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Hill’s Virginia Gazetteer and Classified Business Directory — 1911

Grayson County, Virginia

This county was formed in 1793 from Wythe, and borders on the State of North Carolina. It was named in honor of Hon. William Grayson, who was a member of the Virginia Convention of 1788, which adopted the Federal Constitution. The Iron mountain range skirts it on the north and west, and Carroll county is on the east. The New river and many of its branches extend through and water the county. The lands are quite fertile, and good crops of buckwheat, corn, rye, oats, wheat and the grasses are made. A great many horses, cattle and sheep are raised. The minerals reported are iron, copper, lead, asbestos and soapstone, and the timbers are pine (yellow and white), walnut, hickory, chestnut and oak.

Grayson County Statistics
Item Value
Value of real estated, 1909 $1,046,117.00
Value of personal property $307,025.00
State tax on real estate $3,661.41
State tax on personal property $1,074.58
Captation Tax White $5,176.50
Colored $210.00
Population, 1910 19,856
Number Voters White 3,450
Colored 140
Area Acres 272,924
Square Miles 443
County Seat Independence


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthosue Tuesday after first Monday in March and June, and Tuesday after second Monday in October and December.

Judge: Thornton L. Massie, Pulaski
Clerk: I. B. Bryant, Independence

County Officers

Commonwealth’s Attorney: J. H. Carrico, Independence
Sheriff: H. L. Phipps, Bridle Creek
Treasurer: D. J. Busic, Independence
Surveyor: J. K. Bryant, Independence
Coroner: M. C. Fields, Independence
Superintendent of Poor: W. F. Lundy, Independence
Superintendent of Schools: W. S. Hale, Elk Creek
Commissioners of Revenue: S. C. Cox, Peach Bottom, C. R. Porter, Grant, Jno. F. Osborne, Elk Creek


C. A. Cornett, Comer’s Rock, C. H. Edwards, Old Town, Jno. F. Greear, Troutdale


C. C. McKnight, W. M. Bolt, Independence, C. T. Higgins, Galax, G. W. Cornett, Flat Ridge


W. F. Pool, Independence, H. E. Higgins, Galax, W. K. Catron, Elk Creek, E. R. Shuler, Comer’s Rock, A. S. Lawson, Baywood, M. L. Hash, Major, A. J. Greear, Grant, D. B. Henderson, Rugby

Board of Health

Professor John Greear (chairman), Grant, Dr. M. C. Field, Independence, Dr. J. D. McKee; Dr. S. W. Fielder, Fries

Agricultural Implements

Choat, D. C. – Oldtown
Cornett, T. C. & Co., – Independence, RFD 3
Dickenson & Ring – Carsonville
Elk Creek Co., Inc. – Elk Creek
Galax Hardware Co. – Galax
Hackler, J. F. & Co. – Carsonville
Hampton, Arthur – Dalhart
Lundy, E. L. & Co. – Independence
McJames, J. – Independence
Todd, Geo. – Galax
Young & Hudler – Troutdale

Attorneys at Law

Bourne, J. S. – Independence
Calaway, B. F. – Galax
Carico, J. H. – Fries
Carico, M. H. – Fries
Cornett, M. O. – Elk Creek
Cox, H. A. – Independence
Harrington, P. H. – Independence
Kirby, R. L. – Independence
Lame, C. C. – Dalhart
Landreth, J. T. – Galax
Padgett, J. C. – Independence
Parsons, Jno. M. – Independence
Perkins, J. D. – Kindrick
Rector, Wm. – Fries
Rhudy, J. H. – Independence


Bank of Grayson – Independence
Bank of Troutdale – Troutdale
Blair Banking Co. – Galax
First National Bank – Galax
Washington Banking & Trust Co. – Fries


Blevins, C. C. – Park
Bryant, Abe – Galax
Hampton, R. A. – Dalhart
Porter, Jno. – Troutdale
Rhudy, Wm. – Spring Valley, RFD 1
Russell, W. S. – Elk Creek
Sayers, H. H. – Elk Creek
Smitte, C. L. – Fries
Taylor, Oscar – Galax
Wright, W. L. – Independence

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights

Barker, Chas. – Volney
Bishop, Heath – Major
Bolt, M. C. – Fries
Brewer, F. H. – Rural Home
Carr, F. L. – Independence
Collins, M. K. – Dalhart
Comer, E. J. – Fairwood
Funk, Lawrence – Carsonville
Galax Buggy Co. – Galax
Grubb, Jacob – Major
Hill, T. L. – Stevens Creek
Kirkman, H. H. – Independence
Lane, J. M. – Fairwood
Mackey, R. E. & Son – Galax
Pennington, L. H. – Elk Creek
Phillips, Floyd – Spring Valley RFD 1
Pierre, Jeff – Troutdale
Reavis, Harden – Oldtown
Reavis, P. A. – Oldtown
Robinson, Jno. – Baywood
Sayers, J. H. – Elk Creek
Sayers, R. H. – Elk Creek
Sebastian, C. – Volney
Sullivan, David – Park
Taylor, Hart – Troutdale
Wright, Jas. F. – North Branch


Galax Bottling Co., – Galax
Troutdale Bottling Works – Troutdale
Welsh, S. F. & Sons – Galax

Brick Manufacturers

Holloway, R. L. – Major
Cole Bros. – Galax
Ward Bros. – Galax
Ward, J. H. – Elk Creek

