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Index – History of Virginia, Volume VI

Virginia Biography – 1929

Note: This book was published in 1929 by the American Historical Society, Chicago and New York. The original work is unindexed, however, below is a complete index of names, locations and page references from the book. Additionally, the index provide article links to some of the principal persons of focus.

History of Virginia, Volume VI – Index
Name Locations Page Reference
Abbitt, John Willis, M.D. Norfolk p. 37
Adair, Charles R. Giles Co. p. 591
Adams, Jacob S. Franklin Co. p. 468
Adams, William Henry Loudoun Co. p. 100
Addington, Robert M. Scott Co. p. 432
Albert, James William Giles Co. p. 326
Alexander, Hiram Allison Pulaski Co. p. 588
Alexander, Howard F. Highland Co. p. 83
Alexander, John Richard Henry Loudoun Co. p. 268
Alphin, L. C. Bath Co. p. 227
Ambler, Edward Fauquier Co. p. 205
Ames, Stanley D. Accomack Co. p. 520
Ames, William P. Richmond p. 318
Anderson, Christian S. Highland Co. p. 207
Anderson, Jackson B., M.D. Fauquier Co. p. 63
Anderson, John L. C. Smyth Co. p. 290
Anderson, Joseph Reid Botetourt Co./Richmond p. 634
Anderson, Parker R. Alexandria p. 116
Andrews, Isaac Moon. Roanoke p. 418
Angle, Benjamin L. Franklin Co. p. 369
Angle, Nathaniel P. Franklin Co. p. 397
Apperson, Alexander Smyth Co. p. 282
Argenbright, Charles W. Augusta Co. p. 108
Armistead, Edward, Judge Danville p. 435
Armstrong, Colonel David M. Roanoke Co. p. 376
Armstrong, Samuel Ringgold Rappahannock Co. p. 265
Ashe, William T. Gloucester Co. p. 70
Ast, Capt. Joseph P. Augusta Co. p. 51
Astley-Cooper, Mrs. Mary Harrison Randolph Clarke Co. p. 360
Averill, Henry Dorchester Co., SC/Wise Co. p. 527
Aylor, Walter Clifton Prince William Co. p. 350
Bailey, Elbert Louis Lee Co. p. 424
Bailey, Gratten M. Tazewell Co. p. 430
Bailey, James Winter Fauquier Co. p. 50
Baker, Albert Theodore Pittsburgh, PA/Princess Anne Co. p. 559
Baker, Charles W. Neenah, WI/Bedford Co. p. 64
Baker, Joseph Haskew Washington Co. p. 272
Baldwin, Robert Dennison Kingston, GA/Tazwell Co., VA p. 173
Ballard, Bland E. Washington Co. p. 253
Bandy, Henry Matthew Roanoke Co. p. 303
Barbee, Charles Andrew Prince William Co. p. 537
Barbour, John Fletcher Franklin Co. p. 641
Barbour, William Breckenridge South Boston p. 554
Barker, William Carry, M.D. Botetourt Co. p. 57
Barksdale, Champe T. Halifax Co. P. 562
Barksdale, William Randolph Halifax Co. p. 581
Barnett, Abraham Buford Bedford Co. p. 255
Barrett, Robert S. Alexandria p. 130
Barry, Cheevers Moran Norfolk p. 28
Bartha, Joseph L. Augusta Co. p. 88
Bassett, John David Patrick Co. p. 576
Baughman, Charles Benjamin, M.D. Wythe Co. p. 284
Baxley, John Leroy Fauquier Co. p. 236
Beamer, Benjamin Dexter Grayson Co. p. 467
Bear, James Adam Rockingham Co. p. 490
Beatie, Alonzo C. Smyth Co. p. 177
Beazley, Robert Chiles Chesterfield Co./South Boston p. 609
Beckham, James Minor Rappahannock Co. p. 413
Bell, John William Alleghany Co. p. 62
Bell, Richard P., M.D. Augusta Co. p. 347
Bennett, Coleman D. Pittsyvlania Co. p. 547
Bentley, J. Gordon Wise Co. p. 295
Berry, Isaac N. Jr. Rockingham Co. p. 203
Beverely, William Fauquier Co. p. 57
Beverley, James Bradshaw Fauquier Co. p. 264
Beverly, John Hill Carter Fauquier Co. p. 232
Bevins, Oscar Emory, M.D. Scott Co. p. 636
Bicknell, Frank Austin Culpeper Co. p. 326
Bilisoly, Alonzo Augustus, M.D. Norfolk p. 515
Bilisoly, Col. Frank Nash Portsmouth p. 18
Birckhead, Kendall P. Albemarle Co./Washington Co. p. 618
Birdsong, Thomas Henry Isle of Wight Co. p. 557
Blackwell, Robert Lee Washington Co. p. 328
Blackwell, Willie Claughton Northumberland Co. p. 12
Bland, Schuyler Otis Newport News p. 437
Blue, William J. Norfolk p. 421
Board, Colonel Frank H. Bedford Co. p. 324
Bolem, David Winton Carroll Co. p. 461
Bond, William H. Wise Co. p. 529
Booker, Marshall B. Gloucester Co. p. 497
Boon, Edward Penn Franklin Co. p. 259
Boswell, J. Walter James City Co. p. 310
Bowyer, Claude B., M.D. Grayson Co. p. 311
Boxley, William W. Roanoke p. 189
Boyd, Stephen Decatur Warren Co. p. 14
Bradley, Otis Danville p. 433
Bradshaw, Jemaes Henry. Russell Co. p. 107
Brennan, Rev. James A. Fairfax Co., VA p. 41
Brent, Lawrence D. Fauquier Co. p. 89
Briggs, Isham Keith, M.D. Clarke Co. p. 493
Brittian, Hervey P. Tazewell Co. p. 362
Brittle, Samuel C. Fauquier Co. p. 210
Britts, Nye Tazewell Co. p. 342
Broadwater, Earl B. Wise Co. p. 482
Brown, Everett Walker Fauquier Co. p. 55
Brown, Rev. Charles R. Tazewell Co. p. 419
Brown, Rives Spotswood Henry Co. p. 489
Browning, Alexander T. Orange Co. p. 590
Browning, Charles William Rappahannock Co. p. 484
Browning, Edgar Roberts, M.D. Rappahannock Co. p. 408
Browning, John Armistead Rappahannock Co. p. 219
Browning, John William Orange Co. p. 598
Browning, Karl Dickenson Washington Co./Smyth Co. p. 618
Brumback, Hunter McGuire Frederick Co. p. 358
Bryan, John Harry Augusta Co. p. 59
Bryan, John W. Augusta Co. p. 58
Bryan, William S. Augusta Co. p. 58
Bumgardner, Capt. James. Augusta Co. p. 88
Bunts, Robert III Wythe Co./Pulaski Co. p. 621
Burgess, Horace Turner Fauquier Co. p. 209
Burnham, Robert Franklin Louisa Co. p. 30
Burruss, Julian Ashby, Ph.D. Richmond/Montgomery Co. p. 449
Burton, Alice Shelton Danville p. 291
