Southwest Virginia Deaths: Reels 183—220

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Southwest Virginia Deaths: Reels 183-220

Jack Hockett, 74 E. Fifth Ave., O-103, Collegeville, PA 19426, 30 Dec 2004

Below are some random selections from the death records of Washington Co. VA (WCV), Smyth Co. VA (SCV); Buchanan Co. VA (BCV), Dickenson Co. VA, Lee Co. VA, Tazewell Co. VA (TCV) and a few others. One should always realize that the information is most likely only as good as the informant, so caveat emptor should always be invoked. Nevertheless, and also despite frequent difficulty with reading the handwriting, the information is frequently very valuable, especially to identify female surnames. There are some duplicates herein and also duplicates from other reviews of the same reels. However, I do wish you much enjoyment in the review of the following and encourage you, "Dear Reader" to counter with the same efforts.

Reel 183

Lee, Jonesville: Rosa THOMPSON, white female, wid. of Bill THOMPSON, b. 24 Jul 1862, Lee, 76/1/2; d. 26 Jul 1929, d/o David DAUGHERTY, VA & Lavina MUNCY, VA; bur. Long Hollow

Lee, Rocky Sta.: Elbert BARKER, Keokee R.F.D., white male, mar. to Rainey STURGILL, b. 21 Dec 1862, Lee, 66/7/8; d. 31 Jul 1920, s/o L. D. BARKER, WCV & Elizabeth TRITT, Lee; bur. Keokee, VA

Lee, Yokum Sta.: John E. CRYMBERLING (Kimberling), white male, mar. to Martha KIMBERLING, b. 18 May 1852, 76/8/10; d. 28 Jul 1929, b. Lee, s/o Jacob KIMBERLING & donbt knowb&

RCV, Elk Garden: John MUTTER, white male, mar. to Nanie MUTTER, no DB, miner, b. RCV, 73/-/-; d. 06 Jul 1929, s/o Will MUTTER, RCV & Saraan (Sarah Ann) ADISON, RCV; bur. Mutter Cem.

RCV, Copper Creek: Mary Elizabeth JESSEE, white female, b. 27 Jul 1929; 1 hour old; d. 27 Jul 1929, b. RCV, d/o Willard JESSEE, RCV & Catherine STEELE, RCV; bur. Steele Cem.

Scott Co. VA, Estillville: Jonathan Milburn LANGFORD, white American, wid. of Hannah LANGFORD, b. 17 Jan 1859, 77/6/17, b. Scott; d. 30 Jun 1929, s/o James LANGFORD, NC & Nancy J. TAYLOR, NC; bur. Langford Cem.

Scott, Johnson: Mollie M. MEADE, white female, mar. to J. W. B. MEADE, b. 07 Dec 1877, RCV, 51/6/28; d. 05 Jul 1929, d/o Gordon WHITE, RCV & Mary LOUIS, RCV; bur. Salyerbs Grave Yard

SCV, Saltville, Rich Valley: Mary Alice WARREN, white female, single, b. 04 Aug 1928; -/11/2; d. 06 Jul 1920, b. Saltville, d/o Milton WARREN, Abingdon & Stella CARDWELL, Saltville; bur. Saltville

SCV, Saltville, Rich Valley: Truly Mae HOGSTON, white female, mar. to Clay HOGSTON, b. 30 Apr 1907, 22/2/23; d. 23 Jul 1929, b. Richlands, d/o Aron BALDWIN, Coledan, VA & Wady JEHAEL, TCV

SCV, Saltville, Rich Valley: Mosouria (Missouri) WILSON, white female, wid. of Crockett WILSON, b. 31 Dec 1861, 67/6/23, b. Saltville; d. 24 Jul 1929, d/o B. W. HUGHES, NC Nancy MONTGOMEY, Saltville, VA

TCV (no dist. stated): Mrs. Sallie Elizabeth HORRIRY (or Horrery?), white female, mar. to A. J. HARRERY, b. 20 Dec 1869, TCV, 59/7/6; d. 26 Jul 1929, d/o Augustus DAILEY, TCV & Nancy RATCLIFF, BCV; bur. Maplewood Cem.

TCV, Maiden Springs: Kate FIFE, white female, wid. of Jno. FIFE, b. 28 Jul 1857, Lebanon, VA, 70/11/22; d. 18 Jul 1929, d/o Thomas H. HARRIS, Scott Co. VA & Rebecca FERGUSON, RCV; Richlands, VA

TCV, Maiden Springs: Jane PATTERSON, white female, wid. of Wm. H. PATTERSON, b. 01 May 1843, 86/2/15, b. Wise; d. 15 Jul 1929, d/o Wm. HALL, Wise & Lacey JORDAN, Wise; bur. Baptist Valley, VA

WCV, Bristol, VA: Mrs. Isaac MOORE, white female, mar. to Isaac MOORE, no DOB, 71/-/-; d. 1 Jul 1929, b. Sullivan Co. TN, d/o Isaac MOORE (as stated), Sullivan Co. TN & Susana BOOHER, ditto

WCV, Bristol, VA: Mrs. T. L. HUTTON, white female, married to T. L. HUTTON, no DOB, 75y, by SCV; d. 31 Jul 1929, d/o Martin WOLFE, SCV & Melinda LINTICOM (Linthicum; Linticum), SCV; bur. Bristol, VA

WCV, Abingdon: Edward ESTERIDGE (Eastridge), white male, single, about 8y, no DOB; d. 21 Jul 1929, s/o Thomas ESTERIDGE, VA & Della OQUIN (ObQuinn), VA; bur. Clinchburg, VA

WCV, Abingdon: John ROBERTS, white male, wid., b. 09 Dec 1834, VA, 94/7/7; d. 16 Jul 1929, d/o Henry ROBERTS, VA & Elizabeth WARREN, VA; bur. Greendale Gv. Yd.

WCV, Glade Spring: Louella PRICE PIERCE, white female, mar. to Robert PRICE, b. 05 Apr 1876, RCV, 53/2/28; d. 03 Jul 1929, d/o James A. PRICE, RCV & Mary Jane LITTLE, RCV; bur. Greenfield Cem.; Mary Jane PRICE, Meadowview, inf.

WCV, Goodson, Wallace: Virginia SNEED, white female, single, no DOB, about 12y; d. 19 (or 14) Jul 1929, b. VA; d/o W. J. SNEED, VA & Kate RICHARDSON, VA; bur. Lebanon, VA

WCV, Saltville: Molley CUDDY, white female, wid. of John CUDDY, b. 19 Oct 1858, 70/8/24; d. 13 Jul 1929, b. VA, d/o Thomas P. HANNONDS (Hammonds?), WVA & not known; bur. Saltville, RR 2

Wise, Gladeville, Dorchester, VA; Stephen Elington BARKER, white male, wid. of Clementine EDWARDS, no DOB, 80/3/?; d. 26 Jul 1929, b. Mendota (WCV), VA, d/o Silas BARKER, Mendota, VA & (blank) HOBBS, Mendota, VA; bur. Josephene Cem.

BCV, Riley(?): John RATLIFF, white male, married to Orphea RATLIFF, b. 27 Jan 1886, 43/-/-; d. 28 Aug 1929, b. Grundy, s/o Shade RATLIFF, TCV & Orphia BALDIN (Baldwin), BCV; George RATLIFF, Vansant, VA, inf.

Dickenson Co. VA, Ervinton: Noah M. DEEL, Dante, VA, white male, mar. to Eunicy DEEL, b. 14 Dec 1850, 78/8/15; d. 29 Aug 1929, s/o Frederick DEEL, BCV & Vicy FERRELL, RCV

Reel 184

RCV, New Garden: COMPTON, John Beverley, white male, wid., b. 23 Oct 1850, 78/11/2; d. 25 Aug 1929, b. RCV, s/o Paton COMPTON & Mary MADICKS (Mattox), RCV; Compton Cem

RCV, Castlewood: LITTON, Martha, white female, mar. to J. M. LITTON, b. 1853, Mountain City, TN, 76y; d. 28 Aug 1929, father b. Grayham (or maiden name of mother on wrong line?); father not stated; mother b. TN.

RCV, Moccasin: LITTON, John Wesley, white male, wid. of Lousie ROBINSON, b. Sep 1851, RCV, 77/11/-, d. 07 Aug 1929, s/o Bill LITTON & (blank) COLLINS, b. not known; bur. Oak Grove

Scott Co., Estillville: COX, Mahala, b. Botetout (sic) Co., white female, wid., 108/-/-; d. 08 Aug 1927 (sic 1929 on another certificate), d/o unk & Juda GRAY Botatout (Botetourt) Co. VA; bur. Gate City

Scott, Johnson: ADDINGTON, Sarah Elizabeth, white female, wid of John M. ADDINGTON, b. 24 Nov 1847, VA; 81/8/16; d. 10 Aug 1929, d/o Jessie WAMPLER, VA & Rebecca KILGORE

SCV, Saltville: LEWIS, Lee, white male, wid. of Nancy LEWIS, b. 22 Dec 1847, NC, 81/7/5; d. 27 Jul 1929, d/o Kendrick LEWIS, NC & Charlotte FENDEE (Fendu? Finley?), NC; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley: Emmett REAVES, white male, mar. to Mrs. Mary REEVES, b. 94 Jul 1849, Grayson Co. VA, 80/1/13; d. 17 Aug 1929, s/o UNK & Miss Mary DAVIS, Smyth Co.; bur. Mt. Zion Cem.

SCV, Rich Valley: William H. SHIPP, white male, single, b. 12 Jan 1846, 75/7/6, b. SCV; d. 19 Aug 1929, s/o Gaines SHIPP, TN & Sarah WHITLEY, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley: Virginia C. HOGSTON, white female, married to Lill H. HOGSTON, b. 28 Sep 1862, 66/10/23; d. 21 Aug 1929, b. WCV, d/o Andrew J. BOYD, NK & TN (as stated) & Margaret HICKS, NK; bur. Saltville; L. H. HOGSTON, North Holston, VA, inf.

TCV, Maiden Springs: Lewis Carter CHAPMAN, white male, single, b. 28 Aug 1906; 22/-/-; d. 24 Aug 1929, b. RCV, s/o Lewis C. CHAPMAN, RCV & Mary E. FOGLMAN, RCV

TCV, Maiden Spring: Milhaven C. WHITE, white male, married to Maude WHITE, no DOB, 29(24?)/11/21; d. 24 Aug 1929, b. TCV, s/o John Estil WHITE, TCV & Bell ELSWICK, TCV; bur. Brown (?) Gyd.

WCV, Bristol, VA: Mrs. Susan M. WHITE, white female, mar. to Henry B. WHITE, b. 02 Aug 1853, VA, 76/-/-; d. 02 Aug 1929, d/o Samuel H. BOOHER, TN & Jane LEONARD, VA; Will WHITE, Bristol, VA, inf.

WCV, Bristol, VA: W. G. BROWN, whit male, wid. of Lillie EWING BROWN, b. Sep 1846, Fincastle, VA, 82/11/-, s/o Thomas BROWN, Oxford, England & Elizabeth JOHNSON, VA; Ewing BROWN, Bristol, VA, inf.; bur. Abingdon, VA

WCV, Kinderhook: Jas. WORLEY, white male, mar., b. 21 Aug 1878, 50/-/-; d. 02 Jun 1929, b. VA; s/o William WORLEY, VA & Eliza SELLS, VA

WCV, Glade Spring: David H. DUTTON, white male, married to Mary L. OWENSBY(?), b. 13 Mar 1853, WCV, 76/-/-, d. 12 Aug 1929, s/o John J. DUTTON, Wythe & (blank) LOWES, Wythe, bur. Glade Spring

WCV, Greendale: Mary A. TOUNSEND, white female, wid., no DOB, about 88y; d. 02 Aug 1929, d/o John TATE, VA & Nancy VANCE, VA; Tate Gryd.

Wise, Robertson: Lucinda SHORTT, white female, wid. of Henry A. SHORTT, b. 28 Dec 1842, 87/7/1; d. 29 Jul 1928, b. Letcher Co. KY, d/o Mose ADAMS, Letcher Co. & Rebecca BROBIN, Lee Co. VA; bur. Flat Gap, Family Cem.

Wise, Robertson: David Jessee HUBBARD, white male, wid. of Judy E. HUBBARD, b. 10 Jan 1848, Wise Co., 81/6/20; d. 01 Aug 1929, s/o Jessee HUBBARD, VA & Elizabeth SALYERS, bur. Stapleton Cem.

BCV, Grundy: Clyde SHORTRIDGE, white male, single, b. 10 May 1914, 15/3/5; d. 15 Sep 1929, b. Grundy, s/o John W. SHORTRIDGE, Grundy & Osie LOONEY, Grundy; bur. Looney Cem.

BCV, Rock Lick: Lexie Marie LOONEY, white girl, single, b. 03 Apr 1926, 3/5/5; d. 08 Sep 1929, b. BCV, d/o Parker LOONEY, BCV & Sylvaia HACKNEY, BCV; bur. Mouth of Bull Creek, VA; diphtheria

Dickenson Co. VA: Arnold BROWNING, white male, mar. to Tilda BROWNING, b. 08 Dec 1883, VA, 45/9/3; d. 16 Sep 1929, s/o John BROWNING, VA & Eliza JESSE, VA, bur. Georges Fork

Lee Co. VA, Jonesville: Champ T. CAWOOD, white male, single, b. 14 Oct 1929 (sic), 36/10/24, b. Hogan, VA; d. 08 Sep 1929, s/o W. H. CAWOOD, KY & Jennie GRUBB, VA; bur. Whisman Gvyd.

RCV, Cleveland: Addieline HUGHES, white female, mar. to Chas. B. HUGHES, b. 22 Dec 1857, RCV, 71/7/26; d. 18 Aug 1929, d/o N. M. MEADE, RCV & Elizabeth LOGAN, RCV; C. B. HUGHES, Cleveland, VA, inf.

RCV, Copper Creek, Castlewood: Lizzie GIBSON, white female, wid. of C. H. GIBSON, b. 11 Sep 1854, 75/-/7; d. 18 Sep 1929, VA, d/o Jim HICKEMBOTTOM (Higgenbotham), VA & NK; bur. Gibson Cem.

Scott Co. VA, Estillville: J. Harvey CHAPMAN, white male, mar. to Mollie CHAPMAN, b. 26 Jan 1850, 79/7/8; d. 04 Sep 1929, b. Scott Co., d/o Joseph CHAPMAN, RCV & Nancy BEVINS, Scott; W. P. CHAPMAN, Gate City, VA, inf. (RCV 1850c, HH896)

Scott, Estillville: Elizia D. FRANKLIN, white American, wid. of Thos. FRANKLIN, b. 16 Apr 1843, Scott, 86/4/24; d. 10 Sep 1929, d/o Alex WILLIS, RCV & Malinda BLESSING, Scott

SCV, Marion: Evan BOGLEY, white male, wid., b. 1851, Scott, 78/-/-; d. 10 Sep 1929, s/o Enoch BEGLEY, Scott & Miss SPENCER, Hawkins Co. TN, records of SW State Hosp., Marion

SCV, Marion: Wimbiss (Wimbish) HOCKETT Jr., white male, single, b. 26 Apr 1929, -/4/7; d. 02 Sep 1929, b. Marion, s/o Wimbish HOCKETT, WCV & Virginia SHELTON, Ash Co. NC; bur. West Cem.

SCV, Marion: John Wesley HERNDON, white male, mar. to Ella HERNDON, b. 12 Mar 1865, Swords Creek, RCV, 65/7/17; d. 28 Sep 1929, s/o John HERNDON, UNK & Nancy JESSEE, UNK, bur. Sword(s) Creek

SCV (no dist. stated): Thesa Jane CARRICO, white female, wid. of Gooden Kent CARRICO, b. 15 Oct (no year stated), 85/11/2; d. 17 Sep 1929, b. Grayson Co. VA, d/o Levi DELP, Grayson & Elizabeth POOLE, Grayson; bur. Greenwood Cem.

SCV, Rich Valley, Unnamed JACKSON, white female, single, b. 04 Sep 1929; d. 04 Sep 1929, b. Saltville, d/o Chas. JACKSON, WCV & Jennie MONTGOMERY, Saltville, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley: James COOLEY, white male, married to Cloyd COOLEY, b. 18 Jan 1900, 29/7/24; d. 12 Sep 1929, b. NC, s/o William COOLEY, NC & Gillie COLLINS, Saltville, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley: James SHEPPARD, white male, wid. of Harriet SHEPPARD, b. 02 Mar 1860, 69/6/24; d. 26 Sep 1929, b. SCV, s/o Jake SHEPPARD, VA & Elizabeth HARRIS, VA; bur. Saltville

TCV, Maiden Springs, Richlands, VA: Wolter Henry HELTON, white male, married to Maggie HELTON, b. 29 Jun 1880, RCV, 49/-/-; d. 02 Sep 1929, s/o John H. HELTON, VA & Mary DARNEL, VA; bur. Swordbs Creek

WCV, Glade Spring: Mary Cunning RYAN, white female, mar. to J. R. RYAN, b. 12 Mar 1853, 76/6/12, b. WCV; d. 24 Sep 1929, d/o James CUNNING (as written; Cunningham?), WCV & Maria KING, WCV; bur. Old Glade Spring Cem.

WCV, Kinderhook: William H. GOBBLE, white male, no status (mar.) to Jane GOBBLE, b. 03 Feb 1846, WCV; 83/7/18; d. 21 Sep 1929, s/o Johnson GOBBLE, WCV & Margret CLARK, WCV; bur. Gobble Burial Graveyard

WCV, Saltville: Murull Edward CAMPBELL, white male, single, b. 07 May 1912, 17/3/26; d. 03 Sep 1929, b. Saltville, VA, s/o William CAMPBELL, Saltville, VA & Daley FARRIS, Saltville; bur. Saltville

WCV, Saltville: Louise EASTRIDGE, white female, single, b. 06 Mar 1927, 2/6/-, b. Meadowview; d. 09 Sep 1929, d/o Tom EASTRIDGE, VA & Della ObQUINN, VA; bur. Meadowview

Wise Lypp: Mary Jane WRIGHT, white female, wid. of P. A. WRIGHT, b. 08 May 1855, RCV, 74/2/29; d. 07 Aug 1929, d/o Sam OSBORNE, RCV & Eliza MAYO, RCV

Wise, Gladeville, Roaring Fork: Mary L. FLEENOR, white female, wid. of John FLEENOR, b. 1842, Lee, 87/-/-; d. 13 Sep 1929, d/o Jonny MILLS, NK & Jency THOMSON, NK; bur. Lee Co. VA

BCV, Knox, Kelsa: Sarah Cosby RATLIFF, white female, mar. to Green RATLIFF, b. 15 Feb 1893, 86/8/2, b. Pike Co. KY; d. 17 Oct 1929, d/o D. M. GRIFEY, Pike & Hony JONES, Pike; bur. BCV

Reel 185

Lee, Jonesville: John H. HUFF, white male, wid. of Sedelia HUFF, b. Wise, 18 Dec 1852, 76/10/3; d. 21 Oct 1929, s/o William HUFF, VA & Susan HAMILTON, VA

Lee, Rocky Sta.: Mary A. GOBBLE, white female, wid., b. 17 Oct 1848, Lee, 81/-/2; d. 29 Oct 1929, d/o Jacob RASNIC, RCV & Elizabeth HOBBS, RCV

RCV, Cleveland: Ellen LITTON, white female, mar. to Tom LITTON, b. 13 Dec 1842, VA, 87/9/12; d. 26 Oct 1929, d/o Wm. CLARK, VA & Betty JORDON, donbt know

Scott, Johnson: John Wesley MEADE, white male, wid., b. 30 Jun 1849, 80/2/23; d. 23 Sep 1929, b. VA, s/o John MEADE, VA & Lila VICARS, VA

 Scott, Johnson: Effie ADDINGTON, white female, mar. to Clarence B. ADDINGTON, b. 04 Dec 1907, 21/10/17; d. 21 Oct 1929, b. Scott, d/o Huston JESSIE, Scott & Victoria HARRIS, Scott

SCV, Marion: Mr. Alex LOONEY, white male, mar., b. 1881, Davon, WCV, 48/-/-; d. 08 Oct 1929, d/o Bill LOONEY, BCV & Miss Sarah ATKINS, WV

SCV, Marion: Nancy E. MILLER, white female, wid.(?), b. Oct 1851, RCV, 78/-/-; d. 31 Oct 1929, d/o J. W. HERNDON, UNK & Angeline ETTER, UNK, SW State Hosp.

WCV, Kinderhook: W. Lynch SHAFFER, white male, mar., b. 30 Oct 1848, 80/10/25; .d 25 Sep 1929, s/o Henry SHAFFER, VA & (blank) LOCK (Deck?), VA

WCV, Saltville: Lee HODGE, white male, mar. to Sarah (Lavd?) HODGE, b. 1865, about 64y; d. 15 Oct 1929, both parents unnamed but b. NC; bur. Mt. City, TN

Wise, Richmond, Appalachia: Martha SAWER (Sawyer?), white female, mar./wid., b. 02 May 1842, Lee Co., 87/5/15, d/o Samuel DUFF, NK & Nancy ROGERS, NK

Dickenson, Sand Lick: Polly Ann SUTHERLAND, white female, married to John C. SUTHERLAND, b. 28 Jul 1854, BCV, 75/3/26; d. 25 Nov 1929, d/o Jacob FULLER, Sand Lick & Peggy J. CALLEY (Colley?), Sand Lick

Reel 186

RCV, Cleveland: Thomas Jefferson JESSEE, white male, mar. to Mary Frances JESSEE, b. 18 Dec 1856, 73/6/13; d. 31 Jul 1919, b. VA, s/o Stanford JESSEE, VA & Sarah FULLER, VA

RCV, Lebanon: Sarah DUNCAN, white female, mar. to Elihue DUNCAN, no DOB, 87y; d. 21 Nov 1929, b. RCV, d/o Billey GILBERT, RCV & Polly WALLACE, RCV; bur. Yates Cem.

Scott Co., Johnson: John J. FERGUSON, white male, mar. to Melissa FERGUSON, b. 02 Feb 1856, RCV, 73/8/29; d. 07 Nov 1929, s/o T. H. FERGUSON, RCV & Minerva SAMPLES, WCV

SCV, Saltville: Robert E. EASTRIDGE, white male, single, b. 05 Sep 1927, 2/2/2; d. 07 Nov 1929, b. Saltville, s/o Will EASTRIDGE, WCV & Margary POSTON, Saltville; bur. Saltville

SCV, Saltville: Florry B. HILTON, white female, married to John HELTON, b. 18 Dec 1896, 33/11/4; d. 22 Nov 1929, b. RCV, d/o Jacob FIELDS, RCV & Nora CARPENTER, SCV; bur. Saltville

TCV, Clear Fork, Pocahontas: James Montgomery HENDERSON, white male, married to Lula Mae LESTER, b. 23 Nov 1865, Saltville, VA; d. 21 Nov 1929, s/o Robert HENDERSON, WCV & Rhody (blank), WCV; bur. Glade Spring, VA; Frank HENDERSON, E. Radford, Inf.

WCV, Holston Valley: Susan A. FORD, white female, wid., no DOB, about 77y; d. (no date listed; with Nov. deaths), b. TN, d/o Wm. COX, TN & (blank) CROUCH, TN

WCV, Saltville, Unnamed Infant, white male, single, b. 21 Nov 1929; d. 21 Nov 1929, b. Saltville, s/o Joseph H. JOHNSON, Saltville & Letitia L. DAVENPORT, VA

WCV, Abingdon: Alcy Annie TODD, white female, wid., no DOB, about 84y; d. 24 Nov 1929, b. VA, d/o John M. KESTNER, VA & Jane KAYLOR, VA; bur. Hayters Gap

Wise, Gladeville: Frank Henry FULLER, white male, mar. to Louise FULLER, b. May 1876, 53/6/-, Minister of Gospel; d. 07 Nov 1929, b. RCV, s/o R. A. FULLER, RCV & Martha HARTCSOCK (Hartsock [Herzog]), RCV

Wise, Robertson: George Washington BOLLING, white male, mar. to Ellen BOLLING, b. 12 Apr 1841, 88/6/23; d. 04 Nov 1929, Wise, VA, s/o Amos BOLLING, Wise & Mary HALL, RCV; Flat Gap Cem.

BCV, Knox; Rena BAILEY, white female, wid., DOB NK, about 85y; d. 29 Jun 1929, b. McDowell, WV, d/o Harvie BAILEY & Nancy Jane CLINE, NK; bur. Knox Creek

Dickenson, Ervington: Mrs. Helen TIPTON, white female, married to Jack TIPTON, b. 01 Jun 1854, RCV, 84/5/25; d. 26 Nov 1929, d/o James WRIGHT, RCV & Miss SKEENS, Wise Co. VA

Reel 187

Lee, Jonesville: Alex Ely RUTHERFORD, white male, wid. of Matilda MARION, b. 15 May 1837, Lee, 92/7/2; d. 17 Dec 1929, s/o William RUTHERFORD, Wythe Co. & Sallie HUDSON, Wythe

RCV: Lillian Nadine JESSEE, white female, no status, b. 14 Feb 1922, 8/10/3; d. 18 Dec 1929, d/o Tom JESSEE, VA & Donnie CARROL

RCV, Castlewood: J. F. KENNEDY, white male, mar., b. 1845, 84/1/7; d. 14 Dec 1920, b. RCV, s/o John KENNEDY, RCV & Ellen MEADE, RCV (RCV, 1850c, HH494)

SCV, Saltville, Rich Valley: Annie Liza CATRON (Ketron; Kettering), white female, wid. of H. C. CATRON, b. 08 Oct 1858, 70/2/12; d. 20 Dec 1929, b. SCV, d/o John CRABTREE, SCV & Mary SMITH, SCV

SCV, Saltville: J. C. COMER, white male, single, b. 25 Jul 1885, 44/4/25; d. 20 Sep 1929, b. SCV, s/o John COMER, NK & Elizabeth HOGSON (Hogston), NK; bur. Saltville

TCV, Clear Fork, Bluefield, VA: Green B. TAYLOR, (white male?), (mar.?) to Cannie WEBB, b. RCV, 74y; d. 16 Sep 1929, s/o Madison TAYLOR, RCV & Nancy PATRICK, RCV; bur. TCV

TCV, Clear Fork: Elizabeth HEATH, black female, wid. of Whitt HEATH, b. RCV, no DOB, 94/5/-; d. 03 Dec 1929, d/o Israel HUNT, VA & Julia HUNT, VA

WCV, Goodson: W. James WILLIAMS, white male, mar., b. 06 Dec 1844, 84/?/7, b. Germany; d. 06 Aug 1929, s/o Ruphus WILLIAMS, GE & Annie SPANGLER, GE, bur. East Hills

WCV, Bristol: Amanda Jane NELSON, white female, wid. of Reason Alex. NELSON, no DOB, b. VA, 85/4/5; d. 14 Nov 1929, d/o Henry MINNICK, VA & (blank) DUNLAP, b. SCV; bur. Sharrett Cem.

