goodman, Philip
    Lieberman, M.
    Full, R. T.
    DeVou, Mrs. M. M.
    Rhoades, Mrs. M. A.
    Frazer, R. B.
    Mitchell, Dr. H. H.
    Dry Goods
    Brown, Mrs. M. J.
    Lichtenstein, M. L.
    Fish, Oyster &c.
    Manley, C. & Son
    Boyd & Gibney
    Marshbank, R.
    General Merchandise
    Drennen, Thomas
    Levis, R. C.
    McCrery & Boulden
    Reese, R. G.
    Grain, Fertilizers and Coal
    Scott, D. & Bro.
    Groceries and Provisions
    Cantwell, Mrs. J.
    Maxwell, C. W.
    Wells, J. L.
    Witworth, Geo.
    Witworth, R.
    Hardware, Stoves and Tinware
    Alexander, J. E. & Bro.
    Rambo, S. S.
    Witworth, R.
    Harness & Saddle Manufacturer
    Perkins, John
    Exchange, S Simon
    Felton, C P Clemson
    Kearady, Patrick
    Justices of the Peace
    Foard, Saml B.
    Howard, Geo. R.
    Livery Stables
    Carter, Wm. G.
    Crouch, R. T. C.
    Price, Geo. S.
    Davis & Keys
    Lair, John
    Marble Yard
    Strickland, P. C.
    Millinery and Notions
    Hall, Mrs. Caroline
    Litzenberg, Mrs. Lucy N.
    Nelson, Mrs. M. D. J.
    Scott, Mrs. Ann
    DeVou, D. I. L. (homeopathic)
    Ellis, Chas. M.
    Frazer, James H.
    Jamar, John H.
    Mitchell, H. H.
    Tuft, R. H.
    Alexander, James B.
    Draper, J. W.
    Hawes, James W.
    Mason, A. S.
    Crow, W. C.
    Frazer, John
    Kerr, Frank
    Meyer, John B.
    Telegraph Operator
    Frazer, W. E. K.
    Watches and Jewelry
    Alrich, Wm. J.
    Alexander, Robert
    McCawley, John D.
    Wines and Liquors
    Bennett, H. H.
    Maxwell, C. W.
    Simon, S.
    Stocklein, John


    Is 7 miles from Elkton, and near Little Elk Creek, a small stream of water flowing in the vicinity. Climate moderate, and generally healthy. Business fair. Crops and land good; the land is two-thirds cleared, and commands from $50 to $80 per acre; readily yields 20 bus. wheat, 37 oats, 75 potatoes, 80 corn and 3 tons hay. "Rock" and "Centre" public schools, W. H. Brokaw and Annie Strahorn, teachers, and "Rock" Presbyterian church. Population 50. Milton S. Sentman, Postmaster.

    Borland, A A
    Borland, John
    Gallagher, Wm J
    Strahorn, T W & Bro
    Biles, C R & Bro
    Cann, Gilbert
    Cann, John
    Cannan, W A
    Seniman, A J
    Willis, John T
    Cider Manutacturer.
    Strahorn, J. S.
    Jefferis, Emmer
    General Merchandise.
    Quein, J W
    Seutman, Milton S
    Sentman, R P
    Hess, Henry
    Levis, Joseph K
    Mackie, A A
    Music Teacher.
    Kimble, S T
    Saw Mill.
    Strahorn, T W & Bro
    Russell, A M
    Bye, Wm T


    Is 2 miles from Rising Sun on the Phila. & Balto. Central Railroad. Climate is mild and healthy, and it is a place of considerable business and trade. Crops and land are good, can he bought at from $60 to $70 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 45 oats, 100 potatoes, and 60 corn. One M. E. Church and one Public School. Population, 50. H. Mayberry, Postmaster,

    Atkinson, L R
    Johnson, L S
    Johnson, John H
    Brickley, Samuel
    Lincoln, A S
    General Merchandise.
    Brickley, Theodore
    Mayberry, H
    Williams, Wm M


    Is on the Phila. & Balto. Central R R., a few miles from Port Deposit. Climate mild; village healthy; business and crops good. The land is of a granite formation, mostly cleared, and can be bought at $40 per acre; produces 35 bus. wheat, 65 oats, 150 potatoes, 60 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. Public School, Miss Annie Markiand, principal. Population 300. W. T. Woodrow, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Woodrow, W T
    Caragan, Elihu
    Green, John S
    McCardle, Geo
    Caldwell, Benj T
    Wright, Hugh
    General Merchandise.
    Rowland, R. J.
    Coal and Fertilizers
    Woodrow, Wm. T. & Bro.
    Job Printer.
    Bancroft, J. J.
    Caldwell, John
    McDowell, R P
    McDowell, W C
    Saunders, J C
    Saunders, R A
    Woodrow, Robert
    Gillespie, Wm
    Kirk, B T
    Kirk, J P
    Saw Mills.
    Hand, B R
    Kirk, B T
    Harris, John
    McVey, Andrew


    Is 2 miles from North East, on the P. W. & B. H. B., and near Little North East Creek. Climate mild; place healthy; business, crops and land good; the land is nearly all cleared, and sells at from $50 to $75 per acre; readily yields 15 to 20 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 150 potatoes, 40 to 70 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. Union M. E. Church, Rev. J. O. Sypherd, and Oak Grove School. Population. T. M. Tyson, Postmaster.

    McCrea, J E
    Scarborough, H F
    Rose, Geo
    Miller, Andrew
    Miller, John
    Stewart, Stephen
    Lynch, Wilson
    General Merchandise
    Tyson, T. M.
    Rose, Geo.
    Weldie, S. L.
    Burroughs, Eli


    An incorporated town, is situated on the P. W. & B. R R., at the head of North East river, 46 miles from Baltimore, and 52 from Philadeiphia. The location is in a fertile and healthy country, soil of which is composed of sandy and clay loams, well adapted to the production of grain and hay, the latter of which extensive crops are raised. These lands vary in value from $10 to $100 per acre, and produce 15 to 30 bus wheat, 20 to 50 oats, 50 to 150 potatoes 25 to 60 corn, and 1 to 2 tons hay. North East offers large inducements to emigrants in its advantages for fruit growing, trucking and remunerative farming. Business is good, having several manufacturing establishments, which give employment to a large number of persons. Here are the forges, furnaces and rolling mills of the McCullough Iron Company, and two large firs brick companies, which manufacture a superior line of all descriptions of ware. The goods from these establishments rank high in the estimation of stove founders and furnace proprietors. The Cecil Fire Brick Company, by a judicious combination of various clays and other materials, give great durability and cohesiveness to their goods. The manufactory of J. H. White & Co., removed from Philadelphia, produce and ship to all points of the country immense quantities of patent razor strops, spectacle and eyeglass cases. One of the most complete general stores in the county, is located here under the management of Messrs. Thomas & Anderson. There are one public and two private schools and three churches; among the latter is the very ancient, quaint and interesting St. Mary Ann, Episcopal. This church dates back to Colonial days; among its weather-stained tombstones are those dating far in the seventeenth century; its bible is over a century in age. Population 1,800. L. W. Thomas, Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS--M. E., Rev. J. A. B. Wilson; M. P., (St Philips' colored). Rev. R. B. Cheney; P. E., (St Mary Ann,) Rev. E. K. Miller.

    BENEVOLENT SOCITIES:-I. O. R. M., Octorora 59; K. of P., Fellowship 42. O. U. A. M., Independent 14.

    TOWN COMMISSIONERS-Hiram Shalicross, President; Thomas W. Nowlan, B. F. Thomas, Wm. Simcoe and James Roney.

    Agent-R. R. and Express.
    Cosden, G. W
    Bakers and Confectioners.
    Ferguson, J S
    Johnson, John
    Williams, T F
    Larue, Edward
    Oliver, Wm.
    Anderson, Andrew
    Cameron, M
    Biddle, E H
    Roney, James
    Cabinetmakers and Undertakers
    Foster, F. A & Son
    Alexander, James
    Ferguson, Scott
    Fields, Randolph
    Carriages and Wagons
    Gardy, Geo W
    Deford, S.
    Britton, S. J.
    Beatty, Wm
    Houskeeper & Moore
    Thomas, L W
    Fire Brick Companies.
    Green Hill
    General Merchandise
    Cameron, H H
    Ford, Alfred
    Heeder & Drummond
    Honey, James
    Simcoe, W II
    Thomas & And' rson
    West, H M
    Grain, Fertilizers & Coal.
    Davis, Pugh & Co
    McCracken & Bro
    Grocery and provisions.
    Roach, Joseph
    Hardware, Stoves & Tinware.
    Benjamin, I N
    Garrison, E G
    North East. B F Thomas
    Rail Road, Jacob Gilbert
    Iron Manufacturers.
    McCullough Iron Co
    Justice of the Peace.
    Benjamin, I M.
    Livery Stables.
    Moke, John
    Nowland, Thos W
    Alexander & Montgomery
    Groves, Mrs A B
    Simcoe, J S
    Painter & Paperhanger.
    Baldwin, G H
    Houskeeper, P B
    Worrall, Theodore A
    Razor Strep Manufacturers
    White, J H & Co
    Gardy, Henry D
    Saw Mill.
    Davis, Pugh & Co
    Cheadle, Walter
    Haley, John
    Fooks, Albert
    Moore, Geo
    Telegraph Operator.
    Coaden, G W
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Allen, S M


    Is 1 1/2 miles from Conowingo, on the Susquehanna river. Climate mild and healthy. Business moderate. Land medium; can be bought at from $25 to $75 per acre, and produces good crops of all kinds. Population 100. J. C. Warner, Postmaster.

    Haines, John T
    General Merchandise.
    Bennett, J J
    Zimmers, David L
    Haines, John T


    Is on the P. W. & B. R. R., 37 miles from Baltimore, and is beautifully situated on the east bank of the Susquehanna river, near its mouth. The railroad here crosses the river over a bridge, consisting of thirteen iron spans, and is the longest and finest piece of railroad bridge architecture in the world. An important industry is duck shooting; large numbers are shot, and shipped to Baltimore and Philadelphia market. Adjoining tile station are beautiful flower gardens, and a splendid park has been laid out by the railroad company. The scenery is truly grand and romantic. The farms are well cultivated, and no liquor sold. The ice houses of Messrs. Cocbran & Co. and W. H. Oler, large Baltimore ice dealers, are located on the river bank, and near the depot. These firms give employment to a number of people during the season, and are an important element of the business of the place. Land is good, the average price $100 per acre; produces 25 bus. wheat, 50 corn, 50 oats and 2 tons hay. if. B. and Presbyterian churches; one public school. Population 250. W. H. Cole, Postmaster.

    Owens, E
    Aikin, H C
    General Merchandise
    Cole, Wm. H.
    Owens, E.
    Evans, Wm. J.
    Stump, Geo. M.


    Is on the east bank of the Susquehanna river, 3 1/2 miles from Perryville, on the P. W. & B. R. R, 41 from Baltimore, and at the terminus of the P. & B. C. R. R. and the Port Deposit and Columbia railroads. Climate good. It is a bustling, thriving, quaint town, compressed by the Susquehanna against the rock-bound cliffs, which rise almost perpendicularly to the height of one and two hundred feet. There is room only for two streets along the face of the river. Most of the houses on the eastern side of the main street just against these cliffs. Some have terraces rising from the rear yards, far up the cliffs. The Hon. Jacob Tome has a magnificent dwelling here of roughly dressed granite, chaste in its architecture, and elaborately embellished by extensive conservatories and gardens. He has greatly enriched the town by extensive enterprise and munificence, and presented to the trustees of the M. E. Church, a strikingly handsome structure of granite roughly dressed, and adorned with stained glass windows, at a cost of $65,000. The land adjacent to the town is of rotten rock soil, 3/4 cleared, and valued at from $25 to $100 per acre, and yields 15 to 25 bus. wheat, 25 to 50 oats, 40 to 75 corn, 150 potatoes and 2 tons timothy hay. It has extensive granite quarries, and a large trade in lumber, hay, grain and fertilizers, and an extensive foundry and machine shops. The timber yet remaining is composed of oak, hickory, chestnut, walnut, poplar and cedar. Three public schools, two colored and two private schools. The town is incorporated and governed by commissioners. Population 2,200. Alonzo Snow, Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-M. E., Rev. J. D. Rigg; Presbyterian, Rev. T. J. Aiken, P. E., Rev. G. W. Easter; Roman Catholic, Rev. Father Joseph Barry, and two colored, no regular pastors. BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES-Cecil Lodge 31, K. of P.; Harmony Lodge 53, A. F. And A. M. Mount Pisgah Lodge 24, I.O.O.F.; Riverside Council 36, O. U. A. M.

    TOWN COMMISSIONERS--John Keaveny, President. John M. McClenahan, Wm. T. Way, Lyman Mauldin, Thomas C. Bond and John W. Malone.

    Reynolds, James E
    Vanneman, Theo J
    Agent-R. R.
    Wilson, D G
    Agricultural Implements
    Brown, Elliot
    Bakers and Confectioners
    Merritt, Mrs Phoebe
    Moran, Mrs Catherine A
    Sitzler, C. F.
    Sitzler, Leonard
    Jackson, James
    Oliver, Alexander
    Books and Stationery.
    King, W C
    Cabinetmakers & Undertakers.
    Foster, W F A
    Short & Moore
    Reynolds, A H & Bros
    Nickle, W W
    Loag, Wm if
    Smith, N B
    Ely, A M
    Hurlock, Mrs H A
    Richardson, Mrs M C
    Frazer, E B
    Williams, W C & Co
    General Merchandise.
    Abrahams, J W
    Kerwin, P
    Mauldin, L & Co
    Nesbitt, H C & Co
    Riaggold, Thomas
    Thompson & Peeples
    Vannort G A
    Vannort, John
    Grain, Fertilizer, and Lumber
    Buck, J J
    Davis & Pugh
    Pugh, J H & Co
    Rowland, J H & Co
    Tome, J & Co
    Granite Dealer,.
    Buck, J J
    Malone, John W
    McClenalian & Bro
    Rice & Co
    Groceries and Provisions
    Ely, John S
    Grant, C N
    Jennings, Jacob
    Johnson, Henry
    Moran, Mrs Catherine A
    Quinn, Owen
    Stebbings, Wm J
    Hardware, Stove. and Tin.
    Reynolds Bros
    Alexander, F M
    Depot, Theo Whitaker
    Farmers & Commercial, J R Miller
    Granite, Wm Castles
    Ice Cream and Oysters
    Shmidt, Henry
    Iron Railing Manufacturers
    Touchstone, J M & Bro
    Justice, of the Peace.
    Abrahams, J W
    Beach, S
    Ladies and Gents Furn. Goods
    Kidd, W. F.
    Gottscbalk & Orr
    Long, John
    Livery Stable.
    Olden, John
    Armstrong & Co
    Reynolds, David M
    Millinery and Notion..
    Jones, Miss Augustine
    Nickle, Mrs Eliza
    Wilson, Mrs Eliza
    Barry, A L
    Bromwell, R E
    Evans, John
    Hanna, A A
    McCullough, J H
    Shore, C A
    Cornish, E
    Mohriein, Casper
    Grant, G. N.
    Hamm, D
    Lamm, J
    Wilson, J. B.
    Stove Manufacturers,
    Armstrong & Co
    Hamer, John C
    Katz, Kaulinan
    Telegaph Operator.
    Vandiver, George W
    Watche, and Jewelry.
    Beach, Sheldon
    Wilson, R H


    Is 4 miles from Rising Sun, on the P. & B. C. R. H., and near Principio Creek, a small water course. Climate changeable, but healthy. Land is good, partly cleared. Moderate amount of business done, and crops generally good. Land can be bought at from $40 to $100 per acre; produces 20 to 25 bus. wheat, 40 to 50 oats, 100 to 150 potatoes, 50 to 60 corn. Ebenezer and Hopewell M. E. churches, Revs J. O. Sypherd and W. J. O'Neil, are within 1  mile; also, Jefferson Public School. Population 70. John Lackiand, Postmaster.

    Boots and Shoes
    Mahan, John
    Lackland, N T
    Whyte, John
    Harrison, W H
    General Merchandise.
    Lackland, John
    Jackson, E J
    Brown, J T


    Is less than a mile from a station of that name on the P. W. & B. R. R., and 2 miles from Charlestown. The location is on Principlo creek, near a point of the Chesapeake bay. Large numbers of fish and oysters are caught along the bay and shipped from this point, giving employment to a number of people, and furnishing considerable business and trade. The situation is healthy. Land is mostly cleared, and is a clay loam; can be purchased at from $30 to $60 per acre, and yields 20 to 35 bus. wheat, 30 to 50 oats, 40 to 60 corn, and an average amount of other crops. M. E. church, Rev. L. M. Layfield; public school, J. Warner, teacher. Population 300. P. Hartenstine, Postmaster.

    Brumfield, Abraham
    Haines, Geo T
    Anderson, H M
    Bentman, E S
    General Merchandise.
    Hartenstine & Moore
    Jackson, John E
    Taylor, Wm
    Whitaker, E S
    Iron Furnace.
    Whitaker, Geo P
    Whitaker, E S
    Jackson, Alex
    Evans, W J
    Saw and Flour Mill
    Whitaker, E. S.
    Andrews, Wm. H.
    Fredericks, Henry


    Is charmingly nestled on a hill of easy grade in the midst of a fertile, salubrious and beautiful country, immediately on the Phila. & Balto. Central R. R., 52 miles from Baltimore, 60 from Philadelphia, 11 from Port Deposit, 16 from Elkton, the county seat, by county road, 2 from Pennsylvania State line, and near Stony Run, a small stream. The town is well and handsomely bulit, flourishing in its business, embracing commercial and manufacturing. The lands are valuable, principally cleared, producing large crops of the best timothy hay. The wheat and corn crops are heavy. Lands range in price from $40 to $70 per acre. Soil is known as "gray rock," and produces 15 to 30. bus. wheat, 80 to 50 oats, 40 to 80 corn, and 1 1/2 to 3 tons hay. The timber yet remaining comprises white and black oaks, hickory, chestnut, beech and some walnut. The inhabitants of this town and the adjacent country are of high moral character, intelligent, cultivated, and of kindly and courteous spirit. M. E. Church, Rev. Wm. J. O'Neil; public and a normal school; Good Templars and Excelsior 67, L 0.0. F. Population 400. Jesse A. Kirk, Postmaster.

    Haines, Hanson H.
    Reynolds, Barclay
    Agents, R. R. And Express
    Carter, W W
    Drennen, Elam
    Bird, Joseph C
    Kirk, John
    Krewaon, Samuel
    McDougal, Chas
    Brown, Amassa
    Cameron, Geo
    Cabinetmaker & Undertaker.
    Taylor, Isaac R
    Garvine, Theodore
    Wilson, Chas
    Pegue, Joseph
    Cigars and Tobacco.
    Shure, Job.
    Kimball, Jerome
    Kirk, Chas.
    Hindman, John C
    Kirk, Chas R
    Smith, Albert
    Kirk, Dr. L R
    General Merchandise.
    Buffington, E R
    Passmore Bros.
    Kardwnre, Tinware and Stoves
    Haines & Kirk
    Burkins, John T
    Reynolds, John T
    Maryland, Wm Grason
    Washington, J T Burkins
    Justice of the Peace
    Taylor, Isaac H
    Livery Stables
    Grason, Wm
    Jones, S A & Co
    Halnes & Co
    Reynolds & Kirk
    Millinery and Notions
    Buckley, Mrs I W
    Reynolds, Mrs J
    Dare, Geo S
    Heston, Eber
    Buckley, John W
    Jenkins. Wm,
    Mahan, Reese
    Sheppard, Horatio
    Telegraph Operator.
    Carter, W W
    McClure, C C
    Watche, and Jewelry
    Brown, Ellwood


    Is 3 miles from Conowingo, on the Susquehanna river, and near the Pennsylvania State line. Climate mild and healthy. Not much business. Crops generally good. Land is medium, not much improved; sells at from $25 to $60 per acre, and produces a fair average of all farm products. No tobacco raised. Population 100. W, C. Mullen, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Mullen, W C
    Krider, Franklin


    Is on the Phila & Balto. Central B. B., 2 miles from Liberty Grove, and near Octorora creek, which supplies an abundance of good water. Climate variable. Village healthy. Business, crops and land good. The land is principally cleared, and varies in price from $75 to $100 per acre. Produces 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 oats, 50 to 60 potatoes and 60 to 100 corn. The timber yet standing is composed of white and black oaks, chestnut, hickory, walnut, poplar, &c. M. E. and M. P. churches, Rowlandsville M. E. Academy, John Crother, teacher. Population 800. W. B. Rowland, Postmaster.

    Ewing, James
    Boyd, Wm.
    McCardell, Geo.
    McCardell, Samuel
    Brown, Joseph
    General Merchandise
    Barrett, Philip
    Christie & Hindman
    Frank, Levi
    Cummings, Lewis
    McDowell, Nelson
    McDowell, R P
    Davis, Christie & Co
    Christie, Geo M
    Crother, B B
    Rowland, Samuel
    Kitchen, Thomas
    Supt. Iron Farnace.
    McCullough, Knoch


    Is 5 miles from Mt. Pleasant, Delaware, on Delaware Division of the P. W. & B. R. R. Near Cheasapeake City, on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, and Bohemia river and Back Creek. It is healthy. Business light. Land good, principally cleared, sells at from $30 to $70 per acre, yields 16 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 100 potatoes and 45 corn. The crops are generally good. Timbered land is of a heavy growth, and that remaining comprises oaks, chestnut, hickory &c. Plenty of peaches raised, and some small fruits. Manor M. E. And Saint Augustine Episcopal churches; also public schools. Population 50. J. J. Williams, Postmaster.

    Simpson, John
    Warner, James B Sr
    General Merchandise.
    Coursey, Mrs A J
    Williams, J. J.
    Sweatman, H.
    Biddle, Edward
    Warner, James R.


    Is 4 miles from Middletown De., on the Delaware Division of the P. W. & B. R. R. R., and 1 1/2 from Bohemia river, which furnishes a liberal quantity of water. Climate mild. Village healthy. Business fair. The land is exceptionally good, nearly all cleared. Can be purchased at from $50 to $100 per acre, and yields 18 bus wheat, 40 to 50 oats, 60 to 70 potatoes, 40 to 60 corn, and 3 tons hay. Very little tobacco raised. Crops rarely ever fail; fruit in abundance. Peaches unsurpassed in quality or quantity, some farms having on them as high as eight thousand trees. Corn, wheat and peaches are the staple products. Plenty of land for sale. Some emigrants have purchased land adjoining this town at $45 and $50 per acre. One church, Rev. R. L. Rowe, and a public school, Miss Ella Simpkins, principal. Population 400. R. B. Merritt, Postmaster.

    Dorsey, Patrick
    Budd, Wm
    Marsh, E B
    Wallace, J
    Wilson, Amos
    Jamison, J H
    Morton, F. D.
    General Merchandise.
    Hayes, J S
    Merritt R B
    Stapp, Joseph
    Gillispie, Samuel
    Elliot, James
    Drake & Bro
    Murphy, Thomas
    Wright, B W
    Wright, J J
    Standert, H L
    Dickson, J B


    Is 3 miles from Port Deposit, on the Columbia and Port Deposit R. R. and near the Susquehanna river. Climate mild. Village healthy. Business medium and crops good. The land is of a gray stone formation, mostly can be bought at from $40 to $100 per acre; produces 20 bus 100 potatoes, 50 to 75 corn and 2 to 3 tons hay. Hopewell M. E. Church, Rev. W. J. O'Neil; Chapel School, Miss Belle Jackson, principal. Population 200. C. S. Abrahams, Postmaster.

    Linton, F. A.
    Barnes, James
    Barnes, Joseph
    Thomas, Jasper
    Country Produce.
    Poster, John
    General Merchandise.
    Abrahams, C S
    Boyd, F J
    Jenness, David
    Phillips, Ezra
    Jackson, Wesley


    Is 6 miles from North East, on the P. W. & B. R. R. Climate mild; place healthy; business medium. Crops and land good; the land is all cleared; specially adapted to the growth of hay, large crops of which are raised. The land is valued at from $60 to $70 per acre, and produces 20 bus wheat, 40 oats, 150 potatoes and 80 corn. M. E. Church, Rev. J. H. Johns. Population 150. J. M. C. Carhart, Postmaster.

    Rittenhouse, D M
    Watson, H
    General Merchandise
    Carhart & Co
    Chandlee, J. B.
    Justice of the Peace
    Wherry, David
    Mathews, W. R.
    Gifford, C. L.
    Astle, John
    Stewart, G B



    Gifford, John W
    Harris, Samuel
    Janney, J Taylor
    Janney, Jesse
    Janney, Thomas
    Laird, Benjamin
    Lews, Capt. E. S.
    Murray, John C.
    Reed, Joseph T.
    Rose, Timothy V.
    Simcoe, Geo.
    Trimble, Robert
    Warburton, Wm. T.


    Biddle, G.
    Biggs, Joseph
    Crookshank, T C
    Davis, JW
    Eldridge, H F
    Etherington,W G
    Freeman, W B
    Jones, E. S.
    Jones, T. P.
    Knight, Wm.
    Lofland, S. B.
    Price, J. C.
    Price, T.
    Price, T. T.
    Simons, Richard
    Ward, Thomas


    Abrams, James
    Black, J N
    Barnes, Geo W
    Cooper, John T
    Cooper, Wm Chas
    Graham, Chas C
    Grant, John
    Heveral, Wm H
    Jackson, John
    Lewis, Geo W
    Owens, Wm F
    Tucker, David
    Watson, Jeremiah

    Cherry Hill

    Able, Samuel
    Allen, W W
    Arbuckle, Daniel
    Arbuckle, Philip
    Beers, Geo
    Beers, John
    Beers, Thomas
    Blackson, Aaron
    Blackson, Richard
    Bonner, John
    Boulden, John
    Brewster, John W
    Brown, John
    Burnes, E
    Burnes, Wm
    Burnett, Joseph T
    Campbell, John
    Cantwell, Joseph T
    Carter, J D
    Carter, Dr B C
    Chapman, J B
    Chapman, W H
    Devun, David
    Dick, Wm
    Drummond, Alex
    Drummond, Amos
    Dwyre, Denis
    Egnor, Joh'n
    Flounders, Nathaniel
    Foard, James L Sr
    Foard, James L
    France, Rev John
    Furguson, Samuel
    Gallaher, Robert
    Gilbert, Geo M
    Gilbert, Peter D
    Grant, C S
    Grant, J O
    Grant, John F
    Grant, S B
    Grant, Samuel B
    Grant, Wm C
    Grant, Wm J
    Grayson, David
    Green, Francis
    Green, Joshua
    Green, Philip
    Green, Thomas
    Hamond, Levi
    Harlan, Geo F.
    Harlan, John
    Heren, John
    Hess, Wm
    Hushebeck, Saml
    Johnson, John
    Jorden, Joseph
    Kelley, Chas
    Kelley, James T.
    Lazalare, E. F.
    Leach, Amos
    Long, Thomas
    Mahan, Wm.
    Mahoney, Alfred
    McCauley, J.
    McCormick, Patrick
    McCrery, James
    McCrery, John
    McCullough, Jas. H.
    McDannell, John
    McFaddin, H. H.
    McKnight, Frank
    McLane, Allen
    McNeal, Geo. W.
    Miller, John W.
    Miller, Saml B.
    Miller, S. Kenard
    Moore, D. S.
    Moore, J. T.
    Moore, Wm. V.
    Morgan, James
    Mullen, James
    Nandaine, Jas. N.
    Nandaine, M. M.
    Otley, Edward
    Otley, Wm.
    Peterson, Thomas
    Pierson, Henry
    Pierson, Jacob
    Pluck, Stephen
    Pryce, W. N.
    Quigley, E. S.
    Ramsey, John
    Rickard, Philip
    Rosine, J. K.
    Ross, Joseph
    Ross, Robert
    Ross, T.
    Saxton, A. L.
    Scarborough, Harry
    Scarborough, Thos.
    Scarborough, Wm. K.
    Scott, Howard
    Scott, W.
    Scotten, Ambrose
    Simpers, Henry
    Simpers, John G.
    Smith, Harry
    Smith, James
    Smith, Thomas
    Smith, Wm.
    Spence, James
    Spratt, Wm. H.
    Strickland, J. S.
    Sutton, Lloyd
    Taylor, Jesse
    Tyson, Wm.
    Valentine, Gibson
    Work, D. C.

    Chesapeake City

    Barwick, Wm J
    Beaston, Andrew
    Bennett, Mrs. A. E. R.
    Biddle, Armina
    Biddle, Cecil
    Biddle, Edward H.
    Biddle, Lorenzo
    Biddle, Noble
    Bouchelle, Augustus W.
    Bouchelle, John W.
    Boulden, Alonzo
    Boulden, Henry
    Boulden, Lambert D.
    Bowen, E. P.
    Brady, Henry H.
    Burgett, Harvey
    Cayott, Jacques
    Cenry, Thomas
    Clayton, Wesley
    Clean, Thomas J.
    Craig, Joshua
    Dickinson, Saml
    Dittmore, Geo.
    Egee, Rudolph
    Fears, Wm.
    Foulks, Orson D.
    Freeman, Wm. R.
    Hanson, Benj. P.
    Harrutt, John W.
    Hazell, Wm. A.
    Hopper, Thomas B.
    Howard, Wm. P.
    Iler, Talbot S.
    Kirk, Geo. L.
    Knorr, J. Hanson
    Lake, Reuben
    Manning, Reeder
    McCoy, James P.
    McCoy, Nathan
    Meekins, Nathaniel
    Reese, Thomas A
    Rhoades, Chiarles
    Rhoades, Wm H
    Spear, James
    Stephenson, Nicholas
    Thompson, H ugh
    Wallace, Dr JY
    Walters, Charles
    Walters, James
    Williams, Wm B


    Balderson, George
    Balderson, John P
    Balderson, Joseph
    Balderson, Lloyd
    Balderson, W m H
    Brady, Peter
    Brown, Tobias
    Coulson, Wm P
    Ewing, Ambrose
    Ewing, John
    Hindman, B A
    Hindman, R N
    Ivins, George
    Jenness, S. J.
    Magraw, A. R.
    Michener, A J
    Moore, Amos
    Moore, Geo W
    Moore, Wm M
    Nesbitt, J A
    Nesbitt, R H
    Nesbitt. M T
    Nichols, James
    Nickle, J S
    Preston, H A
    Richards, Stephen
    Reman, J A
    Saum, Emanuel
    Seebolt, John
    Tosh, John
    Tosh, James
    Waring, D G
    Waring, William
    Way, Thomas
    Weldon, W T
    Wiley, Andey


    Adams, John T
    Alexander, Reuben
    Bell, James C
    Bentz, David
    Berry, John
    Butler, Samuel
    Cummings, Samuel
    French, Jesae T
    Fulton, Thomas
    Gillespie, Samuel
    Kirk, Thomas
    Roman, Dr S T


    Clark, Chas
    Chanlee, I!: G
    Deshane, A
    Deshane, W H
    Emerson, Wm H Sr
    Emerson, Wm H
    Ford, Jas
    Ford,S H
    Heverlow. Jesse
    Knight, Wm
    Merredith, John
    Price, B B
    Price, J C
    Richardson, A C
    Rowen, John
    Rowen, Henry
    Rothwell, S T
    Veach, Joseph
    Ward, Thomas
    Ward, Wm

    Elk Neck

    Bryson, Thomas
    Clark, Nicholas
    Coe, Amos B
    Collings, Amos
    Collings, J. Z
    Collings, Samuel
    Creswell, Charles
    Crouch, Thos C
    Deacon, W H
    Gainor, Thos B
    George, Anthony
    Groves, Philip
    Groves, Richard
    Hart, Robert
    Herrington, George
    Herrington, Mathew
    Laws, Alexander
    McCullough, Robert
    McNamee. I C
    Purrier, J W
    Stackhonse, W K
    Ulery, William
    Veolker, Nicholas
    White, A
    Wilson, Wm J


    Akin, Delbert
    Alexander, John B
    Biddle, H F
    Booth, Joseph
    Boulden, Geo W
    Boulden, Wm T
    Buchanan, Lewis
    Cantwell, Howard
    Collins, B C
    Collins, Jacob
    Denver, Wm
    Dunbar, Morris
    Fowler, Wm P
    Gallaher, John T
    Griffith, Anson
    Grosh, Warren H
    Harvey, Daniel
    Hitchens, Meyers
    Jackson, Joshua
    Kegan, John
    Lambert, James
    Larsalare, Nicholas
    Lee, John T
    Lee, Wm T
    Lincoln, Thomas B
    Manly, N P
    Marcus, Hyland L
    McEl wee, D
    ifeNamee, Chas
    McNeal. Amos B
    Miller, Samuel H
    Mitchell, H H
    Mullen, Dennis
    Penington, Frank
    Poole, Townsend
    Ricketts, Geo
    Rudolph, Tobias
    Scud der, Jonathan if
    Smith, Wm B
    Veach, Wm
    Warner, Henry
    Warrington, John

    Fair Hill

    Anderson, Chas
    Anderson, Robert
    Armstrong, W & W
    Borland, A A
    Butler, John T
    Cannan, Wm
    DeWitt, John T
    Gallaher, F M
    Gatchell, Samuel
    Green, Joshua
    Holland, D C
    Holland, Wm
    James, T C
    Kimble, I H
    Mackie, I A
    Mahan, Wm R
    McCleary, John
    McMaster, David
    Moore, David
    Morrison, John
    Ott, John
    Peterson, Geo
    Peterson, Tobias
    Steele, James L
    Strahorn, J S
    Warren, Theodore


    Brickley, J
    Brickley, Wm S
    Cameron, John
    Cameron, Wm
    Conden, G W
    Gibson, A C
    Gibson, Wm F
    Kirk, Alfred
    Lincoln, A S
    Rittenhouse, Jeremiah
    Riall, J T
    Sebold, I W
    Slicer, J T
    Slicer, Samuel

    Liberty Grove

    Craig, David
    Graham, James
    Hall, Samuel
    Hendeman, J H
    Hopkins, Thomas C
    Jack, Wm
    Nesbitt, Moses
    Peepless, Wm
    Russell, K S
    Russell, E T
    Woodrow, S F
    Woodrow, W T

    Mechanic Valley

    Atkinson, S M
    Harris, Elisha
    Holt, John T
    Maffitt, J S & Co
    McVey, R C
    Miller, J B
    Pierson, P P
    Potts, Lambert
    Rose, T V
    Simpers, J W
    Simpers, W W
    Tyson, J. W.
    Warrington, John

    North East

    Barber, J.
    Benjamin, Joseph
    Benjamin, Thomas
    Bryson, Thomas
    Cameron, A.
    Camerson, Robert
    Clark, Wm. J.
    Collins, J. Z.
    Cox, Amos
    Ford, Geo. W.
    Ford, John
    Ford, Dr. S. E.
    Hyland, A. E.
    Johnson, J.
    Johnson, Samuel
    McCullough, Robert
    McDaniel, D.
    McNamee, John
    Mears, W. R.
    Mearns, Stephen S.
    Meny, Geo.
    Meny, W.
    Moffett, S. D.
    Pryor, W. A.
    Pryor, W. H.
    Purner, J.
    Roach, John F.
    Rutter, John A.
    Scatter, Wm.
    Simpers, John W.
    Simpers, Johnson
    Stout, Joseph
    Sweet, B. B.
    Whitaker, F. A.
    Wilson, Wm. J.
    Wingate, C. L.
    Wooley, Geo.


    Bentz, David
    Boyle, John
    Dorsey, William
    Gillespie, W. R.
    McVey, Wm.
    Smith, John


    Aikin, H. C.
    Chamberlain, Mrs. Geo.
    Chamberlain, H.
    Chamberlain, S. L.
    Coudon, H S
    Coudon, Joseph
    Craig, Wm
    Evans, H S
    Gillispie, James
    Jackson, Robert
    Jones, F W
    Lamdin, Wm J
    Mauldin, John
    McMullin, John B
    McMullin, Lewis J
    McMullin, Wm
    Reynolds, Joel
    Stump, John
    Taylor, Geo W
    Ward, Jas & Wm
    Wilson, Wm

    Port Deposit

    Abrahams, J J
    Adams, Wm
    Alexander, John J
    Armstrong, Wm
    Braven, John W
    Bromwell, Dr H B
    Brown, Elisba
    Burlin, James G
    Carson, S R
    Coulson, Jesse R
    Evans, Mrs Anna
    Evans, Dr John
    Everist, Frank S
    Everist, John
    Gay, J Maxwell
    Gay, Samuel
    Golibut, Joseph
    Haines, James
    Jack, Wm.
    Lyon, Andrew
    Mackey, James
    Marx, Worick
    McCay, Henry B
    McCay, James
    McCay, James G
    McMullin, Thomas
    Murphy, Mrs R E
    Noyes, Enoch
    Patten, John P
    Patten, Thomas H
    Patten, WmT
    Physick, Henry L
    Ramsay, Jefferson
    Rawlings, F M
    Reynolds, J W
    Rowland, James H
    Smithson, Henry
    Stebbings, Joseph
    Stull, Hugh
    Thomas, John
    Winchester, Geo T
    Winchester, John


    Cameron, D P
    Cameron, James
    Cather, Walter
    Gifford, Benj
    Gifford, Geo W
    Gillespie, Geo
    Gillespie, T B
    Gillespie, T J
    Gillespie, W B
    Jackson, E J
    Keilholtz, C
    Keithly, John
    Maxwell, I H
    McCall, J
    McCall, J A
    Taylor, John

    Principio Furnace

    Black, W W
    Craig, B
    Craig, Wm
    Evans, Dr W J
    Gillespie, Alex
    Gorrell, Geo
    Harris, Joseph
    Hynes, John T
    Jackson Alex
    Little, James
    Lynch, Wm
    Owens, Wm F
    Ruesell, John
    Rutter, Richsrd
    Sentman, E G
    Sentman, E S
    Shaw, John & James
    Sheridan, Mrs
    Whitaker, E S
    Whitaker, G P
    Wilson, Wm T

    Rising Sun

    Addison, James S
    Albertson, Chas W
    Briscoe, A H
    Briscoe, H J
    Brumfield, A
    Caidwell, John W
    Cameron, John & Geo.
    Coulson, James A
    Egan, Miss A G
    Evans, Henry M.
    Evans, Jas. H. Of John
    Evans, Hon. James M.
    Evans, John P.
    Evans, Wm. James
    Haines, Basil
    Haines, Edwin
    Haines, Geo. W.
    Haines, Jefferson
    Haines, Job
    Hammersmith, John
    Headley, James D.
    Hunt, M. J.
    Jackson, Mrs.
    Keilholtz, N. C.
    Keilholtz, John
    Kester, Elijah
    Kirk, A. C.
    Krauss, Thomas M.
    Langdon, Hampton
    Lincoln, James H.
    McCullough, Geo.
    Moore, Gibbons
    Moore, Wm.
    Phillips, David,
    Pierce, A.
    Pyle, C. C.
    Reynolds, B. C.
    Reynolds, Barclay
    Reynolds, E. H.
    Reynolds, Frank
    Reynolds, Isaac
    Reynolds, Henry
    Reynolds, Jonathan
    Reynolds, S. J., Sr.
    Reynolds, S. J.
    Reynolds, Wm. R.
    Rial, J. T.
    Richards, Granville
    Ricahrds, Isaac
    Richards, Wm.
    Richardson, James
    Richardson, Stephen
    Robinson, Dr. E.
    Shepherd, H. J.
    Stephens, J. L.
    Tosh, Samuel
    Wiley, W. W.
    Wilson, Thomas J.

    Rock Springs

    Ayers, Wilmer
    Boyle, Patrick
    Garwine, B.
    Hill, H. R.
    Hill, W.
    Lowe, Silas
    McCullough, S. B.
    Pierce, Wm.
    Riley, Chas.
    Riley, Henry


    Alexander, John
    Coale, David
    Gerry, Samuel

    St. Augustine

    Baker, Robert
    Bouchelle, J. W.
    Egee, James
    Ellison, Clayton
    Griffith, I. G.
    McCoy, Nathan
    Peach, John
    Roberts, James K.
    Williams, J. J.
    Wilson, John P.


    Craddock, Mollie
    Dickson, Thomas
    Flintham, Wm.
    Ganding, Dr.
    Gillispie, Samuel
    Ginn, James
    Green, Benj.
    Hanser, Richard
    Lockwood, Geo. W.
    Lockwood, J. J.
    Lockwood, Wm. K.
    Lupton, Thomas
    Lusby, Wm.
    McCrone, Mrs. M.
    Merritt, J. L.
    Morton, F. D.
    Price, Wm.
    Wilson, Wm.


    Abrahams, J. Wesley
    Bowman, David
    Brown, Edmund T.
    Burlin, David W.
    Clendenin, James T.
    Hasson, Samuel
    Kelly, Edward
    Marshall, Theodore
    McCullough, Nathan
    McMullin, Wm.
    Rawlings, R. K.
    Rea, David
    Shannon, John
    Thompson, A. G.
    Toulson, James
    Warner, J. C.


    Cameron, A. J. H.
    Cameron, H. M.
    Cameron, Wm.
    Crothers, J. C.
    England, J. H.
    England, J. S.
    England, Job
    England, S. J.
    Fox, H.
    Gale, Wm.
    Gifford, G. W.
    Gifford, Samuel
    Howard, R. T.
    Martincal, H.
    Mathews, Chas.
    Mearns, A. F.
    Mearns, S. J.
    Mearns, W. L.
    Oldham, G. W.
    Reeder, C. V.
    Reeder, W. H.
    Reynolds, G. T.
    Smith, R. R.

  • Charles County

    CHARLES COUNTY, containing an area of 499 square miles, and occupying the southwestern part of the State, is bounded on the west and south by the Potomac River, which here makes a large curve in its course. Prince George's County binds it on the north, and St. Mary's on the southeast. The county is entirely devoted to agriculture, the principal crops being tobacco, corn and wheat. Tobacco is the staple production, of which large crops are raised. Fruits, berries and vegetables are also produced to a limited extent, although the soil and climate are well suited to their growth. Fine fish and oysters abound plentifully on the shores of the numerous creeks; also game and wild fowl in season. The surface of the county is generally low and sandy, but sufficiently rolling to be well drained by the many streams flowing into the bordering rivers. The soil is easily improved and well adapted to the growth of all kinds of crops, with fruits, vegetables, hay and stock raising. Climate is mild and healthy, temperate in winter and pleasant in summer. The county offers unusual inducements to emigrants in its favorable climate, cheap lands, nearness to navigable waters, good soil, easy of access to markets, churches, schools, &C The construction of the Pope's Creek Branch of the B. & P. H. H. affords quick and convenient communication for a large portion of the county with the markets of Baltimore and Washington; and the waters of the Patuxent, Potomac and Wicomico Rivers also furnish cheap means of transportation for the products of the county. Many farms border on these waters, and the planters use their own landings or wharves. The county has a splendid outlet on the Patuxent at Benedict. The river front is here from three to four miles, and is available at all seasons. The county needs emigration to till the soil and to start mills, factories and shops. There are splendid openings in several good localities for mills and mechanics. Many farmers are compelled to go long distances for these facilities. We unhesitatingly recommend all seeking good homes to visit this county before locating.

    Judges Seventh Judicial Circuit-Hon. George Brent, Chief Judge, Port Tobacco; Hon. Robert Ford, Leonardtown, and Hon. D. H. Magruder, PrinceFrederick, Associate Judges. Commissioners in Equity-John W. Mitchell and Josias Hawkins. Commossioners to take Testimony-N. Stonestreet and Samuel Cox, Jr. Auditor-Vivian Brent. Baiaffs--J. D. Covell, J. H. Jenkins and Samuel Maddox, Mess'enger-J. B. Mattingly. Clerk to Court B. G. Stonestreet, Port Tobacco. Deputy-Sellman Stonestreet. Crier-Joseph H. Mattingly. Sheriff -George I. Chappelear. Deputy-George A. Wade. State's Attorney-Eugene Digges, Port Tobacco. Warden of Jail. Geo. A. Wade. Physician to Jait-Rohert Digges. Judges of Orphans' Court -Geo. P. Jenkins, Chief Judge; James M. Harvey and W. B. W. Rowe. Register of Wills-Marcellus Thompson, Port Tobacco. Surveyor-James L. Brawner, Port Tobacco. County Comsnissioners-P. A. L. Conies, A. Marbury, S. Mudd, and Levi Ricks. Attorney-N. Stonestreet. Clerk-Chas. B. Hannon. School Commissioners-Samuel Cox, Dr. Thomas C. Price and Dr. A. M. Brooke. Examiner--Geo. M. Lloyd. Trustees of the Poor-- John Hamilton, Geo. P. Jenkins, Samuel Hanson and N. Stonestreet., Overseer--Thomas M. Welch. Regusters of Voters--J. T. Lacy, R. E. Rison. T. A. Smith, S. G. Lancaster, W. Page, J. H. Hancock, S. W. H. McPherson, J. A. Mudd and H. Roby. Constal'e&-G. A. Wade, R. Davis, A. J. Graves, J. J. Kendrick, R. B. Herbert, F. MaWilliams, W. T. Hicks, S. M. Southerland, S. Smoot and J. H.. Chappelear. Tax Collectors-D. J. Bragonier, G. B. Lancaster, T.O. Medley and F. D. Mudd. Justices of the Peace-Wm. Boswell, H. H. Bowie, F. A. Hanson, W. W. Dunnington, T. H. Bowie, Wm. Dunnington, H. L. Smoot, J. T. Colton, J. H. M. Dutlon, T. C. Wilkison, Wm. McDaniel, T. R. Halley, Thomas Carrico, B. F. Bowling, T. Rohy, T. J. Jamison, T. Murray and H. D. R. Bean. Congresman, Fifth District - Hon. E. J. Henkle. State Senator-Hon. F. M. Lancaster. Members House of Delegates -Hon. W. D. C. Mitchell and Samuel Cox, Jr. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Port Tobacco, the county seat: Law Terms-3rd Mondays in May and November. Chancery Terms-3rd Mondays in February and July. Poputation of County-White, 6,739; colored, 9,412. Registered Vote 3,400. Assessed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks and Railroad property- $3,522,432. State and County Tax 127 1/4 cents on the $100.


    Is 4 miles from Cox's Station on the Pope's Creek branch of the B. & P.R. R. The situation is in a healthy locality, near Zekiah Swamp Creek, a tributary ot the Wicomico River. The land surrounding is one-half cleared and quite fertile; sells at from $5 to $15 per acre. Produces 8 to 10 bus. wheat, 12 to 15 oats, 25 to 40 corn, and 1,200 lbs. tobacco. Not much hay grown or many potatoes raised. Population 35. H. Payne, Postmaster.

    Hayden, L M
    Irwin, John C
    General Merchandise
    Colton, John T
    Norris, J E.
    Payne, Alice A
    Payne, R.
    Oliver, Robert
    Posey, W. A.
    Dent, S. W.
    Reeder, John H.


    Is on the Pope's Creek branch of the B. & P.R. H., 57 miles from Baltimore. The situation is healthy; business and land medium; land well watered; partly cleared; can be bought at from $5 to $70 per acre. Yields generally good crops of tobacco, wheat, corn, oats and hay. Population 30. P. A.Sasscer, Postmaster.

    Trotten, W H
    General Merchandies
    Sasscer & Gibbons
    Bealle, A. F.
    Johnson, J. T.


    Is 5 miles from Beantown on the Pope's Creek branch of the B. & P.R. R, and 12 from Benedict on the Patuxent River. The location is quite healthy, and the land surrounding devoted to farming, soil of which is a mixture of sand and loam, easily improved; can be bought at from $5 to $50 per acre. Produces 8 to 20 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 100 potatoes, 25 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco and 1 to 2 tons hay. St Mary's Catholic Church, Rev. Father Voltz; two Public Schools, one for colored, and a convenient Town Hall. Bryantown Grange 47, P. of H., Dr. S. A. Mudd, Master; Dr. W. L Boarman, Sec, Population 120. T. I. Boarman, Postmaster.

    Langley, Charles C
    Trotter, Peter
    Carriages and Wagons.
    Langley, Charles C
    Gray, C M
    General Merchandise.
    Boarman, Thos I
    Turner Bros
    Murray, Thos H
    Turner, Jno A
    Justices of the Peace.
    Jamison, Thos I
    Robey, Townley
    Haviland, Philip
    Mudd & Edelen
    Peach Growers
    Robey, Rufus
    Boarman, W. I.
    Hawkins, P. W.
    Mudd, G. D.
    Mudd, S. A.
    Shaw, John
    . Bond, C. M.
    Bond, Peter
    Swaun, Edward H


    Is on the Pope's Creek branch of the B. & P. R. R., 70 miles from Baltimore. Climate healthy; business fair; crops generally good; land is medium, easily improved, mostly cleared, but plenty of timber for all purposes yet standing. Land can be bought at from $5 to $15 per acre. Produces 15 to 80 bus. wheat, 15 to 40 oats, 25 to 50 corn, and 500 to 1,200 lbs. tobacco; potatoes and hay not raised as a crop, but the land is well adapted to the growth of each. Churches near; Public School, Miss Lizzie Semmes, teacher. Population 25. Samuel Cox, Postmaster.

    Attorneys at Law
    Cox, Samuel Jr
    Matthews, J F
    Hayden, C F
    Taylor, Joseph
    General Merchandise.
    Tennison, B Z
    Schmidt, John
    Ammon, Col J S
    Milton, Chas H.
    Jamison, B A


    Is 20 miles from Cox's Station on Pope's Creek branch B. & P.R R, 90 from Baltimore by rail, and adjacent to the Potomac River, a fine body of water. Climate medium and healthy; business fair; crops good. The land is one-half cleared, and varies in price from $5 to $40 per acre; produces 15 to 80 bus. wheat, 20 to 40 oats, 80 to 120 potatoes, 30 to 75 corn, 800 to 1,000 lbs. tobacco, and 3/4 to 1 1/2 tons hay. One church, Rev. Saml. Saunders. Population 50. Thomas Skinner, Postmaster.

    Thomas, Sampson
    General Merchandise.
    Skinner, Thos
    Miller, John W
    Price, Wm H


    Is 12 miles from Port Tobacco, and pleasantly situated on the east bank of the Potomac River, which is at this point considerably elevated. It has daily communication by steamer to Washington, and excursionists from that city find it a quiet retreat during the summer months. Land is medium, mostly cleared, near the river hilly; can be bought at from $10 to $30 per acre. Produces 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 35 potatoes, 30 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco and 1 ton hay. Population 75. James A. Cooke, Postmaster.

    Mason, Edgar
    Marbury, Addison
    Garner, R A
    Scroggins, J W
    General Merchandise.
    Cooke, James A
    Smith, S. F.
    Walter, George
    Chapman, N.
    Henry, W. F.


    Is 15 miles from Cox's Station on Pope's Creek branch of the B. & P.R.R. The Potomac and Wicomico Rivers, which are near, afford excellent shipping facilities, many farmers using their own landings. Climate, health and business medium. The land is variable, mostly cleared; can be purchased at from $5 to $100 per acre. Yields 8 to 30 bus. wheat, 15 to 40 oats, 25 to 50 corn, and 1,500 lbs. tobacco. Emigrants will here find cheap land, well adapted to the growth of all kinds of crops, and especially hay and stock raising. There is plenty of good timber standing, and here is a good location for a saw and grist mill. M. E. Church, no regular pastor; Episcopal, Rev. .J. M. Todd; Roman Catholic, Rev. Father B. F. Wiget. Public School, S. B. G. Harris, J. S. Higdon and Miss Taylor, teachers. Population 85. J. H. Perry, Postmaster.

    Steward, John
    Tignor, Wm
    General Merchandise
    Dutton, E C
    Perry, J R
    Smith, Saml.
    Walker, A. J.
    Dill, P.
    Lancaster, F M
    Smoot, A J


    Is 10 miles from Beantown on the Pope's Creek branch of the B. & P.R. R, and near Benedict on the Patuxent River, the shipping point. Climate, business and crops good. Land is mostly cleared, and can be bought at from $10 to $40 per acre, according to location and improvements. Produces 8 to 25 bus. wheat, 40 to 60 corn, and 1,000 to 1,200 lbs. tobacco. Churches and schools near. Hughesville Grange 83, P. of H., Dr. Thos. A. Carrico, Master; Rufus Robey, Sec. Population 50. J. W. Chappelear, Postmaster.

    Chappelear, J H
    General Merchandise.
    Bean, E D R.
    Edwards, J R
    Lawrence, A F & Co
    Chappelear, Geo I.
    Carrico, Thos A.
    Acton, J H


    Is on Pope's Creek branch B. & P. R R., 65 miles from Baltimore. Place healthy; business and crops good; the land is fertile, principally cleared, and commands from $5 to $20 per acre. Produces 10 to 25 bus. wheat, 20 oats, 60 to 100 potatoes, 20 to 50 corn, 1,200 to 1,500 lbs tobacco. The timber yet standing is composed of oak. M.E. Church, Rev. W. R McNeer. Public School, Mrs. Jane Huntt and J. F. Pennington, teachers. Population 35. R. F. Chapman, Postmaster.

    Attorneys at Law.
    Chapman, Gen A G
    Hawkins, Josias
    Stone, Hon F
    Stonestrect, N.
    Padgett, C B & Bro.
    General Merchandise.
    Farrall, T R
    Robertson & Roberts
    Hoffman, John
    Young, R J.
    Edelen, E V
    Sanders, Wm N.
    R. R. Boss.
    Huntt, Wm L


    Is 15 miles from La Plata on the Pope's Creek branch of the B. & P. R. R. Mattawoman Creek, from which it derives its name, and on which it is located, affords shipping facilities for market and other purposes. Village healthy; not much business done; crops and land good. The land is mostly cleared, can be purchased at $10 per acre, and produces 8 to 10 bus. wheat, 10 oats, 10 to 20 potatoes, 20 to 40 corn, and 600 to 1,000 lbs. tobacco. W. C. Tippett, teacher. Population 10. E. L. Huntt, Postmaster.

    Gates, A. N.
    Huntt, T. J.
    Saw Mill.
    Huntt, T J.
    Ward, R A


    Is 7 miles from Cox's Station on Pope's Creek branch B. & P.R. R. 77 from Baltimore, and near the Potomac River. Climate mild and variable; business and crops good; the land is one-half cleared; it is light and of a clay and gravelly formation; sells from $8 to $20 per acre. Produces 6 to 25 bus. wheat, 15 to 40 oats, 160 to 200 potatoes, 10 to 30 corn, 500 to 1,200 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. The timber now standing comprises oak, pine, chestnut, poplar, &c. There is a fine opening and several good locations for a mill and a blacksmith. Baptist Church, no regular pastor; P. E., Rev. John M. Todd; Roman Catholic, no regular pastor. Four Public Schools, two colored. Population 75. Samuel Smith, Postmaster.

    Tignor, Mark
    General Merchandise.
    Simpson, Geo & Bro
    Smith, Saml. & Co
    Walker, A J
    Dill, Peter
    Price, Francis
    Reeder, John


    Is 8 miles from Cox's Station on Pope's Creek branch of B. & P.R. R. The nearest stream is Gilbert Swamp, a tributary of Wicomico River. Climate mild and healthy; business and crops fair. The lands are one-half cleared, cheap and good; they vary in price from $10 to $20 per acre. Yield 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 20 to 30 oats, 30 to '0 corn, and 1,000 to 2.000 lbs. tobacco. P. E. Church, Rev. Mr. Jackson; Roman Catholie (St. Mary's), Rev. Father B. F. Wiget. Four Public Schools, one colored; J. Richard Cox, J. W. Posey, Miss Annie Turner aind J. T. Hilton, teachers. Wicomico Grange 69, P. of H., H. H. Bean, Master; B. H. Mattingly, Sec. Population 60. R S. Corry, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Boswell, J F
    Corry, R. S.
    Latimer, T T
    Shannon, Geo B
    Adams, Mrs Adeline
    Higdon, J T
    Shannon, Geo B
    Brooke, A M
    Dent, S W
    Saw Mill.
    Shannon, Geo B
    Berry, G W


    Is 10 miles from La Plata on Pope's Creek branch B. & P. R. R. Potomac River, which flows in the vicinity, furnishes an abundance of water. Climate mild and healthy; business and crops good; not much cleared land. Soil is of clay; the land is worth $10 per acre, and produces 10 to 20 bus. oats, 50 to 75 potatoes, 40 to 50 corn, and 1 to 3 tons hay. Plenty of good timber yet standing. Pisgah Church, Rev. W. H. McNeer; Smith's Chapel, Rev SamI. Aquilla. Two Public Schools, James A. Franklin and Mrs. Helen Ondle, teachers. Population 100. J. C. Compton, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths Anderson, John
    Young, Robert
    Allen, H M
    Padgett, Richard
    General Merchandise
    Carpenter, Miss M
    Greenebaum, M
    Carpenter, E
    Grinder, B M
    Compton, J. C.
    Compton, R. K.
    Miller, J W


    Is 9 miles from White Plains on Pope's Creek branch B. & P.R. R., and near the Potomac River. Village healthy, crops good, land medium, and varies in value from $3 to $20 per acre. Yields 11 to 24 bus. wheat, 15 corn, 8 oats, and 900 lbs. tobacco. M. E. Church South, M. E. (colored), P. E., and Roman Catholic. Six Public Schools, two colored. Agricola Grange 95, P. of H., Thos. R. Halley, Master; W. E. W. Rowe, Sec. Population 50. J. W. Waring, Postmaster.

