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Grayson County, Virginia Death Records 1870 to 1896

Compiled by – Billie White

This data was transcribed from the death records of Grayson County, Virginia. The source of this data was microfilm and as such presents all the difficulties in reading this medium.

In a few cases the surname was not recorded and as a substitute the surname of the parents is shown in square brackets[ ]. Sex was not recorded explicitly but has been indicated where this could be verified by phrases such as “son of…” elsewhere in the transcription.

In the case of deaths which occurred in Grayson County, the “place of death” column shows the district where the death was reported. This is not intended to indicate that the death occurred in this district but rather to provide a possible indication of the location of the family within the county.

? means that the information was not legible.
Ages are given in years, months, and days

The film can be ordered from your nearest Family History Center film # 2056981

The 1870 to 1896 death records are split into the following three alphabetical sections:

1870 to 1896 A - F

Grayson County, Virginia Death Records 1870-1896 A-F
Name Race, Sex Date Place of Death Cause Age Names of Parents Where Born Occupation Consort Informant
Absher, unnamed W M 27 Mar 1880       Susan Absher        
Adams, Allen W M 10 Apr 1892   heart failure 78y   N.C.   widower J.A. Adams, son
Adams, Allen A. W Oct 1893     82y   N.C.   married Mary Sutherland, daughter
Adams, Eliza W F 1 Jul 1890     1y Andrew Adams        
Adams, Elizer W M 17 Jan 1892   lagrippe 75y   Ashe Co., N.C.   Mary Adams K.C. Adams, son
Adams, Mattie W F 15 May 1890     11m Andrew Adams        
Adams, Sarah A. W F 14 Feb 1878 Elk Creek District   55y Jas. & Margaret McGuire     A.A. Adams  
Aker, Lucinda W F 20 May 1880     38y Geo. & Sarah Jackson     Robt S. Aker  
Albertson, Joshua W 3 Dec 1891   paralysis 82y       married John Hanna, son
Allen, Arche B F 26 Jun 1894     1y Arch Allen        
Allen, Bettie B F 24 Jun 1872 Old Town Twp.   3y 1m Archie & Ann Allen        
Allen, unnamed B M Oct 1888   stillborn; liver complaint of mother   Noah & Marsilla Allen        
Allen, unnamed B M 4 Apr 1875 Old Town District   1m20d Archie & Sallie Allen        
Allen, Zollie B F 26 Jun 1894     1y Arch Allen        
Anders, Aquila W M 13 Sep 1881     10y John & Katie Anders        
Anders, Emmett W M 10 Mar 1886   scarlet fever 2y10m Abram & Susan Anders        
Anders, Rachael W F 9 Aug 1893   fever 48y       O. Anders  
Anders, Sarah W F 6 Feb 1891     16y Alferd & Rebeck Anders     single  
Anders, Sarah W F 25 Nov 1879     23y       Henry Anders  
Anders, unnamed W F 16 Jul 1889     6d E.C. & Bettie Anders        
Anders, Willie F. W M 31 Dec 1890   flux 2y A.J. & Martha Anders        
Anderson, C.H. W M 20 Jun 1890   flux 62y       married  
Anderson, Catherine W F 27 Mar 1871 Wilson Creek Twp.   34y2m12d Elisha Anderson     Malvin Anderson  
Anderson, Cicero W M 16 Sep 1892   diabetes 21y Delia Anderson     single Abijah Anderson, uncle
Anderson, Eddie V. W M 8 Dec 1894   croup 1m W.A. & M.E. Anderson        
Anderson, Elish W 20 Jul 1887   dropsy 69y       married  
Anderson, Estide W M 1 Mar 1886     5y Orville & Mary Anderson        
Anderson, Frankling W M 5 Aug 1874 Wilson Creek Twp.   5y Mary Ann Anderson       S.M. Anderson-friend
Anderson, Ira B. W M 29 Dec 1891   shot in a row 21y Calvin & Sarah Anderson     single  
Anderson, L.A.B. W M 10 Mar 1890     2m N.D. & L.E. Anderson        
Anderson, Laura W F 3 Feb 1885     35y       O. Anderson  
Anderson, Ludemia W F 14 Feb 1886   conf… 25y       L.S. Anderson  
Anderson, M.J. W F 8 Jul 1887   fits 18y       married  
Anderson, Manerva W 2 Sep 1890   fever 27y       married  
Anderson, Mary W 18 Jul 1887   croup 15d          
Anderson, Mary E. W 18 Jun 1888     38y       married  
Anderson, Orville A. W M 8 Sep 1885   scarlet fever 8y R.M. & Lovey A. Anderson        
Anderson, Robe W M 19 Apr 1871 Wilson Creek Twp.   1y1m Stephen & Rebecca Anderson        
Anderson, unnamed W F 5 Oct 1893     1d E.W. & M.L. Anderson        
Anderson, unnamed W F 5 Nov 1881     1/2d F.H. & Charlott Anderson        
Anderson, unnamed W M 12 Jun 1877 Wilson Creek District   1d Frank & Mary Anderson        
Anderson, unnamed W F 1 Dec 1876 Wilson Creek Twp.   5d Stephen & Rebeca Anderson        
Anderson, unnamed W M 12 Oct 1875 Elk Creek District   7m E. & Rhoda Anderson        
Anderson, Wiley M. W M 21 Feb 1886   scarlet fever 8y J.O. & Clementin Anderson        
Andis, Thersa W F 1 Mar 1876 Elk Creek District   35y Levi & Olive Cornett     E.C. Andis  
Andis, unnamed W M 10 Apr 1875 Elk Creek District   12d E.C. & Thursa R. Andis        
Andrew, Sallie W F 26 Feb 1890   menengitis 3y1m Geo.F. & Mary S. Andrew        
Andrew, Samuel E. W M 1 Feb 1875 Elk Creek District   2y 2m Geo. F. & Susan M. Andrew        
Armstrong, Rachael W F 3 Apr 1884     81y       widow  
Atkins, Annie W 9 May 1874 Old Town Twp.   70y         G.W. Atkins, head of family
Atkins, Elmore W M 20 Jan 1881     5y M.M. & Bettie Atkins        
Atkins, G.W. W M 26 Jun 1889   paralysis 5y Alex & Annie       Sabry, head of family
Atkins, Isabella W 16 Nov 1872 Old Town Twp.   28y4m       married  
Atkins, unnamed W M 12 Aug 1893     1d Emmet & E. Atkins        
Austin, Cleaveland W M 15 Jul 1883     2y Wm. C. & Elizabeth Austin        
Austin, Geo. W M 10 Nov 1885   croup 1y Alex & Manda Austin        
Austin, Lucie W F 8 Nov 1881   croup 2y William & Better Austin        
Austin, Nancy C. W F 2 Oct 1893   typhoid fever 19y Wm. & Elysabeth Austin        
Austin, Sallie W F 28 Dec 1880     78y 3m John & Mary Wells     Lacy Austin  
Austin, unnamed W M 19 Aug 1893     2d J.C. & V.J. Austin        
Austin, unnamed W M 19 Aug 1893     2d J.C. & V.J. Austin        
Austin, unnamed W F 1 Apr 1883   cold 9d W.H. & Hattie Austin        
Austin, Virginia W F 3 Jun 1889   consumption 22y W.C. & Elisabeth J. Austin     single  
Austin, William L. W M 8 Sep 1885   worms 4y James & Victora Austin        
Ayres, Lena A. W M [sic] 16 Nov 1874 Old Town Twp.   9m5d W.A. & Martha Ayres        
Bagwell, Mary W 8 Sep 1873 Grayson Co.   35y 5m       married Clara Bagwell, sister
Bagwell, Rose A. W F 27 Oct 1892 N.C. croup 2y W.C. & Laura Bagwell N.C.      
Bailey, Alexander B M 24 Nov 1891   lagrippe 19y Danl. W. & Eliza Bailey     single  
Bailey, Rosa B F 1 Sep 1880   Liver disease 3y Danl. & Eliza Bailey        
Baily, Aleck B M Apr 1893   grip 18y Daniel & Liza Baily        
Baily, unnamed B M 10 Apr 1884     1d Daniel & Elizabeth Baily        
Baker, Allice E. W F 30 Oct 1896   pneumonia fever 40y Enoch & C. Reeves     married J.F. Baker
Baker, Charity B F 10 Jan 1889   consumption 19y Lee & Easter Baker        
Baker, L.E. W F 7 Jul 1888   milk sick 3y A.A. & E. Baker        
Baker, Sampson B M 25 Oct 1886     17y Lee Baker        
Baker, unnamed W M 23 Jun 1880     1m J.F. & Alice Baker        
Baldwin, Cora F. W F 27 Sep 1883   diphtheria 5y R.K. & Martha Baldwin        
Baldwin, Dora W F 20 Feb 1884 Washington Co., Va.   6m James & Zella Baldwin Grayson Co., Va.      
