Grayson County, Virginia Wills 1793 - 1849

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Grayson County, Virginia Wills 1793 - 1849

The following list summarizes the early wills in Grayson County. The full will book is stored in the Grayson County, Virginia courthouse deed room.

  • ALDERMAN, Jacob, deceased. Inv. returned May 1824, Rosannah.
  • ALLEN, William. Estate Inv. July 1823.
  • ANDERSON, John. Will proved August 1830. Names wife, Mary and children, George, William, Jonathan, Isaac, Joseph, Nancy, Milley and Elizabeth.
  • BALDWIN, Thomas. Will proved March 1826. Names son, Thomas, heirs of deceased daughter, Rebecca Jackson, other children, names or number not given. A son-in-law, Thomas Ward; grandson Thos. Baldwin; granddaughter, Hannah Gallimore.
  • BALLARD, Amos. Will proved February 1850. Names wife, Jane and children, Amos, William K., Bryon and Ellener.
  • BALLARD, Bryon. Will proved August 1817. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Philip, Moses, Ruth, William, Amos, Mary Chadwallader and Judith Cunningham.
  • BARBER, Allen. Will proved December 1849. Names wife, Jane and children, Jeremiah, Thomas, susannah Stone, Stephen, Margaret Houghery, Elizabeth Jackson, Joseph, Violet Hatch, Mariah Sally, Nelly Byrd, Nancy and Malinda.
  • BEAMER, Henry, deceased. Apr. returned February 1841.
  • BEAMER, Phillip. Will proved November 1832. Names wife, Roady and children, Frances, Teney, Ireney, Manoak (youngest son), Peter, Henry, Isaac, Richard; grandson, Philip Edwards.
  • BEDWELL, Robert. Will proved October 1808. Names children, Mary, Michael, Reuben, Elisha, Robert, John and Thomas.
  • BEESON, William, deceased. Inv. returned February 1828.
  • BLAIR, Thomas. Will proved January 1806. Names wife, Mary and children, Rebeccah M'Kenzie, Nancy Bobbit and John.
  • BLEVINS, Jefferson, deceased. Inv. returned October 1834.
  • BOBBITT, Lacy. (A non-cup. will). Will proved August 1816. Names, Vincent and Matilda Bobbitt.
  • BOURN, Stephen. Will proved May 1849. Names children, William, Martin, Elizabeth Dickey, Cynthia Pugh; heirs of deceased daughter, Nancy and her husband, Spencer James.
  • BOURN, William. Will proved June 1836. Names children, William, Stephen, Polly Dickenson, Milley M'Kinney, Celea Johnston, Patience Thomas, Charity Blair, Elizabeth Hail and Frances Hail.
  • BOURN, William, deceased. Inv. returned July 1841.
  • BOYER, William H. Will proved ...... 1821. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Samuel, John, Jacob, Daniel, Margaret, Susan, Hannah and Elizabeth.
  • BREMER, Lewis. Will proved April 1839. Names children, Martin, Rufus, Sally Parks, William, Sinnur and Samuel.
  • BROWN, John. Will proved April 1815. Names children, Mary, Nancy, Martha and John.
  • BRYANT, John, deceased. Apr. returned February 1795.
  • BYRD, Samuel. Will proved October 1820. Names wife, Mourning Bird and children, Sally, Mourning, Nancy Mollary, Betsy Swinney, John, Garnet, Polly Bourn and Samuel.
  • CANNOY, Barny. Will proved May 1817. Names wife, Catherine and children, Polly, Betsy Ann, Sally, Jacob, John, Phebe, Caty and Molly.
  • CANNOY, Jacob, deceased. Apr. returned November 1831.
  • CARLAN, Daniel, deceased. Apr. returned August 1822.
  • CLARK, Stephen. Will proved January 1838. Names wife, Sally (says she is his "Present wife") and children, John H. (eldest son), Jeffry, Andrew and Silvester.  
  • COLEMAN, Peter. Will proved September 1808. Names wife, Abagail and children, Abraham, Peter, Richard, Daniel, Mary Williams, Rachel Burcham, Jerusha Wells, Charity and Stephen.
  • COLTRANE, David. Will proved July 1834. Names wife, Hannah and children, Nancy, Rachel, Hannah White, Purnia Elder, Martha Elder, Mary Roblin, Emily and Alexander; the heirs of his deceased son, William; the sons of his daughter Nancy-viz, inv. Morgain and Clark Coltrane.