Burton, Rev. John Madison Bedford Co. p. 413
Burwell, Rev. Edward Bouldin Fauquier Co. p. 234
Byrd, Hale Houston Bath Co. p. 75
Caldwell, Charles Russell Augusta Co. p. 648
Camp, James Leonidas Franklin Co. p. 94
Camp Manufacturing Company Franklin Co. p. 93
Camp, Paul D. Franklin Co. p. 93
Camp, Robert Judson ? p. 433
Campbell, Henry Wood, D.D.S. Suffolk Co. p. 521
Campbell, William Creighton, D.D. Roanoke p. 374
Carlin, Charles Keith Alexandria p. 125
Carne, William Franics Alexandria p. 146
Carr, Josephus Loudoun Co. p. 197
Carrington, A. Berkeley Pittsylvania Co. p. 271
Carter, Charles Samuel Bristol p. 423
Carter, Colnel Welby Loudoun Co. p. 97
Carter, Capt. Edward Fauquier Co. p. 211
Carter, J. Alexander Fauquier Co. p. 240
Carter, James Gibbon Albemarle Co. p. 329
Carter, Robert G. Arlington Co. p. 111
Carter, S. Henley Fauquier Co. p. 230
Cartwright, David C. Wyoming Co., WV/Tazewell Co. p. 143
Cary, Francis H. Rappahannock Co. p. 415
Catholic Church in Virginia   p. 602
Caudill, Estill L., M.D. Alleghany Co., NC/Giles Co. p. 551
Chalkley, John William Wise Co. p. 179
Chandler, Julian Alvin Carroll, Ph.D. Caroline Co./Williamsburg p. 629
Chapin, William Taylor Clarke Co. p. 28
Chase, Roland E. Dickenson Co. p. 353
Chatham Episcopal Institute Pittsylvania Co. p. 627
Chichester, Richard Henry Lee Fairfax Co. p. 506
Chinn, Joseph William Richmond Co. p. 275
Chitwood, Edmund Madison, M.D. Carroll Co. p. 612
Chitwood, Joseph Howard Carroll Co. p. 197
Chumbley, Robert Edward Lee Pulaski Co. p. 436
Church, Merton Elbridge Falls Church p. 198
Churchill, Charles Samuel New Brittan, CT/Roanoke p. 99
Clark, John R. Patrick Co. p. 640
Claud, Edward Hobday, M.D. Portsmouth p. 527
Cleek, George W. Bath Co. p. 67
Clem, John A. Augusta Co. p. 73
Clement, N. E. Pittsylvania Co. p. 561
Clemer, William Bell Roanoke p. 418
Clevinger, French M. Buchanan Co. p. 503
Cline, David Cowan, M.D. Prince William Co. p. 476
Cobb, John Lindsay Charlotte Co. p. 320
Cobbs, Walter Herbert, M.D. Pittsylvania Co. p. 367
Coggin, William Benjamin, A.B., A.M. Isle of Wight/Montgomery Co. p. 509
Colaw, John Marvin Highland Co. p. 190
Coleman, Aylett B. Roanoke p. 576
Coleman, Charles Woolfolk Norfolk p. 511
Collins, Joseph Dorsey, M.D., F.A.C.S. Shenadoah Co./Norfolk p. 580
Collins, Lewis Preston Lynchburg/Smyth Co. p. 278
Combs, Everett Randolph Russell Co. p. 354
Combs, Frederick Harmon Carroll Co./Buchanan Co. p. 455
Cook, George Frederick Smyth Co. p. 284
Cooke, Frank M. Alexandria p. 110
Cooke, Thomas Sanford, M.D. Portsmouth p. 511
Cooper, Thomas H. Shamokin, PA/Roanoke p. 241
Copenhaver, Samuel Taylor Smyth Co. p. 277
Corder, Auburn L. P. Wise Co. p. 343
Cornett, Victor Eugene Grayson Co. p. 614
Corns, Edwin M., M.D. Scott Co. p. 379
Cosby, Philip R. Rockbridge Co. p. 385
Couch, William W. Lynchburg p. 154
Couk, Charles Edgar Lee Co. p. 247
Courtney, Elbert C. Lee Co. p. 370
Cox, Arthur Lear Smyth Co. p. 288
Cox, C. Brown Smyth Co. p. 297
Cox, E. Lee Currituck Co., NC/Norfolk p. 568
Cox, Eugene P. Wise Co. p. 307
Cox, Vance M., M.D. Washington Co. p. 251
Craft, James Pressley Roanoke p. 479
Craig, Charles Gordon Augusta Co. p. 168
Craig, George Samuel Augusta Co. p. 121
Creasy, Stover Henry Pittsylvania Co. p. 467
Crenshaw, Dibrell Duncan Nottoway Co. p. 402
Creveling, Clarence Jackson Wise Co. p. 565
Crews, James D. Danville p. 438
Cridlin, George P. Lee Co. p. 478
Critcher, Charles Edward Accomack Co. p. 20
Crockett, Frank McClung Lee Co. p. 474
Crosby, Albert V., M.D. Norfolk p. 425
Cross, Marion Austin Gates Co., NC/Suffolk Co. p. 524
Crumpler, Lawrence Ormond, M.D. Danville p. 440
Cruser, Handford Thornton Jr. Norfolk p. 36
Crymble, Ellis Kennon Washington Co. p. 258
Cumnock, Robert L. Norfolk p. 571
Curtis, Humphrey William, M.D. Warwick Co. p. 483
Curtis, Simon Reid Warwick Co. p. 566
Dabney, Rev. Chiswell Campbell Co./Pittsylvania Co. p. 625
Danville Library   p. 434
Davidson, Col. Clifford D. Norfolk p. 486
Davies, Arthur B. Alleghany Co. p. 26
Davies, H. Thornton Prince William Co. p. 391
Davies, John Jenkyn Culpeper Co. p. 444
Davis, Beverly A. Franklin Co. p. 559
Davis, Charles W. Wythe Co. p. 534
Davis, Courtland Harwell Alexandria p. 104
Davis, George Beauregard Fauquier Co. p. 238
Davis, Quinton Clarence Jr. Pasquotank Co., NC/Norfolk Co. p. 543
Davis, Robert Hutchinson Prince William Co. p. 267
Davis, W. Golder Fauquier Co. p. 238
De Butts, Dulany Forrest Fauquier Co. p. 394
Dearing, James Campbell Co. p. 69
DeFriece, Frank W. Washington Co. p. 254
Delaplane, Channing C. Fauquier Co. p. 25
Delaplane, George A. Fauquier Co. p. 233
Dellinger, Lester Earle, D.D.S. Shenandoah Co. p. 440
Dennis, Willie Lee Buchanan Co. p. 533
Devine, Charles Joseph, M.D.   p. 54
Dew, J. Harvie, M.D. King and Queen Co. p. 643
Dey, John Benjamin Princess Anne p. 631
Dickerson, Leonidas C., M.D. Floyd Co. p. 595
Dickinson, Burt L. Smyth Co. p. 293
Didlake, Thomas E. King and Queen Co. p. 343
Dill, Joseph C. Botetourt Co. p. 61
Dix, John Stuart Wythe Co. p. 532
Donald, Samuel Moore Rockbridge Co. p. 314
Donohoe, Capt. Stephen Roszel Loudoun Co./Richmond p. 465
Dove, Hershel Scott Co./Washington Co. p. 252
Dovell, Ashton Williamsburg/James City Co. p. 525
Downes, Eber Vern Northampton Co. p. 514
