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William Herbert Company Roster 1771

List of men in my company - William Herbert 1771

Wells Ward
James Ward
Robert Osborn
William Hash
William Landrop
Ezekel Yong
Edward King
Dutton Sweeting
Moses Smith
Beverly Watkins (2 tithes)
George Reeves (3 tithes)
Enoch Osborn
Josiah Wever
Charles Collins
Vinson Jones
John Collins (4 tithes)
Samuel Collins (2 tithes)
Charles Sanston
McChegar Bunch
Moses Baker
Jeremiah Harrison
Hugh Smith
Doswell Rogers
James McDaniel (2 tithes)
George Keith
Ellott Buchanan
Kernelius Keith (3 tithes)
George Heard
Joseph Massey
James Watkins
John Rice (2 tithes)
George Jones
William Jones
Moses Damron
Joseph Wallin
John Haynes
Moses Johnston
Neall Roberts
Elisha Wallin
Robert Baker
John Coxs (2 tithes)
Francis Gilly
William Little
Johnathan Osborn
Cashin Fulsher
William Cox
John Couch
Richard Harman
Richard Wigging
Samuel Steel
Marchel Dunkam
Samuel Edmonston
Henry Gouger
William Banks
Nathaniel Banks
Jacob Atkins
William Bobbet
George Yeates (?)
John Richardson
Jonathan Jennings (5 tithes)
Benjamin Ray
David Sayers
John Sayers
Andrew Stott
James Bell
Jeremiah Dutton
John Buchanan
Nathaniel Buchanan
Nathaniel Welsher
Alexander McKee
Benjamin Price
Abraham Price (3 tithes)
William Haynes
Jeremiah Perce
William Perce
John Jenkins
William Bell
Evan Williams (2 tithes)
William Rogers
James Rogers
Peter Pinkly
Samuel Ewings
James Ewings
George Ewings (5 tithes)
William Retherford
Benjamin Retherford
Joseph Rutherford
William Henley Sr.
William Henley Jr.
George Henley
Henry Francis
Luck Woods
William Robinson
John Braly
Thomas Fowler
Roger Ottes
Charles Devrox (2 tithes)
Frances Copper
George Forbush
Joseph Dunkin (?)
John Baxster (?)
James Newell Jr. (2 tithes)
John Rogers Sr.
John Rogers Jr.
John Retherford Sr.
John Retherford Jr.
Joseph Packston
William Daniels
Michel Farmer
William Rove (?)
James Bebber Sr.
Thomas Hobbs
John Vardeman
William Sanston
James Bebber Jr.
Joseph Bebber
Moses Clark (?) (Elarth ?)
Robert Elasom
Henry Sordther (?)
Joseph Hughey
Felty Pup
James Thomson
William Herbert (8 tithes)
Barkly Green
James Procktor

Source: Diana Dallas & Wythe Co., Historical Review #13, "Captain William Herbert" by Mary B. Kegley