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New River Notes — Complete

January 21, 2014

After about two years of work we have completed a major upgrade to New River Notes. On January 21, 2014 we switched in the last of the updated files and final page revisions.

In January 2013 we introduced the new site layout but because there were many pages left to do there was a big red Under Construction on the front page. A year later we've finished all of the pages that were on the original site. Construction is complete. We have a great looking site full of material to help you in your research and possibly entertain you.

New River Notes

January 6, 2013

New River Notes, a leading genealogy resource for the New River Valley of North Carolina and Virginia, launched its new look website today.

new river valley mapNew River Notes was originally launched in 1998 by Jeffrey C. Weaver providing New River Valley researchers with a new wealth of information and that tradition is continued today by the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation, Inc.

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Thomson's Mercantile and Professional Directory

Delaware 1851—1852

  • Kent County, Delaware Directory - 1851

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries Hardware, &c.

    Adkins J. .W. &. G. S., Milford.
    Anderson James B., Frederica.
    Bewley James L.; Smyrna.
    Bewley John H., do: .
    Buckmaster & Harrington, Frederica.
    Cummins & Brother, Smyrna.
    Carrow Thos. & Co., do.
    Cork James, Frederica.
    Clements James R., Smyrna.
    Currey & Davis, Milford.
    Collins D. W., do.
    Collins James B., do.
    Culbreth Sam'l & Bro., Dover.
    Downs James F., Kenton.
    Dickson George B., Dover.
    Dunning & Stevenson, Dover.
    Davis James B., Milford.
    Donoho Benjamin, Smyrna.
    Eliason Win. C., do.
    Cult E. J., do.
    Godwin D. C. & Co., Milford.
    Green & Smith, Dover.
    Heverin & Brother, Little Creek Landing.
    Hall John W., Frederica..
    Halding & Lusby, Smyrna.
    Levick, Palmer & Co., Lepisic
    Laws Alexander, do.
    Lofland & Kaules, Milford.
    McDowell John, Dover.
    McColley J. H., Milford.
    McColley A. J., do.
    Pennewill & Clarke, Dover.
    Spruance & Roberts, Smyrna.
    Spruance Enoch, Jr., do.
    Spruance James W., do.
    Stapleford William, Milford.
    Sharp John, do.
    Smithers Caleb & Son, Frederica.
    Townsend William, do.
    Temple William, Smyrna.
    Whitaker William & H:, Frederica.
    Walker William, Dover.
    Wilson Edward W., Little Creek Landing.
    Wallace Thos., Milford.
    Watson B. & C. S., Milford

    Drugs and Medicines

    Bennett J. S., Milford.
    Cowgill James, Dover.
    Lockwood. D., Smyrna.


    Hall & Jefferson, Milford.


    Anderson Benjamin, hatter, Milford.
    Benson Benj. & Co., carriages and harness, Smyrna.
    Denning John M., carriages and harness, Smyrna.
    Davis Nathan, foundry, Milford.
    Greer & Lindenour, foundry and machinists, Milford.
    Pratt Isaac .S., foundry, Smyrna.
    Petersens & Mustard, tanners, Smyrna.
    Sparks & Bates, tinners, do.
    Wynne & Denney, soap and candles, Smyrna.


    Bates Martin W., Dover.
    Comegys Joseph P., do.
    Lofland James R., do.
    Laws S. G., do.
    Nicholson John A., do.
    Smithers Nathaniel B., do.


    Bun Dr., Little Creek Landing
    Burten William, Milford
    Clark Robt. H. do.
    Cummins, William, Smyrna.
    Chatham Benj. F., Leipsic.
    Culbreth, Rich'd, Smyrna.
    Cowgill Clayton A., Dover.
    Cahill Thomas, Frederica.
    Daniel William, Smyrna.
    Fisher Samuel M., do.
    Jump Isaac, Dover.
    Lofland James P., Milford.
    Morris Wm. Winder, Dover.
    Mitchell James R.; Milford.
    Perkins John D., Smyrna.
    Saulsbury G., Dover.
    Whitely Albert G., Frederica.


    Bank of Smyrna at Smyrna.
    Farmer' Bank of the State of Delaware, at Dover.
    Office of Discount and Deposit of the Bank of Smyrna at Milford.

