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HOUSE      NAME              AGE          OCCUPATION     REAL      PERSONAL  POB
NUMBER     		     RACE            	         PROPERTY  PROPERTY

102.  Able, William R.        36           Farm Laborer  300  100            NC
       Mary L.                29           Keeping House                     NC
        Almata                 9                                             NC
       Lucy A.                 8                                             NC
      Sarah L.                 5                                             NC
       Jno. C.                 3                                             NC
        Hallis                 2                                             NC

405.    Adams, Adam           53            Farm Laborer             100     NC
           Ann                46                                             NC
         Ellen                18
          Mary                16
        Jestin                14
       John A.                 5
[Ellen C. Adams Md. William M. Bourn, s/o Wm. & Hannah Bourn, 6/20/1871; Mary A. Adams Md. J. S. Sutherland,
s/o Leonard & Elizabeth Sutherland, 12/18/1873.]

538.Aker, Robert S.           29            Farmer    600       300          VA
       Lucinda                24
      Margaret                 2
[Robert S. Aker moved to Grayson Co. from Wythe Co., VA and may have md. (2) Jane Carrico, d/o John W. &
Matilda Carrico, on 8/10/1881.  A R. S. Akers was listed on the 1898 Grayson Co. Confederate Veterans Roster as a
member of Co. B, 51st VA Infantry CSA, but does not appear on regular records of the regiment.]

639.           Alexander, Martin                    33          Farmer    580  450          NC
       Mary C.                25
        Joseph                 2
      Nancy C.              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[Martin Alexander living in household 209, 1850 Ashe Co., NC census.  No persons in household who would seem to
be the parents.  Martin Alexander served as 3rd Sergeant in Co. F, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA.]

242.    Allen, John           41            Teacher                          NC
       Adeline                35                                             NC
         James                10                                             NC
   Constan (m)                 7                                             NC
         Sally                 6                                             NC

634. Anders, Alfred           35            Farm Laborer             200
          Jane                32
         Friel                15
       Houston                13
          John                11
         Kenny                 8
          Alex                 6
        Gillie                 3
        Phoebe              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
          Jefferson           24            Farm Laborer
[This was family 1432 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Jane Anders d. 6/1870 of epilepsy.  Alfred Anders
served in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry CSA and was "disabled in service."  He also served in the Grayson Co. Militia.]

589.  Anders, Berry           45            Farmer    700       350
     Catherine                43
      Polly A.                16
       Preston                14
         James                14
         Wiley                11
         Riley                 9
        Patsey                 7
         Nancy                 2
[Berry Anders, s/o John (b. 1770 d. 1850+) & Mary Anders (b. 1780 d. 1850+).  This was household 951 in the 1850
Grayson Co., VA Census.  James Anders Md. Martha J. Shumate, d/o James & Nancy Shumate 6/20/1880??  Berry
Anders' siblings include:  Carson Anders b. 1832; John Anders b. 1829; Sandy Anders b. 1820, Thomas b. 1816 and
William b. 1803.  The family name is often found written as Andrews.]

155.   Andis, E. C.           37            Farming             440
   (Cornett) Thursa           30
       Mary J.                 5
      Sarah A.                 3
      Virginia                 2
         Ellen              5/12            (B. Jan. 1870)
   Hale, Lindy                12
[The name was written as Anders, but is in fact, Earl Carson Andis, who served in Co. F, 4th VA Inf.  His Civil War
letters are presented in Grayson County A History in Words and Pictures.  E. C. Andis Md. (1) Thursa D. Cornett, d/o
Levi Cornett and Olive Hale.  Mary J. Andis Md. James R. Carson 2/10/1881.]

87.    Anders Floyd           24            Farmer              150
         Nancy                25
         Enoch                 2
        Thomas              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
    M...... Matilda           10

628.   Anders, John           36            Farmer    500                    VA
     Catherine                35
        Pheobe                22
         James                24
         Polly                18
      Caroline                12
        Martin                 4
         Floyd                 8
[John Anders served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA and in Co. C, McRae's Battalion NC Cavalry, CSA.  This was
family 325, 1850 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

93.  Anders, Osborn           25            Farm Laborer             200
        Rachel                25
        Allice                 5
         Thos.                 3
     Emmitt J.                 2
         Jesse                 8
  Taylor, John                64            Farm Laborer
       Lucinda                58
         Polly                15
[Osborne Anders served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA.  Polly J. Taylor, Md. J. T. Martin s/o John & Lucy Martin
5/21/1874.  John & Lucinda Taylor were living in household 807 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

630.  Anders, Sally           50            Keeping House       450  180          NC
        Thomas                12
          Mary                11
        Joshua                 7
[Sally Anders seems to be the widow of Sandy Anders, b. ca. 1820, and living in household 883, 1850 Grayson Co.,
VA Census.  Older children were:  Haywood Anders b. 1842; Henry Anders b. 1845; and Starling Anders b. 1847.]

86.  Anders, Thomas           57            Farmer    800                    NC
         Sally                57                                             NC
         Henry                20
       Abraham                16            Farm Laborer
        Elbert                14            Farm Laborer
      Peggy A.                 9
[This was family 988 in the 1850 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Peggy Anders Md. John Murrary s/o A. & C. Murrary
3/19/1878.  Other children of Thomas & Sally Anders were:  Joseph Anders b. 1835; Newton Anders b. 1838; Celia
Anders b. 1839; Patsy Anders b. 1841; Osborn R. Anders b. 1843; Stephen F. Anders b. 1846; Elizabeth Anders b.
1848; Henry Anders b. 1849; Abraham Anders b. 1854; Elbert Anders b. 1856; and Peggy Ann Anders b. 1861.]

156.Anderson, Alvin           56            Farmer
(Lundy) Martha                51
         Aaron                23            Farm Laborer
          Jane                14
         Ellen                11
      Caroline                 8
[Alvin Anderson Md. Martha Lundy, d/o Aaron Lundy, 1/6/1838.  This was family 235 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA
Census.  Other children were:  George b. 1838; Amanda b. 1840; Jesse b. 1842 and served in the 51st VA Infantry;
and Cena b. 1848.]

63.Anderson, Elisha           45            Farmer              200          VA
         Rhoda                42                                             NC
    William F.                 2
       John P.              2/12            (B. May 1870)
 Phipps, Nancy                23            Cook
[Elisha Anderson served as 2nd Lt. in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.  Elisha Anderson had in his home in 1850,
Isaac Anderson b. 1776, Elizabeth b. 1785 and Joseph Anderson b. 1780.]

157.            Anderson, George                    29          Farmer         160
          Cena                24
       Mary L.                 2
[George Washington Anderson served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA, deserted and took the oath of allegiance on
3/30/1865, then age 24.]

260.Austin, Bledsoe           62            Farmer    1000      4411
       Matilda                43
        Thomas                13            At School
    Ellinor P.                12            At School
        Lavisa                11            At School
         Rhoda                10            At School
       Lucy V.                 9
      James M.                 7
      Sally L.                 6
 Geo.,? Nillie                32
       Cynthia                 4
        Andrew              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[Bledsoe Austin was first to Nancy Moore, b. 1810 d. 1850s, on 12/4/1828.  A marriage between Nancy Moore and
Bledsoe Austin, on 12/4/1828.  This was family 307 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Bledsoe Austin was s/o
Isaiah Austin, s/o John Austin, Jr. s/o John Austin, Sr. per article in Virginia Genealogy Magazine on the Austin
Family.  Bledsoe's other children were:  William Austin b. 1831 and served in Co. C, 45th VA Infantry, CSA; Calvin
Austin b. 1833; Elizabeth Austin b. 1835; Isaac Austin b. 1837; Charlotte Austin b. 1839; Crockett Austin b. 1841
who served in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry CSA; Floyd Austin b. 1843 and served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry,
CSA; Amanda Austin b. 1845; and Melvina Austin b. 1848.]

258. Austin, Martha           39            Keeping House       7000 250
    William F.                18            Farm Laborer
     Alexander                16            Farm Laborer
         Nancy                14
      Isaac J.                12
     Elizabeth                 8
[Martha A. Cornett, d/o Alexander and Jemima Cornett, Md. Lewis F. Austin on 12/23/1850.  Lewis F. Austin served
in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry CSA and died of typhoid fever on 9/16/1861.  Alexander B. Austin Md. Amanda Walsh, d/o
Andrew & M. Walsh; Nancy C. Austin Md. G. A. Rhudy, s/o William & C. Rhudy, 9/12/1877; Isaac J. Austin, Md.
Elvira Warrick, d/o John & Elizabeth Warrick, 6/23/1881; Elizabeth J. Austin Md. R. H. Pool, s/o J. F. & R. Pool,

1.Austin, William C.          38            Farmer    1500      600          VA
(Cornett) Elizabeth J.             33
      James C.                14
     Lenora E.                12
      Lewis M.                10
    Minerva E.                 7
   Virginia M.                 5
    Stephen W.                 2
[Family 1412, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  William C. Austin served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.  William C.
Austin, s/o Bledsoe Austin, Md. Elizabeth J. Cornett, d/o Alexander Cornett and Jemima Rhudy on 10/2/1851.
James C. Austin Md. Victoria J. Boyer, d/o William Boyer and Catherine Greer on 9/20/1877.]

605.  Autry, Louisa           48            Keeping House                         NC
          Jane                21            No Occupation                         NC
          John                18            Farm Laborer                          NC
     Cornelius                12            Farm Laborer                          NC
         Ellen                10                                             VA
       Tobitha                 7
[Another son, Neal Autry b. 1857 md. M. A. Trent, d/o J. S. & Polly Trent on 6/25/1881.  John Autry md. Adeline
Sexton, d/o L. D. & S. Sexton on 10/30/1877.  Sarah Jane Autry md. John R. Poole, s/o Creed & Elizabeth Poole on
1/25/1874.  Elizabeth Louisa Autry, b. 1822, was the widow of Alexander Autry.]

252. Bailey, Daniel         28 B            Farm Laborer
         Eliza              28 B                                             NC
          John               5 B
     Cornelius               4 B
          Bell               3 B
        Talula               1 B
    Hale, Lucy              12 B
        Prince              10 B
         Rhoda               8 B
    Solett (f)               8 B

580.     Baker, Lee         30 B            Farm Laborer
        Esther              25 B
        George               4 B
       Sampson               3 B
      Charity             1/12 B            (B. May 1870)
        George              80 B            No Occupation                         NC

292. Ballard, James           42            Watch maker
     Catherine                24
       Mary F.                 2
[This appears to have been a transient family and moved away before the 1880 Census.]

234. Banks, Ballard         43 B            Farm Laborer
        Hester              31 B
         Betty              15 B
         Sarah              13 B
       William               7 B
       Winston               5 B
   Crooks, Benjamin         23 B            Farm Laborer

29. Banner, William         60 B            Farmer    250       110          NC
         Lindy              24 B                                             GA
       William               2 B                                             VA
      Abraham             2/12 B                                             VA

555.            Barton, Isaac T.                    45          Farmer    800  175
     Charlotte                40
         Nancy                15
          Emma                11
        Harvey                 9
       William                 7
         Ettie                 2
       Mary J.                12
[Isaac T. Barton was likely s/o an older Isaac Barton (b. 1803).  Nancy C. Barton Md. Zachariah S. Daniel, s/o E. &
E. Daniel, 5/18/1876.  This was family 650 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Isaac T. Barton served in the
Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  Isaac was also detailed to make uniforms for the Grayson Rifles Co. in 1861.]

33.   Barton, Polly           45            Keeping House       2300 300          NC
       John S.                25            Works at Farming                 VA
        Mahala                 8            At School
        Mahala                21            No Occupation
         Emily                19            No Occupation
        Amanda                19            No Occupation
       Richard                17            Works at farming
        Rachel                13            At School
   Bennett, Haywood           19            Works at farming
[Family was not living in Grayson Co., VA in 1860.  Polly Billings Md. Isaac Barton, (b. 1803 in NC) dead before
1870.  This family was, however, family 919 in the 1850 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Older children were:  Betsy
Barton b. 1839; Polly Barton b. 1841; John Barton b. 1844; Caroline Barton b. 1846; Emily Barton b. 1848; Amanda
Barton b. 1849.]

54. Barton, William           35            Farmer    500       200
         Betty                30
     Joseph F.                10            At School
     Lyllie V.                 2
[William Barton served in Company K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  This family sold out and later moved to Tennessee.
William Barton was s/o John & Cynthia Barton, and was part of household 995, 1850 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

568. Bedwell, Felix           25            Farm Laborer             400
        Martha                26
       Tolitha               46?            No Occupation
       Pickney                 8
[Felix Bedwell served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA.  Felix Bedwell was s/o John (b. 1800) & Patsy Bedwell (b.
1802) Household 356 1850 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Felix's siblings included:  Tobitha Bedwell b. 1826; Wiley
Bedwell b. 1829; Eliza Bedwell b. 1833; Lion Bedwell b. 1835; Alfred Bedwell b. 1837 who md. Ursilla Evans (b.
1836), d/o Daniel Welsh on 3/26/1871; William Bedwell b. 1839 who served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry CSA, md.
Sarah J. Hicks, d/o William & Catherine Hicks, on 2/16/1862; Charlotte Bedwell b. 1841; Nancy Bedwell b. 1843; and
Martha Bedwell b. 1850.  Pinkney "Pink" Bedwell md. Mary Sturdivant b. 1862, d/o W. Sturdivant, on 1/9/1882.]

494. Bedwell, Isaac           37            Farmer    500       437
       Lucy J.                36
       John W.                12
      Virginia                 5
        Nannie                 1
[Isaac Bedwell served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  Isaac Bedwell was s/o Wilson Bedwell (b. 1801) and Patsey
Poole (b. 1801) who md. on 12/14/1822.  (Household 842, 1850 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Isaac's siblings were:
Lucy Bedwell b. 1829; Rosamond Bedwell b. 1837; Sarah Jane Bedwell b. 1839 and James Bedwell b. 1841 who
served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA.]

516. Bedwell, James           33            Farm Laborer        300
         Polly                28
         Ellis                 1
[James Bedwell may have been s/o Martha Bedwell, family 649 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James
Bedwell served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  James was likely s/o Wilson Bedwell & Patsey Poole.]

518. Bedwell, L. D.           51            Farmer    2500      1300
          Jane                52
          Lucy              16 B
[Lorenzo Dow Bedwell served in the Grayson Co., Militia and in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.  They composed
family 521 1850 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Other children were Stephen b. 1840; David b. 1842 and Nancy b. 1848
who md. Eli R. Wiley on 8/23/1868.  Stephen & David may have died in the Confederate Army.]

559.  Bedwell, Levi           37            Shoe Maker          400  130
(Porter) Clara                28                                             NC
        Martha                66            No Occupation
[Levi Bedwell, s/o John Bedwell & Patsey Poole, Md. Clara C. Porter, d/o J. Calloway, 10/10/1869.  Levi Bedwell
served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.]

148.            Bedwell, William                    27          Work at Shop   105
         Sarah                26
         Robt.                 3
       Mary C.                 7
[Wm. Bedwell, s/o John Bedwell & Patsy Poole, Md. Sarah J. Hicks, d/o William & Catherine Hicks 2/16/1862; age of
Wm. Bedwell inconsistent with those found in Grayson Co., VA marriage register 2.  Wm. Bedwell served in Co. K,
51st VA Inf., CSA.]

51. Bennett, Fannie           16            Nurse
  Bennett, Columbus           21            Farm Laborer
[Columbus Bennett Md. M. J. Owens 2/3/1872]

3. Bennett, Thomas H.              27       Shoemaker                        VA
     Sarah  F.                26
      Nancy E.                 6
     Joseph C.                 3
[Not living in Grayson Co., VA in 1860.  Thomas Bennett served in Company C, 45th VA Inf., CSA, enl. 5/21/1863 at
Camp Woodson, AWOL 4/1/1864, WIA at Cloyd's Farm 5/9/1864.  Thomas may have been the s/o an older Thomas
Bennett (b. 1814) and his wife Hannah (b. 1815).  This older Thomas was probably the s/o an even older Thomas
Bennett (b. 1766) and wife Polly (b. 1797.)  Thomas H. Bennett served in Co. C, 45th VA Infantry, CSA and was
wounded at the Battle of Cloyd's Farm on 5/9/1864.]

705.Bennington, Job           70            No Occupation
         Nancy                64            Keeping House
        Thomas                29            Farmer              400
          John                40            Millwright          1400
    (Cornett) Eliza           32
       William                 9
       Stephen                 7
[John Bennington Md. Eliza M. Cornett, d/o Al. Cornett, 7/26/1860.  This was family 812 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA
Census but not found in the 1850 Grayson Co. Census.  John Bennington served in Co. F, 4th VA Inf. CSA.  This
family lived in Stone's Chapel Community were they built a grist mill and operated a general store.  Job & Nancy
Bennington's other children were:  Mary b. 1839; Matthew b. 1841.]

565.  Billings, Eli           37            Farmer    500       250          NC
         Polly                25            Keeping House                         VA
         Floyd                 7                                             NC
         Susan                 5
        Bettie                 3
          John              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
[Eli Billings, s/o Jasper (age 58, b. 58) & Elizabeth Billings, (age 58, born NC) living in Ashe Co., NC, later Alleghany
Co., NC, family 251, in 1850 census.  The Billings settled along the New River at the Mouth of Brush Creek.  They
discovered silver ore and established the New River Silver Mines in the early 1800s.  They also mined lead here
during the Civil War.  Eli Billings served in Co. I, 61st NC Infantry, CSA.]

547.         Billings, Samuel L.                    29          Farmer    3000 3130         NC
      Caroline                33                                             NC
       John L.                 7                                             NC
    William E.                 4
        Thursa                 2
    Young, Caroline           24
 Sexton, Belsur (f)           25
  Isom, George              18 B            Farm Laborer
[Samuel L. Billings was s/o Charles (b. 1797) & Lydia Billings (b. 1805), household 824 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA
Census.  See household 599 in Elk Creek 1870 for alternate possibility, perhaps this a duplicate of family 599.
Samuel L. Billings, served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA and in Co. I, 61st NC Infantry, CSA.  William E. Billings
was a professional distiller and moved to Ashe Co., NC where he died.  Samuel L. Billings served in Co. I, 61st NC
Infantry CSA.  Samuel Billings' siblings included:  Granville Billings b. 1833; Nancy Billings b. 1835; Wesley Billings
b. 1838; Samuel Billings b. 1840; Sally Billings b. 1842; and Betsey Billings b. 1845.]

599.            Billings, Samuel                    29          Farmer    2000 1380
      Caroline                31                                             NC
       John L.                 1
      Florence                 4
    William E.                 2
Long, Caroline                22            Domestic                         NC
[Samuel Billings may be the son of Charles and Nancy Billings, household 824 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.
This is a duplicate of household 547, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

505.   Blair, Berry         35 M            Farm Laborer
         Eliza              20 B
     Alexander               2 M
      James W.               1 M
          John               5 B
    Elizabeth             2/12 M            (B. Apr. 1870)

497. Blair, Violett         48 B            Keeping House
      Thompson              17 B            Farm Laborer
        Nelson              15 B
[This family was formerly owned by the Thomas or John Blair families as slaves.]

649.    Bland, Jack           50            Farm Laborer
         Eliza                38
        George                 3
          Mary             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
 Owens, Martha                15
          John                12
         James                10
[James Owens Md. Fannie Shaver, d/o L. Shaver, 2/14/1880.  The Owens children belonged to Jackson (b. 1822)
and Eliza Owens (b. 1830).]

620.           Blevins, Hamilton                    25          Farm Laborer                     NC
        Phoebe                24            Keeping House                         NC
         Sarah                 4                                             NC
     Alexander              1/12            (B. May 1870)                         VA

496.Bobbitt, Joseph           29            Farm Laborer
         Eadie                23
     Elizabeth                 4
         Robt.                 1
 Muncus, Baker                40            Farm Laborer                          NC
[Joseph Bobbitt served in Company E, 45th Virginia Infantry, CSA, not C, as in History of Grayson Co. in Words and
Pictures.  He enl. 5/1861 at Wytheville, captured at Piedmont 6/5/1864, POW at Camp Morton, exchanged 3/4/1865,
living in Carroll Co. in 1903.  Joseph Bobbitt was s/o Charles (b. 1804) and Sallie Bobbitt (b. 1809).  Joseph's
siblings include:  Alexander Bobbitt b. 1829; Andrew Bobbitt b. 1834; Martin Bobbitt b. 1837; George Bobbitt b. 1839;
Samuel Bobbitt b. 1843; Joseph Bobbitt b. 1844; Green Bobbitt b. 1845; Polly Bobbitt b. 1846; Peyton Bobbitt b.
1847; Calvin Bobbitt b. 1828.  This family is likely descended from Carroll Co., VA pioneer settler William Bobbitt.]

635 Bobbitt, Samuel           35            Farm Laborer
         Sarah                35            Keeping House                         NC
        Ruffin                 7                                             NC
         Sarah                 7                                             VA
[Samuel Bobbitt served in Co. E, 45th VA Infantry CSA and was wounded at Kessler's Cross Lanes in 8/1861.  He
may have been the s/o Charles & Sallie Bobbitt -household 304 in the 1850 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

227Bourn, Aney              62 B            Farm Laborer              10
     Margarett              60 B
       Ballard              44 B            Farm Laborer
      Franklin              34 B            Farm Laborer
        Dennis              42 B            Farm Laborer
Newton, Calvin              28 B            Farm Laborer
        Winnie              28 B            No Occupation
         David               5 B
          Mary               3 B
       Ballard               1 B
[This family once belonged to William Bourne of Knob Fork.  Aney was named for her mother whom William Bourne
bought at Richmond when in the State Legislature about 1798.  At William's death, by the provisions of his will, Aney
became the property of his daughter, Mary "Polly" Bourne Dickenson, b. 1/6/1782 d. 4/24/1860, who was widow of
Martin Dickenson (d. 1834).  At Polly's death, Aney went to live among her children, said to number 18, and lived to
be almost 100.  Aney Bourne is buried in the Hale Cemetery on Dr. Moxley's place.]

130.            Bourn, Curtis H.                    43          Farmer         275
  (Clark) Lucy                34
       John S.                14
     George K.                10
  Elizabeth K.                 6
[Curtis Bourn served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA. Curtis Hail Bourn B. 12/8/1826 D. 12/13/1876 Md. Lucy Clark, B.
12/11/1835 D. 11/23/1924.  John Sylvester Bourn B. 12/26/1856 D. 9/5/1888, N/M; George K. Bourn B. 3/13/1861 D.
1/25/1922 Md. (1) Maggie ? and Md. (2) Belle Fritz; Elizabeth K. Bourn B. 11/30/1865 Md. James P. Carrico
12/31/1883, s/o J. S. & L. Carrico.  Another son, William C. Bourn was born 11/22/1871.  Ref. P. 32, Stephen Bourn
and Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982, Descendants and Related Families.]

203. Bourn, Ephraim           44            Farmer    1500      476
(Hale, Kissiah R.) Kissy           37
      Margaret                18
      Lindy E.                16
      Rosey A.                14
   Haly F. (f)                12
      Olive P.                 9
      James E.                 5
      Sarah J.                 2
      Mitchell              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
 Sydney J. (m)                 4
        Wm. M.                76
[Ephraim Bourn B.11/27/1826 D. 4/24/1896 Md. Kissiah Hale, 1/27/1851 B. 7/10/1832 D. 11/19/1889.  Ephraim
Bourne served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry CSA.  Margaret Hannah Bourn B. 12/20/1851 Md. James Vaught, s/o And. &
Sidney Vaught 3/18/1875; Malinda Ellen Bourn B. 10/31/1853 Md. Johnson R. Vaughn, B. 4/25/1845 D. 11/8/1905,
s/o Clark Vaughn and Cassie Byrd; Rosa Ann B. 8/15/1855 D. 12/21/1920 Md. James Austin Rhudy 1/29/1874 B.
4/22/1853 D. 3/9/1924, s/o James Austin Rhudy and Catherine Warrick; Mahala Frances Bourn B. 7/30/1857 Md.
Reese Funk on 9/15/1857, s/o A. & M. Funk; Olive P. Bourn B. 3/13/1861 D. 8/6/1957 Md. William M. Rhudy, s/o
Granville H. & Catherine Warrick Rhudy, 3/4/1880 B. 5/6/1858 D. 5/17/1892; James Ephraim Bourn B. 8/16/1864
"moved west"' Sarah Jestin Bourn B. 3/26/1868 D. 8/27/1901 Md. Granville L. Pinion 10/5/1890 B. 10/10/1849 D.
2/3/1911; Mitchell Gleaves Bourn B. 12/14/1869 D. 7/14/1944 Md. Molly E. Rhudy 2/27/1901.  Another child, Louis
Mahlon Bourn B. 9/10/1871 D. 6/26/1959 Md. Catherine Taylor on 2/27/1901 B. 6/4/1877.  Ref. P. 130, Nuckolls,
Ephraim Bourne, Md. Keziah Hale, d/o Lewis B. Hale & Margaret Huddle.  Ref. p. 22, Stephen Bourn and Rosamond
Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants and Related Families.]

696. Bourn, Geo. W.         40 B            Farm Laborer
        Hannah              25 B            Keeping House
         James               7 B
         Sarah               6 B
         Frank               4 B
          Elin               2 B
       Daniel             1/12 B            (B. May 1870)

131.  Bourn, Hastin           32            Farm Laborer             200
 (Pool) Julina                24            Keeping House
      Emitt K.                 3
       Stephen              9/12            (B. Sep 1869)
[Hastin Bourn served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA and in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA, deserting on 1/25/1863,
returned to duty on 1/4/1864 and deserted again and took the oath of allegiance at Charleston, WV on 1/30/1865.
Hastin Anderson Bourn B. 1/13/1838 D. 3/15/1921, Md. Julia Frances Poole on 6/14/1867, B. 10/27/1848 D.
8/26/1932.  They lived in Grayson and Wythe Co., VA and Mercer Co., WV.  Emmitt Kinley Bourne B. 12/6/1867 D.
8/18/1955, Md. Fannie A. Evans on 11/1/1891 in Mercer Co., WV. Stephen W. "Red Steve" Bourn was killed about
2/11/1910 in St. Louis, MO.  Other children may be found in the Reference.  Ref. P. 34-35, Stephen Bourn and
Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants and Related Families.]

371.   Bourn, James           69            Farmer    650       1180
 Taylor, Nancy                25
         Gilly                 1
Stephenson, Matilda           16            Domestic
[James Bourn, s/o Stephen "Devil Steve" Bourn and Rosamond Mallory was b. 9/16/1800.  He Md. Matilda C.
Stpehenson on 7/30/1878.  They had two children, George W., B. ca. 1878 and Rosamond Bourn B. ca. 1879.  Ref.
p. 60 Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants and Related Families.]

523Bourn, Montgomery          31            Farmer    3750      1229
  (Hale) Olive                24
         Lewis                 4
         Nancy                 2
  Hale, Elbert                10            Farm Laborer
[Montgomery Bourn Served in Company F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA.  Ref. p. 53 Pioneer Settlers of Grayson County.
Montgomery Bourn was s/o Stephen Bourne & Patsy Mays.  This Stephen Bourne was s/o William Bourne, Sr. &
Rosamond Jones.  Elbert Hale md. Ellen Vaught b. 1865, d/o J. & A. Vaught, on 11/17/1881.]

522.   Bourn, Sarah           65            Keeping House
      Julia R.                31
        Amanda                25
[Sarah Smith Bourn, d/o John Smith of Sugar Grove, Smyth Co., VA, was the widow of Martin Bourn.  Martin & Sarah
are buried at the Clyde Hale place at Spring Valley.  Other children not at home were:  Talitha Bourn b. 1830; Elbert
Bourn b. 1832 who served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry CSA; Florence Bourn b. 1834; Julia Ann Bourn b. 1836 who md.
Carson Andis; Cynthia Bourn b. 1838; Jane Bourn b. 1840; and Amanda Bourn b. 1842 who md. L. T. Cooper, s/o
Alex & E. Cooper, 11/27/1879.  Ref. p. 53, Pioneer Settlers of Grayson County.]

177. Bourn, Stephen           74            Farmer    1000      125
(Martin, Amelia) Millie            72
      Rosamond                49            Seamstress
 Porter, Saml.                34            Farm Laborer
  (Bourn) Elizabeth           32
         Robt.                 8
       Stephen                 6
[Stephen "Red Steve" Bourn, s/o Stephen "Devil Steve" Bourn & Rosamond Mallory Md. Millie Martin 1/24/1820.
Stephen Bourn B. 3/12/1796 D. 6/4/1873, Amelia Martin Bourn was B. 10/5/1797 and D. 12/121875.  Saml. Porter
s/o Samuel & Usley Porter Md. Elizabeth B. Bourn d/o Stephen and Millie Bourn 4/5/1860.  Stephen Bourne & Millie
Martin's children were:  Curtis Bourne b. 1826 who served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry CSA; George Bourne b. 1829
who served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry CSA; Hastings Bourne b. 1838 who served in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry CSA;
Wiley Bourne b. 1841; and Stephen Bourne III b. 1843 who served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry and died at Staunton,
VA on 6/5/1862 of pneumonia.  Ref. P. 31 Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants and
Related Families for more information.  Samuel Ewing Porter, Jr. b. 3/26/1833 in Wythe Co., VA d. 8/24/1899 and is
buried in the Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, Spring Valley.  Samuel Porter, Jr. was s/o Samuel Ewing Porter
and Susannah Welsh.  Samuel Porter, Jr. md. Elizabeth Boles Bourne, d/o Stephen Bourne & Millie Martin in 1860.
Elizabeth was b. 12/25/1834 d. 8/28/1911.  Samuel & Elizabeth's children were:  Robert Kennerly Porter d. 1907
buried in the Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, never md.; Stephen R. Porter b. 10/5/1862 d. 8/14/1952 md.
Sarah Martin and is buried in the Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery; Samuel Ewing "Nin" Porter, III, b. 1868 md.
Maud K. Fisher, moved to Wythe Co., VA where he died in 1951.]

693. Bourn, William           76            Farmer    3800      1600
  (Johnstone) Polly           73            Keeping House
    Reeves, Mary A.           55            Domestic
      Richmond                 9
         Rufus              14 B            Farm Laborer
         Piper               7 B
 Bourn, Wm. C.                28            Farm Laborer
[This is William Bourne, Jr. younger of William Bourne & Rosamond Jones' two sons born on Knob Fork.  William
Bourne, Jr., b. 5/4/1794 d. 10/15/1882, md. Mary "Polly" Johnstone of NC, b. 6/10/1796 d. 8/3/1879, and lived on
Little Rock Creek near the Point Hope Furnace that his father purchased from Matthew Dickey & Thomas Blair.
William Bourne, Sr. had been owner of a 1/3 interest and later bought the other 2/3rds, becoming the sole owner.  It
is probable that William Bourne, Jr. had something to do with the operation of the Furnace at first, and when the
operation became unprofitable, gave his attention to farming altogether, as he owned over 1000 acres.  William
Bourne, Jr. & Mary Johnstone's children were:  William Bourne who moved to OR; Nannie Bourne who md. Fielden
Hale; Jane Bourne who md. Peyton G. Hale; Malinda Bourne who md. Robert Curren and moved to OR; Rachel
Bourne who md. James P. Waugh; Lucinda Bourne who md. Stephen Freel Nuckolls and moved to Salt Lake City,
UT; Johnstone Bourne who md. Floranza Bourne, d/o Martin & Sarah Bourne, and moved to TX; Lewis H. Bourne
served in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry CSA and who md. Julia A. Fulton, d/o Hastings Fulton & Elizabeth
Garrison on 3/12/1857 and moved to NM; William Bourne who never md.; Richmond Bourne served as Captain of
Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry CSA and who md. Mary Wagoner of TN - they moved to Sacramento, CA about 1915; Mary
Ann Bourne b. 1836 who md. Preston Reeves b. 1828, s/o Enoch & Marion Reeves of Ashe Co., NC.]

512.           Bourn, William J.                    32          Farmer    300  200
       Adaline                33
       Charity                10
       Cynthia                 5
         Sarah                 2
       Sophina              1/12            (B. May 1870)
          Jane                65            Weaver
      Margaret                 2
[William J. Bourne may have been s/o William M. Bourne & Hannah Boyer and later moved to Oregon.]

273.           Bourn, William M.                    39          Farmer    400  300
(Boyer) Hannah                75            Keeping House
    Hale, Cena                11            Domestic                         AL
[Wm. M. Bourn, s/o William B. Bourne & Hannah Boyer, Md. E. C. Adams, d/o A. A. & S. A. Adams, 6/20/1871.
Hannah Boyer was d/o William Henry & Elizabeth Boyer, md. William Bourne, s/o Stephen & Rosamond Bourne on
11/3/1825.  William B. Bourne had been md. (1) Polly Byrd, d/o Samuel & Mourning Byrd on 8/6/1818.  William M.
Bourn served in Company C, 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA.  Ref. p. 21-22, Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory 1650-
1982, Descendants and Related Families.  A good portion of this book is devoted to the descendants of William

685.            Bowles, Lewis E.                    49          Farm Laborer        400          NC
         Eliza                46            Keeping House                         NC
          Mary                28            Weaver                           NC

462.  Boyer, Daniel           25            Farm Laborer             250
    (Osborne) Lydia           24
  (Zachariah) Leman         6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
[Daniel Boyer, s/o John Boyer and Jane Fielder, Md. Lydia Osborne, d/o Zachariah Osborne & Jincy Burton,
2/25/1869.  Daniel Boyer served as a Corporal in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

359.  Boyer, Edmond           32            Farm Laborer        500  200
   (Rhudy) Margaret           26
          Emma                 4
        Mollie                 2
          John              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
[Edmond Boyer, s/o Stephen Boyer & Nancy McCraw, Md. Margaret Matilda Rhudy 11/22/1860.  Stephen Boyer was
s/o John Boyer & Polly Long.  Polly was d/o William & Catherine Long of Long's Gap, who were pioneer settlers.
Daughter Nancy Alice Boyer B. 9/29/1864 D. 11/16/1864,  Emma Charlotte Boyer B. 4/13/1866 D. 6/11/1900, Md.
Troy Reese Wright 2/25/1885.  Mollie Jane Boyer B. 5/12/1868 D. 5/6/1902, Md. Albert Joseph Wynn 7/14/1884;
John Richmond Boyer B. 2/23/1870 D. 9/3/1905 Md. Anna O'Conner 12/27/1891.  Other children born after the 1870
census were:  Linnie Lenora Boyer B. 9/2/1872 D. 1/7/1927 Md. Fielden Reece Wright, s/o George W. Wright and
Comfort Wyatt, 11/16/1893 @ Rural Retreat, Wythe Co., VA; Lula Boyer B. 9/11/1875 D. 8/30/1963 Md. Philip
Snavely 4/12/1900; William Rhudy Boyer B. 5/11/1881 D. 5/21/1909 in Oklahoma, Md. Bessie Carroll 6/3/1908;
Stephen Wythe Boyer B. 7/11/1883 D. 5/3/1902.  Information from the Family Bible in possession of Fred B. Wright,
Chapel Hill, NC.  Edmond Boyer had a bother, Rush b. 1849.]

132. Boyer, Ephraim           37            Farmer    3000      1100
(Tomlinson) Tobitha C.             25                                        NC
     Walter H.                 3
      Susan C.                 2
      Archy N.              1/12            (B. May 1870)
  Clark, Stephen L.           25            Saddler
           Wm.                16            Apprentice
 Burn, Preston                64            Farmer
[Ephraim Boyer served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA and in the Grayson Co. Militia CSA.  Ephraim Boyer, B.
6/15/1832, s/o Daniel Boyer and Susannah Delp, Md. ca. 1865 Tobitha C. Tomlinson.  Walter H. Boyer probably
died prior to 1880, as did Susan Erna who was born 6/14/1868.  Archibald N. Boyer Md. Lillie Osborne in Grayson
Co. 5/31/1893.]