Building Materials

Early, W. K. – Galax
Taylor, W. H. – Galax


Barbery, J. H. – Independence


Bryant & Fulton, Independence, RFD 3
Ring, Ellis, Carsonville

Carpenters and Builders

Anderson, F. A. – Major
Anderson, Noah – Major
Atkins, G. K. – Rural Home
Boyer, C. K. – Oldtown
Brewer, R. E. – Rural Home
Callaway, Jno. & Bro. – Carsonville
Campbell, Mel. – Troutdale
Draper, J. A. – Elk Creek
Fender, S. S. – Shoal
Fielder, Guy – Spring Valley, RFD 1
Gilley, Jine – Park
Greear, A. – Park
Haga, H. C. – Shoal
Hagaman, G. W. – Potato
Hawkins, Jas. – Independence
Kirk, G. W. – Potato
Moore, E. H. – Stevens Creek
Moore & Ashworth – Fries
Nelson, E. L. – Troutdale
Owens, T. F. – Independence
Pool, T. J. – Elk Creek
Pool, H. E. – Independence
Pugh, Felix – Volney
Rector, F. & O. – Dalhart
Rector, Preston – Carsonville RFD 1
Sebastian, Columbus – Volney
Shupe, E. H. – Stevens Creek
Sullivan, David – Park
Taylor, W. H. – Galax
Testerman, M. B. – Fairwood
Wilson, J. D. – Dalhart

Chair Manufacturers

Troutdale Chair Mfg. Co. – Troutdale

Carriage and Wagon Makers

Galax Buggy Co. – Galax
Grayson Buggy Co. – Independence


Baptist – Flatridge
Baptist – Galax
Baptist – Major
Baptist (Missionary) – Fries
Baptist – Troutdale
Episcopal (South) – North Branch
Forest – (Southern Meth). – Elk Creek
Jordan Primitive Baptist – Shoal
Lebanon (Meth.) – Elk Creek
Methodist (South) – Baywood
Methodist (South) – Flatridge
Methodist (South) – Fries
Methodist – Galax
Methodist – Independence
Methodist – Oldtown
Methodist – Potato
Methodist – Park
Methodist – Stevens Creek
Methodist – Troutdale
Methodist – Volney
Missionary Baptist – Park
New Hope (Meth) – Major
Pleasant Hill (Meth) – Carsonville
Presbyterian – Galax
Primitive Baptist – Dalhart
Primitive Baptist – Park
Providence Meth. – Rural Home
Salem (South Meth.) – Elk Creek
Stone’s Chapel (South Meth.) – Elk Creek
Union Baptist – Baywood
Union Baptist – Park
Union Church – Fairwood


Blevins, B. – Park
Cordle, C. P., Mrs. – Carsonville
Ferris, Carlos – Fries
Grubb, A. R. – Oldtown
McGennis, W. P. – Fries
Marshall, J. W. – Galax
Pless, A. G. – Galax
York, L. E. – Carsonville


Bowling Drug Co. – Galax
Galax Drug Co. – Galax
Gilley, W. F. – Park
Hampton, R. A. – Dalhart
Reedy, O. G. & Bro. – Troutdale
Rutherford, B. F. – Independence
Vaughan, T. G. – Independence
Witherow, Jas. – Galax

Dry Goods

Bourne, G. K. & Co. – Galax

Furniture Dealers

Barbery, J. H. – Independence
Boyer, A. V. – North Branch
Boyer, Jas. – Spring Valley, R.F.D.1
Boyer, W. C. – North Branch
Dalton, W. D. – Galax
Grayson Supply Co. – Fairwood
Howk, F. W. – Carsonville
Jennings, D. C. – Park
Pasley & McGrady – Troutdale
Phillips, G. M. – Oldtown
Rector, F. V. – Dalhart
Vaughan, J. W. A. – Independence
Vaughan, L. J. & Son – Spring Valley
Waugh, J. B. & Son – Galax

Furniture Manufacturers

Galax Furniture & Lumber Co. – Galax
Hackler, Geo. – Carsonville
Howk, F. W. – Carsonville
Killinger, M. F. – Elk Creek
Phillips & Austin – Oldtown

