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New River Notes — Complete

January 21, 2014

After about two years of work we have completed a major upgrade to New River Notes. On January 21, 2014 we switched in the last of the updated files and final page revisions.

In January 2013 we introduced the new site layout but because there were many pages left to do there was a big red Under Construction on the front page. A year later we've finished all of the pages that were on the original site. Construction is complete. We have a great looking site full of material to help you in your research and possibly entertain you.

New River Notes

January 6, 2013

New River Notes, a leading genealogy resource for the New River Valley of North Carolina and Virginia, launched its new look website today.

new river valley mapNew River Notes was originally launched in 1998 by Jeffrey C. Weaver providing New River Valley researchers with a new wealth of information and that tradition is continued today by the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation, Inc.

Welcome and we hope you enjoy our new look.

Thomson's Mercantile and Professional Directory

Maryland 1851—1852

  • Alleghany (sic) County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Arndt Jacob, Grantsville.
    Bruce, Norm and R. Co., Cumberland.
    Bruswanger J. & Co., do.
    Betts R., do.
    Brown & Gardner, do.
    Brogmire Josh, do.
    Ball, J. T. & Co. do.
    Be rgman Philip, do.
    Bail & Foque, do.
    Blocker George M., do.
    Brant Danie., Oakland.
    Boyer, Jacob, Occident.
    Baker Peter, Grantsville.
    Bruce Geo. R., Little Crossing.
    Benton Levin, Little Orleans.
    Crawford & Malory, Cumberland.
    Coulton Jno.. & Thos., do.
    Clarke Martin, Mt. Savage.
    Coombe John S., Lonaconing.
    Curtis Thos. B., Glade Valley.
    Davis Thomas D., Cumberland.
    Davidson M. O., Eckhart's Mine:
    Dinely Edward, Grantsville.
    Eden Phanor M., Frostburg.
    Evans George S.; do.
    Flurshultz John M., Cumberland:
    Flurshultz & Stevenson, do.
    Fraey Manus, do.
    Friend Elijah, Ranging Ground.
    Faimll Richard, Occident.
    Fear William & Son, Selbysport.
    Fitzpatrick James, Old-town
    Gramlick Francis M., Cumberland.
    Garey Peter, do.
    Hoblitzell, William, do.
    Holme John M., do.
    Holland Alexander, do.
    Hoblitzell James H., Frostburg.,
    Hammill Patrick, Lonaconing:
    Harrison Jonathan, Westernport.
    Hammitt Patrick, do.
    Kearne Ellen, Cumberland
    Keller & Hammitt , Frostburg.
    Klink, Ferdinand, Westernport.
    Lowndes & Kramer, Cumberland.
    Lowndes & Clary, Frostburg.
    Lofters John, Mount Savage.
    McNamee Amer S., Cumberland.
    McNeill Alexander, do.
    McNeill Thomas, do.
    McCulloch George, Frostburg.
    Miller Henry, Westernport.
    Myers Leonard, Tomlinson.
    Newton Alfred, Keyser's Bridge:
    Owings J. B., Cumberland.
    Offutt James W., do.
    Piper John, Jr., Flintstone.
    Quigg, James, Mount Savage.
    Russell John E., Cumberland.
    Sicer A. G. & Co., do.
    Slicer Carlton & Co., do.
    Stein Mayer, Cumberland:
    Shane John, do.
    Shane John, Mount Savage
    Shaw Wm. & Son, Lonaconing. .
    Shiver Peter, Grantsville, : .
    Sanders-L. & H., Ryon's Glades.
    Tuthill T: M., Cumberland:
    Thistle George P., do.
    Thayer -John M., Deep Creek.
    Thayer Ralph, Selbysport.;
    Ways Geo. E. & Coo, Cumberland..
    Wright James P., do.
    Watts G. S. & Co., do.
    Weiser Michael, , do.,


    Brook John R., Cumberland.
    Beall & Watts, do.
    Clabaugh E. A: & Co., do.
    Clabaugh Geo. W., do,
    Mattingly Baptiste, do,
    Nell J. Sands, do.
    Richardson J. L. & Bro., do.
    Read Robt. & Bro., do.`,

    Forwarding and Commission

    Annan James R., Cumberland
    Agnew John P. & Co., do.
    Calhoun & Harrison, do
    Edgerton & Bocker, do
    McKaig & Magune, 'do
    Shriver & Co. do.

    Auction and Commission

    Eden Phanon M., Cumberland.
    Kline D. H., do
    McLane George W., . do


    Dencannon George W., Cumberland.
    McNell J. W.,.do.
    Treiler Michael, do


    Bush, Saylor & Co., Cumberland
    Thomas. L. & Co., .do


    Campbell J. B. H., Cumberland.
    Johnson R. D. & Bros:; do.

    Books and Stationery

    Doud & Middlekauf, Cumberland
    White C. W., do.


    Beall John & Co. foundry; Cumberland.
    Barnard William, miller, George's Creek
    Coal Co., Young's, coal, Frostburg.
    Cresap Luther M., miller, Old-town.
    Coal Co. Frostburg, coal, Eckhart
    Coal Co. Mount Savage, Mt. Savage
    Coal Co. Washington, Eckhart.
    Coal Co. New York, Eckhart.
    Coal Co. Frostburg, Frostburg.
    Coal and Iron Co., George's Creek.
    Folek John, miller, Evatt's Creek.
    Jones James W.; tannery, Cumberland.
    Lynn J. Chester, cement mill, do.
    Mining Co. Maryland, coal, Eckhart.
    Smouse Peter, miller, Evart's Creek.
    Smith Nevis D., do. do.
    Shaw William, do. George's Creek.
    Taylor Geo. W., do. Cumberland.
    Tower J. B. & Co., foundry, do.
    Withers A. L., tannery, do.


    Beever John M., Cumberland.
    Brown Jacob, do.
    Cary Archibald, do.
    Duncanson Thos., do.
    Dilley John F., do.
    Evans M. Topham, do.
    Gordon Josiah H., do.
    Hollyday William M., do.
    Hoffman Henry W., do.
    McKaig Thomas J., do.
    McKaia William do.
    McCulloch Charier C., .do.
    Price William, do.
    Pearce Geo. A., do.
    Perry Thomas, do.
    Price Geo. B. M., do.
    Roman J. Philip, do.
    Semmes Samuel M., do.
    Smith James, do.
    Van Lear Wm. G., do.


    Bruce John, Little Crossing.
    Cochran R. H., Old-town.
    Dougherty Bernard, Cumberland.
    Getzendine Joseph, Frostburg.
    Gerstele Arnold, Westernport.
    Harman Henry, Grantsville.
    Healy Thos. A., Cumberland.
    Lyman George Frostburg.
    Lawrence Upton H., Old-town.
    Moore D., Cumberland.
    Oha Charles H.,. do.
    Perry Geo. C., do.
    Porter J. M., Frostburg.
    Patterson John H., Grantsville.
    Push ______, Little Orleans.
    Smith Samuel P., Cumberland.
    Smith James, do.
    Scollay Charles L., do.
    Swan Charles A., do.


    Cumberland Band of Alleghany, Cumberland.
    Cumberland Savings Bank, do.
    Mineral Bank of Maryland, do.


    Adams James, Cumberland.
    Black John, do.
    Bell John, do.
    Beall Josephus, Piney Plains.
    Cowton, Arthur, Cumberland
    Clarke William, do.
    Clarey Gerrard, National Road.
    Conrad William, do.
    Cross Leonard, do.
    Carlise Henry S., do.
    Dean Levin, do.
    Evans Washington, Cumberland.
    Frederick John, Frostburg.
    Fairall Truman, National Road.
    Fear David, do.
    Gump Geo. W., Cumberland.
    Heffelfinger Jacob A., do.
    Hoye J., Northwestern Pike.
    Houser Ezra, do
    Johnson Thomas J., National Road
    Kysinge, John W., Frostburg,
    King Jesse, National Road.
    Keller Joseph, do.
    Kendle John H., Little Orleans.
    Kight Joshua, Westernport.
    Luman Samuel, Cumberland..
    Loring E., Old-town.
    Mahoney David, National Road
    Murphy Geo. B., Westernport.
    Oliver John, Frostburg
    Pennington, _____, Old-town
    Percy James, National Road.
    Piper John Jr., Flintstone.
    Recliner John, National Road.
    Shipley Fred'k, Cumberland.
    Stemme Everhart, Frostburg.
    Sutton Hiram, National Road
    Steiner Solomon, do.
    Smouse George, do.
    Sheets William, do.
    Shultz Perry, do.
    Trail Nathan, Askettles.
    Towers Edward, Northwestern Pike.
    Walty William, do.
    Willison Elisha, Flintstone.
    Yeast Peter, National Road.

    Henry Bruce, County Clerk.

  • Anne Arundel County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Andrews James, Annapolis,.
    Basil John, Sen., do.
    Franklin George E. do. .
    Gough L., do. .
    Grammer G. J., do.
    Hart Daniel, do.
    Hyde F. C., do.
    Hyde D. T., do.
    Hammond John, do. .
    Iglehart James & Co. do.
    Iglehart James H., do.
    Knighton Richard, do.
    Kilman N., do.
    Levely Harry, do.
    Munro James, do.
    Munro G., do.
    Pragg, J., Annapolis.
    Pips Solomon, do.
    Saussar Peter, do.
    Sands James, do.
    Taylor Benjamin, do.
    Whittington W., do.
    White J. M., do.
    Weil B., do.


    Goodman William R., Annapolis.
    Stansbury Ezekiel, do.


    Basil John, Jr., Annapolis.
    Boyle Jas., Jr., do.
    Boyle L., do.
    Brewer N., (of Jno.) do.
    Brewer N., (of N.) do.
    Causin Jno. M. S., do.
    Claude W. T., do.
    Franklin Jas. S., do.
    Gill R. W., do.
    Gambrill A. H., do.
    Harwood William, do.
    Hagner A. B., do.
    Hammond N., do.
    McLean Cornelius, do.
    Murray James, do.
    Murray Henry M., do.
    Miller Oliver, . do.
    Pratt Thos. G., do.
    Pinkney Jonathan, do.
    Randall A., do.
    Stockett Frank H., do.
    Thomas D. M., do.
    Watkins John N., do:
    Worthington B. T. B. do.
    Wells Geo., do.


    Brewer William, Annapolis
    Brewer Marbury, do.
    Claude Dennis, do. .
    Claude Abram, do.
    Cowman Richard,. do.
    Ridout John, do.
    Ridout Samuel, do
    Sparks Edward, , do.

    Hotel Keepers

    Davis E. A., Annapolis.
    Holland H. S., do.
    Murdoch Wm., do.
    Parkins Thomas, do.
    Walton Col. John, do.


    Farmers' Bank of Maryland. President, George Wells. Cashier, Thomas Franklin.

  • Howard District

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries Hardware, &c

    Adams William F., Woodstock.
    Adair Robert, Marriottsville.
    Clark Worthington & Co., Ellicott's Mills.
    Collier John, do.
    Cushen William, Cooksville.
    Duvall Jesse & Co., near Savage factory.
    Forrest John, Ellicott's Mills.
    Hunt Mrs. Ann, do.
    Jenkins Thomas, do.
    Jones Theophilus L., Marriottsville.
    Kimmer Alexander, Savage Factory.
    Kalkman Alexander E., llchester.
    Latchford Geo. T., Annapolis junction.
    McMakin, William, Ellicott's Mills.
    Matthews James B., Matthews' store.
    Matthews Samuel G., Lisbon.
    Owings James & Co., do.
    Okisko Manufacturing Company, Elysville.
    Pindell Richard, Simpsonville.
    Pocock George H., Elkridge Landing.
    Saffel Mahlon, Cooksville.
    Simmons Sarah E., Lisbon. -
    Savage Manufacturing Company, Elysville.
    Timms John, Clarksville.
    Turner John W., Poplar Springs.
    Whipps William, Oakland Mills. .'
    Wheeler George, Savage Factory.

    Lumber Merchants

    Fell Ezra, Ellicott's Mills..
    Swain Howard, do.


    Jones Dr. William T., Ellicott's Mills
    Martin Thomas H., do.


    Byers Geo., wheelright and blacksmith, Ellicott's Mills.
    Cassidy James E., tailor, Ellicott's Mills.
    Caddick Thomas tailor, do.
    Fulmyer David, boots and shoes, do.
    Fort William, cabinet maker, do.
    Gaw James, do. do.
    Groves Josiah, wheelright, do.
    Helms Beall, boots and shoes, - do.
    Hemmick Geo. A., do. do.
    Lyons, Ed. C., tailor, do.
    McCrea Thomas, miller, do.
    Mills Ezekiel, tinner, do.
    Okisko Company, cotton, Elysville.
    Simpson Charles R., woollens, Simpsonville.
    Savage Company, cotton, Savage Factory.
    Sykes James, do. Sykesville.
    Talbott Ed., blacksmith, Ellicott's Mills.


    Atkinson Amos G., magistrate, Ellicott's Mills
    Brown McLane, do. do.
    Dorsey J. T. B., do.
    Dorsey Wm. B., notary public, do.
    Tyson John S., do.


    Alexander E. A., Ellicott's Mills.
    Denny William, do. .
    Hood ______, Sykesville.
    Herbert Thomas, Woodstock.
    Hopkins _____, Elkridge Landing.
    Henry S. H., Elkridge Landing.
    Jones Wm., Ellicott's Mills
    Ledan _____, Clarksville.
    Owings James H., Matthews' store.
    Pue Arthur, Ellicott's Mills.
    Rogers Samuel, do.
    Riggs _____, Cooksvlle.
    Riggs ______,Lisbon
    Ridgely Charles, Ellicott's Mills.
    Watkins William W., Clarksville.
    Waters, _____,Savage Factory.
    Winfield Gustavus, Matthews' store.
    Worthington S., Elkridge Landing.

    Hotel Keepers

    Disney Mrs. Deborah, Ellicott's Mills.
    Dorsey Mrs., Sykesville.
    Latchford George, Annapolis junction.
    McBee Wilson, 14-mile House Frederick road.
    Mills E., Ellicott's Mills. .


    Patapsco Bank of Maryland, Ellicott's Mills. President, Thos. B. Dorsey: Cashier; B. U: Campbell.

  • Baltimore County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Armstrong Celestia, Carter p. o.
    Abell James D., Cockeysville.
    Anderson Thomas B., York road.
    Abbott & Ferguson, Franklinville.
    Allen George, Liberty road.
    Brayshaw James, Frederick Road.
    Baugher John W., Ellicott's mills.
    Boon William, Falls road.
    Benson Ben,., do.
    Barber William, do.
    Brooks John, York road.
    Boice George M., Liberty road.
    Brown Joshua L., do.
    Burnham Absalom, Susquehanna Railroad.
    Baker Richard, near Quarries.
    Baker Morris, Randallstown.
    Colier John, Jr., Frederick road.
    Charitan George W., York road.
    Childers Spotswood, do.
    Conn James C., Reisterstown road.
    Curtis Levi, near Susquehanna Railroad.
    Dowling Francis, Reisterstown road.
    Davies Henry, do.
    Duncan Jos. L., Texas.
    Duncan J. D. C., Dover.
    Dungan John, Dover road.
    Doyle James, Reisterstown road.
    Duer Charles, Manor road.
    Eney Mrs., Calverton road.
    Fulton Thomas H., . Susquehanna Railroad.
    Freyfogle John Reisterstown road.
    Fula, yer Joseph, do.
    Ford James C., York road.
    Fuller Joshua K.; Falls road.
    Fuller Thomas H., Falls road.
    Fusting Joseph P., Frederick road.
    Fulmyer Francis, do.
    Gray Company, Ellicott's mills.
    Gill Amelia B., Falls road.
    Griffith Isaac, near Falls road:
    Gemmill John, York road.
    Gibbons Michael, Harford road.
    Green Amer & Co., do.
    Grafton John P., do.
    Guisendaffei Mrs., Reisterstown road.
    Grupy Francis H., Bel Air road.
    Gosnell Sarah, Liberty road:
    Gammill Jno. M., New Market.
    Gore & Hoffman, Union meeting house.
    Hutchins Richard, Old York road.
    Hoffman William H., near Middletown.
    Harryman John, Warren factory.
    Harryman Samuel, Reisterstown road.
    Howard Robert, Philadelphia road..
    Hacker Andrew J., Harford road.
    Higle, Samuel, do.
    Hall Frederick, York road.
    Hamilton Wm., do.
    Hoff A. J. do.
    Hanegan , Philip, Washington road.
    Hush Abraham, Frederick road.
    Herbert Gideon, Catonsville.
    Jonas Jacob, New Cut road
    Jameson Andrew, Falls road.
    Jontz George B., Hanover road.
    King Thomas, Old York road.
    Kelly Mary, York road.
    Leisher Thomas, Ellicott's mills.
    Leiman Lewis, Frederick road.
    Lemmon John S., Washington road.
    Lee James, old Frederick road.
    Myers Mary. Union meeting house.
    McCrone, Jon, Avalon.
    Murray Patrick, Reisterstown road.
    Marshal James, Franklinville.
    Morrow John, Reisterstown road.
    Morton Dixon, York road.
    Mickle John C., do.
    McGill George, Calverton road.
    McKinsey John, York road.
    Mumma David, do.
    Morrison Elijah, Hampstead.
    Mitchell Michael - .Frederick road.
    Morris Wm. & George, do.
    Michael John, Union meeting house.
    Owings Eliza, Frederick, road.
    Owings Philip R., Reisterstown.
    Peregoy Nathan, W. Frederick road.
    Pumphrey George, Annapolis road.
    Peil John, Franklintown.
    Parsons Nathaniel, Falls road:
    Price John L., do.
    Price Ann D., York road.
    Price David , W., do.
    Price Hannah; do.
    Price Samuel, do.
    Patterson & Sons, Philadelphia road.
    Porter Mrs., Deer Park road.
    Patterson L., Texas.
    Richardson & Brother, Frederick road.
    Reese & Baker, Harford road.
    Remer Henry, Philadelphia road.
    Ruppert, John, Reisterstown road.
    Reed, John, do.
    Rosan, C. J., Oregon.
    Richards Owen, Liberty road.
    Sharpley John, Warren factory.
    Small & Patterson, Susquehanna Railroad.
    Stabler Henry, do.
    Strodham John, Frederick road.
    Stevens Elizabeth, do.
    Stemm John A., Liberty road.
    Smith Charles, Philadelphia road.
    Strasberger & Sykes, York road.
    Skipper John, Falls road.
    Scott Thomas, M., do.
    Shealy Mary, .York road.
    Syke William, New Market:
    Taylor John, New Cut road.
    Tracey, George, Falls. road.
    Treadway John W., York road.
    Turner James R., do.
    Treadwell Stephenson , Harford road:
    Toft Thomas, Hereford.
    Tyson Joseph, Susquehanna Railroad. .
    Union Company, Frederick road.
    Vogle Elizabeth, -York road.
    Waters Etty, old Frederick road.
    White Washington, near Catonville.
    Waters George F., Middle river.
    Wilson Matilda, Ellicott's mills.
    Waters George, e, Manor road.
    Weller Joseph, , Reisterstown road.
    Whiteford, John, Falls Road.
    Whiteford George, e, Manor road.
    Wilhelm Abraham, Hampstead.
    Wise John, Wiseburg.
    Wethered & Bro., Franklin factory.
    Zourhorst Frederick, York road.

    Cotton Factories

    Ashland Manufacturing Co., Franklin.
    Baltimore Company, Gunpowder river.
    Cook's Factory, John Cook, Baltimore.
    Green's Factory, Amon Green & Co., Herring run.
    Griffith Factory, G. S: Griffith, Battimoie.
    Jericho do. Wm. Simms & Co., Little Gunpowder.
    Lanville Factor , Balt. Water Co., Baltimore.
    Mount Vernon Factory, Jones' falls.
    Pocahontas Factory, Wm. Mason & Sons, Gwynn's falls.
    Powhatan Factory; do. do. do. Gwynn's falls.
    Phoenix Factory, Thomas H. Fulton, Jones' falls.
    Rockdale Factory, S. D: Tonge, Jones falls. United Manf. Co., J.. W. Brune, agt. Canton. Woodbury Fact., Wm. E. Hooper, Jones' falls.
    Whitehall Fact:, Wm. H. Hooper, Jones' falls.
    Washington, do. Thos. H. Fulton, do.
    Warren do. Mrs. Sharpley & Son, Gunpowder.

    Paper Mills

    Beckley George, Union meeting house.
    Culling Nelson, do. do.
    Dougherty James, do. do.
    Hoffman Henry B., do. do.
    Hoffman Peter B., do. do.
    Hoffman Wm. H.; do. . do.
    Matthews & Hoffman, Cockeysville.
    Rutledge Levi, Wiseburg.
    Shank Jared, Union meeting house.
    Wise John, Wiseburg.
    Young John, Union meeting, house.

    Iron Furnaces

    Ashland Works, Patterson Small & Co.; Cockeysville.
    Oregon Works, Green; Cockeysville


    Agnew Dr., Sweet air.
    Allenaer Dr., Pikesville
    Bosley Orafton M., Towsontown.
    Bell E., Maryland line
    Bode Dr., Towsontown
    Barnes Dr., dentist, Warren
    Bell Ephraim, Maryland line
    Call Isaac, Dover
    Dixon Louis L., Reisterstown.
    Fennell Dr., Govanstown.
    Gallaway John, Cockeysville.
    Griffith Lewis, do.
    Grimes Dr., Reisterstown.
    Gittings Dr., Fork meeting house.
    Gibbons Dr., Pikesville.
    Hutchins Nicholas, Monkton.
    Jones Dr., Union meeting house.
    Johnson Samuel, Sweet Air.
    McLean Charles, Cockeysville.
    Mitchell E. Dorsey, Hereford.
    Moore Dr., Sweet Air.
    Price Mahlon C., Philopolis:
    Price William, Hereford.
    Price Israel, Philopolis. .
    Skinner Dr., dentist, travelling.
    Thompson W. S., Warren:
    Moore Dr., Wiseburg.

    Hotel Keepers:

    Abbott & Ferguson, Franklinville.
    Carson Ann, Franklin.
    Coath John, Canton.
    Comegys Ann, North Point.
    Duncan Joseph L., Texas.
    Fry Joseph, Frederick road.
    Gillespy Jonathan, Middle River neck.
    Groff Jacob G., Reisterstown road.
    Hartzell John, do.
    Hammett Robert, do.
    Morgan Hugh, Canton.
    McClellan Thomas, Reisterstown.
    Payne Benjamin, Towsontown.
    Poist, Richard, Reisterstown. -
    Peal John, Franklin.
    Vondersmith, Peter,, do.

  • Baltimore City


    Pratt Jabez D., (mercantile,) 239 w. Baltimore.
    Sprague & Root, (Mercantile,) 202 w. Balt.
    Thomson Wm., Newspaper and Advertising; 6 Carroll Hall.

    Agricultural Chemists

    Chappell P. S., 158 w. Lombard.
    Kettlewell & Davidson, corner Hanover and Lombard.

    Agricultural Implement Manufacturers

    Cottingham & Willett, 2 Grant & 304 w. Pratt.
    Drury C. H., Hollingsworth cor. Pratt, and Howard near Henrietta.
    Eastman J. S., 180 w. Pratt.
    Hussey Obed, 2 Swan.
    Hambleton & Didier, 57 s. Calvert and 97 n. Paca.
    Page Goo., w. Baltimore near Schroeder.
    Sinclair & Co., 62 Light
    Whitman Ezra, 55 Light.
    White Robt., 65 n. Paca.

    Artificial Limb and Truss Maker

    Bruce Robert, 157 w. Lombard.


    Balbirnie Thos., 4 Front.
    Chiffelle & Reasin, 20 North.
    Caldwell William Q., 10 (under Barnum's,) Fayette.
    Dixon Thos., cor. Balt. and South, 3d story.
    Harris Samuel, 127 w. Fayette.
    Niernsee & Nelson, 70 w. Fayette.
    Wright Wm., cor. Balt. and South, 3d story.

    Auction and Commission

    Adreon Wm. & Co., 242 w. Baltimore.
    Bool H. W., 84 w. Baltimore.
    Cannon, Bennett & Co., 28 and 30 s.
    Charles. Cook Columbus E., cor. Balt. and Frederick
    Gover Samuel H., 9 South.
    Gibson & Co., 7 n. Charles.
    Hamilton William, 177 w. Pratt.
    Harrison William G., 75 O'Donnell's wharf.
    Hoffman & Co., 8 n. Charles.
    Lemmon Robt. & Co., 60 Buchanan's wharf.
    Taylor & Gardner, 6 and 8 German.

    Artists' Materials

    Canfield, Bros. & Co., cor. Balt. and Charles.
    Dodge Geo. R., 42 w. Baltimore.
    Wysong W. A., 2 n. Liberty.


    Addison Wm. Meade, St: Paul near Fayette.
    Alexander Thos. F.,.Lexington near Charles.
    Alexander Wm., Fayette w. of St. Paul.
    Alricks Thomas P., Court House Lane. .
    Armstrong John A., Marshall Buildings.
    Baker Wm.. G., Spurrier's Court.
    Bamitz Alexander H, Courtland street.
    Barnitz Covington B., Law Buildings.
    Barroll Benjamin C., 15 St. Paul.
    Barry Robert C.; Fayette near Charles.
    Barry Llewellyn n F., Fayette near Charles.
    Bartol James L., Law Buildings,
    Battee R. Ridgely, Marshall Buildings.
    Bentzinger Frederick F., St. Paul.
    Bevans James H., Law Buildings.
    Blackburn John C., Court House Lane.
    Bouldin R. J., 36 St: Paul.
    Boyd Joseph C., Court House Lane.
    Bradford Richard M., Marshall Buildings.
    Brent Robert J., Payette under Barnum's.
    Brice George H., Court House Lane.
    Brooks Henry T., 10 Law Buildings.
    Brown Albert M., Spurrier's Court.
    Brown George Wm., Lyre Buildings.
    Brune Frederick W., Jr., do.
    Buchanan James M., 19 North.
    Campbell J. Mason, 25 Lexington.
    Carr Wilson C. N., basement Record Office.
    Carrere John, Law.Buildmgs.
    Carson John, Court House Lane.
    Carter Charles L:, Law Buildings.
    Chuck Robert B., Fayette near Charles.
    Cole Wm. H., Jr., Courtland.
    Cole Wm. J., 60 Fayette ette near St. Paul.
    Cochran S. Morris, Court House Lane.
    Collins Wm. H., do. do. do.
    Cowan Wm. H., do. do. do.
    Cox Nathaniel, do. do. do.
    Cummiskey Eugene, Counsellor's Hall, Lexington street.
    Danels Bolivar D., 37 Fayette.
    Davis George L. L., Law Buildings.
    Davis Henry W., Fayette opposite Barnum's.
    Dobbin George W., 42 St. Paul near Saratoga.
    Docwra E. H., 64 w. Fayette.
    Donaldson Samuel J. St. Paul.
    Donaldson Thomas, 31 St. Paul.
    Dorsey Wm. H. G., Fayette opp. Barnum's.
    Dulaney Grafton L., 34 St. Paul.
    Duncan J. McKim, 37 n. Culvert.
    Earnest George, Jr., 4 Court House Lane.
    Edgar John M., 31 St. Paul.
    Emory D. C. H., 15 St. Paul.
    Emory Wm. H., 15 St. PauL
    Fisher George F., Marshall Building.
    Ford J. E., Fayette.
    Freeman Edward D., Charles near Payette.
    Freeman Wm. H., do. do.
    Frick W. Frederick, 7 Marshall Building
    Frieze Philip C.,14 Fayette, Mansion House
    Gale Levin, Law Buildings.
    Glenn John, Court House Lane.
    Giles Wm. F., Law Buildings.
    Graft E. Beatty, Fayette.
    Griffith J. Howard,.Marshall Building
    Griffith Joseph J.,.South near Lombard.
    Griffith, Jeffery M., 19 North. .
    Gwinn Charles J. M., 31 St. Paul.
    Hack Oliver F., Lexington.
    Hall Washington, Jr., Law Buildings.
    Hamilion Wm. H., Courtland:
    Hannan John, do.
    Harris J. Morrison, 40 Lexington:
    Harris Wilson H., 40 do.
    Hazel M., Fayette near St. Paul.
    Heighe Benjamin M., St. Paul near Fayette.
    Hickman George H., 141 Mansion House.
    Hill C. Wilson, Law Buildings
    Hinkley Edward, 22 n. Charles.
    Hinkley Edward C., , do.
    Hobbs Alexander H., Law Buildings.
    Hodges T. Harris, 9 Courtland.
    Holloway Edward, Court House Lane
    Horsey Outerbridge. 1 Law Buildings.
    Horwitz Orville, 19 North.
    Horwitz Benjamin F., 19 North.
    Howard Frank K., Counsellor's Hall.
    Ing John H., 36 Fayette.
    Israel Edward, cor. Fayette and St. Paul.
    Jenkins M. Courtney, Spurrier's Court.
    Johnson Reverdy, cor. Calvert and Fayette.
    Johnson Reverdy, Jr., Fayette near Calvert.
    Keerl Thomas M., 6 Marshall Building.
    Kelly Francis X., 8 Court House Lane.
    Kemp Edward D., 5 Marshall Building.
    Kenley John R., Fayette near St: Paul.
    Kilbourn Elbridge G., 59 Fayette.
    King John E., Law Buildings.
    Krafft Charles L., 35 Fayette.
    Krebs Wm. G., Fayette, cor. St. Paul.
    Lanahan Thomas M.; 33 Fayette, under Barnum's.
    Latrobe John H., cor. Lexington and St. Paul.
    Leakin Sheppard A:, cor. Lexington and Calvert.
    Lee Z. Collins, 5 Law Buildings.
    Leary Cornelius L. L., cor. Broadway and E. Avenue.
    Leloup Charles X.,19 North.
    Lemmon Robert; 8 Marshall Building
    Lovegrove Folger P., 7 Court House Lane.
    Lucas Charles Z., 19 North.
    Malcolm James, cor. Lexington and Courtland.
    Marshall Wm. L., Law Buildings.
    Maulsby Wm. P., Fayette.
    May Henry, Fayette, under Barnum's.
    McLaughlin Patrick, 30 Fayette near North.
    McMahon John V. L.; corner Lexington and Courtland.
    Meredith Jonathan, Courtland near Lexington.
    Miles George H., 33 St. Paul.
    Milligan George H., Counsellors Hall.
    Merrick Richard T., St. Paul.
    Mason N. Carroll, St. Paul near Payette.
    Morris John T., Charles.
    Nelson John, 35 St. Paul.
    Neilson Albert B., 13 St. Paul near Fayette.
    Nickolas J. Spear, 6 Court House Lane.
    Ninde James C., 26 St. Paul.
    Norris Wm. H.; Calvert opposite Barnum's.
    Partridge James R., 40 Lexington near St. Paul.
    Pennington Josias, 9 and 10 Marshall Building.
    Pennington Charles J. do. do.
    Perine Wm. B., 3 Court House Lane.
    Philpot John, St. Paul near Fayette.
    Pinkney Frederick, 8.Court House Lane.
    Pitts Charles H., Fayette.
    Poe Neilson, 2 Law Buildings.
    Prestman Benjamin C., Counsellor's Hall.
    Preston Wm. P., 51 Fayette.
    Purviance Robert, 12 s. Frederick.
    Richardson George R., 8 Court House Lane.
    Ridgely Andrew S., 24 St. Paul.
    Ridgely Charles W., 5 Court House Lane.
    Rogers Alexander M., Law Buildings.
    Rogers Edmond L., Frederick.
    Ropes Archer, 2 Court House Lane.
    Rutter D. McL., St. Paul near Fayette.
    Salmon Edward W., St. Paul near Fayette.
    Schley Wm., North near Fayette.
    Scott . Parkin, 16 St. Paul.
    Small John,.St. Paul near Fayette.
    Smith J. Dean, Baltimore near Charles.
    Smith J. Louis, under Record Office.
    Speed Joseph J., Second.
    Sprague E. R., 218 Baltimore near Charles.
    Stewart David, 33 St. Paul.
    Stewart John, 33 St. Paul: .
    Stewart Wm. A., Fayette.
    Stockbridge Henry, 41 Court House Lane.
    Stout Henry, 66 Fayette.
    Stump Henry, Fayette.
    Stockett J. Shauff, Marshall Building.
    Tagart, Samuel H., St. Paul near Fayette.
    Talbott,Wm. A., 42 St. Paul.
    Teackle, St. George W.; cor. Lexington and Courtland.
    Thomas Henry, Jr., 31 St. Paul
    Thomas John H., St. Paul.
    Tyson John L., Law Buildings.
    Veazey J. Ross, Marshll Budding.
    Wallis S. Teakle, 41 St. Paul.
    Walsh T. Yates, 4 Court House Lane.
    Waters J. F., St. Paul.
    Warner George, Jr., Fayette near St. Paul.
    Whelan Thomas, Jr., Second.
    White Campbell P., Fayette under Bamum's.
    Whyte W. Pinckney, 14 Fayette, under Barnum's.
    Williams George H., North near Fayette.
    Williams, Lloyd W., 11 Counsellor's Hall.
    Williams Nathaniel, cor. Calvert and Lexmg ton.
    Wolfe Alcarus B., St. Paul.
    Wysham Henry C., Fayette.
    Yellott Coleman, 7 Counsellor's Hall.
    Yellott Washington, do. do.
    Yoe Benjamin F., Gay.
    Young Wm. H., 7 Court House Lane.

    Bakers--Loaf Bread

    Applegarth A., 178 Biddle.
    Arnold G. W., 104 w. Fayette.
    Arthur Anne & Son, 28 Camden.
    Aichell, 240 Hanover.
    Arthur Mrs. Anne, 58 Second.
    Bruehl Justus, cor. Bond and Bank.
    Bossle Charles, 5 e. Pratt.
    Benjart _______, 6 Fell.
    Bedencope Martin, 10 Enact.
    Brendel John, 34 French.
    Babb John D., 68 s. Charles.
    Binz John, 94 Hollins.
    Baste John, s. Charles.
    Bunn, & Sheffer, 100 Camden.
    Braun John J., 132 Columbia.
    Baepler Henr, 102 do.
    Blinsinger Geo. M., 163 n. Eutaw.
    Borkemp Francis, 149 do.
    Bihy John, 108 n. Fremont.
    Benz Caspar, 395 w. Fayette.
    Cutgesell George, 325 Bond.
    Daley Patrick 27 Ross.
    Deil C., 31 Enact.
    Deal John, 159 Orleans.
    Deitz Geo., cor. Ann and Gough.
    Dressel John J., 230 Canton Avenue.
    Deist Wm., Poppleton.
    Deibel P., 675 w. Baltimore.
    Frank John G., 117 William.
    Frey Chas., cor. Gibson and Preston.
    Francis Thomas, cor. Ann and Gough.
    Gilmour James D., 243 w. Pratt.
    Geiger Wm., 85 Harrison.
    Gedel Jacob, 272 Franklin.
    Hilbert Adam, 168 Bank. Bank.
    Helvin Augustus, Eastern Avenue, betw. Ann and Broadway.
    Helm Zachariah, 219 Ann.
    Horst K., 210 Caroline.
    Heinzerling D., 301 Light.
    Hiiderbrand H, W., 248 Franklin.
    Jacobs Adam, 76 Orchard.
    Jockel M., 196 Sharp
    Kleim David, 307 s. Charles.
    Keehne Augustus, cor. Washington and Canton Avenue.
    Kropf Frederick, 194 Alice Anna.
    Kreger William, 163 Light.
    Kammer W., 272 s. Charles.
    Kothe Geo., 40 Chatsworth.
    Lechthaler J., 4 Shakspeare.
    Lantz Jacob, 135 s. Howard.
    Lincoln L. N., cor. Chatsworth and Saratoga.
    Leibald M., 327 Saratoga.
    Lamb Mrs. S., 136 Lexington.
    McGrath Thos., 63 Camden.
    McGuire Mrs. Mary, 190 s. Charles.
    McCoubray, Thomas, 189 Lombard.
    Munder Charles F., 27 s. Liberty.
    Nicholson Henry, 105 Orleans.
    Nicholson William, 1 Eden.
    Nicholas C., 173 Eden.
    Numsen F. H., 105 Ross.
    Oehrl John, 570 w. Baltimore.
    Plack Henry, 137 n. Fremont.
    Plitt Charles, 256 s. Charles.
    Peters William, cor. Eden and e. Pratt.
    Peters Loyd A., 101 Thames.
    Parks Geo. W., 127 Saratoga.
    Quentin Henry C., corner Broadway and Thames.
    Rudolph F., 72 Harrison.
    Reed F. S., 137 n. Eutaw.
    Roos J., 242 Alice Anna.
    Rullman Charles, 235 e. Fayette.
    Richter D., 177 Light.
    Renner D., 9 Little Paca.
    Strasburger C. 45 Harrison.
    Senter Stephen, cor. Sharp and Pratt.
    Sickel Geo., 19 Aisquith.
    Stine Henry, 44 George.
    Seitz Geo., 280 Bond.
    Scharble C. F., 529 w. Baltimore.
    Schepach John G., 108 William.
    Scholz C. 389 Saratoga.
    Snavely Mrs., cor. Gibson and Biddle.
    Trust H., 6 Hill.
    Trust H., 759 w. Baltimore.
    Varney M. J., 104 Canal.
    White Geo. T. & Co., cor. e. Balt. and Canal.
    Weisinger Charles, cor. Bond and Canton Av.
    Worlf John, 45 President.
    Wambach, 110 Ensor.
    Wagner Caspar, 451 w. Baltimore.
    Weller, John, 127 Conway.
    Wittekind W., 93 s. Eutaw.
    Wehn Philip, 89 Conway.
    Yeager C., 84 Bond:

    Bakers---Ship Bread and Crackers

    Balt. Co.'s Manuf, 4 O'Donnell's wharf.
    Holden & Co., cor. Gay and Lombard.
    Hooper Robert, 112 w. Pratt.
    Mason R. & Bro., 98 w. Pratt.
    Tyler & Bros., 63 w. Pratt, cor. Paterson.

    Bacon and Provisions--Commission

    Adams James C., packers, 205, 207, 209, Lexington.
    Cassard G. & Son, 61 South.
    Cassard Geo. & Thos., 44 South.
    Cassard G. & Son., packers, 407, 409 w. Balt.
    Carson, Edes & Co., do. 41 Light.
    Cruse Isaac, 66 South, Bowly's wharf.
    Early John D., packer, 371 and 373 w. Balt.
    George & Jenkins, 3 Commerce.
    Glanding David, 6 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Harvey, Carson & Co., 109 w. L Lombard.
    Hack Andrew & Son, packers, 36 n. Howard.
    Hofman Charles, 408 and 410 w. Baltimore.
    Krebs Henry W., (beef packer,) Caroline near Union alley.
    Kimberly Edward, 73 w. Pratt.
    McCullough John & Co., 2 Western Row, Exchange Place..
    McDaniel & McConkey, packers, 45 Light.
    McDaniel & McConkey, do. Eutaw near Conway.
    Roloson F., 28 n. Paca.
    Rieman Henry & Sons, packers, cor. Howard and Fay ette.
    Reynolds Isaac & Sons, Balderston
    Roloson W. H., 14 Water.
    Roloson Hugh, 317 w. Pratt.
    Rieman & Willier, packers, 369 w. Baltimore.
    Smith & Nicodemus, do. 383 and 385 w. Balt.
    Slater James, cor. Bond and Gough.

    Balances and Scales Manufacturers

    Marden Jesse, cor. Charles and Balderston.
    Murdoch Richard, 46 s. Charles.


    Bank of Baltimore, n. e. cor. St. Paul and Balt.
    Commercial and Farmers', s. w. cor. German and Howard.
    Citizens', cor. Pratt and Hanover.
    Farmers' and Planters', 17 South.
    Farmers' and Merchants', corner South and Lombard.
    Fells Point Savings Institution, Broadway, between Canton Av. and Eastern Av.
    Howard street Savings Institution, n. w. cor. Howard and German.
    Lee Josiah, banker,, cor. Calvert and Balt.
    Marine, n. e. cor. Gay and Second.
    Mechanics Bank, cor. Calvert and Fayette.
    Merchants' Mutual Exchange and Banking House, 196 Baltimore.
    Savings, cor. Gay and Second.
    Union Bank, cor. Charles and Fayette.
    Western Bank, cor, Eutaw and Marion.

    Bandbox Makers

    Hill William, 5 5 s. Eutaw.
    Martin F., 7 Mercer.
    Martin Wm., 18 Park.
    Weaver Levi, 123 Lexington.


    Collonnde Baths, cor. Saratoga and Davis.
    Eutaw House.
    Exchange Hotel.
    Jakes', Bank Lane.

    Blacksmiths and Edge-tool Manufacturers

    Anderson C. S., Paca near Baltimore.
    Anderson David, 77 s. Howard.
    Jos Auld H., (Shipsmith,) cor. Hughes and Covington.
    Beacham S., shipsmith, lower end Mill st.
    Beacham Wm., shipsynith, 145 McElderry's wharf.
    Burns John, 142 Camden.
    Bamberger J. A., cor. Washington and Alice Anna.
    Baker William, President, between Pratt and
    Bates & Richard, (and wheelwright,) Chatsworth near Pearce.
    Bradford John, w. Baltimore extended.
    Buchta John, 43 Harrison.
    Clautice Peter w. Pratt near Emory.
    Cross Samuel B., 69 a. Howard.
    Carpenter W. C. & Co., (nailmakers,) Warner near Henrietta.
    Coleman Wm. F., 103 Lancaster.
    Cleaveland & Coleman, (shipsmiths,) Philpot, between Point and Wills.
    Cullimore & Smith, cor. Ann and Fell.
    Conaway C., 4 East Falls Avenue and President between Pratt and Stiles.
    Cooper G. E., President, between Pratt and Stiles.
    Clautis Geo., (wheelwright,) 45 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Chester William, 11 Pleasant.
    Devalin H., 95 Harrison.
    Drost John H., 196 Hanover.
    Dull James, (shipsmith,) Philpot, between Point and Wells.
    Dafener John G., 38 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Eilbacher J., 14 Lee.
    Emert David, Franklin near Paca.
    Fairall W. H., 167 Fremont.
    Famer Jaynes A., (shipsmith,) Barre near Light
    Friedrich John, Fleet near Chester.
    Francis James, Garden near Preston.
    Goodwin J., 403 Baltimore.
    Gourley Geo., President, between Pratt and Stiles.
    Harig J. & B., 194 Hanover.
    Higkman John, 93 Lancaster.
    Hergesheimer & Sherwood, (shipsmiths,) cor. Thames and Wolfe.
    Hichcock Josiah, 263 Ann.
    Haslep John, 23 McClellan's alley.
    Hubbard D., Cathedral.
    Jewell J., (shipsmith,) 127 Light st. wharf.
    Johnson G., Davis near Pleasant.
    Kidd Charles, 352 w. Pratt.
    Kaube. & Lock, 761 Baltimore.
    Keenan Daniel, Barre near Charles.
    Knight, M., 538 w. Baltimore
    Kraft, F. Pennsylvania. Avenue.
    Keenan James, 47 North
    Ludwig, A., 352 Saratoga.
    Lindman J., 343 Bond.
    Lee, Charles, 412 w. Baltimore.
    Lally M., (and wheelwright,) 1241 Franklin.
    Lynch D., Howard above Franklin.
    McFarlane & Lawson, (shipsmiths,) Mills.
    McDonald James, 4 w. Lombard.
    Mettee C. & W. H., Balderston.
    Myd, F., 206 Sharp
    Miller, Geo. W., 7 Camden
    Mawles, Peter, cor. Boston and Patuxent
    Mettee Martin, President between Pratt and Stiles.
    Martin E., 512 w. Baltimore.
    Merker A., 182 Saratoga.
    Meeter Alfred, 12 Frederick.
    Maxfield Levi, 58 n. Paca.
    O'Laughlin F., Marion near Liberty.
    Pagenstidt J., 69 Park.
    Schlinkman S., 74 s. Howard.
    Salze John, 5 Cheapside.
    Stansbury John, 21 Lancaster.
    Smith & Cullimore, (shipsmiths,)14 Thames.
    Smith John, Register, between Gough and Pratt.
    Sheermer Geo., Bond street wharf.
    Slack Chas., (and wheelright,) cor. Cathedral and Tyson alley.
    Shaw John, 73 North.
    Thomas Andrew, 58 Light.
    Thompson & Early, (and wheelwrights,) 17 Centre.
    Warner A., 53 s. Green.
    Watkins Evans, Balderston
    Waite Richard C., (shipsmith,) York.

    Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps-Commission Merchants and Jobbers in

    Bantz Theodore S., 316 w. Baltimore.
    Bartlett & Co., corner Howard and Cowpen alley, (up stairs.)
    Brooks, Tibbals & Fulton, 344 w. Baltimore.
    Fite, G rinnell & Co., 268 w. Balt., (upstairs.)
    Hopkins & Roney, 116 Lombard.
    Joyce & Baugher, 319 Baltimore.
    King & Carey, 5 Hanover.
    Kimberly J., cor. Baltimore and Howard
    Luckett, Lee & White, 258 w. Baltimore, (upstairs.)
    Moore & Griffin, 19 s. Charles.
    Pendexter & Alden, 308 w. Balt., (up stairs).
    Rhodes B. M., 26 s. Charles.
    Tinges G. W., 9 German.
    Wheelright J. & Co., cor. German and Hanover, (up stairs.)
    Ware & Weston, 17 and 19 Hanover.
    Watkins, Dungan & Waesche, 232 w. Balt.
    Warner Lewis M. & Co., 248 w. Baltimore.
    Wyeth, Blacklock & Co., 252 w. Baltimore.