WCV, Goodson, Bristol: Mrs. Margaret COX, white female, wid., b. 1839, 90/-/-; d. 25 Nov 1929, b. VA, father NK; mother: Ruth DARNOLD (Darnell), VA; bur. East Hill

WCV, Goodson: Mrs. Amanda SHUPE, white female, wid., b. 22 Apr 1859, 79/11/6; d. 28 Mar 1929, b. VA, d/o George POORE, NC & Susan FARRIS, VA; bur. Walnut Grove

WCV, Saltville: Rhoda MABE, white female, mar. to L. F. MABE, no DOB, est. 45y; d. 13 Dec 1929, b. NK, d/o Jacob PRUITT, NK & NK

WCV, Saltville: Julina Isabel BAILEY, white female, wid. of Sam BAILEY, b. 10 Sep 1867, 62/3/17, b. RCV; d. 27 Dec 1929, d/o Jefferson DYE, VA & Sallie PRICE, VA

WCV, Saltville: Clinton T. KESTNER, white male, mar. to Barnnie(?) KESTNER, b. 18 Aug 1887, 42/4/2; d. 20(25?) Dec 1929, s/o Lilburn KESTNER & Martha DAVENPORT

Wise, Richmond: Mary E. SPROLES, white female, single, b. 21 Feb 1846, Abingdon, VA, 83/9/7; d. 14 Dec 1929, d/o William SPROLES, Abingdon, VA & Lavina GOBBLE, Abingdon, VA; bur. Big Stone Gap

WCV, Kinderhook, Benhams, VA: Henry S. FLEENOR, white male, married, b. 1852, 77y; d. 28 Dec 1929, b. VA, d/o Daniel FLEENOR & Katie SPARK

Reel 188 (backwards)

BCV, Garden: Fred Allen LOONEY, white male, single, b. 12 Mar 1920, -/11/1; d. 13 Feb 1930, b. BCV, s/o John C. LOONEY, BCV & Lacy Mary LOONEY; bur. Youngbs Branch

Wise, Lipps: Wm. M. TATE, white male, mar., b. 11 Oct 1852, Wise, 77/3/11; d. 18 Jan 1930, s/o Elisha TATE, Wise & Mary GILLEY, BSG, VA

Wise, Gladeville: Hannah R. CRABTREE, white female, wid. of Rev. Wm. J. CRABTREE, b. 06y Jul 1854, RCV, 75/6/21; d. 27 Jan 1930, d/o Samuel MOORE, RCV & Sarah Jane DAVISON (Davidson), RCV

WCV, Glade Spring: Mrs. Rachel Elizabeth FARRIS, white female, mar. to Jim FARRIS, b. 05 Jan 1840, Grayson, 90/-/12, d. 17 Jan 1929, d/o John VAUGHT, VA & Polly KIRK, VA

TCV, Maiden Springs, Abram Ervin THOMPSON, white male, mar. to Ethel May THOMPSON, b. Mar 1882, 74/2/21; d. 20 Jan 1929, b. RCV, s/o Edward THOMPSON, RCV & Martha DYE, RCV

SCV, Marion: John JOHNSON, white male, married to Carey JOHNSON, b. 01 Jan 1882, 48/-/-; d. 26 Jan 1930, b. WCV, s/o Walt JOHNSON, WCV & Bettie EASTRIDGE, WCV. Records of SW State Hosp.

Reel 189

Dickenson, Clintwood: Jane SWINDELL, white female, married to John Calvin SWINDALL, no DOB, 75y, b. Clintwood, VA; d. 09 Oct 1930, d/o Eli VANOVER, NC & Ollie MULLINS, NC

Dickenson, Sand Lick: Charles Anderson DEEL, white male, mar. to Rachel COUNTS, b. 14 Dec 1857, 72/1/22, b. BCV; d. 05 Feb 1939, s/o David DEEL, BCV & Mary COLLEY, BCV; Samuel G. COUNTS, Ally, VA, inf.

Lee Co. VA, White Shoals: Mrs. Martha LATHIM, white female, mar. to W. R. LATHIM, b. 14 Sep 1843, Lee, 89/4/11; d. 27 Jan 1930, d/o William ADAMS, VA & Bettie SIMMS, Lee

Lee, Rocky Sta.: Mis(s) Minnie WILLES, white female mar. to Albert J. WILLIS, b. 10 Oct 1885, RCV, 44/3/22; d. 01 Feb 1930, d/o James COLLINS, RCV & Jennie CLARKE, RCV

RCV, Elk Garden: Nancy MUTTER, white female, wid. of Fletcher MUTTER, b. 08 Aug 1841, 88/6/3; d. 12 Feb 1930, b. Elk Garden, d/o Crabtree TAYLOR, NK & NK; bur. Mutter Cem.

RCV, Copper Creek: A. L. GARRET, white male, wid. of Polly DORTON, b. 1843, 87/-/, b. VA; d. 14 Feb 1930, s/o Aaron GARRETT, VA & NK; bur. Dorton Cem.

RCV, Moccasin: Fanny JESSEE, Hansonville, VA, white female, mar. to Edward JESSEE, b. 23 Nov 1863, RCV, 66/3/7; d. 01 Feb 1930, d/o Arch JESSEE, Lebanon, VA & (blank) JESSEE, Lebanon; Luther JESSEE, Hansonville, VA, inf.; bur. Family Cem.

Scott, Dekalb: Louise FLANARY, white female, wid. of Cass FLANARY, b. 21 Dec 1833, Scott, 96/1/20; d. 10 Feb 1930, d/o Solinan (sic) W. HILL, Petersburg, VA & Elizabeth TAYLOR, NK; bur. Home Cem.

Scott, Dekalb: Sarah C. COWDEN, white female, wid. of R. H. COWDEN, b. 1835, Scott, 94/2/7; d. 17 Feb 1930, d/o Yance HILL, Botatot (Botetourt) Co. VA & Lucyan HARRIS, Botatot Co. VA

Scott, Estillville: Martha FREEMAN, white female, wid., b. 31 Jul 1844, TN, 85/6/2; d. 02 Feb 1930, d/o A. J. JENKINS, VA & Evaline CAMBELL, TN

Scott, Estillville: P. O. HUMPHRIES, white male, married to Ola HUMPHRIES, b. 16 Jan 1882, Wash. Co. TN, 84/1/16; d. 23 Feb 1930, s/o Geo. HUMPRIES, Wash. Co. TN & Sallie CLARK, Wash. Co. TN

Scott, Taylor: Nancy FIELDS, white female, wid. of Thomas FIELDS, b. 09 Jun 1836, 93/8/9, b. Scott; d. 18 Feb 1930, s/o Spencer LARK, RCV & Lindy STARNES, Scott; bur. Tredway Graveyard

SCV, Marion, Chilhowie: Mis Rachel BAKER, white female, wid. of J. H. BAKER, b. 12 Feb 1844, WCV, 86(?)/-/10; d. 22 Feb 1930, d/o Hammil ROBINSON, VA & Mis Mahala WOLF, VA

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Mary Frances GILLENWATER, white female, married to Blair GILLENWATER, 33/4/6; d. 02 Feb 1930, b. Saltville, d/o Ballard P. LITTLE, Saltville & Texas Anne PHIPPS, Saltville; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley: Delbert Eugene CHAPMAN, white male, single, b. 17 Dec 1922, 8/2/-; d. 17 Feb 1930, b. Saltville, s/o Marion CHAPMAN, Saltville & Annie M. POORE, Saltville, bur. Saltville, VA

TCV, Cedar Fork, Bluefield: Beverly Eugene STEELE, white male, single, b. 25 Jul 1920, -/6/12; d. 07 Feb 1930, b. Bluefield, s/o John C. STEELE, Paint Lick, VA & Virginia ROPER, Wytheville, VA

TCV, Maiden Spring, Richlands: Leah Jane DYE, Richlands, white female, wid., b. 23 Jan 1844, 86/0/12, b. RCV; d. 08 Feb 1930, d/o Jacob THOMPSON, RCV & Joanna THOMPSON, RCV; Wm. DYE, Richlands, inf.

WCV, Bristol, VA: Jas. A. EDWARDS, white male, wid., no DOB, 67y; d. 10 Feb 1930, b. Bristol, VA, s/o T. R. EDWARDS, b. Sidney, Australia & Sarah LIPPS, Carter Co. TN, bur. Bristol, VA

WCV, Bristol, VA: Elizabeth RHEA, white female, mar., b. 22 Nov 1857, 72/2/8; d. 10 Feb 1930, b. TN, d/o Jas. SMITH, TN & Adline ANDERSON, TN; bur. Muddy Creek

WCV, Abingdon: Miss Margret CALLAHAN, white female, mar. to Geo. CALLAHAN, b. 23 Mar 1901, Wythe, 28/10/11; d. 04 Feb 1930, d/o H. W. UMBERGER, Wythe & Cargila KINCER, Wythe; bur. Wythe

WCV, Abingdon: Henry Harrison THOMPSON, white male, wid., b. 15 Jan 1852, 78/1/1, b. Ashe Co. NC; d. 16 Feb 1930, s/o James THOMPSON, Ashe & Caroline HEAD, VA; bur. Sinking Springs Cem.

WCV, no dist.: Lewis D. HELDRETH, white male, wid. of Margaret STEFFEY HELDRITH, b. 08 Jan 1854, Wythe, 76/1/10; d. 18 Feb 1930, s/o Jacob HELDRETH, VA & Nancy CRIGGER, VA; bur. Kemberline, VA

WCV, Kinderhook: Sarah Ellen MOORE, no race, female, mar. to James MOORE, no DOB, 80/-/-; d. 14 Feb 1930, b. RCV, d/o Billie AKERS, RCV & (smeared), VA; James MOORE, Benhams, VA, inf.

WCV, Saltville: Thomas James BONDURANT, white male, wid., b. 05 Mar 1860, 69/11/23; d. 28 Feb 1930, b. WCV, s/o J. J. BONDURANT, VA & Catherine PRICE, VA

WCV, Saltville, Plasterco: William HODGE, white male, mar. to Blanch Loyd HODGE, b. 28 Jun 1894, 37/7/15; d. 13 Feb 1930, b. Broadford, VA, s/o Johnson HODGE, VA & Margaret FERGUSON, VA; bur. Glade Spring

WCV, no Dist (Abingdon crossed out): David GOBBLE, white male, mar. to Amanda GOBBLE, no DOB, about 82y; d. 10 Feb 1930, b. VA, s/o Samuel GOBBLE, VA & Elizabeth TODEL, VA; T. F. GOBBLE, Greendale, VA, inf.; bur. Family Gyd.

Wise, Lipps: Eliza HALL, white female, wid., b. 1853?, 76y?; d. 15 Feb 1930, b. RCV, d/o Benjamin JORDON, VA & Jennie WRIGHT, VA; bur. Coeburn, VA

BCV, Rock Lick, Big Rock: Benjamin McCLANAHAN, white male, div., b. BCV; d. 29 Mar 1930, s/o David McCLANAHAN, RCV & Mahala JUSTICE, Pike Co. KY; bur. Big Rock

BCV, Knox: Deliah DOTSON, white female, mar. to David DOTSON, b. 06 Dec 1858, Pike Co. KY/ 71/3/2; d. 09 Mar 1930, d/o Jonathan HURLEY, Pike & Rutha ESTEP, Argo, Pike Co. KY; bur. Elk Creek

BCV, Knox: Laurania JUSTUS, white female, wid. of Wesley JUSTUS, b. not know 1858, VA; d. 03 Mar 1930, d/o Sam SMITH, VA & Tildy STACY, VA; bur. Hurly, VA

Dickenson, Sand Lick: Martha KISER, white female, single, b. 15 Jun 1852, RCV, 77/8/17; d. 02 Mar 1930, d/o Abraham KISER, RCV & Mary COUNTS, RCV; bur. Near Tiny, VA

Reel 190

Lee, Rose Hill, Ewing: George Washington GIBSON, white male, wid., b. 03 Oct 1848, Lee, 81/5/15; d. 18 Mar 1930, s/o James Johnson GIBSON, Lee & Lucy Ann BALL, Lee

Lee, Pennington Gap: Edger BAYS, white male, single, b. 19 May 1914; d. 22 Mar 1930, 15/10/-, b. Pike Co. KY, s/o George W. BAYS, Lee & Mima COOMER, Lee

Lee, Yokum: Rebecca MUSIC, white female, single, b. 11 Nov 1859, b. Stickleysville, VA, d/o Mitchell MUSICK, Abingdon, VA & Polly FLEENOR, Abingdon, VA; D. C. MUSIC, Inf.

RCV, New Garden: Clarence TUGGLES (Tuggle; Tugwell), white boy, b. 07 Nov 1917, 12/3/12, b. RCV; d. 11 Mar 1930, s/o John R. TUGGLES, RCV & Eva B. DYE, RCV, bur. Swords Creek

RCV, Cleveland: Malinda Ellen JESSEE, white female, mar. to Bryan JESSEE, b. 19 Jul 1851(?), 83/8/6; d. 05 Mar 1930, d/o Joseph H. WHITE, VA & Lydia HACKNEY, VA; bur. Near Cleveland

Scott, Powell: James Craig CLARK, white male, mar. to Minerva CLARK, b. 17 Sep 1845, WCV, 85/6/13; d. 30 Mar 1930, s/o Moses CLARK, VA & Eliza CLARK, VA

SCV, Marion: Beulah Louise POSTON, white female, single, b. 12 Apr 1914, 16y; d. 24 Mar 1930, b. Marion; d/o Chas. M. POSTON, Marion, SCV & Ida HAMMOND, Marion; self inflicted gunshot wound left chest

SCV, Rich Valley: Martha HAYNES, white female, wid., b. 14 Nov 1864, SCV, 75/3/23; d. 09 Mar 1930, d/o Abner CARDELL, VA & Sally SMITH, VA; John HAYNES, Quarry, VA, inf.; bur. Saltville, VA

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Mary HOGSTON, white female, mar. to Martin HOGSTON, b. 22 Feb 1907(?), 27/-/20; d. 17 Mar 1930, b. Saltville, d/o Edgar POSTON, VA & Olie CHAPMAN, Pleasant Grove, VA; bur. Saltville

WCV, Goodson, Bristol, VA: Susan Rachel HICKS, white female, mar. to A. M. HICKS, b. 02 Aug 1855, 74/7/24; d. 26 Mar 1930, b. TN, d/o Mark MORGAN, TN & Lucreacy TAYLOR, TN; bur. East Hill

WCV, Abingdon, VA: Mary Ann SKEEN, white female, wid., b. 22 Mar 1856, RCV, 74y; d. 02 Mar 1930, d/o Joe PUCKET, RCV & Mary JESSEE, RCV; bur. Sinking Springs Cem.

WCV, Abingdon: Jane GILLEY, white female, wid., no DOB, about 86y; d. 24 Mar 1930, b. VA; parents not known; bur. Bethel

WCV, Glade Spring: O. G. Addison, white male, wid. of Mary A. ADDISON, b. 06 May 1836, RCV, 93/10/11; d. 17 Mar 1930, s/o Thomas ADDISION, RCV & Malinda PAINE, RCV; bur. Snodgrass Cem.

WCV, Holston: William G. PRESTON, white male, mar. to Maggie PRESTON, b. 09 Nov 1852, WCV, 77/4/20; d. 29 Mar 1930, s/o Thomas M. PRESTON, WCV & Evelyn GRAY, WCV; bur. Rock Spring, VA

WCV, Saltville: Vivian May DAVANPORT, white girl, single, b. 08 Mar 1930; d. 08 Mar 1930, d/o Halley B.(R.?) DAVENPORT, VA & Lelar FIELDS, bur. Akers Cem.

WCV, Saltville: George Austin SHEPARD, white male, mar., b. Mar 1861, 63/6/5; d. 28 Mar 1930, b. VA, s/o NK & (blank) SHEPARD, VA; A. G. DUFF, Saltville, VA, inf.; bur. Johny(?); carcinoma of urinary bladder

Wise, Lipps: Prudence DERAFIELD (Derryfield), white female, wid., b. 25 Mar 1841, Wise, 88/9/29; d. 23 Jan 1930, d/o Methas ROBINETTE, VA & Annie WHIT, Ireland; bur. Wise

Wise, Lipps: R. C. G. McCOY, white male, mar. to Lena McCOY, b. 18 Dec 1847, Wise, 82/2/20; d. 10 Mar 1920, s/o W. W. McCOY, VA & Elizabeth COUCH, VA; bur. Flat Woods, VA

Wise, Roberson: Jane MULLINS, white female, wid. of Spencer MULLINS, DOB NK, about 73; d. 24 Mar 1930, b. VA, d/o Basil MULLINS, VA & America BAKER, VA; Blue MULLINS, Pound, VA, inf.

BCV, Knox, Hurley, VA: Bobbie REESE, white male, single, b. 06 Aug 1909, 20/9/9; d. 15 Apr 1930, b. Drayfin, KY, s/o E. S. REESE, Clabon (Claiborne) Co. TN & Kentucky RATLIFF, Draffin, KY

BCV, Hurricane: James B. COLLEY, white male, mar. to Polly COLLEY, b. May 1873, VA, 56/11/25; d. 20 Apr 1930, s/o James H. COLLEY, Dickenson & Cordella OQUINN, VA; bur. Davenport, VA

Lee, White Shoals, Hagan, VA Lucinda ROUSE, white female, wid., b. 1847, VA, 82/6/12; d. 22 Mar 1930, d/o Sylas WOLFE, VA & Elizabeth FARIS, Smith Co. VA

Lee, White Shoals: Benjamin Wilson SHUPE, white male, mar. to Rachel SHUPE, b. 24 Aug 1848, VA, 81/7/23; d. 07 Apr 1930, s/o James SHUPE, VA & Rachel MINK, VA; bur. Callaham Cem.

Lee, Rocky Sta.: Vastine Stickley BANNER, white male, mar. to Mattie Hellen BANNER, b. 03 May 1855, Duffield, Lee (sic: Scott?) Co. VA; d. 14 Apr 1930, s/o David BANNER, RCV & Eliza SMITH, RCV; bur. Banner Cem.

Reel 191

RCV, Elk Garden: Mathew C. MARSHALL, Cedar Bluff, VA, R2, white male, wid. of Lavisa MARSHALL, no DOB, 89y; d. 26 Mar 1930, b. NC, s/o Richard MARSHALL, NC & Susannah WESTMORELAND, NC; bur. Bradshaw Cem.

RCV, Lebanon: Richard PUCKETT, white male. Mar. to Ellen PUCKETT, no DOB, 78y; b. Trappe, RCV; d. 01 Apr 1930, s/o Anthony PUCKETT, NC & Hannah HOLT, NC; bur. West Hill Cem.

SCV, Saltville: Mathew Edward STAMFORTH, white male, mar. to Tillie BEGERLE, b. 21 Dec 1857, 72/2/13; d. 04 Mar 1930, b. England, parents NK

SCV, Marion: James DORITY, white male, wid. of Ruth BURKE DORITY, b. 1852, WCV, s/o John DORITY, WCV & Ruth BURKS, WCV (as written); d. 06 Apr 1930

SCV, Marion: Mrs. Elin CHAPMAN, white female, mar. to William CHAPMAN, b. 18 Oct 1877, 53/7/5; d. 23 Apr 1930, b. WCV, d/o John Ellis SMITH, WCV & Sarah COUNTS, WCV; bur. Saltville; records of SW State Hosp.

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: William CHAPMAN, white male, mar. to Eliza CHAPMAN, b. 23 Feb 1870, 60/1/13; d. 06 Apr 1930, b. Saltville, s/o Isaac CHAPMAN, VA & Sarah MONTGOMERY; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Elizabeth COLLINS, white female, wid. of Abe COLLINS, b. 12 May 1846, Saltville, VA, 83/8/28; d. 10 Apr 1930, d/o John CHAPMAN, NK & NK; Ed COLLINS, Saltville, VA, inf.; bur. Saltville; carcinoma of face (Ed Collins mar. Mary Chapman; daughter Amanda (Mandy) Collins mar. Wm. Delp, s/o Rush & Elizabeth, parents of Lucille Margaret Delp mar. King Whitley Henderson, s/o Wayne Henderson & Leanna (Anna) Snead.)

SCV, Rich Valley: Sarah A. CHAPMAN, white female, wid. of David CHAPMAN, b. 01 Mar 1844, 86/3/1, d. 20 Apr 1930, b. Greendale, VA; d/o John R. TATE, VA & Nancy VANCE, VA; John R. CHAPMAN, Saltville, Inf.; bur. Saltville; fracture of femur

TCV, Maiden Spring: Isabell WHITE, white female, wid., b. BCV, 17 Feb 1855, 75/1/26; d. 23 Apr 1930, d/o John PECK, VA & Rachel SHORT, Carle (Carroll) Co. VA; bur. Short Cem.

WCV, Abingdon: Cynthia Jane GOBBLE, white female, wid., no DOB, about 76y; d. 25 Feb 1930, b. VA, d/o Geo. W. CUNNINGHAM, VA & Martha KESTNER, VA; E. W. GOBBLE, Inf.; bur. Sinking Springs Cem.

WCV, Goodson: David TRANBARGER, white male, wid., b. 31 Jul 1842, WCV, 87/7/14; d. 14 Mar 1930, s/o David TRANBARGER, GE & Barbara HARTSOCK, no inf.; bur. Booher Cem.

WCV, Goodson, Bristol, VA: W. C. WHITAKER, white male, wid., no DOB, 79/6/-; d. 30 Mar 1930, b. VA, s/o Calvin WHITAKER, VA & Martha E. WHITAKER, WCV; bur. Bristol, TN

WCV, Holston, Konnarock: Elizabeth BLEVINS, white female, wid. of Lee Ander (Leander) BLEVINS, b. 18 Dec 1844, Grayson Co. VA, 82/2/29; d. 17 Mar 1930, d/o John BLEVINS, NC & Polly CALDWELL, NC

WCV, Holston: John McCONKEY CALDWELL, white male, wid., b. WCV, 05 Jan 1835, 95/2/16; d. 21 Mar 1930, s/o John S. CALDWELL, WCV & Margaret McCONKEY, TN

WCV, Abingdon: Barbare C. HAYTER, white female, mar. to W. M. HAYTER, no DOB, about 46y; d. 11 Apr 1930, b. VA, d/o I.(?) W. COLLEY, VA & Anne E. RYAN, VA; bur. Hayter Gr. Yd.

WCV, Saltville: Uriah M. LESTER, white male, mar. to Mary Elizabeth, b. 10 May 1859, WCV, 70/11/1; d. 09 Apr 1930, s/o David LESTER, WCV & (blank) CASTER (Carter?), WCV; bur. Old Glade

WCV, Glade Spring: Robert Taylor MOORE, white male, mar., b. 11 Aug 1880, WCV, 49/7/28; d. 09 Apr 1930, s/o W. P. MOORE, VA & Nellie MURDOCK, VA; bur. Emory, VA

WCV, Glade Spring: William Smith, col. Male, wid. of Sarah SMITH, DOB NK, about 70y; d. 13 Apr 1930, b. WCV, s/o Andy SMITH, WCV & Sallie CALOWAY, WCV; bur. Blacksburg, VA

WCV, Saltville: Walter MEAD, col. Male, wid. of Nerah MEAD, DOB NK, about 80y; d. 22 Apr 1930, POB, NK, s/o Zed MEAD, NK & NK; George W. FULLEN, Saltville, inf.; bur. Meadowview, VA

WCV, Saltville: Hester LOCKETT, black female, wid., b. 17 Nov 1852, Meadowview, VA, 77/4/21; d. 07 Apr 1930, d/o Joseph CALLIVER, VA & Amanda BROWN, VA; bur. Meadowview

WCV, Clinchburg, VA: Joseph B. TAYLOR, white male, single, b. 19 Mar 1930, 15d; d. 03 Apr 1930, s/o Joe B. TAYLOR, Saltville & Bessie K. PRICE, RCV; bur. Clinchburg, VA

WCV, North Fork: Sallie SCOTT, white female, wid. of Mr. (M.?) H. SCOTT, b. 12 Mar 1856, WCV, 74/-/23; d. 05 Apr 1930, d/o Martin GOBBLE, RCV & Mary Ann BUCKLEY, RCV; bur. Counts Cem.

WCV; Collie Hadley CAMPBELL, white male, single, no DOB, about 14; d. 05 Apr 1930, school boy, b. VA, s/o Clarence CAMPBELL, VA & Trinee(?) McNEW; bur. Family Gyd.

Wise Co., Gladeville: Mariah WILLIAMS, white female, single, no DOB, about 75y; d. 24 Apr 1930, b. Wise, d/o David WILLIAMS, VA & Lizzie ROBERTS, VA

BCV, Grundy: Charley LOONEY, white male, mar. to Mahila J. LOONEY, b. 12 Nov 1874, 55/6/7; d. 14 Apr 1930, b. BCV, s/o Daniel LOONEY, Grundy & Amy YATES, Grundy; bur. High Nob Cem.

BCV, Grundy: Rebecca ADKINS, white female, wid. of James ADKINS, no DOB, b. RCV, 84y; d. 02 May 1930, d/o John ANDERSON, RCV & Millie ANDERSON, RCV; bur. Anderson Cem.

BCV, Garden: Jones KEEN, white male, mar. to Salina KEEN, DOB UNK, 78y; d. 12 May 1930, b. BCV, s/o Mathias KEEN, BCV & Thursia KEEN, NC; bur. Keen Cem.

BCV, Knox: Willis G. BLANKENSHIP, white male, mar. to Rebecca BLANKENSHIP, b. 14 Nov 1845, BCV, 84/6/7/ d. 20 May 1930, s/o Hezekiah BLANKENSHIP, BCV & Bettie STACEY, BCV

BCV, Hurricane; John A. COOK, white male, wid. of Nancy COOK, b. 01 Jul 1846, NC, 82/10/26; d. 27 May 1930, s/o UNK, NC & Jamima COOK, NC

Dickenson Co., Sand Like: J. T. EDWARDS, white male, mar. to Hulban (?), b. 14 Mar 1850, Birchleaf, VA, 90/2/11; d. 25 May 1930, s/o Lewis EDWARDS, Birchleaf & Jane HWELL (Ewell?), Floyd Co. VA

Reel 192

RCV: Edith HORMON (Harman?), white female, wid. of Lee HORMON, b. 1851, 73/?/?; d. not stated, but with April/May deaths, 1930, b. VA, d/o Andy RICHARDSON, VA & Polly STOOTS, VA; bur. East End Cem.

RCV, New Garden: Elizabeth SAMPLES, white female, wid. of Larkin SAMPLES, b. 29 Jun 1840, RCV, 89/10/9; d. 08 May 1930, d/o Harvy STEELE, RCV & Virginia ASBERRY, RCV; Mrs. Allis RATLIFF, Bowlman, KY, inf.; bur. Samples Cem.

