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Dr. F.L. Osborne Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Wilson Creek

Directions: This cemetery is near the intersection of: Brookgreen Road (Rt 745) and Quillen Ridge Rd (Rt 744). Access is from Quillen Ridge Road.

GPS Coordinates: N36.581157 W81.437078

Surveyed by: Jeff Weaver on May 30, 2003

Comments: The cemetery is well fenced, and relatively well kept.. There are a multitude of graves marked here only with field stones. The rows are irregular, and it is possible, if not probable that the count is not entirely accurate.

Dr. F.L. Osborne Cemetery
General View of the Dr. F.L. Osborne Cemetery

Dr. F.L. Osborne Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
unknown     field stone
unknown     hand carved field stone "B.D."
unknown     hand carved field stone "E.W."
Row 2
unknown     hand carved field stone "M.D."
BUMGARNER, Mary Ann 30 Aug 1881 26 Jan 1952  
Row 3
unknowns     two field stones
WADDELL, Tilda Eveline 11 Aug 1893 18 May 1985 [d/o Field and Mary Davis; w/o Edd Waddell]
WADDELL, Mary 11 Sep 1924 10 Jul 1994  
WADDELL, Virgie 16 Aug 1919 15 Aug 1994  
WADDELL, Coy 4 Feb 1917    
Row 4
unknowns     fourteen field stones
HANDY, Rachel F. 1849 1885  
Row 6
unknown     field stone
HANDY, Marion M. 20 Aug 1879 8 Feb 1912  
unknowns     fourteen field stones
Row 7
unknowns     ten field stones
Row 8
HAMILTON, Nettie M.D. 2/20 Jun 1902 20/23 Oct 1918 [w/o O.M. Hamilton]
DOCKERY, Florence E. 8 Mar 1896 31 Jan 1897 d/o J.C. and D.A. Dockery
unknowns     three field stones
DAVIS, Nelia 1891   double stone with next
DAVIS, James M. 1888 1926  
unknowns     four field stones
Row 9
unknown     field stone
DAVIS, Ruby L. 1919 1920  
DAVIS, Charlie S. 1916 1923  
Row 10
unknowns     four field stones
OSBORNE, Kenneth 21 Nov 1943 29 Nov 1943 s/o R.B. and Fannie Osborne
Row 11
OSBORNE, F[ielden] L. 17 Sep 1870 6 Oct 1953 [Fielden Lafayette, s/o Marshall & Leanzie Pennington Osborne; h/o Mary; obit death date 7 Oct 1953]
OSBORNE, Bettie Duncan 8 Sep 1874 6 Jun 1937 [w/o Dr. Fielden L. Osborne]
OSBORNE, William 2 Jun 1915 2 Jun 1915 [s/o Dr. Fielden L. and Bettie Duncan Osborne]
unknowns     six field stones
Row 12
OSBORNE, Gorman 26 Jan 1903 21 Dec 1914 [s/o Dr. Fielden L. and Bettie Duncan Osborne]
OSBORNE, Kate 1 Jun 1914 11 Nov 1914 [d/o Dr. Fielden L. and Bettie Duncan Osborne]
OSBORNE, Mary 14 Feb 1909 14 Feb 1909 [d/o Dr. Fielden L. and Bettie Duncan Osborne]
Row 13
OSBORNE, Marshall Lee 27 May 1907 17 Apr 1952 [s/o Dr. Fielden L. & Bettie Duncan Osborne
OSBORNE, Jossie 2 May 1908 6 Feb 1938 [nee Emerson; w/o Marshall Lee Osborne]
KILBY, Betty Ann 20 Jun 1937 20 Jun 1037  
KILBY, Jennis Marie 3 Mar 1943 3 Mar 1943 [d/o Roy C. and Ruth Kilby]