    Boots and Shoes-Manufacturers and Dealers in

    Adams David, 15 e. Lombard.
    Allbaugh J. W., 93 Light st. wharf.
    Ackland & Armiger, 14 s. Calvert.
    Ardin D., 4 South.
    Addison Samuel S., 172 w. Pratt.
    Armstrong Henry, 114 Saratoga.
    Acker Joseph, 17 Courtland.
    Bower John, Calvert opp. Pleasant.
    Brown P.; Pennsylvania Av. near Fremont.
    Bard Jacob, Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Bittinger John D., 7 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Butler, A. C., 2 Hanover.
    Brunnert, J. H., 22 s. Sharp.
    Butler, T., 225 w. Pratt
    Billmyer, J., 100 w. Pratt
    Billmyer Henry, 117 w. Pratt
    Buluck Joseph, 214 w. Pratt.
    Bangs John, 277 w. Pratt.
    Bannenberg F., 296 w. Platt.
    Badger J., 165 w. Lombard.
    Bruehl G., 240 s. Charles.
    Betchler Martin, 225 s.. Charles.
    Barthell E., 144 n. Howard:
    Bokel J. H., 54 Park.
    Bondes A., 133 Light.
    Bell Henry, 147 Light.
    Baker H., 807 Light.,
    Bussmann Wm., 306 Light.
    Bachman F., Columbia.
    Baker Frederick; Happy alley, between Bank and Gough.
    Battenfield Christian, 54 Thames.
    Brooks John, 9 e. Pratt..
    Bickley Lemuel, e. Lombard, between High and Albemarle.
    Ball James, 47 e. Baltimore.:
    Birkenwald S., 194 Bond.,
    Bopp Caspar, 197 Bond.
    Baumeister William, 263 Bond.
    Bass S., 117 Happy alley.
    Bunting W. J., 70 n. Howard.
    Brotherton J. A. J., 10 w. Fayette.
    Bottomer Thos., 116 Saratoga.
    Brady James, 460 w. Baltimore.
    Bokman A. C., 652 do:
    Bumberger, J. H.,674 do.
    Brazier Robt., 247 Lexington.
    Baith C., 193 Lexington.
    Brotherton J. A J., Holliday near Fayette.
    Casey D., 141 North.
    Carback E. 165 Lexington.
    Collins James, 232 Lexington.
    Connoly & Lloyd, 881 w. Baltimore.
    Callenberg Henry, 273 Bond.
    Conawap James R., 196 Broadway.
    Croney John W., cor. Broadway and Eastern Avenue.
    Carter J., 25 e. Baltimore.
    Cassidy James, 26 w. Pratt
    Clogg George S., 17 s. Calvert.
    Condon J. R., 60 s. Charles.
    Choate Edward, 77 Exchange Place.
    Chamberlain John, 285 w. Pratt.
    Drahan Thos., 130 n. Howard.
    Dungan, W., 163 Lexington
    Debring, J. G. 133 n. Eutaw
    Damme Adolf., 210 Broadway
    Davis Stephen, 87 Hanover
    Dryden Samuel, 1 s. Liberty.
    Duncan Joseph, 51 Second:
    Deppert J., 78 s-Howard.
    Dietrich J. 747 w. Baltimore.
    Dundore Henry, 250 Broadway.
    Doling James, 251 Broadway
    Dinisch John, 227 Ann.
    Davis Thos., 37 n. Paca.
    Dietrich, F., 311 w. Fayette
    Dietrich, A., 193 do.
    Edwards, Richard, 107 Broadway
    Entner, F. L., 270 s. Charles
    Ely Mahlon S., 128 n. Gay.
    Ely Charles W., 122 n. Gay.
    Elliott Geo. P. & Co., 7 Harrison.
    Emerick Wm. H., Green near Lexington.
    Emerick D., 137 Pa. Avenue.
    Fraas F., 31 George.
    Ford Elias, cor. Paca and Mulberry.
    Fienstein, 30 n. Eutaw.
    Fischer Henry, 32 Harrison.
    Flexural James, 125 n. Gay.
    Fick G. A., 119 William.
    Fleishmann J., 43 Hill.
    Fairbanks C., 112 e. Lombard.
    Foss Charles M., 234 Broadway.
    Franck Henry, 84 Harrison.
    Feuss F. H., 78 Harrison.
    Fillinger Paul, 24 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Fritz Charles A., 257 Saratoga.
    Goodwin T., 25 Bath.
    Gohlhepp J., 129 Franklin.
    Green J., 123 Franklin.
    Gluekstein A., 112 Franklin.
    Glaeser John, 206 Bond.
    Gremminger Joseph, 6 Shakespeare.
    Goldsmidt S., 175 Alice Anna.
    Griffith A. G., 225 w. Baltimore.
    Gruetter J., 63 Montgomery.
    Graham John, 46 w. Pratt.
    George J. S., 76 Centre Market Space.
    George James B., 58 Centre Market Space.
    Gambrell J., 190 e. Baltimore.
    Germershausen F., 150 e. Baltimore
    Goodman Edward, 150 e. Baltimore
    Grergebach H., South
    Gallagher, Thomas, 112 n. Eutaw.
    Gapetze P., 56 Ross.
    Hasmar H.; 682 w. Baltimore.
    Hartmann John, 656 w. Baltimore.
    Heany William, 492 w. Baltimore.
    Hammel A., 436 w. Baltimore.
    Haerpel J. N., 202 w. Fayette.
    Harman J., 105 w. Fayette.
    Hand Alexander, 63 n. Eutaw.
    Harper William, 65 n. Eutaw.
    Harper James, cor. Parkin and Lombard.
    Hissey William, 220 Av. Pratt..
    Harman George, 194 w. Pratt .
    Hokam Joseph, 7 Poppleton.
    Hachtel, C. 35 s. Paca.
    Heid, J., 41 s. Liberty.
    Hammer Wm. H. 49 Hanover
    Henderson James, A. & Co., 15 s. Gay.
    Hufnagel, S., 322 Bond.
    Horney, Edward, 224 Broadway.
    Horney, W., 273 Alice Anna
    Hunemeier, William, 272 Alice Anna..
    Hesler G., 67 Eastern Avenue.
    Hubschman, G., 97 e. Lombard.
    Henser H., 46 Camden
    Haufiling G-, 18 5 Sharp
    Herdrick H. A., Howard, near Camden.
    Hagner, George, 551 w. Baltimore
    Hermann, Aaron 152 n. Gay.
    Hyde R. H., 200 n. Gay.
    Hall James B., 241 n. Gay
    Hammack G. M., 172 e. Baltimore
    Halbart John, Forest near Gay.
    Hill John H., 59 n. Gay.
    Hurst C., 13 Saratoga.
    Hagerty James, 114; Franklin.
    Horneck John, 61 Preston.
    Hatch N. T., Ross near Eutaw.
    Helpman, J., 13 Wagon Alley.
    Harkins N., 76 n. Howard.
    Innes A. L., 4 w. Baltimore.
    Irelan David, 330 w.. Baltimore, (up stairs.)
    Jones & Livingston, 174 w. Pratt.
    Jones L., 172 Broadway.
    Jeffeison John B., 240 roadway.
    Johnson William, 88 n. Gay.
    Johnson W. H., 62 w. Baltimore.
    Krumme John H., 152 n. Gay..
    Knorlein A., 32 Cross.
    Kinney Thos. J. G., cor. Barre & Little Green.
    Klessel J., 157 Light.
    Kiesling Andrew, 55 Lancaster.
    Keng John, 177 Alice Anna.
    Kexel August,
    Kremeyer, A., Bethel btw. Pratt and Gough.
    Klein, John, 207 Happy Alley
    Koerner, G. A., 194 Ann.
    Kummer John, 205 w. Lombard.
    Kouze Louis, 254 w. Pratt.
    Kratzer L., 161 Franklin.
    Knell G. A., 191 Biddle.
    Kornmann P., 41 n. Liberty.
    Long Levi, under Barnum s.
    List J. J., 213 Lexington.
    Long Samuel, 35 South.
    Lee James H., 280 w. Pratt.
    Lang W., 272 w. Pratt.
    Leemann, John A., 114 w. Pratt.
    Lehmann, Frederick, 179 Bond
    Long William, 255 Broadway.
    Lehman B., 52 Bethel.
    Lehman Geo., Happy A. btw. Bank & Gough,
    Leimkuhler A., 219 e: Lombard
    Leistner John, cor. Exeter and Lombard.
    Lohmuller F., 30 e. Lombard.
    Love Joseph K.; 69 Hanover
    Livingston S. F., 181 Light
    List J. Adam, 97 Columbia.
    Louis C. F., 236 Hanover
    Layfielde Isaac, 88 Orleans
    Little F., 10 e. Fayette
    Lednum William, 174 e. Baltimore.
    Lohmann Henry, 309 8. Charles.
    Lindenburger Geo., 275 n. Fremont. .
    List John, cor. Wagon Allen and Poppleton.
    Long & Bushman, 152 Lexington.
    Loke I., 53 Park
    McCauley ; W.. L. 93 and 95w. Lombard
    McDowell Thomas; 132 n. Gay.
    McBriety William, 45 e. Baltimore
    Miller Wm. S., 46 Conway.
    Muntz G. T., 461 w. Baltimore.
    Mechtold C., 254 s. Charles.
    Moringo A. S., 264 n. Gay.
    Meyer A. M.I., 109 Sharp.
    Miller Franz, 28 Thames.
    Miller John, 40 Thames.
    Matei Wm., 158 Canton Avenue.
    Marriott John H., cor. Pratt and Spring.
    Milburn J. H., 101 e. Baltimore.
    Mullen Edward, 188 Broadway.
    Milbourne E. S., Mercer.
    Meseke Frederick, 276 w. Pratt.
    Maddux T., 12 Light.
    Magers Samuel, 24 Centre Market Square.
    Murray William, 68 Centre Market Space.
    McCormick Thos., 40 n. Gay.
    Miltenburg H., 122 n. Paca.
    Marley Richard, cor. Pearl and Franklin.
    Meier Philip, cor. Liberty and Lexington.
    Mules Thomas, 176 Lexington.
    Mitchell E., Saratoga near Charles.
    Messersmith E., 117 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Mahr John N., Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Mansdorfer J., 40 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    McKenzie Evan, Ross near Eutaw.
    Mese Henry, 51 Orchard.
    McLaughlin George, 88 Holliday.
    McMillen J., 124 Holliday.
    Marshall & Harman, 102 n. Howard.
    Millenburg, H., 119 n. Paca.
    Myer C., 70 Mulberry.
    McLaughlin Thos., St. Paul near Baltimore.
    Muir Philip, 45 n. Liberty.
    Nossel B., 224 Lexington.
    Nearath Ernest, 21 s. Liberty.
    Norman John R., 861 Centre Market Space
    Nash John W., 164 Broadway.
    Nicolai H., 142 s. Howard.
    Newton Thomas, 50 n. Eutaw.
    Naas Justus, 12 n. Liberty.
    Oetier J. H., 194 Sharp
    Ohrenschall C., 56 s. Charles.
    Perry Levi, 231 Lexington.
    Pettit Moses; 33 s. Gay.
    Peck Henry, 159 w. Pratt.
    Panz Frederick, 185 Caroline.
    Pickering W., 419 w. Baltimore.
    Plaff A., 114 Montgomery.
    Prexott Reuben, 260 n. Gay.
    Pistel, 54 n. Howard.
    Rantz Geo., 277 n. Howard.
    Rausch John, 320 n. Howard.
    Russell Benjamin, 170 w. Pratt.
    Renner G. L., cor. Lombard and Poppleto
    Rehbergar V., 253 Bond.
    Reifner Henry L., 207 Alice Anna.
    Rensz John, 15 West.
    Roeth C., 54 York.
    Reichenberger, 4 Lee.
    Redman S., 143 Hanover.
    Rablein Martin, 193 s. Charles.
    Rust Samuel, cor. Ensor and Forest.
    Rose Peter, 112 n. Gay.
    Ridgaway James W., 188 e. Ball.
    Robinson S., 13 n. Eutaw.
    Rebitz H., 6 Saratoga.
    Russell Geo., 232 n. Howard.
    Stein, 37 Pa. av.
    Schramm Chas. B., 63 Mulberry.
    Shurles Jno. H., 143 Lexington.
    Stoeser M., 85 n. Fremont.
    Schwarze F. W., 49 Green.
    Smith C., cor. High and Fayette.
    Swinney Joseph, 160 n. Gay.
    Stallings William, 256 n. Gay.
    Sanders John, 289 e. Balt.
    Strauss G., 253 s. Charles.
    Stempler N., 485 w. Balt.
    Schott J.; 393 w. Balt.
    Saville Wm., 347 w. Balt.,
    Shadley Wm., 99 William.
    Scmidt, 82 Barre.
    Schultz John, 129 Conway.
    Stoops A., 75 Hanover.
    Shorr Frederick, 47 President.
    Smith John A., 84 Caroline.
    Sluhmann Charles, 245 Bond.
    Seitz John, 173 Alice Anna.
    Stansbury Richard, 134 e. Lombard .
    Shannon T., cor. Balt. and Caroline.
    Strebort W., 134 w. Lombard.
    Schroeder H., 178 w. Pratt.
    Schroeder P. Wagner, cor. Boyd and Pop.
    Schimp J. A., 14 s. Howard.
    Strutze A. D., 7 Light.
    Shulz M., 23 Pine.
    Stinson B., 3 Holliday.
    Schramm C. H. B., & Mulberry.
    Thomas Pierre, 7 South.
    Townsend P. R., 2 s. Sharp.
    Thater Philip, 240 w. Pratt.
    Timmerman H. L., 134 s. Eutaw.
    Timmerman H. L., 159 Light.
    Tindle Robert W., 120 Light.
    Thompson George R., Gay near Mott.
    Tunis Alexander, 224 n. Gay.
    Thompson J., 670 w. Balt.
    Thomas H., 73 Pa. av.
    Trabert Wm., 137 Franklin.
    Ubert John, 10 e. Pratt.
    Valker, M., cor. Saratoga and North.
    Vallmer L., 63 n. Frederick.
    Vanlill Stephen J.,163 w. Pratt.
    Volk Francis, 48 s. Charles.
    Vanlill H. M., 298 w. Pratt.
    Von Hazel Herman; 328 Bond.
    Vallee J. A., 282 n. Gay.
    Valz P., 117 Saratoga.
    Whiteford J. J., 581 n. Howard.
    Wright Thos., 18 Orchard.
    Wilcox T. S., 104 n. Gay.
    Wilcox William L., 128 n. Gay.
    Wilcox John H., 235 n. Gay..
    Werner John, 314 Caroline.
    Walter L., 87 Caroline.
    Wagner P., 185 Conway.
    Wilson A., 19 e. Pratt.
    Walter P., 191 e. Pratt.
    Winter F., 433 w. Balt.
    Williams Thomas, 351 Balt.
    Wood George, cor. Hollins A. & Lombard.
    Wolf H., 138 w. Lombard.
    Weisbach, H., 149 w. Lombard.
    Waring Spencer M., 269 w. Pratt.
    Wharton Wm., 86 w. Pratt.
    Wells David, 68 w. Pratt.
    Wambach W., 169 South.
    Werner John, 79 Argyle A.
    Wagner Frederick, 248 Happy A.
    Walter H., 220 Ann.
    Weidner P., 103 n. Paca.
    Wigner C., 42 Chatsworth.
    Warn B., 770 w. Balt.
    Whitmarsh Geo., 159 Lexington.
    Waldeck A., 373 Saratoga.
    Weidner P., 99 n. Paca.
    Zentgraft John, 118 n. Fremont.
    Ziegler William, 289 n. Howard.

    Booksellers and Stationers

    Those marked thus * are wholesale.

    *Armstrong & Berry, 156 (Museum) Balt.
    Burt A.. P., 7 w. Balt.
    Bond J. W. & Co., 44 w. Balt.
    Cugle & Berger, 254 W. Balt.
    Cathers J. &.Bro., cor. Holliday & Balt.
    Chickering & Bro., 106 w. Pratt.
    Corbon David, 23 s. Calvert.
    Crownfield F., 57 n. Gap.
    *Cushing John & Co., 6 n. Howard.
    Cook Isaac P., 76 w. Ball.
    *Cushing & Bailey, 262 w. Balt.
    Downs John, 201 Broadway.
    Fisher & Bro., 62 w. Balt.
    Hoffman William, 472 w. Balt.
    Hickman H., 97 w. Balt.
    Hickman N., 97 w. Balt.
    Hedian P. J., 2 n. Gay.
    *Kurtz T. Newton, 151 w. Pratt.
    *Lucas Fielding, Jr., 170 w. Balt.
    *Lewis J. N. & Son, 90 w. Lombard.
    Maggers G. W., 175 Lexington.
    *Murphy, John & Co., 178 w. Balt.
    Minifie Wm. & Co., 114 w. Balt.
    Meekins S., 841 w. Balt.
    Methodist Protestant Book Concern, Jarvis Buildings, North.
    Moor, Humphrey, , 158 w. Pratt.
    Preston J. W., 351 W. Balt.
    Protestant Epis. Book Concern, 4 n Charles
    Robinson Joseph, 107 w. Balt.
    Ramsey, James E., 221 Broadway.
    Smith, Herman A.; 49 w. Balt.
    Steele D. & Co., 92 w. Balt.
    Smith R. T., 43 n. Howard.
    Smith Edwin H.; 421 W: Pratt.
    Taylor W m. & Co. Jarvis Buildings, North.
    Walker, John D., 209 Broadway.
    Weishampel, J. F., 611 w. Pratt.
    Waters James S., 244 w. Balt.


    Bonsai Lewis; 125 w. Balt.
    Dell & Bro., 330 w. Balt.
    Lycett Edw'd., cor. Green & Lexington.
    Lycett E. L., 211 Balt.
    Steif F. A., 57 Frederick.
    Schmidt H. & Co., 7 Bank Lane.
    Wright Joel, 6 n. Liberty.

    Boat Builders

    Armstrong Andrew, 62 Block.
    Bradyhouse R., Bond below Thames.
    Deter Charles, Barre near Light.
    Etchberger Jno. F., lower end McElderry's wf.
    James Levi, Thames near Wolfe.
    Neily R. W., (oarmaker) 123 Thames.
    Sword & Masters, 25 Fell.
    White James, 10 Philpot.

    Block and Pump Makers

    Aler & Sisselberger, 43 n. Paca.
    Cathcart R. & W. H., 102 Smith's wharf.
    Cate E., 122 Light street wharf.
    Cathcart Robt. & Wm. H., 123 Thames.
    Ferguson J., 16 Thames.
    Freeman Wm. P., 25 Thames.
    Henderson John, 77 w. Pratt and 23 Fell.
    Morrow Samuel W., 112 Dugan's wharf.
    Mallon John, 691 South.
    Muller J. N., Philpot btw. Point and Wills.
    Milholland Robert D., 115 Thames.
    Rennous G. G., W. F. Av. City Block.
    Rogers Joseph, (pump maker) 47 Green.
    Rice Thomas H., 105 Light street wharf.
    Ryan William J., Barre near light.


    Boyd John & Son, 9 s. Gays.
    Cole & Co., 118 n. Howard.
    Dickell & Byrne, 92 s. Howard.
    McKay & Clark, 130 Franklin.
    Russell Wm., 22 Light.

    Botanic Medicines

    Gray & Bros., 2 Water.
    Green William, 93 Wolfe.
    Larrabee E., 24 s. Calvert.

    Brooms, Baskets and Buckets

    Acomb & Son, 49 n Howard
    Dukehart J. & Co., 130 w. Baltimore.
    McKinley Thomas, 66 s. Calvert.
    Mass Samuel, 126 Franklin.
    Pope Jacob F., 11 Pearl.
    Rowe Spencer, Jr., Calvert two doors from Pratt and 105 Franklin.
    Thomas William, York.
    Wagner Francis, 24 Thames.
    Wagner George, cor Thames & Wolfe.

    Brewers and Distillers

    Claggett William & Co., 1 e. Lombard.
    Coughlan William, cor. E. Av. and Exeter.
    Hazlehurst & Phalen, (distillers) Holliday near Bath.
    Herman F., 151 Franklin.
    Hofman Conrad, 53 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Krien J., (distiller) 81 Harrison.
    Lucas, Samuel, n.e. corner, Hanover & Conway
    Medtart, Jacob C., 312 Saratoga.
    Schlott C., (distiller) 346 Saratoga.
    Wanzger ----, 129 Camden.
    Wantz H., (distiller) 140 Franklin.
    White Henry, (distiller) Holliday near Centre.


    Berry J. & T., (fire) Montgomery Opp. Sharp.
    Miller, Michael, 99 Montgomery.
    Reese William, 160 Sharp.
    Smith Francis H., Whetstone Point.


    Bennet, Enoch, 2 n. Howard.
    Cooper, J., 15 w. Lombard,
    Hope Daniel, 190 w. Pratt.
    Hope, John, 43 Montgomery,
    Patterson, Samuel, Marion near Howard,
    Rosenberg, John, 292 w. Pratt.
    Ramsay, William, 13 n. Howard.
    Stapleton Joseph ., 198 w. Baltimore.

    Brokers-Real Estate

    Beall, R. B., 47 w. Fayette
    Brooke R. H., cor. North and Fayette.
    Cain J., 11 South.
    Day, Turner & Fell.
    Farquharson James, 43 s. Gay.
    Farquharson Charles & Son, cor, Gay and Lombard, (up stairs)
    Ferguson D. B., cor. North and Fayette.
    Gott T. J., 49 Second.
    Gelbach & Manning, 36 Second.
    Hammond J. L., 41 Second.
    Harrod J. J., North opp. Chesapeake Bank.
    Jones John R., of J., 51 Second.
    Jewett J. W., 32 Second.
    Knighton Thomas, 28 Second.
    Lightner W. P., 10 w. Fayette.
    Murray Matthew.
    Manning Samuel Second.
    McNeal, James, 128 w. Baltimore.
    Simmons _____, 34 Second.
    Tilyard J. W., 61 w. Fayette.


    Brown Alex. & Son (foreign) Lyre Building;
    Greenway & Co., 17 w. Baltimore.
    Lee Josiah, corner Baltimore and Calvert.
    Harris Samuel & Sons, 216 w. Baltimore.
    Medcalfe Spicer & Co., 224 w. Baltimore.
    Nicholson G., 28 w. Baltimore.
    Nicholson J, J., 1 Sharp.
    Purvis & Gover, 208 w. Baltimore.,
    Taylor C. R. & Co., 182 w. Baltimore.


    The Baltimore STOCK BOARD-The Board was first Organized on Monday, 26th February, 1838, the following named gentlemen present: C. C. Jamison, John Barney Benj. I. Cohen, Townsend Scott, William Woodville, Jesse T. Peters, and Richard Emory. At thus meeting the following officers, were elected for the current year: For President C. C. JAMISON ; Vice President, John BARNEY; Secretary and Treasurer WILLIAM Woodville.

    The present Board was afterward permanently organized January 29th 1844. Members Present Samuel Winchester, Townsend Scott, David I. Cohen, Israel Cohen, Thomas C. harris, William Woodville, James T. Peters and commenced the current year on the 5th of February, 1844. It consists of the following named members:

    Cohen, Isreal, Franklin Buildings.
    Coakley, P. H., cor, Lombard and South.
    Dubois E. J., 23 w. Fayette.,
    Fisher William, 24 South.
    Gittings John S., Chesapeake Bank.
    Hunt Jesse S,, 2 North.
    Harris Samuel, Jr., basement of Chesapeake Bank.
    Harris Samuel & Sons, 216 w. Baltimore.
    Lee, Josiah, Banking House, corner Baltimore and Calvert.
    Peters, Jesse T., 10 Franklin Buildings.
    Purvis, & Gover, 208 w. Baltimore.
    Scott Townsend & Son, basement of Cheaspeake Bank.
    Taylor C. R. & Co. , 182 w. Baltimore.
    Winchester Samuel, cor. North & Baltimore.
    Woodville William, 6 Franklin Buildings.

    The President and Vice President .are chosen from the list of members, as, their names stand in alphabetical order to serve for one month; the Vice President becoming President at the expiration of his term. The Secretary and Treasurer, both in one office, selected annually, on the first Monday in February ; the present Secretary and Treasurer, Jesse T. Peters having been continued in the office from the organization of the Board until the present time. The fees for admission fn membership to the Board are as, follows : For an individual, $500; for a firm of two partners, $600; and for each partner beyond, $100.


    Brannan & Pearson, 1 Commerce
    Gildersleve George, 68 s. Gay.
    Stribbling & Hyland, 7 Commerce.
    Snyder Joseph R., 59 Exchange Place.
    Seevers, Armor, Page & Co., 85 and 87 Lombard.


    Coakley P. H.. cor. Lombard and Sough.
    Duvall Lemuel E., Gay opposite Exchange.
    Dubois E. J., 23 w. Fayette.
    Harrison Nathan, Franklin Bank Buildings.
    Smith John W., Second.


    Applegarth Wm., 2 Spear's wharf wharf. (Upstairs.)
    Brown John W., 81 Smith's wharf.
    Hankey Joseph, 61 s. Gay.
    Kelsey & Gray, cor. Pratt and Gay.
    Mankin Isaiah, cor. Pratt and Gay.
    Rose John, 1 O'Donnell's wharf.
    Rhoads W. &.Son, cor. Pratt and Spear's wf
    Stirling William, 74 spear's-wharf, (upstairs;)

    Butter Dealers

    Those marked thus * are wholesale.

    Adelger Adam, 228 Broadway.
    *Clayton & Hewes, 63 Exchange Place.
    Essender James, 256 Broadway.
    Kelly John C., 308 n. Howard.
    Leatherwood J. H., 85 Hanover.
    Manning H. S., 40 Camden.
    *Tweedy & Manning, 205 w. Pratt.
    Taylor R., 44 Camden.

    Heading ink blotted

    Egenton, Morris & Co., w. Falls Av. near Pratt st. bridge.
    McMahan John; 350 w. Pratt.

    Cabinet Warerooms and Manufacturers

    Anderson & Miller, 12 Second
    Armstrong & Denny, 195 Light.
    Brewer Daniel, 72 n: Howard
    Brashears J. B., 29 South.
    Bevans R. A. L. 271 w. Baltimore
    Blades Frederick, Canton Av.
    Bockem Frederick, 320 Bond:.
    Block Simon J., 236. do
    Babeth, C., 332 w. Pratt
    Byrne James, 43 w. Lombard
    Brown John, 208 Monument
    Blackiston & Green, 482 .w. Baltimore..
    Blass W. H., Gay between Balt. and Fayette.
    Clarke Robt. A:; 27 Harrison
    Cromwell Thomas; 90 Broadway
    Clemmons, Wm., 1 George
    Clendinen R., 129 Saratoga.
    Crook Jas. & Son, 55 w: Fayette
    Dutton Robert .141. Canton Av.
    Davis, James, 15 Saratoga.
    Eilau W., 202 Bond.
    Frey, S., 36 Hanover
    Faitz John, 204 Broadway.
    Faitz C. 312 Bond
    Frederick R.; 548 w. Baltimore.
    Goodman Louis, 60 Harrison.
    Grimm J., 28 .do
    Guenther Henry, 270 Bond..
    Graham, William, 22 w. Lombard.
    Gould Thos. N., 59 Sharp.
    Gardiner Francis, cor. Second and Frederick.
    Godey Thomas, 54 Hanover
    Gillespie Stephen, cor. Davis and Saratoga..
    Galap John B , .79 Harrison
    Harryman Walter; 59 South
    Hofman Geo., 30 Hanover.
    Hollander Charles, 26 e-Pratt.
    Heck, John, 166 Alice Anna . ...
    Harris William, 72 Thames
    Hughes John, 170 Bond.
    Hornung Jno. Geo., 164 Bond.
    Herald F.; 187 Sharp .
    Harris Alfred C., 73 Montgomery
    Heakelman H. 183 Caroline. .
    Hiss & Austin, 112 w. Fayette.
    Hirsh, C. H., 13 n: Gay.
    Jenkins, A. & H., 14 Light.
    John, Charles C., 226 Bond.
    Johnson J. J.,.4 w. Fayette.,
    Krausse William, 289 Bond
    Kasure, Jesse, 33 s. Eutaw
    Kennedy, Michael, 45 w: Lombard.
    Klauder Deginther, & Co., 9 Eutaw House
    Kammert Peter; 249 Franklin
    Kemper John, 25 Harrison
    Kuencks Conrad, 59 Park.
    Klessner, Wm. 40 n. Eutaw.
    Langgood, Moses, 200 Broadway.
    Leitz, A., 43 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Leitz, Daniel, 99 Harrison
    Logan, J. H., & Co., 41 n. Paca.
    Merriman O.P., 26 1/2 n. Howard
    McMullin John, cor. Gay and Fayette;
    Muhlhofer J. M.; 75 n. Gay
    Meyer Henry; 33 Clay
    McCoull G. C., 139 Saratoga.
    Nimmo, John E., 200 Bond
    Namuth Fred'k T., 14 Frederick
    Ohr Frederick, 56 Bethel.
    Peacock J. E.,, 275 w. Pratt.
    Ponder Geo. W., 122 w. Fayette
    Parks John W., 92 Saratoga
    Ruth Jacob, cor. Exeter and Eastern Av.
    Russell John, 54 s. Charles.
    Renwick Robt., 97 n. Howard:,
    Rohr L.; 52 n. Liberty
    Sharer.. 11 Harrison
    Shryock H. S.; 44 w. Fayette.
    Stevens S. S., 27 Hanover.
    Shune John, 315 Bond. ,
    Shentau S., 195 do.
    Shannon Wm., 18 Second.
    Sheerer John, 47 Hill
    Suter Charles, 6 w. Baltimore
    Schultheis J., 151 Mulberry
    Scriven T. J., 100 n. Eutaw
    Thomas .G. H.; 20 Sharp.
    Tortence William, 17 w. Pratt.,
    Tarr Wesley B., 35 n..Gay
    Tarr E. S., 11 n. Gay
    Upton Benj, 46 1/2 South
    Waskey, Benj. 41 South and 26 Lombard.
    Watkins, J. T. 47 do.
    Williams, John & James & Co., cor. Calvert and Lovely lane
    Wiegel Henry, 6 Water.
    Weaver John H., 1 w. Fayette,
    Wiedmann G., 238 w. do
    Weidemeyer A., 542 w. Baltimore
    Zaller Joseph A., 699 Baltimore
    Zell E.. F., 121 Franklin

    Cap Manufacturers

    Ash Louis, 26 s. Charles
    Austrian Charles; 231 Bonn
    Beratheusel W., 352 Charles.
    Crensky & White, 491 s. Charles.
    Davidson S. K., 52 s. Charles.
    Kuhlman H.,161 w. Pratt
    Silverstein W., 70 s. Charles
    Tiralla, J. 21 Harrison
    Winter H., 433 w. Balt.
    Wagner F., Light

    Carpet Stores

    Beck Thomas, 3 n. Gay
    Duvall & Turnbull 266 w. Balt.
    Flagg William C., 250 do
    Griffith G. S., 77 w. Balt.
    Jacobs Samuel, 202 w. Balt.
    Levering Aaron, 28 Centre Market Space.
    McDowell & Gable, 264 w: Balt

    Carpenters and Builders

    Amoss W. W., 8 Aetna Alley.
    Burgess Allen, 91 Harrison.
    Boyd F. H. B., 69 Holliday.
    Bean Joseph H., 20 McClellan's alley.
    Brown Ira, 13 Little Sharp
    Brown James R., cor. Cathedral and Chase.
    Bayly H. J., Wine.
    Bennett & Hopkins, Hanover opposite market house.
    Buck & Kirk, 36 Dover.
    Clark B. & Co., Pleasant near Calvert.
    Carter John H., 84 St. Mary's.
    Carson & Martinet, 55 Holliday.
    Curley James & Sons, cor. Howard and Monument.
    Clem P. 5.,169 n. Eutaw.
    Calladay Joseph S., 411 w. Fayette.
    Cramblitt T. A., 446 w. Balt.
    Crothers Robert, Courtland between Mulberry and Franklin.
    Chamberlain J. R., 80 German.
    Cannon William H. 132 Camden.
    Cook John Henry, 705 w. Balt.
    Dixon & Hopkins, cor. Eutaw and Carpenter's alley.
    Davis John F., 115 Camden.
    Dushane John, 119 do.
    Dickinson John, 45 n. Sharp
    Dushane Nathan T., Orchard near Ross.
    Elliott Irvin B., Fremont near Balt.
    Eckard & Keenan, s. Frederick.
    Ehrman Jacob, 48 German.
    Evans Job & Son, 19 Garden.
    Emmart Branson, 428 w. Balt. (up stairs.)
    Fitzsimmons D. G., Saratoga near Charles.
    Fergusson Richard, Garden near Biddle.
    Getty David A., 15 Cowpen alley, (packing boxes.)
    Green John, Jr., Cowpen alley near Eutaw
    Gorsuch Theodore, 81 Mulberry.
    Gosnell T., 79 do.
    Gross Richard, Garden near Biddle.
    Gardner & McCandless, 51 Frederick.
    Gardner James, 207 Lombard.
    Gosnell G. T., 50 German.
    Grim Edward, 46 do.
    Hogg J. W., cor. North and Saratoga.
    Hess Samuel, 3 Clay.
    Hogg J. W. & J. S., Cowpen alley near Liberty.
    Harrison William S., Orange alley.
    Henkell Peter, (cigar boxes) 30 Barre.
    Horn John, (packing boxes Davis near Pleasant.
    Harman William H., Henrietta near Light
    Hooper Benjamin A., 146 s. Charles.
    Klare John 13., (packing boxes) 5 Little Sharp.
    Kirk Washington, 25 do.
    King J. A., 140 Camden.
    Leeke & Co., 13 Grant.
    Leaken John, 102 Orchard.
    McNabb J., Davis near Pleasant.
    McKee Charles, Richmond near Howard
    Mason R. W.; 428 w. Balt.
    McPherson John, 39 Saratoga.
    Markland, J. T., 348 w. Pratt.
    Macneal A. L., cor. Hawk and Concord.
    McComas, William A., Wine.
    Matthews J., 15 Grant.
    Meyer H. H., 212 Sharp
    Macher John S., 90 Conway.
    McMillan George G., 83. do.
    Morrow John, 78 Lee
    Newman William W., s. Frederick.
    Price D., 8 Grant.
    Quinlan B. W. & J., Grant.
    Quigley & Tucker, Marion near Howard.
    Rigby Philip A, 126 Camden. .
    Rhoads H., 47 Holliday.
    Radecke D. H., (packing boxes) 27 McClellan's alley.
    Rigely, O. D., 207 w. Fayette.
    Romoser John, 65 Pa. av.
    Rupp Jacob, 74 Orchard.
    Rouse & King, Orchard near Tieseur.
    Rinedollar Jacob, Madison near Howard.
    Schultz & Tiemyer, (packing boxes) 15 Little Sharp
    Stuart George, 10 Clay.
    Stuart George A. 122 Dover
    Stevens James, Dover between Sharp and Hanover.
    Showacre J. W. & G. W., 541 W. Balt.
    Stahl, 17 Grant, (up stairs.)
    Starr B. F., 56 German.
    Sharar Wm. G., German between Green and Paca.
    Talbot & Riley 130 Camden.
    Tomlin E. L., f7 Grant. .
    Winkelman Henry, (packing boxes) 11 Little Sharp.
    Wyvel, _____, 97 Orchard
    Willis Thomas, 536 w. Balt
    Wall E., 81 n. Paca.
    Webb William, 46 Holliday.
    Winter S., Hanover near Hill.
    Wilson, William M., Balderston.
    Williams William, 74 Lee.
    Watson A., (packing boxes) 2 Lovely lane..
    Zimmerman G. J.,153 Mulberry.


    Baltimore Cemetery, _ Colvin Building, s. w. cor. Batt. and South; second story.
    Greenmount, cor. Dark lane and Courtland.

    Cigars and Tobacco-Wholesale

    Armstrong J. D. & Thornton, 259 w. Balt.
    Bonn Bros & Co., 22 s. Charles.
    Boyd William A., 121 w. Pratt.
    Brauns F. L. & Co., (commission) 20 German.
    Cole Griffith & Co., 321 Balt.
    Courtney & Cushing, 65 Centre Market Space.
    Cromer & Hoff, 349 w. Balt.
    Deford Charles D., 64 s Gay.
    Gehrmann & Magers, 38 South.
    Heald Jacob & Co.; 58 s. Gay.
    Katz & Leupald, (commission) 17 German.
    Little Thomas G. Co., 22 s. Calvert.
    Montell, J. E. &, Bro., 4 Exchange Place.
    Moody John B., 56 w. Pratt.
    Middleton, Charles F., 108 w. Pratt.
    Pleasants John P. & Sons, 48 South.
    Palmer J. N. & Co., Exchange Place.
    Seemuller, A., 44 w. Lombard.
    Starr Robert, 31 s. Calvert.
    Von Kapff H. & F., (commission) 17 German.
    Wight, J. & Co., 3 n. Liberty.
    Welsh William & Co., 367 w: Balt.

    Cigar and Tobacco Dealers-retail

    Alexander Meyer; s. Pace near Balt.
    Alferd James E:, 401 w. Pratt.
    Allen Wm. M., cor. Shroeder and Lombard.
    Abbott William, 232 Broadway.
    Bragden Wm. Jr., n. Howard near Biddle.
    Buehler William, 157 Franklin.
    Bragdon Wm., Richmond near Howard.
    Brawner James H., 7 n. Calvert.
    Busch Henry, 77 Hanover and 17 Centre Market Space.
    Bothman C., 206 Hanover.
    Bird E. C., 24 w. Pratt.
    Barker William K.; 265 w: Pratt.
    Blessing John 263 n. Gay.
    Baldwin John F:, 76 n: Gay
    Buck Lewis, 197 do.
    Bitner, Francis, 185 Bond:
    Brinckmyer Charles, 3 e. Balt.
    Bell 1. B., 119 e. Pratt.
    Brown Jesse, 208 Broadway.
    Barrett William, 60 n. Gay
    Bixedshets George H., 63 n. Gay
    Bixler Louis A., 84 n. Howard.
    Busch, John & Co., 29 Marsh Market Space.
    Cherry Edward, 430 w. Balt.
    Clark George W:, 395 w: Balt.
    Clark John A., 194 n. Gay.
    Conaway & Baldwin, Powhatan Hall, Bond.
    Choupin S. Ambrose, cor. Bond and Gough.
    Donahue & King, Forest near Gay.
    Dellerie Samuel, 181 w. Pratt.
    Draper Garrison, 162 Forest.
    Donelsoh J. L., cor. Orleans and Canal.
    Degenhard Charles; 58 Thames.
    Ditmer H., 10 Harrison
    Duchatel H. G., 58 w. Baltimore.
    Eichelberger, J. F. 139 Franklin. Av.
    Ebbertts, Alex'r, 204 Lexington
    Escavaille, J. B., 36 South
    Earck W. H., 95 Light st. wharf.
    Ferguson B. W., 652 w. Baltimore.
    Fenderich Joseph & Bro., 156 n. Gay.
    Freeman Samuel B., 6 n. Liberty
    Fieldhouse F.; 8 w. Baltimore.
    Frank Geo.,. 13 Ross
    Gray, Lewis, 108 Light st. wharf
    Gregory & Newell, 134 w. Pratt
    Graaff, Semmi, 37 President.
    Heinsler J. F., corner Harrison and Balt
    Hays & Myers, 113 Franklin.
    Hennaman Jno. T.;195 Lexington.
    High Wm., 122 n. Fremont.
    Henkel, P. & Son; 13 Broadway
    Humphries W., Howard Hall, Broadway.
    Hineker keg F., cor. Bond and Gough.
    Hewett, Lewis, 138 n. Gay.
    Haltzinger F., 310 w. Pratt.
    Handley F., 523 w. Balt.
    Hoffman Wm. 191 s. Eutaw.
    Jones Charles W. & Bro., corner Lombard and Caroline.
    James T: C. & Co., 57 Thames, and 101 Broadway
    Jinkins James, 235 Broadway
    Jones U., 201 Lexington
    Jung David, 107 n. Fayette
    Johnson James, 135 North
    Klumper F. W., 236 n. Gay
    Kugler Samuel, 297 w. Pratt
    Kemer John F.; corner High and Baltimore.
    Koerber Charles. 199 Alice Anna.
    Kerner C. D., 184 Lexington
    Lambden J: D., 69 n. Gay
    Luntz J. G., corner Howard and Barre.
    Lea W. E. B.; cornet Lombard and High.
    Michel W., Calvert near Pleasant
    Meixsel John J., Lexington near Green
    Muller John W. & Co., 163 w. Baltimore.
    Mitchel F. J., corner Lombard and Exeter.
    Moxley Walter, cor. Broadway and Lancaster.
    Miller D., 314 Bond
    Marcks M., 83 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Mullen James, 96 w. Pratt.
    Maydwell William B., 188 w. Baltimore.
    Munks Jno. M. & Co., 14 n. Howard.
    Morawetz M. L., 113 Lexington
    Messersmith Jno. K.,119 Pennsylvania Av.
    Norris &, Dulaney, 0 n. Eutaw
    Norris A. J., 2801. w. Baltimore
    Owen R. D.. Light near Baltimore.
    Parker & W Wiley, 11 Eden
    Palmer Geo, M., 21 Centre Market Space
    Paul Wm., 447 w. Baltimore.
    Parlett B. F., 8 Light-street wharf
    Plummer J., 153 1/2 e. Baltimore
    Patterson G.; 18 Pennsylvania Avenue:
    Rogers John W., 274, Alice Anna
    Ramsey Isaac T., 249 Broadway
    Richards Miss Sarah 124 Caroline. ..
    Rosenfeld, S. & Co., 101 s. Gay.
    Regrave Wm. S., cor., Howard and Camden.
    Rabe John F., 95 n. Gay
    Roberts C., 141 Lexington
    Simering Christian, 153 Franklin
    Skilman Geo., 23 Centre Market Space
    Smith Andrew, 51 s. Calvert
    Sauner John H., 245 w. Pratt
    Schaeffer D., w. Pratt ear' Calender.
    Smith Henry, Hollins
    Smith J. C., 155 1/2 w. Baltimore.
    Stevens J. W.. 126 Light street wharf.
    Schroeder F. H., 5 Little Paca.
    Showacre H. C. & Co., 63 Hanover
    Stewart Wm. W., cor. Bond and Alice Anna.
    Seitz Henry, 116 Thames
    Smith James N. 187 1/2 Broadway.
    Strobel Henry, .227 Broadway
    Sastenen M., cor. Caroline and Jefferson.
    Sutliff, Henry. 438 w. Baltimore.
    Smith, G. A.. 530 do.
    Shea D. P., 21 Fayette.
    Thompson O. G., 127 n. Gay.
    Tischmyer & French, 13 e. Pratt.
    Timbs William, 227 Canton Avenue.
    Towsen James, corner Ann and Thames.
    Thomson John A., 3 Light.
    Uhl Francis A., corner Hawk. and Market Space.
    Webb N., 68 n. Howard.
    White Samuel, 120 n. Gay.
    Waldman Miss E., 259 w. Pratt
    Williams A. W., 163 e. Baltimore.
    Worrell Joseph T., corner Eastern Avenue and Bond.
    Wever, Justus, 209 Eastern Avenue.
    Woolman John D., 7 e. Pratt.
    Walter A., 664 w. Baltimore.
    Walter Edm'd T. H., 3 w. Pratt


    Caldwell James A., 27 s. Calvert
    Cooper T. A., 196 Lexington.
    Hiss Wm. Henry, 17 s. Gay
    Lee James, 45 s. Charles
    May James A.; 120 w. Fayette
    Soran John, corner Bond and Gough
    Tucker John H., 2 w. Baltimore.
    Williams Wm. & M., 19 w. Pratt.

    Cedar Ware Manufacturers

    Christhlife Henry, 16 n. Howard.
    Caspear John, 366 w: Baltimore
    Gruver & Costoly, 120 Franklin
    Magne H., 368 w. Pratt
    Robinson John, 22 n. Howard.
    Richardson, Geo., Park near Fayette.


    Chappell P. S., Cross street, Federal Hill.
    Ellicott A. S. & P. T., Federal Hill
    Popplein Geo. & N., foot Cross st.
    Trego William, Hughes.
    Tyson J., Jr., cor. Point and Block.

    China, Glass and Queensware Dealers

    Those marked thus * are wholesale.

    *Bokee J. C. & Co., 41 n. Howard.
    Bokee W. F., 3 Harrison.
    Bokee John C., 233 w. Pratt.
    Ball David, 166 Franklin.
    * Earnest & Cowles, 29s. Calvert
    Edwards R., Jr. & Son, (commission;) 24 s. Charles
    Farmer Philip, 21 n. Eutaw.
    * Herring Geo. W. & Co., 7 s. Charles.
    Jones James E., 121 n. Gay.
    * Keyser C. M., 10 and 12 n. Howard.
    * Levering & Clark, 118 and 120 Lombard
    * Marston & Bros., 308 w. Baltimore.
    Monroe J. L., 192 Broadway.
    Myers Jacob, .164 do.
    Marston L., 41 n. Eutaw.
    * Porter Charles, 6 Hanover.
    Pawley James, Jr., 18 s. Calvert.
    * Parr & Banks, 159 w. Baltimore.
    Parr James L., (stoneware,) 55 South.
    Parr David, 8 e. Baltimore.
    Remmey, Edw'd, 640 w. Baltimore.
    Shirley, Wm., 13 s. Calvert.
    Sharkey John & Co., 314 w. Baltimore.
    Towson W. O., 5 Harrison.
    Triebert Henry, 535 w. Baltimore.
    Tydings Chas., 106 Franklin.
    Valiant Wm. Thomas, 186 w. Pratt.
    Wonderly John, 46 South.
    Wonderly William, 94 n. Gay.

