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Minutes of the Mountain District Baptist Association

Convened with the

Rock Creek Church Grayson County, Virginia

Friday, the 29th of September, A. D., 1865

1st. The introductory sermon was delivered by Elder P. A. Witt, from the 28th verse of the 20th Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, “Take heed therefore unto yourselves,” &c.

After a short intermission the delegates assembled in the Meeting-house and were called to order by singing and prayer by the Moderator.

2nd. Received and read letters from all the Churches in our district, from which the annexed table was prepared.

3rd. Organized by appointing Elder George Douglas, Moderator and Wm. A. J. Fowlks, Clerk.

4th. Called for newly constituted Churches, when Zion was represented by letter and delegates, who received the right hand of fellowship and took seats with us.

5th. Called for correspondence from sister Associations: when P. B. Welsh and John Adams came forward from Senter Association, and John B. Bishop from Washington district; all producing letters and minutes certifying their appointment, received the right hand of fellowship, and aided in council.

6th. Invited transient ministers to seats with us, when P. A. Witt from Nolachucky district and B. E. Caudill from New Salem district accepted the invitation, took seats and aided in council.

7th. Called on correspondents of last y eat, who reported satisfactorily and were discharged.

8th. Appointed H. W. Roberts, John Gambill, and J. W. Joins a Committee to appoint correspondents to sister Associations, who reported thus: To the Roaring River District, Elders G. Douglas, J. J. Caudill, and D. Caudill; To Three Forks Wm. B. Halsey, and J. J. Caudill; to the Senter E. Reves, T. Carr, and Wm. A. Moore; to the Washington Wm. Lundy and Wm. B. Halsey. Report received and the Committee discharged.

9th. Appointed a Committee to write corresponding letters to sister Associations, viz: J. J. Caudill to Roaring River; Wm. Lundy to Three Forks, P. Carr to Washington; Wm. B. Halsey to Senter; to be inspected tomorrow.

10th. Appointed the delegates of Rock Creek Church with one delegate from each section a Committee to assign preachers during this section, who report for Saturday: 1st Elder P. B. Welch, 2nd Elder John Adams, 3rd Elder P. A. Witt; 4th Elder B. E. Caudill.

11th. Appointed E. Reves, T. Carr, Wm. B. Halsey, Wm. Lundy and H. W. Roberts, with the Moderator and Clerk a select Committee to arrange the business for tomorrow and invite correspondents to sit with them. Adjourned until tomorrow 10 o’clock.

Prayer by Elder Wm. Lundy.

Saturday, September 30th A.D., 1865.

Met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by B. E. Caudill.

1st. The Committee of arrangements reported and was discharged.

2nd. Called the names of the delegates, and read the rules of decorum.

3rd. Invited transient ministers to seats with us: John Caudill from New Salem district, and B. O. Johnson from Three Forks district, accepted and seated with us.

4th. Appointed a Committee of Finance, viz: Robert Gambill, J. W. Joins, and J. W. Parsons; who reported that they received in contributions from the Churches $21.46; distributed to correspondents $3.46; allowed the Clerk $5.00 for his services, leaving in the hands of the Treasurer $13.00, of this money in the Treasury to defray the expense of printing Minutes &c. Received the report and discharged the Committee.

5th. Appointed Union Meetings as follows: With Meadow Creek Church the 3rd Saturday and Sunday in August next, G. Douglas, E. Reeves, and T. Carr to attend: With Jordan Church the 3rd Saturday and Sunday in August next; Wm. B. Halsey, D. Caudill, and J. J. Caudill to attend; with Friendship Church the 2nd Saturday and Sunday in August next, T. Carr, Wm. Lundy, J. J. Caudill, and Wm. B. Halsey to attend.

6th. Inspected and received corresponding letters and discharged the Committee.

7th. Called on the Committee that was appointed to visit Pine Fork Church who reported satisfactorily and were discharged.

8th. Considered the question from Elk Creek Church.

Question Is it right for a Church to hold in fellowship belonging to oath bound secret organizations or party? Answer, in the affirmative; i.e., we do not consider oath-bound secret organizations (alone) a sufficient cause for a test of fellowship.

9th. In answer to the request from Knob Fork Church for ministerial aid, we therefore announce the voluntary agreement of each Minister in our bounds to visit that Church once in the next twelve months.