Draper, John Samuel Pulaski Co. p. 479
Dudley, John Arlington Co. p. 459
Duffy, Edward P. Wise Co. P. 235
Duncan, James Morton Arlington Co. p. 318
Duncan, William Levinston Norfolk p. 558
Dunlop, Cameron Charlotte Co. p. 381
Early, Edward W. Carroll Co. p. 569
Early, James Louis, M.D. Carroll Co./Smyth Co., VA p. 175
Early, Jubal A. Franklin Co. p. 132
Easley, James Stone Halifax Co. p. 561
Edmondson, William James Washington Co. p. 631
Edwards, Glenn Carroll Co. p. 459
Eggleston, Joseph Dupy Prince Edward Co. p. 6
Ellison, William M. Falls Church p. 110
Ely, Thomas B., M.D. Lee Co. p. 253
Emerick, Oscar L. Loudoun Co. p. 200
Eskridge, Allen Taylor Montgomery Co. p. 475
Esser, John Alfred Wise Co. p. 231
Etter, James Stuart Wythe Co. p. 536
Eubank, Eillie H. King and Queen Co. p. 12
Evans, William, M.D. Norfolk p. 539
Fagge, Robert Pinkney, M.D. Henry Co. p. 551
Farrier, Andrew Lewis Craig/Giles Co. p. 596
Fatherly, Dunton J. Northampton Co. p. 512
Faust, Glenn Taylor, M.D. Knox Co., TN/Wise Co. p. 313
Fentress, James Manuel Norfolk p. 463
Ferguson, Homer Lenoir Newport News p. 460
Ferguson, Samuel Lewis Appomattox Co. p. 117
Ferguson, Sydnor Gilbert Fauquier Co. p. 415
Ferrell, Peter William Danville p. 385
Ficklen, Harry Campbell Danville p. 389
Finney, Elbert S. Russell Co. p. 325
Fishback, John Nelson Fauquier Co. p. 248
Fishburn, Blair J. Roanoke p. 119
Fishburn, Junius Blair Roanoke p. 455
Fishburn, Pliny Augusta Co. p. 178
Fisher, Benjamin Thomas Northampton Co. p. 512
Fitts, Robert Sydnor Davidson Co., NC/Pittsylvania Co. p. 434
Fitzgerald, Thomas B. Halifax Co. p. 281
Flannagan, John William Jr. Dickenson Co. p. 351
Fleming, James Harrowman Wise Co. p. 299
Fletcher, Albert E. Loudoun Co. p. 203
Fletcher, Joshua Fauquier Co. p. 103
Flippin, John James Danville p. 445
Flood, Henry Delaware Appomattox Co. p. 628
Flood, Joel West Buckingham Co. p. 313
Fogleman, James Henry Montgomery Co. p. 15
Foltz, George T. Wythe Co. p. 583
Fonda, Henry L. Albemarle Co. p. 61
Ford, Thomas P. Wise Co. p. 380
Foster, Lloyd P. Augusta Co. p. 396
Foster, James Robert Fauquier Co. p. 215
Fox, Charles Bickley, M.D. Richmond p. 194
Fray, Jackson Lee Culpeper Co. p. 375
Fray, William Henry Madison Co. p. 199
Frazier, Henry Bower, M.D. Tazewell Co. p. 321
Free, William Raymond Prince William Co. p. 392
Friend, John Gilliam Buckingham Co. p. 460
Fudge, Charles Archer Alleghany Co. p. 537
Fugate, Charles Radford, M.D. Scott Co. p. 345
Fuller, Charles J. Russell Co. p. 383
Fulton, Minitree Jones Grayson Co. p. 147
Gardner, Adolphus C. Tazewell Co. p. 145
Gardner, William Rush, M.D. Carroll Co. p. 570
Garland, Samuel Nelson Co. p. 131
Garner, Henceford Noel Stafford Co. p. 218
Garrett, Edwin E. Loudoun Co. p. 96
Garst, Jack Franklin Co. p. 548
Gibson, Harold C. Augusta Co. p. 82
Gilbert, William Elbert Russell Co. p. 610
Giles, Grief Cardwell Pittsylvania Co. p. 602
Giles, James Carter, M.D. Pittsylvania Co. p. 535
Gilkeson, William Irvine Culpeper Co. p. 462
Gilmer, Henry G. Wise Co. p. 305
Gilmer, Howard C. Pulaski Co. p. 447
Gilmer, John Anley, M.D. Wise Co. p. 229
Gish, J. Emmett Roanoke p. 469
Glascock, Henry Virginius Fauquier Co. p. 327
Glasgow, Frank Thomas Rockbridge Co. p. 54
Goad, Robert Rush, M.D. Carroll Co. p. 573
Gochnauder, Frederick, M.D. Fauquier Co. p. 250
Goode, Joseph Gates, M.D. Northampton Co./Buckingham Co. p. 556
Gorrell, James Lawrence Fauquier Co. p. 127
Graham, Charles P. Lee Co./Wythe Co./Grayson Co. p. 597
Graham, John Thompson, M.D. Wythe Co. p. 471
Graham, Robert Spotts Wise Co. p. 297
Grandy, John Walton Jr. Norfolk p. 47
Graves, John Thomas Roanoke p. 581
Graves, S. Hamilton Roanoke p. 403
Gray, James King, M.D. Smyth Co. p. 294
Graybeal, Avery Bryan Ashe Co., NC/Grayson Co. p. 643
Greear, Isaac J. Scott Co. p. 552
Greear, James Noah, M.D. Wise Co. p. 327
Greear, Robert E. Lee Grayson Co. p. 613
Green, Berryman, B.D., D.D. Charlotte Co./Alexandria p. 120
Greer, Riley Thomas Watauga Co., NC/Smyth Co. P. 300
Gregg, Horace Leroy Loudoun Co. p. 98
Gregory, Emmet D. Buckingham Co., VA p. 43
Gresham, Earl Thomas Richmond p. 572
Griffith, R. Sumter, M.D. Augusta Co. p. 176
Groome, Harry C. Fauquier Co. p. 266
Grundry, Mattie Dayton, OH/Fairfax Co., VA p. 108
Guinn, Curry Thomas Culpeper Co. p. 420
Gurreant, Claude Lee Roanoke p. 417
Haley, Lewis Clay, M.D. Henry Co. p. 503
Hall, Eugene Hedgman Charlotte Co. p. 106
Hall, Samuel H. Rockbridge Co. p. 175
Halligan, William W. Alleghany Co. p. 49
Hamilton, Alexander Scott Fauquier Co. p. 212
Hamilton, Grover C. Bland Co. p. 618
Hamlin, Francis Mallory Danville p. 466
Hammond, Arthur Watson, M.D. Botetourt Co. p. 358
Hancock, Benjamin Fluvanna Co. p. 279
Hancock, John William Franklin Co. p. 280
Hancock, Richard Lynchburg p. 439
Hancock, Walter Roland Roanoke p. 395
Hanger, David Washington, M.D. Augusta Co. p. 86
Hardy, Edward Carrington Augusta Co. p. 78
Harman, Charles Henry Tazewell Co. p. 165
Harman, Henry E. Tazewell Co. p. 159
Harper, Charles Ernest, D.D.S. Danville p. 448
Harper, Samuel B. Augusta Co. p. 330
Harris, Mrs. William T. Pittsyvlania Co. p. 440
Harris, William Anderson Roanoke Co. p. 211
Harrison, Malcolm K. Pittsylvania Co. p. 441
Hart, Arthur Rose Fauquier Co. p. 323
Hathaway, A. C. Norfolk p. 465
Hatton, William H. Accomack Co., VA p. 17