    Cloths, Cassimeres, Vesting., and. Tailors' Trimmings-Importers and Jobbers in

    Grundy & Co., 240 w. Baltimore (up stairs)
    Harrington H. L., buttons and trimmings, 21 w. Baltimore; (up. stairs.)
    Lewis Martin & Co., 230 w. Baltimore.
    Orem, Hopkins & Rose, 238 w. Baltimore

    Clocks and Looking-glasses-commission

    Mann William & C o., 42 s. Charles.
    Phillips & Willoughby,, 5 s. Charles.

    Clothiers and Ready-made Clothing

    Those marked thus * are wholesale.

    * Ash J., 16 a. Charles.
    Adler M., 119 n. Howard. .
    Brun Madam F., children's, 86 Lexington.
    * Bolton Henry, 298 w. Baltimore.
    Brunner John J., 74 Centre Market Space.
    Brown Aulay, . 12 , do. do.
    Burgunder Simon, 6 do. do
    Bruck H. M., 45 s. Liberty.
    Broaders Henry R., 421 w. Pratt.
    Berard Row., 44 do.
    Burgunder B., 126 do.
    Brannan J. M., 182 do.
    Bear Meair, 300 do.
    Baigheimer Henry, 125 w. Lombard
    Bachman, H. W., Howard cor. Perry.
    Brooks S., 119 w. Baltimore.
    Barrington, Mrs. 22 e. Baltimore.
    Brenner S. & Bro., cor. Bond and Thames.
    Brafman Abraham, 46 Centre Market Space.
    Bopp Lorenzo, 100 Light at. wharf.
    Blundel M.; 89 n. Howard.
    Blundel T., 75 do.
    Baldwin James T., 26 n. Howard.
    Beck A. F., 112 Montgomery.
    Bazand E., boys', 206 w. Balt.
    Craig William, 39 w. Baltimore.
    * Cowan Thomas, 157 w. do.
    * Cole H. H., cor. Pratt and Market Space. .
    Coonan Patrick, 72 Centre Market Space.
    Cauguy Michael, 34:w. Pratt..
    Carr H. cor. Pratt and Gay.
    Colter Samuel 111 n. Eutaw.
    Dewolf Benj., 84 Centre Market Space.
    Deitz J. B., cor. Pratt and Charles.
    Dode Peter, 32 w. Pratt.
    *Dailey John, 330 w. Baltimore
    Fastie Geo., 80 n. Gay. .
    Fritz George a H., 51 Names. .
    Fowler William, 67 do.
    Frank L. & A., 20 Centre Market Space.
    Fletcher J. H., 116 w. Pratt.
    Freidenrich F. 111 n: Howard..
    Fledderman 1: H., 99 do
    Grohs George, 118 Ross
    Grunenbaum, Joshua, 34 and 14 Centre Market Space
    Goodman H. &. Co., 8 Centre Market Space
    Goodman & Co., 40 w: Pratt.
    Grote John, 216 w. Pratt.
    Glansburg, James E. & Co., 47 Thames.
    Griffith M 54 Harrison
    Goodman Aaron, 107 n. Howard.
    Henny, Arthur, 93 n. do.
    Hand berry Thomas, 58 Harrison.
    Harzberg & Steifel; 36 Centre Market. Space
    Hummerlrich, B.; 123 Franklin.
    Humberger Kaufman, 16 Centre Market Space
    Herzbe & Bro., 2 do.
    Hayes Walter C., 48 w Pratt
    Hagerty.John,130 1/2 do
    * Hartman J: P., 163 w. Balt.
    Halle Simon, 131.Franklin. .
    Hamberger I., 16 Harrison
    Haar H., 117 n. Howard
    Hecht J. & Bro., 132 Franklin.
    Howard W.. H. 12 w. Fayette.
    Hopkins, Fairchild & Hines, 220 w: Balt.
    Inglehoft Adam, 54 w. Pratt.
    * Jarrett L.,,126 w. Balt.
    Katzerberger, Solomon, 92 w. Pratt
    Krutz H. 107 Light at. wharf
    Kelly P. 1. 113 n. Howard.
    * Keen & N., 146 w. Balt.
    Lobree Isaac, 78 w: Pratt
    Laupheimer Jacob; 66,w. Pratt
    Lehmeyer S., 90, do.
    Lipp James, cor. Baltimore and Paca.
    Lobry Isaac, 167 Franklin.
    Lipp, F. X., cor. Pa. av., and Franklin
    Moor George, 71 E. av
    Mayer Frederick, 168 w. Pratt.
    Mills William, P.127 w. Balt.
    McDowell Francis, 125 Light at wharf
    Mandelbaum H.., 127 n. Howard.
    Myer L.,108 Franklin.
    Mullen Mrs. R., (children's) 106 Mulberry;
    Maudrick Henry, 268 a Charles
    Nicklas-George, 245 n. Gay.
    Newmati Samuel, 56 Centre Market Space:
    Nyburg Samuel, 16 w. Pratt.
    Newman & Greinbaum, 119 w: Pratt.
    Oliver & Makibben, cor., Howard and Saratoga
    *Phillips A., cor. Balt. and Calvert.
    Peters G. C., 20 w: Pratt
    Pfeifer M. 40 n: Paca.
    Rosenstock L.,165 Thames
    Ring Moses, 66 Centre Market Space.
    Rosenberg, A., 4 Center Market Space
    Row,& Brenner, 68 w. Pratt.
    Rea, John H., cor Pratt and South.
    Stockdale Elias, 24 w. Balt.
    Schiff Meyer, 123 n. Howard
    Smith Andrew, 214 Bond
    Stein M., 88 w. Pratt.
    Stromenger John, 140 w. Pratt
    Schloss D., 41 w. Lombard,
    Stine, Joseph, 193 w. Balt.
    * Shipley Howard & Co., 303 ;w., Balt.
    * Straus Adler & Hartman; 321 w, do.
    Stockdale N., 78 Centre Market Space
    Schermer John V.,171 w. Pratt
    Smith Henry 38 w. Pratt.
    Tucker Jose 112 w. Balt.
    Utermuhle X., 121 e. Pratt
    Witzberger, S., 114 Franklin
    Wilmes, B. & Co., 28 Pa. av.
    Weyffarth B & C., 6 e. Pratt
    Weil, Yoness, 143 Thames
    Walter Raphael, 76w. Pratt.
    Wilson Edward,132 do.
    Wolf M., 210 do.
    Waldauer & Strauss, 314 do.
    * Walker Noah & Co. 80 Centre Market Space
    Weisenfeld & Co., 64 do. do. do.
    Weil Jonathan, 16 do. do. do.
    Weyffarth C. C:; 26 n. Paca
    Wilson John W., 588 w. Balt
    Wunder G. J.,165 Franklin

    Copper Manufacturers

    McKimm Wm & H, agents; 56 s Gay
    Office Balt. & Cuba Co. cor. Lombard at Gay, (up stairs.)
    Williams George, 30 e, Frederick, agent Gun powder Copper Factory

    Cotton Duck Manufacturer

    Cooper William m E. 74 1/2 South


    Bishop, Richard, 79 w. Fayette
    Busch F. W., (wheelright) 49 Lancaster
    Bond Thomas J., 39 s. Paca
    Brashears Francis, 75 s: Howard
    Bates William, (wheelright) 14, Lee
    Bowers William, 47 North
    Blum F., (wheelright) 350 Saratoga ..
    Curlett John, & Son, North near Lexington
    Carter Clement, 67 n., Calvert
    Detering G., 51 s. Howard.
    Demling, Thomas, York
    Flaglor & Co., 49 Hanover.
    Fields William H:, 169 Fremont.
    Haslup Resin, 53 North
    Johnson A., 47 North.
    Lee Elisha, 45 Holliday.
    Lane E. & Co., 71 n. Calvert
    McCann William, Gay opposite Exchange and 3 s. Frederick.
    Mullin F. Jr., 90 Holliday
    McCurley James 21 n. Liberty
    Morrison Wm., St. Mary's opp. College
    Othick Wm. D. cor. Eutaw and German
    Parrish Jacob W., Pratt near Emory
    Potts George C., 76 w. Fayette
    Parsons Joshua, Pa. av. extended.
    Selvage Joseph R., 34 Harrison
    Sommer Jacob, cor. Howard and Lombard.
    Seabright Samuel, German near Paca
    Schmidt Jacob, (wheelright) Pa. av.
    Tidy J. B., North near Pleasant.
    Williamson & Gordon, cor. Balt. and Green
    Wicks John, (wheelright) 1 e. Pratt.
    Zinkham John, Columbia.

    Cotton Manufacturers

    Kennedy Wm., Mt. Vernon Co., 94 w. Lombard.
    Wethered Bros., 16 German.
    Williams George, 30 s. Frederick, agent Savage Factory.

    Cotton Yarn and Batting Manufacturer

    Cook John, Garden near Preston.
    Dusk John & Co., Johnson.
    Martin D. A., 21 German.


    Allen James W., 76 German.
    Allen John, do. do.
    Buthoff G., 314 s. Charles.
    Beck John, William.
    Bond y & Thurlow, 121 Thames.
    Carroll John R., 27 Commerce.
    Corbin Martin, 41 do.
    Conelly John 236 German.
    Coons P. & Sons, 128 Thames.
    Cook, T & J., 20 McClellan's alley.
    Dungan Stevenson, 45 Commerce.
    Douglass Joseph, Tiesure.
    Evans George & Co., 70 w. Pratt.
    Espey William, 27 Fell.
    Gardner E., Commerce.
    Gruetter Fred'k. L., Montgomery near Howard.
    Gibbs A., Little Sharp.
    Hemmerbeher Morton, 208 Sharp.
    Hicks Reuben, 21 Carpenter's alley.
    Israel Jacob, 521 w. Balt.
    Jameson John, 43 Commerce.
    Keaty Alexander, 89 Lancaster.
    Musgrave Andrew, cor. Patterson and Cable
    Michael John E., Camden near Paca.
    McGowan B., Conway near Cove.
    Placide Henry, 56 Buchanan's wharf.
    Parker Edward & Co., 146 Camden.
    Prior James B. 170 Saratoga.
    Pearce James, 149 w. Fayette.
    Taschner H., Henrietta near Hanover.
    Thurlow John, 121 Thames.
    Woolen Thomas, 31 Commerce.
    White J. B., 39 do.
    Wicklein Charles, Wilham.
    Zane Peter, 35 Commerce.


    Brune F. W. & Son, agents for underwriters of Bremen, 89 and 91 Smith's wharf.
    Baptista A. L., Portuguese, 62 Buchanan's wharf.
    Brauns F. L., Saxony, Wurtemburg, Bavaria, and Prussia, 20 German.
    Jacobsen H. G., Denmark, Exchange Place. McTavish John, British, 30 Second.
    Morton Geo. C., France, 23 Exch. Place.
    Oldfield G. S., Sandwich Islands, and agent for underwriters at Lloyd's, 43 s. Charles.
    O'Donnell C. Oliver, Brazil, 61 Exch. Place. Oelrichs Henry, Oldenburg, 31 s. Charles.
    Pizarro J. A., Spain, 23 Barnet.
    Rhodes A. C., Commercial agent Brazil, 61 Exchange Place
    Rhodes A. C., Two Sicilies; do.
    Schumacher A., Hamburg and Bremen; 9 s. Charles.
    Strohm J. F., Venezuela, 48 w. Lombard.
    Uhrlaub Edward, Hanover, 16 German.
    Williamson C. A., Sardinia, 10 s. Charles

    Coal Dealers

    Alleghany Coal Co., Shipping Office, Locust Point.
    Boyce James, agent Wilmington Coal Co. Commercial Buildings, Gay.
    Clark Geo. B., 31 South, agent, Howard opp. Centre.
    Child Wm., 78 Bowly's whf. (up stairs.)
    Campbell George, 398 w. Pratt.
    Comegys, s , German near Paca.
    Craw William Hughes' Quay.
    Daugherty John, Canal and Bank.
    Frostburg Coal Co., Shipping Office, Locust Point.
    Fall River Mining Co., do. do.
    Geise J. Henry, Spear's wharf.
    Hamilton S. M. cor. South and Lombard.
    Hankey James, 61 s. Gay.
    Mt. Savage Coal Co., Shipping Office Locust Point.
    Maryland Mining Co., do. do.
    McElderry Henry, 91 Lombard.
    McClymont & Duncan, West Falls av.
    Sloan & Burns, 2 s Calvert and comer Alice Ann and Albemarle.
    Tutman A. C. & Co., 76 North.
    Washington Coal Co., Shipping Office Locust Point.
    West Charles, cor. Gay and Market.
    Young & Co's. Mining Co., Shipping Office Locust Point.
    Coffee Roasters and Spice Grinders.
    Brass Joseph, 93 Barre. Francis & Co., 73 Garden.


    Those marked thus * are wholesale.

    Arthur Mrs. Anna, 58 Second.
    Aichell Jacob, 240 Hanover.
    Arthur Anne & Son, 28 Camden.
    Bregel Joseph F., 11 York Avenue.
    Beyer George, 32 Ensor.
    Bossatd Michael, 318 n. Gay.
    Bast John, s. Charles.
    Bonn Emory cor. Davis and Saratoga.
    Bunn & Shehr, 100 Camden. .
    Bennet John, 3 Warner.
    Braun John J., 132 Columbia.
    Baepler Henry, 102 Columbia.
    Bittinger John D., 7 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Bast, John D., s. Charles.
    Binz John. 94 Hollins.
    *Bridges Wm., 313 w. Baltimore.
    Baccigaluppo, V.; 44 n. Gay.
    Blay, William 107, n. Calvert.
    Borriarch Thomas, 4, n. Charles. .
    *Bodge Daniel, 45 n. Howard.
    Burman, Henry, 58 Park.
    Blakeslee A.; 67 w. Fayette.
    Brittingham C., 133 w. Fayette.
    Bridener Mirtin, 21 s. Paca.,
    Baker L., 25 Pine.
    Batchlor Jacob, 27 Pine.
    Curlett, Lewis G., 56 e.. Baltimore.
    Cormine George, 253 n. Gay.
    Carter William, 112 Gough;
    Collins Mrs. Mary, 85 Harrison.
    Campbell, A. 746 w. Baltimore.
    Connor John O., Pleasant cor. Davis.
    Dessin, Henry, 16 e. Pratt.
    Dip George, 56 e. Pratt.
    Dickens Thomas, 136 n. Gay.
    Davidson Charles C., 218 n. Eutaw,
    Deiterly, C. 77 n. Gay.
    Deibel, Y., 675 w. Baltimore.
    Donkmyer, T., cor. Lombard and Parkin.
    Frank John G., 117 William.
    Falck, Caspar, W., 328 a. Charles.
    Flamm Peter, 27 w. Lombard.
    Gilmour James D., 243 w. Pratt
    Gardiner Elizabeth, 308 w. Pratt.
    Goldsmith Edward, 89 n. Eutaw.
    Gaddes Sarah, Henrietta near Light.
    Gerhard Josiah, 21 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Gheo Andro, cor. Baltimore and Gay.
    Garmud E., 104 w. Baltimore.
    Giles John R., 124 w. Baltimore.
    Gilmour W. W., cor. Saratoga and Arch.
    Guest J. W., 121 Franklin.
    Gilbert Jane, 19 w. Baltimore.
    Gorsuch Nicholas M., 176 e. Baltimore.
    Ghiaer Jno., 161 e. Baltimore.
    Gieger John, 33 e. Pratt.
    Gray & Co., 71 w. Baltimore.
    Huggins Jesse L., 206 Broadway.
    Hatter Martin, 139 n. Gay..
    Hisser Marv, 203 e. Fayette.
    Hewett & Bromley, 26 e. Baltimore.
    Hoffman J., 215 s. Charles.
    Hall John, 147 Hanover.
    Herget E. C.,107 Camden.
    *Higgins. Edward, 161 w. Pratt.
    Hoffman William, 133 Lexington.
    Hebbern Mrs. L., 397 w. Baltimore.
    Heinzerling L., 301 Light
    Hacker J. C., 105 Harrison.
    Hoofnagle Conrad, 103 Harrison.
    Irvin,_____, cor. St. Paul and Bank Lane. .
    Jenks E., 54 e. Fayette
    Johnson & Kemp, 244 Broadway
    Jockel M., 196 Sharp.
    Jones William, 108 n. Calvert.
    King James, 197 e. Baltimore
    *Kidd, & White, 16 w. Baltimore.
    Koerner & Bro., 80 n. Eutaw.
    Kreger William, 163 Light
    Klein David, 307 s. Charles.
    Kammer W., 272 s. Charles.
    *Kephart & Darby, 284 w. Baltimore
    *Kellogg John M., 322 w. Baltimore.
    Kahler Jacob, 468 w., Baltimore
    Kegler J. G., 246 w. Lexington
    Kawnrot J., 329 Saratoga
    Lucas P. B., 172 Broadway
    Loster J. D., 94 Caroline
    *Lanahan W., 139 w. Pratt.
    Leibin A., 663 w. Baltimore
    Lincoln J. S. & F.,.113 n. Howard.
    Loane R., 57 Pine.
    Lantz Jacob, 135 s. Howard
    Leinsz Frederick, 81 Biddle.
    Lieck Henry, 175 Sharp,
    Merchant Joseph, 124 n. Gay
    Mace Stephen T., 15 Front.
    Medinger C. A., 164 Forest
    Most Henry, 99 Broadway
    Miles Charles A., 137 e. Baltimore.
    Martin E., Franklin near Green.
    Martin Paul, 62 Lexington
    Morrison Mrs. Harriet, 660 w. Baltimore.
    Mitchell, S. J., 98 w. Baltimore.
    McGrath Thomas. 63 Camden.
    Maguire Mary, 190 s. Charles.
    *Mann Joseph R., 20 Light.
    Martin G. A., 72 w. Pratt
    Maurer J. Henry, 104 n. Howard.
    Maguire C., 91 Pine.
    Nicholson J., 77 n. Howard
    Neiberh M., 3 Little Paca.
    Patterson Oliver C., 20 s. Calvert
    Pendel Charles, 97 1/2 w. Baltimore
    *Price Augustus M. & Co., 183 w Baltimore.
    Philburt Mrs. 437 w. Baltimore.
    *Pontier & Haslett, 11 n. Howard.
    Pool T., 159 w. Fayette.
    Pidout Perry H., 321 w. Baltimore.
    Plitt Charles, 256 s. Charles.
    Rodenmayer George, 199 w. Fayette.
    Rapp Henry, 19 Pine.
    Remare, A., 83 n. Charles.
    Richter, D., 177 Light.
    Russell Mrs. M., 513 w. Baltimore.
    *Ricketts, & Co., cor. Pratt and Light.
    Renwer D., 9 Little Paca.
    Rappold J. M., 112 Franklin.
    Sloan James, Jr., & Co., 113 w. Pratt.
    Smith John C. A., 61 e. Lombard.
    Smitzer John, 11 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Share & Co., 160 w. Baltimore.
    Saumenig William, 114 Columbia. . .
    Schepack John G.; 108 William.
    Schumacher L.; cor. Lee and Howard.
    Schleigh, John G., 42 s. Howard.
    Sittler Morris, cor. Pratt and Sharp.
    Senter Stephen, cor. Sharp and Pratt.
    *Schwartz & Dix, 259 w. Baltimore.
    Scharble C. F., 529 w. Baltimore.
    Spencer Perry D., Baltimore near Carey.
    Schleigh F. C., cor. Light and Cross.
    Schillinger M., 104 n. Calvert.
    Stokes D., 10 Saratoga.
    Stolpp J. L., 164 Saratoga.
    Trust H., 759 w. Baltimore.
    Trust H:, 6 Hill.
    Vogell C:, 537 w. Baltimore.
    Welde George, 86 Asquith.
    Wolf George W., 166 Broadway.
    Wheatfield Abraham, 70 Thames.
    Wagner Casper, 451 w: Baltimore.
    Wilson James, 64 n. Eutaw.
    Wittikind W., 93 s. Eutaw.
    Ward Sarah, 128 Sharp.
    Weller John, 127 Conway.
    Wehn Philip, 89 Conway.
    Wild J. P., 155 Franklin.
    Young C. W., 744 w. Baltimore.
    Yost Elizabeth, cor. Baltimore & Republican


    Baker -, cor. Batt. & Centre Market Space
    Bokee & Judlin, 219 w. Baltimore.
    Carvalho D. N., 127 w. Baltimore.
    Carvalho S. N., 205 w. Baltimore.
    Faithful Joseph, 31 n. Eutaw.
    Hood & Co., 128 w. Baltimore.
    Jones John, 159 w. Baltimore.
    Marsters J. D.; 147 Lexington
    Pollock Henry, 155 w. Baltimore
    Marks H. R., Colvin Building, cor. Baltimore and South
    Tucker Wesley A., 101 w. Baltimore.
    Whitehurst J. H., 207 1/2 w. Baltimore
    Williams J. T., 211 w. Baltimore.


    Austen Philip H., 38 n.Charles
    Applet D.; 128 Lexington.
    Brown A. J., corner Lexington and Charles
    Burlingame Dr., 54 n. Charles.
    Burton O. A., cor. Park and Fayette.
    Balderston J., 23 Lexington.
    Cone Cyrenus 0.; 38 n. Charles.
    Colburn H., 52 1/2 n. Charles.
    Conrad Dr., 18 n. Liberty.,
    Cherry M. J. 51 Hanover.
    Cowan W. L., 172 Lombard.
    Gibney R., 30 n. Gay.
    Gill W., 68 Pearl.
    Gill & Easter, 52 s. Sharp.
    Hooper J., 191 e: Baltimore.
    Hopkinson M. A.; 129 w. Fayette.
    Homes Asa, 23 Lexington.
    Harris Chapin A., 59 Lexington.
    Jamet E., 40 w: Fayette.
    Loocherman T. D., 1 n. Frederick.
    Laroque E:; 40 w. Fayette
    Merryman G., 35 Holliday
    Morse William L.; 170 Pearl.
    Mackall Leonard, 64 Saratoga
    Southcomb _______ 21 s. Frederick:
    Stinson W. H., 51 Hanover
    Stewart Thomas, Fayette near Front
    Stewart J. J., Jr.,. 19 e. Baltimore
    Tilyard, H. W., 26s Eutaw
    Townsend & Chandlee, 208 w Pratt
    Thompson R. W.; 30 n. Gay.
    Wright J. W., 98 Broadway


    Eastern Dispensary, cor' Canal and e.. Balt
    Central Dispensary, Cor., Fayette and Liberty
    Southern do. Conway near Sharp..

    Druggists' Glassware

    Baker & Bro., 32 and 34 s.Charles
    Chapman John L, 40 do,


    Bartlet Bros:, 74 s. Calvert
    Brown Geo. F. 8i Bro., 4 s. Liberty
    Cramer Mantz.& Co., 50, South
    Canby & Co.,;cor. Light and Lombard. .
    Davis & Miller, 3 n. Howard
    Frey E. & S., 314 w. Balt.
    Gordon J. W., 6 w. Pratt.
    King Solomon, 1 a. Calvert
    Keerl George H.; 223 w. Balt
    Martin & Whiteley, 48 s. Calvert.
    Ober & McConkey, cor. Lombard and Hanover
    Orrick William D., 8 Hanover
    Popplein & Thomsen, 184 w. Balt.
    Rogers C. P. & Bro.,.cor: Howard and Balt
    Reese & Coulson, 320 w. Balt.
    Stabler E. H. & Co., 120 w. Pratt.,
    Smith & Irwin, 122 do.
    Smith & Atkinson, 288 w. Balt
    Vogeler Auguste, 9 a. Liberty


    Andrews George W., 5 w. Balt.
    Aitken James, 143 n. Gay.
    Andrews H. W., cor. Schroeder and Balt.
    Aiken R. E., 321 Lexington
    Bennett Thomas; 99 Lexington
    Barry John W. & Co., 440 w. Balt.
    Barry C. B., 182 w. Balt.
    Baxley J. Brown & Co., corner Howard and Franklin.
    Barry C. B., 46 Eden
    Benson George W., 51 Hill
    Beall B. B., 179 e. Lombard.
    Biede A., cor. Broadway and Alice Anna.
    Beal, G. W., cor. Lexington and Green
    Caspari Bros. & Steinhofer, cor. Charles and Montgomery.
    Coleman & Rogers, 173 w. Batt.
    Cooper Alexander, 102 Orleans.
    Caspari, Charles & William, 54 n. Gay
    Davidson & Rountree, corner Pratt and Hanover
    Duhurst Charles H.; cor. Pratt and Dugan's wharf.
    Dursse & Co. opposite St. Patrick's Church Broadway.
    Dobler David, 101 Franklin.
    Evans Thomas B. 92 Broadway. .
    Ely William, cor. Ann and Canton av.
    Eareckson, E.;: cor., Baltimore And Eden:
    Edwards & Bro., 274 Light.
    Eareckson E., cor. Eden and Pratt
    Forney E. Z., 51 n. Eutaw. ..
    Forney C. W;168 Franklin
    Grating Israel J.; n. e.. cor. Eutaw.and Balt.
    Grahame & Bro., 174 w. Balt..
    Harrison John F., cor., Eutaw and Lexington.
    Hadel J. F. C., cor. Howard and Madison.
    Hartman A & Co., cor. Forest and Gay.
    Hammer A. F., cor. Lombard and Scott.
    Hance Seth S., cor. Pratt and Charles, and 108 w. Baltimore
    Hopkins, Thomas C., corner Broadway and Canton Avenue.
    Jackson V. R.; 99 s. Paca.
    Joston George W., 99 Jefferson.
    lodes George .W:; 62 e.. Balt.
    Kennedy A., cor., Preston and Gibson.
    Kochlings, H. M:; cor. Bond and Canton av.
    Love W. . s., cor. Hanover and Perry.
    Langsledt Herman, 96 Caroline
    Larken J. M. A., cor. Gay and Front.
    Large J. L., cor.. Balt. and Caroline.
    Lemmon J. H.; 658 w. Batt.
    Littlefield Rufus, 36 n. Charles. . .
    Laroque J. M., cor. Harrison and Batt.
    Martin John, 361 Saratoga.
    MacKenzie & Co., cor. Balt. and Gay.
    Marshall Henry & Co.; corner Saratoga and Calvert.
    Miller Ambrose, 70 Aisquith.
    More G. A., cor. Hanover and Hill.
    Monsarrat Oscar; 139 Broadway.
    Nimmo W. T., cor. Ann and Alice Anna.
    Nimmo James R., cor. Exeter and Forest.
    O'Neal J. L., cor. Lombard and Hanover
    O'Neal J. W. C.,148 Madison
    Perkins J. F. & Bro., 122 Green.
    Perkins J. H., 136 n. Howard.
    Poll J. P. & Co., cor. St. Paul and Fayette.
    Perkins E. H:, cor, Green and Balt.
    Phillips, Llewellyn; cor., Pratt and Paca.
    Pitt Thomas I., cor Eden and Pratt
    Reese John S. Jr., 31 e. Balt.
    Read William H., 237 Broadway
    Read John W.; 112 Broadway.
    Roy J. H. & Co., 2 South.
    Roberts B. Rush,. cor. Hanover and Balt.
    Robbins M. S., 13 Light.
    Rose John, 81 Pine
    Rogers C. P. & Bro., cor. Balt. and Howard
    Robinson N. M.,. cor. Gay and Laratoga.
    Steinhop Lewis, 197 Lexington.
    Sappington, ______, 3191 n. Gay.
    Stewart V. D., 81 Hanover.
    Shary, A. P., cor. Pratt and Hanover
    Stansbury Joseph B., 61 Thames
    Stehl John, 31 n. Eutaw.
    Thiel A., 57 Ross.
    Wroth Edward W., corner, Richmond and Biddle
    Williamson, James P., 118 n. Gay.
    Wiseman Charles, 553 w. Balt.
    Willis, Richard; 739; w. Balt.


    Bosley Mrs., cor. Coroline and Hampstead.
    Bond Miss, 76 Caroline.
    Cook Mrs., Caroline near Jefferson.
    Gibson Miss, 166 Caroline
    Gibson Misses, 240 n. Gay.
    Jones Mrs. A., 15 s: Eutaw.
    Johnson Mrs. F. V., 141 St..Paul.
    Knapp L: A., 288 n. Howard.
    McCormick Miss S. J., 312 n. Howard.
    Matthews Miss, 284 do..
    Perkins S. V., 154 e. Balt.
    Richard Miss, Fremont near. Balt.
    Richardson Mrs., 55 Mulberry.
    Randall Mrs., E. W., a. Exeter below Granby.

    Dry Goods-commission

    Brown J. C. & Bro., 243 w. Balt
    Barry Robert & Son, 259 w. Balt.
    Banks D. B., Union Manufacturing Co., 15 s. Charles.
    Close & Brother, 237 w. Balt.
    Campbell Ross, 245 and 247 w. Balt.
    Chase Lilly & Co., (domestics) 12 German.
    Denme Thomas, (silks and embroideries) 241 w. Balt. (up stairs.)
    Davis William M., 9 Hanover.
    Duvall Keighler & Dorsey, (domestics and woolens) 275 w: Balt.
    Duvall Rogers &.Co., (domestics) 281 w. Balt.
    Dandelet & Harvey, 17 s. Charles, (up stairs.)
    Eaton Bros. & Co., 3 s. Charles.
    Falconer, & Haskell, (small wares) 12 s.
    Charles. George S. K., 4 German.
    Hoffman& Co., 8 n. Charles.
    Harrison & Co., 18 Hanover.
    Loney, Townsend & Loney, 13 German.
    Morris Wm. & Geo., proprietors Thistle Factory, cor. Howard and German.
    McIlvain & Williams, 10 German.
    Miller & Mayhew, 1 and 3 German.
    Murdock W. F. & A., corner German and Charles.
    Porter & Towner, (manufacturers of stocks) 342 w: Balt.
    Slothower Matthews& Co., 273 w. Balt.
    Shaer & Kahler, 10 n. Charles.
    Turnbull, Dall & Slade, 11 s. Charles.
    Tiffany, Ward & Co., cor. Hanover and German.
    Wyman & Co., 2 German.
    Wyman; Appleton & Co., (prints and domestics) cor. Hanover and German.
    Woodward; Miller & Co., 11 Hanover
    Wethered & Bros., (wool and cotton) 16 German.

    Dry Goods Jobbers

    Bayne, Withers & Co., 1 Hanover.
    Bevan & Dunham, 279 w. Baltimore:
    Betts, Royston, 283 do.
    Baugher & Orendorf, 285 do.
    Brooks C., Son & Co., 341 w. Baltimore.
    Bird J. Edward, 211 do.
    Bartholomew, Gwyn & Capron, 268 w. Baltimore.
    Byrd, Smith & Tiffany, (domestics,) 270 w. Baltimore.
    Camper, Berkley & Bruff, 245 w. Baltimore.
    Charron, Field & Co., 17 s. Charles.
    Cole & Howard, 339 w. Baltimore.
    Davidson & Harris, 249 w. Baltimore.
    Duvall, Keighler & Dorsey, 275 w. Baltimore.
    Dallam, Miller & Shipe, 304 w. Baltimore.
    Easter H. & Co., 213 do.
    Fant Edward L. & Co., 14 Hanover.
    Ford & Trowbridge, 305 w. Baltimore.
    Gwynn, Reid & Taylor, 243 w. Baltimore.
    Griffith Israel & Co., 287 do.
    Gosnell Bros., 271 do.
    Hurst & Berry, 241 do.
    Hall C. A. & Son, 267 do.
    Hambleton & Thomas, 269 do.
    Hoffman, Bumeston & Co., 19 a. Charles.
    Hopkins & Hull, 258 w. Baltimore.
    Hammond, Pollard & Lawrason, 260 w. Baltimore.
    Inloes J. S. & Co., 236 w. Baltimore.
    Kelly, Ball & Criss, 10 Hanover
    Long & Byrn, 302 w. Baltimore.
    Meredith, Spencer & Co., 306 w. Baltimore.
    McEldowney R. & Co., 199 do.
    Murdoch, Duer & Co., 247 do.
    O'Brien, Grafllin & Frick, 7 Hanover.
    Pittman Edward, 256 w. Baltimore.
    Ricards, Frisby & Co., 6 s. Charles.
    Reily & Pendleton, 277 w. Baltimore.
    Sangston & Co., 251 do
    Sewell Richard, 315 do.
    Slothower, Matthews & Co., 273 w. Balt.
    Slingluff Devries & Co., corner Baltimore and Howard.
    Warner George K., 324 w. Baltimore.
    Whiteley, McConkey & Co., 12 Hanover.

    Dry Goods-retail

    Aulick James, 661 w. Baltimore.
    Allen E. A., 547 do.
    Armstrong & Cator, 175 w. Baltimore.
    Adler Julius, 226 Broadway.
    Benswanger S., 168 Lexington.
    Beck T., 3 n. Gay.
    Buzksburn Julius, 219 Broadway.
    Binyon Thomas, cor. Broadway and Gough
    Boone Samuel & Co., 207 e. Baltimore
    Bomberger David, (trimmings) 189 w. Pratt
    Boss Simon, 208 s. Charles.
    Buck John, 175 Light.
    Boardman Rebecca C., 743 w. Baltimore
    Boyd Sarah J., 457 do.
    Bird J. Edward, 211 do.
    Bird & Wilson, 69 do.
    Broadbent Wm., (ribbons and fancy) 147 w. Baltimore.
    Bishop Mrs., corner Gay and Mott.
    Byrne Mary, 233 n. Gay. ,
    Beard E. A., 186 n. Gay.
    Brown Wm. T., Forest one door from Gay.'
    Bridge Stephen, 157 n. Gay.,
    Byron William, 163 n. Gay.
    Bevan S. & Co. 8 n. Charles.
    Broadbent Gershom, 18 n. Charles.
    Bamberger B., cor. Wagon alley and Howard.'
    Colburn James, 23 n. Gay. .
    Coulter John, 107 n. Gay.
    Coubern Henry, 144 Monument.
    Craig Robert Centre Market Space
    Christian Samuel, corner Poultney and Light.
    Christopher N., 197 Broadway.
    Chambers Daniel, corner High and e. Pram
    Coale E. H., 67 Lexington.
    Cohen Moses 157 Lexington.
    Clautes Ann, 105 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Domini Mrs. B., 528 w. Baltimore.
    Dunlap & Hyde, cor. Broadway and E. Av.
    Drisham William, 84 William.
    Dillahay John, 25 w. Baltimore. .
    Duer Samuel, 283 w. Pratt.
    Daugherty Sarah, 189 n. Gay.
    Dahle, J. . C., 89 n. Gay.
    Dugan & Harris, 109 n. Gay.
    Dryden Robert W., 67 w. Baltimore.
    Dorsey & Wroth, 85 do.
    Dunlap & Hyde, 145 Lexington.
    Downey J., 149 Franklin. .
    Eccleston Elizabeth, 72 Camden.
    Easter Hamilton & Co., 213 w. Baltimore.
    Fooks John C., 392 Saratoga.
    Farrow Samson, 80 Pine.
    Floss William, 216 Broadway.
    Farrow John, 655 w. Baltimore.
    Fay Henry, 48 and 50 Centre Market Space.
    Frank Simon, 10 Centre Market Space.
    Fembay Mrs., 141 n. Gay.
    Farquhar G. A., 233 Lexington.
    Gardner E. A., 174 Lexington.
    Goldenberg Levi, 123 Asquith.
    Getty James, 105 n. Gay
    Goldeborough A. W., 168 Ensor.
    Gallup Mrs. A., corner Baltimore and Bethel.,
    Greensfelder B. & S., 37 e. Baltimore.
    Guyton & Hyde, 60 Hanover.
    Gold A., 647 w. Baltimore.
    Gardener Maria, 225 Broadway.
    Goldsmith Reuben, 188 Alice Anna.
    Getty James, 67 n. Howard.
    Hall Mrs. M., 371 Saratoga.
    Hatch E. C., 160 Lexington.
    Halliday William, 94 Lexington.
    Heche Asher, 9 e. Baltimore.
    Hynes Thomas, 167 e. Baltimore.
    Heck & l'Allemand, 18 e. Pram
    Hexter Meyer, 168 Broadway.
    Hart Aaron, 253 Bond.
    Hill, Louis H., 202 Hanover.
    Harrison B., 201 w. Baltimore.
    Healy & Stinchcomb, 125 w. Baltimore.
    Hill & Van Schaack, 79 do.
    Herring Alexander, cor. Baltimore and Centre Market Space.
    Harvey Joshua & Co., corner Pratt and Hanover.
    Hilburn M.; 62 Hanover. .
    Hunt E., : 58 , do.
    Hexter Myer, 42 do.
    Hayward Elizabeth, 47 s. Liberty.
    Herzberg L., 201 w. Pratt.
    Husband Joseph, 213 w. Pratt.
    Hanson J. P., 215 w. Pratt.
    Hecht S., 101 Eden. .
    Hutzler Moses, 78 Eden..
    Harris B., 83 n. Howard.
    Horn, Jacob, 69 n. do.
    Hammerslough L., 61 n. Howard.
    Hollingsworth C., cor. Howard and Fayette
    Harper Mrs. C., 65 n. Eutaw.
    Hart & Brother, 53 do.
    Harrison N. S., 223 Lexington.
    Houck A. V., 235 Lexington.
    Hart Mrs. C. J., 156 Lexington.
    Hammond & Bros., cor.; Lexington and Pearl
    Hirsch, Preiss & Son, 151 Lexington.
    Hammerslough, Louis, 155 Lexington.
    Jacobs John ,. cor. Poppleton and Lombard
    Jones James A., 103 n. Gay.
    Jackson Mrs. F.
    Kelly William T., 51 Columbia.
    Kimson Simon, 169 Eden.
    Kelly Miss Fanny, 190 1/2 Broadway.
    Kraus & Brothers, 192 Broadway.
    Keyser Solomon, 12 e. Pratt.
    Leche David, 12 n. Charles.
    Lewin Joseph, 83 Eden.
    Lafetra J. B. & P. E., 129 n. Gay.
    Linville Margaret F., 153 n. Gay.
    Lough & Fullerton, 209 w. Baltimore.
    Lowman Brothers 195 do.
    Logue James, IS Centre Market Space.
    Line S. H., 71 n. Howard.
    Laudenslager C., corner Biddle and Ross.
    Milliken S. & Co. (linens only) 38 n. Charles
    Manaca Jas. R., 22 Lexington.
    Maloney Mrs. J.; 776 w. Baltimore.
    McAvoy Francis, 686 do.
    Moore Robert & Brother, 80 Centre Market Space. .
    Merriken William, 20 Water.
    Mathiot A. G., 65 w. Baltimore.
    McConnell Thomas, 103 w. Baltimore.
    McEldowney, R. & Co., 199 w. Baltimore.
    Maudrick Henry, 2681 s. Charles.
    Maddox George W., 106 Cross.
    McGinly, James, 24 Hill.
    Mitchell William, 113 Little Greene.
    March & McNelly, 74 Hanover.
    Mayer E., 85 s. Howard.
    McCauly Mrs., 134 Forest.
    McCormick, James O., 147 n. Gay.
    Mayer P., 167 n. Gay.
    Mullen John, 23 n. Eutaw.
    May Mayer D. Mayer, 151 1/2 n. Gay. .
    Miller Mrs., 246 Broadway:
    McNutt Rebecca, 50 Green
    McPherson Robert, 234 Lexington.
    Matthias John A., 149 Lexington.
    Murray Wm., 224 Mulberry.
    Marke M. & M., 128 Madison
    Nesbeil H., 209 Broadway.
    Nachman A., 5 e. Baltimore.
    Newman Joanna, 505 w. Baltimore.
    Needles John & Son, 54 Hanover.
    Needles E., 56 do.
    Obendorf & Lauer, 11 e. Baltimore.
    Owings T., 236 Lexington. .
    Off Charles, corner Lexington and Park.
    Owen Mrs. E. J., 153 Lexington.
    Pindell Thomas, 167 e. Lombard.
    Powel Charles R., 31 w. Baltimore.
    Passano Leonard, 52 Centre Market Space.
    Ponder William, 59 n. Howard.
    Queenstine S., 217 Broadway.
    Royston Joshua, 81 w. Baltimore.
    Rosenstock G., 229 Broadway. ,
    Rosenstock Gerson, 207 Broadway.
    Raynor William S., corner Argyle and Canton Avenue.
    Reinhart E., 192 n. Gay.
    Royston John W., 653 w. Baltimore.
    Ridgely, William H., 105 w. Baltimore.
    Richardson John W., 99 w. Baltimore.
    Robertson A. H., (fancy) 101 Baltimore.
    Ridgely G. W. & o., 61 w. Baltimore.
    Ridgely L. W., 29 do.
    Rosenberg M. L., 251 w. Pratt.
    Rose H., 217 do.
    Roche John A., 52 Hanover.
    Rice A., 85 n. Howard.
    Ringrose John W., 29 n. Howard.
    Rosenbaum Elias, 25 do.
    Rosenstiel Mrs. E., 97 Eutaw.
    Ried Thomas, 486 w. Baltimore.
    Ronsdell J., 99 Mulberry.
    Simon Charles, 63 n. Howard.
    Stern Jacob, 195 w. Pratt
    Sumwalt T. S., 203 w. Pratt.
    Salmon Warren L., 27 w. Balt.
    Schwarzaner Elizabeth, 244 s. Charles.
    Shaub Henry, 61 Montgomery.
    Saks William, 66 s. Paca.
    Stickney Henry F., 128 n. Gay.
    Seymour Mrs., 24 Broadway.
    Sulzbergher & Co., 223 Broadway.
    Sluth L., 216 Alice Anna.
    Seliger & Brother, 7. e. Balt.
    Seney, Eliza, 120 Green.
    Snyder Mrs. E., 116 Lexington.
    Simon H., 162 do.
    Smith A. W., 221 do.
    Salomon M., 173 Franklin.
    Thomas B., 223 Broadway.
    Taylor John & Co., 47 n. Howard.
    Uhler George W., 164 Franklin.
    Victory Joseph, 147 Lexington.
    Watkins & Co., cor. Pratt and Hanover.
    Wheeler O. W., 199 w. Pratt.
    Watkins L. J. & Co., 184 w. Pratt.
    Warfart Israel, 149 1/2 n. Gay.
    Webb & Hopper, 223 w. Balt.
    Weisler Abraham, 240 Alice Anna.
    Wise Henry, Corner Ann and Gough.
    Whitney D.,102 St. Mary 's.
    Young Mrs. Margaret, 242 Broadway.
    Ziegler, George W., 63 w. Pratt.
    Zeigler G. W., 13 e. Balt.

    Dye-Stuffs, Chemicals, &c

    Baker R. I., 126 w. Lombard, (up stairs.)
    Baker & Bros., 32 and 34 s. Charles.

    Dyers and Scourers

    Anderson William, 115 e. Pratt.
    Brodbeck William, 26 s. Sharp.
    Balbirnie George, 4 Front.
    Brady James, 29 Harrison.
    Fisher Thomas, 10 s. Calvert.
    Guerand F., 124 n. Howard.
    Hulse John, cor. Saratoga and Howard.
    Hulse James H., 113 Lexington.
    Kanzher C., 39 Bond.
    Pollock Magnes, 194 Canton
    Waldman William, 33 Harrison.


    Anderson J. M., 148 w. Balt.
    Bannerman J. B., 131 1/2 w. Balt.
    Gillespie William, cor. Balt. and Charles
    Medairy A., Jarvis Buildings, North.
    Medairy J., 209 w. Balt
    Simeon J., 53 Frederick.
    Wells Buchanan, 31 North.

    Express Offices

    Adams & Co., Northern, Southern and Western, 162 w. Balt.
    City Express, basement 102 w. Balt.

    Fancy Goods Dealers-retail

    Bennett E., 2 n. Howard.
    Bowes Miss M., 525 w. Balt.
    Baker Miss Kate, (trimmings) 785 w. Balt.
    Browning Mrs. M. L., Biddle near Eutaw.
    Bannerman M. A., 131 w: Balt.
    Child Mrs. Sarah J., 60 n. Eutaw.
    Cousens E., 521 w. Balt.
    Carter Mrs., 70 n. Park.
    Diggs John R., 26 w. Balt.
    Eltonhead Mrs. S., 21 e. Balt.
    Ehrman William, (trimmings) 43w. Balt.
    Fischer & Co., Charles, 338 w. Balt.
    Farnsworth L. B., 262 w. Pratt.
    Fitzgerald Elizabeth, 100 s. Paca.
    Grinsfelder & Bro., 29 n. Eutaw.
    Gekler W. G., 144 w. Balt.
    Gray Mrs. Mary E., 194 Conway.
    Grotigham Mrs., 417 w. Balt.
    Hughes Mrs. S. W., 17. e. Balt.
    Hackney Mrs., Gay opposite Mott.
    Holton Mrs. Mary, 662 w. Balt.
    Jones John A., 46 e. Balt.
    Jones C. E., 168 Canton av.
    Jordon Charles, & Son, 54 .Centre Market Space
    Jordon & Towles, 421 w. Pratt.
    Kritzer T., 121 Balt.
    Konig F. & Co., 4 n. Howard.
    Kaylor Mrs. M., 29 e. Balt. .
    Lauer Ignatius, 24 w. Pratt.
    Lauer H., 219 w. Pratt.
    Mortimer & Mowbray, 240 w. Balt.
    McLaughlin James H., 62 Centre Market Space
    Maffee A., 74 w. Pratt.
    McCeney Mrs. C., 83 w..Balt.
    Mather James, 46$ Saratoga.
    McLaughlin Mrs., .114 n. Calvert
    Netre J. R., 274 n. Gay.
    Pope Mrs. M., 448 w, Balt.
    Passano Joseph, Jr., 82 Centre. Market Sp.
    Passano Louis, 52 Centre Market Space.
    Printz John, 280 w. Balt.
    Ross Anna, 765 w. Balt.
    Schofield Benjamin, 453 w. Balt.
    Steever George, 23 Pennsylvania av.
    Stapleton Mrs.. M.,159 w. Madison.
    Segner William, 251 Canton av.
    Slater Henry, 203 Broadway.
    Swick Miss, 19 e. Balt.
    Sicker E. A.; 100 w. Balt.
    Spencer John M., 478 w. Balt.
    Sanders Joseph, 177 Lexington.
    Tileston Mrs. M., 71 n. Eutaw.
    Trust Jacob, 312w. Balt.
    Trimble Mrs. R. B., 33 e. Balt.
    Taylor Jesse, 30 Caroline.
    Townsend Sarah B., Balt. near Cary.
    Warner Richard. 462 w: Balt.
    Willinghoff H. F., 218 w. Pratt.
    Williams E., 199 s. Charles. .

