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Grayson County, Virginia Post Offices and Postmasters

Abstracted by Jeffrey C. Weaver, April, 1998.

The following list of post offices and postmasters was abstracted from information found in the National Archives. The information on file ends in 1971. Some portions of this list were difficult to read, and it is possible that some names and or dates are not correct.

Grayson County, Virginia Post Offices and Postmasters
Post Office Postmaster Date Comments
Amorita John O. Buchett 7/19/1890  
Amorita Moved to Alleghany Co., NC 6/30/1899  
Ancella Benjamin F. Ward 2/13/1886  
Ancella Fannie Osborn 10/9/1894  
Ancella Discontinued 6/17/1905 Mail to Independence
Arbutus Margie C. Hampton 5/26/1888  
Arbutus Thomas J. Jennings 6/23/1890  
Arbutus John H. Pool 12/10/1897  
Arbutus Edy R. Phipps 5/16/1901  
Arbutus Minnie A. Jennings 5/12/1912  
Baylor Samuel C. Bishop 7/26/1899  
Baylor Discontinued 2/29/1904 Mail to Fox
Baywood James H. Kyle 3/20/1895  
Baywood Archie M. Moore 6/25/1897  
Baywood Leath Kirby 12/8/1902  
Baywood Charles A. Hampton 12/26/1902  
Baywood Virdie I. G. Hampton 11/23/1905  
Baywood Isaiah L. Todd 3/22/1906  
Baywood Virdie I. G. Hampton 11/23/1905  
Baywood Major F. Johnson 2/14/1914  
Baywood Coy J. Galyean 7/1/1925  
Baywood Discontinued 1/19/1962 Mail to Galax
Bear Branch James W. Neikirk 2/1/1902  
Bear Branch George W. Carson 3/5/1903  
Bear Branch Nancy J. Pugh 6/11/1903  
Bear Branch Discontinued 6/24/1903 Mail to Volney
Big Meadows John C. Greer 3/19/1841  
Big Meadows Michael Grubb 12/31/1857  
Big Meadows Discontinued 12/14/1866 Mail to Grant
Big Ridge William H. Phipps 3/20/1903  
Big Ridge Discontinued 8/31/1905 Mail to Mouth of Wilson
Bonapart Robert E. Jones 1/4/1904  
Bonapart Name Changed to Galax 3/17/1904  
Boyers Ferry Thomas J. McKnight 6/10/1891  
Boyers Ferry Wiley G. Collins 10/4/1895  
Boyers Ferry Phebe A. Collins 11/20/1896  
Boyers Ferry Discontinued 2/15/1908 Mail to Shamrock
Bridle Creek John F. (K.?) Ballard 7/12/1842  
Bridle Creek Wiley H. Stamper 3/15/1867  
Bridle Creek Columbus Phipps 4/18/1873  
Bridle Creek Stephen Phipps 6/21/1897  
Bridle Creek Minnie Phipps 3/1/1928  
Bridle Creek Discontinued 12/31/1950 Mail to Independence
Brush Myrtle B. Elliott 4/25/1900  
Brush Zachariah J. Elliott 11/11/1904  
Brush Calvin J. Sutherland 2/16/1905  
Brush Discontinued 8/15/1907 Mail to Independence
Cabin Troy M. Sheets 10/11/1899  
Cabin Caroline Sheets 12/6/1899  
Cabin Robert J. Reedy 4/13/1901  
Cabin Discontinued 4/21/1914 Mail to Rugby
Camping Springs John Baskerville 5/23/1834  
Camping Springs Discontinued   Mail to Hillsville
Carsonville James H. Carson 4/23/1857  
Carsonville Discontinued 6/22/1866  