660.  Boyer, Harvey           22            Farmer    700       200
 (Austin) Mimy                18
         Laura                 2
     Alexander             11/12            (B. Jul 1869)
[Harvey Boyer, s/o Stephen & Polly (Busick) Boyer Md. (1) Mimy (Nancy Jemima) Austin, d/o Wm. Camel &
Elizabeth Jane (Cornett) Austin, 4/4/1867, B. 7/12/1852 D. ca. 1874.  Harvey Thomas Boyer B. 1/24/1847 D.
12/16/1928, Md. (2) Sarah Elizabeth James, 1/27/1875, B. 9/15/1848 D. 4/1/1892, d/o James Yont James & Eliza-

beth Scott, Md. (3) "Lucy" Lenora Austin, 9/22/1892, B. 7/4/1858, d/o William Camel Austin and Elizabeth Jane
Cornett, Md. (4) Mary Victoria Collins, 2/14/1904, B. 4/1/1863 D. 1952, d/o John Collins and Phyllis Hampton.  Mary
was the widow of Reid Collins.  Harvey Boyer operated a ferry on New River on the turnpike from the Furnace Road
down John's Creek to Hampton's Cross Roads for several years.  He also kept an inn in his home for travellers.]

461.    Boyer, Hugh           33            Farmer              255
   (James) Margaret           24
          John                 4
          Reed                 2
       Stephen              1/12            (B. May 1870)
 Phipps, Nelly                12
[Hugh Boyer was s/o John Boyer and Jane Fielder, Md. Margaret James, d/o James Yont James & Elizabeth Scott,
in 1865.  They moved to Madison, NE in 1182 and from there to Cherry Co., NE in 1886, where he died 3/2/1906.
Nelly Phipps, d/o Joseph Phipps & Susannah Busick, md. John Hoffman Gambill s/o J. & J. Gambill, 8/20/1878.  P.
151, Phipps Family of NC and VA, list his parents as Sylvester Gambill and Nancy Jane Burton.  John Gambill and
Nelly Phipps moved to eastern Nebraska.  Hugh Boyer served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

460.    Boyer, John           59            Farmer    2500      1041
(Fielder) Jane                57
      Virginia                23
       John K.                21
       America                17
[John Boyer, eldest s/o Daniel Boyer (1783-1852) and Susannah Delp (1792-1865), Md. Jane Fielder, d/o Dennis
Fielder & Delia Wheeler, 12/20/1836.  Virginia Boyer, Md. Stephen James, s/o James Yont & Elizabeth (Scott)
James; John K. (Ken) Boyer Md. Jincy Phipps d/o John McCleamon & Margaret (Osborne) Phipps, page 128, Phipps
Family of NC and VA.  Other children were:  Hugh Boyer b. 10/21/1837; Leander A. Boyer b. 5/11/1839; Daniel
Boyer b. 1/8/1841; Dennis Boyer b. 8/5/1842 who moved to TX then to NE; Missouri Boyer b. 2/10/1845; Virginia
Boyer b. 3/17/1847; John Kenley Boyer b. 11/22/1848; and America Boyer b. 11/11/1852.]

286.    Boyer, John           94            Farmer    3400      1099         PA
         Nancy                58
        Mahala                52
         Sossy                46
       Tolitha                24
    Churchwell                48                                655
        Amanda                28
     Elbert W.                 3
       Mary E.                 2
       Leander                 1
Hale, Nicholas                24            Farm Laborer
    Washington                12
[This was family 171 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  John Boyer was Born in PA ca. 1776/7 and md. Polly
Long, d/o William & Catherine Long of Long's Gap.  Nancy, Mahala & Rosamond Boyer never married.  Churchwell
Boyer served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.  Churchwell & Amanda's children were Elbert W., Mary E. and
Leander.  Leander Boyer Md. Lavania "Ellen" Boyer, daughter of Johnson Boyer & Margaret Stone, see family 287,
below.  Churchwell Boyer served in Co. F, 4th VA Inf., CSA.  Ref. P. 133, Nuckolls. Churchwell Boyer Md. Amanda J.
Hale, d/o Frank & Elizabeth Hale 1/9/1866.  Tolitha Boyer Md. Johnson Lee Thomas after 1870.  Elbert W. Boyer
Md. Dixie Lee Roberts; Leander Watson Boyer Md. his 1st cousin, Luvenia Ellen Boyer, d/o Johnson and Margaret
Stone 4/26/1892.]

287. Boyer, Johnson           51            Farmer              2131
   (Stone) Margaret           41            Keeping House
       Lavania                16
      Rosamond                14
        Winton                12
          Mary                10
         Ettie              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
           Wm.                21            Farm Laborer
        Samuel                82            Retd. Farmer        3500 1000
[Johnson Boyer, s/o John Boyer and Polly Long Md. Margaret Stone, 6/28/1847.  Johnson Boyer served in the
Grayson Co. Militia and in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry CSA.  Luvenia Ellen Boyer Md. her 1st cousin, Leander Watson
Boyer, above.  John Winton Boyer Md. Lena E. Hale ca. 1900.  Mary M. Boyer Md. Robert Lee Kirby, s/o Emory and
Ann Kirby 6/26/1887.  Ettie E. Boyer, B. 11/29/1869 Md. Thomas Wingate ca. 1888.  Another child, Elizabeth Martha
Boyer died at age 14 on 2/11/1864.  William McKinley Boyer left Grayson County for "the west."  This was family 169
in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Johnson Boyer served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, and in the Grayson Co.
Militia, CSA.  Samuel Boyer was the youngest s/o William Henry & Elizabeth Boyer, pioneers in Elk Creek.  Samuel
never married so Johnson & Margaret gave him a home in exchange for his land grant on which the present Salem
Methodist Church not stands.]

697. Boyer, Leander           31            Farmer    500       250
(Rector) Susan                19
         Nancy                 3
         Sarah             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
   Owens, John                12            Farm Laborer
[Leander Boyer, s/o John Boyer & Jane Fielder, Md. Susan Rector, d/o Jacob Rector & Mahala Poole.  Leander
Boyer served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  John Owens was s/o Jackson & Eliza Owens.]

53.  Boyer, Stephen           49            Farmer    3000      500
(Busick) Polly                41
      Jonathan                18            Farm Laborer
         Robt.                16            Farm Laborer
     Elizabeth                14            At School
       Stephen                 9            At School
    Ephraim T.                 7            At School
       Mary J.                 3
     Joseph S.                 1
Davis, Rosy C.                21            Spinner
[Stephen Boyer Md. Polly Boyer, daughter of John Busick & Susannah Barton, 3/30/1844.  Elizabeth Frances Boyer
B. 3/18/1857 D. 11/17/1891 Md. John A. James, s/o John A. & Elizabeth P. (Scott) James, 12/27/1874; Stephen
Boyer Md. Julia A. Lawson 6/11/1882; See The BUSICK FAMILY OF THE NEW RIVER VALLEY, by Jeffrey C.
Weaver for information on this family.  Family #22 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Jonathan (Johnce) Boyer B.
12/24/1851, Md. America Wingate 11/7/1876, d/o Wright Wingate and Martha Elizabeth Wyatt.  Robert Boyer B.
4/27/1854 D. 11/10/1934, Md. (1) Sarah Emaline Daniel, B. 9/19/1856 D. 3/27/1893, d/o Eli Daniel and Elizabeth
South 10/12/1876.  Robert Boyer Md. (2) Emma Alverda Elliott 10/23/1893 B. 9/13/1867 D. 10/13/1943.  She was
the daughter of Abram Elliott and Margaret Elizabeth Barton.  Stephen Boyer Md. Julia A. Lawson 7/11/1882.
Ephraim Thomas Boyer, B. 5/15/1863 D. 1/4/1943 Md. (1) Alice Clementine Kirk, 2/26/1886.  Alice Clementine Kirk
was the d/o John Norman Kirk and Jane Wingate, was born 4/15/1868 and died 11/12/1901.  Ephraim Thomas
Boyer Md. (2) Susannah A. Kirk Alexander 8/30/1903.  She was born 9/26/1870, died 7/4/1958, was the daughter of
John Norman Kirk and Jane Wingate, and widow of Joe Granville Alexander.  Ephraim Boyer & Susannah A. Kirk
Alexander migrated to Mullen, NE.  Mary Jane Boyer B. 6/7/1866 D. 1/15/1931 Md. Thomas Warren Carr,
12/31/1882.  He was born 12/13/1853 and died 7/11/1929.  He was the son of Fielden Carr and Nancy Phelps.
Joseph Samuel Boyer B. 5/19/1868 D. 6/9/1942, Md. (1) Pinkie Alexandria Austin 9/1/1890.  She was born
4/20/1876 D. 5/15/1906, daughter of William Camel Austin and Elizabeth Jane Cornett.  Joseph Samuel Boyer Md.
(2) Edna Anna Carter, 5/19/1908, she was b. 9/9/1889 & d. 12/26/1921, and was the daughter of Joseph Charles
Carter & Charlotte Rumehany Gill.  In addition, Stephen Boyer and Polly Busick had Irene D. Boyer who md. Charles
Ulysses Long, s/o Calvin Floyd Long and Mary Elizabeth Kennedy 12/21/1890; and Elmetta Joy Boyer, 11/19/1876
after the 1870 census was taken.  In addition they had sons, Harvey Thomas Boyer and Isaac Boyer who were not
living at home when the 1870 census was taken.  Stephen Boyer was 1st Sgt. of Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry and also
served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

146. Boyer, Stephen           65            Farmer              300
         Nancy                57                                             NC
      Mordicah                30            Farm Laborer
      Jacob W.                22            Farm Laborer
       Rush F.                20            Farm Laborer
  (Hines) Catherine           22
      Virginia              9/12            (B. Sep 1869)
[Stephen Boyer, s/o John Boyer & Mary Long, Md. Nancy McCraw, d/o James McCraw & Jane Davis, on 8/21/1832
in Surry Co., NC.  Mordicah Boyer served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.  Mordicah Fleming Boyer, B. 4/16/1839,
Md. Catherine Hines 11/24/1867, Virginia Boyer is their daughter.  Jacob Winton Boyer B. 2/26/1847 D. 6/24/1901
Md. Martha E. Graham on 7/26/1882.  Rush Floyd Boyer B. 8/25/1849 D 3/18/1924 Md. Susan Carolyn Wright
6/24/1870, d/o Tolbert Wright and Elizabeth Harper.  Family 257 in the 1860 Grayson Co. Census.]

463. Boyer, William           56            Farmer    2500      1845
  (Greer) Catherine           43
      Surafina                15            At School
        Joyciy                13            At School
      Victoria                11
          Mary                 9
(Leona) Livina                 4
       Augusta                 1
[William B. Boyer, (b. 5/14/1814 d. 1888) s/o Daniel Boyer & Susannah Delp Md. Catherine Greer, d/o Shadrach
Greer & Celia Thomas, 10/9/1853 in Ashe Co. NC.  Surphina Boyer Md. Haywood Cox, s/o J. R. & M. Cox,
6/11/1878; Joyciy Boyer Md. Isaac Wingate, s/o Wright & Rachel Wingate, 1/3/1877; Victoria J. Boyer Md. James C.
Austin, s/o W. C. & E. J. Austin; Mary D. Boyer Md. J. W. McBride, s/o W. & C. McBride, 12/19/1878; Leona Boyer,
Md. Daniel Wingate s/o W. & Betsey Wingate, 9/19/1882.  Another son was Granville Boyer, b. 1856 and died

101.Brackins, Sally           43            Keeping House
      Floyd W.                15
       John A.                14
     Robert M.                12
        Josiah                10
      Henry A.                 7
    Spencer C.                 5
[John A. Brackins Md. Matilda Callahan 9/22/1876.]

515.           Brewer, George W.                    30          Farmer    250  290
       Cynthia                34
          John                10
     George W.                 8
[George W. Brewer served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA and in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA.]

271.   Brewer, John           69            Farmer    700       670
(Bedwell) Catherine           57
        Dow L.                14            Farm Laborer
       Rosa E.                 6
[This was family 220 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  John Brewer md. (1) Celia Elliott, d/o Joseph Elliott, on
11/6/1828.  Their children were:  Joseph Brewer b. 1831 d. 11/11/1915 in Green Co., IN, md. Rachel Catherine
Miller, d/o Isaac & Polly Miller, b. 1832; Stephen Brewer b. 1832; Lucy Brewer b. 1839.  John Brewer md. (2)
Catherine Bedwell on 5/24/1847.  Their children were Dow Brewer who md. S. A. Vaught, d/o Lewis Peyton Vaught &
Melvina Hale, 8/1/1878.]

426.           Brewer, Joseph C.                    38          Farmer    600  300
 (Miller) Rachel R.           37
        Wm. R.                15            Farm Laborer
         Isaac                13            Farm Laborer
         Nancy                12            At School
     Elizabeth                 8
[Joseph Curry Brewer, s/o John Brewer & Celia Elliott, Md. Rachel R. Miller, d/o Isaac & Polly Miller, 9/13/1851.
Nancy Brewer Md. Mitchell Hawk, s/o Mastin & Susan Hawk, 11/25/1880.  Joseph C. Brewer served in Co. C, 63rd

244.            Brewer, Lewis C.                    27          Farm Laborer
      Elisa A.                28
       Mary W.                 4
        Fannie                 3
      Robt. H.              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
[Lewis C. Brewer was the son of Mastin Brewer & Elizabeth Phipps who md. on 2/8/1831 and member of Family 316
in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Elizabeth Phipps was d/o Isaiah Phipps.  Lewis Brewer served in Co. D, 37th
Battalion VA Cavalry CSA.]

243. Brewer, Mastin           66            Farmer    1100      1219         VA
(Jackson, Elizabeth) Dicey             44                                    NC
         Aaron                16            Farm Laborer
       Stephen                10            At School
   Griffy, Pernelia           11            At School
[Mastin Brewer Md. Elizabeth Jackson, d/o A. Jackson, in 2/1853; Aaron Brewer, Md. Alice Cornett, d/o A. & E.
Cornett, 8/6/1874; Stephen Brewer Md. Lutisha Roberts, d/o L. & Matilda Roberts 12/9/1880.  This was family 316 in
the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Children no longer at home were:  Polly b. 1832; Cynthia b. 1836; Nancy b.
1840; Lewis b. 1843.]

332. Brewer, Samuel           74            Farmer    800       210
(Bedwell) Elizabeth           51
[Samuel Brewer Md. Elizabeth Bedwell, 9/22/1816.  Her age is no doubt in error above and probably was closer to
71 than 51.]

459.Brooks, William           44            Farm Laborer        500  110          NC
         Lydia                42                                             NC
      Columbus                16
          Mary                14
         Rufus                11
         Nancy                 9
       Cynthia                 7
        Joseph                 2
[This family was not in Grayson Co. in 1860.]

624.  Brown, Isaiah         26 B            Farm Laborer
      Margaret              24 B
       John L.               2 B
         Jane             6/12 B            (B. Dec. 1869)

629.   Brown, Jacob           35            Farm Laborer                          NC
      Margaret                19

507.   Brown, James           75            Farm Laborer        470  196
          Mary                32            Keeping House
[Children of James Brown no longer at home were:  Hugh Brown b. 1824; Olly Brown b. 1827 Amanda J. Brown b.
1847 and probably others.]

377.  Bryant, Jason           33            Farmer    300       200
          Mary                32
      Isabella                15            At School
     Jefferson                13
          Levi                12
           Ira                 9
         Sarah                 8
        Alfred                 5
         Olive                 2

495.  Bryant, Lewis           40            Farmer    2500      1497
      Drucilla                35
        Joseph                19            Farm Laborer
     Alexander                17            Farm Laborer
       Stephen                15            Farm Laborer
    (H. Emma) Emily           12
        Madora                 8
        Mintie                 5
          John                 4
         Pearl                 2
      Lewis W.              4/12            (B. Feb. 1870)
[Lewis Bryant was s/o Joseph Bryant (b. 1805) & Sarah Hale (b. 1807).  Sarah Hale was d/o Dudley Hale (d. in War
of 1812 at Norfolk) & Nancy Burroughs.  H. Emma Bryant Md. James D. Perkins, s/o John H. & Lucy Perkins,
9/21/1881.  Lewis Bryant served in Co. C, 45th VA Inf. CSA as Lt.  He enlisted on 5/29/1861, resigned 5/13/1862
because of hepatitis.  He was 6'2", dark hair and eyes.  Lewis Bryant's siblings were:  William Bryant b. 1832;
Rosamond Bryant b. 1843; Olive Bryant b. 1847; Mayma Bryant b. 1849 and C. C. Bryant.]

388.    Bryant, Wm.           70            Farm Laborer                          NC
   (Hamins) Bethana           54
 Legins, Nancy                35            No Occupation
          Mary                12
          Rosy                 7
[Wm. Bryant, s/o G. & H. Bryant, Md. Bethana Hamins, d/o William & R. Hamins, 1/29/1869.  William Bryant was 1st
md. to Mary G. (b. 1800) who was now apparently dead.  William & Mary G. Bryant's children were:  Mary Bryant b.
1842; George H. Bryant b. 1843; Martin Bryant b. 1845; and Manoah Bryant b. 1837.  Nancy, Mary & Rosa Legins
were Bethana's children by a previous marriage.  Nancy Legens was d/o William Bryant, she Md. (2) Lewis H.
Wright, s/o Jeremiah Wright and Mourning Fielder, 10/3/1872.  Lewis Wright was first Md. to Emaline Hall.]

608.     Bunn, John         27 B            Farm Laborer
         Polly              20 B
        Allice               5 M
        Caezer               4 M
        Ellen             3/12 M            (B. Mar. 1870)

590.            Burchett, Lawson                    49          Farm Laborer        124          NC
     Elizabeth                49                                             NC
     Elizabeth                14                                             NC
        Gideon                15                                             NC
        Lawson                12                                             NC
        Elijah                 1                                             NC
[This family was probably a recent arrival from Alleghany Co., NC.]

206.   Burris, Geo.           54            Farmer    270       550          NC
        Allice                45                                             NC
        Phoebe                25                                             NC
      Jonathan                18            Farm Laborer                          NC
   Francis (f)                13                                             NC
[George Burris was probably the s/o George (b. 1779) and Maria Burris (b. 1790).  Phoebe Burris may have Md.
William Burris, s/o Geo & Mariah Burris, 2/10/1871.]

121.  Burris, Leroy           23            Farm Laborer
  (Hale) Susan                21
        Wm. D.                 1
[Leroy Burris, s/o T. & C. Burris Md. Susan Hale, d/o D. & R. Hale Md. 12/22/1867]

201. Burris, Samuel           24            Farmer Laborer           100          NC
    (Funk) Rosamond           23
      Emory J.                 1
[Samuel J. Burris, s/o Jonathan & P. Burris, Md. Rosamond Funk, d/o Jesse & Sally Funk 10/4/1866.  Samuel J.
Burris served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

208. Burris, Thomas           25            Farm Laborer             100          NC
   (Funk) Mary                30                                             NC
          Jane                12                                             NC
         Shady                 9                                             NC
        Martha                 3
       Matilda                 3
[Thomas Burris, s/o Jonathan & Polly Burris, md. Mary Carolyn Funk, d/o George & Polly Funk, on 11/22/1866.
Thomas Burris served in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry CSA, who enlisted on 4/25/1863 and deserted on 6/26/1863 took
the oath on 7/13/1864 and sent to Jeffersonville, IN.]

139. Burris, Thomas           26            Farm Laborer             150          NC
      Nancy C.                30
    Funk, Amelia J.            9
       Geo. W.                 7
Burris, Wm. D.                 1

178. Burris, Thomas           48
   (Pool) Charlotte           47
           Wm.                24
      Jonathan                12            At School
      Julia A.                10            At School
     Alfred F.                 8
        Jestin                 6
   Pool, Annie                37            Domestic            420
[Thomas Burris Md. Charlotte Pool 3/29/1846.  Julia A. Burris Md. James L. Fielder, s/o Thomas & Polly Fielder

275.    Burris, Wm.           42            Farm Laborer             110          NC

572. Burt, James A.           40            Farm Laborer                          NC
        Darcus                33
           Ann                14
     Alexander                13
           Lee                11
           Wm.                 7
    Washington                 4
          John              1/12            (B. May 1870)

297.           Burton, Henderson                    48          Farm Laborer        100
         Susan                43
      Margaret                16            Seamstress
         Rosey                14
         Sarah                12
          John                10
        Amanda                 8
         Robt.                 6
        Thomas                 4
        Jestin                 1
       Mary E.                 5
[Rosey M. Burton, Md. Rufus Hale, s/o F. & E. Hale, 10/2/1876; Sarah Burton Md.  Stephen Cornett, s/o Geo.
Cornett 3/26/1882; John N. Burton, Md. Martha Cornett, d/o A. & B. Cornett, 9/11/1881.  This was family 151 in the
1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Burton Henderson served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry and died in Tazewell
Co., VA in 3/1902.]

455.Burton, John A.           38            Farmer    350       391
       Francis                27
      Betty A.                 7
     Henderson                 6
        Mahala                 5
         Nancy                 3
        Martin                 1
   Hale, Sally                32            Seamstress
       Rebecca                14
          Rosy                11
         Fanny                 8
         Susan                 6
[Betty A. Burton Md. Benjamin Phipps s/o Joseph & Susan Phipps, 12/26/1880.  Sally Hale, probably a Burton,
married M. Hale, their daughter, Rebecca Md. John Dunn, s/o C. & S. Dunn of Ashe Co., NC. 4/24/1877.  John A.
Burton served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.]

444.   Busic, Isaac           51            Farmer    2000      1621
    (Boyer) Francis           50            Keeping House
          Jane                25
          Mary                18
        Daniel                15
    Phipps, Zebedee           10
Jackson, Thos.                 5
  Shupe, Friel                21            Farm Laborer
[Jane Busic Md. Isaiah Rector, s/o Bennett & Susan Rector, 2/15/1871; Daniel John Busic Md. Drucy Emaline Bryant
d/o Stephen J. & Mazie Phipps Bryant 10/31/1875.  Isaac Busic, s/o John Busick and Susannah Barton, Md. Frances
(Frankie) Boyer, d/o Daniel Boyer and Susannah Delp.  This was family 831 in the 1860 Grayson County, VA.
Census.  A son Stephen Busick, age 4, in the 1860, who reasonably should appear above, may have died prior to
this date.  Zebedee Phipps, was probably the son of Joseph Phipps and Susannah Busic, and according to the
Phipps Family of NC and VA, he "died young."  This was family 831 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA. Census.  Isaac
Busick served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

451.    Busic, Troy           26            Farmer    560       371
(James) Francis (f)           26
         Susan                 4
       John P.                 2
 Phipps, Nancy                15
[Troy Busic, s/o John Busick, Sr. and Susannah Barton, Md. Frances James d/o James Yont James and Elizabeth
Scott, per family tradition, no marriage record having been found.  Troy served as a Sergeant in Company K, 51st
Virginia Infantry, CSA and served until the surrender at Appomattox C.H. on 4/9/1865.  John S. (P?) Md. Ellen
Virginia Hart, d/o Robert Hart and Endora Grounds Hart per family tradition.  A daughter, Jennie, born ca. 1872,
married Dan Hanshaw, per family tradition.  Nancy Phipps, above was the d/o Joseph Phipps and Susannah Busick.
She was born 2/20/1856 and died 4/4/1890.  She Md. 2/19/1881 James Moss, B. 10/6/1880 D. 1/29/1942, s/o Emily

561.   Byars, James           24            Farm Laborer                          NC
         Sarah                24            Keeping House                         NC

186.Byrd, Alexander           23            Farm Laborer             350
   (Vaught) Mary J.           26
   Alburty (f)                 2
[Alexander Byrd, s/o Samuel and Martha Byrd Md. Mary Jane Vaught, d/o Andrew & Sydney Vaught, 9/11/1866.
Alvira Byrd b. 9/3/1867 d. 2/20/1920 md. Lewis F. Porter in 1893.  James Lon Byrd b. 7/9/1870 d. 10/8/1929 md.
Madge E. Boyer in 1896.  Alexander Byrd served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves CSA.]

528.      Byrd, Ann           40            Keeping House
          Rosy                22            Weaver
[Ann Byrd was Ann Anderson, d/o Isaac Anderson, who md. William Byrd on 1/27/1844 and was now widowed.  Ann
was actually born ca. 1807 and had two children:  Rosamond b. 1845 d. 9/11/1920 and never md.; and Julia Byrd b.

524.  Byrd, Anthony           46            Farmer    1000      720
  (Byrd) Nancy                44
        Julina                21
        Jasper                20
         Saml.                10
          Mary                13
         Milly                 8
         Naomi                 3
[Anthony Byrd b. 4/23/1824 d. in 1899 md. Manarchy Byrd, d/o John Byrd on 9/4/1846.  Manarchy Byrd was b.
2/29/1826 d. 4/24/1881.  Anthony served in Co. G, 63rd VA Infantry CSA and was wounded at Chickamauga on
9/20/1863.  Their children were:  Johnson Byrd b. 10/1/1847 d. 1/1/1929, who served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves
CSA, and who md. Elizabeth Jane Jones; Julina Byrd b. 3/15/1849 Md. John H. Vaughn, s/o William & E. Vaughn,
6/25/1874; Jasper Byrd b. 4/22/1850 and never md.; James Byrd b. 5/16/1852 d. 4/10/1862; Samuel Kenly Byrd b.
9/27/1854 md. (1) Sarah C. Ward and md. (2) Nora Newland; Mary Ann Byrd, b. 5/29/1857, Md. Nathaniel L.
Vaughn, s/o William & E. Vaughn, 5/17/1877; Milly Frances Byrd b. 9/12/1862 d. 1/22/1905 md. Rush C. Fielder;
Naomi Ellen Byrd md. Jackson M. Poole; and Ally Laurinda Byrd b. 8/23/1873 d. 7/17/1892.  This was family 394 in
the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  This was family 394 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Anthony Byrd served
in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

529.  Byrd, Bolling           45            Farm Laborer             100
   (Anderson) Nancy           45
         Isaac                18            Farm Laborer
         Sarah                13            At Home
           Wm.                14
        Thursa                11
       Malinda                 7
[Bolling Byrd md. Nancy Anderson in 1846 in Ashe Co., NC.  Their children were:  Isaac Byrd b. 1848; Sarah
Elizabeth Byrd b. 1850 d. 2/8/1928 md. John Douglas Black in 1881; Leander Byrd b. 1850 md. Susan Frances
Noblett in 1876; William Emmitt Byrd b. 1857 d. 1961 md. Myrtle Matilda Porter in 1923.]

124. Byrd, Charlton           22            Farm Laborer             120
(Straud) Milly                21
         Alice                 2
         James                 1
[Charlton Byrd b. 3/15/1847 d. 3/18/1939, s/o Richard Byrd & Susan Vaughn; Md. (1) Milly Straud (b. 1846 in Smyth
Co.), d/o Jordan Straud & Susan Vaughn Shupe, on 2/1/1866.  His children were:  Alice Byrd b. 1868 md. George F.
Rhudy; James Gordon Byrd b. 1869 md. (1) Eliza A. King md. (2) Virginia Bonham; Mary "Mollie" Byrd b. 1876 d.
1889; Florence Byrd b. 1877 md. Robert Waller; Walter D. Byrd b. 1879 never md. d. in CA; Mallie B. Byrd b. 1881
md. Worlie C. Bonham.  Charlton Byrd md. (2) Cora Martin.  Their children were:  Susan E. Byrd who m.d Edgar Cle-

veland Bourne, s/o June Byrd Bourne; Hallie C. Byrd b. 1889 d. 1851 and md. Wiley F. Carrico; Charlie Byrd b. 1889
never md.; John Byrd b. 1888 d. 1889; and Jack Byrd b. 1891 and never md.]

112.  Byrd, John P.           34            Farmer    500       225
  (Bourne) Alpha J.           29
        Jerome                 9                                             TX
       Geo. F.                 7
         Sally                 3
       Houston                 1
          Jane                35            Domestic
[John P. Byrd served in Company F, 4th VA Infantry CSA and lived in Tazewell Co., VA postwar.  John Patton Byrd
b. 4/16/1836 d. 9/17/1914 md. Alpha Jane Bourne on 6/7/1857.  Alpha Jane Bourne b. 8/3/1841 d. 4/6/1899.  John
P. & Alpha J. Byrd's children were:  Jerome Sullins Byrd b. 9/19/1857 d. 2/24/1920 md. Elizabeth Viola Sprinkle in
1876; George Fleming Byrd b. 3/1/1861 d. 8/25/1931 in WY md. Allen Moore; Sallie Byrd b. 6/11/1867 d. 1/1937 md.
John Andrew Welsh in 1885; Houston McKinney Byrd b. 4/28/1868 d. 1/18/1874; Rush Dallas Byrd b. 7/17/1871 d.
1946; Ida Byrd b. 4/12/1873 d. in MO; Kitty Morrison Byrd b. 3/3/1880 d. 9/6/1951; Cynthia L. Byrd b. 9/20/1882 d.
5/12/1966 md. George Lundon Jackson in 1903.]

175.     Byrd, John           76            Farmer    800
    (Martin) Jinsey           74
        Moriah                58            Spinner
         Eliza                25            Weaver
       Matilda                22            Seamstress
      Molly V.                 2
        Martin                 2
[This was family 392 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  John Byrd, b. 1793 d. 2/1880, was s/o Willey & Alley
Byrd who gave consent for his son to marry.  Jane "Jinsey" was d/o Mitchell Martin & Jane Clark.  John & Jane's
children were:  Mariah Byrd; Charlotte Byrd b. 1815 md. David Vaughn in 1849; Richard Byrd (family #123 Elk Creek
District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.); Jestina Byrd b. 1/1/1825 d. 3/7/1905 md. William L. Jones in 1848; Martha
P. Byrd b. 5/1/1828 d. 9/14/1919 md. Hosea Litteral; and Thurza Byrd b. 1828 md. Elisha Anderson.  Mariah Byrd b.
1812 d. 1879 never md but had two children - Cynthia Byrd b. 1835 md. Lilburn Bourne; and Eliza J. Byrd b. 1849 d.
1929 who had a child before she married - Mollie Victoria Byrd b. 1/24/1869 d. 3/24/1933.  Mollie md. Robert Bruce
Noblett.  Eliza J. Byrd later md. David Moxley.]

531.   Byrd, Joshua           34            Farm Laborer        150
(Harris) Nancy                31
          Mary                 6
       Alfa M.                 2
[Joshua Byrd was the same as the one living in the family of Richard & Sally (Rhudy) Byrd, # 393 in the 1860
Grayson Co., VA Census.  Joshua Byrd served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA.  Joshua Byrd md. Nancy Harris, d/o
Seth & Olive Harris on 7/19/1860.  Joshua & Nancy had another child in Grayson Co., Susan E. b. 3/25/1871, and
then moved the family moved away.  Mary A. Byrd was b. 1864 and Alpha M. Byrd was b. 12/31/1867.]

123.  Byrd, Richard           57            Farmer    400       210
 (Shupe) Susan                54
[Richard Byrd b. 1815 d. 6/5/1890, s/o John Byrd & Jane Martin, Md. (1) Sally Rhudy, 9/1/1835 and md. (2) Susan
Vaughn Shupe, d/o Nathaniel Vaughn and widow of Andrew Shupe.  Richard & Sally Byrd's children were:  Polly Ann
Byrd b. 10/8/1835 d. 1/27/1917 who md. Granville Harrison Vaughn in 1858; Amanda Byrd b. 1838 d. 3/15/1914 md.
James D. Carrico in 1855; Nancy Ann Byrd b. 4/15/1842 d. 1/1/1880 md. Haywood Vaughn in 1859; Joshua Byrd b.
1841 who served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry CSA enlisting on 6/13/1861 and was mortally wounded at Chan-

cellorsville, VA on 5/3/1863 and died on 5/12/1863; Stephen Byrd b. 1842 d. 5/12/1863 in Chance Horseville, CA;
Elizabeth Matilda Byrd b. 1845 md. & divorced James C. Jones in 1866; James Charlton Byrd b. 1844 and living in
household #124, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census;  Charlotte Byrd b. 1847.  Children of Richard
Byrd and Susan Shupe were:  and Malinda Frances Byrd b. 1851 who md. John Floyd Ham and moved to WV.  This
was family 393 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

187.   Byrd, Samuel           43            Farmer    1800      700
(Rhudy) Martha                40
       Matilda                18
  Rhudy, Betsy                85            No Occupation
         Nancy                50            No Occupation
[Samuel F. Byrd served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA.  Samuel Byrd Md. Martha Rhudy b. 10/18/1825 d. 7/5/1876,
d/o Jacob (b. 1781) & Elizabeth Rhudy (b. 1785) on 8/15/1846.  An additional daughter, Evaline D., B. 5/18/1856 and
D. 2/1855 of bronchitis.  Betsey, also known as Elizabeth was widow of Jacob Rhudy and mother of Martha.  Nancy
Rhudy apparently never married.  Samuel Byrd md. (2) Elizabeth Crawford in 1877.  Samuel & Martha Byrd's
children were:  Alexander Byrd (see family #186, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census); Matilda Carol
Byrd b. 11/25/1850 d. 6/15/1927 md. John Cooley Carrico and are buried in the Providence Cemetery; Eveline Byrd
b. 5/20/1854 d. 2/5/1855; and James G. Byrd b. 1/1/1856 d. 5/23/1859.]

111.   Byrd, Samuel           75            Farmer    1500      375
   (Wheeler) Mallia           69
[Samuel Byrd, b. 1785 d. 11/1870, s/o Samuel Byrd & Mourning Gilbert, Md. Permelia "Milly" Wheeler 11/12/1818.
She was b. 21/26/1798 d. 1/10/1881.  This was family 395 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Their children
were:  Zilpha Byrd b. ca. 1819 d. ca. 1850 and was 1st wife of Anderson Swinney; David Byrd b. 1822 d. 1903 md.
(2) Jane Carrico; Anthony B. Byrd md. (1) Monarchy Byrd and Md. (2) Lucy Clark; Lorinda Byrd b. 1829 md. John E.
Wysong in 1852; Charles Jones Wheeler Byrd md. Rebecca Carrico; Samuel F. Byrd b. 1834 d. 6/10/1862 of
disease at Staunton, VA while serving in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA; John Patton Byrd b. 4/16/1836 d. 9/17/1904
(see family #112, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census); Cena Jane Byrd b. 1839 d. ca. 1897 md.
Lafayette Randolph Wysong; George N. Byrd b. 1841 d. 5/4/1863 of wounds received at the Battle of Chancell-

orsville on 5/3/1863 while serving in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry CSA.]

352.            Callahan, Edward                    33          Farm Laborer   100
(Wright) Sally                33
         Susan                13
          John                10
          Mary                 8
         Ellen                 4
         James                 7
         Betty              7/12            (B. Sep. 1869)
[Edward Callahan Md. Sally Wright, d/o Isom and Susannah Wright, 7/1/1856.  John F. Callahan, Md. Lucy Delp, d/o
L. & B. Delp 12/27/1882; Mary J. Callahan, perhaps Md. L. P. Sexton, s/o John & C. Sexton, 9/7/1881.  Family 96,
1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Edward Callahan served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry CSA.  Edward
Callahan and family moved to Smyth Co., VA then to WV and then to the west.]

22.            Callahan, Geo. W.                    35          Minister        300         NC
      Annie E.                23                                             NC
       Geo. R.                 5                                             NC
        Sallie             11/12            (B. July 1869)
[Family not living in Grayson Co., VA in 1860.]

