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Cemeteries of Grayson County, Virginia



In Memory MarkerThis index lists about 560 cemeteries identified in Grayson Co. Virginia. About 500 of these have been surveyed with files listing burial information presented here. Over 25,000 graves are listed.

Included in this index are several cemeteries where there is no available information on the burials and cemeteries where we do not currently have sufficent information to find them. Some of these may be duplicates of other known cemeteries.

Cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order using the family surname, community name, institution name, etc. Cemeteries may be known under different names by different groups. We have attempted to use the most widely used name and to include alternate names in the description.

Go to Galax Cemeteries for cemeteries that are within the current city limits of Galax, Va. This list includes cemeteries that are in areas that were formerly part of Grayson or Carroll counties.

These cemetery listings are the result of the collected efforts of many people. The information in these listings is now available in a three volume book set that can be purchased from the Grayson County Virginia Heritage Foundation. These books have some additional cemeteries and corrections and updates to some of the cemetery listings that are here on New River Notes.

Currently there are no plans to keep the listings on New River Notes updated or to correct errors. However, if you have corrections or additional information about the burials listed here please send them to the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation.

Background Information on Grayson County Cemeteries Web Listing

The cemetery information provided here is based on the work of numerous individuals who visited and surveyed the cemeteries.  These are not all of the cemeteries in the county.  There are certainly many family cemeteries lost in the woods and with no visible indication of their locations.

The Grayson County cemetery index and the linked cemetery files represent the collected efforts of many people. Most of those people are identified in the individual files. In many cases the cemeteries were visited multiple times to update and correct the listings.

The surveys listed here were used as input to the three volume "Those Who Sleep Here: Grayson County, Virginia Cemeteries"  These books contain a full index to names of those buried in these cemeteries.  The listings here and in the published books are based on surveys done in primarily between 2003 and 2008 although older information was used for some of the inaccessable cemeteries.

Index Description

For each cemetery in the index the following information is provided.

  • Cemetery Name: The name used in this listing may not match the name you know the cemetery by. Many family cemeteries are known by different names by different branches of the family. If there is an "official" name for the cemetery such as on a sign at the cemetery that is used. If there is a known common name that is used. In other cases the name of the earliest adult burial is used. In some cases there is no information on which to base the name. If such a cemetery has been surveyed it will be listed as Unnamed. There are also some cemeteries listed as Untitled. These are usually cemetery locations that have been identified from some source such as a USGS map and have not yet been surveyed. Also included in this name field are any other names that may be used for the cemetery.

  • Statistics: The total number of graves and the date of the earliest burial are shown here. Also, if the cemtery is known to be for African-Americans only this is indicated.

  • Location: This field is intended to help find the cemetery. This information was provided by various individuals and may date from the 1970's. As time and knowledge permits this information will be updated to provide both road number and road name. It will show distances from a road junction and significant landmarks. It is not intended to provide turn by turn driving instructions.

  • District: Identifies the current voting district where the cemetery is located.

  • GPS: Coordinates are provided in decimal degrees. Coordinates are determined from visiting the site with a GPS receiver, USGS provided survey information, or from aerial photography. Unless identifed as estimated these coordinates should be accurate enough to allow someone with a GPS receiver to drive and walk to the cemetery. You should be able to copy these coordinates to a search engine such as Google find a cemetery on a map.

  • Surveyed by: These are the many individuals who have contributed to this project.

Updated 1/19/2012

Funerary Practices in Appalachia

by Jeff Weaver

Since most of the researchers using these cemetery pages live a good distance away from the mountains of Southwestern Virginia some of us call home, I thought it would be useful to make some general remarks about grave stones and cemeteries.

Funerary practices in Appalachia are in some ways very different than they are in other parts of the world. Some places have two sets of funeral sermons, and even three or four. Some families have their own quirks about burials as well, so nothing is set in stone any where (tongue firmly in cheek).

In the earliest days of settlement, there were relatively few churches in the area, and most of those didn't maintain a community or church cemetery, those that do exist tended to come a bit later. There are a couple of exceptions, St. Clair's Bottom Primitive Baptist and Royal Oak Presbyterian immediately come to mind. Fox Creek Primitive Baptist in Grayson, the earliest church over there had a cemetery, but it wasn't established for 80 or so years after the church. Senter Church in Ashe County was established in 1829, but the cemetery wasn't started until the 1850s.

Before the church cemeteries became common, folks were usually buried in family cemeteries, usually on a hill behind the house, or grandparents house, or as time went on, where their ancestors were buried. The use of family cemeteries remained common into the early part of the 20th century. Many of these family cemeteries are still in use.

Materials used to make stones for most people were plain old wooden boards, with a name marked in chalk or ashes. Most of these have long since rotted away. Others used field stones, a relatively flat rock which would be put at the head and feet of the deceased. On RARE occasions some one would etch the names or initials on them. Most are without any inscription whatsoever. For those who had the money, and there weren't many, the popular material for grave stones in this part of the world was sandstone, limestone or soapstone. There are a very few of these in the area, and many fewer which still can be read. These stones are soft and weather easily. There are a few left at St. Clair's Bottom from the 1st decade of the 19th century which can still be read. Elizabeth Cemetery at Saltville, Sulphur Springs and Royal Oak's older stones are all weathered into oblivion at this point.

As time progressed, and folks became more settled, some very wealthy or very foolish bought marble stones. These stones were brought from Louisville, Kentucky, and the freight was exceedingly expensive, but if you find an antebellum marble stone, the person was wealthy or the family squandered their money on freight to get it to the hills.

A question I often get is about Civil War deaths and burials. In the South, men were buried with a board with a whitewashed name. Most of these were illegible before the war was over. The chances of finding one of these graves is extremely remote, not impossible, but not likely.

After the Civil War, the general pervasive poverty in the south resulted in few "Store-bought" grave markers. "Store-bought stones" become common in the 1880s and 1890s, and from then on there is a good chance the graves will be marked.

Cemeteries -- Most cemeteries were and are family affairs. I know in the north and west, communities have cemeteries with registers. For the most part they don't exist in Appalachia until the mid-20th century (that's 1950 or later folks). (And of course there are a very few exceptions). Some of these town cemeteries began their existence as something else, a family or church cemetery. Examples of this are Elizabeth Cemetery in Saltville, Virginia, which began its existence as the Elizabeth Methodist Church Cemetery. The Beattie Family Cemetery in Chilhowie is now a more formal cemetery.

Most burials in these family or church cemeteries were without charge for plots, and it is very rare that a plat of the plots was made.

Lots of folks from a distance complain about the state of the various family cemeteries, and seem to want to insist that local folks keep them up. These cemeteries were and still are the responsibility of the families to keep up, so, don't fuss and fume at who ever owns the land to keep it up. There is a good chance they aren't related to those buried there. So keep this in mind when inquiring about cemeteries.

Updated 8 October 2004

Visiting Cemeteries In Grayson

If you don't live in Grayson you may need some help finding your way around.

Finding a cemetery in Grayson County is not difficult. With over 500 known or suspected cemeteries in a county of 443 square miles you are usually not far from one or more cemeteries.

Getting to the specific cemetery you are interested in may be a little difficult. Getting to most of Grayson County cemeteries requires driving over some of the over 350 miles of state maintained all weather (i.e. gravel) or graded (i.e. dirt) roads. This mileage does not include the 300 miles of state maintained hard surface highways and an unknown number of miles of private roads, forest service roads, and trails. Once you get close to the cemetery that you're looking for you'll likely have to go through private property to get to it.

The following discussion is an attempt to help people not familiar with Grayson find and visit the cemeteries where their ancestors are buried.

Gaining access to a Cemetery.

Many of the cemeteries in Grayson are small family cemeteries on private land. It is best to get permission from the owner before entering private property. In most cases the owner will willing to allow you to walk to the cemetery. However, some don't want people on their property. When you do go on private property make sure that you leave all gates the way you found them and avoid damaging any crop.

Virginia code about access to a cemetery

Virginia code 57-27.1 requires that owners of private cemeteries allow family members and descendants of persons buried there, and researchers access to cemeteries. The following are sections of the code that seem to be applicable.

§ 54.1-2310. Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:

"Cemetery" means any land or structure used or intended to be used for the interment of human remains. The sprinkling of ashes or their burial in a biodegradable container on church grounds or their placement in a columbarium on church property shall not constitute the creation of a cemetery.

§ 18.2-127. Injuries to churches, church property, cemeteries, burial grounds, etc.; penalty.

A. Any person who willfully or maliciously commits any of the following acts is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor:

3. Obstructs proper ingress to and egress from any church or any cemetery or lot belonging to any memorial or monumental association.

(Code 1950, § 18.1-244; 1960, c. 358; 1975, cc. 14, 15; 1982, c. 561; 1983, c. 579; 1990, c. 510.)

§ 18.2-125. Trespass at night upon any cemetery.

If any person, without the consent of the owner, proprietor or custodian, go or enter in the nighttime, upon the premises, property, driveways or walks of any cemetery, either public or private, for any purpose other than to visit the burial lot or grave of some member of his family, he shall be guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor.

(Code 1950, § 18.1-181; 1960, c. 358; 1975, cc. 14, 15.)

§ 57-27.1. Access to private cemeteries.

§ 57-27.1. States in part "Owners of private property on which a cemetery or graves are located shall have a duty to allow ingress and egress to the cemetery or graves by (i) family members and descendants of deceased persons buried there; (ii) any cemetery plot owner; and (iii) any person engaging in genealogy research, who has given reasonable notice to the owner of record or to the occupant of the property or both. The landowner may designate the frequency of access, hours and duration of the access and the access route if no traditional access route is obviously visible by a view of the property."

Click for the full text of this statute that describes the rights and responsibilities of the owner and persons accessing the cemetery.

(1993, c. 713; 2004, c. 831.)

Driving to a Cemetery

Where it is available the cemetery index provides a short description of the location of each cemetery and its GPS coordinates. With these and a good map you should be able to drive close to most of the cemeteries.

  • Maps - As of 2004 some maps have roads identified by numbers and some by name. We have tried to use both name and number in the location description. VDOT sells county maps with road numbers. You can order these on-line at .or you may be able to purchase them from the a VDOT office see for locations of offices near Grayson. There is also at least one privately printed map of Grayson County that is paid for by advertisers and can sometimes be found at these various advertisers place of business. This map uses road names. Ask around for copies of this map when you visit Grayson. Most map books do not have enough detail to show the back roads of Grayson. An exception to this is the DeLorme "Virginia Atlas & Gazetteer" map book.

  • Computer Maps - The computer maps seem to be ok but be aware that they have errors. These errors include incorrect and incomplete naming of roads, missing roads, and features incorrectly identified as public roads. The companies that provide the data for these maps don't seem to have spent much time in Grayson recently. Now that you are aware of the potential problems using a computer to identify a cemetery location and plot a driving route to it may be the best approach for someone not familiar with Grayson roads. If you have a map program on your computer you should be able to use the find/search function to search based on the coordinates given in the index file. You can then generate driving instructions. If you have access to a county map it would be good to check the route against the paper map. This could help you avoid finding yourself trying to drive up a jeep trail.

  • Internet Maps – Internet maps such as Mapquest, Yahoo, Google Maps, and Mappoint can have the same types of errors that computer maps can have so the same warnings hold.

    • Google Maps provide an easy way to enter coordinates. Go to this site and type or paste the coordinates of interest into the search window. Google Maps excepts coordinates in the format used in this cemetery index. So all you need to do is copy coordinates (select and then Ctrl-c) from the cemetery (for example N36.67511 W81.32198), paste (Ctrl-v) it in the Google Maps search box, and push the search button. This should bring up a display centered on the cemetery of interest with a balloon showing where the cemetery is. You may want to use the zoom in slider to get the scale you need.

      Inside the balloon marking the cemetery location is an option that will produce a map and driving directions from a location of your choice, i.e. Independence VA to the cemetery.

      At this time Google Maps is in beta. Changes may be made that will effect how this search is done. 

      Google Maps lets you select a map or satellite imagery view. At this time the imagery of Grayson Co. is of too poor a resolution to be useful for cemetery identification. That's unlikely to change in the near future.

    • Mapquest, Yahoo, and Mappoint don't provide an easy way to enter coordinates but it is possible to search on coordinates. The following two links show the location of the Grayson County Historical Society office in Independence, VA: Mapquest Map or Mappoint Map If you click on either of these it will take you to a map. If you look in the address bar of your browser you will see a long URL. For Mapquest this will be " I have highlighted the coordinates in the URL. To find the cemetery that you are interested in you must edit these two numbers in your browser address window to match the coordinates provided in the cemetery index. Note that the longitude must have a negative sign in front of it. Mappoint is similar but has the added feature of allowing you to put your own tag with the location.

Cemetery Index for Grayson County, Virginia

Cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order.Family cemeteries are listed based on the surname, given name is used in the cemetery title.Note many cemeteries are known by more than one name.

"Unnammed" cemeteries are cemeteries that have been surveyed and there is not enough information to identify the name associated with the cemetery.

"Untitled" cemeteries have not yet been surveyed. These are primarily identified from maps although some are from other sources.