Hawkins, John Abner, M.D. Danville p. 492
Hayden, Alfred D. Norfolk p. 501
Hedgecock, Joshua A. Henry Co. p. 590
Henkel, Haller Hippocrates, M.D. Augusta Co. p. 84
Henkel, Samuel Godfrey Augusta Co. p. 84
Henry, John Randolph Roanoke p. 223
Henson, Waller B. Lynchburg p. 332
Hepler, William B. Bath Co. p. 324
Herman, Louis Baltimore, MD/Danville p. 301
Hess, Arthur M. Clinchburg, Washington Co. p. 278
Heusher, Henry Massilon Wythe Co. p. 29
Hevener, Jacob W. Highland Co. p. 192
Hevener, William Highland Co. p. 85
Hickman, Algernon T. Accomack Co. p. 45
Higginbotham, James Nelson, M.D. Tazewell Co. p. 339
Hill, Frederick B. Norfolk p. 427
Hill, William Collins Norfolk Co. p. 538
Hite, Cornelius Randolph Rappahannock Co. p. 481
Hix, Nicholas Flood, M.D. Prince Edward Co. p. 293
Hodgson, Emory Riddling Athens, GA\Montgomery Co., VA p. 259
Hoge, Arista Augusta Co. p. 74
Hoge, James M. Loudoun Co. p. 183
Hogshead, Thomas Augusta Co. p. 95
Holland, Edward Everett Suffolk Co. p. 524
Holliday, Robert Gellems, M.S. Prince William Co. p. 470
Holt, Henry W. Surry Co. p. 226
Holt, Saxon Winston Newport News p. 599
Holton, Abner L. Pulaski Co. p. 540
Holton, Worthington Waters Fauquier Co. p. 243
Hooker, John Clyde Patrick Co. p. 491
Hope, Frank Stanley, M.D. Norfolk p. 522
Hopkins Family Amelia Co. p. 185
Hornbaker, Frank Wandling, M.D. Prince William Co. p. 47
Hornbarger, Ira Thomas, M.D. Bath Co. p. 396
Horsley, William John Wise Co. p. 398
Howard, Joseph Lane Wise Co. p. 378
Huddle, John Elliott Wythe Co. p. 636
Huff, Isaac Eldridge, M.D. Floyd Co. p. 487
Huffard, Samuel N. Wythe Co. p. 149
Huffman, Frank Bunyan, M.D. Montgomery Co. p. 499
Huffman, William Monroe Wise Co. p. 436
Huger, Benjamin Rockbridge Co. p. 63
Hull, David Denton Jr. Smyth Co. p. 191
Hults, Eugene A. Washington Co. p. 169
Humphries, Carey Aurelius Culpeper Co. p. 528
Hundley, Posie J. Danville p. 549
Hundley, Thomas Johnston Halifax Co. p. 372
Hupp, Henry Green Shenandoah Co. p. 202
Hurley, Willie Neal Wythe Co. p. 638
Hurst, Ira, M.D. Accomack Co. p. 16
Hurt, John Kemer Franklin Co. p. 399
Hurt, Stanhope Scott Pittsylvania Co. p. 561
Hutchinson, Chester Arthur, M.D. Wise Co. p. 359
Hutchinson, George W. Roanoke Co./Rockbridge Co. p. 628
Hutton, Francis Beattie Washington Co. p. 633
Hutton, Franics Beattie, M.D. Washington Co. p. 633
Hyatt, Campbell Carr Lee Co. p. 147
Hylton, Walter Carroll Co. p. 615
Hyslop, John Thomas Benjamin, M.D. Accomack Co. p. 518
Irvine, Robert Tate Wise Co. p. 239
Jackson, Harry Tucker Bath Co. p. 225
Jamison, John Ernest Roanoke p. 161
Jamison, Samuel William Roanoke p. 578
Janes, Ralph R. Roanoke p. 378
Javins, Harry Russell Co. p. 328
Jeffreys, William H. Jr. Mecklenburg Co. p. 153
Jennings, John Leonard, M.D. Henry Co. p. 53
Jesse, Charles Thomas Caroline Co. p. 114
Jessee, Ernest Floyd Russell Co. p. 400
Johnson, Charles Andrew Wise Co. p. 285
Johnson, Charles Bernard Botetour Co. p. 105
Johnson, Garnett W., M.D. Danville p. 435
Johnson, George William Rappahannock Co. p. 416
Johnson, Henry A. Lexington, NY/Rockbridge Co., VA p. 170
Johnson, Isaac G. Scott Co. p. 357
Johnson, Robert Payne Wythe Co. p. 469
Johnson, William Samuel Augusta Co. p. 174
Johnston, Harvey G., M.D. Giles Co. p. 505
Johnston, James David Jr. Giles Co. p. 32
Johnston, Prentiss Dupry, M.D. Goochland Co. p. 341
Johnston, Walter E. Smyth Co. p. 547
Jones, Arlingotn Cecil, M.D. Highland Co. VA p. 68
Jones, Daniel Seldon Newport News p. 594
Jones, Jesse Franklin Rappahannock Co. p. 390
Jones, Leonidas Leroy, M.D. Portsmouth p. 19
Jones, Thaddeus Woodson Northampton Co. p. 514
Jones, William A. Lee Co. p. 639
Jones, William Atkinson (#20) Richmond Co. p. 34
Jones, William Atkinson Richmond Co. p. 33
Jones, William Logan Kingsport, TN/Wise Co. p. 23
Joness, Edwin Bunker Highland Co. p. 190
Jordan, Thomas Wilkinson Bath Co. p. 224
Jordan, William Moore Prince William Co. p. 347
Joynes, George Goodwyn Accomack Co. p. 521
Karnes, Charles B. Alleghany Co. p. 26
Kavanaugh, James M. Rockingham Co. p. 52
Kegley, Fulton Bland Co. p. 510
Kegley, William Bullard Wythe Co. p. 573
Keith, Thomas Randolph Fairfax Co. p. 162
Kellam, Sydney Sheppard, M.D. Accomack Co. p. 517
Kels, Calvin W. Scott Co. p. 448
Kent, Herbert L. Smyth Co. p. 290
Kern, Harry Rogers Frederick Co. p. 49
Keys, Samuel W. Washington Co. p. 354
Keyser, Carolina Hampton (De Jarnette) Rappahannock Co. p. 472
Kime, Robert Wilberforce Guilford Co., NC/Roanoake Co. p. 40
Kincheloe, John William Fauquier Co. p. 621
King, Cabell Franklin Fluvanna Co. p. 639
King, Clarence Leonard Giles/Henry Co. p. 595
King, Thomas E. Henry Co./Smyth Co. p. 286
Kiser, Henry J. Wise Co. p. 408
Knight, Joseph Lafayette Rockbridge Co., VA p. 69
Knowles, A. Lee Augusta Co. p. 71
Koontz, Chester B. Norfolk p. 487
Kyle, Fletcher O. Augusta Co. p. 168
Lacy, Cecil Baker Halifax Co. p. 452
Lacy, Ernest C. Halifax Co. p. 496
Lacy, James Thomas Jr. Halifax Co. p. 501
Lam, Charles Davis Alleghany Co. p. 362
Lamb, Col. William Norfolk p. 516
Lambert, Clyde M. Augusta Co. p. 174
Lamond, Clyde Campbell Arlington Co. p. 136
Lancaster, Albert Chapman, M.D. Henry Co. p. 546
Landers, William H. Augusta Co. p. 90
Lane, Henry Lee   p. 100
Lang, Henry L. Augusta Co. p. 76
Lanham, Clyde B. Alexandria p. 123