224. Callahan, Hugh           29            Farm Laborer             100
 (Hale) Elvira                32
Hale, James L.                15
Hale, Nancy J.                13
 Hale, Cena V.                11
  Hale, Elbert                 9
Callahan, John                 7
         Jacob                 6
        Wm. F.                 2
[Hugh Callahan, s/o Mark (b. 1804) & Jestin Callahan (b. 1814 in NC), Md. (1) Elvira Hale, d/o Fountain & Serena
Hale 1/12/1863.  Hugh Callahan md. (2) Drucy Poole, and a son, Boge, still lives in Grayson Co., VA in 1992; Hugh
Callahan md. (3) Nora Fields went west and died somewhere in Texas.  Hugh Callahan served in Company F, 4th
Virginia Infantry and in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry CSA.  Hugh's siblings were:  William Callahan b. 1843
served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry and md. Nancy Wright, d/o Isom & Susan Wright, on 12/31/1861; Thomas b. 1845;
Ezekiel b. 1848; George b. 1853; Charles b. 1856 and Mariah b. 1859.  They settled in the Fallville Community.]

594.            Calloway, George                    23          Farmer    1000 275
         Susan                29
          John             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)

595.          Calloway, Marshall                    43          Farmer    2000 930          NC
          Mary                45
        Mahala                14
         Lydia                14
        Phoebe                11
          Kate                 9
[Lydia Calloway Md. S. B. Myers, s/o Jesse & E. Myers, 10/20/1878.  This was family 819 in the 1860 Grayson Co.,
VA Census.  A M. M. Calloway is on the 1898 Grayson Co., VA Confederate Veterans list as having served in Co. C,
8th VA Cavalry, CSA but has not been found on muster rolls.]

576.           Calloway, William                    46          Farmer    600  340          NC
         Sarah                44            Keeping House                         NC
     Elizabeth                19            At School
         Polly                11            At School
        Martha                 9
[William Calloway was oldest s/o Isaac (b. 1798) and Catherine Calloway (b. 1803).  William Calloway served in the
Grayson Co., VA Militia, CSA.  Polly Calloway Md. E. A. Anders, s/o Thos. & S. Anders, 2/7/1878; Martha Calloway
Md. Harvey Porter s/o A. H. & C. Porter, 5/11/1881.  This was family 790 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Wm.
Calloway served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  William Calloway's siblings were:  Alexander Calloway b. 1827;
Andrew J. Calloway b. 1830; Elizabeth Calloway b. 1829; and Isaac F. Calloway b. 1832.]

520.Campbell, Sarah           60            Keeping House            500          NC
        Elvira                50            No Occupation                         NC
[This was family 419 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

405. Cannoy, Barney           33            Farmer    1200      793
 (Cornett) Sarah J.           31
     Elizabeth                19
        Linnia                19
          John                65            Farm Laborer
          Mary                10
       Geo. W.                 8
       John C.                 4
Jackson, Moses                28            Farm Laborer                          NC
[Barney B. Cannoy, s/o John Cannoy (b. 1805) & Evey Hackler (b. 1806) who md. on 7/15/1833, Md. Sarah J.
Cornett, d/o Hazel Cornett & Catherine Warrick, 1/29/1858.  John Cannoy was probably the s/o or gs/o Barneybus
Cannoy who d. 1821.  Mary C. Cannoy Md. L. J. Funk, s/o Jesse & Sarah Funk, 8/12/1882; George W. Cannoy Md.
Sophrona Cornett, d/o J. C. Cornett, 8/18/1882; Moses Jackson Md. Elizabeth Hale, d/o Jacob & Lucinda Hale,
8/11/1870.  Barney Cannoy served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.  John & Eve Cannoy's other children
were:  Polly Cannoy b. 1834; Catherine Cannoy b. 1836; Barney B. Cannoy b. 1838; Sally Cannoy b. 1839; Peter C.
Cannoy b. 1840; Jacob Cannoy b. 1841; Elizabeth J. Cannoy b. 1843; and John C. Cannoy b. 1845 wash was
employed by Moses Jackson in 1870.]

404.  Cannoy, Peter           29            Farmer    400       300
    (Cornett) Polly           28
         James                 3
         Sarah                 1
    Hale, John                17            Farm Laborer
[Peter Cannoy, s/o John Cannoy & Eva Hackler, Md. Polly L. Cornett d/o Hazle Cornett & Catherine Warrick,
12/17/1860.  Peter Cannoy served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.]

363. Carrico, Aaron           29            Farmer    350
 (Cornett) Rosamond           26
         Laura                 7
[Aaron Carrico served in the Grayson Co., Militia and in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry CSA.  Aaron G. Carrico. b. 1841 d.
1872, s/o James C. Carrico & Elizabeth Shuler probably md in NC to Rosamond E. Cornett b. 1845 d. 1895, d/o
Alfred Cornett & Elizabeth Russell.  Alfred & Elizabeth moved to Wilkes Co., NC and Elizabeth is buried in the New
Covenant Baptist Church Cemetery.  After Aaron's death, Rosa moved to Wilkes Co., NC and md. Joe J. Gambill.
Aaron & Rosa's children were:  Laura E. Carrico who m.d Benjamin R. Spicer in Wilkes Co., NC; Virginia D. Carrico
who md. Nathan Harden Gambill, Jr. s/o Nathan Hardin Gambill & Sailla Kennedy; and Emerson H. Carrico who may
have moved to Seattle, WA.  Rosamond also had twins, Elisha & Robert Gambill.]

509.             Carrico, Barney                    60          Farmer    250  226
  (Long) Celia                58
          Levi                16            Farm Laborer
         Sarah                10
[Barney Carrico Md. Celia "Seby" Long, s/o Samuel Long & Molly Cornett, 2/28/1833.  Samuel Long was s/o William
Long, Sr. of Long's Gap.  Barney may have been the s/o Abel Carrico & Peggy Wells.  This was family 668 in the
1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Children no longer at home were:  Margaret J. Carrico b. 1833; Lewis J. Carrico b.
1835; Fielden H. Carrico b. 1840 who served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA; Emanuel J. Carrico b. 1843 who
served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA and possibly others.  Levi Carrico Md. Charity Phipps, d/o James and Adaline
Phipps, 1/6/1875.]

335. Carrico, Creed           22            Farm Laborer             175
(Shuler, Mourning) Emaline             17
        Elbert              5/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[Creed N. Carrico, s/o Sims & Susan Carrico, Md. Mourning Emaline Shuler, d/o A. & H. Shuler 2/12/1869.  Sims
Carrico b. 1814 d. 1880, s/o Peter Carrico a pioneer settler on Stephen's Creek who md. (1) Rebecca Hanks and
md. (2) Margaret Rhoten.  Creed Carrico may have served as 3rd Lt. in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry CSA.]

501.            Carrico, Emanuel                    26          Farm Laborer   200  120
[He was the s/o Barney Carrico & Celia Long.  He served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA.]

327.Carrico, Gordon           27            Farmer    150       250
       Thursey                22
        Joseph                 4
        Amanda                 3
        Wm. A.                 2
[Member of Household 57, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census, son of Stephen and Jane Carrico.  Gordon Carrico
served in Company C, 8th Virginia Cavalry, Co. K,  51st VA Infantry and in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA.  Gordon K.
Carrico was s/o Stephen (b. 1814) & Jane Carrico (b. 1820).  Gordon Carrico md. Thurza J. Delp, d/o Levi &
Elizabeth Delp on 11/3/1864.  Gordon Carrico's other children were:  Susan Carrico b. 1845; Mary Carrico b. 1846;
and George Carrico b. 1847.]

365. Carrico, James           56            Farm Laborer        100
 (Shuler) Elizabeth           59
[James Carrico md. Elizabeth Shuler, b. 3/17/1812 d. 4/11/1885, d/o Michael & Charity Shuler, on 2/23/1836.
Probable that is same as James in Household 31 in 1860 Census of Grayson Co., VA.  James C. "Jimmy" Carrico b.
4/15/1815 d. 4/24/1884 was s/o Peter (b. 1772 d. 12/27/1865) & Nancy Carrico (d. 5/1850, age 75).  Peter Carrico
was s/o Abel & Nancy Carrico.  Peter's wife is thought to have been Nancy Wilkerson, b. in NC.  Peter & Nancy
Carrico had 11 children, who were:  Delila Carrico; Sarah Catherine Carrico who md. Joel Mallory; Martha Carrico;
Elizabeth Carrico; Mary Carrico; Melvina Carrico; Stephen Carrico; James Carrico; and Harold Carrico who moved to
Lawrence Co., OH; and Sims Carrico.  James & Elizabeth had 3 children:  Sarah Caroline Carrico who md. Stephen
Herrington; Aaron Carrico; and Miles Clark Carrico.]

450. Carrico, Lewis           57            Farmer    714       623
(Moss) Mary C.                42            Keeping House                         NC
          Rosy                14
       Charity                12
      Columbus                 6
[Lewis Carrico, s/o A. Carrico, Md. Mary C. Moss, d/o J. Moss, 5/20/1853.  Their children were:  Rosamond "Rosy"
Carrico Md. Enoch Ward, s/o David & Minerva Ward, on 3/8/1872 and are buried on the Wells Ward Farm in Saddle
Creek; Sarah Carrico md. William J. Red, b. 1847, s/o William Red; Nathan Carrico b. ca. 1840; Charity Carrico who
md. James Monroe "Little Jimmy" Poe, s/o William & Peggy Poe; in 1887 who in turn md. (2) Isabella Hash; a son
Jonathan Carrico d. at age 2.  This was family 654 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  This was family 654 in the
1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

499.            Carrico, Lucinda                    58          Keeping House       100
[She lived on upper Rock Creek near the location of an older Lewis Carrico's farm.]

366.           Carrico, Miles C.                    27          Farmer    240  200
         Nancy                29
         James                 4
         Ettie                 1
[Probable that is M. C. Carrico of Household 31, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census, and was s/o James & Elizabeth
Carrico.  Miles C. Carrico served in the Grayson Co., Militia.  Miles C. Carrico md. Mary Perkins, d/o Joseph Perkins,
on 4/7/1866.  Nancy above may be a second wife, or a misinterpretation of the schedule or an error on the census
takers part.  Miles C. Carrico served in the Grayson Co. Militia and in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA.]

510.Carrico, Nathan           30            Farmer              228
          Mary                27
         Lewis                 4
       Charity                 1
[Nathan Carrico served in Co. C, 45th VA Inf. CSA, enl at Wytheville 5/29/1861, sick 9/1861, received clothing 4th
quarter 1864.  Nathan was s/o Lewis Carrico & Mary C., his wife, who lived in household #450, Elk Creek District,
1870 Grayson Co., Census.  He lived near Barney & Sibby Carrico near Little Peach Bottom Creek near the present
town of Independence on land which was part of the Samuel Long land grant.]

706.           Carrico, Robt. F.                    23          Farm Laborer         75
   (Taylor) Purlina           24            Keeping House
       William                 1
[Robt. F. Carrico, Md. Purlina J. Taylor, d/o D. & S. Taylor, 7/28/1867.  Robert Carrico was s/o Harvey & Nancy
Carrico.  Harvey Carrico was s/o William Carrico, Jr. and Martha Stephenson who divorced or separated as he md.
(2) Elizabeth Louise Fortner (b. 1816) on 12/28/1853.  The court declared all 3 children of William Carrico & Louise
Fortner illegitimate and not entitled to a portion of his estate, but Louise sued for a portion.  William Carrico, Jr. was
s/o Rev. William Carrico, the pioneer.  Robert F. Carrico's siblings were:  William Carrico b. 1836; Matilda Carrico b.
1839; Margaret Carrico b. 1843; Marshall Carrico b. 1845; Robert Carrico b. 1848; and Martha Carrico b. 1850.]

500.            Carrico, Ruth A.                    31          Keeping House
        Wm. A.                 5
        Fannah              5/12            (B. Jan 1870)
[She lived in the Upper Rock Creek settlement where Lewis Carrico once lived in the early 1800s.  Upper Rock
Creek has its source on Point Lookout Mountain where other Carrico families lived.]

324.  Carrico, Sims           52            Farmer    1240      400
         Susan                52
       Lucinda                25
       John F.                18
        Monroe                14
    Marion (M)                10

349.            Carrico, Stephen                    55          Farm Laborer        500
          Jane                47
          Geo.                21
         Nancy                17
     Wilkerson                15
         Rufus                13
       Johnson                11
Sutherland, Francis (m)            38       Farmer    2500      775
    (Carrico) Susan           25            No Occupation
        Elbert              1/12            (B. May 1870)
         Sarah                 9
[This was family 57, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Stephen Carrico, d. 1875, was s/o Peter Carrico & Nancy
Wilkerson.  Stephen & Jane Carrico's other children were:  Gordon K. Carrico b. 1843; Susan Carrico b. 1845; and
Mary Carrico b. 1846.  George M. Carrico perhaps Md. M. E. Robbins, d/o D. F. & R. Robbins, 10/29/1872; Nancy
Carrico Md. Eli Hall, s/o Robt. & E. Hall, 3/15/1879; Rufus S. Carrico Md. Louisa Reid 1/30/1880.  Stephen Carrico
served as Corporal in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves CSA.  Francis Marion Sutherland b. 11/15/1831 d. 7/27/1917 was s/o
John Sutherland & Rhoda Isabella Johnson, md. Susan Elalee Carrico, b. 9/25/1844 d. 2/13/1919, d/o Stephen
Carrico.  John Sutherland was s/o Alexander Sutherland the pioneer.  They are buried in the Ward Sutherland Cem.
Their children were:  Elbert Winston Sutherland b. 1870 d. 1912 md. Emma Wright; Foy Hix Sutherland b. 1872 d.
1948 md. Jacey Rhudy; Orville A. Sutherland b. 4/19/1875 d. 9/1932 md. Virginia Wampler b. 1875 in Wythe Co.;
John Friel Sutherland b. 6/19/1877 d. 12/27/1887; Kelly McBride Sutherland b. 10/20/1879 d. 6/16/1959 md. Ellen
Carrico b. 6/25/1881 d. 7/10/1954; Samuel Crockett Sutherland b. 8/2/1882 d. 1/4/1965 md. Mattie Wright b. 1894 d.
1977; Effie V. Sutherland b. 12/5/1885 d. 5/18/1974; and Lettie Sutherland b. 4/25/1890 d. 4/25/1977 md. J. Sam

534.            Carson, Robt. F.                    43          Farmer    3500 590          NC
(Edwards) Mary                28                                             WV
       Anna B.                 4                                             VA
 Scott, George              12 B
[Robt. F. Carson Md. Mary K. Edwards, d/o Cox & Violet Edwards, 8/5/1858.  Robert Carson, was probably the son
of Andrew and Margaret Carson, emigrants from Ireland.  This family was family 61, in Ashe Co., NC, area now
Alleghany Co., NC in the 1850 census.  Robert F. Carson, served in the Grayson Co. Militia.]

521.          Carson, William A.                    50          Farmer    3000 687          NC
       Rebecca                76            House Keeper                          NC
   Wilcox, Adolphus           23            Farm Laborer                          NC
         Julia                18            No Occupation                         VA
      Augustus                20            Farm Laborer                          NC
 Carson, Eliza              30 B            Domestic                         NC
         Julia               5 B                                             VA
      Columbus               8 B                                             VA
    Thompson, Abner           59            Clerk in Store           1400
[This was family 418 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Adolphus Wilcox was s/o Henry Wilcox and he and
family were tenants on William A. Carson's farm.  Julia & Augustus Wilcox were siblings of Adolphus.]

170.Catron, Ephraim           40            Farmer    400       200
     Elizabeth                40            Keeping House
      Margaret                11
     Deloma A.                 9
      Susan C.                 7
     Calvin A.                 6
     Elbert W.                 4
      Henry F.                 2
      Sarah J.              5/12            (B. Jan 1870)
Warrick, Annie                45            Domestic
[Deloma A. Catron Md. James G. Hounshell, s/o James & M. Hounshell 1/15/1877.  This was family 254 in the 1860
Grayson Co., VA Census.  An E. Catron served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  Other children who may have died
young were:  William M. Catron b. 1854; Thurza E. Catron b. 1856; and Alice Catron b. 1859.]

345. Catron, Joseph           58            Farmer    900
(Hackler) Elizabeth           57
       Johnson                26
         James                14
[Family 39, 1860, Grayson Co., VA.  Joseph Catron Md. Elizabeth Hackler, d/o Peter Hackler, 5/13/1833.]

164.  Catron, Peggy           64            Keeping House            100
     Harvey V.                10
[Peggy Catron was probably mother of Peter Catron in household 165 Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA

165.  Catron, Peter           44            Miller    1900      300
     Elizabeth                46
      James W.                20            Miller
Francis A. (F)                 7
     Martha M.                17            No Occupation
[This was family 302 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James W. Catron may have been the one who md. M.
H. Edwards, d/o W. & L. Edwards on 3/16/1870.  M. H. Edwards may be Martha M. Catron, the last entry of this

344.            Catron, Peter K.                    30          Farmer    800  550
   (Stone) Caroline           27
      James W.                 9
      Sarah J.                 7
       John M.                 3
       Johnson              8/12            (B. Oct. 1869)
[Family 42 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Peter K. Catron, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth Catron, Md. Caroline R. E.
Stone, d/o John & Nancy Stone, 3/15/1859.  Siblings of Peter K. Catron were:  Lucinda Catron b. 1834; Stephen A.
Catron and Johnson C. Catron b. ca. 1850.  Peter K. Catron served in the Grayson Co., Militia, and in Co. C, 63rd
VA Infantry, CSA.]

168.Catron, Stephen           21            Farm Laborer
   (Hawk) Elizabeth           23
          John                 2
        Winton                 1
[Stephen Catron, s/o William & M. Catron, Md. Elizabeth M. Hawk d/o J. & T. Hawk 3/26/1867.]

611.Caudle, William           23            Farmer    200       200
         Sarah                21
      Susannah                 3
         Laura                 1
        Fannie                21            Domestic

596.Childers, Hiram           27            Farm Laborer                          NC
        Tincey                23            Keeping House                         NC
        Joseph                 2
     Elizabeth                 1

610. Choate, Joshua           34            Farmer    1000      345          NC
         Peggy                32                                             NC
         Nancy                15
           Wm.                12
          John                 9
        Martha                 8
       Richard                 6
         Sarah                 4
       Charity                 2
[This was family 1423 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Joshua S. Choate served in the Grayson Co. Militia,
CSA and in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry CSA.]

492.   Choate, Natt         50 B            Farm Laborer                          NC
         Betty              21 B            Cook
(Cressie?) Christina        18 B
          Jane              14 B
       Evalina              12 B
       John E.               8 B
[Cressie Choate Md. Carter Brown, s/o Renia Brown, 12/27/1874.]

645.Choate, Spencer         50 B            Farm Laborer
        Jestin              40 B            Keeping House
        Hannah              15 B
       Rebecca              13 B
         Fanny              12 B
            Wm               8 B
 Edwards, John               9 B
       Lucinda              30 B            Farm Laborer
 Bourn, Hannah              62 B            Nurse

18.   Clark, Andrew           69            Saddler   400       200
 (Larrow) Elizabeth           58
    William J.                39            Saddler   600       200
      Maria B.                21            (Married 3/1870)
[Marriage of William and Mana B. not recorded in Grayson Co., VA marriage register.  This was family 748 in the
1850 and family 1227 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA census.  William J. Clark served in Company K, 51st VA Inf.,
CSA.  Andrew Clark, s/o Stephen Clark, Sr., was also a physician and md. (1) Della Fielder on 3/20/1826 and md.
(2) Elizabeth Larrow (LaRue) on 3/1/1849.  See also Elk Creek District Family 5, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

379.    Clark, Hugh           29            Farm Laborer             100
(Perkins) Lucy                25
     Curtis S.                 6
           Wm.                 3
[Hugh Clark, s/o Sylvester Clark & Sarah Cannoy, Md. Lucy Perkins, d/o Timothy Perkins, Jr. & Susannah Greear,
4/10/1863.  Hugh Clark served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.  Sylvester Clark md. Sarah Cannoy d/o
Jacob Cannoy on 4/25/1833.  Sylvester & Sarah Clark's other children were:  Catherine Clark b. 1834; Lucy Clark b.
1836; Peyton Clark b. 1838; Elizabeth Clark b. 1842; Stephen Clark b. 1844; and Andrew Clark b. 1846.]

5.   Clark, Stephen           44            Hotel     500       200
(Hale) Jane D.                45
     Walter B.                 6
      James O.                 3
Hale, Jeremiah                74            Wagoner   100       150
(Bedwell) Charlotte           55
  Bland, Emily                14            Domestic
Nelson, Joseph                25            Hustler
    Hicks, James F.           40            Cabinet Maker                         NC
  Cecil, James                25            Teacher   1000                   VA
[Ref. P. 112, Pioneer Settlers of Grayson Co., VA by B.F. Nuckolls.  Stephen Clark Md. Jane D. Hale, d/o Jeremiah
Hale, in 9/1848.  Rev. Jeremiah Hale s/o Richard Hale md. (1) Susan White and md. (2) Charlotte Bedwell, d/o
James Bedwell, Md. 10/18/1860.  Family 1385 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Stephen Clark was 2nd Lt. in
Co., K, 51st VA Inf.; James F. Hicks was a widower with two small children:  Isaac Hicks, b. 1856, and living in the
home of James M. Elliott; and George W. Hicks. b. 1869 living in the home of Sarah J. Durham.  James F. Hicks, s/o
E. & E. Hicks, md. (2) Mollie C. Wright, d/o C. & O. Wright, on 2/1/1874.]

486.           Clarkson, Russell                  46 B          Farm Laborer                     NC
       Harriet              47 B            Keeping House                         NC

171.  Cline, Rachel           35            Keeping House
        Wm. R.                14
      Cenia A.                11
         Peter                 8
[Rachel was the widow of George W. Cline.  George Cline served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA; Cenia (Sina) Md.
John F. McBride s/o W. & C. McBride 2/15/1879.  This was family 275 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  This
family was probably from Wythe Co., VA.]

483.   Cole, Isaiah           26            Farmer    350       100
         Nancy                22
    William E.                 2
         Lanny              2/12            (B. Apr. 1870)
[Isaiah Cole served in Company K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  This family lived in the Chestnut Hill Community.  Isaiah was
s/o James Cole (b. 1805) & Lydia Howell (b. 1806.)]

504.    Cole, James           63            Farmer    400       100
 (Carrico) Margaret           37
          Mary                13
         James                 6
         Celia                 2
Hawks, Matilda                32
[James Cole, s/o Charles & Sarah Cole, Md. (1) Lydia Howell 3/1/1826, Md. (2) Margaret J. Carrico, d/o Barney &
Celia Carrico, on 11/17/1859.  This was family 666 in the 1860 Grayson County Census.  Other children not at home
were:  William Cole, b. 1830 who served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry CSA; Elizabeth Cole b. 1837; Levi Cole b. 1841;
Andrew Cole b. 1844; and Isaiah Cole, b. 1845 (see family 483, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.
Matilda Hawks was d/o Abraham Hawks.]

502.  Cole, Johnson           30            Farm Laborer
       Emaline                24
  Wiley, James                 5
        Elbert                 2
Owens, Geo. W.                14            Farm Laborer
[Johnson Cole may have been s/o James Cole & Lydia Howell.]

476.Collins, Hannah         48 B            Washing
       Lucinda              45 B            Domestic

714.  Collins, Jane         25 B            Keeping House
     Alexander               6 B
       Anthony               4 B
      Phyllis             6/12 B            (B. Dec. 1869)

713.           Collins, John Jr.                    34          Farm Laborer        150
       Phyllis                34
      Missouri                11
          Mary                 8
        Andrew                 4
[John Collins, Jr. served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.]

703.  Collins, Joel           35            Farmer    500       100
    (Poole) Matilda           28
       Chapman                 6
         Sarah                 2
[Joel Collins served in the Confederate Army.  Joel Collins, s/o Elijah Collins (b. 1802) and Mary Ann Cox (1817),
md. Matilda Poole, d/o Ferguson Poole, but record for marriage has not been found.  Elijah Collins s/o John Collins
(b. 1776 in PA) md. Mary Ann Cox, d/o James Cox & Sally Fielder (b. 1790) on 1/5/1815.  Mary They lived on Rock
Creek where he owned and operated a grist mill which he made with wooden gears, and when washed away in a
flood, he rebuilt it.  After some neighbor trouble ne moved to Carroll Co. and bought 1000 mostly wooded acres east
of Fisher's Peak.  Joel Collins d. on 9/3/1880 of appendicitis and was buried in a homemade coffin and buried on a
mountain top in Carroll Co.  Joel Collins' siblings were:  Sally Collins b. 1832; Joel Collins b. 1834; Darcus Collins b.
1835; Ezra Collins b. 1836; John Collins b. 1838; James Collins b. 1839; Emily Collins b. 1841; Mary Collins b. 1842;
Mahlon Collins b. 1844; Randolph Collins b. 1848; Pauner Collins b. 1850; Kenly Collins b. 1852; Houston b. 1854;
and Andrew Collins b. 1855.  Joel Collins served in Co. D, 30th Battalion VA Infantry, CSA and later moved to Carroll
Co., VA.]

35.Collins, John E.           28            Works at Farming    137
      Nancy C.                24
       Reed E.                 3
          Dore                 1
    Stephen L.              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
       Geo. W.                17            Works at Farming
[John E. Collins served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA.  John E. Collins was s/o Joel Collins & Matilda Poole, see
family #706, Elk Creek District 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

650.Collins, Mahlon           24            Farm Laborer
   (Hackler)  Polly           24
[Mahlon Collins was the likely the s/o Elijah & Margah Collins, who md. Mary A. Hackler on 2/18/1869.]

375. Comer, Abigail           54            Keeping House            160
[Abigail Comer was d/o John P. Comer b. 1787 and Sally Holland who were md. on 1/27/1807.  In 1850 Grayson
Co., VA Census shows Catherine Comer (b. 1770 according to that record) was living in John P. Comer's household
and was likely his mother.  Abigail Comer's siblings were:  Harvey Hicks Comer who md. Elizabeth Bourne on
12/13/1827; John P. Comer, Jr. who md. (1) Lucy Poole and md. (2) Susannah Greer Perkins; Nancy Comer b. 1820
who md. Jacob Hackler; Elizabeth Comer who md. a Wright; Lucinda Comer who md. George Funk; Abigail Comer;
Comfort Comer who md. Fielden Harrison; Rebecca Comer who md. Johnson Parks; and Sally Comer who md. Ned
Callahan.  John P. Comer was s/o John Comer, Sr. (b. 7/1753 d. before 1836) who md. Catherine Elizabeth Dove b.
1762 in PA and said to have been the widow of a sea captain.  Catherine d. 9/17/1865 at age of 103-7.  John Comer,
Sr. & Catherine Dove's children were:  John P. Comer b. 1782; Amy Comer who md. George Washington Rhudy;
Jonathan Comer who md. Rebecca Parsons on 6/26/1820; Stephen Comer who d. ca. 1861; Samuel Comer; and
Richard Comer.]

412. Comer, John H.           44            Farmer    800       200
         Sarah                38
    Thomas. R.                16
        Wm. L.                14
       Lucy H.                12
    Charles E.                 9
         Delia                 8
       Malinda                 5
          Mary                 2
         James                 2
[John H. Comer was working for John Stone in 1850 and was likely the s/o Jonathan (b. 1795) and Rebecca Comer
(b. 1800) who had a son John b. ca. 1826.  Jonathan Comer was probably s/o the pioneer John Comer, Sr.  Lucy H.
Comer Md. David B. Rozinbaum s/o David & Hannah Rozinbaum, 1/5/1877.  John H. Comer served in Co. K, 51st
VA Inf. and in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  John H. Comer probably had a sister Martha Comer b. 1834 and
brother Stephen b. 1831.]

376.    Comer, John           56            Farmer              340
   (Greer) Susannah           52
         Sarah                28
          Mary                26
    Temperance                20
        Wm. T.                19            Farm Laborer
        Martha                18
         Eliza                12
Wright, Andrew                16            Farm Laborer
[John P. Comer was s/o John P. Comer, Sr. & Sarah Holland.  John P. Comer, Jr. md. (1) Lundy Poole and their
children were:  Comfort Emaline Comer b. 1841 who md. Michael Delp; Sarah Comer, Md. (1) Stephen Herrington,
s/o John C. & C. Herrington, 2/26/1882 and md. (2) John Taylor; Mary Elizabeth Comer b. 1844 md. (1) Evan
McCarroll, md. (2) Jackson Reedy and md. (3) James H. Comer; and Nancy E. Comer b. 1846 who md. Marshall
Comer.  John P. Comer, Jr. md. (2) Susannah Greear Perkins, widow of Timothy Perkins, Jr.  Their children were:
John W. Comer b. 1834 who served in the Grayson Co. VA Militia; Thurza J. Comer b. 1836; Ann Comer b. 1838;
Amy Comer b. 1839; Joshua Comer b. 1842; Lucy Comer b. 1843; Temperance Jane Comer, Md. Michael Delp, s/o
Jacob & E. Delp, 9/5/1881; William T. Comer Md. Sarah M. Hale, d/o J. L. & L. E. Hale, 3/16/1873; Martha J. Comer
who md. Sam Sarvico; Eliza Catherine Comer who md. Alexander M. Sutherland.  John Comer served in the
Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

415.           Comer, William J.                    39          Farmer    2000 958
  (Johnson) Mary A.           33
         Kenly                15
[This appears to be family 136 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census, though Kenly is not listed in that record.
Perhaps he was a relatively living with them at this time and not a son.  William Jefferson Comer was s/o Harvey
Comer b. 1808 and Elizabeth Comer b. 1806, whose other children were:  Rosamond Comer b. 1830 who md.
Charles Hale; William Comer b. 1832; Sarah Jane Comer b. 1833 md. John Friel Hill; Mary Ann Comer b. 1836 who
md. Robert Parsons on 1/10/1856; Elizabeth Caroline Comer b. 1838 who md. Melbourne Floyd Lenkus; Lenora E.
Comer b. 1843 md. (1) a Harmon and md. (2) a Covey; Charlotte Comer b. 1846 who md. Jonathan Hankins; and
Rev. James Hicks Comer b. 1849 who md. (1) Margaret Cornett, md. (2) Mary Elizabeth Comer and md. (3) Sarah
Ann Cornett Delp.  William Jefferson Comer md. (2) Mary Johnson of TN, d/o John Johnson, on 1/3/1853.  William J.
Comer served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

588.           Coomes, Alexander                    21          Farm Laborer
      Caroline                21
         Nancy              4/12            (B. Feb. 1870)

259.           Coomes, George W.                    25          Farm Laborer
       Tolitha                19
          Mary                 2
        Martha              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[George Washington Coomes served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

397.Copeland, Isaac           40            Carpenter                        NC
     Elizabeth                35                                             NC
         Ellen                16                                             NC
           Wm.                14                                             NC
          Jane                12                                             NC
        Wesley                10                                             VA
        Samuel                 6
[Isaac Copeland served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.  Ellen Copeland Md. W. W. King, s/o Austin & Cynthia King

245.          Cornett, Alexander                    61          Farmer    4000 1700
    (Rhudy) Jemimia           59
    Stephen S.                25            Farm Laborer
        Eli F.                20            Farm Laborer
      Nancy M.                17            No Occupation
   Lundy, Isom                 6
 Cornett, Jane                83
[Alexander Cornett, s/o William and Jane Cornett, Md. Jemima Rhudy, d/o Stephen Rhudy and Elizabeth Cook.
10/5/1830.  Eli F. Cornett Md. Mollie F. Phipps, d/o John & Peggy Phipps, 3/4/1880.  Not found in Phipps Family of
NC and VA.  Ref. Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips, P. 88, Alexander Cox, B. 1809 D. 1905, s/o William Cornett
and Jane Sutherland, Md. Jemima Rhudy, 2/23/1836 and had 11 children:  Friel N., James M., William, Stephen, Eli,
Martha, Elizabeth, Theresa, Charlotte, Nancy and Callie.  Ref. P. 165 Nuckolls, Col. Alexander Cornett, s/o William
Canute, Sr. and Jennie Sutherland.  Other records do not include Friel N. and Theresa as children of this couple.
Son, Lewis F. Cornett, B. 5/22/1833 moved after 1850 to Otoe Co., NE, where he Md. Laura H. Hail, d/o William Hail
and Martha Ann Cornett, 1/8/1856. Daughter Martha Ann Cornett Md. William C. Austin 12/23/1850.  Son James M.
Cornett Md. (1) Charlotte ___, and Md. (2) Lydia J. _____.  Daughter Elizabeth J. Cornett Md. William C. Austin
10/2/1851.  William J. Cornett Md. Margaret Ellen Hale ca. 1862.  Daughter Eliza M. Cornett Md. John Bennington
7/26/1860.  Son Stephen S. Cornett Md. Sallie R. Hale, d/o Tivis & T. Hale  5/7/1874.  Nancy M. Cornett Md. Joseph
Friel Dickey 12/24/1874.  Stephen S. Cornett served as 5th Sgt. in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.]

307.Cornett, Alfred           54            Farmer    1500      1075
(Russell) Elizabeth           38
       Fleming                21            Farm Laborer         300
        Wm. A.                19            Farm Laborer
        Helena                14
        Ostena                13
         Celia                11
        Martha                 9
       Rebecca                 6
    Martin, William           42
    (Cornett) Sarah           27
      Celia E.                 3                                             KY
     Alexander                 1
 Bean, Lovelace (m)            7
[Family 62, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Alfred Alexander Cornett, s/o James Cornett, Md. (1) Mary Elizabeth
Delp, d/o John Delp on 2/6/1832 and Md. (2) Elizabeth Russell, d/o Philip & Rebecca Russell, 4/13/1837.  James
Cornett was  s/o David Cornett & Polly Cooper.  David Cornett was s/o James Cornett, Jr. s/o James Cornett, Sr. the
pioneer.  Alfred Cornett's son, Hezekiah Russell Cornett., was living in Wilson District, household 37 in this census.
Hezekiah Cornett md.  Elvira M. Stamper, d/o Ephraim Stamper.  Lucinda J. Cornett Md. Martin M. Nelson
1/21/1858, family 51, Wilson District; Sarah C. Cornett Md. (1) Peter D. Bean 11/11/1859, Md. (2) William Martin, s/o
Rial Martin & Elizabeth Vaught, 10/4/1865 and Md. (3) Joel Spicer 5/26/1875.  Lovelace Bean was s/o Sarah and
Peter Bean.  Son, Reuben Wesley Cornett Md. Emily (Emaline) Wingate 8/28/1876.  Elroy Fleming D. Cornett Md.
(1) Nancy Taylor 8/31/1870 and Md. (2) L. L. Parks 4/17/1872.  Daughter Helena Adeline Cornett Md. William
Stamper, s/o Elizabeth Stamper, 12/24/1871. William Christian Armond Cornett md. (1) Margaret ... and md. (2)
Callie Smoot; Orlena Eveline Cornett Md. (1) L. M. Laws 8/6/1874, they divorced, she Md. (2) William H. Spicer
3/3/1882.  Daughter Celia Alice Cornett Md. Aaron Brewer 8/6/1874.  Daughter Martha Cornett Md. John N. Burton
9/11/1881.  Rosamond Cornett b. 1845 md. Aaron K. Carrico.  A son, Alfred Stephen Cornett was born 6/5/1853 and
died 4/9/1854 of heart disease and daughter Celia V. Cornett died young.  William Martin may be the same as found
in Family 85 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Alfred Cornett served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

305. Cornett, David           58            Farmer    1000      178
     Martha C.                23
       Mary E.                23
        Wm. J.                21            Farm Laborer
         Sarah                14
       John W.                12
         Nancy                10
       Fielden                 8
      Isabella                 6
[Family 61, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  David Cornett, s/o Reuben Cornett & Elizabeth Warrick, was the
widower of Araloca Harrison, d/o William & Rhoda Harrison, whom he md. on 1/31/1847.  Martha Caroline Cornett
Md. James H. Meredith, s/o J. and M. Meredith, 12/29/1878.  Mary Emaline Cornett, Md. Lorenzo Dow Thompson
10/15/1874; William Jasper Cornett Md. Malinda C. Cannoy, d/o John Cannoy, 8/26/1870; Sarah Ann Cornett md.
(1) George Delp, md. (2) David Younce and md. (3) James H. Comer; John Wesley Cornett Md. Rhoda A. Wright,
d/o Dennis Wright & Rosamond Cornett 1/3/1878; Nancy Catherine Cornett md. Rusa Hale; Fielden Cornett Md.
Virginia B. Leonard, 12/20/1882; and Isabella Jane Cornett md. Clark Eller.  Other children of David & Araloca
Cornett were:  twins Riley and Elizabeth Rebecca Cornett; Amanda Ellen Cornett b. 1864 and d. young.]