  • COMBS, Zedikiah, deceased. Estate inv. August 1821.
  • COOLEY, Daniel. Will proved May 1812. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Tucker and Sally.
  • COOLEY, Peter. Will proved May 1832. Names wife, Mary and children, Andrew, Harden, Jeffry, Benjamin, Matilda, Ruth, Elizabeth, Rachel and Justen (a daughter).
  • CORNELIUS, Francis. Will proved June 1840. Names sister, Rachel.
  • CORNUTT, Archelous. Will proved June 1847. Names children, Steven B. (other children not enumerated).
  • CORNUTT, David. Will proved September 1847. Names children, William, James, John, Reuben, Sally Hotten, Roda Graham, Diada Sutherlin, Pheroby Anderson; sons-in-law, Thomas Sutherlin and John Anderson.
  • CORNUTT, James. Will proved August 1824. Names wife, ......... and children, Archelius, John, Jesse, Reuben; grandchildren, Polly James, Rhoda and Aughtive - all children of his daughter Milly.
  • COULSON, Isaac, deceased. Apr. returned February 1795.
  • COULSON, Jacob. Will proved May 1811. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Jeremiah, Isaac, Rachel Hill, Sarah, Jane Carlan, Pricilla Newman and John.
  • COX, David. Will proved April 1819. Names children, Samuel, Ann, Catherine Blevins, Mary Philips, Margaret Douglas, Joshua, Andrew, Alexander and Richard.
  • COX, David, deceased. apr. returned February 1840.
  • COX, Enoch, Sr. Will proved April 1840. Names wife, Sally and children, Ruth Warren, Nathan, Solomon, Enoch, Polly Love (Lady), Jesse, Jeremiah (all these by a first wife); Joshua, Elizabeth, Nancy and John by present wife.
  • CURRIN, George, deceased. Inv. returned January 1825.
  • DANIEL, Nathaniel. Will proved Auguat 1821. Names wife, Anny and children, Clara Morris, Nancy Allin, Tempy Allen, Polly, Sally W. Willion, Robert, Fanny Hains, Drucilla and Nehemiah.
  • DAVIS, Daniel. Will proved April 1849. Names Gaines Wright and Peggy Delp.
  • DELP, Jane, deceased. Inv. of estate October 1803.
  • DICKERSON, John. Will proved May 1838. Names wife, Mary and sons and daughters, number and names not given.
  • DICKENSON, Martin, deceased. Dower as wife, Poley, March 1835. Following heirs named in division of land: Samuel McCamant; Hugh Gwyn; William Dickenson; James Mrrk (Merk/Mark); Jane Gwyn; Caroline Dickenson, John Dickenson and Stephen Hail.
  • DICKEY, Matthew, deceased. Apr. returned January 1828.
  • DICKSON, William. Will proved January 1837. (of Rutherford Co., TN). Names brothers, James, of Madison Co., AL; Enoch, of Rutherford Co., TN; John, of Va.; two nieces, Luretia and Margaret Martin, of Va.
  • DILLARD, Edward, deceased. Inv. returned February 1827.
  • EAST, Drury, deceased. Apr. returned February 1825.
  • EAST, William. Will proved August 1803. Names wife, Fanny and children, William, Mary, Rebecca, Frank, Isom, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Usly Venerable, Elizabeth Biles and Martha Jones.
  • EDWARDS, Catherine, deceased. Inv. returned March 1835.
  • EDWARDS, Isaac. Will proved August 1825. Names wife, Katherine and childrenn, John, Isaac and others, names and number not given; granddaughter, Polly Bedsalt.
  • EDWARDS, John. Will proved August 1810. Names children, Elijah, William, Thomas, Nancy Shockley, Caty Sexton, Jeny, Burk and Easther.
  • FARMER, Barnet. Will proved January 1818. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, names and number not given.
  • FARMER, James. Will proved August 1838. Names wife, Susannah and children, Elizabeth, James, Isaac, Michael ("in the west") and Rebeccy Newman.
  • FIELDER, Dennis. Will proved May 1834. Names wife, Delia and chilldren, Charles, Sarah Cox, Elizabeth Byrd, Randel, Enos, Martha Cane, Mourning Wright, Thomas, Dennis, Delia Clark, Jane, Luch, Samuel, States thaat Delia is his second wife.
