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White Top Cemetery

aka Monroe Miller Family Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: White Top

Directions: This cemetery is located 1200 ft southeast of the junction of Pond Mountain Lane (Rt 755) and Whitetop Gap Road (Rt 726) on top of hill overlooking the White Top Community. From the junction go southwest approximately 800 ft on Pond Mountain Lane to driveway on left. Then go 0.2 mile on driveway to cemetery at dead-end of drive.

GPS Coordinates: N36.596657 W81.626038

Surveyed by: Jeff Weaver and Ginger Ballard 21 Mar 2003

Comments: The cemetery has been erroneously identified as the Laurel Valley Cemetery. This cemetery is fenced and neat. A total of 98 graves were identified in this cemetery with the oldest known burial taking place in 1912. It was purchased by Marion Miller in 1922.

White Top Cemetery
General View of the White Top Cemetery

White Top Mountain
View of White Top Mountain, looking north from the White Top Cemetery

Pond Mountain
View of Pond Mountain, looking south from the White Top Cemetery

White Top Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
ROUSE, Rosetta 20 Aug 1899 16 Jun 1982 [m1 James Avery Mabe, m2 ___ Rouse]
MABE, child     [possibly died in the 1930s]
MABE, Glen W. 28 Dec 1922 16 Apr 1945 VA PFC 349 Inf World War II; [s/o James & Rosetta Mabe; killed in action]
MABE, Monroe J. 30 Mar 1925 2 Mar 1964 Freemason; [s/o James & Rosetta Mabe]
MABE, Charles H., Jr. 17 Aug 1935 12 Apr 1965
Row 2
unknown     field stone
Row 3
WALKER, Lizzie 9 Aug 1892 8 Mar 1920 broken stone
Row 4
TAYLOR, John Franklin 9 Mar 1950 2 Dec 1982
HASH, Leroy 21 Jun 1929 16 Nov 1934 s/o Benjamin and Dora Hash; triple stone with next two
HASH, Infant 20 Sep 1914 20 Sep 1914  
HASH, Infant 16 Jun 1912 16 Jun 1912  
Row 5
BREWER, William Edgar 10 Oct 1925 12 Oct 2000 U.S. Merchant Marine, PFC U.S. Army World War II Korea
TRIBBLE, Elaine M. 19 Oct 1933 5 Mar 1936 [d/o Brown Tribble]
unknown     field stone
MILLER, William M. 6 Dec 1855 23 Feb 1929 [He helped lay out the town of Whitetop back when it was a timbering boomtown; s/o Isaac and Bathsheba Blevins Miller]; double stone with next
MILLER, Evaline B. 17 Jun 1858 23 Jul 1920 [d/o Riley and Agnes Barker Blevins]
HASH, Minnie Ellen 29 May 1894 24 Jan 1931 [d/o William M. and Evaline Blevins Miller]; double stone with next
HASH, Wiley Luther 17 Mar 1884 1 Dec 1947  
ROOP, Edward Elisha 9 Apr 1914 14 Mar 1972 double stone with next
ROOP, Beulah Faye 11 Jun 1914 7 May 1997  
HASH, Howard B. 7 Apr 1916 27 Jul 1978 [s/o Benjamin and Dora Hash]
HASH, Willard Neal 16 Dec 1911 14 Jun 2000 PFC U.S. Army World War II; [s/o Wiley Luther and Minnie Ellen Miller Hash]
Row 6
unknowns     two wooden crosses
RASH, Mary Jean [6 Apr] 1927 [16 Feb] 1953 [nee Hensley; w/o Jacob Worley Rash]
DINKINS, Margarette M. [8 Nov] 1877 [Jun] 1958 [d/o Marion and Mary Miller]; double stone with next
DINKINS, Harvey R[emine] [10 Sep] 1878 [4 Jun] 1955 [s/o Bird & May Wyatt Dinkins]
DINKINS, Glen 11 Apr 1900 27 Apr 1919 [s/o Harvey and Margarette Dinkins]
unknowns     two wooden crosses
BREWER, Violet Kathleen 24 Sep 1919 27 Apr 1920  
HENSLEY, Infant 1922 1922 infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William McKinley Hensley; foot stone: I.D.H.
BREWER, Albert 28 Mar 1860 17 Mar 1923 double stone with next
BREWER, Martha 29 Sep 1869 27 Mar 1923  
Row 7
TAYLOR, Debra Lynn 9 Apr 1953 19 April 1997  
SHIPLEY, Eugene D. 29 Jun 1940 30 Oct 2002 A2C U.S. Air Force Vietnam
unknown     concrete block
HARGRAVE, Lelah Clyde 13 Mar 1904 7 Aug 1996  
GREER, Pauline Miller 24 Dec 1913 20 Mar 1994  
HARGRAVE, H.E.     [Henry Ella; stillborn]; children of Frank & Clyde Hargrave; double stone with next
HARGRAVE, S.L.     [Sarah Lou]
MILLER, Marion Clarence 6 Nov 1898 2 Mar 1981  