General Stores

Anders, F. P. – Independence
Anderson, C. W. – Rugby
Andrews, J. C. & Co. – Fries
Ball Bros. – Major
Bennington & Co. – Comer’s Rock
Bishop, S. C. – Major
Blevins, C. & Son – Park
Carico, J. C. – Stevens Creek
Carrico, R. D. – Rural Home
Cash Rackett Store – Galax
Catron, W. K. – Elk Creek
Combs, W. D. – Carsonville
Comer, W. S. – Elk Creek
Cornett, J. F. & W. M. – Comers Rock
Cornett, Jno. W. – Flatridge
Cornett, T. C. & Co. – Elk Creek
Cornett, W. A. & Bro. – Comer’s Rock
Cox, D. J., Mrs. – Independence
Cox, E. F. – Peach Bottom
Cox, J. R. – Grant
Coy Pool & Son – Carsonville
Dalton, W. & Bro. – Galax
Davis, Marion – Volney
Delp, B. J. – Comers Rock
Delp, C. G. & R. E. – Elk Creek
Diamond, T. F. – Baywood
Dickinson & Ring – Carsonville
Draper, M. M. – Spring Valley
Edwards, J. C. – Independence
Elk Creek Co. Inc., – Elk Creek
Eversol, E. R. – Fries
Farmer, J. W. – Rugby
Farmer, R. W. & Co. – Rugby
Funk, J. C. & Son – Spring Valley
Funk, Wm. – Spring Valley
Garvey & Davis – Mouth of Wilson
Gentry, A. M. – Potato
Gilley, W. F. – Park
Graham Bros. & Co. – Potato
Grayson Supply Co. – Fairwood
Greear, A. N. – Troutdale
Greer, S. M. & Son – Grant
Hackler, J. F. & Co. – Carsonville
Hale, C. R. – Spring Valley
Hale, V. H. – Elk Creek
Hampton, C. L. & Co. – Oldtown
Hampton, Jno. P. – Park
Hampton, R. A. – Dalhart
Hampton & Hampton – Baywood
Hart, Enoch & Son – Park
Harrington, J. L. & Son – Flatridge
Henderson Bros. – Rugby
Henderson, M. L. & Co. – Galax
Hill & Boyer – Fries
Hines, R. M. & Bro. – Spring Valley
Hoppers & Son – Galax
Horn, H. S. – Spring Valley
Isaac & Potter – Fries
James, J. Mc. – Independence
Jennings, A. M. & Son – Galax
Joines, L. J. – Galax
Kernodle, G. W. & Co. – Fries
Killinger, M. F. – Elk Creek
Kyle, E. L., Mrs. – Baywood
Laffoon, G. A. – Rural Home
Lane, T. M. – Independence
Long, A. W & Co. – Troutdale
Lowe, C. A. – Galax
Lundy, E. L. & Co. – Independence
McCarrol, W. W. – Rugby
Marion Grocery Co. – Troutdale
Mason, Geo. P. – Spring Valley
Neal, B. P. – Carsonville
Osborn, J. G. – Shoal
Parsons, A. E. – Mouth of Wilson
Parsons & Grubbs – Grant
Pasley, J. L. – Troutdale
Pasley, J. M. – Troutdale
Patton & Pope – Galax
Perkins, J. W. – Flatridge
Perkins, Marvin – Flatridge
Phipps, C. & Son – Bridle Creek
Phipps, J. A. – Bridle Creek
Phipps, M. P. – Independence
Phipps, W. J. – Fox
Pinion, G. L. – Spring Valley
Plummer, S. C. – Grant
Pool & Cornett – Flatridge
Pugh F. & W. – Volney
Rector, N. J. & Son – Fries
Reedy Bros. – Troutdale
Rhudy, W. E. – Elk Creek
Ring, Ellis – Carsonville
Roberts, J. C. & Co. – Major
Roberts, Z. B. – Flatridge
Ross, A. J. & Son – Grant
Ross, E. F. – Grant
Ross, L. A. – Yacht
Scott, J. E. – Elk Creek
Sebastian, Worth – Volney
Shaw, J. C. & Son – Peach Bottom
Shepherd & Sutphin – Fries
Shores, Jno. F. – Baywood
Smith & Russell – Galax
Stokes, J. F. & Co. – Elk Creek
Stone, W. C. – Elk Creek
Stope, W. C. – Elk Creek
Taylor, H. H. – Park
Thompson Bros. – Park
Trent, Jos. & Wife – Independence
Tucker, H. C. – Fairwood
Tucker, J. A. & Co. – Rugby
Vaughan, C. M. – Spring Valley
Vaughan, J. W. & Son – Independence
Vaughan, T. C. & Sons – Spring Valley
Vaught, G. W. – Spring Valley
Walls, A. J. & Sons – Grant
Ward Bros. – Galax
Warrick, Mary, Mrs. & Son – Rural Home
Washington Mills Store – Fries
Waugh, J. B. & Son – Galax
Weaver, S. H. – Park
Welsh, J. A. – North Branch
Winsett, I. Robert – Galax
Wolfe, E. A. – Oldtown
Wright, J. F. – Comer’s Rock
Young, F. M. – Bridgewater


Barton, J. F. – Major
Binsley, J. W. – Galax
Bishop, S. C. – Major
Blair Grocery Co. – Galax
Dodd, E. W. – Galax
Gordon, Wm. – Oldtown
Harp, W. I. & Co. – Galax
Herring, J. T. – Galax
Lowe, W. G. – Galax
Martin, C. H. – Galax
Martin, Ham – Galax
Mitchell, D. H. Co. – Troutdale
Rutherford, B. F. – Independence
New River Grocery Co. – Fries
Vass, G. M. & Co. – Galax
Vaughan, T. C. – Spring Valley
Welsh, S. F. & Sons – Galax

Handle Manufacturers

Galax Handle Works – Galax

Hardware Dealers

Galax Hardware Co. – Galax
Matthews, J. C. – Galax
Young & Hudler – Troutdale

Harness and Saddlery

Andrews, J. J. – Galax
Galax Hardware Co. – Galax
Lane, R. M. – Mouth of Wilson
Martin, C. H. – Galax
Rector, F. – Galax
Roberts, J. M. & Sons – Carsonville
Washington Mills Store – Fries
Young & Huddler – Troutdale

Hay, Grain and Feed

Matthews, J. C. & Co. Inc. – Galax


Busic, D. J. – Independence
Central Hotel – Galax
Delp, M. H. – Elk Creek
Dobyns, Benj. S. – Fries
Fairwood Hotel – Fairwood
Ford House – Troutdale
Hotel Washington – Fries
Hotel Waugh – Galax
Phipps, J. K. – Independence
South, C. H. – Galax
Troutdale Inn – Troutdale
Watson, L. B., Mrs. – Galax
Wolfe, E. A. – Oldtown

Iron Founders and Machinists

Reaves & Jones – Galax

Land Agents

Acme Real Estate Co. – Galax
Bryant, J. K. – Independence
Carrico, E. C. – Stevens Creek
Carrico, J. P. – Galax
Carrico & Carrico – Fries
Cornett, M. O. – Elk Creek
Dicky, J. A. – Independence
Lame, C. C. – Dalhart
Patton, T. W. Co. – Galax