Cemetery Index for Grayson County, Virginia
Cemetery Graves Year Location
Adams (Razor Ridge Rd.) Cemetery 46 1935 East of 677 [Razor Ridge Rd] and Sugar Branch, one mile north of Fox Creek Bridge. Near Razor Ridge and Grant
Adams (Ripshin Rd.) Cemetery     From the junction of Ripshin Rd (Rt 603) & Auburn Ln (Rt 827), go 0.2 mile east on Ripshin Rd, to Mt. Rogers Clinic on left. The cemetery is another 0.15 miles beyond the clinic, on a hill amongst Christmas Trees.
Anders Family Cemetery 22 1898 The original cemetery site was near or under US 21/221 just north of the bridge over the New River. Remains from that cemetery were moved to the new cemetery site east of Bethany Rd (rt. 702) 0.5 mile south of Little Brush Creek and about 800 feet north of junction with Mountain View Rd (rt. 700). Cemetery moved in Sept. 1987 to the property of the Brush Creek Baptist Church.
Anders, Berry Cemetery 2   From the junction of Old River Rd and Graystone Rd the cemetery is north on Graystone Rd about 0.5 miles and west of that road.More complete directions will be provided when the cemetery location can be verified.
Anders, Osborne R. Cemetery 28 1918 From US 58 head south on Penn Ford Rd. Turn on Tanglewood Rd to the end of the road. Cemetery is on old road beyond gate. Take the right fork in the trail before the second gate.
Anderson (Buck Mt.) Cemetery 60 1904 West of 679 [Buck Mtn Rd] and Buck Mountain, on hilltop.
Anderson Family Cemetery 80 1898 South of 731 [Rabbit Fork Rd] and 794 [Rock Bridge Rd] junction, on north end of Perkins Ridge. On Jesse Anderson Farm.
Anderson-Hash Cemetery ~40 circa 1820 About 500 feet west of the junction of Old Bridle Creek Rd (Rt 601) and Flatridge Rd. (Rt. 658) in a field on the north side of Flatridge Rd. This cemetery includes several fieldstones without any readable markings. Various neighbors refer to it as an Anderson or Hash cemetery.
Anderson Hill Cemetery
aka Anderson-Sebastian Cemetery
198 1872 Along gravel road off of 836 [Porter Rd], almost a quarter of a mile west of highway SR 16 [B F Buchanan Hwy/Troutdale Hwy], in Rocky Hollow.
Anderson, John Family Cemetery 6 1871 From Jct of 658 & 672 continue on past Central Church and Cemetery. for approx. 2 more miles. It is located on the Garnett Anderson home place. Cemetery is located south of 658 (Comers Rock Rd) on Middle Fox Creek, 2 miles from junction with 601 (Flat Ridge Rd).
Andrews Cemetery 19 1860 On the north side of Rt. 632 (Cold Springs Lane) 0.6 miles from its intersection with Rt. 626 (Old Baywood Road).
Atkins Memorial Methodist Church Cemetery 432 1859 north side of Atkins Church at end of 788 [Atkins Ln] off of 649 [Bainbridge Rd].
Austin-Murray Cemetery 17 1902 This cemetery is located in the Baywood area. Take the Old Baywood Road (Rt 626) southwest from Baywood, turn south onto Knoll Ridge Lane.
Austin, John Family Cemetery 4 1884 From the junction of Rt. 637 (Englewood Road) and Rt. 634 (Grinder's Mill Road) travel NE 0.5 mile on Rt. 634. Then, through woods 1 mile to creek, cross creek, take road up by barn, on behind house, to high hill on left of house. The cemetery is about 0.5 mile past a creek, on right side of old roadway.
Bald Rock United Methodist Church Cemetery 44 1883 Near entrance to Roberts Cove, Grayson Co, VA. From Junction of SSR 672 [Bluespring Road] and SSR 674 [Roberts Cove Rd], go south about 0.18 mile on SSR 672 [Roberts Cove Rd] to church on left. Cemetery is behind the church on a knoll and is visible from the road.
Baldwin, William D. Family Cemetery 46 1865 On north side of US 58 [Jeb Stewart Hwy/Highlands Pky], just east of south 600 [Mud Creek Ln] junction with US 58.
Baldwin, William M. Cemetery 35 1888 On north side of US 58, about 0.37 miles west of Highview Ln., access is from a lane opposite, 13395 Highlands Parkway.
Ball Family Cemetery 34 1908 About a half mile south of U.S. 58 on Laurel Hill Road, and about the same north of Laurel Hill Baptist Church.
Ballard, Amos Cemetery 6 1876 On a steep hillside on the west side of Frazier Road, about 0.2 mile from the intersection of SSR 607 (Fries Road). Note: This cemetery was incorrectly listed in Galax.
Baptist Union Church Cemetery 90 1962 The cemetery is on Nature View Rd. (858) just west of Flat Ridge Road (601); across the road from the Baptist Union Missionary Baptist Church.
Barnes Family Cemetery 49 1884 At west side of junction of dirt road and 742 [Shippeys Branch Rd], 2 miles south of US 58. On the east side of Shippeys Branch, half mile north of N.C. border.
Bartlett Cemetery 10 1843 Fries; Site destroyed, graves moved to either Providence or Mt. Olivet.
Bartlett Slave Cemetery     Alongside SR 94 south of Fries. From the Fries Dam, go south on SR 94 0.05 mile. A small grove of trees is growing in this cemetery site. The property was owned by the Bartlett family, who owned slaves. There are 36 field stones here, with dirt pushed over them. May not be slave cemetery, an 86-year old man remembers a funeral here for a black person, when he was a boy. By 2001, site had been obliterated by construction of a wayside parking area. No visible signs of cemetery could be distinguished.
Barton, Emmet Family Cemetery 5 1900 From intersection of US 58 and Route 601 go east on 58 0.3 mi to gate in pasture field of Reeves on right. Go down the branch about 3/4 mi. Cemetery is to the left on a wooded ridge.
Barton's Crossroads Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
aka Greer Family Cemetery
33 1905 West of New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery and Moss Ln. Across from Russell's Store. Near junction of 658 [Flatridge Rd] and 733 [Pine Branch Rd]. NW corner of Barton Crossroads.
Baumgardner Cemetery 1 2007 From the intersection of Rt. 94 (Riverside Drive) and (Scenic Drive), travel 0.7 mile north on Scenic Drive and turn right onto Apple Lane and follow it to Riverwood Lane.
Baywood Methodist Church Cemetery 5 1897 This cemetery is behind a residence on the east side of Rt. 626 (Old Baywood Road), 0.2 mile south from its intersection with Rt. 624 (Baywood Store Road)
Bedwell, Levi Cemetery
aka Carrico Cemetery
7 1896 West of Elk Creek, VA. From the junction of SSR 664 [Serenity Road] and SSR 611 [Stone's Chapel Road], go west on SSR 664 [Serenity Road] about 1.3 miles. It is visible from the road on the Lewis Carrico farm..
Bedwell-Wiley Cemetery
aka Bryant Cemetery [3]
>25 1854 North of 654 [Peach Bottom Road] on private road near 689 [Green House Road].
Beech Grove Baptist Church Cemetery 5 1970 Rt. 636, NE of junction with Rt. 623.
Bethany Community Cemetery 124 1879 South of Bethany Methodist Church, borders NC line, off of 700 [Bethany Rd].
Bethel (Old) Cemetery
aka Porter Cemetery
21 1876 The cemetery is southeast of Independence in the intersection of Roads 757 and 701.
Beulah Methodist Church Cemetery 74 1892 North side of Beulah Church on 869 just west of 641 junction. Alternate Description The Beulah Cemetery is located in Grayson County, VA, northwest of Galax, VA on SSR 441 [Pattons Mill Lane], about 3 miles from its intersection with SSR 634 [Waterwheel Road]. The cemetery is at the site of the old Beulah Methodist Church.
Big Spring Regular Baptist Church Cemetery 11 1883 South of Big Spring Church on 613 [Edmonds Rd] near NC border.
Billings Cemetery 36 1908 This Cemetery is on a hillside on the west side of Rt. 625 (Kemp's River Road), 1.1 mile from its intersection with Rt. 626 (Old Baywood Road).
Blackburn, John Cemetery 2 1935 On Grassy Creek Road (SSR 725) on hill behind Richard Spencer's house.
Blevins (Caty Sage Rd.) Cemetery     1800 Caty Sage Road (SSR662) On landowned by Woodrow Wright.
Blevins, Alfred Cemetery 8 1917 On Pond Mountain, near the end of Rt. 755 [Pond Mountain Lane] beyond the point of state maintenance, very near to tri-state corner.
Blevins, Bynum H. Cemetery 83 1863 East of 739 [Rocky Hollow Rd], 1 1/8 mile northwest of 836 junction with 739 [Rocky Hollow Rd]. In Rocky Hollow. About 2 miles northwest of Liberty Hill Baptist Church.
Blevins, Frank Cemetery 45 1934 North side of dirt road off of Rte 726 [Whitetop Gap Rd], about 2/3 mile N. of Whitetop community.
Blevins, Jackie Grave 1   This grave site is in a hayfield between Little River and Water Front Lane.
Blevins, John Family Cemetery 24 1876 The cemetery is located off Rt 626 (Old Baywood Road), on the north east side of Water Front Lane, last road to the right before crossing the bridge over Little River. The cemetery is located on a hillside above the first house on the right side of the road.
Blevins, Samuel Cemetery 27 1854 Sandy Flats Section, Baywood, Grayson Co., VA Near North Carolina border at end of SSR 787 [Spottswood Ln] from intersection with SSR 615.
Bobbitt Cemetery     This cemetery is north of the junction of US 58 and Riverside Dr.
Bolt Family Cemetery 10 1894 In Troutdale north of 16 near northwest edge.
Bonham (Old) Cemetery 28   Off 731 [Rockbridge Road] one mile north of west junction with 658 [Flat Ridge Road], on south side.
Bourne "Slave" Cemetery     From the junction of Spring Valley Rd (Rt 805) & Road 651 (Lonesome Oak Rd), go 0.5 miles on Lonesome Oak Rd., to very sharp curve to left. Stop & walk back along road approximately 100 ft, to stand of trees on downslope side of road. There are several inscribed markers, plus numerous fieldstones scattered about. The cemetery may contain mostly recent burials & may actually contain no slaves. In 1996, cattle freely graze, there is no fence & site is rapidly deteriorating.
Bourne, Stephen G. Cemetery 16   Go 6.8 miles east on Spring Valley Rd (Rt. 805) from US 21 to the junction of Rt 805 (Spring Valley Rd) and Rd 651 (Leafwood Rd.).
Bourne, William "Billy Buck" Cemetery
aka Ephraim Bourne Cemetery
    The cemetery is on a hill on the north side of Spring Valley Rd (SR 805) within sight of the road.
Bourne, William F. Cemetery     From junction of Rt 805 (Spring Valley Rd) and Rt 651 (Lonesome Oak Rd.) go approximately 2/3 miles northwest on Lonesome Oak Rd, to paved driveway on left side of road. Drive leads to old Bourne house. Cemetery is situated behind and approximately 50 yards to the side of the Bourne house.
Bourne, William Mitchell Cemetery     From Spring Valley Road turn east on Jerusalem Church Road and then south on Elkview Road. The cemetery is located on the right side of Elkview on a private road leading down the hill roughly 0.9 miles from the intersection and is not within sight of the public road.
Bourne-Williams Family Cemetery     From junction SR 94 & Rt 274, go north 1.5 miles on SR 94, then right (east) onto Rd 638. Go east approximately 1.5 miles on Rd 638, to junction with Rd 639. Continue east 2.0 miles on Rd 638 (640?), to end of road. On foot, go left (northeast) approximately 800 feet, to top of knoll. From this spot you should see the cinder block wall which is a part of this cemetery
Boyer, Churchwell Cemetery 15 1889 Salem/Longs Gap - On US Hwy 21, near Shop Branch, 1.2 miles N of Jct US 21 and Big Ridge Road (Rt 611).
Boyer-Davis Cemetery 15 1889 This is off Rt. 607 (Meadow Creek Road), 0.7 mile from its intersection with Rt. 613 (Edmonds Road).
Boyer, Issac Cemetery 26 1863 South of 703 [Hardin Rd], quarter mile west of US 21/221 [New River Pkwy]. Above Elton Boyer home.
Boyer-Poe Cemetery 57 1879 The cemetery is on a hillside near the west edge of Independence. It is fenced and well maintained. Turn north from Hwy 58 on to Curry St.
Brady, Shell M. Cemetery 2 1969 From the junction of US Hwy 58 (Highlands Pkwy) and Rd 783 (Helton Creek Ln), go 1.6 miles north Helton Creek Ln.
Brewer Cemetery 6 1877 East of Baywood by a quarter mile on north side of 626 [Old Baywood Rd]. In pasture near barn.
Brewer, Arthur Family Cemetery 5 1887 At 1190 Little Fox Creek Road (SSR 711). From US 58 proceed north on Route 711 1.5 miles to Route 680 [Little Fox Creek Road]; continue about one mile to the Jim (or Arthur) Brewer Farm (s/o Jim) on left now owned by G. A. & Kathleen Funk, Jr. Cemetery is on the left of the road halfway up the hill.
Brewer, R. T. Family Cemetery 5 1919 North of US 58. From US 58 proceed north on Route 711 1.5 mi to Route 680 [Little Fox Creek Road]; continue about 0.5 mi. Cemetery is on the left of the road half way up the hill to the lilac bushes. Coordinates estimated. Note that the R.T. Brewer and the Arthur Brewer cemetery locations may be reversed.
Bridle Creek Methodist Church Cemetery 234 1820 West side of 601, southwest of Bridle Creek Methodist Church.
Brooks Cemetery     North of Flatridge road between Jones Knob and Ross Knob north of Rock Ridge Rd. and (rt 731) and south of Chestnut Ridge Rd.(rt 676).
Brooks, Smith Family Cemetery ~4 1892 From Route 16 at the Smyth County line proceed west on Route 741 (Homestead Road) past the Comers Creek Baptist Church and the Watson Cemetery (visible from the road.) Park at the next parking area after the cemetery and proceed up the hill to the right via the trail which provides access to the Iron Mountain Trail..(There is a gate across the access trail and vehicle traffic is prohibited.) At the intersection with the Iron Mountain Trail turn left and continue up the hill. Cemetery is visible on the far side of the clearing left of the trail shortly before the top of the ridge.
Brown-Osborn Cemetery 17 1815 This cemetery is located in a field on the west side of White Pine Road about 0.5 miles from Delhart Road. Coordinates estimated.
Brush Creek Baptist Church Cemetery 52 1940 Located to the east side of U.S. 21, 1.35 miles south of the intersection of U.S. 58 and U.S.21 in the town of Independence, Virginia.
Bryant, Billy Family Cemetery 57 1865 On west fork of Little Dove Ln. going north from US 58, half mile east of Fox Creek Rd.