10th. Whereas we are credibly informed that Joseph Lineberry, who was formerly a member of Meadow Creek Church and licensed by said Church to exercise a public gift; but on failing to be ordained to the administration of the word &c., became dissatisfied and left the fellowship of the Church; and is preaching and using Gospel Ordinances in disorder.

Resolved, therefore, That we publish the same in the Minutes of this Association; and also in the public papers.

11th. The Committee on the ministry reported for Sabbath, 1st, Elders John Caudill, N. M. Senter, 3rd B. E. Caudill, 4th G. Douglas. On motion, received the report and discharged the Committee.

12th. Directed the Clerk to superintend the printing of the Minutes and have 500 copies struck and distributed as heretofore.

13th. Then appointed our next Association to be held with the Union church, Alleghany County, N.C., to commence on Friday before the 1st Sabbath in October, A. D., 1866. Elder Wm. Lundy to preach the introductory sermon; Elder T. Carr his alternate.

14th. Resolved, That we tender our thanks to the brethren and people in general of this vicinity for their kindness and hospitality during our session.

15th. After Prayer by Elder Wm. Lundy, adjourned to time and place appointed for our next annual meeting.

George Douglas, Moderator
Wm. A. J. Fowlks, Clerk.


The stand was occupied by those appointed.

1st. Elder John Caudill, preached from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, 1st Chapter and 13th Verse, “In whom we also trust,” &c.

2nd. Elder N. M. Senter, from Revelations, 21st Chapter, latter clause of the 9th verse, “Come hither,” &c.

3rd. Elder B. E. Caudill from Rev. 19th Chapter, latter clause of the 7th verse, “For the marriage of the Lamb is come,” &c.

4th. Elder G. Douglas from 1st Peter 4th Chapter and 18th verse, “And if the righteous scarcely be saved,” &c.


Churches Counties Post Office Names of Delegates
Antioch Alleghany Gap Civil Daniel Caudill, D. C. Caudill, Wm. Anders
Crooked Creek Carroll Piper’s Gap Wm. Lundy, Wm. A. Moore
X Roads Grayson Old C.H. T. Carr, Solomon Jennings, Cox Edwards
Elk Creek Alleghany Gap Civil E. Reeves, Robt. Gambill, John Gambill
Fox Creek Grayson M. Wilson Wm. B. Halsey, J. W. Parsons, J. M. Kirk
Friendship Alleghany M. Wilson Drury Halsey, Eli Wyatt
Jordan Grayson Independence Mat. Perry, W. Calloway, W. A. J. Fowlkes
Knob Fork Grayson Ephraim Boyer
Little River Alleghany Glade Creek Richard Edwards., A. J. Carson, J. Andrews
Meadow Creek Grayson Meadow Creek H. W. Roberts, Jonathan Edwards, J. Bedsall
Piney Creek Alleghany Piney Creek G. Douglas, James Weaver, Ruda Faw
Pine Fork Alleghany Gap Civil A. I. Prewitt, J. Stamper, J. Hollaway
Rock Creek Grayson Independence John F. Pool, Wm. Hawkins, M. Vaughn
Saddle Creek Grayson Bridle Creek John Barton, J. M. Dickey, Lewis Carico
Union Alleghany Gap Civil J. J. Caudill, J. W. Joines, Isom Waggoner
Zion Alleghany Gap Civil Isaac Edwards, R’d Edwards, S. D. Caudill

Church Saturday of Conf. Baptized Letters Restored Dismissed Excluded Deceased Total Contribution
Antioch 4 1 0 0 ) 1 2 19 $. .50
Crooked Creek 2 2 2 1 0 8 1 46 1.10
X Roads 4 0 0 0 0 2 3 108 1.15
Elk Creek 2 14 0 0 1 0 1 155 3.20
Fox Creek 3 5 0 0 0 0 0 78 2.00
Friendship 2 1 3 0 0 0 0 20 1.20
Jordan 3 7 0 0 2 1 0 41 1.20
Knob Fork 4 0 0 0 0 0 2 38 .25
Little River 3 1 0 0 15 0 3 76 1.35
Meadow Creek 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 60 1.00
Piney Creek 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 78 3.00
Pine Fork 2 1 4 0 0 0 5 17 .50
Rock Creek 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 77 1.35
Saddle Creek 4 8 0 0 1 0 0 38 1.40
Union 1 4 3 0 2 0 2 111 1.50
Zion 2 5 16 0 0 0 0 21 .76
Totals 40 22 1 21 12 24 983 $21.46