    Rowe, W E W
    General Merchandise.
    Gross, B
    Spaids, L
    Waring, J W
    Tubman, B D
    Chapman, N
    Compton, R K
    Pye, Chas H
    Thomas, J W


    The county seat, is 2 miles from a station of that name on the Pope's Creek branch of the B. & P. R R., and 4 miles from Chappell's Point on the Potomac River. The situation is near the head of Port Tobacco Creek, a small stream that makes up from the river. Port Tobacco contains the usual number of county buildings. A canal has been dug to drain the marshy ground in the vicinity, and if kept properly cleaned would add much to the health of the town. Climate is mild, and the crops are generally good. Land is fertile, mostly cleared, and is capable of improvement; can be bought at from $5 to $50 per acre, according to location and improvements. Produces 12 bus. wheat, 15 oats, 150 potatoes, 30 to 40 corn, 800 to 1,200 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. The churches and schools are ample for the accommodation of the inhabitants. Crescentia Grange 57, P. of H., M. Chapman, Master; Wm. Boswell, Secretary. Population 200. Miss Kannie Welch, Postmistress.

    Attorneys at Law.
    Chapman, A G.
    Edelen, H H
    Hawkins, Josiah
    Btone & Mitchell
    Stonestreet & Digges
    Wade,C. E.
    Cobey, A. D.
    General Merchandise
    Boswell, Wm. & Co.
    Lacey, Joseph I.
    Padgett, W. W.
    Roberts, J. H. & Co.
    Centennial, Geo. A Huntt
    St Charles, T J Moore
    Ammon, Col J S
    Ketchicy, William
    Millinery and Notions.
    Quenzel, Mrs Adelaide
    Smoot, Mrs J V
    Milton, Chas H
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Wheeler, B L
    Murdock, R L & Son
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Quenzel, Julius


    Is near Tolson's Wharf on the Potomac River, the shipping point, and 20 miles from Port Tobacco. The situation is healthy; business and crops fair generally. The land is level, mostly cleared, and sells at from $8 to $10 per acre. Produces 7 to 10 bus. wheat, 10 to 20 oats, 4 to 6 corn, and 810 lbs. tobacco. Public School, J. T. Carpenter, teacher. Population 20. F. A. Tolson, Postmaster.
    General Merchandise.
    Shackelford, Wm M
    Tolson & Co
    Justice of the Peace.
    Dunnington, W W
    Millar, M N


    Is 12 miles from Cox's Station on Pope's Creek branch B. & P. R. R., and near Lancaster's Wharf, the shipping point. Climate healthy; the land is chiefly shell; can be bought at Irom $5 to $50 per acre. Produces 5 to 20 bus. wheat, 15 to 40 oats, 25 to 50 corn, and 1,000 lbs. tobacco. Population 40. E. C. Dutton, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Dutton, E C
    Martin, L A


    Is on the Pope's Creek branch of the B. & P.R. R., 59 miles from Baltimore, and near Glymont on the Potomac River, affording good shipping facilities. Climate mild and healthy, business fair, and crops good. The land is light and gravelly, principally cleared; is worth from $10 to $30 per acre. Yields 20 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 75 potatoes, 25 corn, and 1,000 lbs. tobacco. The timber now rem aining romprises osk, pine, poplar, gum and hickory. P. E. Church (St. Paul's), Rev. T. H. Adams. Public School, T. T. Hancock, teacher. Population 32. W. Hicks, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. And Express.
    Hicks, W
    Commission Merchant.
    Stewart, Joseph
    General Merchandise.
    Hicks, W
    Dixon, John
    Hoffman, John
    Willet, R H
    Robey, Mrs S A
    Hawkins, Peter W
    Saw Mill.
    Hoffman, John

    Farmers in Charles County and their Post Office Address

    Allen's Fresh

    Barber, John F.
    Boarman, John W.
    Briscoe, R. B.
    Butler, H.
    Carlin, J. R.
    Carpenter, F. A.
    Campbell, W.
    Chesley, Charles
    Colton, John T.
    Crismond, John T.
    Dorsey, Charles
    Edelen, John J.
    Edelen, Lawrence
    Hawkins, Warren
    Hayden, R. T.
    Holton, John
    Jamison, Mrs. J. A.
    Jamison, Wm. P.
    Latimer, Jas. B.
    Payne, R.
    Posey, Adrian
    Posey, C H
    Posey, W A
    Ross, A.
    Stone, Thos D
    Taylor, James
    Taylor, H
    Wood, W B
    Young, Thomas


    Acton, W J
    Adams, W D
    Ricks, J L
    Langley, J T
    Moore, JM
    Monroe, L M
    Sasscer, P A


    Acton, W H
    Akin, Wm E
    Bowling, Mrs A M
    Bowling, B F
    Bowling, W F
    Boarman, Dr W I
    Boarman, R T
    Boone, E D
    Bnrch, J M
    Hurch, M
    Burch, William
    Burch, W M
    Carrico, Dr Thos A
    Carrico, Thos
    Dent, F L
    Dyer, A M
    Edelen, B M
    Elelen, Dr E V
    Franklin, W B
    Gardiner, F D
    Gardiner, Geo H
    Gardiner, L
    Gardiner, Thos L
    Gibbons, John S
    Goldsmith, Geo A
    Goldsmith, Hooper
    Gray, M C S
    Hardy, John T
    Haviland, Ebenezer
    Haviland, Merritt
    Hayiland, M M
    Haviland, Philip
    Hawkins, Josiah
    Hawkins, Dr P W
    Horned, Hugh
    Jamison, Wm M
    Langley, A
    Langley, Jno H
    Middleton, W J
    Miles, N V
    Miles, H H
    Montgomery, Jas H
    Montgomery, Jas H, Jr.
    Mudd, Jas A
    Mudd, Mrs Jere T
    Mudd, H L
    Mudd, Dr S A
    Mudd, Sylvester
    Murphy, A F
    Murray, James A
    McPherson, Jno W
    McPherson, M L
    Montgomery, F B
    Padgett, J H
    Queen, Wm
    Reed, Capt S D
    Robey, Townley
    Smith, Jas H
    Smoot, A
    Swann, Elizabeth
    Turner, J Thomas
    Turner, H A
    Ward, Jos T
    Weatherall, Thomas
    Wheatley, William

    Cox's Station

    Cox, Samuel
    Carpenter, C L
    Digges, F N
    Furgusson, H C
    Howard, J H A J
    Jackson, John
    Jamison, Dr B A
    Maddox, John B
    Neale, A W
    Nevilt, Oscar


    Burgess, John
    Gliroy, Thomas
    Maddox, Thos M
    Posey, James
    Posey, H B
    Posey, H H
    Price, Albin
    Skinner, Thomas
    Brawner, H
    Brawner, H Hyland
    Chapman, RA
    Green, JA
    Green, Thos
    Hardey, B. W
    Johnson, J H
    Mason, E F
    Maddox, Thos
    Miles, S A
    Miles, W H
    Mitchell, B
    Mitchell, H
    Mitchell, W D C
    Nelson, F M
    Spaids, C D
    Wills, C H

    Harris Lot

    Bailey, John H
    Contee, PA L
    Harris. H H
    Hungerford, Mrs N G
    Lancaster, C F
    Lancaster, S
    Lloyd, A T'
    Morgan, J H
    Posey, Thomas
    Willett, J H
    Wills, J J


    Adams, A
    Carrico, A T
    Carrico, B H
    Carrico, Dr Thos A
    Carrico, Thos.
    Clements, Leonard
    Contee, A. E.
    Contee, H. A.
    Contee, W. H.
    Cross, Wm.
    Dudley, J.
    Farrell, R.
    Gibbons, Warner
    Lamon, R.
    Moran, A.
    Moran, J. P.
    Moran, R. J.
    Slye, A. B.
    Wall, R. P.

    La Plata

    Albrittain, John W.
    Berry, Geo. W.
    Berry, Wm. H.
    Chapman, John G.
    Chapman, Marshall
    Garner, John W.
    Hamilton, John
    Hawkins, J. H.
    Hindle, John A.
    Matthews, Geo. W.
    Mills, N. J.
    Mills, R. E.
    Monroe, J. T.
    Monroe, John E.
    Murphy, P. A.
    Osbourne, James F.
    Padgett, J. V.
    Padgett, Thomas A.
    Rawlings, A.
    Robey, F. A.
    Sanders, D. J.


    Airt, A G
    Baden, Geo
    Burch, J M
    Dent, B M
    Gardiner, G W
    Gardiner, M P
    Garner, Benj.
    Hamilton, H. W.
    Huntt, G A
    McSherry, B
    Moore, G L
    Mudd, H B
    Mudd, T
    Murray, J L
    Queen, H P
    Rowe, F A
    Tippett, W C
    Townshend, J F
    Townshend, W B
    Ward, H A
    Williams, L


    Barber, Yates
    Contee, Philip A L
    Cooksey, Summersett
    Dutton, John
    Freeman, Frank
    Hunger ford, John
    Hungerford, Mrs N G
    Maddox, B
    Maddox, Pratt
    Marshall, John
    Mastin, Miss Elenor
    Page, Mrs Mary
    Price, Joseph
    Price, Richard
    Beoder, John
    Richmond, Frederick
    Shaw, Chas A F
    Shaw, Neal
    Sheribern, Chat
    Sumervill, Mrs Mary
    Tennison, John E
    Wingate, Franklin
    Wingate, John H D
    Wood, Thomas


    Bailey, A
    Boarman, A J
    Boarman, F L
    Boarman, Joseph S
    Bruoke, Mrs A C
    Brooke, Dr A M
    Budd, J L
    Uhing, Thos H
    Ching, Thos K
    Dent, Dr S W
    Gough, Mrs Lucy
    Herbert, J T
    Higdon, B L
    Higdon, J T
    Kineman, B H
    Lancaster, B J
    Lancaster, G B
    Lancaster, Mrs L
    Lancaster, S G
    Latimer. J B
    Lloyd, Geo M
    Lyon, John B
    Mattingly, B H
    Sanders, Mrs R
    Simpson, J W T
    Spalding. Gee
    Stone, T D
    Thompson, N A
    Turner, John R
    Ward, Thomas


    Bowie, Henry
    Bowie, Pliney
    Carpenter, A R
    Carpenter, Geo M
    Carpenter, J B
    Carpenter, J M
    Delozier, Henry
    Delozier, T B
    Franklin, Alex
    Franklin, Hezekiah
    Gray, C
    Haislip, Alex
    Mustead, Albert
    Mustead, Edward
    Simmons, Honey
    Simmons, Thos P
    Simmons, Wm
    Williams, Geo F


    Brawner, B H
    Bryan, R W
    Clagett, W H
    Cox, S H
    Cox, W H
    Ducker, D C
    Halley, Thos R
    Harris, Edwin
    Jenkins, J W
    Joinq, J L
    Martin, C M
    McPherson, B W B
    Miles, Sidney
    Rowe, W E W
    Thomas, A W
    Tubman, B D
    Warren, J S
    Waring, J W
    Port Tobacco
    Boswell, Wm
    Carrington, Samuel
    Clements, Thos A
    Cocking, John
    Croft, Thomas
    Gibbon, J P
    Hamilton, Frank P
    Hamilton, J E
    Hamilton, Wm
    Hancock, J N
    Hindle, W T
    Howard, Wm M
    Jenkins, Geo P
    Jenkins, J J
    Matthews, Mal Wm B
    Mitchell, Hugh
    Norris, A J
    Owen, H H
    Owen, J W
    Roby, S
    Roby, T Y
    Wade, J R
    Wade, B
    Welch, Benj
    Welch, Thos M


    Chandler, S T
    Dows, E
    Hanson, Samuel
    Millar, Col T A
    Miller, Chas W
    Pye, WB
    Speake, F R
    Tayloe & Callaghan
    Wheeler, Thos M

    White Plains

    Adams, Samuel F
    Berry, Wm I
    Cox, John H
    Davis, John I
    Dennut, Oapt W F
    Dennut, Wm B
    Dixon, John
    Gates, D A
    Grove's, James H
    Hardey, C C
    Hardey, W C
    Lucas, Chas F
    Lucas, Jas A
    Moore, B W
    Murray, A R A
    Murray, B W
    Murray, S L
    Robey, Geo B
    Robey, Geo W
    Robey, Peter W
    Robey, H A
    Robey, Sami H
    Robey, T Yates
    Robey, Thomas I
    Stewart, Chas
    Stewart, Joseph
    Stuart, B H
    Turner, J Smith
    Willett, James B
    Willett, H H
    Willett, W O

  • Dorchester County

    DORCHESTER COUNTY is one of the Eastern Shore counties, and extends from the Chesapeake Bay to the Delaware State line, and is bounded on the south-east by the Nanticoke River, which separates it from Wicomico County, and on the north by the Choptank River, which is between it and Talbot County, and by Caroline County.

    The county contains an area of 770 square miles. The surface is generally level and easily tilled. The upper part is sufficiently undulating to create some water-powers, which are in some cases improved by grist and saw mills. The soil is variable and of the same character with most of this shore of the Bay. It ranges from a stiff clay to a light sand, and in many places a black loam. No better lands are known than those along the banks of the Choptank River. Shell mantle, which is to be found in some localities, affords a good fertilizer. Oak, hickory, pine and walnut are the natural timbers, and are abundant, and largely exported for ship building, cord wood, lumber and other purposes.

    A good part of the county is uncultivated, but where well tilled, the land is generally quite productive. The favorable climate, water, and general location of the county is attracting the attention of emigrants and others, and quite an addition to the population has been made in the past five years. Wheat and corn are the staple farm production's, with large, quantities of fruits, berries, and vegetables. The production of peaches is largely increasing, and becoming very profitable. Shad and herring fisheries are numerous and generally do a fair business, the trade of some localities being almost entirely of this kind, whilst most all sections have plentiful supplies of fresh fish. Oysters are very abundant and of the finest kind, the county taking in some of the upper part of the great oyster beds of Tangier Sound, the most famous oyster field of the State.

    Several firms are largely engaged at Cambridge in packing and shipping these oysters, adding much to the trade of that already growing and prosperous town.

    The county is almost surrounded by navigable waters, and is intersected by the Transquaking, Chicacomico, Honga and Black Water Rivers, also Church, Fishing, Slaughter's and other creeks, which give the county facilities for transportation not excelled by any other locality in the State. The construction of the Dorchester & Delaware Railroad, extending from Cambridge to Seaford in Delaware, places a large part or the county within quick and convenient communication at all seasons with Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. The section through which this road runs has and continues to improve. Settlers have been attracted and many farms sold. Dorchester County presents many attractions to emigrants, and large numbers have already settled in several localities. Good water, fertile lands, churches, schools, healthy climate, plenty of fish, oysters and wild fowl, are some of the indncements here offered.

    Judges First Judicial Circuit-Hon. James A. Stewart, Chief Judge, Cambridge; Hon. John R. Franklin, Snow Hill, and Hon. Levin T. H. Irving, Princess Anne, Assoctate Judges. Commissioners of Court-Thos. H. Handy, Jr., and Alfred Stewart. Cierk to Court-F. J. Henry, Cambridge. Clerks-C. H. Holiingsworth, T. H. H~ly and F. J. Henry, Jr. Crier-Geo. H. Austin. Sheriff-Pollard S. Collins, H. Ne" Market. Deouties-Jas. A. McAllister and B. Hart. State's Attorney-Charles E. Hayward, Cambridge. Judges of Orphans' Court-John H. Keene, Airey's; Jas. M. Wrightson, E. New Market, and Peter Harrington, Tobacco Stick. Register of Wills-R. W. Lecompte, Cambridge. Surveyor-James M. Robertson, Vienna. County Commissioners-F. B. Clifton, Vienna; Wm. M. Msce and Thos J. Jones, Church Creek. Clerk and County Treasurer- George J. Meekins, Cambridge. AI.torney-D. M. Henry, Jr. School Commissioners-L. D. Travers, Taylor's Island; Edwin Dashiell, Airey's, and Dr. R. J. Price, Vienna. Superintendent and Treasurer-Dr. Jas. L. Bryan, Cambridge. Constoiles-John Neville, H. A. Marshall and W. V. Brannock. Justices of the Peace --J. B. Thompson, J. P. Russell, J. T. Vickers, T. P. Mobray, J. K. Bramble, W. J. Abdell, A. R. Anderson, S. B. Neal, H. W. Webb, R. Tall, S. F. Kirwan, H. R. Christopher, C. V. Crockett, S. T. Phillips, S. F. Tyler, H. C. Woodland, I. Tubman, Dr. J. W. Henry, H. T. Winterbottom, J. Carroll,W. M. Robinson, W. Lamdin, W. Bennett, J. Richardson, J. Fooks, H. P. Cannon, J. T. Robinson, C. Johnson, D. O. P. Hlliott, Enoch Lowe, R. B. Mobray, and S. P. Smith. Tax Collectors--W. L. Smoot, J. B. Nesbitt, W. Keene, A. W. Cooper, W. A. Twilley, T. B. Travers, A. D. Jones, and Uriah Hurley. Congressman, First District-Hon. D. M. Henry, Cambridge. State Senator-Hon. Clement Sulivane, Cambridge. Me'niers House of Detegates- Hons. Samuel M. Travers, Dr. J. H. Houston, and JosH. Johnson. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Cambridge, the county seat: Law Terms-4th Monday in April and 2nd Monday in November. Chancery Terms--4th Mondays in January and July. Population of County-White, 17,000; colored, 5,000. Registered Vote 5,182. Assessed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks, and Railroad Property, $6,066,804. State and County Tax 98 1/4 cts on $100.


    Is pleasantly situated on both sides of the D. & D. R. R., 6 miles from Cambridge. The location is in a healthy and thriving section. The village is increasing, and business is double what it has been. The land moderately good, and is composed of yellow and white loam; can be bought at from $15 to $50 per acre; produces unusually good crops. Churches and schools near. Population 200. M. J. Perkins, Postmaster.

    Fox, Wm
    Vane, J. T.
    Windsor, J. T.
    General Merchandise
    Beckwith, Job W.
    Mowbray, L.
    Perkins & Marshall
    Higgins, Mrs Isabel
    Kurtz, J. F.
    Phelps, F P
    Printing and Stencils
    Perkins & Marshall


    Is situated 36 miles from Cambridge, on a narrow neck of land, between Pishing bay on the east and Honga river on the west. These waters abound in fine oysters, and large quantities are caught by the inhabitants daily during the season, and shipped to market. The climate is temperate and healthy. Land is a clay subsoil, most all cleared; sells for $30 per acre; produces 20 bus. wheat, 50 oats, 150 potatoes and 50 corn; no tobacco or hay raised. Good churches and schools near. Population 100. E. Murphy, Postmaster.

    Anderson, Greenbury
    Tall, John
    Bramble, Risdon
    Bramble, Thomas
    Wingate, William
    General Merchandise.
    Fallin, C C
    Fooks, B L
    Insley, L A & Bro
    Insley, Geo C
    Jones, Caleb
    Parks, J J & P H
    Todd, James
    Todd, Jabez


    Is situated near the Transquaking river, 5 miles from Airey's, on the D. & D. R. R. Climate uniformly mild and healthy. Land medium; sells at from $8 to $20 per acre; produces 10 to 15 bus. wheat, 12 to 20 oats, 60 to 150 potatoes, 25 corn and 1+ tons hay. Public school, C. A. Lecompte, teacher. Population 20. J. B. Meredith, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Holt, H
    Meredith, J B
    Wall, I B
    Willey, E M
    Wheatley, William


    The county seat, is delightfully situated on Cambridge Creek and on the left hank of the Choptank River, about eighteen miles from its mouth, and has a water front on two sides. The river at this point is two miles wide, and furnishes one of the chief attractions to strangers, who indulge in boating, bathing, fishing and the sports usually sought by pleasure-seekers, while the natives and others find it a source of revenue from the oysters that abound in its bottoms, and the ducks and geese which haunt its creeks and coves.

    The town is of great antiquity, as evidenced by the style of architecture in which some of the houses are built, the material in a few instances having been brought from the mother country. They are open, southern, commodious, and surrounded by ample and neatly kept grounds, with lawns and gardens. The grounds of some slope down to the water of Cambridge Creek, where the banks are terraced and protected by low parapet walls.

    At the present day no town on the Peninsula is making more rapid growth. Its population has increased fifty per cent, within the last eight years. It is lighted with gas, and mainly supplied with water from pumps, wells and cisterns. Its mechanics all find employment, and numbers from Baltimore and elsewhere have had constant work at remunerative wages. Upwards of three hundred houses have been erected during the past five years. Enterprises of different kinds have sprung up, stimulated no doubt by the excellent facilites of transportation to Philadelphia, distant only 140 miles by railroad, over which daily trains are passing; and to Baltimore, distant about 70 miles, to and from which are daily lines of handsome and commodious steamers.

    The oyster trade is considerable, both by canning and shipments in their natural state. Four packing-houses are in active operation, while others at this writing but projected will soon increase the number. The largest and most complete flour mill on the Eastern Shore has just been completed. A marine railway gives employment to many, and does the repairing of boats built and heretofore repaired in the city. Numerous saw-mills are busily engaged in convelting the choice timber of the surrounding neighborhood into good and merchantable lumber.

    The people are refined, educated and hospitable. The climate is healthy, and seldom severe; the people look ruddy, and consumption is seldom known.

    The land is a clay loam, mostly cleared. Oak, pine, gum and maple comprise the timber standing. Lands range in price from $10 to $100 per acre, according to location and improvements. Produces 10 to 40 bus. wheat, 10 to 70 oats, 100 to 250 potatoes, 20 to 75 corn, 2 to 8 tons hay; tobacco not raised as a crop. Crops and business generally good.

    The town is incorporated, the management of its municipal affairs being entrusted to a Board of five Commissioners, whose ordinances and edicts are scrupulously carried out by a faithful bailiff, who constitutes the police force. The only public building of note is the Court House, a handsome edifice of brick, built in 1852, said to be the most convenient in the State. The Jail, located in the rear of the Court House, is an old building, erected in the last century, and not at all in keeping with the other buildings. Efforts, however, are making to supplant it with a new and more modern one.

    Previous to the hurricane of September, 1876, a beautiful willow grove ornamented a deep vale on one side of the Court Honse, where excursion parties during the hot months enjoyed the cool shade and the water of a delightful, sheltered spring. But the hurricane desolated the vale and prostrated the noble trees.

    The Government, appreciating the importance of this location, has expended considerable money in connection with private capital in digging out the Cambridge Creek and widening the channel, so that at all times the town has a safe harbor and plenty of water. Many people from Delaware and the lower counties of Maryland avail themselves of the steamboats plying between Cambridge and Baltimore for traveling and freight purposes. The facilities for education are: Seminary for Young Ladies, a High School for Boys, and several primary schools for both sexes, white and colored. Population 3,000. Wm. F. Pattison, Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-M. E., Rev.W. L. J. Murray; ME. South, Rev. John H. Pattison; P. E., Rev. Theo. P. Barber, D. D., Rector; Ass't, Dr. James Bryan; M. E. Colored, (Bethel), Rev. Mr. Green; and M. E. Colored, Rev. Mr. Johnson.

    BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES.-K. of P., Cambridge 82; A. F. & A. M., Cambridge 66; I. O.O. F., Dorchester 19; Cambridge Grange 120, P. of H., Edwin Dashiell, Master; A. H. Bayler, Sec.

    TOWN OFFICERS: Dr. A. H. Bayley, Prest., W. F. Pattison, Thomas P. Vinton, W. H. H. Todd, and J. B. P. Bradshaw. Treasurer and Attorney--Henry Lloyd. Bailiff -John Neville.

    Agent Express.
    Pattison, Thos P
    Agent -Insurance
    Anderson, Thos W
    Goldsborough, H T
    Agent-Real Estate
    Plummer, J C
    Agent-R. R.
    Wright, Thos E
    Bradshaw, Joseph
    Jackson, E L
    Attorneys at Law.
    Barton, W H Jr
    Dorsey, Geo E
    Goldsborough & Henry
    Hayward, C B
    Henry & Sulivane
    Johnson, J H
    Lloyd, Henry
    Milbourne, Sewell T
    Waddell, James W
    Wallace, Col James
    Basket Manufacturers.
    Clark & Hopkins
    Bakers and Confectioners.
    Barnctt, E D
    Todd, W H H
    Bunting, A
    Moler, J B
    Spence. W T
    Truitt, John
    Derry, J W
    Kerr, C H
    Bricklayers and Plasterers.
    Davis, J E
    Harris & Moore
    Sinclair, Syrus
    Boots and Shoes.
    Merrick, M H
    Shepherd, Edward
    Carpenters and Cabinetmakers.
    Brown & Bro
    Hopkins, W H
    Willis, H & Son
    Coal Dealers.
    Hubbard & Bennett
    Schieigh, G H
    Hainebach, B
    Contractors and Builders
    Drain & Hutchinson
    Constable and Collector.
    Marshall, E A
    Dawson, T G
    Flint & Craig
    Thomas, Wm
    Dry Goods.
    Anderson, Thos W & Co
    Dali, T E & Co
    Marshall & Howard
    Snellenberg, E
    Flour and Feed.
    Crowell, J W & Co
    Fruit Drier.
    Cleveland, Edward
    Furniture Dealers,
    Phillips, J B
    Tubman, R C
    Fertilizers. Goldsborough & Hood
    General Merchandise.
    Anderson, T W & Co
    Bayly & Bro
    Bennett, T C
    Creighton, Wm
    Clark, W A
    Eaton, T C
    Hubbard, W A
    Jones & Willey
    Jordan, W H
    Kemp, Lewis
    Medford, T H
    Phelps, F P
    Redditt, G
    Straughn, Jas & Bro
    Wright & Sherman
    Blakslee, B E
    Groceries and Provisions.
    Bunten, A
    Dail, J S
    LeCompte, Wm H
    Reese, W H
    Todd, W H H
    Wright, T H
    Hood, Jennings
    Cambridge, W J Thomas
    Central, Capt T J Frazier
    Dorchester, R H Muir
    Maryland, ----- -----
    Justices of the Peace.
    Henry, J W
    Winterbottom, H T
    Millinery, Notions & Fancy Goods
    Burns, John
    Cook & Thomas
    Dail, Misses E & B
    Goslin, Miss E W
    Hooper, Mrs L M & Co
    Hopkins, Mrs E W
    Jordan, Miss F S
    Shepherd, Mrs L C
    Straughn, Mrs Belle
    Todd Mrs S A
    Merchant Millers.
    Brown, Geo R & Bro
    The Cambridge Manufacturing Co
    Oyster Packers.
    Johnson & Cleveland
    Parks, W H
    Phillips, J H
    Wallace, Jas & Son
    Wright & Sherman
    Oyster Saloons.
    Collins, J I
    Hurley, J G
    Squire, Chas
    Bayley, A H
    Dekrafft, S C
    Steele, Thos B
    Forbes, H
    Saddles and Harness,
    Anthony, J H
    Parrott, Joseph
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Anthony, W F
    Bothum, L W
    Ship Builders.
    Davis & Johnson
    Littleton, W C
    Pennington, S H
    Telegraph Operator.
    Hooper, E L
    Tobacco and Cigars.
    Foble, John
    Mitchell, W O
    Willis, R & Son
    Watches and Jewelry
    Fletcher, W M
    Pattison, W F
    Davidson, W
    Lang, C


    Is 7 miles from Cambridge, and is also the postoffice for Milton, a village 2 miles distant. Church Creek, on which it is situated, is a tributary of the Choptank River, and supplies an abundance of fine oysters and fish in season. Ship building and packing oysters, fruits, &c., are carried on, and furnish considerable business and trade for the inhabitants. Climate healthy. Land good; sells at from $10 to $50 per acre; produces 30 bus. wheat, 45 oats, 125 potatoes and 40 corn; not much hay grown, and no tobacco raised. M. E. Church, Rev. W. W. Green; P. E., Rev. W. M. Green; M. E., colored, Rev. J. Broughton; O.S. Baptist, no regular pastor. D. W. Newberry, Miss L. J. Pattison and Fannie Creighton, primary school teachers. Population 350.Jas. E. Graham, Postmaster.

    Dorman, John M
    Harris, Alfred
    Marine, J
    Byus, J W
    Coursey, Thomas
    Mills, Samuel
    Mills, Wm
    Richardson, W C
    Wells, Thos
    Constable and Collector.
    Parker, Jonas
    Colston, John M
    General Merchandise.
    Condon, Mrs H
    Crawford, Miss L
    Fitzhugh, Levin
    Fooks, James
    Graham & Jefferson
    Newberry, D W
    Linthicum, J & Son
    Parker, Josiah
    Willis, Thos A
    Woolford, S W & Co
    Mason and Bricklayer.
    Condon, Henry
    Powell & Nettleton
    Mace, J W & Co
    Carroll, T K
    Ship Builders.
    Richardson. Edward
    Vickers, T T
    Byns, Thos J
    Jester, Wm
    Richardson, Levin


    Is 7 miles from Cambridge, and is pleasantly situated, convenient to the Choptank River. It has considerable business; good crops and a healthy climate. The land is a clay subsoil, well cleared; sells for $30 per acre; produces 20 bus. wheat, 80 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 corn and 2 tons hay. St. John's P. E. Church. Rev. T. P. Barber Beckwith M. E., no resident pastor. Mrs. N. Hicks, Miss T. C. Wheeden and Miss Belle Radcliffe, public school teachers. Popnlation 200. Samuel Corner, Postmaster.

    Mills, John
    Beckwith, N
    Bennett, H C
    Hubbard, H P
    North, John H
    General Merchandise
    Aplegarth, T. S.
    Beckwith, J. M., Jr.
    LeCompte, D. H.
    Applegarth, G H
    North, J H
    Warren, J
    Peach Growers.
    Spedden, J H
    Travers, Thos B
    Hicks, G L
    Williams, R W
    Treago, T J
    Lambdin, Wm


    Is situated on the northwest fork of the Nanticoke River, 7 miles from East New Market on the D. & Del. R. R., and 17 east of Cambridge. Climate moderate; health generally good. Business is good, and consists of that done with vessels and fishing. Several masters of vessels live in the village There are also three saw mills and a basket factory. Land is a light soil, with dark loam in some sections; two-thirds cleared, balance set in pine and oaks; sells at from $10 to $100 per acre, according to location; yields 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 75 to 100 potatoes, 30 to 40 corn. Tobacco not grown extensively, but 600 to 700 lbs. can be raised to the acre. J. L. Trice, F. P. Corkran and Miss A. Hurlock, teachers. Population 350. Geo. E. C. Bell, Postmaster.

    Basket Manufacturers.
    Allison, Faich & Co
    Ellis, William
    Goslin, William
    Holder, James
    Phillips, W R
    Spear, Wm F
    General Merchandise.
    Bell, Geo E C & Bro
    Brinsfield, Wm H & Son
    Lankford, Z M
    Murphy, Isaac C
    Murphy, D W
    Saw Mills
    Allison, Faich & Co
    Hackett, Harper & Co
    Wilson, Jacob N
    Humphreys, Joshua
    Vessel Masters
    Griffith, John S
    Martino, J L
    Martino, Wm
    Pickern, Wm


    Is situated on the Chicacomico River, and 8 miles from Airey's, on the D. & D. R. R. Vienna, on the Nanticoke River, is the nearest point to navigable water. Climate mild and healthy. Land white clay; sells at from $5 to $10 per acre; produces 10 bus. wheat, 15 to 20 oats, 50 to 100 potatoes, and 15 to 30 corn. M. P. Church, Rev. S. S. Willey. Four schools, two colored. Population, 50. Thomas Bassett, Postmaster.

    Molock, George
    Carpenters and Wheelwrights
    Hurley, Hudson W.
    Vincent, William
    General Merchandise.
    Bassett, Thomas
    Layton, William


    Is 14 miles from Cambridge, and is pleasantly situated within one-half mile of the D. & D. R. R. The location is in the midst of a rich farming section. Good water; healthy climate; near to churches and schools. Land is three-fourths cleared; sells at from $5 to $100 per acre, according to location and improvement; yields large crops of wheat, corn, oats, hay and potatoes. Population 200. F. Heberton, Postmaster.

    Merrick, M W
    Collins, S E
    Sherman, B F
    Houston, H W
    General Merchandise.
    Andrew, J W
    Andrew, T & Son
    Birely, W H
    Dean & Helsby
    Fletcher, M S
    Johnson, W E
    Justices of the Peace.
    Abdell, W J
    Bramble, J K
    Mowbray, T P
    Fletcher, K B
    Smith, Thos K
    Millard & Co
    Jacobs, J T
    Jones, Geo P


    Is 3 1/2 miles from Hurlock's on the D. & D. R. R., and is situated on the main county road running from Vienna to Federalsburg. The northwest branch of the Nanticoke River is within one-half mile, and affords shipping facilities by that means. Climate changeable, but healthy. Land is sandy and clay loam; sells at from $8 to $30 per acre; produces 10 bus. wheat, 15 oats, 20 potatoes, and 10 to 20 corn; no tobacco or hay raised. Population 20. L. N. Corchran, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Corebran, John
    Hurlock, J M


    Is 24 miles from Cambridge, and is a thrifty, growing village, the division line between Caroline and Dorchester counties. The N. W. fork of Nanticoke River and the Dorchester & Delaware Rail Road pass through the village; its position, therefore, as a business point, is most eligible. There are two churches, Methocist Episcopal and Presbyterian; a wide-awake weekly newspaper,Maryland Courier, two handsome public school buildings, several saw-mills, one fiouring mill, located on one of the most extensive water-powers in the State; two temperance hotels, one foundry, and several mechanics' shops. The streets in the village are wide, most of the dwelling houses are finely shaded, and many of them have handsome flower gardens attached, while none are built in "blocks," but all have ample grounds for vegetable and fruit gardens. By a special act of the Legislatnre, passed 12 years ago, the sale of all intoxicating liquors was prohibited, and the law has never been violated; consequently the moral standing of the community is of the highest order. Cilmate mild and salubrious. Land sandy loam with clay sub-soil; one-half cleared; oaks, pine, gum and maple are the timber yet standing; land sells atan average of $15 per acre. Yields 10 to 25 bus. wheat, 100 to 150 potatoes, 20 to 50 corn, and 1 to 11/2 tons hay. M. E. Church, Rev. Isaac Jewell; Presbyterian, Rev. E. L. Boing; M. E. colored, Rev. J. E. Webb; two puolic schools, one colored. Nanticoke Lodge 172, A. F. and A. M.; Ivy Grange 52, P. of H. I. S. Warren, Master, H. P. Chambers, Secretary. Population 1000. P. Allen, Postmaster.

    Agents-Express & R. R.
    Smith, M. L. Agent-Real Estate
    Chambers, H P
    Agents Insurance
    Noble, Dr W D
    Attorney at Law.
    Logan, W C
    Williams, John A
    Moore, J W
    Moore & Albuger
    Williams, C M
    Bricklayer and Plasterer
    Sparklin, Silas
    Carpenter and Builder
    White, James P
    Carriagemakers & Undertakers
    Framptom & Hollis
    Davis, J M A
    Jenkins, J H
    Davis, L H
    General Merchandise
    Davis, W J
    Goslin Bros & Sons
    Harris & Bro
    Stack & Bro
    Charles, James A
    Garrett Bros
    Payne, Jehu
    Hardware, Stoves and Tin
    Stayton, W. M.
    Williams, B. F.
    Depot, M. L. Smith
    Federalsburg, S. H. Smith
    Justices of the Peace
    Elliott, D. O. P.
    Watkins, W. H.
    Machinists and Founders
    Moore & Albuger
    Millinery, Notions, Fancy Goods
    Charles, Miss M.
    Charles, Wm.
    Davis, Mrs. L. C. & Co.
    Moore, Mrs. C.
    Brown, J. Wesley
    Davis, Edward F.
    Randolph, J. W.
    Redhead, Edward
    Jefferson, C. W.
    Noble, Wm. D.
    White, Thomas A.
    Corkran, Willis
    Isler, John B.
    Jennings, John
    Watches and Jewelry
    Gullett, Eli C.
    Moore & Albuger
    Williams, C. M.


    Is 25 miles from Cambridge, and situated near a small stream of that name. Fishing and oystering are carried on to some extent. Climate mederate and healthy. Land light and sandy; sells at from $10 to $20 per acre; produces 10 bus wheat, 30 potatoes and 15 corn. Population 50. Jeremiah Torley, Postmaster.

    Adams, Wesley
    Hall, S W
    General Merehandise.
    Hooper, M T
    Ruark, W T
    Tyler, Jabez
    Tyler, Jabez
    Woodland, H C


    Is 7 miles from Oak Grove on the D. & D. R. R., and three-fourths of a mile from Truitt's Wharf, the shipping point on the Nanticoke River. The situation is pleasant, and the vicinity healthy. Land sandy loam and clay, easily improved; one-half cleared, and productive; sells at from $5 to $25 per acre; produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 10 to 30 oats, and from 150 to 200 potatoes. The land is well adapted to the growth of vegetables and fruits of all kinda M. E. church, Rev. T. H. Harding. Two public schools. Population 200. J. H. Bell, Postmaster.

    Carpenter and Mason.
    Jones, G W
    General Merchandise.
    Bell, J H
    Swith & Wheatley
    Bell, J H Bro & Co
    Truitt, J J & A B
    Roop, F A


    Is 16 miles from Cambridge, and is situated near a point of the Honga River. Climate mild and healthy. Crops generally good. Land one-half cleared; some ship and other timber yet standing. Land sells at $15 per acre; produces 12 bus. wheat, 25 corn and 1 ton hay; oats and potatoes not raised as a crop. Oak Grove and St. John's M. E. churches, Rev. E. Dalby ; St. Mary's, Catholic, Rev. Edward Henchy, and several public schools for white and colored, Population 100. Wm. F. Applegarth, Postmaster.

    Bradshaw, Jos W
    Bradshaw, Jos W
    Bradshaw, John R
    Carriage Manufacturer.
    Bradshaw, Jos W
    General Merchandise.
    Applegarth, Jno E & Son
    Bibby, Geo E
    Cooper, A W & Bro
    Shenton, Wm R
    Tyler, Jabez
    Birckhead, Johnson & Co
    Peach Growers,
    Dunnock, L T
    Keene, T H of L
    Meekins, Geo H
    Meekins, Wm W
    Gross, Henry I


    Is 2 miles from Williamsburg on the D. & D. R. R. Climate temperate and healthy. Crops fair. Not much business. Land light loam, mostly cleared; sells from $10 to $20 per acre; produces 10 to 20 bus., wheat, 20 oats, 100 potatoes and 25 corn. St. Paul's M. E. Church, Rev. R. H. Conway. Harrison Primary School, W. S. Smith, teacher. Population 25. J. Conway, Postmaster.

    Windsor, W. W.
    Fertilizer Manufacturers
    Conway, J. & B
    Conway, J. & B
    Smith, C. B.
    Brown, Daniel
    Milligan, Jas. H.
    Hastings, Wm.


    Is 12 miles from Cambridge, and situated near Spedden's Wharf, on the Choptank River. Climate temperate. Land white clay; sells at $30 per acre; produces 15 to 25 bus., wheat, 100 potatoes, and 40 to 50 corn. Churches and schools convenient. Population 50. T. J. Seward, Postmaster.

    Stewart, W. N.
    General Merchandise
    Bradshaw & Bro.
    Cook, John T.
    Rhea, Thos. E.
    Seward, Thos. J.
    Spedden, Thos. E.
    Justices of the Peace
    Spedden, W.
    Hicks, G. L.


    Is 35 miles from Cambridge, and situated on a neck of land bounded on the west by Tar Bay, east by Honga River, and south by Hooper's Straits. Location healthy. Business principally oystering, and that done with boatmen. Some small farms, which produce wheat and corn. Land is good; sells at an average of $40 per acre. M. E. Church, Lodge of Good Templars, and two public schools. Population 40. Wm. H. Meekins, Postmaster

    Tyler, Benjamin
    Ruark, Henry W.
    Ruark, Major
    General Merchandise
    Meekins, W. H.
    Parkes, Josiah
    Ruark, H. W.
    Tyler, Corbin
    Tyler, James
    Tyler, O. P.
    Ruark, H. W.
    Simmons, John T.


    Is pleasantly situated on the D. & D. R. R., 16 miles from Cambridge. Climate mild and healthy. Land medium; sells at from $10 to $25 per acre; produces fair crops of wheat, corn, oats, bay and potatoes. Churches and schools near. Population 20. J. M. Hurlock, Postmaster.

    Agent-Sewing Machine
    Thomas, F L
    Harper, Elisha
    General Merchandise.
    Hurlock, James M
    Sellers, Jas E
    Hurlock, John M


    Is 20 miles from Cambridge, and is situated near Honga River. Climate healthy. Business and crops good. Land yellow clay, not much cleared; sells for $10 per acre; yields 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 corn and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 150. Charles Lake, Postmaster.

    Simmons, John W
    Christopher, R R
    General Merchandise.
    Bibby, Geo E
    Cooper, A W & Bro
    Haywood, Zebadee
    Staplefort, Wm T
    Woodland, J A M & Son
    Wroten, Geo W
    Lumber Dealer.
    Lake, Charles
    Burneston, E R
    Johnson, L E
    Trexler, I L


    Is on the D. & D. H. R., 10 miles from Cambridge, and pleasantly situated in a mild climate and healthy neighborhood. Sherman's Wharf, on the Choptank River, is the nearest point to navigable water. The land is white and yellow loam, easily tilled, and well adapted to the growth of wheat and corn; sells at from $20 to $300 per acre, according to location and improvements; produces 10 to 30 bus. wheat, 100 to 150 potatoes and 20 to 80 corn, Two M. E. and one M. P. churches are within 3 miles One school in the village. Population 75. J. S. Vincent, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Vincent, J S
    Phillips, Wm H
    Twilley, Mrs M H
    Wrightson, Mrs Sarah
    Vane, Jno A
    Woolen, Ed
    Wroten, L M
    Smith, G W L
    Fruit Packer.
    Goslin, Thos H
    General Merchandise.
    Jones & Twilley
    Vane, Jas H
    Justice of the Peace.
    Carroll, Josiah
    Higgins, Mrs Jas
    Newton, F A
    Hooper, Mrs M E
    Willey, Jerry
    Wright, Jno W


    Is 2 1/2 miles from Linkwood on the D. & D. R. R. Vienna, on the Nanticoke river, is the nearest point to water navigation. Climate variable and healthy Land fair; sells at from $10 to $50 per acre; produces 15 to 25 bus. wheat, 25 to 40 oats, 100 potatoes, and 25 corn. Churches and schools convenient. Population 50. F. A. Le Compte, Postmaster.

    White, David Carpenters.
    Davis, W E
    Phillips, J E
    Vincent, Thos W General Merchandise
    LeCompte, F. A.
    Fleming, E. T.
    Kelley, James


    Is 16 miles from Cambridge, and situated on an island of that name, formed by the Chesapeake Bay and Slaughter's Creek. Climate temperate and healthy. Business and crops generally good. Land stiff clay; sells at from $10 to $100 per acre, according to location and improvements; produces 10 to 30 bus. wheat, 10 to 40 oats, 20 to 100 potatoes, 10 to 50 corn, and from 2 to 3 tons hay. Churches and schools convenient. W. M. Travers, Postmaster.

    Dashiell, William
    Barnes, John T
    General Merchandise.
    Dunnock, L T
    Leonard, J T
    Seward & Lambdin
    Travers, Wm M
    Justice of tne Peace.
    Kirwan, S F
    Noble, J. L.
    Smith, W. A.
    Lamdin, Joseph
    Ship Builder.
    Lamdin, W J
    Tolley, Benj.


    Is situated near the Little Choptank River, 12 miles from Cambridge. Climate moderate. Business mostly fishing and catching oysters. Numbers of sailors live near. Lands one-half cleared; composed of clay and dark loams; sells at from $10 to $50 per acre; produces 20 bus. wheat and 40 to 50 corn. M. E. and M. P. churches; one public school. Population 200. J. W. Craig, Postmaster.

    Woolford, W W
    Boat Builder.
    Brooks, Joseph M
    Bromwell, Jas.
    Bromwell, Lake
    Craig, Samuel
    Keen, Jas H
    Keen, Robert
    Woolford, Jno W
    General Merchandise.
    Bromwell, Thos J
    Craig, James & Son
    Harrington, E L
    Tall, L M
    Jones, Geo W Sr
    Jones, Geo W
    Smith, B L
    Hopkins, E M


    Is 8 miles from Linkwood, on the D. & D. R. R., and pleasantly situated on the west bank of the Nanticoke River, in a temperate and healthy climate. Land white clay loam, mostly cleared; can be bought at from $10 to $50 per acre; yields 15 to 25 bus. wheat, 20 to 40 oats, 100 to 200 potatoes, 20 to 50 corn, and 2 to 4 tons hay. Vienna Lodge 78, K. of P. Church--M. E., M. P., P. E. and Baptist. Two public schools. Population 350. Jas. A. Higgins, Postmaster.

    Hughes, J A
    Johnson, R M
    Insley, Jacob
    Carriage Manufacturers.
    Hitch & Bro
    Morgan, Wm
    Smith, D A
    Fruit Packers.
    Houston, J H & Co
    General Merchandise.
    Gray, M A
    Higgins & Son
    Hurlock, Wm. & Co
    Webb & Bro
    Higgins, Thos & Son
    Robertson, G D
    Anderson, A R
    Keys, Samuel
    Camper, Mrs E
    Willoughby, Miss B
    Ewell, S S
    Houston, J H
    Price, R J
    Anderson, A. R.
    Keys, Samuel
    Moore & McCready
    Vessel Owners.
    Sherman & Bennett
    Boston, C B


    Is on the D. & D. R. R., 20 miles from Cambridge, and near Williams' Wharf on the Nanticoke River, the shipping point. Climate mild; vicity healthy. Lands sandy and clay loams, three-quarters cleared; can be bought at $20 per acre; yields 12 bus. wheat, 20 oats, 200 potatoes, 25 corn, and 3 tons hay. Churches and schools convenient. Population 75. J. H. Williams, Postmaster.

    Pierson, John
    Todd, W W
    Medford, John
    General Merchandise.
    Turpin, J B
    Williams & Smith
    Justices of the Peace
    Lowe, Enoch
    Conway, C B
    Conway, Paul
    Wright, W W


    Is 25 miles from Cambridge, and situated near Honga River and Hooper's Straits. Climate moist and salty. Business consists mostly in Oystering and cord-wood. Land is composed of clay and shell loam, quite productive in corn; sells at from $5 to $15 per acre; yields 15 to 20 bus. wheat, and 20 to 40 corn. M. E. church, Rev. C. H Williams. Public school, Dr. O P. Harrington, principal. Population 150. E. R. Burneston, Postmaster.

    Dudley, Daniel
    Simmonds, John W
    Tall, John
    Kirwan, John H
    Wingate, Wm W
    General Merchandise.
    Insley, L A & Bro.
    Woodland, J A M & Son
    Pritchett, John H
    Bradford, Geo
    Meekins, Jno E
    Mills, Wm
    Moore, Wm H
    Phillips, Thos
    Pritchett, Geo
    Roberts, John
    Tall, Joseph
    Truitt, Robert
    Willey, Wm E
    Burneston, E R
    Johnson, L E



    Austin, G E
    Bradley, J W
    Collison, T J
    Dashields, E
    Hayward, T H
    Holland, W J
    Hubbard, D
    Kurtz, J F
    Mowbray, J W
    Mowbray, R B
    Mowbray, T J
    Nabb, J D
    Phelps, F P
    Ross, E.
    Ross, T. C.
    Rock, W. J.
    Smith, S. P.
    Twilly, J.
    Twilly, T. H.
    Windsor, F. F.
    Windsor, J. T.

    Bishop's Retreat

    Bramble, Clement
    Bramble, Goodman
    Bramble, Moses
    Bramble, M. A.
    Cannon, Clement
    Cannon, R. P.
    Elliott, John
    Fallin, C. C
    Fallin, Mrs. Sarah
    Hurley, Levi L.
    Jones, Daniel
    Jones, Dr. E.
    Jones, Harrison
    Jones, Silas
    Johnson, Ezekiel
    Kirwan, John S.
    Langrall, I. M.
    Langrall, John
    McNamara, Asbury
    Pritchett, Edward
    Pritchett, John M
    Pritchett, John N
    Robbins, James
    Robinson, John
    Robinson, Mrs Nancey
    Todd, James
    Todd, Thomas
    Todd, William


    Austin, Geo E
    Bachelor, J
    Bassett, John
    Brodess, B B & Bros
    Dashiell, Edwin
    Gilliss, Wm W
    Holland, Wm J
    Hurley, W J
    Keys, Alex
    Meredith, T M
    Sherman, Jas
    Shorter, J
    Smith, S P


    Abbott, Geo
    Anderson, T W
    Austin, Geo E
    Barton, W H
    Bayly, Edgar
    Beckwith, I W
    Brannock, James
    Brannock, John
    Brannock, Wm
    Brace, T M
    Breerwood, Samuel
    Byrn, S L
    Byrn, W W
    Carroll, Josiah
    Carman, W C
    Clark, E N
    Clark, Jos
    Creighton, I B
    Dail, J W
    Dail, W B
    Dail, W W
    Dashiell, Edwin
    Dawson, W John
    Easley, T I
    Fletcher, W M
    Flint, T M
    Goldsborough, M W
    Grason, Wm
    Handley, D C
    Handley, W J
    Harggett, Henry
    Hearn, B B
    Henry, D M
    Henry, Dr J W
    Hopkins, S W
    Hooper, A D
    Hubbard, J F
    Hughes, Denwood
    Hughien, Richard
    Hurley, Tilghman
    Johnson, E C
    Johnson, James
    Johnson, T A
    Jones, James
    Jones, Levin
    Jones, Z D
    Jolley, Levin
    Jordan, W H
    Kinney, Wm
    Kinnemount, D C
    Kurtz, J F
    Lecompte, W G
    Lewis, L B
    Mills, B
    Mills, H
    Mobray, A J
    Mobray, Lerin
    Munros, H L
    Nabb, John
    Neill, D H
    North, Wm
    Orem, J
    Palmer, T
    Pattison, J R
    Pheips, F P Jr
    Phinney, Col J
    Radcliffe, John
    Radcliffe, Wm
    Radcliffe, W H
    Robinson, John
    Robinson, W M
    Ross, Clinton
    Ross, T C
    Seward, C H
    Sherman, Oscar
    Shehe, W J
    Skinner, A
    Skinner, H
    Skinner, Levin
    Smith, G W L
    Snow, Joseph
    Steele, J M
    Stewart, JI B
    Stewart, Levin
    Tubman, B C
    Vincent, J F H
    Wallace, Col James
    Waters, Dr E G
    Weedon, I H
    Windsor, James
    Willey, C
    Woolford, Col J
    Wright, H B
    Wright, M L

    Church Creek

    Bramble, Goodman
    Crawford, W W
    Jones, Asbury
    Jones, Thomas
    Griffin, S N
    Linthicum, Josiah
    Linthicurn, Richard
    Mace, I W
    Mace, Wm W
    Martin, Luther
    Mills, J. J.
    Nild, J K
    Shepherd, Frank
    Skinner, J. J.
    Tubman, Charles
    Tubman L E
    Willis, 'I'homas
    Wills, William
    Woolford, J. S. B.
    Woolford, S B
    Woolford, S W


    Dawson, J N
    Frazier, C B
    Fear, J G
    Lambdin, Wm
    Lecompte, Thomas
    Marshall, J B
    Radcliffe, J A L
    Spedden, JH
    Spedden, B B
    Travers, Thos B
    Travers, W H
    Wheeler, Wm J
    Wilison, Mrs F

    Crotcher's Ferry

    Bell, Cyrus
    Bramble, H J
    Brinsfield, W H
    Hackett, B D
    Hackett, Tilghman
    Hackett, W H
    Howeth, M D
    Lord, Geo E C
    Marine, William
    Price W N
    Rhodes, Richard
    Smoot, Thos H
    Taylor, Mrs R C
    Vincent, Sol C
    Wheatley, Jesse H

    Draw Bridge

    Bradley, James K
    Camper, Isaac
    Camper, George
    Camper, James A
    Dayton, William
    Denis, John
    Donho, C W
    Dutton, George
    Dutton, William
    Graham, Thomss
    Hurley, Alfred
    Hurley, Asa
    Hurley, H.
    Hurley, Joseph
    Hurley, Thos U
    Hurley, Uriah
    Horsmon, D
    Horsmon, Oliver
    Horsmon, W W
    Hughs, C C
    Hughs, John W
    Johnson, Ch aries
    Langiord, Thomas
    Layton, W J
    Lewis, L M
    Low, Isaac W
    Marshal, Major B
    Moore, L B
    Murphy, J as M
    McNamar, L B
    Sellers, Thomas
    Travers, D J
    Walles, Thomas
    Willey, David
    Willey, Mathias
    Willey, B

    East New Market

    Dean, Jas
    Micks, Thos
    Johnson, E S
    McAllister, James A
    Webster, John Br
    Webster, Bamuel
    Wright, J H
    Vickers, W

    Ennall's Springs

    Corchran, John
    Corchran, W J
    Hackett, John T
    Nesbltt, J B
    Thompson, G A
    Thompson, J M
    Windsor, Jas A
    Wright, H D


    Andrews, Elisha
    Andrews, Richard
    Andrews, S B
    Ayres, E R
    Brown, John W
    Buck, Wm J
    Collins, John
    Davis, Alfred
    Davis, A N
    Davis, Nathaniel
    Duncan, Robert
    Gambrfll, James
    Gray, W L
    Hubbard, Fdward
    Hubbard, Tilghman
    Jackson, G H
    Lehman, I
    Logan, W C
    Maxwell, David
    Mobray, Henry
    Nichols, Bayard
    Nichols, Daniel
    Nichols, Francis
    Nichols, James
    Nichols;J B W
    Nichols, Bamuel
    Noble, John H
    Noble, J M
    Noble, Wm A
    Phillips, Andrew
    Phillips, D F
    Pool, Frank
    Pool, H M
    Pool, Leonard
    Pool, Bamuel
    Robinson, Wm
    Rook, Robert
    Sisk, David
    Sullivan, M L
    Sullivan, Bylvester
    Sullivan, Wm
    Trice, Wm F
    Wilson, John
    Wright, James

    Fishing Creek

    Barkley, Wm
    Creighton, Robert
    Hoddinott, W B
    Lewis, Robert
    Meekins, J W
    Meekins, Robert
    Phillips, B A
    Ruark, WmT
    Tolley, Jeremiah
    Polley, Samuel
    Tyler, Jabez
    Pyler, M T
    Woodland, H C


    Ellis, T J
    Gordy, J J M
    Hackett, D G
    Marine, J W
    Marine, W H
    Messick, M M
    Russell, J G
    Thompson, L
    Truitt, A B
    Truilt, J J
    Truitt, P T
    Vinson, A I
    Vinson, C
    Wheatley, A
    Wheatley, A T
    Wheatley, G
    Wheatley, G M
    Wheatley, J K
    Wheatley, J T
    Wheatley, J R
    Wheatley, B
    Wheatley, W M

    Golden Hill

    Applegarth, John E
    Barnett, Peter
    Bibby, Geo E
    Burton, James
    Burton, John
    Burton, Robert
    Cooper, A W
    Cooper, Wm O
    Dunnock, David
    Edgar, John
    Gore, Edward
    Gootee, Washington
    Gootee, Wm
    Jarrett, John
    Johnson, W F
    Keene, Geo
    Keene, L L
    Keene, Vachel
    Keene, Wesley
    Kirwan, Martin
    Mace, Geo A
    Pane, Wm
    Reid, Joseph
    Riggins, John
    Shenton, Chas
    Shenton, M A
    Shenton, W R
    Spicer, L J
    Todd, Michael
    Tubman, John
    Tubman, Richard
    Tyler, Robert
    Tyler, Samuel


    Conway, B
    Conway, J
    Milligan, J
    Milligan, L
    Neal, T W
    Smith, Jas H


    Meekins, W H
    Parkes, John
    Phillips, Gee W
    Ruark, H W
    Ruark, Major
    Travers, Henry H
    Travers, W V
    Tyler, Solomon F


    Andrews, Jas M
    Andrews, Stephen
    Carroll, C W
    Harper, Daniel
    Harper, Thos B
    Harper, Thos B
    Hazzard, R B
    Hurlock, John M
    McFarland, Charles
    Tucker, James
    Williams, N C
    Wright, Jabez
    Wright, J M
    Wright, Kennerly
    Wright, Thos J


    Adams, Levin T
    Crockett, Chas V
    Crockett, Wm B
    Jones, Wm L
    Johnson, Denwood
    Johnson, Howard
    Mills, John J
    Meekins, Wm L
    MoNamara, Jerome L
    Todd, George
    Todd, Thos J
    Tyler, Thos
    Tyler, Thos J
    Willey, George L
    Wroten, Henry L


    Brady, Samuel
    Biggs, Geo
    Dunn, Jas
    Fountain, J A
    Gambriel, R H
    Goslin, Thos H
    Heisby, Josiah
    Jones, J. S.
    Kimmey, Elias
    Le Compue, S B
    Le Compte, T J
    Mills, James
    North, Wm
    McBride, Samuel
    Ried, William
    Packard, Edeon
    Roberson, J W
    Rook, Wm
    Smith, B P
    Vincent, J S
    Vincent, R G
    Willey, Geo W


    Bradley, Thos J
    Brohawn, Samuel
    Carroll, Tyson
    Clifton, Jas A
    Carter, Richard
    Colbourn, Daniel
    Donoho, J R
    Fleming, G B
    Foolks, M T R
    Getman, H
    Gore, D J
    Gore, James
    Goslin, John
    Helsby, Josiah
    Harper, E M
    Henry, William
    Holland, Albert
    Lanning, W H
    Le Compte, G W
    Le Compte, S B
    Lord, Sylvester
    Merrick, Stanshury
    Merrick, Alfred
    McKnett, J E
    Phillips, U W
    Reid, J M
    Storr, W W
    Turpin, Walter
    Turpin, William
    Twilley, John
    Willey, George
    Willey, Newton
    Wrightson, John L

    Taylor's Island

    Barnes, Robert
    Cater, Thomas
    Griffith, E L
    Smith, Dr W A
    Spicer, Theophilis
    Spiliman, Robert
    Travers, J H
    Travers, L D
    Travers, S M

    Tobacco Stick

    Abbott, Thomas
    Harrington, John E
    Harrington, Peter
    Harrington, Samuel
    Jones, Harrison
    Jones, Thos W
    Jones, W J.
    Maguire, Uriah
    Phillips, Levin
    Smith, Jas H
    Tall, Richard
    Wheeler, Jno B
    Woolford, J F
    Wooltord, R D
    Woolford, Thos J


    Bell, B. E.
    Bennett, J. J.
    Bradley, A. R.
    Christopher, Edward
    Christopher, James
    Clifton, F. B.
    Collins, Noble
    Corkran, J. R.
    Craft, W. S.
    Dillyha, R. F.
    Fleming, E. T.
    Gore, D. J.
    Gore, Jas.
    Harper, W.
    Hearn, Robert
    Hearn, W. W.
    Higgins, Samuel
    Hodson, Dr B
    Holland, Clarence
    Houston, J H
    Hurst, L
    Lewis,L M
    Millard, J S
    MoAlister, Capt J
    McBride, William
    Oliphant, N
    Oliphant, O P
    Oliphant, William
    Post, W J
    Ralph, J T
    Reid, J
    Sherman, W S
    Short, C B
    Smith, T W
    Stora, William
    Thompson, S B
    Wainwright, J
    Webb, Thos H
    Webster, John
    Webster, Thos H
    WiHey, S J
    Wrightson, J L


    Broaders, Joshua
    Corkran, Jno B
    Griffin, Thomas
    Hill, Benjamin
    Hill, Jas
    Hill, Manship
    Hill, WW
    Hubbert, Henry
    Lowe, J W
    Medford, Nathaniel
    Medford, R W
    Mobray, JasA
    Noble, John H
    Payne, Benjamin
    Payne, Joseph
    Payne, S L
    Smith, W G
    Stevens, Wm
    Todd, J W B
    Williams, B
    Williams, J H


    Bramble, Lennox
    Edgar, Mrs H
    Foxwell, Chas
    Foxwell, M W
    Foxwell, H H
    Hadaway, James
    Hayward, Geo W
    Hayward, Jas B
    Hayward, John
    Insley, Corbin
    Insley, L A
    Insley, R H
    Johnson, D
    Johnson, Horace
    Johnson, Dr L E
    Kirwan, John H
    Kirwan, Thomas
    Mason. Severn
    Wingate, Wm W
    Wroten, Geo

  • Frederick County

    FREDERICK COUNTY ranks with the largest counties, having an area of 642 square miles, and is bounded on the North by Pennsylvania, on the East by Carroll, South-easterly by Montgomery, South by the Potomac River and Virginia, and on the West by the Blue Ridge, or South Mountains, separating it from Washington County.