    Hotel Keepers

    Carrow Jonathan, Frederica.
    Crow Owen C., Smyrna.
    Edwards George, Dover. Hamm Charles, Kenton.
    McDaniel Joseph, Dover.
    Shockley J. C., Milford.
    Tomlin James, do.
    Vangisel John, Smyrna
    Robt. H. Moore, County Clerk.

  • New Castle County, Delaware Directory - 1851

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, &c.

    Allen John, Christiana. Aikin James C., Wilmington.
    Aikin J. M. & Bro., do.
    Aikin John, do.
    Appleby John, do. .
    Alderdice A. & Son, do.
    Armstrong Geo. D., do.
    Anderson Daniel B., do.
    Bouchell & Pennington, Port Penn.
    Boyd John B., near McDonough Post Office.
    Bryar William, McDonough.
    Bradley Thomas, Crook's Bride.
    Buckingham John, near Newar .
    Benson J. A., Summit Bridge.
    Buzby Samuel & Son, Wilmington.
    Bright William, do.
    Backhouse Jacob, do.
    Bradport & Stephens, do.
    Barr Joseph, do.
    Bush G. & G. W., do.
    Brady John S., do.
    Brown James, do.
    Burke James B., do.
    Blest Thomas J., do.
    Burke Thomas, . do.
    Bassett Mark S., do.
    Bye & Darlington, do.
    Brown & Whitely, do.
    Carrow Thomas, Fieldsboro.
    Curry Christopher, Chambersville.
    Chambers John L., Taylor's Bridge.
    Clearer Joseph, Port Penn.
    Clearer Thomas, do.
    Clearer George E., Delaware City.
    Carsen John, do.
    Calvin Joseph, . , do.
    Calvin James, do.
    Carter Thos. C., do.
    Crouch D. & Co., St. George's.
    Cams Robert, Glasgow.
    Cann Geo. S., Buck Tavern.
    Caulk William, do.
    Crippin James, New Castle.
    Cannon A., Christiana.
    Crawford A. B., Newark,
    Crow Andrew S., Wilmington.
    Culbert James, do.
    Carey C. M., do.
    Campbell Patrick, do.
    Chadderton Geo., do.
    Deakyne Thomas, Thoroughfare Neck.
    Duncan James, New Case.
    Diehl George S., Delaware City.
    Duncan James, Jr., New Castle. .
    Dorat John C., Loveville.
    Dixon Mary, Wilmington.
    Eccles Samuel L., Taylor's Bridge.'
    Eccles Edward O., Cantwell's Bridge.
    Evans George G., Christians.
    Eves Spencer D., Wilmington.
    Fairre Z. E., do.
    Flinn & McCoy, do.
    Gemmell Zachariah, New Castle.
    Grubb Wellington, Wilmington.
    Gilpin T. C., do.
    Gmbh Adam, do.
    Henry James B., Delaware City.
    Hicken Jesse, do.
    Hyatt Thomas, New Castle.
    Harlan A. J. & Co., Wilmington.
    Hayes Andrew, do.
    Hayes Nathaniel, do.
    Hayes Joseph, do.
    Hadden John L., do.
    Hayes Richard, do.
    Hogs James, do.
    Hughes John, do.
    Hazlett John, do.
    Jack Andrew, do.
    Jones Washington, do.
    Janet Thomas, do.
    Jeffries Jervas, , do.
    Janvier Thos. McDonough, Cantwell's Bridge.
    Jones Thos. P., Middletown.
    Jefferon Elihu, New Castle.
    Knight M. W. & Co., Wilmington.
    Kennard William, do.
    Kennard John L., do.
    Kenney Michael, do
    Latimus Levi, Fieldsborough.
    Lord Joseph A., Cantwell's Bridge.
    Lockwood & Tutman, Middletown.
    Loan Robert, Wilmington.
    Leigh James, do.
    McKay & Clayton, Fields' Corner.
    McKee David, Cantwell's Bridge.
    McConaughy, Alex'r, Delaware City
    McEvoy, Margaret, New Castle.
    Meteer & Bro., Newark.
    McClelland William, W. C. C. Hundred.
    McNamee J., Naaman's Creek.
    Morrow John, Wilmington.
    Mellen H., do.
    Moore J. F., do.
    McClung John, do.
    Marh J., do.
    McDonnell, R. B., do.
    Murgatroyd Christian, do.
    McBride Bernard, do.
    McKay & Martin, do.
    McClane John, do.
    McGovern Edward, do.
    Naudain Jacob, Blackbird.
    Nichols Margaret, Wilmington.
    Ocheltree Eliza, do.
    O'Brian Hugh, do.
    O'Conner Margaret, do.
    O'Donnell Eleanor, do.
    O'Brian Hugh, do.
    Price Isaac, Fields' Corner.
    Polk & Beasten, Cantwell's Bridge,
    Polk & McConaughy, Delaware City.
    Pierce E. J., W&mngton.
    Pritchard Aquilla, do.
    Patterson Alexander, do.
    Pennypacker John, do.
    Pennington n H, B., do.
    Pusey L. & J: M., do.
    Richards D. S., Middletown.
    Ridgway Josiah, Cantwell's Bride.
    Robinson William P., Delaware city.
    Roach E. M., Wilmington.
    Richardson John, Wilmington.
    Rice Edward L., do.
    Richardson A. B. & Co., do.
    Rodden John, do.
    Stephens James, do.
    Sleeper Charles L. do.
    Stem Cyrus, do.
    Stroud Joshua,, do.
    Smith Daniel, do.
    Spence David. do.
    Smith Sarah G., do.
    Spurray J. S., do.
    Simms John, do.
    Simmons Amos, do.
    Stidham John H., do.
    Stroud E. & Co., do.
    Smith James, do.
    Shakespeare B. A., Cantwell's: Bridge.
    Start Elijah, New Castle.
    Silver William, Red Lion P.. O.
    Southgate Walter T., Christiana.
    Turner Geo. W., New Castle.
    Tweedy Joshua .R., Christians.
    Trott Joseph N., do.
    Thomson Samuel E.,, Newark.
    Talley & Cloud, Bearer Valley.
    Taylor E. J. & Co., Wilmington.,
    Titus Thomas, do
    Webster Jonathan, Blackbird.
    Whitbey & Crouch, Cantwell's Bridge
    Wood William, Middletown
    Wadsley Robert, New Castle Hundred.
    Wood John, Delaware City.
    Wilson Sam'l Y. & Co., Newark.
    Williamson & Miller, do.
    Wilmer William C:, Wilmington
    Wattison James, ,. do.
    Walraven John J., . do.
    Warren James H. do.
    Walters John J., do
    Wilson Eliza' do.
    Yatman & Lockwood, Middletown.