Baldwin, Jessie W M 1 Sep 1893     1y 6m R.K. & Martha Baldwin        
Baldwin, Wm. H. W M 25 Sep 1883   diphtheria 3y Wm. M. & Rosa Baldwin        
Ball, B.C. W M 20 Jan 1893   whooping cough 10m James & L.A. Ball        
Ball, Lee A. W M 15 Jun 1880   killed by lighting 13y John E. & Lydia Ball        
Ballard, E.J. W M Apr 1887   croup 4y R.K. & L.E. Ballard        
Ballard, J.K. W 2 Jul 1888   old age 77y       single Byrum Ballard, brother
Ballard, Martha B. W F 17 Jan 1875 Old Town District   3y 2d Amos & Anna Ballard        
Ballard, unnamed W M 5 Feb 1893     1d Am… & M.A. Ballard        
Ballard, William W M 23 Apr 1872 Old Town Twp.   74y Amos & Ann Ballard        
Banks, Ballard B 22 Dec 1893   lagripp 70y         R.G. Nuckolls
Banks, Sarah B F 2 Dec 1872 Elk Creek Twp.   16y Ballard & Easter Banks        
Barbarry, Fred. W M 8 Jul 1892   cholera infuntum 1y J.H. Barbary        
Barber, Jane W 8 Oct 1874 Old Town Twp.   84y         J. Byrd, head of family
Barber, Joseph W M 3 Jun 1885   consumption 66y 3m Allen & Jane Barber Carroll Co.   widower Jas. Barber, son
Barber, Sophia W F 12 Mar 1884     66y       Joseph Barber J.Barber, son
Barker, Burril W 8 Aug 1894   dropsy 80y       married B.F. Gravely, friend
Barker, John W M 11 Feb 1883     2y Scott & Mollie Barker        
Barker, unnamed W M 3 Jul 1886     1/2d Scott & Mollie Barker        
Barneycastle, Murtie W F 15 Sep 1896   meningetis 15y Jas. & Julia Barneycastle     single  
Barnycastle, Levi W 18 Apr 1891 Bertha Zine [Zinc] mines Wythe Co., Va. fever 22y       single  
Bartlett, Elisabeth W F 28 Aug 1873 Old Town Twp.   83y 3m       widow A.G. Bartlet, son
Bartlett, Malinda W F 11 Apr 1889   colic 60y 3m Alf. & Sallie       A.G. Bartlett, head of family
Bartlett, unnamed W M 18 May 1896     6hrs S.F. & ? Bartlett        
Bartlett, Verdie W M 18 Mar 1894   bold hives 6m J.B. & A.L. Bartlett        
Barton, Jane W F 30 Nov 1880   paralysis 67y Jacob & Catherine Boyer     John L. Barton  
Barton, Jno. A. W M 17 May 1888   inflamation of bowels 43y 8m 4d Isaac & Polly Barton     single  
Base, unnamed B M 15 Nov 1884     3m Joseph & E. Base        
Bateman, Berrel W M 15 Apr 1895   whooping cough 2y Oscar & Matilda Bateman        
Bateman, J.W. W M 15 Apr 1894   whooping cough 4y W.H. & Matilda Bateman        
Bateman, Johnnie W M 26 Apr 1895   whooping cough 5y Oscar & Matilda Bateman        
Bateman, Oscar B. W M 26 Apr 1894   whooping cough 2y W.H. & Matilda Bateman        
Bateman, Rose W F 9 Apr 1895   whooping cough 9y Oscar & Matilda Bateman        
Bateman, Rosie R. W F 9 Apr 1894   whooping cough 9y W.H. & Matilda Bateman        
Bateman, unnamed W M 1 Oct 1896     1d W.O.? & Matilda Bateman        
Bates, unnamed W F Jun 1887   neglect 12d S.S. & Orlena Bates        
Bauguess, unnamed W M 25 Jul 1895     10d J.W. & Myrtle Bauguess        
Baugus ?, D.A. W M 10 Apr 1886   croup 1y Andrew & E. Baugus        
Beck, Rachel W F 28 Apr 1895     57y   N.C.   W.P. Beck  
Beckerdite, Tennie M. W F 27 May 1893     20y K.C. & Mary Cornett     G.H. Beckerdite  
Bedsaul, John M. W M 6 Mar 1893     51y Peter & Matilda Bedsoul     Alvesta Bedsoul  
Bedsaul, Orton W M 1 Mar 1884   dipthera 3m16d J.M. & A. Bedsaul        
Bedsaul, Thornton W M 14 Feb 1884   dipthera 3m J.M. & A. Bedsaul        
Bedwell, Albert W M 29 Apr 1896     2m Robt. & Ellen Bedwell        
Bedwell, Frederick Guy W M 27 Mar 1872 Elk Creek Twp.   1y 2m 27d James & Polly Bedwell        
Bedwell, L.D. W M 16 Jun 1889   liver disease 74y       Jane Bedwell  
Bedwell, Polly A. W F 18 Feb 1885   inflm. of stomach 40y Fred. & Rebecca Hines     Jas. Bedwell  
Bedwell, Sena May W F 15 Apr 1892   pneumonia fever 5m R.R. Bedwell        
Bedwell, unnamed W F 31 Mar 1889     1d Wm. & M.J. Bedwell        
Bedwell, Ursula W F 19 Sep 1885   abscess of lungs 51y Daniel Welsh     Alfred Bedwell  
Bell, unnamed W M 12 Jun 1877 Wilson Creek District     J.C. & Hellen Bell Ash Co., N.C.      
Benett, unnamed W M May 1887     1hr H.C. & Rosa Benett        
Bennett, Eddy Thos. W M 20 Jun 1878 Elk Creek District   5m18d Columbus & M.J. Bennett        
Bennett, Joseph Columbus W M 30 Aug 1873 Grayson Co.   5y 8m Thos. H. & Sarah F. Bennett        
Bennett, William Robert W M 3 Oct 1873 Grayson Co.   5m27d Thos. H. & Sarah F. Bennett        
Bess Elizabeth B Oct 1887   pneumonia 24y       Bess Levi Todd, friend
Billings, Nancy W F 10 Apr 1878 Elk Creek District   12y Ali Billings        
Bishop, Alvin S. W M 30 Mar 1886   scarlet fever 4y Lee G. & Susan Bishop        
Bishop, Cora W F 20 May 1887     12y Mary Bishop        
Bishop, Eli R. W M 13 Nov 1885   fever 10y James & A. Bishop        
Blair, Anna B F 7 Aug 1892   crope 3y Wilson & E. Blair        
Blair, Eliza B F 20 Jul 1878 Elk Creek District   30y       Benj. Blair  
Blair, Grant B M 3 Apr 1887   fever 8m Berry & Candis Blair        
Blair, John B M 1891     1y Berry & Candis Blair        
Blair, Leona B F Oct 1890   croup 3y 7m Wilson Blair        
Blair, Matilda B F 27 May 1885   liver disease 5m Berry & Mariah Blair        
Blair, Rossy B F 9 Apr 1885   fever 2y Berry & Mariah Blair        
Bland, Jackson W M 9 Apr 1878 Elk Creek District   59y       Eliza Bland  
Bledsoe, Arthur W 2 Mar 1883     83y          
Blevins, Cora A. W F 20 Mar 1884     2y T.J. & Bettie Blevins        
Blevins, John W M 3 Sep 1875 Old Town District   82y 2m 17d John & Kate Blevins     Adeline Houston Blevins, son
Blevins, Litha W F 7 May 1880   croup 2y 2m Houston & Celie Blevins        
Blevins, Lydia W F 12 Oct 1880     8y Elizabeth Blevins       Wm. W. Davis, father
Blevins, M.A. W M 3 Apr 1886     6y Andrew & Annie Blevins        
Blevins, Magy M. W F 5 Nov 1884   scarlet fever 2y Marshall & Jane Blevins        
Blevins, N.J. W F 15 Mar 1886     8y J.F. & E. Blevins        
Blevins, Norman W M 15 Nov 1879     2m 26d Wills & Kezziah H. Blevins        
Blevins, Rachel W F 15 Dec 1877 Wilson Creek District   22y J.C. & Nancy Blevins Ash Co., N.C.      
Blevins, Samuel W M 29 Sep 1893   old age 90y John & Catharine Blevins     Nancy Blevins Margret Blevins, daughter
Blevins, Sarah A. W F 7 Jun 1893   bronchitis 4y Andrew & Annie Blevins        
Blevins, Susan W F 14 Apr 1885   burn 4y Elisha & Susan Blevins        
Blevins, unnamed W M 22 Dec 1886     5m W.H. & L.E. Blevins        
Blevins, unnamed W F 28 Dec 1885     2m J.W. & S.E. Blevins        
Blevins, unnamed W M 24 Oct 1875 Wilson Creek Twp.   10m Noah & Catharine Blevins        
Bobbett, Joseph W 27 Dec 1893   gun shot wound 60y       married  
Bobbitt, Charles W M 14 Feb 1892   old age 91y   N.C.   Nancy Bobbitt Samuel Bobbitt, son
Bobbitt, Earnett B M 26 Apr 1894     1y G.R.Bobbitt        
Bobbitt, R.G. W 7 Dec 1893   old age 86y   Sury Co., N.C.     Samuel Bobbitt, head of family
Bobbitt, Ruffin W 1 Aug 1890   typhoid fever 30y   N.C.   single Saml. Bobbitt, head of family
Bolt, Della M. W F 2 Oct 1894   croup 1m W.T. & E.C. Bolt        
Bolt, G.W. W M 2 Jul 1896   consumption 32y 1m son of Tarry & Allie Bolt     Nancy Bolt  
Bolt, John W M 27 Aug 1892   biarrhoea 4m J.M. & R.J. Bolt        
Bolt, Joseph W M 2 Aug 1882     2m James M. & Rebecca Bolt        
Bolt, Lucy Ann W F 15 Apr 1879   fever 29 Allen & Caroline Wright     Andrew J. Bolt  
Bolt, Nancy W F 25 Dec 1889   croup 10m Georg Bolt        
Bolt, Rebecca Jane W F 30 Mar 1895   consumption 33y David Ward     J.M. Bolt  
Bolt, unnamed W M 5 Apr 1893   croup 2m E.J. & S.E. Bolt        
Bolt, unnamed W M 20 Mar 1892   croup 1m E.J. & S.E. Bolt        
Bonham, Ephraim W M Apr 1880   pneumonia 44y       Mary Bonham  
Bonham, Hannah T. W F 11 Nov 1880   diptheria 12y Allen L. & Candacia Bonham        
Bonham, Loas ? Elmira W F 29 Oct 1887   diphtheria 1y A.L. & C.P. Bonham        
Bonham, Martha W F 29 Apr 1870 Wilson Creek District   46y   Smith Co   Ephriam Bonham  