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: John B. SANDEFUR, white male, wid. of Cordelia SANDEFER, b. 19 Aug 1860, 69/9/28; d. 17 May 1930, b. Saltville, s/o Sam. M. SANDEFUR, VA & Emeline LEE, VA; bur. Saltville

TCV, Jeffersonville, N. Tazewell: Blanch KESTNER, white female, single, no DOB, 5y; d. 02 May 1930 of cerebral hemorrhage, b. WCV, d/o Walter J. KESTNER, Abingdon, VA & (blank) Lettie (blank), RCV

TCV, Maiden Springs, Richlands, Ollie Etta STINSON DICKENSON, white female, married to W. A. DICKENSON, b. 22 Apr 1891, 39/9/10; d. 06 May 1930, b. Cedar Bluff, VA, d/o A. M. SWINSON, BCV & Maggie RATCLIFF, Richlands, VA; bur. Castlewood, VA

WCV, Bristol, VA: Marvin Jack MOORE, white male, no DOB, 12d old; d. 30 May 1930, b. Bristol, VA, s/o C. J. MOORE, Franklin Co. VA & Myrtle HOCKETT, WCV; bur. Bristol

WCV, Glade Spring: Mrs. Louisia RYBURN, white female, wid., b. NK, about 71y; d. 05 May 1930, b. WCV, d/o Samuel STURGEON, WCV & Margaret (blank), WCV; bur. Glade Spring

WCV, Kinderhook, Benhams, VA: Robie W. DYE, white male, single, b. 20 May 1896, 33/11/16; d. 06 May 1930, b. Benhams, VA, s/o G. W. DYE, Benhams & Rebecca HILTON DYE, Benhams, VA; bur. Riverview, VA

WCV, North Fork, Holston: James KEITH, white male, widow of Creecy KEITH, no DOB, 85y; d. 04 May 1930, b. WCV, s/o Burel (Burwell) KEITH, Smyth Co. VA & Nancie BELL, VA; bur. Family Grave

Wise, Lipps: P. M. HORNE, white male, wid., b. 16 Jan 1846, 84/3/7, b. RCV; d. 22 Apr 1930, s/o Solomen HORNE, RCV & Elizabeth GIBSON, VA

Wise, Gladeville: Martin Van Buren JESSEE, white male, mar. to Lucy M.(K.?) JESSEE, b. 24 Feb 1843, RCV, 86/5/13(or 15?); d. 07 May 1930, s/o Martin V. B. JESSEE, RCV & (blank) PRICE, RCV; Miss Lucy H. JESSEE, Wise, VA, inf.

Wise Co., Virginia City, VA: John TALBUT (Talbert; Talbot), white male, wid. of Jennie TOLBUT, b. 22 Jun 1853, Wise, 76/10/11; d. 03 May 1930, s/o Berry TALBERT, Wise & Jane SALYERS, RCV; bur. Talbut Cem.

BCV, Hurricane, Murphy, VA: Mandy JAMES, white female, mar. to I.(D.?) R. JAMES, b. 19 Mar 1854, BCV, 76/2/22; d. 11 Jun 1930, d/o Fred DEEL, RCV & Levisa FARREL, RCV; bur. Murphy, VA

Dickenson, Kennedy: James W. ROBINSON, white male, mar. to Helen ROBINSON, b. 05 Jul 1867, VA, 62/10/27; d. 02 Jun 1930, s/o Alex. V. ROBINSON, VA & Mary J. RATLIFF, KY; bur. Hibbitts Cem.

RCV, Castlewood, Dante: Mrs. Bessie HERNDON, white female, mar. to Gilmer HERNDON, no DOB, 39y, b. Castlewood, VA; d. 08 Jun 1930, no parents info

Scott, Johnson: George W. DAVIS, white male, mar. to Martha DAVIS, b. 15 Oct 1862, 77/5/8; d. 23 Mar 1930, b. RCV, father UNK (base born); mother: Edith DAVIS, RCV; bur. Nicklesville Cem.

SCV, Marion, SW State Hosp.: William MULLINS, white male, wid. of Malinda MULLINS, b. 14 Sep 1847, Ovenfork(?), KY, 82/8/20; d. 04 Jun 1930, s/o John MULLINS, KY & NK; bur. Big Stone Gap

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Jessie DAVIDSON, white male, single, b. 11 Sep 1905, 24/9/14; d. 25 Jun 1930, Saltville, VA, s/o Chas. DAVIDSON, Saltville, VA & Molly ELLIOTT, Saltville, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Bettie WIX, white female, mar. to Andy WIX, b. 04 May 1860, Saltville, 70/1/1; d. 05 Jun 1930, d/o John ROSS, VA & Sarah HILTON, VA; bur. Saltville

WCV, Glade Spring: Jane Gregory QUESENBERRY, white female, single, b. 02 Sep 1847, 82/9/21; d. 23 Jun 1930, b. Wythe Co., d/o Wm. QUESENBERRY, Floyd Co. VA & Emily Jane SHEPPERD, Pulaski Co.; bur. Rock Spring

WCV, Holston, Damascus: John Martin BURNS, white male, mar. to Mary BURNS, b. 02 May 1840, IL, 90/1/13; d. 15 Jun 1930, s/o Timothy BURNS, IR & Sophia CHADEELL, England; bur. Mock Graveyd.

WCV, Saltville: Virginia Lee REYNOLDS, white female, mar. to William REYNOLDS, b. 15 Sep 1901, 28/8/19, b. VA; d. 05 Jun 1930, d/o T. J. CREWY, SCV & Mary S. DYE, Rockdell, VA; bur. Lilley Cem.

WCV, Plasterco: Elizabeth COX, white female, mar. to J. F. COX, no DOB, about 68y; d. 13 Jun 1930, d/o Richard PRICE, VA & Sallie FULLEN, VA; Taylor COX, Abingdon, VA, inf.; bur. Clinch Burg

WCV, Rich Valley: Martha JOHNSON, white female, wid. of George JOHNSON, b. 01 Jan 1861, WCV; d. 20 Jun 1930, 69/5/20, d/o NK & Priscilla EASTRIDGE, WCV; Joe JOHNSON, Glade Springs, VA, inf.; bur. Meadowview, VA

Wise, Lipps: Ora Alice JESSEE, white female, single, b. 18 Jun 1915, 14/11/15; d. 02 Jun 1930, b. Wise, d/o Wm. JESSEE, RCV & Annie COX, Wythe Co.; bur. Bondtown, VA

Wise, Lipps: William Vinson JESSEE, white male, mar., b. 15 May 1882, 48/1/7; d. 22 Jun 1930, b. RCV, s/o Ed JESSEE, VA & Jane ADDISON, VA; Numie JESSEE, Coeburn, VA, inf.; bur. Bondtown

Wise, Richmond: Earl JESSEE, Roda, VA, white male, mar. to Margaret JESSEE, b. 1906, 26/?/?; d. 23 Jun 1930, b. Scott, s/o Arch JESSEE, RCV & Lythie MEADE, Scott; bur. Scott; right arm crushed off; fractured skull

Wise, Richmond: Thomas J. BAKER, white male, mar. to Mary BAKER, b. 16 Mar 1852, 78y; d. 30 Jun 1930, s/o Jessee BAKER, VA & Delia TATE, VA

Reel 193

Dickenson Co. VA, Clintwood: Winnie DAVIS, white female, mar. to Wiley DAVIS, no DOB, b. VA, 85y; d. 28 Apr 1930, d/o Isaac KILGORE, VA & (blank) BAND (Bond), VA

Lee Co. VA, Rocky Sta.: Amanda JOHNSON, white female, wid., b. 27 Jun 1842, Scott, 88/-/5; d. 02 Jul 1930, d/o Squire FIELDS & NK

RCV, Lebanon: Rachel Jane Haywood PERKINS, white female, wid. of Bill PERKINS, b. 1852, 78/?/?, b. RCV; d. 26 Apr 1930, d/o Joe DENSON (Dennison?), VA & Juda HELTON, VA

RCV, Lebanon: John C. DICKENSON, Jr., white male, wid., b. 15 Mar 1838, 92/?/?, b. VA; d. 01 Jul 1930, s/o John DICKENSON, VA & Fannie ROMSLEY, VA; bur. Temple Hill

RCV, Lebanon: William Robert ROBENSON, white male, single, b. 18 Feb 1916, 14/5/2/ d. 20 Jul 1930, b. RCV, s/o L. B. ROBINSON, RCV & Lena R. JESSIE, RCV

RCV, Elk Garden, Cedar Bluff: James Henry BRADSHAW, white male, mar. to Nellie BRADSHAW, b. 25 Jul 1881, Belfast Mills, VA, 48/11/20; d. 18 Jul 1930, s/o Charles Smith BRADSHAW, Belfast Mills & Mary Douglas STINSON, Belfast Mills, Va. Glenn S. WHITE, Welch WV, inf.; bur. Maple Grove Cem.

SCV, Marion, SW State Hosp.: Mr. Henry LOONEY, white male, mar. to Mrs. Henry LOONEY, no DOB, 58y; d. 21 Jul 1930, s/o Mathias LOONEY, BCV & UNK; bur. Grundy, VA

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Elizabeth Virginia McCREADY, white female, single, b. 29 Aug 1908, 21/10/4/ d. 03 Jul 1930, d/o George McCREADY, Saltville & Eva HOGSTON, Saltville; bur. Saltville

WCV, Goodson, Bristol, VA: William SCOTT, white male, single, no DOB, about 58y; d. 18 Jul 1930, b. VA, s/o Georg SCOTT, VA & Euttccia (as written) KESTNER

Wise, Richmond: John Rutter BISH, white male, mar. to Nannie J. BISH, b. 22 Sep 1846, VA, 83/10/11; d. 03 Jul 1930, s/o G. W. BISH, VA & Rebecca MUNCY, VA; bur., Big Stone Gap

Wise, Richmond, Exeter: Mrs. Rosanna COLLIER, white female, wid. of Steven COLLIER, b. 05 Nov 1847, Wise, 82/8/2; d. 07 Jul 1930, d/o Silas CREECH, Lee & Sarah DALE, Lee; bur. Big Stone Gap

Dickenson Co. VA, Clintwood: Sumpter J. COLLEY, white male, married to Martha COLLEY, no DOB, 64y; d. 04 Aug 1930, b. VA, s/o J. S. COLLEY, VA & (blank) DEEL; bur. Clintwood

Reel 194

SCV, Marion: Ida Francis HENEGAR, white female, div. from Curte G. HENEGAR, no DOB, 30/2/19; d. 15 Aug 1930, b. SCV, d/o N. B. TOTTEN, SCV & Sarah HORTEN (Hortus?); bur. Chatham Hill

TCV, Jefferson: Isaac WICKS (Wix), white male, status NK, b. 25 Dec 1858, WCV, 70/1/18; d. 07 Aug 1900, s/o Edward WILKS, WCV & Mary GUESS, WCV

TCV, Maiden Springs: Elbert Thomas MILLER, white male, mar. to Mrs. Pearl MILLER, b. 23 May 1880, 50/20/15, b. RCV; d. 07 Aug 1900, s/o Patton MILLER, RCV & Emily DYE, RCV; bur. Swordbs Creek

TCV, Maiden Springs: Peggie DYE, white girl, b. 21 Jun 1930; d. 02 Aug 1930, 1m/9d, b. TCV, d/o Arch DYE, RCV & Rosa Mae HAGY, RCV; bur. Dye Cem.

WCV, Abingdon: Martin Franklin ROARK, white male, mar. to Sallie ROARK, no DOB, about 76y; d. 06 Aug 1930, s/o Mickel ROARK, VA & Rebecca MAHALEY

WCV, Abingdon: Francis Marion BROWNING, white male, mar. to Sallie Clark BROWNING, b. 29 Mar 1892, WCV, 38/4/18; d. 17 Aug 1930, s/o Francis Marion BROWNING, WCV & N. V. DICKENSON, RCV; bur. Emory, VA

WCV, Kinderhook: Sarah Kate BAKER, white female, status unclear (wid. or mar.) to Con BAKER, b. 18 Jul 1930(sic), 29/-/26; d. 14 Aug 1930, b. WCV, d/o James NECESSARY, VA & (blank) HENSON; bur. Felty Cem.

BCV, Grundy: William Washington BALDWIN, white male, mar. to Mary E. BALDWIN, b. 23 Nov 1858, 71/10/25; d. 18 Sep 1930, b. VA, s/o Jacob BALDWIN, NC & Orpha G. OSBORNE, TN; bur. Deskins, VA

BCV, Grundy: Mary ELSWICK, white female, wid. of Miles ELSWICK, b. 20 Jul 1850, Conaway, VA, 80/-/-; d. 15 Sep 1930, d/o Joseph LOONEY, Grundy, VA & Vicy CHILDRESS, Grundy, VA; bur. Stiltner Cem. Was burnt.; due to the burning of brush.

BCV, Hurricane: Angeline JACKSON, white female, mar. to Patton JACKSON, b. 16 Nov 1862, VA, 67/9/25; d. 11 Sep 1930, d/o Francis SUTHERLAND, VA & Patton JACKSON; bur. at home

Lee, Yokum: George Washington CAYWOOD, white male, single, b. 20 Sep 1866, Bulls Gap, TN, 64/-/10; d. 30 Sep 1930, s/o John W. CAYWOOD, WCV & Anne SCOTT, WCV; bur. Lee Co. VA

Reel 195

RCV, Castlewood: Tivis J. SMITH, white male, mar., no DOB, 76y; d. 16 May 1930, b. RCV, s/o Geo. J. HARGIS, RCV & Matilda SMITH, RCV. bTivis Smith was in asylum for years. Had no doctor. I understand probably died of old ageb&b (Giles SMITH, Cleveland, VA)

RCV, Lebanon: Mekin Spencer HURT, white male, wid. of Jane HURT, b. 09 Sep 1841, RCV, 89/10/28/ d. 07 Aug 1930; s/o Moses HURT, VA & Mary FLETCHER, RCV; bur. Gilmer Gyd.

RCV, Castlewood: Billie WHITE, white male, child, b. 06 Jun 1930, 1m/36d; d. 02 Aug 1930, b. Castlewood, s/o Earl WHITE, Castlewood & Ruby JESSEE, RCV; bur. Austin Gyd.

RCV, New Garden: Julia DYE, white female, mar. to Geo. DYE, no DOB, 42y; d. 28 Sep 1930, b. BCV, d/o Douglas Southerland, BCV & Rebecca SOUTHERLAND, Colley, VA; bur. Southerland Cem.

Scott, Taylor: Polly FALIN, white female, mar. to Robert FALIN, b. 07 Jun 1836, Church Hill, TN, 94/2/30; d. 05 Sep 1930, d/o Elijah WALTERS, Church Hill, TN & Sally MAWK, Hawkins Co. TN; bur. Jenkins Cem.

SCV, Marion, SW State Hosp.: Darcus DAVIS, white female, wid., no DOB, 86y; d. 14 Sep 1930, b. Lee Co.; parents b. Lee Co. (not named).

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Samuel DAVIDSON, white male, wid. of Biddie DAVIDSON, b. May 1859, 71/4/-; d. 05 Sep 1930, b. Saltville, s/o NK & Lizzie SMITH, Saltville; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Unnamed Baby (HELTON), white boy, b./d. 24 Sep 1930, s/o Wesley HELTON, Saltville & Sybil SMITH, Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Jennie SURBUR (Surber), white female, married to John SURBUR, b. 31 Apr 1888, 42/4/21; d. 21 Sep 1930, b. Saltville, d/o Verline CHAPMAN, WCV & Fonnie HOMES, Saltville; bur. Saltville

WCV, Abingdon: Florence HENDERSON ROBERTSON, white female, wid., no DOB, about 81y; d. 03 Sep 1930, VA, d/o Walter HENDERSON, VA & Elizabeth HAWTHORNE, VA; bur. Sinking Springs

WCV, no dist.: Mrs. Laura Margaret MAIDEN, white female, mar. to C. E. MAIDEN, no DOB, 74/8/-; d. 05 Sep 1930, b. WCV, d/o John L. CALDWELL, WCV & Eliza MAIDEN, Botetot (Botetourt) Co. VA; bur. Greenfield, VA

WCV, Glade Spring: Mr. Eli CHURCH, white male, mar. to Fannie CHURCH, b. 06 Mar 1851, Ash Co. NC, 79y; d. 17 Sep 1930, parents UNK; bur. Glade Spring, VA

WCV, Glade Spring: Charles POOLE, col. Male, mar. to Mary Ann POOLE, b. 07 Mar (no year stated), 89/6/14; d. 21 Sep 1930, b. WCV, s/o Tom POOLE, VA & UNK; bur. Keller Chapel

WCV, Clinchburg: Victoria Bell JOHNSON, white female, mar. to Shade JOHNSON, b. 29 Jan 1871, Saltville, VA, 59/7/9; d. 08 Sep 1930, d/o William GOFF, VA & Sarah COLLIE (Colley), VA; but. Saltville; chronic interstitial nephritis

BCV, Hurricane: William J. COMBS, white male, wid. of Ellen C. WILLIAMS, b. 05 Sep 1848, 82/-/21; d. 26 Sep 1930, b. RCV, s/o Fieldin COMBS, RCV & Sarah SMITH, UNK, bur. Combs Cem.

BCV, Grundy: Mary Jane FULLER, white girl, mar. to H. FULLER, b. UNK 1864, 66y; d. 09 Oct 1930, b. BCV, d/o John MATNEY, BCV & Pollie MATNEY, BCV

BCV, Grundy, Pearly, VA: Polly J. McCLANAHAN, white female, mar. to G. W. McCLANAHAN, dec., b. 08 Oct 1854, KY, 76/-/13; d. 21 Oct 1930, d/o Joel CHURCH, KY & Nancy LANE, KY, bur. Pearly, VA

Dickenson, Willis: David Peer NEWBERRY, white male, wid. of Jane NEWBERRY, no DOB, 77/9/20, b. Franklin Co. VA, father UNK; mother: Onia NEWBERRY, Franklin Co.; bur. Tarpon, VA

Scott, Estillville: C. T. BARKER, white male, mar. to Octavia BARKER, b. 11 Aug 1853, WCV, 77/1/25; d. 06 Oct 1930, s/o Wm. BARKER, WCV & Sarah SPROLES, WCV, bur. Mendota

SCV, Saltville: Viola May SHEPARD, white female, mar. to John SHEPARD, b. 25 Apr 1900, 30/4/2, b. Saltville; d. 16 Sep 1930, d/o J. B. McCREADY, VA & Margaret LITTLE, Saltville; bur. Broadford, VA

SCV, Marion: SW State Hosp.: Robert F. FARNSWORTH, white male, wid. of Callie FARNSWORTH, b. 1860, SCV, 70y; d. 03 Oct 1930, father UNK, SCV & Callie WEBB, SCV; bur. SWS Hosp.

TCV, Maiden Spring: Ilar Wilson GRIFFITH, white female, mar. to Beary GRIFFITH, b. 19 Oct 1911, RCV, 19/11/20; d. 09 Oct 1930, d/o Arthur WILSON, NC & Rena DYE, RCV; bur. San(w?)kins Cem.

TCV, Maiden Springs: Glen Richard WHITE, white male, single, b. 08 Sep 1907, 23/1/7 miner, b. RCV; d. 15 Oct 1930, crushed in slate fall in mine; s/o W. J. WHITE, Pounding Mill, TCV & Ann-dy(?) ROBINET, RCV

WCV, Abingdon: Joseph Melvin BUTT, white male, mar. to Fannie BUTT, b. WCV, 29 Oct 1846, 84/-/1; d. 30 Oct 1930, s/o Reynell BUTT, Botetot (Botetourt) Co. VA & Sura BONDURANT, Franklin Co. VA

WCV, Saltville: Liza COOK, white female, wid. of Sam COOK, b. 01 Dec 1857, 72/10/13; d. 14 Oct 1930, b. RCV, d/o William MUSSLEWHITE, Saltville & Margaret McCLOUD, Gracon (Grayson) Co. VA; bur. Clinchburg, VA

WCV, North Fork: Rebecca BOWMAN, white female, wid. of Elijah BOWMAN, b. 12 Dec 1859, WCV, 70/9/16; d. 08 Oct 1930, d/o James KENEDY, WCV & Unity CRABTREE, WCV, bur. Crabtree Cem.

Wise, Lipps: James M. HICKS, white male, mar., b. RCV, 14 Jun 1847, 83/3/16; pauper; d. 30 Sep 1930, s/o Geo. HICKS, RCV & Rebecca HICKS, VA; bur. Bondtown, VA

Reel 196

BCV, Hurricane: Celia COMPTON, white female, mar. to Fielding COMPTON, b. 09 Jan 1872, RCV, d. 29 Nov 1939, 58/10/19, d/o Tobe (Lobe?) JACKSON, RCV & Lita MUSICK, Mingo Co. WV; bur. Compton Cem.

BCV, Grundy: Slemp NICKLES, white male, single, b. 10 Jun 1919, Grundy, 20/5/8; d. 18 Nov 1930, d. TB, s/o L. W. NICKLES, Grundy & Bessie RATLIFF, Grundy; bur. Van Sant, VA

BCV, Garden, VanDyke, VA: Lettieshie KEEN, white female, mar. to James L. KEEN, b. 22 Sep 1843, 87/2/2; d. 24 Nov 1930, b. BCV, d/o Dsaw (as written) DIKES, BCV & Abil Gill (Abigail) MATNEY, BCV; bur. Sisk Cymetarry (Cem.)

Lee, Yokum Sta.: Daniel Bryan JACKSON, white male, wid. of Nancy Ann JACKSON, b. 01 Nov 1857, VA; d. 04 Nov 1930, s/o Addison JACKSON, WCV & UNK

Scott, Dekalb: W. H. VERMILLION, white male, wid., b. 30 Sep 1845, RCV, 85/1/26; d. 26 Nov 1930, s/o John H. VERMILLION, RCV & Nancy DAINGTON (Arington?)

Scott, Fulkerson: Elisha P. KENNEDY, white male, wid., b. 30 Aug 1848, WCV, 82/2/3; d. 01 Nov 1930, s/o Mark KENNEDY, WCV & Susan QUNLIN (Quinlin?), NK; bur. Hilton Sta., VA

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville, white male, single, b. 09 Sep 1929, 1/2/5; d. 14 Nov 1930, b. Saltville, s/o Jim HOGSDEN (Hogston), Saltville & Myrtle KESTNER, WCV; bur. Saltville; malnutrition; anemia

SCV, Saltville: Mary FULLEN, white female, mar. to Warren FULLEN, b. 07 Feb 1896, 34/9/18; d. 25 Nov 1930, b. Saltville, d/o Will PUCKETT, VA & Sallie WYRICK, VA; Warren FULLEN, inf.; bur. Saltville

WCV, Goodson, Bristol: Mrs. W. T. TALLEY, white female, mar. to W. T. TALLEY, no DOB, about 60y; d. 28 Oct 1930, t. BN, d/o (blank) FARRIS, NK & Hanna SAULS, TN; bur. Mt. View

WCV, Kinderhook: Mary Elizabeth LARGE, white female, (mar. to) Elcena LARGE, b. WCV, 1855, 74/0/0; d. 31 Oct 1930, d/o Jim DICKENSON, WCV & Sarah BROWNIE (as written), WCV; bur. Larges Cem.

WCV, Goodson, Bristol, Wallace, VA: Jno. M. HAYDEN, white male, wid., b. about 1843, VA, 87y; d. 03 Nov 1930, parents NK

WCV, Holston: Sarah J. WRIGHT, white female, wid., b. 06 Nov 1842, 88y; d. 06 Nov 1930, b. WCV, d/o Isaac R. McCUAWIN (McKewen; McQuown?), VA & Mary K. BERRY, VA

WCV, Saltville: Hiram ASTROP (Aistrop), white male, wid. of Martha ASTROP, b. 5 Oct 1858, 72/-/29; d. 14 Nov 1930, b. WCV, s/o Andrew J. ASTROP, VA & Malinda HENDERSON, VA; J. O. ASTROP, Saltville, Rt. 2, inf.; bur. Saltville. bHe had been an invalid for 2 years; his mind was bad & general debility, senility, etc.b

WCV, North Fork: Mattie TAYLOR, white female, wid. of A. TAYLOR, no DOB, about 32y; d. 21 Nov 1930, b. VA, d/o Vince (Deuce? Dence?) TAYLOR, VA & Mary GOBBLE; Henry SHORT, Abingdon, Rt. 3, inf.; bur. Short Gvyd.

Reel 197

RCV, Lebanon: John Ross HUGHES, white male, wid. of Alice HUGHES, no DOB, 63y; d. 05 Dec 1930, b. RCV, s/o Giles HUGHES, RCV & Lucinda BOWMAN, RCV

RCV, Castlewood: Cathrin CARROLL, white female, wid., b. 1843, NC, 87/7/5; d. 23 Dec 1930, d/o Jessy GREEAR (Greeer), NC & Elizabeth CHURCH; bur. Skeen Gvyd.

RCV, Castlewood: Mrs. Carrie Belle JESSEE, white female, mar. to N. T. JESSEE, no DOB, 59y; d. 23 Dec 1930, b. RCV, d/o Martin JESSEE, RCV & Mary JONE (Jones?), VA; bur. Jessee Cem.

RCV, Copper Creek, Castlewood: Mary STURGILL, white female, mar. to S. S. STERGILL, b. 14 Dec 1859, Wise, 71/0/0; d. 14 Dec 1920, d/o Noah FULLER, Wise & Cyhnthia (Cynthia) JESSEE, Wise

RCV, Moccasin: Nancy C. WOLFE, white female, wid., b. 08 Jul 1854, RCV, 76/5/26; d. 04 Dec 1930, d/o Robert LASLEY, Hawkins Co. TN & Mary WARD, Tazewell Co. VA

SCV, Saltville: Charles CAHILL, white male, wid. of Mary A. CAHILL, b. 27 Nov 1859, Saltville, 71/0/28; d. 25 Dec 1930, s/o Patrick CAHILL, VA & Rebecca HENEGER, VA; bur. Saltville

TCV, Clearfork, Bluefield: Cora Lee SMITH, white female, wid. of Patsy SMITH, no DOB, 60/4(crossed out?)/24; d. 13 Dec 1930, b. VA; d/o Charlie KIMBERLTON, UNK & Charity RATLIFF; bur. Bluefield

WCV, Clinchburg: John William PIERCE, white male, single, b. 09 Oct 1930, Clinchburg, VA; 29d; d. 07 Nov 1930, s/o Andy PIERCE, VA & Nannie V. DYE, VA; bur. Clinchburg

WCV, Abingdon; Mary Isavell HINES, white female, mar. to R. A. HINES, b. 09 Sep 1957, 73/3/-; d. 09 Dec 1930, b. Abingdon, d/o Jno. ANDERSON, VA & Catherine BROWNLOW, TN; bur. Abingdon

WCV, Abingdon: Phillip H. KESTNER, Alms House, white male, married, no DOB, about 80y; parents NK; d. 08 Dec 1930 of chronic interstitial nephritis; bur. Alms House; R. L. THAYER, Abingdon, VA, inf.

WCV, Abingdon: Eula Marie HOCKETT, white female, single, b. 26 May 1927, 3/5/-; d. 26 Dec 1930, b. Meadowview, d/o Rolph N. HOCKETT, Meadowview & Mabelle GREGORY, Meadowview; bur. Greenfield Cem.

WCV, Saltville: Garnett F. DUFF, white male, single, b. 03 Dec 1930; 12d; d. 15 Dec 1930, b. Saltville, s/o Carl A. DUFF, Saltville & Dorthy CUDDY, Saltville; bur. Saltville; premature birth

WCV, North Fork: James Harvey PATRICK, white male, wid. of Sallie PHELPS, b. 12 Jul 1850, RCV, 90/5/16; d. 28 Dec 1930, s/o John S. PATRICK, Giles Co. & Susanner TAYLOR, Russell Co.; Lonnie G. PATRICK, Holston, VA, inf.