    Clelland Robt., Wilmington.
    Cochran John, do.
    Day Win. M., Talleyville.
    Grubb Adam, Brandywine Village.
    Janvier B. A., Wilmington.
    Lewis John B., do.
    Murphy William, do.
    Morrow William, do.
    McClung William, do.
    P:, tten Alexander, do.
    Rice Thomas, do
    Reynolds Reynolds William, do.
    Todd Eli, do.
    Wigglesworth, Jos.M., do.


    Barr William, Middletown.
    Bringhurt Edward,.Wilmington,
    Bringhurt Joseph, do.
    Chandlee &,Walter, do.
    Challenger John E., New Castle.
    Johnson Henry, do
    Johnson. Margaret, Wilmington
    Johnson Benjamin, do.
    McInall Edward, do.
    Phillips Marhall, do.
    Sutton Dr. J. N., St. George's.
    Worrell Edward, Delaware City

    Dealers in Boots and Shoes

    Bayard Win. A.; Wilmington.
    Challenger Thomas, do.
    Johnson Henry. do.

    Millinery Goods

    Dawson L. C. & Co., Wilmington..

    Books and Stationery

    Heald J. T., Wilmington.
    Porter J. B., do.
    Scott Joseph, do.

    Dealers in Hardware

    Banning Henry, Wilmington.
    Duncan John A., do.
    Garrett H. & Co., do.
    Gilpin John, iron store, do.
    Pancoast & Betts, do.
    Richardson Geo., do.


    Clark B. S., Wilmington.
    Canby Charles, do.
    Ferris Ziba, do.
    China and Glassware.
    Smyth David & Son, Wilmington.

    Clothing Stores

    Lowe Wm. G., Wilmington.
    Moore Edward, do.
    O'Daniel Win. F., do.


    Yates John, Wilmington.


    Naff Win. H., general agent, Wilmington.

