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William E. Stone Cemetery

aka Stone's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Comer's Rock

Directions: The cemetery is on the south side of Stone's Chapel Rd (Rt 665) east of Flag Pond Lane (Rt 864) a half mile east of Stone's Chapel.

GPS Coordinates: 36.703323 N 81.208176 W

Surveyed by: Rich and Ginger Ballard, 22 Apr 2003

Comments: This cemetery may be called Stone's Chapel Church Cemetery by some. However, there was no apparent association with this family cemetery and the Stone's Chapel Church which was down the hill from the cemetery.

William E. Stone Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
STONE, Freel R. 7 Jun 1870 9 Nov 1961 [s/o William E. & Martha J. Wright Stone]; double stone with next
STONE, Rose E. 24 Jul 1867 15 Aug 1945 [nee Kirby]
STONE, Robert W. 1 Jul 1894 5 Nov 1938 [s/o Freel R. & Rose E. Kirby Stone]
STONE, Virgie Lee 20 Jan 1885 13 Apr 1905 [d/o William E. & Martha J. Wright Stone]
STONE, Martha J. 29 Jul 1847 17 Aug 1935 [2nd w/o William E. Stone; d/o H. and S. Wright]
STONE, W[illiam] E. 4 Dec 1830 22 Mar 1903 age 72 y 3 m 18 d; CSA
STONE, Nellie E. 18 Oct 1873 18 Jul 1874 [probably d/o William E. & Martha J. Wright Stone]
Row 2
CATRON, Albert Johnson 17 Jul 1885 30 Mar 1976 [probably s/o James W. & Perlina Cornett Catron]; double stone with next
CATRON, Alice Funk 1 Mar 1885 13 Jun 1960 [Laura Alice, d/o Lewis J. & Katherine Cannoy Funk]
DOSS, Clay M. 13 Jan 1913 16 Jan 1913 [twin son of Ben & Nora Stone Doss]; double stone with next
DOSS, Clute M. 13 Jan 1913 16 Jan 1913 [twin son of Ben & Nora Stone Doss]
DOSS, Margie Mae 17 Apr 1903 13 Jul 1904 d/o B[en] F. and T.L. [Nora Stone] Doss; death date also read as 12 Sep 1904
WINESETT, Margaret Lee   31 Dec 1918 infant d/o H.C[leve] and L.M[ae] Winesett
    field stone
SUTHERLAND, S.A. 19 Sep 1891 26 Jan 1892 [initials also read as "E.J."; d/o J.S. & M.A. Sutherland]
STAMPER, Blanch V. Poole [20 Sep] 1911 [1 Mar] 1980 [Blanch Virgina, w/o Andrew Johnson Stamper, Sr.; d/o Granville Jefferson & Hila Anne Hale Poole]
Row 3
FUNK, Lewis J. 4 Aug 1850 4 Apr 1934 shared stone with next
FUNK, Mrs. L.J. [Mary Catherine] 12 May 1858 13 Aug 1952 [nee Cannoy]
KING, Lessya M. 10 Apr 1895 Aug 1939 [w/o Mack King; d/o Lewis J. & Mary Catherine Cannoy Funk]
FUNK, Verda Lee 7 Mar 1890 6 Jan 1990 [age 99 years; d/o Lewis J. & Mary Catherine Cannoy Funk]
unknown     field stone
unknown     small marker, uncarved
unknowns     three wooden markers, old
FUNK, Infant 5 Jun 1903 5 Jun 1903 infant of L.J. and M.C. Funk
BENNINGTON, Hazel L. 8 Dec 1915 12 Dec 1915 [Hazel Lee,] d/o N. B[edie] and S. T[ilden] Bennington
Row 4
STONE, Peyton Abner 5 May 1910 14 May 1910 [possibly s/o Freel R. & Rose E. Kirby Stone]