Carsonville Reestablished 8/29/1873  
Carsonville James G. Carson 8/29/1873  
Carsonville Thomas F. Williams 3/4/1876  
Carsonville Emeline Carson 5/14/1878  
Carsonville Weldon Edwards 7/18/1891  
Carsonville Harvey M. Todd 7/21/1901  
Carsonville Dora L. Ring 12/30/1905  
Carsonville Ellis C. Ring 1/25/1907  
Carsonville James C. Rhudy 5/6/1914  
Carsonville Tommie E. Bartlett 7/31/1920  
Carsonville Discontinued 12/31/1924 Mail to Independence
Clayborn Isom B. Bryant 6/15/1899  
Clayborn Renamed Oradell 12/22/1899  
Clem’s Branch John K. Ballard 5/17/1866  
Clem’s Branch Amanda K. Long 10/22/1873  
Clem’s Branch Wiley C. Parks 7/25/1890  
Clem’s Branch Ruth W. Roberts 4/3/1891  
Clem’s Branch Sarah Hash 10/4/1893  
Clem’s Branch Orlean M. Roberts 1/4/1898  
Clem’s Branch Discontinued 12/20/1902 Mail to Major
Clito Stephe F. Welsh 12/10/1889  
Clito Michael M. Draper 4/9/1906  
Clito Discontinued 8/15/1907 Mail to Spring Valley
Collins’ Mill George D. Cooley 1/30/1878  
Collins’ Mill Chapman A. Rector 7/12/1880  
Collins’ Mill Houston Collins 6/27/1884  
Collins’ Mill Discontinued 6/15/1905 Mail to Baywood
Comers Rock James Cornett 10/11/1860  
Comers Rock Discontinued 6/28/1866  
Comers Rock Reestablished 1/18/1874  
Comers Rock John G. Wilson 1/12/1874  
Comers Rock William J. Comer 4/7/1875  
Comers Rock Troy C. Cornett 4/18/1883  
Comers Rock Rufus G. Livesay 12/10/1897  
Comers Rock John J. Wilson 2/15/1900  
Comers Rock Stuart W. Cornett 12/15/1909  
Comers Rock Robert W. Cornett 4/21/1913  
Comers Rock Garnett W. Cornett 1/31/1923  
Comers Rock Chap. M. Sutherland 12/18/1933  
Comers Rock Keith R. Wright 10/26/1953  
Comers Rock Discontinued 5/25/1962 Mail to Elk Creek
Cornett A. J. Anders 5/4/1883  
Cornett Discontinued 9/17/1883 Mail to Independence
Cranberry Plains Johnathan Cook    
Cranberry Plains William C. Hill 8/27/1825  
Cranberry Plains Name changed to Hillsville    
Creola Bessie E. Todd 6/2/1888  
Creola Discontinued 4/30/1906 Mail to Galax
Dalhart Rufus A. Hampton 1/14/1904  
Dalhart Andrew Richardson 4/22/1911  
Dalhart Discontinued 11/30/1911 Mail to Baywood
Dell Orville A. Swinney 5/29/1888  
Dell Discontinued 6/30/1904 Mail to Steven’s Creek
Dickey John A. Barton 10/21/1884  
Dickey Discontinued 12/9/1885 Mail to Flat Ridge
Doss Walter C. Pugh 3/10/1903  
Doss Fielden B. Cornett 1/19/1904  
Doss Discontinued 5/10/1907 Mail to Comers Rock
Edgewater James W. Phipps 1/11/1878  
Edgewater Fields M. Young 7/17/1888  
Edgewater Discontinued 8/31/1906 Mail to Mouth of Wilson
Edgewater Reestablished 1/16/1908  
Edgewater Fields M. Young 1/16/1908  
Edgewater Discontinued 5/31/1918 Mail to Mouth of Wilson
Elk Creek Philander McCarter 2/4/1837  
Elk Creek James Kyle 5/8/1839  
