1860 Scott County, Virginia Mortality Schedule

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1860 Scott County, Virginia Mortality Schedule

1860 Scott County, Virginia Mortality Schedule
Name Age Sex Race Free Md. POB Month
of Death
Occupation Disease Days Ill
Hart, John T. 16 M VA Oct Farm Hand Hidrotolix 84
Ramey, John 5 M VA Jul Farm Hand Scorfula 30
Hilton, Jane 1/12 F VA May Bronchitis 1
Goodman, John C. 18 M NC May Apprentice Blacksmith Inflamatory fever 16
Simmerson, Laura C. 19 F TN May Domesitic Consumption 36
Fultner, Jane 60 F M VA Aug Hou sekeeper Unknown 28
Shelly, Margaret E. 10/12 F VA May Bronchitis 21
Shelly, Adam 71 M M VA May Farmer Unknown Sudden
Carter, John F. 10/12 M VA Nov Burned 9
Taylor, John 8/12 M VA Nov Cholera Infamtum 10
Hilton, Nancy 66 F M VA Jul Housewife Paralysis 10 yr
Hilton, Fanny 68 F M PA Mar Housewife Unknown 2
Bright, Jane 24 F W VA Feb Housewife Pneumonia 8
Barker, Wm. B. 4 M VA Feb Swelling Tonsils 1
Matherly, Mary J. 7 F NC July Flux 15
Minick, William 36 M VA Dec Farm Hand Hemrage 10
Clark, Elizabeth 59 F M VA July Housewife Pulmonary 9 yr
Payne, Charity 71 F VA Jun Domestic Bronchitis 16
Sally (Slave) 38 F B S VA Mar House svt. Nuralgia 17
Cleek, Malinda E. 6 F VA Nov Inflamation of lungs 4
Fletcher, Bevis W. 8 M VA Jun Scarlet fever 21
McKensey, Caroline 5 F VA Dec Inflamation of the brain 7
Rogers, Elvira M. 2 F VA Jun Scarlet fever 10
Jones, Thomas 66 M TN Mar Farmer Suicide by hanging --
Winingerr, Infant 1/20 F VA Feb Unknown 1
Rice, William 45 M M TN Dec Farmer Fall from house top 6 hr
Rogers, Thomas 56 M M VA Jul Merchant Typhoid fever 42
Bishop, Enoch 2 M VA May Cholera morbus 3
Venable, Sarah E. 13 F VA Mar Fever 11
Venable, Martin L. 2/12 VA Nov Unknown 1
Osbourn, John R. 3 M VA Feb Unknown 1
Rogers, Elvira J. 4 F VA Nov Unknown 2
Rogers, Mandy J. 1/12 F VA Dec Unknown 1
Bledsoe, Anthony 65 M M VA Dec Farmer Unknown 1
Bledsoe, Isaac 73 M M VA Feb Farmer Billious chills 28
Moore, John 52 M M VA Jun Farmer Unknown 44
Winston, Nancy C. 1 F VA Mar Scarlet Fever 1
Torgey, Elmira 65 F M VA Apr Domestic Insofulus 7
Bloomer, Oliver 1/12 M VA May Unknown 16
Rogers, James 1/12 M VA Feb Bold Hives
Powers, George W. 2/12 M VA Feb Unknown 3
Pridemore, Sarah A. 15 F VA Sep Domestic Bronchitis 12
Fausler, George 1/12 M VA Mar Unknown 6
Wallen, Nancy J. 2 F VA Jan Infla mation of brain 12
Johnston, Joseph 3/12 M VA July Unknown 2
Warf, James L. 1/12 M VA Jan Unknown 8
Wolfe, Margaret R. 1 F VA Oct Croup 4
Head, Jane 57 F M VA Aug Spinster Consumption 31
Larkey, Glesnor 36 F VA Dec Spinster Consumption 10
Farley, Ezekiel 17 M VA Apr Farm Hand Inflamation of the brain 4
Council, John M. 11 M B S VA Jan Farm Hand Fever 7
Vineyard, George 67 M M VA Mar Farmer Pneumonia 17
Collins, Catherine 1/12 F VA Jun Unknown 7
Omery, Martin 8 M NC Apr Fever 33
Palmer, William 6/12 M VA Mar Fever 7
Isom, Eliza J. 23 F VA Apr Spinster Fits 1
Neil, Levicy 36 F VA Feb Spinster Consumption 15
Tipton, Henry J. 4 M VA Oct Scarlet Fever 5
Hammonds, Hester 37 F M VA Mar Spinster Consumption 24
Meeabb, Malindy 50 F M VA Mar Spinster Dropsey 180
Taylor, William 3/12 M VA Jan Hives 17
Gibson, Sikes 45 M M VA Nov Farmer Unknown 4
Saunders, George M. 6 M KY Mar Fever 20
Boatright, Polly 55 F M VA Apr Spinster Consumption 180
Corder, George W. 3/12 M VA Dec Croup 1
Cox, Priscilla 67 F M VA Nov Spinster Fever 42
Cox, James S. 59 M M VA Nov Physician Fever 42
Baldwin, Mary 47 F M VA Mar Spinster Dropsey 120
Schoonover, Elizabeth 3 F VA Aug Unknown 18
Dorton, William 67 M M VA Mar Farmer Irasypilus 30
Dorton, 70 F B S VA May Spinster Fever 15
Dorton, Thomas H. 9 M VA May Fever 7
Dorton, Robert F. 37 M M VA Jun Farmer Fever 70
Stone, George W. 21 M M VA Dec Farmer Croup Collick 2
Carter, Presley 12 M VA Mar Fever 6
Horton, John V. 3/12 M VA Mar Unknown 10
Pendleton, Rachel 81 F W VA June Spinster Old Age 15
Tailor, Nimrod 2 M VA Apr Unknown 4
Pendleton, Jacob 17 M VA Aug Farm hand Unknown 150
Campbell, John 86 M M VA Jan Farmer Unknown 12
Bolton, Mary M. 1 F VA Mar Inflamation of brain 12
Carnahan, Jesse 5 M VA Nov Fever 90
Stewart, Sarah K. 1 F VA June Cholera Morbus 6
Martin, William M. 4/12 M VA June Cholera Morbus 15
Wagner, Jacob 1/12 M VA Oct Congestive fever 1