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A Brief History of North Beaver Baptist Church

Scanned from the 1983 Minutes of the Ashe Baptist Association

God wonderfully blessed in a tent revival conducted by Rev. Harvey Phillips. At the close of this revival church organized. Some who joined had been saved during the revival and others joined by letter from neighboring churches. Rev. Harvey Phillips assisted in the organization of the church with J. C. Goodman as moderator.

Services were held twice each month, with Sunday School every Sunday, in an old store building owned by C. L. Winebarger. There were 26 charter members. They included: Fannie Faw Sheets, D.M. Goodman, Curlie Pharr, Oscar Hurley, Rev. Harvey Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Winebarger, Andy Phillips, Zora Winebarger, Mr. and Mrs. Worth Miller, Ruby Lee Severt, Mrs. Oscar Hurley, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Phillips, Mrs. Dollie Sheets, Mrs. May Dempsy Severt, Mrs. Mills Goodman, Mrs. Barnie Severt, Miss Bell McNeill, Mrs. Fields Harless, Mrs. Nora Harless, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Johnson.

Rev. Levi Greene served as the first pastor of this new church which was organized Jan. 3,1943. Rev. W. H. Caldwell became the second pastor in 1945 and work was begun on a new church building on land owned by Mr. C. L. Winebarger, which he donated to the church.

The first service was held in the new church building on Feb. 15, 1948 by the pastor, Rev. W.H. CaIdwell and the new church was named North Beaver Baptist Church.

Rev. Caldwell was called to a church in Wilkes County about 1950. Rev. Keene Roark was elected pastor of North Beaver. He served as pastor for about four years.

Rev. Wiley Carroll was next elected pastor and served well. In 1958 Rev. Paul Phipps was elected as pastor. He served one year.

Rev. John Goodman was next elected pastor. Rev. Earl Hartzog was the churches next pastor, then Rev. David Hartzog was elected as pastor. He served one year. Rev. Douglas Parsons was next elected pastor, then the next pastor was Rev. Walter Day, Rev. Earl Hartzog was again elected pastor. In 1972 Rev. Johnny Lee Goodman assumed his duties as pastor of North Beaver and the church grew in spirit and numbers. New Sunday School rooms were built, a new well was dug to supply water for the church. Carpet was installed throughout the church and other improvements were made to the sanctuary.

August 9,1975, North Beaver was host to the Ashe Baptist Association.

Rev. Johnny Goodman resigned as pastor Dec.1978. God sent Rev. David Blackburn to be pastor of North Beaver in Jan. 1979. God has continued his blessings upon North Beaver. The church has grown to a membership of 130.

Many improvements have been made to the original sanctuary. Some of these are a new ceiling, new church pews, new Baptist Hymnals & Bibles. New stained glass windows & brick on the outside, insulation underneath and overhead in the church, a trailer was purchased for additional sunday school classes & new adult classes started, also a storage building & picnic shelter built and out front a bricked & lighted church sign.

The church has as active deacons:
Mr. Bryce Hurley Chrm., Mr. Bob Neaves, Mr. Darrell Blevins, Mr. Allen Neaves, Mr. Glenn Allen Miller, Mr. Malcom Dirrgers.