Delayed deaths:

WCV, North Fork: Lucinda E. COUNTS, Holston, white female, mar. to J. O. COUNTS, b. 17 Oct 1852, 77/1/27; d. 14 Dec 1930, b. WCV, d/o Edward KETCHUM, WCV & Martha HILL, WCV; bur. Counts Cem.

BCV, Grundy: Richard RATLIFF, white male, mar. to Lissie RATLIFF, b. 1847, VA, 83y; d. 03 Dec 1930, s/o Richard RATLIFF, KY & UNK; Lissie RATLIFF, Grundy, VA, inf. bur. Grundy; d. of septicemia & old age. bCut on leg became infectedb& was cutting wood and axe glanced and cut and bruised legbb&

Dickenson, Willis: Elcaine (Elcana) HILL, white male, mar. to Millie BARTLEY, no DOB, 83/6/23; d. 16 Oct 1930, b. WCV, s/o Jepthia HILL, VA & Nancy HYTER (Hayters), VA; Jesse HILL, Hayne, VA; bur. Willis Cem.

Dickenson, no dist.: A. H. ELKINS, white male, mar., b. 28 Dec 1850, Sullivan Co. TN, 80y; d. 26 Dec 1930, s/o Daniel M. ELKINS, TN & Eliza H. MILLIARD, TN; bur. Herald, VA

WCV, Tumbling Cove,: Eula Lucrettia Vaughn Irine PRICE, white female, b. 1931 (sic?), one year & 22 days old; d. 22 Aug 1930, b. Saltville, WCV, d/o Ira B. PRICE, RCV & Sallie Francis BORDWINE, RCV; bur. Tumbling Creek, VA

Reel 197 (more)

Dickenson, no dist.: Martha BUCHANAN, white female, wife of S. P. BUCHANAN, no DOB, 82y; d. 30 Dec 1930, b. VA, d/o Kelly KEEL, VA & (blank) VANOVER, NC

Dickenson Co. VA, Clintwood: Emily LONG (Lang?), white female, mar. to J. H. LONG, no DOB, 83y; d. 25 Dec 1930, d/o (blank) DOTSON, VA & Nancy ROBINSON, VA

Lee, Rocky Sta., Woodway: Rebecca M. GARRETT POTEET, white female, mar. to Mode POTEET, b. 16 Nov 1887, Lee, 42/6/8; d. 24 May 1930, d/o Jas. A. GARRETT, Lee & Mary J. HYDEN (Hyder?), Lee; bur. York Cem.

RCV, New Garden: Lydia CRABTREE, white female, mar. to Geo. CRABTREE, no DOB, 73y; d. 30 Dec 1930, b. RCV, d/o Alvin MUSICK, RCV & Chaney KISER, RCV

RCV, Cleveland: Alma Lee ASTROP (Aistrop), white female, b. 06 Jul 1927, 3/4/27; d. 04 Dec 1930, d/o Grover ASTROPE, VA & Lizzie CRABTREE, VA

RCV, Castlewood: Mrs. Carrie Belle JESSEE, white female, mar. to M. T. JESSEE, no DOB, 59y; d. 23 Dec 1930, b. RCV, d/o Martin JESSEE, RCV & Mary Jane (blank), VA; bur. Jessee Cem.

RCV, Copper Creek, Castlewood: Mary STERGILL, white female, mar. to S. S. STERGILL, b. 14 Dec 1859, Wise, 71/0/0; d. 14 Dec 1930, d/o Noah FULLER, Wise & Cynthia JESSEE, Wise

RCV, Moccasin: Nancy C. WOLFE, white female, wid., b. 08 Jul 1854, 76/5/26, b. RCV; d. 04 Dec 1930, d/o Robert LASLEY, Hawkins Co. TN & Mary WARD, TCV

Reel 198

BCV, Grundy: Jane STANLEY, white female, wid. of W. B. STANLEY, b. NK, 95y; d. 07 Jan 1931, b. NC; parents NK; bur. Dill Cem.

BCV, Grundy: Hassell RATLIFF, white male, single, b. 25 Jun 1915, 15/6/22; d. 17 Jan 1931, b. BCV, s/o James RATLIFF, BCV & Ora STILTNER, BCV; bur. Poplar Creek

BCV, Grundy: William MATNEY, white male, wid. of Celia MATNEY decd., b. Donbt know, about 75y; d. 09 Jan 1931, b. BCV, s/o Walter MATNEY, VA & Betty FIELDS, VA; bur. Nichles Cem.

Dickenson, no dist.: Linda FIELDS, white female, wid. of Charles FIELDS, no DOB, 83/8/12; d. 12 Jun 1931, by KY, d/o Elishie HAWKINS, NC & Sallie HAWKINS, NC

Dickenson, Co.: John BROWNING, white male, wid., no DOB, 88y; d. 22 Jan 1931, b. VA, s/o Jessie BROWNING, VA & Mary Ann STINSON, Lebanon, VA; bur. Clintwood, VA; d. of paralysis

RCV, Elk Garden: Charles A. SWORD, white male, mar. to Ellen D. SWORD, b. 27 Oct 1879, 51/3/-; d. 27 Jan 1931, b. RCV, s/o Nathan SWORD, RCV & Nannie JONES(?), RCV; bur. Boyd Gyd.

RCV, New Garden: Ensley W. BALL, white male, mar. to Anie BALL, b. 08 Jun 1869, RCV, 72/8/12; d. 20 Jan 1931, s/o Alfred HALL, NC & Anie WHITT, RCV

SCV, Marion, SW State Hosp.: Nelson MOORE, white male, single, b. 29 Nov 1908, 28/-/-; d. 21 Jan 1931, b. WCV, s/o David MOORE, Meadowview, WCV & Rachel LANGLEY (Longley), WCV; pneumonia

SCV, Marion, SW State Hosp.: David W. LYTTLE, white male, wid., b. 11 May 1869, RCV, 61y; d. 07 Jan 1931, s/o John LYTTLE, TN & Nancy COOPER, RCV; bur. Coeburn, VA

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Nancy Belle ALLISON, white female, mar. to Daniel ALLISON, DOB NK, estimated 61y; d. 20 Jan 1930, d/o Patrick CORCORAN, IR & Mary HENEGER, VA; bur. Saltville

TCV, Jeffersonville: Condenne REMENES, white female, wife of Chapman REMINES, b. 01 Mar 1870, 60/7/14; d. 12 Jan 1931, b. Giles Co., d/o Solomon SCOTT, UNK & Julia RATCLIFF, Giles Co.

TCV, Maiden Spring, Richlands: Benjamin F. MORGAN, white male, mar. to Eliza MORGAN, b. 12 Aug 1854, Saltville, VA, 76/4/26; d. 09 Jan 1931, s/o Henry L. MORGAN & Mariar POSTUN (Maria Poston), SCV; bur. Richlands, VA; injury from car wreck

WCV, Goodson, Bristol, VA: H. H. KAYLOR, white male, mar. to Laura A., no DOB, 73y; d. 13 Jan 1931, b. WCV, s/o Thomas KAYLOR, WCV & Sallie FULLN (as written), WCV; bur. Mendota, VA; Mrs. H. H. KAYLOR, inf.

WCV, Goodson, Bristol, VA: Martha Ellen PAUL, white female, wid. of J. F. POUL (as written), b. 1831, 91y; d. 24 Jan 1931, b. VA, d/o Henry FELTY, VA & Abbie WHITAKER, VA; bur. Hartsock Cem.

WCV, Abingdon: Amanda RICHARDS, white female, wid. of Amos RICHARDS, b. 07 Nov 1852, WCV, 78y; d. 21 Jan 1931, d/o Anderson COLLINS, WCV & Rachel GRAY (Grace in another entry elsewhere in deaths), WCV; bur. Family Cem.

WCV, Glade Spring: Ruth E. BOYD, white female, wid. of Perry BOYD, b. 19 Mar 1838, VA, 92/9/29; d. 17 Jan 1931, d/o Thomas GROGAN, VA & Mary Ann CLIFFTON, England; bur. Smyth Chapel

WCV, Goodson, Abingdon: Alice Frances TALBERT, white female mar. to Wesley T. TALBERT, b. 04 Feb 1865, 65/11/8; d. 12 Jan 1931, d/o Thomas T. HENDRICKS, RCV & Katherine FLEENOR, WCV; bur. Green (?) Sprs. Cem.

WCV, Holston: Margaret A. WRIGHT, white female, wid., b. 03 May 1848, 82/8/27; d. 30 Jan 1931, WCV, d/o John ROE, WCV & Suana McGEE, WCV; bur. Wrightbs Chaple

WCV, Kinderhook: James MOORE, white male, wid. of (not given), b. 1825, 105y, d/o Frankey MOORE, WCV & Jane HUSS (or HURR), WCV; Wm. MOORE, Benhams, inf.; bur. Hobbs Cem.

WCV, Saltville: Albert Lee HURLEY, white male, single, b. 15 May 1920, 10/8/1; d. 16 Jan 1931, b. WCV, s/o John B. HURLEY, SCV & Callie HOWEL, NC; bur. Hurleybs Cem.

WCV, Meadowview: Henry HELTON, white male, wid. of Annie HELTON, b. 20 Mar 1841, 89/9/24; d. 14 Jan 1931, b. WCV, parents not known; Don HILTON, Saltville, VA, inf.; bur. Meadowview, VA; atherosclerosis

Reel 199

BCV: Stella RATLIFF, white female, single, b. 17 Jun 1930, -/8/7; d. 4 Feb 1931, b. BCV, d/o Miles L. RATLIFF, BCV & Artia ELSWICK, BCV

Lee, Jonesville, Blackwater: W. T.(Y.?) GILLLY, white male, wid. of Martha GILLEY, b. 24 Mar 1854, VA, 76/10/25; d. 17 Feb 1931, s/o John B. GILLY, VA & Polly HUFF, not given

RCV, Lebanon: Lilbun Gale TIGNOR, white male, mar. to Mary Jane TIGNOR, 25 Dec 1858, 72/-/12; d. 06 Jan 1931, b. RCV, s/o Manuel TIGNOR, RCV & Francis MONK, VA (RCV 1850c, HH793)

RCV, New Garden, Swords Creek: American (as stated) Elizabeth GIBSON, white female, mar. to J. W. A. GIBSON, b. 08 Jun 1870, 60/8/14; d. 22 Feb 1931, d/o E. K. JESSEE, RCV & (blank) SMITH, RCV; bur. Clark Cem.

RCV, New Garden: Frank M. WHITE, white male, single, b. 25 Apr 1866; 74/9/21; d. 18 (as stated) Feb 1931, b. TCV, s/o Osborn WHITE, TCV & Mary E. WINGO, TCV; bur. McGraw Cem.

RCV, Castlewood: Mary Edna Malissie KEITH, mixed (female), married to Harry DUN, no DOB, 28/4/1; d. 15 Feb 1931, b. RCV, d/o Nath KEITH, RCV & Cleo KEITH, RCV; bur. home gyd.

SCV, Marion: Harvey Winston UMBERGER, white male, wid. of Margaret Elizabeth CATRON, b. 09 Mar 1844, Wythe, 86/11/6; d. 15 Feb 1931, s/o Joseph UMBARGER, Wythe & Mary CATRON, Wythe

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville, VA: Elbert W. WALLS, white male, single, b. 09 Feb 1931; d. 09 Feb 1931, s/o Fred D. WALLS, Rural Retreat, VA & May CALL, Saltville; bur. Saltville

TCV, Maiden Springs, Raven: Charley CORDELL (Caudle), white male, mar. to Arilda CARDELL, b. 1869, TCV, 61/?/?; d. 13 Feb 1931, s/o Paris CARDELL, TCV & Eliza RATLIFF, TCV; bur. Doean(?)

WCV, Goodson, Bristol, VA: A. W. ROBERTS, white male, wid., no DOB, about 79y; d. 08 Feb 1931, b. TN, s/o Dr. J. M. ROBERTS, TN & Lucinda BLEVINS, TN

WCV, Glade Spring: Martha Jane RATCLIFFE, white female, mar. to John RATCLIFFE, b. 09 Sep 1857, TCV, 73/4/-; d. 06 Feb 1931, d/o David STUMP, TCV & donbt know; Mrs. Walter RATCLIFFE, Inf.; bur. Old Glade Spring Cem.

WCV, Saltville: Ulla June JOHNSON, white female, single, b. 11 Aug 1927, 3/6/12; d. 22 Feb 1931, b. WCV, d/o W. B. JOHNSON, KY & Isabelle PUCKETT, RCV; bur. Saltville

WCV, Saltville: Mike MITCHEL, white male, wid. of Ellen MITCHEL, no DOB, about 75y; d. 05 Feb 1931, b. WCV, s/o Hiram MITCHEL, NC & Nancy HALL, NC; bur. Saltville

WCV, North Fork, Holston: Newton W. MANN, white male, mar. to Mollie L. MANN, about 82y; d. 01 Feb 1931, b. VA, s/o Henry MANN, VA & (blank) HAYTER; bur. Holston, VA

Wise, Lipps: Lula PLASTER, white female, wid., b. 09 Apr 1846, 84/9/28, RCV; d. 07 Feb 1931, d/o John GRAY, VA & Lucy WILLIAMS, VA (Only RCV 1850c, HH902?)

Wise, Richmond, BSG: Elizabeth L. JESSEE, white female, wid. of F. B. JESSEE, b. 18 Sep 1864, 66/4/24; d. 09 Feb 1931, b. VA, d/o Edward KELLY, VA & Louisa KELLY, RCV

Reel 200

BCV, Grundy, Maxie, VA: Ilene RATLIFFE, white girl, b. 17 Jun 1930, -/8/7; d. 24 Feb 1931, b. BCV, d/o Miles L. RATTLIFFE, Hanger(?), VA & Artia RATIFFE (as written), BCV; bronchopneumonia

BCV, Grundy: Luisa CLEVENGER, white female, wid. of Taylor CLEVENGER, no DOB, about 90y; d. 16 Mar 1931, b. Dickenson, d/o Bill LITTLE, Pike Co. KY & Nancy CRABTREE, Pike Co. KY; bur. Maxie, VA

BCV, Grundy: Elizabeth FIELDS, white female, mar. to Lilburn FIELDS, no DOB, 77/-/6; d. 19 Mar 1931, b. BCV, d/o William BOOTH, BCV & Booth (as written) LEE, BCV

BCV, Garden: Mary Elizabeth LOONEY, white female, mar. to H. N. LOONEY, b. 16 Apr 1879, 51/9/16; d. 22 Mar 1931, b. BCV, d/o Mathias KEEN, BCV & Malinda Van DYKE, BCV; bur. Hanger, VA

BCV, Hurricane: Cornelius BALL, white male, mar. to Anne BALL, b. 26 Aug 1836, VA, 94/6/28; d. 24 Mar 1931, s/o George BALL, VA & Kath HESS, VA

Dickenson, Sand Lick: Thomas K. COLLEY, white male. Mar. to Unicy COLLEY, b. 04 Apr 1855, VA, 75/10/17; d. 26 Feb 1931, s/o Jashuaway (Joshua) COLLEY, BCV & Didema COLLEY?, BCV; bur. Birchleaf, VA

Lee, No Dist.: Sallie L. GARRIETT (Garrett), white female, wid. of George GARRIETT, b. 19 Jun 1856, 74/8/11; d. 01 Mar 1931, b. Lee, d/o Charles E. HOBBS, KY & Mary FORBES, KY; bur. Barker Gyd. (Note: Jane Snead & Thomas Garrett are said to have had a son, George.)

Lee, Rocky Sta., St. Charles: America JESSEE, white female, mar. to Johnson JESSEE, b. 04 Sep 1871, Lee, 58/6/7; d. 11 Mar 1931, d/o Elbert MILLS, Lee & donbt know; bur. St. Charles

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Margaret Ann SHANNON, white female, single, b. 19 Jan 1847, SCV, 84/1/13; d. 02 Mar 1931, d/o Charles SHANNON, VA & Betsy McDONALD, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: James D. McCREADY, white male, single, b. 06 Apr 1913, 18/11/19; d. 25 Mar 1931, b. Saltville, s/o George McCREADY, Saltville & Dora HOGSTON, Saltville; bur. Saltville

TCV, Clear Fork: John HOGSTON, white male, mar. to Nancy HOGSTON, b. 03 Jan (no year stated), 82/2/21; d. 24 mar 1931, b. WCV, s/o Frank HOGSTON, Saltville, VA & Sarah Elizabeth HOGSTON, Saltville; bur. Falls Mills, VA (See 1860c, RCV for Frank Hogston & wife, Ann(e) Athey & family.)

TCV, Maiden Spring: John Parke ELKINS, white male, wid., b. 10 Jul 1856, RCV, 74/8/18; d. 28 Mar 1931, s/o Tom HALE, RCV & Mandy ELKINS, RCV

WCV, Goodson, Bristol: Charles William MYERS, white male, wid., b. 14 Sep 1849, VA, 82/5/25; d. 12 Mar 1931, s/o John MYERS, GE & Josephine SEAGLE, Wythe; bur. Rural Retreat

WCV, Abingdon: Henry Hopkins JESSEE, white male, mar. to Mary Ellen JESSIE, b. 31 Jan 1855, RCV, 76/1/12; d. 13 Mar 1931, s/o Timothy JESSIE, RCV & Mary Jane FULLER, RCV; bur. Greenfield, VA

WCV, Glade Spring: Andrew FULLEN HORNE, white male, mar. to Laura L. HORNE, b. 14 Nov 1856, WCV, 74/3/19; d. 03 Mar 1931, s/o John E. HORNE, WCV & Mary B. FULLEN, WCV, bur. Glade Spring

WCV, Glade Spring, Meadowview: Joseph GREER, white male, mar. b. TN, 17 May, 1878, 52/10/3; d. 20 Mar 1931, s/o George GREER, TN & Eliza CAWOOD, TN; bur. Emory

WCV, Holston: Mrs. Rosa THOMAS, white female, wid., b. 15 Feb 1850, 81/1/11(28 also written); d. 26 Mar 1931, b. WCV, d/o James A. WIDNER, WCV & Mary J. KETCHUM, WCV; bur. Pleasant ---

WCV, Kinderhook, Mendota: Nora V. DYE, white female, mar. to Claude Johnson DYE, b. 17 Mar 1901, 20/0/9; d. 24 Mar 1931, b. VA, d/o T. H. SHEPPARD, VA & Mollie FLEENOR, VA; bur. Pine Grove

WCV, Kinderhook: John W. COX, white male, mar., b. 19 Oct 1850, NC, 80/4/16; d. 05 Mar 1931, s/o J. W. COX, NC & Mary J. CUNNINGHAM, NC; bur. Fuller Hill Cem.

WCV, Saltville: Ralph POSTON, white male, single, b. 06 May 1930; d. 01 Mar 1931, -/9/20, b. Plasterco, s/o Roy POSTON, Saltville & Maude RICHMOND, Saltville, bur. Saltville

Wise, Gladeville: Frank BURK, white male, single, no DOB, 66y, b. Lee; d. 18 Mar 1931, parents NK

Wise, Lipps: Anna Mae BRYANT, Laura, VA, white female, mar. to C. E. BRYANT, b. 10 Apr 1898, VA, 31/10/27; d. 09 Mar 1931, d/o Henry BOARDWINE, Benham, VA & Amelia WILSON, Wallace, VA

Wise, Richmond: Mrs. Venice HOBBS, white female, wid. of Tyss HOBBS, b. Aug 1883, Wise, 48/7/-; d. 07 Mar 1931, d/o Harvey Nelson WELLS, Wise & Louisa RATLIFF, BCV

Reel 201

BCV, Hurricane: James Ransom JOHNSON, white male, mar. to Rosa JOHNSON, b. 24 Apr 1854, Council, VA, 76/10/2; d. 26 Feb 1931, s/o Samuel JOHNSON, UNK & Mary HARRIS, Council, VA; bur. Johnson Cem.

BCV, Grundy: Preston MULLINS, white male, mar. to Lucie(?) BAKER, b. 10 Aug 1841, 89/8/13; d. 23 Apr 1931, b. BCV, s/o Bill MULLINS & Susie MULLINS, BCV

BCV, Knox: Louvicie RIFE, white female, wid. of James RIFE, no DOB, 74y; d. 28 Apr 1931, b. KY, s/o Haseie(?) ELKINS, KY & Polly PHIPPS, KY; bur. Lester Fork on 29 Apr 1931

Dickenson, Sand Lick, Murphy, VA: Silas DEEL, white male, mar. to Armelda (OWENS) DEEL, DOB NK, about 84y; d. 13 Apr 1931, b. BCV, s/o Frederick DEEL, BCV & Vicey FERRALL, RCV; S. J. T. POWERS, Colley, VA, Inf.; bur. Murphy, VA

Lee, Rocky Sta.: Thomas LAWSON, white male, wid., b. 25 Jan 1847, Lee, 84/2/0; d. 25 Mar 1931, s/o Stokley LAWSON, TN & Tilda ASH, Scott

Lee, Yokum: Mary DUFF GILBERT, white female, wid., b. about May 1848, 83y; d. 20 Apr 1931, b. Lee, d/o Joe DUFF, Lee & Emeline DAY, Harlan, KY

Scott, Floyd: Peter GIBSON, white male, mar. to Ollie GIBSON, b. 1849(?), 82(?)y; d. 10 Apr 1931, b. Scott, s/o Sykes GIBSON, Scott & Cortney DEAL, Scott

TCV, Maiden Springs: Eliza Runnun (? b prob. first attempt at Rimmer) RIMMER, white female, wid. of W. M. RIMMER, no DOB, b. SCV, 83/7/22; d. 20 Apr 1931, d/o Sol CHAPMAN, UNK & Annie HOLMES, UNK

WCV, Rich Valley: Emory MUTTER, white male, wid. of Julie MUTTER, no DOB, about 94y; d. 05 Apr 1931, b. NK, VA, s/o Johnson MUTTER, VA & Mary BOOTH, VA; Alex MUTTER, Meadowview, VA, Inf. (1850c, RCV, HH1186)

WCV, North Fork: Mavis June MEADOWS, white female, single, b. 14 Jan 1930, -/9/14; d. 28 Apr 1931, b. WCV, d/o J. H. MEADOWS, WCV & Josie TALBERT, WCV; bur. Family Cem.

Wise, Lipps: Mary HOLBROOK, white female, wid. of John HOLBROOK, b. 04 Apr 1856, 74/10/29; d. 04 Mar 1931, b. RCV, d/o Andrew KISER, RCV & Susan FULLER, RCV

Wise, Gladeville: Ollie JESSEE DUNNAVENT, white female, mar. to Ewell DUNNAVENT, b. 13 May 1903, 27/11/12; d. 25 Apr 1931, b. Scott., d/o Robert F. JESSEE, Scott Co. & Mary REDMAN, Scott

Wise, Lipps: John R. TAYLOR, white male, div. from Molissie WRIGHT TAYLOR, b. 29 Mar 1852, TN, 79/-/21; d. 18 Apr 1901, parents not identified; both b. TN

BCV, Grundy: George N. RATLIFF, white male, married to Vernie RATLIFF, no DOB, 28/1/5; d. 28 May 1931, b. BCV, s/o Ben RATLIFF, BCV & Lottie ROWE, BCV; bur. Vicy, VA

Reel 202

Lee, Jonesville: James Wesley ORR, white male, mar. to Olivia ORR, b. 19 Jul 1841, 89/9/19; d. 08 May 1931, b. VA, s/o David ORR, VA & Rhoda ELY, VA

Lee, Jonesville: Margaret VINCEL, white female, single, no DOB, 72y; d. 05 May 1931, b. TCV, d/o NK, VA & Rebecca PRUIT, UNK; bur. Allen Gvyd.

Lee, Rocky Sta.: Ella HARBER, white female, wid., b. 22 Dec 1886, 44/4/22, b. Lee; d. 07 May 1931, d/o Jack SARGENT, KY & Margret WELLS, KY; bur. Wood Way

RCV, Lebanon: Margie JESSEE, white female, mar. to William JESSEE, no DOB, 83y; d. 21 May 1931, b. Clintwood, VA, d/o John MULLINS, V & UNK; bur. Mullins Cem.

RCV, Lebanon: Fannie GILMER, white female, mar. to Wesley W. GILMER, b. 30 Jun 1857, 73/10/9; d. 08 May 1931, b. RCV, d/o Felix KETRON, VA & Elizabeth GIBSON, VA; Paul GILMER, Lebanon; bur. Gilmer Cem.

RCV, Lebanon: Alice DAY, white female, wid. of Tine DAY, b. Jan 1842, RCV, 89y; d. 08 May 1931, d/o Daniel DUFF, NK & NK

RCV, Elk Garden: Martha SWORD, white female, mar. to James SWORD, b. 02 Feb 1861, 70/3/14; d. 16 May 1931, b. VA, parents UNK, Luiese (Louisa) SNEAD, inf.; bur. Boyd Gvyd.

RCV, Cleveland: Vina KELLY, white female, mar. to deceased husb., b. 1850, 81/3/14; d. 06 May 1931, b. VA, d/o Billy ARTRIP, VA & Polly SUTHERLAND, VA

RCV, Castlewood: J. C. SEXTON, white male, wid., b. 17 Feb 1856, 75/2/15; d. 02 May 1931, b. RCV, father UNK; mother: Man(? Mary?) SEXTON, Castlewood; Hester SKEEN, Castlewood, inf.

RCV, Castlewood: Mary Catherine FINK, white female, wid. of P. T. FINK, b. 09 Sep 1842, WCV, 88/8/5; d. 15 May 1931, d/o James CRABTREE, RCV & Orpha FIELDS, WCV; bur. Temple Hill Cem.

Scott, Dungannon: Flora Elizabeth STEEL, white female, mar. to A. L. STEELE, b. 20 Jun 1867, 63/10/25; d. 15 May 1931, b. Mercer Co. WV, d/o Allen WHITE, Mercer & Mary BLANKINSHIP, Mercer; bur. Elgood, WV

Scott, Taylor: Elizabeth TAYLOR, white female, wid. of Isaac TAYLOR, b. 26 Jul 1850, Scott, 80/9/24; d. 20 May 1931, d/o Nimrod TAYLOR, Scott & Caroline TYLER (as written), Scott; bur. Taylor Cem.

SCV, Marion: Mrs. Laura M. FOX, white female, mar. to J. B. FOX, b. 01 Sep 1863, 64y; d. 08 May 1931, b. SCV, d/o E. R. DELP, TN & Susin WILSON, SCV; bur. Mt. Zion Cem.

SCV, Marion: John HENDERSON, white male, single, b. 1901, Norfolk, VA; 30y; d. 26 May 1931 by suicidally hanging self, s/o Thomas W. HENDERSON, Norfolk & NK; records of S.W.S. Hosp.

