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St. Johns Cemetery (A-A)

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Elk Creek

Directions: From the junction of Hunters Lane (Rt 659) and Victory Lane (Rt 791) go north 1.5 miles on Hunters Lane. The cemetery is on the left (west) side up an embankment and lying on either side of a grown up driveway.

GPS Coordinates: N36.748693 W81.180830

Surveyed by: Susan Taylor Woodson and Ginger Ballard on 17 Apr 2004. Info from Paul Herndon’s files is also included.

Comments: Part of this cemetery lies within sight of the road. The portion referred to as Lower St. Johns is nicely maintained. There are numerous unmarked graves here that are not shown in the listing. An old fence and some trees separate Lower St. Johns into two sections. The part referred to as Upper St. Johns is just up the hill from the maintained portion and is immediately beside it but lies in woods and is not maintained. It is quite possible that there are stones here which could not be seen through the brush.

St. Johns Cemetery (A-A), Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1, Lower St. Johns
JOHNSON, Clay 1913 2001 U.S. Navy World War II; [s/o Mitchell J. & Susan Bailey]
LEE, Ossie J. 15 Jan 1901 15 Jan 1984 d/o Mitchell and Susan Johnson
JOHNSON, Nellie 10 Dec 1896 23 Oct 1976 d/o Mitchell and Susan Johnson
Row 2, Lower St. Johns
JENKINS-WILSON, Alecia Denise 19 Jun 1978 9 May 1996 [d/o Harry Wilson & Patricia M. Jenkins]
JENKINS, James Ernest, Sr. 4 Oct 1915 7 Mar 1993 [s/o Walter & Eunice Howard Jenkins]; double stone with next
JENKINS, Margaret Mozelle 7 Jun 1922    
ROBINSON, Helen J. 1 Mar 1893 28 Apr 1990 [d/o Mitchell & Susan Bailey Johnson; w/o James Lawrence Robinson]
ROBINSON, James Lawrence 11 May 1891 22 Feb 1963 [s/o Jordan Robinson]
ROBINSON, Mabel B. 29 Apr 1919 5 Oct 1953  
ROBINSON, Nellie B. 27 Dec 1924 10 Sep 1948  
Row 3, Lower St. Johns
HOWARD, Betty 1 Apr 1877 19 Aug 1950 [probably born ca 1865]
JOHNSON, John Henry 1899 1972 double stone with next; [s/o Mitchell & Susie Bailey Johnson]
JOHNSON, Ona M. [11 Jul] 1908 [24 Apr] 1992 [Ona Marcella, d/o Bettie Howard]
Row 4, Lower St. Johns--no marked graves
Row 5, Lower St. Johns
BOURNE, Lura C. 7 Sep 1888 19 Apr 1961 [d/o Bettie Howard]; double stone with next
BOURNE, Robert L. 15 Dec 1881 28 Aug 1959 [s/o Currant & Mary Bourne]
BOURNE, Albert Kyle 26 Apr 1890 13 Dec 1966 Va Pvt Co B 542 Engineers World War I; [s/o Current & Mary Bourne]
Row 6, Lower St. Johns
JOHNSON, Clene/Cleave 8 Jun 1892 11 Aug 1961 W Va Pvt Co K 370 Infantry World War I
DIXON, Hazel V. 1914 1987 double stone with next
DIXON, Randolph M. 1914 1987  
Row 7, Lower St. Johns
DIXON, Thomas Henry 14 Jan 1911 5 Jan 1965 Pvt U.S. Army World War II
GOINS, Nora Anna 1930 1977  
DIXON, LaEunice 30 Nov 1940 21 Feb 1997 [d/o Randolph & Hazel Johnson Dixon]
Row 8, Lower St. Johns
DIXON, Odell G. [25 May] 1916 1981 [s/o George & America Tucker Dixon; h/o Inez who d Oct 1980]
DIXON, Isiah Heziah, Sr. 1921 1983 Pvt U.S. Army World War II
Row 9, Lower St. Johns
HOLT, Leroy C. 1925 1999 double stone with next
HOLT, Clare M. 1937    
Row 10, Lower St. Johns
JOHNSON, Macy 5 Oct 1910 16 May 1982 w/o George L. Johnson
JOHNSON, George L. 10 May 1906 13 Oct 1985 h/o Macy Johnson
Row 1, Lower St. Johns below fence
unknown     metal marker, label gone
BRAXTON, John Daniel 7 Dec 1948 21 Jul 1993 Bt 3 U.S. Navy Vietnam; [s/o Charlie & Irene Young Braxton]
Row 2, Lower St. Johns below fence
BRAXTON, Charlie Albert 16 Aug 1908 25 Oct 1958 [s/o John Braxton & Minnie Johnson]
unknown     metal marker, label gone
Row 3, Lower St. Johns below fence
GRUBB, Della Banks 14 Jul 1910 18 Mar 2001 double stone with next