POE, Linnie Ruth 6 May 1926 31 Mar 1927 [d/o Sam & Bertie Cannoy Poe. Linnie Ruth may have other siblings buried here.]
CANNOY, Ray Sebert 16/19 Jan 1895 18 Feb 1906 [probably s/o George W. & Sarah Cornett Cannoy]
CANNOY, Sarah C. 9 Jun 1860 16 Oct 1904 w/o G.W. Cannoy; [nee Cornett]
unknown     wooden marker, old
Row 5
BYRD, Emma Ruth 17 Feb 1886 20 Feb 1930 [1st w/o Mont Herbert Byrd; nee Shupe]
BYRD, Infant 12 Sep 1918 12 Sep 1918 infant of M[ont] H[erbert] and E[mma] R[uth] Byrd
WRIGHT, Fielden 22 Apr 1838 26 Oct 1917 double stone with next
WRIGHT, Thursey M. 10 Feb 1839 ____ stone fallen
CANNOY, George W. 25 Mar 1861 16 Feb 1941 [s/o Barney and Sarah J. Cornett Cannoy]
STONE, Charley R. 6 Oct 1900 11 Apr 1917 [s/o Winton G. & Mittie D. Cornett Stone]
STONE, Infant   14 Feb 1934 infant s/o Mr. and Mrs. H[erman] C[ornett] Stone; [Mrs. Stone nee Mildred Etta Funk]
STONE, Winton G. [20 Nov] 1871 [2 Jul] 1957 [Winton Gustavus, s/o William E. & Martha J. Wright Stone]; double stone with next
STONE, Mittie C. [17 Aug] 1875 [20 Jun] 1964 [Mittie D., d/o Ken & Mary "Polly" Cornett]
Row 6
CATRON, James W[illiam] 8 Sep 1861 30 May 1923 double stone with next; [s/o Peter K. and Caroline Stone Catron]
CATRON, Perline Cornett 17 May 1850 13 Oct 1941 [d/o Kenly C. and Polly Wright Cornett]
BYRD, Matilda 8 Jul 1845 3 Jan 1941  
BYRD, Martin F. 1868 1939 [raised by Fielden & Thursey M. Wright; he referred to them as "Grandpa" and "Grandma"]; double stone with next
BYRD, Diana V. 1868 1945  
STONE, W. Cabel 21 May 1882 9 Jan 1977 [Walter Cabel, s/o William E. & Martha J. Wright Stone; m1 Lura Lee Cornett, m2 Eddie Vass, m3 Ruth Brewer Slemp]; double stone with next
STONE, Lara/Lura Lee 7 Sep 1882 13 Nov 1930 [1st w/o Walter Cabel Stone; d/o Kenly C. and Polly Wright Cornett]
Row 7
HARRINGTON, Lura E. 30 Oct 1888 3 Dec 1934 w/o J.C. Funk; [Lura Elizabeth, d/o Aaron Gideon & Luemma Hale Harrington; 1st w/o Carl James Funk. He is buried at Comers Rock Cemetery with his second wife, Cora Carrico Cornett.]
Known to be buried here
CROUSE, Infant     unmarked grave
NOONKESTER, Infant     unmarked grave
STONE, Mary     [1st w/o William E. Stone; nee Sutherland]
POOL, Infant     unmarked grave
HALE, Infant Twins     unmarked grave
HALE, Jenny     unmarked grave; [w/o Frank Pool; nee Pool]
POOL, Granville Jefferson [11 Jan 1864]   unmarked grave; s/o Granville & Catherine Pool
POOL, Hila Anne [1872]   unmarked grave;[ w/o Granville Jefferson Pool; nee Hale]
STONE, Anne [26 Apr 1903] [17 Oct 1987] unmarked grave; [d/o Freel R. & Rose E. Kirby Stone]
STAMPER, Andrew Johnson, Sr.     unmarked grave
POOL, Glenn [ca 1926]   unmarked grave beside mother, Blanche Virginia Pool Stamper