Live Stock Dealers

Blevins, Will – Park
Bryant, C. E. – Independence
Caldwell, D. H. – Park
Carrico, J. C. – Stevens Creek
Cornett, V. E. – Elk Creek
Cox, C. E. – Potato
Cox, J. F. – Baywood
Cox, Robert – Baywood
Davis, J. G. – Independence
Fulton, F. R. – North Branch
Fulton, T. R. – Carsonville
Hale, R. C. – North Branch
Hampton, C. H. – Baywood
Hampton, C. L. – Oldtown
Harrington, C. W. – Major
Harrington, Peyton – Flatridge
Hash, A. N. – Major
Jennings, Jno. – Carsonville
McDickey, J. – Independence
McWilliams, E. A. – Dalhart
Mink, Joe (cattle) – Volney
Osborn, J. G. – Shoal
Phipps, C. & Son – Independence
Plummer, S. C. (cattle) – Volney
Pugh, Neal (cattle) – Volney
Reeves, E. F. – Independence
Ring, Jno. M. – Elk Creek
Wiley, Robt. – Carsonville

Livery Stables

Bateman Bros. – Troutdale
Bishop, M. L. – Galax
Busic, D. J. – Independence
Carrico, E. C. – Stevens Creek
Funk, W. E. – Fries
Joines – Felts Livery Co. – Galax
McGrady, S. M. & Bro. – Troutdale

Lumber Dealers

Bishop, N. E. – Major
Blevins, J. W. – Park
Bowling, W. H. – Galax
Brewer & Perkins – Flatridge
Coomes, J. D. – Carsonville
Comer, W. S. – Elk Creek
Early, W. K. – Galax
Fairwood Lumber Co. – Fairwood
Galax Furniture & Lumber Co. – Galax
Greer & Co. – Troutdale
Iron Mountain Lumber Co. – Troutdale
Lovelace, D. H. – Major
Lowe, Eli – Stevens Creek
Phillips & Austin – Oldtown
Plummer, S. C. – Volney
Porter Bros. – Spring Valley
Porter, M. C. – Rural Home
Sebastian, C. – Volney
Shupe, Flem – Rural Home
Stiles Lumber Co. – Rugby
Troutdale Trading Co. – Troutdale
Vaughan, B. M. – Rural Home
Ward Bros. – Galax
Wells, A. H. – Volney


Barr, R. C. – Troutdale
Catron, C. A. – Carsonville
Davis, Luther – Dalhart
Edwards, E. J. – Carsonville
Plummer, C. W. – Volney
Shar, H. G. & J. A. – Fairwood
Sides, W. H. – Fries

Marle Works

Haynes, W. D. & Co. – Galax

Mills — Corn and Flour

Bennington, Jno. – Comers Rock
Caudle, S. J. – Baywood
Clito Roller & Corn Mill – North Branch
Collins, Jno. – Baywood
Cox, Saml. – Peach Bottom
Draper, M. M. – Spring Valley
Edwards Mills – Dalhart
Elk Creek Roller Mills – Elk Creek
Pemler, S. S. – Shoal
Fielder, G. K. – Spring Valley
Greer, S. A. – Major
Grubb, Jacob – Major
Gwyn & Poindexter – Elk Creek
Haga, J. Y. – Major
Hackler, F. M. – Carsonville
Hampton, B. W. – Baywood
Hash, Ellis – Potato
Hopkins, D. B. – Park
Independence Electrical Milling Co. – Independence
Jennings, A. M. & Son – Galax
Jennings, F. H. – Galax
Moore, E. H. – Stevens Creek
Phillips, G. M. – Oldtown
Phipps, Rush – Volney
Plummer, S. C. – Volney
Reavis, Sally, Mrs. – Oldtown
Ring & Co. – Carsonville
Sayers, R. H. – Elk Creek
Sayers, W. H. – Elk Creek
Sexton, Wm. – Carsonville
Sullivan, David – Park
Todd, H. H. & Co. – Independence
Warrick, Calvin – Rural Home

Mills – Cotton

Washington Mills – Fries


Booze, J. R. – Galax
Bourne Bros. – Spring Valley
Bourne, Jas. & Co. – Oldtown
Bowe Bros. – North Branch
Catron Jas. – Carsonville
Chappell, Lee – Galax
Comer, J. H. – Comer’s Rock
Comer, W. S. & Co. – Elk Creek
Cornett, G. W. & Co. – Flatridge
Cox, Rose & Co. – Potato
Day, R. L. – Independence
Delp, C. G. & R. E. – Elk Creek
Fairwood Lumber Co. – Fairwood
Gillespie Bros. – Galax
Greer, C. P. – Troutdale
Haga, J. Y. – Major
Handy, W. H. – Troutdale
Hopkins, D. B. – Park
Iron Mountain Lumber Co. – Troutdale
Jones, O. C. – Galax
McKnight, Andy – Carsonville
McKnight, J. A. – Independence
Patton & Pope – Galax
Phillips, G. M. – Oldtown
Plummer, W. J. – Volney
Pope, W. L. – Galax
Reaves Sally Mrs. – Oldtown
Russell, W. W. – Galax
Sebastian, Columbus – Volney
Shupe, Allen – Stevens Creek
Shupe, Flem – Rural Home
Spurlins & Moxley – Baywood
Taylor, F. A. & Sons – Comers Rock
Taylor, W. H. – Galax
Vaughan, B. M. – Rural Home
Wright & Delp – Elk Creek

Mills – Sheeting

Washington Mills Co. – Fries

Mills – Woolen

Fields & Hash Mfg. Co. – Mouth of Wilson
Gordon, Wm. & Son – Oldtown
Gordon & Co. – North Branch