Bryant, Charlie Family Cemetery 16 1878 From intersection of US 58 [Wilson Hwy] and Route 681 [Rose Hill Road] go north on 681 [Rose Hill Road] 1 mi to brick home. Cemetery is on the hill behind the house. [Original Description] west of 681 [Rose Hill Road], south of 601 [Old Bridle Creek Dr], and half mile southwest of their junction.
Bryant, Lewis Cemetery 10 1863 Behind house at 145 Mountain Breeze Lane. North of Peach Bottom Road.
Burton's Chapel (Old) Baptist Church Cemetery 6+ 1904 At source of Houndshell and Ripshin Creeks, north of Hickory Ridge.
Burton's Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery
aka Burton's Community Cemetery
239 1906 South of Burton Chapel on west side, of 601, north of Laurel Creek (north of Troutdale).
Byars Cemetery 405 1870 Short distance north of US 58 [Highlands Pkwy] junction with 754 [Old Park Rd] on north side of US 58.
Byrd Family Cemetery 26 1883 From the junction of US Hwy 21 (Elk Creek Pkwy) & Road 805 (Spring Valley Rd), go east 4.5 miles on Rd 805.Turn left (north) onto a private lane, about 15 ft.before the jct Rd 805 & Rd 604 (Jerusalem Rd) on right.
Byrd, James Family Cemetery 15 1890 Liberty Hill Road [Rt. 604.] The cemetery is on the north side of Liberty Hill Road 0.25 mile west from its intersection with Rt. 647 [Stevens Creek Road]. The cemetery is visible from Rt. 604. The cemetery is in a hayfield, on posted land.
Byrd, John Family Cemetery 27 1888 On the Walter Byrd Farm, 2 miles northeast of Baywood on SSR 634 [Grinders Mill Rd].
Byrd, Samuel Family Cemetery 6 1820 From Spring Valley Road turn north on Libery Hill Road and then right on Old Colonial. The cemetery lies on the hill on the right side of the road above a stand of pines.
Cabin Creek Cemetery
aka Greer Cemetery
42 1910 US 58 [Highlands Parkway]take SSR 749 [Cabin Creek Ln] follow Cabin Creek on dirt road for a half mile.
Calloway - Jennings Cemetery 22 1877 4821 Old River Lane, northeast of 701 and 700 [Bethany Rd] junction on Ralph Ward farm.
Campbell Cemetery 25 1912 West-southwest Troutdale, south of 603.
Carrico, Abel IV Cemetery 6 1854 8306 Carsonville Road about 1.75 miles from junction with Riverside Rd. on the farm which Abel Carrico IV owned. The cemetery is on the back side of the farm, facing New River. It can't be reached by car. Coordinates are for the street address.
Carrico, Columbus "Lum" Cemetery 24 1896 On Buck Mountain northwest of Independence. Coordinates estimated.
Carrico, Creed Family Cemetery 14 1865 Turn north from 58 onto 94N; turn left onto 815. Go west 0.05 mile. Turn left onto 647 [Stevens Creek Rd] and go west 1.6 miles. Turn left onto 644 [Sheep Grove Rd] and go 0.2 mile. A private road will be on the right. A lock gate across the road. Walk 0.4 mile up this road southwest; turn left and you will see the cemetery.
Carrico, Elbert Cemetery
aka Center View Church Cemetery
    This cemetery is east of Scenic Rd. in the Providence area.
Carrico, Miles Clark Family Cemetery     All graves from this cemetery were removed and reburied in the Harrington Family Cemetery in October 1998 due to lack of a caregiver. Coordinates estimated.
Catron Family Cemetery 19 1851 1541 Mt. Zion Road (SSR 671) Comers Rock, Grayson County VA. From Jct. of 658 [Comers Rock Rd] and 671 [Mt. Zion Rd] travel approximately 1 mile to dairy barn. The cemetery is 250-300 yards behind the barn in a hay field. This is a working farm now owned by Dawn Taylor Rhudy. Ask permission before going to the cemetery.
Catron, Peter Kinley Family Cemetery     From junction of Rt 658 (Comers Rock Rd) & Rt 611 (Mt Zion Rd), go 0.4 mile south on Mt. Zion Rd, to cemetery on left (east) side of road.
Caudill Cemetery 4 1891 East of 700 [Bethany Rd], and an eigth of a mile south of 705 [Point Ln] junction.
Cave Cemetery     White Top Go south on Old Park Rd from Highlands Parkway (US 58). At the junction of Dolinger Rd (Rt 753) and Old Park Rd (Rt 754), go south 0.7 mile on Dolinger Rd to cemetery on west side of Dolinger Rd.
Cave - Walton Family Cemetery 14   From the junction of Troutdale Hwy (SR 16) and Copperhead Ln at the north end of Fox Creek Bridge go east 0.5 mile on Copperhead Ln to its end at old Nelson home place on left. The cemetery fence is visible from lane on knoll situated to right of house. Cemetery has chain-link fence and is being tended by Mae Walton, landowner in 1997.
Central Cemetery 213 1861 Across 658 [Comers Rock Rd] from Central Church, east of 672 [Honey Grove Rd] in Flatridge. From Jct. of Rts. 658 and 672, travel approximately 0.1 mile on Rt 672, to driveway on right. Cemetery is on a small hill, fenced and well maintained. It is visible from the road.
Cheeter Family Cemetery     This cemetery is not definitively located, due to heavy ground-cover. Probably, the cemetery is north of Tucker Branch, and approx. 125 yds. north of concrete foundations & rubble, in the electric power line right-of-way. A regularly-shaped series of fieldstones, there, may be grave outline. No other above-ground artifacts noted.
Chestnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery 43 1883 Cemetery is at the junction of Ridge Fork Ln [686] and Chestnut Hill Rd. [654]; northeast of Independence; near Chestnut Hill Church.
Coe Cemetery     Go south on Old Park Rd from Highlands Parkway (US 58). At the junction of Dolinger Rd (Rt 753) and Old Park Rd (Rt 754), go south 1.0 mile on Dolinger Rd, to 2 private roads on left.
Cold Springs United Methodist Church Cemetery 106 1899 Behind the Cold Springs Church on 602, one mile west of Carroll County.
Cole, David Cemetery 21 1876 West of 794 [Rockbridge Rd] and Union Church on hilltop.
Cole, Linder Cemetery 212 1869 North side of 751 [School House Rd] at end of short dirt road, eighth of a mile west of US 58 [Jeb Stuart Hwy]. Behind Mt. Rogers School.
Cole, Reeves Cemetery     From Peach Bottom Road turn north on Mountain Breeze Ln. At end of state maintained road follow the second from left private along Rock Creek. The cemetery is described as being through a gate and up the mountain behind the old Hurley Byrd house. Coordinates estimated.
Collins Family Cemetery      
Collins, A.S. Cemetery 2 1926 On E. J. Richardson's farm, off SSR 624
Collins, John Cemetery 9 1917 On Frank and Callie Wagoner Farm, near Hwy 58, in Baywood. Near the intersection of Highway 58 west (Grayson Parkway), and Rt 631 (Old Ferry Road). The entrance is a private driveway at the back of the small trailer park located at this intersection.
Collins, Randolph Cemetery 7 1879 West side of Rte 633 [Mount Olivet Rd], near Mt. Olivet Church, south of Baywood.
Collins, Wiley Cemetery 4 1915 This cemetery in Grayson County VA is located on the south side of Rt. 626 (Old Baywood Road), 0.35 mile east of its intersection with Rt. 636 (Haystack Road).
Combs Cemetery 56 1851 Southwest of SSR 613 near NC border. The site is visible on a hill top when traveling west on the road.
Comer, John Cemetery 32 1867 From Comer's Rock Rd. take Mt. Zion Rd. south for 1.5 miles to Falls Rd. Turn right (west) on Falls Rd. Cemetery is on a hill behind first house on left (south) side of road. Cemetery is not visable from the road.
Comer, Jonathan Cemetery
aka Comer Cemetery - Troutdale
111 1873 At edge of Troutdale Town Boundary, west side of 16.
Comer, William Jefferson Cemetery 5 + 1903 On hill north of 658 [Comers Rock Rd], about 1 mile west of its junction with SSR 663 [Caty Sage Rd]. Behind Grant Sutherland's home.
Comers Creek Baptist Church Cemetery 162 1888 From Route 16 at the Smyth County line proceed west on Route 741 (Homestead Road) to the Comers Creek Baptist Church (founded 1906). Cemetery is behind the church on the left side of the road and is visible from the road.
Comers Rock Cemetery 782 1841 From Wytheville on Rt. 21 turn right onto Rt. 658 at Elk Creek. Travel approximately 6 miles. Cemetery is on right side of road.
Comers Rock Baptist Church Cemetery
aka Union Church Cemetery
19   899 north side of 658 [Comers Rock Rd], across from Vaughan Branch, next to Union Church, (Comer's Rock Baptist Church). Rt. 21 [Elk Creek Pkwy] to SSR 658 [Comers Rock Rd]. Travel about 5 miles to small church on right side of road Fenced and well tended. Church is now known as Comers Rock Baptist Church.
Coomes Cemetery 10   Head south from junction of Old Baywood Rd [Rt 624] and Little River Rd [Rt 626] to Hill Falls Ln [Rt 627] Go west on Hill Falls Ln. Cemetery is in woods beyond open field. Access is via an old road. Coordinates estimated.
Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery ~750 1899 Both sides of 725 [Grassy Creek Rd] around Corinth Church in Rugby.
Cornett, Alfred Family Cemetery     North of 668 [Big Ridge Rd], east of dirt road on Goose Creek. Steve Hash's place. Dirt road turns north from 668 [Big Ridge Rd] about a quarter mile west of 764 [Sweet Water Rd] junction.
Cornett, Archelous Cemetery
aka Sutherland (Ward) Cemetery
35 1797 Comers Rock, Grayson County VA. From jct. of roads 662 [Caty Sage Rd] and 611 [Mount Zion Rd], go 0.3 mile on road 662 [Caty Sage Rd]. The cemetery is on Ward Sutherland's Farm about 200 yards left of the house. This is the Old Archelous Cornett Homeplace.
Cornett, Francis Family Cemetery 5 1876 From intersection of Rt. 221 and 58 turn left and travel for 3 miles. Turn right on Rt. 94 and travel for 6 miles. Make a left turn onto Rt. 805 [Spring Valley Rd] and travel for approximately 7 miles. Cemetery is in a small brace of trees on the hill to the left of the road. It is between Fallville Lane and Creek Lane near the Jerusalem Church. The cemetery is not in good shape and apparently no longer has a caregiver.
Cornett, Jessie Cemetery     Beside 663 [Caty Sage Rd] off 658 [Comers Rock Rd] on Gwyn Parsons farm.
Cornett, Kenley Cemetery
aka John and David Cornett Cemetery
14 1867 South side of 611 [Pheasant Run Rd], 0.3 miles east of junction with 668 [Big Ridge Rd]. ALT Directions are Longs Gap: From Jct. Hwy 21 [Elk Creek Pkwy] and Rt. 611 [Big Ridge Rd], West on 611 [Big Ridge Rd] approx. 1.3 miles to 2 story brick home on left side of road. Cemetery is on the hill behind the house, to the right. It is visible from the road.
Cornett, Loyd Family Cemetery 118 1864 North of junction of 673 [Bethel Rd] and 658 [Comers Rock Rd], west of Bethel Community. Bethel, Grayson Co, VA. From intersection of 658 and 673, there is a sign for Bethel United Methodist Church on the right. Go 100 yards to the turnoff at the right, which is the NW extension of Rt. 658. Approx. 100 yards there is a large white house on the right. Drive to cemetery is just past the house. Drive up the knoll to the right. Fenced in, well kept cemetery. Located on the old Eugene Thomas Cornett property.
Cornett, Reuben Family Cemetery
aka Hackler (Ellis) Cemetery
7 1875 8682 Comers Rock Road (SSR 658) In Bethel Community on 658 on land of Curtis Roberts. From the Jct. of 658 and 673, travel 1.6 miles on Rt. 658 to private road on left. Cemetery is not visible from the road. It is on the left about 400 yards in the field.
Cornett, Rufus Family Cemetery 7 1886 West of Middle Branch Elk Creek and 658, three quarters of a mile north of 673.
Cornett, William Cemetery 15 1836 On west side of Sutherland Rd.
Cox, A. B. Cemetery      
Cox, David Cemetery     Take Rt 58 to Bridle Creek, turn left on Route 601. At the low water bridge crossing New River, the cemetery located on top of hill on the right of Rt 601.
Cox, Lt. David Cemetery   1811 North of 629 [Little River Rd] with New River on 3 sides, half mile from North Carolina.
Cox, Enoch W. Family Cemetery 5 1865 From the intersection of Route 711 and US 58; south on 711 about 3 miles to 1/4 mi northwest of the river. Cemetery on the first ridge northwest of New River 1/4 mi from 711 west. Coordinates estimated.
Cox, Hardin Family Cemetery
aka Camet Cox Cemetery
112 1855 On hill shoulder west of 702 [Bethany Rd] and north of Little Brush Creek.
Cox, Isom Cemetery     North of 711 on hillside above New River, half mile west of bridge. Graves of this cemetery have been moved to Cox's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery.
Cox, Jesse Family Cemetery 5 1881 3/4 mile south of US 58 on 711 right of road on hill top (on R.S. Kirk farm).
Cox, John D. Cemetery 2 1913 On SR 712 near NC border. Pass a large brick home on right. Gate on right into field. On first knoll after meadow on right. Has a white stone visible from road.
Cox, Joshua Family Cemetery     Located near NC state line, on small creek, from John D. Cox cemetery site on Potato Creek. From the John D. Cox Cemetery, proceed southwest up a small tributary, and out of sight, in a mostly overgrown, unkept location.
Cox, Joshua Mack Cemetery
aka Cox Cemetery [3]
22 1904 East of 703 [Hardin Rd], about 0.4 miles south of US 58 on southeast side of hill west of Bald Hill.
Cox, Reed Cemetery (A-A)
29 1865 The cemetery is located south of U.S. 58 east of the intersection with Gold Hill Road (681).
Cox, Sam Cemetery
aka Cox Cemetery [7]
17 1824 Three quarters of a mile beyond Peach Bottom Church on 629, on T. O. Cox's Farm.
Cox, Samuel B. Cemetery 4 1868 From Bridle Creek Road, go north on 601 about 1 mi on right and north on ridge to Buck Mountain. There is a marker with directions in the Bridle Creek Methodist Cemetery.
Cox, Thomas Marion Cemetery
aka Mouth of Wilson Cemetery
12 1873 On east side of Mouth of Wilson on north side of US 58 (just east of the old building for Fields Motor Company at intersection of U.S. 58 & VA Route 16.
Cox's Chapel Cemetery 233 1878 Across 708 [River Bend Rd] from Cox's Chapel.
Cox - Shaw Cemetery      
Cress Children Cemetery ~6 1900 On Wilburn Mill Rd. near Bald Rock Church Cemetery
Crossroads Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
aka Hampton Crossroads Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
18 1876 In Baywood at the junction of county roads 624 [Baywood Store Rd/Crossroads Dr] and 626 [Old Baywood Rd] next to the church.
Daily Knob Cemetery
aka Daily Parks Cemetery