680.   Cornett, Eli           65            Farmer    2500      800
   (Hale) Cena                63            Keeping House
      Laura M.                 3
   Carson, Saml. D.           18            Farm Laborer
Cornett, Emily              15 B            Domestic
        Jordan              12 B
           Wm.              25 W            Farm Laborer
          Emma              18 W            No Occupation (Md. Feb. 1870)
[Eli Cornett, b. 9/28/1805 d. 1/9/1892, s/o William Cornett & Jennie Sutherland, Md. (1) Cena Hale, d/o Richard Hale
& Elizabeth Stone, 1/22/1827.  William Cornett was s/o James Cornett, the pioneer.  Eli is called Colonel in Pioneer
Settlers of Grayson County and served in the home guard in 1861.  Eli Cornett Md. (2) M. E. Keesling, a widow, be-

fore the 1880 census.  Laura M. Cornett should be Leona M. Cornett, Leona was d/o of William Cornett, s/o Eli
Cornett (census taker error), Md. Stephen Nathaniel Nuckolls.  Samuel Dolphus Carson was also Eli Cornett's
grandchild, s/o Elizabeth Cornett & Dolphus Carson.  Samuel D. Carson Md. E. E. Scott, d/o M. Scott 3/28/1871.  Eli
& Cena Cornett's other children were:  Rosamond Cornett b. 1833; Elvira Cornett b. 1836 who md. Thomas Hale, s/o
John Hale & Rosamond Blair; Thurza L. Cornett b. 1838; Capt. William Wiley Washington Cornett b. 1841 who md.
(1) Malinda Mitchell and md. (2) Emily F. Scott; Melville Cornett b. 1843; Elizabeth Cornett who md. (1) Samuel
Carson and md. (2) John M. McLean; Virginia Cornett b. 1849.]

213.            Cornett, Francis                    62          Farmer    2000 1532
 (Fulton) Catherine           60
        Martha                28
    Fielden R.                35            Farmer    2000      1100
       Melvina                26
     Peyton H.                33            Farmer    2000      2308
 (Cox), Amelia                20
 McCarty, Van Buren           30            Farm Laborer
   (Cornett) Amanda           26
       Mary E.                 5
        Martha                 2
          Jane              2/12            (B. April 1870)
[This was family 266 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Francis Cornett, s/o William Cornett (1777-1862) & Jane
Sutherland, md. Catherine Fulton, d/o Samuel Fulton, on 5/28/1832.  William Cornett was s/o James Cornute, who
served in the American Revolution and the War of 1812 and had six sons:  William, Reuben, David, Jesse, and
Archelous and one other.  Archelous Cornett served in the Mexican War and attained the rank of Colonel and md.
Mary Bourne, d/o Devil Steve Bourne and Rosamond Mallory.  Peyton H. Cornett, Md. Amelia A. Cox, d/o Enoch R.
Cox & Susan Thomas, 6/20/1869; Van Buren McCarter, s/o Philander & Thursa McCarter Md. Amanda Cornett, d/o
Francis & Catherine Cornett, 12/29/1864.  Philander McCarter was b. ca. 1801 in NY; while Thursa was b. ca. 1809
in VA.  Philander & Thursa McCarter's other children were:  Levi McCarter b. 1836; Martin McCarter b. 1838;
Catherine McCarter b. 1839; Andrew McCarter b. 1840; William McCarter b. 1842; Emily McCarter b. 1844; Hugh
McCarter b. 1846; James McCarter & Sarah McCarter b. 1850.  Ref. Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips, Francis
Cornett, B. 9/27/1807 D. 2/27/1876, s/o William Cornett, Sr. & Jane Sutherland Md. Catherine Fulton and had 5
children:  Samuel Monroe, Fielden, Peyton, Amanda and Martha Powell.  Fielden Raphine Cornett b. 10/16/1835 d.
3/20/1920 & Peyton H. Cornett served in Co. C, 8th VA Cav., CSA; Van Buren McCarter (McCarty) served in Co. F,
4th VA Infantry, CSA.  Ref. P. 165, Nuckolls, Francis Cornett, s/o William Canute and Jennie Sutherland, Md.
Catherine Fulton, d/o Samuel Fulton and Martha Powell-Jones.  Professor Fielden R. Cornett Md. Melissa
Copenhaver, of Smyth Co. ca. 1868.  Martha Cornett never married.  Reuben Cornett, s/o David md. Celia Penning-

ton in 1815; James Cornett md. Mary Rankin in 1814; John Cornett md. Hattie Couch in 1811; William Cornett md.
Mary Hatfield on 6/2/1795; Lilly Cornett md. William Horton on 6/8/1817; Rhoda Cornett md. a Graham; Deadoma
Cornett md. Thomas Sutherland on 2/12/1807; and Phoebe Cornett who md. John Anderson on 12/4/1813.]

679.         Cornett, Francis D.                    40          Farmer         225
 (Daniels) Margaret           31
         Miles                17            Farm Laborer
          Levi                16
         James                14            At School
           Wm.                 6
         Lanny                 2
        Emmett                 1
         Nancy                14
        Mollie                 8
         Betsy                 3
[Francis D. Cornett, s/o Levi & Olive Cornett, Md. (1) Matilda E. Austin 1/16/1851 in Ashe Co., NC.  She died
12/18/1864, age 27.  He Md. (2) Margaret Jane Daniels.  Miles W. Cornett Md. Ellen Wright, d/o William Fielden
Wright and Emaline Wright 4/22/1875.]

413.           Cornett, Friel K.                    21          Farmer    1000 386
   (Delp) Mary                23
        Amanda                 4
      Margaret                 2
[Friel K. Cornett was s/o James Cornett (b. 1810) and Sarah Boyer (b. 1811).  Friel K. Cornett md. (1) Sarah Hackler
and md. (2) Mary Elizabeth Delp, d/o Jacob Delp & Betsy Sage.  Friel's children were:  Celia Etta Cornett who md.
Will Hines; Amanda Cornett who md. Creed Cornett, s/o Lloyd & Ann Cornett; Arthur Cornett who md. Nellie Mann;
Bertha Cornett who md. Arthur Simms; Stella Cornett who md. Ulysses Poole; Bessie K. Cornett who md. (1) M. I. E.
Younce and md. (2) Marion Russell; Amanda Cornett md. Creed Cornett, s/o Lloyd & Ann Cornett.]

281.            Cornett, Geo. W.                    37          Farmer & Lawyer     3400 3642
  (Gentry) Sally J.           29                                             NC
     Thomas A.                 8
        Myrtie                 4
       Cora R.                 2
     Munsey C.              8/12            (B. Oct 1869)
  Parks, Julia              20 B            Domestic
[Family #11, 1860 Census.  Perhaps Geo. W. Cornett was s/o Levi Cornett and Olive Hale.  Geo. W. Cornett served
in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA and the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  Ref. P. 164, Nuckolls.  George W. Cornett was a
farmer, lawyer and court judge in 1914 and served one term in the State Legislature 1889-90.  Locally he helped
issue small denomination currency during the Civil War.  Also during the 1860's he changed the name Cornute to
Cornett.  George W. Cornett, s/o Levi Cornett and Olive Hale, Md. (1) Elizabeth Herbert, had one son, Thomas; and
daughter Mertie M. Cornett Md. Rev. Kelly Boyer, Methodist Minister, member of Western North Carolina Conference
in 1914.  George W. Cornett Md. (2) Sarah Gentry, d/o Col. Allen Gentry and Rebecca Reeves.  Their children were:
Rora R. Cornett; Muncey C. Cornett who became a lawyer; Rebecca Cornett; E. J. Cornett b. 1871; R. F. Cornett;
and Anna Cornett.]

341.        Cornett, Hazle Creed                    23          Farm Laborer   750   400
   (Cornett) Amanda           21
      Sarah A.                 2
      James F.              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[Hazle Creed Cornett, s/o Lloyd and Anne Cornett, Md. Amanda E. Cornett, d/o James Cornett and Sarah Boyer,

343. Cornett, James           59            Grocer Merchant          265
    (Hackler) Sarah           58
[Probably Family 49, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James Cornett, b. 11/16/1810 was the s/o Reuben and
Elizabeth Cornett, Md. (1) Sarah C. Boyer, probably d/o Jacob Boyer and Caty Wyatt 9/10/1829 and Md. (2) Sarah
Hackler, d/o George & Eve Hackler, on 9/20/1843.  Children no longer at home were:  Fielden Cornett b. 1831; Wiley
Cornett b. 1832; Granville Cornett b. 1833; Creed Cornett b. 1835; Martha Cornett b. 1838; Troy Cornett b. 1839; Ira
R. Cornett b. 1835; Freeling Cornett b. 1842; Amanda E. Cornett b. 1849; and Mary Elizabeth Cornett b. 1852.]

414.           Cornett, James C.                    47          Farmer    250  300
   (Hall) Charlotte           44
     Archibald                20
        Wm. C.                18
       Morning                16
       Sophina                11
         Polly                 8
          Rosy                 5
        Martha                 3
[James C. Cornett, s/o Archelus Cornett and Mary Bourn, Md. Charlotte Hall, 1/10/1849 d/o Richard Hall.  James C.
Cornett served in the Mexican War and achieved the rank of Colonel.  He also served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry,
CSA.  It was family 114 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Archibald Cornett, Md. M. J. Trent, d/o Henry E. & S.
E. Trent, 3/16/1871.  William C. Cornett Md. Mina Hackler.  James C. Cornett served in Company C, 8th Virginia
Cavalry, CSA.  Ref. P. 54-55, Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants and Related Families.
Two other children were:  Jasper V. Cornett b. 1853; and Stephen Cornett.]

248.            Cornett, Jas. M.                    35          Farmer    1000 514
      Lydia J.                36
         Laura                12
         Ellen                10
     Alexander                 8
           Wm.                 4
        Thomas                 2
        Jinney                 1
[Ref. P. 88, Our Cox Family, it would appear that James M. Cornett was s/o Alexander Cornett and Jemima Rhudy.
This was family 318 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James M. Cornett md. (1) Elvira Charlotte Cornett, d/o
Levi Cornett, and Lydia appears to be a second wife.  A James M. Cornett served in Company F, 4th Virginia
Infantry, CSA.]

317.            Cornett, Jas. M.                    38          Farmer    1000 849
    (Cornett) Polly           35
       Stephen                16            At School
        Joseph                14            At School
       Geo. W.                12            At School
  Frank E. (f)                10
        Eli J.                 8
       Fielden                 6
         Byrum                 4
         Nancy              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[Family 74, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James Monroe Cornett was s/o David Cornett and Phoebe Sutherland.
David Cornett was either a s/o William Cornett & Mary Hatfield or James Cornett & Polly Rankin.  James & Polly's
children were:  Elbert Cornett who md. a Perkins; Stephen Cornett; Joseph Cornett who md. Eliza Collins; Geo. W.
Cornett Md. Celia Pool, d/o G. H. & C. Pool, 5/8/1878; Frank E., was actually Frankey, a daughter, census taker
error, she Md. John A. Herrington after 1870.  Eli J. Cornett, Md. R. A. Pool, d/o G. H. Pool 11/20/1881; Fielden
Cornett; Byrum Cornett who died young; Nancy Cornett who md. Robert Hackler; Sarah Cornett who md. George
Mart Nelson; and Omie Cornett who md. Wiley Ward.  A James M. Cornett served in Company F, 4th Virginia
Infantry, CSA.]

337.            Cornett, John R.                    23          Farmer    500  336
 (Roberts) Eliza J.           22
        Wm. Z.                 3
[John R. Cornett, s/o William J. Cornett and Charlotte Fielder, Md. Eliza J. Roberts, d/o Zach and Celia Roberts

301.           Cornett, Kenly C.                    25          Farmer    5000 353
(Wright) Polly                24
       Lucinda                55            No Occupation
      Rosamond                20
    Perlina A.                17
         Freil                15            Farm Laborer
[Kenly C. Cornett served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.  Kenly C. Cornett, s/o John Cornett & Lucinda
Boyer, Md. Mary "Polly" Wright, d/o James & Mackalona Wright, 2/17/1870.  John Cornett, b. 3/18/1814 d.
5/12/1865, s/o Reuben Cornett (b. 1778) & Elizabeth Warrick (b. 1794) (who md. on 12/21/1809), md. Lucinda Boyer
b. 4/17/1812 d. 5/12/1897, on 12/9/1839.  Kenly C. & Polly Cornett's children were:  Lillian Cornett b. 1872 md. John
Atkins; Tennie Cornett b. 4/27/1873 d. 5/22/1893 md. George Beckurdite; Mettie Cornett b. 1875 md. Went Stone;
Victor Cornett b. 1878 md. Ruth Dobyns; Ethel Cornett md. Will Clark; Bonnie Sue Cornett b. 8/28/1881 d. 3/26/1968
md. Albert Wingate, s/o Thomas & Etta Wingate; Benna Cornett b. 9/18/1884 d. 6/24/1929 md. Press Simms on
12/28/1912; Pearl Cornett md. Fielden Cornett; Lura Lee Cornett b. 9/7/1882 d. 11/13/1930 md. Cabel Stone; Mary
Cornett who died young; and Kate Cornett who died young.  Perlina Cornett Md. James William Catron 5/25/1880.
Friel Cornett Md. Sarah J. Catron, d/o K. & C. Catron, 12/21/1882.]

231.  Cornett, Levi           66            Farmer    7000      1445
  (Hale) Olive                64
       Zachary                21            Farm Laborer
      Lewis R.                18            Farm Laborer
      Friel A.                15            Farm Laborer
    Doss, Mary                21            Domestic
  Lundy, Polly                11            Domestic
  Roark, Hiram                40            Farm Laborer
    Edwards, Joseph           14            At School
  Hale, Jestin              25 B            Domestic
        Lizzie               3 B
[This was family 158 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Levi Cornett Md. Olive Hale, 10/15/1827.  Polly J. Lundy,
d/o Joseph Lundy, Md. E. W. Stone, s/o Joseph & Katy Stone 1/26/1882.  Ref. Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips,
P. 88, indicates that Levi & Olive Hale Cornett had 11 children:  Francis Cornett; George W. Cornett who md. (1)
Eliza. Herbert md. (2) Sarah Gentry; William Cornett; Zachariah M. Cornett who md. Lucinda M. Cecil on 8/24/1872;
Miles Foy Cornett who never md.; Lewis K. Cornett who md. Eliza J. Warrick, d/o G. W. & E. J. Warrick on
8/24/1876; Friel A. Cornett who md. Hester Rebecca Ring, d/o Jeff & M. Ring on 12/25/1879; Nancy Cornett who md.
Lewis Perkins; Elvira Charlotte Cornett who md. James M. Cornett; Thursa Cornett who md. Carson Andis; and
Isabel Cornett.  Ref. P. 133, Nuckolls, Levi Cornet Md. Olive Hale, d/o Lewis Hale, Sr., lived and died on Elk Creek.]

318.  Cornett, Loyd           61            Farmer    2000      715
(Catron) Annie                56
       Jno. R.                18
          Lucy                16
        Weldon                14
        Elvira                12
          Geo.                 6
Catron, Phoebe                80            No Occupation
[Loyd Cornett, s/o David Cornett & Polly Cooper, Md. Mary Ann Catron, d/o Peter Catron & Ferby (Phebe) Cannoy,
11/21/1833.  Phebe Catron who lived with the family was Annie's mother.  Family 71 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.
Lloyd & Annie's children were:  Polly Ann Cornett b. 1835 who md. James Monroe Cornett; George W. Cornett b.
1837 who md. Ludema Elvira Shuler on 2/4/1859; Stephen Cornett b. 1840 and served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry
CSA and who md. Amanda Catherine Hackler; Noah Cornett b. 1842 who md. Ellen Robbins; Eli J. Cornett who
served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry CSA; Creed Cornett b. 1848; Jane Cornett b. 1850; Phoebe Emaline Cornett b.
1853; John K. Cornett b. 1853 who md. V. V. Shuler on 5/20/1875; Jeremiah Cornett b. 1854; Lucy L. Cornett Md.
Wm. A. Cornett, s/o M. & M. Cornett, 6/7/1876; Weldon Cornett Md. P. A. Anderson, d/o Nelson Anderson & R.
Cornett, 4/5/1877; Elvira Cornett Md. John W. W. Shuler 10/29/1879.  George, age 6, above, is perhaps son of
George Cornett who Md. Ludema Shuler, who were both apparently died prior to the 1870 Census.]

336.Cornett, Ludema           30            Keeping House
        Amanda                10
       Stephen                 8
[Ludema Shuler, d/o Abraham & Hannah Shuler was widow of George Cornett, s/o Lloyd and Ann Cornett.  George
Cornett served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry and died in service in 1864.  They were Md. 2/24/1859.  Amanda & Stephen
Cornett were visitors and not Ludema's children.]

320.           Cornett, Margaret                    50          Keeping House  800  225
      Sarah A.                19
        Wm. A.                17            Farm Laborer
      Rufus E.                15            Farm Laborer
[Margaret Cornett, b. 5/22/1829 d. 11/5/1898 was widow of Montgomery W. Cornett, b. 4/27/1824 d. 12/4/1865 s/o
Reuben Cornett & Celia Pennington, whom she md. on 10/4/1846.  Their children were:  Elizabeth A. Cornett b.
1847 md. Newton Stamper, s/o Ephraim Stamper, on 9/6/1866; Sarah A. Cornett Md. P. C. Parks 2/14/1872;
William A. Cornett Md. Lucy L. Cornett; and Rufus Cornett b. 6/22/1856 d. 7/1916 md. Martha Poole; John M.
Cornett b. 9/26/1859 d. 12/25/1908 md. Sarah Ann Livesay.]

367.Cornett, Reuben           23            Farmer    300       330
 Billings, Wm.                18
[Reuben Cornett, s/o Alfred Cornett (b. 1818) & Elizabeth Russell Md. Emaline Wingate, d/o Wright Wingate &
Elizabeth Wyatt, 8/28/1876.  Alfred Cornett was s/o Reuben Cornett & Celia Pennington.  Reuben & Emily Cornett's
children were:  Rosa Cornett md. Blair Sutherland; Elizabeth Cornett md. Steve Bennington; Eula Cornett md. Nora
Mitchell; Martha Cornett md. Baxter Blevins; Lissie Cornett md. Kyle Taylor; Ollie Cornett md. John Parks; Julia
Cornett md. Malcom Jurnigan; Sally Cornett md. Loy Poe; Nannie Virginia Cornett md. Alex Phipps; and Robert
Wesley Cornett.]

322.Cornett, Reuben           79            Farmer    2000      1000
 (Pennington) Celia           76
     Elizabeth                17            Domestic
       Jno. M.                20            Farm Laborer
[Family 69, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Reuben Cornett, s/o David Cornett, Md. Celia Pennington (Pendleton?),
on 10/19/1815.  Elizabeth and John were children of Reuben's deceased son Montgomery.  Elizabeth Cornett Md.
Newton D. Stamper 9/6/1876.  John M. Cornett Md. Sarah A. Livesay 1/29/1873.  Reuben & Celia's children were:
Alfred Alexander Cornett b. 1818 md. Elizabeth Russell 4/12/1839; Lynne Kendrick Cornett b. 5/13/1821 d. 2/1906
md. Daniel Isaac Parks on 5/1/1839; Benjamin Franklin Cornett b. 1821 md. Elizabeth J. Bryant; Montgomery Wiley
Cornett b. 4/27/1824 d. 1860's md. Margaret Cornett; Eli J. Cornett b. 1825 md. Jane Robbins; Elroy E. Cornett b.
1825; Leroy Cornett b. 1825 (these three were triplets); Gencey Cornett b. 12/1/1828 d. 6/7/1913 md. Daniel
Freeland Roberts; John Monroe Cornett b. 1831 md. Sarah Ann Doane; Martha Jane Cornett b. 1831; Matilda
Cornett b. 1832 md. (1) Andrew Sage and md. (2) Godfred Edeker; Levi M. Cornett md. Betty Stamper; and Claud C.
Cornett b. 4/27/1837.]

215.           Cornett, Saml. M.                    37          Farmer    2500 885
     Catherine                32            Keeping House
     Martin V.                10
     Thursa J.                 8
       Mary M.                 6
     Catherine                 6
     Elizabeth                 2
[This was family 146 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Samuel Monroe Cornett, s/o Francis D. Cornett and
Catherine Fulton Md. Catherine J. McCarter on 4/18/1856 in Ashe Co., NC.  Their first child, Emaline Ellen B.
11/5/1857 and died prior to 1870 census.  Martin Van Buren Cornett, B. 11/4/1859, Md. Flora V. Hale, s/o Chas. & T.
Hale, 9/13/1882; Thursa J. Cornett Md. C. R. Hale, s/o Charles & Rosa Hale 10/27/1881. Sally Catherine Cornett b.
1866 d. 1943 md. Henry W. Clark (1891-1956); Elizabeth Cornett Md. Samuel Mitchell Hale.  Ref. Our Cox Family by
Alice Cox Phillips, P. 88.  Samuel M. Cornett served in Company C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.  Ref. P. 165 Nuckolls.]

378. Cornett, Sarah           40            Keeping House       400  100
       Sampson                15
      Margaret                13
[Sarah Delp Cornett appears to be the widow of John C. Cornett, s/o Archelus Cornett.  John C. Cornett & Sarah
Delp's children were:  Rhoda Cornett md. Tate Hale; Sampson Archelous Cornett, Md. Nancy J. Surat, d/o Peter &
Isabella Surat, 10/7/1873; Margaret Ann Cornett b. 5/21/1856 d. 3/3/1905 md. James Hicks Comer.]

348.         Cornett, Stephen B.                    47          Miller    1200 345
   (Wampler) Martha           51
      Rosamond                17
       Mary E.                14
       Rush F.                11
[This was family 118 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Stephen B. Cornett B. 10/12/1822 D. 2/26/1897 s/o
Archelus Cornett and Mary Bourne, Md. (1) Martha Wampler 1/2/1851 in Wythe Co. and Md. (2) Catherine Graybeal
Thomas, 4/22/1873 and Md. (3) Jeanie Dreanen on 11/5/1888; therefore Martha must have died ca. 1870-72.
Children of Stephen B. & Martha Cornett were:  Rosamond J. Cornett, B. 12/20/1852 D. 1928 Md. Alexander Porter
10/22/1879.  Mary Easter Cornett B. 3/12/1856 D. 1951 Md. Calvin Thomas, s/o Johnson & C. Thomas on
11/20/1873; Rush F. Cornett B. 2/12/1858 Md. Ellen Smith 6/17/1880.  Stephen B. Cornett served in the Grayson
Co. Militia and as Captain in Co. C, 63rd Virginia Infantry CSA.  Ref. Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory 1650-
1982 Descendants and Related Families.]

52.Cornett, Thos P.           29            Farm Laborer
   (Clark) Nancy A.           27
     Andrew H.                 6
       Jno. R.                 3
        Wm. C.                 2
    Barbara E.                 1
     Fannie E.              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
[Thos. P. Cornett served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA.  Thomas P. Cornett, s/o H. B. Cornett & Fannie Comer,
md. Nancy A. Clark, d/o A. C. & Delia Clark, on 9/25/1857.]

340.            Cornett, Troy C.                    30          Farmer    2600 700
  (Clark) Elizabeth           27
      Sarah C.                 7
         Alice                 5
        Martha                 3
  Evans, Chas.                27            Grocer Mercht.           5000
[Troy C. Cornett b. 12/25/1839 d. 9/17/1915, s/o James & Sarah Cornett, Md. Elizabeth J. Clarke b. 4/6/1843 d.
8/24/1924, s/o Sylvester & Sarah Clark, 5/1/1863.  Troy C. Cornett was a 2nd Lieutenant in Company F, 4th Virginia
Infantry, CSA.  Charles Evans was probably a partner in a retail business with Troy's father.  Troy & Elizabeth's
children were:  Sarah Catherine Cornett b. 2/7/1864 md. Matt Williams; Alice Lundy Cornett b. 2/5/1866 d. 6/8/1956
and never md.; Martha Elvira Cornett b. 2/15/1868 d. 1/26/1949 md. William Zachariah Cornett; Robert Wiley
Cornett b. 10/27/1870 d. 2/1949 md. Betty Taylor; Cora Virginia Cornett b. 7/27/1873 d. 4/5/1846 and never md.;
Conn Cornett b. 1877; and William Marvin Cornett b. 5/31/1877 d. 1956 md. Dell C. Stone.]

237. Cornett, Wiley         28 B            Farm Laborer
      Caroline              22 B
         Frank               8 B
         James               5 B
        Lizzy             2/12 B            (B. Apl. 1870)

421.            Cornett, William                    23          Farmer         555
 (Delp) Callie                19
Martha (Ellen)                 3
    Hale, John                12
          Mary                16
[William H. Cornett, s/o Levi Cornett Md. (1) Callie Delp d/o Jno. & R. Delp, 1/25/1866 and md. (2) Nannie E. Fisher
Asbury of Wythe Co.  William Cornett served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.  Ref. p. 164, Nuckolls.  Children of
William & Callie Cornett were:  Martha Cornett Md. Mr. Copenhaver, of Smyth Co.  Children of William & Nannie
were:  Thomas Cornett who md. Mattie Lundy; Andrew Lewis Cornett who md. Lelia Clark Delp; Olin S. Cornett who
md. Ester Fugate; and Mary Anna Cornett who md. Albert Cornett.]

408.         Cornett, William J.                    27          Farmer    2500 1176
    (Hale) Margaret           24
      Leonidas                 2
   Hale, Rufus                16            Farm Laborer
     Elizabeth                22            Domestic
[William J. Cornett b. 1/8/1839, s/o Alexander Cornett and Jemima Rhudy, Md. Margaret Ellen Hale, d/o Burris Hale
& Clarissa Hauk.  Rufus Hale, s/o Franklin Hale, Jr. & Elizabeth Huddle, Md. R. M. Burton, d/o H. B. & S. Burton,
10/2/1876.  William J. Cornett, served as a corporal in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.  Ref. 138-9, Nuckolls.
Other children of Franklin Hale were:  Amanda J. Hale b. 1844; Leander Hale b. 1845; Letha Ann Hale b. 1849;
Nicholas Hale b. 1851; Rufus Hale b. 1853; Lindsey b. 1855; Nancy Hale b. 1857; and Washington Hale b. 1859.]

42.  Cox, Alexander           84            Farmer    800       400
(Long) Tobitha                60
      Lucretia                11
      Henry W.              20 B            Farm Laborer
[This was family 1039 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  The fortunes of this family were severely depleted from
1860 to 1870.  Ref. Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips, P. 11.  Alexander Cox, B. 9/10/1785 D. 9/15/1874, 7th s/o
David Cox and Margaret McCown.  Alexander Cox Md. (1) Lydia Osborne, d/o Enoch Osborne and Jane Hash, Md.
(2) Margaret Bishop, Md. (3) Tabitha Long, B. 4/17/1806 D. 11/17/1877.]

604. Cox, Alexander           50            Farmer    1500      975
      Polly A.                33
     Elizabeth                 7
         Lydia                 4
[Alexander Cox may have been the son of Osborne Cox or Samuel & Rebecca Cox.  Alexander had two children not
at home:  Delila Cox b. 1845 and Samanatha Cox b. 1847.]

49. Cox, David                79            Farmer    3000      100
    (Doughton) Jane           76
          Isom                37            Farm Laborer
    Thompson, Nancy           11            Domestic
[Ref. Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips, P. 11.  David Cox, s/o Joshua Cox & Ruth Osborne, B. 11/28/1790 D.
9/14/1878 Md. Jane Doughton, d/o Joseph Doughton & Polly Reeves who was d/o George Reeves & Jane Burton.
David & Jane Cox are buried in Cox's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery.  Isom Cox served in Co. C, 45th VA
Infantry, CSA.]

56.Cox, Elbert F. S.          38            Farmer    2675      735
(Hampton) Jane                28
        Nannie                 7
     Monroe V.                 3
     Hardin A.                 1
         Ellen              2/12            (B. April 1870)
 Taylor, James                19            Farm Laborer
  Parish, Katy                37            Domestic                         NC
[Elbert F. S. "Squire" Cox, s/o Harden & Nancy (Reeves) Cox, Md. Jane Hampton, d/o Alexander Hampton and
Jestin Fulton, (d/o Samuel Fulton & Martha Powell-Jones), 9/9/1866.  Elbert Cox, md. (1) Rebecca A. Hale and md.
(2) Jane Hampton, d/o Alexander & Jestin Hampton, on 9/9/1866.  Elbert & Jane are buried in the Camet Cox
Cemetery.  See Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips, p. 13 for more information on this family.  Elbert F. S.
Cox served in Company C, 45th Virginia Infantry, CSA, enl at Independence 3/26/1862, was wounded in 1864 and
died in 1909.  Ref. P. 168, Nuckolls, Elbert F. Seiver Cox, Md. (1) Rebecca Hale, d/o Mastin Hale & Susan Perkins.]

94.      Cox, Enoch           44            Farmer    2000      600
  (Boyer) Elizabeth           43
      Sarah C.                13
    Preston M.                10
[Enoch "Blind Bill" Cox, s/o Hardin Cox and Nancy Reeves.  Enoch Cox md. (1) Susannah Thomas, md. (2)
Elizabeth Boyer and md. (3) Martha Jennings.  Enoch Cox served in Company C, 45th Virginia Infantry, CSA.  There
were 4 Enoch Coxs in this unit.]

603.     Cox, Jacob         70 B            Farm Laborer             120
       Malinda              58 B            Keeping House
           Jeb              20 B            Farm Laborer
     Commodore              10 B
          Mary               9 B
         Sarah               7 B
         Emily               5 B

60.Cox, Joshua                52            Farmer    1600      500
    (Osborne) Polly           44
       Cynthia                20
        Boyden                17            Farm Laborer
        Newton                15            At School
          Elam                13            At School
      Molly V.                 5
         Fanny              17 B            Domestic
         Sarah               3 B
[Boyden Cox Md. Jansie C. Osborn 10/6/1880.  Ref. As a Tree Grows by Verl Weight, P. 368, Joshua Cox, s/o David
Cox and Jane Doughton, B. ca. 1820 Md. Polly Osborne d/o Solomon Osborne & Hannah Cox.  Joshua Cox b.
12/25/1818 d. 9/10/1906 in Ashe Co., NC, served in Co. F/B, 5th NC Senior Reserves, CSA.]

661.    Cox, Joshua           46            Miller    2500      500
        Mahala                32            Keeping House
     Zachariah                20            Farm Laborer
       John F.                18
       Haywood                16
         Enoch                14
        Edward                 7
[This was family 717 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Joshua R. Cox b. 9/12/1827 d. 11/5/1889, was s/o John
Cox (1788-1850) & Eleanor "Nellie" Ward who md. on 9/13/1821, and gs/o Joshua Cox, Sr. & Ruth Osborne.
Eleanor Ward was d/o Nathan & Sarah Ward.  Zachariah Cox Md. Flora Hale, d/o Warren & Mary Hale, 2/3/1880;
John F. Cox Md. Alice L. Dick, d/o Jas. & M. J. Dick, 12/24/1874; Haywood Cox Md. Surphina Boyer, d/o Wm. & C.
Boyer 6/11/1878.  There were 2 Joshua Coxs who served in Co. C, 45th VA Inf. CSA.]

55. Cox, Nancy                66            Keeping House       500  300
    McGound, Joshua           33            Farm Laborer
Daniels, David                21            At School
  Martin, John                18            Farm Laborer                          NC
   Doss, Sally                28            Cook
Parish, Martha                12            Domestic                         NC
    Cox, Eliza              18 B            Domestic
[This was a boarding house.  John Martin, Md. Polly Taylor 5/21/1874.  Ref. Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips, P.
11.  It would appear that Nancy was Nancy Reeves, and widow of Hardin Cox B. 1/5/1796 D. 10/13/1867, s/o Joshua
Cox and Ruth Osborne.]

638.     Cox, Nancy           28            Keeping House       3400 527
      Ellis F.                10
       Rebecca                 8
         Rossy                 6

81. Cox, Polly                34            Keeper of House
        Samuel                13                      300       150          NC
          Mary                 6                                             NC
       Rebecca                 4                                             NC
         Ellis                 1                                             IN
Hudson, Joshua                18            Farm Laborer                          NC
         Ellis                20            Farm Laborer                          NC

619.    Cox, Samuel           43            Farmer    2000      1215
   (Osborne) Phoebe           24            Keeping House
     Jefferson                 9
     Robert L.                 5
         Emmet                 2
 Shaw, Johnson                19            Farm Laborer
[Samuel Cox, s/o Samuel & Rebecca (Osborne) Cox, Md. Phoebe Osborne, B. 1/6/1845, d/o Zachariah and Jincy
Burton Osborne 1/15/1861.  Johnson Shaw, s/o Moses & Mary Shaw, was member of household 705 in the 1860
Grayson Co., VA Census.  Samuel Cox served in Co. C, 45th VA Infantry CSA.  CSR would indicate that this Samuel
Cox is of the proper age, but has him dying in 1861.  Did he?  Was there another?]

61.  Cox, Troy                57            Farmer    4000      700
 (Osborne) Peggy A.           58
     Zachariah                30            Farm Laborer
      Sarah A.                24
      Irena J.                23
          Etty                 3
       Rebecca                 1
   Thompson, Joseph         20 B            Farm Laborer
Hill, Polly H.                10
[This was family 1325 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Ref. As a Tree Grows by Verl Weight, p. 368.  Troy
Cox, s/o David Cox and Jane Doughton, B. ca. 1811 Md. Peggie Osborne, d/o Zachariah Osborne and Jincy Burton
ca. 1832.  Zachariah Mitchell Cox served in Co. C, 45th VA Inf., CSA, probably Zachariah Mitchell Cox, B.
12/29/1837, D. 6/7/1914, buried at Cox's Chapel, enl. 4/1/1862 at the Narrows, captured at Piedmont, 6/5/1864,
exchanged 3/4/1865.]

424. Cregor, Joseph           50            Blacksmith
         Susan                50
       William                23            Blacksmith
          Jane                21            At School
       Michael                19            Farm Laborer
         James                17            Farm Laborer
  Christly (f)                15
         Lewis                13            At School
         Nancy                11            At School
         Rufus                 9
        Andrew                 7
          Mary                 5
       Stephen                 3
      Caroline                 1
[This family took the admonition to be fruitful and multiply very literally.  I have some personal doubts that all these
children are of Joseph and Susan, else the ages given the census taker may be in order.  This family moved to
Grayson Co. in the 1850s.  Caroline Cregor d. 9/1870.  William Crigger was listed on the 1898 Grayson Co.
Confederate Veterans Roster as serving in Co. D, regiment not stated.]