Hash, Ellis – Potato
Nebblett, Robert – Spring Valley
Peak, W. C. – Dalhart


Carrico, B. W. – Stevens Creek
Ivanhoe Furnace Co. – Fries

Music Teachers

Bryant, Ada, Miss – Potato
Busic, I. W. Mrs. – Independence
Cornett, C. L. – Elk Creek
Delp, Laura F. Miss – Elk Creek
Fulton, Cabell – Carsonville
Fulton, Cleo – Carsonville
Hackler, F. M. – Carsonville
James, Lizzie Fae Miss, Independence
McQuirk, M. M. Miss, Elk Creek
Roberts, P. K. – Carsonville
Scott, J. E., Mrs. – Elk Creek
Vaughan, Rose – Spring Valley
Wilson, L. O. – Dalhart


Grayson Gazette – Independence
Grayson Journal – Independence
News – Troutdale
Post-Herald – Galax

Notaries Public

Bagwell, W. C. – Independence
Baldwin, Wm. M. – Whitetop
Blair, W. W. – Galax
Cardwell, R. M. – Fries
Carrico, J. H. – Independence
Carrico, M. H. – Fries
Collins, J. E. – Independence
Cornett, M. O. – Comers Rock
Cox, W. H. – Volney
Cox, W. M. – Galax
Forrester, C. T. – Troutdale
Gentry, A. M. – Potato
Grubb, A. R. – Oldtown
Hale, E. S. – Independence
Harrington, P. L. – Independence
Harrington, W. R. – Flatridge
Hash, J. A. – Flatridge
Henderson, T. L. – Rugby
Martin, A. L. – Comers Rock
Mitchell, Thos. W. – Ursus
Moser, Henry W. – Independence
Osborne, F. M. – Independence
Padgett, W. H. – Fairwood
Parsons, J. M. – Independence
Perkins, J. D. – Kendrick
Rhudy, J. H. – Independence
Wills, C. M. – Whitetop
Woltz, A. W. – Galax
Vaughan, Thos. C. – Spring Valley
Young, F. M. – Edgewater
Young, S. E. – Baywood

Painters — House and Sign

Barker, J. W. – Fairwood
Bedwell, R. R. – Elk Creek
Calloway, Jno. & Bro. – Carsonville
Edwards, Van – Independence
Funk, Emmet – Spring Valley
Gallimore, Jas. – Galax
Gilley, Jim – Park
Hash, Lee F. – Major
Hutchins, W. S. – Mouth of Wilson
Pullin, W. W. – Independence
Raney, Isaac – Galax
Troy, Geo. W. – Rural Home
Wilson, David – Dalhart


Wilson, W. – Baywood


Bishop, J. G. – Galax
Bolen, J. W. – Galax
Bowling, W. H. – Galax
Caldwell, J. H. – Galax
Dobyns, B. S. – Fries
Fielder, A. S. – North Branch
Fielder, S. W. – Fries
Fields, M. C. – Independence
Hopkins, D. B.
Jones, R. L. – Spring Valley
Koontz, A. J. – Independence
McKee, J. B. – Fairwood
Mitchell, S. H. – Elk Creek
Osborne, F. L. – Rugby
Patterson, J. A. – Fries
Phipps, Z. G. – Saddle
Ring, J. – Carsonville
Ross, E. W. – Flatridge
Sheeler, R. L. – Comers Rock
Wagg, A. W. – Mouth of Wilson
Young, R. F. – Fairwood
Young, S. E. – Baywood


Galax Plumbing & Heating Co. – Galax


Blue Ridge Printing Co. – Galax
Cox, J. G. – Galax
Troutdale News – Troutdale
Wright, W. R. – Independence

Produce Dealers

Ayers, J. H. – Troutdale
Blessing, M. T. – Galax
Catron, C. A. – Carsonville
Galax Produce Co. – Galax


Dickerson, Jos. C. – Rural Home
Dickenson, R. L. – Rural Home
Plummer, S. C. – Volney
Warrick, E. H. – Rural Home

Shoe Dealers

Bourne, G. K. & Co. – Galax


Austin, A. B. – Rural Home
Roberts, S. F. – Carsonville


Anderson, E. W. – Major
Andrews, G. F. – Elk Creek
Andrews, J. J. – Galax
Galyen, W. J. – Dalhart
Jenkins, H. M. – Flatridge
Lane, R. M. – Mouth of Wilson


Black, T. C. – Mouth of Wilson
Bourne, Tabe – Oldtown
Carico, B. W. – Stevens Creek
Carr, C. C. – Bridle Creek
Carrico, C. F. – Oldtown
Cheek, J. M. – Elk Creek
Cox, J. F. – Baywood
Cox, Kyle T. – Independence
Dodson, M. O. – Elk Creek
Edwards, Violet, Miss – Oldtown
Galyen, Bettie – Dalhart
Gentry, A. M. – Potato
Glenn, Robt. – Carsonville
Graham, G. C. – Potato
Jones, Rosa – Major
Kirk, G. W., Mrs. – Potato
Neal, Grace A. – Carsonville
Osborn, Pearl, Miss. – Shoal
Paisley, J. I. – Mouth of Wilson
Paisley, Willie M. – Mouth of Wilson
Rhudy, B. A. – Spring Valley
Rhudy, M. M. – Elk Creek
Roberts, Glen – Carsonville
Roberts, Hallah – Major
Roberts, Lelia – Major
Roberts, Lena, Miss – Fries
Spencer, A. P. – Elk Creek
Wiley, Robert – Carsonville
Wilson, Cabble – Dalhart
Wilson, Robert – Baywood

Tobacco Dealers – Leaf

Dickenson & Ring – Carsonville
Hackler, J. F. & Co. – Carsonville
Hampton, R. A. – Dalhart


Darbery, J. H. – Independence
Jones, R. E. & Son – Galax
Killinger, M. F. – Elk Creek
Pasley & McGrady – Troutdale
Rector, F. V. – Dalhart
Vaughan, J. W. A. – Independence
Vaughan, Lilburn – Spring Valley
Washington Mills Store – Fries
Wilson, J. D. – Dalhart