28 1881 On Roberts Cove Rd [Rt. 674] (between Rts. 658 and 672). Cemetery is approximately 1/2 mile behind Ellis Parks homeplace. Land now owned by Wayne Cornett. Cemetery is not visible from road. Coordinates estimated.
Dalton Grave Site      
Daniel Cemetery 12 1916 On north side of 735 [Testerwood Road], 0.5 mile northwest of junction with 734. [Chestnut Grove Road]
Davis Cemetery
aka Old New River Cemetery Osborne Cemetery
17 1864 Mouth of Wilson area, In north fork of 600 and 751 junction. northeast of an untitled cemetery in the same fork.
Davis, Alexander Cemetery 4 1889 The cemetery is on the grounds of the Davis-Bourne Inn in Independence.
Davis, James Matterson Cemetery 15 1926 Off of Mud Creek Road (SSR 600), near intersection with School House Road, in White Top area.
Davis, John M. Grave     This grave is located on a steep wooded hillside 0.3 mile south of the intersection of Rt. 692 (Pine Mountain Road) and Rt. 274 (Riverside Drive).
Davis, Jonathan Cemetery     This cemetery in Grayson County Virginia, is located near the Carroll/Grayson County line south of Galax. The cemetery is in a wooded area, a short distance from the old Floyd Cox home place.
Davis - Peak - Pugh Cemetery
aka Davis-Reeves Cemetery
47 1878 On east side of 745 [Solomon Rd] soon after bend in 745 [Solomon Rd] and junction with 725 [Grassy Creek Rd].
Delp Children's Cemetery 2 1881 The cemetery is located south of Mt Zion Road (671) on the hill behind the Fielden Reece Delp house.
Delp, George Family Cemetery 27 1880 Half mile northeast of 662 and 663 junction. In Elk Creek-From jct. of 662 and 663 turn onto 663-go north about 0.3 mile to old road on left side of road. Cemetery is about 800 feet off the road. It is not visible from 663. Follow old road about 500 feet then follow the hill to the top of the ridge. Cemetery is accessible by vehicle. Coordinates estimated.
Delp, George W. Cemetery 16 1879 West of 852 [Fox Wood Ln], northwest of junction with 766 [Fox Knob Rd].
Dickenson Family Cemetery 9 1848 On the John C. Dickenson place northeast of the junction of Riverside Dr. and Scenic Rd. The cemetery is located on top of the hill across the Riverside Dr. and east of the house. The cemetery can be accessed by going east from Scenic Rd onto Apple Ln. about 0.8 miles north of Riverside Dr. and then heading south on Riverwood Ln. to its end and walking from there.
Dickey Family Cemetery 24 1873 Cemetery is north of Independence on US 21 about a half mile north of Peach Bottom Rd. Cemetery is east/north of highway on hill behind private home.
Dickey, Matthew Cemetery ~ 20 1827 475 Peach Bottom Road (SSR 654) On private road beyond house.
Dolinger, Martha Burial Site 1   This cemetery is on property known as the Arthur Hart place, near the North Carolina Line. From Junction of Road 753 (Dolinger Rd) and Road 771 (Ridgley Rd), take Rd 771 0.35 mile south to house on left, just before crossing bridge over the creek. Turn left into houseyard and follow meandering farm lane 0.5 mile to top of hillmass east of Rd 771. From top of mountain the grave site is to left-front on next ridgeline, approx. 500 yds. Grave site was not visible to unaided eye. There is no road to grave, plus several farm fences lie between these two crests.
Duvall Family Cemetery 12 1900 Near the intersection of Spencer Branch Road and Wolf Knob Road, near Wolf Knob Separate Baptist Church, behind old log house, which was residence of Wayne Duvall.
Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery 475 1857 South of Ebenezer Church in Spring Valley at 604 and 760 junction.
Edwards Family Cemetery 12 1855 On the north side of US Route 58 (Grayson Parkway). Exit Grayson Parkway onto State Shed Road (SR 841). At the end of state maintenance follow a private road to the last house. Drive through the fields to the cemetery on a hilltop about 0.3 mile behind the house
Elk Creek Cemetery (Old) 88 1826 From Wytheville, take Rt 21 about 17 miles to Rt 658 [Comers Rock Road]. Right turn onto 658 [Comers Rock Road]. Cemetery is approx. 0.4 mi from turn jct of Rt 21 and 658 [Comers Rock Road]. It is across the road from the Elk Creek School.
Elk Creek Community Cemetery (A-A) 13 1982 This cemetery is located west of US 21 off Victory Lane in Elk Creek. From 21 turn west on Victory Lane and then north on Echo Ridge Ln. The cemetery is on the bank on the right side of the road and is visible from Victory Lane.
Elliott, Abraham Family Cemetery 11 1912 From Independence, go south on Hwy 21 to jct Rd 763 (Dixie Rd). The west on Rd 763 0.9 mile.
Elliott, William Jefferson Cemetery 7 1905 Travel on Rt. 21 south of Independence to the Brush Creek Community. Cemetery is located to the left of the Old Bethel Church at Brush Creek.
Fairview Memorial Gardens Cemetery 13 1997 Beside the Fairview Church at the intersection of Rt. 89 (Skyline Highway) and Rt. 613 (Snow Hill Road)
Fairwood Cemetery 191 1910 At end of dirt road off of 603, two thirds of a mile west of Troutdale town limits.
Farmer, William Cemetery 22 1899 About 1.5 miles south of US 58 on east side of Penn Ford Lane [SR 706].
Fees Ridge Cemetery
aka Weaver Family Cemetery
~ 100 1840 Near end of dirt road that follows Fees Branch north from 782 [Fees Branch Rd]. (Impassable without four-wheel drive vehicle)
Fielder Family Cemetery     Starting at its intersection with Elk Creek Pkwy [US 21] drive East on Spring Valley Rd [SR 805] for 4.44 miles until you see a private driveway on the Right/South side of 805. Take this for approximately 600 ft. to brick rancher.
Fields Memorial Cemetery 15 1908 West of Longview Church, west of 635, 600 feet from 634.
Flat Rock Methodist Church Cemetery 126 1892 From U.S. 58 turn north on Locust Street (1104) in front of Grayson County High School. About 50 feet up the street turn right on Powerhouse Road (685) and proceed 1.8 mi. to 687. Go on 687 about 1.2 mi. (past church, which is on the right on a hill) to the cemetery which is also on the right side of the road.
Forest Methodist Church Community Cemetery     North of Forest Church, half mile east of US 21 on Spring Valley Rd. (SR 805).
Fox Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery ~ 250 1855 North of Fox Union Church on SSR 711 [Fox Creek Rd] west of its intersection with US 58 [Wilson Highway].
Fries Cemetery     On south side of SSR T-1001 [Church Ave] on east side of Fries.
Fulton Cemetery (Old)     South side of 654 [Peach Bottom Rd] quarter mile east of its Junction with 696 [Summerfield Rd] in Chestnut Flat.
Fulton, Elbert Columbus Cemetery 6 1877 Near Powerhouse Rd and Oak Ridge Dr. in Independence.(Reid) Cemetery.
Fulton, Reid Cemetery 8 1938 East of Fallville. On west side of 691 [Fulton Rd], north of junction with 689 [Flat Rock Rd].
Funk Family Cemetery 7 1884 At end of jeep trail half mile west of end of 869 [Pattons Mill Ln]. About 1 mile west of Beulah Church on 869 [Pattons Mill Ln] just west of 641 [Pattons Mill Ln/Rockhouse Ln] intersection. This is an abandoned family cemetery located off a plantation road at the end of Pattons Mill Lane. The cemetery is on posted land and is quite a long distance from the public road.
Funk, Andrew Cemetery 4 1883 From Carsonville Rd. (SR 660) turn north on Pilgram Fork Rd. (SR 655) and then right (NE) on Elk View Rd. cemetery is west side of road about 0.75 miles from Carsonville Rd. Cemetery is surrounded by a concrete wall and is visible from the road.
Funk, Hobert Family Cemetery     From Jct Rd 650 (Clito Rd) and Rd 833 (Knob Fork Lane), cemetery is 0.57 mile NW 319deg True. Go NW on 833 to end of road and a private access lane, which continues up the hollow to old homeplace and cemetery.
Galyean Cemetery 34 1891 West of 624 [Crossroads Dr] and southeast of its junction with 633 [Mount Olivet Rd].
Galyen, James Family Cemetery 4 1896 Between New River and Riverside Dr. nears Roys Ln.
Gentry, Ephraim Cemetery     Near the mouth of Peach Bottom Creek & New River
Gilham Family Cemetery     From the junction of US Hwy 21/221 (New River Pkwy) and Rd 703 (Hardin Rd.) north 0.7 mile on Hardin Rd. to the junction of Rt 702 (Bethany Rd) go southwest 0.4 mile to house and driveway on the left side of the road.
Glades Memorial Cemetery (A-A)
aka Glades Union Methodist Church Cemetery
(African American)
135 1855 East side of 821 [Fairview Road], quarter mile north of Fairview School.
Glades Burial Site     The cemetery is in Grayson County Virginia at the intersection of Rt. 785 (Fishers Gap Road) and Country Charm Lane, 1.6 miles south of Rt. 607 (Meadow Creek Road).
Goins Cemetery (A-A)
(African American)
33 + 1899 Northeast of River Hill Church on north side of spur 800 [Honeysuckle Lane] off of 636. (On Rt. 800 past Longview Church and before River Hill Church.)
Gold Hill Baptist Church Cemetery (New) 25 1974 Cemetery is located on Gold Hill Road (681) about one mile south of 58. A sign on the road makes the cemetery, which is within sight of the road, easy to find.
Gold Hill Baptist Church Cemetery (Old) 116 1920 East of Gold Hill Church Church on SSR 711.
Goodson Cemetery 73 1868 On the south side of the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Mile Post 213, just off the Fishers Peak Road. The Goodson settlement and Goodson School were located nearby.
Grace Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery 1 2005 Behind Grace Freewill Baptist Church on US 58 west of Independence. Between Bridle Creek Rd. and Rose Hill Road.
Grant Community Cemetery 265 1845 West of intersection of 658 and 737 in Grant at Hoffman's Store.
Grayson County Poor Farm Cemetery     From jct US Hwy 58 (Wilson Hwy) & Road 681 (Rose Hill Rd), go N 1 mile to Farm gate on R side of rd. This gate is directly across 681 from turn-off to Rush Phipps Cem. Once through the gate, turn SE & climb the hill to crest. Cem. consists of 8 to 10 sunken places, without any above-ground artifacts to mark it. This cem. was used before the 1940's. After that time Grayson Co. had other means to care for the indigent.
Greer Cemetery 39 1920 From U.S. 58, turn north on 749 [Cabin Creek Lane] follow Cabin Creek 0.9 mile on dirt road.
Greer, John F. Family Cemetery 24 1872 From SR 16 (Jefferson Hwy) near the Ashe/Grayson County line go on about 0.2 mile west on Penry Rd to cemetery on right.
Greer - Stamper Cemetery 31 1884 This cemetery is 1.1 miles east of junction of US 58 and VA Route 600 where the later route begins its ascent of White Top Mountain; or just west of 783 junction with US 58. The cemetery is well fenced, and well maintained, but parking to reach this cemetery is difficult.
Grubb Cemetery
aka Old Porter Cemetery
~ 59   From the junction of Troutdale Hwy (SR 16) and Hazelwood Rd (Rt 677) go east 0.2 mile on Hazelwood Rd.The cemetery is in a field north of the road.The cemetery can be seen from the road.
Grubb, Jacob Cemetery ~ 40 1916 In the old community of Major at the cross roads in Fox (Route 711 and US 58) go 4 1/2 mi on Middle Fox Creek road. Cemetery is east of the road on a round hill top.
Grubb, William Cemetery 65 1865 Between 16 [Troutdale Hwy] and 739 [Hazelwood Rd], northwest of Liberty Hill Church; on west side of Route 16
Grubb's Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery 404 1877 Large plot north of Little Fox Creek in Community of Grubbs Chapel.
Hackler Cemetery     In 'V' between Peach Bottom Rd (SR 654) and Vista Rd. (SR 695) junction, east of Springfield Church.
Haga, Andrew Jackson Cemetery 20 1864 South about 1.5 mile from US 58 on Penn Ford Lane (SR 706).
Hale, Burris Family Cemetery     From the junction of Carsonville Rd (Rt 660) and Churchview Ln (Rt 717) go southeast mile on Churchview Ln. The cemetery is on the left side of road, up steep embankment, then approximately. 100 yds up the slope, in a pasture, visible from road.
Hale, Charles Cemetery     From the northwest junction of Rd 805 (Spring Valley Rd) and Rd 651 (Leafwood Rd), 0.5 mile southeast on 651. Cemetery is on west side of road, approximately 150 yards, on knoll. Coordinates estimated.
Hale, John Cemetery 2 1815 From the junction of Powerhouse Rd (Rt 687) and Flatrock Rd. (Rt 689 go 0.3 mile east on Flatrock Rd. to cemetery.
Hale, Lewis Family Cemetery 20 1802 From intersection of Rt. 21 and 658 [Comers Rock Rd] at Elk Creek, continue south on Rt. 21 for about 1/4 mile to Rt. 666 [Windowshade Ln].
Hale, Stephen Cemetery ~ 7 1852 This cemetery lies in a pasture on a hill west of US 21 and south of Willowshade Ln. (SR 666). It is visible from the highway but certainly not obvious.
Hale, Wesley Cemetery     Approximately 0.5 mi east of the junction of Stone Chapel Road (665) and Frog Pond Lane (864).
Hale, William Cemetery
aka Hale (Payton Gunn) Cemetery
aka Boyer Cemetery [2]
aka Osborne Cemetery
aka Nuckolls Cemetery [3]
12 1853 East of US 21 [Elk Creek Pkwy], half mile south of 660 [Carsonville Rd.] between Rt. 778 [Camp Moxley Ln] and 872 [Sunbow Ln] seven and a half miles north of Independence.
Hall Cemetery 49 1878 This cemetery is in a wooded area near the end of Mistic View Lane (Rt 914). Mistic View Lane is a dead end road that intersects with Rock Creek Road (Rt 685) 0.7 mile from Power House Road (Rt 685). At the end of Mistic View Lane, travel a private road 0.3 mile to a gate at an old farm house. Walk to the house and enter the woods at a gate there. The cemetery is about 500 feet from the house.
Hall Family Cemetery
aka Volney Cemetery
49 1896 From the split of Highland Parkway and Troutdale Highway (US Hwy 58 and SR 16) go southeast 0.35 mile on Troutdale Hwy to cemetery on left (northeast) side of the highway. The cemetery is approximately 300 feet from the road up the slope.
Hall, John Clen Cemetery     From junction Rt 743 (Rugby Rd) and Rt 725 (Tucker Rd), go 0.94 mile south on Rt 743. From this point in the road cemetery is on right (NW), visible on the ridge finger, directly across the stream approximately 100 yds distant.