SCV, Marion: Edward HENEGAR, white male, mar. to Della HENEGAR, b. 23 Oct 1868, 63/8/20, b. SCV; d. 13 May 1931, s/o Guss HENEGAR, SCV & Mary Jane LEWIS, SCV; bur. Round Hill

TCV, Clear Fork, Pocahontas: Mrs. Sarah E. MOORE, white female, wid. of J. C. MOORE, b. 25 Jan 1845, TCV, 86/3/10; d. 05 May 1931, d/o J. W. T. TAYLOR, SCV & Mary TATE, SCV, bur. Pickaway, Monroe Co. WV

TCV, Maiden Springs, Richlands: James Hiamron (Harmon?) HELTON, Drill, VA, white male, single, b. 19 Mar 1917, 20 (as written)/2/11; d. 30 May 1931, b. RCV, s/o Wm. HILTON, RCV & Ella HESS, RCV; bur. Drill, VAb& fracture of skullb& d. in BCV

TCV, Maiden Springs, Richlands: Mrs. Nannie Elizabeth LESTER, white female, mar. to Jno. H. LESTER, b. 21 Feb 1896, 35/3/8; d. 29 May 1931, b. RCV, d/o M. H. BRANNON, RCV & Rachal WHITE, RCV; bur. Hankins Cem.

TCV, Maiden Spring: Mrs. Mary Jane STEELE, white female, wid. of Sparall STEELE, b. 19 Jun 1858, 72/11/6; d. 25 May 1931, b. TCV, d/o Wm. DAVIS, TCV & Julia McGUIRE, TCV; bur. Davis Cem.

TCV, Maiden Spring: Elizabeth Fay MOORE, white girl, single, b. 02 May 1931; d. 20 May 1931, 18d, b. TCV, d/o Herbert B. MOORE, Scott & Flora Beatrice JESSIE, RCV; bur. Jewell Ridge, VA

WCV, Goodson: Mary C. GALLIHER, Bristol, VA, white female, mar. to M. J. GALLIHER, b. 20 Aug 1874, 56/8/20; d. 19 May 1931, b. VA, d/o Wm. McGUIRE, VA & Annie GOBBLE, VA; bur. Sharrett Cem.

WCV, Goodson, Bristol, VA: James DISHMAN, white male, wid., b. 04 May 1834, 96/11/9; d. 12 Apr 1931, b. NC, s/o William DISHMAN, NC & NK; Nick SAULS, Bristol, VA, inf.; bur. Walnut Grove Cem.

WCV, Glade Spring: Mr. Frank Bos MOORE, white male, mar. b. 16 Dec 1857, WCV, 74/4/23; d. 09 May 1931, s/o Allen MOORE, WCV & Mary (blank), WCV; bur. Old Glade Cem.

WCV, Holston: Calavin TOLIVER, white male, mar., b. 24 Dec 1832, NC, 98/4/22; d. 16 May 1931, s/o Sterling TOLIVER, NC & (blank) SPERLING, NC; bur. Green cove

WCV, Holston, Damascus: Sarah Elizabeth WRIGHT, white female, wid., b. 18 Jul 1852, NC, 79/10(12?)/2; d. 20 May 1931, b. NC, d/o Wm. GENTRY, NC & Sarah BLACKBURN, NC

WCV, Saltville, VA: Mary FULLEN, colored female, wid. of Buren FULLEN, b. 12 Oct 1862, 68/7/13; d. 25 May 1931, b. Ash Co. NC, d/o Jessie RATLIFF, Ash Co. NC & Jennett VALENTINE, Ash Co. NC; bur. Saltville; Alex FULLEN, Inf.; d. of senilityb& suffered from bronchitis several months (See 1880c, WCV, Saltville Dist., Radcliffe families.)

WCV, no dist. (with Saltville deaths): Daniel Elijah GRACE, white male, wid. of Emaline GRACE, b. 28 Feb 1845, 77 (as written)/2/28; d. 21 May 1931, b. WCV, s/o Geo. GRACE, WCV & Millie KESTNER, MD; bur. Blackwell Chaple (sic); senility (See 1850c, WCV; background of Amelia Kestner has not yet been elucidated, to my knowledge.)

WCV, Saltville: Sarah Elizabeth POSTON, white female, mar. to John Henry POSTON, 73/1/27; d. 06 May 1931, no DOB, d. of cardio-renal apoplexy (certif.. no. 13634), b. WCV, d/o Andy Jackson TAYLOR, NC & Nancy ESTRIDGE, WCV; bur. WCV

WCV, North Fork, Holston: Bryant TAYLOR, white male, mar. to Ada TAYLOR, b. 04 Apr 1879, 52/?/17; d. 11 May 1931, b. WCV, d/o I. B. TAYLOR, WV & Maudy(? Mandy?) HOLMES, WCV; bur. Buck Cem.

Wise, Richmond: Charles GROGAN, Osaka, VA, white male, mar. to Florence GROGAN, b. 05 May 1868, VA, 63/-/1; d. 06 May 1931, s/o Allen GROGAN, VA & Isobell POSTON, VA

BCV, Hurricane, Davenport: Meshak COMPTON, white male, mar. to Rebecca COMPTON, b. 08 Nov 1848, BCV, 82/7/16; d. 24 Jun 1931, s/o Bustum(?) COMPTON, BCV & Kath STILTNER, BCV; bur. Davenport, VA

Dickenson, Clintwood: R. Carl TAYLOR, white male, mar. to Mrs. R. C. TAYLOR, no DOB, 95y (or 35?); d. 02 Jun 1931, b. VA, s/o Ab. TAYLOR, VA & NG, VA

Reel 203

RCV, Moccasin: John T. ELKINS, white male, mar. to Mary ELKINS, b. 01 Mar ????, 59/3/1; d. 02 Jun 1931, b. VA, s/o Williams ELKINS, RCV & Nancy ELSWICK, NK; bur. Mays Cem.

SCV, Marion, SW VA S. Hops.: Rachel DAVIS, white female, mar. to Sherman DAVIS, no DOB, 58y; d. 26 Jun 1931 of TB of lungs, b. BCV, parents NK

SCV, Saltville, Rich Valley: James L. COLLINS, white male, single, b. 04 Feb 1926, 5/7/11; d. 15 Jun 1931, b. Saltville, s/o Worley COLLINS, Saltville & Flenie SNEED, Saltville; bur. Saltville; acute nephritis

SCV, Saltville: Allie L. FRYE, white female, single, b. 26 Jun 1931, 1d; d. 27 Jun 1931, b. Saltville, d/o Rhuedell FRYE, Saltville, VA & Mary Lee HENDERSON, Saltville; bur. Saltville

SCV, Saltville: Conley R. CHAPMAN, white male, wid. of Jennie CALDWELL, no DOB, about 61y, b. SCV; d. 12 Jun 1931, s/o Joseph CHAPMAN, VA & Sallie PHIPPS, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Saltville: Alice FRYE, white male, wid. of Montgomery FRYE, b. 11 Nov 1861, 69/11/11, SCV; d. 21 Jun 1931, d/o Franklin HOMES, VA & Francis FARRIS; bur. Saltville

TCV, Clear Fork, Pocahontas: Mrs. Julia C. HAYS, white female, mar. to T. W. HAYS, b. 26 Jan 1869, Chilhowie, VA, 64/4/-; d. 23 Jun 1931, d/o John FARRIS, SCV & Elizabeth VAUGHT, TCV; bur. Glade Spring

TCV, Maiden Springs: Floyd BALL, white male, mar. to Maggie BALL, b. 14 Feb 1859, VA, 72/4/28; d. 11 Jun 1931, s/o Wilson BALL, NC & Louisa STEELE, VA; bur. Hooker Cem.

WCV, Bristol: Effie Elizabeth WHITT, white female, wid., no DOB, 61y, b. VA; d. 30 Jun 1931, d/o John R. COMER, VA & (blank) CLARK, VA; bur. Sharrettbs

WCV, North Fork: George W. WISE, Holston, VA, white male, mar. to Emma WISE, b. 15 Aug 1848, 83/9/9; d. 24 Jun 1931, b. RCV, s/o Henry WISE, RCV & Emma WISE, RCV; bur. Bourdwine Cem.

Wise, Richmond: Elizabeth JACKSON, white female, wid. of Levi JACKSON, b. 28 Mar 1843, BCV, 88/3/1; d. 29 Jun 1931, d/o Wm. VANCE, NC & Pheobe VANCE, NC; bur. Jonesville, VA; Margrette CAROLL, Appalachia, VA, inf.

BCV, Rock Lick: Cynthia BREEDING, white female, mar. to Noah BREEDING, b. 13 Feb 1861, 70/5/-; d. 27 Jul 1931, b. Cassellswoods, RCV, d/o Calvin POWERS, RCV & Elise bath ASHBY (or Ashley?), RCV; bur. Big Rock

BCV, Hurricane: John Wesley STINSON, white male, mar. to Charity C. ASBERRY, b. 15 Oct 1855, TCV, 74/9/2; d. 17 Jul 1931, s/o William STINSON & UNK; bur. Stinson Cem.

Reel 204

SCV, Saltville: Lucy BLEVINS, white female, mar. to Resce BLEVINS, b. 21 Jan 1906, 25/5/22; d. 12 Jul 1931, b. Saltville, d/o Floyd CARDWELL, Saltville & Wildie STUART, VA; bur. Saltville; d. of diabetes melletus

TCV, Maiden Spring: Rufus JACKSON, white male, mar. to Inez JACKSON, no DOB, (another entry says 23 Dec 1911, 20/7/1) 20y; b. Swords Creek, VA; d. 17 Jul 1931, typhoidb&, s/o Parris JACKSON, RCV & Francis WHITED

WCV, Bristol, VA: Robert C. HINES, white male, mar. to Clyde (as written) HARRISON HINES, b. 11 Feb 1875, TN, 56/4/21; d. 02 Jul 1931, s/o Dorrel HINES, V & Julia SEAGLE, VA; bur. Mt. View

WCV, Glade Spring: Mr. Tayler HEATH, white male, mar. to Katherine, b. 14 Mar 1854, WCV, 77/3/16; d. 30 Jun 1931, s/o Johnie BISHOP, WCV & Paggie (as written; Peggy Heath?), WCV; bur. White Sulphyr Spr.; Carl HEATH, Chilhowie, VA, inf.

WCV, North Fork: Juloia C.(?) DEBOSE, colored female, mar. to Pery DEBOSE, b. 17 Apr 1876, 54/9/29; d. 16 Jun 1931, b. WCV, d/o Joseph CARTER, WCV & Polly SAWYER, WCV; bur. Davis Cem.

WCV, Abingdon: Ralph Henry HUFFMON, white male, single, b. 24 Sep 1921, 9/9/21; d. 14 Jul 1931, RCV, s/o Leonard P. HUFFMON, RCV & Bertha JESSEE, RCV; bur. Huffmonbs Cem.

WCV, Abingdon: Jas. H. HINES, white male, mar. to Nellie Gay HINES, no DOB, about 76y; d. 11 Jul 1931, b. VA, s/o Henry HINES, VA & Kathleel(?) JETER, VA; bur. Sinking Springs

WCV, North Fork: Milton G. MANN, Holston, VA, white male, single, b. 09 Apr 1851, Holston, VA, 80/3/7; d. 16 Jul 1931, s/o Henry A. MANN, Appomattox, VA & Susan HAYTER, Holston, VA; bur. Holston

Wise, Lips: Nannie J. RORRER, white female, wid. of A. J. RORRER, b. 24 Jul 1871, 59/9/3, b. Saltville, VA; d. 27 Apr 1931, d/o Alex COLLINS, VA & Susie GILBERT, VA; bur. Bondtown Cem.

BCV, Grundy: James H. RATLIFF, Grundy, VA, white male, mar. to Sally RATLIFF, no DOB, 80/2/20; d. 13 Aug 1931, b. BCV, s/o Sparrel H. RATLIFF, BCV & Nancy RATLIFF, BCV; Dewey RATLIFF, Grundy, VA, inf.; bur. Little Prater; d. of chronic myocarditis & old age

BCV, Hurricane: Sarah May COLLEY, white female, single, b. 07 Jun 1919, 12/2/12; d. 19 Aug 1931, d/o B. M. COLLEY, VA & Lillie GIBSON, VA; Ayres COLLEY, Murphy, VA, inf.; bur. Murphy, VA; broken arm; fell off mule

Dickenson, Sand Lick: J. Benton BAILEY, white male, single, b. 07 Apr 1922, 9/3/17; d. 02 Aug 1931, b. Clinchco, VA, s/o J. B. BAILEY, TN & Edna JESSEE, VA; bur. Jonesboro, TN

Lee, Yokum Sta.: Juanita Rebecca STOUT JESSEE, white female, mar. to W. W. JESSEE, b. 27 Feb 1888, Wry Cove, VA, 43/5/18; d. 15 Jul 1931, d/o Edmond S. STOUT, Stickleysville, VA, Lee & Nannie DAVIDSON, Wry Cove, Scott Co. VA; bur. Jessee Cem.

Lee, Rocky Sta., Pennington Gap: Mrs. Vinnie (Nannie?) C. JONES, white female, mar. to G. F. JONES, b. 06 May 1868, Swords Creek, VA, 63/3/4; d. 09 Aug 1931, d/o Sparol (Sparell) STEELE, RCV & Nannie C. STEEL, Swords Creek, VA; bur. BSG, VA

RCV, Castlewood: Mrs. Margaret STINSON, white female, wid. of Robt. STINSON, b. 10 Mar 1834, 92/5/-; d. 10 Aug 1931, b. RCV, parents UNK

Scott, Fulkerson: William Deury (as written) BAYS, white male, single, b. 19 Sep 1901, 30/11/1; d. 20 Aug 1931, b. Scott Co., s/o C. M. BAYS, Scott & Mary E. SMITH, Scott; bur. Mace Springs, VA; d. of TB

SCV, Rich Valley: Mary A. OSBORNE, white female, wid. of Ezekiel OSBORNE, b. 26 Jun 1850, VA, 81/-/15; d. 11 Jul 1931, d/o Patton BUCHANAN, VA & Jane CRABTREE, VA; bur. Tannersville

SCV, Saltville: Margaret CRUSENBURY (Quessenberry), white female, wid. of James CRUSENBERRY, b. 05 Apr 1854, 72/2/26; d. 01 Jul 1931, b. SCV, d/o James MOORE, VA & Mary BROWN, NK; bur. Saltville

SCV, Marion: Mrs. Cora DELP, white female, mar. to GILBERT DELP, no DOB, 27y; d. 28 Aug 1931, b. WCV, d/o Wilson COE, WCV & Lizzie BLEVINS, WCV; bur. Mt. Carmel

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Elizabeth HAYNES, white female, wid. of Hugh HAYNES, b. 12 Feb 1857, 74/5/26, b. VA; d. 08 Aug 1931, d/o Robert SHREEVES, NK & Mary COMER, NK; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Ernest & Milton JACKSON (Ernest Milton?), white male, single, b. 26 Aug 1931, 1d; d. 27 Aug 1931, trauma from delivery, b. Saltville, s/o Earnest JACKSON, Saltville & Sadie HICKS, Saltville; bur. Meadowview, VA

WCV, North Fork: Mrs. Ruth LILLY, Holston, VA, white female, wid. of Joe LILLY, b. 28 Dec 1841, WCV, 89/2/10; d. 07 Mar 1931, d/o Goe (as written) HORLESS (Harless), WCV & Irena GOBBLE, WCV; bur. Holston, VA; senility

WCV, Abingdon: Eliza A. OWENS, white female, wid., of R. W. LOWENS (Lovens?), b. 2 Sep 1851, RCV, 79/11/10; d. 12 Aug 1931, d/o Joseph KELLEY, RCV & Elizabeth COUNTS, RCV; bur. Coeburn, VA

WCV, Glade Spring: George W. RADCLIFFE, white male, mar. to Nannie May, b. 01 Jan 1879, 52/6/14; d. 15 Aug 1931, b. WCV, s/o John (blank) & Martha (blank), TCV; Albert RODELIFFE (as written; Radcliffe; Ratcliffe; Ratliff), Glade Spring, VA, inf.; bur. Old Glade Spring Cem.

WCV, Saltville: Andrew J. TOLBERT, white male, mar. to Margaret, b. 06 Apr 1855, Wise, 76/-/-; d. 20 Aug 1931, s/o Charles (blank), Wise & Paulina (blank), Wise; bur. Glade Spring

WCV, North Fork, Greendale, VA: Ewel S. J. LYON, white female, wid. of Josiah LYON, b. 04 Nov 1862, WCV, 78/10/7; d. 16 Aug 1931, d/o Jno. C. TATE, WCV & Nancy VANCE, Abingdon, VA; bur. Sutton Cem.

WCV, North Fork: Joseph C. TALBERT, white male, mar. to Cuna (Cena?) TALBERT, b. 10 Jan 1869, WCV, 62/7/7; d. 17 Aug 1931, s/o William TALBERT, WCV & Minerva FIELDS, WCV; Euna TALBERT, Wallace, VA, inf.; bur. Andis Cem.

Wise, Richmond, BSG: Sarah Jane PIPPIN, white female, wid. of A. G. PIPPIN, b. 15 Aug 1852, 79/-/1, b. WCV; d. 16 Aug 1931, d/o William SPROLES, VA & Levina GOBBLE, VA; bur. BSG

Reel 205

Dickenson, Willis: Charley H. GARRETT, white male, single, b. 25 Jul 1892, Greendale, VA, 39/1/15; d. 10 Sep 1931, s/o Andy GARRETT, Greendale, VA & N. J. BARLOW, Damascus, VA; bur. Haysi, VA

Lee, Jonesville: Putman Dudley KINSER, white male, wid. of Hester A. KINSER, b. 11 Sep 1848, 82/11/26; d. 05 Sep 1931, s/o William KINSER, With (Wythe) Co. VA & Tilda FLETCHER, VA; bur. Kinser Cem.

RCV, Cleveland: Mary Ann (FIELDS), DAVIS, white female, wid. of C. H. DAVIS, b. 25 Jul 1852, RCV; d. 16 Aug 1931, d/o Jefferson FIELDS, RCV & Jane CAMPBELL, RCV

RCV, New Garden: Sallie JESSEE, white female, wid. of John D. JESSEE, no DOB, 90/3/14; d. of infirmities of age on 07 Sep 1931, b. Lebanon, RCV, d/o Shade WILLIAMS, RCV & Nancy LEACE (Leall?), RCV; bur. Jessy Cem.

RCV, New Garden: Joseph Bramble DYE, white male, mar to Desnsey(?) DYE, b. 18 Jun 1866, VA, 65/2/25; d. 09 Sep 1931, s/o Alfrede DYE, VA & Lyzaanna PLASTER, VA; Arch DYE, Inf.; bur. Dye Cem.

RCV, New Garden: Junior DYE, white male, single, b. 19 Jun 1931, -/3/9; d. 28 Sep 1931, b. RCV, s/o Beny(?) DYE, RCV & Willa FITZGERAL(?), RCVb& improper feeding

RCV, Castlewood: Ellis Leon FIELDS, white male, infant, b. 01 Sep 1931; d. 01 Sep 1931, b. Dante, VA, s/o Tivis FIELDS, VA & Bertha POSTON, VA; bur. Burks Church

RCV, Copper Creek: Maggie JESSIE, white female, mar. to Fred E. JESSIE, b. 07 Aug 1877, RCV, 54/1/5; d. 12 Sep 1931, d/o James P. KEITH, RCV & Elizabeth JESSIE, RCV; bur. Jessie Cem.

RCV, Copper Creek: Sallie E. HARTSOCK, white female, wid. of N. B. HARTSOCK, b. 25 Jan 1866, 65/9/3; d. 28 Sep 1931, b. Scott; d/o John W. NECESSARY, Bland co. VA & Sarah Ane MINACK (Minnick?), WCV; J. D. NECESSARY, Clinchport, VA, inf.; bur. Litton Cem.

Scott, Dekalb: Stephen BALDWIN, white male, wid. of Laura BALDWIN, DOB UNK, about 75y; d. 12 Sep 1931, b. Scott, s/o David BALDWIN, Scott & Jenny OWENS, Scott

Scott, Estillville: Francis Marion FLETCHER, white male, married to Lavinia FLETCHER, b. RCV, 15 Aug 1846, 85/-/21; d. 06 Sep 1931, s/o John FLETCHER, RCV & Lydia VICARS, RCV; bur. Gate City

SCV, Marion, Chilhowie: Mrs. Julia A. DEBOARD, 7 Mile Ford, white female, wid. of C. B. DEBOARD, b. 17 Feb 1860, 74/4/3; d. 20 Jun 1931, b. SCV, d/o Carniliad (Cornelius?) DEBOARD, SCV & Hanna FARRIS, SCV

SCV, St. Clair, Konnarock, VA: Levi Derrick HAGA, white male, mar. to Mattie HAGA, no DOB, 75/9/22; d. 19 Aug 1931, b. Ash Co. NC, s/o David HAGE, NC & Rebecca GRIFFIN, UNK; bur. Konnarock

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Amanda C. ROUTH, white female, mar. to Samuel E. ROUTH, b. 18 Nov 1880, 50/10/9; d. 27 Sep 1931, Saltville, d/o Jessie TAYLOR, SCV & Mollie MONTGOMERY, Saltville; bur. Saltville

SCV, Saltville: Sallie WHITLEY, white female, wid. of Robert WHITLEY, b. 29 Aug 1861, SCV, 70/0/9; d. 08 Sep 1931, d/o NK & Nancy HAYNES, NK; bur. Saltville; Mrs. G. P. MONTGOMERY, Saltville, Inf.

SCV, Saltville: Bascil HOLMES, white male, single, b. 09 Dec 1930, Saltville; d. 23 Sep 1931, s/o David HOLMES, Saltville & Alice TAYLOR, Saltville, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Saltville: Luther J. COE, white male, single, b. 19 Feb 1923, 8/6/20; d. 08 Sep 1931, s/o Luther W. COE, SCV & Alice SHEPARD, SCV; bur. Quarry, VA

TCV, Clear Fork, Bluefield, VA: Ransom LOVINS, white male, mar. to Nannie JEFFERSON, b.. 19 Mar 1839, RCV, 92/6/-; d. 19 Sep 1931, s/o Jim LOVINS, RCV & (blank) PARSLEY, RCV; Walter LOVINS, Matewan, WV, inf. (Kinship to Rity/Riety Lovens/Lovins, wife of Joseph Chapman, 1850c, RCV?)

TCV, Maiden Spring, Richlands: Mrs. Ida May COLLIE (Colly; Colley), white female, mar. to Cowan (Coman?) COLLIE, b. 16 Apr 1908, 23/4/23; d. 08 Sep 1931, b. TCV, d/o Dan HILL, TCV & May LOWE, TCV

TCV, Maiden Spring, Richlands: John H. BUSKELL, white male, mar. to Mrs. Kate BUSKELL, b. 21 Apr (no year stated), 65/9/2; d. 23 Sep 1931, b. SCV, s/o J. M. BUSKELL, SCV & Elizabeth ALLISON, SCV; bur. Hankins Cem.

TCV, Maiden Spring: Edward COLLEY, white boy, -/1/10; d. 15 Sep 1931, b. TCV, s/o Cawan COLLEY, Dickenson Co. & Edanay(?) HILL, RCV; bur. Smith Cem.

WCV, Abingdon: Arthur TAYLOR, white male, mar. to Sadie TAYLOR, b. 20 Mar 1889, 47/5/21; d. 16 Sep 1931, b. Saltville, VA, s/o Jessie TAYLOR, VA & Mollie MONTGOMERY, VA; bur. Saltville

WCV, Glade Spring: Sallie M. LEE WEEKS, black female, mar. to Will WEEKS, b. 06 Nov 1882, Meadowview, VA; d. 10 Sep 1931, d/o Milton LEE, VA & Mary Elizabeth CARTER, VA; Oscar LEE, Meadowview, VA, infl; bur. Meadowview

WCV, Glade Spring: Wingfield S. KESTNER, white male, single, b. 15 Aug 1860, WCV, 71/0/27; d. 12 Sep 1931, s/o Philip KESTNER, WCV & Jane B. DAVIS, WCV; bur. Glade Spring, VA

WCV, Glade Spring: Summerfield S. GREGORY, married to Lettie GREGORY, b. 04 Jul 1865, Meadowview, VA, 66/2/15; d. 20 Sep 1931, s/o Jacob GREGORY, Rockbridge Co. VA & Elizabeth STURGEON, Saltville, VA; George PRICE, Meadowview, VA, inf.; bur. Snodgrass Cem.

WCV, Saltville: Rhoda Barbary MORGAN, white female, wid. of Aaron I. MORGAN, b. 10 Dec 1842, Pulaski Co. VA, 88/9/4; d. 14 Sep 1931, d/o Benjamin Floyd GODBY, Pulaski & Nancy Ellen ELKINS, Pulaski; bur. Godby Cem.

WCV, Saltville: George Washington DUNCAN, white male, mar. to Madge DUNCAN, b. 05 Oct 1905, WCV, 25/11/22; d. 27 Sep 1932; probable fracture at base of skull; death ensued in 20 minutes, s/o Hardy J. DUNCAN, WCV & Amanda KESTNER, WCV; bur. Duncan Cem.

Wise, Gladeville: Maudy POINDEXTER, white female, single, DOB NK, about 85y; d. 14 Sep 1931, b. MO, d/o John POINDEXTER, TN & Margarett COUNTS, RCV; bur. Wise (See 1850c, RCV, HH668)

Wise, Lipps: Carson JESSIE, white male, single, 40y; no DOB; d. 11 Sep 1931, b. RCV, s/o A. D. JESSEE, RCV & Jane ADDISON, RCV; mitral stenosis; bur. Bondtown

BCV, Grundy: C. C. LESTER, white boy (as written), widower of Rebecka VIARS, no DOB, 83/-/4; d. 13 Oct 1931, b. WV, s/o John V. LESTER, WV & Rachel BLANKENSHIP, VA; bur. BCV

Reel 206 (Backwards)

Lee, Rocky Sta.: William BOWMAN, white male, mar. to Elizabeth OAK, no DOB, 90y; d. 11 Nov 1931, b. Patrick Co. WV (as written); s/o Wm. BOWMAN, b. ?, KY & Lillie DUNCAN, b. ?, VA; Martha HYLTON, Pennington Gap, Inf.; bur. Pennington Cem.

Lee, White Shoals: Charles HARBER, white male, mar. to Lizzie DOYLE, b. 2 Apr 1891, 40/7/0; d. 22 Nov 1931, b. VA, s/o David Jackson HARBER, VA & Letitia KINSER, VA; Jack HARBER, Hubbard Springs, VA, inf.; bur. Bethel Cem.

