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Independence Town Cemetery (A-A)

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Northwestern part of Independence

Directions: From Main St and North Independence Ave go north on North Independence Ave (US 21) and turn left on Elliott Place (Rt 684). At the junction with Round Hill Drive (T 1120) there is also a dirt road that runs between these two paved road. Follow that dirt road about 200 feet up the hill through the woods.

GPS Coordinates: N36.6260426 W81.1603854

Surveyed by: Rich and Ginger Ballard 23 Apr 2003; updated by Gil Wetmore Aug 2008

Comments: This cemetery cannot be seen from 1120 but is plainly visible from the end of the dirt road. It is partially surrounded by a chain link fence.

Independence Town Cemetery (A-A), Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
JONES, Mike W. 22 Apr 1919 23 May 2003 S2 US Navy World War II
JONES, Gladys L. [9 Jun] 1921 [18 Jun] 1993 [Gladys Lucille, d/o John Wise Johnson & Eula Hale; w/o Mike W. Jones]
JONES, Thomas R. 1946 1962
GENTRY, William [22 Jul] 1915 [17 Jun] 1989 metal marker; [William Joe Miller, s/o Joe Gentry & Maude Leona Jones]
MOSES, Fred 1898 1968 metal marker; [s/o Lon Reeves & Lena Moses]
unknowns indeterminate number of unmarked graves
REEVES, Ellis L. [Sep 1893] 7 Feb 1935 VA Pvt 158 Depot Brig; [s/o Huston & Caroline Reeves]
TAYLOR, John Mar 1836 28 Mar 1911 [s/o Richard & Bettie Taylor; h/o Hannah Stewart]
JONES, Alaska Nevada 20 Apr 1903 23 Jul 1941 [d/o Leonard & Cynthia McKinnon; w/o Booker T. Jones]
ALLEN, Lessie A. 1889 1967 double stone with next; [d/o Thomas Jones & Sarah Cox; she m1 Reed Goins, 3rd w/o George W. Allen]
ALLEN, George W. 1883 1960 [s/o Henderson Allen & Martha Martin; he m1 Hattie C. ____, m2 Sue McMillan Cox, m3 Lessie Jones Goins]
DICKERSON, Carrie A. 25 Dec 1905 2 Sep 1960  
ALLEN, Hazel M. 9 Aug 1922 17 May 1984  
ALLEN, Paul 1921 2004 [possibly Thomas P., s/o George W. & Hattie C. Allen]
GOINS, Vance 13 Mar 1906 22 Mar 1978 ST3 U.S. Navy World War II; [s/o Colonel Goins & Minnie Lynch]; double stone with next
GOINS, Leona A. 22 Feb 1914 23 Dec 1989 [Leona Lannie, d/o George Allen & Hattie Reeves]
Row 2
JONES, David Lee, Sr. 3 Nov 1946 5 Oct 1998 A1C U.S. Air Force Viet Nam
unknown     field stone
MOSES, William K. 26 Dec 1873 24 Apr 1905 [William Kyle, s/o George Washington Moses & Amanda Jones]
Row 3
JONES, Thomas [ca Feb 1862]   family stone with next; [Thomas J., s/o Thomas M. & Mourning Jones]
JONES, Sarah [ca Jan 1868]   family stone with next; [nee Sarah A. Cox; w/o Thomas J. Jones]
JONES, William [ca Apr 1893]   family stone with next; [William E., s/o Thomas J. & Sarah A. Cox Jones]
JONES, Maude [ca Mar 1895]   family stone with next;[Maude L., d/o Thomas J. & Sarah A. Cox Jones; she m Joe Gentry]
JONES, Carl [ca Oct 1894]   family stone with next; [Thomas Carl, s/o Thomas J. & Sarah A. Cox Jones; he m Nancy L. ____]
JONES, Lela [22 Sep 1885]   [Laura Lelia, d/o Thomas J. & Sarah A. Cox Jones; she m2 Charlie Grant]
