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Supplemental Schedules for the Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes

Grayson County, Virginia, 1880

1880 Supplemental Schedules – Poorhouse
Name Residence Type of disease
Durham, Sarah Grayson Consumptive
Rector, Mintie Grayson Crippled by Rheumatism
Rector, Elisabeth Grayson
Anderson, Robt. Grayson Rheumatism
Craig, George Grayson Crippled
Roberts, Lettie Grayson
Bobitt, Thomas Grayson
Bobitt, Mary A. Grayson
Bobitt, Joseph Grayson
Reeves, Annie Grayson Crippled & blind
Reeves, Barks Grayson Crippled
Bailey, Dell Grayson


1880 Supplemental Schedules – Insane
Name Residence Type of Disease Duration Age at Onset
Hackler, Almedia Grayson
Brewer, Samuel Grayson
Choat, Martha Grayson Mania 3 yrs 27
Brown, Elisabeth Grayson Mania 3 mos 14
Sells, Daniel Grayson Epilepsy 8 yrs 28
Barton, Morris Grayson Typhoid Fever 1 21
Pugh, P. Grayson Mania 24
Thomas, Marion Grayson Acute mania 18


1880 Supplemental Schedules – Idiots
Name Residence Supporting Self Size of head
Russell, R. O. Independence No Natural
Nuckolls, Lee Independence Partly Small
Byrd, Jackson Independence Partly Natural
Anderson, A. J. Independence Partly Natural
Johnson, W. H. F. Independence Partly Natural
Thadis, Jackson Grayson Yes Natural
Barker, Sampson Grayson No Small
Hawthorn, Jeff Grayson Partly Small
Rector, Elisabeth Grayson No Natural
Martin. Rosamond Grayson Partly Natural
Reeves, Isom Grayson Yes Natural
Porter, James Grayson Yes Natural
Cole, Levi J. Grayson Yes Natural
Reedy, Rutha Grayson Yes Natural
Johnson, Martha A. Grayson Yes Large
Johnson, Wiley G. Grayson Yes Small
Adams, _____ Grayson Yes Small
Haga, Sarah A. Grayson Yes Small
Haga, Mara J. Grayson Yes Small
Haga, Leander W. Grayson Yes Natural
Haga, Caroline Grayson Yes Natural
Jones, Ellen B. Grayson Yes Large
Larrow, James Grayson Yes Small
Haga, Lartelin Grayson Yes Small
(illegible) Grayson Yes
Ward, Elisabeth Grayson Yes Natural
Hanks, Floyd Grayson No Large
Edwards, Sallie Grayson Partly Natural
Edwards, Mary Grayson No Natural


1880 Supplemental Schedules – Deaf-Mutes
Name Residence Supporting Self Age of Deafness Cause
Rector, John M. Grayson Partly 11/12 Infantile Fever
Roberts, Frances Grayson Yes 2 Rising in Head
Ham, Mary Grayson Partly B Born deaf
Stevens, Pijia Grayson Yes 3 Sickness
Barton, Morris Grayson Yes ? __
Hash, Aras Grayson Yes B Born deaf
Blevins, Symanatha Grayson Partly B Born deaf


1880 Supplemental Schedules – Blind
Name Residence Supporting Self Age of Blindness Cause
Reeves, Ammie Grayson No 81 Pain in Head
Lundy, Martha Grayson Partly 57 Pain in Eyes
Laws, Marcus L. Grayson No. ? Affliction of Spine
Hanks, Floyd Grayson No B Born Blind
Whitaker, Mary A. Grayson Partly 7
Moxley, William L. Grayson Partly Cataract
Moxley, David R. Grayson Partly Cataract
Taylor, Nancy Grayson No Cataract


1880 Supplemental Schedules – Homeless Children
Name Residence
Roberts, Lettie Grayson
Hill, Susan Grayson


1880 Supplemental Schedules – Grayson County Jail
Name Residence Date Reason
Sells, Daniel Grayson 1873
Crite, Henry Grayson 1/1/1880 murder