    This is one of the richest and most beautiful counties in the State. The soil is mostly limestone, with some slaty and considerable "red lands." The surface is undulating--partly mountainous-- The Catoctin Mountains dividing the county into two broad valleys, that to the Westward being known as the Middletown valley, which is drained by the Catoctin River and its branches; and that East of the Catoctin range is the valley of the Monocacy. Both rivers flow Southward into the Potomac. These two great valley are unsurpassed for rural beauty, and excellent farming, and produce extraordinary crops of the principal grains of this latitude. The Eastern slope of the Catoctin Mountain is a most excellent grape country.

    The county is well watered by innumerable pure springs which flow into the branches of the rivers before named, and create abundance of water powers which are improved by large grist and saw mills, and merchant or flour mills. There are also a number of other mills, tanneries, and various domestic manufactures. An immense water-power unimproved, exists on the Potomac River at Weverton. The narrow valley between the Monocacy and Buckeystown has a rich deposit of marl composed of lime and earthly substance, which extends to a considerable depth; this with the limestone yield an inexhaustible supply of manure.

    Copper mines in the Linganore section have been worked since the Revolutionary war. New Liberty and New London are several mines, now extensively operated. There are several slate quarries, one of which near Ijamsville on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad produces a large supply of excellent roofing material. Along the side of Catoctin Mountain iron ore abounds, of the brown hematite speciea. Some of these beds although worked for 80 years seem to be inexhaustible. From Woodsborough to the Potomac is a range of limestone marble unusually pure, varying in color from blue to dove cr. It takes a beautiful polish, and is similar to the famed Italian marbles of that color. At the foot of Catoctin Mountain there is a similar bed, and one resembling verde antique. West of Frederick is another kind of variegated shades of light and dark red, and on the West side of Monocacy is found the variety widely known, from having been used for the columns in the old hall of the House of Representatives of the Capitol at Washington. Frederick County is centrally traversed by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, with a branch from Point of Rocks through Montgomery County direct to Washington, materially shortening the distance from the West to the National Capital, at the same time affording needed facilities to the local sections through which it passes. The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal rims along the Southern boarder near the Potomac River, and the Western Md. Railroad along the Eastern boarder to Hagerstown and Williamsport, with connections at the York Road in Carroll County with the Frederick and Pennsylvania division of the Pennysivania Railroad Company, for Frederick and other points in the county. The county enjoys good facilities for transportation to alt sections and is rapidly increasing in wealth and prosperity.

    Judges Sixth Judicial Circuit-Hon. Richard J. Bowie, Cnief Judge, Rockville; Hons. William V. Bouic and John A. Lynch, Associate Judges. Auditor-F. J. Nelson. Clerk to Court-Thomas Gorsuch, Frederick. Clerks -A. Fearhake, Jr., John S. Repp, E. A. Gittinger, Edward Young, Capt. H. O. Naill, and C. C. Buhrman. Crier-James Bartgis. Sheriff--Wm. Richardson. Deputies-J. S. B. Hartsock and Walter Saunders. Warden of Jail--C. A. Danner. State's Attorney-John C. Motter, Frederick. Physician to Jail--Bruce Thomas. Judges of Orphans Court-William J. Black, John Hightman and Thomas M. Holbrunner. Register of Wiltl-John R. Rouzer. Surveyor-John S. Ramsburg. County Commissioners -John Witherow, Joseph Cronise, D. M. Whip, S. R. Bowlus and S. D. Devilbiss. Clerk--H. F. Steiner, Frederick. Attorney-W. O. Tyler. School Commissioners-James W. Pearre, W. G. Baker, James Troxell, Henry Boyle and Joseph Brown. Examiner-Daniel T. Lakin. Registers of Voters-O. J.Keller, Hiram Bartgis, V. B. Swearingen, George W. Barrick, James A. Elder, E. R. Stottlemyer, George W. Beall, George W. Strawsberger, Charles Hobbs, Joseph B. Brown, William Carmack, Lewis E. Karn, C. A. Riddlemoser, Luther Shaff, B. Collillower, Joseph Brown, C. K. Morningstar and William R. Dorse Constables-J. W. Rine, James Staup, M. F. Harding, H. W. Waters and C. Vaniossen. Tax Collector-William H. Miller. Justices of the Peace-James J. English, R. Stokes, W. Mahoney, W. R. Johnson, James Higgins and R. Barrick. Notaries Public--Henry Williams and Wm. Walsh. Congressman Sixth District-Hon. William Walsh, Cumberland. State Senator-Hon. L. H. Steiner, Frederick. Members House of Delegates-Hons. W. H. Hinks, Frederick; C. M. Riggs, Ijameville; Lot Hartsock, Johnsville; Wm. J. Leib, Buckeystown, and Peter Lugenbeel, Uniontown. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Frederick City, the county seat: Law Terms-Third Mondays in February and Sepember. Chancery Terms-Second Mondays in May and November. Popuplation of County-White, 40,000; colored, 7,000. Regtst.ered Vote 12,000. Asassed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks and Railroad Property-$27,176,892. State and County Tax-86 1/4 cents on $100.


    Is on the B. & 0. R. R., 9 miles from Frederick and 64 from Baltimore. The location is on the rich, fertile and beautiful Carroll's Manor, the farms and houses of which denote the prosperity of the people. The Sugar Loaf and Catoctin Mountains can be plainly seen; and the Tuscarora and Monocacy Rivers flow in the vicinity. The land is limestone; sells at from $30 to $75 per acre; produces 12 to 25 bus. wheat, 40 oats and 30 to 50 corn. White and black oaks and hickory compose the timber standing. German Reformed Church, Rev. N.H. Skyles. Two public schools. Population 160. G. T. Kohlenberg, Postmaster.

    Agent-Express & R. R.
    Kohlenburg, G T
    Hoffinan, Frank
    Bassford, A
    Whitter, G
    Lambert, J C
    Carpenter & Undertaker.
    Reck, Osburn
    Carriages & Wheelwright.
    Bowersox, E F
    Hood, Jas D
    General Merchandise.
    Davis, J L
    Thomas, J Fenton
    Grain Dealers.
    Kohlenberg, G T & Co
    Brady, E T
    Justice of the Peace.
    Michael, Ezra
    Copeland, M D
    Krantz, W B
    Johnson, W H
    Thomas, J D
    Bell, L W
    Biggs, J W
    Brengle, G W


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 3 miles from Frederick City. The situation is pleasant, and near the Monocacy River, which is here crossed by the railroad on a substantial iron bridge. The land is limestone and slate; sells at from $50 to $125 per acre; produces 12 to 35 bus. wheat, 50 corn, 40 oats, 150 potatoes and 1 1/2 tons hay. The large Merchant Mills of James H. Gambrill, Esq., are located across the river in a little valley. Population 20. W. T Mullix, Postmaster.

    Agent-Express & R. R.
    Mullinix, W T
    Skeggs, Henry
    Keefer, A B
    Gambrill, Jas H
    Shryock, Wm


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 75 miles from Baltimore and 15 from Frederick by county road. The town has great advantages for trade, and does a large business in grain, fertilizers and coal. The Merchant Mills of Messrs. Jordan, Graham & Wenner, who manufacture a superior brand of flour, is located here. Land is good, mostly cleared; sells at from $35 to $70 per acre; produces 10 to 25 bus. wheat, 10 to 20 oats, 25 to 50 corn and fine crops of hay. M. E. Church, Rev. J. Hall. Catoctin Lodge 91, K. of P., and Delaware Tribe 43, I. O. R. M. Population 300. Edward Bernard, Postmaster.

    Agent-Express and R R
    Boteler, Lingan
    Bernard, William
    Watt, Thomas
    Carpenter and Builder.
    Bernard, Edward
    General Merchandise
    Boteler & Gross
    Wenner, M S
    Grain, Coal & Fertilizers
    Jordan, Graham & Wenner
    Jordan, Graham & Wenner
    Leopold, T B
    Shilling, Joseph


    Is 3 miles from Emmittsburg and near the Carroll County line. Land medium, produces fair crops of wheat, corn, oats, hay and potatoes. Churches and schools are convenient. Population 25. M. E. Correll, Postmaster.

    Fink, Sylvester
    Finefrock, David
    Ohier, John
    Bishop, Amos
    Harmer, M
    Hobbs, Joseph
    Long, John
    General Merchandise.
    Linah, Samuel
    Pool, Benjamin
    Maxwell, Samuel
    Motter, Lewis
    Starner, Wm
    Zentz, Daniel
    Wool Manufacturer.
    Switzer, Samuel


    Is pleasantly situated in the centre of the great Middletown Valley, 7 miles from Knoxville, and said to be surrounded with the richest and most beautiful buildings and land in the county. Large crops of corn and wheat attest in a high degree the superior quality of the farms. The land is clay and rich in loam, mostly cleared; sells at from $50 to $150 per acre; produces 20 to 36 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 oats, 100 to 150 potatoes, 40 to 60 corn and large crops of hay. Churches and schools convenient. Population 50. J. H. Grove, Postmaster.

    Cochran, P G
    Flock, J E
    Grove, Wm T
    General Merchandise.
    Grove, John H
    Ahalt, Samuel
    Huffer, Geo W
    Harrison, Geo. W.
    Selsam, Jas. W.
    Fink, M. F.
    Whip, John D.
    Stock Dealers.
    Delaughter, R S
    Delaughter, Samuel
    Huffer, G Dawson
    Huffer, Geo W
    Jarboe, James N


    Is on the B. & 0. B. B., 4 miles from Frederick Junction and 7 from Frederick City. Climate mild and healthy. Land, limestone, nearly all cleared; sells at from $60 to $150 per acre; produces 20 to 30 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 oats, 100 to 150 potatoes, 40 to 60 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. M. E. Church, Geo. Feelmyer; M. P., Rev. Mr. Malory. School, Geo. W. Blessing, Teacher. Population 100. John A. Delashmutt, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.. & Express.
    Suman, W B
    Keller, C E
    General Merchandise.
    Delashmutt, J A & Bro
    McKenna, A. J.
    Lime Merchant.
    Peters, Wm T
    Simmons, C S
    Boone, H J
    Poole, B
    Baker, D & Son


    Is situated in the Middletown Valley, near the Blue Ridge Mountains, 2 miles from Claggett's on the Washington County Branch of the B. & O. R. R. Land is very productive, and the vicinity healthy. Land sells at from $75 to $100 per acre; produces 25 bus. wheat, 50 to 60 oats, 100 to 150 potatoes, 50 to 60 corn, and 2 tons hay. Lutheran, Reformed and Union Churches. and a Female Seminary. Population 275. M. L. Hightman, Postmaster.

    Architects and Builders.
    Thos P & Sons
    Chair Manufacturer.
    Ausherman, Eli
    Myers, B M
    Horsey, O
    Furniture Manufacturers
    Karn, EL
    Karn, Josephus
    General Merchandise.
    Hightman, Jno & Sons
    Hightman, Thos
    Shuford, L S
    Harness and Saddles.
    Hilleary, D E
    Ausherman, M E
    Garrott, J B
    Hardy, T B


    Is pleasantly situated on the Emmittsburg Road, 14 miles north of Frederick City 1 1/2 miles from the Monacacy River, and 2 miles from Loy's Station on the W. Md. R. R. The land is a red loam; sells at from $25 to $75 per acre; produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 35 corn, 30 oats, 75 potatoes, and 1 1/2 tons hay. Lutheran, Reformed, Church of God, and several Public Schools near. Popul ation 200. Josiah Kolb, Postmaster.

    Beightier, David
    Shorb, Augustus
    Derr, Jno
    Harbaugh, Levi
    General Merchandise.
    Cramer, W J & Sons
    Miller, J L
    Krise, H J
    Justice of the Peace.
    Krise, H J
    Matthias, J A P
    Staup, Wm H
    Warner, David
    Zimmerman, Wm
    Devilbiss, Jno W
    Favorite, Henry
    Hann, Geo W
    Kolb, Josiah
    Kolb, Michael
    Kolb, Matthias
    Wool Manufacturer.
    Myers, Wm


    Is 9 miles from Smithsburg, Washington County, which is on the W. Md. R. R, and near Catoctin Creek. Climate, changeable, but healthy. Land is a clay and dark loam formation; sells at $60 per acre, produces 15 bus wheat, 50 oats, 100 potatoes, 50 corn, and 1 1/2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 100. Thos. F. Bittie, Postmaster

    Poffenberger, H
    Moser, J H
    Palmer, J E
    Palmer, J C
    Palmer, Joseph
    Weadle, James
    Weadle, M L
    General Merchandise
    Bittle, Thos. F.
    Miller, Harp, Josiah
    Wachter, L.


    Is situated at the terminus of the railroad of that name, and 7 miles from Rocky Ridge on the W. Md. R. R. The location is in a fertile and diversifed country, the surroundings of which are rich in mountain and valley scenery. To the West, Jack's Mountain and Carrick's Knob may be towering hundreds of feet in the skies and then sloping in graceful lines to the productive and beautiful valley below. The magnificent scenery, purity of the atmosphere, good mountain water, cordiality and refinement of the people make it a great place of summer resort; it is also enriched by educational institutions of great merit and celebrity. St Joseph's Academy, conducted by the Sisters of Charity, and Mount St. Mary's College, an institution of high endowment and character, are both near the town. There are also two Public Schools for whites, one for colored, and a Catholic Parochial School. The land adjacent is composed of red sandstone, quartz- and limestone; varies In price from $20 to $60 per acre, according to location and improvements; yields 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 20 to 40 oats, 50 to 150 potatoes, 20 to 50 corn; and 2 tons bay. Massasoit Tribe 41, I. O. R. M.; Junior Building Association. Population 900. Samuel N. McNair, Postmaster.

    PASTORS.-M. E., Rev. H.P. West; Presbyterian, Rev. Lutheran, Rev. E. S. Johnston; Reformed, Rev. A. R. Kramer, Roman Catholic, Rev. Father Daniel McCarthy.

    TOWN OFFICERS.-Burgess-John Hopp. Commissioners-Wm. Lansinger, J. H. T. Webb, Daniel Sheets, Isaac Hyder, Thomas Fraley and R. H. Gelwicks. Bailiff-Wm. Ashbaugh.

    Agent R. R. and Express
    Zimmerman, E. R.
    Parker, S A
    Basket Maker.
    Ellower, John
    Bakers and Confectioners.
    Hoke, Peter
    Seabrook, J A
    Tawney, J A S
    Adams & Zeck
    Brick Makers.
    Bell & Keilholtz
    Brick Masons
    Lingg & Myers
    Boot and Shoemakers.
    Bishop, George
    Gelwicks, Theopholis
    Hopp, J. F.
    Hoover, John
    Lantzer, Jacob
    Rowe, Jas. A.
    Horner, W. G.
    Bushman, Thomas
    Sweeney, Martin
    Carpenters and Builders
    Snouffer, Joseph
    Tyson & Lansinger
    Carriage and Wagonmakers
    Baker, L A F
    Baker, Nicholas
    Harley, Wm
    Hess & Weaver
    Houck, Wm H
    Cigars and Tobacco
    McNair, S N
    Scheek, Francis
    Clothing, Hats, &C
    Rowe, J & C F
    Gillelan, Geo L
    Bussey, J. T.
    Eichelberger, C D
    Elder, James A
    General Merchandise.
    Annan, I S & Bro
    Bussey, Mrs J P
    Helman, J A
    Rowe, G W & Sons
    Groceries and Produce.
    Hays, J T
    Hoke, Peter
    Waddle, J S
    Zeck, Dietrick
    Emmett, C S Smith
    Western Md D G Adelaberger
    Justices of the Peace.
    Adelsberger, M. C.
    Knauff, James
    Stokes, Henry
    Livery and Sale Stables.
    Guthrie & Beam
    Lumber, Coal, &c
    Motter, Maxell & Co
    Marble Worker.
    Lough, N A
    Praley, Thos & Son
    Rowe, Nathaniel
    Millinery and Fancy Goods.
    Hoke, J L
    Offutt, Miss H
    Winter, Miss S A
    Bell, John M
    Grimes, Charles
    Hovise, Francis
    Maxwell, Samuel
    Motter, L M
    Myers, Jacob
    Sell, Peter
    Septer, James
    Rowe, J & C F
    Annan, Andrew
    Annan, R L
    Brawner, John B
    Eichelberger, C D
    Eichelberger, James W
    Eichelberger, James W Jr
    Lawrence, Daniel
    Saddles and Harness
    McGuigan, James S
    Stokes, Henry
    Stoves and Tinware,
    Adeisberger, Jas F
    Hays, J T
    Fayorite, H J
    Webb, J H T
    Motter, Lewis M
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Eyster, G T & Bro


    Is situated near Bennett's Creek, 2 1/2 miles from Monrovia on the B. & O. R R. Land well improved, most all cleared, and sells for $40 per acre; produces 15 to 35 bus. wheat, 25 cats, 150 potatoes, 40 corn, 900 lbs. tobacco, and 1 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 80. J. M. Davis, Postmaster.

    Scheel, Geo
    Carriages and Wagons.
    Jacohs, Jonathan
    Howard, J. W.
    Price, Leri
    General Merchandise
    Davis, J M
    Engle, Reuben
    Hobbs, Samuel
    Lawson, Geo L
    Davis, B B
    Turner, W T
    Davis, Jas A
    Davis, S. B.
    Turner, W. T.
    Davis, Jas. A.


    The County seat, is beautifully situated in a rich, fertile valley, 3 miles from Frederick Junction on the Main Stem of the B. & O. R. R. And connected with it by branch road, over which daily trains are run. The Frederick and Pa. Line R. R. also affords good accomodations for freight and passengers to local points in Md. And Pa. And Baltimore and other cities can also be reached by this route. The land surrounding the city is limestone, well improved and produces large crops of wheat, corn, oats, hay and potatoes. Some of the finest farms in Md. are to be seen near here. The city ranks as the third city in the State; is incorporated and well built, the houses being generally of brick or stone; the streets are broad, straight, and laid out regularly. It contains a fine Court House and other county buildings, a magnificent City Hall, 2 Colleges, 2 Female Seminaries, a number of handsome Churches and several excellent public and private schools. The Deaf and Dumb Asylum, a State institution, is located here. The fruit and vegetable packing estbalishment of Louis McMurray, Esq., is near the city, and in busy season affords employment for a large number of people, thus materially adding to the prosperity of the city. Frederick City is renowned for its good health, cleanliness, pure mountain air, good water, its wealth and refinement, and the sterling business habits of its citizens. It enjoys good hotel accomodations. The City Hotel, Col. F. B. Carlin, proprietor, has long been recognized as one of the best in the State. Population 10,000. C. W. Miller, postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS--Presbyterian, Rev. R. H. Wililams; Lutheran, Rev. George Diehi; Reformed, Rev. B. R Eschbach; Episcopal, Rev. Osborn Ingle; M. E, Rev. W. W. Weech; M. P., Rev. W. W. White; ME. South, Rev, S. S. Rozzeli; Roman Catholic, Rev. Father Stonestreet; German Reformed, Rev. H. Bielfield; Asbury M. E.. and Bethel, Rev. J. Hall.

    BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATIONS--A. F. & A. M -Columbia 58 and Lynch 183; Enoch Royal Arch Chapter. I. O. O. F.-Adam Lodge and an Encampment. K. of P.-Mountain City 29. I. O. R. M.--Chippewa Tribe 19. O. U. A. M.-Fredonia Council 46. G. A. R-Reynolds Post 2. K. of H.-Mutual 603, Alpha Temple of Honor, Young Men's Christian Association.

    CITY OFFICERS--Mayor-Lewis H. Moberly. Register--Godfrey Koontz. Tax Collector-- Lewis S. Clingan. Chief of Police-W. F. Buesing.

    Agricultural Implements Hargett, P L & Co
    Page, Calvin
    Stewart & Price
    Adams--V B Bruner
    Doll & Albaugh
    Agents-Real Estate
    Brown, B F
    Doll & Albaugh
    Webster George F
    B & O-George Morgan
    F & P. L. - P. Janney
    Steiner, W R
    Agent-Sewing Machines.
    Griffin, J W
    Architects and Builders.
    Frazier, David
    Hailer, C W
    Landerkin, Thos C
    Moore, John T
    Fout, C F
    Saunders, Walter
    Attorneys at Law
    Bowlus, Noah
    Brengle, Francis
    Eckstein, C
    Goldsborough, E Y
    Hinks, Wm H
    Levy, C V S
    Maulsby, Wm P Jr
    Motter, John O
    McSherry, James
    Nelson, Frederick J.
    Nelson, William B
    Pampel, B F
    Pearre, Jas W
    Ritchie Hon John
    Ross, C W
    Ross, W J
    Shafer, Canton
    Sheliman, George K
    Tyler, W Otis
    Urner, Milton G
    Wilcoxon, William
    Wood, C H
    Wood, J E R
    Bakers and Confectioners.
    Abbott, O
    Beckley, Gabriel
    Blumenaner, N
    Buesing, Frederick
    Koester, L
    Neidhardt, William
    Nussbaum, J
    Ruland, Adam
    Schleigh, Mrs. L. V
    Schrodel, J.
    Shilling & Shawen
    Ulrich, Chas
    Walling, M
    Lambert, D M
    Lambert & McLean
    Myers, C G
    Young, C L
    Young, John R
    Bell Hanger.
    Grace, J H C
    Bill Poster
    Butler, C E
    Babel, Andrew
    Buck, Justin
    Eader, P
    Esterly, Frederick
    Lohman, Edward
    Mullen, Charles E
    Ross, Peter
    Seeger, Peter
    Strube, A
    Vanfossen, Arnold
    Blinds and Shades
    Shaffner, A H
    Books and Stationery.
    Henderson, R B
    Miller, B L
    Smith David F
    Winchester, M C
    Boot and Shoe Dealers.
    Anderson, R G
    Biggs, E H
    Brengle, A
    Delp, J
    Duvall & Dertzbaugh
    Fromke & Bro
    Gilbert, Geo A
    Gittinger, Z James
    Green, John T
    Hilton, H K
    Lewis, J H
    Markey, J H
    Miller, Henry
    Morgan,T W
    Real, Geo A
    Steiner, Jno A
    Titlow, Isaac
    Thomas, H F
    Whalen, B H
    Yeakle,, A R
    Yeakle, W H
    Bear, Peter
    Hauser, Paul
    Lipps, John
    Brick Manufacturers.
    Hunt & Sifford
    Winchester, B F
    Lorentz,. Henry
    Simmons, S C & Son
    Book Binder.
    Chambers, William
    Broom Manufacturer.
    Staley, Gideon
    Derr, Charles
    Englebrlght, Luther
    KoIb, Wm
    Koor, Wm
    Lambright, Johh
    Lambright, Phillip
    Wills, William
    Cabinet Makers.
    Obernderfer, L
    Rice, P & A T
    Carriage Manufacturers.
    Boteler Bros
    Hane & Hood
    Ramsburg, J H
    Carriage Materials
    Ebert, B & Sons
    China and Glassware.
    Eisenhauer, John
    Winebrener, D C & Co
    Cigars and Tobacco.
    Blackston, J L
    G S & Bro
    Faubel, J N & R E
    Kingsbaker, S
    Kline, H T
    Lorentz Bros
    Miles, William
    Pope, Thomas E
    Storm, W B
    Thomas, David O
    Clothing and Furnishing Goods
    Lowenstein, D
    Resenour, B
    Resenstock, J.
    Siedling, Geo
    Shriner; G W B
    Straus, M
    Wineberger, S
    Commission Merchants
    Hargett, P L & Co
    Hart, J H & Son
    Tyson, J & Son
    Coal Dealers.
    Biser, Jonathan
    Groshon, G S
    Pyfer, P H
    Confectionery & Fruit
    Keasrdel,A C
    Nussbaum, P H
    Rhodes, F T
    Bowlus, E
    Crise, Geo A
    McGill, L T
    McSherry, K C
    Nelson, K
    Garrott & Co
    Hughes, T S
    & Bro
    Thomas, S F
    Tyler, H B
    Williamson & Co
    Dry Goods, Notions and Fancy Goods.
    Cramer, Geo L
    Doll, G J
    Eldridge, E J
    Hendrickson, J D
    Landauer, A
    Landauer, James
    Lewis, C J
    Markell, Francis
    McCaffrey, M A
    Nixdorf, H M
    Smith, C C
    Smith, D F
    Stern, Philip
    Walker, James B
    Winebrener, D C & Co
    Wistland, H
    Fertilizer Manufacturers
    Ramsburg, Koogle & Co
    Tyson, J & Son
    Flour, Grain and Feed.
    Anders & Reifsnider
    Brengle, Nicholas
    Cartzendafner & Bro
    Hilderbrand, L M
    Jarbee, J. S. W
    Rine, Geo A
    Titlow & Bro
    Zimmerman, Kilas
    Furniture Dealers
    Brooks & Keller
    Carty, C C
    Etchison, H N
    Sohroeeler, F
    Gas Fitter.
    Grahe, J. H. C.
    General Merchandise.
    Rosenour, B
    Scholl, D
    Ways, W H
    Wilcoxon, D C
    Glove Manufacturers
    Ebert, Valerius
    Myer, George
    Glue Manufacturer.
    Attick, John
    Teryar, Wm
    Adam, Wm
    Albaugh, Charles
    Attick, J M P
    Beckley, Q S G
    Bender, John
    Beger, W H
    Besant & Knott
    Birely Bros
    Benger, Samuel
    Brooks, Sopha
    Cockey, S S
    Dutrow, R J & Co
    Eisenhauer, John
    Eves, J T
    Getzendanner, M E
    Green, B F
    Heintz, Jacob
    Hood, Mrs M J
    Hunt & Sappington
    Kline, W H
    Koontz, Edward
    Lampe, C L C
    Lutz, John
    Michael, J L
    Miller, Justus
    Miller, J M
    Moberly, Wm
    Raileng, H
    Ramsburg, Robert
    Rohrback, M N
    Ruland, C
    Ripley, W H
    Shipley, J A
    Starr, J W
    Whalen, J W
    Winebrener, D C & Co
    Woodward, A
    Zellars, C E
    Zimmerman, Wm H
    Hat and Cap Manufacturer.
    Saitzgiver, G B
    Hardware, Iron, &c
    Birely Bros
    Doll, Samuel V
    Macgill, J S & Bro
    Sahm & Dill
    Stewart & Price
    Quynn, A G & C O
    Blackhorse, J Schmidt
    Central, H Bisys
    City, F B Carlin
    Dill, H H Power
    Frederick City, B H Hobbs
    Groff, Joseph Groff
    Ice Dealers
    Kolb, N O & Bro
    Smith, Sidney
    Junk Dealers.
    Wallace, John
    Walters, John
    Livery Stables.
    Mealey, CE
    Myers, J Oliver
    Sinn, Edward
    Lumber Dealers.
    Hardt & Keefer
    Rontzabn & Bowers
    Wilcoxon & Markley
    Abbott, Jno H
    Page, Calvin
    Pample, Henry
    Marble Workers.
    Roelke, Wm
    Sifford, J E
    Masons & Plasterers.
    Brenner, J F
    Hailer, N T
    Hergusheimer, James.
    Martin, O H
    Murphy, J Dennis
    Norris, Lafayette
    Woodward, Jacob
    Mattress Manufacturer.
    Groff, W S
    Anders & Reifsnlder
    Bruner, Lewis
    Gambrill, J H
    Belch, H C
    Shriner, Edward A
    Millinery Goods
    Goldenberg, Henry
    Hoffman, Ira H
    Morris, W L
    Morris & Miller
    McMurray, Louis
    Lampe, H J
    Moberly, Daniel
    Koberly, C B
    Paints, Oils, &c.
    Macgill, J. S. & Bro
    Quynn, A G & Co
    Paper Hangers
    Dennis, J. M.
    Haller, M B
    Burger, W A
    Byerly, J Davis
    Marken, J R
    Provisions and Produce
    Derr, Geo C
    Lewis, Geo T
    Sahm, P
    Woodward, M. A.
    Nottnagle, J. J.
    Ott, John
    Baltzell, W. H.
    Burck, F. T.
    Dunott, J.
    McGill, Thomas
    Maynard, S. S.
    Roth, A. A.
    Smith, Charles
    Smith, Frank
    Turner, Thomas
    Wooten, W. T.
    Brubaker, J W
    Falk, John
    Merchant, J W
    Mulhahn, Wm
    Wenz, Geo
    Soap Manufacturer.
    Rudolph, Max
    Saddles & Harness.
    Bentz & Son
    Birsh & Castle
    Clingan, L B
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Blumenauer, Geo W
    Fox, E A C
    Hopwood, Jas W
    Koontz, Edward
    Smith, C P
    Wilson, N J
    Tanners and Curriers
    Baker, Joseph D
    Bantz, Gideon
    Kunkel, Phillip B
    Printers and Publishers.
    Baughman Bros
    Cole, Charles
    Kaufman & Boulden
    Keefer & Knauff
    Blackston, B H
    Blum, N
    Cramer, Geo L
    Gilbert, J A
    Lowenstein, Isaac
    Renner, B
    Treich, Jobn B
    Winebrener, D C & Co
    Zieler & Son
    Groff, W B
    Ruprect, H F
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Bauman, F
    Corey, P & Co
    Fox, C F A
    Fox, C H O
    Myer, G B
    Simmons, Wm A
    Wines and Liquors.
    Besant & Knott
    Dutrow, R J & Co
    Neuwahl, Julius
    Whalen, J W


    Is situated near the Washington County Line, 4 miles from Smithsburg on the W. M. R. R. Land ordinary, one-half cleared; sells at from $10 to $30 per acre, produces 14 bus. wheat, and 40 corn. M. E. and Lutheran Churches. Two public sohools Population 250. Harvey Buhrman, Pos~ master.

    Attorney at Law.
    Harbaugh, John C
    Krise, E
    Weller, Jacob
    Wolf, Henry
    Wolf, Upton
    Hayes, H Clay
    General Merchandise
    Brown, H T
    Fox, Thomas C
    Ridenoner, Jacob
    Justice of the Peace.
    Fox, George H
    Buhrman, Harvey
    Prior, Emanuel
    Renner, Elias
    Timber Merchants.
    Brown, W B
    Bussard, Samuel
    For, George L
    Moser, Ezra
    Wyant, Yost


    Is on the W. Md. R R., 57 miles from Baltimore, and pleasantly situated in a mild and healthy climate. The land is good, and sells at from $25 to $60 per acre and aces 15 to 80 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 80 potatoes, 60 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. Moravian Church and a public school. Population 250. Caroline Siess, Postmistress.

    Agent-Express and R. R.
    Firor & Yonson
    Hesser, Geo S
    Boot and Shoe Manufacturers
    Collifiower, B C
    Colliflower, S
    Cigar Manufacturers
    Gernand, S A & Co
    Crum, John
    Doney, Owen
    Late, A
    General Merchandise
    Cramer, W J
    Firor & Yonson
    Gernand, S A
    Yenson, Mr B C
    Justice of the Peace.
    Firor, C L
    Black, C H
    Eieholtz, Samuel
    Hoover, G A
    Miller, S W
    Saddles and Harness.
    Gernand, John
    Smelser, U W
    Wagon and Plow Maker.
    Firor, C L


    Is 2 miles from Tusacarora, and 4 from Adamstown, on the B. & O. R. R. Noland's Ferry on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, 3 miles, is the shipping point by that means. The Sugar Loaf Mountains rise in grandeur 6 miles east, and may be seen for miles around. Land is slate and limestone, sells at from $10 to $75 per acre, and produces good crops of wheat, corn, oats, hay, and fine fruit. Churches and schools near. The Greenlleld Mills are owned and operated by Messrs. Newcomer & Co., of Baltimore, who manufacture a superior brand of flour from the wheat grown on the farm in the county, Jas. L. Roberts, Esq., is their resident agent. Population 50. Jas. F. Beall. Postmaster.

    Gisler, W T
    Peters, Horace
    Carpenters & Wheelwrights
    Bowersox, F
    Peters, John H
    General Merchandise
    Beall, Jas F
    Justice of the Peace
    Mobley, J O
    Peters, John H.
    Roberts, Jas. L.
    Johnson, W. H.
    Thomas, Jacob
    Viers, C. S.
    Roop, J. W.
    Sylence, J. H.


    Is on the Emmittsburg Road, 5 1/2 Miles from Frederick City and 2 from Harmony Grove on the Frederick & Pa. Line R. R. Land is limestone, and sells from $20 to $80 per acre, produces 20 bus. wheat, 40 corn, 30 oats, 60 potatoes and 1 1/2 tons hay. PublIc school, J. E. Palmer, teacher. Population 50. Hichard Harper, Postmaster.

    Lime Dealers
    Frey, William
    Sunday, Daniel
    Buckey, B V
    Dunlap, Gipson
    Palmer, J. E.


    Is 9 miles from Frederick City and pleasantly situated in a healthy neighborhood, near Middle Creek. Land, good mountain, well timbered; sells at from $50 to $75 per acre; produces 15 to 80 bus. wheat, 30 to 60 oats, 60 to 100 potatoes, 35 to 50 corn, and l ton hay. Churches and schools rear. Population 150. W. B. Taylor, Postmaster.

    Brandenburg, John N
    Biblngton, Joseph
    Blesson, Claton
    Brandenburg, M
    Harp, Geo. S.
    General Merchandise
    Unverzagt, Henry
    Rothanheofer, L.
    Summers, Geo W
    Summers, Joshua
    Baker, E
    Bibington, Joseph
    Saddles and Harness.
    Brandenburg, Eli
    Castle, J. E.
    Harshman, Geo.
    Gladhill, D.
    Wool Manufacturer
    Taylor, W. B. & Son


    Is on the F. & P. L. R. R, 2 1/2 miles from Frederick City. The location is healthy; near the Monacacy River, and the lands adjacent arc composed of limestone; sells at from $100 to $150 per acre, produces 25 bus. wheat, 45 oats, 50 corn, 75 potatoes, and 1+ tons hay. M. E. Church, and a public school. Population 85. B. N. Plummer, Postmaster.

    Grabenhcrst, H C
    General Merchandise.
    Plummer, R N
    Cronise, S C
    Miller, Thomas
    Trimmer, Abraham
    Worman, W S
    Medcalf, John


    Is on the B. & O. R. R, 52 miles from Baltimore and 9 from Frederick; place healthy, business and crops fair; soil is of a slate formation; land mostly cleared, is variable in price from $35 to $50 per acre and prodnoes 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 80 to 50 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco and 2 tons hay. Population 100. W. Hammond, Postmaster.

    Agent-Express & R. R.
    Hammond, W
    Blacksmiths & Wheelwrights.
    Anderson, John
    Case, David
    Dronenburg, J C
    Poole, Lemuel
    Riggs, Joseph
    General Merchandise.
    Crawford, T L
    Hammond, Wellington
    McComas, J. T.
    Riggs, C. M.


    Is 8 miles from Frederick City and 4 from Berlin; the situation is healthy, crops and land good. Land can be bought at from $25 to $50 per acre, and produces 20 to 80 bus wheat 40 oats, 100 potatoes, 50 corn and 2 tons hay. M. E., M. P., Reformed and Lutheran Churces. Several public schools. Population 275. C. E. Thomas, Postmaster.

    Cochran, R. F.
    Poole, Peter
    Wise, H. C.
    Feaster, F. T.
    Shaff, F.
    Stockman, W. P.
    General Merchandise
    Culler, Wm. L.
    Little, S. E.
    Walker, Isaac
    Harness and Saddles
    Doty, A. D.
    Shaff, D. C.
    Lewis, Basil
    Long, John
    Parker, Edward
    Steiner, F. J.
    Crum, Geo. W.
    Crum, J. H.
    Culler, J. J.
    Thomas, Chas. E.


    Is 5 miles from Union Bridge on the W. K. B. B., and pleasantly situated near Beaver Dam Croek. and limestone and blue slate, mostly cleared; sells at $75 per acre; produces 20 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 150 potatoes, 60 corn, and 2 tons hay. M. E., M. P. and Dunker Churches. several public schools. Population 250. C. B. Baylor, Postmaster.

    Bellisan, George
    Morningstar, Jesse
    Boon & Katz
    Crum, Wm
    Shivers, S W
    Waltz, W R
    Gilbert, C B
    Yantis & Eberly
    General Merchandise
    Ball, C. E.
    Devilbiss, R. W. & Co.
    Saylor, C. E.
    Appler, Elias
    Engler, J. D.
    Etzler, G. W.
    Devilbiss, H. C.
    Sidwell, R. W.


    Is pleasantly situated near Bush Creek, 3 1/2 miles from Monrovia. The land is very good, sells at from $25 to $50 per acre, produces 25 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 60 potatoes, 25 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco and 1 ton hay. Providence M. E. Church and a public school. Population 70. K. R. Lewis, Postmaster.

    Hyatt, John
    Cabinetmaker & Undertaker
    Lewis, Wm T
    Lewis, A. B.
    Pool, James M.
    General Merchandise
    Fout, O. T.
    Lewis, M. R.
    Baker, G. W.
    Glaze, W. M.
    Justice of the Peae
    Morphy, W. E.
    Browning, Jeremiah
    Bradshaw, J. J.
    Browning L H H
    Lewis, John T


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 70 miles from Baltimore and 15 from Frederick City. The village is p1easantly nestled on an easy slope and shielded from the winds by the surrounding hills. South Mountain is near; and on the Va. side of the Potomac the mountains rise in picturesque grandeur. The railway and canal here offer unusual facilities for business. The soil is clay and free stone; sells at from $30 to $70 per acre; yields 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 oats, 150 to 200 potatoes 25 to 60 corn and 2 tons hay. M. E., Lutheran and Reformed Churches. Public schools for white and colored. Population 250. Robert Porter, Postmaster.

    Agent-Express & R. R.
    Reid, Dr John
    Porter, John W.
    Coal Dealer
    Merchant, I. N.
    General Merchandise
    Main, J. D. & Bro.
    Miller, J. M. & Co.
    Grain Dealers
    Darby & Rice
    Knoxville- James Reely
    Justice of the Peace
    Reid, Dr. John
    Livery Stable.
    Porter, Robert
    Darby, Miss Kate
    Reid, John
    Saddles & Harness.
    Porter, Robert
    Fry, Charles W
    Mitchell, John


    Is on the F. & P. L., R. R. 14 miles north of Frederick City. The location is pleasant, within 2 miles of the Monocacy River and near the Carroll county line. Land, red limestone and slate; sells at from $20 to $100 per acre; produces 15 to 20 bus. wheat, 40 corn, 30 oats, 75 potatoes and 1 ton of hay. Churches and schools convenient Population 50. W. H. Martz, Postmaster.

    Fogle, Francis
    Haugh, David
    Staup, Daniel
    General Merchandise
    Fox, Jessie
    Martz, W. H.
    Keefer, John L
    Patent Medicines
    Byerly, J K
    Liggett, J. J.
    Delphey, Joseph
    Bowman, Wm.
    Duttero, Wm.
    Haugh, Wm. A.


    Is on the B. & O. R. R. and C. & O. Canal; 71 miles from Baltimore and 16 from Frederick City by rail. Land can be bought for $30 to $60 per acre; produces 30 bus. wheat and 50 corn. Public school, C. Marriott, teacher. Population 15. L. Rodrick, Postmaster.

    Cochran, C
    Rodrick & Smith
    Slick & Bro.


    Is situated on the Emmittsburg road, 10 miles from Frederick and 5 from Harmony Grove. Land, red clay and limestone, sells at from $10 to $100 per acre; produces 12 to 30 bus. wheat, 50 corn, 40 oats, 100 potatoes and 2 tons bay. Crops are generally good. M. P. Church and two pubb'c school, Population 175. A. N. Cramer, Postmaster.

    Layman, Jacob
    Weller, J P
    Boots & Shoes
    Bishop, Jacob
    Shaeffer, Jno F D
    General Merchandise
    Cramer, A N
    Zimmerman, G T
    Justice of the Peace.
    Cator, Henry
    Gonso, George
    Leatherman, Daniel
    Taylor, C W
    Leatherman, M. E.
    Saddles & Harness
    Maine, H M


    Is distant by county road 12 miles from Frederick, 37 by pike from Baltimore and 8 from Union Bridge, the shipping point on the W. M. R. R. It is situated in the midst of a fertile, pleasing and healthful country, the surface of which is charmingly diversified. The nearest streams are Linganore and Dollyhide. The business of the town is good, and within 2 miles is the Liberty Copper Mine, in successful operation. The soil is varied, composed chiefly of limestone, blue slate, gray rock and quartz. The lands are principally cleared, worth from $25 to $40 per acre, and produces 10 to 30 bus wheat, 30 to 50 oats, 80 to 60 corn, 75 to 100 potatoes, 1,000 pounds tobacco and 1 1/2 tons hay. Crops are generally good. The timber yet standing is chiefly oak, hickory, chestnut and walnut. The town lass a well conducted newspaper and a fire company; German Reformed Church, Rev. R. Schulenburger; M. F., Rev. C. C. Cronin; M. P., ILev. J. IL. Nicholls, and Roman Catholic, Rev. Father Daniel Hall; two public schools, one private. Population 600. J. S. L. Rodrick, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths & Wheelwrights
    Etzler, Dennis
    Etzer, Hamilton
    Medcalfe, Calvin
    Vansant, John M
    Gallagher, R
    Groff, Levi
    Medcalfe, John W
    Wilhide, J W
    Bowhan, G. W.
    Norwood, R. N.
    Sweadner, Wm.
    Gorrell, R. B.
    Munshour, Wm.
    Null, Geo.
    Sweader & Sons
    Whitmore & Son
    Carriage & Wagonmakers.
    Etzler, H & Bro
    McMaster, Samuel
    Scheirer, Alex C.
    Benner, Alonzo
    Norwood, C A
    Radcliffe, J M
    Davis, Thomas S
    Hitselberger, C F
    General Merchandise.
    Etzler & Sweadnor
    Harris, James H
    Maynard, T G
    Grocers & Confectioners
    Benner, A
    Mitchell, H
    Wright, S D
    Radcliffe, Joseph M
    National, Gibson Smith
    Union, G W Strasbarger
    Trundle, Clayton
    Wagner, W T
    Justices of the Peace.
    Sappington, Dr Sidney
    Unkerfer, John E
    Beall Bros & Sons
    Roberts Bros
    Albaugh, H
    Linthicum, Miss B E & Sister
    Hitselberger, C. F.
    Sweadmer, D & Bro
    Bowlian, Thos W
    Sweadner, W T
    Devilbiss, Kamhall
    Sappington, Augustus
    Sappington, Sidney
    Simme, Thomas
    Simpson, Thomas
    Rodrick, J S L
    Colleberg, F
    Hoffman, John H
    Roberts, James H
    Stevens, Saml
    Young, J T
    Stoves and Tinware
    Wagner, Henry S
    Bowhan, F M.
    Carr, Thos & Son
    Baker, Henry
    Tobacco Growers.
    Sweadner, R D & Wm
    Wines and Liquors.
    Wright, Joel D


    Is 1 mile from Tuscarora on the B. & O. R. R., and near the Potomac River and Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. Climate temperate; business and crops good. Land limestone; mostly cleared; sells at from $50 to $100 per acre; produces 20 to 35 bus. wheat, 80 oats, 150 to 200 potatoes, 40 corn and 2 tons hay. Forest Grove Church and Licksville School. Population 75. J. C. Spalding, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and wheelwrights
    Butcher, P H
    Dronenberar, Henry
    Roberson, Benjamin
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Butcher, John
    Plummer, M W
    General Merchandise
    Spalding, J C
    Justice of the Peace.
    Allnutt, Wm P
    Lime Burner
    Monehan, Owen


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 60 1/4 miles from Baltimore and 41/2 from Frederick City. Climate moderate; land limestone, sand and clay, most all cleared; some oaks and hickory yet standing. Land sells at from $100 to $175 per acre; produces 20 to 85 bus. wheat, 50 to 200 potatoes, 30 to 60 corn, 500 lbs tobacco and 2 tons hay. Population 150. M. J. Grove, Postmaster.

    Rideout, A S
    Delashmutt, Jas
    Grinder, Jos S
    Leib, S D
    General Merchandise
    Grove, M J & Son
    Lime Manufacturers
    Grinder, M. A.
    Grove, M. J.
    Phleeger, A. S.
    McKinney, D. F.
    McAbee, C. W.


    Is 7 miles from Mount Airy on the B. & O. R. R. Climate temperate and healthy; crops good. Land, blue slate and limestone, sells at $40 per acre; produces 15 to 35 bus. wheat, 20 to 40 oats, 100 to 200 potatoes, 30 to 50 corn, 600 to 1000 lbs. tobacco and 2 tons bay. Some splendid mill and factory sites, and fine country for dairy and beef cattle. Population 80. T. Poole, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Boland, Wm F
    Douty, Moses
    Reifsnider, Samuel


    Is on the W. M. R. R., 56 miles from Baltimore, 15 by pike from Frederick and 27 by rail, and three-fourths of a mile from the Catoctin Mountains. The nearest streams are the Hunting and Owing's Creeks; it is located in a pleasing and thriving country. The climate and health are good, business fair. Soil is of red shale, yellow slate, alluvial, and some limestone. The land is principally cleared, ranges in prices from $30 to $60 per acre, and yields 8 to 20 bus. wheat, 10 to 40 oats, 80 to 50 corn and 1 to 2 tons hay. The Catoctin Furnace is within 2 miles and in operation. The timber now remaining consists of oak, hickory, walnut, chestnut, poplar and beech. Population 700. John Root, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. & Express
    Horn, W A
    Lucas, Amos
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Firer, Benj F
    Hess, Wm
    Horn, Wm
    Loy, Wm
    Webb, Wm.
    Eigenbrode, Dan'l
    Moser, Cyrus
    Brick Manufacturer
    Fleagle, John A.
    Damuth, Wm.
    Carpenters & Undertakers.
    Creager, James
    Dorsey, Geo B
    Shaw, Thomas
    Smith, E. M.
    Weddle, Joseph A
    Weller & Creager
    Weller, Simon A
    Cigar Maunnicturers.
    Orndorff, A F
    Whitmore, K S
    Martin, J E
    Peddicord, Caleb.
    Renner, John A
    Radcliffe, Dr H G
    Gilds & Co
    Flour, Feed & Fertilizers.
    Cassell, Chas E
    Stockedale, Geo W
    Witherow, S H
    General Merchandise.
    Gilds, N E
    Johnson, Geo H
    Root & Groff
    Freese, Joseph
    Martin, D C
    Central, Jacob Sprow
    Gilbert, John B Gilbert
    Damuth.C A
    Justice of the Peace.
    White, Frederick
    Hammaker, B F
    Jones, John
    Martin, J & D C
    Milliners & Dressmakers.
    Gernand, Miss Jennie
    Hesson, Miss Kate
    Lony, Kiss Mary
    Stokes, Miss Susan
    Biggs & Carmack
    Adelsperger, Jas
    Mackley Bros
    Boblitz, B L
    Marsh, Wm H
    White, Wm
    Zimmerman, a K
    Cover, B N
    Cover, J H
    Picking, Leonard
    Stull Bros
    Stock Dealers-
    Anders, Thomas
    Barton, Isaac N
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Osler, V P
    Landers, John
    Picking, Leonard
    Sleek, A B
    Rouner, John
    Telegraph Operator.
    Horn, W A
    Stokes, Joshua
    Watches & Jewelry.
    Hoff, David T


    Is on the old National Pike, 8 miles west of Frederick, and one mile from the Catoctin, a tributary of the Potomac; it lies between the Catoctin and Blue Ridge Mountains, in the beautiful, fertile and salubrious valley bearing its own name. The approach to this town from the East is full of varied and pleasing interest; from tbe mountains, looking Westward, on towards the Blue Ridge, an unsurpassed picture of wide and diversified landscape, flanked on either hand by mountain ranges, rolls upward and downward before the eyes of the charmed observer; from this point the town is seen lifting its spires above the hills which environ it on the east. The whole valley lies outspread, rich, smiling and fruitful; farms, lusty barns, dwellings, orchards, and mills attest the fatness of the land. The soil is composed of clay and quartz; land mostly cleared, is valued at from $25 to $80 per acre, and produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 15 to 80 oats, 25 to 60 corn and 1 to 2 1/2 tons hay. Crops generally good. The forest is composed of oaks, hickory, chestnut and some walnut and poplar. There are five schools, two public and three private. Population 800. A. C. Bragonier, Postmaster.

    BENEVOLENT SOCITIES.- I. O. O. F.-Catoctin Lodge 118; Middletown Grange 97, P of H., Thos. Shafer, Master.

    CHURCHESC AND PASTORS.-German Reformed, Rev. T. F. Hoffmeier Lutheran, Rev. L. A. Minn; M. B., Rev. W. G. Herbert; M. B., (colored,) Rev. James Brown; Roman Catholic and United Brethren, Rev. J. W. Funk.

    TOWN OFFICER-Mayor-Allen Sparrow. Commissioners-S am'l Leazer, Charles L. Gaver, Wm. H. Miller, Jno. W. Darner and Jno. Tracy.

    Schultz, Fred
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Crone, Henry
    Koogle, Adam
    Hagen, Peter A
    Hemp, Peter
    Miller, Dan'l C
    Cabinetmakers & Undertakers
    Feete, Henry
    Feete, Harrison
    Powers, Benj
    Shearer, Geo
    Cookerly, John A
    Leazer, Sam'l
    Wise, Chas E
    Kahle & Davis
    Hagan, Peter A
    Minnick, Ezra
    Kesselring, Geo
    McQuade, Arthur
    Tracy, George
    Ramsden, Jno F
    General Merchandise
    Culler, John
    Kepler, D S
    Levy & Swearinger
    Rudy, T. C.
    Smith, Adam
    Wright & Sanner
    Grocers and Confectioners
    Herring, Edward
    Linkum, Mrs. Mary
    Lorentz, Adam
    Minnick, Ezra
    Shafer, P. W.
    Crouse, Geo. V.
    Groff, David
    Kepler, Luther M.
    Crone, John E.
    Delauder, Geo.
    Fink, John
    Sparrow, Chas.
    Justices of the Peace
    Coblentz, Oliver P.
    Minnick, Ezra
    Leather & Shoe Findings
    Schlosser, Peter G.
    Cramer, Geo. W.
    Heagy, Chas. A.
    Weaver, Alex & Sons
    Keafauver, Richard C.
    Keller, Daniel
    Phleeger, Fred
    Snook, John M.
    Speck, Samuel
    Milliners and Dressmakers
    Brandenburg, Mrs. M.
    Crone, Mrs. Harriett
    Meredith, Eliza
    Chamberlain, James & Son
    Sparrow, Howard E
    Beatty, Joseph E
    Butler, Wm B
    Getnendanrier, J
    Bowersox, Geo
    Gaver, Chas L
    Lorentz, Joseph
    Niemeyer, Chas
    Stephen, Septimus
    Thomas, Robert
    Wacliter, W N
    Young, Joseph B
    Davis, Thos F
    Wines and Liquors.
    Herring, Edward
    Woolen Mills,
    Remsburg, Benj


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 50 miles from Baltimore and 38 by pike; it is 9 from Frederick by pike and 12 by R. R.; the situation is in the midst of a fertile agricultural district. The soil is of the blue slate formation; lands are principally cleared, estimated at from $20 to $50 per acre, and yield 20 to 30 bus wheat, 30 oats, 50 to 200 potatoes, 30 to 50 corn, 800 to 1000 pounds tobacco snd 1 ton hay. There is an extensive flouring mill here, and a large trade in fertilizers, &c. The timber now standing comprises hickory, oaks and chesnut. Churches and schools near. Population 150. Miss Wood, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. and Express
    Oghorn, Wm
    Page, Geo. D.
    Fertilizers and Coal
    Ogborn & Sullivan
    General Merchandise
    Wood, M. P.
    Shearer, John D.


    Is on the Emmittsburg R. R., 3 1/2 miles from Rocky Ridge; climate changeable and healthy. Land red loam, sells at $30 per acre, produces 15 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 200 potatoes, 60 corn and 2 tons hay. Population 20. Wm. Motter, Postmaster.

    Weaver, David
    Hobbs, Joshua
    General Merchandise
    Deilman, Francis
    Molter & Taylor
    Cretin, John T.
    Maxwell, Samuel
    Seabold, Nicholas
    Knott, J. W.
    Worthan, George


    Is on the Liberty Road, 5 miles from Frederick City and 3 from Georgetown on the F. & P. L. R. R. Climate healthy; crops generally good. Land limestone and slate, sells at from $25 to $100 per acre; produces 18 to 25 bus. wheat, 40 corn, 30 oats, 100 potatoes and 2 tons hay. Reformed and M. E. Churches and a public schcol. Population 125. John W. Ogburn, Postmaster.

    Stevens, B & Bro
    Kemp, Daniel S
    General Merchandise.
    Ogburn, Jno W
    Riddlemoser, Jas L
    Taylor, S T
    Wagner, John
    Stone, D F
    Damon, Jno
    Buckey, Geo W
    Sheetenatlm, A


    Is 13 miles from Frederick and near Catectin Creek, a small water course which flows in the vicinity. Climate moderate; village healthy; business medium and crops good. Soil is composed of yellow clay; land nearly all cleared, is worth $60 per acre and yields 15 bus. wheat, 80 oats, 75 potatoes, 50 corn and 2 tons hay. U. B. Church, Rev. J. W. Fonk; Evang. Luth., Rev. J. W. Forsyth. Public School, D. U. and Wm. E. Schildknecht, teachers. Population 150. C. A. Buhrman, Postmaster.

    Toms, John H
    Poffenberger, Enoch
    Poffenberger, Isaac
    Poffenberger, Isaiah
    Poffenberger, Sno F
    Moser, Isaiah
    Gaver, O. J.
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Flock, Henry
    Flock, Lewis
    Fox, Fred'k
    Morgan, Jas W
    Routzahn, Cyrus
    Suman, Hezekiah
    General Merehandise.
    Brown, Joseph
    Buhrman, Upton
    Wachtel, Joshua D
    Duval, Marcellus
    Harp, Josiah
    Peugh, AM
    Watkins, John L
    Milliners and Confectioners.
    Gayer, Mrs Kate
    Poffenberger, Mrs Caroline
    Weaver, Harriet
    Zimmerman, L K
    Shepley, Aaron
    Shepley, Dan'l
    Koogle, John
    Ketzger, Mosheim
    Hildebrand, Jno T


    Is 4 miles from Monrovia on the B. & O. R. R. and near Ben's Branch. Climate and business medium, place healthy and crops good soil. It is composed of slate and lime; land mostly cleared and is valued at $50 per acre, yields 18 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 corn and three-fourths ton hay. Central Chapel (M. P.) and New London M E. Churches; two Public schools, Mn. L. A. Huffinan and Bradley Hyett, teachers. Population 75. A. W. Baker, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Poole, C
    Poole, Wm H
    Simpson, B J F
    Aidridge, E. J.
    Wagner, Frank
    General Merchandise
    Baker & Danner
    Barnes, N
    Webb, M A
    Justice of the Peace
    Shultz, John
    Cartzendafner, J. E.
    Hess, Samuel
    Keller, Jacob
    Smith, Miss. L. P.
    Shultz, John
    Danner, John


    Is three-fourths of a mile from Monrovia on the B. & O. R.R, and 8 from Frederick by pike; the nearest water course is Bush Creek. Climate and health of the place is excellent; it is in a fine farming district, the soil of which is diversified as well as the face of the country. The characteristics of the soil are gravelly loam, yellow slate and limestone; land is principally cleared, can be, purchased at from $25 to $50 per acre, and produces 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 80 oats, 30 to 50 corn, 75 to 200 potatoes, and 800 to 1000 lbs. tobacco. The timber yet standing consists of oaks, hickory and chestnut. M. B. Church, Rev. C. C. Cronin; M. E. South, Rev. W. a. Stringer; K P Rev. C. F. Cochel; P. B., Rev. James Stevenson. Public School, D. E Hammond, teacher. A. F. & A. M.-Philanthropic 168; I. O. O. F.-Fidelity a Population 450. Hamilton Stier, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Bear Bros
    Mount, Elias & Son
    Broom Manufacturer
    Rhodes, Geo H
    Lease, Thos W
    Runkels, Basil T
    General Merchandise
    Gladson, A J
    Hammond, Gralton
    Hammond, Grafton B
    Stier, Hamilton

    Lowe, John T
    Hilton, I T Hilton
    Justices of the Peace
    Hall, Joel
    Smith, John T
    Boyer, Peter
    Barnes, Mrs. Caroline
    Orem, Edward
    Winberry, Elias
    Dorsey, Harry W.
    Downey, Jesse W.
    Moberly, E. W.
    Wood, Isaac N.
    Fowler, Vernon
    Lickel, Francis
    Rinehart, Frederick
    Roelky, Chas.
    Houck, Edward
    Wines and Liquors
    Mealey, Chas. E.