  • FIELDER, Delia. Will proved June 1845. Names children, Thomas J., Dennis, Delia, Jane, Lucy, Charlotte, Randolph and Samuel K.
  • FI*SHER, Jacob. Will proved November 1846. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Joshua, Joseph, Elijah, James, Catherine Hutzell (wife of Joseph Hutzell), Hester Ann, Andrew, Ruben and Rebecca and the children of his daughter, Catherine -- Rebecca and Lucinda Hutzell.
  • FROST, John. Will proved May 1837. Names wife, Mary and children, Ezekiel, James, Jonas, Simeon, Sally, Rebecca, John, Stephen and Betsy Farmer.
  • FULTON, David. Will proved May 1822. Names wife, ......... and children, Ann Whitehead, Isabella, Jane Johnson, James, Peggy and David.
  • GOAD, Robert. Will proved March 1836. Names wife, Jsbell and children, Sarah Webb (wife of James A.), Aaron and Mary Nester (wife of William).
  • GREER, Isaac. Will proved November 1813. Names children, John, Alice, Reuben, Abigail Chew, Lydia Hunt and Susanna Hunt.
  • GREER, William. Will proved October 1802. Names wiife, Sarah and children, Shadrack, Aquilla, Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel and Hannah.
  • HACKLIN, Peter, deceased. Apr. returned April 1840.
  • HAIL, Dudley. Will proved February 1815. Names wife, Nancy and children, Preston, Burris, Lewis, Polly, Franklin, Sally, Jesten, Olive and Elizabeth.
  • HAIL, John, deceased. Assignment of dower to wife, Rosemond January 1850. Heirs named: Thomas, James D., Warner, John, William, Stephen, Loranza D., Johnson and Sidney Hail.
  • HAIL, Lewis, deceased. Apr. returned April 1802.
  • HAIL, William. Will proved May 1847. Names wife, Lucy and children, Peyton, Susannah Bryant, Rosemond Dickerson, Elizabeth Whitman, Stephen, Charles, Samuel M.; sons-in-law, Morgan Bryant, John Dickerson, David Whitman. the children of his sons Lewis and John Hail and the children of his daughters, Nancy Gose, Susannah Bryant, Elizabeth Whitman and Rosemond Dickerson.
  • HAIL, Thomas. Will proved September 1827. Names wife, Anne and children, Eliza, Anne, Martha, Polly, Frances, Lankford, Thomas, John and Richard.
  • HAMPTON, Wade, deceased. Dower assigned to wife, Elizabeth April 1831.
  • HANKS, Thomas, deceased. Inv. returned August 1840.
  • HARDEN, William, deceased. Inv. of estate returned May 1803.
  • HARMON, Joseph, deceased. Inv. of estate returned February 1826.
  • HARMON, Sally, deceased. Inv. returned September 1818.
  • HARRISON, William. Will proved August 1844. Names wiife, Rhoda and children, William, Jr., Rhoda, Bethany, Ann, Elizabeth, Arlakes (?) and Fielding.
  • HAYS, Jacob, deceased. Devision of property June 1837. Heirs: Wife, Elizabeth; William Hays, Randolph Collins, Bailey Hayes, William Ballard, Samuel Low, Elizabeth Hays, John Collins, John Ramey and Andrew Ramey.
  • HELTON, Elias. Will proved January 1825. Names wife, Sarah and children, Joshua, Jesse, Elisha, Newman, Pleasant, Alexander, Mary Beady, Sarah, Nancy and Charity.
  • HIATT, Amos, deceased, Inv. returned January 1816.
  • HIATT, Asher, deceased. Valuation of estate November 1804.
  • HIATT, Joseph. Will proved March 1826. Names wife, Keziah and children, Sarah Montgomery (wife of William), Zacheriah, Martha Mongomery (wife of Robert); grandson, Robert, son of William Montgomery.
  • HIGGINS, Vincent, deceased. Apr. returned December 1849.
  • HILL, John, deceased. Apr. returned February 1824.
  • HOLLAND, George. Will proved July 1802. Names wife, Mary and children, Agothy ............... (obliterated, begins with a B or R), William, Fanny Hatfield, Sarah Sope, Judith Vaughn and Elizabeth Basham.