Halsey, J. Masten Cemetery 7 1894 From the intersection of SR 93 [Countyline Rd] and US 58 [Wilson Hwy] go south across New River a quarter mi and turn left on Route 708 [Potato Creek Rd]. Continue 150 yards to rock quarry on the old Mastin Halsey home place. Cemetery is left on the ridge.
Halsey, Robert McCoy Family Cemetery 19 1853 Mouth of Wilson. From the junction of Wilson Highway (Hwy 58) and Rt 767 (Old Mill Rd) go south on Old Mill Rd across Wilson Creek Bridge to the junction with Rt. 716 (Round House Rd). Turn left onto Round House Rd for approximately 0.7 mile to old Halsey farm on right.
Halsey, William Cemetery
aka Coy Halsey Cemetery
28 1856 On hilltop at end of 808 [Rocky Falls Ln], three quarters of a mile southwest of Fox Creek at US 58 [Wilson Hwy]. This cemetery is located on the old Halsey farm. From US 58 west from Fox turn right on Route 808 [Rocky Falls Ln] and proceed 1/2 mi to end of road. Cemetery is on top of the hill about 1/4 mi from the road.
Halsey, William C. Cemetery ~ 35 1837 On Fox Knob on the south side of New River. From the junction of US 58 [Wilson Hwy] and Route 93 [Countyline Rd], cross the New River bridge and go south about 1/4 mi to Route 708 [Potato Creek Road]. Follow the road east about 2 mi to Route 766 [Fox Knob Road] and turn left. 1.6 mi down the road, turn left on Route 852 [Foxwood Ln]. Continue 0.7 mi to cemetery, which is down the ridge above New River.
Hamm Cemetery ~ 25 1850 On River Bend Rd. (SR 708) about 1.5 miles east of Cox's Chapel Church. Cemetery is on north side of road near just prior to junction with Meadow Brook Ridge Rd.
Hamm, Soloman Cemetery
aka Laurel Valley Cemetery Hamm Family Cemetery
12 1891 Near headwaters of Laurel Creek on north side of SSR 603 [Lost Lake Rd]. northeast of Flat Ridge Mountain.
Ham(m), William Family Cemetery     From jct Road 708 (River Bend Rd) & Duck Roost Ln, go 0.54 mile north on Duck Roost Ln, to cem. on left (west) side of road cemetery is approximately 125 yards from river's edge, & approximately 50 ft upslope (behind) house trailer. In Herndon's file the cemeterey is reported to be fenced, tended, but not visible from road. In 2005 local residents could not provide directions to the cemetery site.Coordinates estimated.
Hampton, Louis Family Cemetery (A-A)
(African American)
113 1891 On northeast side of 636 [Beech Grove Ln], quarter of a mile north junction with 631 [Crackers Neck Rd]. Near River Hill Baptist Church.
Hampton, Doctor Andrew Cemetery     South of US 58 from west side of bridge over the New River.
Hampton, Griggs Cemetery 29 1859 Near the end of Fieldview Ln which is the next road west of 841 [State Shed Ln] going south on US 58/US 221 [Grayson Pkwy].
Hampton, Joseph T. Cemetery 10 1873 This cemetery is on the south side of Rt. 626 (Old Baywood Road). Drive 1.3 miles east from the intersection with Rt. 636 (Haystack Road).
Hampton, Capt Litrille Hickerson Memorial Cemetery 23 1906 In Baywood area on Route 629.
Hampton, Wade Cemetery 21 1882 2249 Old Baywood Road (SSR 626) On Route 626 between Baywood and Galax, on property owned by Charles Cox in 1989. Coordinates estimated.
Hampton - Collins Cemetery 6 1885 On Route 626, between Baywood and Galax on the Old Dr. Hampton place.
Harrington Family Cemetery 106 1863 In Bethel Community, across from Bethel Methodist Church From SSR 658 [Comers Rock Rd], turn SE onto SSR 673 [Bethel Rd] travel approx. 0.9 mile. Bethel Methodist Church is on left of road, cemetery is on hill on right side of road and is visible from the road.
Harrington, Charlie Homeplace Cemetery 14 1880 From the junction of Rt 658 (Flatridge Rd.) and 678 (Fox Ridge Rd) go east 300 yards on Fox Ridge Rd. to a gate on left of road. About 100 yards up the redge are several unmarked graves.
Hash, Allen Family Cemetery 4 1867 From the intersection of US 58 and Route 711 [Fox Creek Rd] go north 0.5 mi. to private bridge across Fox Creek. Take private road southwest 0.5 mi. to top of ridge. The grave markers to these four graves have been moved to Fox Cemetery at Cross Roads. Coordinates estimated for general area.
Hash, James P. Cemetery 24 1865 At Gold Hill, near Baptist Church, south side of SSR 681.
Hash, Joseph Family Cemetery 2 1865 This cemetery is situated in cut-over timber, on a ridge east of Kindrick Mountain. From the junction of Rt 711 (Fox Creek Rd) and Rt 678 (Fox Ridge Rd) at the bridge, cememtery is 0.39 mile W 265 deg True Bearing.
Hash, Thomas Family Cemetery 4 1883 From the Cross Roads, US 58 [Wilson Hwy] and Route 711 [Fox Creek Rd], in Fox go north 1/2 mile on 711 [Fox Creek Rd]. Cemetery is located on a ridge to the right on top of a hill.
Hash - Osborne Cemetery
aka Osborne Cemetery
23 1886 From the intersection of US 58 [Wilson Hwy] and Route 711 [Fox Creek Rd] at Fox go north 2 miles to Route 678 [Fox Ridge Road] and then left 0.8 miles to private road on right. Go 500 yards and right through the woods and brush. Cemetery is approximately 500 yards north of 678 [Fox Ridge Road].
Haven of Rest Cemetery 10 1991 This cemetery is located behind the Haven of Rest Church on Fishers Gap Rd. (785) just north of the junction with Edmonds Rd.(613).
Haw Orchard Baptist Church Cemetery 611 1897 Across 747 [Haw Orchard Ln] from Haw Orchard Church.
Hensdell, George Washington Cemetery 8 1914 From Independence go north on US 21 to Chestnut Hill Rd. Turn east at Peach Bottom Primitive Baptist Church, on Chestnut Hill Rd (Rt 654) to top of hill near Fred Wilborn’s home.
Higgins Cemetery 46 1859 Located on a hillside near the end of a gravel driveway, Azalea Lane, 0.6 Mile from Rt. 609 [Peak's Mountain Road]. Azalea lane is on the west side of Rt. 609 0.3 mile from its intersection with Rt. 608 [Coal Creek Road].
Higgins, Andy Cemetery 15 1880 675 Kemps River Road (SSR 625) On 625 [Kemps River Rd], half mile south of 626 [Old Baywood Rd] intersection. South of Baywood on Chapman Cox Farm.
Higgins Farm Cemetery (A - A) 46 1859 This cemetery in Grayson County Virginia is located on a hillside on the east side of Rt. 607 (Meadow Creek Road) 0.1 mile from its intersection with Rt. 787 (Davis Knob Road).
Hill Family Cemetery 71 1902 North of Fries. From US 94 go west on Winding Rd (SR 644) about 0.3 miles to Holstein Ln. (SR 848). Cemetery is on surrounded by private land south of Winding Rd. and northwest of Holstein Ln.
Hill, Arthur Cemetery 9 1872 This small family cemetery is beside the Fries Tabernacle Church, at the intersection of Rt. 94 (Ivanhoe Road) and Rt. 1002 (Tabernacle Road).
Hilltop Cemetery 16 1856 On the W. A. Hash farm, half mile west of Mouth of Wilson. [Located about mile north of Mouth of Wilson Post Office, to the north side of U.S. 58/VA 16 behind a large white house in the curve of the road.
Hines Branch Methodist Church Cemetery 172 1882 East of church on SSR 654 overlooking Hines Branch near SSR 660 [Carsonville Rd].
Hoffman, Charles Cemetery 13 1879 North of SSR 658 [Flatridge Rd] on southwest slope on ridge west of Jones Knob.
Holdaway, Columbus Family Cemetery 3   From Jct Roads 678 (Fox Creek Rd) and 727 (Kindreck Rd), at the bridge, cemetery is SE approximately 250 yards, on knoll.
Holdaway, Crockett Family Cemetery 3 +   From Jct Roads 678 (Fox Creek Rd) and 727 (Kindreck Rd), at the bridge, cemetery is SE approximately 250 yards, on knoll.
Honey Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
aka Flatridge Methodist Church Cemetery
139 1901 At junction of SSR 768 [Honey Grove Rd] and SSR 674 [Roberts Cove Rd], across 768 [Honey Grove Rd] from Honey Grove Church.
Howell, Ruth Grave 1 1844 From Cox's Chapel Rd. (Rt 601) south of New River turn east on northern junction with River Bend Rd. Cemetery is about 0.7 miles from junction on north side of River Bend Rd. (Rt 708) on hill behind house (Duck Roost Inn).
Hutchens, William H. Family Cemetery 2 1810 From the junction of Crackers Neck Rd. (Rt. 631) and Englewood Rd. (Rt. 637) go southeast 0.1 mile on Englewood Rd. to private driveway on left.
Independence Cemetery 738 1867 West of US 21 [North Independence Ave], about 0.17 miles north of US 58 [Main St] and US 21 [Independence Ave] intersection.
Independence Town Cemetery (A-A)
(African American)
81 1905 The cemetery is located in the northwestern part of Independence. From the center of town take 21 north and turn left on 684 (Elliott Place). At the junction with Round Hill Drive (T 1120) there is also a dirt road that runs between these two paved road. Follow that dirt road about 200 feet up the hill through the woods.
Jackson Family Cemetery 5 1880 From the junction of Rt.660 (Carsonville Rd) and Rt. 656 (Pilgram Fork Rd) go north 1.2 miles on Pilgram Fork Rd to farm gate on right (east) side of road.
James Cemetery     At end of 795, north of Guffey Creek.
Jennings Cemetery     About one tenth of a mile northeast of SSR 626 [Delhart Rd] and SSR F-685 [Pond Side Dr] intersection on south side of SSR F-685 [Pond Side Dr]. The site is on top of a knoll behind some pine trees. It is visible from Delhart Road if you know where to look. There were are rock markers and one marker with the name Jennings on it.
Jerusalem Methodist Church Cemetery ~ 400 1881 East of church on north side of 604, three quarters of a mile west of Fallville.
Johnson Cemetery (A-A)     Half mile north of St. John's Church on 745.
Johnson Family Graves     On south side of Cold Springs Ln. South of the junction of Little River Rd. Coordinates estimated.
Jones Cemetery (Buck Mt.) 39 1939 On Buck Mt. north of Russell Knob, east of 679, Raymond Parks home.
Jones, Harrison Cemetery 5 + 1908 Southwest of James Matterson Davis Cemetery in north fork of 600 and 751 junction.
Jones, Marshel Cemetery 9 1900 On south side of Big Spring Ridge in Grayson Highlands State Park.
Jones, Minitree Family Cemetery 23 1939 On SR 274 [Riverside Dr] west from the junction of SR 94 [Scenic Rd], 0.3 miles The old Jones home is on the right. Cemetery cannot be seen from the road. Walk straight back behind the house, through a field, then up into the woods at the top of the hill. (Walk north, 0.5 mile. Cemetery is in a clearing)
Jones - Garrison Cemetery     This Grayson County Virginia cemetery is located on the grounds of the Camp Dickenson United Methodist Church Campsite. The campsite is located at the end of Rt. 640 (Camp Dickenson Lane), off Rt. 638 (Lime Kiln Road).
Kendrick Ridge Cemetery
aka Young, J. B. Family Cemetery
16 1864 From Fox, Va (intersection of Route 711 [Fox Creek Rd] and US 58 [Wilson Hwy]) proceed west on US 58 [Wilson Hwy] for 1 1/2 mi to SSR 728 [Oak Hill Rd]. Go west 1 3/4 mi to SSR 727 [Kindreck Rd] and then north 3/4 mi. Cemetery is on left of the road high on a steep hill. Coordinates estimated.
Kilby Cemetery
aka Bany Spencer Cemetery
12 1906 Quarter mile northwest of SSR 782 [Fees Branch Rd] and North Carolina border on dirt road.
King Cemetery     On 624 [480 Crossroads Dr], half mile from Baywood (Crossroads) Primitive Baptist Church.
Kirby - Poole Cemetery 7 1901 This cemetery is beside the yard at the residence at 7050 Meadow Creek Road (Rt. 607), 0.3 mile from its intersection with Edmonds Road (Rt. 613).
Kirk, Jacob G. Cemetery 7 1899 On 711 in Gold Hill Community, seven tenths of a mile from 681.
Lebanon United Methodist Church Cemetery 428 1890 East of Lebanon Methodist Church on north side of 658 in Elk Creek.
Leftwich Cemetery 2 1905 This cemetery in Grayson County VA is located in a pasture field on the north side of Rt. 626 (Old Baywood Road), 0.6 mile from the intersection of Delhart Road and Old Baywood Road.
Liberty Hill Baptist Church Cemetery 157 1861 East of Liberty Hill Baptist Church at junction of SR 16 [B. F. Buchanan Hwy/Troutdale Hwy] and Mill Creek.
Liberty Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery 377 1879 Fries, VA. North of Liberty Hill United Methodist Church at end of SSR 855, near junction of SSR 604 [Liberty Hill Rd] and SSR 644 [Mooretown Ln].
Linton Cemetery
aka Cockerham Cemetery
45 1828 At 111 Dairy Lane, off SSR 623 [Greenwich Rd], Delhart, on Eugene Spurlin's Farm.
Little Wilson United Methodist Church Cemetery 226 1827 Volney at end of gravel road south of Little Wilson Methodist Church on Mink Ridge.
Livesay, Frank Cemetery 16 1890 Comers Rock Road - From the junction of Comers Rock Road (658) and Big Ridge Road (668) go 0.2 mi (or 0.8 mi) SW on 658. Cemetery is on the right side of the road behind the home. Coordinates estimated.
Livesay - Ross Cemetery 16 1890 South of 668 [Big Ridge Rd], a little more than a half a mile east of 658 [Comers Rock Rd]. On private road about 1/4 mile on this property from Big Ridge Rd.
Long, Henry Family Cemetery 7 1882 540 Honey Grove Road (SSR 768) In fork where Shupe Creek joins Middle Fox Creek, north of SSR 768 [Honey Grove Road].
Long, William Cemetery 58 + 1821 5262 Elk Creek Parkway (U.S.21). Longs Gap, Grayson County, VA. The cemetery is located on a hill opposite the Long-Phipps House in Longs Gap and is currently owned by Dr. and Mrs. Karl Kinkel.
Lost "Lost" Cemeteries   1865 From Fox intersection of Route 711 [Fox Creek Rd] and US 58 [Wilson Hwy] go north 1.3 mi. Cemetery is about 1/2 mile to the right on a high ridge.
Lovelace Cemetery      
Mallory, Alford S. Memorial Cemetery ~ 10 1874 From the junction of Rt 604 (Liberty Hill Rd) and Rt 653 (Arrowhead Rd), go northeast 1.2 miles on Liberty Hill Rd to point in the Road. From this point the cemetery is located on right on ridgeline across creek, up hill to the south.
Mallory, Joel Family Cemetery ~ 10 1874 Go east from US 21 on Spring Valley Rd. to Bainbridge Rd. then north on Bainbridge Rd to Atkins Ln. From Atkins Memorial United Methodist Church, situated at the end of Atkin Ln (Rt 788). Mallory Cemetery is approximately 1/2 mile north in the woods owned by Dixon Lumber Co.