    Is pleasantly situated on the F. & P. L. R. R.  Climate mild. Land, red loam and slate, mostly cleared; oak, ash, walnut, hickory and chestnut comprise the timber standing. Land sells at from $40 to $100 per acre produces 10 to 50 bus. wheat, 15 to 40 oats, 20 to 100 potatoes, 30 to 60 corn, and 2 ton hay. Population 40. T. C. Renner, Postmaster,

    Renner, F C
    Blacksmiths and wheelwright
    Dougherty, Charles
    Renner, E
    Carpenters and Builders
    Barrick, William
    Boser, Jesse
    Barrick, Robert
    Fly Brush Manufacturers
    Renner & Hines
    General Merchandise
    Butt, M. D.
    Strine, Frank


    Is 5 miles from New Windsor on the W. M. R. R. Village is healthy and crops good; soil is composed of slate and limestone, principally cleared, and produces per acre, 15 to 25 bus. wheat, 25 to 50 oats, 100 to 200 potatoes, anti 40 to 80 corn. PuMic School, Miss Georgia D. England, teacher. Population 25. John T. Barnes, Postmaster.

    Reck, Jeremiah
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Devilbiss, Martin L
    Miller, A
    Summerville, John
    Carriage Maker
    Waltz, John E
    General Merchandise
    Franklin, Noah J.
    Ensor, Elijah C.
    Fisher, Wm.
    Garber, Wm. H.


    Is near Loy's on the W. M. R. R.; climate, health, business and crops good; red soil; land principally cleared, is valued at $40 per acre and produces 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. Public School, Wm. Miller, teacher. Population 75. C. Mr. Loy, Postmaster.

    Agricultural Implements
    Loy, C W.
    Campbell, John
    Loy, D S
    Loy, M D
    Dorsoy, James
    Harbaugh, L C
    Hiner, Addison
    Walter, Carl
    Martin, Jeremiah
    Shaw, Geo. W.
    Devilbiss, J. W.
    Miller, J. L.


    Is 2 1/2 miles from Knoxville on the B. & O. R. R., and 12 south-west of Frederick City; it is situated about the centre of Maryland Tract, in the lower portion of the Middletown Valley, between the South Mountain on the west and the Catoctin Mountains on the east. The neighborhood has been for many years a favorite summer resort; but a refined and cultivated society, and was the former residence of Gov. Lee, Hon. John Lee and Gov. Francis Thomas. Climate salubrious, soil excellent; land nearly all cleared, is valued at from $40 to $75 per acre, and yields 10 to 30 bus. wheat, 40 to 60 oats, 50 to 60 corn, and 100 potatoes; crops are generally good. Lutheran Church, Rev. Mr. Thruer; MIn., Rev. E. Smith; P. E., Rev. Joseph Trapneil; P. E. (Reformed), Rev. 0. L. Staley; Roman Catholic, (St Mary's), Rev. Father Jno. Gaffney, S. J; four public and two private schools, and a seminary. Population 200. Wm. Gardner, Postmaster.

    Kinney, David
    McKinzie, Francis
    Werking, E
    Goodman, J
    General Merchandise.
    Biser, D
    Dennis, Henry
    Meek, John
    Smith, Mrs M E
    Smith, J.
    Steiner, Francis
    Hilleary, John W.
    West, Geo. W.
    Hoffman, Geo.
    Seigler, H.
    Winter, Thomas


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 46 miles from Baltimore. The land is medium, principally cleared, can be bought at from $10 to $15 per acre, and produces 10 to 20 bus wheat, 15 to 20 oats, 50 to 60 potatoes, 40 corn and 900 lbs. tobacco. Population 20. A. M.D. Mullinix, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.. & Express
    Mullinix, A M D
    Browning, L H H
    Fleming, Samuel
    General Merchandise
    Buxton, James L.
    Griffith, P. G. M.
    Spurrier, Mrs. J.
    Wilson, Henry B.
    Bartholow, Frank


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 69 miles from Baltimore, 12 from Frederick, and near the Potomac River and the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. Here the R R., the canal, and the river press closely side by side, and give unusual interest and facilities to the place. The rocky barriers have been tunnelled by the railroad, and reverberate almost continuously the triumphant scream of the locomotive. Business and health fair. Soil, limestone and freestone, and produces excellent crops; land is three-fourths cleared, ranges in price from $25 to $60 per acre, and yields 15 bus. wheat, 35 corn, 35 oats, and 1 ton hay. The timber still remaining comprises oak, chestnut and hickory. M. B. Church, Rev. Oco. W. Feelemeyer; M. F. (Colored), no regular pastor; and two public schools, one colored. Population 75. B. D. Chanthem, Postmaster.

    Agent- R. R.. and Express.
    Trundle, O W
    Oden, F A
    Colbert, Andrew
    Gencral Merchandise.
    Chambers, B D
    Hickman & Williams
    Grain and Fertilizers
    Snonifer, George W
    American, C L & J Nichols
    St. Charles, Charles Boyle
    Justice of the Peace.
    Michael, Ezra
    Snouffer, George W
    Trapnall, H W
    Nichols, P O
    Wines and Liquors.
    Robinson, J F


    Is on the W. Md. R. R. at the junction of the Emmittsburg Road, 51 miles from Baltimore and 7 from Emmittsbnrg and 16 from Frederick City. The soil is red slate and is valued at from $20 to $50 per acre; produces 8 to 25 bus. wheat, 15 to 30 oats, 80 to 40 corn and 2 tons hay. Lutheran, Reformed and Baptist Churches and public school. Population 60. H. D. Fuss, Postmaster.

    Agent-Express and R. R.
    Eichelberger, M S
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Appold, George
    Campbell, S B
    Wood, Basil
    Carpenter and Builder
    Bugler, O A
    Commission Merchants.
    Biggs & Eichelberger
    General Merchandise
    Fuss, H. D.
    Lickle Bros.
    Ecker, Hanson
    Justice of the Peace
    Norris, A. L.
    Riggs, Joshua
    Martin, Jeremiah
    Troxell, Frederick


    Is on the W. M. R. R., 66 miles from Baltimore. Land is mostly cleared, can be purchased at from $15 to $40 per acre, and produces 12 to 25 bus. wheat, 20 to 50 oats, 100 to 200 potatoes, 20 to 40 corn, and 1 to 2 tons hay. German Reformed Church, Rev. H. Wissler; United Brethren, Rev. Mr. Freed; and a public school. Population 50. H. S. Duphorne, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Arnsparger, Dallas
    Freshour, Nelson
    Broom Manufacturer
    Stein, Henry
    Willard, Joel
    Stotelinger, J. C.
    Homerick, Susan
    Manahan, Jane
    General Merchandise
    Crawford & Bro
    Hiteshew, Charles
    Stern, John
    Justice of the Peace.
    Luckett, W F
    Kenna, Simpson
    Luckett, W. F.
    Watson, J. G.
    Duphorne, R. S.


    Is on the Liberty Road, 2 miles east of Liberty and 5 from New Windsor; land medium, sells at from $10 to $40 per acre, produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 40 corn and 1 ton hay. Churches and schools near. Population 40. H. Lindsay, Postmaster.

    Douty, John
    General Merchandise
    Lindsay, H
    Luggenbeel & Norris
    Lindsay, C J
    Justice of the Peace
    Brenneisca, Wm
    Deddera, G W
    Nicodemus, P
    Whitehill, Polk
    Brenneisen, G. E.
    Sappington, G R.
    Whitehill, M.
    Beach, P.
    Gilbert, J. C.
    Hartsock, D.
    Brenneisen, J. E.


    Is on the mail road leading from Frederick City to Washington, and 8 miles from Ijamiville on the B. & 0. ft, B., and 5 from Frederick City. The location is pleasant, and the vicinity is healthy. The land is red loam, well improved and highly productive. Lands range in price from $20 to $100  per acre, according to location and improvements, and yield good crops of wheat, corn, oats, hay and potatoes. M. E. and Roman Catholic Churches one primary school. Population 50.Thomas A. Smith, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Dronenburg, Chas
    Kesler, Jacob & John
    Knott, Frank
    Sibley, Wm F
    Henrickson, Ephraim
    Murray, Henry C
    Howard, James M
    General Merchandise
    Hendry, Mrs C C C
    Jamison, J. J. & Sons
    Smith, Thos. A.
    Peters, Thomas
    Rinehart, A. H.
    Simmons, A. K.
    Hellen, Wm. D.
    Saw Mills
    Keller, Joseph C.
    Rinehart, A. H.


    Is on the Frederick and Emmittsburg Road, 8 miles north of Frederick and 3 from Georgetown on the F. & P. R. R. Location healthy, crops generally good; land is worth from $30 to $90 per acre, and produces 15 to 25 bus. wheat, 50 corn, 40 oats, 100 potatoes, and 1 ton hay. The village contains a Lutheran and Reformed Churches and a public school. Population 100. W. H. Todd, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Shaw, E.
    Todd, Wm. H. & Son
    Walters, K.
    Clem, Augustus
    Shaw, E.


    Is on the Woodsboro turnpike, near Georgetown on the F. & P.R. R, 6 miles north from Frederick. Climate healthy and crops good. The land is limestone; is worth from $75 to $150 per acre, and produces 18 to 25 bus. wheat, 50 corn, 20 oats, 150 potatoes and 2 tons hay. Population 100. S. W. Stauffer, Postmaster.

    Barrick, David M
    Bishop, George
    Greesey, Theo
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Cromwell, Arthur & Orrick
    Perry, Jacob S
    General Merchandise.
    Stauffer, H Clay
    Stauffer, S W & Son
    Fink, G W
    McCormick, S
    Zimmerman, Michael
    Zimmerman, Wm


    Is 6 miles from Smithburg on the W. M. It. It. and near Catoctin Creek. Land is mostly cleared, can be bought at from $20 to $80 per acre, and produces 15 bus. wheat, 80 oats, 100 potatoes, 80 corn and 2 1/2 tons hay. German Reformed Lutheran, Tunkard, United Brethren Churches and several public schools. Population 100. John H. Mangans, Postmaster.

    Barkdoll, Geo H
    Kline, Lawson
    Myers, John
    Hoover, Mrs E
    Wolfe, S N
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Brandenburg, C U
    Grove, James A
    Haynes, John
    Stottlemyer, Mrs Anna C
    General Merchandise
    Holter & Phleeger
    Hoover, J. W.
    Leatherman, F.
    Mangans & Bartgis
    Martin, Scott T.
    Biser, D.
    Eccard, N.
    Lamar, Lewis
    Smith, J. G.
    Hoover, J. Wesley


    Is on the Frederick & Pennsylvania R. R and Woodsboro turnpike; it is 55 1/2 miles from Baltimore, 10 1/2 from Frederick, and near Israel's Creek and the Monocacy River; it lies in the midst of a fertile and salubrious country. The lands are of diversified formation and pleasingly undulating; the chief formations are of limestone, blue and yellow slate and the old red sand-stone; they vary in value from $25 to $100 per acre, and yield 8 to 20 bus wheat, 15 to 85 oats, 25 to 50 corn and from 1 to 2 tons hay; about seven-eighths of the lands are cleared or timber, and that yet remaining is composed of chestnut, oak and hickory. Woodsboro points with affectionate pride to the old edifice which gave rest and refreshment to Washington, when he encamped his foot-sore army on their march to Philadelphia, on the adjacant hills. The town was then on the great highway from the South, by way of Frederick, York and Lancaster, to Philadelphia. The old house which served Washington for his headquarters, was built of split logs and filled in with mortar and stone; it is now incorporated in a stone and brick building. The old house subsequently became a tavern, and bore, until the last quarter century, the sign of Washington mounted on his charger. The town was plotted in the colonial days by Col. Joseph Wood, who afterwards served in the war of Independence. A lenial descendant of Col. Dr. H. L. Donsife yet preserves the old original charter of the town, now nearly 100 years old. There is yet standing, in good preservation, the old edifice of Col. Wood, built in the old English style of bricks imported by him from England. The town was named in honor of Col. Wood. There is within 1 1/2 miles of the town rich deposits of magnetic iron ore, which were extensively mined when the iron trade was flourishIng. There is also most excellent hematite iron ore in the neighborhood. German Reformed Church, Rev. Orange E. Lake; Lutheran, Rev. D. N. LaMotte; M. E., Rev. C. C. Cronin; M. P. Rev. J. R. Nicholls, and one public school. Population 350. John Baker, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. and Express.
    Shank, Geo D
    Cavanaugh, Thos
    Donsife, Francis G
    Donsife, Otho S
    Dougherty, Olin
    Gilbert, Wm H
    Welker, C A
    Bridge Contractors.
    Anden, Moses & Son
    Led 'ridge, James D
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Beck, John W
    Bowers, Jacob H
    Crum, Simon H
    Foglc, Nicholas
    Gilbert, E AM & Bro
    Working, M O
    Grimes, Ephraim D
    Stambaugh, John B
    General Merchandise.
    Beard, Jacob
    Bourn, Mm L A
    Dorcus & Shank
    Newman, S M
    Ruby, M
    Single & Myers
    Harness and Saddles
    Smith, Benj
    Union, Jas M Smith
    Barrick, Geo P
    Locke, Geo F
    Stimmel, John W
    Justices of the Peace.
    Bowers, S H
    Locke, John H
    Shank, Geo W
    Lime Manufacturer
    Dorcus, D F
    Livery Stable.
    Stimmer, Jas H
    Cramer, Augustus
    Cramer, T F
    Marble workers.
    Lough, J Q
    Snyder, James S
    Anders, Moses & Son
    Kolb, David
    Young, David
    Lynn, Aaron
    Ruby, M
    Trimmer, Abraham
    Woods, Chas
    Millinery and Confectionery.
    Adams. Mrs Maria E
    Best, Mrs Christina
    Bowers, Mrs L A
    Saylor, B P
    Donsife, O L
    Donsife, H L
    Hammond, H T
    Wagner, Harrison
    Wagner. Wm H
    Sheetiron workers
    Fletcher, John W
    Winebrenner, Geo L
    Gilbert, Geo H
    Gilbert, Simeon H
    Weikert, Geo F
    Fox, Jeremiah
    Baker, Jno A
    Woods, James



    Bassford, Geo E
    Bassford, Jacob
    Brady, Bros
    Boogher, C C
    Cary, James
    Crist, Jacob
    Crist, William
    Davis, A J
    Delashmutt, B
    Dutrow, J W
    Dutrow, H C
    Dutrow, S
    Fitzsimmons, J I.
    Fulton, H H
    Harwood, C
    Harwood, M N
    Hoffman, Wm
    Johnson, AC
    Johnson, H A
    Kline, J R
    Michael, A
    Michael, D J
    Michael, Ezra
    Michael, Wm H
    Myers, J. N. & C. W.
    McDevitt, John
    Padgett, Geo W
    Plummer, T G
    Ramnburg, Calvin
    Renn, Isaac
    Snouffer, A T
    Snouffer, George
    Snouffer, G A T
    Snouffer, G F
    Specht, Mrs Anna
    Specht, Michael
    Thomas, Amos
    Thomas, C M.
    Thomas, David O
    Thomas, D P
    Thomas, Geo of H
    Thomas, J Franklin
    Thomas, J S
    Thomas, Lewis
    Thomas, Thomas L
    Trundle, S H
    Trundle, Thomas
    White, John
    Williard, Geo W


    Best, Jno T
    Dixon, Thomas A
    Font, Charles
    Gambrill, Jas H
    Knode, Joseph
    Lease, A J
    Mahoney, D L
    Mants, Frank
    Ogle, Jon B
    Smith, W
    Thomas, Col C K
    Worthington, S T
    Wilcoxon, Casper
    Wilcoxen, Jerome


    Dixon, Benjamin
    Frazier, John
    Forrest, W
    Long, James
    Marlew, H
    McBride, Martin
    Phillips, Then
    Potterfield, Jonah
    Shafer, Charles
    Swank, Phillip
    Wenner, John
    Wenner, William


    Althouse, H D
    Baumgardner, F
    Bishop, Henry
    Bollinger, Lewis
    Bower, Adam
    Clabaugh, John
    Fair, James
    Gardner, Wm
    Hay, James
    Kiser, Wm
    Morrison, W B
    Naill, Abraham
    Ott, Samuel
    Smith, A
    Smith, Stephen
    Snider, Wm
    Vaughn, Wm

    Broad Run

    Ahalt, B F
    Ahalt, Samuel
    Beschley, Daniel
    Biser, H H
    Bowlus, Frank
    Bowlus, Capt S R
    Boyer, Columbus
    Boyer, Hanson
    Eoyer, John E
    Boyer, Oliver
    Delaughter, Samuel
    Fink, Emanuel
    Fink, M F
    Garner, B W H
    Grove, Maj G. W.
    Grove, S S
    Grove, Wm A
    House, B F
    House, G H
    Huffer, C G
    Huffer, David
    Huffer, G Dawson
    Huffer, Geo W
    Huffer, John
    Huffer, JacobS
    Moser, John
    Ringgold, C
    Ringgold, J Y
    Shaff, Solomon
    Slifer, John
    Slifer, P 0
    Whip, John D
    Williard, Dewalt
    Williard, E L
    Williard, H


    Baker, D
    Chiswell, Capt. J. N.
    Chiswell, Wm T
    Cromweu, Arthur
    Day, James T
    Larch, Charles
    MeKenney, A F
    Nicodemus, Eli
    Padgett, Geo. W
    Regers, Jos P
    Simmons, C S
    Sian, Col John T
    Thomas, F C
    Thomas, F G


    Ahalt, C P
    Ahalt, Joshua
    Ahalt, Jno D
    Ahalt, M
    Arnold, David
    Arnold, Joshua
    Arnold, Thomas
    Crampton, D P
    Enniss, Jos
    Flook, Jno
    Fout, M W
    Garrott, B V
    Horine, Ezra
    Horine, Jno A
    Horine, L A T
    Horine, O
    Karn, E L
    Young, Thaac
    Young, Jacob


    Bell, Benjamin
    Delaplane, Ephraim
    Delaplane, Joshua
    Fisher, Jno M
    Fox, Battaell
    Fox, Ephraim
    Graham, George
    Geisbert, Hamilton
    Hankey, Frederick
    Hankey, Isaac L
    Hankey, Peter,
    Hoffman, George
    Hoffman, Jno
    Hull, William
    Knee, Elias
    Matthias, Philip
    Myers, George
    Myers, Ephraim
    Martz, George
    Ogle, George
    Oyler, Solomon
    Powell, Daniel
    Ridenour, S
    Shaw, George
    Sheak, Jno
    Staup, Eugene
    Simmon, E A
    Smith, Jno
    Stevens, Charles
    Warner, David
    Warner, Emanuel
    Witmore, David


    Bittle, John H
    Bittle, Thos F
    Bussard, J M
    Carter, F G
    Gaver, Henry
    Gaver, John T
    Grossnickle, Daniel
    Grossnickle, Ellis
    Grossnickle, Geo.
    Grossnickle, Mahion
    Grossnickle, Martin
    Grossnickle, Peter
    Harshman, Daniel
    Harshman, Elias
    Harshman, Israel
    Harshman, Samuel
    Herrong, J T
    Hooper, Chas.
    Johnson, Charles
    Leatherman, Adam
    Palmer, A W
    Palmer, Daniel
    Routzahn, Elias
    Routzahn, Ezra
    Routzahn, Ludwick
    Summers, Geo
    Toms, Josiah


    Annan, Dr Andrew
    Annan, A A
    Allison, J & B
    Barton, Thomas
    Beam, Geo P
    Bell, John K
    Bowers, Adam
    Buhrman, Thomas
    Byers, Joseph
    Clabaugh, Thomas
    Close Elijah
    Close, John
    Cretin, John T
    Eisenhardt, William
    Feezer, Amos
    Fuss, John
    Gamble, David
    Gardner, W. P.
    Geiss, John
    Gelwicks, H. J.
    Gillelan, D. S.
    Gillelan, Jacob
    Gilson, W. J.
    Gurthrie, W. S.
    Hays, Joseph
    Hockinsmith, J. J.
    Hockinsmith, R.E.
    Horner, A. L.
    Horner, Eli
    Hospelham, James
    Hovise, Francis
    Keilholtz, B.
    Koontz, William
    Krise, D. C.
    Krise, E. F.
    Lantz, Christian
    Linn, Isaac
    Manning, C. A.
    Martin, Geo. T. M.
    Martin, Mathias
    Maxwell, Samnel
    McCanon, Denis
    Motter, L M
    Motter, Samuel
    Morrison, Ruben
    Munshower, Jacob
    Myers, Jacob
    Mt St. Mary's College
    Neely, James
    Newcomer, Jacob
    Ohler, Geo
    Ohler, S G
    Ovelman, Hiram
    Paxton, Samuel
    Peddicord, John T
    Rider, Geo K
    Sell, Peter
    Shriver, L P
    Shriver, William Jr
    Sluss, John
    Springer, Edwin
    Stansberry, N C
    St Joseph's Academy
    Taney, Edward S
    Tayler, S K & Bros
    Topper, las B
    Troxell, Sas W
    Troxell, John
    Walter, John
    Winter, Harvey
    Wivel, J. C.
    Zacharias, C. T.
    Zacharias, M. P.
    Zentz, Aaron

    Fountain Mills

    Baker, S L
    Baker, G T
    Baker, Thomas of T
    Baker, W H
    Barnes,John B
    Boyer, James
    Burgee, F
    Burgee, K
    Davis, C G
    Davis, Eli
    Davis, Geo W
    Davis, I. T.
    Davis, S F
    Davis, Richard
    Davis W K
    Day, R K
    Edmonston, Geo D
    Griffith, L
    Griffith, L Jr
    Kindley, Geo F
    Kindley, Geo F Jr
    Kindley, Sebastian
    Lawson, Gabriel
    Lawson, Jas H
    Lawson, Jas N
    Lawson, W L
    Norwood, S B
    Furdum, Wm H
    Roberts, William
    Wolfe1 William


    Berklite, Daniel
    Brown, Daniel
    Brown, Ezra
    Brown, Ignatius
    Brown, M. L.
    Brown, William
    Brown, W B
    Buhrman, David
    Buhrman, George
    Buhrman, Henry
    Buhrman, John
    Buhrman, Levi
    Buhrman, Silas
    Buhrman, S H
    Buhrman, William L
    Buhrman, W W
    Bussard, Samuel
    Delauter, George W
    Draper, William
    Fox, George H
    Fox, George L
    Fox, George P
    Fox, Joseph S
    Fox, John P
    Fox, Thomas C
    Hauver, Ephraim
    Hauver, Melancton
    Hauver, Peter
    Hays, H C
    Kalebaugh, Adam
    Kalebaugh, John
    Lewis, Alfred
    Lewis, Barney
    Lewis, David
    Lewis, Lee
    Lewis, Samuel
    Lovel, Greenberry
    Mannahan, Daniel
    Mannahan, Henry
    McPherson, John
    Moser, Ezra
    Partner, Isaac
    Ridenouer, David
    Smith, Henry
    Smith, Samuel
    Smith William
    Sturdevant, William
    Swope, Jacob
    Toms, Abraham
    Toms, Abraham of W
    Toms, Daniel
    Toms, David
    Toms, Hiram
    Toms, Wiliam of D
    Toms, William of W
    Willard, Peter
    Wo1f, Daniel
    Wolf, H A
    Wolf, William
    Wyant, Yost


    Barton, Henry
    Bennett, B
    Black, Coradius
    Colliflower, S T
    Crum, Henry
    Dutrow, Lemuel
    Eicholtz, Samuel
    Elder, John F
    Firor, M. O.
    Firor, William
    Fisher, David
    Hahn, John
    Hankey, George
    Hoover, G. A.
    Kling, George
    Lohr, Abraham
    Lohr, John
    Lohr, Nicholas
    Martin, David
    Martin, Jacob
    Martin, Joshua
    Null, G. W.
    Ogle, John
    Ramsburg, Henry
    Shearer, A. E.
    Stess, Oscar
    Stoner, John R.
    Stull, Alexander
    Troxell, Samuel

    Greenfield Mills

    Boyers, S. L.
    Crist, Jacob
    Crist, William
    Davis, A. W.
    Leapley, P. N.
    Maxwell, J. S. & Bro.
    Mobley, J. O.
    Moore, W. H.
    Nichols, Edwards
    Oland, Charles
    Oland, Carlton
    Ordeman, H. D.
    Simmons, B. H.
    Snouffer, A. T.
    Spalding, E.
    Thomas, S. A.
    Trundle, Thos.
    Yingling, E. L.
    Yingling, G. W.


    Bowers, John
    Clem, Enos
    Craver, David
    Eyler, Christian
    Getzendanner, E. T.
    Harshman, John
    Hildebrand, Oliver
    Miller, Isaac
    Miller, J. W.
    Miller, Dr. T. E. R.
    Palmer, J. E.
    Palmer, F. T.
    Ramsburg, Lewis
    Shaffer, David F.
    Sunday, Daniel
    Stull, Frederick
    Snook, D. J.
    Snook, Wm. G.
    Warrenfeltz, Ezra
    Wilson, John


    Brandenburg, Daniel
    Brandenburg, Eli
    Brandenburg, Mathias
    Brandenburg, Thomas
    Bittle, M.
    Bussard, D. F.
    Bussard, John W.
    Delauder, Eli
    Harp, Geo. S.
    Harp, Isaiah
    Kinnel, Samuel
    Leatherman, Geo.
    Miller, Adam
    Miller, Samuel
    Putnam, J. J.
    Summers, Geo. W.
    Summers, John
    Summers, L H.
    Summers, Samuel M.
    Summers, Samuel T.
    Toms, Ezra
    Wiles, Jacob
    Young, Sampson

    Harmony Grove

    Cronise, Isaac
    Cronise, Chas.
    Derr, Geo.
    Grabenhorst, H. C.
    Houck, Geo.
    Houck, Ezra.
    Kefauver, M. M.
    Plunkard, Henry
    Plunkard, James
    Plunkard, John
    Thompson, Sam'l J.
    Worman, Geo. M.
    White, Wm.


    Addison, Jno. D.
    Anderson, A.
    Biggs, Jno.
    Crawford, Geo.
    Crawford, James
    Crawford, Thomas
    Curlett, James
    Deatrick, Jno. N.
    Dorsey, James
    Duvall, Dan'l T.
    Gallagher, Chas.
    Ijams, Mrs. Eliza A.
    Knode, Martin
    Magruder, Rufus
    Montgomery, Jas.
    Mussetter, John
    Smith, Louis E.
    Williams, John S.
    Worthington, Chas. E.
    Worthington, N. J.


    Blessing, Francis
    Bowlus, L. H.
    Crum, J. W.
    Culler, J. Harman
    Culler, J. Henry
    Culler, W. L.
    Dade, C.
    Easterday, Geo. E.
    Easterday, Thos. E.
    Feaga, C. E.
    Feaster, Jacob
    Figgins, Jas. M.
    Hawker, G. W.
    Helm, David L.
    Hemp, W. A.
    Herring, D. R.
    Horine, C. R.
    Horine, Joel
    Johnson, Thos.
    Kessler, Andrew
    Kessler, Israel
    Lakin, J. F.
    Lakin, Jno. S. & Bro.
    Laking, Wm. H.
    Long, Jno. W.
    Main, Tobias
    Miller, Frederick
    Ramsburg, J. W.
    Remsburg, D. S.
    Remsburg, W. Z.
    Sencil, John
    Shaff, A.
    Shaff, Daniel
    Slagle, H. M.
    Slagle, Geo. W.
    Slifer, Samuel
    Stine, Jacob
    Souder, Geo.
    Thomas, Ezra M.
    Zimmerman, D. J.


    Baldner, M.
    Buckey, R. R.
    Buffington, A.
    Boon, Emanuel
    Devilbiss, A. A.
    Devilbiss, B. P.
    Diehl, John
    Diehl, M.
    Diehl, Wm.
    Detterow, Wm.
    Engler, Jesse
    Engler, John
    Engler, N.
    Etzler, G. W.
    Garber, A.
    Garber, Adison
    Gernand, Andrew
    Giseman, Wm.
    Grabill, Reuben S.
    Grabill, Samuel
    Hoffman, W. O.
    Hyder, H.
    Pfoutz, J. S.
    Repp, Charles
    Repp, Samuel
    Repp, Wesley
    Rout, Wm.
    Sauble, Wm.
    Saylor, Daniel
    Saylor, D. O.
    Saylor, John
    Smith, Jacob
    Spurrier, S.
    Starr, L. N.
    Starr, M.
    Steel, A.
    Stitley, Isaac
    Stitley, J. E.
    Stitley, S.
    Stoner, D.
    Stoner, E.
    Stonecifer, U.
    Warfield, L.
    Wilson, P. L.
    Wolf, John
    Zimmerman, D.


    Baker, J. T. & Bro.
    Baker, T. M.
    Baker, W. H.
    Baker, W. H. of L.
    Boyer, William
    Boyer, Wesley
    Brandenburg, E.
    Brandenburg, G.
    Brandenburg, J.
    Browning, Richard
    Browning, Thomas
    Clay, Jesse
    Clay, John H.
    Cleary, W. L.
    Day, L.
    Engle, F. H.
    Fleming, M.
    Hyatt, Eli
    Kindley, B.
    Molesworth, John
    Morphey, B.
    Mount, W.
    Mosley, J. & Bro.
    Mosley, R.
    Mosely, R. M.
    Mussetter, L.
    Purdum, John D.
    Purdum, Josiah
    Thompson, C. T.
    Waters, N. W.


    Brashear, Theodore
    Crampton, B. P.
    Crampton, C. A.
    Deaver, H. T.
    Garrott, Barton
    McDuell, Jas. H.
    McDuell, Robert
    Morrison, Wm. L.
    Moss, Zach.
    Philpot, B. G.
    Staley, Rev. Geo. L.
    Thomas, John E.
    Willard, Ezra


    Angel, Uriah
    Albaugh, Jno.
    Byerly, Frederick
    Byerly, A. D.
    Byerly, David
    Boston, George F.
    Clabaugh, Wm.
    Crum, Frederick
    Fogle, David
    Fogle, John H.
    Fogle, Peter
    Flickinger, George
    Hartsock, Asbury
    Haugh, Addison
    Haugh, Wm.
    Koons, Jno. A.
    Keller, J. W.
    Liggett, J. J.
    McGinnis, Samuel
    McGinnis, J F
    Miller, Geo D
    Penner, Samuel
    Bouers, Adam
    Snook, Wm
    Shoemaker, Jno W
    Smith, Jno G


    Alexander, Martin
    Boteler, W H
    Dade, C
    Easterday, Thos B
    Helm, David
    Kessler, Andrew
    Lakin, Jno S
    Lakin, J & D
    Miller, Charles
    McGill, Thos J
    Souders, Geo
    Summers, Geo W


    Albaugh, Andrew
    Baltzell, Levi
    Bear, John
    Eaton, Henry
    Fresbour, Coleman
    Gough, Daniel
    Grun, J D
    Geesey, Thomas
    Houcir, Jacob
    Hines, Jacob H
    Howard, Isaac
    Isanagle, Michael
    Long, Wm
    Leatherman, I
    Leatherman, Dan'l
    Leatherman, Dr M B
    Leatherman, Levi
    Michael, Ezra
    Mort, Geo W
    Miller, Geo W
    Null, James
    Hamsburg, Lewis P
    Hamaburg, Alexander
    Ramsburg, Nelson
    Ramsburg, Daniel
    Roberts, Michael
    Rice, Samuel
    Selsan, Jno C
    Shader, Thomas
    Wilhide, Henry
    Zimmeiman, O T


    Albaugh, E V
    Albaugh, Joshua
    Applebee, H H
    Baker, Henry
    Baker, John B
    Beard, Geo P
    Bohn, Michael
    Bowlian, H U
    Bayer, Henry
    Boyer, W H
    Boyle, HC
    Brown, Jeremiah
    Burgess, B W W
    Carter, Milton
    Colleberg1 Frank
    Creager, Adam
    Creager, Theodore
    Crum, John
    Devilbias, A C
    D utrow, Josiah
    Ecker, Aaron
    Ecker, Sam'l
    Ecker, Sam'l B
    Egler, Eplirairn
    Egler, John F
    Esohelberger, Franklin
    Etzler, Dan'l
    Etaler, Taylor
    Eves, Peter
    Griffith, Lyde
    Hammond, Dawson V
    Hammond, John P
    Hines, John C
    Hobbs, Edward
    Jones, J Dorsey
    Keisler, T J
    Kiug, J D
    Kregle, Jonas
    Lindsay, C E
    Long, Reuben
    Medcalfe, N H
    Miller, Dan'l
    Mills, John H
    Norwood, R N
    Radcliffe, Upton
    Reisler, Thomas
    Riebmond, Epbralm
    Riordan, Cornelius
    Riordan, Dan'l
    Sechnat, Michael
    Simmons, Emory
    Simpson, Ri W
    Smith, D R
    Smith, Daniel
    Smith, Jacob of B
    Smith, John
    Smith, Joseph M.
    Smith, Sam'l D.
    Snider, Jacob
    Sweader, O. M.
    Sweadner, R. D.
    Swope, Henry
    Thomas, C. M.
    Unkerfer, John E.
    Valentine, Josiah
    Welsh, Luther
    Wright, John
    Yingling, J. T.
    Yingling, Thos.


    Beall, L. C.
    Leapley, P. N.
    Myers, Frank M.
    Nichols, Edward
    Ranneberger, Chas.
    Ranneberger, R.
    Snouffer, A. T.
    Spalding, H. J.
    Thomas, A. S.
    Thomas, D. D.

    Lime Kiln

    Baker, Wm. H.
    Brosius, C. T.
    Bushey, C. A.
    Buckheimer, Wm. H.
    Davis, Wm. B.
    Day, Jas. T.
    Delashmutt, Jas.
    Engle, Noah
    Grinder, Jos. S.
    Grove, M. J.
    Hildebrand, L. H.
    Jarboe, Thos. R.
    Leib, Judge S. D.
    Sechrist, Wm. H.
    Smith, H. E.
    Thomas, Christian


    Dixon, Jas. E.
    Fisher, Abraham
    Fisher, John
    Glisan, Saml
    Greenwood, J.
    Hanna, Nathan
    Lease, Charles
    Lease, Gideon
    Poole, Charles
    Poole, Thornton
    Roop, Jesse
    Roop, Samuel
    Shoemaker, Daniel
    Smith, Peter
    Trostle, Jacob
    Warner, William


    Boller, Henry
    Boller, Israel
    Caughman, Andrews
    Damuth, C. A.
    Eckenrode, H.
    Eignebrode, Jacob
    Eigenbrode, Jacob, Jr.
    Eyler, Chas.
    Eyler, Cyrus
    Firor, B. F.
    Firor, Wm.
    Fleagle, John A.
    Flohr, Jeremiah
    Flohr, Joseph
    Foreman, H. C.
    Freese, Michael
    Frey, Joseph C.
    Gall, Henry
    Hahn, John
    Kelly, J. W.
    Livers, Joseph
    Lohr, Simon
    Moser, Joseph
    Orndorf, A. F.
    Payne, J. W.
    Roddy, John
    Roddy, Abraham
    Roddy, Simon
    Rouzer, Henry
    Rouzer, John
    Seigmond, G. J.
    Smith, H. S.
    Stansburg, Nicholas
    Stoner, John
    Webster, Joseph
    Wilhide, F. A.
    Wilhide, Joseph
    Wilhide, Nelson
    Wilhide, Samuel
    Zentz, A. S.


    Ahalt, Jacob
    Ahalt, Joshua D.
    Ahalt, Lewis H.
    Ahalt, Matthias S.
    Ahalt, Matthias S., Jr.
    Beachley, Ezra
    Beachley, Jonas
    Beachley, Martin H
    Biser, Cyrus
    Biser, Henry
    Brandenburg, Daniel
    Bussard, James
    Bussard, John W.
    Bussard, P. Hanson
    Castle, Henderson
    Coblentz Calvin
    Coblentz Chas H
    Coblentz Edward F
    Coblentz Henry
    Coblentz John C.
    Coblentz Lewis P
    Coblentz Martin
    Coblentz Oliver P
    Coblentz, Philip
    Cookerly, Lewis C
    Crone, Jacob
    Dean, Hezekiah
    Delauder, Samuel
    Derr, Charles
    Derr, Daniel
    Derr, Samuel
    Derr, Thomas
    Doub, Cornelius
    Doub, Jonas
    Doub, Josiah
    Doub, Lewis P
    Easterday, Daniel S
    Flook, J Hanson
    Flook, S Henry
    Flook, Millard F
    Gaver, Geo. W
    Grambine, John A
    Hedges, Joseph H
    Herring, Lloyd H
    Holter, Peter
    Huffer, Jacob M
    Huffer, Joseph L
    Huffer, Wm E
    Hyatt, Eli
    Ifert, J J
    Joy, James F
    Keafauver, D Edward
    Keafauver, U Germans
    Keafauver, Eugene
    Keafauver, George
    Keafauver, Horatio B
    Keafauver, Lewis F
    Keafanver, M Calvin
    Keafauver, Morgan N
    Keafauver, Richard C
    Keafauver, Samuel
    Keafauver, Wm D
    Keller, Daniel
    Keller, John D
    Kepler, John H
    Koogle, Adam
    Koogle, Charles
    Koogle, John of D
    Leatherman, Peter
    Lighter, Charles H
    Lighter, John H
    Lighter, Samuel L H
    McBride, H Clay
    McBride, Lewis
    Miller, Daniel C
    Miller, John D
    Miller, Wm H
    Nikirk, George Jr
    Phleeger Fred
    Remsburg, Asa C
    Remsburg, Benjamin
    Remsburg, David
    Remsbnrg, G Wm
    Remsburg Geo I
    Remsburg, Henry C
    Remsburg, John H
    Remsburg, Mahlon C
    Remsburg, Singleton B
    Remsburg, Thos
    Rontisalin, D Bittle
    Routzahn, Edward
    Routzahn, Eli
    Routzahn, Geo H
    Routzahn, Harnian L
    Routzahn, Hezekiah
    Routzahn, S Henry
    Routzahn, Jacob
    Routzahn, Noah
    Rudy, Geo B
    Rudy, Hanson
    Rudy, Joshua
    Sanner, Daniel
    Sanner, John
    Shafer, Charles
    Shafer, Daniel
    Shafer, Geo
    Shafer, S Edward
    Shafer, John B
    Shafer, Joseph
    Shafer, Samuel
    Shafer, Thomas
    Sheffer, Philip
    Smeltzer, Daniel B D
    Smith, Ezra
    Smith, Samuel L
    Snook, John M
    Speck, Samuel
    Stone, John C
    Summers, Lawson
    Toms, John H
    Waters, Peter
    Wiles, John T
    Wilson, Robert
    Young, Daniel H
    Young, Daniel of J
    Young, Isaac
    Young, Lewis


    Boteler, John B
    Crampton, Lloyd
    Diffendall, Sam'1
    Edmonston, Geo.
    Gardner, Wm
    Griffith, L
    Griffith, P H
    Jones, Frank
    Keifer, Chas H
    Mason, John S
    Norris, Mrs H
    Plummer, Samuel W
    Rice, James H
    Rogers, Nicholas
    Smith, Geo. H
    Thompson, Chas W
    Thompson, John W
    Thompson, Moses
    Talbott, Gco B
    Waters, N
    Waters, U
    Wood, S Newton
    Wood, Jacob G
    Wood, Jno B R& Bro
    Wood, John W


    Appel, George
    Black, Joseph
    Black, William
    Creatin, Joseph
    Dorsey, John
    Dorsey, Charles
    Dudderow, E
    Eckenrode, E
    Grimes, Clinton
    Hobbs, John
    Knode, Elms
    Lingg, Henry
    Long, Jacob
    Manning, Charles
    Martin, A
    Martin, David
    Martin, H
    Motter, William
    Ovelman, Geo. R.
    Orndorf, Jas A
    Shriver, William
    Siers, Daniel
    Smith, George
    Walter, John
    Zacharias, Christian
    Zacharias, M

    Mount Pleasant

    Burrier, Jacob S Jr
    Burrier, Jno
    Burrier, Simon
    Burrier, Win
    Burrier, Jacob S Sr
    Boogher, A
    Buckey, G W
    Buckey, Edward F
    Bradenburg, Mrs E
    Bell, John
    Bumgardner, Henry
    Bimbrink, Henry
    Cramer, Henry
    Cramer, C C
    Crum, Adam
    Diller, Jno.
    Diller, Jacob
    Droneberger, Jacob
    Etzler, M.
    Fox, John
    Griffith, John
    Hoke, Samuel, Jr.
    Hoke, Martin
    Houck, Daniel
    Hammond, Upton J.
    Kemp, Daniel S.
    Lease, Amos
    Lease, Luther E.
    McDannel, Wm.
    Murphy, Hezekiah
    Nusbaum, Samuel of J.
    Nusbaum, F. Wash'n
    Poole, Samuel
    Ramsburg, Gideon
    Riddlemoser, Jas. L.
    Riddlemoser, C. Aug's
    Stimmel, Jno.
    Stevens, Reuben G.
    Sheetenaltm, Reuben
    Sheetenaltm, George
    Stone, Dr. D. E.
    Thomas, Chas. A.
    Zimmerman, Ephraim


    Betts, Samuel
    Bowers, David
    Bowlus, Josiah
    Brandenburg, Martin
    Delauder, Elias
    Doub, Isaiah
    Duple, Jacob
    Dutro Jacob
    Eldridge, A C
    Flook, U F
    Gaver, Elias
    Gaver, Joseph
    Grosanickle, T
    Harp, U V
    Harshman, Dan'l
    Keller, Henry
    Kellcr, Isaac
    Keller, Mrs Mary F
    Sefler, T Canton
    Koogle, Capt Jacob
    Linebaugh, Sam'l
    Longman, Geo
    Ludy, Wm
    Marker, Ezra
    Michad, James
    Morgan David
    Moser, Jacob
    Poffenberger, Geo
    Renner, Adam
    Renner, Joshua
    Ridgely, Wm
    Roatzahn, Ezra
    Sanner, Chas
    Schildknecht, Jacob
    Schildknecht, Mrs S
    Schroyer, John
    Shank, Cariton
    Shank, Geo
    Shank, John
    Smith, Geo
    Smith, J J
    Snyder, M H
    Summers, Sam'l
    Toms, Ezra
    Yonng, Wm R

    New London

    Albaugh, J
    Bennett, J P
    Brengle, N.
    Burall, S.
    Burk, H
    Burrier, A
    Cashone, A
    Clay, W H H
    Clay, Wm of P
    Creager, M
    Danner, C H
    Dorsey, V W
    Downey, J
    Gissen, J B
    Hammond, T H
    Harding, O P
    Hobbs, J M
    Hobbs, N
    Huffman, T
    Jones, J G
    Jones, J. P.
    Jones, M
    Jones, W
    Kimmel, A Z
    Lease, S
    Lowe, C
    Maynard, H G
    Maynard, N
    Meredith, J
    McCaffry, A B
    Rippian, J T
    Unglesbee, G W
    Wetzell, E

    New Market

    Bartholow, J B
    Beau, Basil T
    Berand, Jonathan
    Foyer, Adam
    Boyer, Peter
    Chambers, Greenberry
    Clay, Graften
    Cronise, Jonathan
    Croniac, Simon
    Dorsey, J W
    Dorsey, Pottinger
    Eader, Manasa
    Fowler, Hanson
    Fowler, Thomas
    Hammond, Burgess
    Jones, Frank
    Kelly, John
    Knode, Martin
    Mayne, Lawson
    Meredith, Jno T
    Moberly, Jno C
    Molesworth, Thos
    Molesworth, Jas P
    Ogborn, W W
    Plummer, Wm H
    Price, S W
    Rice, J K
    Rice, J H Jr
    Roberts, Wm
    Russell, Samuel H
    Salmon, Charles
    Salmon, William
    Shipley, Dr N O
    Smith, Geo H
    Swomley, Daniel
    Swemley, Elisha
    Talbett, Geo F
    Thompson, Ittobert
    Trayer, M P
    Trayer, Win K
    Wagner, Grafton
    Wagner, Wm T
    Waters, H W D
    Waters, N M
    Wood, Charles

    New Midway

    Ashbangb, Jacob
    Barrick, Robert
    Butt, Levi G
    Delaplane, H
    Delapiane, J H
    Biler, Ames
    Biler, Daniel
    Fogle, Isaac
    Fegle, Michael
    Grim, Joseph
    Hummer, John
    Kline, John
    Lippy, John
    Loek, John
    Philips, L N
    Renner, Geo J
    Renner, M O
    Renner, W A
    Rowe, William
    Sager, H
    Sowers, Adam
    Stoner, Absalom
    Stoner, John
    Wilhide, John L
    Young, Samuel

    Oak Orchard

    Baker, Joseph G
    Barnes, John T
    Duddera; Benj F
    Dudderar, Peter
    Nicedemus, Jesse
    Nicodemna John H
    Nusbaum, Isaac L.

    Owen's Creek

    Butler, Jesse
    Colliflower, Jno F
    Dorsey, Chas.
    Elder, John F.
    Fisher, David
    Fisher, J. M.
    Fisher, John M.
    Hiner, H. A.
    Hobbs, Benj.
    Hoffman, Geo. W.
    Hoffman, John
    Martin, Jacob
    Martin, Jeremiah
    Naill, T. L.
    Ogle, John S.
    Ramsburg, Henry
    Ridenour, James
    Sigmund, G. J.
    Smith, John
    Stevens, Chas.
    Troxell, Fred'k.
    Troxell, John F.


    Boteler, Wm. H.
    Claggett, Samuel
    Claggett, Thos. J.
    Dunlop, Col. H.
    Ferrall, James
    Fout, Wm.
    Gouvernor, Mrs. Mary D.
    Hilleary, Clarence
    Hilleary, J.
    Hilleary, John H.
    Hilleary, Thomas
    Hilleary, Tilghman
    Lee, Thomas S.
    Luckett, Joshiah
    Marght, Andrew J.
    Martin, Richard C.H.
    Roelky, J.
    Shaffer, George
    Shroeder, Capt. Henry B.
    Weeden, Jas. H.
    Willard, Thomas

    Plane No. Four

    Buxton, Brook
    Buxton, John T.
    Cain, Joseph
    Chaney, Nath'l E.
    Dorsey, Wm. R.
    Duvall, Dan'l W.
    Flemming, Otho.
    Gartrell, Greenberry
    Hood, Ephraim
    Jones, C. J.
    Mullinix, T P
    Purdum, Josiah
    Smith, C C
    Sprigg, Samuel
    Spurner, Wm G

    Point of Rocks

    Besant, James H
    Brown, Joseph L
    Colbert, Andrew J
    Crist, G B
    Downey, James K
    Harwood, Wm T
    Hiems, E
    Kemp, David
    Orison, John
    Orison, Stephen
    Shelman, D J
    Snouffer, B T
    Snouffe; George W
    Stouffer, P B
    Sti'nklc, Charles
    Stunkle, Luther
    Thompson, Philip
    Tolbert, John
    Trundle, Joseph
    West, P M
    Wins, Jacob
    Wirts, K C
    Wright, J P
    Wright, S P

    Rocky Ridge

    Anders, John
    Appold, George
    Barriek, C J
    Barrick, Geo W
    Beard, George
    Beitler, Jesse
    Biggs, Joshua
    Black, Joseph
    Black, William
    Holler, W H
    Dotterer, Josiah
    Faker, Reuben
    Eiler, Thomas
    Filer, John
    Hinea, Addison
    Hines, Calvin
    Hines, Levi
    Knauff, John
    Knee, William
    Late, Jacob
    Long, A
    Long, Edward
    Lippy, Michael
    Martin, Edward
    Miller, John
    Miller, Martin
    Mort, Frederick
    Mort, William
    Naill, L. L.
    Norris, Joshua
    Ovelman, Reuben
    Ovelman, William
    Ott, Eli
    Pusey, Thomas
    Stambaugh, Samuel
    Stitely, J. Q.
    Sigman, William
    Valentine, Grason
    Valentine, James
    Valentine, Lewis
    Weant, Elias
    Wood, Jas A


    Ambrose, George H
    Ambrose, Georue W
    Crawford,D & Lewis
    Harbaugh, David
    Harbaugh, Ephraim
    Harbaugh, Henry
    Harbaugh Hiram
    Harbaugh, L C
    Harbaugh, Taylor
    Harbaugh, Washington
    Harbaugh, Yost
    Waggaman, Richard


    Gaither, G E
    Gaither, H C
    Gaither, Wm
    Lawrence, C A
    Lugenbeel, Thos
    Norris, H
    Norris, N E
    Pearre, T O
    Whitehill, Chas
    Wilson, W


    Addison, J D
    Bennett, Jamns W
    Bussard, Gideon
    Carter, Tobias
    Cecli, C C
    Cook, Otho J
    Crawford, Geo & Thea
    Davis J W
    Dixon, Thos
    Duvall, Benj W
    Funk, WH
    Grinder, J S
    Hinks, Samuel
    House, Geo
    Hughes, Dr Beni C
    Jamison, B S
    Jamison, J J
    Jamison, J V
    Johnson, Wm
    Kindley, W S
    King, Singleton
    King, Singleton Jr
    Kramer, Lewis N
    Lamar, B S
    Lawson, S H & Bro
    Leinhart, S M
    Linthicum, J H & S W
    Mikesell, A
    Murdock, H H
    Smith, T A of T
    Thomas, Col C K
    Warfield, Garrison
    Windsor, Z H & Bro
    Worthington, C E
    Worthington, S T
    Worthington, James
    Worthington, N J
    Yaste, Jas Wm
    Yaste, Jonathan

    Utica Kills

    Bell, Mrs S
    Eyler, Mrs. Daniel
    Geisbert, Christian
    Getzendanner, E T
    Haltzopole, Fred'k
    Hill, Mrs E
    Hill, Wm
    Lenhart, Henry
    Mohler, Reuben
    Myers, Abraham
    Pippinger, Hezekiah
    Ramsburg, Emanuel
    Snook, D J
    Snook, Dan'1
    Stottlemyer, Frank
    Wachter, Andrew
    Wachter, Caleb
    Wachter, Michael


    Baker, Aaron
    Baugher, Jno. & Jno. D.
    Best, Geo. W. & J. C.
    Buckston, S T
    Burrier, Dan'l & Eli
    Cramer, Edw & E D
    Cramer, Geo & S H
    Cramer, Jacob & Jno D
    Cramer, Noah
    Creager, E D & Solom'n
    Cromwell, Arthur
    Crum, Solomon
    Devilbiss, Solomon
    Dinterman, Jacob
    Droneberger, J & T
    Fulton, C H & John
    Grabill, Jacob
    Harbaugh, Geo
    Harris, Henry
    Harshman, David
    Jones, Morris
    Kemp, Wm H
    Linck, Geo
    Miller, Harrison
    Nicodemus, Jno. L.
    Ramsburg. C D & E
    Rebbert, E
    Riggs, P J
    Scholl, Lewis P
    Seachrist, Michael
    Smith, Lewis
    Todd, W N
    Wachter, John
    Withers, C B


    Baker, S H P
    Dubel, J ID
    Easterday, L
    Frey, E
    Frey, H
    Grossnickle, E
    Harshman, C
    Harshman, D
    Harshman, B
    Harshman, J T
    Harshman, L
    Hessone, S
    Hoover, Mrs E
    Hoover, Samuel
    Kline, M
    Leatherman, E.
    Moser, S L
    Recher, J
    Schroeger, Lawson
    Warrenfeltz, D
    Warrenfeltz, J C
    Wolfe, S

    Frederick City

    Abb, Henry
    Adkins, C. M.
    Anders & Reifsnider
    Anderson, Thos W
    Angelberger, Geo D
    Angelberger, Lewis S
    Bailie, Jesse
    Barrick, Lewis E
    Bast, Elias
    Best, John T
    Best, Simon D
    Blank, John H
    Blentlinger, Wrn H
    Bowers, Win D
    Breagle, Ezra M
    Brenneman, J B
    Broadrup, Chas
    Brown, Henry C
    Brown, Sam'l H
    Brunner, Chas A
    Brunner, Henry
    Brunner, Isaac
    Buckey, Basil V
    Burger, Geo P
    Burkhart, Chas H
    Bushey, Jacob M
    Bussard, David
    Buxton, Basil
    Castle,T F
    Clagett, Thos
    Cline, N. O.
    Cockey, S G
    Cramer, Amos
    Cramer, S C
    Cronise, Chas L
    Cronise, Isaac
    Cronise, S Calvin
    Cronise, Joseph
    Culler, Philip
    Cutasil, Geo W
    Dean, John
    Degrange, John
    Denegre, W O
    Dennis, G H
    Derr, David
    Derr, E L
    Dixon, Thos. O.
    Dutrow, Samuel
    Falconer, Wm H
    Feaga, Wm K
    Fleming, S Alfred
    Fout, Bradley T
    Fout, Geo L
    Fout, Grafton
    Fraley, F M
    Garman, J H
    Getzendanne; Jno D
    Gilpin, G F
    Gittinger, Geo W
    Gladhill, Jas S Jr
    Goldahorough, B Y
    Goldaborough, Dr John
    Grabenhorat, H C
    Grove, David
    Gmve, Elias
    Hagan, John
    Hagan, John C
    Hargate, A H
    Hargate, D H
    Hargate; John E
    Hargate, Sam'l
    Hedges & Baker
    Heffner, Lewis C
    Hildebrand, Jacob
    Hildebrand, Joseph D
    Hildebrand, Wm O
    Hoffman, Wm
    Hoke, David
    Holtz, A B
    Holtz, John
    Hood, James H
    Hopwood, F T
    Houck, Ezra Jr
    Houck, Geo
    Houck, James
    Honek, Michael
    Howard, Wm H
    Hummer, Edward
    Jackson, Adolphus
    Kauffman, John C
    Keller, D H
    Keller, John D
    Kemp, D Columbus
    Kemp, Edward
    Keyser, Benj
    Keyser, Sam'l
    Kimmel, Fred'k
    Kintz, Fred'k
    Kline, C Sam'l
    Klipp, Henry
    Koib, John M
    Koib, Wm
    Krantz, Fred'k
    Lakin, FT
    Lease, Robert
    Lewis, F J
    Lewis, Jacob
    Lighter, S L H
    Loans, John
    Main, David of J
    Main, Geo J
    Mainhan, C C
    Mainhart, Daniel
    Marriott, A W
    Martz, Lewis J
    Martz, W N
    MeDevilt, C W
    MeDevitt, John
    MeKinney, M S
    MeKinsey, J B
    McMullen, J F
    MeMurray, Louis
    Mehrling, Casper
    Mercer, Wm B
    Michael, Abram
    Michael, Isaac
    Miller, C W
    Miller, J W
    Miner, Joseph G
    Miller, Samuel
    Miuer, Dr T B R
    Miller, Wm S
    Mon, Joseph
    Mullinix, L C
    Neighbours, N 0
    O'Leary, A D
    Palmer, Jacob~E
    Picking, Thos
    Preston, Wm T
    Ramsburg, John S
    Bamsburg, Lewis S
    Raiosburg, Samuel
    Ramshurg, Uriah
    Ramsburg, Wm H
    Reich, Isaac H
    Reich, Philip
    Reich, R C
    Reifsnider, John
    Remsburg, A F
    Remsburg, Dennis
    Rhoderick, Mahion
    Rice, Samuel
    Rizer, Geo H
    Roelkey, John
    Rontzahn, D H
    Roatrahn, Joseph L
    Saurwien, Christian
    Schaeffer, John A
    Schindler, H F
    Shook, Daniel
    Shook, Daniel H
    Shook, G. G.
    Shriner, E A
    Shultz, Conradt
    Simpson, Thos
    Smith, Dan'1 L
    Smith, David O
    Smith, Geo Wm
    Smith, John
    Smith, John J
    Smith, Luther C
    Snook, Wm G
    Staley, C
    Staley, C A
    Stniey, David L
    Staley, Ezra
    Staley, Fleet
    Staley, Lewis M
    Steiner, James 0
    Stein, John F
    Straeffer, Dan'l
    Straeffer, Daniel Z
    Stull, E J
    Stull, E T
    Stull, Francis A
    Stull, Geo
    Stull, Lewis H
    Stull, Wm H
    Stull, Wm M
    Stup, J J
    Stup, Joseph
    Stup, Joseph Jr
    Summers, J. V.
    Sunday, Dan'l
    Thomas, Lews M
    Thomas, Z G
    Wachter, Henry
    Wachter, L F
    Wachter, Philip
    Wachter, Philip
    Wachter, T.
    Wagner, Isaac K
    White, Wm
    Whitmore, John M
    Whitmore, R M
    Wolf, Samuel
    Worman, Wm J
    Young, John of C
    Zeigler, Jacob H
    Zellers, John F
    Zimmerman, E J
    Zimmerman, E Joshua
    Zimmerman, Elias
    Zimmerman, J A J
    Zimmerman, J E
    Zimmerman, J N
    Zimmerman, Joseph E
    Zimmerman, S. J.