    Flour Dealers

    See also Merchant Millers

    Burkholder S. K., corner Hollingsworth and Grant.
    Bansemer W. G., 406 w. Balt.
    Collison N., 77 Pennsylvania av.
    Clark Mathew. B., 378 w. Balt.
    Counselman L. W:, 30 n. Paca
    Elder Samuel; 32 n. Howard.
    Fowler John, 2 n. Eutaw.
    Gambrill Thomas, 8 Pa. av.
    Hewes John G.; 326 and 328 w. Pratt.
    Hinks C. D. & Co., cor. Pratt and Howard.
    Lewis Louis, 376 w. Balt.
    Lawn J. J. & Bro., 137 and 139 n. Howard.
    Magill D., 81 Pennsylvania av.
    Magill P., 444 w. Balt.
    Mills Robert, 372 w. Balt.
    McConn Richard 133 n. Howard.
    Meixel J. & Son, 365 w. Balt.
    Martin & Hobson, 363 w. Balt.
    Medtart James L., cor. Howard and Pratt.
    Newcomer & Stonebraker, 53 and 55 s. Howard.
    Omdorff & Co:, (and produce) 380 w. Balt.
    Reed William, 4 Pennsylvania av.
    Rau, John C:, s. w. cor. Howard and Franklin
    Ross & Garrett; cor. Matthews and Hollingsworth.
    Sauerwein P., 81 n. Howard
    Shaw, & Bell, 4 s. Howard.
    Saumeng C:, 66 n., Paca.
    Tabb, Shiply & Co., 51 Light
    Walter & Co., 28 s. Howard..
    Willis H. N. & J. E., 246 w. Pratt and 52 s Howard
    Wysham E. C. & Son, 379 w. Balt.

    Flour and Feed

    Addison Geo. M. (lime) Hollingsworth.
    Byus, J. H.; (lime) 124 Light st. wharf.
    Brown James H. 52 s. Frederick.
    Daugherty John W:, Canal
    Dorsey, Michael, (lime).89 Light pt. wharf.
    Derr G., 141 Saratoga
    Gilpin Henry, Green
    Harris John, 82 n. Eutaw.
    Heany John, 3 Camden
    Hausenould J: H:, 3 Pa, av.
    Kenty. G. T., 299 w., Pratt.
    Lee Nathaniel, 48 Alice Anna
    Lockerd John 334. do.
    Malcolm P. &. Co., 1 Wood, Bowly's wharf.
    Nickolson John, 110 Camden.
    Regraves & Frank, 24 Conway.
    Robinson William, (lime and guano) 4 Hollingsworth
    Saumenig Jacob, Howard one door from Pratt.
    Sollers Basil D., 116 Dugan's wharf.
    Sehrt Henry, 305. Bond.
    Slothour J., 27 Green.
    Spedden, Vincent P., 774 w Balt.
    Turner, J. J. & F., (guano) 36 w. Pratt.
    Trotten, Thomas, 54 Buchanan's wharf.
    Turner Robert, 47 s. Frederick
    Webb, _____, 110 n. Howard
    Zell Peter, 147 do.

    Flowers Artificial:--manufacturers

    Franchi Misses M.& C., 332 w. Baltimore, (up stairs.)
    Shaffner, Jacob, 74 w. Baltimore.


    Feast John. Lexington near Pine
    Feast Sam'l, corner Saratoga and Charles.
    Holliday Rob't, Pennsylvania Avenue.


    Bares James, corner President and Stiles.
    Benson B. S., President, between Pratt and Stiles:
    Bentley G. W., Plowman opp: Front
    Blake Joel N., north near Pleasant.
    Clampit & Register, brass and bell, 51 Holliday.
    Denmead, A. W. & Son,. cor. North and Monument.
    Eastmanm, J. S., 180 w. Pratt.
    Ellicott Rich'd, cor. Point and Block
    English H., brass, 50 Holliday.
    Gilman, Sexton &. Co., 154 and 156 Conway.
    Harlow & Bro. cor. President and Fawn.
    Holmes Wm., brass. and iron, 12 Thames.
    Hubbell E., brass, 10 n. Liberty
    Ives Writ. M., brass, 23 w.Lombard
    Meyer Geo., brass, 21 w. Pratt.
    Murray', & Hazlehurst, Vulcan Works, cor. William and Hughes
    Mohler Edw'd, Philpot, between Wills and Thames.
    Milholland John, brass and iron, East Falls Av.
    Mayger & Washington, Front, between Lombard and Plowman. .
    Odell.James H., brass, 29 s. Frederick.
    Paul Alex'r, McHenry
    Poole & Ferguson, North near Saratoga.
    Poole Robt.; Holliday above Bath.
    Peters Wm., brass and bell, 8 w. Pratt.
    Russell James, brass andiron; 148 Thames.
    Stanley J. P. .E., cor. Leadenhall and Henrietta.
    Tischmeyer & French, 13 e. Pratt.
    Wilson & Read, brass, 29 s. Frederick.
    Wells & Miller, cor. Canton Avenue and Albemarle

    Fruit Dealers and Importers

    Crosby J. & Son, 38 s. Charles.
    Price Wm. G., 107, w. Lombard.

    Furs and Hatters' Trimmings

    Cox Jos. & Sons, 2 s: Liberty.
    Pearson Jas. & Sons, 311 w. Baltimore.

    Furniture-New and Second-hand

    Bragg A., 22 Penns Avenue.
    Butt John, 464 w. Baltimore.
    Clotworthy Alex'r, 80 n. Howard.
    Collins Peter, 59 Harrison.
    Collins Patrick, 57 do.
    Eytinge, Simon, 86 w. Baltimore.
    Elias Joseph, 189 Biddle.
    Elion H. Cohen, cor. Howard and Marion.
    Forbes Charles P., 41 Harrison.
    Hudson William, 49 n., Eutaw.
    Hindle James, 38 Green.
    Himmel Leopold, 34 Harrison.
    Kennedy James, 34 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Lutz P. & H. J. & Co., 101 Franklin.
    Lawn C., 32 Harrison.
    McHugh, ________, cor. Howard and Marion.
    McGlannan Thos., 404 w. Baltimore.
    Moog Geo., 716 do.
    Otterson & Magee, 45 n: Eutaw.
    Pedrick John R., 582 w. Baltimore.
    Rosenthal Levi, 32 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Rosendall M., 63 do. do.
    Rosewald J., 30 Harrison.

    Gentlemen's Furnishing Stores

    Betton T. W.; 129 w. Baltimore.
    Brett C. K., 125 do.
    Danskin W.A., 155 w. Baltimore.
    Winchester S. C.,165 do.

    German, English and French Goods-Importers and Dealers in

    Aldridge, Higdon & Co., 5 German.
    Boury Joseph & Sons, 210 w. Baltimore.
    Delius & Halvin, 355 do.
    Fickey Frederick & Sons, 290 w. Baltimore.
    Fisher Charles, 338 do.
    Glensfelder & Bro., 29 n. Eutaw.
    Hupfeld H., 274 w. Baltimore, (up stairs.)
    Konig F. & Co., 4 n. Howard.
    Mercer & Armor, 126 w. Lombard.
    Mowbray & Co., 217 w. Baltimore.
    Mallinekrodt W., 31 s. Charles.
    Mortimer & Mowbray, 240 w. Baltimore.
    Poulson A. W., 332 w. Baltimore.
    Rippelmeyer & Graue, 7 German.
    Russell, Werdebaugh & Co., 292 w. Balt.
    Spilker & Alberti, 6 and 8 s. Liberty.
    Schroeter Philip, 306 w. Baltimore, (up stairs
    Thierman Henry, 2 n. Eutaw.
    Trust Jacob, 312 do.
    Uhrlaub Edward, 16 German

    Glass and Chemicals-.commission

    Baker & Bro., 32 and 34 s. Charles.

    Glass Manufacturers

    Chapman John L., 40 s. Charles. Schaum, Keitz & Co., Hughes.

    Granite Cutters

    Emory Charles, Poppleton.
    Galt & Bro., 40 w. Pratt.
    Goodacre D., cor. President and Stiles.
    Macpherson J., President, between Stiles and Pratt.
    Sumwalt & Green, 330 w. Pratt.
    Wright Almon, 379 do.

    Grocery, Provision, Shipping and Commission Merchants

    Armstrong Andrew, 56 South.
    Armstrong, B., 73 do.
    Atwell R. H., 64 Bowly's wharf.
    Ayres Jacob & Son, 123 w. Pratt.
    Berry N. E., 8 Light st. wharf.
    Berry Brothers, teas, liquors and cigars, Exchange Place.
    Biscoe James, 81 Light st. wharf.
    Beasten George J., 79 Light st. wharf.
    Beckett Wm., 79 do. do.
    Berry Walter W., 9 do. do.
    Brothers Boninger, tobacco, 22 German.
    Bums, R. D., 5 Bowl's wharf.
    Bowdoin George E., 95 Smith's wharf.
    Bell & Hunt, 97 do. do.
    Byer & Sutton, 19 Cheapside.
    Brundige Thomas V., 70 Bowly's wharf.
    Brown, .Jones & Co., 78 do. do.
    Boggs . L. & Son, 22 Spear's wharf.
    Barroll James & Son, 1 Bowly's do.
    Brinkley & Hall, 63 s. Calvert.
    Burgess C. W. & Co.. 60 South
    Butts, Pickerell & Co., 71 Smith's wharf
    Brauns F. L. & Co., tobacco and general, 20 German
    Crookshanks John, 84 Light st. wharf.
    Collins George C. & Denson, 83 Light st. whf.
    Chesnut Wm., cor. South and Pratt.
    Cole, Rowles & Co., 55 s. Calvert.
    Cockey & Gambrill, 59 s. Calvert.
    Conway J. R. 31 Cheapside.
    Cropper, Hopkins & Co., 92 Dugan's whf.
    Cook James H., 19 Commerce.
    Cohen E. P., 59 s. Gay.
    Calaman & Cox, cor. Franklin and Paca.
    Currey Norman R., 95 Franklin
    Coulbourn & Ballard, grain, Cheapside near Pratt.
    Cruse Isaac, provisions, 66 south.
    Chaney F., 84 Light st. wharf:
    Drakely & Fenton, 387 w. Baltimore.
    Deecke & Gerdes, 155 w. Lombard.
    Davis Sol B., 16 Spear's wharf.
    Dallam & Carroll Buchanan's wharf.
    Daugherty & Baugher, cor. Howard and Baltimore.
    Duvall & Inglehart, 78 Light st. wharf.
    Dorsey James L., 6 Light. st. wharf.
    Dinsmore & Kyle, 124 w. Pratt.
    Ellicott Wm. M., 3 Spear's wharf
    Etting Samuel, 55 Smith's wharf
    Etting B. G., 68 Buchanan's wharf
    Forney & Heanhus, McElderry's wharf
    Freeland & Hall, 69 Light street wharf
    Foley &Woodside, 37 Cheapside
    Ford Franklin, 17 Spear's wharf
    Finley James J., 1 Little Sharp
    Groverman A., Jr., cor. Pratt and McElderry's wharf
    Goldsborough N. W., 9 Light st. wharf
    Gross Jacob, 65 Exchange Place.
    Gregg Andrew & Co., 109 and 111 Franklin.
    Gardner W. P. & E. N., 107 Franklin.
    Garrett Robt. & Sons, 34 n. Howard.
    George A., Jr., cor. Mulberry and Howard
    Graft & Gorter, 52 s. Gay.
    Girvin James, 93 Smith's wharf.
    Graham William, 95 Smith's wharf.
    Girvin J. M:, 107 Smith's wharf.
    Garland & Cunningham, 76 Bowly's wharf.
    Gunnison William, 101 Bowly's wharf.
    Godwin & Seth, 4 Bowly's wharf
    Gilmore & Slater, 10 Commerce.
    Grahame J. N. R., 98 Dugan's wharf.
    George James, 69 Exchange Place.
    Gordon George W., 80 Light street wharf.
    Hollins & League, corner Pratt and Buchanan's wharf.
    Howard Robert & Co., cor. Pratt and O'Donnell's wharf.
    Handy & Brother, 128 w. Lombard
    Hays David, 71 Exchange Place
    Hough S. & R., 125 w. Pratt.
    Hopkins T. W. & G., comer Pratt and Light
    Hyatt & Stump, 52 South.
    Hackett & Lockwood, 58 South.
    Higinbottom J. & Co., 18 Commerce.
    Hyatt Richard H., 17 Commerce.
    Hazlehurst & Phelan, 97 Bowl 's wharf.
    Herr Michael, 14 Spear's wharf.
    Heman James, 81 Smith's wharf.
    Hollins, _____, Buchanan's wharf
    Hayden & Coale, 63 s. Gay
    Hack & Flaunburg D, 61 s. Gay.
    Huey, James, (flour and grain) 63. s. Frederick
    Hopkins W. L., (grain) 3 Bowly's wharf.
    Hewes John G., 326 and 328 w. Pratt.
    Hinks C: D. & Co., corner Pratt and Howard
    Hart Archibald & Son, 252 w. Baltimore.
    Hick Andrew & Son, 36 n. Howard.
    Harris Edward B., (rain) Bowly's wharf.
    Hale C. F., 4 Bowly s wharf, (up stairs.)
    Hall Thomas & Co., (tobacco) 69 Light street wharf, (up stairs.)
    Hall Richard H. & Son, (tobacco) 6 Light street wharf, (up stairs.)
    Hardesty Charles R., (tobacco) 81 Light st. wharf, (up stairs.)
    Hurlbut Samuel & Co., (sugar and molasses) l l Bowly's wharf.
    Hiser, White & Carson, s. w. corner Howard and Fayette.
    Ireland & Cole, 50 s. Gay, (up stairs.)
    Isaac W. W., 91 Light street wharf.
    Johnson & M der, 76 a. Calvert.
    Jenks Francis, 8 Bowly's wharf.
    Keys Bayly 2 s. Eutaw.
    Kidder C., 79 Bowly's wharf, (up stairs.)
    Keys H. C. & Co., 39 Cheapside.
    Lamping William & Co., (tobacco and pro
    duce) 75 Light street wharf.
    Locke Thomas, M., (produce) 80 Light street wharf, (up stairs.)
    Levering & Co., 14 Commerce.
    Lumsden & Brother, 41 Cheapside.
    Lockington J., 53 a. Calvert.
    Landstreet John & Son, 10 s. Howard.
    Love Martin & Co., (western produce) 5 Exchange Place.
    Levering T. W. & Son, (grain) 114 w. Pratt
    Lawn J. J. & Bro., 137 and 139 n. Howard
    Medtart James L., (flour and feed) n. w. cor Howard and Pratt.
    McCullough John & Co., (provision) 2 Western Row Exchange Place.
    Matthews Thomas R. &. Co., 10 Bowly's wf
    Milburn, R. N., (grain) 55 Light, (up stairs)
    McConn Richard, 133 n. Howard.
    MeSherry & Fink, 124 Franklin.
    Martin, Gillet & Co., 53 w. Pratt.
    Miles and Tull, 3 Ellicott.
    Mister A. & Son 82 Light street wharf.
    Muir James N., 90 Light street wharf.
    Mitchell Edward & Goo., 128 Dugan's wharf.
    Martin Thomas H., 71 South.
    McConky James, 87 and 89 South.
    Myer James & Co., 65 s Calvert.
    Morton & Riach, 63 s. Gay.
    Montell F. T., 97 Smith's wharf.
    McKim W. & H., (copper, zinc, &c.) 56 s. Gay
    Miller, F. T. & Co., 79 Bowly's wharf.
    Medcalfe & Rogers, 83 Bowly's wharf.
    McDougall all & Clark, 25 Cheapside.
    Martin & Hobson, (flour) 363 w. Baltimore.
    Meixel J. & Son, (flour) 365 w. Baltimore.
    McElderry J. P., (general) 2 Camden.
    Neal & Luckett, (tobacco) 3 Light st. wharf, (up stairs.)
    Norman M. S., 75 Smith's wharf.
    Needham Asa, 104 Light street wharf.
    Ned John F., cor. Wood at. and Bowly's wait.
    Osborn James W., 15 Bowly's wharf.
    Owens Isaac, of James, 128 Dugan's wharf.
    Pike & Penn, (tobacco) 8 Light street wharf, (up stairs.)
    Pope F. F., 81 Bowly's wharf.
    Philips Samuel & Co., 91 Bowly's wharf.
    Parkurst J., Jr., (oil, candles, &c.,) 74 Bowly's wharf.
    Patterson S. & Co., Smith's wharf.
    Pawson William S., 95 Smith's wharf.
    Pendergast James F., (shipping merchant) 79 Smith's wharf.
    Pattison & Edmonson, 102 Dugan's wharf.
    Pitt Charles F., 12 Commerce.
    Patterson A. B. & Son, 8 Commerce.
    Patterson, Fendell & Dalby, 61 s. Calvert.
    Pierce Thomas, (produce) 6 Bowly's wharf.
    Reynolds J. W. & E., (tobacco and grain) 78 Light street wharf, (up stairs.)
    Robinson William C. 77 South.
    Randolph & Latimer, 62 Bowly's wharf.
    Rau John C., s. w. cor. Franklin and Howard.
    Rogers N. & Co., 126 n. Howard.
    Reynolds & Smith, 40 n. Howard.
    Ross & Garrott, (flour) comer Matthews and Hollingsworth.
    Reynolds Isaac & Sons, (provisions) Balderston.
    Sullivan John & Sons, (tobacco and grain) 96 Light street wharf.
    Schumacher F., (tobacco and grain) 81 Light street wharf.
    Starr Wesley & Son, (tobacco and grain) 4 Light street wharf.
    Shoemaker Jonathan, 33 Pennsylvania Av.
    Shaw & Hickson, n. e. corner Franklin and Paca.
    Swan M. E., 119 n. Howard.
    Slingluff & Ensey, 13 n. Howard.
    Sperry & Pleasants, (foreign and domestic goods) 57 w. Row Ex. Place, (up stairs.)
    Strohm J. F., & Co., (importers) 18 Lombard.
    Sharpley John, 163 Smith's wharf.
    Spence & Reid, 72 Spear's wharf.
    Schaefer Adolphus C., 72 Bowly's wharf.
    Sellman J. C. & Son, 29 Cheapside.
    Sanders & Crook, 33 Cheapside.
    Stevens, Emory & Co., 2 Bowly's wharf.
    Speddon .& North, 140 Light street wharf:
    Smith, Knowles & Co.; Dugan's wharf.
    Sewell, Merrefield & Co., s. e. corner Cheapside and Lombard.
    Simms William, 57 w. Pratt.
    Seth & Brother, 89 w. Pratt.
    Stephens & Cockrill, 79 Light street wharf.
    Start S. K., 931 Light street wharf.
    Stewart David & Son, Exchange Place
    Taliaferro G. B. & Co., 50 s. Calvert.
    Travers J. T.. 92 Light street wharf.
    Tall Levin W., 129 Light.
    Tucker R. & H. R.; 52 s. Gay, up stairs.
    Tonge S. D., 15 Bowly's wharf.
    Tabb, Shiply & Co., (flour and general) 51 Light.
    Taylor & Keys, cor. Lexington and Howard.
    Thornton & Foster, (produce) 131 w. Lombard.
    Vocke Claas, (tobacco) Charles near Conway
    Woodside William S., (forwarding agent) 47 Light.
    Whittington & Collinson,102 Dugan's wharf.
    Welch John B., 130 Dugan's Wharf.
    Winn & Co., 4 Commerce.
    Wyatt R. H. & Co., 95 Dowly's wharf.
    Worthington John A., 81 Light street wharf.
    Whiteford D., 375 w. Baltimore.
    Wilson & Burns, 30 s. Howard.
    Wilson William, 2 s. Howard.
    Wolf Edmond, 110 w. Pratt.
    Wylie & Wilson, 6 Exchange Place
    Wilson, Young & Co., 2 and 3 Ex. Place.
    Wallis A. K. & Co., 121 Light street wharf.
    Whiteford James, 74 Spear's wharf.
    White Henry, 13 Spear's wharf.
    Walters & Harvey, 15 Spear's wharf.
    Williams John S., 54 Commerce.
    Warden J. & H., 28 Commerce.
    West John S., 75 South.
    Williams N. F., 14 Bowly's wharf.
    Whitridge Thomas & Co., 12 Bowly's wharf.
    Wilson T. O., 130 Dugan's wharf.
    Williams John & Son, 99 Smith's wharf.
    Wright R. C. & Co., 54 s. Gay, (up stairs)
    Withington & Eastman, 4 Spear's wharf.
    Waters S. R. & Sons,(tobacco)128 s. Charles
    Wysham E. C. & Son, (flour) 379 w. Balt.
    Yates Joseph C., corner Gay and Pratt.
    Young William, 68 Bowly's wharf.

    Groceries and Provisions-Retail

    Applegarth N., x. w. cor. Madison and Howard.
    Armiger Joseph, 140 Caroline.
    Aborm John, cor. Philpot and Thames.
    Armstrong Alex., cor. Ann and Alice Anna
    Allers J: August, 386 Charles
    Association Grocery Store, 67 Hanover
    Alden Simeon, 25 Centre Market Space.
    Armeger Joseph, 225 e. Lombard.
    Ashton M., 94 Franklin
    Andre P. C., 25 Pa. av.
    Armitage Wm. H., n.w. cor. Lexington and Pearl
    Altrith C., 144 Montgomery
    Abez Wm. H.; cor. Hamburg and William
    Allrich W., cor. Camden and Howard
    Bowrer John, cor. Pa. av. and Towson.
    Boehme Augustus, 126 Hanover.
    Birkey Thomas H., 72 do.
    Blake, George, 169 Sharp.
    Bowers George E., 146 s. Paca.
    Barnewitz T., cor. Barre and Little Green
    Booth M. A., 276 Lexington.
    Bruce J., 138 n. Eutaw.
    Batson R. -W., 49 a. Paca:
    Barlow & Lawrence, 46 do:
    Barrow W. H.,. 38 do.
    Britt S., 148 n. Pearl.
    Brown Augustus, 7 n. Pine.
    Bulgar M., 136 do.
    Boyle, Henry, 142 Franklin
    Bigbam John, (produce) 117 Franklin.
    Bayfield &. Gregg, 133 Franklin .
    Bender S., cor. St. Mary. and Delaware alley.
    Boggs John, 11 Hamilton..
    Broderick D:, 10 Bath
    Beamer H. & Co., n. e: corner, Lexington and Paca.
    Butt Henry, 221 Mulberry
    Burns J. T., 55 Ross.
    Bride Mrs. Mary, 104 Saratoga.
    Bradley F., cor. Park and Richmond.
    Beahan J. S., 23 New .Church.
    Barrett John, cor. Bethel and Pratt.
    Bingham John, cor. Albemarle and Pratt.
    Baylies John H., 36 Albemarle.
    Bennett George, 261 e. Balt.
    Boulden D. P., cor. Lombard and Bond.
    Blanchard 'f. H., 97, e. Lombard.
    Balls. J. R., 331 Light.
    Bredekamp H., 344 do.
    Bobee Joseph F., 145 do:
    Brundige Wm. Sr., s. w. corner Eutaw and Pratt
    Brown Nicholas V., 50 Second.
    Bruning H. H., 196 s. Eutaw,
    Bothman, C., 204 Hanover.
    Brads Dennis, Boston opp Canton depot.
    Browders William, Case alley.
    Buckhimer John, cor. East. av. and President.
    Bailie Mary, 252 Dallas.
    Baker John, 304 Bond.
    Bennet H. & Co., 64 Thames.
    Bosley James H., 140 n. Gay
    Baker John. G., cor. Gay and Madison.
    Bayley Charles, 28 High
    Browning James S., cor. Exeter and Fayette.
    Bergin Philip; cor: Chesnut and French.
    Booth A., Hillen.
    Bishop William; 231 Gay.
    Barton Thaddeus J., 73 Harrison.
    Bracking Mrs. Jane, 37 do:
    Byrne Wm. H. & Bro., 16 do.
    Binswanget & Bro., 57 Frederick.
    Byrnes John, 49 do.
    Bradley Alexander, a. e. corner St. Paul and Hamilton.
    Brandts John; 70 Mulberry.
    Bruscup Columbus, 43 cor. Douglass and Forest.
    Bruce William, Madison near Sterling.
    Berry R., cor. Clements and Madison,
    Benzinpr John S., 234 e. Madison.
    Bokil, Theodore, Sterling.
    Broom, John, 174 Bank
    Boyle John J., 215 w. Fayette.
    Cobb, Josiah, 31 n. Liberty.
    Cowman Samuel cor. Saratoga and Park.
    Cuttle George; 46r n. Eutaw.
    Carroll John; 103 n. e. corner Foundery and Calvert
    Craft C H:; n. e. cor. St: Paul and Centre.
    Coleman & Cox., s.w. corner Franklin and Paca.
    Cox Mrs., Gay near Chew
    Cook Henry, cor. High and Hillen.
    Cornelius N., 159 Forest
    Cornelius N. A., 133- do.
    Croul E. W., cor. Balt. and High
    Culver John; 19 Caroline.
    Cosgrove Peter, cor. Caroline and Mullikin.
    Carrill Joseph, 300 Caroline
    Church Thomas, Monument near Gay
    Chrystal, John, cor. Gay and Forest
    Clark John D.; n.w. cor Forest And Gay.
    Clark John, 196 Ann
    Corrigan Patrick, Wolf
    Christ Jacob, Eden
    Cosgrove Patrick, High.
    Coleman Davis, Ann
    Clare Isaac, 158 Hanover
    Cassidy P., 50 s. Frederick
    Cofran J. L., 395 w: Lombard
    Cooper James, s. e. cor. Hollins and Oregon
    Curtin, F., 543 Balt
    Coleman Edwin S.; cor. Canal and Pratt.
    Cunningham Mortimore, do. do.
    Carter John, cor. Gough and Canal
    Costigan, William; 128 Gough
    Coleman, Edw cor Register and Gough.
    Clark James A., cor. Washington and Bank,
    Cunningham, J., 15 Balt:
    Costello John, cor. Canal and Balt.
    Carter John G., cor., Happy alley and Gough
    Curry L. H., cor. Lombard and High
    Crowley Patrick, cor. Lombard and Caroline
    Craver John S. 337 Franklin
    Cook Louis, 427 Saratoga
    Chambers Mrs. A., 304 do
    Cosgrove Patrick, 93 Lexington
    Caughy Benjamin, 9 Pennsylvania av.
    Colladay Joseph S., n. e. cor. Schroeder and Fayette.
    Cadow J. E.; cor Chatsworth and Saratoga
    Cowman Samuel S., s.e., cor. Park and Saratoga.
    Calwell Norris & Co., 318 Balt.
    Cook H. W., 500 Balt:
    Cole John R. 48 n. Eutaw.
    Cothell, James W., n.w. corner Gibson and Preston
    Cothell Mrs. Sarah, l0 Gibson.
    Cassidy Owen, 99 Pine
    Cooney L., 13 n. Poppleton
    Cromwell John W., Henrietta near Eutaw:
    Campbell John J., corner McHenry and Poppleton
    Classen, H., 143 Sharp
    Carter, John W., 61 Camden
    Comeny, P., 72 Hillen
    Clark, James, 6 Hillen.
    Cuschley William, 72 Hampstead.
    Clements John 5.;137 Aisquith:
    Clark Patrick, 76 York -av.
    Callam John, cor. York av. and Madison
    Caindoy, A. D:, 196 Light.
    Doughterty, C., 217 w. Madison
    Dempster James; 27 Cross
    Dempster John, 37 do
    Durenberger C., cor. Henrietta and Eutaw
    Duncan H: W., 240 w: Fayette:
    Denoe Thomas,.646 w. Baltimore.
    Dougherty James; n.w. cor.Eutaw and Ross:
    Davis Charles, 31 n. Fremont.
    Duncan James, 269' Saratoga corner Chatsworth
    Dorsey W. B:,`215 Lexington.;
    Donovan Richard, 185 Lexington.
    Donnelly Oweni cor. Bath and--Davis.
    Dill John, cor. Ross 'and Biddle
    Disney Solomon, Wolfe.
    Dowling John, cor. Ann and Pratt.
    Diffenderffer Chas. &. Son, 13 w: Baltimore.
    Denison M. & Son; 51 w. Baltimore.
    Dyer Benj., 519 do.
    Dare & Vickers, 104 ,s Charles
    Dawes Francis, Jr., 280 s. Charles.
    Dickinson Joshua, 44 Lea.
    Diering Lewis H:, Wolfe.
    Degelman Conrad, A Apple alley.
    Dashiell Levin, 167 Bank.
    Doyl, James, Wolfs,
    Davis Wm., cor. Fleet and Essex.
    Degenhard A., Burk. Caroline.
    Dagnar Samuel, 200, .
    Donley, James; 54 Broadway.
    Dorsey Michael; Washington, between Gough and Bank.
    Dougherty Daniel, corner Pleasant av. and Washington.
    Duke James, Canal.
    Daily E. R. & Bro., 158 e. Forest.
    Ditty John, 217 e. Fayette.
    Deets Jacob, cor. Mullikin and Dallas.
    Diebaufel Wm., cor; Don. lass and Forest.
    Diffenderffer Mrs. C. K., 6 e:' Baltimore.
    Darougherty, Thomas, 186 e. Baltimore.
    De Corse William, 204 Caroline.
    Debow. L., n. e. cor. Howard and Richmond.
    Engehausen, Henry, cor. Park' and Mulberry.
    Egaton & Co., 162 n. Gay.
    Elliott Jackson N:; 1 Caroline:
    Eilan David, 247, Bond
    Elwood Michael, cor. Boston and Burk
    Eversman G., 304 s. Charles.
    Esherick Thomas, cor. Dallas and Pratt.
    Ensor John H., n. w: cor. Pearl and Balt.
    Ehlers Louis, Columbia:
    Egerton James H.; cor., York Av. and Madison.
    Fitz Patrick; 22 McElderry
    Fislage Gem, 150 Fremont
    Flynn David, cor. Henrietta and Howard.
    Fullinkamp John H., 97 William.
    Fillinger John, I Columbia.
    Finckaur, Wm., 85 Paca.
    Frush W. W., cor. Pa. Av. and Fremont.
    Fisher Adam, 20 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Firoved David, 246 Franklin.
    Fitzpatrick Patrick, cor. Lombard and Register.
    Frank F. W., cor. Lombard and Dallas.
    Foster Wm. J., cor. Caroline and Gough.
    Frazer Wm. R., 223 w. Pratt.
    Forney C., 220 Light.
    Ferguson Geo., 192 Hanover.
    Flinn Florence, Boston street, Canton.
    Franer James, Washington.
    Fouk F. H., cor, Bond and Alice Anna.
    Frank Samuel, Argyle alley.
    Famen Peter, 246 Alice Anna.
    Festus Nicholas, 259 Ann.
    Finigan Wm. & Son, Thames and Fell.
    Flinn Mrs. M., 87 Wolfe.
    Farlow John T., 220 Broadway.
    Friedenwald Jonas, 318 Bond.
    Frank David, 213 do.
    Faitz Wm., 174 do.
    Fladring M., 27 Dallas.
    Flupp Peter J., 80 Mullikin.
    Forney Mrs., 246 Gay.
    Fulton M., s. e. cor. North and Saratoga.
    Friend A., 52 n. Charles:
    Foss W. W., s. w. cor. Howard and Lexington
    Finley Thos., a. w. cor . Park and Marion.
    Fields & Jackson, 193 e. Baltimore.
    Groverman A., Jr., cor.. Pratt and McElderry's wharf.
    Gooding Aaron L., 182 Canal.
    Gross Louis, Jr., 250 do.
    Gough Francis, 126 Holliday B., cor. Holliday
    Green & Brown, cor. Howard and Mulberry.
    Green C. B., 116 Gay.
    Garvey John, 148 Front.
    Grosse Lewis, 250 Monument:
    Grein Frank, 61 Broadway.
    Garret John, cor. Bond and Alice Anna.
    Green Thomas, 245 Ann.
    Griffith R. H., 114 s. Charles.
    Gregory Amos, 191 do.
    Gordon Wm. H., 271 do
    George Wm. S., corner Baltimore and Broadway
    Grant Edw., 224 Bethel.
    Gillingham George, Jr., cor. Lombard and Exeter.
    German Charles B., 193 Lombard
    Gorman James, Chester.
    Glenn William; cor. Bank and Castle alley,
    Griffin Mary, 34 Ross.
    Gehegan Thomas, cor. Cathedral and Tyson
    Gorman B., 77 Richmond,
    Gallaway Mrs. A., 91 Biddle.
    Gromm, Joseph, 337 Saratoga
    Grove Francis, 10 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Gardner W. P. & E. N., produce, 107 Franklin.
    Gregg Andrew & Co., produce, 109 and 111 Franklin
    Gronwell, John Locuust Point.
    Goff, James, 29 Columbia.
    George Stephen, Jr., 109 Camden.
    Getz C., corner Henrietta and Eutaw.
    Greeves & Smith, 160 Broadway.
    Hill Alex'r, corner Pratt and Concord.
    Heider H., corner Hanover and Henrietta
    Hynds Francis, corner Columbia and Wyatt
    Hawkins John W., 192 a. Paca.
    Hagan John H., 137 do.
    Hamilton Robert, 68 Camden.
    Hammond C. W., 65 do.
    Haupt D., , 101 do.
    Hewed Philip, 135 Conway.
    Harris, Alfred, 73 Montgomery.
    Harris B. H., 303 Fremont.
    Hahn Lewis, 396 w. Fayette.
    Hoopper James J., 630 Baltimore:
    Hughes A., s. w. cor. Saratoga and Eutaw.,
    Hasungs James, 110 n. Eutaw.
    Hucht John B., 108 Pearl.
    Hoffmann. Miss C., 73 n. Fremont.
    Harkness Thos., 101 do.
    Hinckel C., 155 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Holmes R., 161 do. do.
    Hitselberger Charles F. & Co., 136 n. Charles.
    Hampton Levi, 191 w. Madison.
    Henry John B.,193 do.
    Haney John, 81 e. Lombard.
    Heil A., produce 229 Franklin.
    Humrichouse C. W., 171 e. Pratt.
    Hoffmann F., 31 Albemarle.
    Healy John, 21 Albemarle.
    Hudins, John, corner Stiles and President.
    Henneman Jesse, corner Albemarle and Stiles.
    Herring B. W., 80 Gough.
    Harvey & Perkins, cor. Lombard and Schroeder.
    Hutchinson A., 174 s. Howard.
    Hoops Franklin, 291 Ann.
    Hasson Malcom, 311 Wolfe.
    Herzberg Mayer, 200 Broadway.
    Horstmier E., 257 Ann.
    Hanline Morris, 341 Bond.
    Herman Peter, 188 Caroline.
    Hillman C., Bond.
    Harris W., 126 n. Gay. ,
    Hunt John W., 25 e. Fayette.
    Holmes George W., 218 e. Fayette.
    Habel Harman, 138 Caroline.
    Hall John, 85 Caroline.
    Hasson James, 271 e. Monument.'
    Hopkins R. M., 267 n. Gay.
    Hart Samuel, comer Saratoga and North.
    Hampson A. J., 7 St. Paul.
    Hams & Shoemaker, 43 n. Eutaw.
    Hannaman George R., 138 Eden.
    Hassaur Andrew, 74 McElderry.
    Hill John, cor. Orleans and Friendship
    Henry Michael, comer Register and Gough.
    Ingram William, 76 Hill.
    Ingleheart Mary, 129 Gough.
    Johnson Philip, Jr., cor. Balt: and Dallas.
    Joyce Owing A., comer Lombard and Bond.
    Jones, William, 25 e. Lombard.
    Johnson J. G., cor. Baltimore and Poppleton.
    Jackson W. H.,101 s. Paca.
    Jerome John H. T., 42 cor. Paca and Lexington.
    Johnson Richard, 118 Lexington.
    Jones John W., 43 Orchard.
    Jacobs Michael, 149 Bank.
    Jurdan Frederick, corner Castle alley and Alice Anna.
    Koff George, corner Ann and Lancaster.
    Keenan James, corner Exeter and Bank.
    Killer Jasper, 292 Bond.
    Kayton Mrs. C., 278 Bond.
    Knoibil Henry, 113 Lancaster.
    Kerwin B., 120 Ross.
    Karg V., corner Ross and St. Mary.
    Klar F.,180 Biddle.
    Keitel G. C., Pennsylvania Avenue extended.
    Kraft Henry, 88 Lexington.
    Klie William, 72 Mulberry.
    Kirby Ellen, 58 Mulberry.
    Koppelman J. C., 77 Mulberry.
    Kirkpatrick John E., 86 George.
    Kalvelage Henry, 95 William
    Kirby John W., 132 Sharp
    Keys Elizabeth, 107 Gough.
    Kuhle James, cor. Caroline and Monument.
    Kepler William, 226 n. Gay.
    Kennerd George J., 221 n. Gay.
    Kelly C. & Co., 335 w. Pratt.
    Kinsley W., 230 Light
    Kalvelage J. W., 299 s. Charles
    Kemper John G., Corner Wayne and Eutaw.
    Kelly Hugh cor. York Av. and Madison.
    Killenstine Adam, 286 Aisquith.
    Keman Thomas, cor. Neighbor and Briton.
    Keitz H. L., 66 n. Gay.
    King Patrick, comer peasant and Holliday.
    Kelley Thomas, s. e. cor. Park and Marion
    Larkin William, 45 Centre Market Space
    Lemchey Henry, cor, Howard and Hill
    Lutz Charles, 107 n. Eutaw.
    Lyons Eliza, 31 Harrison.
    Liman C. H., 2 Harrison.
    Lewis John, cor. Pleasant and Calvert.
    Lindenman H. N., 108 Eutaw.
    Lapman Samuel, 237 Light.
    Lathe E., 304 Light.
    League C. W., 149 Forest
    Laconich, L., corner Caroline and Gough
    Lowrey Charles, Duncan alley
    Lows Mrs. R., n.. w. corner Fremont and Franklin
    Landman Henry, 214 w. Fayette
    Loerikamp F., 391 Saratoga
    Love William, 123 1/2 Lexington
    Laughlan Robert, 55 Richmond
    Lanhart, Peter, 276 Bond.
    Logan James, 98 Caroline
    Lanken Johh, 53 Broadway.
    Lau pus Philip, p, con. Eastern Av. and Eden.
    Lindsay William, comer Jasper and Ross.;
    Leden Margaret, comer Mulberry and Pine.
    Lingenfelder F. H., 225 Light.
    McDowell, Richard, cor. Canton Avenue and Chester.
    Mallon John, corner Washington and Canton Avenue.
    Martil Peter, 196 Broadway
    Mullin Patrick, 120 Lancaster.
    Miller Henry, 124 Bank.
    McCulloh, Duncan, 82 Bank.
    Muller William, corner Spring and Bank.
    McAllister Archbald, corner Albemarle and Fawn.
    Morris William, 307 Bond.
    Matthaei Henry F., cor. Caroline and Block
    Mullen Arthur, corner Bath and Davis.
    McGlennan Henry, cor. Preston and Garden
    McKinley Robert, 64 Ross.
    McGurk P., 62 Ross.
    McSherry & Fink, 124 Franklin.
    Mullenix William, 250 Franklin.
    McGrau John comer, Madison and Eutaw,
    Mitchell Ann f. 137 Madison.
    Merrit James, 15 Pleasant.
    Mansfield David, 194 Lexington.
    Moore T., comer Lexington and Green.
    Myers Conrad, 70 Mulberry.
    Mitchell E., 69 Mulberry.
    MCC o D., 98 Fayette.
    McColgan, J. S. & P., 8 Saratoga.
    McIlvain, William, 456 Balt.
    Mullen Peter, 406 Lexington.
    March William G., 52 n. Eutaw.
    Merrit Anthony, 3 Fayette.
    McGowan John, 33 n. Paca.
    McCann D., 107 Pearl.
    Mallon James, 97 Pine.
    Magee J., 10 Poppleton.
    Myer William, cor. Barre and Little Green.
    McDaniel Mrs. E., 17 Montgomery.
    McPhilips James, cor. Hamburg and William
    Mears J. B., comer High and Pmts.
    McDermott Mary, corner High and Stiles.
    Marshall Eliza, corner Gough gh and Canal.
    McCourt John, cor. Ann and Gough.
    Maxwell John, cor. Washington and Bank.
    Mulhem Michael, cor. Bank and Starr alley.
    Metz John A., cor. Register and Pratt;
    McClintock Matthew, f37 Mullikin.
    Marchbank Robert, 219 Gay
    McCourt Arthur, 86 do.
    May S.; 390 n. Gay
    Maulsby David L.; 113 High:.
    McKew P., , 112 do.
    McElroy Robert, cor. Exeter and Hillen.
    Medinger John G., 160 Forest.
    McKenna Patrick, 325 w. Pratt
    Miles Robert, 411 w. Pratt
    McCann George, Pratt near Poppleton.
    Maddox Thomas, con: Hollins and Republican
    Murry James C., 64 German.
    McCurlegh Felix, 757 w. Balt.
    Mullen Peter, 555 , do.
    Morrison E., cor. Balt. and Cary.
    Miskimons Wm. W., 23 Light.
    Meushaw Charles, 279 do.
    Magrath B., s. Charles.
    Meyer, John P., 130 Eutaw
    McConnel J. C., 90 Hanover.
    McCreight D., 203 do.
    Mabee T., 224 do.
    Murry Arthur, cor. Douglass and East.
    Mesner George, 158 e. Madison.
    Murry James R., cor. Eden and McElderry.
    Morton Robert, cor. Aisquith and Madison.
    McMann John, 12 Jefferson.
    Martin J., 56 Liberty.
    McGowan H.; 27 n. Eutaw.
    McColgan John, 76 Holliday.
    McNally James, s. w. cor. St. Paul and Centre.
    Murry Thomas, St. Paul, adjoining Patapsco engine house.
    Mitchell William, 69 Mulberry.
    Milburn A. P., 72 do.
    Myers John, s: e. cor. Howard and Richmond.
    Moore William T:; cor. Broadway and Lancaster.
    Martin & Vallett, 88w. Balt.
    McWilliams John, 46 e. Lombard.
    Norwood John; 313 Saratoga.
    Nickerson C. & E., 71 Lexington.
    Norris Benj. F., 10 Eutaw House, Balt.
    Nally R., 36 New Church.
    Nelson N., 11 Fell.
    Nobb James, 2051 Alice Anna.
    Nugent M., cor. Canton av. and Starr alley.
    Newkirk Henry, 312 Wolfe.
    Nugent William, produce 169 Franklin.
    O'Neal James, cor. Boston and Windsor.
    Otto F., cor. High and Stiles.
    Offner Adam, 94 Caroline.
    Orem James H., 679 w. Baltimore.
    Oswald William, 132 Ensor.
    O'Conner D., 222 e. Lombard.
    Paul K. L., 126 Howard.
    Porter Edward D., 431 w. Balt.
    Printz John, 158 Light.
    Porter James R., 1596 Gay.
    Preece Henry, 70 East.
    Pierce S. A., 135 e. Lombard.
    Philips George, cor. Gough and Eden.
    Piquett Daniel, 112 William.
    Petzold Louis, 63 s. Paca.
    Preston William, 192 Lexington.
    Patterson D., Pa. av. extended.
    Penrose E. G., (produce) 115 Franklin.
    Pirie George, 50 w. Balt.
    Porter James R., 94 w. Baltimore.
    Philpot William, 554 do.
    Pancoast, ________, 385 Lexington.
    Pracht Charles, 71 Ross.
    Pohl Henry, 63 Broadway.
    Pfiffer Henry, 33 Bank.
    Perigo Daniel, 249 Dallas.
    Power John & James, (liquor and produce) 103 Franklin.
    Riley D., s. e. cor. Howard and Madison.
    Reese John, s. e. cor. Clay and Howard. .
    Riley Michael, cor. Park and Little Pleasant
    Rial James, 145 n. Eutaw.
    Reahl J., cor. Mulberry and Eutaw.
    Rankin, Samuel, 2 Chestnut.
    Reilly James, 11 Buren
    Roszel Stephen C., 6 Aisquith
    Raborg Henrietta, 50 s. Paca
    Rosz G. C., cor. Eutaw and Hamburg.
    Reed F., 249 Hanover.
    Ross Benj. C., 1 Centre Market Space.
    Ramsay W. W & M., 44 s. Frederick
    Reese G. H. & Bros., 207 and 209 w. Pratt.
    Rouark William Hollins.
    Rhodes Frederick C., cor. Poppleton and Hollins.
    Rickets N., 221 s. Charles
    Rutledge J., 149 Forest
    Ross Edw. C., 15 w. Baltimore.
    Reaney John G., 54 e. Baltimore.
    Richardson James, 151 n: Gay.
    Reiley Mrs. F:; Gough between Bethel and Bond.
    Rollins Solomon A., 209 e. Balt.
    Roening B. K., 152 Columbia..
    Reinhart B., 106 w. Madison
    Rittase Jacob, 75 Pa. av.
    Rupp Charles, 168 Pearl.
    Radde L. W., cot. Preston, and Jordan alley
    Russell Mrs. McA., cor. Preston and Garden
    Redifer John, cor. Ross and Preston.
    Riley Edward, cor. Ross and Union.
    Reily P., 62 Richmond.
    Rapdon C., 105 Happy alley.
    Robinson Thomas, Alice Anna..
    Robinson Stephen A., 289 Ann.
    Reily H.,129 Canton av.
    Saulsbury James, 97 Cross.
    Strodtman Henry, cor. Sharp and Hamburg.
    Smith Catharine, 196 Sharp
    Stewart S. M.; comer Fremont and Columbia.
    Smith Mrs., cor. Pace and Henrietta.
    Stewart Richard B., 196 Conway.
    Smith Harriet, 81 Barre.
    Schott Francis, cor. Lee and Warner.
    Smith West, cor. Hill and Patapsco av.
    Schneany B., 139 Hill.
    Sullivan James, 55 Montgomery.
    Sheehan George, 218 Lexington.
    Shields R. D., cor. Lexington and Green.
    Springer, George, 267 Saratoga.
    Schmidt J., 79 Pa: av.
    Smardon R., 103 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Schreiner C.,. 54 do. do.,
    Stansbury J. S., 12 do. Do.
    Shriner , 136 Franklin.
    Simpson L. E:, 292 Franklin.
    Scheffer C., 39 Chatsworth.
    Sheckells R. M'., 710 Baltimore
    Skiven Patrick, 409 Lexington
    Sullivan D., 278 do.
    Smith S. E., n.w. cor. Pearl and Franklin
    Spates R. P., 13 Pearl
    Schrote M., n. e. cor. Fremont and Mulberry
    Smith J. H. C.,181 e. Baltimore
    Smithson G. C., cor. Lombard and Lloyd
    Swain, William; Cor. 'Ann and Pratt.
    Sweeney F. W:, cor. Gough and Stiles. .
    Stansbury, Wm., cor. Register and Gough.
    Stewart Robt., 160 Forest.
    Sweeny D., 146 Caroline.
    SprowL John, 295 e. Monument.
    Shaw David, 276 do.
    Sultzer Henr C., 13 Centre Market Space.
    Sanders J. W. & Bro., 40 and 42 s. Frederick.
    Schier Charles, 39 s. Liberty.
    Spicer Hiram, 442 w. Lombard.
    Scharff T. cot. Baltimore and Cary.
    Salsbury Wm., cor. Light and Montgomery.
    Schneider J. 204 Light.
    Sheckells John, 97 Conway.
    Schnibbe D., 180 s Eutaw.
    Stoakes Wm., s. Howard near Hill.
    Schmit August, 283 Hanover.
    Silk Thomas R., cor. Boston and Windsor.
    Scott James, 154 Canton Avenue.
    Sherwood H.. A.; cor. Canton Avenue and Argyle alley.
    Smith John S., cornet Broadway and Alice Anna.
    Scott Samuel,.cor. Ann and Alice Anna.
    Schaffer Frederick,.248 Alice Anna:
    Stear G.; 280 Alice Anna.
    Stevens William, cot. Exeter and Fawn.
    Schaub John;; cot. Eastern Avenue and Albemarle.
    Stansbury Joseph, cot: High and Eastern Av.
    Schmidt John, cor. Eastern Av. and Dallas.
    Seving John R., 63 Caroline.
    Straus & Brother, cor. Broadway and Shakspeare.
    Schuckle C. W., cor. Ross and Biddle.
    Strecker John G., cor. Ross and St. Mary.
    Skipper M., 256 Biddle
    Shaefer George; cot. Gay and Saratoga.
    Shaw & Hickson, n. e. cor. Franklin and Paca,
    Shaffer David, 156 Canal
    Switzer Oliver, 30 Eden.
    Tuxworth David .H., cor. Constitution and Falls.
    Tumey M., cor. Madison and Harford Av.,
    Trebber J.. F., 60 Bond.
    Trainer Bernard, 45 Park. .
    Tiernan P. '& Son., 5 n. Charles.
    Toberer C., cot. Preston and Jordan alley.
    Taylor John H., cot. Alice .Anna and Castle alley.
    Thomas Edwin; cot. Eastern Av: and Dallas
    Tarman, Z, 79 Hanover.
    Turner W. H. H., 159 n. Gay.
    Thompson Martha, cor. Caroline. and Monument.
    Taylor George, cor Stiles and President.
    Tomlinson, Frederick; comer. Lombard and Spring
    Talt, P., cot-Pratt and Haply alley
    Thompson, Charles, 63 Lexington.
    Trumbo T. A., produce, 127 Franklin.
    Uemann, Henry, 166 Pearl
    Vogelston Jacob, 34 Cross.
    Van Ness W. J. 60 Centre Market Space
    Valliant Mrs., 350 Gay.
    Vonsing M.; cor. High and Hillen.
    Veslious, P, 257 Ann.
    Wever Charles, 238 s. Charles
    Whitson Wm. E., 56 s. Paca
    Wehage H. H., 78 s. Eutaw.
    Walker C. W 91; Hanover
    Wroten David, 123 Bank.
    Watson Robt., cor. Eden and Bank:
    Weiahorse Henry, cor. Eastern Avenue and Albemarle.
    Watson Joseph, comer Eastern Avenue and Caroline.
    Whalen Michael; cor.. Eastern Avenue and Castle alley.
    Walsh C., 167 Canton Avenue.
    Weitzer Henry, 86 Lancaster:
    Wood & Atkinson, 186 Broadway.
    Watson James, 296 Bond
    Wallace Samuel, 122 Caroline.
    Waldo Simon, 204 do.
    Weitzer Jacob, 41 President.
    Wright, Wm.31. Chatsworth.
    William. Benj., cor. Preston, and Jordan alley
    Wilson J., 65 Richmond
    Webster John T.; Howard near Richmond.
    Warfield J.. A: & Co., 108.n. Howard.
    Waltenmeus J., Pennsylvania Av, extended.
    Winn John k Co.,' 152 Franklin.
    Wittnour Alex., 159 Saratoga.
    Webb Augustus P., cor. Lexington and Pace
    Wentz Wm. A., 45 n. Green.
    Weeks Sarah A., 136 Saratoga. .
    Wilson John, 14 w. Baltimore.
    Whelan Wm., 142 . do.
    Wollet Geo. J., 772 do
    Wolfram B., cor. Ann and Gough.
    Williams J., cor. Lombard and Albemarle.
    Wood Wm., cor. Lombard and, Broadway. .
    Wright L. D.; cor. McElderry and Jefferson.
    Whitelock Wm. & C:, cor. Gay and High:
    Wagner Peter, cor. Orleans and Caroline.
    Whitley A., 781 w; Baltimore
    Weber J. H., 193 s: Charles:
    Welich, Wm., 42 Lee.
    Wingate John H., cor. Henrietta and Wattle
    Wolf Conrad,. Henrietta
    Wiegant John, 53 Columbia.
    Wannenbetch S:;.86 1/2 Eutaw
    Wilkinson J. T., cor. Madison and Sterling.
    Wieler Charles, 30 Hampstead
    Wilson John, cor. Orleans and Canal
    Willson John, cor. York Av. and Eager
    Young Henry, Caroline near Jefferson.
    Young, James L:, 125 e. Lombard
    Yost, Jno. P.,. 181 Bond
    Zinkaud Mrs. Mary, 279 Bond.
    Zorbeach Henry, cor: Batik and Spring
    Zimmerman Christopher, 88 Lancaster.

