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McBride-Miller Bible Record

This file was submitted by Sharon Murphy, and Marilynn Roark Many Thanks!

On the front of the bible, he has his name John McBride, Copyrighted 1791. He purchased it in 1812 for 10 shillings hard money. John McBride his book 13th March in the year of our Lord 1812. John McBride b. ca 1755 (Poss. MD?) m. ca 1775 died 1823/4 m. Henrietta _______ Ch:

1-John b & d. April 29, 1778
2-Marey b. Aug 17, 1777 m. Nov 21, 1795 William Purdom
(Marr. bond 1795 Surry Co. NC)
3-Wakeman b. November 21, 1778 m. Jan 15, 1799 Nancy Sater (Slater) dau of John. Marr. bond Surry Co. NC
4-John b. June 18, 1780 m. Betsy____
5-Jane b. Jan 15, 1782 m. 1800 to John Miller bond Surry Co. NC, d. January 12, 1848 Davidson Co. NC:
John son of Frederick and Sarah (Dull) Miller
6-David b. Jan 19, 1784 M. 14 Sept 1802 Eleanor Ridgeway , bond Surry Co. NC, d. January 12, 1852 Boone Co. Mo.
7-William b. Aug 18, 1786 m. August 25, 1810 Jane Hill bond Surry Co. NC, d. before 1851
8-Ritta(Bitta)b. October 28, 1788

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John McBride Jr. was born 29th April and died 1776
Marey McBride was born 17 August 1777
Wakeman McBride was born 21st November 1778
John McBride Junior was born 18th June 1780
Jane McBride was born 15th January 1782
David McBride born 19th January 1784
William McBride was born 18 August 1786
Ritta McBride was born 28th October 1788

Mary was spelled Marey, the last name is hard to read, but it looks like Ritta or Billa , as you will see another child has this name also, so someone may be able to tell us what it actually is.

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Alexander McBride born the 29 day of April 1811
John McBride son of William McBride was born 2nd September A.D. 1812
David McBride was born the 12th day of April A.D. 1815
Polly McBride was born the 10 day of December A.D. 1817
_____ McBride was born the 3 day of September 1820
Nicholas Miller was born 2nd day of August 1802
Thos Miller was born 31st of January 1804
Betsy Miller was born 17th of October 1807
____ Miller was born 27th of February 1809
___ Nathan Miller born 9th of January 1811
Bitta(Ritta) McBride was born the 17 of December 1823
Thomas McBride the 4 September 1827

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Pritta(Bitta, Ritta) McBride was born the 17 day of December 1823 (repeated)
Jehma McBride was born the 4 of September 1827

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Thomas McBride was born 4th September 1827 son of William (a repeat of above)
Wesley McBride was born 4th of March 1830

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Jonathan McBride was born 23rd May 1836