    Adams, B F
    Adams, Wm
    Albaugh, David
    Albaugh, Jeremiah
    Anders, W H
    Baker, Nathan
    Barrick, George P
    Barrick, S
    Beard, Geo
    Beard, Mathias
    Beard, Solomon
    Biddinger, John
    Burton, Samuel
    Carmack, Wm.
    Cramer, John W
    Cramer, Peter
    Cutshall, Wm
    Delaplane, Wm
    Delaplane, Wm H
    Dorcus, Jacob
    Droneberg, Jno F
    Feizer. Parana L.
    Fogle, David
    Fogle, Joshua
    Fogle, Nicholas
    Fogle, Nicholas, Jr.
    Fulton, H. C.
    Geiselman, George K.
    Graham, James
    Hardy, L.
    Harness, Oliver
    Hoffman, Henry
    Ledgwood, Owen
    Locke, J. Fred'k
    Locke, John H.
    McCoskey, Joseph
    McKroskey, G. W.
    Miller, John D.
    Otto, Charlton
    Putnam, H.
    Putnam, Samuel
    Saxton, Wm.
    Saylor, Geo. C.
    Saylor, John
    Saylor, John H.
    Saylor, Simon
    Shank, Michael
    Shank, Wm.
    Slagle, Eli K.
    Slagle, Martin
    Smith, Calvin
    Smith, Ezra
    Smith, George L.
    Smith, James W.
    Smith, John of J.
    Smith, Solomon
    Spahr, Abraham
    Spahr, Littleton O.
    Stull, Randolph G.
    Wilbrener, R. J.
    Woods, Charles
    Working, Henry
    Young, J. D.
    Young, S. D.
    Zimmerman, Henry O.

  • Garrett County

    GARRETT COUNTY, the last formed county in Maryland, is the extreme western division of the State, and is bounded on the east by Allegany County, south by the North Branch of the Potomac River, west by the State line of West Virginia, north by Mason and Dixon's line, and contains an area of six hundred and seventy square miles of territory. Is crossed its entire length north and south by the Great Savage Mountain, a distance of over forty miles. This Alain Ridge of the Alleganies divides the east and western waters. Two-thirds of the territory of the county lies west of this Summit Ridge; on the east is the Maryland Coal Basin, one-third of which is in Garrett County; on the west, flowing north from the south end of the county, is the Yougbiougheny River and Castleman's River, draining with their tributaries and other valuable but undeveloped coal and iron region. The streams flowing from the west side into the Youghiougheny are Laurel River, Snowy Creek, Harrington, Muddy Creek, and Buffalo Creek; on the east side, Cherry Creek, Little Youghiougheny, Deep Creek, Lary Run, Bare Creek, and Mill Run. The Savage River has its sources and tributaries in this county, and empties into the North Branch of the Potomac, at the extreme eastern end of Garrett County.

    The geology is composed of sand stone, lime stone of fine quality, and stone coal of fine quality, as above stated. No county in the State contains more valuable mineral deposits in coal and iron ore. The elevated table lands on the western side of the Savage Mountain, and between that and Meadow Mountain, covering an area of four hundred square miles, is an elevation of two thousand five hundred feet above tide, comparatively level; is about one-third glade, interspersed regularly by ridge or timber land, and is admitted to be the best grazing portion of the State; is only partially settled, and offers superior advantages for farming and stock raising. Immense forests of timber cover large portions of the county. Pine, oak, maple, and all hard wood found in high latitudes of the best quality. Products, wheat, corn, rye, buckwheat, oats, potatoes, wool and butter. Grass grows naturally on the glades, and timothy and clover in abundance follow cultivation. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad passes from east to west, a distance of thirty miles, through the southern end of the county, and the National Road through the northern end of the county a distance of over twenty miles.

    Judges Fourth Judicial Circuit-Hon. H. H. Alvey, Chief Judge; Hons Wm. Motter and Geo. A. Pearre, Associate Judges. Clerk to Court-W. H Tower, Oakland. Crier-Wm. Smouse. Auditor~W. P. Townahend. Standing Commissitonors- John M. Read and C. A. Snyder. Messenger- Jas. M. Bell. Bai~ffs-Wm. Waltz and T. Bosley. Sheriff-Thomas Coddington, Oakland. State's Attorney-John W. Veiteb, Oakland. Judges of Orphans' Court-Joseph Dewitt, Chief Judge, A. J. Michaels and Wm. Harvey, Associate Judges. Register of Wills-W. L. Rawlings, Oakland, Surveyor-John Harned, Oakland. County Commissioners-E. C. Tilison President, Deer Park, John Riley and Jeremiah Guard. Clerk-W. H. Hagans, Oakland. Sekool Commissioners-Wm. A. Brydon, President, G. W. Delawder and Dr. Wm. Burns. Secretary and Treasurer-Dr. B. H. Bartlett, Oakland. Regusters of Voters-Henry O. Hamill, James H. Rush, Isaiah Fuller, Wm. H. Bernard, Daniel Hinebaugh, Thos. Browning, Richard T. Browning, Wm. F. Deakins, and Joshua Fazenbaker. Tax Collector-E. Miller, Oakland. Justices of the Peace- Jonathan H. Wilson, Henry Rasch, Ben j. Griffith, Isaac Umbell, John T. Patterson, Sylvanus Butler, Andrew J. Warnick, Wm. Hinebaugh, William M. Miller, William Browning, Sr., Frances Seabold, Alex. L. Osbourn, Richard B. Jamison, Henry Thompson, James Mason and Orman Fazenbaker. Notary Public-John M. Read, Oakland. Congressnaan, Sixth District-Hon. Wm. Walsh, Cumberland. State &nator-Hon. Baithaser Weifley. Members of House of Delegates-Hons. George W. Wilson and George W. Blocher. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Oakland, the county seat: Law Terms-3d Monday in March and 2d Monday in September. Chancery Terms-3d Mondays in January, March, May and July, and 2nd Mondays in September and November. Population of County-White, 11,000; colored, 1,000 Registered Vote-1,900. Assessed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks and Railroad Property-$3,988,177. State and County Tax $1.30 on $100.


    Is 20 miles from Oakland on the B. & 0. R. R. The land is rolling, mostly cleared; is estimated at $30 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 150 potatoes, 20 corn, 25 buckwheat and two tons hay. Lutheran and Tunkard Churches, and a public school. Population 50. J. W. Boyer, Postmaster.

    Gobringer, Adam
    Grower, Fred'k
    Hartman, Wm
    Menhorn, Geo F
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Englehart, Geo. F.
    Henry & Val Kahl
    Miller, M. J.
    General Merchandise
    Boyer, J. W. & Son
    Gnagey, John E.
    Ries, Mrs. A. B.
    McMillen, Eli
    Snyder, Christian
    Ries, Mrs. A. B.
    Justice of the Peace
    Hinebaugh, Wm.
    Casey, Henry
    Engle, Samuel
    Weller, Melchor
    Glodfelty, E. H.
    Hanftling, Alex
    Richter, Edward
    Ries, Fred'k
    Hinebaugh, Wm
    Richter, John L.
    Eckhart, John
    Zinken, Henry


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 9 miles east of Oakland and 223 from Baltimore. The situation is upon the extreme summit of the Alleganies, 3,000 feet above tide. It is here that the mountain streams divide, flowing in one direction towards the Ohio River, the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico; and in the other towards the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. From Altamont westwatd for a distance of nearly 29 miles are beautiful meadows, known as the "Glades," lying along the upper waters of the Youghiougheny River and its numerous tributaries, divided by ridges of moderate elevation and gentle slopes, with fine ranges of mountains in the back ground. Population 50. H. Zimmerman, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise.
    Wilson, J H
    Zimmerman, Harry


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 208 miles from Baltimore, 24 east of Oakland and at the junction of the Potomac and Savage Rivers; place healthy, business fair; the lands are underlaid with coal, and are worth from $10 to $100 per acre. M. E. Church, Rev. H. Kolb. Population 200. M. E. Moody, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. & Express
    Mullen, Wm
    Santmyer, Harrison
    Warnick, Mason O
    Nethkins, Joseph T
    Brown, John L
    Kemp, Elijah
    Stiff, Moses
    Coal Companies
    Empire, Jno Somerville, Supt
    North Branch, W A Brydon, Prest
    Bevers, David J
    Bell, Frank
    Hepburn, Collins
    General Merchandise.
    Moody, Wm
    Mullin, Andrew
    Justices of the Peace
    Warnick, A. J.
    Keefer, D. P.
    Ambrose, N. M.
    Dolley, G. W.
    Bartlett, Thomas
    Saw Mills
    Lochiel Lumber Co
    Meese, N H
    Gilpin, Thornton
    Harshberger, Sam'l
    Wines and Liquors
    Garvey, Thomas


    Is on the B. & O. R. R, 225 miles from Baltimore and 3 from Oakland. The nearest stream is little Youghiougheny River. The land is rolling and glades, can be bought for $25 per acre, and produces 30 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 200 potatoes, 20 corn, and 2 tons hay. Lutheran, M. E., United Brethren, and Union Churches, and a public school. Population 150. E. C. Tilison, Postmaster.

    Agent- R. R. & Express.
    Tilisen, E. C.
    Wolf, Wm
    Schoolfield, L H
    General Merchandise
    Davis & Bro
    Steele, Mrs W
    Wheeler, J L
    Deer Park, B & O R R Co
    Wing & Wing, E C Tillson
    Lumber Mannfacturers.
    Davis, H G & Co
    Lashorn, Joseph
    Lantz, W S
    Rodeheaver, J C


    Is 16 miles from Confluence, Pennsylvania, and near Bear Creek. Land is principally cleared, and can be bought at $10 per acre, and yields 15 bus. wheat, 25 oats, 100 potatoes, 30 corn and 1 ton hay; one school and a church. Population 50. Lewis Swalp, Postmaster.

    Gross, Fred
    Beeghley, Michael J.
    General Merchandise
    Swalp, Lewis
    Engle, Sam'l
    Kease, Henry


    Is 14 miles from Frostburg. The nearest stream is Castleman's River. Land is fertile, principally cleared, well timbered; ranges in value from $12 to $45 per acre, and readily produces 25 bus. wheat, 35 oats, 150 potatoes, 40 corn, and 1 ton hay. German Reformed Church, Rev. C. U. Heilman; Lutheran, Rev. J. J. Young; M. E., Rev. C. S. Harrison, and public schools. Population 150. H. Muhlenberg, Postmaster.

    Chapman, Wm. H.
    Smouse, Daniel S.
    Smouse, Henry
    Winterberg, Henry
    Burrier, W G
    General Merchandise.
    Broadwater, J S
    Keller & Matthew
    Lichty & Keim
    Mellinger, John
    Stanton, Eli
    Keller, B F
    Saw Mills.
    Dorsey, Patrick
    Durst, Saml S
    Miller, E J & Bro
    Durst, David
    Yanmers, John
    Loewenstein, Chas
    Telegraph Operator.
    Glotfelty, Joseph
    Woolen Mills.
    Bodis, Conrad


    Is 9 miles from Confluence, Pa., and near the Youghiougheny River. There are several veins of coal in this vicinity, two, three and five feet thick; the bottom land is generally sandy, the high land is good, producing all kinds of grain, grass, &c. Land is worth from $8 to $20 per acre, and yields 15 bus. wheat, 25 oats, 200 potatoes, 50 corn and 3 tons hay. One public school. Population 50. P. T. Garthright, Postmaster.

    Miller, John M
    General Merchandise.
    Garthright, P T
    Guard, Jerry
    Neil, August
    Sellers, J L
    Speelman, Otho
    Saw Mills.
    Miller, John M
    Speelman, Otho
    Guard, Jerry
    Woolen Mills.
    Griffith & Guard


    Is 14 miles from Oakland on the B. & 0. R. R. The land is easily tilled; can be bougbt at from $6 to $10 per acre; produces 20 to 30 bus. wheat, and an average amount of other crops. One public school. Population 50. S. P. Specht, Postmaster.

    Wolf, Asbury
    Saw Mills
    Glotfelty, Jonas
    Glotfelty, Mahlon
    Keefer, F.
    Sell & Son


    The county seat, is situated on the B. & O. R. R., 232 miles from Baltimore. The location is on the summit plateau of the Allegany Mountains, 2,800 feet above tide water; and the atmosphere is noted for its purity and healthfulness. The neighboring streams abound with trout, and the surrounding mountains with game of all descriptions. The land is good, produces from 16 to 25 bus. wheat, good rye and no better potatoes anywhere; also, oats and buckwheat. It sells at from $5 to 10 per acre, in the woods; plenty for sale. Grass grows abundantly in its native state, and timothy and clover when sown. Oakland contains the usual accommodations for a county seat, and a fine hotel, the "Oakland," owned and operated by the B. & O. R. R This hotel is quite a summer resort; hundreds of people from all sections enjoy during the summer season the splendid scenery and the pure water, and bracing mountain air. Population 1,400. Ralph Thayer, postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PA5TORS.- M. E., Rev. B. Ison; Stone Church, Rev. Dr. Scott; Lutheran and Presbyterian.

    BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATIONS.-A. F. & A. M.-Oakland 60. I. O. O. F. Shealtiel 122. K. of H.-Alta 574, and Lodge 114 I. O. G. T.

    TOWN OFFICERs.-Burgess-D. E. Offutt. Commsssioners-Peter Martin, A. L. Osbourn, J. W. Smith and D. Little. Clerk--M. V. Grim. Bailiff P. A. Chisholm.

    Agent-R. B. & Express.
    Delawder, G W
    Agents-Real Estate.
    Hamill, P
    Tasker, H P
    Attorneys at Law.
    Gonder, E H
    Hamill, Gilmor S
    Peddicord & Gonder
    Price & Boughner
    Head, J M
    Veitch, J W
    Browning, I F
    Little, David
    Sincell, Charles H
    Bosley, George
    Davis, Mrs M B
    Rhinehart, Mrs David
    Thayer, Mrs Ralph
    Brooks, A C
    Shatzer, John
    Brooke, A C
    Chishoim, P A
    Crim, Joseph M
    Jarboe, John M
    Spedden, Geo A
    Sturgiss, Geo C
    General Merchandise.
    Brooks, I H
    Bush & Co
    Davis & Townshend
    Legge, G W
    Loar, D H
    Michael, C C
    Michael, J 0
    Offutt, D E
    I Osbourn, A L
    Richardson Bros
    Scott, M L
    Stalnaker, I W
    Wayman, N B
    Bosley, E L Bosley
    Browning, H T Browning
    Coddington, W M Coddington
    Oakland, B& O R R
    Livery Stables.
    Browning, H T
    Martin, Thomas
    Stahl, J D
    Masons and Plasterers.
    Arnold, James
    Chambers, D & Son
    Johnson, J S
    Porter, John
    Pritchard, H & Son
    Martin, P
    Millinery and Notions.
    Davis, Mrs M E
    Scott, M L
    Painters and Paper Hangers
    Fringer, B I
    Ward, S V B
    Bartlett, E H
    McComas, I Lee
    Saw Mills
    Davis & Bro
    Offutt, D E
    Bell, A L
    West, C T
    Whetsell, C H
    Loughrldge, Geo F
    Lucas, C
    Wagner, Wm M
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Shirer, G A
    Brant, J B
    Hamill, M H
    Harned, John
    Mason, A C
    Woolen Mill
    Lawton, Samuel


    Is 12 miles from Confluence, Pa. Soil medium, land one-third cleared; can be bought at from $2 to $30 per acre, and produces 10 to 25 bus. wheat, 20 to 50 oats, 100 to 200 potatoes, 20 to 60 corn, and 1 to 2 tons hay. A church and several schools. Population 25. John H. Kessler, Postmaster.

    Blacksmith Welch, Alpbeus
    Frazee, H
    General Merchandise.
    Dunham, Jas A & Son
    Guard, Jeremiah
    White, H B
    Frazee, H M
    Speelman, Otho
    Kessler, John H
    Frantz, John


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 219 miles from Baltimore and 13 east of Oakland; land is worth from $4 to $6 per acre, and produces an average crop of wheat, oats, rye and potatoes. Population 75. A. Fairall, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. And Express
    Fairall, A
    Friend, T. F.
    General Merchandise
    West, C. T.
    West, R. J.
    Murphy, Chas.
    West, C. T.
    Sand Refiner
    Sharpless, Wm.
    Saw Mills
    Beckman, Theo.
    West, C. T.
    Wines and Liquors
    Hall, Seth



    Beeghley, Jonas
    Boyer, Aaron
    Englehart, Wm.
    Frotz, Conrad
    Frush, Alex
    Gorrick, John
    Grower, Joseph
    Hinebaugh, Dan'l
    Hinebaugh, Wm.
    Kamp, Henry
    Kolb, Fred
    Kolb, Henry
    Leninger, Lewis
    Margroff, Edward
    Miller, M. J.
    Mosser, Jonas
    Richter, Henry
    Schlossnagle, Chas.
    Schlossnagle, Christ.
    Shartzer, Jacob
    Snyder, Fred'k.
    Sperling, Conrad
    Spiker, John P.
    Turney, Abraham


    Beckman, Harmon
    Blackburn, E. G.
    Brady, James E.
    Carrol, John
    Cassidy, J B.
    Custer, Jacob
    Friend, Albert
    Friend, Sam'l W
    Friend, Sam'l W Jr
    Garrett, Michael
    George, A F
    George, Wm
    McCrobie, Frank
    McCrobie, W H
    Rexrode, Jackson


    Abernathy, Ezekiel
    Abernathy, James
    Abernathy, Wm
    Adams, David
    Bernard, Chas
    Bernard, Edward
    Bernard, John E.
    Bernard, John G
    Bernard, Otho
    Bernard, Wm. H.
    Brant, John G.
    Copeland, Simon
    Dawson, Lloyd R.
    Duckworth, A. C.
    Groves, Dennis
    Hamilton, G. R.
    Knight, Joshua
    Loar, D. H.
    Michaels, Geo L
    Michaels, Geo W
    Michaels, Philip
    Miller, Gilead
    Paugh, Henry
    Paugh, Joseph
    Paugh, Nicholas
    Sharpless, Jno L
    Sharpless, Wm
    Simpson, James
    Titchnale, John M
    Titchnale, Joshua
    Titchnale, Moses
    Titchnale, Wm
    Twigg, A S
    Twigg, John T.
    Warnick, Henry
    Warnick, Joseph
    Warnick, Wm
    Wilson, Joseph
    Wilson, Wm

    Deer Park

    Archibald, James
    Cooper, Hugh
    Davis, H. G.
    Droege, Emil
    Foster, Joseph
    Friend, John
    Friend, Sam'l W.
    Garrett, Michael
    Harshberger, Elijah
    Harshberger, Jacob
    Harvey, Elisha
    Head, R. J.
    Hill, Geo.
    Hinebaugh, Sebastian
    Hoye, Samuel C.
    King, Isaac
    Male, Luke
    Marley, Geo.
    Miller, John H.
    Moon, Garrett
    Nesbitt, Joseph
    Paugh, James E.
    Riley, John
    Schooley, Mahlon
    Schooley, Wm.
    Spiecher, Joseph
    Stemple, L. A.
    Stemple, P. A.
    Stottlemeyer, A. J.
    Tasker, James W.
    Wilson, Daniel
    Wilson, J. W.

    Engle's Mills

    Beckerd, Jacob
    Camp, John
    Deihl, John C.
    Hasetedler, David
    Kamp, Henry
    Margraff, Edward
    Masser, Jacob
    Miller, Sam'l A.
    Orndorff, Christ.
    Pysell, Andrew
    Richter, Geo.
    Sahr, Michael
    Siminger, Lewis
    Speicher, Austin
    Swalp, Lewis
    Weller, M.


    Baker, Daniel
    Beachy, Aaron
    Beachy, Samuel
    Broadwater, Wm C
    Engle, Samuel
    Fresh, Jacob
    Gnagey, Emanuel
    Miller, Henry
    Miller, Joel
    Wagoner, Henry
    Yoders, Solomon

    Mineral Spring

    Augustine, Abram
    Augustine, Dani
    Fike, Elizabeth
    Green, Benj H
    Grove, Dennis
    Grove, Jesse
    Grove, Wm
    Guard, James
    Guard, Jerry
    Pollard, Alex
    Riley, John
    Speelman, Otho
    Swalp, John


    Casteel, Wm
    Eckhard, Levi & Peter
    Fox, John
    Fraker, D W
    Fulmer, Geo H
    Glotfelty, Adrian
    Glotfelty, Jesse
    Glotfelty, Jonas
    Glotfelty, Mahlon
    Glotfelty, Nimrod
    Gletfelty, Thaddeus
    Keefer, Peter
    Kimmell, Christian
    Meese, Joseph B
    Pysell, Jacob
    Smith, Eli
    Specht, Samuel


    Ashby, Jesse
    Ashby, Thos W
    Ashby, Wm W
    Bailey, Elinore S
    Bernard, Normand
    Beckman, Henry
    Bishop, James U
    Bowers, Jackson
    Bowers, John T
    Brant, E P
    Brant, Peter
    Bray, Wm W
    Browning, Stephen
    Browning, Wm
    Casteel, Nathan
    Casteel,T W
    Dailey, John
    Davis, J B
    De Berry, Clark
    Enlow,D avid
    Goodwin, James
    Gortner, Fred
    Gortner, Peter
    Hall, E G
    Hall, Wm
    Hann, John
    Hart, Owen
    Hoops, Isaac
    Hughes, Martin
    Irvinn, Nelson
    Johnson, Bowie
    Kelly, Gen'l B F
    Kepner, E D
    King, Isaac
    King, Joseph
    Lee, John W
    Lower, Alex
    Lower, John
    Lower, Wm
    Martin, Peter
    Mason, J McClure
    Mehan, James
    Merrill, Nicholas
    Perry, H M
    Porter, Robert
    Proctor, Wilson
    Reynolds, Barney
    Riddle, Henry
    Russell, Henry
    Schley, James M
    Shaffer, Benj A
    Shaffer, Chas
    Shaffer, Henry
    Shaffer, Joseph
    Spiker, Abraham
    Spiker, Geo
    Stambaugh, Christ
    Stambaugh, David
    Thompson, Chas &
    Thompson, Henry
    Totten, Ezekiel
    W~link, Daniel
    White, B
    White, Johnson
    White, Wm
    Wootring, A C
    Yutzy, C
    Yutzy, Solomon


    Frazee, G W
    Geary, I T
    Grovers, D
    Groves, Wm
    Hileman, H
    Kessler, S H L
    Mathews, G
    Riley, John
    Tankaster, H
    Welch, A
    Beckman, Randolph
    Friend, T F
    Geos & O'Brien
    Hamill, A C
    Mason, B
    McRobie, Thomas
    Moaser, Christ
    Mosser, Dan'l
    Mosser, Trueman
    O'Brien, Dan'l
    O'Brien, John W
    Paugh, Otho
    Paugh, W H
    Sharpless, F K
    Sharpless, Theo L
    Sharpleas, Wm
    West, Trueman

  • Harford County

    HARFORD COUNTY is of medium size, having an area of 480 square miles, is the North-eastern corner of the Western shore, and is bounded on the east and south-east by the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay, on the north by Pennsylvania, and on the west and south-west by Baltimore County. This county possesses a great variety of soils, the lower part being level, and composed of some sandy and some clay lands, but mostly of a light loam, very easily worked and improved. The section called the Necks has mostly very fine and large farms, with extensive peach orchards. The country above the Philadelphia turnpike is undulating and in some parts very limy, the soil comprising clay, light loam, and considerable limestone, the last mentioned being mostly found in the upper part of the county.

    This county is well watered by branches emptylng into the Little Gunpowder River, and Winter's and Binum's Runs, which flow southward Into the Chesapeake, and by Deer Creek and its tributaries, which drain the northern part of the county, and flow into the Susquehanna. "The Rocks of Deer Creek" is ohe of the most romantic spots in the State, and well worth a visit of the admirers of the great works of nature. These rocks form a great promontory projecting over the road, passing along the bank of the Creek.

    Perhaps no county in the State has improved more in appearance, fertility and general prosperity, during the last few years, than Harford. The productions are wheat, buckwheat, oats, corn and hay. This county possesses fine water powers, improved by furnaces, factories, foundries, flour mills and numerous saw and grist mills. In this county are large quarries of excellent building stone of a goelsa or granite character. The county possesses large beds of iron ore, asbestos, and some of the most valuable chrome beds in the world. Near the Pennsylvania line, extensive slate quarries have been worked, and near Ahingdon there exists a very large deposit of kaolin or porcelain clay, of a pure white color, very good quality, fit for making fine porcelain ware. Very large shad and herring fisheries are located around the Susquehanna and Bay shore, and innumerable flocks of wild fowl swarm around the tide waters of the county, and afford with the fisheries a good business for many of the inhabitants of that region.

    The Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad passes through the county from Havre de Grace, and the Tidewater Canal runs along the west bank of the Susquehanna, having its outlet at Havre de Grace. The Baltimore, Towsontown and Delta Railroad, which is now being laid out, when constructed, will give additional facilities to a large portion of the county.

    Judges Third Judicial Circuit-Hon. Richard Grason, Chief Judge; Hons. Geo. Yellott and J ames D. Watters, Associate Judges. Clerk of Court-A. Lingan Jarrett, Bel Air. Clerks-Richard T. Martin and Joseph R. Ely. Crier-Thomas Hendon. Sheriff -Henry C. Johnson. Deputy Sheriff--W. R. Cunningham. State's Attorney -J. Thos. C. Hopkins, Bel Air. Physician to Jail-W. B. Munnikhuysen. Judges of Orphan's Court-C. W. Billingslea, George Hays, and A. H. Gicenleld. Regieter of Wills-Dr. Wm. S. Richardson. Deputy Register-A. B. Hanson. Surveyor-James W. McNabb. County Commissioners-Wm. Mechem, Wm. C. Wilson, James K. Keech, Martin Colder, and Michael Whitelord. Clerk to Commissioners-James A. Fulton, Bel Air. Attorney to Commissioners-Geo. Y. Maynadier, Bel Air. School Commissioners-Dr. E. H. Richardson, A. Voshury, and J. H. Scarff. Secretary and Examiner-W. H. Harlan, Bet Air. Constables-John B. Price, John Keys, H. S. McNutt, Geo. A. Markiand, Robert A. Nelson, Lewis King, Jr., John J. Alexander, Isaac C. Pyle, John Hopkins, Thos. J. Sunderland, John C. Charshe, and Samuel W. James. Tax Collectors-E. F. Johns, Ambrose Cooley, James M. Anderson, James Colder, and M. Nelson Whiteford. Justices of the Peace-Richard T. Martin, James A. Fulton, Theo. H. Snowden, Everett G. Hughes, Richard Loflin, Wm. Wiles, A. W. Scarborough, Amos Gilbert, Wm. E. Woodhouse, A. S. Adams, Caleb Wright, T. B. Devoe, Benedict Legoe, John H. Bradford, Jos. W. Shroff, John Daugherty, John M. Cooley, Samuel Arthur, Geo. Harris, Wm. T. Cronin, John D. Alderson, Robert D. Orr, John Trago, and Eli Turner. Congressman, Second District-Hon. Chas. B. Roberts, Westminster. State Senator-Col. Herman Stump, Jr. Members House of Delegates-Wm. C. Scott, Murray Vandiver, and Dr. Silas Scarborough. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Bet Air, the county seat: Law and Equity-2d Monday of February, May, September, and November. Population of County-White, 17,750; colored, 4,855. Registered Vote-6,500. Assessed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks and Railroad Property-$12,340,289. State and County Tax 82 1/4 cents on $100.


    Is on the P. W. & B. R. R., 31 miles from Baltimore; business and health good; land fertile, nearly all cleared, is worth $55 per acre, and produces 18 bus wheat, 40 corn, one and a half tons hay. Grove Presbyterian Church, Rev. Geo. Morrison; M. E., Revs. Givin and Savage; M. E. South, Rev. Mr. Lightner; one public school. Population 75. Taylor Cole, Postmaster.

    Baldwin, J T
    Nichols, James
    Carriage Maker
    Harris, Geo
    Morgan, Wm
    Fruit Packers.
    Baker, Chas
    Baker & Hanway
    Richanison & Greenland
    General Merehandise.
    Gallion, E C & Co
    Walker, Geo
    Blooming, John M. James
    Justice of the Peace
    Harris, Geo.
    Millinery and Notions
    Carr, Kate
    McCullough, Mrs
    Pritchard, Mrs
    Kennedy, J H
    Saw Mill
    Richardson & Greenland
    Campbell, Wm
    Clark, Daniel


    Is 4 miles from Edgewood, on the P. W. & B. R. R., and near Bush River; land is principally cleared, can be purchased at from $20 to $50 per acre, and yields 10 to 25 bus. wheat, 20 to 30 oats, 50 to 100 corn, and 1 to 3 tons hay. A church and public school. Population 35. John T. Wilson, Postmaster.

    Harword, Walter
    McComas, Thos
    Swertz, John W
    Carpeaters and Undertakers.
    James, W J
    McComas, W A
    Mitchell, J A
    General Merchandise
    Price, J & Son
    Wilson, John T
    Carroll, B F
    Cunningham, J A
    Hooker, E G
    Pannell, W F
    Slatery, W
    Wagner, H


    The county seat, is pleasantly situated, 9 miles from Edgewood on the P. W. & B. R. R., and connected with it by a fine public road, over which stages pass daily, thus placing it in easy and quick communication with Baltimore and Philadelphia. The location is beautiful, and in the midst of one of the most fertile agricultural regions in the State, and surrounded by many highly cultivated farms. The town enjoys a temperate climate, and has excellent water power. The land is composed of red and gray loam, with clay subsoil, is mostly cleared; some oaks, hickory, chestnut, beech, locust, walnut and maple yet standing. Land sells at from $20 to $60 per acre, according to location and improvements; produces 15 to 25 bus. wheat, 20 to 50 oats, 30 to 60 corn, and 2 tons hay. Bel Air is incorporated, and has the usual number of comfortable county buildings, also an academy, and several public and private schools for whites and colored. Mt. Ararat Lodge 44, A. F. & A. M. Population 1,000. John T. Spicer, Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-Episcopal, Rev. S. H. S. Gallaudet; Presbyterian, Rev. E. J. D. Finney; M. P., Rev. Doctor Swentuel; M. E., Rev. Mr. West.

    TOWN COMMISSIONERS-S. A. Williams, Pressdent; John T. Spicer, Secretary; August Knofier, John Bauer, John T. Lingan, and Geo. A. Cairnes.

    Agents-Insurance & Real Estate.
    Alexander, J J & Co
    Dallam, C L & Jno S
    Attorneys at Law.
    Archer, Henry W
    Archer, Stevenson of John
    Archer & Van Bibber
    Cooley, Wm L
    Dallam, Wm H
    Farnandis, Hon Henry D
    Fulford, Alex M
    Galloway, Wm
    Gilbert, A Preston
    Hopkins, J J C
    Lee, Otho S
    Maynadier, Geo Y
    McNabb, J Martin
    McNabb, J W
    Price, John H
    Richardson, Geo. W
    Rutledge, P H
    Scott, Daniel
    Scott, Wm G
    Streett, J M
    Stump, Herman Jr
    Webster, Hon Edwin H
    Whaland, Robert W
    Whitaker, N B
    Willisms, S A
    Young, Wm
    Cairnes, Geo A
    Richardson, Jas S
    Martin, August
    Saunders, Thos P
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Alexander, John J M
    Colder, John E
    Flick, Conrad
    Jones, Harvey S
    Kennedy, Jacob
    Moore, E J B
    Boots and Shoes
    James, Geo
    Jeifry, Wm Mc
    Keith, Jno H
    Knofler, August
    Makinson, L C & Co
    Carpenters and Undertakers,
    Dean, Nathan Jr
    Dunnigan, Patrick
    Gordon, John W
    Harryman, Wm D
    Lingan, John F
    Hanna, John A
    Commission Merchant.
    Greenfield, A H
    Dance, J G
    Smith, Benj
    Baker, E Wyatt
    General Merchandise.
    Herman, Wm
    Herron, James
    Martin & Anderson
    Norris, Chas W
    Baner, Wm H
    Fulton, James A
    Amoe, Isaac.
    Clayman's, John Clayman
    Eagle, Robt N Hanna
    Edgewood, Wm H Stagmer
    Grangert, W S Forwood
    Dunnigan, James
    Whittaker, Octavian L
    Millinery and Dressmaking.
    French, Mrs H
    Waters & Wetherlil
    Garrettson, E C
    Wann, John A
    Crane, J B (homeopath)
    Lee, R D
    Munnikhuysen, W B
    Richardson, E Hall
    Richardson, Wm S
    Coale, Joseph A
    Sheetiron Workers,
    Holland, James D
    Huer, August
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Amos, Isaac
    Armstrong, Thomas
    Groom, Geo T
    Nolan, John
    Telegraph Operator.
    Snowden, G H
    Tobacconists and Wail Papers,
    Garrettson, E C
    Groom, Geo T
    Skinner & Bradbury
    Watches & Jewelry.
    Wattenscheidt, August
    Wines, and Liquors
    Cahen, Louis
    Clayman, John
    Dunnigan, B
    Lyle, Geo


    Is 5 miles from Monkton on the N. C. H. W. Climate healthy, business fair, and crops good. The land is variable, mostly cleared; is worth from $10 to $100 per acre, and produces 10 to 80 bus. wheat, 10 to 50 oats, 50 to 200 potatoes, 20 to 100 corn, and 1 to 3 tons hay. Church' and a public school. Population 100. Thos. Henderson, Postmaster.

    Gilbert, S H
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Hughes, Naason
    King, Lewis
    McComas, Joshua
    Morris, Joseph F
    Sutton, Luther
    Turner, Andrew
    Wheeler, H G
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Reeser, Lewis
    Rutledge, Chas A
    Standifbrd, David
    Tarner, Robert C
    Turner, Thos
    Wilson, David
    Barton, John W
    General Merchandise
    Maul, Upton R
    Pennington, Wm Riston, Jesse
    Turner Eli
    Ward, JohnT
    Almony, Joseph
    Gilbert, Mrs. Jane
    Sutton, E.
    Fife, Robert
    Henderson, J Wesley
    Nelson, J H
    Payne, J T
    Brookhart, J
    Amos, E H
    West, James
    Henderson, Jno B
    Woolen Mills.
    Schilling & Co


    Is 1 mile from Short Lane on the P. W. & B. R. R., and near Swan Creek. The situation is pleasant and healthy. Land good, nearly all cleared; some hickory and oak yet standing. The land is valued at from $20 to $200 per acre, and yields 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 corn, and one and a half tons hay. Churchs and schools adjacent. Population 40. S. N. Hyde, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Cain, Thos
    Chesney, James H
    Gorrell, James L
    Orr, John
    Fruit Packers
    Hyde, S N & Sons
    Mitchell & Bro
    General Merchandise.
    Hyde, S N
    Cole, H M
    Cole, J H


    Is 3 miles from Aberdeen on the P. W.& B. R. R. and pleasantly situated near Swan Creek. Land, red loam, mostly cleared; sells at from $10 to $50 per acre, produces 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 30 to 50 oats, 50 to 80 potatoes, 30 to 60 corn and 2 tons hay. Population 200. Jno. T. Akers, Postmaster.

    Deswan, C H
    Keithley, John T
    Baily, Josiah
    Gilbert, C H
    Greenland, J A
    Cigar Maker
    Bendorf, A
    Fruit Canners
    Armstrong, G S.
    Baker, Geo. H.
    Baker, Nicholas
    Calahan, P.
    Jewins, S. D.
    Jewins, Wm. E.
    Preston, Jas. H.
    Preston, Wm.
    General Merchandise
    Akers, Jno. T.
    Stone Mason
    Thomas, Herman


    Is 13 miles from Edgewood, and situated near Deer Creek. Climate mild; land good, mostly cleared; sells at $35 per acre; produces 20 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 150 potatoes, 50 corn, and 2 tons hay. No tobacco raised. Church and a school. Valuable ore mines and soap stone quarries in the vicinity. Population 100. Hester Pyle, Postmistress.

    Johnson, Uriah
    Phelps, Wesley
    Grier, Jas A
    Grier, John P
    Harkins, Joseph A
    Rarkins, Stephen W
    Pyle, Isaac C
    Grier, Jas A
    Fertilizer Dealer.
    Black, H H
    General Merchandise.
    Rigdon, Alvin
    Clark, W. T.
    Robinson, Thos. J.
    Smith, John S.
    Pyle, C. T.
    Clark, W T
    Veterinary Surgeon.
    Welch, Theodore
    Grafton, Wm A
    Harkins, Jno W


    Is 8 miles from Delta, Pa. The lands are composed of mineral, mostly cleared; can be bought at from $10 to $50 per acre, and produces 10 bus. wheat, 85 corn and 1 ton hay. Baptist Church, Rev. Wm. Wilson; M. E., Rev. T. T. Wysong; Chrome Hill Literary and a Library Association, the latter containing 500 volumes; one public school. Population 40. H. F. Bishop, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Norris, T
    Streett, Lawrence
    Kellogg, E H
    England. John
    Wilson, J B
    General Merchandise
    Hull, A A
    Wetherill, J R
    Dinsmore, Scott
    Preston, John
    Downs, James
    Downs, Samuel
    West, W. D.
    Vickers, A.
    Campbell, Wm.
    Sassafras Oil
    Chalk, A.


    Is 6 miles from Aberdeen. Land good, plenty cleared; sells at from $50 to $100 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 60 corn and 2 tons hay. Holy Trinity Church, Rev. E. A. Coihurn; Presbyterian, Rev. T. W. L. Keiffer, and a public school. Population 50. P. G. Hawkins, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Chesny, Wm H
    Hawkms, P G
    Jones, H C
    Martin, Sam'l H
    Hawkins, James H
    General Merchandise.
    Hanson, A B
    Maskison & Co
    Axer, John
    Sauner, W. L.
    Finney, John M
    Roberts, Thos H
    Flowers, John


    Is 5 miles from Magnolia on the P. W. & B. R. R. Soil sandy, not much cleared; land is valued at $20 per acre, and produces 15 bus. wheat, 35 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. A church, schools and literary society. Population 85. Benj. Orsburn, Postmaster.

    Brazier, Hobert
    Sour, Wm
    Fruit Packer.
    Sheppard, Chas S
    General Merchandise.
    Orsburn, Benj
    Price, Wm J
    Ice Dealer.
    Orsburn, John H
    Justice of the Peace.
    Legore, B
    Brazier, Thos
    Whalan, Thos
    Townsley, Wm E
    Steele, Chas H
    Spicer, A B
    Drerker, John H


    Is 12 miles from White Hall on the N. C. H. W. Climate mild and healthy; soil, sandy toam; land easily cultivated, principally cleared; can be bought at from $15 to $50 per acre, and yields 15 to 35 bus. wheat, 40 to 60 oats, 150 to 200 potatoes, 30 to 70 corn, and 2 tons hay. Chrome and magnesia mines, also asbestos found in the vicinity. M. K Church and two public schools. Population 40. J. Howard Watters, Postmaster.

    Bay, Thos A
    Patton, Wm H
    General Merchandise.
    Hurst, Nathan
    Watters, J Howard
    Hurst, Nathan
    Hanway, Wm E
    Watters, W & Bro
    Sassafras Oil.
    Hulligan, John
    Reed, Thos W
    Zimmerman, John C
    Saw Mills.
    Hanway, Wm E
    Morse, Geo W
    Watters, W & Bro


    Is 4 1/2 miles from Perrymansville. Land good, mostly cleared; can be purchased at from $10 to $60 per acre, and yields 15 to 30 bus wheat, 20 to 40 oats 40 to 100 potatoes, 5 to 30 corn, and 2 tons hay. Population 25. A. H. Strasbaugh, Postmaster.

    Kemper, A W
    General Merchandise.
    Strasbaugh, A H
    Miller, Geo T
    Webster, James
    Webster, J. B.
    Saw Mill
    Harnly, J.


    Is 4 miles from Conowingo, and near the Susquehanna River. Place healthy; land, red and sand loam, ranges in price from $30 to $80 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 100 potatoes, 65 corn and 2 tons hay. M. E. and P B. Churches, and Society of Friends, (Orthodox and Hicksites;) Darlington High School. Population 100. H. Clay Whiteford, Postmaster.

    Attorney at Law
    Price, John H
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Gorrell, G. S.
    Harper, Sam'l
    Hopkins, C. W.
    Lee, John T.
    Sweet, Mrs. F. C.
    Hopkins, Geo. F.
    Hopkins, J. R.
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Ely, Thos.
    Holloway, Chas.
    Holloway, John O.
    Jordan, Oliver P.
    Lamb, John
    McNutt, S. J.
    McNutt, T. A.
    Whiteford, W. H. H.
    General Merchandise
    Miller, E. L. & Co.
    Whitelock, F. M. & Co.
    Whitelock, G. D.
    Chandler, Wm. E.
    Allen, E M
    Noble, Benj
    Wilson, David E
    Millinery and Notions.
    Tollinger, Mrs Rebecca
    Ely, Joseph E
    Kirk, John P
    Forwood, W Stump
    Sappington, Jno
    Whiteford, H Clay
    Day, S S
    Miller, John
    Monsees, Otto
    Prigg, T T
    Wynde, Wm


    Is 5 miles from Conowingo. Village healthy; soil, red clay; land one quarter cleared, sells at from $10 to $80 per acre, and yields 15 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 100 to 200 potatoes, 40 to 60 corn and 1 ton hay. M. E., M. E. South, and P. E. Churches, and the Society of Friends. Public and private schools. Population 75. E. Willis, Postmaster.

    Agent, Havre Iron Co.
    Bye, E M
    Attorney at Law.
    McNabb, J M
    Burkens, Joseph R.
    Jones, J.
    McDoon, J
    Watson, John
    Clement, Thos
    Burkens, Isaac
    Carr, Wm
    Crawford, John
    Hawkins, John
    Jones, John
    Jones, John P
    Flint and Spar Manufacturers.
    Husband, J & W P
    General Merchandise.
    Bailey, Daniel
    Orew, J F
    Klair, Vesta B
    Proctor, 0 W
    WIllis, B
    Klalr, Hiram
    McCoy, H B
    Bell, N B
    Hiley, David
    Scarborough, Silas


    Is on the P. W. & B. R. R., 21 miles from Baltimore and 9 miles from Bel Air; It is located in a diversified, improved and generally fertile country, enriched and beautified by tasteful dwellings and ornamental grounds; it is equidistant from the Gunpowder and Bush Rivers, on a ridge which declines by such emy lines on either band as to lead the eye to suppose the whole peninsula a unllbrm plain. Gen'l Cadwallader's magnificent domain of nearly 10,000 acres adjoins the place, and extends away to the shores of both of the above mentioned rivers. This is a noted point for sportsmen, the rivers abounding with fish and crabs in the summer, and in the autumn and winter they afford to the canvas back and red head ducks, celery grass and other marine plants, which will impart in 24 hours to these lordly water fowl, that high perfection of flavor so prized by epicures. These rivers are so famed that they are visited by sportsmen from remote points. The health of the place is generally good, subjected in early autumn to slight malarial diseases. Soil is composed of sand and clav barns lands one-half cleared, vary in value from $20 to $50 per acre, and produce 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 25 to 50 bats, 25 to 60 corn, 100 potatoes and 2 tons hay. Population 30. T. J. Tydings, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. and Express.
    Tydings, T J
    Neiter, Nicholas
    Fresh, Basil
    Seigman, Henry
    Duck Dealer.
    Tydings, T J
    General Merchandise.
    Mechem & Son
    Carroll, B F
    Edgewood, Allen Hoffman
    Holmes Wm
    Snow, E J & Co
    Taylor, Wm P
    McCann, Jas S


    Is 9 miles from Magnolia, and pleasantly situated in a very healthy neighborhood. The soil is clay, well cleared; sells at from $40 to $50 per acre; produces 18 to 25 bus. wheat, 30 to 60 corn, and 2 tons hay. Oakland Boarding School, Geo. G. Curtis, A. M., Principal. Population 100 James A. Watson, Postmaster.

    Ely, David & Son
    Lee, Joseph
    Pennington, Lambert
    Rogers, Geo
    Steigler, Geo
    Waters, Wm
    Waters, Geo
    Carpenters & Undertakers.
    Beaumont, Elias
    Carman, Robert
    Lewis, David
    Lewis, Geo
    Shas, James
    Commission Merchant.
    Ambler, Jonathan
    Bond, Chas
    Price, Mordecai
    Hutton & Worthington
    General Merchandise.
    Hollingsworth, Chas B
    Scott, Ann D
    Spicer, J A
    Watson & Moore
    Anderson, Ellwood T
    Ice Cream.
    Hollingsworth, Daniel P
    Justice of the Peace.
    Shroff, Joseph W
    Guyton, Benj A
    Mitchell, Howard
    Mitchell, Robert
    Reckerd, Henry
    Waters, Wm H
    Hamilton, James Jr
    Kirk Geo
    Montague, Sam'l
    Dickey, Robert
    Saw Mill.
    Reckerd, Henry
    Keith, B F
    Magness, Patrick
    Osthine, Henry
    Quinn, Barney
    Shroff, Joseph W
    Taheiney, Matthew
    Lutz, Otto


    Is 10 miles from Aberdeen. Soil, gray and isenglass; land principally cleared, with some oak, hickory, chestnut, and poplar yet standing; is worth from $50 to $75 per acre, and produces 20 to 80 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 oats, 100 to 150 potatoes, 60 corn, and 2 tons hay. Monnt Zion M. E. Church and a public school. Population 50. Nathan Dean, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and wheelwrights
    Bradley, Patrick
    Busey, Thos
    Richardson, Wm
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Bull, Henry
    Bull, Jacob E
    Dean, Nathan
    Martin, Patrick
    Schuck, John & Son
    Carriage Maker
    Markley, John
    General Merchandise
    Forwood, James O.
    Sellers, Robert
    Harward, Wm. H.
    Munroe, R.


    Is 10 miles from Havre de Grace; the land is good, nearly all cleared; is valued at $50 per acre, and produces 30 bus. wheat, 60 corn and 2 tons hay. Harmony Church, Rev. Wm. H. Hartzell, and public schools. Population 25. Wm. H. Starr, Postmaster.

    Silver, John A.
    Bond, Edward
    Giles, John
    General Merchandise.
    Starr, Wm H
    Wilson, D E
    Silver, Wm


    Is 4 miles from Perrymansville, and near Bush River. Clay soil; land mostly cleared, can be bought at $10 per acre, and yields 20 bus. wheat, 35 oats, 50 corn and 2+ tons hay. Public school. Population 40. B. H. Hanson, Jr., Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Martin, Wakeman
    Stansbury, Walter J
    General Merchandise.
    Hanson, B H Jr
    Lilly, John W & Sons
    Iron and Chemicals.
    Harford Furnace Co
    Sills, Jacob
    Harford Furnace Co
    Treadwell, A J
    Rowe, Walter B
    Woolen Mills.
    Lilly, John W


    Is one of the oldest towns in the State, a settlement having been made here about the same time Claiboine settled Kent Island, in 1634 or '5. Several houses are still standing, dating back over a century. The town is beautifully located on the south bank of and near the mouth of the Susquehanna River, where it empties into the Chesapeake Bay. It occupies a portion of a plain extensive enough to contain a city equal to London; flanked on the west by gracefully rising hills of checkered green and gold, while further in the background, rising to greater heights, are the laureled-browed mountains overlooking the river. Along the eastern front winds the bright, majestic river, emptying just below the town into the wide extended arms of the lovely Chesapeake, whose blue waters are here and there gemmed with emerald islands rising from the shining surface.

    The harbor is said to closely resemble that of Rio de Janeiro, the most beautiful in the world. History tells us that General Lafayette recognised a striking resemblance in the harbor and surrounding scenery, to that of Harve, (formerly Harve de Grace) in France, and it is said, that owing to the expression of Lafayette's, the name of the town was changed to Havre de Grace.

    The Susquehanna, extending more than four hundred miles to the great falls, and draining, as it does, a district more rich in agricultural and mineral products than any other on the continent, makes Havre de Grace the cheapest and most natutal outlet to the seaboard for the products of the pine forests, petroleum districts, and the great anthracite and bituminous coal fleids of Pennsylvania. With water and railroad communication to all points of the compass, in close proximity to the great Atlantic cities and commercial centres, within two hours by rail of the capital, and about four to the metropolis of the nation, in the midst of a rich agricltural country, abounding in wood and water; the waters in the immediate vicinity yielding in great abundance and at the cheapest rates, the most desirable varieties of fish and water fowl, make, when combined with a genial and salubrious climate, Havre de Grace a delightful and desirable place of residence, either for business or leisure.

    The town is incorporated and governed by a Board of five Commissioners, elected annually; it is handsomely laid out with wide streets. The general architecture of the town is not costly or imposing. The houses are neat, and the flourishing gardens and yards, ornamented with shrubbery and flowers, display the cultured taste of the residents.

    The manufactures, consisting mainly in a steam merchant flouring mill, two canning establishments, a bone grinding and fertilizing factory, an extensive saw and plaining mill, and a double track marine railway, capable of hauling out the largest class vessels.

    The shad and herring fisheries in the immediate vicinity afford employment to many, and add considerable to the business of the town. During the fall and winter, quite a number of the residents are engaged in ducking, and a large revenue is derived from this source. Another branch of industry, in favorable seasons, is the cutting and storing of ice; as much as 200,000 tons have been cut in one season. Probably the largest business carried on here is the re-shipping of anthracite coal. Two of the great mining and carrying companies are represented-the PenuL and the Reading, the former by Measra Hilles, Boyd & Co., and the latter by A. P. McCombs & Co.

    There are here several fine Churches, a Town Hall, Odd Fellow's Hall, a High and Primary Schools, for white and colored. Population 2,000. T. M. Sumption, Postmaster.

    BENNEVOLENT SOCIETIES.-A. F. & A. M.-Susquehanna 130. K. of P.- Harford 54. I.O.O.F -Morning Star Lodge 20, and Susquehanna Encampment 20; Havre Lodge 43, Good Templars. O. U. A. M.-Venus Council 44.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS.-M. E., Rev. J. F. Ockerman; M. E., (colored,) Rev. W. H. Arnold; P. E., Rev. H. B. Martin; Presbyterian, Rev. W. H. Cooke; Roman Catholic, (St. Patrick's,) Rev. Father Barry.

    TOWN COMMISSIONERS.-J. T. Frieze, J. Osmond, A. B. Treadway, B- B- Vandiver, and R. Seneca. Clerk to Board-J. T. Frieze. Bailiff-W. J. Wilkinson.

    Agent-R. B. and Express
    Courtney, H Jr
    Seneca, H
    Blackamiths and Wheelwrighis,
    Alexander, John T
    McVey, Joseph L
    Mitchell, J G
    Morrison, Wm
    White, Thomas M
    Agents-Sewing Machines
    Adams, A S
    Penning, S E
    Simpson, Wm D
    Agricultural Implements
    Hopper, James & Co
    Bakers and Confectioners
    Bechtold, August
    Faulkner, Mrs Arabella
    Herbet, Louis
    Hopper F & J
    Moitz, Chas.
    Vieshon, Henry
    DeCouroy, J I
    Richardson, John H
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Alexander, John T.
    McVey, Joseph L.
    Mitchell, J. G.
    Morrison, Wm.
    White, Thomas M.
    Books and Stationery
    Wilson, J S
    Boots & Shoes
    Frech, Jacob
    Gilbert, J M
    Harman, Michael
    Hergenrother, Jacob J
    Hergenrother, John M
    Levi, H
    Miseheil, W K
    Rieser A
    Ross, Daniel
    Brush Manufacturers
    Wevner, John
    Fairman, A E
    Lawder & Bro
    Lubenatein, Wm
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Burke, James
    Mitchell, Geo V
    Pennington, Joseph A
    Alexander, John T
    Clothing and Gent's Goods.
    Harman, Michael
    Kind, Leopold
    Levi, H
    Rieser, August
    Hilles, Boyd & Co
    James & Co
    McCombs, A P & Co
    Bockins, S Atlee
    Hopkins, H H
    King, Wm G
    Sadler, Thos., Jr.
    Dry Goods and Notions.
    O'Neill, B J
    Patterson, Mrs M A
    Duck Shooters.
    Barnes, F
    Barnes, Geo
    Dobson & Mahon
    Leithiser, John
    Poplar, J H
    Dyer and Scourer.
    Runge, August
    Hopper, James & Co
    Spencer, John N.
    Taylor & Co
    Brown,A F & Co
    Carver, J H & Co
    Coale & Bailey
    Green, L & Co
    Sadler & Osborn
    Simmons & Mitchell
    Treadway, Aquilla
    Fruit Packers.
    Seneca, Stephen J
    Stevenson, Joseph
    General Merchandise.
    Green, L
    Green, O
    Lyon, A & G T & Co
    Seneca, R
    Spencer, A D
    Spencer, John N
    Wright, John
    Grain Dealers.
    Hopper, James & Co
    Taylor & Co
    Groceries and Provisions
    Baldwin, James
    Dawson, Jane
    Drexier, Jacob
    Fairman, A B
    Hedden, John W
    Keen, Mrs S A
    McNulty, Mrs Ann
    Taylor, Mrs Sarah H
    Ward, Mrs Margaret
    Woolford, C A
    Hardware, &c.
    Alexander, John T
    Dugan, C J
    Hopper, F & J
    Harford, Mrs B M Reasin
    Nixon's, James Nixon
    U S, J P Adams
    Justice of the Peace.
    Adams, A S
    Lime Manufacturers.
    Hopper, F & J
    Livery Stables.
    Hall, Edward
    Hopper, Franklin
    Kelly, Chas
    Kurtz, Sebastian
    Lumber Manufacturer.
    Dubois, John
    Marine Railway.
    Magowan, B A
    Taylor & Co
    Milliners and Dressmakers.
    Heaton, Mrs J H
    Kelly, Mm M J
    Leffler, Mrs E
    Simpson, Mrs W D
    Painter and Paper-hanger.
    Moore, H L
    McFadden, O S
    Cochran, J H
    Hopkins, D W
    Hopkins, W W
    Scarff, J E (Homeopathic)
    Smith, R H
    Plaster Mills.
    Spencer, John N
    Trapnall, Geo W
    Mitgowan, H A
    Ship and Canal Snpplies.
    Hall, Edward
    Hopper, F & J
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Case, C
    Murphy, L W
    Adams, A S
    Culley, Hubert,
    Baekey, Geo H
    Burke, David Y
    Myers, GT
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Simpson, Wm D
    Zeitler, Chas
    Wines and Liquors.
    Brown, Henry
    Stiller, John M
    Strauss, B


    Is 13 miles from Edgewood and situated in a thickly settled country; red clay and gray soil; land three-quarters cleared, can be bought at from $50 to $75 per acre and produces 20 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 oats, 200 potatoes, 30 to 50 corn and 2 tons hay. Mt. Tabor M. P. Church, Rev. A. A. Harryman; Grace Chapel, P. B.; St. Ignatius Roman Catholic, Rev. Father J. A. Gailen, and two public schools. Population 150. Mrs. Z. E. Brown, Postmistress.

    DeBow, Z
    DeCourcy, H & Son
    Johnson, Uriah
    VanCourt, Wm
    Bussey, B
    Gorrell J
    Grier, G J
    McCommins, J
    Pyle, H
    General Merchandise.
    Minnick, Mrs B
    Stever, Wm A
    Walter, Mrs L
    Minnick,S P
    Peterson, James
    Wann, J S
    Walter, A S
    Robinson, S S
    Doxen, Jacob
    Holland, J C
    Wines and Liquors.
    Abernathey, W


    Is situated 6 1/2 miles from Havre de Grace; lands good, principally cleared; varies in value from $15 to $75 per acre, and yields 18 to 25 bus wheat, 30 to 50 oats, 100 to 150 potatoes, 50 to 60 corn and 2 tons hay. Hopewell M. E. Church, Rev. J. T. Lassell. Population 35. J. B. Kenly, Postmaster.

    Sherdiin, John
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Bailey, Geo & Son
    Mitchell, John H
    General Merchandise.
    Kenly, J B
    Mather, T W
    Rogers, R P
    Parker, C J
    Rogers, E H


    Is 10 miles from White Hall on the N. C. R. W. Soil is composed of isinglass and clay; most of the farms are in a high state of cultivation; land principally cleared, is worth $40 per acre, and produces 20 bus wheat, 30 oats, 100 potatoes, 50 corn and 2 tons hay. Tyson's Chrome Works are near here; chrome abounding in quality and quantity. M. E. Church, Rev. B. F. Clarkson; M. E. South, Rev. J. W. Steele; German Evang., Rev. P. F. Jarrett; Presbyterian, Rev. Joseph Nelson and several public schoo1s. Population 150. Benj. Mason, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Carman, David
    Carroll, John
    Miller, John
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Deets, Geo A
    Kurtz, Martin
    Mason, Benj L
    Jipton, John F
    General Merehandise.
    Jarrett, Thos B
    Carroll, Wm C Jr
    Streett, Samuel
    Justice of the Peace.
    Arthur, Sam'l J
    Downs, James
    Pennington, Carroll
    Clark, Wm
    Jarratt, Martin L
    Nelson, Joshua R
    Meads, James B
    Cathcart, Thos E
    Mason, Benj


    Is 7 miles from Magnolia; land good, plenty cleared, is valued at from $50 to $75 per acre, and produces 30 bus. wheat, 50 to 75 corn and 2 tons hay. Schools and churches adjacent Population 25. David Lee, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Smith, John
    Vogt, Wm N
    Hardesty, John E
    General Merchandise.
    Lee, David
    Howard, Isaac
    Lee, David
    Bouldin, B B


    Is on the west bank of the Susquehanna River, nearly opposite Port Deposit in Cecil County, and 8 miles from Havre de Grace. Here, as on the other side of the river, the Messrs. Cochran & Co., of Baltimore, have several ice houses, capable of storing many thousand tons of the well known Susquehanna ice. The land near is medium; can be bought at from $20 to $40 per acre, and produces fair crops of wheat, corn, oats and potatoes. M. P. Church, Rev. J.T. Lassell, and a public school. Population 20. W. T. Makinson, Postmaster.

