1798 Lee County, Virginia Land Tax List

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1798 Lee County, Virginia Land Tax List

Prepared January 2006 by Gloria Kay Vandiver Inman Elton C. Bingham

Please be advised that we attempted to follow the exact spelling …as written, and not always the correct spelling of a name. Question marks are left in on purpose to identify those items that were too difficult to clearly translate.

1798 Land Tax List, Lee County, Virginia
Surname Given Name Quantity of Land
Adams Saml 100
Adams Saml 213
Anderson adm by Benj Sharp 920
Anderson William 400
Backe? Jester? 100
Barber Joseph 400
Blakemore Joseph 50
Blakemore Joseph Jr. 350
Blakemore Joseph Sr. 100
Bousher? Lofhead? 400
Brock George 300
Brook? George 39
Buckland? George W. 153008
Buklend? George W. 40424
Burgin Isaac 450
Campbell Ana 270
Campbell Arthur 300
Campbell Hugh 300
Campbell James 400
Campbell James 215
Campbell William with Benj Sharp 170
Campbell William with Benj Sharp 335
Carter Charles 50
Carter Charles 200
Chadwell David 400
Chadwell David 500
Chadwick Obed? 400
Chrisman Gabriel 400
Chrisman Isaac 400
Clark? John 337
Cocke Charles 740
Cray Robert (ward) 400
Cray Robert (ward) 1240
Darns? Joseph 200
Darns? Joseph 136
Daugherty Jonathan ?
Daugherty Joseph  534
Donall? Major 7060
Donall? Major 5000
Dotson? James 145
Driden Joel 125
Ellwelty? Joseph with Nathan Fields 5200
Ellworthy? Joseph with Nathan Fields 5741
Ely William 16000
Ely Wm 33879
Ely Wm 13927
Ely Wm 32767
Ewing Joshua 500
Ewing William 100
Ewing William 815
Ewing William 300
Ewing William 440
Fields Nathan 9200
Fields Nathan 7080
Fields Nathan 9220
Fields Nathan 7080
Fields Nathan 10780
Fields Nathan 6616
Fields Nathan 19390
Fields Nathan 7350
Fields Nathan wifth Joseph Ellworthy? 5741
Fields Nathan with John Johnson 62000
Fields Nathan with Joseph Ellwelty? 5200
Fields Nathan with Nathan Taylor and John Johnson 13264
Fulkerson James 50
Fulkerson James 100
Fulkerson James (Ward) 450
Fulkerson James (Ward) 195
Galbreath Arthur 300
Gibson George 400
Hockens? John 9200
Hoover Christina 100
Hoover Henry 418
Huston Wilson? 400
Johnson John 5000
Johnson John 16200
Johnson John with Nathan fields 62000
Johnson John with Nathan fields and Nathan Taylor 13264
Jones Frederick 150
Jones Frederick 200
Jones John 1155
King William 5299
King William 20230
Legg? Robert 18
Lyle Daniel? David? 400
Martain Henry with Joseph Barber 400
Martain John 400
McCrider? John 14050
McCrider? John 19524
McMillen James 200
McMillin William? 440
More Richard 100
Nall Arthur 250
Nall William 400
Noe Aquilla 274
Noe John 200?
Noe John 73
Others not identified 10254
Others not identified 7360
Others not identified 9030
Others not identified 64095
Pointor? Robert 400
Pointor? Robert 400
Pointor? Robert 400
Poteet Benjamin 50
Poteet Thomas 38
Priest? William 400
Razer? Joseph 95
Robertson George 400
Robinson William 400
Rogers Doswil? 300
Sharp Benj 400
Sharp Benj with William Campbell 170
Sharp Benj with William Campbell 335
Sharp Benj. Adm of Anderson 920
Sharp Benjamin 50
Shofet? Michael 150
Simmons John 400
Sims Robert 300
Smith Vileson? 200
Stuart Alexander 75
Taylor Nathan with Nathan Fields and John Johnson 13264
Taylor William 350
Taylor William 30
Thompson James 300
Thompson James 200
Thompson Stephen 200
Winnash? John with others 63230
Winnash? John with others 43395
Winnash? John with others 22375
Yeary Benedict 34
Yeary Benedict 25
Young Benect? 100
Young Danl 100
Youson? George 400