263.Criger, William           23            Blacksmith               125
        Elmira                29
     George A.                 8
       Mary C.                 2
 Burris, Polly                64            Domestic
[William was probably the s/o Joseph & Susan Cregor, in family 424, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA
Census and is listed there as well.  It would seem that William married Elmira Burris while the census taker was
making his rounds and was counted twice.]

235.  Crooks, James         41 B            Farm Laborer                          NC
       Malinda              39 B

109. Curren, Robert           67            Farmer    4000      325
    (Brown) Malinda           54
       William                19
          Mary                15
[Robert Curren, s/o Major George Curren, Md. Malinda Bourn, d/o William Bourne, Jr., on 10/18/1836.  Mary Curren
Md. D. J. Smoot s/o C. A. & J. Smoot 5/7/1872.  This family moved to Oregon shortly after this census was taken.]

48.Daniel, Shepherd           37            Farmer    300       200          NC
      Pheba J.                29
     Thomas F.                 6
      Sarah F.                 3
       Mary J.                 2
      Margaret              3/12            (B. Oct 1869)
Cox, Martin M.                10            Farm Laborer
    Moss, Thomas M.           63            Farm Laborer                          NC
[Shepherd L. Daniels served in Co. C, 45th VA Infantry, and was still living in Grayson Co. in 1898.]

151.          Daniels, Elizabeth                    53          Keeping House  2000 590
     Zachariah                26
        Zilpha                24
      Caroline                22
        Amelia                20
        Amanda                18
       Johnson                16
         Sarah                14
[Elizabeth South Daniel, d/o Achasa South, was the widow of Eli Daniels whom she md. on 9/7/1837.  Eli &
Elizabeth's children were:  Jane Daniels b. 1839; James Daniels b. 1840 who md. Polly Ann Delp b. 1854, d/o
William & Susan Delp (see household #200 Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co. VA Census); John Daniels b.
1844; Zachariah S. Daniels b. 1844 who served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry CSA;  Zilpha E. Daniels Md. E. F. Hawk,
s/o M. & S. Hawk 9/21/1871; Caroline Daniel b. 1848; Amelia Daniel b. 1850; Amanda Daniels, Md. Lewis J. Funk
8/25/1870; Johnson Daniel b. 1854; and Sarah Daniel b. 1856.]

200.            Daniels, Jas. F.                    29          Farmer    600  335
    (Delp) Polly A.           24
        Wm. E.                 6
       John W.                 4
         Susan                 1
      Caroline                19
[Jas. F. Daniels, s/o Eli & Elizabeth Daniels Md. Polly A. Delp, d/o Wm. & Susan Delp 8/7/1864.  James F. Daniels
served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.]

152.  Daniels, John           23            Farmer              225
         Ellen                18
      Isalonia                 1
[John Daniels served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, enlisting on 4/15/1864, but did not join due to health.]

64.   Daniels, Mary           70            Keeping House                         NC
         James                25            Idiotic                          NC
[Mary Daniel's children were:  Peggy Daniels b. 1827; Jane Daniels b. 1829; Rebecca Daniels b. 1834; Lee Daniels
b. 1836; Nancy C. Daniels b. 1838; Martha Daniels b. 1840; and James Daniels b. 1842 and was mentally retarded.]

30.  Davis, Alex M.           38            Farmer & Lawyer     3000              VA
(Dickenson) Mary J.           22
     Albert C.                 4
  Bowen, Nancy              35 B            Cook
      Virginia               3 B
[Alexander M. Davis, served as Colonel of 45th Virginia Infantry, after serving as Captain of Company C, 45th VA
Infantry, CSA.  He also served one year in the U. S. House of Representatives.  He married Mary Jane Dickenson,
d/o John Dickenson and Mary Bourne, per P. 56, 184, Pioneer Settlers of Grayson Co., VA by B. F. Nuckolls.
Rosamond Hale was d/o William Hale & Lucy Stone.  Virginia Bowen was d/o Nancy Bowen.  Alexander bought 6
acres in Independence during the Civil War with Confederate currency from Emanuel Long.  His first dwelling was of
logs to which a fine Victorian front was later added.  The house eventually became the property of Sims Bourne
when Alexander's son Garnett Davis sold out.  Today (1992) the property belongs to Grayson County and is the site
of the present court house.  Most of Alex & Mary's children died in their youth and are buried in a family cemetery
near the dwelling where Alex & Mary are also buried.  Alexander was b. 1/17/1833 in Smyth Co., VA d. 9/24/1889
and was s/o Major James W. Davis and Lucy Armstrong of Pleasant Hill, Smyth Co.  Mary Jane was b. 1/15/1848
and d. 6/10/1896.  Their children were:  Albert Conley Davis who died young; Joseph C. Davis who died young; and
Garnett Davis b. 1874 d. 1931 and was buried in the Dickey Cemetery near Independence but was later moved to
Max Meadows, VA where he had bought land.]

70.Davis, Church. O.          51            Farmer    1000      200
        Mariah                58
        Amanda                17
      Nancy E.                15
        Cyntha                13
      Emory J.                 9
     Larusy C.                22            Domestic
    Shefferd, Robt.         30 B            Farm Laborer
[Church & Mariah Davis' children were:  Elbert Davis b. 1836 who md. Polly Barton on 7/13/1857; Caroline Davis b.
1847 who md. J. L. Larrow, d/o J. & P. Larrow; M. J. (f) b. 1844 md. J. M. Durham of Wythe Co., s/o William &
Phoebe Durham. Amanda Davis b. 1853; Nancy E. Davis, Md. Kenley Anderson, s/o S. & E. Anderson 9/16/1878; a
daughter R. C. Davis md. A. E. Farmer on 3/29/1874.  This appears to be family 849 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA
Census.  Church O. (C.O.) Davis served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

74.Davis, Elbert J.           28            Farmer              100
     Elizabeth                23
      Columbus                 5
    Mary A. E.                 1
 Osborn, Susan                18            Domestic                         NC
[Elbert Davis, s/o Church O. & Mariah Davis was member of household 849 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.
Elbert Davis served in the Grayson County Militia, and in Co. C/G, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA.]

385.Delp, Catherine           65            Keeping House       800  670
        George                30
     Catherine                28
   Sage, Wiley                14            Farm Laborer        225
[Catherine Delp was probably the widow of Jacob Delp.  George Delp, s/o J. & Catherine Delp, Md. S. A. Cornett, d/o
David & Alpha (Araloca) Cornett, 11/23/1870.  George Delp served in the Grayson Co. Militia.]

329. Delp, Creed J.           22            Farmer              125
 (Griffy) Mary                19                                             NC
         Hicks              8/12            (B. Oct 1869)
[Creed J. Shuler Delp, s/o Jno. & P. Delp, Md. Mary Griffy, d/o S. & O. Griffy on 5/9/1868.  John Delp was s/o Levi
Delp, Sr.]

229.     Delp, John           57            Farmer    3000      1202
       Rebecca                50
       Chapman                19            At School
      Hicks M.                17            At School
     Joseph F.                12            At School
 Hutsell, Catherine           68            No Occupation
         Creed                37            idiotic/helpless
Noblett, Betty                23            Domestic
 Pinion, James                24            At School
Smitheal, Boyd                18            At School                        NC
 Carter, Henry              28 B            Farm Laborer
          Lucy              22 B            Domestic
          Mary               3 B
         Annie               1 B
Griffy, Martha                16            At School
[James Pinion, Md. Rosie Carrico, d/o John & M. Carrico 12/28/1879.  A John Delp served in the Grayson Co., VA
Militia.  James Pinion served in Co. A, 26th NC Infantry and in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

326.     Delp, John           59            Farmer    1300      325
       Lina E.                19
          Lucy                16
     Charlotte                13
      Caroline                11
[Family 59, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Lucy Delp Md. Whaley A. Robbins, s/o D. F. & B. Robbins, 5/20/1876;
Charlotte M. Delp, may have married Benjamin Parks, s/o James & N. Parks; Caroline Delp Md. James K. Pool, s/o
G. H. & C. Pool, 10/25/1877.]

328.     Delp, Levi           47            Farmer    1000      650
     Elizabeth                50
          Russ                19            Farm Laborer
       Evaline                16
     Elvira A.                16
      Adolphus                12
         Julia                10
          Lucy                 8
          Mary                 2
        Sophia                84            No Occupation
           Eve                62            No Occupation
[Family 54, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Levi Delp was likely the s/o John Delp (b. 1776) and wife Sophia, listed
above.  Eve Delp was likely an older sister of Levi.  Levi & Elizabeth Delp's children were:  Sophia J. Delp b. 1845;
Thurza Delp b. 1846; Amanda Delp b. 1847; Fielden R. Delp b. 1850; Russell Delp b. 1851; Evaline Delp, Md.
James P. Catron, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth Catron; Elvira A. Delp b. 1854; Adolphus Delp, Md. Mary Shular, d/o P. L.
& E. E. Shular; Julia C. Delp Md. A. K. Herrington, s/o Stephen & S. C. Herrington; Lucy Delp Md. John F. Callahan,
s/o N. & S. Callahan, 12/27/1882; and Mary Delp b. 1868.  Levi Delp served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA and in
Co. I, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA.]

383.  Delp, Michael           32            Farmer    300       436
       Comfort                29
         Sarah                 8
         Jacob                 2
          Mary              4/12            (B. Feb. 1870)
Sage, Margaret                80
[Michael Delp was s/o Jacob Delp (b. 1806) and Elizabeth Sage (b. 1805) who md. on 2/14/1836.  Jacob Delp was
likely the s/o Peter Delp.  Sarah Delp Md. Newton Gambill, s/o Jane Gambill 9/11/1881.  Michael Delp served in Co.
C, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA.  Michael Delp's siblings were:  Sarah J. Delp b. 1830; George Delp b. 1840; Catherine
Delp b. 1842; Margaret Delp b. 1845; and Mary E. Delp b. 1847.]

423.      Delp, Wm.           49            Farmer    2000      1000
         Susan                52
      Chas. D.                22            Farm Laborer
        Rosana                17            At School
         Fanny                14            At School
       Geo. L.                13            At School
         Lydia                10            At School
     Alexander                 8            At School
Hounshell, Carroll (m)             20       At School
     Akers, Absalom           20            At School
[This was family 156 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  William Delp served in the Grayson Co. Militia and in Co.
B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.  Rosana C. Delp Md. Stephen Mallory s/o Thomas & Mary Mallory, 8/27/1872; Fanny C.
Delp Md. S. L. Copenhaver, s/o S. & E. Copenhaver, 9/2/1875; Geo. L. Delp Md. C. L. Hale, d/o Chas. & R. Hale,

12.    Dickens, Eda         62 B            Keeping House
   Thompson, Amanda         22 B            Cook
         Smith               4 B
       Laura             10/12 B            (B. Aug 1869)

544.         Dickenson, James P.                    27          Farmer         1200
      Laura A.                27                                             NC
     Stella E.                 4
       Effy H.                 2
       Jimi G.              1/12            (B. May 1870)
  Hall, Thomas                34            Farm Laborer                          NC
  Dickey, Kate              17 B            Domestic
[James P. Dickenson served as a Lt. in Co. C, 45th VA Inf. CSA, enl 5/29/1861 at Wytheville, resigned 12/29/1861,
reenlisted at Dublin 2/26/1864, transferred out of Regt. 4/30/1864 to Co. G, 22nd VA Cavalry, CSA.  Ref. p. 55,
Pioneer Settlers of Grayson County.  James P. Dickenson was s/o John Dickenson & (1) Rosamond Hale b.
3/14/1816 d. 5/14/1854.  John Dickenson was s/o Martin Dickenson (d. 1834) & Mary "Polly" Bourne b. 1/6/1782 d.
8/24/1860.  James P. Dickenson's siblings were:  Martin W. Dickenson b. 1841; Susannah Dickenson b. 1844; Lucy
Dickenson b. 1845; Benjamin Dickenson b. 1846; Mary Jane Dickenson b. 1847; and Thomas Jefferson "Jeff"
Dickenson b. 1849 who was living in the home of Larkin A. Hale (household 238, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson
Co., VA Census).  John Dickenson md. (2) Margaret Ellen Andis and they had 4 children:  Sarah J. Dickenson;
Robert Lee Dickenson; Sue B. Dickenson; and John C. Dickenson.]

15.  Dickenson, Wm.           27            Physician 350       800
 (Phipps) Martha A.           21
         Selia                 3
   Rosamond L.              6/12            (B. Nov 1869)
   Cole, Lydia                13            Domestic
[William Martin Dickenson, b. 8/25/1840 d. 1/18/1911, s/o John Dickenson & Rosamond Hale md. Martha Phipps, b.
2/7/1848 d. 3/189/1901 d/o Alexander Phipps & Ludema Thomas on 10/19/1865.  William Martin & Martha are
buried in the Independence Methodist Church Cemetery, Independence, VA.  He was a member of Household 2,
1860 Census.  See page 123, Phipps Family of NC and VA by John C. Mullins.  In this record, Wm. Dickenson is
listed as De Martin Dickerson.  Wm. Dickenson served in Company C, 8th VA Cavalry CSA as a 2nd Lt. and in Co.
G, 22nd VA Cavalry until he resigned to attend medical lectures at Richmond, VA in 12/64.  John Dickenson bought
a part of the George Lowman land grant, sold for delinquent taxes and later known as the Hidden Valley Farm, and
divided this purchase between his two sons:  William Martin & Thomas Jefferson Dickenson.  About 1866 Martin had
built a log house on his portion which was later sold to Johnson Boyer for his daughter Etta's dowry when she md.
Thomas Wingate and Martin moved to Independence, VA.  Jeff's portion remained in his family for several years and
now belongs to Arzie Richardson.  Jeff Dickenson was killed when a barn door fell on him.  William Martin & Martha
A. Dickenson's children were:  Celia Dickenson b. 1867; and Rosamond L. Dickenson b. 1869.]

474.           Dickey, Elizabeth                    67          Keeping House
 Morgan, Nancy                41            Domestic
[Elizabeth Bourne Dickey, b. 6/24/1802, was widow of James Dickey.  She was the d/o Stephen Bourne & Patsy
Mays.  Stephen Bourne was s/o William Bourne & Rosamond Jones.  Nancy Morgan worked for different people at
different times and had a daughter, Emily Morgan, b. 1858.]

14.Dickey, Ellis L.           26            Dry Goods Mercht. 7700   2000
  (Dillard) Ella S.           25
      James A.                 5
  Elizabeth P.                 3
       Ella E.              6/12            (B. Mar 1870)
  Bland, Eliza                13            Domestic
[Ellis L. Dickey was member of household 871 in the 1850 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Per P. 185 of the Nuckolls
Book, Ellis Leftwich Dickey married a "Miss Dillard from East Virginia".  She was actually from Botetourt Co., VA.
Ellis was s/o James Dickey & Elizabeth Bourne and served in Company C, 45th VA Inf. CSA.  James Dickey was s/o
Matthew Dickey & Rosamond Wiley, pioneer settlers at the Falls of Peach Bottom Creek.  Matthew Dickey formed a
partnership with Thomas Blair to process iron ore and built the Point Hope Furnace at the Falls.  Both parties later
sold out to William Bourne, Sr.  Ellis was a merchant in the town of Independence.  After Ellis' death, Ella md. (2)
Foy Lyons, on 11/29/1879.  Foy had been md. (1) to Elizabeth Fredeking whom he divorced.]

11.Dickey, James A.          20?            Physician
      Laura A.                20
   Ward, Emily              20 B            Domestic  600 (not an error)
[James Alexander Dickey, s/o Stephen Dickey (1825-1903) & Jane Phipps.  Stephen & Jane are buried in the
Independence Methodist Church Cemetery.  Jane Phipps was d/o Benjamin Phipps per P. 184 of the Nuckolls
History.  This family migrated to Bristol, VA/TN.  Stephen Dickey was a major in the Confederate Army and a
Primitive Baptist Church, and served a number of churches in the area.]

469.   Dickey, John           36            Farmer    1200      591
(Phipps) Nancy                34            Keeping House
        Minnie                13
   (Jennie B.) Jane            7
        Almata                 5
       Alverta                 2
[John M. Dickey, s/o James & Elizabeth Dickey, Md. Nancy Phipps, d/o N. Phipps, 4/22/1856.  John Dickey was
buried in the Independence Methodist Church Cemetery.  Jennie B. Dickey Md. Joseph F. Delp, s/o John & Rebecca
Delp, 2/18/1882.  In the Phipps Family of NC and VA, P. 95, she is listed as Nancy V. Phipps, B. 6/15/1840 who
married John M. Dickey on 4/22/1855.  This raises the possibility that one or the other of these records is in error.
Ref. also p. 185, Pioneer Settlers of Grayson County.]

484.Dickey, Madison           43            Farmer    1000      983
        Martha                34
         Glenn                 9
          Maud                 7
        Blanch                 2
   Dick, Alice                17            At School                        NC
         Robt.                14            At School                        NC
[Madison Dickey was s/o James & Elizabeth Dickey.  J. Maud Dickey Md. J. H. Dickey, s/o Rufus & Catherine
Dickey, 11/10/1880.  Alice & Robert Dick were children of James & Mary Jane Dick and were boarding with Madison
Dickey while going to school.  Alice Dick later md. J. F. Cox on 12/24/1874.]

470.Dickey, Matthew           36            Farmer    2500      880
(Phipps, Rosamond) Rosey           28
           Wm.                12            At School
       Alex J.                10
         Nancy                 5
          John              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
Jenkins, Henry              17 B            Farm Laborer                          NC
[This was family 854 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Matthew "Uncle Matt" Dickey, b. 3/29/1829 d. 9/2/1900
s/o James & Elizabeth Dickey, Md. Rosamond Phipps, b. 10/10/1840 d. 12/31/1886, d/o Alexander & Ludema
Phipps, 10/21/1856.  See p. 121 of the Phipps Family of NC and VA and p. 184 Pioneer Settlers of Grayson County.
Matthew Dickey served in the Grayson Co., VA Militia, CSA.  Matthew & Rosamond Dickey are buried in the Dickey
Cemetery, 2 miles north of Independence, VA on U.S. Highway 21.]

472.Dickey, Stephen           45            Farmer    2000      582
 (Phipps) Jane                35
     Joseph F.                17            At School
          John                13
  Trent, Ellen                13
[Stephen Dickey, s/o James Dickey & Elizabeth Phipps.  Elizabeth Phipps was d/o Benjamin Phipps & Nancy
McMillan.  Stephen Dickey was a tavern keeper in addition to being a farmer and a Primitive Baptist Minister.
Stephen Dickey attained the rank of Major in the Confederate Army.  Joseph Friel Dickey (commonly called Friel)
Md. Nancy M. Cornett, d/o Alex & M. Cornett & Jemima Rhudy, 12/24/1874.  Ref. p. 184 Pioneer Settlers of Grayson
County.  Stephen Dickey served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1863-65.  They lived on Peach Bottom

16.           Dickey, William R.                    46          Farmer    2000
        Martha                36
      James M.                17            At School
    Cynthia C.                13            At School
  Evans, Susan                28            Domestic
[William R. Dickey was member of family 991 in the 1850 Grayson Co., VA Census.  William R. Dickey was s/o
Matthew Dickey & Rosamond Wiley who came to Grayson Co., VA to engage in the manufacture of iron.  Cynthia
Md. W. M. Warren s/o Alfred and Mary Warren of Wilkes Co., NC 5/19/1873.  Matthew Dickey's other children were:
James Dickey; William R. Dickey; Masterson Dickey who md. a Wiley and moved to TX; Matthew Dickey, Jr.; Jane
Dickey who md. Benjamin Cooley on 10/1/1805; Nancy Dickey who md. Levi Jones on 12/17/1822; Mary Dickey who
md. John Snyder on 8/9/1809; Elizabeth Dickey who md. Henry Snyder on 11/16/1811.  The Snyders moved to KY
about 1847.]

46.  Dickson, Alvin           66            Farmer    350       500NC
      Drucy E.                55
   Parsons, Emaline           25            House Keeper
Christopher C.                 9
Phipps, Martha                 9            Servant
[Alvin Dixon was member of household 1275 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  At that time his wife was named
Rebecca, Drucy, above, appears to be a second marriage.  Alvin & Rebecca Dixon's children were:  Solomon Dixon
b. 1829; Levi Dixon b. 1833; Drucilla Dixon b. 1835; Lydia Dixon b. 1837; Mary Dixon b. 1840; and Emaline Dixon b.

577.             Dowden, Liberty                  54 B          Farm Laborer
        Violet              55 B                                             NC
         Saml.              15 B            Farm Laborer                          NC
        Alfred              19 B            Farm Laborer                          NC

31.Durham, Sarah J.           23            Seamstress                            NC
      Nancy A.                20            Seamstress                            NC
     Elizabeth                17                                             NC
     Warren H.                15            Works at Farming                 NC
   Victoria H.                13                                             NC
     Alexander                 9                                             NC
      Thos. J.                 8                                             NC
Hicks, Geo. W.              9/12            (B. Oct 1869)                         NC

57. Durham, William           48            Works at Shoes                        NC
        Phoebe                56                                             NC

315. Edwards, James           50            Farm Laborer                          NC
      Jackclyn                52                                             NC
      Nelly F.                16                                             NC
         James                13                                             VA
      Jackalyn                12
        Wm. D.                10
        Martha                 2
         Nancy              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
[Martha & Nancy Edwards were no doubt grandchildren.]

694.  Edwards, Mary           45            Keeping House            100
        Martha                24
      Richmond                18
        Weldon                16
         Saml.                16
         Sarah                 9
[This was family 349 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Mary Edwards was probably Mary Jane Bedsaul, d/o
Elisha Bedsaul, the widow of Andrew Edwards whom she md on 11/10/1846.  Saml. F. Edwards Md. Lucy A. Carrico,
d/o M. & J. Carrico, 10/18/1877.]

642. Edwards, Thos.           33            Farmer    550       375NC
         Lizzy                21
       Donette                 4
          John                 2
          Mary              1/12
  Gentry, Lucy              17 B            Domestic
[Thomas Edwards served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.  Thomas Edwards was s/o Jonathan (b. 1807) and Jane
Edwards (b. 1807) who moved to Grayson Co., VA from NC about 1840.  Thomas Edwards's siblings were:  Nancy
Edwards b. 1829 in NC; Sally Edwards b. 1832 in NC; Thomas Edwards b. 1836 in NC; Rosamond Edwards b. 1840;
Mary Edwards b. 1845; and John Edwards b. 1848.]

681.Edwards, Weldon           56            Farmer    1200      350
       Lucy A.                38
         Sarah                15
          John                12
         Nancy                10
      Franklin                 7
           Wm.                 4
        Elbert                 2
    Richards, Nancy           85            No Occupation
[This was family 361 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Weldon Edwards was a clerk in James Waugh's store in
Old Town in 1850.  Sarah Edwards md. William R. Anders, s/o A. & C. Anders, 11/28/1875; John R. Edwards Md. S.
E. Taylor, d/o R. F. & Jane Taylor, 8/11/1881.]

295.    Eller, Geo.           64            Farmer    350       425
 (Love) Millah                54
         Sarah                40
       Jackson                27            Farm Laborer
         Clark                23            Farm Laborer
        Wesley                21            Farm Laborer
Bryant, Hester                 4
  Holbrook, Melvina            5
[Family 98, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  George Eller md. Millie Love, d/o William Love, on 5/12/1831.  George &
Millie Eller's children were:  Isaac Eller b. 1829 (sic); William Eller b. 1835 and died of typhoid fever in the
Confederate Army in Richmond, VA on 7/11/1863; Margaret Eller b. 1836; Charlotte Eller b. 1840 md. William J.
Ashley on 8/24/1860; Calvin b. 1841; Jackson Eller who served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry CSA, Md. Jane Poe, d/o
Joseph Poe 3/14/1879; Clark Eller b. 1847; Wesley Eller, Md. Sarah Reid, d/o Amos Reid 10/16/1879.  Jackson Eller
served in Co. D, 37th Battn. VA Cav. CSA.]

13.             Elliott, Abraham                    59          Tinner    1300  700
      Margaret                54
   Margaret Z.                25            No occupation
      Emily V.                13            No occupation
  Pool, Margaret A.           13            No occupation
[Family 9, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  See Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips for more information on this
family.  Abraham Elliott md. Peggy Cornett, d/o William Cornett, on 8/20/1832.  They lived on Brush Creek after
having lived on Meadow Creek and then Elk Creek.  Abraham Elliott kept the Elliott Hotel in Independence.
Margaret Z. Elliott Md. William Porter on 1/22/1872.  Emily V. Elliott Md. William R. Wright, s/o Churchwell Wright
and first wife, Charlotte Atkins on 2/18/1872.  Margaret A. Pool was d/o Riley Pool and Jane Elliott, d/o Abraham and
Margaret.  Jane died 5/29/1856 in Grayson Co.  Margaret A. Pool Md. Charles P. Hicks 3/23/1880.  Abraham &
Peggy's other children were:  Melvina Elliott b. 1834; Alexander Elliott b. 1836 who served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry
CSA and died in service; Jefferson Elliott b. 1841; James Elliott b. 1848; Mila Elliott b. 1855; and Virginia Elliott b.

28.Elliott, James M.          24            Farmer    250       200
      Nancy C.                20
    William A.                 2
     Elbert M.              5/12            (B. Jan 1870)
  Hicks, Isaac                14            No Occupation                         TN
[Ref. Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips, P. 60-61, James Marsh Elliott, s/o Abraham B. Elliott & Margaret Cornett,
B. 8/31/1846 D. 1/14/1909 Md. Nancy Caroline Sutherland 2/7/1867 B. 4/3/1850 D. 2/14/1913, d/o Richard Henry
Sutherland and Ruth Jane Cox.  William Alexander Elliott, B. 1/5/1868 D. 4/ /1922, never married; Elbert Marian
Elliott B. 1/10/1870 D. 10/21/1927 Md. Mertie Beatrice Reeves 2/12/1896, d/o William Thomas Reeves and Virginia
Florence Cox.  Children born after the 1870 census was taken were:  Margaret Isabel Elliott, B. 5/19/1872 D. 6/
/1938; Mary Luzetta Elliott, B. 5/7/1875 D. 7/5/1875; Abram McGown Elliott B. 8/30/1878 D. 2/6/1951 Md. (1) Margie
Sexton, Md. (2) Ina Ruth Hodge; Zachariah Johnson Elliott B. 4/24/1882 D. 10/16/1957.  James M. Elliott served in
Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

556.          Elliott, Jefferson                    28          Farmer    450  400
   (Cox) Polly                33
        Amelia                 1
 Gentry, Julia                 5
[Ref. P. 59, Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips, et. al.  William Jefferson Elliott B. 2/17/1841 D. 10/30/1907, s/o
Abraham Elliott & Margaret Cornett, Md. Polly Jane Cox and had 7 children.]

573.Elliott, Ludema           32            Keeping House       540
         James                10
     Alexander                 6
   Dunavan, Rebecca           18            Domestic                         NC
Williams, John                23            Farm Laborer                          NC
Edwards, Chas.                 1
[Ludema Ross Elliott was widow of Alexander Elliott, whom she Md. 9/6/1859.  Remote possibility that James Elliott
is the same as the one who married M. F. Dalton 2/22/1882.  Ref. Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips, et. al.
Information contained in Ref. indicates that Ludema Jane Ross Md. Alexander Elliott, s/o Abraham Elliott and
Margaret Cornett, B. 7/1/1836 D. 9/29/1864 (killed in the Civil War.)]

20.   Evans, Ursula           35            Keeper of House     150  100
        Wm. S.                10            At School
[Ursula Evans was widowed at this time, but her husband's name is unknown.  She was the d/o Daniel Welsh and
later md. (2) Alfred Bedwell, s/o John & Patsy Bedwell.  William S. Evans md. Elizabeth Bedwell, d/o Tolithia

99.  Farmer, Andrew           39            Farmer
        Hannah                38
   Abraham C.                 14
    Smith, Trimanda           35
     Andrew F.                 8
[Andrew Farmer was probably the oldest s/o Andrew (b. 1810) & Hannah Farmer (b. 1811).]

445.  Farmer, Ehart           54            Farm Laborer             135
         Sarah                62
          Rosy                17
[This was family 720 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Ehart Farmer was at that time, Ahart Farmer, which is
more likely correct.]

85. Farmer, William           33            Farmer    300       100
         Patsy                28
        Thomas                10
          Ruth                 8
      Sarah E.                 1
        Wm. H.                 1
[Rutha Farmer Md. J. H. Shupe s/o J. & S. Shupe 2/18/1882.  This was family 1292 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA
Census.  William Farmer served in Co. C, 45th VA or in Co. K, 51st VA, as a William Farmer served in both units.]

77.  Fender, Daniel           22            Farm Laborer             700          NC
        Candis                25                                             NC
       John E.                 3                                             NC
    William P.                 3                                             NC
  Lowell W. A.              9/12            (B. Sept 1869)                        NC
   Anders, Wm.                19            Farm Laborer                          NC
[Wm. Anders Md. Sarah Edwards 11/28/1875]

331.            Fielder, Ephraim                    18          Farm Laborer        100
        Martha                18            (Md. Mar. 1870)

180.           Fielder, Randolph                    50          Farmer    2500 559
       Evaline                49
    Tobitha A.                17
     Martha J.                18
       Boyd E.                15
       Rush C.                13
      Jeremiah                 8
[Randolph Fielder served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  Randolph FIelder was probably a s/o Dennis Fielder &
Delila Wheeler who md. on 3/2/1806.  Their children were:  Dennis Fielder b. 1807; Thomas Fielder b. 1808; Delila
Fielder, who md. Andrew Clark on 3/30/1826; Jane Fielder b. 1813; Lucy Fielder b. 1813 d. 1850 who md. Morgan
Boyer on 9/14/1838; Randolph Fielder b. 1820; and Charlotte Fielder b. 1820 who md. William Cornett.]

179.          Fielder, Thomas J.                    62          Farmer    1100 500
(Cannoy) Polly                55
      Crockett                23            No Occupation
       Johnson                20            Farm Laborer
        Linnia                17
         James                12
[This was family 194 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Thomas J. Fielder, s/o Dennis & Delila Fielder, Sr., Md.
Polly Cannoy 1/28/1836.  James L. Fielder, Md. Julia A. Burris, d/o Thomas & Charlotte Burris 3/31/1881.  Crockett
Fielder served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

10.           Fredeking, Alex C.                    38          Farmer         1200    Prussia
(Fulton) Elizabeth M.              26                                        VA
      Alice E.                 9
     Josephine                 1
   Sexton, Caroline           17            Domestic
    Lyons, Foy                24            Shoemaker
[Elizabeth, d/o Hastin Fulton & Elizabeth Garrison, she Md. Alex Fredeking 1/1/1861, Md. M. F. Lyons 12/15/1877.
Hasting Fulton was s/o Samuel Fulton.  This family not living in Grayson Co., VA in 1860, apparently arrived about
that time however.  Foy Lyons was s/o Azariah & Zelphia Lyons of Old Town District.  Alexander Fredeking was
granted a divorce from Betty who then md. Foy Lyons on 12/15/1877.  Betty had another child named Lillian.  Betty
d. on 11/27/1878.  Foy then md. Ella S. Dickey, widow of Ellis L. Dickey on 11/29/1879.  All three are buried in the
Independence Methodist Church Cemetery.  What became of Lillian, whose parentage cause the divorce, is
unknown.  The Fredekings left Grayson Co., in 1873 and moved to Hinton, Summers Co., WV, then no more than a
wide place in the road.  Hinton grew rapidly, and the Fredekings grew with the town, and became immensely
wealthy.  Carl Alexander Fredeking d. there on 5/14/1907.  Carl Alexander Fredeking md. (2) Helena Schmidit, a
German girl, and they had the following children:  Herbert Fredeking; Walter Fredeking; Carl Fredeking; Julian
Fredeking and a daughter Frankie Fredeking.  Alice E. Fredeking, adopted d/o Alex & Elizabeth, md. A. G.
Flannagan; Josephine Fredeking md. a Dr. Timberlake.]

17.Fredeking, Chas.           45            Hotel Keeper        2000 250     Prussia
           Ann                34                                        Prussia
       Chas H.                11                                             IL
      Adolphus                 8                                             VA
       Lina M.                 5
     Mollie C.                 1
[Family 18, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

7. Fredeking, Leopold              38       Dry Goods Mrcht      800 1000    Prussia
 (Fulton) Martha A.           29                                             VA
       Alex E.                11
  Christine E.                 8
     Stuart O.                 6
    William L.                 2
 Morgan, Emily                12
[Family 16 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Leopold Fredeking served in Co. K 51st VA Inf., CSA.  Ref. P. 64,
Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982.  This ref. indicates that Martha Dickey, d/o James Dickey &
Elizabeth Bourne md. Leopold Fredeking on 6/1/1861.]

640.Freeman, Hester           52            Keeping House
          John                26            Farm Laborer
        Wilson                23            Farm Laborer
     Catherine                21
        Mollie                 1
[Hester Freeman, widow of Wilson Freeman.  Wilson Freeman served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry CSA, and served
time in Union Prisons which broke his health and he died after returning home from the effects of Confederate
service.  John Freeman Md. Sarah South, d/o William & P. Sexton, 10/25/1877.  John Freeman served in Co. K, 51st
VA Infantry, CSA.]

545. Fulton, Hastin           54            Farmer    1000      440
(Garrison) Elizabeth          51
     Elbert C.                22
(Edwards) Rosy                18            No Occupation
Edwards, Byson              15 B            Farm Laborer
     Masey (f)              12 B
[This was family 1390 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Hastings Fulton b. 7/22/1813 d. 1889, was the 7th child
of Samuel M. Fulton b. 12/15/1780 d. 2/16/1859 & Martha Powell Jones b. 10/9/1783 d. 8/16/1851 (they were md. on
10/7/1800).  Martha Powell Jones was d/o Major Minitree Jones.  Samuel M. Fulton was s/o David Fulton who d. in
1822.  Hastings Fulton md. Elizabeth Bourn Garrison, d/o David Garrison and Sarah Bourn, B. 3/25/1819 D.
5/23/1877.  Hastings & Elizabeth's children were:  Julia Ann Fulton b. 1838 d. 9/21/1908 in Carizoza, NM, who md.
Lewis H. Bourne on 3/12/1857; Sarah Jane Fulton B. 12/28/1838 D. 4/17/1917 Avery, Bowie Co., TX Md. Robert
Simon Baldwin on 4/12/1857 in Grayson Co., and he was the s/o William Baldwin and Elizabeth Littrell; Martha
Elizabeth Fulton md. (1) C. A. Fredeking on 1/1/1861 and md. (2) Foy Lyons on 12/15/1877; and Elbert Columbus
Fulton B. 2/19/1848 D. 7/29/1926 in Grayson Co., VA and who served in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA, Md.
Rosamond D. Edwards, d/o Archibald Edwards and Sarah Bryan, 3/17/1869, she was born 9/4/1848 in Alleghany
Co., NC and died 7/29/1926.  Ref. p. 155 Pioneer Settlers of Grayson County.  Ref. P. 62, Stephen Bourn and
Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants and Related Families.]

709.           Fulton, Samuel M.                    44          Farmer    4000 1000
(Reid) Mary C.                39            Keeping House
        Martha                11            At School
      Saml. M.                13            At School
      Darthula                14            At School
         Creed                 8
    William G.                 5
      James R.                 4
      Minitree                 3
       Troy R.                 1
         Julia                46            House Keeper
Johnson, Nancy              60 B            Domestic
[This was family 304 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Samuel Monroe Fulton, b. 5/26/1826 s/o S. Fulton, Md.
Mary Catherine Reid, (who d. on 4/10/1903) d/o J. D. Reid, 2/4/1854.  Samuel M. Fulton, Sr. served in Co. G, 63rd
VA Infantry per 1898 Grayson Co. Confederate Veterans Roster.  Martha E. "Mattie" Fulton Md. Melville B. Cox, s/o
Samuel B. & Elizabeth Cox, 1/18/1874.  Julia Fulton was Samuel's old maid sister.]