LaRue, Clyde H. Alleghany Co. p. 152
LaRue, Floyd Lee Highland Co. p. 220
Latane, Henry Augustine, M.D. Essex/Westmoreland Co. p. 126
Latane, Robert Haile, M.D. King and Queen Co. p. 106
Laughon, Gary Pulaski Co. p. 531
Law, William T. Augusta Co. p. 168
Lawless, Robert Lee Danville p. 387
Lawson, Harry Leland Roanoke p. 372
Layman, John William Botetourt Co. p. 404
Lea, Capt. John G. Danville p. 498
Lee, John Penn Franklin Co. p. 393
Leedy, John W. Manassas p. 125
Leftwich Family Bedford Co. p. 185
Leigh, Southgate, M.D. Norfolk p. 641
Leigh, William Halifax Co. p. 562
Leslie, Josephus A. Tazewell Co. p. 333
Lester, Henry Clay Henry Co. p. 488
Letcher, Greenlee Davidson Rockbridge Co. p. 13
Letcher, John Rockbridge Co. p. 13
Lewis, F. Ashby Prince William Co. p. 346
Lewis, Howell Carr Albemarle Co. p. 196
Lewis, William H. Fauquier Co. p. 262
Lewis, William H. Nelson Co. p. 196
Ligon, Elvin Seth Appomattox Co. p. 205
Lincoln, Alanson Tilman Smyth Co. p. 181
Lincoln, Charles Clark Smyth Co. p. 286
Lincoln, Willard Loomis Smyth Co. p. 299
Lindsay, David Henry Co. p. 591
Lindsay, Lawrence Eldon Carroll Co. p. 463
Lion, Thomas H. Prince William Co. p. 348
Lion, Thomas William Prince William Co. p. 456
Litton, John Murray Washington Co. p. 304
Litz, John L. Wise Co. p. 335
Livesay, James Ambrose Wise Co. p. 334
Locher, Charles H. Rockbridge Co. p. 317
Lockwood, Dan Hall Ulster Co., NY/Smyth Co. p. 609
Long, William Howard Rockbridge Co. p. 148
Long, Willie Martin Page Co. p. 118
Lucas, Clarence A. Giles Co. p. 37
Luck, Samuel Preston Spotsylvania Co. p. 213
Lupton, Daniel W. Winchester p. 152
Luttrell, Hugh M. Culpeper Co. p. 270
Lynn, R. Lee Prince William Co. p. 217
Lynn, William Seymour Prince William Co. p. 480
Lyon, Frank Arlington Co. p. 123
Lyon, James Barker Washington Co. p. 301
MacDonald, Colonel Marshall Rockbridge Co. p. 180
Maher, Nicholas Dominic Blairsville, PA/Roanoke p. 105
Major, Charles Leslie Middlesex Co. p. 112
Major, Julian Neville Warren Co. p. 11
Mann, Col. James Norfolk p. 568
Mann, Governor William Hodges Nottoway Co. p. 3
Mapp, George Walter Accomack Co. p. 30
Marchant, Charles D., M.D. Middlesex Co. p. 62
Marsteller, John Hartman Roanoke Co. p. 151
Martin, George Alexander Tazewell Co. p. 157
Martin, John Eppes Sussex Co., VA p. 523
Martin, Joseph M. Loudoun Co. p. 214
Martin, William E., Ph.D. Washington Co. p. 129
Martin, William M. Petersburg p. 166
Mason, Clinton L. Accomack Co. p. 19
Massenburg, Captain George Alvin Hampton Roads p. 487
Massie, Wade Hampton Rappahannock Co. p. 215
Mathews, William Walter Augusta Co. p. 170
Mathis, Edward Jefferson Wise Co. p. 364
Matthews, Luther Preston Norfolk p. 513
McAlpine, Louis Allen, M.D. Richmond p. 528
McCall, George R. Tazewell Co. p. 139
McChesney, William Wallace, M.D. Washington Co. p. 304
McClanahan, William S. Roanoke p. 376
McClintic, Moses H. Bath Co. p. 115
McClintic, William Howard Bath Co. p. 623
McClung, Louis Martena Highland Co. p. 77
McClure, John Howard Augusta Co. p. 82
McConnell, John Preston, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Scott Co./ Montgomery Co. p. 623
McCorkle, Claiborne Ross Wise Co. p. 289
McCormick, Hollie Brokenberry Frederick Co. p. 271
McCoy, C. W. KY/Buchanan Co. p. 457
McCoy, Harry E. Norfolk p. 431
McCoy, William E. Montgomery Co. p. 243
McDonald, Harvey B. Montgomery Co. p. 453
McElhone, Frederic Ferguson Fauquier Co. p. 629
McFaddin, Jerry A. Russell Co. p. 601
McFarland, Capt. James N. Augusta Co. p. 72
McFarlane, Carl Hopkins, M.D. Russell Co. p. 543
McGuffin, John Crawford Bath Co. p. 222
McIlwaine, Thomas Jones Prince Edward Co. p. 200
McIntire, Paul G. Albemarle Co. p. 64
McIntosh, Bruce Loudoun Co. p. 100
McKee, Thomas K. Washington Co./Smyth Co. p. 173
McKinney, Frank Lawrence Halifax Co. p. 454
McLemore, James Latinus Suffolk p. 557
McMillen, Arthur C. Arlington Co. p. 319
McMurran, Robert Lowry, M.D. Norfolk p. 504
McNeer, James H. Tazewell Co. p. 429
McNeer, Thomas Theodore, M.D. Monroe Co., WV/Russell Co. p. 600
McNulty, Charles S. Roanoke p. 141
McShea, William A. E. Arlington Co. p. 356
McVeigh, Harvey Culpeper Co. p. 421
Meade, Robert C., M.D. Russell Co. p. 352
Meadows, James Amos Greene Co., VA p. 119
Meadows, James Tyler Roanoke Co. p. 71
Mears, John Thomas Accomack Co. p. 607
Meetze, Christopher Johnson Fauquier Co. p. 269
Meggison, Rev. William Lynchburg p. 160
Mercereau, Henry Baty Roanoke Co. p. 81
Merrill, Ernest S. Accomack Co./Norfolk p. 618
Milburn, J. Parker Richmond p. 141
Milby, John H. King and Queen Co. p. 14
Miles, Henry Morgan Wise Co. p. 309
Miles, Perry Watson, M.D. Pittsylvania Co. p. 575
Miller, Clarence Jackson Rappahannock Co. p. 412
Miller, Harry L. Huntsville, AL/Wise Co. p. 406
Miller, Hugh Byron Rappahannock Co. p. 209
Miller, John James Rappahannock Co. p. 648
Miller, Thomas W. Roanoke p. 519
Miller, William Eads Rockbridge Co. p. 140
Mitchell, Lewis Franklin Pittsylvania Co. p. 433
Mitchell, Tulley Joseph Augusta Co. p. 316
Moherman, Tully S., B.D., D.D. Ashland, OH/Botetourt Co. p. 456
Moncure, Philip St. Leger, M.D., F.A.C.S. Stafford Co./Norfolk p. 584
Moncure, Robert A. Stafford Co. p. 109
Monroe, S. L. Roane Co., WV/Nelson Co., WV/Nelson Co., VA p. 8
Moomaw, Benjamin F. Botetourt Co. p. 614