Bonham, Mary W F 26 Jan 1879   typhoid fever 44y         Wm. R. Bonham, head of house
Bonham, Minnie D. W F 14 Nov 1880   diptheria 3y Allen L. & Candacia Bonham        
Bonham, Ruth A. A. W F 3 Jan 1879   pneumonia 13y Wm. R. & Mary Bonham     unmarried  
Bonham, Susan W F 5 Nov 1880   diptheria 13y Allen L. & Candacia Bonham        
Bonham, Tobitha W 18 Jun 1887   dropsy 82y       married  
Boon, unnamed W M 16 Oct 1876 Elk Creek District   1y Archabald & Anna Boon        
Boone, Calvin H. W M 8 Feb 1883   scarlet fever 10y Arch & Ann Boone        
Borun, Robbert W M 1 Jun 1896   croup 5y John & P.F. Borne        
Bose or Base, Dora B F 15 Sep 1892       Joe & Ester Bose or Base        
Bourn, Ada Miller W F 6 Oct 1885   diphtheria 1y 7d W.M. & E.C. Bourn        
Bourn, Benjamin W M 6 Sep 1883   spasms 2y 6m Benj. & Caroline Bourn        
Bourn, C.H. W M 13 Dec 1876 Elk Creek District   50y Stephen & Milly Bourn     Lucy Bourn  
Bourn, Chapman, M. W M 30 Sep 1875 Old Town District   4m13d John & Julia A. Bourn        
Bourn, Hannah W F 14 Oct 1877 Elk Creek District   85y       Wm. Bourn (dec.) Wm. M. Bourn, son
Bourn, James L. W M 19 Oct 1870 Old Town District   44y John & Ludy       Francis J. Bourn, head of family
Bourn, Kisey W F 19 Nov 1889   dropsy 57y 4m Lewis B. & Margaret Hale     Ephraim Bourn  
Bourn, Sarah M.? W F 5 Jul 1878 Elk Creek District   31y 7m 5d David & Ann Vaughan     W.B. Bourn  
Bourne, Jno. S. W M Sep 1888 Central Station, Va. tiphoyd fever 30y 9m Curtis & Lucy Bourne        
Bourne, Liddy W F 8 Jan 1888   old age 82y   N.C.   Thornton Bourne Milton Parker, son in law
Bourne, Mary W F 18 Apr 1890   lagrippe 53y       R.G. Bourne  
Bourne, Mollie W 31 Aug 1879     83         Mary Reeves, daughter
Bourne, Nancy W F 10 Apr 1889   old age 87y Wm. & Elizabeth Bourn     married Jno. Padgett, head of family
Bourne, Richard Lee W M 28 Jun 1892   killed accidental hurt 2y 6m J.C. & D.V. Bourne        
Bourne, Robt. A. W M 1 Jun 1888   flux 2y 6m R.L. & C. Bourne        
Bowren, Mollie W F 16 May 1883   dipthera 5y 20d Thornton & B. Bowren        
Boyer, Claudie W M 1 Oct 1892     1y J.K. Boyer        
Boyer, Clayton M. W M 4 Nov 1894     1y 5m L.W. & Ellen Boyer        
Boyer, Cora Lee W F 30 May 1891   spinal meningitis 1y 4m John & Catherine Boyer        
Boyer, Jane W F 27 Nov 1896   consumption 82y Denis & R. Fender     married J.K. Boyer
Boyer, Kenly M. W M 18 Mar 1890     1d W.M. & Nancy Boyer        
Boyer, Lonnie C. W F 2 Sep 1886   flux 9m Johnson & America Boyer        
Boyer, Lounez(?) W M 1874 Elk Creek Twp.   1y 4m Harvy & Nancy J. Boyer        
Boyer, Mary E. W F 4 Sep 1874 Elk Creek Twp.   4m Ephram & Tobith. Boyer        
Boyer, Nancy W 1 Jun 1891   lagrippe 70y John & Mary     single Sallie Young, sister
Boyer, Nancy W F 1 Jan 1891   consumption 74y James & Polly Meteruw? Surry Co., N.C.   married Mordicai F. Boyer, son
Boyer, Nancy J. W F Jun 1874 Elk Creek Twp.   22y Wm. & Bettie Austin        
Boyer, Rosa J. W F 28 Jul 1880   diptheria 2y M.F. & C. Boyer        
Boyer, S…ley E. W F 15 Apr 1892     44y J… & Elizabeth James Wythe Co., Va.   Harvy Boyer husband
Boyer, Susan E. W F 15 Dec 1873 Grayson Co.   6y Ephraim & Tabithy Boyer        
Boyer, unnamed W M 26 Jun 1889     1d J.K. & Gincey Boyer     single  
Boyer, unnamed W M 4 Dec 1870 Old Town District   stillborn Granville & Jane Boyer        
Boyer, Walter H. W M 21 Jan 1884   abscess of liver 17y 6m Ephraim & Tobitha Boyer        
Boyer, Wright W M 19 Aug 1878 Elk Creek District   1y Johnson & Anna Boyer       Harvey Boyer, uncle
Boyles, Wm. W 29 Nov 1873 Old Town Twp.   45y         W. Diamond, son in law
Brackins, Foster L. W M 17 Jun 1890   flux 8y Jno.A. & Matilda Brackins        
Brackins, Ira R. W M 1 Jul 1888   spasms 3m Jno. A. & Matilda Brackins        
Brackins, unnamed W M 9 May 1886     1d H.A. & E.N. Brackins        
Brackston, Liza B F 1 May 1896   consumption 23y Joe & M. Brackstin     single  
Brannock, Blanch W F 4 Jul 1881     1y 8m S.F. & Barbry Brannock        
Brannock, Houston W M 3 Aug 1885   flux 1y 6m Freel & B. Brannock        
Brannock, Isack W M 6 May 1892   lagrip 17y B.F. & Mary Brannock     single  
Branscome, Mattie W F 19 Mar 1883   dipthera 26y Jas. & Mary Cawdle     Cyrus Branscome  
Branscome, Sallie A. W F 27 Sep 1885     67y Phil & Rhoda Beamer Carroll Co.   widow C.C. Branscome, son
Braxton, Fielden B/W [sic] M 5 Jul 1891   croup 2y Henry & Lena Braxton        
Braxton Jr., Joseph B M 20 Nov 1887     8m Joe & Martha Braxton        
Brewer, Alice W F 14 Feb 1886   consumption 22y       John Brewer  
Brewer, Catherine W 2 Jan 1892   La Grippe 81y       married D.G. Brewer, son
Brewer, E.H. W M 31 Aug 1892   fever 9y H.M. Brewer        
Brewer, Ettie M. W F 29 Jun 1879     11m Lewis W. & Sarah A. Brewer        
Brewer, Franklin W M 28 Feb 1892   diphtheria 3y J.E. & Sarah Brewer       Ezra Brewer, grandfather
Brewer, Iler Ethel W F 20 Nov 1889   flux 1y 7m Rosamond Brewer        
Brewer, John E. W M 3 Jan 1892   brain fever 35y Ezra & Polly Brewer     married Polly Brewer, grandmother
Brewer, Lewla W F 5 Jun 1885   croup 10m S.M. & Lutitia Brewer        
Brewer, Lutitia W F 5 Jan 1885   consumption 20y L.D. & Matilda Roberts     S.M. Brewer  
Brewer, Mary W F 7 Feb 1892   cancer tumer 76y       Hesakisah Brewer J.F. Brewer, son
Brewer, Mary W F 27 Jun 1888   old age 86y   N.C.   Wm. Brewer J.O. or J.C. Brewer, son
Brewer, Nancy W F 9 Feb 1891   cancer 70y John & Re…y Porter     Hezakiah Brewer F.I. ? Brewer
Brewer, S.S. W M 20 Jan 1892   lagrippe 10m H.M. Brewer        
Brewer, unnamed W M 8 Oct 1885     2d R.W. & Mattie Brewer        
Brewer, unnamed W 30 Jan 1880     4d D.G. & S.A. Brewer        
Brewer, W.L. W M 4 Nov 1883   infla. of stomach 4y L.C. Brewer        
Brewer, Wm. L. W M 24 Dec 1893   thrown from a horse 16y6m2d R.F. & Nettie Brewer     single  
Brison, H.L. B M 28 Jun 1890   fits 3m19d Levi & Jane Brison        
Brison, James B M Jul 1890   typhoid fever 18y Lee & Susan Brison     single  
Brison, Jane B F Jul 1890   typhoid fever 8y Lee & Susan Brison        
Brison, unnamed B M 7 Jun 1872 Old Town Twp.   1d Lee & Jane Brison        
Brison, Wm. B M Jul 1890   typhoid fever 22y Lee & Susan Brison     single  
Brooks, James W M 15 Oct 1887   fever 8y Martha Brooks        
Brooks, Jas. M. W M 18 Jun 1888   diphtheria 6y H.E. & Julia A. Brooks        
Brooks, Richard W M 3 Jun 1888   diphtheria 4y H.E. & Julia A. Brooks        
Brooks, Samantha Jane W F 15 Dec 1896   croup 10m W.H. & Flora Brooks        
Brown, Bettie C. W F 13 Jul 1885     2y Sidny & Anie Brown        
Brown, Charity B F 27 Jul 1893   typhoid fever 18y Ed & May Long Allegana Co., N.C.   Isreal Brown Isaiah Brown, head of family
Brown, Frances B F 24 Dec 1875 Old Town District   1m7d Isiah & Margarett Brown        
Brown, Francis B F 3 Jul 1884   flux 25y Elvira Willetts     Creed Brown  
Brown, James T. W M 16 Nov 1874 Elk Creek Twp.   6m Wm. J. & Adaline Brown        
Brown, John W M 8 Nov 1891   indijestion of the …ler 81y       widower Sena J. Brown
Brown, Letcher B M 17 May 1893     19y John & Polly Brown     single  
Brown, Lewis W M 15 Oct 1875 Elk Creek District   2y Wm. J. & Adaline Brown        
Brown, Lewis J. W M 1 Jan 1876 Elk Creek District   2y W.J. & Adaline Brown        
Brown, Martha W 29 Jul 1872 Old Town Twp.   94y5m   England      
Brown, Mary L. B 28 May 1894     11m         Louis Brown
Brown, Noah B M 25 Nov 1884     7y Arch & Jane Brown        
Brown, Patsey W F 3 Mar 1872 Old Town Twp.   53y Robt. & Peggie Nuckolls     John Brown  
Brown, Rossey B F 16 May 1892   consumption 20 John Brown     single  
Brown, unnamed W F May 1890   flux 1y Sidey & Mary Brown        
Brown, unnamed W M Jul 1888     8m Harvy & Evaline Brown Alleghany Co., N.C.      
