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John William Browning

JOHN WILLIAM BROWNING, a native of Orange County and son of a Confederate veteran and prosperous farmer who was captain of Company I, Sixth Virginia Regiment, Confederate States Army, and represented the counties of Orange and Culpeper in the House of Delegates 1865-1867, was born October 18, 1875, the fourth son of Capt. Gustavus Judson and Sallie (Thomas) Browning. His three brothers are Robert Dabney, Gustavus Judson, Jr., and Judge Alexander T. Browning.

John William Browning has been connected with the office of Circuit Court for a quarter of a century, at first as deputy and now as clerk of the Circuit Court of Orange County. He married Mary Lee Willis on October 18, 1911. She is a daughter of William Byrd and Nelly Conway Willis.