WATTY, Sarah 14 Apr 1932 1 Mar 2001  
BANKS, Willie Mae 25 Jun 1930 5 Feb 1971 [killed on Route 21]
unknown     metal marker, label gone
NORTON, Katherine Banks   27 Jul 1973 aged 37 yrs; [d/o Clara Banks]
Row 4, Lower St. Johns below fence
unknown     metal marker, label gone
BANKS, Lucy Charlotte 11 May 1934 25 May 1994  
unknown 1910 1977 metal marker, label gone
unknown     rock and metal marker, label gone
unknown     rock
HALE, James G. 23 Mar 1879 24 Feb 1953 [s/o Bill & Jestin Hale]
HALE, Ellen Howard 10/16 May 1872 4/11 Nov 1957 [d/o Frank & Lucy Ann Howard; w/o James Hale]
Row 5, Lower St. Johns below fence--no marked graves
Row 6, Lower St. Johns below fence
HALE, Ethel [18 Dec] 1915 [1 Jan] 1993 [Ethel Inez, d/o Emmett & Etta Johnson Hale]
HALE, Alexander 8 Nov 1908 1 Mar 1969 [s/o Emmett and Etta Johnson Hale; h/o Virginia Jackson Hale]
HALE, Emmett [1871-9]   double stone with next; [s/o Wilkes & Mary Hale]
HALE, Etta [ca May 1880]   [d/o Ales Johnson & Mourning Hale]
WHITE, Johathan Lemuel [27 Mar 1977] [27 Mar] 1977 [infant s/o Alfred Odell White & Marie McKinney]; metal marker
Row 1, Upper St. Johns
JACKSON, Edd T. 1890 1968 double stone with next
JACKSON, Verna 1900   unmarked grave
JACKSON, Charley 1885 1962 double stone with next
JACKSON, Sina Rose 1925    
Row 2, Upper St. Johns
McKINNEY, Sarah B. 15 Jun 1879 7 Jul 1965 [d/o Winton & Louisa Banks]
unknowns     three field stones
JACKSON, William 8 Sep 1893 12/24 Jan 1924  
Row 3, Upper St. Johns
JOHNSON, Clark G. [ca 1851] 18/23 Feb 1919 age 68; stone broken. [He had been a slave.]
CROOKS, James [ca 1829] 5 Sep 1891  
CROOKS, Malinda [ca 1831] 30 Jul 1883 [died 20 Jul 1883 per Grayson death records; d/o Jacob & Jane Boston]
Row 4, Upper St. Johns
unknowns     three field stones
Row 5, Upper St. Johns
unknowns     four field stones
Row 6, Upper St. Johns
unknowns     three field stones
Row 7, Upper St. Johns
HALE, Stella A. 3 Jun 1906 10 May 1919 [d/o Emmett Hale & Etta Johnson]
Row 8, Upper St. Johns but in field below trees
JACKSON, James E. 3 Jan 1896 27 Apr 1971 A second slab lies at the foot of this grave. It is unclear whether this slab, marked only by marbles pressed into the cement while still wet, is intended as a footstone for this grave or a headstone for another grave.
Also buried here
OSBORNE, John [14 Dec 1892] [18 Mar 1980] unmarked grave; [s/o Frank Osborne & Ellen Howard; h/o Sarah Windsor]
HARRIS, Mourning     [w/o Lou Harris]
HARRIS, Lou [16 Aug 1905] [26 Mar 1977} ["Nubbie", Walter Lou, s/o Norvel and Mourning Harris]
SIMPSON, Sally     unmarked grave
BOURNE, Alfred [1896] [1958]  
BRAXTON, Minnie [ca Feb 1873]   unmarked grave; [w/o John Braxton; d/o Melvina Johnson]
BRAXTON, George [1 Jan 1899] [18 Feb 1964]  
BRAXTON, Lydia [1897] [1964]  
DIXON, Isaiah H., Sr. [17 Nov 1921] [26 Jun 1983]  
JOHNSON, Amy Elizabeth [1967]   [unsure whether 1967 is birth, death or both]
STEVENS, Mabel     [nee Robinson]
JOHNSON, Sam     unmarked grave
GREEN, Elizabeth [1908] [1986] [grandmother of Jimmie Dixon’s wife]
HOWARD, Melvin     unmarked grave
AUSTIN, ___     [Albert Hale’s wife’s mother]
JACKSON, Jesse James   [31 Dec 1969] [age 50]
HALE, Muncy     unmarked grave
HALE, Bridgett     unmarked grave
JACKSON, Clark     unmarked grave
BANKS, Olive [9 Sep 1888]   unmarked grave; [d/o Winton & Louisa Banks]
BANKS, George Winton [c/a May 1865] [after 1920] unmarked grave; [s/o Ballard Banks]
BANKS, Rufus     unmarked grave; [World War I]
BOURNE, Lewis William   [27 Jul 1942] [age 65]
BOURNE, Mary     unmarked grave
JOHNSON, Minnie     unmarked grave
BOURNE, Blanche     [nee Johnson]; unmarked grave
BAILEY, Josie Jackson [ca 1867]   unmarked grave; [d/o Plesant Lucy Young; m1 Clark Jackson, m2 Freel Bailey]