Moon, Andrew Floyd Jr. Cumberland Co. p. 158
Moore, Earl D. Scott Co. p. 366
Moore, George Samuel Pittsylvania Co., VA p. 43
Moore, George W. Wise Co. p. 339
Moore, Ray Atkinson, M.D. Charlotte Co. p. 334
Moore, Robert Walton Fairfax Co. p. 395
Moore, Spurgeon Boone, M.D. Caldwell Co., NC/Norfolk p. 504
Morgan, Frank E. Buchanan Co. p. 531
Morison, A. Kyle Washington Co. p. 306
Morison, Rufus Ayers, M.D. Washington Co. p. 458
Morris, Augustus Rives Amelia Co. p. 320
Morrison, Alfred James, Ph.D. Prince Edward Co. p. 171
Motley, Benjamin S. Danville p. 600
Motley, James Coleman, M.D. Caroline Co. p. 309
Mullins, George W. Buchanan Co. p. 542
Murphy, William Smith Wise Co. p. 341
Murray, Guy Powers Newport News p. 558
Murray, Robert Fauquier Co. p. 248
Mustoe, Robert Moore Highland Co. p. 143
Myers, R. Baldwin Norfolk p. 486
Newcomb, Leonard Maldern Elizabeth City Co. p. 642
Newman, Edgar Douglas Shenandoah Co. p. 9
Newton, Edward Marshall Fauquier Co. p. 388
Newton, John Brockenbrough Jr. Roanoke p. 308
Nicholas, William S. Halifax Co. p. 555
Noblin, Joseph Alexander, L.I., M.D. Montgomery Co. p. 640
Noffsinger, Hugh G. Botetourt/Washington Co. p. 349
Nuckolls, Chester B., M.D. Carroll Co. p. 457
Oakey, Robert Woolwine Roanoke Co. p. 111
Okie, Fred W. Fauquier Co. p. 387
Old, William Whitehurst Norfolk p. 564
Oliver, Walter Tansill Fairfax Co. p. 128
Orr, Charles Bradley Lee Co. p. 338
Otey, Ernest G. Pulaski Co. p. 531
O’Bannon, Persley Henry Rappahannock Co. p. 442
Pace, Robert Bernard Shenandoah Co. p. 151
Painter, Hunter Monroe Botetourt Co. p. 590
Painter, William Isaac, M.D. Tazewell Co. p. 336
Palen, Edward E. Norfolk p. 579
Palmer, James E. Roanoke Co. p. 584
Parham, Edwin Feild Sussex Co. p. 133
Parkins, Thomas M., M.D. Augusta Co. p. 86
Parks, Preston D. Accomack Co. p. 22
Parr, James William Culpeper Co. p. 266
Parrish, Hugh Ferguson, M.D. Norfolk p. 194
Parrott, John Henry Fauquier Co./Alexandria p. 407
Parsons, William C. Accomack Co. p. 24
Patterson, Robert Crockett Wythe Co. p. 630
Patty, Kenneth Cartright Tazewell Co. p. 370
Payne, Charles Benjamin Jr. Culpeper Co. p. 52
Payne, Marshall John, M.D., F.A.C.S. Augusta Co. p. 74
Peak, Halifax Word Franklin Co. p. 365
Pearce, Clarence Chilton, M.D. Pineville, KY/Wise Co. p. 249
Peatross, Richard Warner Caroline Co. p. 549
Pedigo, Benjamin Schuyler Floyd Co. p. 587
Peerman, Robert L. Danville p. 517
Peery, George Campbell Tazewell Co. p. 163
Peery, Henry Frank Smyth Co. p. 281
Peery, J. Richard Tazewell Co. p. 427
Pence, Philip David, M.D. Shenandoah Co. p. 422
Penick, Douglas M.   p. 155
Perdue, Jesse L. Franklin Co. p. 69
Perkins, James Davis Smyth Co. p. 283
Perkins, Malcolm W. Fluvanna Co. p. 624
Perry, Col. William J. Augusta Co. p. 257
Peters, Don Peters, M.D. Campbell Co. p. 60
Peters, Herbert Grayson Bristol p. 363
Peters, Joseph Harmon Scott Co. p. 233
Phillips, John Cleveland, M.D. Forsythe Co., GA/Portsmouth p. 35
Philpotts, Alphonsos Curran Norfolk p. 36
Phipps, John Catron, M.D. Grayson Co. p. 507
Phlegar, Burt C. Montgomery Co. p. 553
Pierpont, George Earle Roanoke Co. p. 502
Piersons of Chestnut Valley Caroline Co. p. 156
Pilson, J. William H. Augusta Co. p. 276
Pirkey, Jacob M. and John S. Rockingham Co./Shenandoah Co. p. 598
Plaster, Newton H. Russell Co. p. 283
Pole, Edgard A., M.D. Bath Co. p. 223
Polhamus, James H. Frederick Co. p. 70
Pollard, John Garland King and Queen Co. p. 438
Ponton, John William Vance Co., NC/Prince Edward Co./Bedford Co. p. 113
Poole, William Thomas Wythe Co./Russell Co. p. 329
Porter, Andrew Johnson Wythe Co. p. 525
Porterfield, Arthur R. Bland Co. p. 508
Pratt, William A. Augusta Co. p. 94
Pressley, William Walter Dickenson Co. p. 595
Price, Samuel Reuben Roanoke p. 391
Prillaman, Nick Henry Co. p. 490
Prillaman, Rufus A. Franklin Co. p. 505
Proffitt, Samuel Green Roanoke p. 560
Pruden, Rev. C. O. Isle of Wight Co./Pittsylvania Co. p. 626
Quarles, Julian Minor Caroline Co./Augusta Co. p. 627
Quesinberry, Norman Carroll Co. p. 515
Quillen, Stephen B. Russell Co. p. 352
Quillin, James Monroe Jr. Wise Co. p. 337
Ramey, Charles F. Fauquier Co. p. 230
Ramey, Hugh T. Fauquier Co. p. 322
Ramsey, Oscar Lee, M.D. Pittsylvania Co. p. 448
Randolph, Robert Carter, M.D. Clarke Co. p. 4
Ransone, Coleman Bernard, M.D. Mathews Co./Norfolk p. 622
Raper, Daniel Webster Jr. Edenton, NC/Norfolk p. 523
Ratliff, Ben Buchanan Co. p. 542
Rawlings, A. Lee Norfolk p. 417
Rawlings, John Will Fauquier Co. p. 242
Rawls, Edard W., M.D. Portsmouth p. 526
Rawls, John Lewis, M.D. Suffolk Co. p. 525
Reaguer, William Henry Rappahannock Co. p. 420
Reed, George N. Reedville p. 274
Reid, Joseph Rappahannock Co. p. 48
Reid, Theodore Loudoun Co. p. 98
Repass, Raymond Clinton Bland Co. p. 508
Richards, J. Donald Fauquier Co. p. 431
Richards, Walter Buck Warren Co. p. 39
Richardson, Bruce R. Bath Co. p. 228
Richardson, Frederick Dawson Fairfax Co. p. 144
Richardson, Justus Elijah, M.D. Henry Co. p. 546
Richardson, Raymond Riley Matthews Co. p. 644
Richardson, Robert Vulosco Hampton Roads p. 585
Richardson, Thomas Shepherd, M.D. Augusta Co. p. 178
Richmond, Henry Charles Lane Wise Co. p. 227
Richmond, William Frank Wise Co. p. 323
Rinker, Charles Frederick Fauquier Co. p. 216
Rison, Maj. George Townes Pittsylvania Co. p. 548
