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Obids Baptist Church — 1979

Ashe County, North Carolina

In about 1891 a small group of Christian people came together in the Obids community and began holding prayer services in the homes. This was the beginning of Obids Baptist Church which was informally organized in 1892.

The first services were held in an old log school house under the direction of Rev. J. Floyd Fletcher and other ministers that traveled through the community from time to time.

The record states that a letter of organization was read and approved on the third Sunday in June 1892, with Rev. T. M. Duncan, Moderator and W. H. Hartzog, Clerk. (Letter of organization not recorded)

Deacons were: Isaac Faw; D. H. Burgess; Lee J. McNeill

In August 1892 the church agreed to join the Ashe-Alleghany Association. Brother W. H. Hartzog, church clerk was appointed to represent the church in that body.

(There is no record from 1892 To 1902)

The church was reorganized in August 1902 with Rev. J. Floyd Fletcher as pastor. He served until August 1905.

In July 1903 plans were made to build a church building and the following men were appointed as a building committee. D. H. Burgess; D.C.Absher; F.M. Brown; I. F. Faw and W. H. Hartzog.

Sister Julia Absher contributed 1 5/8 acres of land and upon this land Obids Baptist church was built.

Brother Frank Brown and wife Martha Brown contributed the lumber, which he cut and sawed himself to build a two story home for his family.

On February 11, 1911 the church building was dedicated to the Lord. Rev. L. B. Murray preached a very inspiring dedication sermon. This building was used until 1947.

In the Summer of 1947 plans were discussed for building a new church. On September 20th of that year a building committee was appointed by the pastor, Rev. E. Z. Sexton and later confirmed by the church.

During a revival meeting in November 1947 much new interest was shown in a new church building and the new building was started in early 1948. The old church building was torn down to make room for the new building which was completed in early 1949.