Elk Creek Philander McCarter 6/16/1840  
Elk Creek Sophia F. Mitchell 9/23/1840  
Elk Creek John Prather 9/23/1857  
Elk Creek Andrew F. Gregory 2/7/1859  
Elk Creek Rosamond J. Hall 2/10/1866  
Elk Creek Discontinued 8/12/1867  
Elk Creek Reestablished 8/28/1869  
Elk Creek Andrew F. Gregory 8/28/1869  
Elk Creek J. B. Painter 5/10/1870  
Elk Creek Andrew F. Gregory 11/14/1870  
Elk Creek Peter Catron 6/5/1871  
Elk Creek Hiram Roark 4/20/1873  
Elk Creek John K. Cornett 8/10/1881  
Elk Creek Joseph F. Delp 9/24/1883  
Elk Creek John M. McLean 11/25/1885  
Elk Creek John Delp 9/12/1889  
Elk Creek Joseph Delp 1/9/1890  
Elk Creek John M. McLean 3/13/1895  
Elk Creek Melville C. Delp 6/21/1897  
Elk Creek Thomas W. Mitchell 10/25/1905  
Elk Creek Emory G. Keesling 10/8/1913  
Elk Creek Vivian Hale 2/4/1918  
Elk Creek Thomas W. Mitchell 11/1/1922  
Elk Creek Vivian H. Hale 7/9/1934  
Elk Creek Mary B. Cannoy 3/31/1950  
Elk Creek William R. Stamper 3/19/1951  
Ellis Sarah J. Vaughan 1/29/1895  
Ellis Nettie Pool 11/26/1902  
Ellis James T. Morton 3/19/1902  
Ellis John A. McKnight 1/3/1905  
Ellis Discontinued 6/30/1905 Mail to Independence
Fairwood James D. Perkins 9/12/1904  
Fairwood Clarence A. Dickey 10/16/1906  
Fairwood Walter V. Craig 12/13/1911  
Fairwood Minnie A. Smith 12/7/1918  
Fairwood Discontinued 12/31/1920 Mail to Troutdale
Fairy E. Mellissa Cornett 2/1/1887  
Fairy Peyton H. Cornett 2/4/1902  
Fairy Discontinued 8/31/1905 Mail to Summerfield
Fallville Millie F. Fielder 10/2/1886  
Fallville George C. Vaughan 10/6/1892  
Fallville Discontinued 8/31/1905 Mail to Spring Valley
Finley Sarah Johnson 6/7/1892  
Finley Emma Jones 8/19/1904  
Finley Laura Phipps 8/23/1906  
Finley Discontinued 10/28/1919 Mail to Baywood
Flat Ridge Joseph Ross 5/**/18**  
Flat Ridge John Ross ?? 8/27/1878  
Flat Ridge Eliza Perkins 7/7/1877  
Flat Ridge Hiram Jenkins 3/1/1887  
Flat Ridge Eliza Perkins 7/12/1889  
Flat Ridge Hiram Jenkins 6/29/1893  
Flat Ridge James F. Russell 4/2/1896  
Flat Ridge John W. M. Perkins 7/28/1898  
Flat Ridge John W. Perkins 2/14/1907  
Flat Ridge Hiram F. Cornett 10/8/1913  
Flat Ridge John Lester Ross 2/1/1942  
Flat Ridge Discontinued 12/31/1958 Mail to Sugar Grove
Fox A. A. Bryant 10/12/1874  
Fox Discontinued 12/12/1879  
Fox Reestablished 1/5/1883  
Fox James C. Cox 1/5/1883  
Fox William Bryant 5/17/1883  
Fox William J. Phipps 1/22/1891  
Fox Ida Anderson 12/18/1895  
Fox JOhn F. Greer 3/22/1896  
Fox Larkin Phipps 3/8/1899  
Fox William J. Phipps 5/22/1904  
Fox Montaville C. Hash 4/4/1914  
Fox Eck L. Hash 3/7/1921  
Fox William J. Phipps 10/6/1923  
Fox Bessie Young 8/22/1933  
Fox T. Paul Cox 12/1/1948  
Fox Gilmer D. Blevins 10/1/1949  
Fox Fred R. Phipps 3/7/1958  
Fox Discontinued 2/29/1960 Mail to Independence