    Osborn, Robert A
    Courtney, W H
    Paul, G W
    Sandess, Geo N
    General Merchandise.
    Smith, James R
    Lumber, Grain and Fertillizers.
    Barnes & Archer
    Parker, Joseph C
    Virdin, W W


    Is on the P. W. & B. R. R, 19 miles from Baltimore; it is located in a very pretty section of country and takes its name from the Magnolia trees which grow in the vicinity, and is situated near the centre of a peninsula, formed by the Chesapeake Bay, Bush and Gunpowder Rivers; land medium and produces to the acre 16 bus. wheat, 35 oats and 30 to 40 corn. Population 35. J. H. Lytle, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R. and Express
    Lytle, J H
    Brown, Geo W
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Shipley, C J
    Swift, H.
    General Merchandise
    Brown, Geo. W.
    Hanway, J. B.
    Price, J. A.


    Is 3 1/2 miles from Perrymansville. Land fair, can be bought at from $10 to $100 per acre, and yields 10 to 40 bus. wheat, 20 to 50 oats, 100 potatoes, and 40 corn. Population 80. J. J. Michael, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Botts, John & Son
    Osborn, G & Son
    General Merchandise.
    Michael, J J
    Osborn, G B
    Michael & Malcolm
    Courtney, G
    Osborn, G & Son


    Is 10 miles from Monkton on the N.C.R. W. Land medium, sells at from $10 to $20 per acre; produces fair crops of wheat, corn, oats, hay and potatoes. Churches and schools near. Population 75. E. A. Strawbridge, Postmaster.

    Barton, James R.
    Stifler, R. B.
    Sweeney, Edward
    Pollock, Wesley
    General Merchandise
    Butler, Joseph W.
    Lanieus, Jacob
    Strawbridge, Isaac
    Hersey, Joseph
    Payne, Joseph
    Wiley, Geo N
    Wiley, Nicholas
    Harkins, J W


    Is on the P. W. & B. R. R, 27 1/2 miles from Baltimore. Soil, light loam, and land is valued at $50 per acre; produces 25 bus. wheat, 35 oats, several hundred potatoes, 50 corn and 2 tons hay. Schools and churches In the vicinity. Population 50. James H. Michael, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Emmord, J H
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Taylor, John M
    Taylor, H M
    General Merchandise
    Michael & Bro
    Quinlan, Dan'l
    Taylor, D. W.
    Mitchell, John
    Chapman, Pearson
    Tredick, John
    Osborn, T.


    Is 13 miles from Monkton. Land good, mostly cleared; varies in price from $15 to $75 per acre, and produces 18 bus. wheat, 25 oats, 150 potatoes, 40 corn, and 2 tons hay. Public schools, and Providence M. P., Friendship M. E and Baptist Churches. Population 75. T. Bradenbaugh, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Beaumont, Holland
    Cannon, T
    Debow T A
    Ely, W F.
    Jones, Wm
    McCrery W A
    Proctor, Wm
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Rockey, W H
    Walker, T Davis
    General Merchandise
    Bradenbaugh, T
    Harkins, T
    Lomax & Bros
    Harkins, T.
    Hanway, David
    Wright, W.
    Ehrhardt, D.
    Davis, Wm.
    Dickey, R.
    Atkinson, M.
    McCann, E.


    Is 7 miles from Conowingo; land loamy, three-fourths cleared. Can be bought at from $20 to $50 per acre, and yields 16 bus. wheat, 20 oats, 150 potatoes, 85 corn, 500 lbs. tobacco and 2 tons hay. The location is in a thickly settled country. Population 50. Isaac Scarborough, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Heaps, J K
    Terrell, D T
    Sealor, Henry
    Day, James H
    Soarborough, W D
    General Merchandise.
    Scarborough, Isaac
    Justice of the Peace.
    Orr, R D
    Day, W. N.
    Bell, N R
    Heaps, W
    Andrews, G W
    Hamlett, Benj H
    Saw Mill.
    Enfleld & Day
    Day, G W
    Morrison, D


    Is 3 miles from Delta, Pa. Land fertile; is worth from $30 to $75 per acre, and produces 10 to 25 bus. wheat, 30 to 60 oats, 50 to 150 potatoes, 50 to 100 corn and 1 to 2 tons hay. Asbestos quarries, lead, copper and iron ore abound here. Fair View and Sylvan Retreat Schools. Population 40. N. Pyle, Postmaster.

    Wilson, L
    Harry James
    Pyle, D L
    Asbestos Miner.
    Jenkins, J W
    Buins, J D
    Allen, J
    Deaver, R J
    Kinsey, C A
    General Merchandise.
    Pyle, Nathan
    Pyle, E Everett
    Pyle, Nathan
    Pyle, D
    Wines and Liquors,
    Stearns, J O


    Is 6 miles from Monkton, on the N.C.R. W., and surrounded by good land which sells at from $10 to $40 per acre; produces fair crops of wheat, corn, oats, hay and potatoes. Churches and schools convenient. Population 75. A. Garrison, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Arthur, George
    Arthur, S
    Gunther, C
    Phelps, S
    Standiford, W C
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Phelps, J. O.
    Walter, W.
    Chalk, M. E.
    General Merchandise
    Hess, J H
    Patterson & Folley
    Lime Burner
    Hess, Henry
    Caskey, R W
    Emory, H
    Rutledge, C A
    Campbell, Joseph


    Is 11 miles from Aberdeen. Soil, red clay; land, well timbered, ranges in price from $50 to $100 per acre, and yields 25 to 30 bus. wheat, 70 to 80 oats, 50 to 75 potatoes, 50 to 100 corn and 2 tons hay. Population 50. James H. Bull, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Kelly, Robert A
    Treadwell, Chas W
    Arthur, James
    General Merchandise.
    Riggs, Wm G & Son
    Huff, James H
    Magraw, Jas M
    Saw Mill
    Ball, James H


    Is 9 miles from Monkton on the N. C. R. W. Land good; is worth $15 to $75 per acre and yields 15 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 100 potatoes, 35 corn and 1 ton hay. Population 50. John B. Curry, Postmaster.

    Attorney at Law
    Rutledge, P H
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Coe, Moses
    Ely, Thomas
    Scarl, Geo R
    Spencer, Wm
    Engle, J H
    Johnson, Thos
    General Merchandise
    Curry, John B.
    Justice of the Peace
    Alderson, J. D.
    Ball, H.
    Millers, Z
    Baldwin, Wm.
    Rutledge, C. A.
    Saw Mill
    Fowble, Geo.


    Is 7 miles from Magnolia. Soil, clay loam; land is valued at $60 per acre, and yields 20 bus. wheat, 40 corn and 2 tons bay. Population 75. S. S. Stauffer, Postmaster.

    Thompson, Charles
    Carpenters and Turners.
    Addison, Wm
    Hardesty, I E
    Hollingsworth, Edward
    Hollingsworth, J H
    Carriage Materials.
    Hollingsworth, I C
    Hollingsworth, Nathan'l
    General Merchandise.
    Cairnes & Moutray
    Whitaker, Franklin
    Henderson, A B
    Townsley, Wm
    Middendorf; Henry
    Norris, Silas W
    Clark, John



    Baker, C W
    Baker, G H
    Baker, G W
    Brown, A F
    Cole, Benj
    Cole, O N
    Cronin, Benj
    Fulton, W J
    Gilbert, C T
    Harris, W B
    Laylor, H L
    Michael, J C
    Michael, W B
    Mitchell, J A
    Morgan, R L
    Moulidale, Mark
    Osborn, Amos
    Oshorn, Cyrus
    Button, J


    Bradford, J H
    Carroll, P E
    Gallion, J W
    Johns, E F
    Johns, W A
    Mouladale T

    Bel Air

    Amos, Henry C
    Amos, Thos A
    Archer, Caleb G
    Archer, Henry W
    Archer, Stevenson
    Blake, John M
    Dallam, John S
    Davison, John C
    Davison, Wm
    Dean, James
    Dean, John J
    Dean, M M
    Farnandis, Henry D
    Farnandis, James
    Fendall, Wm L
    Forwood, Parker F
    Fulford, A L
    Fulford, A M
    Holland, R W
    Howard, Patrick
    Jones, Wm H
    McCormick, J M
    Mechem, Isaac
    Moores, John
    Munnikhuysen, W F
    Norris, Alei
    Norris, G S
    Pue, Michael E
    Quinby, James H
    Richardson, E H
    Richardson, John S
    Rogers, Wm
    Scott, Dan'l
    Scott Wm G
    Stump, Herman
    Sullivan, Jeremiah
    Whitaker, Frank

    Black Horse

    Almony, Benj
    Anderson, W F
    Ayres, Benj F
    Barton, James
    Beaty, James F
    Boarman Frank
    Bradenbaugh, Jacob
    Cathcart, Jno T
    Cathoart, W N
    Gorsuch, Luther M
    Green, Thos
    Henderson, Jno B
    Henderson, Thos
    Henderson, Wm F
    Hughes, Naason
    Hughes, Wm N
    Jackson, Jno R
    Jordan, Conrad
    Kirkwood, A W
    Kirkwood, Jas H
    Kirkwood, Jno H
    Kirkwood, Jno R
    Kirkwood, N C
    Kirkwood, Richard H
    Kirkwood, Robert
    League, C W
    Lemmon, Geo
    Luckey, J G
    Lytle, Geo W
    Marklein, J J
    Meads, Jno D
    Meads, Wm L
    Norris, James
    Norris, Thos
    Patterson, J N
    Rampley, R N
    Robinson, J C
    Robinson, Wm T
    Slade, Christopher
    Treadway, John
    Turner, James
    Turner, John
    Vance, James
    Watt, Nicholas
    Wiley, A. Jackson
    Wiley, Thos. H.
    Wright, Caleb

    Boothby Hill

    Aaronson, Ambrose P.
    Aaronson, Wm. F.
    Archer,R H.
    Cox, Elisha
    Godwin, Thomas
    Hyde, H S
    McGaw, B F
    Mitchell, C P
    Mitchell, D E
    Mitchell, Paca
    Mitchell, T P
    Rickey, S B
    Smith, R H
    Taylor, W H
    Thompson, J T
    Way, Isaac

    Carsin's Run

    Bowkley, Fred
    Carsins, Wm.
    Dick, Robert
    Foreman, J. F.
    Greenland, James
    Greenland, Richard
    Greenland, Wm.
    Hopkins, Richard
    James, Jno. L.
    Jeffrey, James
    Maxwell, Wm.
    Morris, Wm.

    Chestnut Hill

    Barrow, Jno. H.
    Forwood, Parker L.
    Grafton, Corbin
    Grafton, John H.
    Grier, Jno. P.
    Pyle, Eli
    Robinson, Thomas
    Ward, John
    Ward, John T.

    Chrome Hill

    Baird, Wm.
    England, J.
    Gladden, Wm.
    Smith, R.
    St. Clair, James
    St. Clair, Wm.
    Stansbury, T.
    Street, C. G.
    Wilson, W. A.


    Archiver, R. Harris
    Barnes, H.
    Barnes, John
    Barnes, W. S.
    Beeman, J. J.
    Blackburn, John
    Coale, J. W.
    Finney, Geo. J.
    Glasgow, Geo. R.
    Hays, N. W. S.
    Hays, Thos. A.
    Hays, Wm. F.
    Janney, Johns H.
    Kelly, James
    Lee, P. H. & Son
    McIlvain, Jeremiah
    Silver, Silas & Geo.
    Waterman, Joseph P.
    Woolsey, Wm.


    Archer, D. T.
    Brazier, Thos. J.
    Gabler, Michael
    Gorrell, Theodore
    Hurtt, Wm.
    Livezey, Isaac W.
    McComas, Geo. M.
    McComas, Geo. W.
    Smith, Daniel
    Spicer, C. P.
    Spicer, Geo. M.
    Standiford, Benj.
    Standiford, Isaac
    Zeigler, Nicholas
    Zimmerman, Capt. G. H.


    Ady, S. M.
    Bay, Thos. A.
    Cairnes, J. A.
    Cairnes, R. Thos.
    Durham, A.
    Durham, W. A.
    Hanway, Wm. E.
    Morse, Geo. W.
    Patton, Wm. H.
    Poteet, James
    Rigdon, Geo. B.
    Watters, J. Howard
    Watters, W. & Bro.
    Wetherill, S.
    Whitaker, Joshua
    Whiteford, Wm. E.
    Young, C.


    Billingslea, C. W.
    Castner, W. W.
    Dallam, Dr. W.
    Hanney, B. F.
    Hanney, D.
    Webster, Mrs. J.
    Webster, Richard


    Allen, E. M.
    Caldwe1l, A J
    Dallam, T. B.
    Edge, Joseph
    Forwood, James
    Harlem, Henry S.
    Holloway, Alb't & Wm.
    Holloway, Samuel
    Hopkins, E. C.
    Hopkins, Frank
    Hopkins, Mrs. H. R.
    Hopkins, J. R.
    Hopkins, Samuel
    Hopkins, Thos. C.
    Hopkins, Wm. of Joseph
    James, Joseph
    Jones, Fletcher
    Massey, James R.
    Matthews, Sam'l H.
    McNutt, Gover
    Preston, J. Brown
    Sappington, John
    Scott, Geo. L.
    Thomas, D. E.
    Thompson, Isaac H.
    Tucker, Ellis J.
    Wilson, Isaac C.
    Worthington, F. D.
    Worthington, Jas. C.


    Clement, Thomas
    Crew, Chas.
    Galbreath, Clarence
    Hutchinson, Wm.
    Jones, Geo. W.
    Klair, Hiram
    McCoy, D. G. & Wm. G.
    McCoy, R B
    Morris, Thos
    Phillips, Ja~es W
    Piezee, Joshua
    Swan, P C
    Scarborough, Barclay
    Stokes, J. H.
    Thompson, Wm H
    Warner, Philip & Wm
    Willis, J E & E S


    Carroll, B F
    Chisholm, John
    Coebran, J
    Emmord, Fred
    Emmord, Geo.
    Foley, P
    Ford, John T.
    Frusch, John
    Gunther, Fred
    Gunther, Harman
    Hall, Edward
    Hall, J W
    Hall, Thos Jr
    Hall, Wm
    Hamilton, Wm
    Hareland, John
    Harman, Michael
    Herbert, C
    Hoffecker, J
    Holmes, Wm
    Lantz, Jacob
    Litzinger, Wm
    McComas, J E
    McHenry, R
    Myers, H
    Myers, Jacob
    Norris, James
    Preston, J B
    Humboldt, Chas
    Scully, James
    Snow, E J & Co
    Sullivan, Thos
    Swartz, T B
    Taylor, Hubert
    Taylor, W P
    Terry, G. F.
    Todd, Robert
    Trimble, N P
    Tydings, Lloyd
    Walman, John
    Wetheral, J A
    Wilson, Robert


    Ambler, Jonathan
    Amos, E Pierson
    Amos, Garret
    Amos, Geo K
    Amos Henry
    Amos, Howard
    Amos, James O
    Amos, Lemuel
    Amos, Thomas
    Benson, Joel
    Benson, Joshua
    Bolton, Robert A
    Bond, Chas
    Bowne, Hubert
    Bradley. Dennis
    Burns, Peter
    Dickey, Robert
    Duvall, Capt B E
    Edelin, Wm
    Favour, Joseph
    Forward, Robert
    Hamilton, James K
    Harlan, Joseph
    Hollingsworth, Amos
    Hollingswortb, Dan'l P
    Hooker, Mrs S & Sister
    Hoskins, Wm
    Kcecb, James A
    Kelly, Michasl
    Lancaster, John
    Lewis, David
    Lynch, Wm F
    Maynadier, Joseph
    Monk, John
    Moore, Theodore
    Preston, Emmond
    Price, Mordecai
    Rhal, Geo
    Rhodham, Wm
    Robinson, James
    Rogers, Geo
    Scott, Ross
    Shannahan, John
    Spicer August
    Steigler, Geo
    Warner, Bunton
    Waters, Wm H
    Watson, James T
    Watson, Wm
    Whitson, Daniel
    Fountain Green.
    Forwood, Wesley
    Grant, Geo W
    Hanna, James W
    Hanna, John C
    Hanna, Mary C
    Hanna, Robert F
    Harward, Chas W
    Jeffery, John W
    Kerr, C Edward
    Norris, David,
    Oldfleld, Wm
    Rogers, R J
    Stillwell, Court
    Whistler, Sam'l F
    Winchester, Mrs


    Barnes, R A
    Bayless, Martin.
    Bayleas, S E
    Coale, J
    Cook, Joel
    Dever, T
    Famous, Joseph
    Holloway, R
    King, T
    Lochary, T
    Page, Joseph
    Reasin, J F
    Silver, Benj
    Silver, J P
    Silver, S A
    Silver, S B
    Silver, Wm
    Wilson, J

    Harford Furnace

    Cullum, Wm
    Lynch, John
    McAble, John H
    Moran, Patrick
    Myers, Henry
    Sullivan, John
    Trago, John

    Havre de Grace

    Barnes, W H
    Bisley, Milton
    Botta, Goldsmith
    Brown, A F
    Carroll, Ney
    Cook, Chas
    Cord, Thos
    Cropper, Chas
    De Baugh, August
    Evans, J T
    Ewing, Edwin
    Ewing, James
    Ewing, John
    Ewing, W H
    Fletcher, Mrs E
    Forsythe, Samuel
    Gilbert, J
    Gilbert, Jarrett
    Greenway, Col Wilton
    Henrigues, Capt. Jos.
    Hitchcock, C. E.
    Holloway, W L
    Hopkins, Dr W W
    Hopper, John A
    Matthews J G
    McGaw, J'ames
    Mitchell, Amos
    Mitchell, Bernard
    Mitchell, Corbin
    Mitchell, J G
    Mitchell, John
    Mitchell, John Jr
    Moulton, Thomas
    Osborn, H A
    Payne, Geo R
    Hodgers, Col R S
    Ruth, John
    Sherwood, Rebt
    Silver, Wm Z
    Sooy, L
    Touchstone, John
    Ward, Jarrett
    Whittaker, W P C
    Worthington, James
    Worthington, John


    Barrow, J S
    Bsrrow, Thomas
    Germon, G A
    Gillespie, Wm.
    Heuisler, G. A.
    Hoopes & Sons
    Johnson, Jacob
    Kennedy, J. T.
    McComas, N P
    Michael, Wm H
    Minnick, B F
    Morgan,W F
    Poole, James
    Poole, Thomas
    Pyle, Herman
    Ross, Wm
    Smithson, James
    Smithson, Wm
    Streett, John

    Hopewell X Roads

    Ewing, Lawson
    Foley, R.
    Gallion, James B.
    Hanna, S. B.
    Hopkins, Geo. W.
    Hopkins, Welimore
    Kenly, Geo W
    Riley, John
    Spencer, John R
    Stephenson, Wm B
    Stephenson, James
    Walker, A W
    Walker, H J


    Amos, James A
    Amos, James A Jr
    Bessler, C S M
    Cairnes, Geo A
    Carroll, Wm C
    Deets, Sam'l
    Gailey, James H
    Gross, J T
    Gross, Jacob
    Jarrett, J W
    Jarrett, Joshua
    Jarrett, W B
    Miller, Thos
    Rampley, Wm
    Tipton, W B
    Wetherall, Solomon


    Botta, Asel
    Cooley, A
    Craig, John
    Dever, D
    Hughes, A H
    Hughes, Evan T
    Kennedy, W
    Knight, W C
    Silver, Geo B
    Stephenson, W B
    Stuwell, Isaac
    Tollenger, Asel
    Wilson, W C


    Emmord, J G
    Everett, John
    Fry, Geo
    Herbert, N
    Hurley, J J
    Murphy, Mrs C S
    Murphy, James
    Smith, D H
    Smith, F M
    Sulilvan, T
    Sweeting, Edward
    Sweeting, J T


    Barron, Nathan
    Cole, A
    Courtney, C S
    Courtney, G A
    Cronin, B F
    Ditzel, John
    Gerwig, Geo F
    Johnson, John
    Malcolm, F P
    Malcolm, J C
    Michael, G W
    Pennington, N O N
    Stockbam, John Q
    Stockham, Thos


    Almoney, Benj
    Mmoney, John S
    Austine, G W
    Bosley, Joseph O
    Cathcart, Josiah
    Hughes, Granville
    McClung, EB
    McClung, John P
    McClung, H R
    McDonald, N W
    Norris, Benj
    Norris, Geo W
    Norris, Nicholas
    Reed, James
    Wiley, David
    Wiley, David W
    Wiley, Joseph
    Wiley, Matthew
    Wiley, H N
    Wiley, W O


    Bolton, Daniel K
    Brown, Ephraim
    Christy, G J
    Cronin, W T
    Elliott, Wm M
    Gallup, Chas T
    Gallup, Daniel
    Gallup, George W
    Gennett, John
    Hall, Andrew
    Hall, Henry C
    Hall, W W R
    Herring, Chas H
    Holloway, C C
    Holloway, James E
    Hoopman, C A
    Johnson, George J
    Keen, B H
    Lay, Randolph
    Lorett, John
    Marshall Wm
    Martin, G. C.
    Matthews, L E
    Michael, Chas W
    Mitchell, George M
    Morean, A C
    Nelson, A H
    Nelson, F
    Palmer, Joshua
    Palmer, Walter
    Pannell, Wm
    Perryman, E G
    Richardson, James L
    Rickey, Samuel
    Stockham, Charles
    Stockham, John Q
    Turner, Wm
    Walker, George F
    Walker, James T


    Amos, James H
    Atkinson, Isaac
    Bartleson, W D
    Beaumont, Miflin
    Beaumont, Thos
    Blair, Wm
    Calder, Lloyd
    Dance, Chas
    Davis, Dr
    Davis, J T
    Dickey, Dr. R.
    Ely, D. B.
    Glenn, Samuel
    Guyton, R
    Hanway, David
    Hanway, Joseph
    Hanway, S
    Hutton, B
    Keen, Wm
    Loker, Joseph
    Meachem, Mrs L
    Reese, G
    Reiley, P.
    Scarff, C.
    Scarff, S. G.
    Twining, J
    Vaines, John
    Walker, T
    Watters, James A
    Watters, Robert
    West,C W
    Whitaker James
    Wiggers, D. H.


    Bay, Wm
    Cox, Wm
    Davis, W J
    Enfleld, Jacob
    Heaps, A
    James, Sam'l
    Love, Jacob
    Mc Faddon, J K
    Redding, Timothy
    Robinson, J S
    Scarborough, Isaac
    Scarborough, S J
    Stokes, N R


    Amos, B Scott
    Gaibreath, J W
    Harry, D
    Harry, N N
    Heaps, H T
    Heaps, T W
    Jenkins, J W
    Myre, C M
    Pyle, D
    Pyle, D L
    Ramsay, B N
    Wallace, S W
    Webster, J A
    Wheeler, M
    Wheeler, S
    Whiteford, M N
    Wilson, A
    Wilson, L
    Wilson, W H


    Drummond, J W
    Garrison, A
    Garrison, J B
    Hope, Joshua
    Hope, W
    Hope, W A
    Hutehins, John
    Hutchins, N
    Lynch, D.
    Morden, A.
    Nelson, R
    Pocock, Jease
    Rutledge, J R
    Streett, C H
    Tolley, E C & O H

    Thomas Run

    Arthur, James
    Ball, James H
    Bull, James H
    Bull, John J
    Bull, Mary & Hannah
    Coale, S. H.
    Glasgow, Geo B
    Hawkins, Wm L
    Hays, Nathaniel
    Hays, Wm
    Hendon, Thomas
    Hood, John
    Kerr, John
    Lee, James
    Lee, James C
    Lee, Parker H
    Lee, Sam'l M
    Livezy, Thomas
    Lochary, John
    Magraw, Dr James M
    Munnickhuysen, Wm T
    Ramsey, Wm
    Bull, Henry
    Huff, James H
    Slade, Benj A
    Watters, Hon Jas D
    Watters, James W
    Wheeler, Leonard M

    Upper X Roads

    Alderson, J D
    Alderson, James
    Amos, A R
    Amos, Corbin
    Ashton, Joseph
    Baldwin, S
    BaldwIn, Silas
    Ball, H
    Chenowith, Thos
    Corkran D
    Divers, John
    Grant, John
    Green, Joshua B
    Hild, John
    James, J W
    Jarrett, W B
    Kennedy, Silas
    Kennedy, Thos
    McComas, Gabriel
    Rutledge, John R.
    Scarff, C. F.
    Scarff, J. A.
    Spencer, H. B.
    Straett, B. A.
    Vanhorn, D C
    Woodward, E.


    Archer, Caleb
    Archer, Geo.
    Archer, John
    Archur, Roland D.
    Bowne, R. T.
    Buckingham, Wm. B.
    Creswell, Chas E.
    Hollingsworth, Amos B.
    Hollingsworth, E. P.
    Hollingsworth, H. E.
    Hollingsworth, James
    Hollingsworth, Silas
    Hollingsworth, T. O.
    Hollingsworth, Thomas
    Hoskins, Chaney
    Kemp, Thomas
    Kirk, Jacob
    Lee, R. C.
    Norris, D. Lee
    Norris, Frank C.
    Norris, R.
    Richardson, Henry.

  • Howard County

    HOWARD COUNTY is one of the smallest counties, having an area of 300 square miles, and a length of about 25 miles and a width of about 12 miles; is Centrally situated between the head waters of the Patapsco and Patuxent Rivers, the west branch of the former stream separating it from Carroll and Baltimore Counties on the north and east, and the main branch of the Patuxent binding on the south-west between it and Montgomery and Prince George's Counties. Anne Arundel County, (of which it was a part until 1850), binds it on the south-east.

    This county is very undulating and the soil mostly good, though not all improved, with considerable fine limestone land in the central and southern parts. It is completely intersected with spring branches flowing into the larger streams, and affording a large amount of excellent water powers, which are mostly improved by factories, mills, furnaces, &C. Some of the very best water powers and largest factories in the State are on its two boundary streams. Inexhaustible quarries of granite exist in the county; one variety near the upper end of the county much resembles the famous Quincy granite. The largest quarries, or those most extensively worked, are at Sykesville and Woodstock, on the Patapsco, and from which stone the Cathedral and Record Office in Baltimore were built. Another variety called porphyritic granite, has reddish crystals of feldspar disseminated through it. There are large iron ore beds next to Anne Arundel County and near the Washington Railroad. Howard has thirty-one miles of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad on one side, and twelve miles of the Washington Branch on the south-east, which, together, give convenient access to almost all parts of the county. This accessibility, with the eminent natural advantages of pure air and water, and innumerable beautiful building sites, are promoting improvements, and the vicinity of the railroads is being built up with fine country seats.

    Seven miles west of Eliicott City is the estate of Dougheregan Manor, once the home of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, now owned by the present Governor of Maryland, Hon. John Lee Carroll, and other Carroll heirs. This estate contains nearly 14,000 acres of the finest land in the county. Has a postoffice, Harper Carroll, Postmaster, who also owns a mill. A general store owned by D. J. Foley. M. B., P. B. and Roman Catholic Churches and public schools near. The farm products are wheat, corn, potatoes, oats, tabacco and hay. These, with the various ore mines, large cotton manufacturing, and other business interests, afford remunerative employment to the people and add much to the wealth and prosperity of the county.

    Judges Fifth Judicial Circuit--Hon. Oliver Miller, Chief Judge, Annapolls; Hon. Edward Hammond and Hon. Wm. N. Hayden, Associate Judges, Annapolis. Auditor-John S. Tyson. Clerk to Court-L. J. Watkins, Ellicott City. Deputy-Wm. G. Sykes. Sheriff-Joseph Hunt, Ellicott City. Deputy-John Bay. State Attorney-H. B. Wootton, Eliicott City. Judges of Orphan's Court- A. M. Johnson, Chief Judge, Wm. Matthews and James Harban. Register of Wills-Edwin Warfield, Ellicott City. County Commissioners--Jerome C. Berry, President, Samuel Brown and Wm. Rowles. Attorney to Commmissioners-Edwin Linthicum. Clerk-Dye W. Worthington, Ellicott City. School Commmissioners-Dr. J. Williams, President, Wm. Clark and John G. Rogers. Examiner and Treasurer-Dr. Wm. H. Hardy, Ellicott City. Register of Voters-A. C. Rogers, James L. Matthews, Joseph Macavoy, Rufus Burdette, W. H. Crawford, and Geo. G. Latchford. Constables-Wm. A. Smallwood, John H. Reasau, Geo. W. Isaacs, Geo. Voltz, Columbus Isaacs, James W. Gordon, and Wm. Clark. Tax Collecctors-R. Hopkins, B. A. Jones and C. Hammond Carr. Justices of the Peace--Geo. W. Boswell, H. H. Reasau, James D. Cook, F. Heine, Wm. Davis, S. Ridgely, Eilas Hobbs, Reuben Warfield, W. T. Crapster, L. W. Delauder, W. P. Bidgely, Joseph Smaliwood, B. F. Nichols, H. W. Ward, Thomas J. Pitt and J. A. Haynes. Notary Public--Wm. B. Peter. Congresman Fifth District--Hon. Eli J. Henkle, Annapolia State Senator--Hon. Arthur P. Gorman, Laurel. Members House of Delegates--Hons. J. S. Tracey and H. H. Tyson. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Ellicott City, the county seat: Law Terms-3d Monday in March and 1st Monday in September. Chancery Terms-1st Monday in December and 3d Monday in June. Population of County- White, 12,676; colored, 3,174. Registsred Vote--3,679. Assessed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks and Railroad Property--$8,219,468. State and County Tax 98 cents on $100.


    Is on the B. & O. B. R, 16 miles from Baltimore. Is a rapid growing and fast becoming the most flourishing village in the county. The business is derived from the extensive cotton mills located here.

    These mills are owned by the firm of Messrs. James S. Gary & Son, (now organized as the "Gary Manufacturing Company of Maryland,") who have operated them since 1858. During the whole of this period the spindles have heen kept in motion, except for a few weeks in the year 1868; stoppage at that time being necessitated by the great freshet which occurred in the summer of that year, and which resulted so disastrously throughout the whole of the valley of the Patapaco. Additions have been made from time to time to the mill property, until now it is one of the largest establishments of the kind in the State.

    The proprietors have provided ample church and school accommodations for the operatives and their families. Besides these institutions there are flourishing temperance societies and building associations, with considerable accumulation of capital.

    The mills and several other buildings are lighted with gas, and a large reservoir on the adjacent heights furnishes an abundant supply of pure water for drinking purposes, as well as a ready protection against fire.

    The factory grounds are regularly laid off with gravel walks, and adorned, with trees and shrubbery. In the summer several beautiful fountains are kept constantly playing.

    Population 800. James S. Gary, Postmaster.


    Is 10 miles from Ellicott City; land good, is worth $40 per acre, and yields 10 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 25 potatoes and 30 corn. Population 20. Wm. C. Dorsey, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths & Wheelwrights.
    Barnes, James
    Wall, John
    Easton, R A
    General Merchandise.
    Dorsey & Clark
    Maynard, Thos
    Zeigler, Geo
    Hardy, W H
    Nichols, J H


    Is 2 1/4 miles from Hood's Mills; land medium, mostly cleared, is valued at from $10 to $30 per acre, and produces 10 bus. wheat, 15 to 60 corn and 2 tons hay. Harmony and MoKendree M. E. Churches, one public school. Population 50. Caleb Sheets, Postmaster.

    Attorneys at Law.
    Cook, James
    Ruff, Wm
    Hobbs, Cornelius
    Hobbs, Nathan C
    Hook, Robert
    General Merchandise.
    Delashmutt, John M
    Sheets, Caleb
    Ensey, Richard L
    Carr, Wm
    Lemmon, David
    Knott, Wm
    Ruff, Wm
    Riggs, A
    Warfield, Evan
    Wilson, John
    Shipley, Nathan


    Is on the B. & O. R R., 9 1/2 miles from Baltimore, pleasantly situated near the Patapsco Riyer, over which the Railroad crosses by the Thomas Viaduct, an imposing granite structure 66 feet high, 8 arches, each of which is 60 feet span. Elk Ridge Landing is one of the oldest towns in the State and for a long time contended with Baltimore for the commerce of the northern part of the colony. It was a great tobacco market, and where now there is a meadow and a marsh, vessels came for their cargoes of tobacco. The land is excellent, principally cleared; is worth from $50 to $500 per acre, according to location and improvements, readily produces 15 to 80 bus wheat, 25 to 50 corn, and 2 tons hay. M. E. Church, Rev. G. W. Hobbs, P. E. Rev. J. T. Meade; Roman Catholic, Rev. Father M. Stanton. Several public schools Population 150. James Earp, Postmaster.

    Banks, Sam'l D.
    Hartke, Joseph
    Resau, John H.
    Boots and Shoes.
    Hellwig, Chas
    Miller, John
    Todd, David
    Zink, C
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Bryan, Benj
    Preisenger, K
    Peddicord, Girard
    Bowles, Jas
    Schroder, F
    Talbot, Chas
    Eareckson, Edwin
    General Merchandise.
    Boyle, Mrs. S. E.
    Laffy, Daniel
    McCaulley, M
    O'Malley, Patrick
    Pettit & Rea
    Grocers and Confectioners.
    Earp, James
    Kyne, Mrs J
    Pocock, Geo W
    Pocock, S M
    Todd, David
    Watts, Mrs Ruth
    Howard, Mrs S E Boyle
    Iron Furnace.
    Brown, Thos
    Justice of the Peace.
    Bosley, Geo.
    Collins, J N
    Isaacs, Joeeph
    Soper, C B
    Ore Miner.
    Macmanus, John
    Craggs, Joseph H
    Eareckson, J
    Eareckson, R W
    Tounge, H
    Williams, Arthur
    Winterson, C
    Laynor, Geo J


    The county seat, is situated on both sides of the Patapsco River, and lies partly in Howard and partly in Baltimore Counties. It is distant fifteen miles from Baltimore City by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and ten miles by the Baltimore & Fredericktown Turnpike. It was formerly known as Ellicott's Mills, but was incorporated by the General Assembly of 1867, since when it has been called Ellicott City. The scenery about the city is noted for its beauty and picturesqueness. The well known flour mills of Gambrill & Co. are situated there, and there are also within its corporate limits several celebrated institutions of learning among them being the Patapsco Female Institute and Rock Hill College. The country around is noted for its healthfulness and the fertility of its soil. Farm lands sell readily for between sixty and a hundred dollars per acre, and the farmers find a ready market for their wheat at the flour mill. Truck farms are numerous, and all kinds of vegetables, fruit and poultry, meet with quick sales from the various grocery stores and families of the city.

    The city has entirely recovered from the disastrous effects of the memorable flood of 1868, and is now in a flourishing and prosperous condition. Its proximity to Baltimore, together with its railroad conveniences, render it a desirable residence for those wishing to combine the pleasures of country and city life, and many persons doing business in the metropolis make their homes in the neighborhood of Ellicott City. Population 2,900. R. N. Wharry, Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS.-German Lutheran, Rev. E. Lehnert; M E (Emory,) Rev. T. A. Morgan; M. P., Rev. A. D. Dick; P. B., (St Peter's;) Rev. R. A. Poole; Presbyterian, Rev. W. A. Hooper; Roman Catholic, (St. Paul's,) Rev. Father John Dougherty.

    BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES.-A. F & A. M.-Patmos 70. 1: 0.0. F.- Centre Lodge 40, and Encampment 81. K of P-Fidelity 61. I O. G. T.-Patapaco 144. Bayley Aid and Beneficial, Byron Literary Club.

    ASSOCIATIONS.-Ellicott City Land and Loan; German Building; National Building; Eliicott City Saving.

    CITY OFFICERS.-Mayor-Z. M. Isaacs. City Council-E. Norris, President, Thomas H. Hunt, C. F. Makison, James T. Yates, Wm. McKinsey, and C. P. Cassidy. Counselor-E. Linthicum. Register-James G. Kirkwood. Policeman--J. B. Vansant.

    Agent Rallroad.
    Harvey, C W
    Agent-Real Estate
    Peter, Wm B
    Agent-Sewing Machines.
    Buzby, Wm N
    Agricultural Implements.
    Reynolds, N H
    Talbott, E A
    Attorneys at Law.
    Linthicum, Edwin
    Maccubbin, James
    McGuire, J D
    Rogers, John G
    Watkins, J Harwood
    Wootton, Henry E
    Bakers and Confectioners.
    Heavy, James
    Norris, Edward
    Thomas, Wm
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Burgess, George
    Isaacs, George W.
    Makison, C. T.
    Miller, B F
    Books and Stationery.
    Brooks, Mrs M A
    Boots and Shoes.
    Bierly, Bros
    Dykes, Josephus
    Helm, Beal
    Kinsey, J
    Kraff, Andrew
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Chandler, H
    Fort, B
    Hillsinger, Stephen
    Isaacs, A J
    McClellan, John
    Merson, J W
    Coal and Wood.
    Dorsey, Joshua W
    Kuhn, J F
    Dorsey, J S
    Shreeve, James E
    King, Dr S A
    Martin, Dr Isaac J & Son
    Dry Goods and Notions,
    Buzby, Mrs M E
    Day, John & Son
    Duvall, Mary L
    Frank, Mrs S
    Frost, Elias W
    Flour and Feed.
    Collier, Wm B
    Miller, Albert
    Foundry and Machinist.
    Reynolds, N H
    McClellan, John
    General Merchandise
    Canby, C T
    Day, John & Son
    Frank, S & Co
    Hunt, Thomas H
    Leishear, J H
    Ogle, B
    Precher, Louis
    Radcliffe, Wm W
    Slasher, Joseph A
    Sprecher, D
    Tabler, A J P
    Groceries and Provisions
    Fissler, Mrs
    Frey, Charles A
    Heavy, James
    Holtman, John
    Kaiser, H
    Kavanagh, Martin
    Lamkin, J J
    Loughman, Daniel
    Love, Henry
    Miller, Albert
    O'Brien, John U
    Temmink, Henry
    Harness and Saddles.
    Mayfield Wm F
    Temmink, Henry
    Howard, Josiah Groves
    Justices of the Peace.
    Cook, James D
    Heine, F
    Livery Stables.
    Dorsey, Joshua W
    Fisher, Martin
    Kuhn, J F
    Talbott, E A
    Collier, Wm B
    Gambrill, C A & Co
    Millinery and Dressmaking.
    Buzby, Mrs M B
    Easterday, Ida
    Hunt, Mrs B
    Mayfield, Mrs Sarah
    Matthews, J B
    Mercer, Owen
    Radcliffe, S
    Paints, Oils and Glass.
    Radcliffe, William W
    Hodges, Mr
    Keene, Samuel A
    King, S A
    Martin, Isaac J
    Owings, T B
    Temple, I P
    Worthington, W H
    Plumbers and Machinists.
    Kirkwood, Robert G
    Schrod, Charles
    Hermes, Albert
    Rody, Martin L
    Wosch, Julius
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Fisher, J C
    Kirkwood, R G
    Lilly, John J
    Tailors and Clothiers
    Buetefisch, Henry,
    Butke & Wallenhorst
    Caddick, Thomas
    Cassidy, C P
    Frank, S & Co
    Reese, E
    Reese, J
    Love, Henry
    Wallenhorst, B H
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Wettmarshausen, F
    Wines and Liquors.
    Love, Henry
    O'Brien, John U
    Strasburger I C


    Is 4 1/2 miles from Woodbine. Land, clay subsoil, can be bought at from $6 to $50 per acre, and yields 10 to 25 bua wheat, 20 to 50 corn, 500 lbs tobacco and 1 ton hay. Jennings' Chapel, (M. P.,) and a public school Population 25. Joshua N. Warfield, Postmaster.

    Attorney at Law
    Warfield, John
    Scott, John D
    Wright, John T
    Harrison, Nimrod
    General Merchandise
    Warfield, Joshua N.
    Hipsley, Evan
    Stier, James


    Is 5 miles from Sykesville, in a thickly settled country. Location healthy; business medium; land can be bought from $10 to $30 per acre, and produces 10 to 80 bus. wheat, 20 to 60 corn, 500 to 1,000 lbs. tobacco and one-half to 1+ tons hay. Churches and schools in the vicinity. Population 75. Edward Day, Postmaster.

    Agricultural Implements.
    Domey, Edmund
    Baseman, Geo W
    Isaacs, C H
    Foundry and Machinist.
    Dorsey, Edmund
    General Merchandise.
    Day, Edward & Son
    Isaacs, W S
    Selby, N H
    Warfield, Lorenzo G
    Isaacs, John
    Parsley, James L
    Isaacs, Geo H
    Isaacs, Wm E


    Is 5 miles from Hood's Mills; land good, mostly cleared; is valued at from $25 to $100 per acre, and realizes 25 bus wheat and 80 corn. The Celebrated Dorsey Reapers are manufactured here. Glenwood and vicinity is reputed to be the garden spot of Howard County. Glenwood Institute, Prof. L.G. Mathews, principal. Population 40. James B. Mathews, Postmaster.

    Mathews, James B
    Agricultural Implements
    Dorsey, Edmund
    Powers, G W
    General Merchandise
    Matthews, Wm.
    Stier, James R.
    Warfield, Evan W.
    Barnes, Levin


    Is 1 3/4 miles from Woodbine. Land medium, is valued at from $15 to $40 per acre, and yields 15 bus. wheat, 25 corn, 800 lbs. tobacco, and 2 tons hay. M. B. Church, Rev. C. W. Baldwin; Union M. E., Rev. Wm. Rogers; M. P., Rev. J. T. Hail; Harmony Presbyterian, Rev. C. W. Beach. Lisbon Female Academy and a public schooL Population 50. Geo. R. Leach, Postmaster.

    Bond, John
    Cigar Manufacturer.
    Hall, Rev. J. T.
    Gordon, J W
    General Merchandise.
    Leach, Geo H
    Owings, W T
    Simmons, Sarah B
    Simmons, Sarah B
    Mills, Geo W
    Fisher, Kate
    Warfield, M W
    Barnes, D T


    Is pleasantly situated in the upper section of the county, 4 miles from Mount Airy on the B. & O. R. R. The land is fair, principally cleared; varies in price from $5 to $50 per acre; produces 20 bus. wheat, 80 corn, 800 lbs tobacco and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population-- 40. C. T. Mulhneaux, Postmaster.

    Lee, Wm
    Davis, Hamilton
    General Merchandise.
    Hill, John L
    Brown, Owen
    Mullinix, John J
    Poole, Washington


    Is 5 miles from Eilicott City; land good, can be bought at from $40 to $50 per acre, and yields 20 to 30 bus. wheat, 20 to 30 corn and 2 tons bay. Belle Springs M. E. Church, Rev. Thomas Wood, and a public school. Population 135. S. F. Whipps, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Baker, B F
    Gurwick, F
    Gurwick, Geo
    Whipps, W F
    Flothers, James
    Harper, Wm
    Baldwin, Frank
    Brown, Ephraim
    Brown, B H
    Brown, W F
    Fisher, Howard
    General Merchandise.
    Whipps, Theodore
    Harper, Geo.
    Thompson, O. D.
    Krohm, Henry
    Smith, Wilson
    Waters, Frank


    Is on the Frederick Turnpike 5 miles from Eilicott City. St. Charles College for boys and young men is here situated; and the improvements lately made to the buildings are by far the largest and most important in the county.

    The original building, the corner stone of which was laid by the Honorable Charles Carroll of Carrollton, (then aged 94 years,) July 11, 1831, has received additions from time to time until it has become one of the largest and most complete collegiate institutions in the State. The length of the new edifice is 147 feet, depth 65. It is three stories high, with a commodious basement and attic. It is partly faced with cut granite stone. The halls are large and commodious. The height of ceiling averages 15 1/2 feet. It is thoroughly lighted with gas and well heated in every part with hot water, and all the conveniences of modern improvements. The length of the whole edifice measures 367 feet, and it is one of the handsomest and most commodious in the State. The lands surrounding produces fair crops of wheat, corn, oats, hay, tobacco and potatoes. Churches and a public school in the vicinity. Population 50. C. A. Gering, Postmaster. Blacksmiths Gering, Fred'k
    Mullinix, Joshua
    General Merchandise
    Gering, C A


    Is 2 1/4 miles from Woodbine; soil, red clay, principally cleared; is worth $25 per acre, and produces 15 bus. wheat, 25 corn, 1,400 lbs. tobacco and 2 tons hay. Church and a public school. Population 40. R. H. Miles, Postmaster.

    Delauder, Andrew
    Delauder, Lloyd
    Woodard, Hiram
    General Merchandise
    Miles, Thomas
    Wilson, O. S.
    Dorsey, Allen
    Pool, Washington
    Dempsey, A. W.


    Is 7 miles from Hood's Mills. Soil, gray rock; land principally cleared, is valued at $40 per acre and produces 25 bus. wheat, 40 corn, 600 lbs. tobacco and 1 1/2 tons hay. Mt. Calvary P. E. Church. Population 25. J. H. Peddicord, Postmaster.

    Kinsey, Reese
    Martin, Lennox Z
    Dewalt, Alex
    General Merchandise
    Peddicord, Joseph H.
    Peddicord, Geo. T. K.


    Is 6 miles from Laurel. Soil loamy; land is worth $25 per acre and yields 20 bus. wheat, 40 corn and 1 1/2 tons hay. Public school. Population 25. Richard Waters, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Saker, Wm
    Scaggs, Isaac
    Waters, C. H.


    Is 4 miles from Sykesville; land commands $25 per acre, and yields 20 bus. Wheat, 40 corn, 1,200 lbs tobacco and 1 ton hay. St. James P. E. Church, Rev.C. W. Baldwin, and two public schools. Population 50. J. H. Cross, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Chosgo, B
    Muarrove, C
    Willcox, C S
    General Merchandise
    Cross, C F
    McAvoy, J.
    Hobbs, J.
    Isaacs, S. T.
    Hebb, J. W.


    Is on the B. & O. R. R., 22 miles from Baltimore; clay soil; land, mostly cleared, is valued at $50 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat and 25 corn. Granite is shipped from here in large quatlities. Woodstock College located here, (Rev. J Perron President,) under the supervision of the Order of Jesuits, is one of the largest institutions of the kind in the United States. Population 20. A. A. Fahey, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Cleary, Wm
    Cavey, Wm E.
    Bemer, Otto
    Linton, Wm
    General Merchandise.
    Herbert, Gen J R
    Williams, James
    Vanlill, H M
    Stone Quarry.
    Eaton, Alvin



    Belt, Alfred
    Brown, Thos
    Carr, Geo W
    Cissell, Clinton
    Dorsey, Howard C
    Easton, B A
    Handley, John T
    Hobbs, Thos R
    Johnson, Basil
    O'Donnell, Geo W
    Parlett, Wm
    Richardson, Chas J
    Richardson, Geo B
    Ridgely, O. D.
    Watkins, John S
    Willard, M O
    Zeigler, Geo


    Bittner, Wm
    Buck, Eugene
    Buck, James
    Carr, Wm
    Coursey, Robert
    Cook, James
    Dorsey, Nimrod B
    Dorsey, Walter
    Earle, Rol:ert L
    Ensey, Richard
    Hammond, Wm
    Heldtman, H
    Hobbs, Chas A
    Hobbs, Cornelius
    Hobbs, James H
    Hobbs, Lacrence
    Hobbs, Nathan C
    Hobbs, Nathan C Jr
    Hobbs, Riggs
    Hobbs, Thomas
    Hook, Robert
    Hopkins, David B
    Howard, Robert
    Knott, Wm
    Leach, B
    Leishear, J A
    Lemmon, David
    Lemmon, Wm A
    Mercer, Robert
    Mills, Geo
    Peddloord, M
    Hidgely, Henry, K
    Riggs, A
    Rowles, Thomas
    Sheets, Caleb
    Shipley, O. C.
    Stonebraker, H.
    Warfield, Azel
    Warfield, Evan
    Williams, Mrs M J
    Wilson, John
    Woodward, Wm

    Elk Ridge Landing

    Brinker, G
    Buckingham, G M
    Buckingham, Michael
    Dycus, John
    Hobbs, Geo W
    Hopkins, A
    Hopkins, B
    James, L. L.
    Laffy, Daniel
    McIntosh, M.
    Newton, T W
    Pfeiffer, Edward
    Pfeiffer, John
    Rowles, G W
    Rowles, James
    Rowles, Wm
    Smith, C
    Smith, Jno A
    Smith, P L

    Eillcott City

    Carroll Hon John Lee
    Clark, James
    College, St Charles
    Dancore, A J
    Day, John
    Dennis, Capt B P
    Dorsey, John W
    Dorsey, B M
    Gaither, Thomas H
    George, S B
    Hammond, Hon Edw'd
    Hanson, George C
    Hazlehurst, Henry B
    Herbert, John H
    Hunt, Thomas H
    Hynes, Joshua
    Johnson,A M
    Kennedy, Hon Anth'ny
    Ligon, Ex Gov. T W
    Maccubbin, James
    Merrick, Hon R T
    Miller, Hon Oliver
    Scott, Wm H
    Sunderland, D. C.
    Temple, Dr I P
    White, John C
    Winter, Henry
    Wyman, Com Thos W


    Baxley, James
    Collins, Mrs Dennis
    Crapster, Mortimer D
    Dorsey, C Warren
    Dorsey, Fred
    Duvall, J Wesley
    Elliott, Geo
    Fawcett, Wm
    Gaither, Wm H
    Haines, Mrs B P
    Hardy, Authur
    Hardy, Charles H
    Hilton, J Horace
    Hilton, Wm H
    Hobbs, James L
    Rorstkamp, John
    Jarden. Saml
    Jones, Evan A
    Lawlor, Michael
    McDonald, Chas
    Meredith, James A
    Mullinix, Basil
    Murray, David
    Picket, Chas
    Picket. Wm
    Read, Reuben
    Ricord, Caleb
    Ridgley, Wm R
    Silence, Wm T
    Snyder, K
    Snyder, B P
    Stewart, J Wesley C
    Warfield Albert G
    Wartleld, C J
    Warfield, John Green


    Baseman, Geo W
    Belt, James B
    Brown, Archibald
    Challis, Henry E.
    Cross, John T.
    Day, Geo
    Dorsey, Edmund
    Grimes, John B
    Grimes, Thos
    Knight, Orman
    Lette, John C
    Linthicum, Chas G
    Linthicum, Lloyd
    Muigrove, Wm
    Owings, Gillis
    Parsley, James L
    Ridgely, Chas M
    Ridgely, Stephen M
    Scribnor, Washington
    Scribnor, Wesley
    Selby, Enoch
    Selby, John Q
    Selby, Joseph
    Sheapard, Larkin
    Shipley, F M
    Shipley, P G
    Snyder, Geo W
    Tyson, H H
    Warfield, Lorenzo G
    Warfield, Thos O


    Baseman, Geo W
    Belt, Mrs M
    Cook, Mary
    Crapster, Thaddeus
    Dorsey, Edmund
    Dorsey, Richard of C
    Dorsey, Richard H
    Dorsey, Wm T
    Fite, W B
    Hammond, N W
    Hobbs, Mrs C J
    Howard, Robert B
    Mathews Alfred G
    Mathews, James B
    Mathews, Wm
    Musgrove, W C
    Ridgely, Thomas A
    Ridgely, Wm A
    Snyder, Geo W
    Steele, Wm B
    Stier, James B
    Wanield, Dr Evan W
    Warfield, Mrs Mary
    Wolfe, Dr J H R


    Anthony, Wm.
    Barnes, B. F.
    Barnes, Benj.
    Beall, David
    Bradford, Luther
    Danner, Henry
    Fisher, Joseph F.
    Gaither, Jarrett K.
    Gartrell, N.
    Henderson, N. R.
    Hood, S. G.
    Hopkins, D. E.
    Justice, D. W.
    Knock, C. S.
    Leisher, J. A.
    Lenson, James
    Meredith, James
    Miles, W. H.
    Myers, Frank
    Owings, C. C.
    Owings, E. W.
    Owings, N.
    Peddicord, W. A.
    Shipley, O. C.
    Talbott, W. F.
    Talbott, Zadock
    Ward, J. W.
    Warfield, Aug.
    Warfield, J. M.
    Webb, Levi

    Long Corner

    Becraft, Geo.
    Becraft, James
    Becraft, Milton L.
    Becraft, Rufus
    Bennett, Rezin
    Burdette, Allen
    Burdette, Caleb
    Burdette, Nathan
    Burdette, Perry G.
    Burdette, Phillip
    Hammond, Richard T.
    King, Conrad
    King, Lewis E.
    Mullineaux, Andrew D.
    Mullineaux, Chas T.
    Mullinix, Asbury
    Mullinix, Asbury, Jr.
    Mullinix, Basil
    Mullinix, Chas E.
    Mullinix, Geo. W.
    Mullinix, Henry
    Mullinix, John T.
    Mullinix, Jonathan
    Mullinix, Luther T.
    Mullinix, Robert B.
    Mullinix, Upton
    Mullinix, Washington
    Mullinix, Wm A
    Mullinix, Wm A Jr
    Penn, James
    Reed, Samuel P
    Thompson, James F
    Thompson, James M
    Trout, Chas
    Warner, J Hamilton

    Oakland Mills

    Besler, Chris
    Bolden, Benj
    Brosener, Henry
    Dorsey, Reuben
    Florstead Edward
    Fowler, Lloyd
    Hanes, Asbury
    Harden, Wm
    Mores, Francis
    Murphy, Thos
    Owens, John
    Thompson, Samuel
    Ware, Thos

    Pine Orchard

    Hammond, Matthias
    Kennedy, W S
    Rhin, Jesse W
    Rhin, John W
    Rhin, Joseph A

    Poplar Springs

    Beall, David
    Boman, Levi
    Burdette, Alien
    Burdette David
    Caines, James
    Driver, Denton
    Driver, Washington
    England, Abraham
    Hall, Jesse
    Hall, Lewis
    Kuhn & Bunn
    Ore, Wm
    Pickett, Wm
    Selby, Green
    Shaffer, Neal
    Stackhouse, H
    Theinan, C
    Tracy, John S
    Warner, Adam
    Wortham, James

    Roxbury Mills

    Banks, Mrs Arianna
    Biser, Fred'k
    Brandenburg, Geo
    Clark, David
    Dorsey, Humphrey
    Dorsey, Joshua
    Dorsey, Mrs Margaret
    Dorsey, Stephen B
    Etchison, Lysauder
    Garther, Dennis P
    Griffith, Horatio
    Howard, Thomas
    Linthicum, G W
    Ridgely, Geo K

    Waters' Store

    Bottrell, Geo
    Brown, Elisha
    Brown, Franklin
    Cross, DennIs
    Cross, Henry
    Goul, MIchael
    Jager, Henry
    Jager, Herman
    Jager, John
    Melin, Littleton
    Nichols, Thos
    Smallwood, Philip
    Strouse, Martin
    Walbeck, Wm S
    Walters, G D
    Waters, S D
    Wilson, John

    West Friendship

    Benzinger, F F
    Barlow, J
    Brown, G W
    Challis, H
    Cross, J W
    Cross, T S
    Dorsey, J R
    Grimes, T
    Hebb, Dr J W
    Hipsley, C S
    Hipsley, J B
    Hobbs, C
    Hobbs, B
    Hobbs, H
    Hobbs, J T
    Martin, C
    McAvoy, H
    Morr, L
    Ranehan, S
    Ridgely, J S
    Ridgely, W J
    Saumenig, J
    Selby, A
    Sellby, B
    Selby, MA
    Selby, T.
    Shipley, M. D.
    Shipley, M W
    Slock, S F
    Sotfel, M
    Stoudfield, J
    Sullivan, A
    Thompson, J


    Brown, John R
    Brown, Samuel
    Cavey, Beal
    Davis, Richard
    Davis, Sam'l E
    Frost, Wm
    Herbert, Genl J B
    Jones, A B
    Offutt, James

  • Kent County

    KENT COUNTY is the second in the tier of Eastern Shore counties; has an area of 318 square miles, and is bounded on the east by Delaware, and is a peninsula lying between the Sassafras River on the north, separating it from Cecil County, the Chesapeake Bay on the west, and the Chester River on south and south-east, separating it from Queen Anne's County.

    The first settlement of the county was made by William Clayborne and a Protestant colony from Virginia, with Rev. Richard James of the Church of England, Rector. The settlement was organized and represented by Captain Nicholas Martin, [Martinau] in the Legislature of Virginia, several years before the charter of Maryland was granted to Lord Baltimore. The first county seat was the "Towne on Kent Island;" the second was New Yarmouth, on Gray's Inn Creek, where the first session of the County Court was held 22d June, 1686.

    The county is level though not very low, and sufficiently rolling to be well drained by many creeks flowing into its border rivers and the Bay. The soil is mostly a light friable clayey loam, very easily improved and productive. Wheat, oats and corn, and every variety of vegetables, grow abundantly. The farms are very fine where attended with any care, and nearly every farm has an orchard of hundreds, and in some instances, thousands of peach trees, producing immense crops of this delicious fruit, which are taken to market by the Sassafras and Chester River steamers, which run daily most of the year. Several single peach orchards in the county yield sufficient to employ one steamer in the fruit season. Other fruits grow well where cultivated.