267.   Funk, Andrew           54            Farmer    700       226
   (South) Margaret           50
         Achuk                23
           Eli                22            Farm Laborer
         Lydia                20
          Mary                19
         Lewis                28            Farm Laborer
[Andrew Funk Md. Margaret South, d/o Achsah South, 6/4/1839.]

671.   Funk, Dennis           34            Farmer    500       250
(Hines) Amanda                29
       Fielden                 6
         James                 4
[A Dennis Funk was living in household 210 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census, probably this one.  Dennis Funk,
s/o John & Mary Funk, Md. Amanda Hines, d/o Fred & Rebecca Hines, 3/28/1861.  Dennis Funk served in Co. C, 8th
VA Cavalry, CSA.  Dennis & Amanda Funk's children were:  Fielden Funk b. 1864 md. Lucy Ryan of Wythe Co.;
James W. Funk b. 1866 md. Leona E. Bedwell; Rausey Funk b. 1870 md. George P. Mason; L. E. Funk b. 1872 (f);
and Lillie Funk b. 1880.]

400.  Funk, Geo. W.           28            Farm Laborer
       Rebecca                25
         Nancy                 7
          Mary                 7
       Tobitha                 3
         Sarah              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[Nancy Funk, Md. Lewis Pennington, s/o Joseph & S. Pennington, 11/23/1876.  George W. Funk served in Company
F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.]

269.    Funk, Kenny           27            Farmer    400       130
   (Vaughn) Mary E.           34
         Rosey                 4
          Mary                 3
       Thursey                 1
           Jno                63            Farm Laborer       PA
[Kenny Funk served in Company C, 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA.  Kenny's real name was Henry and died in 1934, and
was youngest s/o John & Sally Funk (b. 1806).  John Funk's other children were:  Polly Funk b. 1829; Elizabeth Funk
b. 1831; Minitree Funk b. 1834; Levi Funk b. 1837; Dennis Funk b. 1839; Saraphina Funk b. 1840.  They lived in the
Fallville Community.  Kenney Funk md. Mary Vaughn, d/o William Vaughn and Elizabeth Hines.  They had 6
children:  Mary Elizabeth Funk b. 1865 who md. George Emmitt Funk; Rosey V. Funk b. 1866; Thursey Etta Funk b.
1868 md. Joseph A. Taylor; J. B. Funk (f) b. 1872; J. W. Funk (m) b. 1874; and E. M. Funk ( b. 1877).  Kenny wore a
long white beard in his older days and lived in the Hines Branch Community.]

676.     Funk, Levi           32            Farmer    440       200
    (Hines) Malinda           30            Keeping House
          Geo.                12
       Malinda                10
         Nancy                 8
        Mollie                 4
[This was family 230 in 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Levi Funk md. Violet Malinda Hines, d/o Frederick &
Rebecca Hines, on 4/2/1857.  Geo. Funk, Md. Martha J. Hines, d/o Jacob & S. Hines, 7/26/1877; Malinda J. Funk
Md. W. C. Whitner, s/o Nancy Whitner, 12/19/1878.  Levi Funk served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

278.   Funk, Louisa           50            Keeping House       350  300
         Rosey                37
 Hale, Lucinda                 4
 Mastin, Byron                 8

135. Funk, Minitree           36            Farmer    400       300
(Williamson) Martha A.             32
   Pernelia J.                10
   Francis (f)                 9
        Elbert                 6
       Jno. C.                 5
         Polly                 3
      Lewis F.                 2
          Levi              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
[This was family 403 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Minitree Funk, s/o John Funk & Polly Vaughn, Md.
Martha A. Williamson, d/o William and Mary Williamson 1/19/1860.]

268.    Funk, Peter           30            Farmer              175          VA
         Rhoda                23                                             OH
            Wm                 6                                             OH
         Laura                 2                                             VA
[Peter C. Funk served in Company C, 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA.]

672.    Funk, Polly           62            Keeping House
         Friel                21            Farm Laborer

274. Funk, Rosamond           40            Keeping House (deaf & dumb)
     Elizabeth                 9
[Rosamond Funk was d/o Mary Funk b. 1780).  Siblings were Catherine Funk b. 1820; Louisa b. 1822; and Lucinda
b. 1827.]

582.  Gentry, Henry         35 B            Farm Laborer
        Hannah              35 B
         Ellen               4 B
        McCary          y 2/12 B            (B. Apr. 1870)
         Henry               7 B
          Lucy              70 B            No Occupation

597.  Gentry, Nancy           53            Keeping House       5000 1400
       Ephraim                19            At School
        Wm. F.                16            At School
      Emily J.                14            At School
       Letcher                11            At School
    Linticum, Julia           36
          Mary                 8
[This was family 709 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Nancy Greer Gentry, b. 2/16/1817 d. 5/5/1909 d/o
Aquilla Greer of Grassy Creek, was the widow of M. Ephraim Gentry who was b. in Surry Co., NC on 5/4/1804 and d.
1/3/1866.  M. Ephraim Gentry was s/o William Gentry.  The Gentry home was located near New River at the Mouth
of Peach Bottom Creek and served as the Greek Post Office, and Nancy was post-mistress.  Children of Ephraim &
Nancy Gentry were:  William Marshall Van Buren Gentry b. 2/20/1837 d. 4/4/1838; John Monroe Gentry b.
10/12/1839 d. 12/26/1861 of fever in Confederate Army; Aquilla Shelton Gentry b. 7/9/1842 d. 6/25/1875 killed by
Marsh Calloway after serving in the Confederate Army, md. Molly Woodruff and they had no children; Mary
Catherine Gentry b. 2/8/1845 d. 3/10/1922 md. Martin G. Alexander b. 7/15/1837 d. 3/21/1922 in 1865; Nancy Caro-

line Gentry b. 5/25/1847 d. 5/30/1870 md. John F. Greer, Jr. b. 5/24/1845 d. 7/3/1872; Juliette Virginia Gentry b.
5/12/1849 d. 4/27/1854; Ephraim Gentry, b. 9/30/1851 d. 9/29/1930 Md. (1) Mary L. Mitchell b. 4/18/1854 d. 2/2/1909
in MD and was d/o Dr. William M. Mitchell & Sophia Hale of Elk Creek;  Ephraim Gentry md. (2) Nelia Miller on
2/26/1911; William Freeland Gentry b. 6/16/1854 d. 5/7/1925 md. Ellen Thomas, d/o Dr. Fleming Thomas & Emily
Phipps, on 5/21/1890; Emily Jane Gentry b. 10/27/1856 d. 9/12/1919 Md. Alexander M. "Bud" Rhudy b. 12/28/1857
d. 1/2/1897, s/o Wm. & L. Rhudy, 4/3/1879; James Letcher Gentry b. 6/28/1859 d. 7/24/1881 md. Ellen Austin b.
4/15/1864 d. 1/18/1938 on 7/4/1880.  William Gentry's other sons were Richard who moved to AL; David Gentry who
moved to KY and William Gentry, Jr. who went to TN.]

471. Gibson, Thomas           40            Farm Laborer
          Mary                45
         Henry                16
         Susan                13
        Joseph                 5
[This appears to be family 170 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

342.            Gilbert, Morning                    34          Keeping House
        Winton                12
         Sarah                10
       William                 8
   Hall, Sally                85            No Occupation
[Sally Bedwell Hall, d/o William Bedwell pioneer settler, md. (1) William Hall on 9/17/1816 and md. (2) John Hall on
8/16/1821.  Sarah M. Gilbert, Md. John F. Wright, s/o William & C. Wright, 2/2/1880; Sally Hall was the mother of
Morning Gilbert, widow of John M. Gilbert, s/o H. S. Gilbert whom Morning had md. on 8/2/1854.  The Gilbert family
was from Patrick Co., VA.  Mourning's siblings included:  Warner Hall b. 1828; and Malinda Hall b. 1832.]

91.        Gillam, George Wesley                    31          Farmer    1200 200          NC
      Lydia J.                30
        Wm. L.                 1
 Phipps, Polly                12                                             NC
[G. W. Gillam served in Co., K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

655.  Goins, Dianah         51 M            Keeping House
        George              17 M
        Martha              15 M
       Minerva              10 M
        Moriah               6 B
        Albert              52 M            Farm Laborer             100

194.          Goins, Francis (f)                    52          Keeping House
Bowdan, Martha                30            Seamstress
  Goins, Eliza                24
[Despite considerable differences, this appears to be family 411 in the 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.  They were
listed as Mulattos at that time.]

193.           Goins, William H.                    25          Farm Laborer   125  100
       Melvina                26
    Bonams, Evaline           10            Domestic
[William H. Goins, s/o H. & T. Goins, Md. Melvina Littrell, d/o L. & S. Littrell, 12/28/1865.  William Goins may have
served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA or in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA, as a William Goins, served in both units.]

280.          Gregory, Andrew F.                    45          Farmer    8000 1500    Ireland
       Mary A.                32            Keeping House                         VA
       Mary C.                10
       Edward                  9
     Elizabeth                 8
          Emma                 6
        Andrew                 1
       Analina              13 M            Domestic
      Margaret               9 B            Domestic
      Victoria               7 B
Cornett, Wiley              35 B            Farm Laborer
Painter, William L.           40            Grocery Merch.           3500
  Painter, James B.           33            Grocery Merch.           2500
[Andrew F. Gregory probably moved to Grayson Co., VA in the 1860s.]

410. Griffy, Samuel           54            Farm Laborer
         Susan                26
      Jeremiah                 4
      Margaret              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[Name also spelled Griffith.  Another son, Jacob, was living in the home of Stephen Younce, a bootmaker, and Jacob
may have been apprenticed to him.  A daughter Martha was at school and living in the home of John Delp, who may
have been a court appointed guardian.  Permelia Griffy was also possibly a daughter and relative to Martin Brewer's
wife, Dicey Griffith Brewer, with whom she was living.  Permelia Griffy md. William D. Funk on 9/19/1876.]

436.Hackler, Andrew           38            Farm Laborer
 (Catron) Elizabeth           31
         Friel                12
        Lee J.                 9
        Kinley                 6
        Martha                 3
        George              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
[This was family 280 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Andrew Hackler, s/o George Hackler & Polly Hampton,
Md. Elizabeth Catron, d/o William Catron, on 1/31/1856.  A. J. Hackler served in the Grayson Co. Militia and was
listed on the 1898 Confederate Veterans Roster of Grayson Co. which indicates that he enlisted in the Confederate
Army in 1862 and served 3 years.]

437.Hackler, Calvin           30            Farmer    500       358
       Emaline                36                                             NC
        Allice                 8
       Mary F.                 6
        Joseph                 4
          John                 3
          Jane              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
[This was family 279 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  C. B. Hackler served in Co. I, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry,
CSA.  Calvin Hackler was s/o George Hackler & Polly Hampton.]

308. Hackler, David           38            Farmer    2000      1700
      Nancy A.                38
    Eliza Jane                15
        Allice                10
        Stuart                 8
[Ages do not concur, however, appears to be family 82, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  David Hackler served in the
Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

689.           Hackler, Garfield                    35          Farmer    1250 300
    (Halsey) Delpha           33            Keeping House
        Thomas                14
         Rossy                13
         Robt.                11
          Mary                 9
      Franklin                 7
         McCoy                 5
   Linticum, Alfred           16            Farm Laborer        300  120
[This was family 682 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Garfield Hackler, s/o George Hackler & Polly Hampton,
Md. Delphia S. Halsey in Ashe Co., NC on 5/26/1855.]

435.Hackler, George           69            Farmer    1000      668
    (Hampton) Polly           70            Keeping House
   McGrady, Emaline            9
[This was family 277 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  George Hackler, s/o Peter Hackler Md. Polly Hampton,
d/o Griggs Hampton & Phyllis Sutherland, on 4/6/1820.  Peter Hackler b. 3/6/1771 d. 9/1836 was s/o George &
Elizabeth Hackler of York Co., PA.  George Hackler, Sr. was b. 9/14/1754(?)  George & Polly's children were:
Andrew J. Hackler b. 1833; Garfield Hackler b. 1835; Hampton Hackler b. 1838; Calvin F. Hackler b. 1842; Franklin
Hackler b. 1845.]

698.Hackler, Griggs           48            Farmer    1000      250
(Taylor) Sarah                38
     Elizabeth                22
        Linnie                17
          John                16            Farm Laborer
          Geo.                14
[This was family 680 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Griggs Hackler Md. Sarah Taylor, d/o Burris Hale &
Peggy Sutherland, 4/1/1866, Sarah Hale Taylor was first Md. to James D. Taylor, family #600 in the 1860 Grayson
Co. Census.  John H. Hackler, Md. Serna Rector, d/o J. & M. Rector, 1/4/1872.  Griggs Hackler served in the
Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

24.  Hackler, J. W.           29            County Judge             1200
  (Rosseau) Mary V.           24
      Effie A.                 1
      Enola C.              4/12            (B. Feb 1870)
 Rosseau, Adda                22             No Occupation
[James Wiley Hackler, b. 5/22/1841 d. 1/9/1893 court judge and attorney was the son of Mary, Md. Mary V.
Rosseau, b. 6/22/1844 Fishing Creek, NC d. 2/9/1905.  Though his father's name is unknown, his paternal
grandparents were Coonrod Hackler & Mary Boyer.  James Wiley & Mary V. Hackler are buried in the Independence
Methodist Church Cemetery.  James Wiley Hackler served in Company C, 45th VA Inf. as SGT.  He enl. 5/29/1861
at Wytheville, sick when moved from Wytheville 7/12/1861, promoted to LT 5/1/1862, wounded in right arm at
Piedmont, arm amputated, retired 2/3/1865.  James & Mary Hackler's children were:  Effie A. Hackler b. 1868 md. a
Vaughn; Enula Hackler md. a Bane; Edgar Hackler md. Cora Phipps, d/o Dodge Phipps & Cena Mitchell, on
10/19/1898 and moved to Thomas, OK about 1095.]

381. Hackler, Jacob           56            Farm Laborer             175
 (Comer) Nancy                50
          Jane                18
        Minnie                14
        Amanda                12
  Scott, Sarah                21            Domestic
       Valarie              8/12            (B. Oct. 1869)
[Jacob Hackler b. 3/5/1815, s/o Peter Hackler & Molly Delp, Md. Nancy Comer, d/o John P. Comer, 1/29/1838.  Molly
Delp was d/o Peter Delp and md. Peter Hackler b. 3/6/1771 d. 9/1836, s/o George & Elizabeth Hackler, on
2/26/1799.  Jacob & Nancy's children were:  Thomas K. Hackler b. 1839; Churchwell Hackler b. 1840; John H.
Hackler b. 1842; Stephen H. Hackler b. 1844; Joseph C. Hackler b. 1846; Sarah E. Hackler b. 1848; Jane Hackler,
Md. Allen Sutherland, s/o J. & J. Sutherland, 11/16/1881; Minnie C. Hackler, Md. Wm. J. Cornett, s/o Jas. & C.
Cornett, 4/11/1878; and Amanda Hackler b. 1858.]

355.            Hackler, John K.                    24          Farm Laborer   600  300
       Evaline                23
         Robt.                 3
         James                 1
[John K. Hackler served in Company F, 4th VA Inf., CSA.  John K. Hackler was s/o Polly Hackler b. 1807.  His
siblings were:  James Wiley Hackler b. 1841 (See family 24, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census,
Ludema Hackler b. 1842; Mundana Hackler b. 1844; Martha L. Hackler b. 1849.]

688.           Hackler, Peter K.                    45          Farmer    600  400
        Darcus                36            Keeping House
       Elsy C.                13
    Fox, Saml.                12
[This was family 681 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA.  Peter K. Hackler served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  Peter
was s/o George Hackler & Polly Hampton.]

350.            Hackler, Stephen                    25          Farm Laborer        100
(Roark, Mary) Malvina              25
         Betty                 5
        Elvira                 4
            Wm                 2
         Nancy              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
[Stephen Hackler, s/o Jacob (b. 1813) & Nancy Hackler (b. 1821), Md. Mary Malvina Roark 7/24/1864.  Stephen
Hackler served in Co. F, 4th VA Inf. CSA.]

382.  Hackler, Wade           48            Farm Laborer        300  250
(Perkins) Mary                32
         James                14
       Stephen                12
     Elizabeth                10
          Lucy                 6
         Sarah                 4
[Family 44, 1860 Census of Grayson Co., VA.  Wade Hackler, s/o Peter Hackler * Molly Delp, md. Mary Perkins on
12/22/1852.  Stephen F. Hackler, Md. A. M. Toliver d/o L. & N. Toliver 9/20/1876; Elizabeth J. Hackler, Md. Jas. F.
Cornett, s/o Wiley & E. Cornett 4/14/1881; Lucy Hackler, Md. P. L. Shuler s/o Geo. & P. Shuler, 5/16/1882.  Wade
Hackler served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

68. Haga, Joseph F.           20            Farmer    400       100
       Malinda                22                                             NC
         Sarah                 3
 Landers, Levi              24 B            Farm Laborer
[Joseph F. Haga was s/o Jackson Haga (b. 1825) and Mary "Polly" Fry (b. 1827) who md. on 11/26/1845.  Joseph
Haga had a sister Susannah b. 1847.]

98.Haga, Polly                44            Keeping House       500  250
       Malinda                18
      Jincy C.                14
     Andrew J.                11
Farmer, Joseph                63
[Malinda Haga Md. Alexander Phipps, B. 10/25/1844 s/o Benjamin Phipps & Nancy Richardson of Mercer Co., WV

119.  Hale, Charles           58            Farmer    4000      1600
    (Bourn) Tolitha           40
          Lucy                13
     Charlotte                 8
      Chas. R.                12
        Elbert                10
         Flora                 5
         Ellen                 2
         Sally                13            At School
        Amelia                14            At School
[This was family 405 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Charles Hale Md. (1) Jane Sutherland, d/o John and
Isabella Sutherland ca. 1833, Md. (2) Rosamond A. Comer, d/o Henry & Elizabeth Comer, on 3/13/1856 and Md. (3)
Tobitha Bourn Hale, widow of Tivis Hale, and d/o Martin Bourne & Sarah Smith, on 11/17/1864 and father 15 or more
children.  Charles & Jane Hale's children were:  Fielden Hale b. 1834; Elvira Hale b. 1836; Orville Hale b. 1837;
Creed Hale b. 1838; Rosamond Hale b. 1844; Elizabeth Hale b. 1846; Jackson Hale b. 1848; John Hale b. 1849;
and Leah Hale b. 1852.  Charles & Rosamond Hale's children were:  Lucy Jane Hale was B. 1/14/1857; Charles
Reese Hale was B. 4/7/1858; Another child Mary C. Hale was born in 1859 and died 12/21/1859; Elbert M. Hale was
b. 10/7/1860; Charlotte Hale born 10/23/1862 Md. G. L. Delp, s/o Wm. & S. Delp 3/7/1878.  Children of Charles &
Tolitha Hale were:  Flora V. Hale Md. Martin Van Buren Cornett 9/13/1882; and Ellen Hale b. 1868.  Ref. p. 137.
Pioneer Settlers of Grayson Co., VA.  Ref. p. 66, Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory Descendants and Related

398.   Hale, Dudley           64            Farm Laborer
[Dudley Hale, s/o Francis Hale & Elizabeth Burris, was married to Susannah Wright, d/o Jacob & Rebecca Wright,
on 3/31/1829, who died prior to 1870 census.  His children were:  Polly Hale b. 1832; Fletcher Hale b. 1836 who
served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry CSA; Rufus H. Hale b. 1837 who served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry CSA; Melvina Hale
b. 1839; Matilda Hale b. 1840; and Rebecca Hale b. 1842.  Dudley lost a leg due to blood poison and is buried in the
Old Lebanon Cemetery, Elk Creek.]

283.   Hale, Eli C.           36            Farmer    8000      6800
 (Scott) Frances A.           33
    William L.                14            At School
      Robt. C.                12            At School
      Laura J.                10            At School
          Emma                 8
      Sarah C.                 6
        Mollie                 6
      Margaret                 2
       Maurice              8/12            (B. Oct 1869)
   Francis (f)                83
       Luzenia                50            Domestic
      Sarah C.                 7
        Wilson              36 B            Farm Laborer
        Edmond              24 B            Farm Laborer
           Ann              22 B            Domestic
        Tempey              14 B            Domestic
[This was family 366 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Eli Cook Hale was s/o Stephen Hale & Frances Bourne
(b. 1787).  Stephen Hale was s/o Lewis Hale & Mary Burwell.  Laura V. Hale, Md. James E. Vaughn, s/o J. W. & S.
A. Vaughn, 5/10/1881; Sarah C. Hale Md. James F. Hale, s/o Jane Hale 4/6/1880.  Eli C. Hale served in Co. C, 45th
VA Inf., CSA, enl. 5/61 at Wytheville, transferred to 9th VA Cavalry 7/1/1862.  Ref. P. 116-8, Nuckolls, Eli C. Hale,
13th child of Stephen Hale Md. Frances Scott, d/o William Scott and Elizabeth Porter.  Children were:  William
graduate of Emory and Henry, Superintendent of Schools, Represented in Grayson Co., in the state legislature, Md.
Mary Booher of TN; Robert Clarke Hale Md. Mary McLean; Maurice Hale Md. Kate Perkins, lived at Blue Springs, VA
in 1914; Laura Hale Md. Dr. Emmett Vaughn lived in Lynchburg, VA; Emma Md. Mr. Barnett lived in Lynchburg, VA
in 1914; Mary "Mollie" Md. Willis McKinney of Mt. Airy, NC; Callie Hale Md. Rev. John Pugh; Susan Hale Md. George
Lambert, etc.]

690.Hale, Elizabeth           49            Keeping House
        Julina                21
         Sarah                17
          Rush                14
[This was family 676 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Elizabeth Hale widow of Alfred Hale.  Juliana Hale Md.
Wiley McBride, s/o Wyatt and Cynthia McBride, 9/22/1870; Sarah J. Hale, Md. Haywood Blevins, s/o John & Adaline
Blevins, 1/27/1873.]

399. Hale, Fletcher           34            Farm Laborer
  (Winn) Sarah                20
         Polly              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[Fletcher Hale, s/o Dudley Hale & Susannah Wright, Md. Sarah Elizabeth Winn, d/o Josiah Winn & Amanda Jane
Dutting, 12/31/1868.  Fletcher Hale served in Co. F, 4th VA Inf., CSA.  Josiah Wynn d. in the Battle of First
Manassas while serving in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry CSA.]

120. Hale, Fountain           64            Farm Laborer             120
        Sarena                64                                             KY
         Rossa                19
         Sarah                16
         Frank                13

296.  Hale, Geo. W.           22            Farmer              100
      Wicks H.                72            Farm Laborer
         Patsy                50
      Caroline                29            No Occupation
  Fountain (m)                28            Farm Laborer
          Jno.                17
        Melvin                19
         Hicks                12
         Nancy                21
         Friel                 8
       Stephen                 6
         James                 4
       Rebecca                 9
[George W. Hale, was s/o Wicks H. Hale & Peggy Bryant, who md. on 6/6/1822.  Wicks (Wix) Hale was s/o Francis
Hale & Elizabeth Hale and moved to Cherokee Co., AL and apparently returned before this census.]

226.             Hale, Granville                  47 B
        Lottey              42 B
      Rice (m)              13 B
         Chas.              10 B
       Jno. W.               7 B
      Isabella               4 B
        Amelia               2 B

290. Hale, Jacob B.           36            Farm Laborer             125          MO
       Barbara                30
      Leftwich                14
        Losann                12
        Martha                 9
        Allice                 6
[This family 416 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Martha Hale, Md. R. F. Pauley, s/o Josiah & Ann Pauley,
9/22/1881.  Jacob B. Hale served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.]

389. Hale, Jacob L.           40            Farmer    150       100
(Tate) Lucinda                40
       Leonard                20            Farm Laborer
(Cornett) Elizabeth           19
        Thursa                18
         Sarah                16
        Wm. J.                13
       John L.                10
      Thos. J.                 8
          Levi                 4
         Friel                 1
[This was family 138 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Jacob L. Hale, s/o Thomas B. Hale & Elizabeth Burris,
md. Lucinda Elizabeth Tate (d. 8/8/1909) in Ashe Co., NC.  Leonard Hale, s/o Jacob L. & Lucinda E. Hale Md. R.
Elizabeth Cornett, d/o J. & S. Cornett, 3/24/1869; Thursa J. Hale Md. Kenley Robbins, s/o T. J. & E. Robbins,
12/23/1874; Sarah M. Hale Md. Wm. T. Comer, s/o John & S. Comer, 3/16/1873; Wm. J. Hale, Md. Mary J. Bryant,
d/o Nancy Bryant, 11/27/1876; Thos. J. Hale, Md. Milly C. Holbrook, d/o Wm. & P. Holbrook, 3/23/1882.  Jacob L.
Hale served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.]

149.  Hale, John C.           40            Blacksmith
         Susan                36
    (Frances) Fanny           17
       Jno. S.                12
        Elvira                11
        Wm. H.                 4
        Dellia              6/12            (B. Jan 1870)
[John C. Hale served in Co. 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.]

667.  Hale, John B.           32            Farm Laborer             100
    (Spurlin) Nancy           32            Keeping House
        Thomas                 8
[John B. Hale served in Co. F, 4th VA Inf. CSA.  John B. Hale md. Nancy Spurlin, d/o D. & S. Isom (sic) on

403.  Hale, John M.           36            Farmer    10000     2700
        Lenora                66            Keeping House
 Stuart, Smith              35 B            Farm Laborer
        Easter              25 B            Domestic
         Lydia               8 B
    Hale, Mary              20 B            Domestic
        Lenora               2 B
         Laura               1 B
       Preston              18 B            Farm Laborer
[John M. Hale served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry CSA and attained the rank of Captain.  John M. Hale (d.
10/22/1906 at Staunton, VA) was probably a s/o Stephen Hale and one of his two wives, Charlotte Dickenson, d/o
Martin & Polly Dickenson or Lenora Mitchell.]

691.     Hale, John           23            Farmer    300       180
  (Hampton) Rebecca           21
        Alfred             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
[John Hale, s/o Alfred Hale (d. 1854) & Elizabeth Jones, md. Rebecca Hampton, d/o A. & P. Hale, on 12/27/1866.
Alfred Hale was s/o John Hale & Rosamond Blair.  Rosamond Blair was d/o Thomas Blair.  John Hale, Sr. (d. 1845)
owned 1000 acres on Rock Creek was s/o William Hale & Lucy Stone.  Alfred & Elizabeth's other children were:
Nancy Hale b. 1839; Minitree Hale b. 1841; Rosamond J. Hale b. 1843 md. John W. Taylor on 1/10/1861; John Hale
b. 1845; Julina Hale b. 1848 who md. Wiley McBride, s/o Wyatt McBride on 9/22/1870; Sarah J. Hale b. 1850 md.
Haywood Blevins, s/o John & Adeline Blevins on 1/27/1873; and Rush F. Hale b. 1854 md. Nancy Cornett, d/o David
Cornett, on 11/14/1873.]

374.Hale, Josiah B.           38            Farmer    600       558
       Rebecca                31                                             NC
         Sarah                11
         Creed                10
         Rhoda                 8
         Rosey                 6
       Barbara                 4
       Stephen                 2
[Josiah B. Hale was s/o Thomas Hale (b. 1802) & Sarah Sutherland (b. 1802) who md. on 9/26/1816.  Sarah Hale
Md. Mastin L. Phillips, s/o S. & M. Phillips, 1/20/1876.  Josiah B. Hale's siblings were:  Morgan Hale b. 1835; Mary
Hale b. 1837; Levi Hale b. 1839; Frances Hale b. 1841; and Ephraim b. 1844.  Josiah B. Hale served in Company F,
4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.]

373.  Hale, Leonard           20            Farm Laborer             150
    (Cornett) Rhoda           18
    William A.              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
[Leonard T. Hale Md. Rhoda E. Cornett, d/o James C. & Sarah Jane Cornett, 3/24/1869.]

422. Hale, Margaret           61            Keeping House       1500 405
         Lewis                20            Farm Laborer
       Malinda                18
       Preston                14
     Elizabeth                 3
[Margaret Hale (b. 1805) was the widow of Lewis B. Hale who was s/o Burroughs Hale & Peggy Sutherland or Clara
Huddle.  Other children of Lewis B. & Margaret Hale were:  Leftwich Hale b. 1835; Mastin Hale b. 1847; Kesiah Hale
b. 1832; Matilda Hale b. 1836; and Sarah Hale b. 1838.]

223.   Hale, Martha           29            Keeping House
       Levi D.                12            Farm Laborer
        Amanda                 8
         Laura                 6
        Amelia                 5
         Nancy                 2
       Matilda                21            Seamstress
        Luzena                50            Domestic

233.   Hale, Mastin           65            Farmer    8000      1805
      Margaret                51
      Rosamond                35
Nuckols, Robt.                17            At School
        Lee A.                14            At School
        Winnie              52 B            Domestic
[This would appear to be family 163 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  His wife at that time was Susan,
therefore Margaret may have been a second wife.  Mastin Hale was s/o Dudley Hale & Nancy Burris.  Dudley Hale
was s/o Lewis Hale (b. 1746 d. 1802) & Mary Burwell (b. 1744), who are counted among the first 15 settlers of
Grayson Co.  Lewis Hale was s/o George Hale b. 1728 d. 1806 and Sarah Smith.]

425.   Hale, Mastin           23            Farmer    500       300
      Caroline                22
[Mastin Hale was s/o Lewis B. & Margaret Hale.  He served in Co. G, 14th VA Cavalry, CSA, enlisting on 3/1/1864 in
Grayson Co.]

687. Hale, Minitree           29            Farm Laborer        200  175
         Nancy                25            Keeping House
     Alfred L.                 2
[Minitree Hale served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry and in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry CSA.  Minitree Hale was s/o Alfred
Hale & Elizabeth Jones.]

284.Hale, Peyton G.           48            Farmer    4500      5585
 (Bourne) Jane                46
      Nancy V.                26
          Lucy                19            At School
          Elly                15            At School
        Cennia                13            At School
         James              28 M            Farm Laborer
         Elias              14 B            Farm Laborer
        Rachel              46 B            Domestic
[Peyton G. Hale, was youngest s/o William Hale & Lucy Stone, md. (1) Amanda Cornett on 10/17/1850 and md. (2)
Jane Bourne.  Nancy V. Hale, Md. F. J. Hale, s/o W. & M. Hale, 6/27/1872.  Ref. P. 73 Nuckolls.]

291.  Hale, Preston         40 B            Farm Laborer
         Eliza              30 B
Braxon, Amanda              21 B                  (Md. July 1869)
        Joseph              22 B
      Eliza J.               1 B
      Henry M.               5 B
 Hale, William              22 B            Farm Laborer
        Jestin              17 B            No Occupation
      Mourning              16 B            Farm Laborer
        Martha              17 B            Farm Laborer

666. Hale, Rosamond           75            Keeping House       1800 800
          John                10

238. Hale, Sarah A.           46            Keeping House       4000 832
         Nancy                11
  Barker, George C.           24            Farm Laborer
     Elizabeth                65            Domestic
   Dickenson, T. J.           21            At School
[George C. Barker was likely s/o Elizabeth Barker.]

205.    Hall, Byram           26            Farm Laborer
         Celia                24
        James                  3
      Caldonia             11/12            (B. Jul 1869)
[Byram Hall served in Company C, 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA.  Byram Hall Md. Celia Vaught, d/o Andrew and Sydney
Vaught, above on, 1/24/1866.]

480.   Hall, Calvin           28            Farm Laborer             180
    (Fag) Jane                27
       Malinda                 8
         Susan                 5
        Luella                 2
          Emma              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[Calvin J. Hall, s/o John (b. 1800) & Sarah Hall, Md. Jane Fagg, d/o Louisa Hall (sic), 12/23/1859; Malinda Hall, Md.
James Coomes, s/o J. T. & Coomes; Susan Hall, Md. A. J. Coomes, s/o James T. & A. Coomes, 3/18/1882.  Calvin
Hall served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.]

409. Hall, Eldridge           48            Farmer    600       325
         Eliza                42
        Amanda                22
        Wm. R.                20
         Chas.                16
       Geo. L.                13
         Lydia                11
        Warner                 9
         Sarah                 4
        Minnie              5/12            (B. Jan. 1870)
[An Eldridge Hall was living alone in household 35 in 1860, with family living in household 36.  The ages do not
coincide, however, the names do.  Eldridge Hall was s/o Elisha & Lucinda Hall.  Chas. H. Hall Md. Jestin E. Cornett
d/o W. & E. Cornett, 1/6/1876; Geo. L. Hall Md. T. E. Stone, d/o James H. & Katy Stone, 3/2/1880; Sarah A. Hall,
Md. James Kegley, s/o D. F. & C. Kegley, 11/30/1882.  Eldridge Hall Md. Lizean Roberts 3/28/1847.  Eldridge Hall
served in the Grayson Co. Militia and in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

657.   Hall, George           40            Blacksmith
    (Louisa?) Eliza           35
        Joseph                15
     Elizabeth                11
         Lydia                 6
[Joseph M. Hall, Md. Virginia Lyons, d/o Azariah & Zilpha Lyons, 2/25/1875.  George Hall served in Co. K, 51st VA
Inf. CSA.]

621.  Hall, Jackson           23            Farm Laborer                          NC
         Nancy                24            Keeping House                         NC
          Jane                 7                                             NC
          Mary                 4                                             NC
          Rosy                 2                                             VA

662.    Hall, James           48            Farmer    1500      350
         Polly                46
          Rosy                12
        George                14
 Cole, Lorenza                10
[This was family 718 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James Hall was probably s/o John Hall (b. 1800) & Sally
Bedwell (b. 1810).  James was brother of Eldridge Hall.  Rosy Hall Md. George W. Warrick, s/o E. & Betty Warrick,
9/27/1877; George Hall Md. Elizabeth Carr, d/o F. & N. Carr, 5/20/1875.  James Hall served in Co. C, 63rd VA
Infantry, CSA.]

478.     Hall, John           70            Farm Laborer             120
    (Bedwell) Sarah           60
   Cole, Sarah                10            Domestic
Sexton, Martin                21            Farm Laborer
[This was family 657 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  John Hall md. Sarah Bedwell on 8/16/1831.  Martin
Sexton Md. Lucinda Combs, d/o James Combs, 10/4/1876.  John & Sarah's children were:  Jane Hall b. 1830; Emily
Hall b. 1831; Besty Hall b. 1834; Calvin Hall b. 1838; John Hall b. 1843; and Richard Hall b. 1848.]

513.            Hall, Rebecca J.                    22          Keeping House
       John W.                 1

380.   Hall, Warner           47            Farm Laborer             100
(Martin) Polly                34
       Stephen                13
          Geo.                 9
        Bettie                 7
         James                 6
          Mary                 4
       Barbara             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
    Martin, Clinton           10                                             TN
[Probably Family 47, 1860 Census of Grayson Co., VA.  Warner Hall md. Mary Martin on 9/12/1852.  George Hall,
Md. Sallie Carrico, d/o S. & J. Carrico, Md. 4/18/1880.  Warner Hall served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

663.  Hall, William           19            Farm Laborer
        Amanda                19
        Andrew              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
         Jacob                21            Farm Laborer
      Caroline                24            Spinner
[Jacob Hall, d/o James & Polly Hall, Md. Susan Warrick, d/o Ephraim & Elizabeth Warrick, 6/29/1873.]

6.    Ham, Enoch J.           25            Farmer Laborer           100          VA
     Martha A.                21
      Thos. F.                 3
       Mary E.                 1
       Mazy L.             10/12            (B. Mar 1869)
[Family 798 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA census.  E. J. Ham served in Co. F, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA was captured
at Seven Pine, VA on 5/31/1862 and was exchanged and went AWOL in 10/1862.]