    Manufacturers and Machinists

    Allen William, cotton, Milltown.
    Auley Love, lumber and flour, Blackbird P.O.
    Bailey. Samuel, flour, Stante P. O.
    Broadent, carpet manufactory, Stante P.O.
    Bancroft Joseph, cotton, Christiana Hundred
    Bush & Lobdell, founders, Wilmington.
    Betts Edward C. & Co., founders, do.
    Clarke Henry, woollens, Brandywine Spring;
    Curtis & Bro., paper mill, Newark.
    Churchman Geo., saw mill. Naaman's Creek
    Dean Joseph, woollens, Newark.
    Dupont Chas. J., woollen and cotton, Christiana Hundred.
    Dupont E. J. & Co., powder, Christiana Hundred.
    Dupont Chs. J., woollens, Brandywine Creek.
    Dupont E. J. & Co., do. do.
    Edge & Hiller, rolling mill, Wilmington.
    Eccles Joseph J., flour, McDonough's.
    Fell, ______, chocolate and spice mill, Brandywine Springs.
    Garesche J. P., powder, Wilmington.
    Garigus E., Cotton, Newark.
    Grubb Bayard, flour, Naaman's Creek.
    Hedges John, ropemaker, Wilmington.
    Hunter Joseph, coachmaker, do.
    Harlan & Hollingsworth, engine builders and machinists Wilmington.
    Hollingsworth Harris & Co., engine builders and machinists, Wilmington.
    Harlan J. & J., flour, Milltown.
    Johnson William E., lumber, St. George's.
    Jessup _______. paper, Brandywine Springs.
    Mendenhall Jas. W., flour, Mermaid P. O.
    Marshall C. & J., flour and sheet iron, Stanton.
    Mitchell James, cotton, do.
    McDaniel John, flour, Lime Quarry.
    McCombs Henry S., stretched leather bands Wilmington.
    McCorkle ______,saddles and harness, Wilmington.
    McCann John wool and cotton, Wilmington
    New Castle Manufacturing Co., New Castle.
    Noblit Mary P., cabinet ware, Wilmington.
    Phillips Calvin, flour, Brandywine Springs.
    Price Joseph T., flour,. Brandywine.
    Perkins _______,saddles and harness, Wilmington.
    Parry & Jones, machinists in iron and wood, Wilmington. .
    Poole & Morton, machinists in iron and wood, Wilmington.
    Riddle & Lawrence, cotton, Christiana Hundred.
    Rockland Manufacturing Co., cotton, Brandywine Creek.
    Rice James, founder, Wilmington.
    Stephens & Co., cotton, Christiana Hundred.
    Smith Isaac, flour, Brandywine Creek.
    Smith Jacob, do. do.
    Stontsenburg, Evan C., founder, Wilmington.
    Townsends J. J., flour, St. George's.
    Tweed John, bark mill, Newark.
    Tatnall & Lea, flour, Brandywine.
    Urney Daniel, machinist, Wilmington.
    Urney Jesse, agricultural implements, Wilmington.
    Vandergrist Jos., flour, Cantwell's Bridge.
    Vail & Murphys do. Middletown.
    Wright Thos. H., do. Fieldsborough.
    Worroll Thomas, woollens, Mermaid.
    Wood W. D., iron, Newport.
    Wilson James, cotton, Stanton.
    Walker Win., woollens, Brandywine Creek.
    Webster Henry, flour, Skilpet Creek.


    Jamison Lewis, lumber dealer, Delaware City.
    Maxwell, Tybert & Co., coal and iron shippers, Delaware City.
    Ogden Clarkson, coal dealer, Wilmington.
    Seal, J. T. & Co., grain and shipping merchants, Wilmington.


    Alderdice John A., Wilmington.
    Bradford Edward E., do.
    Barr Joseph M., do.
    Bayard James A., do.
    Clayton Thomas, New Castle.
    Clayton John M., New Castle Hundred,
    Chandler Win. Penn, Wilmington.
    Dupont Victor, do.
    Gilpin Edward W., do.
    Gordon Geo. C., do.
    Gray Andrew C., New Castle.
    Guthrie Samuel, do.
    Huffington William, Wilmington.
    Johnson P. S., do.
    Janvier William,. New Castle.
    Patterson John C., Wilmington.
    Platt Samuel, New Castle.
    Rogers William H., Wilmington.
    Rodney George. B., New Castle.
    Read William T.; do.
    Riddle Geo. R., Wilmington.
    Rogers James, New Castle.
    Wales John, .Wilmington.
    Whitely Wm. G., do.
    Wales Leonard C., do.
    Walf Daniel R., New Castle.