Watchmakers and Jewelers

Blevins, Jas. – Dalhart
Grubb, S. F. – Independence
Holbrook, R. Arthur – Galax
Jennings, A. A. – Dalhart
Laffoon, S. D. – Rural Home
Lovelace, Frank – Potato
Morgan, Thos. – Fries
Parks, W. W. – Flatridge
Reeves, S. B. – Dalhart
Settle, Geo. – Fries
Sexton, F. M. – Fries
Testerman, Jas. – Major
Warrick, Calvin – Rural Home

Wood and Railroad Ties

Coomes, J. D. – Carsonville
Handy, W. H. – Troutdale
Moxley, M. C. – Elk Creek
Osborn, Bays – Carsonville


Baywood – Population 24: 5 miles from R.R. 9 miles from C.H.; banking town Galax–K. C. Adams, T. J. Austin, Houston Blevins, D. C. Branscome, J. O. Brewer, J. P. Caudle, W. T. Choate, Houston Collins, Jas. Collins, Jno. Collins, N. T. Cooley, Ellis F. Cox, R. M. Cox, J. A. Diamond, T. K. Diamond, H. W. Fields, G. C. Higgins, Preston Holcomb, A. R. King, J. H. Kirby, Andrew McKnight, W. P. Pool, A. C. Rector, C. N. Robinson, J. D. Robinson, G. H. Robinson, I. N. Robinson, W. A. Robinson, J. S. Spurlin, T. K. Warrick, R. H. Whitaker

Bridle Creek – Population 60: 23 miles from R.R. 8 miles from C.H.; banking town Independence–A. A. Bryant, C. E. Bryant, A. B. Cox, M. T. Cox, W. C. Martin, C. P. Phipps, H. L. Phipps, N. R. Phipps, S. K. Phipps, W. C. Phipps

Carsonville – Population 7: 7 miles from R. R.; 8 miles from C.H.; banking town Fries–W. J. Bartlett, A. N. Boyer, Lawrence Carico, J. R. Carson, C. A. Catron, Jas. Cornett, Tom Cornett, Jacob Griffith, C. N. Griggs, L. J. Hackler, G. F. Hampton, F. Hawkins, A. Hawks, T. J. McKnight, W. R. Morton, Geo. Rhudy, B. M. Todd, C. N. Vaughan, Jno. Vaughan, W. F. Vaughan, J. G. Walker

Carsonville – R.F.D. – Saml. Bartlett, E. H. Boyer, Calvin Catron, Robt. Carson, H. Catron, Lonnie Catron, Foy Comes, F. Cordle, C. Cornett, Stephen Cornett, Wiley Davis, Jas. Edwards, J. K. Fulton, S. M. Fulton, T. R. Fulton, A. Galyean, A. G. Hackler, Calvin Hackler, Miles Hackler, Haywood Jennings, Jno. Jennings, F. P. McBride, B. B. Neal, T. P. Rector, Geo. Rhudy, Jefferson Ring, J. M. Roberts, P. R. Roberts, H. H. Todd, I. B. Wright

Comers Rock — Population 48: 8 miles from R.R.; 12 miles from C.H.; banking town–Troutdale–J. E. Collins, S. L. Collins, H. C. Cornett, R. F. Cornett, R. W. Cornett, T. C. Cornett, W. M. Cornett, S. H. Hackler, C. H. Hall, E. S. Hall, E. H. Livesay, G. W. Martin, W. J. Roberts, Z. J. Roberts, L. P. H. Stamper, Wm. Stamper, A. M. Sutherland, F. M. Sutherland, R. M. Wright, S. L. Wright, J. C. Zonts

Comers Rock R.F.D. — Waldo Bennington, Creed Cornett, Jasper Cornett, Jno. Cornett, D. P. Delp, Creed Hale, Fleming Hale, G. C. Harrington, G. A. Rhudy, Jasper Roberts, France Sutherland, F. A. Taylor, R. L. Taylor, R. F. Wright

Dalhart — Population 8: 8 miles from R.R.; 13 miles from C.H., banking town–Galax–M. K. Collins, Andrew Galyen, E. T. Galyen, J. P. Galyen, J. J. Hampton, Rufus Hampton, N. T. Higgins, F. V. Rector, I. Rector, Saml. Reeves, Cabell Wilson, Jno. Wilson

Edgewater — Population 26: 8 miles from R.R.; 12 miles from C.H.; banking town–Troutdale–Jos. P. Hash, L. N. Hash, M. E. Hutchins, S. R. Mink, B. N. Pugh, J. P. Pugh, B. R. Wells, F. M. Young, J. A. Young, J. N. Young

Elk Creek — Population 26; 10 miles from R.R. and C.H., banking town – Independence–E. W. Bayer, J. W. Bayer, L. W. Bayer, J. M. Bolt, L. C. Cannoy, F. A. Cornett, L. K. Cornett, S. M. Cornett, V. B. Cornett, V. E. Cornett, C. G. Delp, Ernest Delp, Geo. L. Delp, J. F. Delp, M. H. Delp, R. E. Delp, W. G. Fulton, T. L. Gwyn, F. Scott Hale, R. C. Hale, Rufus Hale, W. S. Hale, R. Lee Hall, J. S. Jackson, J. M. McCormick, J. R. McLeon, Jno. W. McLean, B. C. Mann, S. H. Mitchell, D. L. Moore, R. G. Nuckolls, R. G. Nuckell, J. K. Perkins, R. C. Phipps, N. V. Poindexter, D. W. Rhudy, G. C. Rhudy, Jno. Ring, V. B. Sage, E. Claude Stone, F. R. Stone, K. C. Stone, W. C. Stone, J. W. Thomas, R. F. Thomas, J. H. Ward, S. H. Wingate, J. H. Wood, W. R. Wood