BLAIR, William M. 1865 1954 double stone with next
BLAIR, Jane B. 1877 1959  
GOINS, Caroline     [probably widow/o George H. Goins; she m1 Jacob Reeves]
REEVES, Charlie 1872 1947 [probably s/o Jacob & Caroline Reeves; if so, Grayson birth records list his birth as 15 May 1876]
unknown     field stone
REEVES, Ollie 1886 [5 Jun] 1979 double stone with next; [Ollie Beatrice, d/o Rilda or Murella Parks; obit lists birth as Dec 1880]
REEVES, Lonnie 1878 1960 married 7 Nov 1900; [s/o Jacob & Caroline Reeves]
REEVES, Brother Will [ca 1871]   [s/o Jacob & Caroline Reeves]
unknown     metal marker Leon Reeves 1919-1986; probably the original marker for the next grave
REEVES, William L. 18 Aug 1919 6 Jan 1986 double stone with next; [William Leon, s/o Lonnie Reeves & Ollie B. Parks]
REEVES, Ophellia [21 Jun] 1920   [nee Gambill]
REEVES, Selven 1914 1967  
Row 4
BANKS, Estel C. 25 Oct 1905 27 Apr 1943 double stone with next; [s/o Candis Banks]
BANKS, Irene A. 19 Jan 1917 5 Nov 1998  
unknowns      six field stones
unknown     unmarked grave
unknowns     three field stones
POE, Mazie Sep 1858 17 May 1910 [w/o Jacob Poe; d/o Ben & Phebe Edwards; she m1 ___ Cockerham, m2 John Miller, m3 Jacob Poe]
REEVES, William T. 24 May 1947 3 Apr 1948  
REEVES, Ollie Pearl 23 Aug 1943 3 Apr 1993 [d/o Leon Reeves & Ophelia Gambill; obit lists birth as 22 Aug 1943]
GENTRY, Ella Kay 10 Jun 1917 6 Sep 2000  
Row 5
unknowns     three or four unmarked graves
REEVES, Reaney [ca Jul 1841] 20 Aug 1905 [her children included Sindy, Mollie (m Rowan Foote), Callie, Hattie, and Allice]
ALLEN, Infant 6 Feb 1909 25 Feb 1909 infant of G.W. and H.C. Allen
ALLEN, Hattie 22 May 1880 26 Apr 1922 w/o G.W. Allen; stone fallen
unknowns     three field stones
REEVES, J. Estelle 17 Dec 1911 4 Sep 1984  
REEVES, Rosa F. 23 Mar 1892 21 Sep 1955 double stone with next; [[d/o Houston Reeves & Callie Moses]
REEVES, John W. 23 Jun 1879 19 Oct 1965 [s/o Cinda Reeves]
Row 6
WASHINGTON, Mary __ Dec 1862 [bef 1900] w/o T[hompson] R. Washington; [d/o Mary Doughton]
Row 7
WASHINGTON, Lula 22 Dec 1890 13 Apr 1975 [d/o Thompson R. Washington & Mary Doughton; she m Quiller Thompson]
DAUGHTON, Camit 1878 [3 Mar] 1956 [McCamant, s/o Mary Doughton; he m Easter Johnson; wife Alice]
DOUGHTON, Mattie 1883 1941 hand carved; [nee Martha McMillan; w/o Fields Doughton]
DAUGHTON, Fields 1865 1941 broken stone, fallen; [s/o Thursey Doughton; he m Mattie McMillan]
unknowns     five field stones
WASHINGTON, Edward 23 Apr 1869   double stone with next; [s/o George & Matilda Washington]
WASHINGTON, Jossie 14 Oct 1872 10 Jun 1947 [Josie A., d/o Caroline Laurence, sd/o Benjamin Bourne]
Row 8
MAXWELL, William A. 8 Sep 1870 7 Jul 1946  
MAXWELL, Rosa 1904 1943 w/o Barney Jones; [probably d/o William Maxwell; she m1 Carl Lee]
unknowns     three or four unmarked graves
unknown     metal marker, no data
Known to be buried here but no markers found
ALLEN, Gloria Lee [12 Mar 1952] [22 Dec 1956] [d/o Paul Allen & Hazel McMillan]
REEVES, Infant [25 Apr 1952] [26 Apr 1952] [infant s/o Sonny Reeves]