Fries Charles Todd 8/19/1901  
Fries John H. Brewer 4/3/1902  
Fries Stephen A. Dorsett 7/16/1903  
Fries John D. Williamson 10/13/1906  
Fries Donna Fielder 3/30/1914  
Fries Donna Williamson 12/21/1914  
Fries Eugene J. Baker 2/14/1920  
Fries John D. Williamson 10/6/1922  
Fries John D. Williamson 2/25/1931  
Fries George K. Fielder 3/21/1935  
Fries Wilmer J. Whitaker 11/30/1950  
Fries Sue Bonham 1/18/1961  
Fries Michael Vincent Wright 8/5/1962  
Galax Robert E. Jones 3/17/1904  
Galax G. W. Todd 7/26/1909  
Galax S. C. Cox 10/9/1913  
Galax Arthur G. Childers 6/16/1922  
Galax Fred Adams 6/16/1934  
Galax Robert Davis Winesett 9/30/1964  
Galax Herman K. Williams 3/10/1966  
Grant Hezekiah Perkins 12/21/1860  
Grant Calvin V. Thomas 12/15/1867  
Grant Discontinued 7/9/1869  
Grant Reestablished 5/5/1871  
Grant Shadrach M. Greer 5/5/1871  
Grant Emory H. Maiden 6/2/1881  
Grant R. W. Young 4/29/1885  
Grant Shadrach M. Greer 7/24/1885  
Grant John B. McKee 12/17/1886  
Grant Stephen F. Young 12/28/1887  
Grant Andrew J. Greer 10/4/1889  
Grant Alonzo N. Greear 12/15/1892  
Grant Eli F. Thomas 1/2/1894  
Grant Alonzo N. Greear 4/22/1897  
Grant Ulysses L. Parsons 8/28/1904  
Grant Cicero L. Wood 12/23/1911  
Grant William J. A. Adams 4/8/1904  
Grant Frank A. McCarroll 7/17/1919  
Grant Hillmore A. Hoffman 2/8/1922  
Grant John W. Woods 3/5/1934  
Grant Grover F. Thomas 5/16/1942  
Grant Mrs. Bess W. Thomas 11/14/1950  
Grant Don Halsey Young 11/13/1951  
Grant Discontinued 2/22/1968 Mail to Troutdale
Grayson Sulphur Springs Freeman Wainwright 7/5/1839  
Grayson Sulphur Springs John E. Watson 5/27/1840  
Grayson Sulphur Springs Robert C. Johnson 12/4/1842  
Grayson C.H. William Oglesby    
Grayson C.H. Stephen F. Nuckolls 8/25/1823  
Grayson C.H. Wilcox H. Purvis 3/13/1829  
Grayson C.H. James P. Waugh 1/23/1844  
Grayson C.H. Creed Nuckolls 6/29/1857  
Grayson C.H. Discontinued 1/12/1866 Mail to Nuckollsville
Greek Minnie E. Gentry 4/27/1895  
Greek Discontinued 3/15/1905 Mail to Independence
Greek Reestablished 8/19/1910  
Greek William F. Gentry 8/19/1910  
Greek Hattie L. Alexander 10/26/1912  
Greek Minnie E. Gentry 2/1/1917  
Greek Ludema J. Murray 1/16/1920  
Greek Discontinued 10/15/1921 Mail to Independence
Greers Edwin D. Greer 11/20/1879  
Greers Thompson F. Wiles 3/25/1881  
Greers Joseph T. Wiles 4/19/1881  
Greers Robert Green 10/26/1883  
Greers Discontinued 3/18/1884 Mail to Rugby
Hampton Cross Roads James H. Kyle 1/30/1878  
Hampton Cross Roads Renamed Baywood 3/20/1895  
Harrington Andrew W. Sells 5/16/1892  
Harrington Discontinued 8/30/1893 Mail to Lundy
Higgins Azel Williams 12/4/1889  
Higgins James W. Haney 5/12/1896  
Higgins C. H. Williams 10/18/1899  