Fairwood — Population 8: on Va. Southern R.R.; 30 miles from C.H.; banking town Troutdale–Abe Billings, J. C. Brooks, T. W. Brooks, W. H. Brooks, Dr. R. F. Young

Flatridge — Population 44: 7 miles from R.R. 16 miles from C.H.; banking town Troutdale–D. M. Cole, H. F. Cornett, W. I. Cornett, Stewart Hackler, W. T. Perkins, A. W. Ross, S. F. Ross, J. F. Russell, R. L. Russell

Flatridge R.F.D. — Stephen Cornett, B. Harrington, P. Harrington, A. Roberts, T. C. Roberts, W. W. Roberts, Lee Shuler

Fox — Population 26: 12 miles from R.R.; 8 miles from C.H.; banking town Independence–A. H. Cox, A. J. Cox, Jr. A. J. Cox, Sr., Isom Cox, W. C. Martin, Isaac Wingate, J. F. Young

Fries — Population 150; on N&WR.R.; 16 miles from C.H., a banking town–R. M. Atkins, R. C. Bartlett, W. A. Bartlett, E. H. Hover, Ellis Boyer, Harvey Boyer, A. A. Carico, J. A. Carico, J. C. Carico, M. H. Carico, W. J. Davis, B. S. Dobyns, J. R. Hill, S. S. Hill, Clark Jones, Edna J. Laughter, W. T. Porter, D. A. Shuler, J. W. Vaughan, J. H. Williams, J. P. Williams, Lewis Williams

Galax — Population 1,200 on R.R.; 16 miles from C.H., a banking town–C. E. Anderson, Friel Anderson, J. B. Caldwell, J. P. Carrico, S. J. W. Carrico, W. M. Cox, J. S. Davis, Elias A. Jennings, J. M. Jennings, Chap Painter, Hugh Roberts, Thos. Roberts, C. C. Trimble, C. T. Williams

Galax R.F.D. — C. L. Davis, T. E. Davis, H. E. Higgins, A. M. Jennings, W. H. Jennings, W. F. Murphy, Jno. Parsons

Grant — Population 80: 4 miles from R.R. 15 miles from C.H.; banking town– Troutdale–Mitchell Anderson, A. J. Greear, S. M. Greear, A. N. Grubb, C. M. Grubb, F. Grubb, O. M. Grubb, H. A. Hoffman, S. J. Huffman, D. J. McCarroll, E. M. McCarroll, C. L. Parsons, S. C. Plummer, Chas. B. Porter, Jno. R. Pugh, E. F. Ross, C. V. Thomas, E. F. Thomas, J. L. Thomas, T. M. Thomas, Frank Young

Independence (C.H.) — Population 200: 16 miles from R.R.; a banking town–Eph. Boyer, I. K. Boyer, I. B. Bryant, J. B. Bryant, J. K. Bryant, D. J. Busick, Floyd Cox, P. M. Cox, J. G. Davis, J. M. Dickey, E. C. Fulton, R. C. Fulton, F. M. Halsey, I. C. Hash, P. Osborn, B. Osborne, F. M. Osborne, J. C. B. Osborne, J. C. Padgett, J. M. Parsons, F. C. Phipps, J. H. Rhudy, H. H. Todd, J. C. Vaughan, W. M. Warren, T. M. Windsor, D. Wingate, Tom Wingate

Independence R.F.D. — E. S. Anders, A. L. Blevins, Isaac Boyer, Jno. Fender, G. W. Gilham, R. C. Reaves, R. L. Roberts, G. E. Vaughan, Berry Wagoner

Major — Population 14: 15 miles from R.R. 12 miles from C.H.; banking town Troutdale–Weldon Anderson, J. S. Cole, J. K. Cornett, Andrew Forrested, J. M. Halsey, C. W. Harrington, A. C. Hash, Danish Hash, J. A. Hash, A. C. Holdaway, Ellis Holdaway, Noah Jones, Bryan Livesay, L. F. Long, Harvey Phipps, A. M. Plummer, J. C. Roberts, A. L. Ross

Mouth of Wilson — Population 68: 13 miles from R.R. and from C.H.; banking town, Troutdale–Wm. Anderson, C. E. Campbell, Boyden Cox, C. E. Cox, G. W. Cox, A. M. Gentry, G. G. Halsey, I. L. Halsey, Ira F. Halsey, Jas. Halsey, Jno. M. Halsey, M. Halsey, Neal Halsey, J. E. Handy, E. C. Osborn, J. Osborn & Bros., A. E. Parsons, D. C. Peasley, A. C. Ross, C. H. Senter, W. M. Senter, C. S. Walls, P. J. Walls, Z. F. Ward, E. B. Young, I. N. Young

North Branch — Population 15: 10 miles from R.R.; 8 miles from C.H.; banking town Independence–M. F. Atkins, Z. S. Daniel, A. S. Fielder, Fielder Funk, J. C. Funk, L. J. Funk, S. K. Funk, S. G. Green, J. K. Griffith, F. C. Hale, Benj. Thomas, J. C. Thomas, Joe Thomas

Oldtown — Population 175; 3 miles from R.R. 16 miles from C.H.; banking town, Galax–C. F. Carrico, Ellis Cox, C. H. Edwards, Wm. Green, G. Hampton, Wm. Lundy, W. M. Norman, S. N. Nuckolls, E. P. Osborne, P. B. Osborne, L. J. Todd, B. G. Whiterow.