    Kent has abundance of fine fishing, and on the Bay shore and in Chester River inexhaustible oyster beds, which give employment to a large portion of population. There are thousands of wild ducks, swans, &c., which also afford game and much profit to many persons. The productions are wheat, corn, oats, potatoes, wool, hay, live stock, and orchard products. The Kent County & Smyrna & Delaware Railroad, and the Chester and Sassafras Rivers, offer every facility for freight and travel during all seasons of the year.

    Kent County has given to Maryland many of her ablest and most distinguished citizens, among whom may be mentioned, with pride, Captain Robert Vaughan, Colonel Hans Hanson, Thomas Ringgold, merchant; Colonel Isaac Perkins, Judge Ezekiel Forman Chambers, and Hon. James Alfred Pearce. In the city of Baltimore old Kent is now worthily represented by Hon. S. Teackle Wallia, at the bar, and by the eminent merchant, Mr. James Hodges, in commercial and financial cireles.

    Judge Second Judcial Circuit.-Hon. John M. Robinson, Chief Judge; Hon. Joseph A. Wickes and Hon. Frederick Stump, Associate Judges. Commissioners of the Court--John N. Collins and Eben F. Perkins. Auditor-Hon. Geo. Vickers. Bailiff -Michael M. Glenn, John W. Carroll, and George W. Adkinson. Clerk to Court--David C. Blackiston, Chestertown. Clerks-H. C. Chase and S. H. Blackiston. Crier -B. B. Wroth. Sheriff -Charles H. Davis, Chestertown. State's Attorney-H. W. Vickers, Chestertown. Judges of Orphan Court--Thomas J. Shallcrcas, Robert Nicholson and Beenett R. Wilison. Register of Wills-Wililam Stevens, Chestertown. Deptuy-- Harry Rickey. Conuty Commissioners-Thomas P. Dixon, T. R. Strong, George W. Davis, James B. Jones, and Wm. V. Lucas. School Commisoners-Sewell Hepbron, B. W. Jones, and Cornelius J. Scott. Secretary and Examiner-Eben F. Perkins. Trustees of Almshouse-G. W. T. Perkins, Jacob Highley, and Dr. James H. Price. Overseer,--Joshua Copper. Physician--Dr. Alfred Perkins. Register of Voter's-James P. Mason, Leonard A. Pennington, Thomas K. Kennard, Edward T. Willis, and Samuel G. Fisher. Constables-Joseph G. Smith, G. W. Jacoby, John N. Dood, James A. Russell, Calvin E. Allen, Joshua Meekins, and Harry B. Cooper. Tax Collector -Richard H. Corbaley, Frisby H. Boulden, James A. Shaw, Geo. T. Williams, and Charles C. Strong. Justices of the Peace--Wm. J. Blackiston, Wm. H. Miller, Wm. Medders, Daniel N. Dewees, James H. Cohee, Daniel B. Neall, J. Evan Thomas, Arthur B. Wheatley, Robert W. Calder and Samuel Brannock. Coroners-Thomas P. Davis, T. Benton Sutton, Robert L. Wilton, John Bordlev, and Samuel W. Caleb. Notary Public--John W. Hines. Congressman First District- Hon. Daniel M. Henry. State Senator-Hon. Wm. T. Hepbron. Members House of Delegates-Geo. W. Spencer and Geo. H. Thompson. Terms of Cirouit Court, which are held in the Court House at Chestertown, the county seat: Law Terms-3d Monday in April and October. Chancery Terms-3d Monday in January and 2d Monday in July. Population of County-White, 10,370; colored, 7,300. Registered Vote-3,800. Assessed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks and Railroad Property-$7,488,452. State snd County Tax 99 cents on the $100.


    The county seat, is the third county seat since its settlement in 1627-8, and organization in 1642. In 1706 Chestertown, (called the Town of Chester,) was laid off upon a tract of land, containing one hundred acres, "on a plantation of Mr. Joce's," but languished until 1730, when an impetus was given by increasing traffic and a growing population. Being a port of entry, its foreign trade was extensive and very remunerative. Large warehouses were built, and elegant and commodious residences were erected by its wealthy inhabitants. It soon became the fashionable centre of a highly cultivated and refined circle. In 1752 lt boasted a handsome Town Hall and a conve- nient Theatre, and was inferior to no provincial town on the continent in intellectual culture and commercial importance.

    The trade of the town now is largely dependent upon the natural products, fruit, grain and vegetables, of the well cultivated and productive lands of the county. Manufactories of agricultural implements, carriages and iron-ware, are already successfully established; but there remains a good opening and wide field for many branches of skilled labor and enterprise.

    As a place of residence and business, Chestertown proposes many advantages. It is beautifully situated on the right bank of Chester River, about 60 miles by water from Baltimore, and is distant about 90 miles by rail from Philadelphia. It is, therefore, within easy reach of either city, and can avail itself of the markets of both. The market of Chestertown is well supplied with butcher's meats, of every kind, poultry, fish, game and oysters, and, in their season, with an abundance of the best fruits and vegetables.

    The inhabitants are kind, generous, hospitable, and are well provided with comfortable places of public worship, and the means for the proper education of their children.

    The schools in town, public and private, are very good, and afford every facility for the acquisition of a solid education in all the Important English branches. Near town, within a walk of five minutes, is the venerable Washington College, founded in 1783, presided over by a learned faculty, and capable of imparting a thorough collegiate education; covering a commanding eminence near, is Chester Cemetary, a beautiful burial place for the dead.

    Population 2,000. John W. Collins, Postmaster.

    CHUCHES AND PASTORS-P. E., (St. Paul's), Rev. Stephen C. Roberts M. P., Rev. J. B. Jones; M. B, Rev. Wm. H. Hutchin; Roman Catholic, Rev. Father G. S. Bradford, and M. E., (colored.)

    BENEVOLENT SOCITIES-A. F & A.M.-Chester 115. I.O.O.F--Amicable 117. - S of T.-Chester Division 29.

    TOWN COMMISSIONERS-Levi Fiddis--President, Thomas D. C. Ruth, John L. Ringgold, Thomas Lee, James W. Lambert, Charles H. Davis and Wm. Conyer; Secretary, John W. Palmer.

    Bell, John
    Agent-R. R. and Express
    Fleming, B F
    Agent- Real Estate
    Wescott, C. T.
    Agricultural Implements.
    Bell, John
    Hines & Co
    Attorney, at Law.
    Baker, C H
    Hanson, Geo A
    Hines & Smith
    Hynson, Richard
    Pearce, James A
    Perkins, Eben F
    Slay, WmM
    Vickers, Gee
    Vickers, H W
    Westcott, C T
    Bakers and Confectioners.
    Burgess, Vachel
    Corkran, Mrs Annie
    Gruber, Mrs Dorothea
    Hudgins, Washington
    Maul, Ruth
    Jones, John
    Woolford, R M
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwright
    Adkinson, Gee C
    Chapman & Lambert
    Cox, Daniel
    Deford, Henry S
    Parks, Washington
    Wood, J S
    Book. and Stationery
    Stam, Cohn F
    Boot. and Shoes,
    Bennett, Gee H
    Breidner, Joseph
    Conyer, Wm.
    Melvin, Wm S
    Thompson, Joseph H
    Coleman, J
    Gardner, B H
    Brice, James
    Thompson, Robert
    Usilton, Richard L.
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Dodd, John M
    Pippen, R K
    Rockwell, A H
    Carriage and Wagonmakers.
    Chapman & Lambert
    Lambert, Geo E
    Clothing and Gent's Goods.
    Bordley, Thomas S
    Connelly & Co
    Merritt, Sam'l
    Schwartz, A
    Dodd, John M
    Russell, James, A
    Stam, Cohn F
    Wickes, T W
    Dry Good. and Notions
    Burgess, Vachel
    Melvin, Mrs Ellen N
    Rose, Joseph
    Sparks, M L
    Flour and Feed.
    Fowler, L S
    Shaw, James A
    Smith, S Franklin
    General Merchandise.
    Bradley, James S
    Burchinal, J B
    Cahall, A J
    Eliason, T W Jr
    Elliott, T B
    Parks, W W & Sons
    Sappington, J B
    Simpers, J H & Bro
    Smith, John
    Smith, S Franklin
    Thompson, Wm C A
    Vandyke, James M
    Westcott, N G
    Wickes, Thes S
    Grain, Coal and Fertilizer
    Bell, John
    Eliason, T W Jr
    Fleming, B F
    Foard, Sam'1 B
    Hines & Co
    Hubbard Bros
    Perkins, William
    Groceries and Provisions.
    Bell, John
    Carroll, S A
    Ellis, Thos
    Hudgins, J G
    Ming, Alonzo
    Shaw, James A
    Smith, A M
    Wheatley Bros
    Wood, James
    Aldridge, J K
    Foard, Sam'l B
    Hines & Co
    Harness and Saddles.
    Copper, W W
    Edwards, Joseph W
    Howard, John F
    Hall's, John Hall
    Voshell, J C Voshell
    Justices of the Peace.
    Johnson, C W C
    Thomas, J Evan
    Wheatley, Arthur B
    Livery Stables
    Rasin, John W
    Rasin, SB
    Marble Worker.
    Register, Wilson
    Whaland, Thos H
    Millinery and Dressmaking.
    Benjamin, Mary H
    Davis, Mrs L J
    Fiddis, C H
    Frazier, S M
    Lambert Sisters
    Parks, M M & Sister
    Usilton, Mrs H.
    Davis, Chas H
    Howard, Asbury
    Sutton, Thos
    Hines, W Frank
    Holton, T S
    Houston, B F
    Meteer, W H
    Pekins, Geo T
    Perkins, Jas A
    Whaland, T H & Son
    Gormon, S & Bro
    Lynch, John
    Armstrong, John
    Pekins, Wm
    Sewing Machines
    Melvin, Willard
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Aldridge, J K
    Watches and Jewelry.
    Fiddis, Andrew J
    Lucas, C M
    Willis, E T


    Is 2 1/2 miles north of Crumpton on the Chester River, 2 1/2 south of Lampson's on the Kent Co. R R., and 10 east of Chestertown; climate mild, village healthy; not much business done; crops generally good; land, clay subsoil, well improved, nearly all cleared, can be bought at from $20 to $50 per acre and produces 10 to 15 bus. wheat, 20 to 80 corn and 2 tons hay; has good buildings and excellent water. M. E. Church, (Asbury,) Rev. Chas. K. Morris; M. E. South, (Emmanuel,) Rev. T. W. Brown; Roman Catholic, (St. Dennis,) Rev. Father Bradford. Public and private schools. Population 80. H. C. Layman, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Davis, Joshua
    Hart, John A
    Jarman, T. G.
    Robinson, Geo.
    Schwatka, John A.
    Mann, Samuel
    Meredith, E.
    Medders, Albert
    General Merchandise
    Layman, H. C.
    Templeman, Ella
    Carey, James
    Nowland, E. F.
    Porter, J. W.


    Is 6 miles from Fairlee on the Kent Co. B. B.; village healthy; business, crops and land good; the land is worth from $40 to $60 per acre, and yields 23 bus. wheat, 35 corn and 1 ton hay. M. P. (Wesley Chapel,) Rev. Chas. Thompson; P. B., (St. Paul's,) Rev. S.S. Hepbron. Several public schools. Population 75. H. H. Gresham, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Casey, Gee
    Harris, Robert
    Schnapp, John
    Wagner, Wm
    Carpenlers and Undertakers
    Derickson,.D B
    Kendall, Arthur
    Leary, Geo
    Burgess, Sam'l & Bro
    Strong, T H & Bro
    General Merchandise.
    Adkisson, B B
    Burgeas, Sam'l & Bro
    Gresnam, H H
    Strong, B R & Bro
    Strong, T. R. & Bro.
    Van Lear, J. Wilmer
    Connolly, Owen
    Millinery and Dressmaking
    Legg, Mrs Moses
    Shinn, Mrs R
    Fisher, S G
    Wilison, T B
    Winchester, B T
    Bennett, S S
    Shinn, H
    Gresham, H H


    Is 3 miles from Nicholson on the Kent Co. R. R.; village healthy; land good, mostly cleared, can be bought at $50 per acre, and yields 15 bus wheat, 25 corn and 1 ton hay. Salem M. B. Church and public schools. Population 75. J. A. Greenwood, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Fogwell, James W
    Sehwearer, J A
    Slothey, David
    Dowling, James
    Dowling, Thos
    Kendall, James
    Keyser, W B
    General Merchandise.
    Boardley, T B
    Greenwood, M M
    Payne, W J
    Rogers, J S
    Hurlock, Chas
    Noland, G E


    Is 1 1/4 miles south of Georgetown on the Sassafras River, 2 1/2 from Lambson's on the Kent Co. R R. and 16 N.E. of Chestertown. At Georgetown a heavy grain and produce business is carried on between Baltimore and Philadelphia. The climate is mild and healthy. Business and crops good. Land is fine quality, and commands from $20 to $100 per acre, is well cleared and has all the facilities of the markets of Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia. Good schools, churches and plenty of good water. Land produces from 15 to 40 bus. wheat, 85 to 65 corn, 40 to 120 oats, 40 to 200 potatoes and 2 tons hay. P. E. Church, Rev. Mr. Martin; M. B., Rev. Charles Morris; M. P., Rev. R. B. Rowe. A well conducted female seminary, Miss E. L. Benny, principal; one public school. Population 450. Wm Rodgers, Postmaster.

    Agricultural Implements
    Hyland, Wrn A & Co
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrignts
    Cristtleld & Solloway
    Hicks, James
    Hyland, Wm A
    Jacoby, G W
    Miller, Robert
    Vansant, Joshua
    Williams, George
    Voshell, D
    Cristfield, O B
    Dillehunt, George
    Hodgkins, John
    Ruth, Asbury
    Smith, John P
    Solloway, Thomas
    Taylor, Collin F
    Williams, Vansant & Briscoe
    Benny, Mrs M L
    Dickinson, Dr. A H
    Ireland, Joseph P
    Foundry and Machinists
    Hyland, Wm A & Co
    General Merchandise.
    Horsey, Thos H
    Jones, J C
    Lane, B & Son
    McCauley, George T
    Peacock, Jeremiah
    Whitaker, W A
    Woodall, J F M
    Dunlap, E W
    Grain and Fertilizers
    Woodall, Andrew
    Parr, Henry
    Pennington, Wm. H.
    Livery Stables
    Walls, J. W.
    Anthony, A. & B. M.
    Sparks, C. H. J.
    Cristfield, Kate
    Hurtt, Mrs. M. L.
    Redding, Mrs. S. J.
    Sappington, Mrs. S. A.
    Dunlap, E. W.
    Armstrong, John M
    Cahill, Thomas
    Dulaney, J L
    Latimer, J W
    Peddicord, John
    Tyson, George
    Steel, George & Son
    Sybold, G W
    Walls, G W
    Dunlap, J
    Stewart, A
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Knighton, H B
    Myer, Christopher


    Is 2 1/2 miles from Worton on the Kent Co. R. R. Land medium, principally cleared, varies in value from $20 to $40 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 80 to 40 corn and 2 tons hay. M. P. Church, (St. James,) Rev. J. B. Jones. Public school. Hope Grange 13, P. of H., E. P. Janyler, Master; R G. Nicholson, Sec'y. Population 50. A. L. Vannort, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Deale, Gee F
    Henry, Joseph A
    O'Meara, A
    Taylor, James S
    Warren, Wm H
    General Merchandise
    Beacham, Wm. H.
    Beck, O. P.
    Fountain, C. A.
    Liberman, N.
    Vannort, A. L.
    Beck, S.


    Is 5 1/2 miles from Chestertown; location healthy, business and land good; land principally cleared, is valued at from $20 to $75 per acre, and yields 15 bus. wheat, 80 corn 2 tons hay. M. E. Church, (Hynson's,) M. P., (Kesley.) Publlc schools near. Population 50. George Beck, Postmaster.

    Brickner, B
    Wabert, J F
    Fletcher J
    Jones, G R
    General Merchandise
    Beck, Gee
    Strong, E H
    Beck, B F Jr
    Connelly, Owen
    Price, J H
    Harden, E


    Is 1 1/2 miles from Black's on the Kent County H. H. Location healthy; business fair; soil, clay loam. Land is worth $50 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 40 corn, and,2 tons hay. M. B. and P. B. Churches; two schools. Population 65. Robert Comly, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Graves, L C
    Agricultural Implements.
    Jones, C B
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Anderson, B
    Collins, Amos
    Kelly, Wm H
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Hall,Geo F
    Sutton, T B
    Beasten, Geo M
    Jones, C B
    General Merchandise.
    Beasten, Geo M
    Hayes, O
    Sparks, C H J
    Sparks, B F
    Roseberry, B S
    Faulkner, E


    Is on the Kent Co. R. R., 6 miles from Chestertown. The location is healthy, and claimed to be the garden spot of the county. Land, mostly cleared and well improved, is worth $35 to $75 per acre; produces 20 to 30 bus. wheat and good crops of all other farm products. Churches and schools near. Population 75. Wm. Hepbron, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Kennard, Moses
    Rodenhiser, G W
    General Merchandise.
    Covington, G W
    Grain Dealer.
    Hepbron, William
    Dulaney, W B
    Cole, L
    Stock Dealer.
    Usilton, S S


    Is at the junction of the Queen Anne & Kent R. B., and Kent County R. R. 16 miles east of Chestertown and 5 from Wilson's Point on the Sassafras River. Village healthy; business, crops and land good. The land is principally cleared, commands from $25 to $100 per acre, and yields 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 40 to 100 oats, 40 to 60 corn, and 2 tons hay. Market faciilities and excellent water. P. E. Church, (St. Clement's,) Rev. J. N. Watson. Public school. Population 129. C. H. J. Sparks, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Bates, David L
    Day, J W
    Hall, John T
    Maslin, H
    Comberford, James
    Ireland, Geo A
    Dodge, F. S.
    General Merchandise
    Davis, J. M. & Co.
    Ireland, Geo. A.
    Smith, C H
    Grain Dealers.
    Bean & Foard
    Boulden, Rosby J
    Scotten, W H
    Wallen, Alex
    Peach Grower.
    Massey, Dr C H B
    Massey, C. H. B.


    Is pleasantly situated at the head of Chester River and on the Q. A. & Kent Co. R. R., near the Queen Anne's County Line. The location is in the midst of a fine agricultural section, and surrounded with some of the largest peach orchards in the State. Business and crops good. The land is fertile and plenty for sale, at an average of $50 per acre, according to location and improvements; produces 15 to 35 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 80 potatoes and 20 to 75 corn. The Chester River and Queen Anne's & Kent Co. Railroads afford ample facilities at all seasons of the year to the markets of Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. Public schools for both whites and colored. M. E. Church - Rev. W. W. Warner; M. E. South, Rev. Mr. Brown; P. E., Rev. T. Newton Watson; M. E., (colored.) A. F. & A. M.-Eureka 98. K. Of P.-Millington 72. Population 1,000. Thomas Numbers, Postmaster.

    Greenwood, F H
    Webb, S D
    Agent-Real Estate.
    Thomas, John H
    Hammond, Henry
    Blacksmith and Wheelwrights.
    Caulk Moses
    Cole, L F
    Jones, Clayton
    Loper, C. P.
    Moore, J C
    Boots and Shoes
    Blackiston, S L
    Cecil, T L
    Painter, Henry
    Skaggs, W
    Bricklayers and Plasterers.
    Poor, Richard
    Poor, W H
    Boss, Frank
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Austin, W B
    Blackiston, Geo
    Duling, John W
    Peacock, Caleb T
    Peacock' Com B
    Quimby, T R
    Racer, Isaac
    Edwards, James A
    Smith Joseph
    Pennington, Saml
    Hurtt, Mrs E A
    Gooding, Frank M
    Fruit Dealers and Driers.
    Hayle & Johnson
    Hunt, J H
    Merritt, W S
    General Merchandise.
    Cole, Saml W
    Greenwood, Frank H
    Hacket, G B
    Johnson, John C
    McWhorter, Thos J
    Sherwood, W T
    Turbit, Mrs Mary E
    Painter & Bros
    Willis, James
    Justice of the Peace.
    Blackiston, W J
    Jarman, J W
    Blackiston, Mrs Mary E
    Merritt, Mrs A J
    Townsend, G C
    Clark, B G
    Crane, Thos H
    Power, B J
    Brown, Arthur
    Bottomly, John
    Bostic, John
    Clow, Caleb
    Clow, Moses
    Johnson, James
    Saw Mill.
    Hyrons, John
    Stoves and Tinware
    Green, W. S.
    Chase, Jacob
    Woolen Manufacturers
    Mallalieu & Bro.


    Is 16 miles from Chestertown and near Grey's Inn Creek, a tributary of the Chester River; location healthy; business principally oystering and fishing; land medium, all cleared, Is valued at $50 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, SO potatoes and 40 corn. Crops are generally good. M. E. Church, (Rock Hall;) P. E., (St. Paul's;) M. P., (Wesley Chapel,) and M. E., (colored.) Public schools. K. of P-Chesapeake 65. Population 175. Jas. Downey, Postmaster.

    Ayres, Wesley
    Colman, W W
    Davis, James
    Dickinson, John Jr
    Durding, B F
    Hersch, John
    Hynson, James
    Hynson, John
    Jolly, H
    Judifind, John
    Stevens, Wesley
    Leary, J F
    General Merchandise.
    Alexander, A
    Casey, A
    Downey, James
    Leary, C A & Bro
    Robinson, John
    Stevens, W
    Wickes, S J & Co
    Wilkins, B J
    Thompson, Geo H
    Wagoner, Wm
    Connelly, Owen
    Fisher, S G
    Wilison, T B
    Saw Mill.
    Leary, Geo E


    Is at the head of Sassafras River, 1 1/2 miles from Fox Hole, the shipping point and 3 from Vandykes on the Queen Anne & Kent R H. Climate and crops good; market facilities and excellent water; village healthy; not much business done. Land well cleared, commands from $25 to $100 per acre, and produces 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 40 to 100 oats and 40 to 60 corn. M. E. and M. P. Churches; public school. Population 200. Thomas P. Davis, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Hall, James S
    Hill, Henry
    McIntyre, J
    Price, John V
    Tarbutton, Geo R
    Townsend, James
    Davis, Thos P
    General Merchandise.
    Davis, Thos P
    Earnest, John F
    Pryor, James L
    Townsend, Robt J
    Nickerson, Wm
    Dreka, Augusta
    Kennedy, Gee
    Millinery and Dressmaking.
    Clift, Mrs Lizzie
    Johnson, Miss S A
    Redgraves, Mrs W B
    Stevens, Miss B
    Garroll, J S
    Tarbutton, Wm B
    Brown, James A
    Neal, Ebenezer
    Redgraves, Wm B


    Is 1 1/2 miles from Still Pond Station on the Kent Co. R R., and near Betterton, the shipping point on the Sassafras River. Village healthy, business, crops and land good; the land is principally cleared, is valued at $40 per acre, and yields 20 bus. wheat, 25 oats, 100 potatoes and 30 corn. M. E Chnrch, Rev. J. B. Newman; M. E., (colored,) Rev. A. Lowber. Two pubilc schools, one colored. Fairlee Grange 8, P.of H., J.W. Corey, Master; Thos. A Hulme, Sec'y. K. of P-Ivanhoe 57. Population 200. Mrs. G. L. Norris, Postmistress.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Hackett, A J
    Hynson,N. T
    Krusen, C B
    Beeder, J O
    Boots and Shotes
    Crosby, B
    Thompson, J
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Creus, H L
    Krusen, C B
    Severson & Crosley
    Covington, G W
    Wroth, W F
    General Merchandise
    Covington, G W
    Harper, F H
    Harper, G W
    Parrott, J B
    Lumber and Building Materials
    Turner & Bros
    Maxwell & Son


    Is on the Kent Co. R. R. 4 miles from Chestertown. Land, red clay and sand loam, mostly cleared, sells at from $30 to $100 per acre according to location and improvement; produces 20 to 30 bus. wheat, 40 to 50 corn, and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools convenient. Population 120. Geo. S. Fiddis, Postmaster.

    Pote, James M.
    Bennett, John
    Clatton, J.
    Getshall, Frank
    Usilton, Robert
    General Merchandise
    Lucas, Wm. V.
    Moffett, Geo. M.
    Wright, John W.
    Beck, F.
    Thomas, Whaland
    Dudley, John



    Baker, James H.
    Biddle, Daivd
    Brown, C.C.
    Burchinal, John C.
    Burchinal, Wm. D.
    Byron, J. M.
    Carville, H. H.
    Catlin, Joseph
    Catlin, Robert
    Clements, Chas.
    Clements, J. R.
    Cooper, Joshua
    Cordary, Isaac
    Cosden, Joshua
    DeCorse, J. P.
    Dixon, T. P.
    Eliason, Wilbur
    Emory, R. S.
    Ford, Wm.
    Groves, John A.
    Hadaway, John
    Hall, J. F.
    Hatcherson, B. P.
    Hatcherson, Geo
    Hatcherson, Jas P
    Hendrickson, V
    Hendrix, Wm
    Hossinger, J H
    Hurlock, Wm
    Hynson, A J
    Hynson, Thos W
    Joiner, B F
    Jones, E B
    Lamb, Wm
    Leaverton, G H
    Leaverton, J H
    Lecates, Stephen
    Loud, John
    Loud, Robert
    Lusby, Josiah
    Maslin, J C H
    Massey, Josiah
    Melvin, A W
    Melvin, Mrs J
    Mills, David
    Morris, B
    Morris, Jesse
    Morris, Wm
    Newman, W H
    Pennell, Dell
    Perkins, Dr Geo
    Perkins, Isaac
    Porter, J H
    Reynolds, Isaac
    Ringgold, Josiah
    Ringgold, Josiah Jr
    Scone, Capt Wm
    Smith, Geo
    Snitcher, Geo
    Thomas, A T
    Toulson, T W
    Trew, Joseph
    Trew, Philip
    Trew, T B
    Trew,Wm G
    Tucker, T J
    Usilton. John N
    Walker, W S
    Walraven, Elias
    Watson, E J
    Welch, Aaron
    Wickes, Chas H
    Wickes, Mrs Simon
    Wilkins, E M
    Wilkins, Ccl Edward
    Wilmer, Thos S
    Worrell, Dr F


    Aldrldge, S W
    Burgess, Wm T
    Caldwell, S
    Clements, A
    Clements, David
    Clements, Thomas
    Comegys, N W
    Cooper, E.
    Covey, Mrs. E.
    Crossley, Ridson
    England, Chas.
    Ford, Harriett
    Foxwell, G.
    Grover, L.
    Hogdron, Jonathan
    Hurlock, Edward
    Hurlock, J. S.
    Hurlock, J. F.
    Hurtt, Alfred
    Jarman, J. W.
    Jarrell, Wm. E.
    Jones, W. T.
    Lockwood, R.
    Lusby, R. J.
    Miller, Wm. T.
    Moffet, J. N.
    Moffett, Richard
    Mulliken, Henry
    Newman, John F.
    Pearson, R. L.
    Pennington, Noble E.
    Pleasonton, E.
    Price, David K.
    Quimby, Benj. D.
    Sanders, Wm. E.
    Semley, John
    Spry, C. W.
    Spry, Mrs. Matilda A.
    Sutton, John C.
    Wallis, C. L.
    Wallis, L.
    Woodall, E.


    Adkisson, B B
    Baker, Wm T
    Connolly, Owen
    Derickson, D R
    Fisher, S G
    Gernell, Fred
    Jones, H W
    Ricaud, C G
    Ringgold, T W
    Rouse, Robert
    Shinn, Wm
    Smith, D A
    Strong, T A
    Van Lear, J Wilmer
    Wagner, Wm
    Wheatley, J J
    Wood, C C


    Ambruster, J
    Blake, Wm
    Bramble, Henry
    Caleb, Samuel
    Corey, A L
    Corey, J W
    Crawford, Samuel
    Dilihoefer, M
    Fogwell, Otho
    Francis, W P
    French, J A
    Hague, Thomas
    Hudson, Walter
    Hulme, T A
    Johnson, Stephen
    Jump, A B
    Lamb, J,T
    Lewis; James
    Meeks, Howaid
    Middleton, James
    Morse, Mrs
    Nicholson, J P
    Overend, Wm
    Rasin, Wm J
    Rankin, James
    Reason, Lewis
    Reed, Noah
    Remage, James
    Roder, John
    Shuster, Sam'l
    Shuster, Sam'l Jr
    Skinner, T W
    Skinner, W S
    Smyth, Richard
    Sparks, Walter
    Thomas, Lawrence
    Voshell, N
    Watts, W H


    Armstrong, J Medford
    CaIdwell, Sam'1
    Cristfield, Gee W
    Cloak, Chas
    Cooper, J
    Davis, Morris T
    Gooding, Eugene
    Grey, Henr~ J
    Hance, J B
    Ireland, John W
    Jarvis, John
    Jarvis, D
    Jervis, J
    Kendall, W T
    Lane, Chas E
    Lane, E
    Lockwood, H
    McCauley, B J
    Miller, E E
    Money, B M
    Money, Wm
    Morgan, Benj. P.
    Mullen, C
    Mullen, P D
    Myers, John
    Pennington, T J
    Quigley, Thos
    Ross, W H
    Scott, C J
    Spencer, Hon G W
    Taylor, C F
    Taylor, H F
    Tayman, G M
    Todd, Sam'l
    Vandyke, James L
    Vansant, J N
    Vansant, Wm
    Wilson, J S
    Wilson, Wm
    Woodall, Capt A
    Woodall, Capt E B


    Anderson, Wm T
    Bacon, C
    Beck, George R
    Beck, James
    Beck, S
    Bowers, T L
    Copper, John F
    Corey, John W
    Deihl, George S
    Deihl, Theodore
    Edwards, Joseph
    Fowler, George
    Fowler, John
    Fowler, Thomas
    Gall, John
    Gall, Thomas
    Handy, L J
    Hanes, Mary A
    Hickman, A
    Huriock, A
    Jefferson, Purnell
    Long, Charles
    Newcomb, James E
    Nicholson, H G
    Nicholson, Robert
    Nicholson, Wm T
    Nicka, F
    Parsons, Isaac
    Parsons, H I
    Shuster, James
    Skirven, James W
    Skirven, John T
    Smith, H P
    Startt, John
    Stephens, C W
    Stephens, George R
    Stephens, W C
    Stephens, Wm W
    Taylor, Wm A
    Usilton, Joseph L
    Usilton, Joseph H
    Usilton, L
    Vannort, A L
    Vannort, S
    Wright, S


    Beck, B F
    Beck, B F Jr
    Beck, Geo
    Beck, J L
    Bennett, W H
    Brice, John
    Camp, B
    Camp, H B
    Connelly, Owen
    Coaden, C
    Cosden, S
    Crew, J W
    Davis, W H
    Elbern, L J
    Fletcher, J
    Gale, Wm
    Gilpin, J E
    Jessop, G A
    Jewell, G P
    Jones, G R
    Kendall, L A
    Leaverton, G H
    Maslin, J J
    Maslin, Titus
    Price, J H
    Price, J W
    Rasin, Joseph
    Strong, E. H.
    Tarbutton, W. J.
    Taylor, J. C.
    Thomas, A. T.
    Vannort, W. J.
    Vickers, T. J.
    Wheatley, J. C.

    Locust Grove

    Applebee, John T.
    Baker, Wm.
    Bolton, Geo.
    Bolton, Wm.
    Camp, Emory
    Comly, Robert
    Davis, Benj. F.
    Davis, Wm.
    Fields, Wm.
    Grantlin, David
    Graves, L. C.
    Hayes, L. H.
    Hendrickson, A.
    Hill, Chas. S.
    Hill, Harry F.
    Hill, S. J.
    Hurtt, James W.
    Jester, John
    Joiner, Chas.
    Justice, L. C.
    Kimble, Robt.
    Matthews, S.
    Matthews, Wm.
    Merritt, S. A.
    Morgan, J. W.
    Nowland, D. J.
    Redgrave, John W.
    Redmiles, Thos.
    Ruthorn, J.
    Shallcross, R. A.
    Shallcross, T. J.
    Shallcross, Wm. O.
    Spencer, Jervis
    Staats, David
    Sutton, Andrew J.
    Sutton, J. C.
    Sutton, Joseph
    Vansant, G. R.
    Vansant, Wm.
    Vansant, Wm., Jr.
    Wolfe, Jon
    Wolfe, Nathaniel


    Beck, J. R.
    Biglow, Walter
    Bowers, J. L.
    Bowers, W H
    Carter, W
    Clark, J Z
    Copper, T F
    Crowding, J B
    Miller, Jerry
    Neal, D B
    Neal, S R
    Norris, J H
    Norris, W P
    Parsons, Thos
    Roseberry, J A
    Skeggs, L
    Sutton, Carrie
    Toulson, J A
    Venable, Joseph
    Willis, T J


    Benson, J A
    Blackiston, David C
    Boyer, Hon. Stephen
    Cace, C W
    Cacy, Samuel
    Cacy, Wm
    Chase, C W
    Corbley, Richard H
    Donohoe, J
    Donohoe, John
    Douohoe, P
    Edwards, J E
    Gibbs, J
    Hodgson, Jonathan
    Hurlock, C S
    Hurlock, L
    Hurlock, Samuel
    Hurlock, W J
    Johnson, Col H C
    Jones, Enoch
    Maginnis, T C
    Massey, Dr C H B
    Massey, R B M
    McFee, John
    Miller, W T
    Moffett, E
    Moffett, John
    Morris, E S
    Price, John
    Pugh, James
    Spear, Jackson J
    Richardson, S. B.


    Benson, John
    Biggs, Hon B T
    Cacy, C C
    Cacy, Sam'l
    Cacy, Wm
    Comegys, C E
    Crane, Dr Thos H
    Daniels, Wm
    Duling, Sam'1
    Ford ,W H
    Hacket, John
    Hart, John
    Hendrickson, P
    Hurlock, Sam'l
    Hurlock, W J
    Johnson, Benj
    Johnson, R C
    Jones, J H
    Killip, John
    Mallalieu & Bro
    Massey, Dr C H B
    Moffett, E J
    Newman, John C
    Pennington, Jas H
    Price, Edgar
    Price, John
    Price, Thos R
    Puruell, Henry
    Russ, John
    Russ, Lawrence
    Shahan, Wm
    Smith, T J F
    Spayd, Jonah
    Spear, Henry
    Statts, Geo
    Stevens, Clay
    Stevens, J B
    Turner, Edward J
    Vansaut, Benj
    Vansant, N
    Weedman, Leonard
    Weist, Geo
    Wilson, Wilmer

    Rock Hall

    Boyle, R
    Calder, R W
    Colman, W H
    Hutchinson, J P
    Jones, David
    Jones, R W
    Leary, G B
    Meridith, S G
    Miller, Wrn
    Mitchell, C J B
    Pearce, John
    Porter, Wm J
    Sappington, B H
    Scone, Mrs Jas
    Stevens, Wm
    Urie, Henry
    Wallace, A
    Watkins, S W
    Wickes, S A J
    Wilkins, B J
    Wilkins, E
    Wilison, Eugene
    Wilison, Frank
    Wilson, R B
    Wilison, R B Jr
    Wilison, W M


    Barwick, John
    Boyer, Wm
    Brice, J C
    Budd, H D
    Caulk, B H F
    Cochran, R H
    Davidson, A
    Foster, John G
    Ginn, James
    Griffith, Robert S
    Griffith, Walter J
    Hall, C
    Hessey, Chas.
    Jacobs, T. A.
    Jones Enoch
    Jones, F H
    Loftiand, Wm
    Maginniss, B H
    Money, J C
    Peacock, Joseph W
    Price, John H
    Price, Thos
    Sennickson Joseph C
    Statts, Mrs H A
    Stewart, David
    Vansant, J D
    Watts, Samuel

    Still Pond

    Barnard, N
    Beck, Robert
    Backs, J F
    Bowers, J L
    Bryan, Rev Mr
    Clark, J Z
    Clements, A
    Clinton, J H
    Cole, L
    Creus, Dan'l
    Crens, E D
    Davis, G W
    Davis, Sam'l
    Gale, Geo.
    Grey & Bro.
    Harris, J. S.
    Hepbron, L. S.
    Hepbron, Miss. M. A. E.
    Howard, J. W.
    Jervis, Mrs.
    Jump, H. T.
    Kelly, J. H.
    Kennard, Dr. T. C.
    Maxwell, Dr. W. M. A. S.
    Moffett, Mr.
    Moffett, Mrs.
    Norris, J.
    Norris, W. P.
    Parks, W. P.
    Parks, A.
    Parrott, G. R.
    Price, H.
    Rasin, J. C.
    Rasin, Thos.
    Rasin, Thos., Jr.
    Raymond, Mr.
    Spry, G. T.
    Stanly, W.
    Stavely, J.R.
    Turner, R. T.
    Turner, R. T., Jr.
    Watts, W.
    Wilson, J. F.
    Wilson, Mrs. R.
    Wilson, Thos.
    Wroth, E.


    Crew, J. L.
    Dwyer, John
    Fowler, James
    Jewell, Daniel
    Massey, Henry
    Parsons, Isaac
    Plummer, Edward J.
    Porter, Joseph H

  • Montgomery County

    MONTGOMERY COUNTY, having an area of 508 square miles, is bounded - on the south-west by Virginia, on the north-west by Frederick County, on the north-east by the Patuxent River which separates it from Howard County, and on the south-east by Prince George's County and the District of Columbia.

    Large quarries of sandstone are opened near the mouth of Seneca Creek, of which the Smithsonian Institute, at Washington, is built, and also a marble quarry near the Potomac above Poolesville. A quarry of excellent roofing slate has been opened near Hyattstown. Other varieties of building stones exist but are not yet developed to any extent. Several gold mines are being worked in the northern part of the county and near the Great Falls of Potomac. Also chrome ore has been largely extracted from the central part of the county.

    The surface of the county is mostly loamy, and gives rise to many branches and creeks, which possess some of the finest water-powers, this being, in fact, one of the features of this county, most of the streams having very considerable fall in but a short distance. The Great Falls of the Potomac-belongs to Montgomery County, and constitutes perhaps the grandest available water-power in the Union. These water-powers are partly improved with a number of large flour and grist and saw mills. The soil varies greatly, the western or upper part of the county being a finely cultivated and fertile region, whilst the more northern part although more thickly settled, is a thinner and poorer soil. The eastern section, near to Howard and Prince George's Counties, is mostly a light sandy, with some clay land, and exhibits, in its vast improvements about Sandy Spring, what may be accomplished by industrious skillful tillage. These lands, which were formerly almost a wilderness, with a value of two or three dollars per acre, have become an excellent farming district, and worth $30 an acre and more. This county binds the District of Columbia on the north-west and partly on the north-east, and from its proximity to Washington, (which is one of the best markets,) is being cultivated considerably in market farms. Its elevated and very healthy character is attracting many persons to locate country seats. The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal runs along its entire southwestern border, and the Metropolitan Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, from near the "Point of Rocks" to Washington, through the centre of the county, affording convenient access to nearly all parts.

    The productions are wheat, corn, oats, potatoes, tobacco, hay, wool, honey, butter and live-stock.

    Judges Sixth Judicial Circuit--Hon. Richard I. Bowie, Chief Judge, Rockville; Hons. Wm. Veirs Bonic and John A. Lynch, Associate Judges. Commissioners of Court- Hattersly W. Talbott and Wm. Brewer. Auditor- Col. James W. Anderson. Clerk to Court-F. B. Prettyman, Rockville. Clerks-R. S. Patterson, Geo. R Braddock and C. W. Prettyman, Rockville. Crier-John B. Miller. Sheriff-John A. Clements, Rockville. Deputies- M. Green, S. H. Jones, J. U. Miles and H. C. Townsend. State's Attorney-Spencer C. Jones, Rockville. Warden of Jail-Charles O. Fisher. Physician to Jail--Dr. Charles J. Maddox. Judges of Orphan's Court-Edward W. Owen, Chief Judge Samuel Darby and Dr. A. H. Sommers. Register of Wills-Robert W. Carter, Rockville. Deputy-Charles A. Carter. Surveyor-Wm. Grady. County Commissioners-David Griffith, Joseph Henderson, Richard G. White, John Saunders and Thomas G. Hardesty. Clerk-Joseph A. Taney. School Commissioners--Samuel Jones, President, Wm. T. Jones and Walter M. Talbott. Secretary James Anderson. Trustees of Almshouse--Reuben A. Bogley, Harry D Cook, J. A. Gloyd, Henry A. Pumphrey and Columbus Joy. Physician--Dr H. H. Stonestreet. Steward-John Connell. Registers of Voters Albert G Merriwether, John H. Gibson, Wm. T. Jones, R. S. Patterson and C H Warfield. Tax Collectors-H. B. Magruder, C. R. Murphy, Joseph C. White Wm G. Connell and Maurice A. Weller. Justices of the Peace-J. T. Warheld, James B. Gaitber, Samuel Riggs, J. G. Henry, N. Harris, Geo. W. Darby, J C W. Kemp, John S. Belt, S. S. Hays, N. T. Talbott, S. G. Donohue Lawrence A. Darby, Jamee P. Blays, David H. Bonic, E. L. Hays, J. R. Welsh, John T. Baker, S. H. Carr, H. C. Nicholson, A. L. Graves and Samuel W. Magruder. Congressman Sixth District-Hon. Wm. Walsh. State Senator. Hon Geo. Peter. Members House of Delegates-Hons. Montgomery Blair Howard Griffith and Wm, M. Canhy. Terms of Circitit Court, which are held in the Court House at Rockville, the county seat: Law Terms-3rd Monday in March and 2nd Monday in November. Chancery Terms-3rd Monday in January and 1st Monday in June. Populaiton of County-White, 14,128; colored, 6,434. Registered Vote-6,172. Assessed Value of Personal, Real, Stocks and Raliroad Property-- $8,457,136. State and County Tax 95 cents on $100.


    Is 1 mile from a station of that name on the Metropolitan Branch of the B.& O. R. R., 73 miles from Baltimore. Land, mostly cleared, is worth $15 per acre, and produces 12 bus. wheat, 20 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco and 1 ton hay. Baptist, Methodist, P. F. and Roman Catholic Churches. Public school. Population 200. B. T. Pyles, Postmaster.

    Agent- R. R.
    B1acksmiths and Whee1wrights
    Miles, C W
    Miles, N. E.
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Hilton, W. T.
    Orme, A. S.
    General Merchandise
    Darby, S. & Sons
    Harris, E. G.
    Hays, R. P.
    Pyles, R. T.
    Carr, W. H.
    Talbott, N. T.
    Darby, John W.
    Darby, John W.
    Darby, R. R.
    Bowlen, G. W.
    Wood, R. Vinton
    Carlisle, James


    Is on the Frederick and Georgetown road, 5 miles from Georgetown, D. of C. And 3 from Knowles on the Metropolitan Branch of the B. & O. R. R. Land fertile, sells at from $25 to $100 per acre; produces 20 to 30 bus. wheat, 40 corn, and 2 tons hay. Presbyterian Church and a public school. Population 20. R. C. Lester, Postmaster.

    Attorney at Law
    Kirby, Wm.
    Lochte, Wm.
    Beckwith, Benedict
    Austin, James
    General Merchandise
    Lester, R. C. Physician
    Davidson, James H.


    Is on the Metropolitan Branch of the B. & O. R. R., 69 miles from Baltimore.  Location healthy, business, crops and land good; clay soil. The land is half cleared, ranges in price from $10 to $50 per acre, and produces 10 to 30 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 100 potatoes, 60 corn, and 1,000 lbs tobacco. The inducements are cheap and well improved lands. Presbyterian Church, Rev. Jas. S. Henderson, and a public school. Population 75. J. E. Williams, Postmaster.

    Howard, James
    General Merchandise
    Williams & Lewis
    Darby, John W. & Son
    Davis, R. P.
    Waters, Dr. W.


    Is 10 miles from Rockville; location healthy, business good; soil, red clay; lands, highly improved, can be bought from $10 to $60 per acre, and yields 20 to 35 bus. wheat, 50 corn, 1,000 lbs. Tobacco, and 2 tons hay. It is quite a resort in summer for health seekers, has a strong Chalybeate spring in the vicinity and is surrounded by an attractive country. M. E., M. P. Churches and P. E. Chapel. An old and well conducted academy (Brookeville), Prof. Samuel H. Coleman. One public school. Population 200. R. W. Gattrell, Postmaster.

    Conner, James
    Jones, Wm. H.
    Kirby, Thos.
    Conner, Mrs. Andrew
    Appelby, A. O.
    Carriage and Wagonmakers
    Baker, John M.
    Boswell, R. K.
    Miller, Wm. B.
    General Merchandise
    Gattrell, R. W.
    Mobley, Wm. B.
    Parsley, John H.
    Bell, John W.
    Down, Wm. H.
    Weir & Bro.
    Martin, James S.
    Riggs, Artemus
    Parsley, Geo. W.
    Whiteside, John
    Howard, Henry N.
    Parsley, Margaret


    Is 5 Ç miles from Laurel. Location healthy; land, principally cleared, can be bought at from $10 to $50 per acre, produces 15 to 30 bus. wheat, 15 to 50 corn and 2 tons hay. Liberty Grove Church, Rev. J. Cook; one public school. Population 50. R. A. Burton, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Beall, Joseph
    Burton, R. A.
    Robey, Berry
    Beall, Joseph
    Homer, M. J.
    Mineburg, John
    Vincent, Plummer
    General Merchandise
    Small, Bruce
    Bone, Allen
    Waters, Chas.


    Is 5 miles from Germantown. Soil, clay and flint; land varies in value from $12 to $20 per acre, and yields 25 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 corn, 1,000 lbs. Tobacco and 1 ton hay. Baptist and M. E. Churches. Public schools adjacent. Population 100. O. T. Watkins, Postmaster.

    Majors, John T.
    Miles, Geo.
    Waters, F. M.
    General Merchandise
    Watkins, O. T.


    Is on the Frederick Road 4 Ç miles north from Boyd's. Location healthy; land, mostly cleared, plenty for sale at $10 to $30 per acre, produces 15 to 25 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 75 potatoes, 50 corn and 1,000 lbs. tobacco. Two M. E. Chuches; one public school. Population 175. W. H. Buxton, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Anderson, O T
    Dronenberg, Wm J
    Learnon, R A
    Shaw, L D
    Leamon, John S
    Woodward, C. O.
    General Merchandise
    Gibson, John H
    Seliman, Alonzo
    Baker, John L
    Thompson, R H
    Waters, Wm A
    Worthington, T C


    Is 7 miles from Mt. Airy. Land is worth from $10 to $20 per acre; produces 15 to 40 bus. wheat, 25 to 50 corn, 1,000 lbs tobacco, and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 86. P. M. Smith, Jr., Postmaster.

    Smith, James W
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Edwards, Henry C
    Mount, John R
    Carriage and Wagonmakers.
    Jacobs, Jonathan
    Ward, N H
    General Merchandise.
    Clagett, J H
    Engle, R
    Etchison, Marcellus
    Hurley, H A
    Smith, P M Jr
    Young & King
    Burns, H H
    Lanedale, B F
    Holland, S. B


    Is 5 miles from Germantown. Land good, plenty for sale, can be bought for $25 per acre, and produces 20 to 85 bus. wheat, 30 to 40 oats, 50 to 75 potatoes, 30 to 40 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco, and 2 tons hay; crops are generally good. Presbyterian Church; academy and a public school. Population 150. J, S. Windsor, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Griffith, Julian
    Windsor, James S
    Darby, Upton
    Offutt, N. D.


    Is 4 1/2 miles from Boyd's. Soil sandy; land, mostly cleaned, is valued at from $25 to $75 per acre, produces 20 to 35 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 100 potatoes, 75 corn and 1,000 lbs. tobacco. Crops generally good. Baptist Church, Rev. Mr. Yates. One public school. Population 55. H. C. Allnutt, Postmaster.

    Stang, F C
    General Merchandise
    Allnutt, H C
    White, N. S.
    Crown, Wm.


    Is on the Metropolitan Branch of the B. & O. R. R Clay soil; land, principally cleared, is valued at $40 per acre and yields 30 bus wheat, 40 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools convenient. Population 75. W. H. Dickerson, Postmaster.

    Bowie, Rufus A
    Holland, J W
    General Merchandise.
    Dickerson, W H
    Lespley, J N.
    Rozzel, James
    Webster, Geo
    Welling, Ambrose
    Hilton, L J W


    Is 2 miles from Silver Springs. Land good, is worth $30 per acre, produces 20 bus wheat, 25 corn and 1 ton hay. M. E. Church, (South,) Rev. L. R. Jones; one public school. Population 100. Robert Grimes, Postmaster.

    Taylor, B
    Berry, John
    Chrismond, Robert
    Reynolds, Gassaway
    General Merchandise
    Manakee, Wm. E.
    Bond, James H.
    Bond, James L.
    Grimes, Robert
    Lancaster, John W


    Is on the Metropolitan Branch of the B. & O. R. R. Location healthy; business good, land principally cleared, ranges in price from $10 to $150 per acre, and prod aces 20 to 40 bus wheat, 25 to 60 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco and 2 tons hay. M. E., M. B. South, and Roman Catholic Churches; pubilc schools adjacent. Population 150. H. C. Ward, Postmaster.

    Poole, S
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Duvall, C F
    Easton, Giles
    Gloyd, Samuel
    Beckurtt, Greenbury
    Beckurtt, Waters
    General Merchandise.
    Owen, T J
    Ward & Fulks
    Lemon, Geo
    Trail, Barton
    Wathins, Levi
    Etchison, E E
    Cooms, Wm


    Is 1 mile from a station of that name, on the Metropolitan Branch of the B. & O. R. R.; land good, water excellent. Land varies in value from $10 to $40 per acre, and yields 15 to 40 bus. wheat, 20 to 30 oats, 50 to 60 potatoes, 30 to 50 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco and 2 tons bay. Baptist and M. E. Churches. Public school. Population 75. Thomas N. Henderson, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Gassaway, John H
    General Merehandise.
    Gassaway, John H
    Harris, B B
    Henderson, Thos N
    Waters, Horace D.
    Nicholls, John H.
    Carlin, T.


    Is 4 Ç miles from Gaithersburgh. Soil, clay and loam; land can be bought for $20 per acre, produces 20 to 50 bus. wheat, 20 to 50 corn, 1000 lbs. tobacco and 2 tons hay. M. E. Church South and public school. Population 40. A. R. Martin, Postmaster.

    Hogan, C. F.
    General Merchandise
    Martin,A R
    Davis, J. S.
    Lewis, J. W.


    Is 7 miles from Monrovia. Soil slate and clay; land, principally cleared, is worth from $10 to $50 per acre, produces 20 bus. wheat, 50 oats, 150 potatoes, 50 oorn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco and 2 tons bay. M. E., M. E. South and Christian Churches, and public schools. Population 100. J. B. Smith, Postmaster.

    Dutrow, Jacob W
    Dutrow, O W
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Dutrow, P C
    Gardner, John & Son
    Smith, J B
    Brengle, J H
    General Merchandise.
    Dutrow, D W
    Welsh, Wellington
    Burdette, John E
    Darby, Geo A
    Reinhart, D J
    Zeigler, A H
    Grimes, Geo
    Davis, Wm


    Is on the Metropolitan Branch of the B. & O. R. R. Land, medium, varies in value from $40 to $80 per acre, and yields 25 to 40 bus. wheat, 40 to 60 corn, and 2 tons hay. Churches and scho~s adjacent Population 50. Joshua Corrick, Postmaster.

    Mulican, Geo
    Bricklayers and plasterers.
    Lincoln, Wm
    Rhoe, Wm
    Beckwith, W T
    Blake, Geo
    Duvall, Geo.
    Welch, Patrick
    General Merchandise
    Faucett, F M


    Is 7 miles from Gaithersburgh; business, bealth and crops good. Land fair, mostly cleared, can be purchased at from $7 to $50 per acre, and yields 25 bus, wheat, 20 to 30 oats, 150 potatoes, 50 to 100 corn and 1,000 lbs tobacco. M. E. Church, two public schools. Population 90. F. L. Bell, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
    Gittings, John T
    Parsley, Thos
    Wicks & Kimble
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Easton, S H
    Houck, E H
    General Merchandise.
    Kenny, Wm H H
    Mobley, Geo W
    Myers, E F
    Crawford, B B
    Snyder, J P
    Seilman, John A


    Is 8 miles from Barnesville, situated on the road 2 miles from White's Ferry on the Potomac Biver; business and health good; clay soil; land fertile, principally cleared, commands from $25 to $40 per acre, and readily produces 15 to 80 bus. wheat, 20 to 40 corn and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools convenient. Population 50. James W. Reed, Postmaster.

    McKenzie, T
    Peters, John
    General Merchandise.
    Phillips Bros
    Reed & Trundle
    Devilbiss, J A
    Weller, Frank
    Thomas, C W


    Is on the Frederick Road near Big Seneca, 6 miles west of Rockville. Land medium, can be bought at from $10 to $20 per acre; produces fair crops of wheat, corn, oats, hay, tobacco and potatoes. Churches and schools near. Population 20. George H. Clements, Postmaster.

    Smith, Peter
    Easton, Wm
    Trail, Thos
    General Merchandise
    Clements, Geo. H.
    Buxton, Leonard
    Watkins, Levi


    Is one-half mile from Randolph. Soil red clay; land is valued at $50 per acre, and yields 20 bus. wheat, 80 corn and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools. Population 75. Francis Heley, Postmaster.

    Flach, Joseph
    Kramer, C.
    General Merchandise
    Heley, Francis
    Holmes, T.
    Magruder, W. F.
    Orndorf, W.


    Is 5 miles from Rockville. Land is valued at $40 per acre, and yields 25 bus. wheat, 20 corn and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 86. John A Bennett, Postmaster.

    Gill, James
    Burris, W
    Nicholls, Chas W
    Cashell, C P
    General Merchandise
    Bennett, John A
    Flack, A C
    Rannie, James


    Is 6 miles from Rockville and 2 1/2 from the great falls of the Potomac, which is considered one of the greatest water powers in the country. The land surrounding is fair and believed to contain gold. Land sells at from $8 to $40 per acre; p reduces 10 to 80 bus. wheat, 25 oats, 100 potatoes, and 20 to 40 corn. M. E. and Presbyterian ChurcheL Three schools near. Population 100. W. Offutt, Postmaster.

    Lynch, Wm. T.
    McCormick, Geo.
    Dolbeck, James
    Hill, Lloyd
    Shepherd, Thos.
    General Merchandise.
    Garrett & Mans
    McQuade, M
    Offutt & Perry
    Gold Miners
    Jones, Bartlett, Merritt & Co
    McCormick, G
    Orendorf, Wm
    Stone, Phillip & John
    Offutt, B
    Willett, C F
    Burriss, Lemnel P
    Steam, James J


    Is 8 miles from Rockville. Land good, plenty cleared, is valued at $50 per acre, and yields 30 bus wheat, 50 corn, and 1,000 lbs. tobacco. Churches and schools in the vicinity. Population 75. R. S. Kirk, Postmaster.

    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Jones, L D
    Walker, J W
    Carpenters and Undertakers
    Groome, Thos C
    Price, John
    Young, R W
    Farquhar, Greenville
    Mannakee, F H
    General Merchandise
    Barnesley, J D
    Williams & Boyer
    Routzahn, M C
    Magruder,Wm E
    Stoves and Tinware.
    Wagner, J L
    Schmitt, Andrew


    Is 4 1/2 miles from Barnesville. Climate and business good. Soil sandy; land, mostly cleared, can be purchased at from $15 to $50 per acre, and yields 16 bus wheat, 40 corn, and 2 tons hay. Baptist, M. E., M. E. South, and P. E. Churches; a seminary; one public school. Population 150. Samuel Cater, Postmaster.

    Cater, Holland
    Pied, Lewis
    Merchant, John
    Money, James H
    General Merchandise.
    Rays, Wm N
    Hoskins & Bro
    Kolhoss & Sparrow
    Walter, Wm T
    Milford, Thos
    Chaffee, Dr
    Walling, Dr
    Grimes, Chas
    Price, Elias
    Hall, J R
    Hall, John W
    McIntosh, Geo


    Is 1 1/2 miles from Derwood. Land good, can be bought at from $10 to $30 per aere, yields 18 to 25 bus. wheat and an average of other farm products. A church, one public school. Population 80. H. B. Peirce, Postmaster.

    Bready, C W
    Bready, S K
    Belt, Rufus
    Belt, W M
    General Merchandise
    Peirce, H. B.
    Thompson, H. S. & Bro.
    Shaw, Nathan
    Magruder, J. W.
    Magruder, Julian


    The county seat, is situated on the Metropolitan Branch of the B. & O. R. R. 56 1/4 miles from Baltimore and 16 1/4 from Washington. The land surrounding is clay loam, well improved, sells at from $20 to $50 per acre; produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 25 to 50 corn and 2 tons hay. Rockville has a court house and a jail, and churches of the following denominations: M. E., Baptist, Presbyterian, Disciples, Episcopal, Catholic and 2 colored. Mispah Lodge 144, A. F. & A. M.; Montgomery Grange, P. of H. Population 750. John G. England, Postmaster.