    Ashcraft Win., Blackbird.
    Askew H., Wilmington:
    Alrick John, Port Penn.,
    Baker G. R., Wilmington.
    Barr John A., Delaware City.
    Bush L. P., Wilmington.
    Barstow J. G., do.
    Barr Martin, Middletown
    Black Charles H., New Castle:
    Crawford Alexander, Middletown.
    Chaytor E. W., Wilmington.
    Couper James, New Castle:
    Crawford John W., Glasgow.
    Clark N. H., Newark.
    Clement Franklin C., Brandywine.
    Chandler Joseph, Christians Hundred.
    Fromberger John H., Red Lion.
    Ferris Charles, Newark.
    Grimshaw A. H., Wilmington.
    Goosewich J. C., do.
    Hamilton William N., Cantwell's Bridge.
    Handy Thos. W., Newark.
    Hayes ______, Brandywine Village.
    Harlan C., Wilmington.
    Jones George, Christiana Hundred.
    Leslie Allen V., Hare's Corner.
    Lowber Alexander, Newark. .
    Merritt John, Middletown.
    McCabe Robert, Mermaid.
    McCabe John, do.
    Miller Simon, Brandywine.
    Porter R. R., Wilmington.
    Rogers Julian, New Castle.
    Russell Washington, Christiana.
    Roberson Elijah H. do.
    Simms John, Wilmington. .
    Sutton J. N., St. George's.
    Sutherland Roderick, Red Lion.
    Smith Macky, Christians Hundred:
    Thompson J. W., Wilmington.
    Thomas _____, Milltown.
    Veasey James L.; Glasgow.
    Veazey Edward L., Hare's Corner.
    Wilson J. T., Wilmington.
    Wait Francis D., Cantwell's Bridge.
    Worrell Edward, Delaware City.
    Williams _____, Tulleyville P. O.

    Hotel Keepers

    Bates James, Glasgow.
    Briggs James, New Castle Hundred.
    Bracken William, Brackenville.
    Beatty Robert, Christiana Hundred:
    Braman James, Blue Ball P. O.
    Coyle William S., Wilmington.
    Christie Patrick, do. .
    Crumlish Andrew, do.
    Chadwick Ratliff, do.
    Caldwell Joseph,. New Castle.
    Carr David, Christiana Hundred.
    Chamberlain Benj., Brandywine Village.
    Dickenson Morris, Wilmington.
    Devor James, do.
    Dunlap Francis D., Delaware City.. .
    Darling Elizabeth, New Castle.
    Dehaven Jacob, Newark.
    Dorat John C., Loveville.
    Doran Henry, Christiana Hundred.
    Foulk Jacob, Brandywine Springs.
    Hall Thos. F., Wilmington.
    Hopper Sam'l, do.
    Herdman Benj. F., Newark.
    Israel Townsend, Blackbird.
    Journey Moses, Christiana Hundred.
    Jones Richard K., temp.; Wilmington.
    Kinch Michael, Newport.
    Lafferty Daniel, Christians Hundred.
    Laflerty Ambrose, New Castle.
    McManus James, Wilmington.
    McGovern Hugh, do.
    McClenechan Robt., do.
    McCann John, New Castle.
    Morrison James, New Castle Hundred.
    Marrett James, Christians.
    McDaniel Springer, Stanton.
    McHugh Bridget, Christiana Hundred.
    Nichelsen James, Buck Tavern.
    Nickolls Milton, Christians Hundred.
    Nicholas Nelson, do.
    Pearson William, Wilmington.
    Price James H., Mill Creek Hundred.
    Register Isaac H., New Castle.
    Sharp Phoebe, Wilmington.
    Stamp Milton, do.
    Strimple William, do.
    Smith Robert, do.
    Sutton John, St. George's.
    Stedham Elizabeth, New Castle.
    Sterr George, Chalybeate Springs.
    Scopeld Sarah, .Wilmington.
    Talley Eli B., Brandywine Hundred.
    Townsend Solomon, Red Lion.
    Turner Brook T.; Wilmington.
    Wasson Dorcas, do.
    Wave Joseph H., Delaware City.
    Willey Absalom, Ogletown.
    Workman Levi, Stanton.
    Walker Rebecca, Mermaid. ,
    Williamson Harry, Brandywine Hundred.
    Walter John S., do.
    Yates Major, Wilmington.