Lee, Yokum Sta.: Robert Frank MUSICK, white male, wid., b. 17 Dec 1854, WCV, 86/9/4; d. 21 Oct 1931, s/o Mitchel MUSICK, Abingdon & Polly FLEENOR, Abingdon; Emily DINSMORE, inf. (Either age or DOB is offb&)

Lee, Rocky Sta.: Mary E. JESSEE, white female, wid. of Ca. JESSEE, b. 13 Mar 1844, RCV, 87/6/3; d. 16 Sep 1931, d/o Joe JOHNSON, VA & Mary STAFLEY (Stapley?); Mrs. J. R. TOMLINSON, Inf.; bur. St. Charles, VA

Dickenson, Clintwood: George STANLEY, white male, mar., b. Mar 1857, 74/7/-; d. 27 Nov 1931, b. Dickenson, parents NK, mother b. VA

BCV, Hurricane: William Shade MEADOWS, white male, mar. to Mary MEADOWS, no DOB, 56/8/20; d. 01 Nov 1931, b. Hanger, VA, s/o Munce RATLIFF, Honaker, VA & Jane MEADOWS, Hanger, VA; bur. Skeggs, VA

BCV, Hurricane: Ephram W. BOYD, white male, mar. to Victoria BOYD, b. 04 Aug 1874, VA, 57/23(?13?)/1; d. 05 Nov 1931, d/o R. M. BOYD, VA & Mary J. JACKSON

BCV, Hurricane: Patten HESS, white male, mar. to Mindy HARRIS, no DOB, 74/8/13; b. RCV; d. 15 Nov 1931, s/o Patten HESS, RCV & Sallie MILLER, RCV; bur. Fletcher Cem.

BCV, Grundy: Samp LESTER, white male, single, DOB NK, about 70y; d. 16 Nov 1931, b. Davenport, VA, s/o Bill LESTER, NK & Sallie PRESLEY, Davenport, VA

BCV, Garden: Lydia Lorine RATLIFF, white girl, single, b. 22 Oct 1930, 1/0/7; d. 30 Oct 1931, b. BCV, d/o Ardon P. RATLIFF, BCV & Lydia RIFE, BCV; bur. Ward Cem.

Wise, Richmond: Arch DUNCAN, white male, wid., DOB NK, about 78y, b. VA; d. 25 Oct 1931, s/o William DUNCAN, NK & NK, Caroline WHITED, inf.

Wise, Gladeville: Margaret WHEATLEY, white female, wid. of Marion WHEATLEY, b. 02 Apr 1857, VA, 74/6/28; d. 01 Oct 1931, d/o Wilson WAMPLER, VA & Billie CHURCH, VA; bur. Guests River

Wise, Lipps: Mary L. BURK, white female, mar., b. 17 Mar 1888, Gate City, VA, 43/5/13; d. 30 Aug 1931, d/o B. F. JENNINGS, VA & Belle LANE, VA; Agustus BURK, inf.; bur. Manville, VA

WCV, Goodson: William Martin SIMCOX, white male, wid., b. 27 Oct 1845, VA, 85/11/13; d. 05 Oct 1931, s/o James SIMCOX, VA & Malindia ANDREWS, VA; bur. Mt. View

WCV, Holston: Alexander L. ROBINSON, white male, mar. to Kate MURRY, b. 22 Mar 1848, WCV, 83/7/8; d. 30 Oct 1931, s/o James ROBINSON, VA & Mary McKEE, WCV; bur. Friendship Cem.

WCV, Abingdon: Susanna Virginia ADDISON, white female, single, b. 25 Oct 1857, RCV, 73/11/14; d. 09 Oct 1931, d/o O. G. ADDISON, RCV & Mary A. JOHNSON, RCV; bur. Snodgrass Cem.

WCV: Mrs. Annie D. TALBERT, Bristol, TN, white female, mar. to Rossevelt TALBERT, b. 07 Dec 1906, 24/10/14; d. 21 Oct 1931, b. TN, d/o A. M. DISHNER, TN & Sallie JACKSON, VA; bur. Family (Scott Co.)

WCV, Bristol: Michael LONG, white male, mar. to Mrs. Fannie(?) LONG, no DOB, 82y; d. 19 Sep 1931, b. VA, s/o Daniel LONG, VA & Hellen MURPHY, VA

SCV, St. Clairs: George Roy RATCLIFF, Jr., white boy, single, 1m/13d; d. 13 Oct 1931, b. VA, s/o Roy RATILFF (as written), VA & Bulah WOOD; bur. Sugar Grove

SCV, Rich Valley: Lydia JOHNSON, white female, wid. of J. H. JOHNSON, b. 04 Sep 1877, 74/1/20; d. 23 Oct 1931, b. VA, d/o Joe CHAPMAN & NK; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley: Daisy ROGERS, white female, single, b. 22 Aug 1912, 19/1/10; d. 10 Oct 1931, b. Saltville, VA, d/o J. W. ROGERS, Saltville, VA & Mary HENDERSON, Saltville, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Saltville: Mahala CAMPBELL, white female, wid. of James CAMPBELL, b. 07 Jun 1856, Plasterco, VA, 74/4/22; d. 29 Oct 1931, d/o David FARRIS, VA & Betsy McNEW, VA; bur. Clinchburg, VA

Scott, Johnson: Lylburn H. MAYS, white male, mar. to Nancy MAYS, b. 25 Dec 1850, VA, 80/9/24; d. 19 Oct 1931, s/o James MAYS, VA & May (Mary?) BLIZZARD; bur. Salyers Cem. (See RCV 1850c, HH1111)

Scott, DeKalb: Rosa L. JOHNSON, white female, mar. to A. J. JOHNSON, b. 1850, Scott, 81y; d. 31 Oct 1931, d/o Calvin COWDEN (Cowder?), SCV & Pollie SNAVELY, SCV

RCV, Moccasin: Vesta GILMER HANSON, white female, mar., b. RCV, 25 Oct 1868 6, 74/10/-; d. 25 Oct 1931, d/o Dorethy GILMER, RCV & Mary JESSEE, RCV; bur. Hanson Cem.

RCV, Castlewood, Dante: Carle Glen BURKE, white male, inf., b. 16 Jun 1930; d. 30 Oct 1931, 1/4/14, b. Dante, s/o Walter BURKE, RCV & Gussie B.(?) SALYER, RCV; bur, Burke Church; acute Ileo-colitis

RCV, Cleveland: George W. HARRISON, white male, mar. to Elizabeth HARRISON, b. 11 Feb 1857, Lebanon; 74/7/6; d. 18 Oct 1931, d/o Lee HARRISON, VA & Mary KEMBRILIN (Kimberling)

RCV, New Garden: Gene DYE, white male, single, b. 19 Jun 1931; d. 05 Oct 1931, -/3-15, b. RCV, s/o Blo--? DYE, VA & Wills FITZGERALD, RCV

RCV, New Garden: Abel FLETCHER, white male, mar. to Rachel FLETCHER, b. 03 Jan 1839, Honaker, VA, 92/9/19; d. 19 Oct 1931, s/o Billey FLETCHER, RCV & Peggie WILSON, Honaker, VA; bur. Fletcher Cem.

Lee, Jonesville, Ben Hur: William P. WOOD, white male, wid., b. 04 Oct 1853, Lee, 78/-/9; d. 13 Oct 1931, s/o Richard WOOD, Lee & Nancy BURNETT, Lee

Reel 207

RCV, New Garden: Patience TUGLE (Tuggle [Tugwell], white female, mar. to A. J. TUGLE, b. NC, 30 Nov 1849, 81/11/17; d. 16 Nov 1931, d/o Richard MARAELL (sic: Marshall) & Susin WESSMALE (sic: Westmoreland), both b. NC; A. J. TUGLE, Swords Creek, VA; inf.; bur. Tugle Cem.; d. of myocarditis & chronic nephritis

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: James HORTON, white male, wid. of Emily HORTON, b. 22 Feb 1860, Carroll Co. VA, 71/9/7; d. 29 Nov 1931, s/o Ruben HORTON, NK & Lucy WEBB, NK; bur. Saltville

WCV, Kinderhook, Benhams, VA: William E. HELTON, white male, mar., b. ? 1860, 71y; d. 13 Jun 1931, b. VA, so Eul (Ewell) HELTON, VA & Nancy STINSON, VA; Thos. HELTON, Bristol, VA, inf.; bur. Campground Cem.

WCV, Abingdon: Ray MOORE, Negro male, single, b. 1877, 54y; d. 27 Nov 1931, b. VA, s/o Miles MOORE, VA & Louisa MEAD, VA; bur. Bristol

WCV, Abingdon: Wm. Fletcher ARNETT, white male, mar. to Mary O. ARNETT, b. 19 Feb 1865, WCV, 66/8/28; d. 17 Nov 1931, s/o Jas. ARNETT, WCV & Mary GRUBB, WCV; bur. Sinking Springs Cem.; d. of encephalitis

WCV, Kinderhook: Audry Lee DYE, white female, b. 14 Oct 1921, WCV; 10/1/3; d. 17 Nov 1931, d/o C. H. DYE, WCV & Rebecca KAYLOR, WCV; bur. Pippin Cem.

WCV, Holston: Sarah E. SCOTT, white female, wid. of George SCOTT, no DOB, about 76y, b. VA; d. 10 Nov 1931, d/o Jas. PRICE, VA & Elizabeth GILLENWATER; bur. Brumley Gap.

WCV, North Fork: Wm. David IRESON, Greendale, VA, white male, wid. of Mary Jane IRESON, b. 13 Feb 1853, 78/10/16; d. 29 Nov 1931, b. WCV, s/o Jas. L. IRESON, WCV & Nancy COLLINS, WCV; bur. Greendale; chr. Myocarditis (edema) & old age

Wise, Lipps, Coeburn: Mary ADKINS, white female, wid., b. 18 Mar 1866, RCV, 65/7/4; d. 22 Oct 1931, d/o B. H. TALBERT, VA & Jane SALYERS, VA; bur. Lyons, VA

Wise, Gladeville: Priscilla Eva SMALLING, white female, wid. of Soloman SMALLING, b. 01 Apr 1844, 87/7/10; d. 11 Nov 1931, d/o Josh ROYSTON (Royster?) & Jane LITTLE, all b. Sullivan Co. TN

Wise, Lipps: J. M. HYLTON, white male, wid., b. 03 Oct 1849, 82/1/9, b. Dickenson; d. 12 Nov 1931, s/o John HYLTON, KY & Martha BURTLEY, KY; bur. Coeburn, VA

Wise, Richmond: Joseph A. BARKER, BSG, white male, mar. to Eliza C. BARKER, b. 12 Apr 1854, 77/6/28; d. 09 Nov 1931, b. Lee, s/o Chas. BARKER, WCV & Katie BAKER, WCV; bur. Dryden, VA

BCV, Grundy: Daniel David LOONEY, white male, single, b. 15 Sep 1915, Deskins, VA, 16/3/10; d. 05 Dec 1931, s/o Henry David LOONEY, Leemaster, VA & Rebecca A. HONAKER, Vansant; bur. Big Prater

Dickenson, Clintwood: Ephram COLLEY, white male, mar. to Martha COLLY, no DOB, 54y; d. 27 Dec 1931, b. Dickenson, s/o NK, VA & Nancy Ann MOORE, CA; bur. Stanley Cem.

Dickenson, Ervinton: McCager TURNER, white male, wid., no DOB, 81y; d. 16 Dec 1931, b. VA, s/o Jim TURNER, VA & Kattie ERVIN, VA; bur. Turner Cem.

Dickenson, Ervinton: Daniel Lewis FRENCH, white male, wid., b. 04 Feb 1839, VA, 92/9/13; d. 18 Dec 1931, s/o Hugh FRENCH, VA & Rachel FRY, VA; bur. Smith Ridge Cem.

Lee, Jonesville: Samuel Harding PRICE, white male, mar. to Mary L. C. PRICE, no DOB, 91y; d. 02 Dec 1931, b. Lee, s/o Geo. PRICE, VA & Martha WEAVER, VA; bur. Rollys Chapel

Reel 208 (delayed)

RCV, New Garden: Arch G. DYE, white male, mar., no DOB, 52y, b. RCV; d. 30 Dec 1931, s/o Alfred DYE, RCV & Eliza PLASTER

SCV, Marion: James Harrison POSTON, white male, mar. to Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, b. 09 Sep 1863, Saltville, 68/3/16; d. 25 Dec 1931, s/o William POSTON, Saltville & Elizabeth POSTON, Olympia; bur. Round Hill Cem.

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Chas. L. HAYDEN, white male, single, b. 12 May 1931, -/6/18, b. Saltville; d. 01 Dec 1931, s/o Trig HAYDEN, SCV & Dollie KESTNER, WCV; bur. Saltville

CV, Saltville: Mary C. MONTGOMERY, white female, wid. of John R. MONTGOMERY, b. NK, about 69y; d. 27 Dec 1931, b. SCV, d/o Mitch BURGESS, VA & Mary TAYLOR, VA; bur. Saltville

WCV, Goodson: Eliza Catherine LOGAN, white female, wid., b. 18 Aug 1856, VA, 75/3/25; d. 13 Dec 1931, d/o James CARPENTER, VA & (blank) RYBURN, VA; bur. East Hill

WCV, Saltville: George C. MUTTER, white male, mar. to Alice MUTTER, DOB NK, about 80y; d. 14 Nov 1931, b. Belfast Mills, VA, s/o Johnson H. MUTTER, RCV & Mary BOOTH, RCV; bur. Saltville

WCV, Abingdon: Mary Ellen DYE, white female, wid., no DOB, 64y; d. 25 Dec 1931, b. VA, d/o Robert R. LOGAN, & Katherine HOCKETT, VA; bur. Family Gyd. Robt. DYE, Abingdon, Rt. 4, Inf.

WCV, Glade Spring: Isaac Alexander POOL, white male, wid. of Margaret E. POOLE, b. 27 Apr 1860, WCV, 71/8/4; d. 31 Dec 1931, s/o Claiborne S. POOLE, VA & Polly Anne ORR, VA

WCV, Saltville: Harrison PATRICK, white male, mar. to Sarah PATRICK, b. 15 Dec 1855, WCV, 76/11/23; d. 08 Dec 1931, s/o Andrew PATRICK, NC & Sallie WOODARD (Woodward), VA; bur. Saltville

WCV, Meadowview: Robert GROGAN, white male, mar. to Mary RHOTEN GROGEN, b. 10 Sep 1852, RCV, 79/2/24; d. 04 Dec 1931, s/o Allen GROGAN, VA & Isabell POSTON, VA; bur. Emory, VA

Wythe Co. VA, Wytheville: George Stuart POSTON, white male, wid., b. 1873, 58/3/19; d. 02 Dec 1931, s/o Stephen POSTON, Wythe & Nancy A. SHARITZ, Wythe

Wise, Lipps, Coeburn: John A. ODLE, white male, wid., b. 27 Sep 1854, RCV, 77/2/3; d. 01 Dec 1931, s/o Jas ODLE, NC & Nancy HINES, Wythe; bur. Coeburn

Lee, White Shoals: Sarah Elizabeth FLETCHER, white female, mar. to A. R. FLETCHER, b. 28 Jul 1850, 80/8/28; d. 25 Apr 1931, b. Lee, d/o Alexander ROBINSON, WCV & Esther LESTER, WCV

Reel 209

BCV, Grundy: James LOONEY, Vansant, VA, white male, mar. to Margaret LOONEY, no DOB, 77/5/14; d. 07 Jan 1932, b. BCV, s/o Joseph LOONEY, Bottetout (Botetourt) Co. & Malicy SHORTRIDGE, BCV; Jiles (Giles) L. LOONEY, Inf.; bur. Vansant, VA; d. of Brightbs Disease & other complications

BCV, Rock Lick, Big Rock: Manda WAGNER, white female, mar. to Freelen WAGNER, b. 30 Oct 1900; 31/2/11; d. 11 Jan 1932, b. Big Rock, d/o Paris HACKNEY, Pik (Pike) Co. KY & Mahala LESTER, BCV; bur. Big Rock

Lee, White Shoals: Milton E. HARBER, white male, wid. of Mary BURGAN, b. 01 Apr 1858, 73/9/29, b. VA; d. 30 Jan 1932, s/o William HARBER, VA & Jane TAYLOR, VA; bur. Bethel Cem.

RCV, no dist.: Mrs. E. K. JESSEE, white female, wid. of E. K. JESSEE, no DOB, 80/6/2; d. 12 Jan 1932, b. RCV, d/o Wm. SMITH, RCV & Tilda KISER, RCV; Bob JESSEE, Cleveland, VA, inf.; bur. Home Cem.

RCV, New Garden: Charlie JACKSON, white male, mar. to Allacilou JACKSON, no DOB, 60y, b. RCV; d. 01 Jan 1932, s/o Eli JACKSON, RCV & Madde STINSON, RCV; Alva H. JACKSON, inf.

RCV, New Garden, Honakew: Henry(?) D. LOCKHART, white male, mar. to Malisa LOCKHART, no DOB, 80/7/1; d. 16 Jan 1932, b. RCV, s/o Jno. LOCKHART, RCV & Susan JOHNSON, NC

SCV, Marion: A. Frank HUTTON, white male, mar. to Hattie V. HUTTON, b. 19 Oct 1863, 68/2/17; b. SCV; d. 05 Jan 1932, 68/2/17, s/o Geo. W. HYLTON, SCV & Sarah A. SLEMP, SCV; bur. Mt. Carmel Cem.

SCV, no dist.: John Adam KEGLEY, white male, mar. to Jennia D. CROWE, b. 06 Oct 1861, SCV, 70/3/2; d. 08 Jan 1932, s/o Jeff KEGLEY, SCV & Polly SNAVLY, SCV; bur. Scott Cem.

SCV, Saltville: Rose BISE, white female, mar. to George BICE, b. 27 Apr 1886, 50/8/13, b. Quarry, VA; d. 10 Jan 1932, d/o James CLAPP, NC & Betsy STEEL, NC; bur. Saltville

TCV, Clearfork, Bluefield, VA: Laura Virginia HARMAN, white female, mar. to J. C. HARMAN, b. 25 Feb 1857 SCV, about 73y, d/o Augustus WHITLEY, SCV & Rachel POSTON, SCV; bur. Maple Hill

TCV, Clear Fork, Bluefield: Samuel T. PYLE, white male, mar. to Sarah LUCKWOOD, b. 30 Apr 1877, Saltville, 55y; d. 18 Jan 1932, s/o John W. PYLE, UNK & Margaret DENNY, NC; bur. Bluefield

WCV, Abingdon: Albert Jackson BROWN, Negro male, wid. of Annie BROWN, b. 08 Oct 1857, Louisa Co. VA, 74/3/16; d. 16 Jan 1932, parents NK; bur. Abingdon

WCV, Glade Spring: John P. RADCLIFFE, white male, wid. of Martha, b. 26 Sep 1850, TCV, 81/3/19; d. 14 Jan 1932, parents NK; Gwyn RATCLIFFE (names, as written), Glade Spring, VA, inf.; bur. Old Glade Cem.

WCV, Holston: Miss Nancie S. SMITH, white female, single, b. 18 Aug 1852, WCV, 79/5/8; d. 23 Jan 1932, d/o Jas. K. SMITH, WCV & Isebella CLARK, WCV; bur. Kelly Chapel

WCV, Glade Spring: James Puston NELSON, white male, wid. of Elizabeth E. NELSON, b. 02 Jan 1850, 82/-/13; d. 13 Jan 1932, b. WCV, s/o Lee NELSON, WCV & Fannie CROSSWHITE, WCV; Wm. NELSON, Glade Spring, VA, inf.; bur. Smith Chapel VA; Brightbs Disease (Francis Crosswhite a sister of Golden Crosswhite, children of Robert Crosswhite (d. c1881, WCV) & Anna Stultz (d. c1870-1); mar. 1816, Stokes Co. NC)

Wise, Robinson: Jerry M. BOLLING, white male, wid. of Mary BOGGS, b. 09 Oct 1855, 76/3/20, b. Wise; d. 29 Jan 1932, s/o Jesse BOLLING, Wise & Eliza SHORT, Wise; bur. Flat Gap Cem.

Wythe, Wytheville: Elizabeth BAILEY, colored female, wid. of Daniel BAILEY, b. 25 Dec 1817, VA, 115/0/10; d. 04 Jan 1932, d/o John BAILEY, Grayson Co. & Anna BAILEY, Wythe; bur. Wythe

Reel 210

BCV, no dist.: Ruel Burton LOONEY, white male, single, b. 19 Aug 1931, 1/8/14; d. 14 Feb 1932, s/o Glenn C. LOONEY, BCV & Vicy LOONEY, BCV; bur. Looneys Creek

BCV, Hurricane: Cynthia DAVIS, white female, mar. to W. L. DAVIS, no DOB, 48y; d. 19 Feb 1932, b. BCV, d/o Matt LOONEY, KY & Nancy STILTNER; bur. Breeding Gvyd.

Dickenson, Clintwood: Hampton MULLINS, white male, mar. to Rosy MULLINS, b. 1880, 43/1/-; d. 27 Feb 1931, s/o John MULLINS, VA & Elizabeth SANDERS, KY

Dickenson, Ervinton: N. K. RASNICK, white male, mar. to Margaret RASNICK, b. 25 Oct 1846, RCV, 85/4/4; d. 29 Feb 1932, s/o Jonas RASNICK, NC & Rachel LAFURE (Rachel Laforce?) (RCV 1850c, HH298)

RCV, New Garden: Willia Elizabeth DYE, white female, mar. to Beory DYE, b. 12 Feb 1898, 37/11/27; d. 10 Feb 1932, b. VA, d/o Henry FITZGERALD, VA & Fannie SMITH; bur. Fuller Cem.

Scott, Taylor: Daniel Dinsmore JESSEE, white male, b. 15 Feb 1932, -/-/14; d. 29 Feb 1932, cause UNK, b. Scott, s/o Hop JESSEE, Scott & Emily HOOD, Scott; bur. Fam. Cem.

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Eppie ROBBINS, white male, mar. to Francis ROBBIN, b. 30 Jun 1893, 38/7/6; d. 06 Feb 1932, b. TCV, s/o Don ROBBINS, TCV & Nettie ELKINS, TCV; bur. Saltville

SCV, Saltville: Conley CHAPMAN, white male, mar. to Mandy (Maudy?) CHAPMAN, b. 25 Jan 1883, 49/-/29; b. Saltville; d. 24 Feb 1932, s/o Jerome CHAPMAN, Smyth & Margaret LAWSON, SCV, bur. Saltville

SCV, St. Clair: Thomas King DYE, white male, mar. to Nanie V. BAYES, b. 30 Oct 1855, RCV, 76/3/4; d. 03 Feb 1932, s/o Jefferson DYE, UNK & Sallie PRICE, UNK; bur. Meadow View, VA

TCV, Jeffersonville: Elizabeth MUTTER, white female, wid. of Henry MUTTER, no DOB, 92y, 18d; d. 17 Feb 1932, b. RCV, d/o Jacob TAYLOR, RCV & Patsey JACKSON, RCV; bur. Cliffield, VA

TCV, Maiden Spring: William B. STEELE, Pounding Mill, VA, white male, married to Mrs. Cora L. STEELE, b. 05 Mar 1853, 78/11/19, b. TCV; d. 24 Feb 1922, s/o Shedrick STEELE, TCV & Mary BLANKENSHIP, TCV

WCV, Abingdon: Matilda HAND, white female, wid., no DOB, about 106y; d. 04 Feb 1932, b. VA; parents NK

WCV, Glade Spring: Margaret Run (Dun?) McCACKEN, white female, wid., b. 14 Mar 1848, WCV, 83/11/8; d. 21 Feb 1932, d/o Jonse WIDNER, WCV & Elizabeth LARGE, WCV

WCV, Saltville: Mary MOORE JONES, white female, wid. of John A. JONES, b. 05 May 1849, RCV, 82/9/1; d. 06 Feb 1932, d/o NK & Sarah MOORE, VA; Chas. JONES, Saltville, Rt. 2, Inf.; bur. Saltville, VA

WCV, Meadowview: Mahalie WORLEY MEADOWS, white female, wid. of John L. MEADOWS, b. 11 Sep 1858, 73/5/15, b. Saltville, d/o David WORLEY, SCV & Catherine ROBERTS, WCV; d. 26 Feb 1932

WCV, no dist.: Dixie Lee TAYLOR, white female, single, b. 24 Jan 1932, 14d; d. 06 Feb 1932, b. WCV, d/o John Henry TAYLOR, WCV & Julie ObQUINN; bur. Johnson Cem.

Wise, Lipps: Katherine ODLE, white female, single, b. 20 May 1845, RCV, 86/8/0; d. 20 Jan 1932, d/o Jas. ODLE, NC & Nancy HINES, Wythe Co.

Wise, Lipps: W. Jessee GIBSON, white male, mar., b. 24 Mar 1851, Wise, 80/10/17; d. 10 Feb 1932, s/o Harvey GIBSON, VA & Mary Jane GIBSON

Reel 211

RCV, New Garden, Honaker: Louisa Jane LOCKHEART, white female, wid., no DOB, 82y; d. 04 Feb 1932, b. RCV, d/o Valentine MILLER, NK & Tempa HALE, RCV; bur. Miller Cem.

RCV, New Garden: Lewis D. HORTON, white male, mar. to Mary HORTON, b. 28 Sep 1847, 84/5/18; d. 15 Mar 1932, b. RCV, s/o John HORTON, RCV & Sarah BROWN, TCV

Scott, Dekalb: Martha W. DARNELL, white female, mar. to C. C. DARNELL, b. 16 Dec 1868, WCV, 63/3/-; d. 16 Mar 1932, d/o William C. MOORE, WCV & Elizabeth TAYLOR, WCV; bur. Craft Cem.

SCV, no dist.: Mary STEEL, colored female, wid., DOB UNK, near 80y, b. WCV; d. 19 Mar 1932, parents UNK; Stella STEELE, Marion, inf.; bur. Round Hill

SCV, Rich Valley: Thomas SMITH, white male, single, no DOB, 28/7/22; d. 10 Mar 1932, s/o Henry SMITH, Saltville & Mary CHAPMAN, Saltville

SCV, no dist.: Pearl Marie LEE, white female, single, b. 31 Oct 1913, 18/3/10; d. 10 Feb 1932, d/o James LEE, SCV & Laura Bannie BLEVENS; Lillian LEE, 7 Mile Ford, Inf.; bur. Phipps

SCV, Rich Valley: Isabelle FARRIS, white female, married to James FARRIS, b. 13 May 1844, KY, 87/9/20; d. 08 Mar 1932, parents NK; Charles FARRIS, Saltville, VA, inf.

TCV, Clear Fork, Bluefield: John Henry MABE, white male, mar. to Marth MABE, b. 23 Jun 1844, Patrick Co. VA, 83/9/5; d. 28 Mar 1932, s/o Joe MABE, Patrick Co. & Oney MARTIN, NC; bur. West Graham

WCV, no dist.: Bertha Ethel SAUL, white female, mar. to J. C. SAUL, no DOB, 47y; d. 01 Mar 1932, b. VA, d/o Geo. CAMPBELL, VA & (blank) JESSIE (or Jessie as given name?)

CV, Abingdon: Muwive(?) R TALBERT, white female, mar. to D. L. TALBERT, b. 12 Mar 1872, 60/11/12, b. WCV, d. 01 Mar 1932, d/o A. D. L. SHORT, Wythe & Dorcus E. HAYTER, WCV; bur. Hayter Cem.

WCV, Kinderhook, Mendota: Nannie F. VERMILLION, white female wid. of John W., b. 31 Jan 1846, VA, 86/1/0; d. 29 Feb 1932, d/o David FLEENOR, VA & Matilda HOBBS, VA; bur. Mendota

WCV, Abingdon: James Bays REMINE, white male, wid., b. 12 Oct 1864, 67/5/0; b. WCV, d. 12 Mar 1932, s/o William REMINE, VA & Rachel BAYS, RCV; bur. home cem.

