1860 Grayson County, Virginia Mortality Schedule

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1860 Grayson County, Virginia Mortality Schedule

An ascending 'Sequence' sort shows the table as it was actually recorded on the schedule.

1860 Grayson County Mortality Schedule
Seq# Name Age Sex Color Free Md. POB Month Trade Cause Days Ill
1 Roberts, A. M. 1 F       VA Oct.   Croup 1
2 Cornett, Wm. J. 1 M       VA July   Croup 1
3 Martin, Diannah 33 F       VA Dec.   Unknown 14
4 Coomes, James 1 M       VA April   Unknown 4
5 Cornett, John 72 M     W VA Dec Farmer Dropsey 60
6 Delp, Amanda W. 10 F       VA Jun   Killed by Fall  
7 Carrico, Andrew 2 M       VA Sept.   Croup 1
8 Hackler, Fielden R. 1 M       VA Jun   Unknown 14
9 Roberts, Eliza A. 2 F       VA Oct.   Scarlet Fever 12
10 Cornett, Reuben 80 M       VA Mar Farmer Pneumonia Fever 5
11 Comer, Sussannah E. 4 F       VA Aug.   Unknown 1
12 Bryant, Sarah 1 F       VA May   Unknown 7
13 Rhudy, Jacob 83 M       VA July Farmer Old Age 6
14 Whitaker, Martha J. 33 F       NC Dec   Scarlet Fever 7
15 Brewer, Celia J. 1 F       VA Jan.   Scarlet Fever 12
16 Fulton, Samuel 78 M       VA Feb. Farmer Old Age unk.
17 Fulton, Susan 78 F B S   VA Jun   Unknown 7
18 Warrick, John 98 M       VA Nov. Farmer Old Age Unk.
19 Brewer, Ellen 1 F       VA June   Unknown 9
20 Byrd, Freel W. 5 M       VA Dec   Scarlet Fever 4
21 Byrd, S. Emaline 3 F       VA Dec   Scarlet Fever 11
22 Phillips, Susan S. 10 F       VA July   Billious colic 10
23 Wright, Emily 21 F       VA Feb.   Unknown 7
24 Ross, Sarah 78 F       VA Jun.   Unknown 9
25 Bonner, Martin 85 M       VA Mar Farmer Pneumonia Fever 15
26 Swindle, Martha 22 F       VA Aug. Seamstress Typhoid Fever 18
27 Patton, Jane 35 F       VA Sept. Seamstress typhoid Fever 25
28 Patton, Jane 2 F       VA Jun   Un known 2
29 Patton, Confree 1 M       VA Apr   Unknown 30
30 Jennings, Moses 62 M B S   VA Mar.   Influenza 10
31 Jennings, L. 39 F B S   VA Feb.   Influenza 7
32 Jennings, Isom 11 M B S   VA Feb.   Influenza 7
33 Coulson, Lucy 80 F       NC Jan.   Old Age unk.
34 Blevins, Sarah 95 F B     VA Nov.   Unknown unk.
35 Wilson, Annie 75 F     M VA May   Unknown 14
36 Hawkins, Henry 1 M       VA Mar   Unknown Unk.
37 Brown, H. H. 3 M       VA Mar.   Scarlet Fever 0
38 Jones, Daniel A. 2 M       VA Jan.   Scarlet Fever 9
39 Warrick, John W. 1 M       VA Jun   Unknown 7
40 Fisher, Susan E. 1 F       VA Jan.   Unknown Unk.
41 Swinney, William H. 8 M       VA Oct.   Scarlet Fever 13
42 Andrew, John 84 M       NC Mar Farmer Dropsey 3 mo.
43 Cooper, John 1 M       VA Feb   Unknown 14
44 Long, Jonas G. 1 M       VA Jun   Croup unk.
45 Morey, George A. 1 M       VA Aug.   Scarlet Fever unk.
46 Young, Nancy M. 2 F       VA Mar.   Unknown 21
47 Anderson, Virginia 1 F       VA Dec.   Unknown 18
48 Reece, James F. 1 M       VA Oct.   Croup unk.
49 Osborn, Mary 43 F       VA Feb.   Cancer Unk.
50 Rector, Elizabeth 85 F       VA Mar   Old Age. Unk.
51 Cox, Reanna 35 F B S   VA Apr   Fever unk.
52 Cox, Granville 3 M B S   VA Mar   Unknown Unk.
53 Pugh, Frances 38 F       VA Mar   Unknown Unk.
54 Francis, Hiley 17 F       VA Oct.   Billious Fever Unk.
55 Francis, Elisha 15 M       VA Apr   Unknown Unk.
56 Francis, Eliza 13 F       VA May   Scarlet Fever Unk.
57 Francis, Ruth 11 F       VA Apr   Scarlet Fever Unk.
58 Francis, Robert H. 9 M       VA Apr.   Scarlet Fever Unk.
59 Francis, Eli 7 M       VA Oct.   Croup Unk.
60 Francis, Catherine 5 F       VA Apr.   Croup Unk.
61 Pennington, Elbert M. 1 M       VA July   Unknown Unk.
62 Atkinson, Martha A. 17 F       NC Mar.   Putrid Sore Throat Unk.
63 Atkinson, Mary J. 10 F       NC Mar   Putrid Sore Throat Unk.
64 Kilby, John 11 M       NC Mar   Unknown 13
65 Kilby, Mary 10 F       VA Mar   Unknown 7
66 Kilby, Elizabeth 3 F       VA Mar.   Unknown 11
67 Peak, James L. 1 M       NC Jan   Unknown Unk.
68 Plummer, Joseph 59 M       VA Oct. Farmer Consumption unk.
69 Young, Melville 3 M       VA Oct.   Scarlet Fever 12
70 Clark, John 20 M       VA Oct.   Typhoid Fever 21
71 Weiss, Malissa 2 F       VA Dec   Unknown 5
72 Weiss, Marion F. 1 M       VA July   Croup 10
73 Hampton, Griggs 76 M     M VA Feb. Farmer Cancer Unk.
74 Young, Eli 48 M     M VA Mar Farmer Pneumonia unk.
75 Young, Cynthia 2 F       VA June   Scarlet Fever 10
76 Rutherford, Mary 36 F     M VA Feb.   Unknown 21
77 Rutherford, Riley 5 M       VA Jun   Unknown Unk.
78 Hail, Susannah 62 F     M TN Feb.   Cancer Unk.
79 Hail, James R. 18 M       VA Apr   Pneuarlgia 49