Brown, Vilitt B F 7 May 1896   consumption 24y Flem & Jane Brown     John S. Brown  
Bruce, Mary J. W F 9 Jul 1878 Elk Creek District   20y Alfred & Sarah Bruce Ohio      
Bruner, Ellen Caroline W F 1 Jul 1891   heart neuralgia 34y 2m 16d Joel & Catherine Shoppe Wythe Co., Va.   Jno. A. Bruner husband
Bryant, Alex W M 14 Oct 1889   diphtheria 14y Wm. & Emaline Bryant        
Bryant, Bethany W F 4 May 1877 Elk Creek District   55y       Wm. Bryant  
Bryant, Carrie W F 22 Aug 1884   drowned 1y6m Joseph & Lillie Bryant        
Bryant, Eddie W M 23 Nov 1879     12d J. Kenny & Ettie A. Bryant        
Bryant, Jennie C. W F 16 Jun 1886   pneumonia 8m A.A. & M.R. Bryant        
Bryant, John W M 5 Oct 1889   diphtheria 4y Wm. & Emaline Bryant        
Bryant, Joseph W M 8 Jan 1886   old age 81y       Almeda Bryant C.E. Bryant, son
Bryant, Joseph J. W M 1 Dec 1883     22d L.N. & P.J. Bryant        
Bryant, M.C. W F 20 Sep 1887 Smyth Co., Va. canser 60y Thos. & Ruth Norman Wilks Co., N.C.   married  
Bryant, Riley O. W M 3 Jun 1870 Wilson Creek District   58y       Liddie Bryant  
Bryant, Stephen J. W M 2 Sep 1875 Elk Creek District   21y2d L. & Drucilla Bryant        
Bryant, unnamed W M 2 Nov 1894     4m A.A. & M.R. Bryant        
Bryant, Wm. W M 25 Aug 1877 Elk Creek District   77y David & Bettie Bryant N.C.   Bethany Bryant (dec.) Nancy Wright, daughter
Bryson, John B M 22 Apr 1891     6d Levi & Jane Bryson        
Bryson, Lidda B F 16 Apr 1891     1d Levi & Jane Bryson        
Bullard, Mattie B. W F 1 Dec 1875 Old Town District   3y Amos & Anna Ballard        
Bumgarner, Bettie F. W F 12 Nov 1884   dipthera 7y7m Dock & M. Bumgardner        
Bumgarner, Charles L. W M 10 Nov 1884   dipthera 3y3m Dock & M. Bumgardner        
Bundy, James A. W M 8 Oct 1885   croup 3y5m Nath. & S. Bundy        
Bundy, unnamed W F Sep 1889     3y Nathan & Fannie        
Bundy, Wm. C. W M 2 Jul 1875 Old Town District   9y 6m 3d Nathan & Sophia Bundy        
Burris, Leroy W 20 Nov 1876 Elk Creek District   30y2m         Dudly Hale, father in law
Burris, Rossy W F 2…y Jun 1885   consumption 38y Jessie & Sallie Funk     S.J. Burris  
Burton, H.B. W M 28 Jul 1885   colic 1m 14d J.N. & Martha Burton        
Burton, Henderson W M 5 Nov 1895 New Mexico typhoid fever 31y John & Frankie Burton     single  
Burton, unnamed W M 17 Sep 1877 Elk Creek District   3 hrs. E.C. & E.M. Burton        
Butler, Elisabeth W 28 Nov 1874 Old Town Twp.   41y   N.C.   R.R. Butler M.M. Butler, head of family
Byrd, Alonzo W M 8 Sep 1886   diptheria 7y David & Margaret Byrd        
Byrd, B.V. W F 16 Mar 1894   fever 1y J.W. & M.J. Byrd        
Byrd, Fielden W M 20 Nov 1890   serofula 8m Samuel & Alice Byrd        
Byrd, Garfield W M 28 Sep 1886   diptheria 5y David & Margaret Byrd        
Byrd, James C. W M 15 May 1888   flux 3y J.A. & M.C. Byrd        
Byrd, John W M 28 Jul 1889   diarrhsea 1y Chas. & Millie Byrd        
Byrd, Lauvenda A. W F 17 Jul 1892   typhoid fever 20y A.B. Byrd     single  
Byrd, Manorcis W F 1 Apr 1881   heart disease 55y John & Ellin Byrd     Anthony B. Byrd  
Byrd, Martha W F 5 Jul 1876 Elk Creek District   52y       Sam’l. Byrd  
Byrd, Mary W F 20 Sep 1886   diptheria 1y David & Margaret Byrd        
Byrd, Mary C. W F 20 Aug 1888   consumption 34y Thornbery & Sarah Porter Wyth Co.   J.A. Byrd husband
Byrd, Mollie W F 28 Apr 1889   hip disease 13y Chas. & Millie Byrd        
Byrd, Purmelia W F 10 Jan 1881     82y15d Anthoney & Anna Wheler     John Byrd John P. Byrd, son
Byrd, Richard W M 5 Jun 1890   cancer 76y       Susan Byrd  
Byrd, Thos. J.? W M 26 Dec 1893   newmonia fever 1y 20d Jos. W. & M.J. Byrd        
Callaham, Callie B F 13 Apr 1892   lagrippe 1y W.C. & Nettie Callaham        
Callahan, Chas. J. W M 3 Jul 1889   seatic fever 17y E.C. & Sarah Callahan        
Callahan, Lidy W M [sic] 4 Apr 1887   congestion of brain 1y10m Wm. & Nancy Callahan        
Callahan, Nannie W F 1894     2y Thos. & Nancy Callahan        
Callahan, Palastine B M 16 May 1890   croup 6m W.T. & Netty Callahan        
Callaway, Ruth A. W F 23 Mar 1880   child birth 29y Saml. & Elizabeth Callaway       John Callaway
Callaway, Thos. Piper W M 8 Jun 1888   pneumonia fever 13y 4m 8d Geo. & Susan Calloway        
Calloway, Catherine W F 20 Sep 1888   pneumonia fever 20y M.N. & Polly Callaway     single  
Calloway, Katie W F 1 Nov 1887   pneumonia fever 21y M.N. & Polly Calloway        
Calloway, Samuel James W M 8 Jan 1891   exemming 3y J.R. & Jane Calloway        
Cambell, Olla W 25 Sep 1874 Wilson Creek Twp.   64y         Wm. F. Cambell
Camel, Sallie W 15 Aug 1885   old age 87y          
Campbell, Cornelius W M 15 Nov 1892   typhoid fever 21y Margie C. Campbell     single F.J. Pierce, friend
Campbell, Martha R. W F 17 Nov 1891     9y C.E. & M B. Campbell        
Campbell, R.J. W F 1 Dec 1893   peritonitis 14y W.F. & Polly Campbell     single  
Campbell, S.A. W F 10 May 1891   consumption 32y N.C. Thomas & Mary Barker     Daniel Campbell  
Campbell, unnamed W M 20 Jun 1891     1y Wm. & Polly Campbell        
Campbell, Willie H. W M 28 Jun 1891   consumption 5m Daniel & S.A. Campbell        
Cannoy, Robt. W M 18 Jun 1878 Elk Creek District   9m3d B.B. & M.M. Cannoy        
Carico, Elmer W M Oct 1887 died in Pacahontas, Va. measles 5m A.J. & M.A. Carico        
Carico, Emaline W F 20 Oct 1879     5d Jno. F. & Jane Carrico        
Carico, James W M 24 Apr 1884   inflam. of bladder 69y       Elizabeth Carico  
Carico, Mary L. W F 14 Jul 1876 Elk Creek District   35y 3m 5d       Nathan Carico  
Carico, N.L. W F 26 Oct 1893   consumption 22y M.C. & N.E. Carico        
Carico, Nettie Jane W F Dec 1893   burnt 11y L.D. & Charity Carico        
Carico, S.A. W 29 Mar 1893   colic 77y       married W.Z. Cornett
Carico, unnamed W F Oct 1887     10hrs. J.P. & E.K. Carico        
Carico, Wm. Posey W M 13 Mar 1880 Wythe Co., Va. stab with knife 24y Step & Jane Carico        
Carr, Rosey C. W F 4 Oct 1875 Old Town District   5y2m3d Chas. S. & Mary A. Carr        
Carrico, America W F 13 Nov 1875 Old Town District   25y3d Levi & Julina Payne Carroll Co., Va.   Johnson Carrico  
Carrico, George C. W M 5 Apr 1875 Old Town District   20y3m Abel & Rebecca Carrico        
Carrico, Grover C. W M 7 Dec 1884     1m J.P. & E. Carrico        
Carrico, Harvy W M 15 Dec 1885   consumption 60y       widower M.A. Dillon, son in law
Carrico, James W M 7 Apr 1873 Old Town Twp.   16y J. & Susan Carrico        
Carrico, John M. W M 30 Jun 1881     29y R.P. & Evaline Fielder        
Carrico, Josie W F 7 Sep 1894   fever 22y Wm. & Charlotte Carrico     S.A. Carrico  
Carrico, Lewis W 8 Aug 1891   cancer 79y       married Columbus Carrico, son
Carrico, Lucinda W F 1 Jan 1890   old age 84y A. & Margaret Carrico        
Carrico, Mary W F 16 Apr 1890   lagrippe 61y Jas. & Lucy Moss     Lewis Carrico  
Carrico, Matilda W F 27 Jan 1892   lagrip 85y Peter & Mary Cooley Carroll Co., Va.   A.J. Carrico Andrew Carrico, son
Carrico, Rebecca W F 31 Aug 1896   catarrh 58y Jonathan & S. Thomas     married L.J. Carrico
Carrico, Robert W M 26 Jul 1875 Old Town District   27y 5m 7d Harvy & Nancy Carrico     Lina V.  