89. Ham, Enoch                63                                150
       Malinda                55
    Solomon C.                16
[This was family 798 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Enoch Ham, s/o John Ham & Sarah Landreth B. 1814 D.
1899 in Grayson Co. Md. Malinda Taylor, d/o William and Mary Taylor.  Solomon C. Ham was a Primitive Baptist
Minister and settled at Flat Ridge and established a Church there with the place being known as Solomon's Temple.
Solomon died in the home of his son Lonnie, near Independence in the 1930s.]

90.  Ham, Thomas F.           21            Farmer    800       150
          Jane                19
         Thos.              4/12            (B. Feb. 1870)
[Thomas F. Ham, s/o Enoch & Malinda Ham was member of household 798 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

62.    Ham, William           63            Farmer    600       700          NC
     Elizabeth                50                                             NC
      Polly J.                18                                             NC
          John                18            Farm Laborer                          NC
        Andrew                17            Farm Laborer                          NC
          Lucy                16                                             NC
          Hugh                14            Farm Laborer                          NC
        Josiah                13                                             NC
         Ralph                10                                             NC
Osborn, Alfred                18            Farm Laborer                          VA

88.Ham, William M. C.              28       Farmer              200
         Polly                29
      Enoch K.                 4
      Linda E.                 2

646.Hampton, Andrew           55            Farmer    1800      800
(Andrews) Mary                59
        Griggs                16            Farm Laborer
  Johnson, Margaret           26
     Alexander                 2
[Andrew Hampton, s/o Griggs Hampton (b. 11/22/1788) Md. (1) Mary Isom, d/o Spencer Isom, 7/8/1833.  Griggs
Hampton was s/o Andrew Hampton, Sr.  Andrew Hampton Md. (2) Polly Andrews (Anders).  This was family 636 in
the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  A Margaret Hampton, age 15 was living with the family in 1860, and is probably
Margaret Johnson above.  Andrew Hampton's children by his fist wife were:  Ephraim Hampton b. 1835 and was
killed in the Civil War and md. Sarah Jennings (b. 1835); Susannah Hampton b. 1838; Phyllis Hampton b. 1840;
Isom Hampton b. 1842 who was killed in the Civil War; Margaret "Peggy" Hampton b. 1844; Rebecca Hampton b.
1846; and Griggs Hampton b. 1852. ]

253.  Harris, James         34 B            Stone mason
        Hannah              32 B
         James              15 B            Farm Laborer
        Jordan              13 B            Farm Laborer
         Rosey              11 B            At School
      Victoria               9 B
          Emma               7 B
       Jno. W.               1 B

169.  Hawk, Fielden           27            Farm Laborer             125
        Martha                26
[Fielden Hawks was s/o Isaac (b. 1809) & Aletha Hawks (b. 1817).  Fielden Hawks' siblings were:  Matilda Hawks b.
1843; and Stephen Hawks b. 1847.]

678.    Hawk, Isaac           61            Farmer    900
        Alitha                51                                200
       Stephen                23
      Peter J.                20            Farm Laborer
        Marila                17
         Saml.                12
[Stephen E. Hawk Md. N. C. Vaught, d/o J. & A. Vaught, 3/27/1879.]

677.   Hawk, Martin           64            Farmer    900
         Susan                54            Keeping House
         Creed                22            Farm Laborer
        Elbert                24            Farm Laborer
        Thursa                15
       Ephraim                13
         Polly                66            House Keeper             150
[This was family 255 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Elbert Hawk Md. Z. E. Daniel, d/o E. & E. Daniel,

699.Hawkins, Burton           45            Farmer    700       375
    (Taylor) Martha           38                                             NC
         James                12
          John                 9
           Wm.                 8
       Bluford                 4
          Mary                 2
    Ham, Sarah                52            House Keeper
Hawkins, (Sexton) Ruth             90       No Occupation                         NC
[This was family 688 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Burton Hawkins, Jr. s/o Burton Hawkins Sr. & Ruth
Sexton, md. Martha Ann Taylor on 5/29/1856 in Ashe Co., NC.  Burton Hawkins, Sr. & Ruth Sexton, living above,
were md. on 9/4/1810 and lived on Rock Creek.  Ruth Sexton was d/o Prior Sexton.  Burton Hawkins, Jr.'s son M. A.
Hawkins md. Susan Poole, d/o N. S. Poole, on 9/13/1838.  Calvin Hawkins md. Polly Jane Simcock, d/o Joel & Sally
Simcock, on 8/5/1858.  John Hawkins, Md. Jestin Carr, d/o W. & P. Carr, 11/17/1880.  Would suspect that Barton
(Burton?) and William Hawkins were brothers and each had care of one parent.  Burton Hawkins served in Co. C,
8th VA Cavalry and in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA.  He was discharged for chronic rheumatism on 6/20/1863, then
age 39.]

700.   Hawkins, Wm.           43            Farmer    500       944          NC
(McBride) Mary                38
        Burton                85            Farmer
  McBride, Franklin           13            Farmer
 Johnson, Geo.                15
[William Hawkins, b. 10/18/1826 d. 11/22/1894, s/o Burton Hawkins and Ruth Sexton, Md. Mary Jane McBride
8/17/1851 in Ashe Co. NC.  William Hawkins is buried in the Rock Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery and was
ordained Primitive Baptist minister on 11/5/1870.  Franklin McBride Md. Alice Sexton, 9/26/1880??  This was family
860 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  William Hawkins served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA and/or Co. C, 8th VA
Cavalry, CSA.]

684.   Hawkins, Wm.           34            Farm Laborer
         Susan                22            keeping House
[William Hawkins served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA and/or Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.]

246.   Hawks, Frank           28            Farm Laborer             260
(Catron) Polly                36
         Sally                 4
        Amanda                 2
         Nancy              5/12            (B. Jan. 1870)
  Green, James                16
       Stephen                12
        Thursa                11
Hale, Caroline                29            Domestic
[Frank Hawks, Md. M. J. Catron, d/o W. & M. Catron 11/28/1867.  Franklin Hawks served in Company F, 4th VA Inf.,
CSA.  He is buried in the Summerfield Methodist Church Cemetery.]

511.   Hawks, Lydia           33            Keeping House
          Mary                 6
          John                 3
         James                 2
[Lydia Hawks was d/o Abraham & Bulah Hawks.  Lydia Hawks md. William T. Trent, s/o W. & P. Trent, on

482.Head, Alexander           51            Farm Laborer                          NC
  (Moss) Nancy                28
        Joshua                 5
          Ruth                 3
   Artitia (f)                 1                                             NC
  Moss, Phoebe                11
[Would appear to be Alexander Head, family 887 in the 1850 Ashe Co., NC Census.  At that time his wife was
Louisa, 42, B. VA, Wm, 13, and Elizabeth Faircloth, 35, was living in this household.  They were living in Helton
Township at that time.  This also may have been family 855 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  He was the s/o
William & Catherine Head of Sampson Co., NC.  Alexander Head md. (2) Nancy Moss b. 1839, d/o Andrew &
Hannah Moss, on 11/28/1863.]

368.            Henderson, James                    29          Farm Laborer                     NC
     Elizabeth                28
       Sophina              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)

641. Hensley, Lydia           52            Keeping House
         Heath                16
        Andrew                14
         David                12
          Mary                 5

311.         Herrington, John C.                    70          Brick Mason    400  291     England
         Nancy                46
     Elizabeth                32
[Family 67, 1860, Grayson Co., VA Census.  John C. Herrington b. 1797 in England d. 12/9/1874 md. Catherine
Huddle.  His 9 children were:  Nancy Herrington b. 1824; Peter Herrington b. 1825; Barbara Ann Herrington b. 1828;
Stephen Herrington b. 1831; William Herrington b. 1834 who served in Co. I2, 21st VA Cavalry, CSA; Rosamond
Herrington b. 1835; Elizabeth Herrington b. 1838 who md. (1) R. K. Roberts on 4/14/1867; Mitchell Herrington b.
1839; and Charles W. Herrington b. 1841..]

197.           Herrington, Peter                    44          Farmer         150
   (Martin) Matilda           45
       Lucy P.                16
   Francis (f)                12
          John                 9
      Tivis E.                 7
      Celia J.                 1
[This was family 190 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  P. K. Herrington served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.
Peter Herrington b. 11/15/1825, was s/o John C. Herrington & Catherine Huddle, md. Matilda Martin on 9/2/1852.
Peter Herrington was also a physician and lived in the Herrington Settlement, Bethel Community, Upper Elk Creek.]

364.         Herrington, Stephen                    38          Farmer    650  508
    (Carrico) Sarah           33
      Alvis R.                13
          Geo.                12
        Gideon                10
          Jane                 8
          Mary                 5
      Margaret                 1
Anderson, Mary                65
[Family 33 in 1860 Grayson Co., VA census.  Stephen Herrington, s/o John C. Herrington & Catherine Huddle, Md.
Sarah Carrico, d/o James Carrico, 7/10/1855; Geo. C. Herrington, Md. Rhoda Cole, d/o James & Rebecca Cole,
11/28/1881; Gideon Herrington Md. Luany Hale, d/o Joseph B. & Rebecca Hale, 2/17/1881.  Mary Anderson may be
the same as was living in household 1243 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

310.         Herrington, William                    35          Farmer    800  930
       Matilda                21
       John A.                13
    William L.                11
    Beauregard                 9
        Amanda                 5
      Bradford                 3
     Joseph G.                 2
       Rosy B.                 1
    Hall, Catherine           60
[Family 66, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  William Herrington was s/o John C. Herrington & Catherine Huddle.
Beauregard Herrington Md. Mary Elizabeth Boyer, d/o Churchwell Boyer and Amanda J. Miller.  Joseph G.
Herrington Md. Verda Boyer, d/o Churchwell Boyer and Amanda J. Miller.  John A. Herrington Md. Frankey E.
Cornett, d/o James Cornett of Comer's Rock.  Amanda Herrington Md. James A. H. Shuler, 11/12/1880.  William
Herrington served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA and in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA.]

552. Hethorn, Jacob         26 B            Farm Laborer
        Levina              27 B
          Mary               7 B
      Angeline               5 B
          John               4 B
          Dock               3 B

428. Hicks, William           51            Boot & Shoe Maker
     Catherine                47
         Chas.                21            Apr to Boot Maker
         Wiley                26            Shoe Maker
      Eliza A.                18            (Md. May 1870)
[Chas. P. Hicks Md. Maggie A. Pool, d/o John R. Pool, 3/23/1880.  May have been family 1345 in the 1860 Grayson
Co., VA Census.  There are many differences in the two records and this speculation may be in error.  Other children
were:  Henry Hicks b. 1848; William Hicks b. 1853; Catherine Hicks b. 1856; and Martha Hicks b. 1858.  Some of
these children may not have survived childhood.]

142.            Hines, Frederick                    58          Farmer    300  175
  (Daniels) Rebecca           52
     Charlotte                26
        Hannah                21
        Delila                17
       Lucinda                16                                             TX
        Eli J.                15            At School
       Fielden                12            At School
      Margaret                11            At School
 Hall, Malinda                 3
[Frederick Hines was likely s/o Jacob (b. 1785) & Hannah Hines (b. 1784).  Frederick Hines md. Rebecca Daniels on
7/18/1839.  Charlotte T. Hines Md. John M. Hall 7/7/1863 (died in Civil War?); Hannah E. Hines Md. Mitchell T. Pool,
s/o Franklin Pool 12/28/1873; Fielden Hines, Md. Ann Funk, d/o And. & M. Funk 8/28/1879.]

138.  Hines, George           60            Farmer    1000      300
   (Anderson) Polly           52
       Kansady                21
  (Mary?) Jane                17
         Freel                20            At School
       Geo. W.                13            At School
[George Hines, probably s/o Jacob Hines (b. 1785), md. Polly Anderson, d/o Jesse Anderson, on 12/12/1837.  Their
children were:  Johnson Hines b. 1837 who md. Mary A. Funk, d/o Jesse & Sarah Funk on 10/8/1860; Caroline
Hines b. 1842; Catherine Hines b. 1844; Eli Hines b. 1846; Canzada Hines b. 1849; Mary Jane Hines Md. F. M.
Hawk s/o M. & S. Hawk 11/16/1881; Freel Hines; and George Washington Hines.  This was family 233 in the 1860
Grayson Co., VA Census.]

140.  Hines, Hannah           83            Keeping House       600               NC
     Charlotte                56
       Lucinda                43
       William                16            At School
 Vaughn, Polly                20            Domestic
[Hannah Hines was the widow of Jacob Himes, and living with two daughters and a grandson.]

137.   Hines, Jacob           37            Farmer              200
         Susan                39
     Martha J.                11            At School
    Elivira A.                10            At School
[Jacob Hines s/o John (b. 1809) & Sally Hines (1809) md. Sarah Welsh, d/o Patsy Welsh, on 3/22/1857.  Martha J.
Hines Md. Geo. M. Funk, s/o Levi & M. Funk, 7/27/1877.  Jacob G. Hines served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.]

136.    Hines, John           60            Farmer    400       300
         Sally                39
          Mary                47            No Occupation
      Crockett                26            Farm Laborer              60
 Brewer, John?                16            Farm Laborer
          Mary                15
         Rufus                10
         Sarah                12
        Winton             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
[John Hines was probably another s/o Jacob & Hannah Hines.]

143. Hines, Johnson           33            Farmer              275
         Polly                31
      Celia J.                 9
      James R.                 2
[It would appear that Johnson Hines was s/o George & Mary Hines and member of Family 233 in the 1860 Grayson
Co., VA Census.  Johnson Hines served in Co. F, 4th VA Inf., CSA.]

616.          Hodges, William A.                    48          Farm Laborer
          Mary                46
           Wm.                17
      Pricilla                15
          Jane                14
         David                11
          Mary                10
        Gideon                 6
         Rhoda             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
   South, Mary                84            No Occupation
[This was family 703 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  William A. Hodges served in the Grayson Co. Militia,
CSA.  William A. Hodges served in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA.  Mary Smith may have been Mary
Hodges' mother.]

615.             Hodges, William                    28          Farm Laborer
         Sarah                22
     Granville                 3
       Haywood                 1
         Sarah                22            Weaver
[William Hodges was probably a s/o William Hodges of household 616 Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA
Census.  Probably the William Hodges who served in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry.]

370.            Hodgson, Abraham                    32          Farm Laborer        100          TN
         Susan                23                                             NC
        Martha                 8                                             VA
Pore, Elisa C.                31            Farm Laborer                          NC

390.       Holbrooks, William E.                    28          Farm Laborer                     NC
         Nancy                18            (Md. Sep. 1869)
         Eliza                11
         Milla                10
         Sarah                 8
         Susan                 3
[Family 104, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Eliza J. Holbrooks Md. Marian Russell, s/o Jno. & M. Russell,
1/13/1875; Milly C. Holbrooks Md. Thos. J. Hale, s/o J. L. & L. E. Hale, 3/23/1882.]

293.  Howard, Frank         35 B            Farm Laborer
          Lucy              35 B
        Louisa               7 B
     Elizabeth               5 B
        Melvin               3 B

299. Hubble, Thomas           33            Farmer              1884
        Andrew                18            Farm Laborer
Bryson, Americus (f)        55 B            House Keeping
         Sarah              20 B            Domestic
      Martha             10/12 M            (B. Jul 1869)

346.Hushower, Peter           46            Farm Laborer             200
(Hall) Malinda                38
       John E.                 8
[Probably same as family 43, 1860 census.  I transcribed the surname in 1860 as Hushhouse.  Peter Hushower md.
Malinda Hall on 8/5/1852.  Peter Hushower served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA and in Co. I, 37th Battalion VA
Cav., CSA.  Three other children were no longer at home:  Sarah C. Hushower b. 1854; Rachel S. Hushower b.
1857; and Martha A. Hushower and these may have died young.  Sarah Hall lived with this family in 1860 and was
Malinda's mother.  Sarah was Sarah Bedwell, d/o William Bedwell, and md. Richard Hall on 9/7/1816.]

651.    Isom, David           65            Farmer    4400      1820
         Sarah                66
         David                22
   Hale, Sarah                24
   Pullins, William           13            Farm Laborer
    Salmon, Jackson           15            Farm Laborer
[David Isom may have been the s/o John & Charity Isom, Jr.  David & Sarah's children no longer at home were:
Mary Isom b. 1835; Spencer Isom b. 1836; Lowell Isom b. 1838; Nancy Isom b. 1839; Sarah Ann Isom b. 1841; and
Elizabeth Isom b. 1844.  David Isom, b. 1848, may have served in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry, enlisting on
5/1/1864 at Saltville, was taken prisoner at Lynchburg, VA on 6/17/1864 and sent to Camp Chase, OH and was
exchanged on 3/2/65 then age 18.]

669.  Isom, Edwards         30 B            Teacher
         Sarah              25 B
         Betty               5 B
          John               1 B

648. Isom, James H.           43            Farmer    175       100
(Hampton) Mary                43
        George                10
        Andrew                 9
          John                 7
         Nealy                 5
         Margy                 4
[James Henley Isom Md. Mary Hampton, d/o Griggs Hampton, 4/25/1844.  This was family 639 in the 1860 Grayson
Co., VA Census.  James H. Isom served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA.  Other children of James H. & Mary Isom
were:  Littrell Isom; Susan Isom; and Mary Isom.]

712.  Isom, John R.           35            Farm Laborer        200  150
         Sally                35
        Thomas                12
      Margarey             11/12            (B. Jul 1869)

643.   Isom, Lowell           34            Farmer    1000      887
      Rosamond                34
     Elizabeth                 9
      Crockett                 5
          Jane                 2
         Sally              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[Lowell Isom served as 2nd Lt. in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA.  Lowell Isom was s/o David & Sarah Isom.]

702. Isom, Minitree           32            Farmer              150
         Nancy                30            Keeping House
         Betty                11
       Spencer                 9
       William                 7
         Julia                 5
         Sarah                 4
       Fielden                 2
[This was family in 645 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Minitree Isom served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.
Minitree Isom was s/o John (b. 1816) & Sally Isom (b. 1817).  Minitree Isom's siblings were:  Spencer Isom b. 1838;
James Isom b. 1840; William Isom b. 1842; Fielden Isom b. 1843; Susan Isom b. 1844; David Isom b. 1845; John
Isom b. 1847; Nancy Isom b. 1849; Charles Isom b. 1851; Daniel Isom b. 1854; Thomas Isom b. 1856; and Betty
Isom b. 1857.]

701.    Isom, Sarah           46            Keeping House
         Susan                24

144.            Jackson, John S.                    37          Wheelwright    600  400          NC
  (Troy) Polly                27
      Nancy J.                10            At School
       Mary E.                 9
   Francis (f)                 6
      Margaret                 5
      James E.                 1
[Jno. S. Jackson, s/o John & Nancy Jackson Md. Polly Troy, d/o Henry & Nancy Troy 7/20/1856.  John S. Jackson
served in Co. C, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  This was family 260 in the 1860 Grayson Census.  John S. Jackson may have
been the s/o Addison Jackson (b. 1812) and wife Matilda.]

304.            Jackson, John E.                    72          Farm Laborer        100          NC
          Ruth                54                                             NC

182. Jackson, Milas         50 B            Farm Laborer             100          NC
       Lucinda              50 B                                             NC
         Clark              13 B
      Harrison               8 B
        Louisa               6 B
        Daniel               5 B
      Chas. R.               2 B

541.            Jenkins, Charles                    49          Farm Laborer
        Mariah                48
       Anthony                15            Farm Laborer
        Mariah                13
         Chas.                12
       Harriet                10
          Mary                 8
         Fanny                 6
       William                 4
      Virginia              8/12            (B. Oct. 1869)

617.           Jennings, Charity                    56          Keeping House  800  300          NC
        Martin                21            Farm Laborer                          NC
         Peggy                16                                             NC
  Phadis, Jack                25            Farm Laborer                          VA
[Charity Jennings, widow of Thornton, was living in household 144, in the 1850 Ashe Co., NC census.  Thornton &
Charity Jennings children were:  William Jennings b. 1841; Frances Jennings b. 1843; John Jennings b. 1844;
Thomas Jennings b. 1846; Martin Jennings b. 1847; Susan Jennings b. 1851; and Peggy Jennings b. 1854.  Some
of these children may not have survived childhood.]

145.          Jennings, Margaret                    24          Keeping House       140          NC
      Jesse S.                 3                                             NC
  Jackson, Jesse C.           30                                             NC

606.           Jennings, Solomon                    55          Farmer    2000 785          NC
     Elizabeth                45            Keeping House
       William                19            Farm Laborer
         Ellen                17
       Solomon                15            Farm Laborer
Wilson, Martha                17            Domestic
 Mathews, Mary                12            Domestic
[Solomon Jennings's other children were:  Frances Jennings b. 1837; Patsey Jennings b. 1838; John Jennings b.
1841; Jesse Jennings b. 1842; and Luke Jennings b. 1844.]

618.            Jennings, Thomas                    23          Farmer         300          NC
    (Calloway) Jane           23            Keeping House
         Ellen             11/12            (B. July 1869)
[Thomas Jennings, s/o Thomas & Charity Jennings, Md. Jane Calloway, d/o H N. & P. Calloway, 11/2/1868.  He was
a member of household 144 in the 1850 Census of Ashe Co., NC, the area that became Alleghany in 1859.  Thomas
Jennings enlisted in Co. C, 45th VA Infantry on 3/14/1864 in Smyth Co., VA.]

609.           Jennings, William                    30          Farm Laborer        250
         Emily                26
      Saml. H.                 3
     Catherine                 2
[William Jennings served in Co. C, 45th VA Inf. CSA, B. 7/25/1840 D. 12/9/1926, enl. 6/24/1861 at Wytheville, WIA
at Cloyd's Mountain 5/9/1864, captured at Piedmont 6/5/1864, POW at Camp Morton, exchanged 2/26/1865.]

623.           Johnson, Benjamin                    54          Farmer    1400 400          NC
     Elizabeth                43                                             VA
          John                20                                             NC
         Allen                15                                             TN
        Borden                10                                             TN
     Elizabeth                 6
      Virginia                 2
 Robinson, Virginia           44            Seamstress
   Brown, Rush              15 B            Farm Laborer
 Gamble, Julia              18 B            Domestic                         NC
       Malinda               2 B                                             NC

233. Johnson, Creed         29 B            Farm Laborer
           Ann              21 B
         Clark              24 B            Deaf & Dumb
  Lavinday (f)              50 B            No Occupation

254.            Johnson, Gilbert                  41 B          Farm Laborer        100
        Mahona              34 M
          Geo.              22 M            Farm Laborer
    America A.              19 M            Farm Laborer
      James C.              17 M            Farm Laborer
      Eliza J.              15 M            Farm Laborer
         Friel              13 M
        Mollie              10 M
      Mitchell               9 M
         Nancy               2 M

214. Johnson, Henry           62            Farm Laborer                          NC
       Adaline                42                                             NC
      Caroline                19                                             NC
         Nancy                18                                             NC
       Emaline                12                                             NC
         James                14            Idiotic                          NC
        Hiller                 8                                             NC
[Emaline Johnson, Md. Thurman Reid, s/o Amos & S. Reid, 4/19/1880.]

550. Johnson, Lotty         44 B            Keeping House
         Betty               9 B
         Alice               6 B
Stuart, Hannah              22 B
       Abraham               2 B
 Johnson, Mary              26 B
        Rosann              10 B
        Martha               1 B
      William             8/12 B            (B. Oct. 1869)

644.          Johnson, Thomas J.                    24          Farm Laborer
      Margaret                28
          Mary                 1

9.     Jones, Abner           39            Constable 400       800          VA
 (Pool) Jemima                22
   Pool, Susan                53            Domestic
   Jones, Mollie E.            4
    Jones, Minty B.            2
 Lemmons, Jas.                16            Farm Laborer                          NC
 Taylor, Robt.                15            Farm Laborer                          VA
[Susan Pool may have been the same as was living in household 721 in the 1860 Census.  At that time, a Jeremiah,
as transcribed, was living in this household.  Abner Jones was s/o Mark & Frances Jones and md. Jemima Pool, d/o
Susan Pool, on 10/27/1864.  Mark Jones was s/o George Jones of Brush Creek Carroll Co., VA and one of his two
wives, Alice Johnson or Jane Carrico.  Patsy A. Pool d/o Susan Pool, Md. 10/27/1864.  May have been the same
family as found in family 673 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Abner Jones served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry,
CSA with the rank of Sergeant.]

539.   Jones, David           64            Farm Laborer        200  100
          Jane                40
         James                20
          Mary                22
         Saml.                15
         Sarah                 3
[This appears to be family 423 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  David Jones, actually born in Ohio, was the s/o
Brush Creek George Jones.]

514.Jones, Franklin         38 B                                             NC
       Lucinda              20 B
         Creed              12 B
         Wiley              11 B
         Alice              10 B
          Geo.               9 B
         Ellen               5 B
         James               4 B
    Noday (f)             9/12 B            (B. Sep 1869)
   Bryan, Rose              12 B
       Nancy             10/12 B            (B. Aug. 1869)
  Wassum, Jane                60            No Occupation
[Alice Jones Md. Mark Bryant, s/o L. & F. Bryant, 5/17/1879.]

465.   Jones, Henry         48 M            Farm Laborer
       Lucinda              32 M
         Robt.               8 M
          Mary               5 M

8.   Jones, John B.           42            Lawyer              300          WV
      Patsy A.                40                                             WV
     Willie A.                14                                             WV
    Mary M. D.                11                                             WV
  Thomas, Nannie L.           21            Teacher                          NC
    Kelly, Linticum           14            Domestic                         NC

498.    Jones, Mark           62            Farmer    400       180
     Elizabeth                45
          Mary                16
           Ann                14
   Head, Cilia                45                                             TN
[This was family 669 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  In 1860 Mark's wife was named Frances.  Another son,
Abner Jones lived in household #9, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Mark was s/o George Jones
of Brush Creek, Carroll Co., VA.]

429.  Jones, Thomas         62 B            Farm Laborer             100
       Morning              50 B
        Amanda              23 B            Weaver
         Betty              21 B            Weaver
         Chas.              17 B            Farm Laborer
         Friel              16 B            Farm Laborer
       Minerva              14 B
         Laura              10 B
         Thos.               7 B
 Bourn, Hannah              70 B            No Occupation
[Betty Jones Md. James S. Hale, s/o Hannah Hale, 5/6/1875.  Members of this family were former slaves of Minitree

526.           Jones, William L.                    44          Farmer    600  300
 (Byrd) Jestin                43
       Emaline                18
       Lilburn                15
       Richard                12
       Malinda                10
       Lucinda                 8
         Ettie                 5
       Surilda              2/12            (B. Apl. 1870)
[This was family 407 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  William L. Jones Md. Jestin Byrd 5/30/1848.  William L.
Jones was s/o Polly Jones, d/o Brush Creek George Jones.  Polly Jones had William before she md. James Ham.
William L. Jones & Jestin Byrd also had children named:  Elizabeth J. Jones b. 1849; Martha Jones b. 1851; Mary A.
Jones b. 1852; Calvin Jones b. 1859.  Some of these children did not survive childhood.]

218.   Kam, Michael           50            Peddler             125     Ireland
         Sarah                35                                        Ireland
           Ann                11                                             NY
         Sally                 7                               NY
           Wm.                 5                               NY
       Patrick                 3                               NY
      Robt. J.                 1                               NY
[A transient family which did not live long in Grayson Co., VA.]

411. Kegley, Daniel           40            Farmer              100
     Charlotte                31
      Margaret                14
         James                14
    William W.                 7
  Lovelett (f)                 6
         Laura                 5
         Sarah                 4
          John                 2
       Cynthia              8/12            (B. Oct. 1869)
[Possible that Daniel is in error and name should be David F. Kegley.  James Kegley Md. Sarah A. Hall, d/o E. & E.
A. Hall, 11/30/1882; Wm. W. Kegley Md. Elizabeth Ross, d/o Rebecca Ross, 1/1/1881.  This family moved to
Grayson Co., VA from Wythe Co., VA in the late 1850s.]

261.   Kent, Albert         33 B            Farm Laborer
         Sarah              31 B
       William               3 B
          Jno.               1 B

625.Killing, Sylvia           30            Keeping House                         NC
          Jane                12                                             NC
        Tamsey                10

113.   King, Austin           46            Farmer    500       300
       Cynthia                41
       Clinton                20            Farm Laborer
     Martha E.                18
        Uphama                16
         Fanny                14
         Ellen                12
         Eliza                10
      Caroline                 8
       Julias?                 6
       July B.                 4
[Martha E. King Md. M. C. Porter s/o S. C. & N. C. Porter 12/3/1873; Sarila Fanny King Md. S. W. Fielder, s/o S. K. &
M. M. Fielder 2/7/1876; Mary Ellen King Md. W. W. Copeland, s/o J. & B. Copeland 9/23/1879.]

683. Kirkman, Nancy           43            Keeping House
       Mary A.                17                                             NC
        Joseph                15                                             NC

441.Larrow, Jehu L.           40            Farm Laborer
   (Davis) Caroline           21
         Emory              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[John Larrow, s/o Jesse Larrow & Mary "Polly" Cole, md. Caroline Davis, d/o C. O. & M. Davis 2/18/1869.  J. Hugh
Larrow served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  He died in 1913 and is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery near
Carsonville, VA.]

440.  Larrow, Jesse           71            Farmer              130
   (Cole) Mary                71
         James                46
[Jesse Larrow Md. Mary Cole, 11/12/1818.  James Madison Larrow served in Co. C, 29th VA Infantry, CSA.]

439.   Larrow, Joel           33            Teacher   200       100
        Martha                28
         Sarah                 7
        Elvira                 5
        Edward                 2
     Theodosia              2/12            (B. Apl. 1870)
[Joel Larrow was the s/o Jesse Larrow & Mary "Polly" Cole.]

249.Lawson, Richard           35            Farm Laborer
       Sophina                40
  Brown, Betty                20            No Occupation
          Mary                16            No Occupation
        Allice                14            No Occupation

508.Lawson, Richard           31            Farm Laborer
       Sophina                39
         Nancy                19            Seamstress
          Mary                17            Weaver
          Rosy                10

272.   Leath, James           34            Farmer              255
       Mary J.                14            House Keeper
         Friel                12
         Celia                10
       Malinda                 8
         Nancy                 6
        Winton                 4
          John                 2
[Mary J. Leath, Md. J. L. Patton, 2/21/1879.  James M. Leath served in the Grayson Co. Militia and in Co. C, 63rd VA
Infantry.  He deserted on 6/26/1864 near Marietta, GA took the oath of allegiance and was sent to Jeffersonville, IN.]

490. Leftwich, Wat.         54 M            Farm Laborer
         Celia              45 M
     Charlotte              15 M            At School
        Joseph               7 M
         Ellis               4 M
    Nolean (f)               1 M
       Marinda              15 M            At School

25.    Lemons, John           60            Work at Farming                       NC
      Sarah E.                22            Keeping House                         NC
      David R.                13                                             NC
        Rachel                12                                             NC
       John S.                 7                                             NC
[David R. Lemons, m. Laura Lyons 10/8/1880.  This family was from Rockingham Co., NC.]

542. Livesay, Enoch           39            Farmer    700       255
  (Roase) Elizabeth           39
         Sarah                16            At School
      Victoria                10            At School
      Anita E.                 8
      Rufus G.                 5
[Enoch Livesay Md. Elizabeth Roase Md. 6/20/1852.  Sarah A. Livesay Md. John W. Cornett, s/o Montgomery &
Margaret Cornett, 1/29/1873; Victoria Livesay Md. Wm. F. Pool, s/o B. & J. Pool 11/26/1879; Anita E. Livesay Md.
Wm. J. Carrico, s/o Stephen & Jane Carrico, 12/22/1881.  Enoch Livesay served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

574.Long, Catherine           27            Keeping House       200  300
     Calvin F.                20
       Cynthia                 2
         Chas.              8/12            (B. Oct. 1869)

312.      Long, Eli           41            Farm Laborer        1000 240
(Herrington) Barbara          41
      Sarah C.                10
       John W.                 4
[Eli Long, s/o Henry & Susan Long, Md. Barbara Ann Herrington, d/o John & Catherine Herrington, 10/31/1864.]

19.   Long, Emanuel           55            Farmer    1600      500
 (Lawrence) Lucinda           48
   Drucilla Matilda           23            No Occupation            125
       Levi D.                22            Farm Laborer             100
      Nancy P.                18            No Occupation
       Mary A.                12
    Linticum, Saml.           10
   Moses, George W.         30 B            Farm Laborer
[Emanuel Long, s/o Samuel Long & Mary Cornett, Md. Lucinda Temperance Lawrence in Ashe Co., NC on 9/1/1839.
They are buried in the Independence Methodist Church Cemetery.  Samuel Long md. Mary Cornett on 9/12/1811.
Samuel Long moved to Ashe Co., NC where he died.  In addition to the 4 children listed above, Elizabeth & another
Drucilla may have died in childhood.  The other four were Almedia Long, Betty Long, Bessie Long, Nannie Long and
Calvin Long who moved to Mullins, NE and was accidentally killed while going to work with a team of horses.  Dru-

cilla M. Long Md. Truman B. Thompson 3/ /1873.  Levi Drury Long Md. Elizabeth Pugh 12/27/1870.  Nancy Permilla
Long Md. James W. Lemons s/o J. & S. Lemon of Rockingham Co., NC, Md. 9/30/1875; Mary Almeda Long Md.
Jefferson D. Jones, s/o Abner Jones and Lucinda Moxley on 11/1/1883.  Levi D. Long also moved to NE.  Emanuel
Long's sister, Sibby Long, b. 1812 md. Barney Carrico.  George W. Moses was given a life time deed to a log cabin
and lot on Emanuel Long's Farm, to whom he had belonged before the Civil War.]

323.  Long, Levi D.           32            Farmer    500       200
  (Delp) Sarah                30
     Elvira J.                13
       John R.                11
      Drucilda                 9
         Emory                 7
         Byram                 5
       Fielden                 3
[Family 84, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Levi D. Long, s/o John Long & Celia Delp; Md. Sarah Delp, d/o John &
Polly Delp, 3/15/1856; Elvira J. Long Md. Joseph K. Parks, s/o J. & N. Parks, 7/17/1875.  Emory Long Md. (1) Sarah
Trent 4/1/1881.  Levi D. Long served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA and in Co. I2, 21st VA Infantry, CSA.]

457.   Long, Martin           26            Farm Laborer
     Elizabeth                65            House Keeper
 Eller, Martha                23            Weaver
 Franklin, Columbus           10            At School
[Martin Long appears to be the Martin Long, s/o John Long, Sr. (b. 1800) & Elizabeth Howell, in family 148 in the
1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  John Long, Sr. was s/o William & Catherine Long, Sr. of Long's Gap.  Martha Eller
Md. Henderson Edwards s/o Bird & Atha Edwards 11/24/1881.  Martin Long served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.
Martin Long lived on his father's home place on Peach Bottom Creek and the Hollow Rock Branch, once the site of a
gunpowder mill during the American Revolution.  This land joined the Matthew Dickey land grant.  Martin Long willed
this land to a step daughter who md. Hobert Patton of Speedwell, Wythe Co., VA.  Martin Long is buried in the Long
Family Cemetery (Phipps Cemetery) at Long's Gap.  Martin Long served in the Grayson Co. VA Militia, CSA.  Martin
Long's will named Elizabeth D. Patton as his only heir and foster child.  Elizabeth Patton was the daughter of a
tenant woman.  Elizabeth married J. W. Patton of Speedwell, Wythe Co., Va.]