Marsh, Bob Cemetery ~ 20 1876 From 58 at Bridle Creek follow Route 601 (Cox's Chapel Road) south about 5 miles to the state line between Grayson and Allegheny Co, NC. Cemetery is to the west side of 601 about 100 yards from the county line (in Grayson) and is marked by a hand-painted sign.
Martin Family Cemetery     Two miles southwest of Independence on SSR 703 [Hardin Rd], on Paul X. Bolt's land.
Maxwell - Boyer Cemetery (A-A)
(African American)
~ 25 1927 From US 58 and VA 94 take Nuckells Curve Rd (SR 882) east to Justice Rd. (SR 634) then north to Idle Wood Ln. (SR 868) and west to end of road. Park car near the end of state maintenance sign. Follow dirt road to right into wooded area. Cemetery is to the right of this road about 1/3 miles from sign.
McBride Cemetery     The cemetery is visible from Flatrock Road, but there is no easy way to reach it. Travel south on Rt. 691 (Fulton Road) 2.1 miles from its intersection with Rt. 692 (Pine Mountain Road).
McCarroll Cemetery 3 + 1876 In the Grant community, on the hill above where Greek and Sarah Campbell Walton lived
McKenzie Cemetery 894 1852 On south side of 809 [Windmill Rd], near the Grayson-Carroll county line, quarter mile west of SSR 607 [Fries Rd] and SSR 809 [Windmill Rd] junction.
McKnight Cemetery 12 1881 On SSR 625 near Dean Boyer's home, SW of Baywood.
McLean - Perkins Family Cemetery     East of Elk Creek near Carsonville Rd and Pilgram Fork Road.
McMillan, The Graves of John Tucker McMillan's Children 5   Baywood, south of Little River
Meadow Creek Union Baptist Church Cemetery
aka Meadow Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
300 1835 South of Meadow Creek Union Baptist Church on 610 0.35 miles from 89.
Meadow Creek Church Cemetery (Old) 5 + 1861 This cemetery is on a hilltop beside Rt. 607 (Meadow Creek Road), 0.3 mile west from the Mt. Vale United Methodist Church.
Mooney Cemetery
aka Mount View Church Cemetery
108 1891 On Fries Road, Approximately 0.2 mile north of the Galax city limits. The cemetery is located beside the Mountain View Friends Church. Robert Jefferson Mooney gave land for this church in Oct 9 1905. There doesn't seem to be any records that indicate when the cemetery was started, but if probably predates the church.
Moore Cemetery
aka First Moore Cemetery
7 1887 Route 644 [Freedom Ln], Liberty Hill.
Moore, Benjamin Cemetery
aka Warrick - Moore Cemetery
60 1857 Overlooking New River, west of mouth of Moore Creek at end of SSR 636.
Moore, Isaac Cemetery
aka Stanley Cemetery
33 1865 On north side of Taylor Chapel Rd. (SR 646) about 0.25 miles north of Bainbridge Road (SR 649).
Mount Campbell Cemetery 7 1926 From Spring Valley Road turn east on Jerusalem Road and then right on Elkview Road.
Mount Olivet Union Baptist Church Cemetery 81 1884 On 707 spur off 625, south of 633 junction, south of Baywood. Very close to the River Hill Baptist Church and Cemetery.
Mount Vale United Methodist Church Cemetery 475 1880 Cemetery is north of Mount Vale Church on Tin Top Ln. At the junction of Meadow Creek Rd. (Rt. 607) and Tin Top Ln. (Rt. 785).
Mountain View Baptist Church Cemetery 63 1905 The cemetery is on Mountain View Road a short distance east of the intersection with Penn Ford Road and across from Mountain View Baptist Church.
Murphy, Calvin Cemetery 13 1837 This cemetery is 2.7 miles from the Mount Vale United Methodist Church off Rt. 607 (Meadow Creek Road).
Murphy, Timothy Memorial Cemetery 15 1745 South of Galax. On west side of Meadowcreek Rd. south of Davis Knob Rd.
Murray, Aaron P. Cemetery 3 1931 South of Independence. From the junction of Hwy 21/221 (New River Pkwy) and Rt. 701 (Cornerstone Rd) go east 0.15 mile to private road on left (north) side of road. The cemetery is approximately 600 yards north northeast of this point.
Nelson Family Cemetery 4 1889 From the junction of Rt 603 (Ripshin Rd) and Rt 287 (Auburn Ln), go 0.2 mile east on Ripshin Rd to Mt. Rogers Clinic on left. The cemetery is behind clinic complex.
New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery 94 1898 In Barton Crossroad, northeast of Routes 733 [Pine Branch Rd] and 658 [Flat Ridge Rd] intersection on Route 658 [Flat Ridge Rd], cemetery is located on north side of (behind) New Hope Church.
Nichols, David Memorial Cemetery 33 1880 Located on the south side of Rt. 629 (Little River Road), 2.65 miles from the intersection with Rt. 626 (Old Baywood Road). This intersection is at the end of the Bridge over Little River.
Nuckolls Cemetery 131 4876 In Baywood, south of US 58, east of 624 on hill.
Oak Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery (A-A)
(African American)
126 1902 West of Oak Grove Church and east of 683 [Twin Oaks Rd] on north side of US 58. On Saddle Creek.
Old Town Cemetery
aka Higgins Cemetery
63 1834 One third of a mile north of Oldtown on spur west of SSR 634 [Waterwheel Rd]. The Oldtown Cemetery is located in Grayson County VA, just off SSR 634 [Waterwheel Road], 1/4 mile from its intersection with SSR 640 [Greenville Road]. The settlement nearby was called Greenville in the early days of Grayson County and the county seat was first located here. This cemetery has been called by many names over the years, and most likely was originally the Dickenson Family Cemetery.
Old Town Memorial Cemetery (A-A)
(African American)
50 1920 On northeast side of hill north of 640 [Greenville Rd], quarter of a mile west of Galax.
Osborne, Alexander D. Cemetery >30 1889 East of SSR 711 [Battlefield Dr] and Shoal Creek, less than a quarter mile south of US 58.
Osborne, Dr. F. L. Cemetery 85 1885 SSR 745 [Brookgreen Rd.} at Quillen Ridge Rd.
Osborne, Herman Cemetery     Four miles to end of 686 from junction with 654. End of SR 686, take road through grazing boundary. Cemetery on right side of road on hill. Cemetery is fenced.
Osborne, John Cemetery     About 0.5 mile north of junction of Route 725 (Grassy Creek Rd) and Route 806 (Reservation Lane), Coordinates estimated.
Osborne, Preston B. Cemetery 12 1923 This cemetery is located on the north side of U.S. 58 [Grayson Parkway]. Access is by a small private road across U.S. 58 from Route 626 (Delhart Road).
Osborne, Zachariah Cemetery
aka Osborne Cemetery [4]
    Turn south off of US 58 [Wilson Hwy] to end of dirt road [Circle View Ln] 1 mile west of Shoal Creek.
Osborne Fort Cemetery     South of 711 [Battlefield Dr], 2 miles from US 58 on New River. Plots for Osborne, Cox, Hash. Phipps and Ward. This cemetery is located near New River on Route 711 [Battlefield Dr] 0.7 mi from the intersection with Route 601 [Bridle Creek Rd]. A large monument constructed around 1982 lists those persons known by people of the community to have been buried here. There are without doubt others buried here as well. All original stones were removed by the landowner in the late 1950s. In 2004 the surviving stones were placed in concrete footpads at this site. The fenced area is an approximation of the location of the cemetery.
Osborne - Williams Cemetery 47 1900 On the west side of SSR 740 [Low Gap Rd] about four tenths of a mile north of its intersection with US 58 [Highlands Pkwy].
Owen Family Cemetery 36 1892 Wolf Knob
Padgett Family Cemetery
aka George Bourne Cemetery
22 1843 From Junction 274 [Riverside Dr] at 94 [Scenic Rd], take 94 [Scenic Rd] north 1.5 miles, turn right onto SSR 638 [Lime Kiln Rd]. Go east for 1.3 miles to a fork in the road, take SSR 639 [Delps Beech Ln] to the left 0.4 miles. Cemetery is on left in some trees and is visible from the road.
Parks Family Cemetery     East of 601 on Government land in Hemp Patch area. Coordinates estimated.
Parks Grave Site     From the junction of SR 16 (Troutdale Hwy) and Rd 603 (Fairwood Rd), go 1.2 mile west on Fairwood Rd to Rt 739 (Rocky Hollow Rd). Turn left (south) onto Rocky Hollow Rd and travel south 0.7 mile to home on left.
Parks, Daniel Isaac Family Cemetery ~ 25   In Comers Rock/Bethel area. South of Comers Rock Road. West of 662 on hill above Elk Creek about 2 miles north of Bethel.
Parks, George Washington Family Cemetery 15 1880 On north side of SR 674 [Roberts Cove Rd], --- miles south of 601 [Flat Ridge Rd] junction.
Parks, Isaac J. Cemetery     In Flatridge area on east side of Panther Creek Rd. about 0.5 miles north of Cornflower Rd.
Parks, James Cemetery 3 1893 1348 Panther Creek Road (SSR 675) On the Winston and Lena Parks place on Panther Creek Road below the old house on land now owned by Larry Parks.
Parks, Nelson Cemetery 14 1912 This cemetery located on the old Parks place on top of Iron Mountain near the Smyth County line. From Flatridge heading towards Sugar Grove on Flat Ridge Road (601) turn right at the Houndshell Campground just above the Smyth County line.
Parks, Riley Preston Family Cemetery 14 1900 In the front yard of 1621 Chestnut Ridge Rd. On east side of 676 [Chestnut Ridge Rd], one and a half miles south of 601 [Flat Ridge Rd] junction
Parks, William Kendrick Cemetery 5 18__ West of 676 [Chestnut Ridge Rd], 1 and three quarters of a mile south of 601 [Flat Ridge Rd] junction. West and across 676 [Chestnut Ridge Rd] from Chestnut Ridge Church.
Parks - Haga Children Cemetery 3   Near the junction of Roberts Cove Rd. and Blue Springs Rd in the Flatridge area.
Parsons, Robert Family Cemetery 23 1845 On Jack Phipps Farm in Mouth of Wilson; Location on hill north of 767, turn onto dirt road 1.1 miles west of U.S. 58.
Patton Cemetery 196 1830 At the mouth of Oglesby Branch along 641 {Pattons Mill Lane] Grayson County, VA on SSR 641 [Pattons Mill Ln], 1.3 miles from SSR 634 [Water Wheel Rd]. The Cemetery in on the west side of the road as you approach New River.
Patton, Mumphford Cemetery 25 1880 In a pasture field on the east side of SSR 641 [Pattons Mill Ln], 1 mile from SSR 634 [Water Wheel Rd].
Patton, Thomas Cemetery 6 1820 This in a wooded area, about 100 yards from the end of Rt. 639 (Delp’s Beach Lane).
Peak, Hugh Family Cemetery     On hill above 789 [Sweet Brier Ln], 1/8 mile north of 745 [Solomon Rd].
Peak, John Andrew Cemetery 1   Take Bear Branch Road from US 58 at Mouth of Wilson, follow past the junction with York Ridge Road, and the cemetery will be on the left. Coordinates estimated.
Perkins, Hiram Cemetery 4 1876 East of Mikes Ridge, west of 601, just north of 675.
Perkins, James C. A. Cemetery 12 1888 This cemetery is located on a small knoll behind and to the right of property at 3940 Highlands Parkway north of Wilson Creek west of Volney, Virginia.
Perkins, Wiley Cemetery 63 1862 North of 731 and west of 775, above Guffey Creek.
Perry - Lewis Cemetery     On south slope of Walnut Knob. One of 2 Perry Cemeteries. The second Perry Cemetery is in Ashe County, North Carolina near end of Lost Branch Road.
Phipps Cemetery – Spencer Branch 5 1905 On hill across 748 [Laurel Hill Rd] from Little Helton Creek, half mile south of 797 [Spencer Branch Rd].
Phipps, Alexander Cemetery 15 1860 1141 Old Bridle Creek Road, SSR 601 [Bridle Creek Rd] behind Jo Ed Phipps property.
Phipps, B. H. Family Cemetery
aka Rush Phipps Cemetery
6 1867 From the junction of US Hwy 58 (Wilson Hwy) and Rt 681 (Rose Hill Rd) go north 0.8 mile on Rose Hill Rd to private road on left. Take this road west 0.4 mile to its end at the old Rush Phipps homeplace.
Phipps, Benjamin Family Cemetery 21 1838 From the junction of Wilson Hwy (US Hwy 58) and Saddle Creek Rd (Rt 682), go north. 0.7 mile on Saddle Creek Rd, to dirt road on right (east) side of road. Then on dirt road, go approximately 400 feet to cemetery on right.
Phipps, Isaiah Cemetery 60 1852 North of 601 [Old Bridle Creek Rd.], a quarter mile west of 803 [Hardwood Rd.].
Phipps, Troy Family Cemetery     Off Hwy 58, on Road ???, right of Saddle Creek Church, on top of hill, on the Wallace and Nancy Phipps Parson property. Coordinates estimated.
Pickle Cemetery     From the junction of Flatridge Rd (Rt. 658 & Chestnut Grove Rd (Rt. 734) go south across Fox Creek, then go south/west about 350 ft. Chestnut Grove Rd. to farm road going up the hill on the right side of the road. The cemetery is about 50 ft up the hill. A field stone is visible on the right.
Pickle - Peak Cemetery 4   From Highlands Parkway (US 58) at Rugby Rescue Squad go south on Rugby Rd (Rt 743) about 0.6 mile to York Ridge Rd (Rt 722). Go east (left) on York Ridge Rd an unknown distance. The cemetery is south of the road in a field and is probably not easily visible.
Pilgrim's Rest Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery 52 1934 On Pine Mountain in the Elk Creek District south of Pilgrims Rest Church at junction of SSR 843 [Bird Song Lane], SSR 692, and SSR 694 [Pine Mountain Road].
Pine Branch Cemetery 294 1862 On hillside facing Fox Creek, south of Pine Branch Church. From the junction of Kindreck Rd and Red Hawk Rd (SR 711 and SR 727) go aprox. 1000 ft NE on Kindreck Rd to private road. The cemetery is about 700 feet south on the private road.
Pleasant Branch Cemetery 28 1924 On hillside north of 807 [Pleasant Branch Lane], west of Pleasant Branch Church on 744. [Quillen Ridge Road]
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 1238 1884 On SSR 698 [Church Hill Rd], half mile south of US 58/221 [Grayson Pkwy], adjacent to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery     Behind Pleasant Hill Church in Carsonville. At Vista Rd (SR 695) junction with Pine Mt. Rd. (SR 691).
Pleasant Springs Methodist Church Cemetery     :Off Comers Rock Road (Rt 658) from the east junction with Mt. Zion Rd (Rt 671) go south about 0.2 mile on Mt. Zion Rd. The cemetery is behind house of W. B. Delp.
Pool, John Riley Cemetery 2 1899 From the junction of US 58 and Old Ferry Rd. Rd go north on Old Ferry Rd and Moore House about 2 miles to Scale House Rd. These two graves are in the edge of a wooded area, beside an abandoned road bed that joined the land of John Riley Pool and his cousin William Pascal Pool.