  • ISOM, John. Will proved February 1830. Names wife, Rebecca and children, Spencer and others, names and number not given; son-in-law, Jacob Toliver.
  • ISOM, John, Jr. Will proved ...........1831. Names wife, Charity and children, Spencer, Hugh and four daughters, names not given.
  • ISOM, Spencer. Will proved October 1849. Names wife, Susannah and children, John, James, Isom, Cyntha Williams, Nancy, Polly, Patsy and Rebecca; grandson, John R. Isom.
  • JACKSON, Joseph, deceased. Apr. of estate June 1809.
  • JOHNSON, Jaber. May 1840. Names wife, Polly and children, Greenberg, John, Alexander, Lewis, Elizabeth, Frances, Keziah, William, Martin and Newell.
  • JOHNSON, Joseph, (non-cup. will). Will proved December 1820. Leaves estate to his children, Martin, Holland and John.
  • JOHNSON, Joseph, deceased. Apr. returned March 1826.
  • JONES, William, deceased. September 1825. Dower assigned to wife, Sarah and children, David, William, George, Polly Mash, Rebeckah and Batsy(Betsy).
  • JUDSON, Joseph. Will proved December 1815. Names children, Hannah Powell, Mary Morgan, Deborah Jessop, Jane, Rebeccah Cock and Ruth.
  • KEITH, George. Will proved November 1804. Names wife, Nancy and children, George, Daniel, Polly Porter, Susanna Porter, Prudence Porter; grandson, Robert Keith.
  • KENNY, John. Will proved November 1820. Names wife, Eleanor and children, William, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane Ballard and Eleanor Dick.
  • KESTER, Eli, deceased. Apr. of estate June 1841.
  • LARREW, Richard, Pro. July 1831, Names wife Hannah, children, Anna, Mary, Joel, and Jesse.
  • LEONARD, William, dec., Inv. Of est.returned Oct. 1826.
  • LINTON, William, Pro. April 1827, names wife Mary Ann ("his money coming from the United States"), children Mary, Margaret, Hayns, Ann and John.
  • LONG, William, Pro. Feb. 1822, Names wife, Caty, Children, Margaret, William, George, Caty, Henry, Samuel, Polly, Betsy, Benjamin, Lewis and John.
  • LUNDY, John, Pro. May 1831, Names wife Rebecca, Children, Rachel, Amos, Ruth, Aaron, Joanna, Anna Darlin, Achasa Wells, Edith Woods.
  • LUNDY, Richard, Pro., May 1822. Names wife, Mary, and children, Azariah, Daniel, Isaac, Richard, Rhoda Beamer, Mary Harrold, Elizabeth Davis, Samuel and Sally Davis.
  • MABRY, Charles, appraisal of estate June 1840.
  • MALLORY, Thomas, Dec., dower assigned wife, Nancy, June 1824.
  • MARTIN, Joshua, Probate, April 1845, names wife Patsy, and children George W., Eliza A., Matilda G.
  • MARTIN, William, Probate May 1848, names wife Jane; and children John, Clasy Moore, James, Martha, Elizabeth, William and Henry.
  • McCLURE, James, Probate, October 1821, Names wife Martha, and children, Samuel, Mary, Tabbatha, Martha Hill and William.
  • MORRIS, Isaac. Inventory of estate returned Mar. 1828.
  • MURPHY, John, Probate July 1848, Names wife Rebecca, children, Lewis, Polly Moore, Greenbury, Timothy, Anna ..... Todd and Lorenza. Note: Settlement of the estate shows the following additional children--Tamsay, James, Peggy, Manala -- sons-in-law Aaron Simcock and Armstead Todd.
  • NEWMAN, Conrad, Inventory returned August 1806.
  • OGLE, Thomas, Probate March 1803, names wife, Elizabeth, and children John, Thomas, William, James, Sarah Largen, Elizabeth Jennings and Hannah Richeson.
  • OGLESBY, William, Probate March 1839, Names wife Nancy and children unnamed, a brother, Macajah Oglesby.
  • OTT, Silvester, Probate June 1803, names children Frederick, Margaret, Lovice, Mary and Catherine.
  • PARKS, James, Probate Feb. 1806, names wife Hannah, and children Elizabeth, James, John and Andrew.