    Banks, &c

    Bank of Delaware, Wilmington, President, Henry Latimer. Cashier, Samuel Floyd.
    Union Bank of Delaware Wilmington, President, E. W. Gilpin, J. W. Warner:
    Farmers' Bank of Wilmington, President, D. C. Wilson, Cashier, R. D. Hicks.
    Bank of Wilmington and Brandywine, President, Geo. Bush, Cashier, G. W. Sparks.
    Delaware City Bank, Delaware City. President, Geo. Maxwell, Cashier, John P. King.
    Delaware Fire Ins. Company, Wilmington. President, Geo. Jones, Cashier, Matthew King.


    Blue Hen's Chicken, Francis Vincent, Wilmington.
    Delaware Gazette, Chandler & Johnson, Wilmington.
    Delaware State Journal, Joseph M. Barr, Wilmington.
    Delaware Republican, Evans & Vernon, Wilmington,
    Independent Delawarian, John N. Parker, Wilmington.

    Commissioner for Virginia

    Wm. B. Wiggins, Wilmington.

    Jno. A. Allderdice, County Clerk.

  • Sussex County, Delaware Directory - 1851

    General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries Hardware, &c.

    Allen Joseph D., Hall's Store.
    Allen Major W., Seaford.
    Bennett John, Cedar Creek.
    Barker James P., Georgetown.
    Betts Wm- H. & Co., Laurel.
    Benton Isaac E., Millsborough.
    Barnard Joseph S. Daysboro'.
    Burton Wm. E., Millsboro'.
    Baylis James T., do.
    Burton Peter R., do.
    Carey Robert H., Milton.
    Connoway Curbs A., Concord.
    Caulk John B., Cannon's Ferry.
    Coulscott Wm R., Bridgeville.
    Cannon Wm., do
    Callaway Nehemiah, Laurel.
    Connoway Noah, Millsboro'.
    Carpenter James, Lewis.
    Davis Mark J., Milford.
    Dorman Nehemiah, Milton.
    Dorman David, do.
    Davis William A., Horsey's X Roads.
    Dashiell Wm. W., Laurel
    Dazey Thos. M., Hall's Store.
    Denickson James P., do.
    Evans Elisha, do.
    Evans Nathaniel W., Tunnel's Store.
    Fooks Isaac N., Middletord.
    Frame Robert, Seaford.
    Fooks Benjamin & Son, Laurel.
    Furman Wm. E. & Sam'l H., Hall's Store
    Graham James, Laurel.
    Gordy Stephen H., do.
    Gordy Aaron N., do.
    Giles Isaac, do.
    Gum, Hickman & Long, Daysboro'.
    Hall Robert C., Milford.
    Hazzard William A., Milton.
    Horsey N. & W. B., Seaford.
    Horsey Nathaniel, Horsey's X Roads.
    Hicks & Hooper, Seaford.
    Heam Lowder N., Laurel.
    Heam Nathaniel, do.
    Hall John H., do.
    Hitch & Bacon, do.
    Hearn Thomas, do.
    Hearn Geo. U., do.
    Hearn Benjamin, do.
    Hall Wm. S., Hall's Store.
    Hall John C., do.
    Hickman Win. M., Lewis.
    Ingram Nathaniel, Millsboro'.
    Jefferson Thomas T., Cedar Creek.
    James & Lambdin, Concord.
    Jenkins Isaac J., Seaford
    Jones William, Jr., Cannon's Ferry.
    Jacobs John U., Seaford.
    James Hiram H., Concord.
    Johnson Tilghman S., Millsboro'.
    Johnson Peter, Hall's Store.
    Kimmly Jacob D., Georgetown.
    Knowles & Morgan, Concord.
    Kahn Daniel, Laurel.
    Lofland David, Milton.
    Lank Thomas H., Laurel.
    Long & Hearn, do.
    Long George R., Daysboro'.
    Lynch Elijah , Tunnel's Store.
    Lynch James W. & Co., Georgetown.
    Moose Thomas A., Milton.
    Manship Charles, do.
    Marshal Aaron, do.
    Moore Jonathan, Laurel.
    Moore Bayard, do.
    Moore John T., do.
    Messick Jacob B., do.
    Moore Luther T., Laurel.
    McCabe Isaac, Selby's Store.
    Marshall Charles M., Lewis.
    Nulson Benjamin, Laurel.
    Nicholson Wm.H., do.
    Orr Win. P., Lewis.
    Ponder John & Son, Milton.
    Prettyman Win., do.
    Parker & Welsh, do.
    Paynter Samuel R., do.
    Parker James A., Georgetown.
    Parsons Elijah R., Laurel.
    Phillips Dennis, do
    Posey Elihu J., do.
    Pepper Joshua U., Georgetown.
    Prettyman Burton C. Millsboro'.
    Russell William, Georgetown.. .
    Rench Matthew, do
    Rogers Greenbury, do
    Rawlins Charles A., Middleford.
    Rawlins Lot, do.
    Rawlins John M., do.
    Riggin Robert T.. Laurel.
    Russell Win., Georgetown.
    Rodney John, Lewis*
    Russell Robert & Co., Lewis.
    Sipple Thomas B., Georgetown.
    Sipple Caleb B., do.
    Satterfield James, Bridgeville.
    Smith & Morgan, Concord.
    Smith Charles J., Cannon's Ferry.
    Short & Hitch, Laurel.
    Short Wesley, Millsboro'.
    Short Isaac M., do.
    Short Hiram S., do.
    Selby Samson & Son, Selby's Store.
    Sockman Leoni, Millsboro'.
    Tinley John, Milton.
    Turner Lazarus, Laurel.
    Thomison Nathaniel, Laurel.
    Towsend & Williams, Selby's Store.
    Tunnel Nathaniel, Hall's Store.
    Vaughan Samuel D., Laurel.
    Waples Benjamin F., Milton.
    Waples Capt. John B., Georgetown.
    Walls Thomas P., do.
    White George P., Bridgeville.
    Wooder & Moore, Laurel.
    Wharton Joshua, Millsboro'.
    Waples & Hickman;, Daysboro'.
    Wilgus Jacob A., Tunnel's Store.
    West Lecois & Son, Lewis.
    Wolfe Henry, do.
    Waples Stephen H., do.