Carrico, Sims W M 30 Mar 1888   paralysis 71y Able Carrico     Susan Carrico  
Carrico, Stephen W M 3 Jun 1873 Grayson Co.   50y Peter & Nancy Carrico     Jane Carrico  
Carrico, Sufphire Margeret W F 12 Apr 1872 Elk Creek Twp.   3m2d John F. & Mary J. Carrico        
Carrico, Susan W F 17 Nov 1873 Old Town Twp.   38y       Johnson Carrico  
Carrico, unnamed W F 13 May 1896     1d M. & ? Carrico       Mari… Carrico
Carrico, W.S. W M 29 Apr 1894   membrem croup 3y A. & M.A. Carrico        
Carrico, William W M 2 Nov 1873 Old Town Twp.   1d R.F. & P. Carrico        
Carson, Edgar W M 6 Oct 1890     3d A.M. & Sallie Carson        
Carson, Henry Clay W M 22 Jun 1871 Wilson Creek Twp.   1y3m Robert & Saray Carson        
Carson, James Monroe W M 8 Jun 1871 Wilson Creek Twp.   1y6m Wm. & Mary E. Carson        
Carson, McDaniel B M 16 Nov 1889   croup 2m12d Calep & Viola Carson        
Carson, R.L. W M 24 Aug 1892   typhoid fever 17y Wm. & Mary Carson     single J.O. Woods, brother in law
Carson, Robert W M 26 Sep 1892   heart disease 50y Andrew & Margarett Carson N.C.   Sallie J. Carson wife
Carter, Leander W 6 Sep 1880   diptheria 5y Sanders & Millie Carter        
Carter, Marvin J. W M 15 Dec1884   scarlet fever 6y S.C. & Millie Carter        
Carter, Wm. M. W 19 Nov 1888   trown from horse 30y8m       single  
Catron, Elizabeth W F 9 Aug 1885   cancer 73y       Jas. P. Catron  
Catron, Margaret W F 6 Jan 1886   old age 80y       Wm. Catron  
Catron, Margaret W F 15 Jan 1885   pneumonia 80y       Wm. Catron  
Catron, Pheba W F 15 Jun 1871 Elk Creek Twp.   84y 6m 10d       Peter Catron  
Catron, unnamed W M 25 Mar 1889   croup 20d J.W. & P.A. Catron        
Catron, Vada Lee W F 28 Oct 1886   croup 3y J.W. & Mary Catron        
Caudill, Gordon W M 1 Apr 1891   killed accidentally 22y C.C. & Sarah Ann Caudill     single  
Caudle, unnamed W M 6 Mar 1893     1hr. Shadrack & Mary Caudle        
Cave, J.E. W F 5 Sep 1886     7y J.A. & Rebecca Cave        
Cave, unnamed W M 12 Nov 1896     2d J.A. & Rebecca Cave        
Cearly ?, unnamed W M 22 Dec 1884     6m E.H. & C.Z. Cearly        
Chapell, Arthur Q.? W M 13 Jul 1880     4d Stephen F. & Sena Chapell        
Chapell, Sarah W F 6 Feb 1872 Old Town Twp.   5y Stephen F.& Sena Chapell        
Chappell, Lola Lee W F 27 Jun 1888   flux 6y6m S.F. & S.P. Chappell        
Chapple, Adda Grace W F 20 Jul 1891   flux 8y A.M. Chapple        
Cheek, Callie C. W F 11 Jul 1896   infermation of bowels 31y Nancy & Martin Crouse N.C.   married Eddie Cheek
Cheek, Mattie E. W F 1 Feb 1896   rhumatism 12y Eddie & C.C. Cheeks       Preston Cox
Childers, Thomas W M 2 Dec 1875 Old Town District   24y Wm. Childers N.C.      
Chinault, William W M 3 Oct 1881     6m Peter & Jane Chinault        
Choat, Emma E. B F Feb 1888   iritated fever 5y Wesley & Ellen Choat        
Choat, J.E. B F 7 Feb 1888   iritated fever 4y J.W. & Ellen Choat        
Choat, John W. B M 10 Feb 1884   rickets 1y Lundon & Jane Choat        
Choat, Wesly C. B M 20 Oct 1875 Elk Creek District   8m () son of Spencer & Jestin Choat        
Choate, John E. B M 23 Mar 1880   drinking cold water 19y M. & N. Choate        
Choate, Malinda B F 23 Mar 1880     55y       Nathan Choate  
Church, Manda J. W F May 1889   worms 3y J.F. & S.J.        
Clark, B.Z. W M 25 Jun 1888   cholera infaut… 1y H.W. & S.C. Clark        
Clark, Temperance M. W F Dec 1891   dropsy 38y Clark & Cosby Vaughan     William H. Clark husband
Clark, unnamed W M 16 Jun 1878 Elk Creek District   2d H.W. & E.J. Clark        
Clarke, Elizabeth W F 24 Dec 1875 Elk Creek District   65y John & Elizabeth Comer     A.G. Clarke  
Clarke, Wm. Peyton W M 20 Jan 1875 Elk Creek District   4y Hugh J. & Lucy Clarke        
Coe, B.G.? W M 4 Oct 1889   fever 14y J.L. & D.E. Cole        
Coe or Poe, unnamed W M 11 May 1889   croup 21d Jno. & Rose Poe or Coe        
Cole, Celia W 10 Dec 1887   fever 18y       single  
Cole, Cicero W M 14 Apr 1883   diphtheria 3y M.W. & Rinda Cole        
Cole, E.L. W F 16 Feb 1886   croup 1m D.M. & Lucy Cole        
Cole, Emory C. W M 18 Mar 1896     4d D.M. & Lucy J. Cole        
Cole, Harriet W F 27 Aug 1877 Elk Creek District   47y       Joshua Cole  
Cole, James W M 24 Jul 1878 Elk Creek District   14d Josiah & Nancy Cole        
Cole, Jerusha V.E. W F 27 Dec 1883   croup 3m D.M. & L.J. Cole        
Cole, Mary W F 24 Jun 1879     2d Ambros & Sarah Cole        
Cole, Nancy M. W F 20 Sep 1880     27y Luzeena Hall     Nicholas Hale  
Cole, Robert M. W M 6 Dec 1884   croup 2m D.M. & L.J. Cole        
Cole, Wiley C. W M 15 Nov 1876 Wilson Creek Twp.   1m A.S. & Sarah J. Cole        
Cole, Wm. C. W M 14 Apr 1884   scarlet fever 2y10m M.W. & Nancy Cole        
Collins, Amandy W 29 Mar 1874 Old Town Twp.   21y       H. Collins  
Collins, Celie V. W F 14 Oct 1880   dipthera 9y Alex & Matilda Collins        
Collins, Charley C. W M 17 Oct 1880   flux 1m Malon & Nancy Collins        
Collins, Effie W F 4 Jun 1893     8m Heston & D.J. Collins        
Collins, Emmit W M 15 Oct 1883   dipthera 12y Jas. & M. Collins        
Collins, Grover W M 21 Aug 1889   flux 3y1m J.E. & Caroline Collins        
Collins, Larthena W F 9 Aug 1875 Old Town District   1y1m Dennis & Malinda Collins        
Collins, Lola B. W F 4 Oct 1880   dipthera 11 Alex & Matilda Collins        
Collins, Marga F. W F 15 Aug 1877 Elk Creek District   2y5m6d W.G. Jr. & Eliza Collins        
Collins, Mary ? W F 1? Feb 1878 Elk Creek District   4y5m15d W.G. & E.C. Collins        
Collins, Mc. G. W M May 1890   cholera morbus 1y18d G.? P. & P.A. Collins        
Collins, Ollie W F 20 Aug 1889   flux 10m of J.E. & Caroline Collins        
Colwell, Mary Emeline W F 30 Jun 1887   croup 2y Harison & Malinda Colwell        
Combs, Floyd W M 3 Dec 1887   diphtheria 5y Merideth & Nancy Combs        
Combs, Madosa W F Oct 1892 Washington Co., Va. pneumonia fever 5m Kaleb & R.V. Combs Washington Co., Va.      
Combs, R.V. W F 8 Sep 1892 Washington Co., Va. pneumonia fever 15y       Kaleb Combs husband
Combs, Texanna P. W F 5 Sep 1896   consumption 27y R.F. & Martha Combs     single  
Combs or Coomes, Larthena W F 7 Mar 1892   consumption 23y James & Matilda Combs or Coomes     John Coomes or Combs husband
Comer, Elisabeth H. W F 3 Jun 1888   ulceration of bowels 83y Stephen & Rosy Bourne     Harvey Comer  
Comer, Jas. M. W M 27 May 1885   scarlet fever 1y9m W.T. & Sarah Comer        
Connoy, John W M 14 Apr 1891   paralysis 86y Barney Connoy     married B.B. Connoy, son
Coomes, Mattie W F 9 Dec 1884   scarlet fever 14y Geo. W. & Jane Coomes        
Coomes, Phoebe Jane W F 16 Feb 1883   billions colic 8y A.M. & Caroline Coomes        
Cooms, Talitha W F 9 Dec 1877 Elk Creek District   25y Calvin & Cintha Vaughan     Geo. W. Cooms  
Copeland, Alveta W F 2 May 1894   bronchitis 1y1m D.W. & Mary R. Copeland        
Copeland, Elizabeth W F 20 Feb 1878 Elk Creek District   43y Seth & Olive Harris N.C.   Isaac Copeland  
Copeland, Maretta W F 1 Feb 1893   brain fever 9m17d J.W. Copeland        
Copeland, Mary R. W F 2 Mar 1894   consumption 30y Alex Porter     D.W. Copeland  
Copeland, Samuel W M 10 Dec 1886   diphtheria 3y J.W. & Frances Copeland        
Copeland, Squire J. W M 7 Jan 1877 Elk Creek District   36y Jesse Copeland N.C.   M.J. Copeland John Copeland, son
Copenhaver, Lizzie W F 1 May 1891   Hooping cough 15d Wm. L. & Mary E. Copenhaver        
Copenhaver, Maggie W F 1 May 1891   hooping cough 15d Wm. L & Mary E. Copenhaver        
Copland, unnamed W M 15 Jun 1883   dipthera 10d W.W. & M.E. Copland        
Coppybarger, unnamed W F 29 Feb 1879     1d George & Rosey Coppybarger        
Coppybarger, unnamed W F 29 Feb 1879       George & Rosey Coppybarger        
Coppybarger, unnamed W F 29 Feb 1879     1d George & Rosey Coppybarger        
Copybarger, Bettie W F 9 Mar 1877 Elk Creek District   70y   N.C.   Wm. Copybarger  
Copybarger, Nannie W F 4 Apr 1886     1y1m G.W. & Rosy Copybarger        
Copybarger, Robt. Lee W M 11 Jun 1877 Elk Creek District   1m2d Geo. & Rosa Copybarger        
Copybarger, Thursie W F 4 May 1886     1y2m G.W. & Rosy Copybarger        
Copybarger, unnamed W M 4 Nov 1883     1d G.W. & Rosa Copybarger        
Cornett, Biram F. W M 23 Mar 1876 Elk Creek District   12y Jas. M. & Polly Cornett        
Cornett, Canary Cleavland W M 6 Jul 1875 Elk Creek District   6m () son of Geo. W. & Sara J. Cornett        
Cornett, Catharine W F 29 Mar 1876 Elk Creek District   67y Saml. & Patsy Fulton     Francis Cornett F.R. Cornett, son
Cornett, Catherine W F 28 Mar 1888   pneumonia fever 63y David & Barbara Graybeal     S.B. Cornett  
Cornett, Cebert R. W M 10 Nov 1880   croup   Step & A. Cornett        
Cornett, Charlott C. W F 1 Aug 1873 Grayson Co.   8y Frank D. & Jane Cornett        
Cornett, Chas. K. W M 3 Jan 1892   croup 7y F.K. Cornett        
Cornett, Clo. B. W F 1 Jun 1894   cholera infantun 5y15m S.S. & S.R. Cornett        
Cornett, David J. W M 18 Dec 1891   paralysis 80y       Mary Cornett F.H. Cornett, son
Cornett, David W. W M 27 Mar 1885   scarlet fever 1y6m F.H. & Jennie Cornett        
Cornett, E.W. W M 10 May 1894   croup 1y2m E.W. & Susan Cornett        
Cornett, Elbert W M 30 Aug 1893   paralysis 48y John & Lucinda Cornett     Elisabeth Cornett wife
Cornett, Fielden Elmer W M 20 Dec 1880     2y Jno. W. & Rhoda A. Cornett        
Cornett, Francis W M 27 Mar 1876 Elk Creek District   69y       Catharine Cornett F.R. Cornett, son
Cornett, Freel B. W M 11 Sep 1888   tiphoyd fever 49y Jas. & Selly ? Cornett     Mary E. Cornett  
Cornett, Hettie W F 15 Oct 1889   croup 1y4m R.W. & Emily Cornett        
Cornett, Isaac T. W M 13 Dec 1880   diptheria 1y Stephen E. & L.S. Cornett        
Cornett, James D. W M 17 Jun 1880   diptheria 3m Stephen E. & L.S. Cornett        
Cornett, Jas. L. W M 18 Sep 1890   croup 2m A.C. & Ida Cornett        
Cornett, Jas. M. W M 13 Mar 1885   consumption 53y David Cornett     Polly A. Cornett  
Cornett, Lenora W F 7 Mar 1886   scarlet fever 3y R.C. & Martha Cornett        
Cornett, Lessie Jane W F 13 Jul 1889   menangetis 1y R.T. & Jennie Cornett        
Cornett, Loyd W M 18 Feb 1875 Elk Creek District   64y10m David Cornet     Anna Cornett  
Cornett, Lucinda C. W F 9 Feb 1877 Elk Creek District   26y3m John Jr. & Rebecca Delp     Wm. H. Cornett  
Cornett, Malinda V. W F 5 Feb 1887   croup 2m J.M. & Sarah A. Cornett        
Cornett, Margaret A. W F 5 Mar 1886   scarlet fever 5y R.C. & Martha Cornett        
Cornett, Martha Gilmore W F 16 Apr 1872 Elk Creek Twp.   55y Jacob & Easter Wampler Wythe Co.   Stephen B. Cornett  
Cornett, Mc. T. W M 26 Jun 1886   whooping cough 2y W.F. & Sarah J. Cornett        
Cornett, Mirtle A. W F 7 Jul 1888 Wythe Co., Va. flux 7m W.H. & Nancy E. Cornett Wythe Co., Va.      