    Guano- importers of

    Fenby S. ' & Bro., corner Pratt and Gay.
    George Samuel K., 4 German.
    Malcolm P. &-Co.1 Wood street, Bowly's wharf.
    Whitelock Wm., comet Gay and High.


    Cromwell Levi, 134 Thames.
    Evatt E., 33 Light.
    Favier Peter A., 67, w. Platt.
    Goppert P., 2321. Charles., .
    Hams William, 65 South.
    Hoffin Brcedel, 459 w. Baltimore.
    Keener John, 3 Water.
    McComas A., 51 s. Calvert.

    Gunpowder Manufacturer

    Beatty James, 153 w. Pratt.

    Hardware, Iron and Steel--commission

    Brooks Isaac, 70 and 72 s. Calvert
    Eichelberger & Wilson, 173 w. Lombard
    Hartshorn Joshua, 112 Lombard, near Light
    Keyser S. S. & Co., corner Pratt and South
    Lemmon & Glenn, 62 Buchanan's wharf.
    Manning & Lee, 51 Exchange Place.
    Martin & Keith 23 s. Charles.
    Mann John J., Boston near Windsor
    Pratt E. & Brother, 27 and 29 s. Charles
    Rogers & Magraw, 16 Water
    Smith & Tyson, 25 s. Charles
    Stickney & Beatty, 18 and 20 s. Charles.
    Thompson & Oudesluys, 57 s. Gay.


    Albert & Brother., 340 w. Balt.
    Brown David U., 200 w. Baltimore
    Curler, Clopper & Co., 17 n. Howard.
    Duer, Norris & Co., 2 Hanover.
    Fitzgerald & Magruder 265 w. Balt
    Hopkins Joseph J., 15 n. Howard
    Hickey & Co., corner Howard and Cowpen Alley.
    Hopkins, Lake & Harden, 294 w. Balt.
    King & Hiss, 307 w. Balt.
    Ludden Lemuel, 301 w. Balt.
    Norris & Bro., 272 w. Baltimore.
    Morris & Bro. (late Thomas & Co.) 218 w. Balt.
    Penniman & Brother, 10 n. Howard
    Plummer Richard & Co., 336 w. Balt.
    Shaeffer & Loney, 3 Hanover
    Shriver & Myer, 350 w. Balt.
    Turner R. T., 114 w. Lombard.
    Voss B. F., 8 s. Charles.
    Ward & Brothers, 21 s. Calvert
    Wilkes James, Jr., 348 w. Balt.


    Anderson & Jessop, corner Light and Pratt.
    Audoun Louis, 195 Broadway.
    Ament George, 274 Bond.
    Broil Henry, 308 Bond.
    Brain John B., 114 n. Gay.
    Buck John, Jr., 58 w. Pratt.
    Carpenter William C. & Co., 4 Light st. whf.
    Conner Thomas W., 650 w. Balt.
    Dobler J. & Co., corner Pratt and Calvert.
    Daiger F., corner Pratt and Eutaw.
    Enos William H., 151 Forest.
    Foy James, 68 s. Calvert.
    Fowler Thomas, 171 e. Balt.
    Faithful W. C. B., 100 Franklin.
    Gorsuch Moellin ger, 84 n. Gay.
    Greenfield Caleb., 167 Lexington
    Howser Jacob K., 1 Harrison.
    Halbach Charles, 72 Gay st. bridge
    Kroder, John, 217 Hanover.
    Kann S. J., 38 Harrison.
    Kloke A., 12 Green.
    May Edward, 160 Franklin.
    Procter William & Son 130 w. Pratt.
    Pearse & Thompson, 117 n. Gay.
    Peacock & Mullan, 144 Franklin.
    Parks & Hall, 169 e. Baltimore.
    Reiter Philip R., 162 Broadway
    Ruddach Washington, 35 w. Baltimore.
    Saiks Herman 309 Bond.
    Stone James H., 162 e. Balt.
    Seidenstriker J. B. & Co., 161 n. Gay.
    Whiting James & Co., 112 w. Pratt.
    Wills, W. C., 9 n. Gay.
    Willey Joseph, 102 Franklin.


    Campbell A., 19 Light.
    Jenkins Edward & Son, 180 w. Balt.
    Mackenzie Thomas & Son, 222 w. Balt.
    Paine Allen, 310 do.

    Hat Manufacturers-silk

    Tunis & Joynes; Davis near Saratoga.
    Wilkinson R. T., Harrison.

    Hats, Caps and Furs

    Boston Jacob, 10 Light.
    Burns M. E., 38 Centre Market Space.
    Boston & Price, 129 w. Balt.
    Bottomer Thomas, 15 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Cox & Co., 157 w. Pratt.
    Crozier C., 198 Broadway.
    Cole, Craft & Co., 218 w. Balt.
    Degoey William, 176 w. Pratt.
    Davis M. C., 290 w. Pratt.
    Davis R. P., 20 e. Baltimore.
    Greenwood, William S., 40 w. Baltimore.
    Grant Xenophon 191 Lexington.
    Hick ley R. L., 44 n. Howard.
    Hughes & Co., 34 w. Balt.
    Heaton & Co., 190 w. Balt.
    Hurtt H. N., 88 w. Pratt.
    Hobbs W. . T. 86 Centre Market Space.
    Hindes Samuel 78 n. Gay.
    Heilman Joseph, 158 n. Gay.
    Indorriden J., 56w. Baltimore.
    Mason William, 115 n. Howard.
    McPhail J. L. & Brother, 132 w. Balt.
    Marsh Henry C.; 118 Franklin.
    Quail George g., 140 w. Pratt.
    Ropers Jacob & Sons, cor. South and Second.
    Reifsnider, L. S., 28 n. Howard.
    Reiley, P. E.; 82 Centre Market space
    Raymo Lewis, 131 n. Gay
    Smewald G., ei n. Gay.
    Smith William, 80 w. Pratt
    Singewald, F. A., 233 Broadway.
    Smith & Co., 121 n. Howard.
    Towson Charles, 33 n. Eutaw.
    Taylor Robert, 2 Calvert opposite, Barnum's.
    Vanzant Joshua, 115 w. Baltimore
    Valiant William H., 1 w. Baltimore.
    Warder George A. & Co., jobbers, 255 w. Baltimore, (up stairs.)
    Whitmarsh & Brother, 98 w. Baltimore.

    Hosiery, Gloves and Trimmings

    Those marked thus * are wholesale.

    Brannt, John, (buckskin gloves) 17 Second.
    * Hodges James & Bro., 239 w. Balt.
    Hearn H. .A., 225 Lexington.
    * Lauer Lewis & Co., 257 w. Balt.
    * Lewis & Muncks, 309 do.
    Lovejoy, Amos, 123 do.
    Lovejoy Samuel 33 n. Howard
    * Lentz & Flack, 249 w Balt., (up stairs.)
    * Lewis & Drost, 253 do.
    Mann Ernest, 49 do.
    Meyer Ferdinand, 139 do.
    Merriam J. W., 191 do.
    Notting Charles, 25 n. Eutaw.
    Thuner L. W., 93 w. Balt.
    Wharton Wm. H. C., 26 Hanover.

    Hose riveted-Manufacturers

    Dukehart & Co., 21 Light.
    Godfrey E. A., 16 s. Calvert.
    Holbrook Thomas, 4 Balderston.


    City Hotel, Barnum & McLaughlin, corner Calvert and Fayette.
    Exchange, D. Dorsey, Exchange Place.
    Eagle, N. R. Kennedy, Hillen.
    Eutaw, H. F. Jackson, cor. Eutaw and Balt
    Fountain, P. Thurston, Light. Front Street, N. & W. Hutchins, opposite theatre.
    Farmers', Jelin Young, 148 Forest.
    Guy's U. S., 142 Pratt, opp. railroad depot.
    Globe Inn, J. Bartholow, 329 w. Balt.
    Gen. Wayne Inn, C. Goddard, cor. Paca and Balt.
    Heckrotte's, cor. Camden and Charles.
    Miller's, cor. Paca and German.
    Oliver's, 94 s. Charles.
    Philadelphia, T. Lloyd, cor. Canton av. and President.
    Smith's American, Pratt opp. railroad depot.
    Starr's White House, 119 n. High
    Susquehanna, Ezra Dorsey, Calvert near depot
    Union, T. Lloyd, Cor. Pratt and Charles.
    Virginia House, C. C. Egerton; 4 e. Calvert
    Washington, Gilman, 226 w. Pratt
    Western, J. P. Bayless, corner Howard and Saratoga
    Wheatfield, J. McIntosh, 5 and 7 n: Howard.

    House-furnishing Goods and importers of Cutlery and Plated Ware

    Albinson, P.; cor,. Charles and Lombard.
    Cortlan Co., W w. Balt.
    Cortlan James & Jon, 18 w. Balt.
    Cariss Samson, 138 and 140 &.
    Keen G. V. & Co., 12 do..
    Reip Alfred, . 335 do:
    Shultz, Jefferson, 145 do.
    Ward E. J,180 w. Pratt.

    Ink Manufacturers

    Flesh A., (writing) 241 w. Pratt.
    Balt. Printing Ink Works, Uhler's alley.

    India Rubber Stores

    Corbett Isaac & Co., 189 w. Balt
    Punderson E. M. & Co., 219 do.

    Insurance Offices

    Astor Mutual Marine of N. Y., agency 54 s. Gay.
    Albion Life, of London, agency 50 do.
    Associated Firemen's, 12 South.
    American Live Stock, agency 46 w: Lombard (up stairs.)
    Atlantic Mutual, 5 Exchange Place.
    Baltimore Life, 15 South.
    Baltimore Equitable Society, 19 South.
    Baltimore Fire, 24 South, (second story.)
    Connecticut Mutual Life, agency 24 South.
    Firemen's, cor. South and Sebond.
    Harford Fire, agency Comml. Buildings.
    Health Co. of Maryland, 18 n: Paca.
    Knox Fire and Marine agency 202 w. Balt.
    Lexington Fire and Marine, agency 34 s. Gay.
    Merchants' Mutual, Commercial Buildings, s. Gay.
    Mutual Fire and Marine of Balt. corner Gay and Lombard.
    Mutual Life of N. York; agency 54 a. Gay.
    Maryland Mutual, 4 Exchange Place.
    National Fire, 13 South.,
    Nashville Marine and Fire, agency 46 Ex. Pl.
    National Loan Fund Life, London and New York, agency 90 w: Lombard.
    Ocean Mutual, 51 Exchange Place.
    Protection and Aetna, 22 South.
    Penn Mot. Life of Phil. ag'cy 151 w. Fayette.
    Sun Mutual of N. York, agency 61 Ex. Place.

    Iron Manufacturers

    Abbott H. & Co., Canton Wr'ght Iron Works
    Ellicott Andrew, Comml: Buildings, 1. Gay
    Ellicott H. W., do. . do.
    Reese & Mills, Whetstone Point.

    Iron Railing Manufacturers

    Bates James, cor. Stiles and President
    Elliocott, Andrew, Comml.Buildings, s. Gay.
    Ellicott, H. W., do. do.
    Reese & Mills, Whetstone Point.

    Lamps, Chandeliers, Burning Fluid &c

    Those marked thus * are wholesale.

    Bowen G. W, 2 e. Baltimore.
    Baker Wm. H. K.., 60 w. Balt.
    Cave, C. & Son, 183 n. Gay.
    Carswell, J. S., 81 Thames.
    *Davidson, John 97 w. Balt.
    Penniman, Thomas, 8 s. Calvert.
    Pitkington, & Shaver, 92. n. Gay.
    Spilker W. & H:,136 w: Balt.
    *Tough John S.; 274 do
    *West C., 15 and 17 s. Sharp
    *West & Jevens, 204 w. Balt.
    Young William G., 291 do.

    Last and Tree Manufacturers

    Ault & Son, 30 s. Calvert
    Gray George; cor. Calvert and Water
    Larrabee E., cor. Mercer and Calvert.
    Martin J. H. T., 56 s. Eutaw.
    Steelman John S., 164 w. Lombard.

    Leather Dealers and Curriers

    Appold George & Son, 100 w. Lombard, and North near Madison.
    Blanferd D., 190 Alice Anna.
    Bleakly S. W., cor. South and Second. .
    Birely V.; 15 Cheapside.
    Ballauf A., 73 Harrison
    Bartlett & Co., Cowpen alley near Howard.
    Bonnett Jas. L., 57 Marsh Market Space
    Crane W. & Son, con. Cheapside and Second.
    Canox Joseph, 189 Lexington.
    Deford B. & Co., cor. Calvert and Lombard.
    Grubb William, 7 Cheapside.
    Green Henry H., 194 Lexington.
    Hewitt Elmer, 71 Market Space.
    Hoffman Michael, con: Pratt and Howard.
    Hewlett John Q., 96 Lombard and 9 Water.'
    Heald J. H. & Co.; (tanners) corner Madison and North.
    Horn Benjamin, do. Pa. av. extended.
    Jenkins William &. Sons, 7 Water and 94 w Lombard.
    Jenkins P. & Co., 13 Water.
    Krebbs George W., 39 s. Calvert
    Kipp John, 17 Cheapside.
    Maynard J. A., cor. Cheapside and Lombard
    Oler. William H., 22 Water.
    Pasquay Jacob, .5 Harrison.
    Robinson Joseph, 248 Broadway.
    Sullivan Thos. H., cor. Calvert and Water.
    Startzman Isaac, 56 s. Calvert.
    Seyler Frederick & Co., 22 s. Liberty.
    Stalfort, Frederick,.cor. Pratt and Eutaw.
    Sparhawk S., 4 Water.
    Sewell Thos. & Son (tanners) Pa: av.
    Thomas N., 116 n. Eutaw.

    Lime, Plaster and Cement

    Cooper E. J.,.83 Bowly's whf., (up stairs.)
    Fell & Robinson, Alice Anna near Eden.
    Griscom Burrough, Alice Anna between Exeter and Eden.
    Green Jacob, North near.Susq. Depot.
    White Thomas, Fremont.

    Linseed Oil Manufacturers

    Smith Thomas W., Commerce:


    Sasche E. & Co., 6 n. Liberty
    Thompson Henry, 1.4 w. Fayette.
    Weber & Co., Jarvis Buildings, North.

    Livery Stables

    Brown Henry; C., cor. Pratt and Paca.
    Bayless James, 162 Saratoga
    Cole Cornelius H.; 70 German.
    Creamer John, 546 w. Baltimore
    Dickerson Z., 53 German.
    Eichelberger, J. M., German near Paca:
    Fitzpatrick-John M.; 28 w.. Lombard.
    Goddard .C., con. Green and: Raborg.
    Hartzell David, German near Paca
    Hook Henry F.; 426 w., Balt.
    Moffett Robert, cor., Liberty and Lombard and 39 s. Howard.
    McLean William, 39 Garden
    Manley John, 142 w. Fayette, and Cowpen alley near Eutaw
    McClintock John M.,. Lexington near Park
    Owings Samuel C.; 3 n. Paca,
    Peters & Co, (omnibus proprietors) w. Lombard near Fremont
    Reilly George, 25 w. Lombard
    Regraves & Frank, 24 Conway.
    Robinson & Kichard, (omnibus) Biddle near George
    Ruskell J.&: Sons; 76 w. Fayette
    Shiply George; corner Holliday. and Pleasant.
    Wilson John, s. Paca near. Pratt. .

    Locksmiths and Bellhangers

    Ayers & Harkins, 13 e: Lombard.
    Bald F. W., 89 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Ehrhardt A., 33.s, Liberty
    Evatt E., 88 Light
    Evatt Columbus, 26 s. Liberty.
    Evatt John, 28 n. Gay
    Fisher F. M., 12 w. Lombard
    Fitzberger Henry, 102 Lexington.
    Henlick Charles H., 23 Second.
    Hock Louis, 111 Front.
    Hart & Clark, 124 w. Fayette
    Hibner A. H.; 69 North
    McAlear ______, 101 Harrison.
    Philips Thomas, 133 Saratoga
    Pagers E: & G. H.; 175 Saratoga
    Renter A., 42 Harrison.
    Steward C: J. 203 w. Lombard
    Schmidt A., Henrietta neat Charles
    Stewart G. F., Saratoga near Charles.
    Schaufelberger J: H:,142 n. Eutaw.
    Trayer P. P., 15 Park
    Wirth Christian F., 167 Caroline .
    Weglein Aaron; 85 Bank.
    Wible R.; 10 w: Fayette.

    Looking-glass Plates and Frames

    Barnet & De Beet, 75 w. Baltimore,
    Cariss Samson, 138 and 140 w. Baltimore.
    Fryer E. S., 1 n: Gay.
    Geddes George, 24 n. Paca.
    Phillips Wm. S., 194 Broadway.
    Seager, T. 13 s. Sharp
    Stuckfield, J. T. 51 Frederick

    Lottery and Exchange Brokers

    Byrne & Co., n. e. cor. Ex. Place and South
    Bristor Wm. B. & Co., cor. Pratt and Fred'k.
    Cowpland, William S., 26 w. Pratt.
    Carr Emanuel N., 138 w. Pratt.
    Cox, George, 2 Harrison
    Clifford S., 125 n. Howard
    Clark John, Green near Franklin
    Colvin &.Co cor. Calvert and Balt. (Museum)
    Coss G., 146 Franklin
    Emory & Co., 154. w. Pratt
    Egerton & Bro., cor. South and Exch. Place.
    Fletcher, James, 3 S, Calvert
    Gridley John, 108 n: Gay.
    Harris Wm. S., cor. Fish and Market Space.
    Irvin & Co., corner Calvert and Bank
    Lane Jones William B., comer. Balt. and Frederic
    Leach, C. L., s. w. corner Eutaw, and Balt.
    Lupton E. F., comer Gay and Second
    Managers' Office R. France & Co., cor. Calvert and Bank Lane.
    McDonald: C. S. & Co., corner Baltimore and Market Space.
    Marshall John, 29 w. Pratt
    Miles U., comer Baltimore and Sharp
    Mace A. &, Co.,110 n. Gay
    Miller & Co., cor. Baltimore and St. Paul.
    Nicholson J: J:, l Sharp
    Neilson John; 85 Thames
    Naim & Co., 60 n. Paca
    Nicholson G., 28 w. Balt
    Nones & Co., n. e. corner Liberty and Balt.
    Pyfer & Co., 1 Light
    Robinson, E. W., 1 Holliday,
    Schoolfield L. A. & Co., Calvert op. Museum
    Scarf W., corner. Harrison and Gay
    Scribner, A,. 313 w. Pratt.
    Vemetson William, con. Cheapside and Pratt
    Webb H. W., comer Lombard and Light
    Webb H., 191 w: Pratt
    Welch John M., 15 e: Pratt
    Winchester Samuel, corner Balt. and North

    Lumber Merchants

    Abrahams & Stran, W. F. Avenue
    Barker & Brother; Howard near Cathedral
    Burns :& Sloan, corner, Eutaw and German.
    Brennan Edward. P:, (mahogany) 25 n. Gay.
    Boyd James H.,;& Brother, 12 Caroline.
    Creamer Thomas & William, West Falls A
    Cassard Gilbert, Jr., 25 Bank
    Corkran F. S., 124 Pratt street wharf
    Coates & Glenn, corner Green and Pratt.
    Eareckson Robert, W. F. Avenue
    Gallibart, J. 158 Thames
    George Stephen & Son; 37 Green
    Hooper Robert, foot McElderry's dock.
    Hanker J. & Co., W: F. Avenue
    James Henry, Alice Anna near Albemarle.
    King Stephen R. & Co., cor. E. Falls and E. Av.
    Kirby John & Son, Mill..
    McElderry, Hugh, 88 Light street wharf.
    Matthews Thos. E. Falls Av., near Cant. Av.
    Mothe Theodore, Pa. Avenue extended.
    Page W. A., cor. Light and Lee, (upstairs)
    Perry & Brigham, City Block.
    Robinson E. W., Argyle alley
    Smith Job, Buchanan's wharf
    Smith, Burnett & Co., Barre near Light.
    Trump C. & M., W. F. Avenue.
    Turner & Yardley; 102 Light street wharf.
    Thomas & Price, W. F. Avenue.
    Vaughen J. & Co., Howard near Richmond Market
    West William & Son, McElderry's wharf.
    White Charles B., 98 Light street wharf
    Williams, John James Co., (mahogany) 130 s. Charles
    Williams' Mahogany Yard, York street.

    Machinists and Engine Builders

    Benson B. S. President betw. Pratt and Stiles.
    Bentley G. W., Plowman opp. Front:
    Denmead A. W.; & Son;, comer Notch and Monument.
    Harrison Daniel, 194 e. Baltimore.
    Lovegrove, Thomas J.; W F. Avenue.
    Murray & Hazelehurst, Vulcan Works, corner William and Hughes.
    Masson Wm., cor. Caroline and Hempstead.
    Milholland John, E. F. Av. between Granby and Pratt.
    Mayger & Washington, Front between Lombard and Plowman
    Paul Alexander, McHenry.
    Poole & Ferguson, North near Saratoga:
    Page George, w. Bart: near Schroeder
    Reeder Charles; Jr., s. side Basin.
    Rodgers John, (fire engines) High
    Simpson William; (fire engines) 44 Holliday
    Winans. Ross; cor. Poppleton and McHenry
    Wells & Miller, President betw. E. Avenue and Fleet

    Machine Card Manufacturer

    Haskell J. H.,. 31 s. Eutaw

    Marble Cutters

    Baughman Frederick. & Sons, n. Howard near Madison
    Black & Fording, 152 n. Howard.
    Bell & Packie, cor Saratoga and Calvert
    Duns & King,. 55 Holiday
    Gaddes Alexander, 121 Light and corner Getman and Sharp
    Johnson William, North near Centre.
    Lyeth, John, 12 s. s. Eutaw
    Martin & Butler; 128 n. Calvert
    Maxwell John W.; 130 n. Calvert
    Maxwell D., corner Eutaw and Saratoga.
    Meredeth Aug. R.; 54 Light
    Sisson Hugh, North near Susq Depot
    Symington, Thomas; (and dealer) Cathedral near Biddle
    Stewart R. St. John, 14 w.. Pratt.
    Taylor Levi, 106 s. Charles.

    Mathematical and Nautical Instruments-Manufacturers

    Gohing F., (thermometers) 287 Bond.
    Hagger & Bro., 63 South and 59. w. Pratt.
    King F. W. & R., 33 South.
    Patten George, 23 South.
    Rutt Richard, 33 Thames.

    Merchants-forwarding and commission

    Browning W. S. 92 s. Charles.
    Brownley & Rutledge, 133 North
    Elder B. T. & Co., cor. Pratt and Patterson
    Greene D., 92 s. Charles
    Gordon L. S. agent Pa. and Ohio Transportation Line, 78 North
    Koons C. H., agent Union Line, corner North and Saratoga.
    Leech D. & Co., 120 n. Howard.
    Miller J. F. & Co., 79 Bowly's wharf.
    Nutzell Joel, 76 North.
    O'Connors & Co., 70 North.
    Slingluff & Ensey, 13 n. Howard
    Small George 72 North
    Woodside William S. 47 Light
    Wilson James, agent Bingham's Line, 151 n Howard.

    Merchant Tailors

    Adamson Sam'1, 96 Harrison.
    Alexander J., 42 n. Howard.
    Adler L. H., 295 w. Baltimore.
    Brown Joseph E., 399 do.
    Brooks S., 119 do.
    Baier Andrew, 272 n. Gay.
    Bersch Henry, cor. High and Fayette.
    Burgess Wm., 4 s. Sharp.
    Ballard & Clifon, 289 w. Pratt.
    Betz J. G. 125 w. Baltimore, (up stairs.)
    Bushman C., 220 Lexington.
    Behlen Paul, 62 'Thames.
    Bowie Jag., 51 Bond.
    Berger C. H.., 57 n. Frederick.
    Bruscup, Thos., Jr., 42 n. Gay.
    Benson Sam'1, 15 Holliday.
    Bender A., 16 n. Liberty.
    Chalmers P. S., 67 Pa. Av.
    Corrigan Hugh, 87 Thames.
    Collison Wm., 5 s. Sharp.
    Cox, W. H., 245 w. Baltimore
    Dulaney Wm., 46 n. Howard
    Dunn Andrew, 432 w. Baltimore.
    Drexler John F., 15 e. Pratt.
    Decker John 73 Thames
    Ellermeyer Bushman, 145 Franklin
    Ephline James, 286 w. Pratt.
    Felgner F. N., 10 n. Charles.
    Ford W . H. 31 n. Howard.
    Fledderman Jno. G., 1 s. Charles
    Fuhr M., 140 w. Lombard
    Fedou F., 421 w. Baltimore
    Griffith H., 1 n. Gay.
    Gardner Richard F., 150 Lexington
    Grothaus Geo. F. 1 e. Baltimore
    Grerlach D. 201 Bond
    Hinkelman A., 106 n. Howard
    Heiman & Brothers, 82 Thames
    Hartman Isaac, 5 s. Gay.
    Hogg John, 15 s Gay.
    Hilberg, Frs. L., 8 South.
    Hilberg & Henkelman, 6 s. Calvert
    Henry, Alex., 68 Exchange Place.
    Hirsh Peter, 198 Light.
    Hopkins & Fairchild c. Baltimore and Charles.
    Hartman J. P., 163 w. Baltimore.
    Irvin Geo. W., 11 s. Liberty
    Jarrett Asbury, 10 and 12 e. Baltimore.
    Jones James, 28 South.
    Jarrett L., 128 w. Baltimore.
    Johnson Robt., 137 w. Fayette.
    Kennard & Wheeler, 20 n. Howard.
    Kelly T. & Son, 6 n. Liberty.
    Keyworth C. B., 286 w. Baltimore.
    Kolb M., 644 do.
    Kling John, 287 w. Pratt.
    Kathmann Jos., 103 w. Baltimore, (up stairs.)
    Kloman F., 449 w. Baltimore.
    La Faille Mons., 34 n. Charles.
    Lowekamp J. H., 56 n. Park.
    Linthicum Wm. O., 648 w. Baltimore.
    Lewis E. & Bro., 9 s. Calvert.
    Lautenberger W., 21 s. Liberty.
    Little Daniel, 312 w. Pratt.
    McCubbin Henry W., 75 n. Green.
    Mullen John, 9 St. Paul.
    Mathers & Gosnell, 9 n. Howard.
    Moulton J. F., 434 w. Baltimore.
    Mears Thos. H., cor. Bond & Pratt.
    McShane L., 202 Broadway.
    Merritt & Griffith, 6 Light.
    McDowell F., 202 w. Pratt.
    Mills Wm. P. 127 w. Baltimore.
    Myles P. 179 Light.
    Nelson Wakeman, 42 w. Fayette.
    Openheimer Hertz, cor. Cant. Av. and Starr alley.
    Ober Jacob, 59 Thames.
    Patterson W. G. 5 Holliday.
    Price B., 62 n. Howard.
    Parrish Jas. J., 141 w. Fayette.
    Pflug John F., 337 Bond.
    Price Geo. A., 3 Front.
    Patterson John, 26 South.
    Purnell C. B., 13 s. Liberty.
    Phillips A., Carroll Hall, cor. Balt. and Calvert.
    Perry Geo. & Bro., 170 n. Gay.
    Rosenhaupt J.,109 Horrison.
    Roberts H. T., 14 St. Paul.
    Rogers & Boyd 226 w. Balt.
    Rau George, 316 Bond.
    Roman Joan A., 339 Bond.
    Randle Wm. H., 201 Hanover.
    Steiner M., 40 Harrison.
    Sweeney M. B., 12 St. Paul.
    Stewart N. J., 17 n. Liberty.
    Schmidt H. D. 196 w. Fayette,
    Spicer John, 163 Franklin.
    Simon Louis, 77 e. Lombard.
    Snyder George, Howard Hall, Eastern Av.
    Scheunstuhl T., 167 Alice Anna.
    Schloss Nathan, 70 Lancaster.
    Schmidt John A., 74 Thames.
    Strohmeyer pr G., 6 South.
    Stan B.., 10 s. Calvert
    Sanders Geo. W., 262 w Pratt
    Schnawbla Andrew, 366 w. Pratt.
    Stine Joseph, 193 Baltimore
    Shipley, Howard & Co., 303 Baltimore.
    Shane Edward M., 12 Camden.
    Spies Geo. C., 107 Front.
    Taneyhill Sam'1, 8 n. Gay
    Tracy Al. & Sons, 166 w. Baltimore
    Tuhn Solomon, 89 Thames
    Thompson John T., 9 s. Gay.
    Taylor Sam'1 B. 16 South
    Viaene J., 219 w. Baltimore, (up stairs.)
    Wunder Geo., 12 n. Liberty
    Williams F. W., 34 n. Eutaw.
    Wilke C,, 190 Lexington.
    Weaver John, 536 w. Baltimore.
    Wise Henry, cor. Ann and Canton Av.
    Weil Lewis, 91 Thames.
    Wilds John L., 12 s. Gay.
    Wiley James, 35 Second
    Winter Henry, 154 n. Gay.

    Merchant Millers

    Baylies & Tyson, lower end Patterson.
    Buchwalter & Wright, 38 Commerce.
    Corner S., 36 Commerce.
    Fenby Joseph B. & CO., Spear's wharf.
    Gambrill Chas. A., 30 Commerce.
    Mactier Samuel, 8 Spear's wharf.
    Miller J. P., 10 do.
    Tyson & Dungan, 40 Commerce.
    Vickers Joel & Son, lower end Commerce.
    Vickers G. R. & Co., do. do.
    Warfield D., 9 Spear's wharf.
    Winchester Alex'r, 11 Spear's wharf.
    Worthington & Keller, lower end Patterson
    Woodyear William C., 48 Commerce.
    Wierman William, 36 do.

    Metal Dealers

    Parker E. L. & Co., corner Calvert and Lombard.
    Pratt E. & Bro., 27 and 29 s. Charles
    Parker Nathaniel, cor. Calvert and Lombard
    Spear William, 40 Lombard.
    Stimpson, Jas, zinc works, City Wharf, s. side Basin.

    Military Goods

    Canfield, Bro. & Co., corner Baltimore and Charles.
    Sisco A.; 95 w. Baltimore.

    Millinery and Silk Goods-jobbers,

    Armstrong & Cater, 175 w. Baltimore.
    Curtain John A., 23 w. Balt., (up stairs.)
    Crane Benjamin, cor. Baltimore and Charles, (up stairs.)
    Hamilton John, 303 w. Balt., (up stairs.)
    King Bragdon & Co., 235 w. Baltimore.
    Leonard William, (and retail) 169 w. Balt.
    Norris Edward S., 37 w. Balt.
    Porter J., 4 Hanover, (up stairs.)
    Cleaveland, J. B., 17 German.
    Yeakle, M. M., 255 , w. Belt. -


    Alexander Mrs. A. E., 105 n. Eutaw.
    Aldworth Miss C.,187 n. Gay.
    Butler M., 55 s. Sharp.
    Barney Mrs. S. A:, 30 e. Bart. r
    Burman Mrs. M,, 19 Pa. av.
    Bush Miss K., 103 n. Eutaw. .
    Benson G., 92 w. Fayette.
    Bateman Phoebe, 95 do. '
    Bamberger & Bro., 1371 n. Gay.
    Cary Mrs., 51 do.
    Connolly Miss Mary, Saratoga near Howard
    Croppet Miss E., 26 Centre Market Space.
    Costello Ann, 191 n. Gay.
    Corletto Mrs. Eliza, 191 Broadway.
    Dunan Madame L. P., 193 w. Pratt
    Degoey Mrs., 50 e. Baltimore.
    Darling Mrs. M. A., 232 n. Gay. .
    Dobler A. C., 159 e. Baltimore.
    Dixon James, 190 Broadway.;
    Dull Mrs. Jane R,, 94 do.
    Dorsey Mrs. C., 85 Saratogo.
    Eareckson Mrs. P. S., cor. Eden and Pratt.
    Fairbank Mrs. E. J., 381 w. Lombard.
    Fedon Mrs. E., 421 w. Baltimore.
    Fox Mrs. E., 145 Hanover.
    Ford Mrs., 266 n. Gay.
    Fink Miss E., 59 Ross.
    Foster Mrs. Mary G., 164 e. Lombard.
    Grafton Mrs., 467 w. Baltimore.
    Gunby Mrs. Maria, cor. Broadway and Bank.
    Gallup Mrs. Ruth, 7 Broadway.
    Guilburt Mrs. E., 185 n. Eutaw.
    Greg Miss, 97 w. Fayette. -
    Greubell Mrs., 157 s. Sharp
    Ham Misses E. & M., 89 Mulberry.
    Harding M. F., 43 n. Liberty.
    Hart M. T., 134 Lexington.
    Healy Mrs. M. A.,.115 Saratoga.
    Hays Mrs. F. A., 313 w. Pratt.
    Herget Mrs. M. E., 107 Camden.
    Hichcock Isabella, 143 do. .
    Hugg E. S., 242 n. Gay.
    Hagthrop Mrs., 175 n. Gay.
    Jory Miss A. E., Hanover.
    Jacobs Ann, 62 Mulberry.
    Kennard O. A., 651 Baltimore.
    Keithley Mrs. ane, 217 Eastern av.
    Knight Mrs. A. W., 57 n. Eutaw.
    Knight Mrs. M. A., 130 Lexington.
    Luff Mrs., 49 Harrison.
    Long Mrs., 195 n. Gay
    Lip Miss, 16 Green.
    Lyford Mrs. M. M., 286 w. Balt., (up stairs)
    Lee Mrs. M. A., 132 Lexington.
    Lighten Thomas, 177 e. Baltimore.
    Mulligan Miss, 3 w. Baltimore.
    Murdock A., 38 Camden.
    Mattin gly Jane B., 28 e. Baltimore.
    McKewen Mrs. 82 n. Gay.
    McMullin J., 135 e. Baltimore.
    Magruder J. H., 21 n. Howard.
    McConnekins Mrs. L., 108 do.
    McComas Mrs. Ellen, (dressmaker) 496 w. Baltimore.
    Marselas Miss A. E., 142 Lexington
    Nock Sarah A., 218 n. Gay.
    Parker E. W., 81 Lexington.
    Parsons Mrs. R., 116 s. Eutaw.
    Perry Mrs. Ann, 173 n. Gay.
    Perdue Mary, 971 do.
    Phillips Mrs. J. A., 22 Caroline
    Robinson Mrs. John, 146 Balt.
    Robinson Elizabeth, 110 Broadway.
    Reed J. C., 39 e. Baltimore.
    Reister Misses, 253 w. Pratt.
    Ronning Mrs. E., 137 w. Baltimore.
    Solze Mrs. 82 Lexington.
    Sank Mrs. R., 70 n. Eutaw.
    Stephens Mrs. E.; 58 1/2 do.
    St. Clair Mrs., 40 n. Charles.
    Sherwood R., 41 e. Balt.
    Stanford Mrs., 91 Caroline.
    Shaw Mrs., 9 e. Fayette.
    Serderf Miss, 100 Eden.
    Stinchcomb Miss, 255 w. Pratt.
    Sinks Miss Ruth A., 47 w. Balt.
    Selby Mrs. Mary A., 130 Hanover.
    Saville Ann Jane, 30 w. Pratt.
    Tichmeyer Mrs., Gay near Forest.
    Turner M. D., 17 e. Balt.
    Toft Mrs. M. J., 38 n. Eutaw.
    Taylor Miss Susan, 484 w. Balt.
    Thomson Miss M., 584 do.
    Thom pson S. & M., 229 Lexington.
    Vogell C., 59 w. Balt.
    Worthington N. & C., 40 Hanover.
    Wolff W. S., 7 w. Pratt.
    Ward Elizabeth, 170 e. Balt.
    Wahl Mrs. A. R., 99 n. Gay.
    Weaver Mrs. M. R., 123 Lexington.
    Wheeler Mrs. A.,122 North.
    Wheeler Mrs. R., 151 n.Eutaw.
    Young George W., 37 do.
    Young Miss M. M., con. Lee and Hanover.

    Morocco Dealers

    Grubb William, 7 Cheapside.
    Kalbfus D. R. Jr., 1 do.
    Kip p John, 17 do.
    Kalbfus D. & L. Jr., Pa. av. extended.
    Traudman John C., 96 Pearl.

    Music Teachers

    Baldwin Charles, 449 w. Fayette.
    Burkheim B., 21 s. Liberty
    Cleveland A. J., 181 Park
    Hewett John H., 143 n. High.

    Music Stores and Instrument Makers

    Benteen F . D., 181 w. Balt.
    Boucher E. W., 16 e. Balt.
    Boucher William Jr., 32 do.
    Eisenbrant C. H., 78 w. Balt.
    Hildebrandt S. W., 3 Park.
    Peters W. C., 202 w. Balt., (up stairs.)
    Wittig G. Jr., 197 do:

    Mustard and Spice Mills

    Ferguson, Thomas, Union Mills, 62 Bowly's wharf.
    Wait Geo. W. &Son, Paca Mills, 68 Bowly's wharf.

    Negro Dealers

    Campbell B. M. &. M. L., 242 w. Pratt,
    Donovan Joseph S., Camden between Charles and Light.
    Denning John N., s. Frederick.


    American, daily, tri-weekly and . weekly, 128 w. Baltimore
    Clipper, daily. and weekly, 134 w. Balt.
    German Correspondent, daily, 9 n. Gay
    Katholische Kirchen Zeitung (Catholic Church Gazette) weekly, 113 Saratoga.
    Lutheran Observer, weekly, 151 w. Pratt
    Monumental Fountain; (temperance). weekly, con. Holliday and Baltimore.,
    Methodist Protestant, weekly, Jarvis Buildings North.
    Patriot, daily and tri-weekly, cor. Baltimore and North.
    Republican and Argus; daily, 6 n. Gay
    True Union, weekly, 274 w. Balt. (upstairs.)
    The Sun, daily and weekly, corner Baltimore and Gay.
    Newspaper And Periodical Depots
    Keller W. L. & Co., 57 w. Balt.
    Taylor Wm. & Co., Jarvis Buildings, North.

    Notaries Public

    Duvall Lemuel, 45 s. Gay.
    Hudson D. W., 45 w. Lombard.
    Patrick John., 44 , do.
    Williams Jos. B., corner Calvert and Lexington.

    Organ Builders

    Berger, H. F., 75 w. Balt.
    Hall, James, 5 s. Eutaw

    Ornament Makers

    Callihan J. & Co., (architect'1) 156 n. Howard
    Poncia A.; (plaster figures) 4 s. Gay.