Higgins James W. Haney 5/12/1896  
Higgins Birton S. Schuyler 12/1/1904  
Higgins Discontinued 5/15/1905 Mail to Galax
Hillsville John H. Whitehead 9/5/1832  
Hillsville Jonathan Stevens 9/19/1832  
Hillsville Fielding L. Hail 1/12/1839  
Hillsville Discontinued 10/9/1839  
Hillsville Reestablished 5/4/1840  
Hillsville Fielding L. Hail 5/4/1840  
Independence Jacob Grubb 6/6/1845  
Independence Freland J. Lundy 1/18/1866  
Independence Charles A. Fredeking 5/9/1867  
Independence William J. Clark 11/15/1872  
Independence Martin Catron 4/21/1874  
Independence John W. Vaughn 3/15/1875  
Independence David C. Mallory 6/16/1881  
Independence William R. Dickey 7/26/1889  
Independence Mattie E. Porterfield 5/23/1893  
Independence David C. Mallory 10/2/1895  
Independence William R. Wright 2/28/1897  
Independence Charles W. Ruddy _________  
Independence Charles W. Rudolph 2/14/1920  
Independence Phillips L. Harrington 1/1/1922  
Independence Carolyn C. Bryant 1/25/1934  
Independence Robert A. Moxley 12/31/1968  
Julip John C. Ingram 11/10/1887  
Julip Discontinued 4/8/1891  
Kendrick Emma Perkins 10/22/1900  
Kendrick Claudia L. Perkins 5/10/1904  
Kendrick Callie C. Perkins 10/20/1906  
Kendrick Charles S. Cox 4/3/1915  
Kendrick Stella B. Cox 10/9/1915  
Kendrick John A. Peary 9/20/1920  
Kendrick Mays M. Barnett 8/16/1921  
Kendrick Walter A. Hash 9/21/1922  
Kendrick Mrs. Jessie Lee Cox 5/21/1934  
Kendrick Mrs. Artlea Osborne 12/2/1935  
Kendrick William A. Anderson 6/10/1938  
Kendrick Mrs. Verna L. Anderson 7/30/1938  
Kendrick Discontinued 5/31/1942 Mail to Mouth of Wilson
Kipling Willis V. Walker 6/15/1899  
Kipling Discontinued 8/30/1908 Mail to Park
Kite Levi Bedwell 7/20/1905  
Kite Discontinued 5/15/1907 Mail to Comer’s Rock
Lasca Anna E. Graham 9/17/1910  
Lasca Discontinued 11/30/1917 Mail to Mouth of Wilson
Long’s Gap Kenly C. Cornett 7/28/1878  
Long’s Gap Discontinued 7/6/1881  
Long’s Gap James D. Phipps 3/12/1887  
Long’s Gap Sena L. Phipps 2/24/1899  
Long’s Gap Discontinued 5/15/1905 Mail to Independence
Lovelace Emory C. Hash 4/1/1903  
Lovelace Discontinued 3/15/1905 Mail to Major
Lundy George A. Rhudy 2/5/1891  
Lundy Anderson L. Taylor 2/15/1901  
Lundy Discontinued 5/15/1905 Mail to Comer’s Rock
Major Alexander Grubb 10/17/1884  
Major Sarah C. Hash 1/10/1889  
Major Enoch M. Thomas 9/12/1889  
Major John E. Hutchins 9/30/1891  
Major Sarah C. Hash 9/26/1893  
Major John C. Hutchins 9/30/1891  
Major Enoch M. Thomas 10/14/1897  
Major Myrtle Grubb 1/7/1914  
Major Discontinued 10/15/1932 Mail to Flatridge
Meadow Creek Joel Kirby 9/7/1855  
Meadow Creek Jonathan Edwards 2/27/1866  
Meadow Creek Charles A. Fredeking 6/5/1866  
Meadow Creek Jackson Higgins 10/18/1866  
Meadow Creek Discontinued 5/14/1868  