  • PARSONS, Robert, Probate May 1846. Names wife, Anna, Children, James, Robert, Solomon, E....., William, Isaac, John W., Polly (wife of Stephen Jones), Nancy (wife of Benjamin Lawrence), Sarah (wife of John Davis), Anna (wife of Sam'l Baker), Isabella Austin.
  • PATTON, THOMAs, Dec., dower assigned his wife Isabella Feb. 1823.
  • PERKINS, Aris, Probate, Jan. 1828, Names wife Polly, children, David, Christopher L., William M., Matilda, Linnia M. Daniel and Morrison.
  • PERKINS, Stephen, Probate Aug. 1844, Names children, Samuel, Isaac, Timothy, John H., Amy, Lucy, Rebecca, Linton and Stephen; grandchildren, John Wesley, Mary Ann, Amy, Joshua, Lucy, Kinsey (children of son Timothy); Stephen C. Russell, Phillip Francis Russell, and James Fleming Russell; son-in-law James Thomas.
  • PHILLIPS, Tobias, Probate, March 1809, Names wife, Peggy, children Hannah Henson, Franky, Rachel, John, Joseph, Molly Quesenberry, Jany Cock, Wm. Thomas, Robert, Richard, John and Joseph.
  • PHILLIPS, Tobias, dec. Inventory returned Feb. 1840.
  • PHILLIPS, James, Probate August 1814, named wife Peggy, children, Polly, John, James, Thomas and Luchresy.
  • PHIPPS, Benjamin. Inventory returned June 1841.
  • PHIPPS, James, Appraisal of estate returned June 1841.
  • PHIPPS, Joseph, Probate, Sept. 1848, names wife Nancy, children, Ireny Young, Larkin, Gincey Cox, Alexander, Emily Thomas, Peggy Pugh, John McClennan, Maryann, Jane, Drucilla, Joseph and Nancy; grandson Jackson Phipps.
  • POOL, William, Probate Jan. 1808, Names wife Mary, children, Edward, Isaac, John, William, Sary Cole, Mary Bedwell, Elizabeth Hanks, Rebekah Thomas and Nancy Pool.
  • POOL, William. Will proved August 1837. Names children, Piety, Mourning and Rebecca.
  • PORTER, James, deceased. Inv. returned April 1830.
  • PRICHARD, James. Will proved April 1796. Names wife, Jane and children, Rebeckah, James, Rhoda, Jesse, Thomas, Joseph and William.
  • PUGH, David, deceased. Inv. returned October 1807.
  • PUGH, David, deceased. Dower assigned wife, Sarah, June 1823.
  • PUGH, William, deceased. Dower assigned to wife, Luch, January 1839.
  • RECTOR, Jacob. Will proved July 1811. Names wife, Mary and children, Peter, James, Jesse, Bennet and Elizabeth Hays.
  • REEVES, George, deceased. Valuation of property returned May 1811.
  • REPPARD, Milkion. Will proved April 1827. Names brothers, John, Stephen, Peter and Jacob; sisters, Elizabeth, Mary Murrilstvorin(?), Roosy Beck and Elizabeth. Bulk of property to Jacob Hines--relationship not stated.
  • RING, Hester, deceased. Inv. returned December 1840.
  • RING, Martin, deceased. Inv. returned October 1839.
  • ROARK, Charles. Will proved November 1849. Names wife, Isabel and child, Polly Malena.
  • ROBERTS, William, deceased. Apr. of estate April 1841.
  • ROBERTS, William. Will proved May 1838. Names wife, Lydia and children, John, William, James, Johnathan, Isiah, Fielden B., Zachariabus, Febe D., Jestianna Pool, Sally Porter, Elizabeth Hackler, Phebe D. and Eliza Ann (youngest child).
  • ROBINSON, John, deceased. Apr. returned October 1832.
  • ROWARK, Timothy. Will proved June 1811. Names wife, Rachel and children, Moses, Timothy, Charles, Rebecca, William, Mary Raimey and Sarah Miller.
  • RUDY, Jacob. Will proved January 1818. Names wife, Julyanna and children, Jacob, George, Stephen, David, Polly, Barbary (deceased) and Betsy Howell.
  • RUDY, Julia, deceased. Inv. returned October 1825.
  • RUSSELL, Charles. Will proved October 1807. Names children, Charles, Channey, Channel, Barnet, Erwin and Clerky (a girl).
