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Lewis Hale Family Cemetery

Grayson County, Virginia

Location: Elk Creek

Directions: From intersection of Elk Creek Parkway (US 21) and Comers Rock Rd (Rt 658) at Elk Creek continue north on Elk Creek Parkway for about 1/4 mile to Willow Shade Ln (Rt. 666). The cemetery is north of Willow Shade Ln on west side of Elk Creek Parkway.

GPS Coordinates: N36.708046 W81.170364

Surveyed by: Susan Taylor Woodson & Mary Taylor Harrington. A handwritten account by Eli Scott Hale gives names and dates. Most of the stones only have the years on them.

Comments: At the front of the cemetery are two decorative iron gates which swing open at the center. Incorporated within the iron scroll work at the upper portion of the gates is the inscription, "Hale 1802." ; Genealogy was provided by Mary Taylor Harrington & Susan Taylor Woodson. Eli Scott Hale notes were preserved by Paul Herndon.

Lewis Hale Family Cemetery, Grayson County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
HALE, Infant [31 Aug] 1899 [31 Aug] 1899 age 12 hours; [d/o Scott and Eva Hale] Hale
Row 2
HALE, Sophia [24 Dec] 1897 [26 Dec 1897] aged 36 hours; [d/o Eli Cook and Lillian Thornton Hale (his second wife)];
HAIL, Eli Cook [14 Jan] 1834 [6 May ]1905  
HAIL, Frances Ann [9 Sep] 1836 [8 Aug 1892] [d/o James and Rachael Scott; w/o Eli Cook Hale]
VAUGHAN, Laura J. [17 Dec] 1859 [24 Aug] 1905 [d/o Eli Cook and Frances Ann Scott Hale; w/o Dr. James Emmett Vaughan]
HAIL, Mastin [22 Dec] 1804 [2 Jun] 1900  
HAIL, Susan 1803 1864 [nee Perkins; 1st w/o Mastin Hale]
HAIL, Margaret J. [6 Jan] 1819 [1 Jun] 1900 [2nd w/o Mastin Hale]
McKINNEY, Mollie V. [28 Jan] 1866 [24 Mar] 1896 aged 30 ys 1 mo and 26 ds; [d/o Eli C. & Fannie Hale; w/o Willis E. McKinney]
WHITMAN, John H. [27 Aug] 1822 [6 Mar] 1904  
WHITMAN, Celia T. [14 Aug] 1831 [8 Feb] 1901 aged 69 yrs 3 mo 24 ds; [w/o John H. Whitman]
MOXLEY, Joseph C., Dr. [17 Nov] 1884 [6 Feb] 1976  
MOXLEY, Emma Kirby [8 Jan] 1896 [13 Nov] 1989 [Emma Rose, d/o James Heath & Nancy McKnight Kirby; w/o Joseph C. Moxley]
Row 3
HAIL, Chapman G.   [16 Aug] 1854 aged 30 years 3 mo and 17 days; consort of Margaret Hail
HAIL, Stephen, Senr. [24 Jul] 1783 16 Feb 1854 consort of Frances Hail; aged 70 years, 6 mo and 22 days; [stone refurbished and reset 1992]
HALE, Frances     Headstone has been reset in concrete with its dates, if any, now covered by the concrete. [A field note refers to a marker with partial inscription, ".....consort of Frances Hail, dys 1851"]
HAIL, Rosamond J. [22 Nov] 1835 [7 Feb] 1891 daughter of Mastin and Susan Hale
HAIL, Susan 1803 [6 Aug] 1864 age 61 yrs 7 ms and 28 ds; 2nd stone for w/o Mastin Hale
NUCKOLLS, Elizabeth   [26 Jul] 1865 age 35 ys 8 ms and 15 ds
NUCKOLLS, Creed [12 Jan] 1806 [31 Mar] 1869 age 63 y 2 m 19 d
CORNETT, Malinda R. 1849 [28 Dec] 1868 19 ys 6 ms 21 ds; [nee Mitchell; w/o William H. Cornett]
MITCHELL, William M. [1 Sep] 1825 [24 Jun] 1888 [William Marshall, s/o Dr. Zachariah and Elizabeth Newland Mitchell; h/o Sophia P. Hale]
MITCHELL, Sophia Primrose [16 Sep] 1830 [19 Jun] 1910 wife of Dr. Wm. M. Mitchell; 79 yrs 9 mos 3 ds; [d/o Stephen and Frances Bourne Hale; w/o William Marshall Mitchell]
COX, Virginia L. [19 May] 1859 [13 Dec] 1890 [nee Mitchell]; wife of Newton C. Cox. [Stone very worn...death date may be incorrect]
THOMAS, Fannie E. [19 Sep] 1851/1861 [19 Nov ]1917 [d/o Dr. William Marshall and Sophia Primrose Hale Mitchell; w/o Rufus F. Thomas]
MITCHELL, Edith Juanita [21 May] 1894 [20 Jul] 1896 little daughter of Dr. S.H. and Bessie A. Mitchell; footstone inscribed "Nita"
Row 4
unknowns     ten field stones
HALE, Lewis [Nov 1742] [12 Mar] 1802 "a pioneer of Grayson County; father of Richard, William, Elizabeth, Dudley, Francis, Mary, Lewis and Stephen Hale"; erected in 1902 by their descendants. [Birth year may be 1742-1746.]; double stone with next
HALE, Mary [1744] [18 Sep] 1809 [nee Burwell; w/o Lewis Hale]
Row 5
unknowns     six field stones
Row 6
unknowns     six to eight scattered field stones
Row 7
HALE, Mary Alice [8 Jan] 1862 [28 Jan] 1916 beloved wife of W.S. Hale; [nee Booher]
HALE, William Scott [4 Mar] 1863 [3 Sep] 1909 [s/o Eli Cook & Francis Ann Scott Hale]
HALE, Charles Edwin   [30 Jun] 1901 aged 30 days
PUGH, Maurice [30 Nov] 1897 [9 Mar] 1898 son of J[ohn] R. and S[arah] C[allie Hale] Pugh
HALE, Lewis, [Jr.] 1781 1842 "sacred to the memory of Lew Hale, husband of Betsy Hale, who departed this life Ma__aged 60(?) years, 11 months." [Cast concrete marker is spalding badly]
HALE, Elizabeth [20 Mar] 1785 [22 Aug] 1866 ae 81 ys 5 ms and 2 ds; [nee Bourne]
unknowns     two field stones
HALE, Wilson [18 Jan] 1834 [13 Nov] 1904 [former slave; headstone refurbished and reset on 11 Jul 1992]
BANKS, Ballard [25 Aug] 1820 [22 Dec] 1893 aged 73 yrs 3 mo 27 ds; [former slave]
HALE, Mary [1838] [17 Jun] 1903 [former slave]
unknowns     three field stones