Poole Cemetery 31 1825 On 615, three quarters of a mile east of the 787 turnoff. Alternate directions: From Galax, take Highway 89 South, turn onto Edmonds Road, until you reach the NC/VA line, turn right on Savannah Road, and follow it a few miles, then the Poole Cemetery is on the right.
Poole - Burris Cemetery     Near top of Brier Patch Mt.
Porter Family Cemetery 9 1886 This cemetery was located in a patch of trees just north of the intersection of Rocky Hollow Road and Porter Road.
Potato Creek Cemetery 286 1845 Across the road from Potato Creek Church on SSR 708 [Potato Creek Rd], near SSR 766 [Fox Knob Rd].
Powers, H. G. Family Cemetery 11 1914 From Jct US Hwy 58 and Rd 751 (School House Rd), go south approximately one mile on Sturgill Rd (Rt 751) to cemetery.
Providence Methodist Church Cemetery 577 1815 South of Providence Methodist Church on east side of VA 94 in Providence.
Pugh Children Cemetery     From US 58 west of Independence go south on Penn's Ford Road to the T junction with Mountain View Road. The cemetery location is at the edge of the field above the junction.
Pugh, Felix Cemetery 38 1924 North of Volney between 16 [Troutdale Hwy] and SSR 734 [Chestnut Grove Rd] (turn left on first lane to the left off Chestnut Grove Road). Near Waren Porter home.
Pugh, Herald Cemetery 9 1868 Cemetery is located to the south of Green Gables Road and to the west of Virginia Route 16 in the Volney Community. The cemetery is located in a Christmas tree field.
Pugh, Mitchell Cemetery
aka Hash-Pugh Cemetery
30 1848 Near the intersection of Little Wilson Creek Road and Low Gap Road. (Behind David Anderson's house on the Low Gap Road)
Pugh, Samuel Cemetery
aka Gore Family Cemetery
aka Kiser Family Cemetery
85 1859 On a ridge east of Va Route 16/US58, south of Wilson Creek Bridge, Volney Community.
Pugh, Stephen T. Cemetery 2 1906 Cemetery is off Little Wilson Road (738) one mile south of Low Gap Road (740).
Pugh, William Family Cemetery 5 1892 From the junctions of SR 16 and Road 722 (Saloma Rd) west of Mouth of Wilson go 0.5 mile north on Saloma Rd to cemetery on left (west) side of road.
Pugh - Greear Cemetery 36 1859 In Grant Community, on east side of 16 [Troutdale Hwy] just south of 730 [Low Gap Rd] junction.
Pugh - Haynes Cemetery 19 1865 North side of 16 [Jefferson Hwy], near ridge top, eighth of a mile east of 721 [Reeves Hill Rd].
Quillin Family Cemetery 1   On Quillen Ridge, situated in the midst of a crop of Christmas Trees.
Rankin Cemetery 18 + 1817 This cemetery is located on the east side of Route 89 (South Main Street) behind the Lowe's Food Store (Hillcrest Shopping Center) in the Marion Heights Subdivision of Galax.
Razor Ridge Cemetery 52 + 1923 The entrance to this cemetery is on Razor Ridge Road 0.4 miles east of the Razor Ridge Baptist Church. The cemetery itself is not in view of the road but lies northwest of the public road at the end of the private road indicated by a sign.
Rector Family Cemetery 10 1858 1080 Grouse Hollow Lane; On Mont Rector Farm, Delhart Community
Reedy, Abram Family Cemetery 4 1902 On 743 (Rugby Road) going south to NC stateline. Directly across the road from Blair Reedy's place. Make hard right to Sylvia Henderson's place across Jones' Branch. Little family plot beside the barn on top the hill.
Reedy, Bill Cemetery 18 1860 On Rugby Road, Jones Branch. Coordinates estimated.
Reedy, Eli Cemetery 14 1887 Along east side of 734, north of Fall Branch. On Oren Reedy's place.
Reedy, Mitchell Cemetery 26 1897 On hill behind Richard Spencer's House on Rt. 725 Grassy Creek Road.
Reedy, Peter Cemetery 6 1838 On south slope on dirt road turnoff from 879 [Cana Ln], northeast of Rugby.
Reedy, S. D. Cemetery 5 1915 Grassy Creek
Reeves, Lt. George Cemetery 26 1811 This cemetery is east of Old River Rd (SR 700) about 0.25 mile south of the junction of Graystone Rd. (SR 701) It lies in a pasture on a hill south of the road and is easily visible from the road. On Vance Bond Place.
Reeves, George D. Cemetery 14 1891 Turn west on SR 721 from VA Route 16 near the NC/VA State line, travel about 1.5 miles, cemetery on north side of the road in a field of christmas trees, on Cleve Reeves homeplace
Reeves, Hardin Cemetery 17 1895 Beyond Reeves Jarvis, one mile around hill on old road bed through pines, overlooking New River. Coordinates estimated.
Reeves, Wayne Cemetery 26 1901 Cemetery is SE of Independence, approximately half a mile east of 221 on 701. Access to the cemetery is off Green Needles Lane.
Reeves - Elliott Cemetery     On east side of US 21 about 2 miles south of Independence.
Reeves - Jarvis Cemetery     On 710, half a mile south of junction with 712. Wayne Reeves farm.
Rhudy, William Cemetery
aka Cornett Cemetery
124 1861 On Lower Elk Creek, on William Rhudy's former estate on SSR 696 [Summerfield Rd].
Richardson Family Cemetery 40 1903 Route 748 (Laurel Hill Road, eighth of a mile south of Laurel Hill Baptist Church.
Richardson, John A. Cemetery 6 1896 On Ridge behind Bryan Emerson's House (1387 Rugby Road). Coordinates estimated from house.
Ring Family Cemetery 19 1880 Route 805 to Turkey Knob Road, then turn left on Turkey Knob Road
Roberts, Joe Cemetery
aka Roberts (Tolly) Cemetery
10 1911 On east side of 672, east of Middle Fox Creek, north of Lee Branch.
Roberts, Jonathan Family Cemetery
aka Tom Roberts Cemetery
27 1859 In Roberts Cove, on west side of SSR 672 [Blue Spring Rd], 1.75 miles north of SSR 674 [Roberts Cove Rd]. It is on land owned by Kyle Roberts.
Roberts, Lorenzo Dow Cemetery     Flat Ridge Area, On hilltop southeast of 768 [Honey Grove Rd.] junction with 674 [Roberts Cove Rd].
Roberts, William Cemetery 19 1857 Comers Rock, Grayson Co., VA. north on SSR 671 (Mount Zion Rd) which joins SSR 658 (Comers Rock Rd).
Robinson, Alexander Family Cemetery 16 1898 This Cemetery is in a pasture field on the west side of Rt. 636 (Rock Chimney Road). Access to the cemetery is through a gate beside the residence at 539 Rock Chimney Road, one half mile from the intersection of Rt. 636 and Highway 58 (Grayson Parkway).
Robinson, John D. Cemetery 5 + 1914 On property of Roy Hanks on left side of Route 631 and U.S. 58. Near Collins Cemetery on same property.
Robinson, William H. Cemetery 12 1876 This cemetery in Grayson County VA is located on Rt. 623 (Beech Grove Road) north of US 58.
Robinson - Fields Cemetery
aka Collins Family Cemetery [4]
51 1877 182 Baywood Store Road (SSR 624). On Property of Roy Hanks, near U.S. 58, Baywood.
Rock Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery 275 1862 Behind Rock Creek Church along 685 and Little Rock Creek.
Rockbridge Baptist Church Cemetery 68 1912 Across 731 [Rockbridge Rd] from Rockridge Baptist Church.
Roop Cemetery 33 1893 At end of dirt road turnoff of 751, one mile west of US 58. Ed Jones homeplace.
Rose Family Cemetery
aka David Cox Cemetery
9 1859 This cemetery is located east of Bridle Creek Road about 0.4 mi south of US 58. It is fenced and visible from the road.
Ross Cemetery     Near headwaters of Panther Creek, west of Blue Spring Gap, between Razor Flat and Mikes Ridge.
Ross, Byram Cemetery 72 1912 The cemetery is west of Sugar Branch and 677 [Razor Ridge Rd]; one mile north of Fox Creek Bridge. Access to this cemetery is either via a dirt road off Razor Ridge Rd about 0.15 miles south of the junction with Chestnut Ridge Road through a christmas tree farm or through the driveway and yard of a house on Razor Ridge Road just north of the junction with Chestnut Ridge Road.
Ross, Jesse Cemetery 9 1900 On the Ben Sexton place near the intersection of Panther Creek Road and Lost Lake Road. The cemetery no longer exists.
Ross, John Cemetery 19   The cemetery is on Glennwood Road. From 601 (Flat Ridge Road) go north on Panther Creek Road and turn left onto Glenwood Church Road. Continue along the road 0.9 mi to a gate on the right side of the road leading into a cow pasture. The cemetery is on the knoll northwest of the gate.
Ross, Troy Cemetery 48 1898 The cemetery is near the intersection of Flat Ridge Road (601) and Chestnut Ridge Road (676). The cemetery is barely visible from Chestnut Ridge Road when trees are bare. Access to the cemetery is from a private road on Flat Ridge Rd just north of Chestnut Ridge Road.
Ross, Wilborn Cemetery 16 1892 On right, quarter mile west of Route 93 [County Line Rd]/US 58 intersection.
Ross - Parks Family Cemetery 20   On the Lincoln Parks place on Panther Creek Road below Lost Lake Road. The cemetery is located right beside the road.
Russell, Calvin Cemetery 3 1904 On Leff Russell Farm off Route 601 [Old Bridle Creek Dr], about 0.5 mile south of junction with Rout 658 [Flatridge Rd.] side of Buck Mountain.
Russell - Testerman Cemetery     The cemetery is just off 601 in the Flat Ridge community. It is located on the farm of James Fleming Russell (now owned by his great-grandson) within sight of the Flat Ridge School and on the same side of the road. A farm building is adjacent to the road and the cemetery is within a fenced area behind that building and in front of the next.
Rutherford, Allen Cemetery [1] 30 1860 From the intersection of Route 711 and US 58 go south on Route 711 about two miles to SSR 826 [Orchid Lane]. Go southwest on SSR 826 [Orchid Lane] to the end of the road near the river. Go down river 1/2 mile to large branch. This is the old Rutherford log cabin and the cemetery is on the ridge left of the branch 200 yards up the ridge. Coordinates estimated.
Rutherford, Allen Cemetery [2]     On hilltop north of 16/58 [Troutdale Hwy], half mile west of SSR 796 [Fishers Rd] junction. Coordinates estimated.
Rutherford, Anderson Family Cemetery
aka Rutherford-Lovelace Family Cemetery
14 1865 The Rutherford Cemetery is located at the end of Route 714 [Kenstock Ln] off of Route 711 [Maple Rd] in oak timber about 500 yards down the ridge toward New River. About two hundred yards down the ridge from the Rutherford Cemetery (about 300 yards above New River) there are six or seven Lovelace family graves marked with fieldstones, all buried before 1900. Coordinates estimated.
Rutherford, Thompson Cemetery 2 1910 On hilltop on north side of Couchs Knob, reached by trail.
Saddle Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery 321   East of Saddle Creek Church on south side of US 58.
Sage, James Cemetery
aka William Sawyer Cemetery
24 1820 In Elk Creek in a field on south of Victory Lane and east of the drag strip.
Saint Johns Cemetery (A-A)
(African American)
    West side of Hunters Ln. (SR 659), one and a half miles north of Victory Ln. (SR 791), on east side of Round Mountain.
Salem Methodist Church Cemetery 136 1912 West of Salem Church in Longs Gap, west of US 21.
Senter Family Cemetery     N. of Highway 16, west of where that road crosses Wilson Creek, between Mouth of Wilson and Grassy Creek
Sexton, David Cemetery 4 1902 On private land about 3/4 mile above the end of Saddle Creek Rd. (SR 682).
Sexton, Elijah Franklin Family Cemetery 10 1918 From the junction of US Hwy 58 (Highlands Pkwy) and Rt 742 (Mill Creek Rd.) go north 0.1 mile on Mill Creek Rd. to a gap in pasture fence, on left side of road.
Sexton, John Family Cemetery 2 1865 From the junction of Rt 687 (Beaverdam Rd.) and Rt. 763 (Graystone Rd.) go 0.1 mile south on Graystone Rd. to the rock bluff on left side of road.
Shaver Cemetery
aka Shaver - Hash Cemetery
9 1882 On SSR 711, at Gold Hill Baptist Church, go 1/2 mi south and then left on an old community road about one mile through woods toward Bridle Creek. Cemetery is on the right of trail (i.e. take old logging road to northeast about one mile).
Shelton Family Cemetery 11 1895 This cemetery is located about a mile off Low Gap Road near its intersection with Little Wilson Road. This cemetery on the property of Bob Reedy, and is accessible only by walking, or some off-road type vehicle.
Shuler Cemetery 15   On hill west of SSR 672 [Blue Springs Rd] in Roberts Cove, One and a quarter miles north of SSR 674 [Roberts Cove Rd].
Shuler Family Cemetery 60 1857 In Bethel Community north of 673 [Bethel Rd], half mile west of Bethel Church. Bethel, VA on Rt. 673 [Bethel Rd]. From Bethel Memorial Methodist Church, travel 0.3 mile northwest (back toward Rt. 658) Cemetery is on right side of road, but cannot be seen from road. Shuler Family Cemetery sign is visible from road.
Shupe Cemetery 33 1885 North of Liberty Hill Rd. about 1 mile west of junction with Taylor's Chapel Rd. On property of Dan Wright 135 Idaho Ln, Fries, Va.
Sixteen Acre Field Cemetery 162 1870 Lundy, Grayson Co, VA. Located above Comers Rock, near the old Fellowship Baptist Church. Directions: From jct of 611 [Stone's Chapel Rd] and 664 [Serenity Rd], go west on 664 [Serenity Rd] for 0.2 miles. Cemetery is on left of road. Visible from road. Sits on a knoll.
Smith Cemetery 42 1915 On a private road [804] on the south side of the Blue Ridge Parkway between milepost 213 and 214. It is located on land that was donated by Roby Goodson.
Smith, Howard Grave (A-A)
(African American)
1 1891 On a private road [804] on the south side of the Blue Ridge Parkway between milepost 213 and 214. It is located on land that was donated by Roby Goodson.
Smith - Cooley Graves 2 1902 In Baywood area. Take Old Baywood Rd. (SR 626) southwest from Baywood. Turn south on Knoll Ridge Ln. Cemetery is in wooded area beyond house.
Snow Hill Baptist Church Cemetery 404 1900 Northwest of Snow Hill Church on 613.
Spencer Cemetery 19 1885 On south side of Rt. 725 Grassy Creek Rd.
Spencer, David M. Family Cemetery 7 1894 From the junction of Rt 725 (Grassy Creek Rd) and Rd 745 (Brookgreen Rd) go 0.2 mile on Brookgreen Rd to cemetery on right side of road.
Stamper, Ephraim Cemetery 3   West of Comer's Rock Rd. (rt 658) almost a half mile south of 674 junction.
Stevens Creek Church of God of Prophecy 58 1917 Off 813 [Barbershop Ln] east of 647 [Stevens Creek Rd], northwest of Fries.