    Higgins, John S
    Prettyman, E D
    General Merchandise and Grocers.
    Cooper, S S
    Attorneys at Law.
    Anderson, & Bouic
    Anderson, James W
    Brewer & Brewer
    Dawson, James
    England, John G
    Jones, Spencer C
    Peter & Henderson
    Peier, John F
    Talbott, Hattersly W
    Boswell, James W
    Chrismond, Wm
    Blacksmlths and Wheelwrights.
    Bagley, B A
    Buxton, James F
    Green, M
    Haney, Benj
    Moulden, Eli
    Mulfinger, John P
    McFaul, S H
    Warthen, L
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Cator, Geo F
    Edmondson, John
    Haney, Joseph M
    Pumphrey, Wm R
    Graff, James W
    Miller, John H
    Mannakee, F. H
    Owens, D F
    General Merchandise and Grocers
    Blays, James P
    Bouic, D H
    England, John G Jr
    Higgins, S D & Son
    Lyddane, S B
    Mulfinger, Mrs Mary M
    Offutt, N D
    Shekell, Richard A
    Kircher, David
    Montgomery, M A Almony
    Union, Francis Kleindienst
    Justices of the Peace.
    Blays, James P
    Bouic, David H
    Livery Stables.
    Poss, S
    Rabbitt, W H
    Dwyer, Henry
    Viers, E & Bro
    Millinery and Dressmaking.
    Campbell, Misses
    Cator, Mrs Geo F
    Miller, Mrs John R
    Maddox, Chas S
    Sommers, A A
    Stonestreet, E F
    Johnson, Robert H
    Sadtler, Louis
    Steele, John A
    Morgan, Mordecai
    Viett, Henry
    Viett, Louis S
    Watches and Jewelry
    Ansley, Henry
    Wines and Liquors
    Mullican, S. T.
    Rabbitt, Joseph R.
    Rabbitt, Wm. H.


    Is 11 miles from Laurel; business and health good; land, well improved, mostly cleared, is worth $10 to $80 per acre, according to location and improvements, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 85 corn and 2 tons hay. Four M. E.Churches, two colored and Society of Friends. Pubilc and private schools. Population 75. Edward Stabler, Postmaster.

    Budd, Sam'l
    Budd, Thos
    Marlow, James F
    Turner, Fletcher
    Hill, Remus
    Leizear, Francis
    Moore, Robert S
    Tucker, Richard
    General Merchandise
    Gilpin & Bentley
    Holland, James M
    Thomas, A G
    Brooke, Chas F
    Lea, Henry T
    White, Moab
    Iddings, C Edward


    Is one-quarter mile from Silver Springs and 6 miles from Washington, D C. Soil, light and loamy; land, nearly all cleared, is valued at from $50 to $100 per acre, produces 20 to 80 bus. wheat, 15 to 25 corn, and 2 tons hay. M. P. and Roman Catholic Churches. Two public achools. Population 25. James L. Dorsey, Postmaster.

    Cunningham, C
    Gentner, John
    Long, J D
    Bond, J L
    Harding, Josiah
    Stone, C G


    Is 10 miles from Gaithersburg. Land, good, can be purchased for $25 per acre, and yields 25 bus. wheat, 40 corn, and 2 tons hay. M. E., (Unity Chapel.) M P, (Mt. Carmel,) Churches. One public school. Population 135.Wm. W. Brown, Postmaster.

    Davis, Nimrod
    Grady, Frank
    Boswell, Nicholas
    Brown, Franklin
    Cashell, Geo
    Dwyer, J. D.
    General Merchandise
    Colliflower & Harvey
    Gaitlier, F D
    Townsend, C F
    Bazzell, J Q
    Maynard, J H
    Brown, Uriah
    Coomes,R W
    Dwyer, J W


    Is one-half mile from Forest Glen. Place healthy; business medium; clay soil; land, principelly cleared, Is valued at $75 per acre, and yields 20 bus. wheat, 40 oorn and 1 ton hay. ME. and P. E. Churches; one public school. Population 100. Geo Plyer, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Anderson, D C
    Davis, Chas
    Jones, Sam'l
    Mitchel, Richard
    Plyer, Geo.
    Ray, A.
    Harding, J.



    Bowman, Fred'k
    Cooley,J F
    Cooley, Z G
    Darby, J W
    Harris, A S
    Harris, S F
    Hays, F P
    Hays, L J
    Hays, S S
    Hershey, C R
    Hodges, Wm
    Lawman, Chas
    Lawman, James
    Linthicum, F
    Lynch, John H
    Pearre, James
    Poole, A.
    Reid, W N
    Sellman, J P
    Sellman, L L
    Sellman, Wm O
    Wade, W W
    Ward, Thos H
    White, R G
    White, W B


    Anderson, J Hopkins
    Bean, A H
    Bean, E H
    Bean, James M
    Bean, Wm F
    Bohrer, J T
    Bohrer, John G
    Bradley, Joseph
    Carroll, H G
    Carroll, James
    Counselman, Wm
    Davidson, James H
    Davidson, John
    Dodge, J H
    Dunlap, Geo.
    Gingel, James M
    Gingel, Joseph
    Gleghorn, John
    Hudleston, Geo.
    Hudleston, Wm
    Jones, L C
    Keiser, Cyrus
    Keiser, Eli
    Kisner, C
    Kisner, Henry
    Laurence, David
    Lester, R C
    Offutt, H L
    Owens, Z
    Powell, James
    Pyles, Henry
    Renshaw, Henry
    Renshaw, Thos
    Renshaw, Wm
    Spates, Frank
    Spates, Geo
    Spates, Robert
    Tolbert. Theephilus
    Wallis, Edwin
    Watkins, B P
    Watkins, Spencer
    Williams, John C
    Wilison, John N
    Williams, Lewis
    Willson, Michael


    Beall, J H
    Boyd, Jas A
    Brewer, Dr N
    Burdette, B H
    Burdetle, Wm M
    Carlin, John
    Carlin, John T
    Dade, Alex
    Dade, Robert
    Gott, Benj. C
    Grant, Robert N
    Knott, Francis
    Knott, John W
    McAtee, James W
    McAtee, John S
    Thompson, Beker
    White, Joseph C
    White, R T
    Williams & Lewis


    Clark, John O
    Davis, Hon A Bowie
    Ellicott, Samuel
    Gaither, Daniel H
    Gaither, Ephraim
    Gaither, John W
    Gaither, Thos D
    Gardiner, John W
    Garrrell, Aaron
    Griffith, John
    Hall, E. J.
    Hallowell, James S
    Higgins, C. A. C.
    Holland, James T.
    Holland, Thos J
    Howard, Mrs Annie N
    Howard, Brice W
    Hutton, Joseph J
    Hutton, Rev Orlando
    Jones, G
    Magruder, Bowie
    Owen, Hon H W
    Riggs, John A
    Riggs, Thos D
    Riggs, Wm C
    Stabler, James
    Strain, ('apt John W
    Veitch, Fletcher B
    Waters, Thos W
    Waters, Z D


    Beall, John
    Beall, Josiah
    Beall, Nathan F
    Beall, Thos
    Bone, Allen
    Burton, Geo D
    Burton, Geo H
    Burton, Isaac
    Carr, A B
    Carr, B D
    Carr, Caleb
    Crosedale, Howard
    Crosedale, John
    Crusen, Henry S
    Harding, Sam'l H
    Hopkins, Jas H
    Iglehart, James L
    Iglehart, Nathan
    Marshall, James
    Miller, John
    Rich, Chas
    Rich, Wm
    Soper, James P
    Soper, Joseph
    Thompson, Sam'l
    Ward, Orem
    Waters, Chas
    Waters, J
    Waters, T Sr
    Waters, T of S
    Waters, T J

    Cedar Grove

    Appleby, Curtis
    Bsirber, G E
    Barber, H
    Beau, G N
    Bowman, Asbury
    Burns, Sylvester
    Miles, Herbert
    Page, Horace
    Page, Washington
    Page, Z W
    Poole, W H
    Pugh, Sam'l
    Purdum, J B
    Riggs, James
    Riggs, W H
    Sibley, Joseph
    Thompson, Wm
    Watkins, B F
    Watkins, H K
    Watkins, James W
    Watkins, L L
    Watkins, Noah
    Williams, J F
    Williams, Somersett
    Williams, Wm
    Young, Richard


    Day, James W
    Hilton, Gao W
    Hoyle, Jos H C
    Johnson, James S
    King, Chas M
    King, Edward J
    King, Rufus
    Layton, O S
    Lewis, Edward
    Lewis, John A
    Linthicum, Gassaway W
    Miles, Jas H
    Neal, JasB
    Purdum, Chas T
    Thompson, Sam'l C
    Waters, A J
    Waters, Edward H
    Waters, Dr Wm A
    Watkins, Wm of A
    Williams, Wm
    Williams, Wm L
    Wiadsor, Wm B


    Bowman, Rezin H
    Burdette, James W
    Burdette, N J
    Burns, Jesse L
    Day, Rev Jackson
    Duval, M
    Duvall, H
    Glaze, Basil T
    Gue, L C
    Hilton, Thos I
    Hilton, Walter
    King, C M
    Mullinix, Gao W
    Purdum, C F
    Sheckles, J T
    Wartield, John
    Wartield, John H
    Warthen, N B
    Watkins, Grafton
    Watkins, P G


    Beall, Randolph
    Benton, James N
    Broom, Duthorn
    Cross, J
    Dawson, Nicholsa
    Rigdon, John
    Higgins, Sam'l
    Jones, Nathan
    Lewis, Thos
    Magruder, Thoa
    Purdum, Jas W
    Rice, Wm
    Small, John
    Thompson, Martin
    Vincent, Barley
    Vincent, Chas.


    Allnutt, Benj.
    Allnutt, Berroni
    Allnutt, Jas. N.
    Allnutt, Nathan W.
    Byrd, John
    Darby, Lawrence
    Dawson, Americus
    Dawson, Fred A.
    Dawson, Jas.M.
    Dawson, Randolph
    Dyson, Benj.
    Dyson, Joseph
    Dyson, Sam'l
    Pyles, B. Frank
    Pyles, Edward
    Rawlings, Joshua
    Rawlings, Thos.
    Vincent, Napoleon


    Andrews, Jefferson
    Appelby, N. H.
    Belt, McGill
    Belt, Lloyd
    Belt, Richard
    Brall, Rufus
    Carlisle, James
    Carson, David
    Chiswell, E.
    Dickerson, N. C.
    Diggins, Daniel
    Gott, J. S.
    Harris, Abraham
    Harris, Solomon T.
    Hays, G. R.
    Heffener, John
    Hempstone, A. T.
    Hempstone, S. H.
    Jones, J. A.
    Jones, J. L. T.
    Jones, J. T.
    Jones, Leo.
    Luhn, Chris
    Moxley, Thos.
    Moxley, Wm.
    Oden, Geo. W.
    Price, John T.
    Price, Wm.
    Rainhouse, Sydney
    Riley, Otho
    Scholl, Henry
    Sellman, F. O.
    Sellman, Howard
    Silence, John
    Titus, Burr
    Trundle, Horatio
    Trundle, James O.
    White, Frank
    White, R. G.
    White, L. A.

    Four Corners

    Adams, C
    Barnes, Henry A
    Barnes, Wm
    Bayley, Siephen
    Beale, Gao N
    Boarman, Robert
    Bowie, Henry
    Cadle, Wm
    Chrismond, Robert
    Clark, Bailey
    Clark, F
    Clark, Henry
    Clark, James
    Clark, Levin
    Clark, Oliver
    Clark, O H P
    Clark, Wm
    Fee, Wm
    Fee, Wm Jr
    Gittings, Wm Sr
    Grimes, Wm M
    Hardesty, Thos G
    Hopkins, Joseph
    Jackson, Jasper M
    Joy, Columbus
    Lindsay, Ople H
    Mackmahon, Michael
    Moran, Andrew
    Ogdon, Leonard
    Ogdon, Wm J
    Olin, Hon A B
    Owings, James
    Parker, James
    Patten, L P
    Reed, Wm
    Shaw, Chas H
    Vermillion, John H


    Briggs, Gideon
    Briggs, Jas M N
    Briggs, John
    Briggs, Robert
    Briggs, Samuel
    Briggs, Thee
    Cavin, Timothy
    Chandie, J W
    Clagette, James H
    Clagette, John H
    Clements, Lemuel
    Clopper, D
    Codwise,B B
    Cook, Nathan
    Cook, Wm H
    Cocke, Mrs E
    Cooke, H D
    Cooke, Wm J
    Crown, H L
    Day, Jacob
    Day, Washington
    Desellum, John T
    Diamond, J B
    Diamond, Mrs S J
    Dorsey, B G
    Fulks, Wm B
    Gaither, James B
    Gaither, Wm B
    Hutton,.Wm B
    Jones, L C
    Meeme, C G
    Meeme, O C
    Mills, Richard
    Reed, Wm
    Ricketts, Isaac
    Selby, Allen
    Selby, John T
    Small, John
    Suter, Thos B
    Thompson, F H
    Thompson, John
    Thompson, Joseph
    Tscheffsly, F H
    Wade, John W
    Wade, Wm
    Walker, Geo E
    Walker, John W
    Walker, N J
    Whalen, Martin
    Woodward, R


    Bennett, B H
    Benson, John T
    Benson, Wm H of N
    Gassaway, J H
    Gloyd, Eden
    Henderson, Joseph
    Laurer, Joseph A
    Leaman, Christian
    Musser, Wm
    Page, Nathan
    Pumphreys, Henry
    Reichter, E. H.
    Reichter, John C.
    Snyder, Jacob F.
    Snyder, John
    Waters, Horace
    Waters, Wm.
    Williams, Henry
    Williams, Sam'l


    Benson, John E.
    Blunt, W. W.
    Bowman, Uriah G.
    Dorsey, Remus G.
    Green, Richard
    Higgins, James
    Higgins, Thos.
    Jones, Richard W.
    Jones, Somerset O.
    LaMar, J. C.
    Magruder, H. R.
    Magruder, J. S.
    Magruder, Wm. M.
    Magruder, Z. M.
    McMahan, E.
    Merriweather, A. C.
    Miller, Washington
    Reed, William
    Riggs, Geo.
    Riggs, Harry
    Riggs, R. D.
    Stewart, Albert G.
    Thompson, J. H.
    Thompson, John C.
    Thompson, Wm. Of C.
    Waters, J. McC
    Waters, W. D.


    Anderson, Mrs. Ellen
    Browning, Chas. T.
    Cecil, Otho F.
    Dixon, John
    Harris, Z. G.
    Johnson, Samuel
    Keith, C.
    Lawson, James W.
    Layton, C. F. & Bro.
    Leather, E.
    Lewis, John R.
    Lewis, Wm. B.
    McLean, Amon
    McLean, Joshua
    Price, Chas.
    Price, Geo.
    Price, Levi
    Price, Thos of E
    Price, Thos H
    Simmons, Sam'l T
    Smeltzer, Jacob R
    Tabler, Andrew J
    Tabler, Geo. F
    Tabler, Jacob L
    Tabler, John H
    Warfield, Hamilton G
    Watkins, Luther
    Welsh, Asa H
    Windsor, Z L
    Wolfe, Jesse H
    Zeigler, D


    Baker, Nelson
    Brown, Daniel W
    Brown, M J
    Clemens, John
    Duvall, Chas
    Duvall, James
    Hiffiner, John
    Knowles, Geo.
    Manakee, Wm
    McDermott, John
    McDermott, Patrick
    Mulican, R
    Perry, Humphrey


    Ayton, B B
    Allnutt, J Benj
    Allnutt, John
    Allnutt, John T
    Allnutt, Wm
    Bell, F L
    Bell, James T
    Bell, Silence
    Bowman, Geo. W
    Brown, Edward
    Clagett, James W
    Clagett, Mns M A
    Crawford, C A
    Darby, Wm A
    Dorsey,Thos W
    Fish, Benj B
    Gattrel, G
    Griffith, C H
    Griffith, U
    Griffith, U H
    Griffith, Wm R
    Hawkins, Wm
    King, S
    Nelson, O
    Plummer, Richard
    Plummer, Robert
    Pope, C A
    Pope, Joseph M
    Pugh, David L
    Ray, Nicholas
    Riggs, Reuben
    Riggs, Sam'l of G
    Riggs, Sam'l of S
    Stewart, Albert
    Thompson, T
    Ward, J
    Warfield, J G
    Wsrtield John T
    Waters, Geo T
    Watkins & Clagett
    Williams, James


    Boteler, A J
    Cowley, B T
    Hickman, Jas B
    Jones, John L T
    Jones, Wm T
    Mercer, W E
    Mosburg, Geo
    Mosburg, P K
    Oxley, Edgar F
    Oxley, Thomas
    Pool, B R
    Reed, John
    Remsburg, D F
    Remsburg, Wm
    Skinner, James
    Smoot, B W
    Stallings, Richard
    Stephenson, John
    Viers, Wm F


    Benson, John W
    Benson; Johnson
    Benson, T E
    Case, John
    Case, Zadoc
    Crawford, H
    Gloyd, J A
    Babbitt, James O
    Ray, D A
    Ricketts, A P
    Trail, James O
    Trail, B
    Ward, T G
    Ward,W E


    Bagley, H
    Baker, E
    Ball Fraxik
    Clark, L.
    Codvise B R
    Curtin, T
    Duffy, Peter
    Haipine, C
    Hance, W.
    Hosmer, F.
    Kaiser, L
    Kraft, Dean
    Lyddane, T.
    Mace, F.
    Magruder, S W
    Magruder, W. S.
    Magruder, Wm
    McNeal, John
    Mouze, John
    Morrison, Albert
    Morrison, R
    Rabbitt, Sam'1
    Ricketts, E
    Sherer, F
    Viera, C
    Viers, B
    Wilson, 0
    Windon, Geo


    Abert Chas
    Abert, Robert W
    Adamson, Robt L
    Beall, John W
    Brooke, Albin
    Brooke, Boge?
    Cahell, Thea
    Flack, A C
    Magruder, Wm
    Muncaster, Wm B
    Nicholls, Chas W
    Rabbitt, Edward
    Rabbitt, Thos H
    Rannie, James
    Ray, Eleazer
    Ray, Wm. H.
    Riley, P C
    Sullivan, Perry
    Thompson. Morris
    Thompeon, Wm
    Wadsworth, A R
    Welch, Edward

    Offutt's X Roads

    Austin, Mahlon
    Bainhouse, Richard
    Boswell, Frank
    Bradley, Geo G
    Bradley Henry
    Bradley, Henry Ir
    Burries, G W
    Carrol1, J. W.
    Claggett, Darius
    Claggett, Henry
    Claggett, John W
    Claggett, Montgomery
    Claggett, Wm.
    Collins, John
    Connell, John
    Connell, Robert G
    Connell, Wm G
    Creamer, John
    Creamer, Reuben
    Curry, John
    Dooley, Wm
    Emery, Richard
    Fawcett, H. C.
    Fisher, Wm
    Gingel, James
    Hardesty, Wm. M.
    Harrison, James
    Harrison, Wm B
    Henley, Geo.
    Hill, Levi
    Hill Theodore
    Jones, Samuel
    Kefauver, Jacob
    Kilgour, Frank
    Maus, O S
    McDonald, Capt John
    Moore, John D W
    Myers, M J
    Offutt, Dr B
    Offutt, John
    Offutt, Joshua
    Offutt, L M.
    Offutt, Mortimer
    Pearce, Josiah
    Perry, Erasmus
    Perry, Wm.
    Ricketts, Mrs. W.
    Saunders, John
    Stearn, Joseph
    Stone, John G
    Stone, John. G Jr
    Stone, Philip
    Trundle, John
    Welch, Jacob R


    Barnesley, Geo T
    Barnsley, James
    Barnes1ey, Sam'1
    Berry, J D
    Bowie, Col W
    Brooke, Chas F
    Casheil, Geo C
    Cashefl, H B
    Cashell S S
    Chichester, W B
    Childs, James O
    Childs, Wm
    Dorsey, Col G
    Duley, H B
    Farquhar, Chas
    Gritith, Thos
    Higgins, H O
    Holland, J C
    Hollowell, H C
    Hyatt, Geo W
    Jones, S W
    Kirk, Chas
    Mackall, R L
    Mackall, R M
    Mannakee, Reuben


    Brewer, Geo
    Brewer, Wm
    Cecil, Humphrey
    Cecil Wm
    Chiswell, Capt
    Chiswell, Edward
    Dade, John
    Dawson, F
    Fisher, Geo
    Fisher, Martin
    Gatt, Thos N
    Griffith, Howard
    Heisburger, Aaron
    Hempetone, H T
    Rempstone, T
    Hillard, Robert
    Hughes, Wm D
    Jones, John A
    Jones, John L T
    Jones, N
    Jones, Wm T
    Metzger, Chas
    Metzger, Chas.
    Metzger, Wm.
    Miles, Uriah
    Poole, Dickerson
    Poole, F S
    Poole, J. Sprigg
    Poole, Richard
    Poole, Thos. H.
    Poole, Wallace
    Poole, Wm
    Schaffer, Wm
    Sellman, Chas
    Talbott, Benson
    Thindle, James
    White, Benj
    White, Frank
    White, Joseph
    White, Richard
    White, Thos H
    Wnlard, Chss
    Willard, J
    Young, David
    Young, Henry
    Young, I.aac
    Young, W T


    Bean, C. M.
    Bowman, U
    Case, J. & R.
    Cashell, H.
    Cashell, J.
    Cashell, Thos Jr
    Griffith, David
    Householder, W. O.
    Magruder, H B
    Magruder, Zadoc
    Muncaster, E. M.
    Rabbitt, J
    Ricketts, J T
    Riggs, Mrs E H
    Thompson, J E


    Anderson, Col James
    Anderson, James W Jr
    Bedle Amos
    Belt, Edward C
    Bowie, Hon R I
    Bouic. Hon W V
    Brewer, John B
    Brooke, W. S.
    Carter, R. W.
    Claggett, Z. T.
    Cromack, J. C.
    Davis, Sam'l L.
    Dawson, H. A.
    Dawson, John L.
    Dove, Thos. R.
    Edmondson, C. O.
    Farquhar, Rodger B.
    Gaither, Wm. R.
    Graff, Geo. M.
    Haney, Joseph M.
    Higgins, James M.
    Higgins, Mrs. S. D.
    Horner, Frank B.
    Horner, John W.
    Hunter, Mrs
    Hunter, Wm
    Hurley, Henry
    Jones, Wm. Jr.
    Keys, Chandler
    Lyddane, S M
    Maddox, Dr Chas J.
    Nelson,C S
    Offutt, N D
    Orndorff, W O
    Pettyman, E B
    Ray, N K
    Ricketts, John H
    Ricketts, H E
    Rozier, F W
    Selby, Allen
    Shaw, Geo
    Shaw, James L
    Stonestreet, Dr E E
    Stonestreet, Sam'l T
    Stonestreet, T W
    Trail, Hezekiah
    Viers, E M
    Viers, W A
    Wagner, J N
    Watkins, Rudolph
    White, Geo
    Willson, John E
    Willson, Sam'l

    Sandy Spring

    Bready, John
    Brooke, Alban
    Brooke, Gao E
    Cashell, A Jackson
    Chandlee, Albert
    Farquhar, Wm H
    Hallowell, Henry C
    Kirk, Mahlon
    Lea, Edward
    Lea, Wm
    Miller, B H
    Miller Henry H
    Miller, Robt H
    Moore, Joseph T
    Moore, Wm W
    Palmer, B D
    Palmer, P
    Roberts, B H
    Scofield, Wm J
    Scott, Edmund
    Smith, John M
    Stabler, Arthur
    Stabler, Asa M
    Stabler, Chas
    Stabler, Fred'k
    Stabler, Granville
    Stabler, James P
    Stabler, Joseph
    Stabler, Phillip T
    Stabler, Robert M
    Stone, James H
    Thomas, Edward P
    Thomas, Francis
    Thomas Sam'l P
    Thomas, Wm J
    Wetheraid, Joseph


    Blair, Hon Montgomery
    Burch, H W
    Clark, O H P
    Dorsey, James L
    Dralne, A L
    Fenwick, James
    Lee, S P
    Thompson, Wm
    Wilson, John O
    Wilson, R T


    Brown, J H
    Brown, Joshua
    Brown, Robert
    Curtis, John
    Griffith, Frank
    Groomes, Franklin
    Hutton, C C
    Kinsey, John G
    Lanadale, H H
    Magruder, J F D
    Riggs, Elisha
    Townsend, James
    Watkins, O P


    Adams, Chas
    Anderson, Chas
    Batchelor, W A
    Boher, Julius
    Bowie, Allen
    Bowman Wm
    Breaton, W
    Brown, Thos
    Burgdorf, A
    Childs, Joseph
    Cropley, Wm
    Dodge, J P
    Dodge, Owen
    Eceleston, Matthew
    Federline, Frank
    Glasgoe, J B
    Hardy, Frank
    Hardy, John
    Haviland, James
    Hunter, Thos.
    Johnson, Henry
    Jones, C. P.
    Jones, John
    Laney, John
    Linkens, Henry
    Matthews, Wesley
    Muss, Peter
    Noland, Thos.
    Perry, Humphrey
    Price, James
    Price, Wm.
    Ray, Richard
    Riley, Thos.
    Stanton, Fred
    Stubbs, J. B.
    Trucks, J.
    Wallace, Murray
    Weller, M.
    Weller, Wm.
    Windham, A. J.

  • Prince George's County

    PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, having an area of 500 square miles, is the northern county of one of the peninsulas on the western shore of the Chesapeake. It is bounded by the Patuxent River on the east, Potomac River on the west, Montgomery and Howard Counties on the north, and Charles County on the south. It surrounds the eastern and north-eastern portions of the District of Columbia. No county in the State offers greater inducements to settlers. The Baltimore & Ohio and Baltimore & Potomac Railroads both pass directly through the county, and the main stem of the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad runs south through the fertile regions of the county, and the Southern Maryland & Point Lookout Railroad from Washington direct to tide water, also passes across this county, thus giving every acre of land easy and near access to the markets of Baltimore, Washington and Alexandria. The soil is mostly light loam, (mixture of sand and clay,) some localities running into clay and others into sand, and peculiarly adapted to the cultivation of all kinds of marketing, fruits, grapes and dairy purposes. Owing to its locality, vegetation is about two weeks eariler than the locality of Baltimore, a large portion of the county being high and rolllng and above tide water. Swamps exempt it from malarial objection. It abounds in springs of delightful water. The principal products are tobacco, corn and wheat. This county in the past has heen celebrated for its wealth and tone of society, having furnished the State with six of its Governors, viz.: Ogle, two Bowies, Kent, Spring and Pratt. Owing to the abolition of slavery, lands have deteriorated very much in value, about 50 per cent of antebellum prices, and can be purchased at from $15 to $50 per acre, from half an hour to two hours of the three markets above named.

    Judges Seventh Judicial Circuit-Hon. George Brent, Chief Judge; Hons. D. H. Magruder and Robert Ford, Associate Judges. Clerk to Court-Henry Brooke. Clerks-A. T. Brooke, James H. Ritchie, and J. H. S. Sasacer. Crier-James Owens. Sheriff--J. N. W. Wilson. States Attorney -- Wm. I. Hill. Warden of Jail--James Owens. Physician to Jail--~Dr. R. J. Scott, Judges of Orphan Court-James B. Belt, Chief Judge; Charles Claggett and James Mullikin. Register of Wills-Wm. R. Smallwood. Surveyor-Geo W. Jackson. County Commissioners-B. F. Duvall, Alvin Bond, Thomas Lusby, B. F. Guy, and R. H. Beall. Attorney to Commissioners-F. Snowden Hill. County Treasurer-Wm. A. Jarboe. Constables-Edward D. Boteler, Wm. H. Grimes, Jr., J. P. Duvall, J. T. Johnson, M. Garner, Geo. Hyde, John T. Hatton, Ri~hard 0. Scott, L. L. Ortne,F. A. Crandall, J T. B. Suit, W. D. Barry, and Wm. H. Grimes. Justices of the Peace--D. T. Sheriff, Z. R. Morgan, L. 0. Robey, J. A. Crandall, Joseph L. Henry, Fillmore Beall, M. J. Maldenback, Richard Peach, James Harris, Geo. W. Hopkins, Jan W. Richards, C. Wickliffe Claggett, Geo. B. Dixon, Joseph M. Parker, Joseph B. Bourn, Thomas H. Osbourn of T., B. J. Gwynn, James H. Ritchie, A. H. Beavin, Daniel Barron, John A. Cox, George E. Orme, Pirkney A. Scaggs, Wm. Stanley, Z. Shaw, F. Tolson, Thos. J. Frazer, J. B. Perrie, J. A. Gregory, James P. Kerby, R. W. Brooke, J. C. Thompson and R H. McKee. Congressman Fifth District--Hon. Eli J. Henkle. State Senator-Hon. Wm. B. Hill. Members of House of Delegates-Hon. Geo. C. Merrick, J. Alfred Osbonra, and F.M. Hall. Terms of Circuit Court, which are held in the Court House at Upper Mariboro, the county seat: Law Terms-1st Mondays in April and October. Chancery Terms-3d Mondays in January and June. Population of County-White, 12,380; colored, 9,780. Registered Vote-5,000. Assesssd Value of Personal, Real, Stocks and Railroad Property--$9,073,363. State and County Tax--$1.06 on $100.


    Is a short distance from College Lawn on the Washington Branch of the B. & O. R. R. College Lawn adjoins the Maryland Agricultural College, which is in a prosperous condition. Lands are low, but must become valuable, owing to the healthy and desirable location. Population 50. E. S. Calvert, Postmaster.

    Engle, D.
    Williams, W.
    Carriage Builder.
    Mayo, Preston
    General Merchandise
    Calvert, Geo H Jr
    Brown, R H
    Jackson, Geo W


    Is on the Washington Branch of the B. & O. B. R 28 miles frorn Baltimore. Place healthy; land good, principally cleared, is valued at $10 to $75 per acre, and yields 15 bus. wheat, 80 corn, 800 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. M. E. and P. E. Churches. Public and private schools. Population 50. John Simms, Postmaster.

    Attorneys at Law.
    Beall, Fillmore
    Hume, Geo. C
    Donaldson, Geo
    Ulle, John A
    Hopkins, Elias.
    Wilcoxon, Geo.
    Wissman, L O.
    General Merchandise.
    Brown, Andrew
    Simms, John
    Ammen, Gen'l Jacob
    Cook, S. J.
    Fox, C. A.


    Is on the Washington Branch of the B. & O R. R, 34 miles from Baltimore. Land variable, plenty cleared, ranges in price from $10 to $200 per acre, and produces an average crop of wheat, corn, tobacco and hay. P. E., M. E, M.E. South, two M. E., (colored,) and Baptist, (colored,) Churches. An acdemy; two public schools, one colored. Population 350, J. Wm. Wallis, Postmaster.

    Attorney at Law.
    Stephen, N C
    Blacksmiths. and Wheelwrights.
    Fitton, Nelson & Co
    Heller, Henry
    Koch, Ernst & Son
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Gasch, Francis
    Harvey, Chas
    Scott, Ed ward A
    Scoville, James
    Swain, Wm. H
    General Merchandise.
    Barron, N W
    Bauman, August
    Koch, Henry
    Wallis, Mrs Mary
    Stephen, N C
    Wallis, H. & Son
    Kelling, Roger
    Oliver, A Edward
    Woods, Mrs Ellen
    Cariton, Henry L
    Dodd, Jas H
    Bridwell, Geo L
    Day, John H & Son
    Anderson, Thos
    Lewis, Chas O
    Wells, Chas A
    Hartley, Geo & Son
    Briscoe, Wm H
    Constantine, John H
    Melling, Geo
    Hodgson, John


    Is on the B. & P.R. B. Soil, sandy; land nearly all cleared, is worth from $5 to $20 per acre, and yields 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 50 to 75 corn, 800 lbs. tobacco, and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 75. Renry Hadlow, Postmaster.

    Attorney at Law
    Belt, Rufus
    Hutchins, F W
    Wood, Geo
    General Merchandise
    Porter, Lemuel
    Straining, John
    Seitz, John G
    Hicks, John W
    Duvall, Wm W
    Lues, Bernard


    Is on the Metropolitan Branch of the B. & O. R. R., 30 miles from Baltimore. Land good, mostly cleared, is valued at $50 per acre, and yields 30 bus. wheat, 80 corn, 1,500 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. Hadaway Chapel, a seminary and one public school Population 50. Pinkney A. Scaggs, Postmaster.

    Taylor, James B
    Daily, Joseph
    General Merchandise
    Scaggs, Pinkney A
    Miller, Brown
    Routzahn, Foster L.


    Is 3 miles from Wilson on the B. & P. R. R. Soil, heavy; land, two-thirds cleared, can be bought at from $10 to $60 per acre, and yields 20 bus. wheat, 40 oats 100 potatoes, 35 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. Churches and schools in the vicinity. Population 50. R. I. Magruder, Postmaster.

    Moulder, Wm.
    Minkler, Richard
    General Merchandise
    Magruder, R. H.
    Fairfax, John


    Is on the B. & P. R. R. 9 miles from Nottingham, a shipping point on the Patuxent River. The House of Reformation and Instruction for colored children, comprising four commodious brick buildings, is located here on a farm of 800 acres donated by Enoch Pratt, Esq., of Baltimore. Population 100. Gen. John W. Horn, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Talbott, W. C.
    Townshend, Sam'l G.
    Eversfield, John T.


    Is on the B. & P. R. R., 30 miles from Baltimore. Place healthy; land a light loam, can be bought at from $10 to $60 per acre, and readily produces 15 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 100 potatoes, 35 corn, 1000 lbs. Tobacco, and 1 ton hay. Churches and schools convenient. Population 50. Richard Hardesty, Postmaster.

    Fladin, Chas.
    General Merchandise
    Hardesty, J. T. & R.
    Justice of the Peace
    Stanley, Wm.
    Clark, Chas.
    Mullikin, Jas. McE.


    Is on the B & O. R. R. 24 miles from Baltimore. Land half cleared, can be purchased at from $5 to $60 per acre, and produces 10 bus. wheat, 20 oats, 100 potatoes, 25 corn, 600 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. Population 20. C.S. Contee, Postmaster.

    Kelser, V
    General Merchandise
    Contee, Chas S
    Wheeler, T R
    Iron Ore Miner
    Latchford, John D.
    Damell, J. T.


    Is on the B. & P.R. R Land can be bought for $20 per acre, and produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 40 to 50 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco, and 2 tons hay. Population 15. W. W. Duley, Postmaster.


    Is on the Potomac River at the mouth of Piscataway Creek, and 6 miles from Brandywine on the B. & P. R.R. Land surrounding is underlaid with marl; sells at from $10 to $40 per acre, and produces good crops of wheat, corn, tobacco and potatoes. Population 20. H. M. Wills, Postmaster.


    Is on the B. & P.R R., 27 1/2 miles from Baltimore, situated on a ridge between the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers. Health, business and crops good; water excellent. Mr. H. B. Da Val, the founder of the village, will give building lots to any one who will improve the same. Land, sandy barn, one half in wood and timber, can be purchased at from $10 to $50 per acre, and produces 10 bus. wheat, 20 oats, 30 corn, 10 rye, 100 potatoes, 1,000 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. P. H., two M. H. and Roman Catholic churches. One public school. Population 50. H. B. Dn Val, Postmaster; A. Jones, Assistant Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Jones, A
    Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights
    Keiser, V
    Uhl, Lewis
    General Merchandise
    Jones, A.
    Brown, J W


    Is 5 1/2 miles from Brandywine. Land, principally cleared, can be bought at from $5 to $15 per acre, and yields 5 to 15 bus. wheat, 10 to 50 corn, and 1,200 lbs. tobacco. M. H. and M. P. Churches. Public schools near. Horse Head Grange 82, P. of H, J. B. Perrie, Master; James W. Richards, Secretary. Pop'slation 100. F. A. Ward, Postmaster.

    Hazzard, Wm M
    Tippltt,. Wm T
    Bricklayers and Plasterers
    Cage, L P
    Watson, B J
    Watson, Oswell
    Adams, L. B.
    Cranage, John
    Hyde, Dr. B.
    Watson, Thos. J.
    General Merchandise.
    Eaden, R E & Co
    Hyde, Geo
    Naylor, James J
    Sunderland, R H
    Sunderland, R H C
    Ward, F A & Co
    Justices of the Peace
    Orme, G E
    Richards, James W
    Gates, W A
    Greer, F M
    Latimer, M R


    Is on the Washington Branch of the B. & O R. R., 22 miles from Baltimore; pleasantly situated near the Big Patuxent River, and in the midst of a highly cultivated and fertile agricultural section; land, clay loams, commands from $10 to $50 per acre, and produces 5 to 20 bus. wheat, 50 to 200 potatoes, 20 to 40 corn, and 2 tons bay. The timber yet remaining comprises oaks, hick- ory, chestnut, gum, beech and maple. Alnwick Seminary, one public school. Population 1,500. James Curley, Postmaster.

    CHURCHES AND PASTORS-M. E. South, Rev. L. C. Miller; M. E., Rev. Dr. S. R. Newman; Presbyterian, Rev. James Nicholls; P. E., Rev. John Rose; Roman Catholic, Rev. Father Hoffman.

    BENEVOLENT SOCITIES-A. F. & A. M.-Laurel Wreath 149. I. O. O. F. -Patuxent 45 and Escaville Encampment 18. K. of P-Laurel 79.

    TOWN COMMISSIONERS-Edward J. Phelps, Charles W. Baldwin, Chas. F. Shaffer, Henry Mc Ewing and Joseph A. Miles. Bailiff--James Brown.

    Agent - R. R.
    Waters, Geo W
    Attorneys at Law.
    Hines, Thomas R
    Stanley, Chas H
    Miles, John A
    Milstead, Wm Jr
    Books and Stationery.
    Reed, Wm H
    McEwing, Henry
    Shorts, Geo
    Fleister, John & Sons
    Carpenters and Undertakers.
    Ellis, L A
    Shaffer, C F
    Thies, H W
    Campbell, Richard
    Cotton Manufacturers.
    Laurel Mills Co
    Sadler, R H
    Founders and Machinists.
    Fairall, T L
    Treuman & Diven
    Fruit Packer.
    Rowland, J R
    General Merchandise & Grocers
    Boss, A
    Brashears, John
    Brashears, Thos
    Donaldson, Homer
    Hasiup, John
    Luber, Eugene
    Pheips & Shaffer
    Steiger & Fairall
    Sutchif, Wm
    Treuman, Marx
    Warfie1d, W H
    Wheeler, Geo
    Whitworth, R H
    Hunter, David
    Justice of the Peace.
    Crandall, James A
    Livery Stables.
    Milstead, Wm
    Lumber and Coal
    Shaffer, C F
    Bond, A M
    Wheeler, George
    Millinery and Dressmaking
    Kelley, Susan
    Mustead, Sarah
    Pulson, Mrs Mary J
    Cronmiller, John
    Gray, Sam'l
    Newman, Sam'l
    Newman, Sam'1 R
    Browning, John W
    Whitehead, Thos B
    Whitesides, John W
    Crandall, James A
    Curley, James
    Collier, Ralph
    Lobenthal, Levi
    Wines and Liquors,
    Brashears, Wm


    Is a half mile from Mullikin. Land good, principally cleared, can be bought at from $20 to $60 per acre, and produces 20 bus. wheat, 30 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 corn, 1,000 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. Churches and schools adjacent. Population 75. S. G. Chany, Postmaster.

    Attorney at Law.
    Brooks, John B
    Arnold, Caleb
    Bayless, G W
    Wood, James M
    Carrick, Joseph
    Thomas, John
    General Merchandise.
    Beavin, Albert H
    Clarke, J T
    Dove, Wilson
    Duvall, R C
    Mitchell, Geo A
    Pendle, D W
    Wood, Lewis R
    Justice of the Peace.
    Peach, Richard
    Beard, S
    Peach, John


    Is on the Washington Branch of the B. & O. R. R. Land medium, is valued at $25 per acre, and yields 10 bus. wheat, 25 corn, and 2 tons hay. Baptist Church. One public school. Population 50. C. E. Coffin, Postmaster.

    Donaldson, Geo
    Iron Manufacturers
    Offord, B
    Phelps, James
    General Merchandise
    Muirkirk Iron Co.
    Iron Manufacturers
    Muirkirk Iron Co.
    Childs, W. W.


    Is 4 1/2 miles from Brandywine. Land fertile, mostiy cleared, is valued at from $10 to $40 per acre, and produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 25 to 60 corn and 1,500 lbs. tobacco. Churches and schools adjacent. Population 75. H. H. Sasscer, Postmaster.

    Frye, Sam'l
    Kerby, J P
    Mackall, James
    Scott, Albert
    Scott, Patrick
    General Merchandise.
    Sasscer & Gibbons
    Perrie, R B


    Is on the Patuxent River and 7 miles from Croome on the B. & P. R. R. Land, light loam, mostly cleared, can be purchased at from $10 to $30 per acre, and readily produces 10 to 20 bus. wheat, 35 to 50 corn, 800 to 1,200 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. Game abounds plentifully in season. St. Thomas and Nottingham Chnrches. Public schools in the vicinity. Population 150. John Gourly, Postmaster.

    Frye, Sam'l
    Kerby, J P
    Knott, John
    Ryan, W S
    Scott, Patrick
    Fowler & Hunt
    Rawly, F
    General Merchandise.
    Gourly, John
    Plater, Edward
    Nottingham, John Maccubbin
    Maccubbin, John M S
    Skinner, J H
    Waring, W W
    Sonewell, Alex


    Is 2 miles from a station of that name on the B. & P.R. R. Land, light loam, varies in price from $25 to $60 per acre, and yields 15 bus. wheat, 40 oats, 100 potatoes, 40 corn, 1,200 lbs. tobacco, end 1 ton hay. Churches and schools convenient Population 50. John Belt, Postmaster.

    General Merchandise
    Coale, John
    Simms, A
    Bird, Benj. L.
    Harding, Adam


    Is 5 miles from Anacosta, D. C. Land good, plenty cleared, can be purchased at $50 per acre, and yields 30 to 40 bus. wheat, 50 to 60 corn, 1,500 lbs. tobacco, and 2 tons hay. Churches and schools near. Population 75. Kate Grimes, Postmistress.

    Adams, Simon S
    Gregory, James A
    Pumphrey, Thos B
    General Merchandise.
    Gregory, James A
    Grimes, James T
    Grimes, Richard F
    Baker, B Z W
    Hinkell, Peter H
    Kerby, John B


    Is 6 miles from Brandywine. Land fair, can be bought at from $10 to $20 per acre, and yields 10 to 15 bus. wheat, 40 corn and 800 lbs tobacco. Roman Catholic Church. One pnblic school. Population 40. Louisa B. Miller, Postmistress.

    Boar, W
    General Merchandise
    Miller, C F
    Parker, Joseph M
    Palmer, W
    Dixon, J A
    Hurtt, E D
    Ward, H C


    Is 1 mile from Linden. Land medium, is valued at $20 per acre, and produces 10 bus. wheat, 25 corn, 800 lbs. tobacco, and 1 ton hay. Roman Catholic Church. Two public schools; one colored. Population 65. W. F. Beall, Postmaster.

    Goldsmith, Uriah
    Mortimer, C W
    Crawford, G J
    Janes, Levi
    General Merchandise
    Beall, W. F.
    Smallwood, W. R.
    Thomas, W. H.
    Marshall, Wm.
    Eversfield, J. T.


    Is on the B. & P.R. R. Soil heavy; land can be bought at from $5 to $20 per acre, and yields 10 bus. wheat, 15 oats, 60 potatoes, 15 Corn, 600 lbs. tobacco and 1 ton hay. Churches and schools adjacent. Population 40. Wm. Anderson, Postmaster.

    Bennix, B
    Freeman, John
    Clark, John
    King, Henry
    General Merchandise
    Frunt, Miss


    Is 8 miles from Uniontown. Location healthy; land fertile, principally cleared, is valued at $50 per acre, and produces 6 bus. wheat, 20 corn, 800 lbs tobacco, and 1 ton hay. St. John's Church. Public schools. Population 75. M. B. Havenner, Postmaster.

    Havenner, Benedict
    Grimes, Richard
    Havenner, Wm
    Giddings, Sam'l
    Fruit Growers
    Bryan, J. B.
    Grimes, Richard
    Pyles, John V.
    Suit, S. T.
    General Merchandise.
    Grimes, Peter G
    Tolson, Henry
    Temple, Edward
    Greer, Mrs M V


    Is on the B. & P.R. R. Land, clay loam, well timbered, can be bought at from, $10 to $25 per acre, and produces 10 bus. wheat, 15 oats, 60 potatoes, 20 corn, 600 lbs. tobacco and 1 ton hay. M. E. Church, public schools near. Population 50. James T. Perkins, Postmaster.

    Hood, Geo
    Turner, John H
    Wood, Geo.
    Duvall, W. W.

    T. B.

    Is 2 miles from Brandywine. Land, not much cleared, is worth $10 per acre, and produces 10 bus. wheat, 20 corn, 500 lbs. tobacco, and 2 tons hay. Churches, schools, and a lodge of Good Templars. Population 50. J. B Huntt, Postmaster

    Luckett, M L
    Thompson, F E
    General Merchandise
    Huntt, J E
    Ward, R A
    Townshend, Sam'l
    Latimer, Joseph T.
    Gibbons, Wm A
    Ward, Wm M & Bro


    The county seat, is on the Pope's Creek Branch of the B. & P.R. R., 40 miles from Baltimore and 2 from Hill's Landing, the head of navigation on the Patuxent River, at which point the Weems' line of steamers arrive twice a week. It is situated in the centre of the largest tobacco growing section of the county, and is surrounded by some of the most fertile and productive lands in the State. Land varies in value from $5 to $40 per acre, according to location and improvements, and yields 10 to 15 bus. wheat, 50 corn, 3,000 lbs. tobacco, and 2 tons hay. M. E. Church, Rev. W. Heney Miller; M. E., (colored,) Rev. O. Carroll; P. E., (Trinity,) Rev. Henry J. Kershaw; Roman Catholic, (St. Mary's,) Rev. Father Homan. An academy and several public schools. It has two newspapers, one of which was the pioneer newspaper of Southern Maryland. Population 600. E. J. K. Scott, Postmaster.

    Agent-R. R.
    Carson, F D
    Attorneys at Law.
    Brandt, Richard E
    Brooke, J B Jr
    Chew, Richard B B
    Hance, Sam'1 B
    Hill, F Snowden
    Hill, Wm J
    Magruder, C C
    Magruder, C C Jr
    Marbury, Fendall
    Medley, J Warren
    Roberts, Joseph K Jr
    Jones, John J
    Smith, Wm
    Carpenter and Undertaker
    Crandall, James H
    Harper, Wm H
    General Merchandise
    Belt, Williams & Co
    Bunnell, Geo H
    Coale, John R
    Marshall, Mrs E
    Martin & Elder
    Smallwood, B T
    Thomas, R E
    Wilson, Geo W
    Trayband, John H
    Hotels and Saloons
    Belt, Mrs Eleanor D
    Crouse, M H
    Farr, John B
    Gardner, John B
    Knapp, Louis
    Gates, Wm A
    Scott, R J
    Sears, J E
    Wood, E W
    Gill, Chas H
    Owings, James


    Is 3 miles from Mullikin. Land fertile, principally cleared, ranges in price from $20 to $75 per acre, and vields 10 to 40 bus. wheat, 20 to 45 corn, 1,000 lbs tobacco, and 1 ton hay. Churches and schools in the vicinity. Population 20. L. R. Wood, Postmaster.

    Attorney at Law.
    Brooks, John B
    Wood, James M
    General Merchandise.
    Hill, Clem
    Wood, Louis R


    Agricultural College

    Calvert, C. B.
    Campbell, D. G.
    Clark, Wm.
    Engle, H.
    Parker, W. H.
    Shipley, C. J.


    Ammen, Amiel
    Ammen, Gen'l Jacob
    Beall, Geo. W.
    Beall, John of John
    Beall, Thos B.
    Bell, John W.
    Boteler, B. F.
    Brown, Wm. A.
    Cassard, J. D.
    Conly, T. Y.
    Cook, Dr. S. J.
    Donaldson, Geo.
    Duvall, Geo. W.
    Emack, E. G.
    Forbes, M. L.
    French, James
    Hall, John G.
    Harrison, John K.
    Hool, H. M.
    Hume, Geo. C.
    Jones, W. T.
    Keirnan, James
    Keirnan, Patrick
    Kiler, John
    Larcombe, John H.
    Laypoldt, August
    Magruder, Fielder
    McKnew, Wm
    McLeed, Gee
    Mulloy, Sam'l
    Pannell, Arthur
    Parker, Alva
    Parker, Geo T
    Sanders, Solomon
    Seible Geo
    Shea, Wm
    Simms, John
    Smith, Michael
    Tschiffely, F S
    Vail, D.
    Wissman, L O


    Adams, Henry
    Broadfoot, Geo
    Bronstein, J A J
    Brotherton, J A J
    Browning, P. W.
    Carlton, Henry L
    Cox, C R
    Darnall, N C
    Ferrall, James H
    Heider, Wm
    Johnson, Wm F
    Jones, John E
    Knight, Octavius
    Landon, James
    Lowndes, B O.
    Magrnder, Lewis
    McLain, Chas
    Scott, Henry T
    Sewell, Lewis H
    Shaw, Zachariak
    Sheriff, D T
    Stafford, Sam'l B
    Stephen, B D
    Wells, Chas A


    Bassford, Alvertus
    Bealmear, Claudius
    Beckett, Benj H
    Belt, Ruios
    Biggs, Benj H
    Brown, John R
    Carrick, C M
    Carrick, J M
    Chaney, S
    Clarke, Geo W
    Clarke, John A
    Clarke, Joshua T
    Culver, Wm
    Duvall, Wm W
    Echo, E
    Gaither, John
    Hance, Jesse
    Harman, Darius
    Isaac, Grafton H
    Jacobs,C a
    Johnson, Dr
    Johnson, Frank
    Johnson, S W
    Jones, Luther D
    Knowles, J E
    Knowles, J N
    Newman, F W
    Newman, Francis A
    Nicholson, Thos
    Page, Geo. W
    Prout, John
    Randall, John
    Randall, Thos
    Redmiles, Lemuel
    Sanford, James
    Stewart. James
    Wood, Geo


    Benly, John P
    Boteler, B D
    Bradley, John
    Carrington, Gen E C
    Carson, Daniel
    Fowler, Alonzo
    French, James
    Hall, Benj
    Hart, Frank
    Hughes, Fred
    Johnson, Alex
    Joiner,. Francis
    Keafauver, H C
    Kernan, Robert
    Lester, W W
    Mangum, G
    O'Conner, John
    Read, Gov Amos
    Riddle, A P
    Roby, Marcellus
    Roby, W S
    Routzahn, John
    Scaggs, Geo L
    Shanabrook, Francis
    Smith, James B
    Stuart, B M
    Turner, John P
    Walker, Geo
    Whitehead, Allen


    Berry, Dr Geo
    Berry, Z
    Duckett, Jeremiah
    Fairfax, Dr John
    Magruder, B
    Nalley, Joseph L
    Nash, Mrs Cornelius
    Roberts, Joseph K
    Roberts, T Owen
    Wilson, Wm


    Bowie, Mrs Cornelia
    Bowie, Ex-Gov Oden
    Bowie, Richard W W
    Bowie, Robert
    Brown, Chas
    Cox, Thomas
    Crawford, Saml C
    Crawford, Tilghman
    Duvall, Tobias
    Hardesty, Benj.
    Henry, Benj.
    Henry, Edward
    Henry, Thos
    Howell, Wra F
    Johnson, John H
    Jones, Henry
    Linthicum, Wm A
    Lyles, Seaton
    Putter, Edward
    Simon, Geo
    Tippitt, Daniel

    Contee's Station

    Alsop, B. H.
    Contee, Chas. S.
    Jardine, A.
    Lowene, Geo. E.
    Snowden, Mrs. John
    Snowden, Wm.
    Trainor, Joseph
    Van Dusen, Calvin

    Croome Station

    Berry, A. M.
    Burgest, C.
    Burroughs, J. W.
    Chesley, D. S.
    Chew, T J.
    Codla, P. G.
    Coffron, T.
    Duley, N. E.
    Duley, W. W.
    Duvall, F.
    Duvall, J. W.
    Green, J. W.
    Hook, S. P.
    Lowe, Wm.
    Mooney, J. K.
    Osbourn, J. A.
    Sweeney, E.
    Thompson, J. L.
    Wilson, F.

    Ft. Washington

    Adams, Austin L.
    Adams, Thos.
    Cole, Jackson
    Edlen, Dr. R. P.
    Fisher, Mrs.
    Harman, Jacob
    Hattan, Joseph
    Hattan, Peter D.
    Kirby, Joseph
    Rennous, Edward
    Story,Geo D
    Taylor, Wm
    Weechier, Adam
    Wills, B F

    Glenn Dale

    Addison, Chase G
    Beckett, C
    Belt, Rufus
    Billopps, T. J.
    Duckett, Benj
    Duckett, M.
    Duckett, Dr Thos S
    DuVal, E B
    Duvall, Fielder
    Duvall, Geo. W. of G
    Duvall, Geo W of D
    Hall, Alex
    Hall, John G
    Harvey, Wm
    Middleton, Wm
    Nalley, P T
    Nalley, John
    Nixon, W A
    Perkins, Turner
    Roberts, E J
    Roberts, J G.
    Ryan, Thos
    Turner, John
    Vermillion, A
    Vermillion, W G
    Welch, James
    Wells, Robert

    Horse Head

    Adams, L B
    Baden, G A
    Baden, John H
    Bean, J A
    Bowling, Alex
    Cage, L P
    Cannick, E B F
    Cannick, Robert
    Cannick, Jas A
    Carroll, GW
    Cook, J T
    Dale, John
    Dale, Geo A
    Davis, Joseph
    Davis, Wm T
    Downing, John T.
    Fowler, Joseph S.
    Gibbons, Jas. H.
    Gillen, A D
    Jenkins, D A
    Naylor, J B
    Naylor, J S
    Naylor, James of Isaac
    Naylor, James of Wm
    Naylor, R F & R C
    Nayler, T K
    Naylor, T M
    Orme, L L
    Pfeiffer, H H
    Perrie, R W
    Perrie, W B
    Rawlings, James H
    Rawlings, Thos B
    Sasscer, J T
    Seger,T E
    Selby, J S
    Skinner, Fred'k
    Summers, T K
    Tenison, J E
    Townshend, John G
    Truman, Franklin
    Turner, Jas H
    Ward, F A
    Waring, J M
    Watson, B J
    Watson, B J
    Watson, G C
    Watson, James H
    Watson, Oswell
    Watson, Wm J
    Watson, Wm T
    Watson, Wm W
    Williams, G F
    Wilson, J Burns
    Wright, James H
    Young, J A
    Young, J T


    Atcheson, Wm
    Bentley, L A
    Bond, A M
    Bond, T D
    Brashears, B D
    Campbell, Chas
    Carr, N
    Carrick, Chas
    Coon & Harrison
    Curtis, L A
    Darby, Edwin
    Darby, Joseph
    Fleister, John & Sons
    Fletcher, Sam'l
    Fulton, A
    Gorman, Hon. A. P.
    Harding, Sam'l
    Holland, J. R. & Bros.
    Jackson, John
    Kelley, Wm.
    Lloyd, G
    Marriot, T R
    Marshall, Henry
    Nicholls, James
    Ober, G
    Owens, Sam'l
    Phelps, Wm
    Reed, W H
    Robey, Barton
    Robey, Wm
    Scaggs, Chas
    Scaggs, Geo.
    Scaggs, Isaac
    Scaggs, Robert
    Simms, A
    Simpson, T D
    Snowden, Wm
    Talbott, John A
    Talbott, Wilson
    Turton & Berry
    Wade, John
    Warfield, S W
    Warfield, Wm D
    Weston, A
    Willard, S A


    Arnold, Edward
    Bell, Theodore
    Belt, B Lee
    Bowie, Wm D
    Brooke, John B
    Brooke, T B
    Byon, Walter
    Clarke, Allen
    Duckett, Francis B
    Duckett, S W
    Duvall, Hobart
    Duvall, Tobias
    Earnshaw, John
    Earnshaw, W B
    Hall, Frank
    Harwood, Richard A
    Hill, Chas
    Hill, Chas, Jr.
    Hopkins, John P
    Hyatt, C C
    Mitchell, Geo
    Mitchell, James
    Mulikin, B D
    Mulikin, James
    Mullikin, John
    Owens, Edward
    Peach, Dr John
    Poach, Richard
    Phipps, Lewis
    Phippi, Thos
    Plummer, Wm W
    Pumphrey, James
    Ryan, Walter
    Walker, G. S.
    Walker, J T
    Walker Joseph
    Word, Isaac
    Wootton, Col Richard


    Coffin, C E
    Duval1 M
    Hopkins, Geo
    Hopkins, Sam'l
    Latchford, J D
    Lewis, Joseph
    Lewis, L
    Marlow, Richard
    McCoy, J S
    Meade, C C
    Miller, Chas
    Mitchell, Frank
    Mitchell, Geo
    Mitchell, Geo Jr
    Mitchell, Thomas
    Murphy, W T
    Odiorne, W C
    Snowden, Isaac

    North Keys

    Barry, J B
    Berry, R B
    Bowie, Thos F
    Bowie, Worthington W
    Briscoe, F
    Burch, Wm L
    Cooksey, F M
    Cooksey,W H
    Cross, Geo
    Cross, R H
    Cross, Robert
    Devaughn, James
    DeVaughn, John
    DeVaughn, Joseph
    Duvall, Wm E
    Garner, Francis
    Garner, John L
    Holliday, Clement W
    Hyde, James R
    Patterson, Sam'l
    Rawlings, H T
    Rawlings, J T
    Rawilugs, John B
    Richards, Joseph
    Richards, P W
    Richards, Philip
    Ryan, J W
    Sasscer, H H
    Sasscer, J T
    Sasscer, J W
    Sasscer, R W
    Sasscer, T B
    Turton, B F
    Turton, W M
    Wallis, W T
    Wood, Moses
    Wood, N D


    Beall, B H
    Bowie, T T T
    Duvall, Wm B
    Grimes, H W
    Grimes, John B
    Ryan, J W
    Skinner, Dr J H
    Turton, Dr
    Waring, Dr W W

    Oak Grove

    Bell, Washington
    Belt, B Lee
    Belt, John W
    Berry, Jeremiah