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Lee County, Virginia Land Tax List — 1796

Prepared January 2006 by Gloria Kay Vandiver Inman and Elton C. Bingham

Please be advised that we attempted to follow the exact spelling …  …as written, and not always the correct spelling of a name.

Question marks are left in on purpose to identify those items that were too difficult to clearly translate.

1796 Land Tax List, Lee County, Virginia
Surname Given Name Quantity of Property
adams samuel
blakemore joseph jr
blakemore joseph adm of blakemore
burgan isaac
butcher joshua
butcher william
cager joseph
campbell ann
campbell arthur
campbell hugh
campbell james
carter adm of jos blakemore
chadwell david
chrisman gabriel
chrisman adm of
coke charles
craig robert
craig robert
john w.
daugherty adm of
driden joel
ewing joshua
ewing william
ewing william
ewing william
ewing william
fairhurst elisha
fulkerson james
fulkerson james
fulkerson adm of j.
gibson george
hoover adm of chrisman
hoover adm of chrisman
houston william
jones frederick
lyle samuel
martain john
adm of joseph
mcmillion adm of will
moore richard
noe john sr.
preston robert
preston robert
preston robert
roberts george
robertson william
adm of
sims robert
smith john
smith adm of
thompson james jr.
thompson james sr.
youkham george
young daniel