Roberts, Arthur Montgomery Co. p. 21
Roberts, John Wise Co. p. 381
Roberts, W. D. Orange Co. p. 28
Roberts, Wade Hampton Lee Co./Wise Co. p. 619
Robertson, Alexander F. Culpeper Co. p. 72
Robertson, Bolling Lynn Prince William Co. p. 397
Robertson, Walter Henderson Washington Co. p. 256
Robey, Ernest Lee Fairfax Co. p. 260
Robinette, Lloyd M. Lee Co. p. 482
Robins, Charles Russell, M.D. Richmond p. 637
Robinson, Malcolm Graham, M.D. Wythe Co. p. 545
Rodes, Robert E. Lynchburg p. 131
Rogers, Capt. Mortimer M. Baltimore, MD/Fauquier Co., MD/Fauquier Co., VA p. 42
Rogers, W. Howard Pittsyvlania Co. p. 538
Rollins, Wallace Eugene Marshall, NC/Alexandria, VA p. 121
Roper, Albert Lonsdale Norfolk p. 609
Roper, Capt. John L. Princess Anne Co./Norfolk p. 608
Roper, Lonsdale Joseph, M.D. Norfolk p. 526
Rosser, Thomas L. Campbell Co. p. 131
Roszel, Stephen Samuel Fauquier Co. p. 245
Rowan, Henry M., M.D. Rockbridge Co. p. 55
Royall, John Powell Tazewell Co. p. 155
Ruebursh, James Hoyt Dayton, Rockingham Co., VA p. 5
Rumble, Harry Hampton Noble Co., OH/Norfolk p. 462
Russel, Samuel Rappahannock Co. p. 195
Russell, John E. Fauquier Co. p. 264
Rust, John Warwick Fairfax Co. p. 164
Rust, Robert Antram Prince William p. 364
Ryder, Ollier Allison Alexandria p. 134
Sale, Maj. Ernest A. Rockbridge Co. p. 555
Saul, John Peter Jr. Montgomery Co. p. 401
Scarborough, Samuel Johnson Accomack Co. p. 556
Schoofield, John Harrell Pittsvylania Co. p. 577
Schottland, Michael R. and Nicholas S. Henry Co. p. 517
Schwab, Maurice Fauquier Co. p. 268
Scott, James H. Roanoke Co. p. 572
Scott, John W., M.D. Orange Co. p. 35
Scott, William A. Tazewell Co. p. 153
Scott, Capt. William Walker York Co. p. 445
Seawell, Leon Tyler Norfolk P. 53
Seay, Robert Lee Amherst/Rockbridge Co. p. 204
Sebrell, John Ney Norfolk p. 439
Seese, Mahlon Prince William Co. p. 350
Segar, H. Launcelot, M.D. Richmond Co. p. 406
Seibert, William Edward Page Co. p. 550
Selden, Miles Cary Newport News p. 611
Senter, Paul B. Washington Co. p. 274
Sergent, John Franklin Scott Co. p. 442
Settle, William Barbee Mecklenburg Co. p. 494
Seybert, Harmon Hiner Highland Co. p. 79
Shelor, George Dudley Floyd Co. p. 615
Shelton, Thomas Wall Norfolk p. 462
Shepherd, Bernard D. Halifax Co. p. 276
Sherertz, John Samuel Tazewell Co., VA p. 44
Shewmake, Oscar Lane Williamsburg p. 611
Shickel, William M. Roanoke P. 361
Showalter, Alexander Merele, M.D. Montgomery Co. p. 451
Shue, J. Milton Botetourt/Prince Edward Co. p. 156
Sillard, Samuel F. Smyth Co. p. 291
Simmerman, Col. Stephen Sanders Wythe Co. p. 39
Simmerman, Thomas E. Jr. Wythe Co. P. 617
Sinclair, Fayette Allen, M.D. Warwick Co. p. 485
Singleton, Thomas King Mecklenburg Co. p. 494
Skaggs, Erastus Elmer Lee Co. p. 426
Skinker, William Fauquier Co. p. 228
Slater, Mrs. George H. Fauquier Co. p. 383
Slaughter, J. Albert Washington Co. p. 257
Slemp, Campbell Bascom Wise Co. p. 636
Smith, Charles Hamilton Culpeper Co. p. 421
Smith, Edwin James Princess Anne Co. p. 53
Smith, George E. Carter Co., TN/Wise Co. p. 474
Smith, Henry Lee Co. p. 423
Smith, Henry Louis, L.L.D. Albemarle Co., VA p. 7
Smith, James Marion Lee Co. p. 424
Smith, Norman Clarence Tazewell Co. p. 428
Smith, Sydney York Co. p. 481
Smith, William Jackson, M.D. Madison Co. p. 414
Snapp, Robert J. Rockingham Co. p. 441
Snead, Thomas E. Bath Co. p. 145
Snead, Willie Strother, M.D. Newport News p. 493
Snidow, William Bane Giles Co. p. 501
Somers, Elmer W. Accomack Co. p. 27
Sommerville, James Aby Warren Co./Newport News p. 642
Southgate, Thomas S. Norfolk p. 530
Speed, Edward Watkins Roanoke p. 193
Speiden, Albert Fairfax Co. p. 567
Spiller, Colonel Robert Kent Wythe Co. p. 312
Spilman, Baldwin Day Fauquier Co. p. 59
Spindle, Capt. Thomas W. Spotsylvania Co. p. 315
Sprigg, James Cresap Albemarle Co. p. 91
Sproul, Hugh B. Augusta Co. p. 184
Stafford, John R. Bland Co. p. 586
Staley, Henry Boyd Smyth Co. p. 296
Stant, Donald T. Accomack Co. p. 249
Staples, Abram Penn Patrick Co. p. 225
Stauffer, William T. Newport News p. 495
Stedman, Malvern Vance Patrick Co. p. 251
Stephenson, Boyd Highland Co. p. 371
Stephenson, John Wilson Highland Co. p. 87
Stewart, Joseph W. Richmond p. 437
Stinson, John Henry Buchanan Co. p. 221
Stone, Frank T. Arlington Co. p. 132
Stover, John Franklin Highland Co. p. 193
Strother, William Johnson Culpeper Co. p. 20
Stuart, James Henry Tazewell Co. p. 310
Stump, Tazewell G. Giles Co. p. 51
Sudduth, Edloe James Fauquier Co. p. 204
Summers, Robert James Washington Co. p. 302
Surface, Henry S. Tazewell Co. p. 335
Swart, Daniel W. Fauquier Co. p. 244
Swem, Earl Gregg, A.M. Williamsburg p. 438
Taliaferro, James Lyons Gloucester Co. p. 589
Talley, A. P. Bedford Co. p. 68
Tample, Frederick Leake Roanoke p. 237
Tate, Vernoy B. Wise Co. p. 331
Tauscher, J. Fred Jr. Washington Co. p. 272
Tavenner, Frank S. Shenandoah Co. p. 443
Tayloe, George Plater Roanoke Co., VA p. 42
Taylor, Charles Richard Arlington Co. p. 330
Taylor, James R. Jr. Augusta Co. p. 80
Taylor, John F. Augusta Co. p. 78
Taylor, Joseph Reuben Henry Co. p. 513
Terrill, Oliver Ural Tazewell Co. p. 340
Terry, Patrick Henry Pittsylvania Co. p. 446
Terry, Peyton Leftwich Roanoke p. 579
Thomas, Charles W. Floyd Co. p. 616
Thomas, Frederick W. Roanoke p. 452
Thomas, Harry R. Arlington Co. p. 114