    Cullin Elisha D., Georgetown.
    Houston John W., do.
    Layton Caleb S., do.
    Layton Caleb R., do.
    McFee John R., do.
    Nuselin U. Neal, do.
    Parker John E., do.
    Saulsbury Willard, do.


    Derrickson Wm. B., Laurel.
    Fenan Joseph W., Milton.
    Fisher James H., Concord.
    Green Stephen, Laurel.

    Hudson Jonas H., Millsboro'.
    Hall Lemuel A., Hall's Store.
    Hall Henry F., Lewis.
    Little Henry, Seaford.
    Laios John, Laurel
    Layton Joseph R., Millsboro'.
    Maull Georae W., Georgetown.
    Morgan William, Seaford.
    Marlin John, Millsboro'.
    Marsh Erasmus D., Lewis.
    Rickards Elias R., Georgetown.
    Rickards Win. M. S., do.
    Sadler John R., Bridgeville.
    Stuart Wm. W., do.
    Shipley Joseph P. W., Seaford.
    Sadler Joseph B., Daysboro'.
    Taylor Dr., Laurel.
    Traheim Arthur M., Georgetown.
    White Dr., Laurel.
    Wolfe William W., Milton.

    Hotel Keepers

    Adams Manlove , Bridgeville.
    Burns Hudson, Lewis.
    Clark Robert H., Milford.
    Carpenter Jacob, Bethel X Roads.
    Colbourn John L., Seaford.
    Connoway Noah, Millsboro'.
    Davis John W., Georgetown.
    Hearn Lowder, Jr., Laurel.
    Jones Phillip C., Georgetown.
    Jefferson John W., Concord.
    Johnson Robert L., Daysboro'.
    Knowles Daniel, Knowles' X Roads.
    Maull James, Georgetown.
    Morris Joseph, Millsboro'.
    Prettyman Joel, Lewis.
    Samuels Mieras, Milford.
    Satterfield James, St. John's Town.
    Tunnel William, Laurel.
    Terry Elizabeth, Milton.
    Warren Nancy, Cedar Creek.
    Wootler George M., Laurel.
    Watson Edward, Lewis.


    Branch Bank State of Delaware, Georgetown, Isaac Tunnell, Cashier.