Cornett, Myrte J. W F 15 Nov 1880   diptheria 3y Stephen E. & L.S. Cornett        
Cornett, Pearly A.C. W F 20 Feb 1878 Elk Creek District   1m2d C.A. & A.B. Cornett        
Cornett, Robt. M. B M 11 Jul 1876 Elk Creek District   3m15d Wiley & Caroline Cornett        
Cornett, Ruben W. W M 1893     11m R.W. Cornett        
Cornett, S.D.? W M 1 … 1875 Wilson Creek Twp.   2y W.I. & S.J. Cornett        
Cornett, unnamed W F 15 Oct 1896   meningetis 8m Ken & Mary Cornett        
Cornett, unnamed W M 22 Apr 1894   bronchitis 10d J.W. & R.B. Cornett        
Cornett, unnamed W M 16 Oct 1893   croup 1y E.J. & L.P. Cornett        
Cornett, unnamed W M 6 Mar 1890   lagrippe 2m J.M. & Sarah A. Cornett        
Cornett, unnamed W M 7 Apr 1887   croup 2m G.W. & Celia A. Cornett        
Cornett, unnamed W F 29 Apr 1886     1m S.E. & Lucinda Cornett        
Cornett, unnamed W F 22 Jan 1877 Elk Creek District   16d H.C. & Amanda Cornett        
Cornett, Virgil F. W F [sic] 12 May 1894   bronchitis 2y6m F.A. & Hester Cornett        
Cornett, Walter W M 15 Sep 1890     2m J.A. & Mary Cornett        
Cornett, Wm. W M 1 Jun 1876 Elk Creek District   11y F.D. Cornett     unmarried  
Cornette, Robt. Rush W M 23 Mar 1895     1m Alex C. & Ida Jane Cornette Washington Co.      
Cornette, unnamed W M 1895     stillborn G.W. & Celia Ann Cornette        
Cornett Sr., Eli W 9 Jan 1892   strictur of bladder 86y       married K. Hackler-son in law
Cox, Alxr. W 15 Oct 1874 Wilson Creek Twp.   89y         Tobitha Cox
Cox, C.G. W M Feb 1890   assidity of stomach 3m E.F.& T.? M. Cox        
Cox, Charlotte B 15 Feb 1884   dropsy 35y     pauper    
Cox, Corley W F 8 Dec 1884   dipthera 1y E.F. & Litha M. Cox        
Cox, David W 21 Sep 1878 Elk Creek District   87y 9m 29d         Isom Cox, Son
Cox, Delia A. W F 27 Jul 1892     3m R.F. Cox        
Cox, Elizabeth W F 19 Dec 1879     52y       Enoch R. Cox  
Cox, Eliza Jane W F 4 Aug 1875 Old Town District   3y11m Lathan & Sarah Cox        
Cox, Emaline B M 11 Feb 1890   fever 8y Reed & Harriett Cox        
Cox, Essie W F 17 Dec 1891   lagrippe 3y E.S. & Martha Cox        
Cox, Francis W M 26 Mar 1892   meningitis 2y Isom Cox        
Cox, Ginsey W F 15 Oct 1888   typhoid fever 15y       single  
Cox, Hannah E. B F 11 Nov 1889   diphtheria 8y Reed & Harriett Cox        
Cox, Houston W M 22 Mar 1892   meningitis 14y Isom Cox     single  
Cox, Isabell B F 10 May 1889   consumption 13y Eliza Cox        
Cox, Isom W M 20 Oct 1883   lary…gitis 71y Joshua & Ruth Cox     Gincy Cox wife
Cox, J.R. W M 5 Nov 1889   kidney & liver affection 62y John & Nellie Cox     Mahala Cox  
Cox, Jane B F 12 Mar 1877 Wilson Creek District   42y       Enoch Cox  
Cox, Jennie W F 4 Oct 1890   consumption 26y S.M. Mitchel     N.C. Cox  
Cox, Jennie W F 9 Mar 1883   old age 90y       David Cox  
Cox, Jessey W M 26 Aug 1894   hemrage of lungs 2y3m1d Elias & Sally Cox Carrol Co., Va.   M.T. Cox  
Cox, Jincy B F 17 Apr 1892   whooping cough 7m Reed & Julia Cox        
Cox, Leeson W M 18 Jan 1880   purpiera hemorhagien 13y Enoch & Nancy Cox        
Cox, Lonny W M 19 Apr 1891   croup 4m Jas. H. & Florence V. Cox        
Cox, Lucinda B F 1 Jan 1874 Wilson Creek Twp.   46y       married Edmond Cox-head of family
Cox, Lura B F 8 Sep 1891   diphtheria 10y Namon & Amie Cox        
Cox, M.R. W F 30 Nov 1877 Wilson Creek District   2y E.W. & Nancy Cox        
Cox, Martha A. W 14 Aug 1889   fever 45y          
Cox, Mary Ann B F 28 Jun 1883   liver disease 8y Namon & Amy Cox        
Cox, Matilda W F 2 Mar 1892   cancer 50y       Troy Cox  
Cox, Mattie W F 6 Aug 1892     40y       Patton Cox husband
Cox, Mc. M. W M 26 Jul 1884   congestion 28y Samuel B. & Elizabeth Cox     single Callie Brides, sister
Cox, Nancy W F 1 Nov 1891   lagrippe 87y       Hardin Cox J. Mc. Cox, son
Cox, Nellie W F 8 May 1870 Wilson Creek District   68y       widow Amos B. Cox, son
Cox, Peggy A. W F 15 Feb 1876 Elk Creek District   66y Enoch & Polly Osborn     Troy Cox  
Cox, Phoeba J. W F 4 May 1892   consumption 34y 7 Thos. & Drucy Sexton     R.F. Cox Alex B. Cox, father in law
Cox, Polly W F Sep 1892   old age 68y       J.D. Cox Sr.  