WCV, Saltville: Sallie F. ASTROP (Aistrop), white female, wid. of W. F. ASTROP, b. 21 Nov 1857, 74/4/8, b. TN; d. 29 Mar 1932 of chornic systitis, b., d/o Shade HARE, NK & Mary Ann FIELDS, NK; Mrs. Maude STAFFORD, Saltville, VA, inf.; bur. Saltville

WCV, Saltville: Lucy RAY, white female, single, b. 06 Mar 1932; d. 06 Mar 1932, b. Saltville, d/o Earl RAY, RCV & Maude JACKSON, Saltville; bur. Saltville; born dead (Note: Maude Jackson later mar. Wyndham Darnell; they lived at Tumbling Creek (Hazel Spring), WCV.)

Wise, Richmond: Clara Jane NEELY, white female, mar. to H. A. NEELY, b. VA, 07 Aug 1857, 74/5/20(?); d. 27 Mar 1932, d/o Silas CREECH, VA & Sarah DOLE, VA; bur ESG (East Stone Gap)

Reel 212

BCV, Rock Lick, Big Rock: James G. HACKNEY, white male, mar. to Perley RHEA, b. Aug 1885, Pike Co. KY, about 46y; d. 18 Apr 1932, s/o James HACKNEY, Pike & Prcey (as written) RAMEY, BCV; Paris HACKNEY, Big Rock, inf.

BCV, Garden: William Howard BROWN, white male, mar. to Mrs. Susie BROWN, no DOB, 76/8/13, b. TCV; d. 19 Apr 1932, d/o John R. BROWN, TCV & Rachel STEEL, TCV

BCV, Hurley, Home Creek: Ishmael LOONEY, white male, mar., b. 20 Oct 1902, BCV, 29y; d. 08 Apr 1932, suicide by shooting self thru head, s/o Geo LOONEY, Home Creek & Patty McCLANAHAN

BCV, Hurricane: Richard Floyd MUSIC, white male, mar. to Lota WAMPLER, b. 12 Aug 1899, 32/8/14; d. 26 Apr 1932, b. VA, s/o Richard MUSIC, WV & Cyntha BALDWIN, VA; bur. Presley Gvyd. Shot and killed at his wifes home b murdered.

Dickenson, Willis, Haysi: Liza MULLINS, white female, wid. of Bill MULLINS, no DOB, 82y; d. 19 Mar (Apr.?) 1932 of dropsy, b. VA, d/o Jepthia HILL, VA & Liza HILL, b. Washington (as stated); bur. Gilbert Cem.; Palestine HILL, inf.

Lee, Rocky Station, Pennington Gap: James Peery HENDRICKS, white male, mar., no DOB, 52/11/7, b. Cedar Bluff, VA; d. 23 Apr 1932, s/o Robert HENDRICKS, WCV & Rachel HENDRICKS, WCV

RCV, Elk Garden, Corn Valley, VA: Oliver SNEED, certif. no. 9680, white male, mar. to Carrie Ann (Athey) SNEAD, b. 11 May 1859, Abingdon, WCV, 73/9/20; d. of pneumonia; bronchitis on 20 Mar 1932, father UNK; mother: Jane SNEED, b. Abingdon, VA, WCV; H. K. PRICE, Saltville, VA, inf.; bur. Sneed Cem. On 21 Mar 1932

RCV, Elk Garden: Mary E. WHITE, white female, wid. of Joanes(?) WHITE, no DOB, b. Saltville, 76/2/20; d. 20 Apr 1932, d/o Charles CRABTREE, Saltville & Melvina KEITH, RCV; bur. Belfast

RCV, Elk Garden: Henry J. PRICE, white male, wid., no DOB, 54y; d. 29 Apr 1932, b. RCV, s/o J. J. PRICE, RCV & Martha DYE, RCV; S. B. PRICE, Chilhowe (sic), VA, inf.; bur. Loop Cem.

RCV, Castlewood: Lydia Mae JESSEE, white female, single, no DOB, 30/10/28, b. RCV; d. 03 Apr 1932, d/o M. G. JESSEE, RCV & Sallie B. CASTLE, RCV; bur. home gvyd.

RCV, Copper Creek, Castlewood: Mary Jane PATRICK, white female, wid. of Wm. PATRICK, no DOB, 70/0/0, b. RCV; d. 12 Apr 1932, d/o Henry JOHNSON, RCV & Susan STEELE, RCV; bur. Patrick Cem.

SCV, Rich Valley: Robert Lee SHEPHIRD, white male, b. 04 Feb 1931, 1/2/10; d. 14 Apr 1932, spina bifidab&, b. Quarry, s/o Edd SHEPHARD, Quarry & Alice URBANI, Quarry; bur. Saltville

TCV, Maiden Spring: Silas B. F. COUNTS, white male, mar. to Mrs. Dasy COUNTS, b. 11 Jan 1863, RCV, 69/2/20; d. 31 Mar 1932, s/o Jas. COUNTS, RCV & Eliza JESSIE, RCV; bur. Castle Wood

WCV, Abingdon: John Campbell WALDEN, white male, mar. to Alice WALDEN, no DOB, about 66y; b. VA; d. 28 Feb 1932, s/o Lewis WALDEN, VA & Nannie PRICE, VA; bur. Knollkreg

WCV, Holston: Delilah LITZ, white female, wid., b. 30 Apr 1838, WCV, 93/11/9; d. 29 Apr 1932, d/o Valentine ROSENBALM, VA & Mary FOX

WCV, Holston, Damascus: Isaac N. KESTNER, white male, wid., b. 15 Sep 1854, WCV, 77/6/23; d. 08 Apr 1932, s/o Washington KESTNER, Penn. (Pa.) & Jane PHELPS, VA; Well KESTNER, Damascus, Inf.; bur. Damascus; senile dementia; arteriosclerosis

CV, Saltville Nellie Madge STANLEY, white girl, single, b. 08 Apr 1932; do 08 Apr 1932; forcep delivryb& b. Saltville, father not stated; mother: Sarah Ollie STANLEY, b. NC; John W. STANLEY, Saltville, VA, inf.; bur. Saltville

WCV, Saltville: Sarah Ollie STANLEY, white female, single, no DOB, 22y; d. uremic poisonb& b. NC; d. 09 Apr 1932, d/o John STANLEY, NC & Larah (Laura) WOOD, Saltville, VA (Sarah Ollie Stanley a sister of Sherman Stanley who mar. Virginia Henderson, d/o Wayne Henderson & Leanna Snead.; apparently the Stanleys came to the Hazel Spring (Tumbling Creek) area from Spruce Pine, Ashe Co. NC.)

WCV, Saltville: Thressa RICKMOND, white female, wid. of H. F. RICKMOND, b. NK, about 83y; d. 01 Apr 1932, b. NK, d/o Sol CHAPMAN, VA & Annie HARDEN, VA; bur. Saltville; Mrs. Isaac RICKMOND, inf.

Wise, Gladeville, Norton: William B. GREEAR (Greer), white male, mar., b. 04 Apr 1844, Scott, 88/-/14; d. 18 Apr 1932, s/o Jessie GREEAR, Scott & Mahala DUNCAN, Scott

Wythe, Black Lick: Guy EASTRIDGE, white male, married to Gladys EASTRIDGE, b. 25 Dec 1881, WCV, 50/4/24; d. 19 Apr 1932, parents NK; bur. Pleasant Hill

Reel 213

BCV, Graham: Thelma Pauline RATLIFF, white girl, single, b. 09 Mar 1932, 8d; d. 05 Apr 1932, b. BCV, d/o T. W. RATLIFF, BCV & Ella CLIFTON, BCV; bur. home

BCV, Garden: Ascar Higlard KEEN, white male, mar. to A. E. KEEN, b. 18 Mar 1874, 55/-/19; d. 06 Apr 1932, b. TCV, s/o David KEEN, BCV & Randie KEEN; bur. Osbon Cem.

BCV, Grundy: George Thomas SMITH, white male, mar. to Clemantine SMITH, b. 23 Aug 1871, 60/11/14; d. 07 May 1932, b. Grundy, VA, s/o Thomas SMITH, b. (near) Dublin, VA? & Ratchel STEEL, UNK; bur. Little Prater

Dickenson, Willis: John Wesley PUCKETT, Haysi, VA, white male, mar. to Martha, b. 12 Mar 1865, Floyd Co. KY, 67/-/29; d. 11 Apr 1932, s/o David PUCKETT, RCV & Mary Jane GIBSON, RCV; bur. Haysi

CV, Elk Garden: Lucile Virginia BORDWINE, white female, single, b. 10 Nov 1914; d. 22 Mar 1932, 17/6/4, b. VA; d/o Garland BORDWINE, VA & Allie FIELDS, VA; bur. Corn Valley; pneumonia

RCV, Elk Garden: Charles E. STEELE, white male, mar. to Eda P. STEELE, b. 03 May 1864, 67/11/28; d. 01 May 1932, b. VA, preacher, s/o Reuben STEELE, VA & Elizabeth FAULKNER; bur. Bullbs Gap Cem.

RCV, Cleveland: Johnson SUTHERLAND, white male, mar. to Margarett SUTHERLAND, b. 23 Jul 1872 (sic: as stated), 88/3/18; d. 28 May 1982 (sic: 1932), b. RCV, s/o Alexander SUTHERLAND, VA & Polly KELLY, VA (1850c, RCV, HH294: SUTHERLAND, Alexander, 36; Mary, 36b& Johnson, 6b&)

RCV, Castlewood, Dante: Julia DISHMAN, white female, wid. of Noah DISHMAN, no DOB, 82y; d. 01 May 1932, b. Watauga Co. NC, parents not given

RCV, Cooper Creek, Castlewood: Mary HURD, white female, wid. of Henry W. HURD, no DOB, 85y; d. 01 May 1932, b. RCV, d/o John FIELDS, RCV & Ruia DYE, RCV; bur. Litton Gvyd.

RCV, Moccasin: R. J. HELBERT, white male, wid., b. 08 Dec 1857, VA, 74/5/8; d. 08 May 1932, s/o William HELBERT, VA & Frances PUCKETT, bur. home cem.

Scott, Fulkerson: Pollie A. LATTURE, white female, wid. of G. W. LATTURE, b. 02 Nov 1851, WCV, 80/6/18, b. WCV; d. 20 May 1932, d/o Pascal H. WHITE, Scott & Elizabeth NECESSARY, Scott

Scott, Fulkerson: John TAYLOR, white male, wid., b. 24 Nov 1844, Scott, 87/7/12; d. 16 May 1932, s/o John TAYLOR, Owl. Co. TN & Rebecca RODEFER, Swl. (Sullivan) Co. TN

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Nellie Lois COLLINS, white female, single, b. 12 Oct 1932, -/6/22; d. 04 May 1932, whooping cough, b. Saltville, d/o Sam COLLINS, Saltville & Lula JACKSON, Saltville; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley: Minnie COOLEY, white female wid. of Clay COOLEY, b. 25 Jul 1887, 44/9/18, b. Saltville; d. 13 May 1932, d/o W. R. CHAPMAN, SCV & Alice BLACKWELL, SCV; bur. Saltville

TCV, Maiden Spring: Helen SPARKS, Cedar Bluff, VA, white female, wid. of Wm. SPARKS, decd., no DOB, 80/11/7, b. TCV; d. 10 May 1932, d/o Thomas WHITE, TCV & Helen PRUITT, TCV; bur. family cem.

TCV, Maiden Springs: Huffard B. RATLIFF, Richlands, VA, white male, mar. to Mrs. Catherine RATLIFF, b. 26 Jun 1886, TCV, 45/10/24; d. 20 May 1932, s/o George RATLIFF, TCV & Ocie GAMBALL; bur. Hankins Cem.

TCV, Maiden Spring: Joe Roberts DYE, white male, single, b. 02 May 1931, Raven, VA, -/11/29; d. 01 May 1932, s/o Henry ROBERTS, WV & Bessie DYE, RCV; bur. Swords Creek

WCV, Bristol: Richard M. POUND, white male, mar., b. KY, 28 Jun 1841, 90/10/21; d. 18 May 1932, s/o Fredrick POUND, KY & Kathern TAYLOR, KY; bur. Mt. View

WCV, Goodson, Wallace: Billy JACKSON, white male, wid., b. VA, 13 Nov 1844, 87/2/18; d. 21 Jan 1932, s/o John JACKSON, VA & NK; Charlie HARLEY, Wallace, VA, inf.; bur. Clear Branch Cem.

WCV, Goodson: William Kyle NECESSARY, white male, single, b. 07 Jan 1912, 20/4/6, b. VA; d. 13 May 1932, s/o Joe NECESSARY, VA & Maggie FLEENOR, VA; bur. Mays Chapel

WCV, Holston, Damascus: George ESTILL, colored male, wid., b. 27 Mar 1845, WCV, 74/1/23; d. 20 May 1932, parents UNK

Reel 214

BCV, Garden: Wm. L. DAY, Jewell Ridge, VA, white male, mar. to Mrs. Mollie DAY, b. 22 Feb 1842, BCV, 90/2/290; d. 21 May 1932, s/o James DAY, BCV & Mollie BREWSTER, TCV; bur. Chicken Ridge

BCV, Rock Lick: Jack LOONEY, Big Rock, white male, no status, b. 06 Mar 1929, 3/6/11; d. 24 Jun 1932, b. BCV, s/o William LOONEY, BCV & Louisa CARAWAY, BCV; bur. Big Rock

BCV, Grundy: Courtney LOONEY, Grundy, VA, white female, wid. of Robert LOONEY, b. 06 May 1844, BCV, 88/1/24; d. 30 Jun 1932 of cardiac failure (certif.. no. 13501), d/o Richard YATES, BCV & Sallie SHORTRIDGE, VA; Markus GOFF, Inf.; bur. Slate Creek on 01 Jul 1932

RCV, Lebanon: Henery MABE, white male, wid. of Sarah MABE, b. Carral (Carroll) Co. VA, 19 Sep 1848, 86y; d. 01 (02?) Jun 1932, s/o David MABE, VA & Elizabeth GREGORY, VA

RCV, New Garden: Marget J. MEADE, white female, wid., b. 29 Nov 1842, RCV, 89/6/2; d. 11 Jun 1932, s/o Thomas McGRAW, VA & Malisie HURT, NK; bur. Honaker Cem. (Note surname of Melissa, wife of Thomas McGraw: 1850c, RCV, HH1261: McGRAW, Thos., 55; Elisabeth, 8; Margaret, 6; Lavina A., 3; Robert, 1; Henry, 18)

RCV, Castlewood: Marshal Greelay JESSIE, white male, mar. to Sallie B. JESSIE, b. 23 Jul 1872, RCV; d. 25 Jun 1932, d/o Noah JESSIE, RCV & Elizabeth KISER, RCV; bur. home cem.

SCV, no dist.: Charles Frederick POSTON, white male, single, b. 26 Dec 1927, 14/5/11; d. 25 Jun 1932, b. Rural Retreat, VA, s/o Fred Sullivan POSTON, Abingdon, VA & Henrietta HOFFMAN, Dunnieth, IN; bur. Marion

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: William KEITH, white male, mar. to Jennie HAYDEN KEITH, b. 04 Mar 1876, 56/3/5; d. 09 Jun 1932, b. RCV, father NK; mother: Mary KEITH, SCV; Mrs. Jennie KEITH, Saltville, VA, Inf.; bur. Saltville

SCV: Myrtle Marie GENTRY, white female, single, b. 22 Mar 1929, 3/3/3; d. 19 Jun 1932, b. SCV, d/o Richard R. GENTRY, TN & Annie LEE, SCV; bur. Stale Line Cem.

TCV, Clear Fork, Boissevain: Martha SHARPE, white female, div. from John SHARPE, b. 06 Dec 1832 (as written), RCV, 80/5/290 (as written); d. 05 Jun 1932, d/o John HARLESS, WCV & Matilda WILLIAMS, RCV; bur. Boissevain

TCV, Maiden Spring: William STEELE, Richlands, VA, white male, mar. to Mattie STEELE, b. 24 Jan 1866, RCV, 66/5/5; d. 05 Jun 1932, s/o Francis M. STEELE, RCV & Mattie BROYLES, SCV; bur. Richlands

WCV, Abingdon: Jennie Jakes COLLINGS (Collins), white female, wid. of R. C. COLLINGS, b. 02 Sep 1861, SCV, 71/8/29; d. 01 Jun 1932, d/o Jerry WHITTAKER, SCV & Ema FAULKER, Scott Co.; bur. family cem.

WCV, Kinderhook: A. B. VERMILLION Sr., white male, wid. of Mary Jane VERMILLION, b. 01 Jun 1850, Hawkins Co. TN, 82/-/20; d. 20 Jun 1932, s/o Wm. VERMILLION, RCV & Nancay (Nancy) OWENS, RCV; bur. Mendota, VA (See 1850c, RCV, HH886.)

WCV, Kinderhook: Isaac WORLEY, white male, mar. to Mrs. Susan WORLEY, DOB NK, 83y; b. VA; d. 30 Jun 1932, s/o Landa(?) WORLEY, VA & Mimmie MOORE, VA; bur. Barker Cem. (See 1850c, WCV, HH1808: WORLEY, Leander, 27; Mima, 24 & 4 children.)

WCV, Saltville: William Francis ASTROP (Aistrop), white male, single, b. 02 Feb 1932, -/4/12; d. 14 Jun 1932, b. Saltville, s/o John ASTROP, Saltville, VA & Pears ASTROP, Saltville; bur. Saltville; no doctor attended; supposed to be flux

WCV, Saltville: Francis WEBB, white female, wid. of John Alex. WEBB, b. 02 Aug 1853, WCV, 78/10/24; d. 26 Jun 1932, d/o Ewell HELTON, VA & Nancy STINSON, VA; bur. Saltville

Wise, Gladeville: Lucy H. JESSEE, white female, wid. of Martin VanBuren JESSEE, b. 23 Nov 1848, , RCV, 83/6/24; d. 17 Jun 1932, d/o Loranza Dow VAUGHAN, RCV & Matilda ROBERTS, Grayson Co. vA; bur. Jessee Private Cem. (See 1850c, RCV, HH1052.)

Wise, Lipps: Mary Alice HELBERT, white female, child, b. 08 Aug 1930, 1/9/30, VA; d. 07 Jun 1932, d/o Gaynes HELBERT, RCV & Lilly JESSEE, RCV; bur. RCV

Wise, Richmond, Roda, VA: Eliza BAYS, Meadow View, VA, white female, wid. of J. H. BAYS, b. 30 Oct 1844, Meadow View, VA, 87/8/-; d. 30 Jun 1932, d/o Phil GREGORY, WCV & (not given), SCV; bur. Andover, VA

BCV, Hurricane: Nela Marie HELTON, white female, single, b. 12 Jun 1931; d. 22 Jul 1932, 1/1/10, b. BCV, d/o Eliga HELTON, RCV & Bula HESS, BCV; bur. Helton Gvyd.

Reel 215

RCV, Cleveland: Eliza MUSICK, white female, mar. to Cowen MUSICK, DOB NK, 78y; d. 02 Jul 1932, d/o Eligha RASNICK, VA & Bettie LITTON, RCV; another death certificate says b. 24 Mar 1846, VA; 86/3/19; d. 04 Jul 1932, d/o Alex. SUTHERLAND, VA & Pop KELLY, VA; bur. Music Cem. Although queried as a mistake, it was confirmed by Mrs. S. C. COUCH, RCV that there were indeed 2 Eliza Musics dying 2 days apart.

RCV, Cleveland: Sarah MUSICK, white female, mar. to Able MUSICK, b. 25 Dec 1853, 78/7/27; d. 22 Jul 1932, b. Cleveland, RCV, d/o William CRABTREE, VA & Disty COMBS, VA

RCV, Cleveland: Nancy Caroline JESSEE, white female, mar. to William Robt. JESSEE, b. 09 Sep 1870, VA, 61/10/14; d. 23 Jul 1932, d/o Joseph C. ASHBY, VA & Docie E. PUCKETT, VA; bur. Cleveland

RCV, Copper Creek, Castlewood: Samuel Letch BURKE, white male, mar. to Mary BURKE, b. 13 Nov 1860; d. 13 Jul 1932, b. VA, s/o Samuel BURKE, VA & Nancy JOHNSON, VA; bur. Burks Church

SCV, Saltville: Mary E. FRYE, white female, mar. to Lillburn FRYE, b. 1868, 64/11/10; d. 24 Jul 1932, b. Saltville; d/o T. T. TALBERT, Saltville, VA & Catherine ELLIOT, Saltville; bur. Saltville

WCV, Bristol, VA: Jennie M. TOLLCURT (as written; Talbert?), white female, wid., b. VA, 23 Jun 1868, 74/0/15; d. 08 Jul 1932, d/o Thomas HENDRICKS, VA & Margaret FLEENOR, VA; bur. Hendricks Cem.

WCV, Bristol, VA: Dellia Jane HENNIGAR, white female, mar. to Roy I. HENNIGAR, b. VA, 34/11/16; d. 17 Jul 1932, d/o D. F. JESSIE, VA & Lucy DICKERSON, VA; bur. Paperville

WCV, Goodson: Nancy Ellen MUMPOWER, Bristol, VA, white female, wid., b. 02 Apr 1861, VA, 71/7/3; d. 09 Jul 1932, d/o Isaac RATCLIFF, VA & NK; bur. East Hill Cem.

WCV, Goodson: Marie HELTON, Bristol, VA, white female, b. 12 Aug 1927, 4/11/15; d. 28 Jul 1932, d/o Sammie HELTON, VA & Mary YOUNG, VA; bur. Sharrette

WCV, Goodson: Allice Virginia MILLER, Bristol, VA, white female, wid., b. 12 Apr 1864, 68/3/29; d. 31 Jul 1932, b. VA, d/o George W. KISTNER, VA & Jane PHELPS, VA; bur. Mt. View

WCV, Holston: Jacob Richard KESTNER, white male, mar. to Sally KESTNER, no DOB, 69/10/20; d. 04 Jul 1932, s/o Crissy KESTNER, WCV; no Place of Burial

Wise, Richmond: Wesley Carter TAYLOR, Appalachia, VA, white male, wid., b. 13 Nov 1847, 84/7/25, b. Letcher Co. KY; d. 08 Jul 1932, s/o Gideon TAYLOR, Ash co. NC & Fannie PHILPPS, Ash, NC; bur. East Stone Gap

Wise, Lipps: Leuna LANEY, white female, single, b. 07 Jan 1924, 8/5/18; d. 25 Jun 1932, b. Coeburn, VA, d/o Frank LANEY, TN & Bulah JESSEE, RCV

Wise, Lipps: Earnest JESSEE, white male, single, b. 15 May 1907, 25/1/11, b. MO; d. 26 Jun 1932, s/o Windham JESSEE, RCV & Orphia BOOHER (or Booker?), RCV; bur. RCV

Wise, Gladeville: Robert RATCLIFF, white male, single, b. 27 Jun 1931, 1/-/5; d. 02 Jul 1932, b. KY, s/o Hendricks RATCLIFF, KY & Julia DILLS

Wise, Gladeville: George W. JESSEE, white male, mar. to Hettie Mary JESSIE, b. 01 May (no year stated), Wise, 36/2/19; d. 31 Jul 1932, s/o David W. JESSEE, Wise & Rossa BEORLY (Beverly? Beasly?), Wise; bur. Beaverly Cem.

Wise, Robinson: Lucy A. BAKER, white female, wid. of John R. BAKER, b. 1857, VA, 75/9/10; d. 10 Jul 1932, d/o John D. COX, NC & Annie DANIELS, NC; bur. Baker Cem.

BCV, Grundy: Nancy KEEN, white girl, married to Thomas KEEN, b. 12 May 1860, BCV; d. 06 Aug 1932, d/o Ruel OSBERN (Osborne), BCV & Dusly BREEDEN, BCV

BCV, Grundy: Earl OWENS, white male, infant, b. 25 Jun 1932, 2m, d. 02 Aug 1932, b. BCV, s/o Jessie OWENS, BCV & Mandy LOONEY, BCV

Lee, Rocky Sta.: Dewey SMITH, white male, inf., 18d old; d. 08 Aug 1932, b. Lee, s/o L. C. SMITH, Lee & Mattie BURK, Scott, bur. Pennington Cem.

Reel 216

RCV, Castlewood: John T. CANDLER, white male, wid. of Martha KISER CANDLER, b. 06 Jan 1843, 89/4/10, b. Hansonville, VA, 89/434/19; d. 17 May 1932, s/o Singleton CANDLER, VA & Addie BAUSELL (Bozell); Bur. Candler Cem.

RCV, Elk Garden: Eliza VENCIL, white female, wid., no DOB, 52/9/1, b. Belfast Mills; d. 08 Aug 1932, s/o Geo. Henry JACKSON, RCV & Evelyne COX, RCV; bur. Vencil Cem.

RCV, Castlewood: Mis Elizabeth JESSEE, white female, mar. to E. B. JESSEE, b. 01 Nov 1863, Dickenson Co., 69y; d. 30 Aug 1932, d/o Brumfield McCOY, WV & Katheyn TURNER, Dickenson; bur. Turner Cem.

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Frank JACKSON, white male, mar. to Hattie JACKSON, b. 27 Apr 1896, RCV, 36/3/8; d. 04 Aug 932, s/o John JACKSON, VA & Sarah HELTON, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Saltville: Victor COLLINS, white male, mar. to Susie COLLINS, b. 04 Mar 1874, Saltville, 58/5/16; d.. 20 Aug 1932, s/o Abe COLLINS, VA & Elizabeth CRABTREE, VA; bur. Saltville; Drew COLLINS, Saltville, Inf. (SCV, 16 Aug 1866, Abraham Colins, 19, b. Patrick Co. VA, s/o David Collins & Ruth Vipperman (mar. Patrick Co., 06 Feb 1846) mar. Elizabeth J. Crabtree, d/o John & Nancy)

WCV, Saltville: Macie HOLMES, white female, single, b. 07 Feb 1931, 1/4/-; d. 07 Jul 1932, b. Saltville, d/o Curry HOLMES, VA & Hattie BAILEY, VA; Chas. BROWNING, Saltville, VA, inf.; bur. Saltville; home cem.

WCV, Saltville: David TUGGLE, white male, no status, b. 18(?) Jan 1863, NC, 69/6/-; d. 08 Jul 1932, parents NK; Hugh TUGGLE, Inf.; bur. Home Cem.