    Oyster Merchants

    Field A.,.331 w. Lombard.
    Holt & Maltby, W. F. av. City Block.
    Shamburg WY, Lombard near Sharp.


    Bowers E.,,128 w. Baltimore.
    Carvalho S. N.,.205 w. Baltimore.
    McCann Henry G., 144 w. Balt.
    Ruckle F., 318 do.
    Wattles J. L., 212 do.
    Woodward D. A., corner North and Fayette

    Painters-House, Sign and Ornamental

    Affick Thomas, 138 Saratoga.
    Braby Henry, 45 a. Gay
    Benson William, 81 n. Paca.
    Brooks Rodney, 30 Little Monument.
    Ball, Walter, 11 Barnum's Hotel.
    Ball Jacob, 148 Lexington
    Cummins J. P.,10 McClellan's al., (up stairs)
    Clark John D., 368,w. Baltimore
    Clark John W., 586 w. Balt.
    Disney; John, 124 Camden
    Dobson John, 31 Courtland
    Fisher E., Second w. of Gay
    Fonder R:,; 109 Caroline and corner Gay and Harrison
    Graves &. Liing (carved and block letters) 276 w. Balt.
    Gardner John M:, 10. Water
    Green George W., 58 South..
    Gardiner J. T., 'Lovely, Lane near Calvert
    Gregory & Caddimore, Philpot between Point and Mills.
    Howser J. K., H (japanner) Harrison
    Huggins & Switzer, 74 n. Eutaw.
    Hayes John, 75 w. Fayette.
    Hanno, Alfred,.(china painter),158 e.Balt.
    High Benjamin F, Oregon near Balt
    Johnston William, cor. Fayette and St. Paul.
    Kraus P., Mercer
    Keilholtz Charles, 48 German
    Levy D. S., 55 Harrison
    McGregor ______ Market w. of Gay
    Meakin, Samuel, 81 Mulberry
    Myer Laurence, 72 n. Liberty.
    McLean Arthur, 1 and 2 Harrison.
    Miller, A. J. Fayette btw. Liberty and Howard
    Nolls Benjamin F., 52 Holliday
    Needles Edward; 5 e Liberty
    Phoebus & Flather, 31 n. Paca
    Pope Folger, 34 a. Calvert
    Plummer Samuel, 198 s.Charles
    Roche. George J, 10. Grant
    Rosensteel, G. P., 73 n. Park.
    Roche J. J., cor, Balt. and McClellan's alley
    Smith G., 214 Sharp
    Smith & Wimpsett, 117 Camden
    Steiner John, 65 Frederick
    Sharp John G.,.5 w. Fayette
    Shannessy James, 182 w. Fayette
    Stone J. E., 236.w: Fayette
    Somerville Jas., Saratoga near, Charles
    Simpson T., Courtland near Mulberry
    Turner Thomas, K. 2 w; Fayette
    Tagart William, Pleasant .w. near Calvert.
    Taylor, John H., 142 n. Howard
    Whelan, Thomas, 79 w. Mulberry
    Wheeler A., 122 North
    Weaver, D. C.,120 n. Eutaw
    Weaver James, 418 w, Baltimore

    Paints, Oils, &c.--dealers in

    Bolton Hugh & Co., 71 McElderry's wharf.
    Craft Jacob, Cheapside
    Dodge George R.; 42.w. Baltimore. ... .
    Herschberg, Henry 217, Bond.
    Halthaus, Francis T. 10 w. Baltimore. .
    King John & Son, cor., Howard and Lexington
    Keilholtz Win . corner Franklin and Green
    Michau A. M. & Co., 161 e. Baltimore
    Robbins M. S., Hughes.
    Stewart, James, 77 McElderry's wharf.
    Townsend T. J., con. Market Space and Pratt
    Wilkes Jules, 191 Broadway
    Wysong W. A., 2 n. Liberty

    Paper Hanging-manufacturers and importers

    Golder A. & Son, 33 and 35 Hanover
    Howell & Brothers, 207 w. Baltimore.
    Holtz Emanuel, 105 n Howard.
    Krebs George W., 4 Hanover
    Wilson & Head, 65 n. Howard.

    Patent Medicines, and Perfumery

    Becker H., 510 w. Balt
    Deany R., 31 w. Lombard
    Geare W. M., 357 w. Balt
    Houck H. T., 8 Eutaw House
    Hance, Seth S., cor. Pratt, and Charles, and 108 w. Balt. .

    Pattern Makers

    Merritt & Binzon, 119 E. Avenue.
    Murray M 125 Bath

    Paper Warehouses-commission.:

    Meeteer Hannah, 150 w: Lombard.
    Rhodes B. M., 26 s. Charles
    Spear Otis; 21 s. Charles
    Turner & Mudge, 3 s. Charles:


    Arnold, ______, 122 e. Lombard.
    Albers H., w. Pratt near Sharp
    Addison John, 114 Conway
    Armitage James, n. w, con. Fayette and Paca
    Blandy Alfred A., cor. Chas. and Lexington
    Balsom A. J., Low.
    Bradford C. H., con. Aisquith and Orleans.
    Baxley H. W., 175 w. Fayette.
    Brown S., 172 Pearl
    Buckler T. H., 41 Lexington
    Boone James; corner Saratoga and Park.
    Bordley J. H., 74 n. Charles
    Brenan _____, 50 Mulberry
    Busk T. S., corner Pratt and Bethel
    Beucke ____, 15 s. Liberty
    Baer M. S., 182 w. Lombard.
    Bond T. E., 186 w. Lombard
    Bohm Ad., Charles near Montgomery
    Baker E., 122 s. Charles
    Baltzell W. H. 88 Hanover
    Briscoe J. H., 43 St. Paul
    Beal Wm. 163 w. Lombard
    Buehler John,. St. Paul
    Colbey J. Paul, 34 Albemarle
    Chabonnier V., s. Paca
    Cockey J. C., 22 e. Lombard
    Cockrill, J. J. 219 Alice Anna
    Chaisty E: J., 151 Mulberry
    Chabot L. J., 57 Ross
    Clarke S. R., 141 Biddle
    Cyriap, B., 13 s. Frederick
    Chatard F. E.; corner Charles and Lexington
    Chew Sam'1 92 n. Howard
    Clendinen William H., 189 n. Eutaw.
    Colburn E. F., 266 1/2 w. Fayette.,
    Crane William B.,-44 Lexington.
    Clendinen A., 62 e. Balt.
    Cole M., 90 Exeter.
    Duglass A. B., 169 Caroline.
    Davidson Samuel, 67 s. Charles.
    Dunbar R. W., 163 w. Lombard.
    Davis C. S., 59 e. Baltimore.
    Donaldson Geo. E., 77 North.
    Davis W. H., 6 St. Paul.
    Dulin Alex., cor. Charles and Fayette.
    Dedias E., 18 Garden.
    Downes Dion., 2 Jefferson.
    Delougbry Edw., cor. Fayette and Temple.
    De Butts, 515 w. Baltimore.
    Eccleston J. C., 189 n. Eutaw.
    Eccleston -, 75 do.
    Ellis C. K., High near Low.
    Egbert, 97 St. Paul.
    Fulton Robert, 53 s. Sharp.
    Frick Charles, s. Charles.
    Gough Dr., Hanover near Lombard.
    Gilinan J. 54 s. Paca.
    Galt John N., cor. Caroline and Pratt.
    Geraud -, 8 e. Lombard.
    Grafton W. H. 95 w. Fayette.
    Giver F. S., 79 n. Futa,,v.
    Haynel, A., homeopathic, 108 Lexington.
    Horwitz, J., cor. Saratoga and Eutaw.
    Hall James, cor. Mulberry and Park.
    Hank, J. W . T., Biddle opp. Richmond.
    Handy, 1V. It., 52 P. Pratt.
    Handy, J. T., 8 s. Eutaw.
    Haig, Wm., w. Lombard.
    Hintze F. E. B., 21 s. Gay.
    Hamel E., 235 Bond.
    Hitch Dr. Wm.
    Inloes Henry S., Broadway near Eastern Av.
    Jamison W. D., 48 Franklin.
    Jamison H., 131 Lexington.
    Kemp Wm. M. 24 n. Eutaw.
    Krainer John W., Gibson near Preston.
    Knight S. T., 173 Pearl.
    Kinimon, P. S., cor. Gough and Pratt.
    Kinney Wm., 163 w. Lombard.
    Ket John, 397 do.
    Kinkle J. C., 13 Poppleton.
    Krozer J. J. R.. 707 w. Baltimore.
    Knowles Wm. G., 94 Hanover.
    Keenan J. A., 330 Franklin.
    Larkin W. D. F., Gay near Forest.
    Leas C. A., 214 s. Charles.
    Lumsden Wm. O., 26 Hill.
    Lawrence ______, Broadway near Canton Av.
    Monroe, 49 Paca.
    McCarty P. E., 11 Warner.
    Monmonier Dr., cor. Baltimore and Caroline
    Morris Henry, cor. Broadway and Pratt.
    Murphy T. L., 88 Gough.
    Martin S. H., 139 e. Pratt.
    Morris John, 21 s. Gay.
    McManus . R., 27 s. Sharp
    Miltenberger G. W., 17 s. Liberty.
    Martin G. T., IS s. Paca.
    Miller J. H., I11 w. Fayette.
    Maxis Adw. A., cor. Saratoga and Sharp.
    Moran J. J., Washington Hospital
    Medcalfe W. H., 255 Lexington.
    Massy Wm. R., 74 Lexington
    McKenzie J. P., cor. St. Paul and Lexington
    Montgomery J., 85 n. Eutaw.
    Monkur John C. S., Broadway near Bank. .
    Owings S. K., 63 e. Baltimore.
    O'Keefe, 21 s. Gay.
    O'Donovan John, cor. Park and Franklin
    O'Donnell D. A., 45 n. Gay.
    Owings Thomas, 89 w. Fayette
    Pollard, 67 Hill.
    Pratt S. H., cor. Fremont and Fayette
    Pue Richard R., 68 Lexington.
    Power Wm., 57 St. Paul.
    Panetti, _____, 48 n. Frederick
    Piggot A., 269 e. Baltimore
    Porter J. B., 677 w. Baltimore
    Riley Wm., 34 w. Fayette
    Rich A., Jr., cor. Liberty and Fayette
    Robbins D. H., cor. Hanover and Lombard.
    Rider W. G., 83 Mulberry.
    Readells, _____, 30 n. Liberty
    Reynolds P. S., 179 Canton Avenue.
    Rose John, 227 w. Pratt.
    Raborg C. H., 303 w. Pratt.
    Robinson A. C., 493 w. Baltimore
    Roberts G. C. M., Hanover near Barre
    Redgrave T. J., 111 Camden
    Richard V. P., 65 Front
    Sewell T. R., Montgomery near Hanover
    Smith Gideon B., 14 Mulberry
    Schwartze C., cor. Hanover and Barre.
    Skinner H., 43 German.
    Stevenson, _____, 140 Exeter
    Stokes W. H., 58 Saratoga.
    Smith B. B., cor. Saratoga and College alley.
    Smith N. R., do. do. do. do.
    Starr H., 16 n. Liberty.
    Stewart David, 77 n. Eutaw.
    Smidt J., 54 n. Liberty. '
    Schurman, 53 n. Frederick.
    Thompson R., 213 Eastern Av.
    Tharp J., cor. Albemarle and Pratt.
    Thomas J. C., 173 w. Lombard.
    Thomas Richard, s. e. cor. Lomb'd and Sharp.
    Tanner J., 82 Mulberry.
    Theobald E. W., 74 n. Charles.
    Thomas E. S., 142 Exeter.
    Taylor N. N., 68 Holland.
    Van Wyck G. C., 295 w. Fayette.
    Van Bibber C., 114 Saratoga.
    Worthington J. C., 193 w. Lombard.
    Wilson H. M., 67 Hollins.
    Webster H. W., 143 s. Charles.
    Willoughby Jos., 187 Hanover.
    Womble P. M., 75 s. Paca.
    Weiner -,North.
    Wynne -, n. Charles above Saratoga.
    Whitridge -,Gay near Frederick.
    Walters, 83 Mulberry.
    Warner J. E., 109 Arsquith.
    Wright R. N., 103 w. Fayette.
    White Edw. H., 125 do.
    Whight, _____, 114 do.
    Wysham, W. E., 610 w. Baltimore.
    Yeates H. P. P., 121 Exeter.
    Zumbrack A., 131 w. Pratt.

    Piano Makers

    Boswell J., 9 Holliday.
    Conradt C. J., 244 w. Baltimore
    Huppman Geo., 38 Hanover.
    Knabe & Gaehle, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11 n. Eutaw.
    Muller John, 9 s. Green.
    Newman & Bro., 505 w. Baltimore.
    Reintz Christopher, 52 German.
    Steif Charles M., 7 s. Liberty
    Stern Louis, 510 w. Baltimore
    Wise J. J. & Bro., 31 Hanover.

    Pickling and Preserving Establishment

    Bodman Writ., 46 and 48 s. Howard.
    Hart & Baldwin, 307 w. Pratt.
    Lansdale & Bro., 117 w. Lombard.
    Numsen & Thomas, 18 Light
    Spedden Edward & Co., 116 Light st wharf

    Plane Manufacturers

    Chapin T. & Co., 44 Light
    Caldwell E., 3 Mercer
    Huff Benj., 122 Lexington.
    Maccubbin, Robt. W., 9 McClellan's alley.

    Planing Mills

    Shannon J. P., corner Canton Avenue and Pleasant
    Turner & Yardley, Barre near Light.
    Young Joshua, W. F. Avenue.


    Boss Henry & Co., 119 Thames.
    Dorry Edward, 24 Thames.
    Evans & Foster, 7 Eutaw House.
    Gibson Robert, corner Charles and Saratoga
    Lyon Andrew J., 28 Park
    McCahan Daniel & Co., 10 Thames and 11 McElderry's wharf.


    Atkinson W. T., Pa. Avenue extended.
    Linton William, corner Pine and Lexington
    Perine Maulden, 711 w. Balt.

    Printers-Book and Job

    Bull & Tuttle, Clipper Office, 134 w. Balt.
    Hanzsche John T., 17 Park.
    Huber & Jarvis, 212 w. Balt.
    Hoffman William, 218 w. Balt.
    Lucas James, 19 s. Calvert.
    Muller John W. & Co., 165 e. Balt.
    Murphy John & Co., 178 w. Balt.
    McGreggor George, 6. n. Charles.
    Robinson Joseph, corner South and Balt.
    Sherwood & Co., cor. Gay and Bait
    Sands & Mills, 128 w. Balt.
    Toy John D., cor. St. Paul and Balt
    Warner W. ., 51 Second.
    Wooddy Wm. & Son, cor. Calvert and Batt
    Woods John W., 202 w. Bait
    Young James, cor. Holliday and Balt.
    Zetzener John F., 7 Sharp.


    Sandys Samuel A., corner Calvert and Bank Lane.
    Williams & Andrews, 202 w. Balt.

    Regalia, Fringe, Flag and Banner Makers

    Ehrman G. A., 80 Harrison.
    Gade John, 15 n. Gay.
    Gibbs & Smith, 73 w. Balt.
    Gates Ezra, 221 w. Balt
    Haig James M. & Bro., 133w. Balt.
    Monarty,N., 66 Lexington
    Sisco A., 98 w. Balt.
    Wilson & Co., Temp. Hall, n: Gay.

    Refrigerator Manufacturers

    Browning Richard, 25 w. Pratt.
    Cortlan & Co., 34 and 179 w. Balt.
    Larrabee Ephraim, cor. Calvert and Mercer.
    Tough John S., 274 w. Balt.

    Restaurants and Inns,

    Adams Wm. G., corner Market Space and Lombard.
    Adams J. T., Camden near Light
    Alhambra Hall, R. C. Davis, 136 w. Pratt.
    Adam and Eve House, Eben Belknap, Lovely Lane near Calvert.
    Adelphi House, J. Scherff, cor. Holliday and Fayette.
    Berger C. H., 57 n. Frederick.
    Bell John, Louisiana, cor. Jasper.
    Burris John, 7 Centre Market Space.
    Baltimore and Philadelphia House, J. F. Lutts, 33 w. Pratt.
    Bond William, 86 w. Pratt.
    Bailey Elijah, Eutaw st., Spring Gardens.
    Bushman C., Dover opp. Hanover Market.
    Bee Hive, Jesse Garretson, 31 Penn. Avenue.
    Black Bear, Daniel Rickley, 148 Saratoga.
    Canaval Arita, 20 e. Lombard.
    Clark W., 2 Lombard.
    Carling M., 65 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Cooper James, 3 Centre Market Space.
    Chesapeake House, James Hodges, 1 Grant.
    Cumberland House, Geo. P. Hamlin & Co., 155 w. Pratt.
    Collins James L., Pratt near Charles.
    Corbell William, 52 Harrison.
    Congress Hall, John R. Giles, Fayette near North.
    Corshaw William, Saratogo near Davis.
    Cloud Charles F., 415 w. Balt
    Doberer John, 199 Lexington.
    Dennison Thomas, 24 w. Lombard.
    Doris Louis O., Second.
    Evart Peter, 10 Harrison.
    Elterman Frederick, 14 w. Fayette.
    Franklin Garden, Geo. Helfrick, cor. Fayette and Republican.
    Forrest Hall, Joseph Mitchell, cor. Bond and Bank.
    Franklin Hotel, T. C. Smith, 57 South.
    Fox's Eating House, Light near Balt.
    Franklin Eating House, Light.
    Fulton House, Geo. Buck, 28 w. Pratt.
    German st. Hall, A. Cate, 26, 28 and 30 German.
    Great Western Oyster Saloon, J. H. Hoffman, 413 w. Balt.
    Gidelman Morris, 5 South.
    German G. F., 5 w. Pratt.
    Guy's Monument House, Calvert Monument Square.
    Golden Lamb Hotel, S. Linah, cor. Paca and Franklin.
    Golden Horse, D. McCoy, cor. Howard and Franklin.
    Hentz Charles A., 315 w. Pratt.
    Heckrotte Wm., cor. Camden and Charles.
    Hanover House, Richard B. Waite, 73 Hanover.
    Hartman Jacob, 10 Camden.
    Hawrand J., 61 Harrison.
    Howser Wm., 12 Harrison.
    Holtzman Wm.; 12 n. Frederick.
    Hinesly John, 100 n. Howard.
    Hacker J. A., 35 n. Paca.
    Hilberg Wm., 26 w. Fayette.
    Indian House, H. Hett, 153 w.
    Lombard. Jamart J., 37 s. Gay.
    Klinefelter Jesse, 164 w. Balt.
    King N., 186 Lexington.
    Kilkenstein, Stephen, 70 Harrison
    Keach C. W., 156 w. Pratt.
    Kinsley B., 144 Light.
    Kansman Wm., 150 Light.
    Kennedy Hugh, 19 Centre Market Space.
    Leitz D. 97 Harrison.
    Laudderbach ______, 77 Harrison
    Lampricht, 11., 79 n. Gay.
    Lowrey Charles cor. Balt. and Duncan alley
    Light Div. Hall, A. P. Shutt, n. Frederick near Baltimore.
    Loan Hall, E. Cox, cor. Bank and Bond.
    McDevitt Susan, 8 McClellan's alley.
    McCollum Wm., s. e. cor. Franklin and Eutaw
    Monterey House, Jno W. Clark, 18 s. Charles
    McDonnel James, 98 s. Charles
    Mitchell James, 5 Centre Market Space.
    Montgomery Thomas, 116 Franklin
    Mount Vernon House, Geo. V. Metzel, cor Hamilton and St. Paul.
    Muhlhofer J. M., 75 n. Gay.
    Morris Barney, 52 n. Gay.
    McMann John, 59 North.
    Military Hall, W. H. Rose, 18 n. Gay.
    Miles, John, 35 n. Eutaw.
    McDonald Charles, 47 n. Paca.
    Maryland House, cor. Balt. and Frederick.
    National Gardens, Louis McMurray, Biddle near.George.
    Nicholson Andrew, 1 n. Green.
    Neptune House, Mrs. John Bond, 87 w. Pratt
    Ottawa Hall, Thomas Dunahue, corner Prat and Bond.
    Owens G.,14 w. Lombard
    Prichtel G. E., 46 n. Gay.
    Parker J., 4 n. Liberty. Philadelphia House, Henry Schad, 89 Harrison.
    Philadelphia House, W. Evens, corner High and E. Avenue.
    Reilly Joseph, 11 South
    Russell Mrs., Madison near Eutaw.
    Robinson Thos., cor. South and Lovely Lane:
    Robertson N., 241 e. Balt
    Ryan C., 44 e. Lombard.
    Rialto, Thomas D. Kemble, 39 w. Fayette.
    Spolander Robt.; cor. Eager and North.
    Sherwood R. P., 13 Harrison;
    Scheiber Philip, 57 Hanover.
    Sugden Geo., 59 Hanover.
    Stoddard William, South near Pratt.
    Shamburg John, 43 s. Liberty.
    Shamburg W., 29 s. Liberty.
    Shiply Washington, 520 w. Balt.
    Susquehanna Rousey (Dougherty) cor, North and Saratoga.
    Saddler William, 154 Light.
    Tuscan Hotel, James C. Jones, 49 South.
    Tammany Hall, E. Stansbury, 16 n. Gay.
    Under John, 23 Harrison.
    Vauxhall, J. B. Grin, 161 Light.
    Wiszmatt J. G., 16 McClellan's alley.
    Wilkinson Daniel, cor. Lombard and Canal.
    Wilkinson James, 9 n. Frederick.
    Wittick Henry, 55 n. Gay.
    Whittemore's, s. w. cor. Howard and Mulber
    White House, L. Muhl, 1 n..Liberty
    Washington Garden, D. Pralle, Pa. av.
    Whittemore John, 181 Lexington.
    York Hotel, S. Hatch, 137 North.


    Croxall & Browning, 69 South and 336 Light.
    Henderson John & Co., 77 w. Pratt.

    Saddles and Harness Manufacturers

    Armstrong T., 13 n. Liberty
    Bennett Lewis H., 88 1/2 n. Howard.
    Bricard James, 5 s. Green.
    Briding E. W., 179 w. Pratt.
    Blake J. W., . 256 .do.
    Dean William, 26 Pa. av.
    Edelen G.; 306 w. Pratt.
    Glueck Christian, 39 Pa. av.
    Gill Luther, 294 w. Pratt.
    Hunt S. & . H:, 167 w. Balt.
    Herrmann Jacob, 344w. Pratt.
    Hupman Valentine, 31 Centre Market Space.
    Johnson J. D., 109 n. Howard.
    Jurgens John C., 45 n. Paca.
    Jenkins & Lilly, 10 South.
    Jones Henry, 2 Light.
    Laporte A. . 563. w. Balt.
    Ludeking John P., 449 do.
    Lawson Robert Jr., 43 South
    Lorentz John G., 568 w. Balt.
    Morhiser, J. W.,31 North.
    McKelden D. W., 51 n. Paca.
    Martin John T., 128 Franklin.
    Platt William, 7 s. Calvert.
    Parkes J. D., North near Lexington.
    Reckert George, 36 Columbia.
    Reister & Brien, 116 n. Gay.
    Rang John, 37 Centre Market Space.
    Thompson son D. & W., 30 South. .
    Vey Henry, .125 Pa. av.
    Vats Benjamin, 5 n. Liberty.
    Wilkins Barrus, 178 w. Balt.
    Worley Jas. D., 334 do., and 134 w. Pratt.


    Atkinson & Clark, 128 Dugan's wharf.
    Atkinson, Clark & Whittington, 82 Light st wharf.
    Buck B. & Son, 93 Smith's wharf.
    Davis, Leary & Lynch, 85 do.
    Farland & Travers, 14 Spear's wharf.
    Ford & Ayres, cor. Wolfe and Lancaster.
    German & Betts, 129 McElderry's wharf.
    Hooper & Loane, 99 Bowly's wharf.
    Hambleton &Cooper, 4 do.
    Lambdin E. S., 126 ugan's wharf.
    Lambdin T. & J., do.
    McNeal L., 83 Bowly's wharf.
    McAlister illiam H., 9 Light at. wharf.
    Rickey & Spedden, 79 do.
    Solomon, Grap Parrott & Co., 97 Smith's whf.
    Solomon & Miskimmons, 130 Dugan's whf.
    Severe & Hayghe, 2 Spear's wharf.
    Trego, Tall & Hooper, 8 Light at. wharf.
    Wake & Baker, McElderry's wharf.
    Weems William W., 80 Light at. wharf.

    Seed Stores

    Ault S. & Son, 30 a. Calvert.
    Sinclair & Co., 62 Light
    Whitman Ezra, cor. Light and Pratt.

    Ship Builders

    Abraham John, cor. Philpot and Thames.
    Brown John S. & Co., s. side basin.
    Cooper & Butler, foot Wills at.
    Cathell & Brown, marine railway, foot Cross
    Duncan Levin H., cor. Wolfe and Thames.
    Fardy & Auld, marine railway, Hughes at.
    Flannagan Andw., do do. lower end McElderry's wharf.
    Goodwin Richard B. Point at.
    Goodner Wm. & Geo., foot Lancaster.
    Muller Jas. & Henry, mar. rail'y., foot Philpot.
    Page, Wm. J., do. do. s. side basin.
    Robb John, Thames below Wolfe.
    Skinner Wm. & Jas. marine railway, Hughes.
    Sanks & Riggin, do. do. a. side bas.
    Skinner J. J., do. do. do.
    Skinner W. & Son, a. side basin.
    Thomas & Mitchell, marine railway, foot Cross st.
    Wagner Lemuel, 175 Fell

    Ship Joiners

    Cockey Charles E., Fenby's wharf.
    Donohue & Wagner, cot. Wolfe and Thames:
    King John, Sinith's wharf
    Lynch & Willis, Point st.
    Morris Charles T., cor. William and York.
    Morris Charles,Thames between Wolfe and Ann.
    Page Washington A., York.
    Register Robert W., Covington.
    Simpson J. T. & B., Philpot between Point and Wills.
    Young Joshua A., West Falls av.

    Shipping and Commission Merchants

    Brown Alexander & Son, 162 w. Balt.
    Bathurst M. & Son, 59 Exchange Place.
    Brune F. W. & Sons, 89 and 91 Smith's whf.
    Birckhead & Pearce, 9 Commerce..
    Chappel John G., 3 Commercial Buildings.
    Comer James & Sons, Comer's wharf.
    Fitzgerald, Booth & Co.
    Fisher James I., 76 Spear's wharf.
    Gittings Lambert, 58 Buchanan's wharf.
    Guest & Gilmore, 50 s. Gay.
    Howell Wm. & Son, 60 do.
    Hooper James & Sons, 35 Cheapside.
    Henderson John & Co., 77 w. Pratt.
    Jenkins Hugh & Co., 98 Spear's. wharf.
    Kirkland Chase & Co., 87 Smith's wharf.
    Mackin Henry, 16 Bowly's wharf:
    Oelrichs & Lurman, 31 s. Charles.
    Pendergrast Charles, 77 Smith's wharf.
    Randall John K., 104 do.
    Robertson, Mann & Co., 62 Buchanan's whf.
    Schumacher A. & Co., 9 a. Charles.
    Wilson Thomas & Co., 62 a. Gay.
    Wilson William, 135 w. Balt.

    Ship Chandlers and Grocers

    Cole & Zollinger, 105 Smith's wharf.
    Calvert Lewin A., Locust Point.
    Gatchell & Coleman, 117 Thames.
    Heslen, Kelsey & Prince, 66 Buchanan's whf.
    Hooper Thomas, 2 Spear's wharf.
    Hooper James A., core Pratt and South.
    Johnson Henry W. Jr., 13 Spear's wharf.
    Jones Levin, Light at. wharf.
    Kellum & Merrill, 109 Smith's wharf.
    Leaf Henry, 61 w. Pratt.
    Robinson R., cor. Bond and Thames.
    Straus H. & Bro., Locust Point.
    Sprecklesen & Wier, 17 and 19 Thames.


    Cole J., 32 w. Baltimore.
    Cole William, 36 do
    Davis John, 498 do.
    Dodd J. L., 214 n. Eutaw.
    Davidson J. E., 130 Sharp
    Griffith A. G., 225 w. Balt
    Geiglin John, 238 Mulberry.
    Harvey Thomas, 177 Hanover
    Hamer William H., 49 do.
    Hugg Richard, 95 n. Eutaw.
    Hemmick Jacob, 92 Lexington.
    Hurdle R., 60 Lexington.
    Inglis George, 77 w. Fayette.
    Kugler B., 58 Lexington
    Marcellas E. J., 140 do.
    Marriott T. D., 21 s. Eutaw
    Martin Samuel, 534 w. Balt
    Nicolai John C.,.29 and 549 w. Baltimore.
    Rous John G., 56 n. Howard.
    Richards & Bro., 80 Hanover.
    Robinson A., 27 Preston
    Stanford T. H., cor. Green and Saratoga.
    Turpin J., 96 Lexington.
    Thorne S. C., 177 w. Baltimore.
    Taylor Joshua, 229 w. Pratt
    Watkins W. B., 80 Lexington.
    Williams T. W., 161 w. Baltimore.
    Wheeler S., 41 German.
    Wall J., 114 Lexington
    Zimmisch F., 93 Camden.

    Shoe Findings-dealers in

    Ault S. S. & Son, 30 s. Calvert.
    Gray Geo.. cor. Calvert and Water
    Godfrey Edw'd A., 16 s. Calvert
    Larrabee E., 24 and 36 do.
    Solze John, 5 Cheapside.

    Shot Manufacturer

    Merchants' Shot Tower, corner Front an Fayette.

    Silver Ware Manufacturers

    Brown Wm., 276 w. Baltimore.
    Blake Charles, 192 do.
    Brown T. J., 90 do.
    Brown Rob't & Sons, cor. Balt. and Calvert
    Campbell R. & A., 205 w. Baltimore.
    Canfield, Bro. & Co., cor. Balt. and Charles
    Griffith Charles G., 4 Bank Lane.
    Kirk Sam'1 & Son, 172 w. Baltimore.
    Sadder B. P. & Son, 212 do.
    Warner A. E., 10 n. Gay
    Webb Geo. W., 148 w. Baltimore.

    Silver Platers

    Burgess & Hitzelberger, 205 w. Lombard
    Campbell A., 19 Light.
    Paine Allen, 310 w. Baltimore.
    Seger Jacob, 23 German.

    Soap Stone Manufacturer

    Robbins H. W., agent, 378 w: Pratt.

    Soap and Candle Manufacturers

    Armstrong James, 25 Concord.
    Gallagher M., 135 Saratoga.
    Hyde Francis, (fancy,) Pleasant, betw. Holliday and North.
    Hughes, Elijah, 72 Pearl.
    Mankin, Henry, 16 Bowly's wharf.
    Solomon Isaac, .14 s. Front.
    Smith & Curlett cor. Holliday and Pleasant
    Webb Charles & J as., 180 Ensor

    Steamboat Offices

    Annapolis, Easton, Cambridge, &c., Light st. whf.
    Fredericksburg Steamboat Co., 3 Light at. whf.
    N. Y. & Balt. Tranap't'n Line, 3 do. do.
    Norfolk Steamers, foot Spear's wharf.
    Philad. Co., Errickson Line, 3 Light at. whf.
    Do. People's Line, 9 do. do.,
    Do. Citizens' Line, South at. wharf.
    Richmond and Petersburg, Light at. wharf.
    Washington and District of Columbia, Commerce at. whf.

    Steam Sawmills

    Brown J., cor. Eden and Eastern Avenue.
    Cottrell & Brown, a. side Basin.
    Herring H., corner East Falls Avenue and Stiles
    Jones & Abbott, lower end w. Falls Av., City Block.
    Shannon J. P., corner Canton Avenue and President.
    Stow Thomas & Son, (mahogany,) Uhler's alley.
    Tyler G. R. & Co., cor. Wolfe and Fell.


    Lucas Fielding, Jr., Bank Lane. Williams E. F., 3 do. do.

    Stove Dealers and Manufacturers

    Bryant Christopher, 54 a. Calvert.
    Brall Henry, 308 Bond.
    Emick John V., 25 Light.
    Fisher F., 85 n. Gay.
    Fisher T. M., 12 w. Lombard.
    Fransch Adam, 230 Broadway.
    Grafton Sam'1 H., 30 Light.
    Gilman, Sexton & Co., 40 and 42 Light
    Greble B., 100 Ensor.
    Green A., 181 Hillen
    Hayward & Duke, 39 Light.
    Hayward, Bartlett & Co., 24 Light.
    Harig J. & B., 78 Hill.
    Ketler F Fred'k A., (second-hand,) 269 Bond.
    Kraup & Lohmuller, Alice Anna near Broadway.
    Leimpach John, 266 Bond.
    McKewen A., 48 Light.
    Norris Thos., 49 s. Calvert.
    Pfrister Bartolo, 297 Bond:
    Pfeiffer John W., 173 do.
    Peck Burr, 16 Light.
    Smith Ransalaer, 56 Light.
    Simms Joseph, cor. Light and Lombard.
    Sexton S. B., 119 w. Lombard.
    Stanley John P., cor. Lombard and Light.
    Stewart Jas. W., 68 n. Gay.
    White Jas K. T., 171 Franklin.
    Worley Adam & Co., 5 , a.. Liberty, and 6. e. Sharp

    Sugar Refiner

    Richstein G: & Co., cor. Concord and Hawk.

    Surgical Instruments

    Arnold Francis, 11 Sharp.
    Jackson Sam'l, 194 w. Baltimore.
    Reinhart Charles C., 9 Light.

    Telegraph Offices

    Atlantic, Lake and Mississippi, (O'Rielly's,) 2 Carroll Hall.
    Baltimore and Wheeling (Morse's,) Merchants' Exchange, s. Gay.
    Washington and New York, (Morse's,) Merchants' Exchange, a. Gay.
    Washington and N. York, (Bain's,) 7 Carroll Hall.

    Tin, Copper and Sheet-iron Manufacturers

    Those marked thus * are wholesale.

    Austin E. P., 362 w. Baltimore.
    Austin A. H., 61 n. Eutaw.
    Burford C. C., Pratt near Bridge.
    Bordley Samuel C., 144 Camden.
    Beck Wm. R., 2 w. Fayette.
    Bouis Stephen, 70 n. Gay.
    Bell Geo., 474 w. Baltimore.
    Campbell J., 292 w. Pratt.
    Collins J., 48 Harrison.
    *Cortlan James & Son, i8 w. Baltimore.
    Crout H., 85 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Dunn James, 132 w. Lombard.
    Dorry Edward, 24 Thames.
    Day Jacob, 48 Holliday.
    Dutro Geo., Green near Franklin.
    Dunn B. R., 341 Saratoga.
    Farmer Phili cor. Lexington and Eutaw.
    Fisher F.; 85 n. Gay.
    Gownle John, 230 Lexington.
    Gettier . L., 66 n. Howard.
    Gerger E. L. H., 86 n. Howard.
    Holmes & Sons, (and Britannia,) 8 w. Lom'd.
    Hopkins Franklin, 168 Bond.
    Hand Hanson & Co., 37 e. Baltimore.
    Hess Conrad, 56 Lancaster.
    Hall & Boos, 119 Thames.
    Hinder F., 15 w. Fayette.
    Hetzel John, G., 74 n. Howard.
    Kines & Bro., 119 Light.
    Keen G. V. & Co., 12 w. Baltimore.
    Kilbourn Samuel, 57 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Myers F., 265 Light.
    Maypole J. J. & Bros.,.219 Hanover.
    Moxley, Wm., 7411 do.
    Moesel, John, 66 Camden.
    *Potter & Middleton, 33 s. Calvert.
    Reip Henry, 36 n. Pratt
    Raborg C., 281 w. Pratt.
    *Robinson & Cremer, 33 w. Baltimore.
    * Reip A. H., 335 w. Baltimore.
    Smull David B., 62 w. Pratt:
    Seneider Adam; 225 Ann.
    Schlichter Conrad, 191 Alice Anna.
    Stewart Jos. W., 68 n. Gay.
    Wallace W.; J t., 37 s. Calvert
    Wolf Wm. H., cor'. tough and Canal
    Wilson Robt. cor: Saratoga and Holliday
    White Jas. K. T.,:171 Franklin-

    Tobacco Warehouses

    State Tobacco Warehouses Nos. 1 and 2, end Dugan's wharf.
    State Tobacco Warehouse, No. 3, s. w. cor. Light and Conway.
    State Tobacco Warehouse, No. 4, n. e. cor. Charles and Conway.
    State Tobacco Warehouse, No. 5, s. e. cor. Charles and Conway.

    Trunk Makers

    Horn Matthew, cor: Franklin and Howard.
    Do. do. cor. Balt. and Calvert.
    Do. do. cor. Charles and Pratt.
    Worley Jas. D., 334 w. Balt. and 173 w. Pratt.
    Wilkins Bartus, 117 w. Balt.


    Brown & Cordray, 16 Clay.
    Cether C., 441 Biddle.
    Degan J. 22 Park.
    Frazier Joseph P., 257 Bond.
    Gries John Geo., 14 Mercer.
    Hildebrand, _____, 64 Mulberry
    Kesmodel F., 59 n. Eutaw
    Muslein John, 41 Bank.
    Miller John, 61 Gay.
    Pick Charles F., 80 n. Gay.
    Rosendale H., 3 Aetna alley.
    Suter James S.. 5 Concord.
    Thomas Joseph & Son, 30 Park.
    Young Chars, 8 Swan.

    Type Founder

    Lucas Fielding, Jr., Bank Lane.

    Umbrella and Parasol Dealers

    Beehler Francis, 246 w. Balt.
    Bauchardt William, 73 n. Eutaw.
    Brady John P., 49 e. Balt.
    Corbitt Isaac, 53 w. Balt.
    French John C., 31 South.
    Hoffman J., 215 s. Charles.
    Higginbotham, Thos. A., 174 Broadway.
    Pool, Geo. T., 266 w. Pratt.
    Punderson E. M. & Co., 219 w. Baltimore.

    Upholsterers and Paperhangers

    Bosson James W., 352 w. Balt
    Boyle Mrs. A. J., 116 St. Paul.
    Beckley W. H., 176 n. Gay.
    Crook William B., 47 s Howard
    Collins P., 87 Harrison.
    Cox James H., 158 w. Balt.
    Crook Walt., 220 w. Balt. and 156 Broadway.
    Copenhaver Augustus, 207 Broadway.
    Dieter Valentine, 19 s. Sharp.
    Dieter Jacob, 27 n. Howard.
    Griffith & Bros., Temp. Hall; Gay.
    Griffith G. S., 122 w. Balt.
    Griffith A, G., 278 w. Balt.
    Hulls John, 106 n. Gay.
    Holland J. C. & W., 87 w. Balt.
    Hynson & Myers, 52,n: Howard.
    Herring O., 80 w. .Balt
    Kelley Charles; 52 e. Balt.
    Knott Geo. P., 174 Broadway
    King, Geo. R., 52 Camden
    Kirby, Thomas, 156 Broadway.
    Lucas, John W., Powhatan Hall
    McCormick Michael, 71 Harrison.
    Muller Louis, 54 w. Balt.
    May William, 458 w. Balt.
    Otterburg J., (mattresses) 52 Pa. Avenue.
    Orth C. P., 179 e. Balt.
    Peregoy R., 84 Holliday
    Pollock A., (mattresses) 96 n. Howard.
    Robinson John, 30 w. alt.
    Rosenthal H., 128 n. Howard.
    Smith A. H., 3 a. Eutaw and 476 w. Balt.
    Spencer William P., 35 s Calvert.
    Schepeler C., 69 Frederick.
    Thomas P. J., 36 n. Eutaw and 6 Enact.
    Williams Charles, 149 Hanover.
    Webber John, 161 Bond.
    Yost J., (Venitian blinds) 80 Pine.

    Venereal Physicians

    Dow -, 43 Second.
    Harris Gordon, 31 a. Gay.
    Huet Dr., 16 s. Frederick.
    Johnson J. M., 7 a. Frederick.

    Watches and Jewelry-dealers in

    Those marked thus * are wholesale.

    Adams S., 17 e. Pratt.
    Brown T. J., 90 w. Baltimore.
    *Blake Charles, 192 w. Balt.
    *Brown William, 276 w. Balt.
    Bush Lawrence, 275 n. Gay.
    Brown James V., 227 do.
    *Brown Robert & Son, cor. Balt. and Calvert
    *Canfield Bro. & Co., cor. Balt. and Charles
    *Campbell R. & A., 208 w. Balt.
    Clark G. D., 24 Water.
    Conner John, 46 w. Baltimore.
    Crawford W. H., 7 Frederick.
    Deloste F. & Son, 18 e. Baltimore.
    Drummond, L. J. 31 w. Pratt.
    Eulon Philip, 104 Franklin.
    Ebaugh Henry, 115 n. Gay.
    Emrich F., 169 w. Pratt.
    Felting John, 201 e. Balt.
    Feldhaus A. F., 157 e. Baltimore.
    Fasbender C. P., 274 w. Pratt.
    Gould James, 168 w. Baltimore.
    Gehring John G., 172 n. Gay.
    Groneberg E., 53 e. Baltimore.
    Hughes C. E., 59; n. Eutaw.
    Hough Charles A., 160 w. Pratt.
    Holloway J. M., 282 w. Pratt.
    Holloway Robert, 118 High.
    Justis W. S., cor. Pratt and Commerce.
    Kiel John H., 51 e. Balt.
    Kaiser Charles, 89 n. Gay.
    *Kirk Samuel & Son, 172 w. Baltimore.
    Kaltner F. G., 8 e. Pratt.
    Lytle R. A., 7 s. Gay.
    Lehmkuhl Charles, 391 w. Baltimore.
    Letournau H. G., 71 Thames.
    Meredith J. P., 27 Chatsworth.
    Mills Job, 72 w. Baltimore.
    Morrill George E., 130 n. Gay.
    Morrill H. O., corner Lombard and Hanover,
    Messer L. D., 649 w. Baltimore.
    Ninde James 11 a. Gay.
    Nieklas C., 470 w. Baltimore.
    Ostendorf A., 128 Saratoga.
    Pohlman Daniel, 1 Front.
    Pepar Charles H., 257 w. Pratt.
    Price M. H., 60 s. Calvert.
    Plummer John F., 9 n. Gay.
    Pietsch Otto, 167# Franklin.
    Reeves & Spear, 66 w. Balt.
    Reifner Peter, 209 Alice Anna.
    *Sadtler P. B. & Sons, 212 w. Balt.
    Somer John, 281 Bond.
    Steele Samuel, 10 w. Lombard.
    Schwartze H., 309 w. Pratt.
    Tschudy, J., 137 Light.
    Uhl Philip, 32 n. Eutaw.
    Woodcock William, 187 w. Pratt.
    Wynn C., 192 w. Pratt.
    Wolf C. A. S., 263 w. Balt.
    Wachmann A. D., 60 Thames.
    *Warner A. E., 10 n. Gay.
    Weiner A., 53 North.
    Walter John, 58 n. Howard.
    Walter Jacob, 39 n. Eutaw.
    Wettmashausen F., 57 n. Paca.
    Whitelock Charles, 1 w. Fayette
    Warner Joseph P., 9 w. Fayette
    Webb Geo. W., 148 w. Baltimore.


    Abenschoen E., 224 s. Charles.
    Clotz John, 56 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Dietrick L., 133 Camden.
    Heck Peter, 214 Alice Anna.
    Hickman Geo., 66 Harrison.
    Nipold John, 33 Caroline.
    Rosemer S., 47 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Rosemar John, 44 Harrison.
    Ruppel H., cor. William and Light.
    Walden F., Paca above Franklin.
    Weaver Martin, 70 n. Fremont.
    Waldin F., 107 n. Paca.
    Zollinfer Geo., 82 Harrison.


    Gildersleeve George, 63 a. Gay.
    Judah David, Smith's wharf.
    Wethered John, do. do.

    Whips and Canes-manufacturers

    Beehler Francis, 246 w. Balt.
    Milliken J. H., 143 w. Salt.
    McGuffin, William, 353 do.
    Saul J. W., cor. Light and Balt.

    White Lead Manufacturer

    Cole A. G., Eagle Works, 122 w. Lombard

    Wigs, Toupees, and Perfumery

    Croyeau Augustin, 171 w. Balt.
    Devouges A.,141 w. Balt.
    Deville & Bourguet, 1 Carroll Hall.
    Scotti M., 91 w. Baltimore.

    Wine and Liquor Dealers

    Berry Bros., 4 Exchange Place.
    Boggs, Cottman & Co., 46 w. Lombard.
    Bryan, Maitland & Co., 85 Bowly's wharf.
    Eichelberger O. W.,1 s. Howard.
    Johnson Robt. & Co., (whiskey) 370 w. Balt.
    Keys James, 93 Franklin.
    Kuhn John, 41 s. Charles.
    Lawson Stephen, 20 Fayette. '
    McColgan Jno. & Chas., 8 Saratoga.
    Marburg W. A., 26 Light.
    Oldfield G. S., 43 s. Charles.
    Pomeroy & Co., 38 w. Lombard.
    Ross Charles H., 222 Commerce.
    Sloan & Calwell, 13 Cheapside.
    Schneider & Co., 154 w. Lombard.
    Schlesinger John, 2561 Broadway.
    Thomsen Laurence & Co., 1 Ex. Place
    Thompson & Wood, 21 South.
    Walters W. T. & Co., 15 and 16 Spear's whf.
    Wheeler & Sprigg, 3 Western Row, Exch. Place.

    Wire Workers

    Balderston H. & Son, 12 s. Calvert.
    Balderston Wilson, 4 Light St. wharf, (up stairs.)
    Fowler Francis, cor. Liberty and Fayette.
    Watson James T., 62 s. Calvert.