Cox, Polly A. W F 27 May 1890   flux 2y M.L. & M.J. Cox        
Cox, Posy G.L. W M 26 Jun 1890     8m R.F. & P.J. Cox        
Cox, Rebecca J. W F 26 Aug 1891   diphtheria 6y M.C. & R.T. Cox        
Cox, Samuel B. W M 11 Dec 1882     72y Joshua & Ruth Cox       M… M. Cox, son
Cox, Sarah R. W F 31 Aug 1891   diphtheria 5y M.C. & R.T. Cox        
Cox, Solomon W M 8 Feb 1888   pneumonia 35y   N.C.   Rosan Cox N.B. Pool, father in law
Cox, Terressie B F 10 Sep 1891   diphtheria 15y Namon & Amie Cox        
Cox, Tobitha W F 7 Nov 1877 Wilson Creek District   72y       Alexr. Cox W.D. Maxwell
Cox, unnamed W M 15 Dec 1896   stillborn   Prestin & Sess Cox        
Cox, unnamed W M 3 Dec 1896     1d Alex & Jane Cox        
Cox, unnamed B F Sep 1890   scar before birth infant Charles & H. Cox        
Cox, unnamed W M 27 Oct 1889     1d P.M. & Cessie A. Cox        
Cox, unnamed W F 19 Dec 1883   dipthera 1d E.F. & Litha Cox        
Cox, unnamed W M 27 Jun 1879     1d Rush F. & Phebe J. Cox        
Cox, Vergie W F 14 Jan 1892   scarlet fever 5y T.M. & Marie I. Cox        
Cox, Virginia W F 14 Jan 1891   scarlet fever 5y T.M. & Mary Cox        
Cox, Walter B M 27 Apr 1879     2m Reed & Ellen Cox        
Cox, William W M 6 Aug 1891   cancer of stomach 69y   Carrol Co., Va.   Emaline Cox wife
Cox, Willie Sumit W M 28 Jan 1896   typhoid fever 7y3m Preston & Sess Cox        
Cox, Wm B M 11 Nov 1890   diphtheria 1y Reed & Harriett Cox        
Cox, Wm. C. B M 11 Nov 1889   diphtheria 1y Reed & Harriett Cox        
Craig, Geo. B 12 Apr 1884   dropsy 85y     pauper    
Cress, unnamed W F 15 Jun 1895     1d Noah F. & Sarah Ann Cress        
Crigger, Elmira W F 6 Apr 1887   brain fever 36y       Wm.H. Crigger  
Crooks, Malinda B F 20 Jul 1883   consumption 58y Jacob & Jennie Stuart     James Crooks  
Crowder, Francis D. W F Dec 1887   membranos croup 5y Geo.W. Cowder        
Cumming, unnamed W M 28 May 1875 Old Town District   7d Robt. & Jane Cumming        
Cumming, Viola W F 13 Mar 1888   cholera infa…t… 1y6m R.J. & S.A. Cumming        
Daniel, Elisebeth W 22 Aug 1893   flux 76y       married Z.S. Daniel
Daniel, Jas. F. W M 25 Oct 1885   worms 6y Nancy Daniel        
Daniel, John W M 29 May 1894     1y6m John & S.E. Daniel        
Daniel, Julia A. W F 1874 Elk Creek Twp.   26y Eli & Elisabeth Daniel     unmarried  
Daniel, Salenia W F 20 Sep 1880   diptheria   Jno. & S. E. Daniel        
Daniel, unnamed W F 15 Jul 1886     15d J.F. & Mary A. Daniel        
Daniel, Vida L. W F 14 Apr 1888     1y2m T.F. & L.B. Daniel        
Darnell, James D. W 25 Mar 1892   consumption 60y       widower Rosie A. Darnell, daughter in law
David, Amanda W F 15 Dec 1894   tumor 32y Jackson & Rebecca Reedy     J.F. Davis  
David, Margrett W F 12 Aug 1872 Old Town Twp.   67y Morris & Peggie Davis     widow Richard Davis, brother
David, unnamed W M 1 Dec 1874 Elk Creek Twp.   6d A.M. & Mary J. Davis        
Davidson, Adam B M 12 Apr 1883   liver complains 55y       Charlotte Davidson Handy Davidson, son
Davidson, Alfred B M 15 May 1884   consumption 50y       Jane Davidson  
Davidson, Carie W F 9 Mar 1877 Wilson Creek District   6m Alfred Davidson        
Davidson, Hannah C. B F 31 May 1880   typhoid fever 13y Alfred & Mariah Davidson        
Davidson, Joseph B M 19 Mar 1882   paralysis 8y Alfred & Joan Davidson        
Davis, Annie F. W F 10 Jul 1875 Old Town District   7y2m A. J. & Nancy Davis        
Davis, Cora E. W Feb 1888   consumption 16y       single  
Davis, Cristopher W M 17 Oct 1872 Old Town Twp.   28y Henry & Buly Davis     unmarried  
Davis, E. W F 15 Mar 1886     4y John & E. Davis        
Davis, Edgar Clyde W M 7 May 1890     3y4m Jeff M. & E.E. Davis        
Davis, Elias W M 9 Feb 1892   seroufula 56y I. & F. Davis     Nancy C. Davis wife
Davis, Frances W F 26 Dec 1881     74y Henry Williams       Elias Davis, son
Davis, Harvy W M 30 May 1883   dipthera 2y M. & Nancy Davis        
Davis, Josiah W M 30 Jun 1881     81y Daniel Davis     Francis Elias Davis, son
Davis, Lilly L. W F 25 Aug 1884   flux 2y8d John & Sarah Davis        
Davis, Lola Bell W F 15 Jun 1890     1y3m Jeff M. & E.E. Davis        
Davis, Lucy A. W F 9 Apr 1875 Wilson Creek Twp.   22d Eli & Jenneta Davis        
Davis, Luler F. W F 6 Sep 1896   derangement of stomack 10y E.E. & Poly? Davis        
Davis, Mary A. W F 31 Jan 1893   whooping cough 2y D.M. & S.J. Davis        
Davis, Mary J. W F 15 Jun 1896     46y Jno. Dickerson or Dickenson     married Garnet Davis
Davis, Nancy W F 20 Jul 1893   cancer of hart 73y Thos. & Mary Edwards Caroll Co., Va..   E.M.Davis D.M. Davis
Davis, Rosa W F 19 Jun 1885   flux 6m Chap. & Nancy Davis        
Davis, Rosa E. W F 16 Jul 1884   flux 9m J.C. & Nancy Davis        
[Davis], Sarah W F 1 Feb 1871 Old Town Twp.   26y Hugh Davis        
Davis, Sena W F 8 Jun 1885   flux 1y6m Chap. & Nancy Davis        
Davis, Sena V. W F 11 Jul 1884   flux 3y J.C. & Nancy Davis        
Davis, Troy B. W M 17 Dec 1887   croup 1y D.M. & S.J. Davis        
Davis, unnamed W 20 Mar 1893   croup 6m J.F. & M.M. Davis        
Davis, unnamed W F 17 Aug 1876 Wilson Creek Twp.     Wm.W. & L. Davis        
Davis, unnamed W F 25 Sep 1875 Wilson Creek Twp.   3m5d John & Elisabeth Davis        
Davis, unnamed W M 8 Sep 1875 Wilson Creek Twp.   1d D.M. & S.J. Davis        
Davis, unnamed W M 25 Mar 1870 Wilson Creek District   25d Elisha Davis        
Day, Fleat W M 1 Mar 1894   measles 2m R.L. & Nancy Day        
Deboid, Caroline W 27 May 1884   consumption 38y       unmarried  
Debord, Emma L. W F 7 Aug 1886   diptheria 10y G.L. & Sarah E. Debord        
Debord, W.P. W M 15 Jun 1890   flux 2y G.L. & Sarah Debord        
Defreece, Sarah E. W F 22 Jul 1880   consumpion 24y Elum & Eliza Defreece        
Defriece, Polley C. W F Jan 1888   pneumonia 71y David & Nancy Defriece     single El… Defriece, brother
Dehoard, Fannie W F 28 Mar 1893   flux 1y8m R.M. & Marie Dehoard        
Dehoard, James Daniel W 25 Mar 1893   consumption 50y         Mrs. J.C. Dehoard, daughter in law
Delp, … W F 19 Feb 1878 Elk Creek District   47y Wm. & Jestin Poole     John Delp Sr.  
Delp, Amelia H. W F 22 Aug 1888   flux 6y C.J. & Mary A. Delp        
Delp, C.J. W F 19 Nov 1886   diptheria 21y John & Caroline Wingate     A.C. Delp husband
Delp, Chas. Wm. W M 22 Dec 1884   diphtheria 6m Geo.L. & C.L. Delp        
Delp, Comfort E. W F 30 Jul 1880     39y Jno. & Tempy Comer     Michael Delp  
Delp, Eli W M 19 Apr 1883     3y Geo.W. & Jennie Delp        
Delp, Elizabeth W F 21 Feb 1876 Elk Creek District   55y       Levi Delp  
Delp, Eva W 24 Feb 1876 Elk Creek District   75y       unmarried Levi Delp, brother
Delp, Hollie Jane W F 10 Sep 1888   croup 8m C.J. & Mary A. Delp        
Delp, Rebecca F. W F 22 Jun 1890   paralysis 70y4m20d Jos. or Jas. & Catherine Hutsel Wythe Co., Va.   John Delp  
Delp, Robert W M 5 Jan 1889   fever 1y Michael & Temperence J. Delp        
Delp, Rose W F 18 Dec 1892   burn 4y H.C. Delp        
Delp, Sue Blanch W F 17 Jul 1888   paralysis 21y Jno. & M.E. Dickenson     M.J. Delp husband
Delp, Sufphire W F 6 Apr 1872 Elk Creek Twp.   94y   N.C.   widow Levi Delp, friend
Delp, Susanna E. W F 4 Jul 1890   spinal affection 6m Michael & T.J. Delp        
Delp, Temperence J. W F 4 Jan 1890   child fever 40y       Michael Delp  
Delp, unnamed W M 20 Jul 1894   born before time 15d J.W. & M.M. Delp       Eli Long
Delp, unnamed W M 25 Jul 1885     7d Geo. & Charlotte Delp        
Delp, unnamed W M 5 Jun 1885     1d Alx. & Celia Delp        
Delp, unnamed W M 14 Sep 1879     1d Geo. W. & Polly A. Delp        
Delp, unnamed W M 12 Sep 1879     1d Geo. W. & Polly A. Delp        
Delp, Virgie A. W F 1 Mar 1891   lagrippe 1y4m4d D.P. & Mary Delp        
Delp, Wm. W. W M 15 Sep 1879     22y Geo. W. & Polly A. Delp     married  
Delp Sr., John W 12 May 1892   Bright’s disease 78y       married I.K. Pool, son in law
Devenport, W.N. W M 31 Jul 1892 Taswell Co., Va, flux 4y2m M.N. & A.J. Deveport        
Diamond, John G. W M 6 Mar 1884   scarlet fever 1y10m H.G. & S.M. Diamond        
Diamond, Orvil K. W M 23 Mar 1884   scarlet fever 4y Wm. & Artela Diamond        
Dickenson, Margarett W F 8 Oct 1887 Zyonsville, Indiana pneumonia typhoid 52y Andis Wythe Co., Va..   Jno. Dickenson husband
Dickey, E.L. W M 25 Oct 1875 Elk Creek District   35y Jas. & Elizabeth Dickey     Ellen S. Dickey  
Dickey, Nona M. W F 28 May 1896   canser 45y Alex & J. Cornett     married Charlie Taylor
Dickey, Pearly W F 23 Aug 1873 Grayson Co.   4y10d Ellis L. & Ellen Dickey        
Dickey, Rosamond W F 31 Dec 1886   liver disease 46y Alex. & Ludema Phipps     Mathew Dickey  
Dickey, Stephen Columbus W F [sic] 8 Oct 1873 Grayson Co.   1y2m Mathew & Rosamond Dickey        
Dickey, unnamed W F 15 Nov 1886     1d Jas. M. & M.E. Dickey        
Dillon, C.M. W M 30 Aug 1893     1hr. J.W. Dillon        
Dillon, J.C. W M 17 Dec 1885     9m M.A. & Millie Dillon        
Dolinger, Franklin W M 17 Mar 1893   heart failure 60y       Elizabeth Dolinger W.H. Dolinger, son
Dollinger, Florence M. W F 10 Dec 1885     2m Andrew & Catherine Dollinger        
Dollinger, Marget W F 7 May 1882     34y       Wm. Dollinger  
Douithan, Ella Daisy W F 10 Jun 1890   drugs of consumpton 1y3m Sallie Donithan        
Dowdy, Hunley W M 13 Jun 1893   heart dropsy 77y Hunley & Ann Dowdy       J.H. Dowdy
Driscoll, Freddie F. W M 1 Jun 1887   burnt to death 1y2m19d A.A. & Ettie Driscoll        
[Dufhey], James W. W M 17 Jun 1871 Old Town Twp.   3y W.& … Dufhey        
Dufphey, R.H. W 30 Apr 1889   pneumonia 79y2m   Davie Co. N.C.   married R.J. Dufphey, head of the family
Duncan, Charlie W M 15 Oct 1890     6m Joe Duncan        
Duncan, M.F. W F 20 Sep 1876 Wilson Creek Twp.   2m10d Ambrose & Jane Duncan        
Duncan, Mattie W F 7 Dec 1884   consumption 18y John & Kate Duncan        
Dunn, Henderson N. W M 3 or 31 Aug 1883     4y John W. & Rebekah Dunn        
Durhand, Sallie W 5 Apr 1884   old age 83y     pauper    
Dutton, Sarah W 16 Dec 1874 Wilson Creek Twp.   62y         G.W. Vaught
Duvall, James E. W M 10 Sep 1884   diptheria 4y J.W. & Cinthy Duvall        
Duvall, Jno. S. W M 15 Oct 1890     4y W.J. Duvall        
Duvall, Jno. W. W M 15 Jul 1890     1m J.W. & S.C. Duvall        
Eavins, unnamed W M 27 Jun 1883   dipthera 10d Creed & Sarah Eavins        
Edwards, Elysabeth J. W F 7 Jul 1893   consumption 71y John & E. Robbeson     W.P. Edwards A.F. Bartlett, head of family
Edwards, N.F. W F 7 Dec 1887   fits 16y 3m 28d E.J. Edwards, mother        
Edwards, Violet W F 11 Apr 1892   paralysis 80y … & Philis Hampton     Cox Edwards  
Eller, Amos Clark W M 25 Aug 1883   scarlet fever 3y W.A. & Sarah E. Eller        
Eller, Geo. W. W M 20 Sep 1883   scarlet fever 1m W.A. & Sarah E. Eller        
Eller, Laura Victoria W F 1 Aug 1871 Elk Creek Twp.   3m Wesley & Sarah Eller        
Eller, Millie W F 12 Jun 1885   palsy 75y       Clark Eller Wesley Eller, son
Eller, Rufus A. W M 10 Sep 1892   liver disease 3m W.A. & Sarah E. Eller Mouth of Wilson, Va.      
