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Sullivan Family Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: North side of Ripshin Rd ( 603), half mile Northeast of Friendship Church.

Directions: From the junction of Ripshin Rd (Rt 603) and Laurel Creek Rd (Rt 732) go 0.9 mile north on Ripshin Rd to private drive on left. Take this driveway up slope to the cemetery.

GPS Coordinates: N36.707920 W81.405956

Surveyed by: Susan Taylor Woodson and Rich and Ginger Ballard 14 March 2003.

Comments: Not visible from road. It is fenced and well-tended. Set back in the woods on the slope of a hill, this is a beautiful and serene site in mid-March when the sun warms the hillside and daffodils are coming up all over the place. There are 37 graves identified in this cemetery. The earliest burial dates from 1909.

Sullivan Family Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
unknown     unmarked grave
BALDWIN, H.C. 3 Jan 1890 5 May 1917 "Curt"; stone appears to be a replacement. A field stone is still in place for a footstone. It further appears this cemetery once had field stones for markers and an effort has been made to add commercially made replacement markers for most of them.
BALDWIN, Julia A. Osborn 1841 1917 bank marble footstone
unknown     two unmarked graves
PRICE, Shirley Jo 22 Dec 1921 23 Dec 1937 "baby"
Row 2
unknown unmarked grave
PRICE, Breece M. 16 Oct 1921 29 Jan 1922  
PRICE, Joy Nell 5 Mar 1932 "infant daughter"
PRICE, E[millious] T. 29 Jul 1876 22 Feb 1946 [s/o William C. & Nancy C. Weaver Price]; double stone with next
PRICE, Bettie 21 Jan 1881 24 Jan 1971 [d/o Henry & Charity Loggins Sullivan]
SULLIVAN, Felix M. 16 Oct 1886 28 Dec 1975 [s/o of Henry & Charity Loggins Sullivan; 80th Inf Div U.S. Army World War I Purple Heart. Sherwood Anderson modelled “Buck” in “Buck Fever” after him. Felix later served as caretaker of Ripshin.]; double stone with next
SULLIVAN, Lillie M. 16 Apr 1901 23 Nov 1980 [Lillie Mae, d/o Martin Van Buren and Mary Ann "Polly" Busic Richardson]
Row 3
SULLIVAN, Bruner W. 31 Jul 1913 12 Jan 1980 double stone with next [s/o John Ander & Rosie Baldwin Sullivan]
SULLIVAN, Lillie Mae J. 3 May 1916 10 Mar 1940
SULLIVAN, McDaniel 6 Nov 1876 15 Jun 1960 double stone with next; [s/o of Henry & Charity Loggins Sullivan]
SULLIVAN, Margarett 15 Nov 1874 9 Sep 1951 [d/o William M. & Catherine Baldwin Sullivan]
SULLIVAN, Cleveland [7 Apr] 1889 [17 Apr] 1922 [s/o of Henry & Charity Loggins Sullivan]; double stone with next. Replacement marker lists only year dates. Old, broken stone found outside fences lists full dates
SULLIVAN, Nora Spencer Smith [28 Jan] 1892 [27 Oct] 1972 [d/o Lee & Mary Ann Spencer]
SULLIVAN, Henry 1 Mar 1854 9 Aug 1937 double stone with next
SULLIVAN, Charity 14 May 1849 17 Apr 1922  
unknown     field stone
unknown     cast concrete marker, no inscription
Row 4
SULLIVAN, John Ander 26 Jan 1884 2 Jul 1957 double stone with next
SULLIVAN, Rosa B. 11 Nov 1887 4 Nov 1960 [d/o Jefferson F. & Mary Elisabeth Denny Baldwin]
SULLIVAN, Gather H. 5 Mar 1909 12 Mar 1909 son of J[ohn] A[nder] & R[osa] A. [Baldwin] Sullivan; dates also read as 5 Jan 1905 - 12 Feb 1905]
SULLIVAN, Webb L. 2/10 Jul 1910 2 Jan 1911 son of J[ohn] A[nder] & R[osa] A. [Baldwin]. Sullivan
SULLIVAN, Clyde H. 18/19 Dec 1911 28 Feb 1912 dau of J[ohn] A[nder] & R[osa] A. [Baldwin] Sullivan
SULLIVAN, Kilby M. 2 May 1916 2 May 1916 son of J[ohn] A[nder] & R[osa] A. [Baldwin] Sullivan
SAWYERS, Phyllis 3 Apr 1942 23 Apr 1942  
SAWYERS, Charlotte S. 5 Nov 1922 14 Feb 1944 [d/o John & Rosa Sullivan]
SULLIVAN, Glenn A. 31 Aug 1944 11 Feb 1992
SULLIVAN, Major Carson [22 Mar] 1917 [3 Apr] 1989 [s/o John & Rosa Sullivan]; double stone with next
SULLIVAN, Sabra Elizabeth 1926 1947
SULLIVAN, William Carson   18 Jun 1943
SULLIVAN, Bonnie Lynne   23 Apr 1962
Row 5
GREER, Millard F. [9 Apr] 1910 [17 Dec 2002] double stone with next
GREER, Tressie S. [10 Jun] 1925 [25 May] 1985 photograph of man and woman affixed to the stone; [d/o John Ander & Rosie Baldwin Sullivan]
GREER, Woodrow Dayton 2 Mar 1912 29 Jul 1983 PFC U.S. Army World War II; shared stone with other side left blank; [death year also recorded as 1985]