    Andrews J., (lass cutter) Uhler's alley.
    Arcade, opposite Lexington Market. .
    Burgess, Dale & Co., (importers and dealers
    original packages china ware) 41 a. Charles,
    Baynes James, (wool and skins dealer) lm w. Lombard.
    Brown Mrs. B., (teacher dress cutting) 249 Saratoga.
    Bride Cotter, (rustic manufacturer) 104 Saratoga.
    Bryan E. & Co., (friction match manufacturers) 37 Light.
    Bennett, (queensware manufacturer) corner Canton av. and Canal.
    Chase Wells, (machine cards and belting)- f s. Howard.
    Cary W., (body braces) &c., (manufacturer; 57 n. Gay.
    Chesnut Samuel, (dealer in corks) 38 s. Calvert: .
    Depaepe Bernardus, (oil cloth manufacturer) 52 Thames.
    Dunnington W. A., (plaster mill) a. side basin Dafn B., (cutler) 1 Holliday.
    Fayaux ., (transparent window shades) Harrison.
    Fussell B. H., (ice cream wholesale) 3 Sara toga Hall.
    Gerker H., (glue and curled hair) Holliday. .
    Gernhardt J. W. & H. T., (stained glass' North near Fayette.
    Griffith Thomas, (slater) 128 n. Paca.
    Gauline J. B., (piano tuner) 182 n. Eutaw.
    Holland James, (iron dealer) 23 Light.
    Hill John, (hat and bonnet presser) 14 McClellan's alley.
    Hill Richard, (hat and bonnet presser) 18 do,
    Hughes N., (hollow-ware and castings) 152 w. Lombard.
    Hindman Wm., navy agent) 68 Ex. Place
    Johnson Wm. H., (cordage and domestics; 64 w. Pratt.
    Johnson L D. & Co., (proprietors pat. soap; 278 w. Pratt.
    Johannes a. M., (manufacturing jeweller; Fayette near Gay.
    Jones Levin, (spike manufacturer) Light at wharf.
    Laouraille & Maughlin, (sash manufacturers; )past Falls av.
    Leach Wm., (gold beater) 6 s. Calvert.
    Maldenhaur has., (silver and gold varnisher; 84 Lexington.
    Naeder G., (sculptor) 9 n. Liberty.
    Nelson's Marine Telegraph Station, Federal Hill.
    Nattali Mary, (corset maker) 49 Liberty.
    Ower W. M & P., dealers fn linen goods and twine, 20 Hanover.
    Office Commis. of Lotteries, 18 w. Fayette.
    Patterson Edw. & Sons, (nails) 50 Commerce
    Porter Henry & Son, (shovels and spades; Concord between Pratt and Lombard.
    Powder Magazine, Fort avenue.
    Stabler E. & Co., (steam drug mill) Carpenter's alley.
    Scott F. F., (car builder) Cathedral near Bolton d;Mm,
    Sides ______ . (surveyor) 202 w. Balt.
    State Straw and Hay Scales, corner Franklin and Pennsylvania av.
    Smart Thomas, (pearl button maker) 12 Has rison, (up stairs.)
    Schalier Andrew, (coach fringe maker) 23 Libert
    Schurtz W. D. & Co., (fish and cheese) 6 0'Donnell's wharf.
    Thompson R., (coach lamps, &c.,) Marion.
    Toland Wm., (saw manufacturer) 2 w. Fayette.
    Thorn, (veterinary surgeon) North near Pleas ant.
    Wentz J. B., (cupper and leecher) 297 Ann.



    Eutaw at., between Franklin and Mulberry.
    Light at. a. of Baltimore.
    Eastern av., w. of Bond.
    Caroline St., a. of Balt.
    Broadway, a. of Pratt.
    Columbia St.
    Exeter near Gay.
    Monument cor. Stirling.
    Fayette near Fremont
    William, con. Sugar alley. .
    Cor. Fayette and Charles.
    Wesley Chapel, con. Sharp and Barre.
    Emory do.
    Pa. av. near Hofrman.
    Whatcoat do.
    Fremont near Pa. av.
    Strawbridge cor. Biddle and Garden.
    African Meth. Epis. Sharp s. of Lombard.
    Do. do. Dallas n. of Caroline.
    Do. do. East s. of Douglas.
    African Meth. Indep't.,. Saratoga w. of Gay.
    Meth. Prot. cor. Lombard and Green.
    Meth Prot., cor. e. Fayette and Aisquith.
    St. John's do. Liberty n. of Fayette.


    First Church, cor. Fayette and North.
    Second do., cor. Balt. and Lloyd.
    Third do., Eutaw n. of Saratoga.
    Fourth do., Balt. w. of Fremont.
    Fifth do., Hanover n. of Pratt.
    Broadway Church, cor Broadway and Gough .
    Franklin St. Church, cor. Franklin and Cathedral.
    Independent Presbyterian, Fayette e. of Sharp.
    African Presbyterian, St. Paul n. of Saratoga.


    Cathedral, cor. Cathedral and Mulberry.
    St. Patrick's, cor. Broadway and Bank.
    St. Alphonsus, cor. Saratoga and Park.
    Calvert Hall, cor. Saratoga and Sharp.
    St. James' Church, Aisquith near Eager.
    St. Joseph's, cor. Barre and Howard.
    Mt. Carmel Sacred Heart Church and Nunnery, Aisquith s. of Orleans.
    St. Francis's Nunnery, (colored) cor. Richmond and Park.
    Visitation Convent, cor. Park and Centre.
    St. Vincent de Paul's, Front n. of e. Fayette.


    St. Paul's, cor. Charles and Saratoga.
    Christ, cor. Gay and Fayette.
    St. Peter's, cor. Sharp and German.
    Cor. Monument and Park.
    St. Andrew's, High n. of Lombard.
    Mt. Calvary, cor. Madison and Eutaw.
    African, cor. North and Saratoga.


    Dr. Morris's, Lexington between Howard and Liberty
    Mr. Ewing's, Lombard between Green and Pine.
    German, Gay s. of Saratoga.


    First Church, cor. Sharp and Lombard
    Second do., Canton av. near Broadway.
    High St. do., High n. of Fayette
    Seventh do., cor. Paca and Saratoga.


    Courtland St.
    Lombard e. of Eutaw.
    Corner Fayette and Aisquith.


    First Ind'pt. cor. Franklin and Charles.


    Cor. Calvert and Pleasant.


    Seamen's Bethel, cor. Block and Wilk.


    Jewish Synagogue, Lloyd near Balt. Do. do. Eden s. of Balt.

    Public Buildings and Literary Institutions

    Assembly Rooms, cor. Holliday and Fayette.
    Athenaeum, cor. St. Paul and Saratoga.
    Baltimore Museum, cor. Balt. and Calvert.
    Baltimore College, Mulberry east of Park.
    Battle Monument, Calvert at. Monument Sq.
    Balt. High School, cor. Payette and Holliday.
    Balt. Male and Female School, Courtland near Pleasant.
    Balt. College of Dental. Surgery, near Davis.
    Canton Company's Office, cor. Boston and Patuxent.
    Custom House, n. w. cor. Gay and Lombard.
    City Hall, Holliday s. of Saratoga.
    Court House, cor. Calvert and Lexington.
    Carroll Hall, cor. Balt. and Calvert.
    Hibernian Free School, North near Saratoga.
    Infirmary, Lombard w. of Green.
    Jail, cor. Madison and E. Falls av.
    Law Buildings, cor. Lexington and St. Paul.
    Mercantile Library Association, cor. St. Paul and Saratoga.
    Maryland State. Colonization Society, over Post Office, North St. .
    Md. Inst. for promotion Mechanic Arts, do.
    Md. State Bible Society, 65 w. Fayette
    Md. State Agricult. Soc., 128 w. Balt.
    Md. Hospital, Hampstead Hill.
    McKim's Free School, cor. Balt. and Aisquith.
    Masonic Hall cor. St. Paul and C'rt. H'se. lane.
    Merchant's Exchange, Gay from Lombard to Second.
    Metamora Hall, Lombard e. of Hanover.
    New Wash. Med. Col., Lombard between Hanover and Charles.
    Newton University, Lexington near Calvert.
    Odd Fellow's Hall, Gay s. of Saratoga.
    Public Store, cor. Gay and Lombard.
    Railroad Balt. & Ohio, coal wharves Locust Point.
    Railroad do. do. : Depot Pratt between Light and Charles.
    Railroad Balt. & Phila. do. President new Canton av.
    Railroad Balt. & Susq. do. Calvert near Centre.
    Record Office, cor. St. Paul and Lexington.
    St. Mary's College, Pa. av. n. of Franklin.
    Susquehanna Canal Office, corner Lexington and Davis.
    Theatre, Holliday St. n. of Fayette.
    Theatre and Circus. cor. Front and Low.
    University. of Md., cor. Lomb. and Green.
    Wash. Univ. Hospital, Broadway near e. Balt.
    Wash. Monument int. Charles and Monument.
    Water Co's. Office, 19 South.

  • Calvert County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Bowen Gustavus, P. Fredericktown.
    Bowen Elijah, do.
    Bow en Peregrine, do
    Bowen Elijah J., Port Republic.
    Bowen Hear y, do.
    Blackburn William, St. Leonard's Creek.
    Beard , ________, Huntingtown.
    Carcard, _______, Dunkirk.
    Griffiss James, St. Leonard's Creek.
    Gibson William A., Lower Marlboro'.
    Hutchins John, Pr. Fredericktown.
    Hooper H., St. Leonard's Creek.
    Harrison James & Son, Lower Marlboro'.
    Jessop & Owings, do.
    Morgan Mordecai, Port Republic.
    Norfolk Joseph, Huntingtown.
    Parran Benjamin, Pr. Fredericktown.
    Rawlings Richard H., Chestnut Hill.
    Rosan Stirling, Port Republic.
    Stallings William, St. Leonard's Creek.
    Sedwick James C., do.
    Ward James, Lower Marlboro'.
    Wall James T., St. Leonard's Creek.
    Young Ira, Pr. Fredericktown.


    Briscoe James T., Pr. Fredericktown.
    Broom Nathaniel W., St. Leonard's Creek.
    Dalrymple O. B. Pr. Fredericktown.
    Dalrymple Jesse J., do.
    Hagner Richard H., do.
    Parran C. S., do.


    Bond Benson, Port Republic.
    Chesley James A., do.
    Dorsey Geo. W., do.
    Dorsey William, do.
    Gibson John, Lower Marlboro'.
    Hance Thomas, Pr. Fredericktown.
    Hance Benj. O., do.
    Hall Julius, Lower Marlboro'.
    Hungerford , do..
    Johnson Wm. M., Pr. Fredericktown.
    Macdaniel William, do.
    Mackall Richard, do.
    Parker John R., St. Leonard's.
    Quinan John R., Pr. Fredericktown.
    Sedwick James C., St. Leonard's.
    Weems Levin, Pr. Fredericktown.
    Weems Lock L., St. Leonard's.
    Wilson James J., do.

    Hotel Keepers

    Fowler Gilbert, Pr. Fredericktown.
    Rawlings Richard H., Chestnut Hill.
    Scott Henry R., Pr. Fredericktown./p>

  • Caroline County

    General Dealers in Dry G oods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Burchard Wm. S., Fowling Creek.
    Busteed Warner R., Boousboro'.
    Comegys Cornelius & Son, Greensborough.
    Charles Willis, Federalsburg.
    Chilton Matthew, Andersontown.
    Charles & Elliott, Federalsburg.
    Davis Custis, do.
    Dean Henry T., Hillsborough.
    Evitts Joseph, Denton.
    Foreman Arthur, Boonsborough.
    Fisher George, Denton.
    Greenly & Morgan, Hillsborough.
    Godwin Henry M., Keen's Landing.
    Goatee Wm. H., near Hunting Creek.
    Hubbard Ennalls, Hubbard's X Roads.
    Hubbard Jesse, Hunting Creek.
    Mobray & Elliott, Federalsburg.
    Manship Nathan, Denton.
    Medford William W., Medford's Mills.
    McGonegal Robert, Greensborough
    Massey William B., do.
    Manship Elijah J., Andersontown.
    Manlove John P., Greensborough.
    Nicholson Charles R. & Bro., Denton.
    Nichols John (of E.,) Gilpin's Point.
    Porter Francis A., Burrsville.
    Patchett Absalom C., Providence.
    Rhodes Robert H., Greensborough
    San too & Moore, do.
    Stack, John R., Bridgetown.
    Tillotson John & Co., Hillsborough.
    Willis. Wm. A. & James H., Federalsburg.
    Willis John G., Denton Bridge.


    Conway John W., Greensborough.
    Cherbennia P. Ovide, Denton.
    Dailly Edward D., Hunting Creek.
    Goldsborough Griffin W., Greensborough.
    Holt John H., Hillsborough.
    Hackett Thomas, do.
    Roupett Henry, Greensborough.
    Tatem William A., Denton.

    James H. Fountain, County Clerk.

  • Carroll County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Alcock John D., Uniontown.
    Almony Jarrett, Hampstead.
    Buffington Levi, Taneytown.
    Brown Darius, Uniontown.
    Bachman David, Bachman's Mill.
    Brinkman Henry C., Manchester.
    Crumrine William, do.
    Delaplaine John, Middleburg
    England Abraham, Ridgeville.
    Everhart George, Manchester.
    Ebaugh Joseph, Hampstead.
    Ecker Jonas, New Windsor.
    Foreman & Warner, Manchester.
    Herbaugh Sarah H., Uniontown.
    Homer F. Finley, Finksburg.
    Hoover D. & A., Hampstead.
    Hiteshew & Stoner, Double Pipe Creek.
    Hood John Jr., Hood's Mill.
    Johnson David, Union Bridge.
    Kroh & Brinkman, Manchester.
    Kesselring Catharine, (fancy goods) Westminster.
    McKellip James, Taneytown.
    Manning J. & R., Westminster.
    Murray John S.. do.
    Motter Henry, Manchester.
    Mering George, Bruceville.
    Orendorf D. & F. H., Westminster.
    Parrish John, Middleburg.
    Peters J. & L:; Piney creek.
    Reese John F.; Westminster.
    Reese & Matthias; do.
    Reifsnider Jesse, do
    Rudisell Wm. & F., Taneytown.
    Routzong Henry, Uniontown.
    Reese William, Westminster.
    Shaeffer Elizabeth, do.
    Shaw William, Uniontown.
    Shuey Jacob K., New Windsor.
    Shower Adam, Manchester.
    Shaw Moses, Union Bridge.
    Smith Michael, McKinstry's Mills.
    Steele James H., Franklinville.
    Wantz Valentine, Uniontown.
    Ward John T., Warfieldsburg.
    Wadlow John, Freedom.
    Warren & Little, do.
    Yingling John M., Westminster.
    Yingling Joshua, do.


    Koons William, Westminster.


    Dorsey A. W., Westminster. Heagy Washington, Taneytown.

    Books and Stationery

    Creager J. P., Westminster.


    Wagener Mary Ann, Westminster.


    Wolf William, Westminster.


    Blintzinger Samuel, tinner, Westminster
    Crouse Geo., tanner, Manchester
    Devilbiss Charles, Uniontown.
    Frankfbrth David C., tanner, Manchester
    Grumbine William, tinner, Westminster.
    Powder Andrew, tanner and currier, Westminster.
    Price & Troxell, coachmakers, Westminster
    Rudisell Thos., tanner and currier, do.
    Royer Jacob, machinist, Uniontown.
    Shriver John, tanner and currier, Uniontown.
    Steele Joseph; do. . Freedom.
    Shriver Francis, do. . Westminster.
    Yingling William, do. do


    Crout E. F., Westminster.
    Hayden & Baumgardner, do.
    Hoover Daniel L., do.
    Matthias Wm. G., do. ' .
    Neal Abner, do.
    Parke Jos. M., do.
    Shelman Jas. M., do.
    Webster C. W., do.


    Bruster James, Westminster.
    Brown _____, New Windsor.
    Boteler ____, Hampstead.
    Beltz H. E., Manchester..
    Bardwell James C., do.
    Brown N., Freedom P. O
    Crawford F. J., Franklinville.
    Davis Francis A., Ridgeville.
    Fletcher& Zollickoffer; Uniontown.
    Grimes G. S., Ridgeville.
    Hobbs _____, Uniontown.
    Heiner John, Finksburg.
    Hines ______,Freedom.
    Lamburn J. L., Westminster.
    Liggett J. E. H., Middleburg.
    Mathias William A., Westminster.
    Malehom John, do.
    Payne E. D., do.
    Remdollar William, Taneytown.
    Swormstedt L. S., botanic, Westminster.
    Swope Samuel, Taneytown.
    Smith -,botanic, Hampstead.
    Shower Jacob, Manchester.
    Swope John, Taneytown.
    Warfield J. L., Westminster.
    Weaver _____, Uniontown.
    Wells Thomas, Hampstead.
    Zollickoffer William, Uniontown.


    Zollickoffer Wm. Tell, Uniontown.

    Hotel Keepers

    Everhart J., Westminster
    Friet, Elizabeth, Manchester.
    Guynn Washington, Taneytown.
    Grass John, Manchester.
    Heagy Mrs., Taneytown.
    Hoffman Michael, Manchester.
    King William, Westminster.
    Leister Mrs. L., do.
    Lingenfelter _____. Finksburg.
    Martin David. Middleburg.
    Moul C., Westminster.
    Roberts Henry H., Finksburg.
    Rider A. W., Westminster.

  • Cecil County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Arnold William, Rock Spring.
    Abrahams J. W., Port Deposit.
    Abrahams J. W., Woodlawn.
    Borum Samuel, Road leading to Oldtown.
    Burnite James K., & Co., Cherry Hill.
    Barrett Andrew, Summit Hill.
    Brown Elisha & Son, Principio.
    Brown & McIntire, Elkton.
    Bratton Daniel, do.,
    Biddle Richard, Chesapeake City.
    Buckley John W., Mt. Pleasant.
    Bennett Henry, Frenchtown Railroad.
    Bonchell Hyland P., St. Augustine.
    Beatty William; North East.
    Benson James H., St. Stephen's Church.
    Blackburn M., Octoraro Forge.
    Bryan Joseph & Son, Chesapeake City.
    Black & Brother, Charlestown.
    Campbell John, New Loods X Roads. -
    Crookshanks Francis B., Cecilton.
    Conisius & Barnes, Port Deposit.
    Clayton John L., Pivot Bridge.
    Coulson J. R. & Co., Port Deposit.
    Carhart John, Zion.
    Collins Jacob T., Elkton.
    Cowan Benjamin C., Cowantown.
    Cropper William P., Chesapeake City
    Cox J. & B. & Co., Port Deposit.
    Chrisfield Gilbert F., Bear Creek.
    Durham & Disney, Port Deposit.
    Donny James, E,ton.
    Dehaven Samuel, do.
    Dysart Catharine, New Munster X Roads.
    Evans Amos H., Cherry Hill.
    Ford George A., Cecilton.,
    Friedenrich Foust & Bro., Elkton.
    Ford John, North East.
    Graham Z. B., Charlestown.
    Green George, Elkton.
    Hughes Samuel, Martha & Rebecca, near Blue Ball.
    Hessoy John H., Cecilton.
    Haines Job; Rising Sun.
    Hudson William, Chesapeake City.
    Haines Jos. & Son, Brick Meeting House.
    Haines & R. Kirk, Rising Sun.
    Knotts William, Elkton.
    Knight John F., Reynolds' Mill.
    Kelso William, Farmington.
    Kidd Andrew, Port Deposit.
    Kidd Milton Y., Kidd's Purchase.
    Kirk B. F. & Crothers, College Green.
    Lindsey William, Brick Mill.
    Lord Daniel, Elkmill.
    Mathews Eliza, Elkton.
    Miller John T., Rock Meeting House.
    Mears John, St. Augustine.
    May Benjamin F., Elkton.
    Morton John B., Warwick.
    Murry Thomas, Cowantown.
    Nesbitt, D. J., Port Deposit.
    Owens Haslet, Perryville.
    Osborn Edward L., Fredericktown.
    Price James, Sassafras Neck.
    Price John H., do
    Prigg Allen J., Conowingo
    Pell, William, Elkton.
    Rowland & Roman, Rowlandsville
    Rhare Louisa, Cecil Furnace.
    Roberts Jonathan M., Broad Creek
    Rowland & Phillips, Port Deposit.
    Richardson William T., Charlestown.
    Reynolds Caleb, South Milford
    Reynolds Joel, Gurleytown.
    Ringgold Thomas, Port Deposit.
    Strickland Thos. & Robt., Fair Hill.
    Simpers H. G., North East
    Snow Alonzo, Port Deposit.
    Simpers John W., Cherry Hill.
    Stiles and Lackland, Principio.
    Stackhouse G. W. & Co., Susquehanna Canal.
    Sauter Philip, Port Deposit.
    Taylor & Co., Millport Farm.
    Trump Robert V., Maryland Canal.
    Tome & Rhinehart, Port Deposit.
    Tome Jacob, do.
    Torbert William, Elkton.
    Thomas R. L., North East.
    Taylor & Co., do.
    Taylor & Cochran, Perryville.
    Vannort John; Port Deposit.
    Vanneman John P. & Co., do.
    Watson & Meams, Locust Grove.
    Whitaker Jos. & Geo. P., Principio.
    Wharton Job, Hudson's Corner.
    Wells Benjamin, Elkton Depot.
    Wilmer & Davis, do.
    Walmsley Geo. W., Fredericktown.
    Wilson John A., Elk Neck.


    Collins John T., Chesapeake City.
    Mitchell Dr. Henry H., Elkton.
    Wilson James, Port Deposit
    Wallace Dr. Joseph, Elkton.

    Lumber Merchants

    Bennet & Karsner, Chesapeake City.
    Gilmore Elizabeth, Port Deposit.
    Heckart John J., do.
    Pumell James S., Elkton.
    Rowland & Phillips, Port Deposit.
    Tome & Rinehart, do.
    Vannerman J. P: & Co., do.
    Wilmer & Davis, do.


    Chapman Miss Caroline, Elkton.
    Foster Elizabeth, North East.
    Gilmore Mrs. Eliza, Port Deposit.
    May Mrs. Rachael, Elkton.


    Bohemia Mills, County.
    Cecil Paper Mills, do.
    Elk Iron Works County.
    Elk Mills Cotton Factory, County.
    Homestead Factory, do.
    Harlan's Factory, do.
    Rolling Mill, North East.
    Marley Paper Mill, County..
    New Leeds Paper. Mill, do.
    Octoraro Forge, do.
    Principio Furnace, do.
    Providence Paper Mill; do
    Rolling Mill, Rowlandsville.
    Rockvill Paper Mill, County


    Cooley John, Elkton.
    Constable Albert, Rockland.
    Evans Alexander; Elkton.
    Earlee George, do.
    Ellis Francis A., do.
    Groome John C., do.
    Grason Richard, do
    Jamar James H., do.
    McCullough Hiram, do.
    Mackall Henry C., do.'
    Miller John 117., do.
    Richardson Eugene D. K., Cecilton.
    Physicians. '
    Brooking. Richard, Fair Hill.
    Bussey, B. F., Charleston.
    Broughton Henry B., Port Deposit.
    Bramwell Robert E., do.
    Carter Robert C., Cherry Hill.
    Davidson Charles, Port Deposit.
    Emory John K. B., Elkton.
    Emory D. C. H., Port Deposit.
    Fisher John, Brick Meeting House.
    Fisher John, Rising Sun.
    Hopkins Joseph, Brick Meeting House.
    Huddors ____,Brick Hill.
    Jourdan ______
    Martindale Samuel, Chesapeake City.
    Mitchell Henry H., Elkton.
    Owen Charles W., North East.
    Roberts Thomas A., Cecilton.
    Rowland William L., Rowlandsville.
    Simpers Charles T., North East.
    Stubbs Slater B., Rising Sun.
    Tindall D. M.. Chesapeake City.
    Turner ______, Rising Sun.
    Veazey Peregrine w, Cecilton.
    Wills______, do.


    Biles William B., Blue Ball.
    Burlin Hugh F., Port Deposit.
    Brickley Tehoaikim, Farmington.
    Black Sarah, Charlestown.
    Biggs George, Warwick
    Crawford Hugh, Port Deposit
    Cochran Joseph, Perryville.
    Death Joseph, Conowingo.
    Dysart Catharine, New Munster.
    Falls William, Port Deposit.
    Graham Z, B., Charlestown.
    Gebhart, James, Elkton.
    Gibson Benjamin, Rock Spring.
    Gillespie Samuel, Brick Meeting House.
    Hippie William. Octoraro Locks.
    Johnson Jacob, Elkton
    Krauss Leonard, Sen., Cross Keys.
    Krauss Bernard, Elkton.
    Kelly Thomas, Heckart-town.
    McMullen Joseph, Port Deposit.
    Newland Otho, Newland's X. Roads.
    Pool John J. R., Chesapeake City.
    Pattemon Callender, Gurleytown.
    Price Wm. C., Old-town.
    Richey Solomon, Ark Haven.
    Keynolds Rachael, Port Deposit.
    Sutton Thomas P:, Fair Hill.
    Towson Ephraim, Ark Haven.
    Taylor Joseph, Elkton.
    Trump Robert V. Maryland canal.
    Taylor Elizabeth, Battle Swamp;
    Vandever Benjamin, Port Deposit.
    West Rebecca, do
    Wells Benjamin, Elkton Depot.
    White Fisher A., Elkton.
    Wentz John, Perryville
    Yates Samuel, Cecilton.

    County Clerk, Richard C. Hollyday.

  • Charles County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods. Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Audd Sarah C., Bryantown.
    Berry William L., Beantown.
    Bowie Pliny, Partnership:
    Bowie Uriah, do.
    Burch Robert L., Bryantown.
    Bean William N., do.
    Boswell Tubman, Pomonkey.
    Barnes Charles W., Port Tobacco.
    Boswell Wm. & Co,, do.
    Baille, M. D. & Co., do.
    Cox William, do.
    Canter Levin, Benedict.
    Canter Henry, do.
    Carpenter William B., Partnership.
    Cotton John T., Allen's Fresh.
    Cash Ferdinand, do.
    Downing John T., Bryantown.
    Dyson James L., Nanjemoy.
    Davis Thomas A., do.
    David Joseph & Co., Benedict.
    Day Elijah W. & Co., Port Tobacco.
    Edelen Leonard C., Bryantown.
    Ferguson William, Port Tobacco.
    Franklin William N., do.
    Franklin James B. & Co., Partnership.
    Gardiner Edward C., Bryantown.
    Goodrick Francis F., Allen's Fresh.
    Harbin Joseph B., Bryantown.
    Harris James Pomonkey.
    King James O., Port Tobacco.
    Luckett John F., do.
    Lyon Elkanah, do.
    Lloyd, Thomas, Nanjemoy.
    Munroe John H., Port Tobacco.
    Milstead Ignatius, Nanjemoy.
    Middleton & Bro., Benedict.
    Munroe John H. & Bro., Pomonkey.
    McPherson Samuel W. H., do.
    Milstead Allen B., Partnership.
    Nutwell Levi & Co., Benedict.
    Robey William S., Duffield.
    Ratcliffe Joseph, Nanjemoy.
    Robey William B., Port Tobacco.
    Simpson Geo. H., Newport.
    Shannon Henry B., Newport.
    Skinner Thomas, Partnership.
    Simmons Benjamin, do.
    Shackelford Lyric, Port Tobacco.
    Wade Richard, Pomonkey.
    Ward & Berry, Bryantown.
    Weeks Lewis, Port Tobacco.


    Brent George, Port Tobacco.
    Barnes William C., Port Tobacco.
    Crain Gerard W., do.
    Crain Peter W., Allen's Fresh.
    Fergusson James, Port Tobacco.
    Matthews Geoige W., do.
    Mitchell John W., do.
    Matthews William, Allen's Fresh.
    Reeder Robert S., Port Tobacco.
    Stone Frederick, 'do.
    Stonestreet Nicholas, do.
    Turner Zephaniah H., Allen's Fresh.


    Boarman Walter F., Bryantown.
    Brown C. Graham, Partnership.
    Compton _____, Pomonkey.
    Carrico Thomas A., Bryantown.
    Dent Stoulen W., Newport.
    Diggs Robert, Port Tobacco.
    Dyson Bennet, Nanjemoy.
    Dyson Robert, do.
    Edelen Edward B. Bryantown.
    Fergusson Robert, Port Tobacco.
    Fergusson Oscar, do.
    Fergusson John P., do.
    Franklin Benjamin A., Partnership.
    Gilroy John P., do.
    Hamilton Patrick H., Allen's Fresh.
    Jamieson Samuel P., Bryantown.
    Lancaster Calistes, Newport.
    Miller William, Partnership.
    Miles Edward, Pomonkey.
    Mudd George D., Bryantown.
    Matthews Francis, Allen's Fresh.
    Neall Benneth, Port Tobacco.
    Nalley John R., Nanjemoy.
    Price John F., Partnership.
    Queen William, Bryantown.
    Reeder _____, Allen's Fresh.
    Thomas, _______ , Pomonkey.
    Wills Francis, Port Tobacco.
    Wills Francis H., do.
    White Randolph, Allen's Fresh.

    Hotel Keepers

    Canter Henry A., Benedict.
    Duffy Elizabeth, Duffield.
    Davis Peregrine, Port Tobacco.
    Middleton David, do.
    Marlow A. W., Beantown.
    Shackelford Lyne, Port Tobacco.

  • Dorchester County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Anderson Thos. W., Cambridge.
    Andrews William, Strait's Neck.
    Andrews William & Thos., Strait's Hundred.
    Andrews & Montgomery, Cedar Creek Mills.
    Bestpitch & Piercy, Bestpitch's Landing
    Byrne Samuel S., Cambridge
    Bryan James, do.
    Brinsfield, William H., Carothers' Ferry.
    Bramble John H. & Edw'd, Poplar Grove. .
    Bowdle Amos, Church Creek.
    Bell Joseph H., Galestown.
    Creighton William, Poplar Grove..
    Collins Samuel G., E. New Market.
    Cannon Daniel, Privilege.
    Conway J. & B., Harrison.
    Corner Samuel, Castlehaven.
    Craig Samuel, Tobacco Stick.
    Crawford William W., Church Creek.
    Cook Peter L., Jacktown.
    Cook Levin P., Neck.,
    Collins John, Galestown.
    Dail Thos. & Bro., Cambridge.
    Dean John B., Vienna.
    Elliott & Thomas, Hill's Point.
    Ennick Thos. K., Cambridge.
    Elsby John H., Cabin Creek.
    Fletcher Major, E. New Market.
    Frazier Wm. E. M., Airey's Meeting House
    Frazier Solomon, Slaughter Creek.
    Fooks James, Sweet Prospect.
    Goottee Goodman, Golden Hill.
    Goottee Washingon, do.
    Goottee William, World's-end Bridge.
    Goslin Edward R. & Co., Federalsburg.
    Harrington Edw'd & Sam'1, Tobacco Stick.
    Higgins Francis, Big Mills.
    Henry Francis J., Cambridge.
    Henry James W., Vienna.
    Howeth William & Son, Carothers' Ferry.
    Hill Elsp, Williamsburg.
    Hacket John T. & Wm., Fair Dealing.
    Jordan William H., Cambridge.
    Kerr Josiah, Vienna.
    Keene Moses L., Locust Grove.
    Linthicum Richard, Church Creek.,
    Linthicum & Mace, do.
    Laws William, Milton.
    Lewis James K., Vienna.
    Leckie John B. & Son, E. New Market.
    McNamara John S., Stapleford's Mill.
    Mills John, Buckstown.
    Mukins William L., Hooper's Island.
    McCready James, Henry's X Roads.
    Meld Hugh, Milton,
    Medford Edward C., E. New Market. .
    Marshall Edward A., Camb Cambridge.
    Mace Thos., Blackwater.
    Mears John, do:
    Muir & Wrighton, Willow Grove
    Meekins Daniel Slaughter Creek.
    Mills William, Cabin Creek.
    Nichols J. W. C. & Co., Draw Bridge.
    Neal Isaac, do. do.
    Pattison James M., Taylor's Island,
    Reddick Govaine, Cambridge.
    Ruszell William, do.
    Rhodes Benj. W., Carothers' Ferry.
    Ruszell William, Waterloo.
    Staplefort John S., Chapelville.
    Skinner Zachariah, Jr., Town Point.
    Stewari Thos., Oak Hill.
    Straughn Vashel & Cu., Cambridge.
    Straughn James, do.
    Stewart Francis A., do.
    Smith Thos. K. E. New Market.
    Todd & Stewart, Tobacco Stick.
    Tale Sylvester C., do.
    Todd & Meredith, Robinson's Neck.
    Todd, Robinson & Meredith, Toddtown.
    Thomas Elijah, Lower Hunting Creek.
    Travers William D., Taylor's Island.
    Travers & Keene, do.
    Travers John W., . do.
    Vickers & Wright, ht, Vienna.
    Vane William J Hicksburg.
    Webb Samuel, Vienna.
    Wright Martin L., Church Creek.
    Wheatley James R., Galestown.
    Woolford John S., Milton.


    Flint Joseph, Cambridge.
    Thompson Anthony C., Cambridge.
    Thomas Williarn, do.

    Boots and Shoes

    Flaherty James, Cambridge.
    Hopkins Josiah, do. Wingate William, do.


    Brown Miss Jane, Cambridge.
    Ennick Mrs., do.
    Jenkins Mary W., Federalsburg
    Shepherd Mrs., Cambridge.
    Frazier, J. M., Cambridge.
    Hooper Ezekiel L., Cambridge.
    Henry Daniel M., do.
    Jackson Benj. D. do.
    Jefferson George, do.
    Jefferson Thos., Church Creek.
    Le Compte Samuel D., Cambridge.
    Muse & Goldsborough, do.
    Stewart James A., do.
    Wallace, James, do.


    Bayly Alex'r. H., Cambridge.
    Bryan James L., Strait's Hundred.
    Carroll Thos. King, Church Creek.
    Edmondson William V. M., E. New Market.
    Fisher Levin T., Strait's Hundred.
    Greives Horatio G., Church Creek.
    Handy Thos. H.. Cambridge.
    Houston Henry W., E. New Market.
    Hooper John E do.
    Harrison Beni. B., Tobacco Stick.
    Le Compte William B,, Cambridge.
    Muse James A., do.:
    Martin Thos W., do.
    Rosse Zadock H., Castle-haven.
    Smithers Edward F., Vienna.
    Smith Washington A., Taylor's Island.
    Turner Charles, Tobacco Suck.
    Wingate William L., Federalsburg.
    Weatherly Joseph, Strait's Hundred

    Hotel Keepers

    Bradshaw John, Cambridge
    Bradshaw Joseph, do.
    Travers William D., Taylor's Island.
    Wilson John T., Cambridge.
    Webb Thos. H., Vienna.
    Wilkinson Samuel T., E. New Market.

    William Jackson, County Clerk.

  • Frederick County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Albaugh Ephraim, Liberty.
    Anderson William P. New Market.
    Adam Andrew, Frederick.
    Arnold, Shafer & Co., Petersville.
    Brown Mary E., Frederick.
    Biser Thomas, Petersville.
    Barnes Levi L., Liberty.
    Brent Mary, Middletown.
    Barnes & Garrott, Petersville.
    Birely Samuel, Woodsboro'.
    Burucher J. S., Frederick.
    Brown Joseph, Middletown.
    Butler James, Frederick.
    Baker & Fout, do.
    Brown John Hauvers.
    Bromwell John E., New Market.
    Bowlus & Boteler, Middletown
    Bartgis D. C., Frederick:
    Beckenbaugh W. W. & Co., Creagerstown.
    Beckenbaugh M. L., do.
    Brengle L. A., Frederick.
    Barker John & Co., Petersville.
    Bevans Joseph, Frederick.
    Birely John W., do.
    Biser G. L., Jefferson.
    Brengle G. L. & L. J.; Frederick.
    Bromwell H. J., New Market.
    Bowlus & Herbert, Middletown.
    Beam William, Creagerstown.
    Boyd A. & J. J., Frederick.
    Bremmerman F. W., New Market
    Belt Lloyd C., Pt. of Rocks.
    Birely Jacob, Frederick.
    Brengle Louisa, do.
    Brown Joseph, do.
    Bulerman J. J., Hauvers.
    Bersing Frederick, Frederick.
    Cookerly Lewis C., Middletown.
    Crabill Sevilla, Frederick.
    Culler John & Jacob, Middletown.
    Coons & Ansperger, Hauvers.
    Culler Henry, Sr., Jefferson.
    Carmack Paul, Woodsboro'.
    Cockey Sebastian G., Buckeystown.
    Custard Adam, Frederick.
    Cox George, Liberty.
    Connor Timothy, do.
    Carmack John, Creagerstown.
    Coghlan Edward, Petersville.
    Cramer George, Woodsboro'.
    Carlin Eliza, Frederick.
    Derr William H., do.
    Derr Geo. W., do.
    Daugherty & Carty, do.
    Delaplane T. C., do.
    Deckelmeyer Francis, Emmittsburg.
    Dill George T., Frederick.
    Duvall G. & B. W. & Co., Buckeystown.
    Duvall Ruth, do.
    Doub Ezra, Frederick.
    Davis Tyler, New Market.
    Doll John L., Frederick.
    Devitt D. B., do.
    Eaton Henry, Creagerstown.
    Evans David, Liberty.
    Ebberts Michael, Frederick.
    Ernstein Samuel, do.
    Ebberts & Son, do.
    Eyster Andrew Emmittsburg.
    English James J., Frederick.
    Ely Sarah, do.
    Fitzhugh & Ege, Creagerstown.
    Fisher George J. Frederick.
    Gilpin Charles, Creagerstown.
    Getzendanner John D., Frederick.
    Gomber & Mantz, do.
    Groshon A. E., do.
    Gittinger & Brother, do.
    Gallahan Elizabeth, do.
    Groshon E. A do.
    Gelwicks Henry, Emmittsburg.
    Gallagher James A.; Frederick.
    Groshon Geo. S., do.
    Graham & Fout, Petersville.
    Hays Wilson, Catoctin.
    Hines Philip, Woodsboro'.
    Harris Thomas, Liberty.
    Hart Jacob, Frederick.
    Hilleary Wm. H. Petersville.
    Harbaugh S. G., Middletown.
    Hightman & Son, Petersville.
    Herring J. & D., Middletown.
    Henderson A., Frederick.
    Hanson A. B., do.
    Hartman Simeon, Frederick.
    Harritt John, do.
    Hellman Michael, Emmittsburg.
    Harry Margaret, Creagerstown.
    Hunt A. H., Frederick.
    Hersberger, William; Petersville.
    Hunt J. T & D. B., Frederick.
    Hagan Michael, do.
    Hamilton John, New Market.
    Hart Elias, Frederick.
    Hanshew & Markey, Frederick.
    Hood & Clary, Liberty. .
    Jones & Swope, do.
    Jenkins & Jamison, Frederick.
    Jessop James O., Liberty.
    Johnston Robert, Frederick.
    Johnson Wm. F., do. ;
    Kinzer John, Liberty.
    Kolhoss Frederick, Buckeystown.
    Koogle Joshua D., Middletown.
    Keller Mary J., Frederick.
    Kolb Daniel, do.
    Kipp John, do.
    Kohlenburg Ad. J., Buckeystown.
    Kessler & Co., Jefferson.
    Koontz George, Frederick.
    Lueber Francis, do.
    Lugenbeel, Moses, do.
    Landers George, Creagerstown.
    Lindsey Benjamin, Liberty.
    Lorentz William, Middletown.
    Landouer James, Frederick.
    Lugenbeel Peter, Liberty.
    Leilich Jacob, Frederick.
    Miller Jos. G., do.
    Magill & Cockey, . do.
    McCaffry Michael, do.
    Markell G. & S., do.
    Markell Thos. M., do.
    Morgan John, do.
    Main Daniel, Middletown.
    Markell Frederick, Frederick.
    Mullen H. H., Catoctin.
    Metter & Rowe, Emmittsburg.
    Miller Charles M., Frederick.
    McAllen Hugh, do.
    Miller A. R. & F. A., Middletown.
    Mantz Daniel, Woodsboro'.
    Martz & Bowman, do.
    Morrison J. G., Petersville.
    Moritz Joseph, Emmittsburg.
    Neff Jacob, Middletown.
    Nusbaum Jacob, Frederick.
    Norris Basil, do.
    Nixdorff, Henry do.
    Nicholls William, do.
    Nixdorff Samuel & Co., Buckeystown
    Owings N. H.. Liberty.
    Ogborn John W., New Market.
    Oats John, Frederick.
    Philpot Brian, Petersville.
    Pope Thomas E., Frederick.
    Pitts E. J., do.
    Pole George W., Woodsboro'.
    Payne Joseph, Frederick.
    Perry B. A., Frederick. .
    Peleifer Caspar, do.
    Quynn & Ritter, do.
    Remsburg, Christ, Middletown.
    Rosenstock Philip, Hauvers.
    Roberts Michael, Frederick.
    Rice G. J. & Co., do. '
    Reifsnider John, Woodsboro.'
    Reid Thomas S., Buckeystown.
    Ringer John, Petersville.
    Riddlemoser J. L., Liberty.
    Reid, Jamcs H., Frederick
    Stevens Samuel, Liberty.
    Smith D. F., Frederick.
    Suter Henry, Petersville.
    Stier & Dulaney, New Market.
    Slassinger David, Frederick.
    Simmons, James H., Buckeystown.
    Summers Perry, Middletown.
    Sinon Laura, Frederick.
    Snider H. M., New Market.
    Schley John T., Frederick.
    Smith C. & Co., do.
    Shipley William G., New Market.
    Shipley Frederick, do.
    Stem Joshua, Frederick.
    Smith & Cluts, Emmittsburg.
    Shorb & Elder; do.
    Strick F. F., Buckeystown.
    Storm James, Middletown.
    Shark George W., Creagerstown.
    Shriner & Scholl, Frederick.
    Stainer John A., do.
    Snider Samuel, do.
    Shriner William E., Liberty.
    Sefton Andrew, Creagerstown.
    Sparrow John W., Jefferson.
    Safer Geo. W., Creagerstown
    Smith Philemon M., New Market.
    Small John H'., Frederick.
    Thomas & Mantz, do.
    Thomas P. H., Middletown.
    Thomas Henry, Frederick.
    Troxell & Morrison, Emmittsburg.
    Taney & McBride, do.
    Tucker Catherine, Frederick.
    Tyson Jonathan, do.
    Wood John, New Market.
    Warfield, Geo. ; W., Woodsboro'.
    Wagner David Creagerstown.
    Walter John, Liberty.
    Wagner William, Frederick.
    Wising E. S., do.
    Webster Geo. F., do.
    Wolfe Wm. S., do.
    Winters Henry, Emmittsburg.
    Walker Isaac, Woodsboro'.
    West, Short &,Co., Frederick.
    Ways Wm. H.. do,
    Wagner, John; Urbanna.
    Whitehill, James, Frederick.
    Warenfels J. L:, Hauvers.
    Wood Joshua, New Market.
    Young John H., Middletown.


    Baltzell John R., Frederick..
    Baltzell Edw. B. do.
    Coale James M., do.
    Coppersmith Lewis F., do.
    Eichelberger Grayson, do.
    Gallagher M. P., do.
    Kunkell Jacob M., do.
    Luckett M. B., do.
    Lowe Enoch L:, do.
    Merrick Wm. M., do.
    McElfresh Henry, do.
    McSherry, James, . do.
    Nelson Madison, do.
    Potts Richard, do.
    Palmer Joseph M., do.
    Ross William, do. .
    Ross Wm. J., do.
    Ross Worthington, do.
    Schley, Frederick A., do.
    Schley Charles, do.
    Shriver Edward, do.
    Shellman Geo. K., do.
    Sappington Wm. C., do.
    Thomas Francis, do.
    Traill Charles E., do.
    Tyler Samuel, do.
    Wilson Robt. Jr., do.


    Boone Jenningham, Frederick.
    Baer Jacob, County.
    Baer Charles, do.
    Belt James, do.
    Biser T. S., do.
    Baer C. D., do.
    Crum W., do.
    Duvall L. T., Frederick.
    Geyer Jno. W., do.
    Goldsborough Charles, County.
    Geyer, James M., do.
    Goldsborough E. Y., Frederick.
    Hubbard S., County.
    Hull T., do.
    Huges G., do.
    Johnson Jas. Jr., do.
    Johnson Wm., do.
    Meade W. C., do.
    Mobberly E. W., do.
    M'Pherson W. S., do.
    M'Clenchan T. C. du.
    McGill T., . do.
    Nelson R. W., do.
    Owens O., do.
    Ritchie Albert, Frederick:
    Smith Chas., do.
    Sanderson W. R. do.
    Schley Fairfax, do.
    Shiels Jefferson, do.
    Sappington Thomas, County.
    Sappington G. R., ' do.'
    Sidwell R., . do.'
    Steiner L. H.; Frederick:
    Shipley N. O., County. '
    Sims Thomas, do.
    Tyler Wm. Sen., Frederick.
    Tyler Wm. Jr., do.
    Thompson R. H., County.
    Taney W., do.
    Waters William, Frederick.
    Wilhard James, County.
    West G. W., do.
    Young J., do.

    Hotel Keepers

    Cookerly William, Frederick.
    Gilbert, B., do.
    Keefer M., do.
    Rice George, do.
    Shank E., do.

    Branch of the Farmers' Bank of Md. Fred'k

    Frederick County Bank. do.
    Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank. do.
    Frederick Savings Institution. do.

    Wm. B. Tyler, County Clerk.

