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Benjamin Moore Cemetery

aka Warrick-Moore Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Crackers Neck

Directions: The Benjamin Moore Cemetery, also known as the Warrick/Moore Cemetery, is on a high hillside overlooking the New River. The Moore Ferry was located nearby. From the intersection of Grayson Parkway (US 58) and Beech Grove Lane (Rt 632) follow Beech Grove Lane to the end of state maintenance. Then enter the Eagle View development. Keep to the left at the next intersection and continue on to the top of the hill. The cemetery is beside the road.

GPS Coordinates: N36.666049 W81.047517

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson 14 Mar 2004; updated 25 Mar 2008.

Comments: The property where the cemetery is located has been sold and is being developed. The developer has built a new fence around the cemetery and is maintaining the cemetery. It is in excellent condition. It appears that this may have originally been a Poole cemetery. The oldest marked grave is that of Sallie (Cox) Poole, first wife of Newel B. Poole, who died in 1857. Apparently David Poole, who died of typhoid fever during the Civil War, was buried here next. A period of 18 years passed before the next burial, that of Samuel M. Poole in 1881. It is possible that there are other graves unmarked or marked with field stones that have been lost over the years.

Benjamin Moore Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
unknown unmarked grave
SPURLIN, George Herman 1910 s/o Cable & Nannie N. Spurlin
SPURLIN, Mattie [30 Nov 1894] [17 Jan] 1960 [d/o Joshua Spurlin & Abia Barton]; birth 1892 on stone
SPURLIN, Abia 20 Apr 1854 16 Dec 1909 w/o Joshua Spurlin; [d/o Isaac Barton & Mary Polly Billings]
HAMPTON, William Griggs 10 Feb 1857 15 Sep 1931 ["Bud", s/o Ephram Hampton & Susannah Jennings]
HAMPTON, Amanda Barton 18 Feb 1853 16 Jan 1910 [d/o Isaac Barton & Mary “Polly” Billings; w/o William Griggs Hampton]
HAMPTON, J[ohn] M. 30 Oct 1879 23 Jul 1909 [s/o William Griggs Hampton & Amanda (Barton) Hampton; h/o Jane Nicholls]
FIELDS, Orville 16 Mar 1911 13 May 1918 [s/o Jeremiah M. Fields & Virginia Alice Hawkins]
FIELDS, Infant [child of Jeremiah M. Fields & Virginia Alice Hawkins]; shared stone with above
FIELDS, Lloyd 21 May 1907 31 Oct 1908 [s/o Jeremiah M. Fields & Virginia Alice Hawkins]
FIELDS, Infant [child of Jeremiah M. Fields & Virginia Alice Hawkins]; shared stone with above
HAWKINS, Freel 27 Oct 1845 4 Dec 1897 [Freelin, s/o Bluford L. Hawkins & Lydia Love]
HAWKINS, Lemma J. 29 Oct 1844 23 Jun 1898 w/o Freel Hawkins; [d/o Elijah Adams & Drucy Pool]
HAWKS, Abram [10 Feb 1893] [aged 63 yrs; s/o William Sr. & Elizabeth Hawks]
HAWKS, Susan   [w/o Abram Hawks; nee Collins]
MONEY, Elizabeth 18 Jun 1832 24 Jun 1906
COOK, Sinna Ann 4 Sep 1894 17 Sep 1894 [probably d/o John Cook & Sinna Ann Baker]
Row 2
PHILLIPS, George M. 22 Apr 1857 8 Dec 1914 [s/o James Jones Phillips & Sarah Spurlin]
PHILLIPS, Mattie E. 5 May 1862 19 Nov 1935 w/o G[eorge] M. Phillips; [d/o William R. Warrick & Jane H. Moore]
YARBER, William H. 1873 [24 Feb] 1950 [William Houston, s/o Joseph Yarber & Charity Branscome]
YARBER, Virginia M. 1872 [6 Mar] 1950 [Virginia Missouri, d/o Allen B. Moore & Martha H. Cooper; w/o William Houston Yarber]; shared stone with above
MOORE, Emma C. 19 Aug 1869 21 Jul 1896 [d/o Allen B. Moore & Martha H. Cooper]
MOORE, Allen B. 11 May 1835 21 Jul 1893 [s/o Benjamin Moore & Susanna Barber]
MOORE, Martha H. 3 Feb 1838 19 Jun 1903 w/o Allen B. Moore
MOORE, Martin 11 Jul 1822 21 Mar 1904 [s/o Benjamin Moore & Susanna Barber]
MOORE, Minerva K. 28 Dec 1820 19 May 1890 [d/o Alexander Atkins & Anna Stone; w/o Martin Moore]
MOORE, Benjamin 6 Nov 1797 23 Mar 1885 [s/o Nimrod & Sallie Moore]
MOORE, Susan 8 Mar 1802 29 Apr 1887 w/o Benjamin Moore; [Susanna, d/o Alan Barber]