  • SAGE, James. Will proved March 1820. Names wife ........, and children, Samuel, James, Mary, Loves, Margaret, Sampson, Esther, Ann, Charles, Elizabeth and William.
  • SCHOOLEY, Samuel. Will proved May 1832. Names children, Margaret, John, Benjamin, Nathan, Elizabeth and Samuel.
  • SCUDDERS, John. Will proved July 1833. Names wife, Nancy and children, Polly, Phebe, Sythe Jones and Nancy Carter.
  • STANFIELD, George. Will proved August 1827. Names Jane and William Combs and their son, Zedekiah, a nephew, William Harvey; brother William Stanfield and sisters, Lydia Hiett and Mary Harvey.
  • STARR, John. Will proved February 1834. Names children, Lewis, Jeremiah and Sally Hylton.
  • STONE, Jeremiah. Will proved August 1827. Names children, William, Stephen, John, Betsy Hail, Micajah, Nancy Hambleton, Richard and Jeremiah.
  • STONE, Micager. Will proved September 1842. Names wife, Nancy and children, number and names not given.
  • STONE, William, Sr. Will proved April 1843. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, John, Jeremiah, William, Anna Atkins, Susanna Davis and Menoah.
  • SOUTHERLAND, Alexander. Will proved November 1843. Names wife, Peggy and children, Thomas, John, Joseph, Jane, Fillis, Peggy, Polly, Barbary and Phebe.
  • SOUTHERLAND, John, deceased. Apr. of estate April 1844.
  • SOUTHERLAND, Polly. Will proved September 1845. Names mother, Isabella; brothers, Jonson, Samuel, John, Leonard, Frances, Morgan; sisters, Elizabeth and Isabella.
  • TAYLOR, Simpson. Will proved April 1824. Names wife, Batty and children, William, John, James, Benjamin, Nathan, Mary, Becky and Fenley (daughter).
  • THOMAS, Owen. Will proved December 1814. Names wife, Mary Ann and his brother, Stephen Thomas.
  • THOMPSON, Catherine. Will proved March 1820. Names children, Robert Hammock ("by my first husband, William Hammock"), Margaret Thompson, Jane Simmons, Mitchel, David, Nelson and John Thompson. States that her husband, Robert Thompson, is dead.
  • WADSWORTH, Jeremiah. Non-cup. will. Will proved January 1824. Names brothers, Abner and William.
  • WARD, Nathan. Will proved March 1803. Names wife .............. and children, Wiliam/William, Wells, Nathan and Enoch.
  • WATSON, Michael. Will proved July 1841. Names children, Terry, Davis, Margaret King, Sally McCoung (McYoung) and Nancy Spence.
  • WELCH, John, deceased. Apr. returned February 1827.
  • WELLS, Barney, deceased. Apr. June 1822.
  • WELLS, John, deceased. Apr. returned February 1803.
  • WELLS, John. Will proved July 1846. Names wife, Rhoda and children, Allen, Melinda Perkins, Sarah F. Ross, Synthis Johnson, Ceroline Ellrod (Caroline), Margaret, Hazy M. and Fidelia.
  • WILLIAMS, William. Will proved August 1826/28. Names wife, Nancy and children, Jonathan and others, names or number not given.
  • WORRELL, Esau. Will proved December 1838. Names wife, Nancy and children, Esau, Jesse, Sally, Nancy and others, not named; James W. M'Clure, relationship not given. (Note: Other children were: William, Amos, John and Peter).
  • WORRELL, James. Will proved January 1802. Names wife, Barbary and children, Esau and six others, names not given; a step-son, John Pennick. (Note: James Worrell's first wife was Elizabeth ................., their children were: Esau, James, Sarah, Amos, Catron and two others.)
  • WRIGHT, Richard. Will proved March 1820. Names wife, Seney and children, Susannah, John, Sally and Hiram (all these by present wife); William, Richard, Abraham, Jacob, Neomy Surginor, Polly Harper, Sally Kirk, Betsy Anderson, Rachell Cornutt, James, Susanna and John --- by first wife.
  • YOUNG, Ezekiel. Will proved June 1800. Names wife, Ruth and children, Robert, Joseph, Ezekiel, William and Thomas. (A non-cup. will.)
  • YOUNG, Timothy, deceased. Apraisment returned September 1841.
  • YOUNG, William. will proved 1809. Names wife, Caty and children, Mildray and Joseph.