Park — Population 8: 4 miles from R.R.; 30 miles from C.H.; banking town, Troutdale–Martin Adams, B. Baldwin, W. M. Baldwin, David Blevins, F. M. Blevins, G. L. Blevins, W. M. Blevins, Wm. Blevins, Jno. Roop, Paul Roop, Wash Roop, David Caldwell, Jesse Dolinger, Roby Dolinger, Wm. Dolinger, Elijah Farmer, W. F. Farmer, E. Hart, L. F. Johnson, Ernest Miller, Frank Shepherd, F. M. Sturgill, J. A. Walker, Grant Weaver, S. H. Weaver, Wm. F. Weaver, Sidney Wyatt

Peach Bottom — Population 25; 12 miles from R.R.; 8 miles from C.H.; banking town–Independence–Haywood Blevins, J. R. Blevins, R. S. Carson, A. M. Coomes, M. G. Coomes, E. F. Cox, E. L. Cox, J. D. Cox, R. L. Cox, Saml. Cox, T. O. Cox, J. K. Melton, J. C. Shaw, E. H. Smith

Rugby — Population 11; 12 miles from R.R.; 20 miles from C.H.; banking town–Troutdale–W. H. Cox, E. A. Davis, C. H. Hall, W. W. McCarroll, S. M. Osborne, C. E. Perkins, L. P. Perkins, J. M. Reedy, W. M. Reedy, F. M. Richardson, Wm. M. Sexton, S. F. Tucker, L. P. Warren, T. M. Weirs, R. A. Wiles, E. S. Young, T. F. Young

Rural Home — Population 14; 3 miles from R.R.; 12 miles from C.H., banking town Fries–C. B. Atkins, M. M. Atkins, J. Austin, L. R. Black, R. E. Brown, F. Bryan, Jno. C. Carrico, R. D. Carrico, E. M. Cornett, J. A. Cornett, J. C. Dickinson, R. L. Dickinson, S. D. Laffon, R. R. Mallory, J. A. Padgett, Robt. C. Padgett, L. F. Porter, M. C. Porter, H. C. Roberts, A. L. Smith, Robert F. Troy, Edd H. Warrick, F. H. Warrick, W. E. Williams, W. S. Williams, R. L. Wright, W. J. Wyatt, F. H. Wysong

Shoal — Population 7; 20 miles from R.R., 5 miles from C.H.; banking town, Independence–Jasper Anders, W. P. Beck, Coy Collins, E. M. Cox, Arthur Crouse, J. R. Dixon, W. H. Farmer, W. M. Farmer, H. M. Farmer, A. J. Haga, T. P Haga, Frank Hawks, E. S. Osborne, Jack Osborne, Ben Taylor, Zack Taylor

Spring Valley — Population 25; 6 miles from R.R.; 15 miles from C.H.; banking town Fries–Bourne Bros., A. H. Boyer, G. C. Cornett, Z. Daniels, Bud Funk, C. R. Hale, Bryan Hall, B. M. Mastin, Kyle Miller, Owen O’Donnell, P. H. O’Donnell, V. J. Porter, Jr., L. M. Porter, J. A. Rhudy, S. G. Rhudy, Edgar Thomas, Jacob Thomas, Joe Thomas, J. B. Vaughan, S. E. Vaughan, T. C. Vaughan, L. H. Ward

Spring Valley R.F.D. — J. R. Bedwell, M. Bourne, Will Boyer, A. Byrd, J. L. Byrd, Henry Clark, C. Cornett, F. R. Cornett, Jack Cornett, S. S. Cornett, A. J. Daniel, G. K. Fielder, R. C. Fielder, Elbert Funk, Fielden Funk, Geo. Funk, Levi Funk, Henry Graybeal, Miller Graybeal, J. K. Griffith, F. C. Hale, J. P. Hale, Wm. Hines, Wm. McCarter, Willie McEaster, J. J. Mason, B. M. Patton, Jacob Porter, Lon Porter, G. W. Rhudy, A. S. Rhudy, C. Roberts, R. Roberts, J. C. Thomas, N. A. Tomlinson, Will Tomlinson, Geo. W. Vaught, Haney Ware, Morris Welsh, T. Wright, Wm. Wright

Stevens Creek — Population 32: 2 miles from R.R.; 15 miles from C.H.; banking town Fries–Andrew Carrico, B. W. Carrico, E. C. Carrico, Grover Carrico, J. C. Carrico, B. J. Dunivan, G. W. Gray, T. L. Hill, Philip Kirby, Jno. Moore, Allen Shupe, S. G. Shupe, J. W. Williams, N. W. Williams, W. S. Williams

Troutdale — Population 50; on Va Southern R.R.; 18 miles from C.H.; a banking town–C. P. Greer, John F. Greer, W. H. Handy, I. L. Pasley

Volney — Population 18; 6 miles from R.R.; 18 miles from C.H.; banking town Troutdale–J. E. Ball, C. F. Barker, Laird Barker, J. J. Cornett, S. T. C. Cornett, Frank Danice, E. C. Hash, Jos. Mink, C. W. Perkins, S. C. Pummer, Neal Pugh, R. L. Pugh, S. T. Pugh, J. J. Spencer, R. A. Wells, Mack Young

Whitetop — Population 24; 7 miles from R.R.; 25 miles from C.H.; banking town, Troutdale–Boyd Baldwin, C. M. Baldwin, J. C. Baldwin, R. B. Baldwin, R. K. Baldwin, R. L. Baldwin, Wm. Baldwin, A. J. Blevins, J. L. Cole, Jno. Dolinger, F. H. Dolinger, H. C. Leyler, E. M. Osborne, S. M. Osborne, A. G. Owen, D. G. Powers, A. H. Price, D. H. Price, C. W. Spencer, M. N. Stamper, H. C. Weaver, C. M. Wiles, E. E. Wiles, J. C. Wiles, Sidney Wyatt