Eller, unnamed W M Aug 1892   hives 3m Clark & J. Eller White top, Va.      
Elliott, Claudia W M 10 Jan 1891   heart disease 4y Abram & Bettie Elliott        
Elliott, Jas. M. W M Dec 1875 Elk Creek District   7m Jas. M. & Nancy C. Elliott        
Elliott, John L. W M 10 Feb 1889   fever 16y Abram & Bettie Elliott        
Elliott, Lillian W F Jan 1874 Elk Creek Twp.   2y Wm. J. & Polly Elliott        
Elliott, Stephen M. W M 20 Sep 1887   worms 1y Joseph & Tobitha Elliott        
Emmerson, Cassa Lavada W M 19 Mar 1891   spinal Meningitis 5m J.W. Emmerson        
Emmerson, Wm. B. W M 22 Apr 1896   menagitis 7m Wm. & M. Emmerson       J.W. Emmerson
Evans, Allice M. W F 10 Jan 1884   scarlet fever 4y Wm. S. & Bettie Evans        
Evans, Eddie A. W M 25 Jul 1894     6y W.S. & E. Evans        
Evans, S.G. W F Jul 1889 Ennis, N.C. premature birth 40y Richard & Francis N.C.     Creed Evans, head of family
Fagg, Montagu W M 10 Oct 1881     5m Joseph & Virginia Fagg        
Faircloth, W.H. W M 15 Apr 1893   consumption 21y F.A. & Christianna Faircloth     single  
Farmer, Andrew W M 23 Feb 1883   consumption 72y Wm. & Sarah Farmer     Hannah Farmer  
Farmer, Catharine W 29 Sep 1893   old age 97y         Henry Farmer, son
Farmer, Celia W F 20 Dec 1885   scarlet fever 6y Wm. & Patsey Farmer        
Farmer, Clyde W M 15 Mar 1891     5m J.A. & M.C. Farmer        
Farmer, Elbert A. W M 15 Aug 1870 Wilson Creek District   1y Henry Farmer        
Farmer, Ella W F 16 Jun 1891     11y M.F. & Larra Farmer        
Farmer, John A.M. W M 15 Mar 1884   scarlet fever 2y Noah & Mary Farmer        
Farmer, Polly E. W F 22 Dec 1885     3y Wm. & Patsey Farmer        
Farmer, Susan W F 9 Aug 1894   old age 72y       Wilson Farmer  
Farmer, Susan M. W F 11 Mar 1884   scarlet fever 4y Noah & Mary Farmer        
Farmer, unnamed W F 30 Jul 1885     1d Elijah & Elizabeth Farmer        
Fender, Andy W M 30 Sep 1877 Elk Creek District   4y Daniel & Kansas Fender N.C.      
Fender, Robert W M 1 Apr 1892     12y W.P. Fender        
Fender, Robt. Vance W M 30 Aug 1886   disease of bowels 6y8m Daniel & Candis Fender        
Fielder, Crockett F. W M 6 Feb 1873 Grayson Co.   23y Thos. J. & Mary Fielder        
Fielder, Greek B. W M 19 Mar 1885     9d R.C. & Millie Fielder        
Fielder, Ira Lee W M 29 Mar 1887     9m G.K. & Ettie Fielder        
Fielder, Jas. Levin W M 11 Nov 1889   consumption 32y Thos.J. & Polly Fielder        
Fielder, Leria Sanders W F 20 Jan 1892     2y4m13d G.K. Fielder        
Fielder, Pollie W 16 Aug 1893   paralysis 77y         Julia Fielder
Fielder, Sarah W F 20 Jun 1877 Elk Creek District   8m E.J. & Martha Fielder        
Fielder, Sarah E.M. W F 21 Dec 1894   croup 1m Stephen & Mollie Funk        
Fielder, T.J. W 2 Oct 1884   consumption 76y          
Fielder, Viola V. W F 20 Dec 1886   whooping cough 7m E.J. & Martha Fielder        
Fields, Charley Cleveland W M 10 Jul 1887   bold hives & flux 1y6m Thos. & E.E. Fields        
Fields, Polley W F 2 Dec 1888   blud poison & inflammtory R. 32y Ferguson & Euphame Pool     Gerry Fields husband
Fields, William H. W M 3 Sep 1880   dipthira 9m John & Eliza Fields        
Fine, Sallie W F 17 Feb 1889   pneumonia 49y   N.C.   Garbrael Fine  
Fisher, Cora W F 1880   croup 12d Charles A. & Victoria Fisher        
Fisher, John W M 9 Aug 1875 Wilson Creek Twp.   70y       Sarah Fisher  
Fisher, Nellie F. W F 1 Feb 1883     6y J.S. & Francis Fisher        
Fisher, Robert W M 7 Nov 1879     1m Wm. G. & Mary Fisher        
Fletcher, Clyde W F 6 Jul 1891     3d J.F. & Louisa Fletcher        
Fortner, Cindy W F 20 Mar 1887   bold hives 3m P.H. & Elisabeth Fortner        
Fortner, unnamed W M 21 Apr 1891     36d Samuel & Elen Fortner        
Fortney, Jno. Henry W M 30 Aug 1884   typhoid fever 16y P.H. & Elizabeth Fortney        
Foster, Rachael W F 15 Feb 1884   rhumatism 74y J. & M. Trimble     widow  
Francis, Chas. W M 15 Jul 1887   malaria 7y Lowry & E. Francis        
Francis, David W M 18 Aug 1886     30y       Millie Francis wife
Fulton, Elizabeth W F 23 May 1877 Elk Creek District   58y David & Sarah Garrison     Fulton Hasten  
Fulton, Martin D. W M 8 Aug 1894   typhoid fever 20y 8m 16d E.C. & Rose Fulton     single  
Fulton, Mary M. W F 12 Sep 1884     1y4m S.M. & Margaret Fulton        
Funk, Andrew W 17 May 1893   dropsy 83y       married P.C. Funk
Funk, Bessie Maiden W F 17 Aug 1892   flux 5y3m P.C. Funk        
Funk, Elbert W. W M 10 Jun 1896   horse kicked 7y Geo. & M… Funk        
Funk, Grat W M 27 Dec 1890   brain fever 3y Feilden & Lucy Funk        
Funk, Ida W F 15 Dec 1885   croup 2y Steph. & Mollie Funk        
Funk, Lettie W F 29 Aug 1880     1y Dennis & A. Funk        
Funk, Lillian W F 6 Oct 1884     10d P.C. & Rhoda Funk        
Funk, Louisa W 2 Apr 1890   pneumonia 70y          
Funk, M.M. W F 20 Jul 1880   croup 1y K.B. & Anna Funk        
Funk, Mollie W F 1 Nov 1894   bronchitis 2m Samuel & Ellen Funk        
Funk, Mollie W F 12 Oct 1875 Old Town District   3m2d M.J. & Martha Funk        
Funk, Rebecca W F 3 May 1887   consumption 43y Dudley & Suckly? Hale     G.W. Funk  
Funk, unnamed W M 20 May 1890     2m Fieldin & Lucy Funk        
Funk, unnamed W F 10 Aug 1883     1d F.R. & Jane Funk        
Funk, unnamed W M 23 May 1872 Old Town Twp.   1m Minitre & Martha Funk        
Funk, William W M 8 Jul 1884   flux 14y M.J. & Martha Funk