MILLER, Sarah Ennis/Ennice 30 Sep 1875 8 Feb 1944 [d/o William W. and Ludema Davis Dolinger; birth also recorded as 20 Sep 1875]
MILLER, Monroe 27 Jun 1879 9 May 1919 double stone with next
MILLER, Edgar Floyd 18 Apr 1902 25 Jul 1985 World War II; [s/o Monroe and Sarah Ennis Miller]
MILLER, William Blaine 9 Aug 1908 8 Nov 1929 [s/o Monroe and Sarah Ennis Miller; crippled in his legs]
MILLER, Marion 19 May 1852 23 Jan 1925 [s/o Isaac and Bathsheba Blevins Miller; donated the land for this cemetery]; double stone with next
MILLER, Mary 1 Nov 1851 17 Dec 1926 [d/o Joshua and Elizabeth Hamm]
Row 8
unknown     field stone
MILLER, Roby W. 10 Dec 1880 20 Nov 1961 "Husband"; triple stone with next
MILLER, Alice 10 Jun 1880 7 Dec 1922 "Wife"; [w/o Roby W. Miller]; triple stone with next
MILLER, Hazel 20 Oct 1905 26 Sep 1920 "Daughter"; [d/o Roby W. and Alice Miller]
unknown     field stone
Row 9
GREER, Mrs.     native head and foot stone; [said to have been buried in the 1930s]
unknown     field stone
SULLIVAN, Lewis 15 Dec 1835 23 Jul 1921
unknown     field stone
TAYLOR, M. Edward 16 Mar 1925 5 Sep 1993 TSgt U.S. Air Force World War II Korea
TAYLOR, Edna 30 Oct 1902 24 May 1982 [nee Walker; w/o Cas Taylor]
TAYLOR, Bobby J. 15 Dec 1936 26 Jan 1937  
TAYLOR, John S. 13 Feb 1867 7 Dec 1941  
TAYLOR, David 16 Apr 1905 6 Jul 1989  
unknowns     two field stones
Row 10
unknowns     three unmarked graves
unknowns     two wooden crosses
MILLER Lily May 19 Aug 1921 25 Feb 1922 d/o Wade & Cora Miller
unknown     wooden cross
Row 11
BLEVINS, Grace M. 17 Aug 1919 27 Mar 2008 double stone with next; [Grace Mae, d/o Gerdon (or Gerdan) and Nancy Royal]
BLEVINS, Marvin F. 13 Sept 1912 25 Dec 1997 [s/o Winfield and Savannah Blevins
BLEVINS, Robert Teddy 1936 22 Nov 2007 [eldest s/o Marvin and Grace Blevins]
BLEVINS, Lyle Royal 14 Jan 1946 28 Jan 2008 [s/o Marvin and Grace Blevins]
ROYAL, Joe Arthur     [s/o Gerdan & Nancy Royal; possibly died in the late 1940s. Cecil Hensley remembers seeing Joe Royal do the Opossum dance.]
ROYAL, Gerdon   ____193- [Cecil Hensley, born 1928, remembers watching Gerdan Royal cut wooden shingles for Cecil's father's barn, when Cecil was 3 or 4 years old.]; double stone with next
ROYAL, Nancy A. 1887 1965  
ROYAL, Lura M. 18 Oct 1909 12 Feb 2002 double stone with next
ROYAL, Eugene 30 Oct 1915 1 Apr 1994 [s/o Gerdon and Nancy Royal]
Row 12
ROYAL, Everett T. 1904 1972 [s/o Gerdon and Nancy Royal]
ROOP, Willard Lee 1947 2002  
ROOP, Brenda Lee 1 Feb 1958 17 Nov 2001 double stone with next
ROOP, Brian Keith 18 Jun 1969    
ROOP, Daniel Lee 9 Feb 1956 17 Feb 1999  
ROOP, Mary E. 30 May 1882 4 Apr 1958 double stone with next
ROOP, James A. 27 Oct 1882 22 Feb 1935  
ROOP, Nonnie M. 11 Aug 1904 24 Aug 1928 [d/o James A. and Mary E. Roop]
ROOP, Dayton L. 2 Jun 1928 29 May 1992 [s/o Nonnie M. Roop]; double stone with next
ROOP, Irma J. 18 May 1934    
DALE, Earl 1956 1996 metal marker
Row 13
unknown     field stone
HENSLEY, Barnette A., Dr. 1855 1932 [William Eskiah Barnette Alexandra Hensley; born on the high seas while his parents were coming to America from Holland; remembered as one of the best doctors in the area]; shared stone with next two
HENSLEY, Chole M.A. 1873 1946
HENSLEY, Jesse E. 1902 1941 [s/o B.A. and Chloe M.A. Hensley]
unknown     field stone
HENSLEY, Pearl C. [17 Apr] 1903 [27 Sep] 1989 [Pearle Carla, d/o Harvey and Margarette Miller Dinkins]; double stone with next
HENSLEY, William Mc. [25 Feb] 1901 [22 Jun] 1965 [William McKinley]
PROFFITT, Susan Nov 1953 [stillborn]; double stone with next
PROFFITT, Eric   Dec 1967 [infant]
Row 14
unknowns     six unmarked graves
HAM, William Earl 27 Jul 1930 12 Mar 1934
Row 15
JONES, Priscilla A. Hensley 7 May 1925   "Sid"; double stone with next
JONES, Clauria Eugene 6 Nov 1917 4 Apr 1965 Sgt U.S. Army World War II