Meadow Creek Reestablished 1/5/1872  
Meadow Creek Alexander H. Kapps 2/5/1872  
Meadow Creek Francis H. Martin 5/11/1886  
Meadow Creek William M. Cox 4/25/1893  
Meadow Creek Josiah Davis 4/4/1896  
Meadow Creek John E. Wilson 8/18/1898  
Meadow Creek Discontinued 4/29/1905 Mail to Galax
Mouth of Wilson Ephraim Gentry 9/13/1837  
Mouth of Wilson Charles Cole 9/9/1855  
Mouth of Wilson Joseph G. Young 10/27/1858  
Mouth of Wilson Christopher Stump 12/24/1859  
Mouth of Wilson William T. Tompkins 11/1/1860  
Mouth of Wilson Isaac C. Parsons 1/18/1866  
Mouth of Wilson Fields M. Young 1/11/1875  
Mouth of Wilson Alfred W. Wagg 3/23/1880  
Mouth of Wilson Ed Murphy 9/17/1883  
Mouth of Wilson Alfred W. Wagg 4/4/1885  
Mouth of Wilson Alfred E. Parsons 9/2/1889  
Mouth of Wilson Thomas M. Cox 9/19/1893  
Mouth of Wilson Victoria I. Parsons 8/21/1897  
Mouth of Wilson Alfred E. Parsons 2/11/1902  
Mouth of Wilson Willie M. Paisley 5/5/1914  
Mouth of Wilson Crockett Halsey 4/1/1924  
Mouth of Wilson William A. Anderson 12/23/1924  
Mouth of Wilson Edgar L. Paisley 8/29/1933  
Mouth of Wilson Steven P. Phipps 12/7/1956  
New Grayson C.H. Stanford O’Neal 2/6/1844  
New Grayson C.H. Name Changed to Independence    
North Branch William F. Wright 6/22/1874  
North Branch Jacob C. Thomas 11/25/1885  
North Branch John W. Welsh 3/6/1890  
North Branch Discontinued 7/31/1915 Mail to Spring Valley
Nuckelsville Creed Nuckolls 1/18/1866  
Nuckelsville William P. Waugh 10/10/1866  
Nuckelsville Discontinued ____________ (second sheet) Mail to Old Town
Old Town William P. Waugh 2/9/1874  
Old Town Alexander R. Grubb 8/2/1880  
Old Town James Williams, Jr. 11/22/1889  
Old Town Renamed Oldtown 11/20/1893  
Old Town James L. Warrick 11/20/1893  
Old Town James Williams 10/16/1897  
Old Town Lewis F. Leath 4/16/1906  
Old Town Alexander R. Grubb 4/5/1907  
Old Town Thomas F. Diamond 7/6/1920  
Old Town Robena Wright 6/11/1929  
Old Town Glenn Diamond 3/11/1930  
Oradell Jacob W. Boyer 12/22/1899  
Oradell Mary A. Jones 11/26/1901  
Oradell Discontinued 8/15/1907 Mail to Independence
Park Major R. Jennings 9/15/1900  
Park Colonel D. Jennings 5/11/1904  
Park Roby W. Miller 7/10/1911  
Park Colonel D. Jennings 1/13/1912  
Park Joseph A. Hopkins 11/15/1912  
Park Joseph L. Wilbar 4/22/1919  
Park Arthur Lewis 2/19/1921  
Park Name changed to Whitetop 1/12/1922  
Park Effie P. Weaver 8/17/1923  
Peach Bottom Granville H. Cox 7/30/1844  
Peach Bottom Ephraim Young 3/18/1858  
Peach Bottom Discontinued 9/25/1866  
Peach Bottom Martin G. Alexander 1/12/1876  
Peach Bottom Solomon Jennings 1/5/1881  
Peach Bottom Lillie F. Cox 4/18/1896  
Peach Bottom Arthur R. Shaw 3/14/1914  
Peach Bottom R. Lee Cox 11/28/1934  