PHILLIPS, Guy C. 22 Jan 1885 17 Dec 1885 [s/o George M. Phillips & Mattie E. Warrick]; aged 10 mos 27 days
unknowns two illegible stones
ADAMS, David “Bud” 27 Sep 1855 22 Feb 1901 [David Floyd, s/o Elijah Adams & Drucy Pool; w/o Charlotte E. Moore]
Row 3
POOL, H[anna] O. 28 Apr 1859 17 Sep 1905 2nd wife of J[ohn] H[aywood] Pool]
POOL, Ferguson 1817 29 Mar 1895 [s/o David Pool & Levina “Lennie” Hampton]; stone is broken
POOL, Euphamy 26 Dec 1816 31 Aug 1900 aged 83 yrs 8 mos 5 days; [Euphamy F.], w/o Ferguson Pool
FIELDS, Virginia A. Hawkins 7 Mar 1872 1 Sep 1940 w/o J. M. Fields; shared stone with Jeremiah and Polly Pool; [Virginia Alice, d/o Freelin Hawkins & Lemma J. Adams]
FIELDS, J[erimiah] M. 5 Jul 1858 2 Jun 1932 ["Jerry", s/o John & Elizabeth Fields]
FIELDS, Polly 6 Mar 1857 2 Dec 1888 w/o J.M. Fields; [d/o Ferguson Pool & Euphamy F. Douglas]
POOL, David 13 Sep 1843 15 Jul 1863 [Co C 63rd VA Inf CSA; s/o Ferguson Pool & Euphamy F. Douglas]
Row 4
DIAMOND, Frank 12 Sep 1890 15 Dec 1913 [Kenly Frank, s/o Hubbard Yancey Diamond & Susan Margaret Carico; h/o Myrtle Lula Bartlett]; aged 23 yrs 10 mos 3 days
DIAMOND, H.Y. 9 Apr 1856 18 Feb 1910 [Hubbard Yancey, s/o Yancey Diamond & Martha Ann Elizabeth Wilson]; aged 53 yrs 10 mos 9 days
DIAMOND, Magg 1874 21 Aug 1921 [Susan Margaret, d/o Abel Carico & Rebecca Russell; w/o Hubbard Yancey Diamond. Grayson birth, marriage, and census records support birth as 9 Jan 1859.]
DIAMOND, William B. 1851 1916 [William Basil, s/o Yancey Diamond & Martha Ann Elizabeth Wilson]
HAWKS, Lena C. 20 Nov 1886 3 Feb 1910 w/o L[eftwich] M. Hawks; [d/o William Basil Diamond & Artelia E. Adams]
DIAMOND, Martha Ann 7 Jan 1829 12 Apr 1904 aged 75 yrs. 3 mos. 5 days; [d/o Elijah Wilson & Nancy Ann Paschal; w/o Yancey Diamond and William Boyles. She married Yancey Diamond in 1849 in NC; he was killed and buried in Rockingham County NC.]
DIAMOND, J. Staley 5 Apr 1900 19 Feb 1904 [Joseph Staley, s/o William Basil Diamond & Artelia E. Adams]
DIAMOND, Artelia E. [27 Jun 1853] 1900 [d/o Elijah Adams & Drucy Pool; w/o William Basil Diamond]; 1860 on stone
WILSON, John H. 14 Mar 1851 29 Feb 1888 [John Hubbard, s/o Nathaniel Wilson & Nancy Agnes Robeson]
WILSON, Nancy E. 18 May 1850 18 May 1934 [Nancy Elizabeth, d/o Yancey Diamond & Martha Ann Elizabeth Wilson; w/o John Hubbard Wilson]
WILSON, Margie E. 18 May 1884 14 Nov 1886 [d/o John Hubbard Wilson & Martha Ann Elizabeth Diamond]
DIAMOND, Orville K. 27 Apr 1880 21 Mar 1884 [s/o William Basil Diamond & Artelia E. Adams]
DIAMOND, Johnie Y. 16 Jun 1882 4 Mar 1884 aged 1 yr 9 mos 12 days; [s/o Hubbard Yancey Diamond & Susan Margaret Carico]
ADAMS, Elijah 5 Aug 1816 17 Jan 1892 [Co B 4th VA Reserves CSA]; aged 75 yrs 5 mos 12 days; [s/o James Adams]
ADAMS, Drucy 29 Dec 1819 27 May 1903 aged 83 yrs. 4 mos. 28 days; [d/o David Poole & Levina Hampton; w/o Elijah Adams]
unknowns two illegible stones
Row 5
WILSON, Bessie B. [5 Jan] 1888 [21 Mar] 1954 [d/o James Monroe Bourne & Mary Williams; w/o John William Wilson]
WILSON, John W. 14 Sep 1881 7 Aug 1940 [John William, s/o John Hubbard Wilson & Nancy Elizabeth Diamond]
WILSON, Martha A. 13 Jan 1876 21 Jan 1914 [Martha Ann, d/o John Hubbard Wilson & Nancy Elizabeth Diamond; w/o James David Isom, divorced]
WILLIAMS, Sallie E. 17 Aug 1879 17 Jul 1957 [Sallie Elizabeth, d/o John Hubbard Wilson & Nancy Elizabeth Diamond; 2nd w/o Willie Barton Williams]
unknown unmarked
POOLE, Susan 14 Apr 1827 1 Oct 1897 [d/o William & Martha Jennings]
POOLE, Newel B. 26 Dec 1815 6 Feb 1900 [s/o David Poole & Levina Hampton; h/o Sarah Ann Cox and Susan Jennings]; aged 84 yrs 1 mo 10 days
POOLE, Sallie A. 8 Jun 1827 21 Jan 1857 [Sarah Ann, d/o Samuel Cox & Susan Fender; w/o Newel B. Poole]; aged 29 yrs 7 mos 23 days
POOLE, Samuel M. 12 Sep 1856 5 Mar 1881 [Samuel Monroe “Sammy”], only s/o Newel B. & Sarah Ann [Cox] Poole; aged 24 yrs 5 mos 23 days