Thomas, Oscar C. Alexandria p. 107
Thompson, Hugh A. Loudoun Co. p. 96
Thompson, Ira E. Russell Co. p. 137
Thompson, Julian Dalton Fairfax Co. p. 541
Thompson, William H. Giles Co. p. 511
Thornton, Richard Ewell Prince Edward Co. p. 142
Thorp, Robert T. Norfolk p. 520
Thurman, Francis Lee, M.D. Rockbridge Co. p. 182
Tilghman, Tench Francis Norfolk p. 24
Timberlake, J. Lewis Augusta Co. p. 220
Timberlake, Leonidas Rosser Newport News p. 491
Timberlake, Stephen Davis Frederick Co. p. 85
Torbert, Mrs. Alfred C. Albemarle Co. p. 117
Torrence, George Abbott, M.D. Bath Co. p. 222
Trainer, Stonewall Jackson Bath Co. p. 65
Trigg, Daniel Washington Co. p. 645
Trinkle, Clarence M. Pulaski Co. p. 575
Trivitt, John F. Pike Co., KY/Dickenson Co., VA p. 518
Turnbull, Needham Stuart Jr. Lunenburg Co. p. 405
Turner, Joseph Augustine Roanoake p. 27
Turner, Robert Randolph Fauquier Co. p. 246
Tuttle, John Brooks, M.D. Caldwell Co., NC/Augusta Co. p. 219
Tyler, James Hogge Pulaski Co. p. 464
Tyler, Stockton Heth Pulaski Co./Norfolk p. 464
Vance, Samuel F. Louisa Co. p. 630
Vanderherchen, Frank Henry Norfolk p. 429
Venable, George B. Bath Co. p. 73
Vest, Charles B. Louisa Co. p. 586
Vicars, Ernest R. Wise Co. p. 382
Vicars, Marshall Walker Wise Co. p. 287
Virginia Polytechnic Institute   p. 449
Wagener, William California Prince William Co. p. 344
Wagner, Jacob A., M.D. Bland Co. p. 510
Waid, Homer Lee Roanoke p. 380
Wakler, John Garland Lynchburg p. 435
Walker, Fielding Lewis Caswell Co., NC/Danville p. 500
Walker, Philip Meade Clarke Co. p. 48
Walker, Thomas F. Greene Co., TN/Wythe Co. p. 592
Wallace, Harry Cleveland Wise Co. p. 366
Wallace, Robert S. Tazewell Co. p. 428
Walles, Waverly Cabell Pittsvylania Co. p. 493
Wallner, Thomas Jefferson Pulaski Co. p. 477
Walton, Guy F. Danville p. 434
Warren, George Marvin Bristol p. 133
Warren, William Cabell Bath Co. p. 484
Wassom, John Thurston Carter Co., TN/Wythe Co. p. 632
Waters, William E. Accomack Co. p. 29
Watkins, Henry B. Danville p. 434
Watson, Everett E., M.D. Carroll Co./Roanoke p. 373
Watson, Fletcher Bangs Pittsylvania Co. p. 65
Watson, Russell Jordan Bedford Co. p. 307
Watson, Thomas Leonard Pittsylvania Co. p. 66
Watts, John Allen Botetourt Co. p. 226
Wayt, Hampton H. Orange Co. p. 76
Webb, James Valentine Rockingham Co., NC/Henry Co. p. 492
Webb, Thomas Anderson Halifax Co. p. 453
Weindel, William J., M.D. Smyth Co. p. 292
Welborn, Walter Lee Roanoke p. 263
Weller, Lena Ferrell Danville p. 386
Wells, John L. Patrick Co./Grayson Co. p. 620
West, John W. Accomack Co. p. 553
Wetzel, Peter Rockbridge Co. p. 358
Whaling, Charles A. Danville p. 550
Wheeler, Glenn Harrison Smyth Co. p. 361
White, Elijah B. Loudoun Co. p. 411
White, Elijah V. Loudoun Co. p. 409
White, Landon Wilmer, M.D. Charlotte Co. p. 526
White, Reid, M.D. Rockbridge Co. p. 50
White, William B. F. Scott Co. p. 400
Whitehead, Robert Camden, M.D. Norfolk p. 564
Whitehead, Maj. Thomas Lynchburg p. 563
Whitman, John Alexander Wythe Co. p. 473
Wiley, Charles Emerson Washington Co. p. 167
Wiley, George E., M.D. Washington Co. p. 135
Wiley, Robert Minor Craig Co. p. 574
Wilkins, Magnus Taliaferro Fairfax Co. p. 138
Wilkinson, Robert G. Carroll Co. p. 465
Wilkinson, Stephen Ellis Carroll Co. p. 571
Williams, Alfred Brockenbrough Loudoun Co. p. 122
Williams, Charles G. Rockbridge Co. p. 56
Williams, Henry Clint Scott Co. p. 478
Williams, Herbert F. Fauquier Co. p. 137
Williams, John Catterton Orange Co. p. 263
Williams, Prof. John Edward Montgomery Co. p. 497
Williams, Joseph Benjamin Rappahannock Co. p. 392
Williams, William Clayton Orange Co. p. 36
Williams, William R., M.D. Tazewell Co. p. 377
Williamson, E. M. Petersburg p. 498
Williamson, Nancy Campbell Roanoke Co. p. 38
Williamson, Thomas V. Shenandoah Co. p. 475
Willis, Holman Roanoke Co. p. 644
Willits, Webb J. Wise Co. p. 382
Willson, Gilpin Augusta Co. p. 81
Wine, Robert Eugene, M.D. Shenandoah Co. p. 123
Winmill, Edgar Wolton Fauquier Co. p. 208
Wise, Tracy M. Augusta Co. p. 260
Witt, Andy L. Wise Co. p. 355
Witt, Jasper Franklin Lee Co. p. 425
Witten, Ancil Davidson Henry Co. p. 261
Witten, Jack W., M.D. Tazewell Co. p. 337
Wolcott, Harry K. Norfolk p. 446
Wolfe, Joseph B. Jr., M.D. Wise Co. p. 31
Wolfe, Lee Scott Scott Co. p. 454
Wood, Austin Flint, M.D. Bath Co. p. 46
Wood, Charles Dudley Rappahannock Co. p. 390
Wood, Charles Russell Rappahannock Co. p. 213
Wood, Daniel Polllard Fauquier Co. p. 206
Wood, Harry Burgess Highland Co. p. 195
Wood, Stuart M. Roanoke p. 544
Wood, William Grimsley Rockbridge Co. p. 414
Woodhouse, John Frost Princess Anne Co. p. 539
Woodhouse, John Paul Princess Anne Co. p. 570
Woodhouse, Robert Woodsie, M.D. Princess Anne Co. p. 560
Wooding, Harry Sr. Danville p. 45
Woodrum, Clifton Alexander Roanoke p. 471
Woods, Robert Harrison Giles Co. p. 507
Woodward, Elbert S. Lee Co./Wise Co. p. 625
Woodward, Joesph B. Augusta Co. p. 82
Woodward, Lambert E. Fauquier Co. p. 240
Woolf, John A. Fauquier Co. p. 235
Worrell, Lawson Carroll Co./Roanoke p. 583
Worthington, J. Harry. Augusta Co. p. 95
Wright, Wesley D. Buckingham Co. p. 552
Wynn, William Elkanah Lee Co. p. 245
Yeatts, Silas T., M.D. Pittsylvania Co. p. 616
Yost, Jacob Augusta Co. p. 607
Zigler, Rev. David H. Rockingham Co. p. 150