Peach Bottom Mrs. Alice M. Cox 5/14/1935  
Peach Bottom Discontinued 1/31/1939 Mail to Baywood
Point Hope Weldon Edwards 9/7/1855  
Point Hope Johnson Ring 2/27/1866  
Point Hope Martin W. Lundy 6/24/1873  
Point Hope Abd. R. Welborn 4/9/1878  
Point Hope Discontinued 10/24/1878  
Pool T. B. Moore 7/25/1889  
Pool John H. Pool 11/22/1889  
Pool Discontinued 4/10/1891  
Potato Boyden Cox 10/5/1882  
Potato Hardin Cox 6/12/1888  
Potato William A. Graham 7/1/1891  
Potato McFarland Gilham 11/17/1899  
Potato William A. Graham 3/4/1904  
Potato Anna E. Graham 10/4/1905  
Potato Discontinued 9/17/1910 Mail to Lasca
Redman Margaret E. Dickenson 10/6/1885  
Redman Edda V. Edwards 2/16/1888  
Redman John Dickinson 2/12/1889  
Redman Discontinued 7/21/1890 Mail to Carsonville
Rosette Albert M. Plummer 5/15/1902  
Rosette Rena Parks 11/24/1902  
Rosette Francis O. Roberts 9/24/1903  
Rosette Discontinued 7/15/1904 Mail to Flatridge
Rugby Robert Greene 3/18/1882  
Rugby Thomas J. Wiles 4/14/1886  
Rugby Joseph T. Wiles 3/12/1886  
Rugby John M. Reedy 8/30/1886  
Rugby Robert B. Ross 9/20/1889  
Rugby Eli D. Perkins 11/15/1893  
Rugby Jerome F. Richardson 3/27/1894  
Rugby William M. McCarroll 8/19/1895  
Rugby Robert B. Ross 9/6/1899  
Rugby James A. Tucker 4/13/1903  
Rugby Troy L. Henderson 7/17/1903  
Rugby William M. McCarroll 4/4/1914  
Rugby Fielden L. Osborne 1/30/1917  
Rugby Joseph M. Hart 5/24/1921  
Rugby Flossie J. Henderson 6/16/1921  
Rugby Troy L. Henderson 10/8/1927  
Rugby Charles A. Henderson 12/3/1932  
Rugby Joe C. Cox 2/2/1933  
Rugby Wade L. Richardson 8/10/1954  
Rugby Ada K. Spencer 9/30/1955  
Rugby Kate Tucker 10/8/1956  
Rugby Discontinued 12/12/1965 Mail to Mouth of Wilson
Rural Home Mary Warrick 6/13/1879  
Rural Home Discontinued 10/26/1882 Mail to Old Town
Rural Home Reestablished 2/8/1883  
Rural Home George W. Atkins 2/8/1883  
Rural Home Mary Warrick 11/22/1889  
Rural Home Discontinued 7/31/1916 Mail to Fries
Saddle William J. Phipps 12/2/1884  
Saddle Mattie E. Cox 1/22/1891  
Saddle Frank Phipps 1/23/1907  
Saddle Discontinued 5/31/1910 Mail to Independence
Sells John W. Cornett 7/16/1900  
Sells Discontinued 2/28/1903 Mail to Flatridge
Shamrock Franklin P. McBride 4/13/1881  
Shamrock Susan F. Boyer 4/18/1890  
Shamrock Franklin P. McBride 3/6/1894  
Shamrock Harrison F. Galyean 1/28/1908  
Shamrock Discontinued 12/31/1908  
Shoal Flemon W. Anders 4/8/1903  
Shoal William G. Wyatt 12/27/1904  
Shoal Marvin P. Phipps 10/5/1905  
Shoal John G. Osborne 11/20/1906  
Shoal Discontinued 2/28/1913 Mail to Independence
Shoat S. C. Johnson 5/14/1901  
Shoat Never in Operation 5/16/1901  
Spring Valley Archibald Mc. Young 11/12/1853  
Spring Valley S. E. Young 3/9/1866  
Spring Valley Thomas C. Vaughn 11/1/1875  