Stevens Creek Methodist Church Cemetery 113 1947 On SSR 647 [Stevens Creek Rd] just south of junction with SSR 644 [Sheep Grove Rd], along Stevens Creek, northwest of Fries.
Stone, Jeremiah Cemetery
aka Chris Stone Family Cemetery
8 1809 46 Willowshade Lane. One and a half miles west of US 21 [Elk Creek Pkwy] south of SSR 658 [Comers Rock Rd] on hill top. On the Claude Stone Farm in Elk Creek, Grayson Co, VA.
Stone, William E. Cemetery
aka Stone's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery
49 1874 On south side of 665, east of 864, half mile east of Stones Chapel.
Stoneman Cemetery     This Cemetery in Grayson County Virginia was located at the intersection of Rt. 609 (Peaks Mountain Road) and Rt. 720 (Mill Pond Road).
Sullivan Family Cemetery 37 1909 On north side of 603, half mile northeast of Friendship Church.
Summerfield United Methodist Church Cemetery ~ 675 1842 Around Summerfield Methodist Church at junction of 660 and 717.
Sutherland, Alexander Family Cemetery
aka Valley View Cemetery
18 1818 West of Elk Creek. Access to the cemetery is east via a private road at the junction of Powder Mill Rd. and Caty Sage Rd.
Sutherland, Carol Marie Grave 1   From the junction of Elk Creek Parkway (US 21) and Country Ln (Rt 791) go east on Country Ln to the junction ofWagon Wheel Rd (Rt 657)then rightonto Wagon Wheel Rd past the first big house.The cemetery is right of the road, on a hill behind pines, in pasture field. The cemetery is not visible from either road.
Sutherland R. H. Cemetery
aka Sammy Sutherland Cemetery
6 1862 Elk Creek, VA. From SSR 658 [Comers Rock Rd] turn onto SSR 665 [Stones Chapel Rd], go 0.2 miles. Cemetery is on right about 200 yards up to the top of the hill. Cemetery is visible from road. Located on old Maiden Roberts farm.
Swinney Cemetery 7 1892 North of Liberty Hill Rd. about 1 mile west of junction with Taylor's Chapel Rd. On property of Dan Wright 135 Idaho Ln, Fries, Va.
Taylor's Chapel Cemetery (A-A)
(African American)
16   Behind residences on east side of Taylor's Chapel Road about one third of a mile north of junction with Cattle Drive.
Taylor, Ben Cemetery 35 1863 On 706 past Earnest Haga and Gene Osbornes, two miles south of US 58.
Taylor, W . N. Cemetery
aka Osborne Cemetery [2]
15 1893 At end of SSR 702 [Horse Ford Ln], southwest of 700 [Bethany Rd], two thirds of a mile west of Bethany Church.
Thomas Cemetery     On 658 at Crossroads about a quarter mile beyond New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery. south from road by about 300 feet in field. Site investigated multiple times, neighbors consulted, cemetery not found; probable that this cemetery was removed to the Grant Cemetery
Thomas, F. S. Cemetery ~ 12 1854 The cemetery is located on the hill above Beaver Dam Road just off 221 in the southern part of Independence.
Thomas, Haywood Family Cemetery 4   From the Fox intersection of US 58 [Wilson Hwy] and Route 711 [Fox Creek Rd] go north 1-1/2 mi to SSR 680 [Little Fox Creek Road]. Continue north about 1-1/4 mi to the old Funk Farm on the left. Cemetery is on the ridge line about 1/2 mi.
Todd - Wilson Cemetery 12 1884 1247 Greenwich Road (SSR 767) On back part of Joe Don Dickenson's farm, moved to the Felts Cemetery in Galax.
Troutdale Town Cemetery 405 1910 East of center of Troutdale on south side of 603.
Tucker, Samuel Family Cemetery ~ 25 1845 South of Grayson Highlands State Park. From US 58 [Highlands Pkwy] and SSR 742 [Shippeys Branch Rd] Intersection, turn south onto SSR 742 [Shippeys Branch Rd]. Cemetery is at end of Pinnacle Ln.
Unknown Grave     This grave is located east of Blue Spring Gap Road just north of Lee Branch on the Wiley Roberts farm in Roberts Cove. There are no visible indications of this burial site.
Unnamed Cemetery (Cold Springs) 2   These two graves arein a wooded area on a high hillside on the north side of Old Baywood Road (Rt. 626 ). The graves are beside an old roadbed that begins at a gate where the road has been straightened at the intersection of Old Baywood Road and Cold Springs Road (Rt. 632)
Unnamed Cemetery (Spring Valley Rd)     This cemetery is on a farm owned by Alton Bourne on Spring Valley Road
Untitled Cemetery (Greenhouse Rd)     North side of Rock Creek along Green House Rd (Rt 689) near ford and high voltage lines.
Untitled Cemetery (near Rock Creek)     West of Powerhouse Rd (Rt 687) on shoulder of hill, half mile north of Rock Creek.This location description is vague.
Upchurch Cemetery     In Grayson Highlands State Park, off end of Road 742 (Mill Creek Ln), on hill in field, overgrown & apparently abondoned by everyone. Cemetery appears to have been north of creek & south of electric power line, with only a few rows of fieldstones to suggest outlines of graves. Park Office has surveyed plat showing approx. location of cemetery
Van Hoy Cemetery 13 1921 From the junction of US 58 and Hwy 16 in Volney go west about 0.3 miles on Highlands Parkway (US 58) to York Ridge Rd. Head south and west on York Ridge Rd. for about 3 miles to drive on right/north side of road.
Vaughan, James C. Cemetery 13 1896 On knoll top west of US 21/221, one mile south of Independence.
Vaughan, William Cemetery 4 1841 In Spring Valley on 777, 1 mile east from 805.
Vaught, Reece Family Cemetery 18 1894 On Spring Valley Road about 2 miles east of US 21. Coordinates estimated.
Vertigan Cemetery 9 18__ 1156 Old Mill Road (SSR767) On a ridge to the north of the mouth of Wilson Creek near the home of Steve Phipps. Coordinates estimated.
Wagg Cemetery 34 1861 On north side of VA Route 16, in the Grassy Creek Community
Wagoner Cemetery 13 1893 On hill, near end of dirt road, off of 701 [Greystone Rd], 1.4 miles from US 21 [New River Pkwy].
Walker - Parker Cemetery 6 1908 Near the end of Rt. 755 beyond point of state maintenance, in the Tri-state corners area.
Walls Cemetery 192 1912 At end of dirt road on Cabin Ridge at end of 828 off of 750.
Ward, The Bachelors Cemetery 2 1885 This cemetery is east of Old Bridle Creek Road about 1/4 mi north of US 58. This cemetery lies at the foot of Buck Mountain on the Parsons farm near the site of the home of the two men buried here. Coordinates estimated.
Ward, Enoch Family Cemetery
aka Ward Farm Cemetery
aka Lewis Ward and Wallis Sexton Cemetery
17 1882 West of Saddle Creek Rd on Buck Mountain. Private road/jeep trail leads past cemetery.
Ward, K. C. Family Cemetery 2   From the junction of Rt 711 (Red Hawk Rd.) and Rt 727 (Kindreck Rd.), Go SW on Kindreck Rd. Cross Big Fox Creek bridge, then go 0.43 mile to red farm gate on left side of the road.
Ward, Riley Family Cemetery ~ 10   This cemetery is on the north side of Potato Creek Rd. (SR 708) about a mile west of the junction with Bridle Creek Rd. (SR 601).
Ward, Silas Cemetery 24 1835 Three miles west of Independence on US 58, turn south on 711, come to north branch of Bridle Creek, on hill to west near low water bridge. This cemetery is located at the intersection of SSR 711 and SSR 601 at low bridge on New River. Cemetery is west of intersection about 1/4 mi up ridge in pines and brush.
Ward, Wells Cemetery 29 1817 Saddle Creek Community, On the Ward-Jenkins farm.
Ward - Sexton Cemetery 8 + 1883 West of Independence on north side of US 58 between Saddle Creek Road and Twin Oak Road.
Warrick, F. K. Cemetery 15 1858 About four tenths of a mile south of Providence Methodist Church Cemetery on east side of SR 94 [Scenic Rd] at end of a private drive.
Warrick - Dufphey Cemetery ~ 35   Near end of Riverdale Ln over looking New River south of Riverside Dr (Rt 274).
Watson, Elihu Family Cemetery 7 1892 South side of 741, 1/4 mile west of Comers Creek Baptist Church (Grayson/Smyth County line, above Troutdale)
Weaver, Gideon Family Cemetery 20 1910 On a ridge at 129 Mill Creek Lane, Near Mill Creek Methodist Church, Rugby
Weaver, Hampton C. Cemetery 30 1906 On north side of 58, 1 and 2/3 miles west of Mt. Rogers School.
Weaver, William Cemetery 27 1865 On Storehouse Lane, west of 600 [Mud Creek Ln], at headwaters of Mud Creek, 1.5 miles south of U.S. 58.
Weiss Family Cemetery 6 1831 In the woods on the ridge behind 617 Wallen's Creek Road.
Weiss, John Cemetery 6 1887 On the west side of Shippey's Branch Road, not far from the North Carolina line; south of the Barnes Cemetery.
Wells, John Cemetery 31 1845 On the north side of U.S. 58 in Volney community. Take the first lane after crossing Wilson Creek Bridge to the north
Whitaker Cemetery 5 1911 This cemetery is located in the Baywood area. Take the Old Baywood Road (Rt 626) southwest from Baywood, turn south onto Knoll Ridge Lane.
White Top Cemetery
aka Monroe Miller Family Cemetery
98 1912 On south side of SSR 755 [Pond Mountain Ln], southwest of White Top Community.
White Top Baptist Church Cemetery 418 1850 Across 58 from Whitetop Baptist Church.
Wiles Cemetery     Northwest of Helton Valley Church, south of U.S. 58 and Brier Ridge.
Wiles, Calvin Cemetery 9 1893 On west side of Shippys Branch Road, about 0.5 mile south of junction with U.S. 58. This cemetery is beside a barn behind first house to the west of this road.
Williams Cemetery 62 1829 From the intersection of Winding Rd. (644) and 647 travel 0.5 miles north on 647, turn west on Little Brook Lane. The Cemetery is at the end of Little Brook Lane.
Williams Family Cemetery 8 1858 This cemetery in Grayson County, VA is on the west side of Waterwheel Road near the intersection with Windmill Road. Coordinates estimated.
Williams, Floyd Family Cemetery 27 1906 In Grayson County, VA on Waterwheel Road, 1.5 miles from Fries Road, at the intersection of Waterwheel Road and Turnip Lane. Cemetery is on the south side of the road, on a hillside, visible from the road.
Williams - Watson Family Cemetery     Off 603 into "Old Claude and Little Spence Home. Right over wood bridge keep left follow gravel road to top, maybe trailer near cemetery, Behind Chantow Clinic in Troutdale. Coordinates estimated.
Wilson, Curren Cemetery 13 1889 Delhart area. Access to the cemetery is through a gate on Rt. 633 (Crestview Road) 0.3 miles south of its intersection with Rt. 623 (Greenwich Road).
Wilson, Howard Family Cemetery 2 1984 This small family cemetery is on the north side of Rt. 631 (Crackers Neck Road). The cemetery is in a field, beyond a barn, 0.6 mile from Rt. 636 (Beech Grove Road).
Wilson, Sam Cemetery 10 1888 In a field on the west side of Rt. 633 (Crestview Road) and the intersection of Rt. 624 (Crossroads Drive)
Wingate Cemetery     On east side of U.S. 21, about 3 miles north of Independence, is up a path to the right
Wingate, Wright Children Cemetery     From junction Rt 733 (Pine Branch Rd) & 658 (Flatridge Rd), go south 0.45 mile on 733, to left curve in road.
Wingate, Wright Family Cemetery (Independence) 18 1862 On US 21 about 3 miles north of Independence, across from water bottling plant. On hill behind house.
Wingler Cemetery 6 1954 The Wingler Cemetery is adjacent to U.S. 58, (north side) near the junction with 754 Old Park Road.
Wingler, Willie Family Cemetery 28 1952 The Willie Wingler Family Cemetery is on the south side U.S. Route 58 in the White Top community of Grayson County, Virginia, not far from the Washington County, Virginia county line.
Woods Cemetery 10 1865 West of 677, 2/3 miles north of 676 junction.
Wright Cemetery 19 1864 Grayson County, VA, near the old Wright homeplace, at the end of Rolling Wood Lane [Route 774], west of Galax. The cemetery is quite old.
Wright Family Cemetery     West side of Stones Chapel Road (Rt 665) and south of Powder Mill Road (Rt 663) on hill in field.
Wright, E. K. Cemetery     Half mile northwest of Caty Sage Rd (Rt 662) and Stone's Chapel Rd (Rt 611) junction.
Wright, James Family Cemetery 10 1861 Jct of Rts. 662 & 663 close to bridge on Rt. 663, go approx. 1/4 mile. Cemetery is on the right about 200-300 feet up the hill and is visible from the road.
Wright, Tolbert Family Cemetery     From the junction of Rt. 650 (Springwood Ln) and Rt.660 (Carsonville Rd) directly northeast across Carsonville Rd from this junction is the access lane.
Wysong Family Cemetery 1   From the junction of Rt 805 (Spring Valley Rd) and Rt. 818 (Mountain Music Lane) go 0.2 mile north on Mountain Music Lane to the junction with Rt 857 (Shale Hollow Rd.).
Yarber Cemetery 6 1886 In the woods past Elmer Hanks.
Young, Andrew Family Cemetery 108 1862 West side of SSR 603 [Ripshin Rd], quarter mile south of Friendship Church. (On Laurel Creek Road, Troutdale)
Young, Ezekiel Cemetery 3 1800 In a field north of the junction of Fox Creek Rd (SR 711) and Little Fox Creek Rd (SR680).
Young, Fielden Cemetery 30 1877 From the junction of US 58 and Jefferson Hwy (SR 16) in Mouth of Wilson go southwest on Jefferson Hwy 1.2 miles to farm gate on the right (north) side of the road. From this point the cemetery is about 0.4 mile north on ridge at the edge of the grass area.
Young, Fielden Mack Cemetery 10 1917 At north end of Mink Ridge Ln above Little Wilson Church off of 738 [Little Wilson Rd].
Young, Fields M. Cemetery 18 1859 On hillside in north fork of 16/58 and 796 along Trout Branch. From Mouth of Wilson go west on US 58 and Route 16 to Route 796 (formerly Edgewater, Va). At this intersection, go north on the hill top.
Young, Jesse Cemetery 50 1867 From U.S. 58 at Mouth of Wilson, take Bear Branch Road, go past the point where it meets Holly Ridge Road. Look for an old log house (in state of decay), cemetery is on the knoll behind this structure.
Young, Dr. Staley E. Cemetery 4 1914 This cemetery is behind a residence on the east side of Rt. 626 (Old Baywood Road), 0.3 mile south from its intersection with Rt. 624 (Baywood Store Road).
Young, Timothy F. Cemetery 13 1900 On Spencer Branch Road, near intersection with Laurel Hill Road
Young's Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery 276 1852 Mouth of Wilson, Grayson County, VA On west side of Young's Chapel along SSR 728 [Oak Hill Road]