  • Harford County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Anderson F. B., Churchville.
    Adams William, Woodlawn.
    Bowen E. P. & Co., Havre-de-Grace.
    Bouldin C. H. & W., Bel-Air.
    Bond Mary Ann, Fallston
    Barnes Elisha, Scottville.
    Buckingham William, Zug, (Jerusalem.)
    Bevan Wallis, Mill Green.
    Bradenbaugh Thomas, Pleasantville, P. O.
    Bateman Joseph C., Hickory.
    Boulton Robert, Union, (Perrymansville.)
    Caufman, Mien, Havre de-Grace.
    Cole William, do.
    Cannon Noble, Spesutia, (Perrymansville.)
    Cole Hiram, bingdon.
    Cochran James, do.
    Cooke George P., Cooksville.
    Cole Charles F. A., Havre-de-Grace.
    Courtney H. C., Mount Lebanon.
    Davis Amon W., Havre-de-Grace.
    Devoe James, Oakland Grove.
    Davis Julian, Trap, (Dublin.)
    Day B. M., Essex Hall.
    Downey J. & W., Gunpowder Forks, (Magnolia.)
    Eli Sarah, Darlington.
    Forsythe Thomas, Cedar Grove.
    Ferris & Walton, Fallston, P. O.
    Farrandis & Green, Harford Furnace Co.
    Ford Francis A., Bel-Air and Joppa X roads
    Gale Henry L., Havre-de-Grace.
    Green Lyttleton, do.
    Galloway Samuel; Bel-Air.
    Gladden Jacob, Clairmont, P. O.
    Gilbert Amos, Sandy Hook, P. O.
    Gillespie & Co., Hall X Roads P. O., (Swansburg.)
    Garrettson James A., Abingdon.
    Greenfield & Carrington, Jerusalem P.O., (Kellsville.)
    Gilbert Bennett, Hall's X Roads P.O.,(Centre.)
    Glenn Thomas, Morning-glory.
    Gemmill James, Upper X Roads.
    Hopkins William E., Havre-de-Grace.
    Hopkins, Thomas C., do. .
    Herron James, Jr., Bel-Air.
    Hawkins John, Mechanicsville.
    Hartman George, Joppa X Roads.
    Henry & Miskimon, Sandy Hook, P. O.
    Harkins William Hickory P. O.
    Hanway & Brothers, Mount Pleasant.
    Jackson Richard J., Darlington.
    Jarret Luther M., Jarrettsville.
    Keen Aga. D., Perrymansville.
    Keen B. H., Hall's X Roads.
    Lyon Andrew & Co., Havre-de-Grace.
    Levin John, Dublin P. O.
    Lee David, Jerusalem.
    Lemmon Jonathan H., Dublin.
    Lilly Thomas, Churchville.
    McComas William, Pleasant Mount.
    Morgan William B., Havre-de-Grace.
    McConnell Alexander, My Lad 's Manor.
    McNulty James, Hopewell, P. O.
    Murphy William B., Abingdon.
    Michael & Denny, Michaelsville.
    Murphy John, Hall's X Roads P. O.
    McGonagal Dan'l, Churchville P.O. (Leibnitz.)
    Maul Upton R., Shawnsville.
    Mitchell John H., Hopewell.
    Pennington Hannah, Normandy, (Jarrettsville.)
    Preston James W., Mount Pleasant.
    Pyle Nathan, Pyleville Mill, (Green P, O.)
    Price John, Abingdon P. O.
    Russell Samuel, Havre-de-Grace.
    Robinson Miss, Bel-Air.
    Ross Joseph, Grey Rock.
    Robinson Thomas, Texas, P. O.
    Rouse C. C., Joppa X Roads, (Little Gunpowder P. O.)
    Rausey John, Dublin.
    Richardson E. A., Abingdon P. O.
    Rogers Isaac & Son, Jarrettsville.
    Sterrett St. Clair, do.
    Shure D. F.; Worthington's Landing, (Darlington.)
    Street Thomas, Clairmont.
    Slee William, Perrymansville.
    Spencer Amos, Havre-de-Grace.
    Sullivan & Co., do.
    Shaw John, Shawsville.
    Stacks William, Dublin.
    Silver Philip W., Darlington.
    Smalls & Shay, Jarrettsville P. O.
    Silver Henry A., Dublin.
    Scarborough Isaac, Prospect X Roads, Dublin.
    Taylor Alexander R., Havre-de-Grace.
    Taylor, James, Hall's X Roads P. O.
    Toft Richard, Fallston.
    Wells Darius W., Havre-de-Grace.
    Walters, Walter, Jarrettsville.
    Wright & Ayres, do.
    Worthington, Charles, Darlington.
    Warn John, Hickory.
    Wiley David, Centreville, (Clairmont P. O).


    Andrews -,wool, near Churchville P. O
    Archer Robert H., flour, Rock river.
    Cook George P., wool, Cooksville.
    Deer Creek Works, forge, Sandy Hook
    Fulton John, wool, near Churchville.
    Gladden Jacob, wool, Rock Ridge Valley.
    Green Richard, flour, Abingdon.
    Gillespie & Co., flour, Hall X Roads P. 0.
    Harford Furnace Company, iron, Perrymans
    Havre Iron Works, Havre-de-Grace.
    Hanway & Bro., wool, Pleasant Mount.
    Lilly John, wool, Churchville P. O.
    Lee R. S., flour, Jerusalem.
    Rogers Isaac & Son, furnace and forge, Jarrettsville.
    Smalls & Shay, iron, Jarrettsville.
    Stump, Harman, flour, Rock Run P. O.
    Whaland Robert W., paper, Bel-Air.


    Archer Henry W., Bel-Air.
    Archer James J., Rock Run.
    Bond William B., Bel-Air.
    Dallam Wm. H., do.
    Farrandis Henry D., do.
    Galloway William, do.
    Price John H., Darlington.
    Scott Otho Bel-Air
    Thomas Oliver H., Bel Air.


    Archer Robert H., Churchville.
    Archer George W., do
    Butler Francis, Jarrettsville
    Bond Thomas E., Fallston.
    Bickhead Samuel H., Magnolia.
    Dallam William M., Perrymansville.
    Forwood Parker, Sandy Hook.
    Finney John M., Churchville.
    Hopkins Thomas C., Havre-de-Grace.
    Horton William L., Perrymansville
    Lee Richard D., Bel-Air
    Mumickhuysen William T., Bel-Air.
    Mechem Richard, Pleasant Mount.
    Nelson Joshua, Jarrettsville.
    Polk John K., Abingdon
    Preston Jacob A., Perrymansville.
    Reardon James, Magnolia.
    Richardson E. H , Bel-Air.
    Ramsay Samuel J., Darlington.
    Street Abraham J., Clairmont.
    Sappington John K., Hall X Roads.
    Sappington John, Darlington.
    Treadwell Samuel E., Havre-de-Grace.
    Wilson Joshua, Abingdon.
    Worthington Thomas, Darlington.

    Hotel Keepers

    Bouldin Charles D., Bel-Air
    Dallam William & John S., Bel-Air.
    Goodwin J. & K., Magnolia.
    Gilbert Abraham A., Blue Rock.
    Hopper John A., Havre-de-Grace.
    Hanna John, Churchville.
    Hawkins John, Jarrettsville P. O.
    Keen Aga D., Perrymansville.
    Livezey, Jacob, Mount Pleasant.
    McGraw Robert, Bush, P. O.
    McNulty James, Hopewell P. O.
    Magaw Samuel, Bel-Air.
    Price William J., Abingdon.
    Silver Henry A., Dublin
    Smithson Gabriel, Jarrettsville.
    Wells James B., Havre-de-Grace.

    H. D. Gough, County Clerk.

  • Kent County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods; Groceries; Hardware; &c

    Arthur James, Chestertown.
    Apsley Miss Ann, do. .
    Ashley Mrs. Mary, do.
    Barrett Mrs. Susan E., Chestertown.
    Baker Mrs. Juliana F., do.
    Bordley, Thomas, do.
    Broes Peter, Harmony.
    Boyer Edward H., Millington.
    Blackiston Henry, Rock Hall.
    Collins & Hynson, Chestertown.
    Canady Samuel, de.
    Chambers Pere, (cola,) do.
    Carville Mrs. Harriet A., do.
    Cacey John E. & George W., Millington.
    Copper Samuel G., Rock Hall.
    Copper Mrs. Christiana, do.
    Eliason Thomas W., Chestertown.
    Earl Miss Anna M., do.
    Frazier Samuel, do.
    Fiddis Levi, do.
    Fiddis George G., do.
    Frazier John, Jr., Georgetown X Boads.
    Foreman William R., Chesterville.
    Gooding Thomas E., Georgetown X Roads.
    Haines Mrs. Maria C., Chestertown.
    Hanes Daniel, Harmony.
    Horsey Thomas H., Millington. -
    Hale Thomas B., eorgetown X Roads.
    Harris Joseph, Rock Hall.
    Hodges Richard, do.
    Humphreis John, do.
    Jones Phillip, (colored,) Chestertown.
    Jones James A., (colored,) do.
    Kemp Mrs. Catharine L., Harmony.
    Kemp & Price do.
    Keasly C. A., Georgetown X Roads.
    Miller Elijah E., do do.
    Perkins John, Chestertown, .
    Polk William R., Harmony
    Pryor James H., Head of Sasafras.
    Russell John, Chestertown.
    Register, William, do.
    Rolph Richard S., Millington.
    Roberts Joseph E., Chesterville.
    Starr John L., Chestertown.
    Smith Miss Eliza, do.
    Start Benjamin H., do.
    Sutton Miss Julia A., do.
    Stewart Miss Mary E., Millington.
    Smyth Wm. T., do
    Sinton Joseph W., Rock Hall.
    Thompson James H., Chestertown.
    Wilton Mrs. Sarah E., do.
    Wilton Mrs. Temperance, do.
    Westcott Nicholas G., do.
    Wicks Wm. N. E., do.
    Wiley & Perkins, do.
    Wilmer and Francis, do.
    Wickes Mrs. Ann Maria, do.
    Watts William, Harmony.
    Wright Joseph A.; Head of Sassafrass.
    Welch James W., Masse 's Cross Roads.
    Wier Joseph E., Wierville.


    Boyer Matthew V., Millington.
    Wickes _____, Chestertown.

    Watchmaker and Jeweller

    Ducommun Louis, Chestertown.


    Barroll James E., Chestertown.
    Hynson Richard, do.
    Moore Edward A., do.
    Pearce James Alfred, do.
    Ricaud James B., do.
    Vickers George, do.
    Wickes Joseph, do.
    Wickes B. Chambers, do.


    Allen R. T., Harmony.
    Crane Thomas B., Massey's Cross Roads.
    Crane Wm. B., Millington.
    Frazier John, Head of Sasafras.
    Graham G. W., Georgetown X Roads.
    Houston B. F., Chestertown.
    Heighe James, Georgetown X Roads.
    Kennard T. C., Harmony.
    Maxwell W. H., do.
    Marsh J. E., Head of Sasafras.
    Massey C. ., Massey's Cross Roads.
    Ricaud L. M., Rock Hall.
    Rasin E. F., Millington.
    Tayman T. N., Georgetown X Roads.
    Wroth Peregrine, Chestertown.
    Whaland T. H., do.
    Wickes J. A.; do.
    Wroth T. G., do.
    Willson Thomas, Rock Hall.

    Hotel Keepers

    Cosden Jeremiah, Chesterville.
    Harris Joseph, Rock Hall.
    Lusby, Thomas, Chestertown
    McDaniel John, do.
    Millington Richard, Millington.
    Merritt Rees, Head of Sasafras.
    Pennington John, Georgetown X Roads.
    Ryland Isaac, Massey's X Roads.

    Jas. Reave, County Clerk.

  • Montgomery County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries; Hardware, &c

    Allen Sarah, Rockville.
    Braddock William, Rockville.
    Braddock William P., do.,
    Beall Avery C., Mouth of Monoccacy.
    Barnesley Jonathan D., Mechanicsville..
    Cissell Richard, Oak Grove
    Carroll Walter, Cromelin.
    Coulder Leonard W., Darnestown.
    Cooley Benjamin, Edwards' Ferry.
    Duvall & Young, Poolesville.
    Day Jacob, Jr., Near Goshen.
    Eldridge Mrs. E. J., (millinery,) Poolesville.
    Grimes James A., Unity.
    Gaither Elisha R., Hermitage.
    Gloyd Samuel, Gaithersburg.
    Graves Lewis, Reynolds' Shop. .
    Gilpin Joseph, Sandy Spring.
    Harriss Thos. G., Rockville.
    Hall & Gilpin, Brookeville.
    Hays Leonard, Barnesville.
    Hays Samuel S., do.
    Henderson Wm. W., Cromelin.
    Hays Edward L., Darnestown.
    Higgins Hilleary 0., Colesville.
    Lowe Zachariah, near Middlebrook Mills.
    Mobely Geo. W., Laytonsville.
    Montgomery Company, Triadelphia.
    Offutt Thos. M., X Roads near Rockville.
    Plummer George W., Oakland Mills.
    Sellman J. M., Barnesville.
    Todd Vachel B., H Hyattstown.
    Thompson Noey W., Clarksburg.
    True Wm., Leesborough.
    Veirs & Higgins, ins, Rockville.
    Veirs Wm. A., do.
    Veirs Samuel C., Poolesville. .
    Willet Robert W., Rockville.
    Worthington Nicholas, Damascus.
    White John, Fountain Inn.
    Wilson Leonidas, Clarksburg. .
    Welsh Warner, Hyattstown.
    Grocer and Baker.
    Mufinger Christian, Rockville.


    Clopper F. C., woollens, Middlebrook Mills.
    Fawcett Thos., do. Colesville.
    Price, _____, do. Barnesville.
    Triadelphia Cotton Factory, Triadelphia.
    Townsend, _____, Brookeville.
    Bowie, J. J., Rockville
    Brewer J., do.
    Bouic W. V., do.
    England J. G., do.
    Forrest Uriah, do.
    Kilgour Mortimer, Rockville.
    Kilgour A., do.


    Anderson John W., Rockville.
    Beall Richard D., Barnestown.
    Brewer Wm., Poolesville.
    Brewer Nicholas, do.
    Dawson Benoni, Dawsonville.
    Duvall Washington, Colesville.
    Fechtig, _____, Poolesville
    Harding Josiah, Cottage.
    Harding, Charles A., Rockville.
    Magruder Win B.. Brookville.
    Magruder J. P., Rockville.
    McClenahan James, Hyattstown.
    Palmer Wm. P., Sandy Springs.
    Perry Benj. J., Cottage.
    Poole Thos., Poolesville.
    Waters Washington, Goshen.
    Waters, _____, Unity.
    Wootten Turner, Rockville.
    Willett Cephas, do.
    Wooten Wm. F., Clarksburg.

    Hotel Keepers

    Appleby James, Cracklintown.
    Burdett John, Damascus.
    Baker John T., near Colesville
    Cummings Elizabeth, Clarksburg.
    Coulder Leonard W., Darnestown
    Cooley Benj., Edwards' Ferry.
    Duvall John Gloydsville.
    Davis Nimrod, Unity.
    Farr Wm. A., Jacksonville.
    Graves Lewis, near Reynolds' Shop.
    Gloyd Eden, Piney Grove.
    Hard George, Rockville.
    Higgins Thos. L. F., near Mechanicsville.
    Higgins Hillary O., Colesville.
    Kidwell Francis, Rockville.
    Price Charles M., Unity.
    Poole W. T. & A. R., Rockville
    Rabbitt Thos. H., near do.
    Rabbitt Elizabeth, do. do.
    Richardson John, Clarksburg
    Spates Richard P., Poolesville.
    Spates John W., Rockville
    Trail Hannah, Medley's Hill
    White John, Fountain Inn.

    S. T. Stonestreet, County Clerk.

  • Prince George County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries Hardware, &c

    Anderson William, Laurel Factory.
    Anderson Samuel B., Upper Marlboro.
    Barren Henry & Co., Bladensburg.
    Brashears Christopher H., do.
    Brown Adam C., do.
    Burgess & Wilson, Upper Marlboro.
    Berry Edmund M., Magruder's Ferry.
    Burke John, Brandywine
    Burnell E. A. M., Horsehead.
    Brookes Thomas R., Long Old Fields.
    Clarke Joshua T., Jr., near Good Luck P. O.
    Connick Clement R., Magruder's Ferry.
    Connick Daniel, do.
    Cameron M. S. & J., Piscataway.
    Dewalt J. & Co., Laurel Factory.
    Duvall William T., Buena Vista, near Good Luck P. O.
    Draine Sarah, Long Old Fields.
    Davis James R., Queen Anne.
    Early William H., Brandywine
    Edelen Francis, Cross Roads.
    Gibbons James H. F:, Brandywine.
    Griffin James H., Piscataway.
    Grimes Thomas, Grimesville.
    Hall & Bogert, Laurel Factory.
    Holtzman John T., Beltsville.
    Hardesty John S., Good Luck P. O.
    Hellen Thomas & Co., Upper Marlboro.
    Hollyday Urban, Nottingham.
    Harwood William B., Queen Anne.
    Latchford John T., Laurel Factory.
    Leonard John J., Piscataway .
    Mullikin Benj. H., Upper Marlboro.
    Moore Josias, near do.
    Morton George W., Woodville.
    Perry Elisha, Long Old Fields.
    Richardson & Hodges, Queen Ann.
    Suit Edward, Bladensburg.
    Suit John Smith, do.
    Scott John W., do.
    Slater Edward & Co., Nottingham.
    Surton J. E. & Richard W., Nottingham.
    Stump Mordecai M., do.
    Stanton Mary, Piscataway.
    Taylor Zephaniah, do.
    Thomas Joseph C., Woodville
    Thomas George W., do. .
    Ward John W., Piscataway.

    Groceries and Liquor

    Sansburg Thomas, Upper Marlboro.
    Wright Robert, Bladensburg.,


    Wm. O. Baldwin, Bladensburg.


    Avondale Manufacturing Company, cotton cloth, on Patuxent river
    Calvert Charles B., flour; Bladensburg.
    Laurel Factory, cotton, on Patuxent river.
    Muirkirk Manufacturing Company,. iron, near Railroad


    Bowie Walter W. W., Governor's Bridge P. O.
    Berry Samuel H., Upper Marlboro.
    Bowie Thomas F., do.
    Clarke Shelby, do.
    Chew Richard B., do.
    Carey Samuel W., Nottingham.
    Digger Daniel C., Upper Marlboro.
    Mullikin John C., do.
    Magruder Caleb C., do.
    Stephen Nicholas C., Bladensburg.
    Sheriff Dionysius, do.
    Shipley Nicholas H., Governor's Bridge P. O
    Suck Wm. H.. Upper Marlboro.
    Tyler Truman, do.


    Bayne John H., near Alexandria.
    Belt Walter J., Laurel Factory.
    Beckett Truman D., do.
    Brooke Henry, Upper Marlboro.
    Boyle John H., do.
    Cook Septimus J., Beltsville.
    Clagett Richard H., near Upper Marlboro.
    Duvall Charles, Good Luck P. O.
    Duvall Wm. W., do.
    Duvall Joseph J., Queen Anne.
    Duckett Richard, Governor's Bridge P. 0.
    Edelen Philip R., Piscataway.
    Edelen Horatio, do.
    Gardiner Benedict J., Upper Marlboro.
    Howard Joseph, Queen Anne.
    Hodges Benjamin B., Upper Marlboro.
    Harper James, do.
    Jones Thomas S., Piscataway.
    Jenkins Theodore, Laurel Factory.
    Mullikin James, Governor's Bridge.
    Macubbin John M. S., Nottingham.
    Mundell John H., Upper Marlboro.
    Magruder Archibald S., Bladensburg.
    Osbourn Richard K., Upper Marlboro.
    Penn Dr. Hanson, Bladensburg.
    Palmer Wm. Gray, do.
    Sasscer Frederick, Upper Marlboro.
    Skinner John H., Nottingham.
    Shirt Edward, Piscataway.
    Turton Thomas G., Nottingham.
    Worthington Thos. Contee, near Nottingham
    Waters Franklin, Good Luck P. 0.
    Young James A., Long Old Fields.

    Hotel Keepers

    Brown John W.. Write House.
    Baldwin Thomas, Bladensburg.
    Carroll Eliza Ann, Piscataway.
    Davis James R., Queen Anne.
    Dye Elias J., Upper Marlboro.
    Duvall J. H. & J., Laurel Factory.
    Davis Robert C., do.
    Duvall Lewis H., Vansville.
    Early Wm. H., Brandywine.,
    Edelen Richard J., Piscataway,
    Grimes Thomas, Grimesville.
    Holtzman John T., Beltsville.
    Harris Octavius C. & Co., Upper Marlboro.
    Jones John F.. Centreville.
    Johnson Benjamin A., near Piscataway.
    Munroe Townley, Broad Creek.
    Masters Catherine, County.
    Mazinge John, near Fort Washington.
    Osbourn John H. do.
    Palmer John, Palmer's P. O.
    Palmer Elial, X Roads near Piscataway.
    Robinson James G., near Upper Marlboro.
    Suit John S., Bladensburg.
    Selby John H., Centreville.
    Suit Fielder, Upper Marlboro.
    Turton Thomas G., Nottingham.
    Thorn Henry C., Slash Creek.

    John B. Brooke, County Clerk.

  • Queen Anne County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Clements Joel, Beaver Dam.
    Earrickson Roderick, Kent Island.
    Godwin Alexander S., Centreville.
    Goodhand & Rolph, Sudlersville.
    Goodhand & White, Kent Island.
    Hughey & Emory, entreville.
    HA John A. Church Hill.
    McFeely John F., Queenstown.
    McKenney John, Centreville.
    Newman William & Henry, Kent Island.
    Palmer & Tilghman, Centreville.
    Parrott Wm. F., do.
    Roe W. H. C., Roesville.
    Stevens William, Centreville.
    Sudler & Pearce, Sudlersville.
    Wilson Robt. K. & Co., Church Hill.


    Carmichael & Brown, Centreville,
    Cook Clinton, do.
    Emory Albert S.. do.
    Hopper Philemon B. Jr., do.
    Harrison & Tilghman, do:
    Spencer & Robinson, do,,


    Beatty Lewis F., Beaver Dam.
    Crane Jonathan, Church Hill
    Carter R. T., Beaver Dam.
    Davidson James, Queenstown.
    Earle John C., Centreville.
    Earrickson Roderick, Kent Island.
    Goldsborough Robert, Centreville.
    George Enoch, Sudlersville.
    Harper James K., Centreville.
    Harper Christopher C., do.
    Harper Samuel, Kent Island.
    Jameson Horatio, Church Hill.
    Turpin Walter S., Centreville.
    Willson Thomas S., Queenstown.

    Hotel Keepers

    Briscoe Samuel E., Centreville.
    Davis John M., Dixon's Tavern
    Shawn Samuel, Centreville.

    John Tilghman, County Clerk.

  • St. Mary's County

    General Dealers in Dry, Goods, Groceries Hardware, &c

    Blades W. B., Ridge.
    Burroughs H. T. M., Fair Gain.
    Bean Catherine T. A., Beanville.
    Biscoe Josiah, Smithville.
    Buckler Geo. W. T., Howard's Race.
    Camalier, John A., Leonardtown.
    Cole & Watts, Great Mills.
    Cotton Richard, Head of St. Clement's Bay
    Cherval Ann M., Widow's Folly.
    Chiseldine W. C., End Fields.
    Dawkins Y. P., Clifton Factory
    Drury Thomas T., St. Inigoes.
    Dorens James L., Abell's Range.
    Fowler T. M., Charlotte Hall.
    Foxwill, A. J.; Deep Point.
    Garner W. H. & Henry G., Chaptico
    Garner H. G. & W. H., Milestown.
    Hammett Henry, Horsehead.
    Hayden Stephen, Friendship.
    Hayden Charles, (of B.) Salt Works.
    Hammett James S. B., Mt. Pleasant.
    Hilton Eli, Beggar's Neck
    Jarboe T. M., Glebe.
    Jarboe John B., New House.
    Jones Joseph H., Charlotte Hall.
    Kerbard, W. S. B., Harlem.
    Lea Ann, Friendship.
    Lennison A. C., Trap.
    Moore John, Smith's Neck.
    Morgan W. R., Chaptico.
    Meyenberg, _____, Leonardtown.
    Morgan Danl. T., Head of St. Clement's Bay.
    Mattingly, W., Wish-me-well.
    Moreland M. C., Good Hope.
    Nuthall W., Leonardtown.
    Pembroke Geo. W., Clifton Factory
    Perry John B., Perry's Adventure.
    Parsons John, Oakville.
    Peake John, Newport.
    Richardson George, Leonardtown.
    Smith Francis L., Centreville.
    Scott W., Gardiner's Grove.
    Sanner Samuel A., Monticello.
    Shemwill & Reeder, Chaptico.
    Spalding, C. C. & E. L., Leonardtown.
    Watts Henry, The Oak.
    Wise Charles L., Green Holly.


    Gough & Forrest, Clifton Factory.


    Blackistone Col. James T., Leonardtown.
    Blackistone Col. W. J., Milestown.
    Coad Geo. T., Clifton Factory.
    Ford Robert, Leonardtown.
    Kind Geo. S., do.
    Multimore, Jas. W., do.
    Maddox G. Fred., do.
    Morgan Geo. C., do.
    Spalding Geo. J., do.


    Abell W. M:, Clifton Factory.
    Blackistone R. P., Milestown.
    Bean H. H., Charlotte Hall.
    Cooke James, Chaptico.
    Edelin W. J., Leonardtown.
    Forrest James W., St. Inigoes.
    Ford H. A., Leonardtown.
    Gough Richard, St., Inigoes.
    Lynch Thomas A., Chaptico.
    Maddox C. J., Leonardtown.
    Matthews Thomas, Milestown.
    McWilliams Alex. M., Clifton Factory.
    Miles James H., do.
    Spalding A. J., Leonardtown.
    Stone Thos. J., Head of St. Clement's Bay.
    Slye Shomas B., Charlotte Hall.
    Spencer John F., Clifton Factory.
    Thomas James, Charlotte Hall.
    Warren James, Chaptico.

    Hotel Keepers

    Chiseldine W. C., Chaptico.
    Greenure John A., Leonardtown.
    Morgan Joseph, do
    Smith William, Chaptico.

    Maddox, County Clerk.

  • Somerset County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Adams Colmore, Annomesser
    Bruff Wm. & Geo., do.
    Boston John, Wetipquin.
    Bell John J., Annomesser.
    Benson Jonathan W., Sharpetown.
    Bell William A., Salisbury.
    Bell William B., do.
    Byrd Thos. J., Upper Ferry
    Ballard Edward D., St. Peters.
    Bratton Lemuel L., Barren Creek Springs.
    Beauchamp Thos. H., Rehoboth.
    Brenington Henry J., Salisbury.
    Byrd, Fookes & Co, do.
    Bennett Joshua P., Sharptown.
    Cullin Edward, Princess Ann.
    Carew John W., Dounes' Quarters.
    Connor Levin, Connerstown.
    Cooper Hiram B., Sharpetown
    Coulbourn Isaac, Iowa Creek
    Dashiell Charles, Oak Hall
    Dashiell Levin M., Forktown.
    Dashiell Asa, Salisbury
    Davis Daniel, do.
    Drum George, Princess Ann.
    Drum Stephen; Upper Trappe.
    Dixon, Thos. J., J., Annomesser.
    Dashiell Charles, Quantico.
    Dougherty Azariah, Annomesser.
    Dryden Wm. & David, Puncheon Landing.
    Denson Sally, Shib's Creek.
    Dashiell Thomas W., Upper Trappe.
    Dashiell Wm. S., Quantico.
    Davy Robert, Annomesser.
    Evans & Hughes, White Haven.
    Evans Wm., do
    Evans Susan M., Potato Neck.
    Ford Wm. E., do.
    Freeny William, Salisbury.
    Gravener Benj. & Son, Spottsville.
    Gunby Jas. K., Salisbury.
    Gerdy & Williams, do.
    Gunley Wm. & Jud., Forktown.
    Hall Elijah T., Clarkesville.
    Hickman John, Annomesser.
    Hargis, is Thos. M. & J. P., Stevens' Ferry.
    Hollbrook, Jno. S. & Thos. W., Holbrooktown.
    Holland Thos. J., Plume.
    Handy Dr. Littleton, Jamestown.
    Humphreys B. Fountain, Salisbury.
    Harris Littleton, Harris' Landing.
    Jones & Tull, Fairmount.
    Johnson Wm. J., Annomesser.
    Johnston Wm. W., Princess Ann.
    Jones Wm. H., Locust Point.
    Kennerly Wm. A., Quantico Creek.
    Kennedy Mrs., Princess Ann.
    Kelly Jas. F., Dounes' Quarters.
    King John H., Princess Ann.
    Kaylor John, Salisbury.
    Lankford Benj., Lower Trappe.
    Lloyd John, Rum Pole.
    Long Littleton, Princess Ann.
    Long Jos. H. & Jas. W., Cherry Grove.
    Lawson James, Annomesser.
    Layfield Thomas, Salisbury.
    Livingston William, Wetipquin.
    Larmore John D., Sandflea.
    Mitchell James, Wetipquin.
    Miles John H., Annomesser.
    McDorman William, Dormantown.
    Moraine Mathew, Sharpetown.
    Moore George, Quantico.
    Mills Stephen D., Dashiell's Mills.
    Mills Joshua H.. Annomesser.
    Millbourn Charles D., Carroll Corner.
    Nelson Edward R., Wetipquin.
    Nelson John, Nelson's Store.
    Polk Aaron, (colored), Salisbury.
    Potter Henry W., Wisconisco Creek.
    Parsons & Byrd, Salisbury.
    Parsons T. & H. Humphreys, Salisbury.
    Parsons Milton A., do.
    Parks Jas., Potato Neck.
    Rayfield Jas., Annomesser.
    Roach Wm., do.
    Rial George, Riall's Store.
    Rider William H., Salisbury.
    Robinson John, Sarpetown.
    Scott Wm. J., Dublin.
    Severn & Riggin, Rr. Annomesser.
    Swope, Jacob, [blotted]
    Smith, Charles & Samuel, Sharpetown.:
    Sterling Aaron, Annomesser.,
    Sterling William, do.
    Scott John D., Scott's Store.
    Stewart John H., Princess Ann.
    Sterling Nathan, Annomesser.
    Tyler Edward J., Gingankin.
    Taylor John B., Bacon Quarter.
    Taylor & Wright, Barren Creek.
    Turner John, Nanticoke Point.
    Tilghman Oliver W. & Co., Salisbury.
    Toadwine Purnell, do.
    Tull Frederick, Back Creek..
    Thomas John W., Ballard's Island.
    Townsend Levin W., Salisbury. .
    Vance & Nicols, do.
    Webster Alexander, Deal's Island.
    Willing Thomas, Dounes' Quarters.
    Wright Levin; Bacon do.
    Winder Reville, Tyaskins.
    Walter & Wainwright, Walterville.
    Weatherly Edward K., Salisbury.
    White Levin P. & Son, do.
    Walter & White, do.
    Wilson James, Wilson's Mill.
    Webster Zachariah, Deal's Island. -
    Webster Tubman, do.
    Waters Robert C. J., Waterford.
    Willing Wm. J. S., Nanticoke Point.
    Whittingtoti Stephenson, Annomesser.
    Wingate Lemuel, White Haven.
    White John, Salisbury.
    White Samuel & Son, White Haven.


    Thomas Wm., Salisbury.


    Colbourn Mrs. Mary E., Princess Ann.
    Collins Mrs. & Miss Tull, do.


    Byrd William J., Princess Ann.
    Crisfield Jas. W., do.
    Done Jno. H., do.
    Handy Wm. W., do.
    Hooper James, Salisbury.
    Irving Levin T. G., do.
    Jones Hon. J. D., Princess Ann.
    Long Sydney C., do.
    Long Edward, do.
    Woodford Levin, . do.
    Waters Wm. S., do.


    Ballard Robert R., Potato Neck.
    Dashiell Jno. W., Princess Ann.
    Dixon Geo. C., do.
    Dashiell Cadmus, Wetipquin.
    Gale William, Kingston.
    Handy Samuel K., Princess Ann.
    Humphreys s Cathell, Salisbury.
    Hyland Henry, St. Peters.
    Ker Samuel, Princess Ann.
    Ker Samuel J. P., Quantico.
    Lemmon Richard, Salisbury
    Stewart, William, Princess Ann.

    Hotel Keepers

    Bratton Joseph, Barren Creek Springs.
    Collier Levin D., Salisbury.
    Dashiell Theodore J., Princes Ann.
    Gardner Henrietta, do.
    Henderson Henry, Lankford Tan Yard.
    Hayman Jeptha, Rehoboth.
    Milbourn, Francis W., Shelltown.
    Smith Moses C., Princess Ann.
    Smton Geo. W., Salisbury.
    Twigg, Thomas, Quantico.

    Wm. T. G. Polk, County Clerk.

  • Talbot County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Adams & Vansant, St. Michaels.
    Clark & Jenkins, Trappe.
    Cheezeman, & Emory, Easton.
    Faulkner W. H., do.
    Goldsborough & Dawson, do.
    Groome Pere & W. H., do.
    Core R. O. & J. W., do.
    Harrisson Oliver, St. Michaels.
    Haddaway J. Q. A., ' do.
    $ Hope Daniel, do.
    Hammond Charles H., Easton.
    Hopkins, Thomas fir., Skipton.
    Hopkins, John R. & Co., Wye Landing
    Jones, Wrightson, St. Michaels.
    Kemp & Lloyd, Trappe.
    Marshall Hugh, St. Michaels
    Martin Tristram F., Easton
    Mackey Samuel & Son, do.
    Montague & Ruth, Trappe.
    Ozment Jonathan, Easton.,
    Ridgway Samuel S., St. Michaels..
    Robinson Charles, Easton.
    Shanaham Jno. H. K., do.
    Thompson Walter H., do.
    Vansant, Rigby, St. Michaels.
    Wilson Robt. M., Easton.


    Dawson & Brother, Easton.
    Hemsley, R. F., do.
    Shepard, Wm. H., Shoe store, Easton.
    Jump Margaret A., millinery, do.
    Bennett Tomlinson & Co., lumber, Easton Point.


    Anderson & Hopkins, coachmakers, Easton
    Hall Abner, foundry, do.


    Goldsborough Henry H., Easton.
    Hambleton Samuel Jr., do.
    Lookerman Theodore R.; do.
    St. Martin James, do.


    Anderson James H., Easton.
    Cox, Christopher C., do.
    Dawson James, St. Michaels
    Hemsley William, Easton.
    Hardcastle Edward M. Trappe
    Jones William, St. Michaels.
    Kemp Samuel T., Trappe.
    Miller John, St. Michaels.
    Russum Sydenham T., Wye Mills.
    Thomas William H., Easton.

    Hotel Keepers

    Brown John, Wye Mills.
    Lloyd Robt. N., Trappe.
    Matthews Joseph I., Easton
    Smyth James. do.
    Tarr Peter, do.

    James Parrott, County Clerk.

  • Washington County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Arnold & Levi, Hagerstown.
    Armstrong Alex., do.,
    Brown William, Antietam Iron Works.
    Baker Elias, Bakersville.
    Baker John, Williamsport.
    Baker Jno. L. W., do.
    Bender George A., Hagerstown.
    Bowles John J., Cliff Spring Mill.
    Brown William, Hancock.
    Broderick Patrick, do.
    Besore Charles H. S., Smithsburg.
    Besore Joseph H., Ridgeville.
    Cronise W. M. & B.T. Sharpesburg.
    Cunningham S. S., Williamsport.
    Cramer Lewis, Hagerstown.
    Clagett W. & H., Clagett's Mill.
    Cunningham John, Cunningham X Roads.
    Charles J. J., Big Spring Mill.
    Collifiower Henry, Cavetown.
    Cook Larkin S., Chenesville.
    Dellinger John F. & Co., Williamsport.
    Davis & Burkhart, Boonsboro'.
    Deitrick Henry, do.
    Eichelberger Peter, Hagerstown.
    Edelin Charles, Shady Bower.
    Ely Mahlon, Miller's Tavem.
    Eichelberger Daniel, Hancock
    Fechtig F. & G.; Hagerstown
    Fechtig James J., . do.
    Fahmey Daniel, Boonsboro'.
    Fisher Jeremiah, Smithshurg.
    Geeting Joseph, Red Hill.
    Grove Daniel L., Rushville.
    Garaghty James, Hancock
    Gregory Richmond, do
    Hebb William F., Sharpesburg:
    Haller Nathan H., do.
    Hughes John, Williamsport
    Householder & Rohrer, Hagerstown.
    Houck Jacob, Clearspring.
    Hany, Jacob K., Hagerstown.
    Hiteshue Ephraim, Ridgeville.
    Jones Leonard, Rohrersville.
    Keedy Henry J., Sharpesburg.
    Keedy & Co., Keedysville.
    Knodle Samuel, Fair Play.
    Knode Simon, Finkstown.
    Knode Wm. & Co., do.
    King Daniel, Hagerstown.
    Kissel & Mentzer, Leitersburg.
    Levi Abram, Hagerstown.
    Loose, Jonathan, Clearspring.
    Levi & Kohn, do.
    Larkin John H., Boonsboro'.
    Mantz John A., Sharpesburg.
    Myers Martin, Clearspring.
    Marks M. & Co., Fairview.
    McKinley Nelson, Dam No. 6.
    Martin Stephen G., Leitersburg.
    Martin & Zeigler, do.
    Newcomer Jona., Beaver Creek.
    Niswaner Jacob, Elgin's Lock.
    Ogilby Samuel, Hagerstown.
    Roman Jas. D. & Co., Roman's Furnace.
    Rinehart & Hook, Hancock.
    Rinehart Jacob, Weverton.
    Stickell W. & H. R., Williamsport.
    Shamberger & Ruthrautf, Finkstown.
    Stone John G., Four Locks.
    Steel Ebenezer, North Bend.
    Smith Michael J., Diffenbaugh's Basin.
    Snively Jacob, Hancock.
    Taney Ethelbert, do.
    Tromp J. H., do.
    Trittle & Mentzer. Smithsburg.
    Wolf John, Williamsport.
    Watts Thomas B. & Co., Jones' X Roads,
    Watts Thomas B., Finkstown.
    Wilson & Ely, Fairview.
    Watson & Brown, Boonsboro'.
    Witmer Daniel, Beaver Creek.


    Artz & Sons, Hagerstown.
    Hager Andrew H., do.
    Humrickhouse Fred'k, do.
    Herbert F. D., do.
    Kealbafer George, do.
    King Martin, do.
    Mang & Cheney, do.
    Spangler Charles, do.
    Tice Wm. M., do.
    Tice & Hammond, do.


    Aughinbaugh H. P., Hagerstown.
    Crist J. P., do.
    Porterfield C. F., Williamsport.
    Steffey Wm, do.
    Thompson Victor, Hagerstown.

    Commission Merchants

    Magruder J. A. & Co,, Williamsport.
    Stake John M. & Co., do.
    Dettelbaugh Selighman, Hagerstown.
    McComas Z. O., do.
    Reamer John D. & Bro., do.
    Steel & Rench, do.


    Johnston & Boullt, Hagerstown.
    Posey F. J., - do.


    Brown Wm., Sharpesburg.
    Eichelberger Samuel, Hagerstown.
    Jones James R. & Co., do.
    Roman James D. & Co., Green Spring.
    Seibert George, e, Shady Grove.
    Stonebraker Kemp, Hagerstown.


    Alvey R. H., Hagerstown.
    Clarke Wm. B., do.
    Clagett Z. S., do.
    French George, do.
    Fustin James P., do.
    Gaither Henry H., do.
    Harbine Thomas, do.
    Hamilton Wm. F., do.
    Hollinpworth Geo. H., do.
    Merri& Joseph J., do:
    Matter Wm., do.
    Mason Joha T., do. -
    Negley Peter, do.
    Roman James D., ' do.
    Spencer, Jervis, do.
    Tidball, R. M., do.


    Bogs S. E., Hancock
    Bislop Elijah, Smithsburg.
    Briggs A. A., Sharpesburg.
    Clagett Horatio, Rohrersvrlle.
    Duckett Thomas B., Leitersburg.
    Dorsey John C., Hagerstown.
    Dorsey Frederick, do.
    Hays J. C., Sharpesburg.
    Jones Joshua, Clearspnng.
    MacGill Charles, Hagerstown.
    McKee Wm. B., do.
    Miller Wm. H. H., Hancock.
    Scott N. B., Hagerstown. .
    Smith Otho J., Boonsboro'.
    Smith Josiah F., do.
    Stonebraker Wm. S., Finkstown.
    Weisel Samuel, Williamsport.
    Ward J. Rober, Clearspring.
    Wilson John G., Hancock.
    Zellers Henry, Williamsport.

    Hotel Keepers

    Chambers James, Boonsboro'.
    Doyle Wm. E., Hagerstown.
    Eames Banner, Hancock.
    Hill John, Sharpesburg
    Knode Israel, Hagerstown
    Lyday Samuel, Leitersburg.
    Logan Hugh, Ridgeville.
    Pratzman James G., Hagerstown.
    Red Joseph P., Boonsboro'.
    Shiver Daniel, Finkstown.
    Sharpless, John, Williamsport.
    Young, John, Hagerstown.

  • Worcester County

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c

    Anderson James, Berlin.
    Agnew Robert, Near Snow Hill.
    Ashcraft, Risley & Co., near Newtown.
    Anderson, Hargis & Co., Newtown.
    Bennett Henry, near Snow Hill.
    Bennett, Geo. W., do.
    Baynum Rufus K. M., Berlin.
    Bowen Geo. E., near Berlin.
    Brittingham M. D. & Benj., near Derickson's X Roads.
    Beathards, Wm., Martins X Rds.
    Brinkley, Henry F. Newtown.
    Bowdoin, & Cottingham, Snow Hill.
    Coffins J. T. & J. F., Newark.
    Clark, Clarvoe & Co., Newtown.
    Collier Wm. D., St. Martins.
    Cordin, John B., near Snow Hill.
    Davis, William P., Berlin.
    Davis, Kendal B., near Newtown.
    Dix, John H.; Sandy Hill:
    Dale Eli, St. Martins.
    Dili& Joseph M., near Derickson's X Roads
    Evans, Sarah & Son, near Berlin.
    Fields, William B., Holmesburg.
    Fooks Jas. & Co., Derickson's X Roads.
    Fleming William T., near.Newtown.
    Franklin Robert, Berlin.
    Groans John H., near Derickson's X Roads
    Henry Zadok P & Son, Berlin.
    Rom1n John, St. Martin's.
    Jones James S., Snow Hill.
    Jones Thomas H.; neat Snow Hill.
    Jones Isaac S., Berlin.
    Johnson, L. S. & D. W., Newark.
    Jones Whittington, do.
    Jones Samuel, near Newtown.
    Johnson Joshua C., near Newtown.
    Jones John W., Sandy Hill.
    Jordan Conrad, Salisbury.
    Knox James, now Hill.
    Leonard John J., near Derickson's X Road;
    Lewis Zadok S., do.
    Long Henry,. Newtown.
    Lindsey & Dickerson, near Snow Hill.
    Lecompte James S.,, Snow Hill.
    Merrill Levi & Son, Newtown.
    Merrill Wm. H., do.
    Milbourn, Zadok T., Snow Hill.
    Pollitt William, Salisbury.
    Powell Ananias W., Newark.
    Parker George A., Berlin.
    Pruitt, William, near Snow Hill.
    Payne Samuel H., near Snow Hill.
    Powell Josiah D., do.
    Parker Thomas P., do:
    Purnell Thomas D., Snow Hill. .
    Reed Thomas,. Sandy Hill.
    Russel Daniel P., Snow Hill.
    Richardson William, do.
    Richardson Geo. S., do.
    Robins James B., do.
    Shepherd Benj. near Derickson's X Roads.
    Showell Lemuel, St. Martin's.
    Stevenson James, Newtown.
    Sturgis & Purnell, Berlin.
    Sturgis Edwin, do.
    Spence Thomas A., near Snow Hill.
    Sturgis Chas. & Jacob, do.
    Seely & Timmons, Snow Hill.
    Taylor Laban J., New Berlin.
    Timmons John B., near Snow Hill.
    Truitt Jesse B., do.
    Williams Cyrus L., Berlin..
    Whittington , Libertytown.
    Warrington T., St. Martin's
    Whaley Peter & Son. do.
    Wilson & Patterson, near Newtown.


    Spence Thos. H., iron, Snow Hill.


    Derickson Levin L., Berlin.
    Franklin John R., Snow Hill
    Hooper James, Salisbury
    Purnell William H., Snow Hill
    Purnell Littleton R., do.
    Smith Geo. W. P., . do.
    Snow Walter P., do.
    Spence Thomas A., do.
    Tingle, Wm. S. W:, do.
    Williams Denard, do.
    Wilson Ephraim K., do.


    Adreon Joseph L., Newtown.,
    Bishop George, Sandy Hill.
    Bowdoin, William J., Snow Hill.
    Duffield Edward, do.
    Farrow William H., do.
    Gilliss John P. R., Whaleyside.
    Grove A. J., Derickson's X Roads.
    Heam John L., Newtown.
    Hubbell Edward, Newark.
    Jones Chas. P., do.
    Jackson. _____-, Nasmaddux.
    Mitchell Lemuel P., Berlin.
    McMaster John, Newtown.
    Purnell James B. R., Snow Hill.
    Purnell C., do.
    Pitts John R., Berlin.
    Pitts Hilliary, do.
    Purnell Francis J., do.
    Shipley Geo. S. D., Salisbury.
    Spence Asa, Snow Hill.
    Savage John G., do.
    Williams Robt. W., do.

    Hotel Keepers

    Anderson, Mrs., Snow Hill
    Broadwater, L. J., M. P., do.
    Dymock, Edward, do.
    Fish, Mary, Salisbury
    Hammond, William R., Berlin
    Jones, Lewis A., Newtown
    Mezick, Francis, do.
    Powell, Peter C., Berlin.
    Reed, Thomas, Sandy Hill
    Taylor, Joshua, Newark.

    Edward D. Martin, County Clerk.