Spring Valley Charles M. Vaughn 4/21/1924  
Spring Valley Discontinued 6/30/1944 Mail to Fries
Steven’s Creek John Carrico 2/13/1872  
Steven’s Creek Jeff C. Carrico 3/11/1887  
Steven’s Creek Mary B. Thomas 4/12/1901  
Steven’s Creek Jeff C. Carrico 6/17/1901  
Steven’s Creek James W. Walker 11/21/1901  
Steven’s Creek Alice B. Carico 2/27/1905  
Steven’s Creek Jeff C. Carrico 5/24/1911  
Steven’s Creek Discontinued 7/15/1912 Mail to Fries
Summerfield Julia A. Fulton 8/11/1871  
Summerfield John Thomas 12/12/1878  
Summerfield Mary C. Fulton 7/9/1885  
Summerfield Cora L. Fulton 8/12/1898  
Summerfield Walter Hines 6/23/1907  
Summerfield Discontinued 9/14/1907 Mail to Carsonville
Trout Dale Eli W. Greear 4/12/1882  
Trout Dale Shadrack Greear 3/13/1901  
Trout Dale Lura Mae Greer 11/12/1910  
Trout Dale Hardin E. Parsons 11/24/1911  
Trout Dale Robert F. Young 4/15/1914  
Trout Dale Blanch Pasley 5/2/1918  
Trout Dale Wade H. Hash 4/6/1922  
Trout Dale Daisy V. Hash 2/14/1927  
Trout Dale William B. Perkins 5/14/1928  
Trout Dale Goldie P. Paisley 1/31/1935  
Trout Dale Kent C. Hash 10/12/1950  
Trout Dale Ruth P. McGrady 12/10/1954  
Trout Dale Ardie M. McGrady 6/29/1956  
Trout Dale Earl C. Greer 2/6/1968  
Tug Wilson Farmer 3/13/1894  
Tug William W. Rash 1/12/1897  
Tug Jesse A. Farmer 3/19/1901  
Tug Discontinued 5/7/1904 Mail to Rugby
Ursus Freel A. Cornett 2/21/1898  
Ursus Thomas W. Mitchell 3/9/1901  
Ursus Discontinued 8/16/1904 Mail to Elk Creek
Volney John F. P. Mink 2/14/1894  
Volney Joseph J. Spencer 2/14/1898  
Volney Worth Sebastian 10/15/1906  
Volney Walter Pugh 12/17/1910  
Volney Alexander H. Wilson 3/21/1914  
Volney Walter Pugh 5/13/1922  
Volney Thomas C. Halsey 4/28/1930  
Volney H. Beecher Daniel 7/29/1933  
Wainwright Arabella C. Rector 9/29/1898  
Wainwright Discontinued 4/30/1906 Mail to Galax
White Top Joshua Weaver 12/23/1852  
White Top Thelbert A. Faircloth 8/4/1859  
White Top Discontinued 1/31/1861  
White Top Wade C. Weaver 7/20/1877  
White Top James Love 3/23/1886  
White Top Isaac R. Kilby 4/10/1886  
White Top Isaac A. Weaver 11/12/1887  
White Top Wade H. Weaver 1/29/1890  
White Top William M. Baldwin 9/25/1893  
White Top Hampton C. Weaver 9/18/1897  
White Top Troy M. Sheets 12/21/1899  
White Top William C. Price 4/19/****  
White Top Discontinued 12/15/1916 Mail to Park
Whitetop Arthur F. Lewis 1/12/1922  
Whitetop Effie P. Weaver 8/17/1923 name changed to Effie P. Blevins)
Whitetop Carl Carter 6/25/1934  
Whitetop William C. Carter 3/13/1936  
Whitetop Faye F. Carter 4/29/1947  
Whitetop Faye Bryan Coldiron 4/29/1968  
Yacht Isaac W. Burton 11/20/1899  
Yacht D. L. Carter 3/4/1903  
Yacht Mary L. Burton 5/23/1903  
Yacht Discontinued 6/15/1910 Mail to Flatridge