WCV, Saltville: Lockie May HILTON, white female, single, b. 05 May 1932, -/2/22; d. 30 Jul 1932, b. Plasterco, VA, d/o Richard HILTON, Saltville & Gracie WIENEGER, Saltville; bur. Chilhowie VA; congenital heart disease

WCV, North Fork: Rebecca BRUMLEY, white female, wid. of A. L. BRUMBLEY, b. 12 Apr 1860, WCV, 72/3/9; d. 03 Jul 1932, d/o James HOLT, WCV & Barbra CONLEY, WCV; bur. river View

WCV, Glade spring: Lue Balie HARDY, Negro female, mar. to J. H. HARDY, no DOB, 92y; d. 19 Aug 1932, b. WCV, d/o Samuel CARTER, NK & Malinda CARTER, NK; bur. Glade Spring

WCV, Saltville: Cordelia SANDIFUR, white female, single, b. 05 Mar 1912, 20/5/26; d. 31 Aug 1932, b. Saltville, d/o Robert SANDIFER, Saltville & Jennie HENDERSON, Saltville; bur. Saltville; d. of diabetes

Wise, Lipps: Marth KEITH FLANARY, white female, mar. b. 03 Apr 1864, Scott, 68/3/2; d. 05 Jul 1932, d/o Jessee KEITH, RCV & Vina MINTON, RCV; bur. Coeburn, VA

Wise, Lipps: Isaac OSBORNE, white male, mar., b. Aug 1843, Scott, 88y; d. 09 Jul 1932, s/o Wm. OSBORNE, VA & Dorcas WHEATLEY, VA

Wise, Robinson: James H. VANOVER, white male, wid. of Jane VANOVER, b. 23 Jun 1853, VA, 79/1/5; d. 28 Aug 1932, s/o Eli VANOVER, VA & Olly MULLINS, VA

Lee, no dist.: Cordie NELSON, white female, mar. to Geo. NELSON, no DOB, 40y; d. 14 Aug 1932, b. TN, d/o Anthony COLLINS, TN & Margaret HURLEY, TN; Geo. NELSON, Eulie(? Exeter?)), VA, Inf.

Lee, Yokum Sta.: Woodson NELSON, white male, single, b. 10 Oct 1913, 18/9/19; d. 04 Aug 1932, b. in Wise. Co. VA, s/o George NELSON, TN & Cordie COLLINS, TN; Geo. NELSON, Exeter, VA, Inf. (both mother and son died of TB)

Lee, Jonesville: Elkanah JOHNSON, white male, married to Tilda JOHNSON, b. 17 May 1830, Lee, 98y; d. 24 Sep 1932, s/o Bird JOHNSON, VA & Cosby GREEN, VA; bur. Poor Valley; George JOHNSON, Jonesville, Inf.

RCV, Cleveland: George Washington HACKNEY, white male, mar. to Rachel HACKNEY, b. 09 May 1863, 70/3/7; d. 18 Aug 1932, b. RCV, s/o Anderson HACKNEY, RCV & Margarete ATKINS, RCV; bur. Cleveland, VA

RCV, Moccasin, Snowflake: James Ozark COMER, white male, mar. to Victoria COMER, b. 29 Mar 1873, 59/5/9; d. 07 Sep 1932, cause of death UNKb&, b. Scott, s/o Geo. W. COMER, Scott & Cathrine BARKER, Scott; Victoria COMER, Snowflake, VA, inf.; bur. Davis Cem., 08 Sep 1932

SCV, Saltville, Rich Valley: Eunice SHUPE, white female, mar. to Wiley SHUPE, b. 03 Jun 1902, 29/3/10; d. 13 Sep 1932 of septicemia following an abortus, b. Bluefield, WV, d/o William P. HILTON, Honaker, VA Y& Ella SMITH, Saltville, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Vint T. ALLISON, white male, mar. to Mattie SMYTH ALLISON, b. 28 Sep 1879, Saltville, 52/11/20; d. 18 Sep 1932, s/o A. F. ALLISON, Saltville, VA & Sarah HOLMES, Saltville; bur. Saltville

WCV, Abingdon: Sarah Francis WILLOUGHBHY, white female, single, d. 12 Sep 1850, 82/-/15; d. 27 Sep 1932, b. WCV, d/o Wm. C. WILLOUGHBY, WCV & Mary IRESON, WCV; bur. Sinking Springs

Wise, Richmond, Appalachia: John BURKS, white male, wid. of Mary BURKE, b. Oct 1847, Lee, 85/11/-; d. 14 Sep 1932, s/o Tommy BURKE, VA & Emmaline ALLEN, VA

Wise, Gladeville, Roaring Fork, VA: Clinton Edward DYE, white male, infant, b./d. 22 Sep 1932, b. Roaring Fork, VA, s/o Harmon L. DYE, VA & Ruth A. STRATTON, VA; bur. Walnut Grove, VA

Reel 217

BCV, Hurricane: Roosevelt MUSIC, white boy, infant, b. 10 Aug 1932, 1d; d. 11 Aug 1932, premature birth, s/o Jason MUSIC, VA & Martha McFADDIN

BCV, Grundy: Lordel RATLIFF, white male, b. 16 Oct 1932, lived 5 minutes; d. 16 Oct 1932, cause of death unknown, b. Davenport, VA, s/o Shade RATLIFF, BCV & Mariah COLE (or Cox?); Earl RATLIFF, Vansant, Inf.

BCV, Garden: William J. ELSWICK, white male, wid., b. 08 Feb 1854, 78/8/17, b. TCV; d. 25 Oct 1932, s/o Basil ELSWICK, TCV & Julia STEELE; Basil ELSWICK, Cincinnati, OH, Inf.

BCV, Garden: Joseph Charles BUCKLIN, white male, single, b. 06 Feb 1932, -/5/1; d. 07 Oct 1932, b. BCV, s/o Josesph C. BUKLIN, Monroe Co. WV & Walie E. RATLIFF, BCV; bur. Ward Cem.; b&bealing in the headb&

Dickenson, Willis: Rutha MOORE SLUSS, white female, wid. of Fadie SLUSS, b. 01 Mar 1850, 82/7/7, b. VA; d. 12 Oct 1932, d/o Enoch MOORE, VA & Synthia MOORE, VA

Dickenson, Sand Lick, Clinchco: Roy Felix JESSIE, white male, single, b. 25 Apr 1932, -/5/16; d. 11 Oct 1932, pneumonia, b. Clinchco, VA, s/o Euene JESSIE, VA & May ROBINSON, VA; bur. Castlewoods

Lee, Rose Hill: James Delaney BAYS, white male, mar. to Sarah E. BAYS, b. 08 Jan 1856, 76/9/22, b. Scott Co.; d. of pypostolic pneumonia on 30 Oct 1932, s/o Wm. A. BAYS, Scott Co. & Matilda PURCELL, Scott; W. A. BAYS, Ewing, VA, inf.; bur. Hubbard Springs, VA

RCV, New Garden: John A. COMPTON, white male, mar. to Celia A. COMPTON, no DOB, 63/11/23; d. 26 Oct 1932, b. Grundy, VA, s/o Henderson COMPTON, Grundy & Pheoby YATES, Grundy; bur. Claypole Cem.

RCV, Castlewood: Lewis COLLINS, white male, mar. to Lucy; b. 08 Oct 1850, 82/11/25; d. 02 Oct 1932, b. WV, s/o A. C. COLLINS, WV & Harrett BAYUR (Bayer?), WV

Scott, Powell: Shade F. VICARS, white male, mar., b. 18 Apr 1873, NK, 59/6/9; d. 27 Oct 1932, s/o James VICARS, NK & Visa SALYER, NK; bur. Johnson Cem.

SCV, Rich Valley, Saltville: Tom James HURT, whit male, mar. to Florence KINSER HURT, b. 11 Jul 1877, Saltville, 55/3/19; d. 30 Oct 1932, s/o William HURT, NK, KY & Mary PHIPPS, Saltville; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley: Martha Ellen MULLINS, white female, mar. to Joseph MULLINS, b. 18 Jul 1851, SCV, 81/2/16; d. 05 Oct 1932, s/o Andrew SAWYERS, NK, NC & Nancy PUCKETT, NK, NC; bur. Saltville; Joe S. MULLINS, Saltville, VA, inf.

TCV, Maiden Springs: Sarah J. FLETCHER, Grundy, VA, white female, wid. of Cummings FLETCHER, b. Mar 1871, VA, 61/6/-; d. 08 Oct 1932, d/o Robert LOONEY, VA & Courtney YATES, VA; Marris (Morris?) FLETCHER, Inf.; bur. Fletcher Cem.; no cause of death listed

WCV, Abingdon: Wm. Andrew IRESON, white male, wid. of Idress IRESON, b. 28 Dec 1852, WCV, 90/10/10; d. 18 Oct 1932 of pneumonia (labor), s/o James IRESON, WCV & (Not given; Ann Olivia crossed out); Wm. IRESON, Abingdon, VA, Inf.; bur. Abingdon

WCV, Abingdon: Hurchieles SELF, white male, mar. to Liby SELF, no DOB, about 82y; d. 19 Oct 1932, b. VA, s/o Mack SELF, VA & Tilda MAHFFEY, VA; bur. Hansonville

Wise, Robinson: W. R. (N.?) JACKSON, white male, mar. to Sallie SHELL, b. 11 Feb 1865, VA, 67/9/9; d. 19 Oct 1932, s/o Jahyel JACKSON, VA & Kathryn LEE, VA; bur. Jenkins, KY

Reel 218 (Backwards)

Wise, Richmond, Roda: Marllea HUGHES, white female, mar. to John HUGHES, b. 07 Sep 1865, Mendota, VA, 64/2/5; d. 12 Nov 1932, d/o Jesse McCRACKEN, Mendota, VA & Caroline NECESSARY, Mendota, VA; Ira HUGHES, Roda, VA, inf.; Place of burial not given; arterio-sclerosis (See Burk(e) Book.)

Wise, Gladeville: Nancy BELCHER, white female, wid. of William BELCHER, b. 15 Apr 1856, KY, 86/7/15; d. 30 Nov 1932, s/o Anderson ESTEP, KY & Elisabeth VANOVER, KY (1850c, RCV, HH1459)

WCV, Glade Spring: Ruby Mae BROWNING, white female, single, b. 03 Oct 1930, 2/1/14; d. of broncho pneumonia on 17 Nov 1932, b. Meadowview, VA, d/o Joseph A. BROWNING, Meadowview, VA & Sarah E. ARNOLD, Abingdon; bur. Warren Cem.

WCV, Glade Spring: Vance TAYLOR, white male, wid. of Kate TAYLOR, b. 30 Nov 1860, Ash Co. NC, 71/11/14; d. in auto accident, 13 Nov 1932, s/o David TAYLOR, Ash Co. NC & Bythe TAYLOR, Ash Co.; Mitchell TAYLOR, Laurel Springs, NC, Inf.; bur. Laurel Springs

WCV, Abingdon: Silas S. WALDEN, white male, single, no DOB, about 13y; d. gun shot wound, 03 Nov 1932, b. VA, s/o Silas WALDEN, VA & Dixie Belle PERRY, VA; Jas. WALDEN, Inf.; bur. family gvyd.

WCV, Goodson: William Byars NYE, white male, mar. to Mrs. Mollie A. NYE, b. ? Sep 1861, 71/1/?; d. 12 Nov 1932, b. VA, s/o James K. NYE, VA & Annie E. BYARS, VA; bur. Glade Spring

TCV, Maiden Springs, Richlands: Margaret HARRISON, white female, single, b. 17 Apr 1932, Richlands, -/6/26; d. 13 Nov 1932, d/o Gaines HARRISON, RCV & Nora DYE, RCV; bur. Short Cem.

TCV, Jeffersonville: Reese BANDY (Bundy?), Jr., col. Male, mar., no DOB, about 78, b. TCV; d. 06 Nov 1932, s/o Reese RANDY, VA & Fannie BOGLE, VA; bur. Tazewell

TCV, Maiden Spring, Richlands: Jno. R. SCOTT, white male, mar. to Mollie SCOTT, b. 25 Mar 1858, SCV, 74/8/3; d. 31 Oct 1932, s/o Robert ALLISON, SCV & Delilah TAYLOR, SCV; D. SCOTT, Swords Creek, VA, Inf.

RCV, Copper Creek: John Thomas MEADE, white male, mar. to Verta DORTON MEADE, b. 06 Oct 1900, RCV, 32/1/1; d. 07 Nov 1932, d/o R. M. MEADE, RCV & Sina NECESSARY, Scott; bur. Meade Cem.

Lee, Rocky Sta.: Billie Jr. BUMETTE, white male, child, b. 21 Apr 1929, 3/7/5; d. 26 Nov 1932, b. Lee, s/o Bill BURNETTE (all as written) & Vernice JESSEE, Lee; bur. St. Charles

Lee, Rocky Sta.: Mollie SMITH, white female, mar. to Caner SMITH, no DOB, 36y d. 24 Jul 1932, b. Blackwaer, TN, d/o Coner SMITH, Pennington Gap, Lee (as stated) & Mattie BURK, Blackwater, TN

Dickenson, Sand Lick: James Harvey JOHNSON, white male, wid. of Cinia JOHNSON, b. 28 Feb 1861, 71/8/28; d. 26 Nov 1932, b. VA, s/o Ansil JOHNSON, VA & Polly SNIDER, VA

BCV, Grundy: Thomas Edward JOHNSON, white boy, b. 22 Oct 1832, 22d; d. 13 Nov 1932 of UNK cause, b. Grundy, s/o Ruffas Francis JOHNSON, Hurley, VA & Effie Myrtle RATLIFF, Grundy; bur. Ratliff Cem.


Reel 219

BCV, Garden: William VANDYKE, white male, wid., b. 11 Feb 1840, TCV, 92/10/6; d. 15 Dec 1932, s/o William VANDYKE, TCV & NK; bur. Keen Mt., 17 Dec 1932; d. of old age

BCV, Garden: Jula RUNYONS, white female, mar. to George RUNYONS, b. 10 Jul 1908, 24/4/25; d. 05 Dec 1932, b. BCV, d/o Fullen RATLIFF, BCV & Rachel KEEN, BCV; bur. Keen Cem.

BCV, Hurricane: Montague McFARLIN, white male, mar. to Daisey, b. 15 Mar 1859, BCV, 73/9/15; d. 30 Dec 1932, s/o L. L. McFARLILN, BCV & Leah FULLER, RCV; bur. McFarlin Cem.

Dickenson, Willis: Matilda CARTY, white female, wid., no DOB, 78y; d. 05 Nov 1932, b. VA, d/o James SYKES, VA & Polley BARTLEY, VA; bur. Bartlick

Dickenson, Sand Lick: Sparel T. NEWBERY, white male, wid. of Polleyan NEWBERY, b. 03 Jan 1845, VA, 87/11/5; d. 08 Dec 1932, s/o John NEWBERY, VA & NK; bur. Fuller Gyd.

Lee, Jonesville: Rebecca J. IRONS, white female, wid., no DOB, b. Pennington Gap, VA, 88/3/11; d. 27 Dec 1932, s/o Edward SMITH, Pennington Gap & Patsy PARSONS, Pennington Gap; bur. Jonesville

Lee, White Shoals: Flanders M. BAYS, white male, mar. to Sarah F. FURGERSON (Ferguson), b. 29 Dec 1862, VA, 69/11/15; d. 14 Dec 1932, s/o James K. BAYS, VA & Matilda PURCELL; W. P. BAYS, Hubbard Springs, VA, Inf.; bur. Hubbard Sprs. Cem.

RCV, Copper Creek: Maggie JESSEE, white female, mar. to Jefferson JESSEE, b. 06 Apr 1864, Dickensonville, VA, 68/1/28; d. 04 Jun 1932, d/o James ROBINSON, NK & Nancy OWENS, NK; Carlos JESSEE, Lebanon, Inf.; bur. Carterton

RCV, Lebanon: William P. FULLER, white male, wid. of Mary S. WILLIAMS FULLER, no DOB, 84/5/2; d. 10 Dec 1932, b. Honaker, s/o Isaac FULLER, VA & (blank) WALLACE

RCV, New Garden: Nan Finney Wallace MILLER, white female, mar. to Ben MILLER, no DOB, 79y; d. 06 Dec 1932, b. NC, d/o Martin HORTON, NC & Mary FINNEY, RCV; bur. Wallace Cem.

RCV, Castlewood, Dante: Walter BURKE, white male, mar. to Gussie BURKE, b. Nov 1893, Castlewood, 39/1/-; d. 10 Dec 1932, s/o S. L. BURKE, Castlewood & UNK; Denby KEITH, Dante, VA, inf.; bur. Burks Church

Scott, Johnson: John F. WHITE, white male, mar. to Caroline WHITE, b. 05 Nov 1855, 77/11/-; d. 05 Nov 1932, b. RCV, s/o Joshua WHITE, RCV & Nancy PASTON (Poston), RCV

Scott, Powell: Sarah E. BOWLING, white female, mar. to W. H. BOWLING, b. 07 Oct 1841, WCV, 91/2/18; d. 25 Dec 1932, d/o Calvin WEATHERLY, UNK & not given; bur. Bowling Cem.

SCV, Marion: Charles Madison SHELTON, whit male, single, b. 98 Jun 1864, Patrick Co. VA, 68/6/9; d. 17 Dec 1932, s/o Josiah SHELTON, Patrick Co. & Elizabeth ROGERS, Patrick Co.; bur. Cleghorn Cem.

SCV, Rich Valley: Tiney B. PICKLE, white female, mar. to Boyd PICKLE, b. 25 Sep 1894, Saltville, 38/3/-; d. 25 Dec 1932, d/o Alex CHAPMAN, VA & Hettie POORE, VA; bur. Saltville

SCV, Rich Valley: Unnamed BOARDWINE, white boy, single, b. 05 Dec 1932; d. 07 Dec 1932, 2d, b. North Holston, VA, s/o W. E. FULLEN, SCV & Nannie BOARDWINE, WCV; bur. Saltville; birth injuries

TCV, Maiden Spring: Arminda Elswick CHRISTAIN (Christian), white female, wid. of David CHRISTAIN, b. 02 Nov 1856, 76/-/5; d. 07 Nov 1982, b. TCV, d/o Basil ELSWICK, TCV & Julia F. STEELE, BCV; Noah ELSWICK, Jewell Ridge, VA, Inf.; bur. Fletcher Cem.; cancer of gall bladder & stomach

WCV, Abingdon: Mary Francis BURKE, white female, mar. to G. P. BURKE, no DOB, about 27y; d. 09 Dec 1932 of pneumonia/influenza, b. VA, d/o Joseph NELSON, VA & Irsce(?) HILL, VA; bur. Lindell, VA

WCV, Abingdon: Florence DUFF ROSE, white female, wid. of D. G. ROSE, b. 20 May 1842, 90/6/14; d. 01 Dec 1932, d/o Alec DUFF, WCV & Tishia SWINGLE, WCV; bur. Sinking Sprs.

WCV, Kinderhook: Mollie DYE, white female, mar., no DOB, 71y; b. WCV; d. 22 Aug 1932 of old age; parents not given; bur. Green Hill on 23 Aug 1932

WCV, Glade Spring: Helen HELTON, white female, single, b. 01 Jun 1932, 6m; d. 01 Dec 1932, b. Glade Spring, d/o Walter HELTON, SCV & Martha SOUTH, TN; bur. Glade Spring

WCV, Glade Spring: Thomas J. KENT, white male, mar. to Tempie, b. 20 Nov 1862, 70/1/1?; d. of pulmonary edema on 20 Dec 1932, b. WCV, s/o Jacob KENT, Montgomery Co. VA & Martha Ann (no surname given), WCV; Mrs. Geo. CROWE, Glade Spring, VA, Inf.; bur. Glade Spring

WCV, Glade Spring: Jennie Flora ESTELLE (Estill), Meadowview, VA, black female, wid. of James ESTELLE, b. 17 Feb 1863, WCV, 69/10/no (as written); d. 16 Dec 1932, d/o Lewis CARTER, WCV & Maria HUNTER, WCV; bur. Meadowview, VA; Billie (?) Estelle ANDERSON, Meadowview, VA, Inf.

WCV, North Fork: Sarah Jane DAVIS, white female, mar. to Eli DAVIS, b. 12 Jan 1861, RCV, 71/10/28; d. 10 Dec 1932, d/o David MOORE, RCV & Martha SHELTON, RCV; Eli DAVIS, Abingdon, VA, inf.; bur. family cem.

WCV, Holston: Amanda J. GOBBLE, white female, wid. of Davie GOBBLE, no DOB, about 85y; d. 26 Dec 1932, d/o John KESTNER, VA & Jane KAYLOR, VA; Jessie GOBBLE, Holston, VA, inf.; bur. family gyd.

Dickenson, Willis: James BRANHAM, white male, mar. to Rhoda BRANHAM, b. Dickenson, 22 Oct 1859, 73/0/26; d. 18 Nov 1932, s/o James BRANHAM, UNK & Polly Anne BARTLEY, KY; bur. Neely Ridge, VA

Lee, Rose Hill: Eliza Jane HANES, white female, wid. of Jonathan HAYNES, b. 13 Aug 1830, Erving, Lee Co. VA, 102/4/11; d. 24 Dec 1932, d/o James BARTLEY, Indiana & Sarah SPEAK, Rose Hill, Lee

RCV, Lebanaon: Henry BURK, colored male, mar., no DOB, 103y; d. 23 Dec 1932, b. county, s/o Easter BURK, Lebanon; father UNK; bur. County Farm

SCV, Marion: Robert M. KING, white male, wid. of Minie KING, b. 03 Sep 1852, Montgomery Co. VA, 80/3(?)/10; d. 13 Dec 1932, s/o Henry KING & Jane CUNNINGHAM, Montg. Co. VA; bur. Pleasant Hill

Reel 220

Wise, Roberson: Mathias Kelly CHURCH, white male, wid. of Anna MAGGARD, b. 25 Oct 1850, Wise, 82/2/11; d. 05 Jan 1933, d/o Gabe CHURCH, UNK & Jennie COOPER, UNK; bur. Church Cem.

Wise, Gladeville: Clara Nickles WELLS, white female, mar. to Aaron WELLS, b. 18 Sep 1850, Wise, 82/5/20; d. 08 Jan 1933, d/o Freeman BEVERLY, NC & Unicy RAMSEY, Scott (RCV 1850c, HH1774)

WCV, Saltville: Charley W. McCRAY, white male, mar. to Corie McCRAY, b. 05 Apr 1876, 56//2, b. WCV; d. 30 Jan 1933 of diabetes mellitus (certif. no. 2656), s/o Rufus F. McCRAY, VA & Susan JOHNSON, TN; Carl R. McCRAY, Saltville, Rt. 2, Inf.; bur. McCray Cem., 31 Jan 1930

WCV, Glade Spring: Lena Beatrice DAVIS, Meadowview, VA, white female, single, b. 14 Apr 1914, WCV, 18/8/20, student; d. 04 Jan 1933, acute TB, d/o A. J. (Albert Johnston) DAVIS, WCV & Hassie (Cummings) GOBBLE DAVIS, WCV; Mrs. A. J. Davis, Meadowview, VA, Inf.; bur. Davis Cem. on 05 Jan 1933 (A. J. & Hassie were the parents of Ethel Davis, mar. John S. Henderson, son of John Wesley Henderson & Rosa Ellen Ratcliffe.)

WCV, Abingdon: Mary Elizabeth BAILEY, white female, wid. of B. C. BAILEY, b. 04 May 1850, 82/8/10; d. 24 Jan 1933, b. WCV, d/o Rev. J. T. (Julius Terry) DAVENPORT, WCV & Sarah WASSUM, SCV; Miss Rachel BAILEY, Abingdon, VA, Inf.; bur. Sinking Springs Cem.

WCV, Goodson: Newton H. SHARITZ, white male, mar. to Virginia CREGAR, b. 03 Apr 1860, VA, 72/9/8/ d. 11 Jan 1933, s/o Rufus SHARITZ, PA & Mariah REPASS, VA; bur. East Hill

TCV, Maiden Spring: John A. HESS, white male, mar. to Haner HESS, b. 15 Aug 1849, VA, 83/9/7; d. 22 Jan 1933, s/o John HESS, VA & Salley WITT, VA; bur. Boyd Cem.

TCV, Maiden Spring, Richlands: Mrs. Sarah Jane JACKSON, white female, married to John A. JACKSON, b. 1875, WCV, 58y; d. 23 Jan 1933, d/o Jim HELTON, WCV & Caroline BLANKENSHIP, WCV: bur. Kents Ridge

Scott, Taylor: Mrs. H. P. THOMPSON, white female, mar. to H. P. THOMPSON, b. 28 Jan 1855, 77/11/19, b. Hawkins Co. TN; d. 17 Jan 1933, d/o Henderson VICARS, TN & NK; bur. Duffield, VA

Scott, Taylor: Robert LUCAS, white male, wid. of Jane SLUSE, b. 30 Apr 1841, Scott, 91/8/23; d. 22 Jan 1933, s/o Robert LUCAS, KY & Jennie WILLIAMS, RCV; bur. Osborne Gvyd. (RCV, 1850c, HH277)

RCV, Elk Garden: Benton SNEED, white male, child, b. 11 Oct 1929, 3/2/3; d. 01 Jan 1933 of broncho-pneumonia, b. RCV, s/o Full SNEED, VA & Susie MORSON (Morrison), VA; bur. Lebanon Cem. G. H. HELTON, Inf.

RCV, Lebanon: Rachel TAYLOR, white female, single, no DOB, 15/7/5, b. VA; d. 03 Jan 1933, d/o John TAYLOR, VA & Elebeth (as written) BREEDING; bur. Breeding Cem.

RCV, Lebanon: Martha CARPENTER FIELDS, white female, mar. to Banner FIELDS, b. RCV, 26 Jan 1910, 22/11/-; d. 15 or 16 Jan 1933, d/o J. A. CARPENTER, SCV & Alice GARRETT, RCV; bur. Fields Gvyd.

Lee, Yokum Sta.: Isaac CREECH, white male, wid. of Sally CREECH, b. 29 Jan 1850, 82/11;18, b. Harlan Co. KY; d. 17 Jan 1933, s/o Isaac CREECH, Harlen Co. KY & Cynthia KELLY, Harlan Co. KY; Bascom CREECH, Buckles, VA, Inf.; bur. Creech Cem., Lee Co.

Lee, Rocky Sta.: James Tennessee SMYTH, white male, b. 30 Jul 1849, Dryden, Lee, 83/6/19; d. 10 Jan 1933, s/o Edward McDonald SMITH, Pennington Gap, VA& Minerva PARSONS, Pennington Gap, VA; bur. Family Cem.

Lee, Jonesville: John G. MUNSEY, white male, mar. to Roda MUNCY, b. 13 Dec 1872, VA, 60/0/22; d. 05 Jan 1933, s/o A. J. MUNSEY, Bland Co. VA & Sally BALTEN, Bland Co.

BCV, Hurricane: Britton TAYLOR, white male, mar. to Rosie TAYLOR, b. 1860, 70y, b. VA; d. 02 Jan 1933, s/o Bill TAYLOR, VA & Virginia DUTY, VA; bur. Duty, VA

BCV, Knox, Hurley: Levi LESTER, white male, wid., b. 01 May 1848, TCV, 86/7/11; d. 11 Jan 1933, s/o Michael LESTER, TCV & Malinda STILTNER, TCV; bur. Hurley

BCV, Garden: Danald Burnard LOONEY, white male, infant, b. 07 Jul 1832, -/5/28; d. 02 Jan 1933, b. BCV, s/o H. N. LOONEY, BCV & Mary LOONEY, BCV; bur. Garden Cem.

BCV, Grundy: Sally CLEVINGER, white female, wid., wife of Levi CLEVINGER, b. 11 Jan 1845, BCV, 88/0/8; d. 09 Jan 1933, d/o Joel CHURCH, NC & Nacy (as written) LANE, no record; Silas CLEVINGER, Maxie, VA, Inf.; bur. Bull Creek