293.     Long, Noah           53            Farmer    2050      5000
     Catherine                35
        Jestin                60
   Eller, John                60            Farm Laborer
[Family 102, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Noah, Catherine and Jestin, siblings, were children of William Long, Jr.
and Elizabeth Howell.  John Eller may be a cousin, as William Long Jr.'s sister, Margaret, Md. Frederick Eller on
6/2/1795 in Grayson Co.  John Eller was a brother of George Eller, household 295, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson
Co., VA Census.  Noah Long gave his Long's Gap farm to his nephew Dodge Phipps and went to live with his
brother-in-law, Thomas Moxley, who had md. Sarah Long.  Here Noah Long looked after the copper mines in
Alleghany Co., NC.  Noah willed all his wealth and possessions to his namesake and nephew, Noah Moxley.]

637.Love, Elizabeth           31            Keeping House
       Nichols                13
        Thomas                10
         Nancy                 5
         Sarah              8/12            (B. Oct. 1869)

487.           Lundy, Fielden J.                    33          Farmer    500  770
(Dickey) Sarah                24
         Leona                 9
         Ellis                 7
 Gentry, Celia              15 B
[Perhaps the same as Family 12, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Fielden Lundy was s/o John Lundy who was s/o
Amos Lundy.  Fielden Lundy b. 11/11/1836 d. 8/10/1910, after serving several years as Clerk of Grayson County
with considerable distinction.  Sarah was Sarah Elizabeth Dickey, b. 7/6/1845 d. 12/30/1921, and was d/o James

438.    Lundy, John           64            Shoe Maker               160?
(South) Martha                60
      Wiley M.                12
      James A.                10
        Wm. T.                 9
[John Lundy Md. Martha South, d/o Peggy South, 2/1/1827.  Early Lundys were of the Quaker faith and migrated to
Grayson County from NJ at or just before the formation of Grayson Co. in 1792.  They were part of the Quaker
Community at Coal Creek for some time before moving to Elk Creek.  Their ancestry has been traced back to County
Tyrone, Ireland.  It is possible that this the same family as 508 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census, though there
are some differences in ages, which cast some doubt on this.  The listed children were probably grandchildren.  As a
shoemaker, John Lundy went from house to house, making and fitting shoes for entire families.]

710.  Lundy, Martin           38            Farm Laborer        144
 (Ring) Thursa                37
        Martha                 8
       John L.                 3
[Martin was probably another s/o John Lundy (b. 1808) & Martha South (b. 1810).  Martin's siblings were:  Byrum
Lundy b. 1829; and Aaron Lundy b. 1839.

162. Lyons, Azariah           46            Farmer              100
        Zilpha                43
      Miles F.                22
   Virginia E.                15
           Wm.                12
      Laura B.                11
         Nancy                 9
      Margaret                 7
          Emma                 5
         Betty                 3
         Sarah                 1
[This was family 282 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Azariah Lyons' children were:  Miles Foy Lyons who md.
(1) Elizabeth Fulton Fredeking, s/o Hastings & Elizabeth B. Fulton and md. (2) E. S. Dickey, a widow on 11/29/1879;
Virginia E. Lyons Md. Joseph M. Hall s/o George & Louisa Hall 2/25/1875; Laura B. Lyons Md. David Lemons, s/o
John Lemons 10/8/1880; Nancy Lyons Md. C. H. Sexton b. 1857, s/o M. W. & J. Sexton, 11/6/1880.  Azariah Lyons
served in Company F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA.  Miles F. Lyons served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.  This family
was also Oldtown #29 in the 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

84.Madison, Harrison          27            Farmer    300       117          NC
         Sally                24                                             NC
          John                 8                                             NC
         James                 6                                             NC
       Preston                 5                                             NC

592.    Mains, Mary           44            Keeping House
         Susan                25            Weaver
          Jane                22
          Mary                 2
          Jane                 2
[This was part of the Gordon Maines family who moved to Grayson Co., VA in the 1850s.  Other children in this
family were:  Hiram Maines b. 1837 who served in Co. F, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA; Ezra Maines b. 1842 who served in
Co. F, 22nd NC Infantry CSA; James Maines b. 1846 who served in Co. F, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA; and Peter Maines
b. 1850, all of whom had left home by 1870.]

23.Mallory, David C.          30            County Clerk              150
 Wright, William R.           24            Carpenter            125
Wright, Church                23            Apprentice                 70
[David Crockett Mallory d. 5/28/1911, Md. R. C. Delp on 8/28/1871.  David C. Mallory served in Company F, 4th VA
Inf. CSA and was wounded at Gettysburg and at Payne's Farm and had his right leg amputated.  He was Clerk of
Grayson County Circuit Court in 1870 and Commissioner of Revenue in 1871 and ran a general store at the Falls of
Peach Bottom Creek.  David C. Mallory was s/o Joel Mallory (b. 1814) and Sarah Carrico (b. 1809).  Joel and Sally
Mallory's family was composed of:  Malinda Mallory b. 1830; Elvira Mallory b. 1832; Julia Ann Mallory b. 1836; David
Crockett Mallory b. 1840; Alfred Mallory b. 1842 who served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry CSA; and Frances Mallory b.
1847.  David Crockett Mallory md. R. C. Delp, d/o S. J. Delp & Amaza Bryant, on 8/28/1871.  David & R. C. Delp are
buried in the Independence Methodist Church Cemetery.]

78.    March, Ellen           27            Tailoress
       Anna L.                 5
     Robert R.                 3

207. Martin, Andrew           40            Farm Laborer             100
  (Sage) Susan                32
          Jno.                14
          Geo.                12
       Freelan                 9
     Elizabeth                 7
         Sarah                 3
         Polly              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[This was family 208 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Andrew Martin Served in Company F, 4th VA Infantry,
CSA.  Andrew Martin, s/o Ryal Martin & Elizabeth Vaught, Md. (1) Susanna Sage, d/o Martin Sage & Susannah
Wright 6/7/1853, and md. (2) Julie E. Wysong, d/o Henry Wysong.  After Andrew Martin's death she md. W. R.
Pinion.  Ryal Martin (b. 1802) md. (1) Elizabeth Vaught, d/o George Vaught, on 11/4/1824.  Ryal Martin md. (2) Patsy
Wright, d/o Jeremiah Wright on 1/6/1842.  Ryal Martin was 7th child of Mitchell Martin (b. 3/26/1767) & Jane Clark.
Mitchell Martin was s/o David Martin with family who came to Grayson Co., VA from Goochland Co., VA.  John
Martin Md. Jane Hale 4/5/1874; George Md. Alice Hale 10/28/1882.]

220. Martin, Draper           40            Farm Laborer        200  100
  (Hale) Cinda                39
     Jefferson                19            Farm Laborer
         Eliza                17
         Linda                16
        Dudley                14
         Giles                10
         Nancy                 9
         Laura                 8
         Polly                 3
[This was family 267 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Draper Martin b. 3/5/1831 d. 5/7/1906, s/o Smith Martin
& Nancy Livesay, Md. Lucinda Hale, d/o Dudley Hale & Susannah Wright on 2/14/1850.  Smith Martin s/o Mitchell
Martin, md. Nancy Livesay, d/o James Livesay, on 12/12/1824. Laura Martin Md. Albert Jennings, s/o E. & Lucy C.
Jennings 12/28/1881; Eliza Martin Md. C. M. Shupe?, 8/28/1875.  Draper Martin served in the Grayson Co. Militia

564.   Martin, John           65            Farm Laborer                          NC
      Lucretia                54            Keeping House                         NC
         Isaac                22            Farm Laborer                          NC
         Sarah                14                                             NC
[Sarah Martin Md. Henry Anders, s/o T. & S. Anders, 7/28/1872.  This family was probably no relation to other Martin
Families in Grayson Co. in 1870.]

391.   Martin, Ryal           69            Farm Laborer             200
(Wright) Patsy                58
         Betsy                24
          Reny                20
        Joshua                18
        Thursa                17
          Rosy                13
        Wm. B.                 7
       Geo. W.                 5
[Rial Martin, s/o Mitchell Martin & Jane Clark, Md. (1) Betsey Vaught, d/o George Vaught and Barbara Mees
11/4/1824, Md. (2) Patsy Wright, 1/6/1842.  Patsy may have been daughter of Jeremiah Wright and Mourning
Fielder.  Joshua Martin Md. Bettie Hale, d/o Dudley Hale, 10/5/1870.  Ryal Martin's other children were:  Deanna
Martin b. 1829; Andrew Martin b. 1830 who served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA; William Martin b. 1832; Polly
Martin b. 1834; John Martin b. 1837; Barbara Martin b. 1838; Stephen Martin b. 1842; and Elizabeth Martin b. 1844.]

302.           Martin, Spotswood                    40          Farmer    150  100
  (Hines) Catherine           41
     Elizabeth                14            At School
         Nelly                13
 Martin, Miles                12
          John                10
       Charles                 3
[Spotswood Martin, s/o Smith Martin & Nancy Livesay, Md. Catherine Hines, 5/20/1849.  Elizabeth Martin, Md. C. M.
Shupe, s/o J. & S. Shupe 8/28/1875.  No known reason for this family being split between household 301 and 302.
Miles Martin, s/o Spotswood Martin, Md. M. M. Vaught, d/o Peyton & M. Vaught, 4/7/1881.]

670.   Mason, James           55            Farmer    800       120     Ireland
         Susan                35
       John H.                16            Farm Laborer
         James                14            Farm Laborer
        George                12            Farm Laborer
           Ann                 9
         Nancy                 7
         Sarah                 5
     Elizabeth                 3
[This family moved to Grayson Co., VA in the 1860s.  James Mason served in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry, was taken
prisoner of war at Missionary Ridge, TN on 11/25/1863, sent to Rock Island, IL and held there until 6/22/1865 and
released then age 50.]

360.  Maze, Shelton           58            Farm Laborer                          NC
      Thankful                26                                             NC
          Jane                17                                             NC
        George                13                                             NC

309.  Maze, Stephen           25            Farmer    300       244          NC
      Rosey C.                24
        Wm. F.                 2
     Martin V.              2/12            (B. Apl 1870)
          Mary                21            Domestic
       Rebecca              1/12            (B. May 1870)

686. McBride, Wyatt           64            Farmer    840                    NC
 (Cox) Cynthia                50            Keeping House
         Wiley                19            Farm Laborer
        Thomas                15            Farm Laborer
          John                13
  Cox, Matilda               8 B
[Wyatt McBride Md. Cynthia Cox, d/o David Cox and Jane Doughton, 11/20/1831.  Wyatt & Cynthia McBride's other
children were:  Polly J. McBride b. 1832; Ruth McBride b. 1836; Nancy McBride b. 1838; Sophia McBride b. 1840;
Samuel McBride b. 1842; David McBride b. 1844; Joseph McBride b. 1846; and Wiley McBride b. 1849.  John F.
McBride, Md. Sina A. Cline, d/o W. & R. Cline, 2/15/1879.  As A Tree Grows, p. 368, give Cynthia's birth date as ca.
1813, which would be more in line with known marriage date.]

477.McKinney, Celia         45 B            Weaver
         Lewis              15 B            Farm Laborer

631.        McKnight, William F.                    26          Farm Laborer   300
          Lucy                22            Keeping House

255.McLean, John M.           45            Farmer    2100      1395         NC
   (Cornett) Amanda           36
       Mary A.                 8
      Nancy E.                 6
         Cenia                 4
       Jno. W.              9/12            (B. Sep 1869)
    Hale, Elizabeth           13            At School
         Eliza                28            Domestic                         NC
           Ida                 8
         Lizzy              12 B            Domestic
[This was family 374 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Jno. M. McLean Md. Amanda Hale, d/o Eli Hale & Olive
Cornett, 4/3/1862.  Amanda Hale was the widow of Peyton Hale, who was killed at the First Battle of Manassas as
Captain of Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, Stonewall Brigade.  John M. McLean came to Grayson Co., VA from
Guilford Co., NC.  Mary A. McLean Md. R. C. Hale, s/o Eli C. & F. Hale, 2/15/1882; Nancy C. McLean Md. E. M. Hale
s/o Charles & Rosa Hale on 11/22/1882.  Ref. P. 139, Nuckolls, Mrs. Amanda Hale, Md. as her second husband
John M. McLean of Guilford Co., NC.  Mary A. McLean Md. Robert Clarke Hale, s/o Eli C. Hale.  Nancy McLean Md.
Elbert Hale, s/o Charles Hale of Knob Fork, living in MO in 1914; Cenia Md. Charles Bryant, s/o Joseph Bryant of
Bridle Creek.  John W. McLean Md. Miss Young, living at Fries in 1914, when he was cashier in Fries Bank and
served in the Virginia State Legislature 1923-24.]

71. McMillan, Patsy         30 B            Keeping House
        Samuel              14 B

602.   Means, Peter           26            Farm Laborer
      Massilia                24                                             NC
       John W.                 1

395.          Meredith, Jonathan                    50          Farm Laborer                     NC
     Elizabeth                50                                             NC
         David                20                                             NC
      Margaret                15                                             NC
     Elizabeth                 6                                             NC
[Jonathan Meredith was probably a brother of William F. Meredith in family 394 Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson
Co., VA Census.  Margaret J. Meredith Md. D. F. Wyatt, s/o Enoch & Edy Wyatt, 10/2/1872.]

394.        Meredith, William F.                    51          Farm Laborer   100               NC
        Mahala                48                                             NC
         Nancy                23                                             NC
         Polly                21                                             NC
         James                17                                             NC
        Jasper                11                                             NC
   Holbrooks, Rhoda           80            No Occupation                         NC
[Rhoda Holbrooks was probably Mahala Meredith's mother.]

298.            Miller, Franklin                    33          Farm Laborer
(Maye) Matilda                33                                             NC
       Shelton                 6
        Harvey                 4
         Sally                 2
[Franklin Miller, s/o Isaac Miller (b. 1802) & Sarah Wampler (b. 1802), Md. Matilda Maye, d/o Shelton Maye
6/10/1863.  Isaac & Sally Miller moved to Grayson Co., from Wythe Co. and lived on Turkey Fork Creek where he
had a grist mill.  Franklin Miller's siblings were:  Harvey Miller b. 1831; and Rachel Miller b. 1833 who md. Joseph
Brewer, s/o John Brewer, on 9/13/1851.  Franklin Miller served in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA and in Co. F, 4th VA
Infantry, CSA.]

266. Miller, Joshua           35            Farm Laborer                          NC
         Polly                25
          Levi                 6
         Nancy                 5
         Jno.                  3
Martin, Amanda                20            Domestic

2.   Mills, John M.           36            Carpenter           200          NC
   (Wheeler) Nannie           23                                             VA
     Marion L.                 4                                             VA
      Alice C.                 2                                             VA
[John s/o John Mills, Nannie d/o Chas. J. Wheeler, Md. 1/1/1864.  Not living in Grayson Co., VA in 1860.]

236.        Mitchell, William M.                    44          Physician  40  750
   (Hale) Sophia P.           39
       Mary L.                16
      Cenia L.                13            At School
   Virginia L.                11            At School
     Samuel H.                 8
   Lundy, Alexander            9
[This was family 1393 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  William Marshall Mitchell Md. Sophia Hale, d/o Stephen
Hale & Frances Bourne, 11/15/1847.  Their children were:  Malinda Mitchell md. Capt. William Cornett b. 1842, s/o
Eli & Lina Cornett, on 1/17/1866; Frances Mitchell b. 1851 who md. Rufus F. Thomas, b. 1847, s/o H. & E. Thomas
on 12/8/1869.  Mary L. Mitchell, Md. Ephraim G. Gentry, Jr., s/o E. & W. Gentry, 10/25/1877; Sena (Cenia) Md. J.
Dodge Phipps, s/o Elijah & Nancy Phipps of Long's Gap 4/24/1875.  Virginia Mitchell Md. Newton Cox.  Wm.'s only
son, Samuel Hale Mitchell Md. Bessie Cornett, d/o Monroe Cornett and Jane McCarter.  William M. Mitchell, M.D.
served as 1st Lt. in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry CSA.  This family lived on lower Elk Creek.]

708.  Moore, Joseph           45            Farm Laborer              30
  (Swinney) Lucinda           22            Keeping House
       Orville                 1
[Joseph Moore, s/o Riley (b. 1803 in NC) and Sidney Moore (b. 1820), Md. Lucinda Swinney, d/o D & M. Swinney,
10/18/1867.  Information from marriage register indicates probable age of Joseph Moore of 22.  Orville Joseph
Moore served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA and in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.  Riley Moore was a s/o Nimrod
(b. 1774) & Mary Moore (b. 1772) who came from NC and settled on Stephen's Creek.  Joseph Moore's siblings
were:  David Moore b. 1833; Lewis Moore b. 1835; Susan Moore b. 1837; Clark Moore b. 1840; Martin Moore b.
1845; Jasper Moore b. 1846; Jane Moore b. 1848; Weldon Moore b. 1849; Isaac Moore b. 1853; and Martha Moore
b. 1853.]

479.   Morgan, Mary           28            Farm Laborer
        Martha                23                                             NC
          Mary                 4
[Mary Morgan Md. Wiley Perry, 10/30/1881, ??]

654. Morton, Robert           21            Farm Laborer
      Margaret                19
     Elizabeth             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
[Robert Morgan Morton, s/o Warren & Martha Morton, was a member of household 1267 in the 1860 Grayson Co.,
VA Census.]

653. Morton, Warren           51            Carpenter 1500      500
        Martha                57                                             NC
         Henry                25            Farm Laborer                          NC
           Ann                27                                             NC
        Thomas                19            Farm Laborer
Bland, Christ.                16            Farm Laborer
 Stone, Martha                 3
    Morton, William           23                                             NC
[This was family 1267 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census and came from NC in the late 1840s.  Warren Morton's
children were:  Lucy Morton b. 1839; John E. Morton b. 1842; James H. Morton b. 1843 who served in Co. K, 51st
VA Infantry CSA; William T. Morton b. 1845 d. 7/1870 of meningitis; Martha J. Morton; Robert W. Morton b. 1848;
Henry Morton Md. Isabella Lemons, d/o Jno. Lemons, 1/21/1871; Ann Morton; and Thomas Morton.  Christ. Bland,
d/o A. J. Bland, Md. Polly J. Sexton, d/o Jas. W. & Mary Sexton; 1/21/1881.  Warren Morton served in Co. B, 4th VA
Reserves, CSA.]

475.    Moss, Lewis         35 B            Farm Laborer

446.     Moss, Lucy           62            Keeping House
         Emily                31            Seamstress                            NC
         James                 9
           Wm.                 6
     Granville                 4
[James Moss, s/o Emily Moss, Md. Nannie Phipps, d/o James Phipps & Susan Busick, on 2/19/1881.]

527.  Moss, Mark M.           37            Farm Laborer             100          NC
         Nancy                37                                             NC
       William                17                                             NC
      Olmstead                13                                             NC
          Mary                10                                             NC
        Martha                 9                                             NC
          John                 6                                             NC
        Thomas             10/12            (B. Jul 1869)
[This family moved to Grayson County about 1868/9.]

613.  Moxley, Allen           21            Farm Laborer             150
       Francis                24
           Wm.              4/12            (B. Feb 1870)
[Ref. P. 408 Hoppers, Moxley and Toliver History by Lorene Moxley Sturgill.  Allen Moxley, s/o Zachariah Moxley &
Susannah Wagoner Md. Martha Frances Moxley, d/o David Moxley and Susan Fender, see family 612, above.]

600.Moxley, Charity           29            Keeping House       500  250          NC
       John P.                 7                                             NC
Combs, Tobitha                35            Seamstress                            NC
[Ref. P. 329-30, Hopper, Moxley and Toliver History by Lorene Moxley Sturgill.]

493. Moxley, Daniel           64            Farmer    1500      483
   (Boyer) Eve                69
         Clark                40            Farm Laborer
         Friel                15
     Jefferson                 9
[This was family 659 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Clark Moxley served in Company K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.
Ref. P. 337-8, Hopper, Moxley and Toliver History by Lorene Moxley Sturgill.]

612.  Moxley, David           44            Farmer    1500      800
(Fender) Susan                37
         Peggy                17
       Charity                16
        Wm. F.                13
       Mary A.                 9
          Reed                 5
[Ref. P. 408, Hoppers, Moxley and Toliver History by Lorene Moxley Sturgill.  David Moxley served in the Grayson
Co. Militia, CSA.]

704.             Moxley, William                    30          Farmer         200
          Mary                32            Keeping House
       Gardner                 3
[William Moxley served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

76. Moxley, William           46            Farmer    400       350          NC
        Phoebe                43                                             NC
     Daniel M.                18            Farm Laborer                          NC
       John A.                16            Carrying US Mail                 NC
          Jane                14                                             NC
     Phoebe E.                12                                             NC
        George                10                                             NC
      Richmond                 3                                             VA
[See the Moxley, Hopper, Toliver and related Families by Lorene Moxley Sturgill for more information on this family.
William Moxley served in Company K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

247.  Munday, Henry           35            Farm Laborer
  (Trent) Elizabeth           30
        Martha                 6
   Francis (f)                 1
[Henry Munday, s/o Rial & Fanny Munday Md. Elizabeth Trent, d/o Kitty Trent 6/18/1857.  Henry Munday served in
Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.]

431.  Munday, James           43
     Elizabeth                40            Keeping House
         Laura                 7
   Jones, Mary                75            No Occupation
       Mary A.                21            Seamstress
[This may have been family 305 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Other children who may have died before
1870 were:  Catherine Munday b. 1854; Amanda Munday b. 1856; and Anna Munday b. 1859.  James A. Munday
served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA.]

432. Munday, Nathan           27            Farm Laborer        120  200
        Sophia                26
         Sarah                 3
          Jane                 1

225. Newton, Jordan         30 B            Farm Laborer
     Elizabeth              23 B
      Sarah J.               5 B
     Jarvis L.              12 B
      Mitchell               2 B
[Sarah J. Newton, Md. Clark Jackson, s/o M. & Lucinda Jackson, 9/19/1881.]

633.Nicholls, David           24            Farm Laborer
        Phoebe                24
       Vincent                 3
          Mary                 1
[David Nicholls was probably the s/o George & Elizabeth Nicholls.]

632.            Nicholls, George                    42          Farmer    350  250
     Elizabeth                49
         Polly                21
         Hiram                15                                             NC
       Richard                13                                             NC
        Thomas                10
        George                 5
         Nancy                 7
[George Nicholls served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

525.            Noblett, William                    55          Afflicted 150  110
         Huldy                55            Keeping House
         Sarah                28            Weaver
        Amanda                22            Domestic
         James                21            Farm Laborer
         Isaac                18
        Robert                14
        Thursa                13
[This was family 754 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  William Noblett's children no longer at home were:
Elizabeth Noblett b. 1844; Amanda Noblett b. 1847; and Foy Noblett b. 1849.  Sarah Noblett, Md. Leander Byrd, s/o
John & N. Byrd, 11/28/1876; Isaac L. Noblett Md. Emma E. Vaughn, d/o Joseph P. & Bettie Vaughn, 2/9/1881.
William Noblett, in earlier years, had worked as a carpenter and lived on Meadow Creek where he owned a
considerable amount of land, which was part of a land grant issued to Abraham Noblett in 1799.  Part of Abraham
Noblett's family moved to Whitlow Co., TN.]

32. Osborn, Alex D.           55            Farmer    1000      1500
      Polly J.                30
William R. (m)                10
       John S.                 8
  Alexander S.                 5
      Enoch S.                 3
      Lydia E.                 1
 McMillan, Head (f)         49 B            Domestic                         NC
[Enoch S. Osborne md. (1) Victoria Halsey and md. (2) Alice Haga.  Lydia E. Osborne md. Fielden Anderson.]

37.   Osborn, Allen           36            Farmer                           VA
   (Young) Nancy R.           25
      Lotty A.                 3
      John F.,                 2
    Brackens, Floyd           14            Works at Farming 3000 740                  VA
[Allen Osborne B. 7/19/1832 D. 4/24/1895 s/o Zachariah Osborne & Jincy Burton, Md. Nancy Young, d/o Fielden &
Reny Phipps Young Md. 1/13/1861.  See p. 102 Phipps Family of NC and VA.]

95.   Osborn, Enoch           64            Farmer    200       400
          Jane                60
         Sarah                23
       Jackson                21            Farm Laborer
        Jeston                18
         Polly                 9

50.   Osborn, Enoch           46            Farmer    2000      900
   (Cox) Irena                42
          Isom                22            Farm Laborer
        Mahala                15            At School
         Drucy                12            At School
         Allen                11            At School
[This was family 827 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Ref. Ancestors and Descendants of Wiley Winton
Osborne by Hackett-Johnson, P. 30, Sect.-II.  Enoch Osborn, III, B. 1/15/1826 D. 5/19/1883, s/o Zachariah Osborne,
Sr. and Jincy Burton, Md. Irena Cox, B. ca. 1829 and died after 1884.  They had the following children per Ref.:  Troy
C. Osborne B. ca. 1845; Isom Osborne B. 1848; Jincy Ann Osborne B. 1850, Charles D. Osborne; Allen Osborne;
Rush F. Osborne; Fielden H. Osborne; Della Osborne; Mahala Osborne, who Md. a Reeves; Mollie J. Osborne Md. a
Phipps; Drucy Osborne; Robert S. Osborne and Rosamond Osborne, who Md. a Phipps.  Enoch Osborn may be the
same as the Enoch Osborne who served in Co. C, 45th VA Inf., CSA.  Two Enoch Osbornes served in the 51st VA
Inf.  Perhaps he was one of those, but data indicates he served in the 45th, if so, then he was Enoch Burton
Osborne, B. 1/15/1826 D. 5/19/1883, buried at Coxes Chapel Church.  He enl. 3/18/1863 at Red Sulphur Springs,
Discharged 5/26/1863, aged 37.]

43.    Osborn, Isom           40            Farmer    2000      100
(Osborn) Silva                35
       Emaline                15
     Zachariah                13
         Jincy                10
[This was family 1374 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Ref. Ancestors and Descendants of Wiley Winton
Osborne by Hackett-Johnson, P. 17, Sec.-II.  Isom Osborne, s/o Solomon Osborn (b. 1800) & Hannah Cox (b. 1802)
Md. Silva Osborn, d/o Zachariah Osborn and Jincy Burton.  Isom Osborne served in Co. C, 45th VA Inf. CSA, B.
3/27/1830, enl. 5/29/1861, was a nurse 12/1861, captured at Piedmont 6/5/1864, POW at Camp Morton, exchanged
3/5/1865.  He died 5/19/1903, buried at Coxes Chapel.]

58.  Osborn, Joseph           11            At School
    Codle (M)?                 9
      Rosamond                 7
       Rush F.                 6
     Robert R.                 2
   Phipps, Polly J.           19            No Occupation
       Malinda              85 B            Domestic
[This family situation seems a bit odd, but is faithful to the original schedule.]

45.   Osborn, Nancy           63            Keeper of House
    Hart, Jane                41            Domestic                         NC
     Granville                 5
    Osborn, John C.         18 B            Work at Farming
 Osborn, Robt.              10 B            work at Farming     900  950          NC
[This may have been family 1373 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Nancy was apparently widowed before
1850 at which time she had three children who were:  Rebecca Osborn b. 1831; Polly Jane Osborn b. 1833; and
Enoch Osborn b. 1836.]

97.   Osborn, Polly           29            Keeping House       500  200
         Alvin                16
      Nancy J.                13
      Polly A.                13
      Enoch R.                10
        Wm. J.                 9

39. Osborn, Solomon           68            Farmer    3000      1000         VA
  (Cox) Hannah                69
     Joshua S.                30            Farm Laborer
      Jincy A.                20
    Hash, Joseph H.            8
 Osborn, Jno. C. B.            4
[This was family 1048 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Solomon Osborn, s/o Enoch Osborne, Jr. and Polly
Livesay, Md. Hannah Cox 2/14/1822, d/o Joshua Cox & Ruth Osborne.  Solomon Osborn's children no longer at
home were:  Jane Osborn b. 1829; Isom Osborn b. 1830; Enoch Osborn b. 1835; and Joshua Straley Osborn b.
1840 who served in Co. C, 45th VA Infantry, CSA.]

69. Osborn, William           26            Farmer    200       100
         Celia                24                                             NC
       John P.                 1
Taylor, David                  8
[William Osborne served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.]

38.            Osborn, Zachariah                    70          Farmer    2000              VA
(Burton) Jincy                66
       Preston                21            Farm Laborer
     Zachariah                15            Farm Laborer
 Hale, Johnson                24            Deputy Sheriff
 (Osborne) Caroline           20            (Md. June 1869)
    Cox, Reese              10 B            Servant
   Hale, Ellis              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[This was family 1047 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Johnson Hale, s/o Charles & J. Hale, Caroline d/o Zach
& Jincy Osborne, Md. 6/20/1869;  See the book, Wiley Winton Osborne, Ancestors and Descendants, by Carol
Osborne Hackett and Myrtle Greer Johnson for more information on this family.  Per the Hackett-Greer work, p. 19,
Zachariah Osborne, B. 1/5/1805 D. 2/25/1892, s/o Enoch Osborne, Jr. and Mary Livesay, Md. Jincy Burton 3/ /1825,
B. 1/22/1809 D. 12/11/1885.  Preston Osborne, B. 6/1/1847 D. 8/27/1923 Md. Isabella Cox in 1873; Zachariah
Osborne, Jr. B. 5/26/1854 Md. Mary Rebecca Cox 3/7/1880, who was B. 1/7/1863 D. 7/13/1943 and was d/o Enoch
Cox and Susan Thomas.  Zachariah Osborn's other children were:  Biddie Osborn b. 5/14/1827 d. 1911 md. David
Nathan Cox b. 7/28/1823 and was killed in the Civil War on 4/3/1865 while serving in Co. C, 45th VA Infantry CSA;
Peggy Osborn who md. John Phipps; Mahala Osborne who md. Josh Cox; Callie Osborne md. John Hale; Nancy
Osborne who md. (1) Calloway Cox and md. (2) Johnson Shaw; Polly Adeline Osborne who md. Alexander Cox;
Phoebe Osborne who md. Samuel Cox, Jr.; Lydia Osborne who md. Daniel Boyer; Sylvia Osborne who md. Isom
Osborne; Rebecca Osborne who md. Alexander Young; Enoch Osborne who md. Irene Cox; Floyd Osborne who md.
Rose Hale, d/o Warren Hale & Polly Cox; and Allen Osborne who md. Nancy Young.]

468. Owens, William           69            Farm Laborer
       Rebecca                50            Keeping House
         Nancy                24            Weaver
     Elizabeth                35            Seamstress
         Julia                 3
       William                11
        Thomas                 9
[This family apparently moved to Grayson Co., VA in the 1860s.]

361.   Parks, Isaac           47            Farmer    700       471
       Malinda                48
  Malvina (m?)                24            Farm Laborer
         Wiley                19            At School
        Daniel                17            Farm Laborer
         Susan                14
          Lucy                12
        Billie                10
         David                 7
 Austin, Celia                15
[Though, age of Isaac does not match, 1860, appears to be family 68, in the 1860 Census of Grayson Co., VA.
Isaac J. Parks was s/o John C. (b. 1788) & Catherine Parks (b. 1797).  Isaac was also a Methodist minister, licensed
to preach in the Independence Circuit in 1886.  The Parks family were early settlers in the Flat Ridge section of
Grayson Co., VA.  Malinda, probably a second marriage, wife in 1860 was Luvina.  A. Daniel Parks Md. A. W.
Testerman, d/o Jesse & J. Testerman, 3/8/1880.  Isaac Parks served in the Grayson Co. Militia, and in Co. C, 63rd
VA Infantry, CSA.  Isaac's siblings were:  Elizabeth Parks b. 1824; Susan Parks b. 1828; Matilda Parks b. 1832; and
possibly others.]

473. Pascal, George         34 B            Farm Laborer
       Matilda              35 B
      Thompson              10 B
        Jestin               7 B
         James               6 B
           Ned               4 B
          John               1 B
[John Pascal died of bronchitis in May 1870.]

232.Payne, Jacob R.           30            Minister            200          TN
     Hester A.                25                                             NC
  Carlisle (f)                 2                                             TN
 Tatum, Christopher           15                                             NC
[Jacob Payne, in addition to his ministerial duties, was a schoolteacher and taught at the Elk Creek Academy for a
time.  This family was probably from Johnson Co., TN.]

221.           Pendleton, Morgan                    31          Farm Laborer    50  100
      Margaret                34                                             TN
        Joshua                11                                             TN
     Elizabeth                 9                                             TN
     Catherine                 4                                             VA
      Sarah A.                 2                                             VA
[This family was living in Wythe County in 1880 and came to Grayson County in the mid-1860s.]

265.  Perkins, Levi           72            Farmer    6000      3123
         Nancy                68
          John                30            Farm Laborer
 Miller, Celia                12            Domestic
 Pool, Malinda                19
  Sage, Joseph                15            Farm Laborer
[This was family 261 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Cella Miller, d/o H & S. Miller, Md. Leftwich Hale, s/o J. &
B. Hale, 8/8/1876.  Levi Perkins' children were:  Lewis Perkins b. 1828; Celia Perkins b. 1833; Rufus Perkins b.
1835; Elizabeth Perkins b. 1838; John S. Perkins b. 1840, who served in Co. F, 4th VA Inf., CSA.; Nancy Perkins b.
1842; and Polly Perkins b. 1845.]

228. Perkins, Rufus           33            Farmer    4000      1162
 (Bourn) Lizzy                32
      Margaret                14
           Wm.                12
      Virginia                10
       John A.                 6
  Sage, Francis (f)           17
[This was family 173 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA.  In 1860 Rufus' wife was named Bettie, in 1870, Lizzie, both
common nicknames for Elizabeth.  Rufus Perkins served as 2nd Lt. in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry and in Co. G, 14th VA
Cavalry, CSA.  Ref. P. 54, Nuckolls, Rufus Perkins Md. Elizabeth Bourne, d/o William Bourne and Margaret Scott.
Rufus Perkins was s/o Levi & Nancy Perkins (family 265, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.)]

36.  Perry, Matthew           54            Works At Farming                 NC
       Harriet                57                                             SC
       Cynthia                11                                             VA
[This was family 810 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Cynthia Perry was probably their granddaughter.
Matthew Perry's children were:  Richard Perry b. 1836 in NC; Richard Perry b. 1836 in NC; Ervin Perry b. 1838;
William Perry b. 1840; Nathan Perry b. 1842; Peyton Perry b. 1844; Polly Perry b. 1846.  This family moved to
Grayson Co., VA about 1837.]

92.   Phipps, Freel           30            Farmer    844       300
          Mazy                30
      Alvin A.                12
    Rebecca E.                11
       Levi F.                 9
    William H.                 7
     George L.                 2
          Jane              9/12            (B. Oct 1869)

447.Phipps, John C.           27            Farm Laborer
        Martha                20
      Cornelia              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
[John C. Phipps served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  This was actually John Calvin Phipps, s/o John Phipps & Ruth

34.    Phipps, McM.           43            Farmer    3800      384
 (Osborne) Peggy A.           41
         Drucy                24
         Jincy                17
         Nancy                15
     Zachariah                13
        Joseph                11
     Elizabeth                 9
         Molly                 7
        Harvey                23            Farmer              600
[This was family 969 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  See Page 128-137, Phipps Family of NC and VA by
John C. Mullins.  John McCleamon Phipps B. 6/13/1826 D. 11/13/1900, s/o Joseph Phipps and Nancy McMillan, Md.
(1) Margaret "Peggy" Osborne, B. 6/19/1829, d/o Zachariah Osborne, Sr. & Jincy Burton.  He married (2) Martha
Rutherford Paris, 9/23/1883, B. 1/26/1851 D. 2/27/1943, both widowers.  Drucilla Phipps, B. 3/6/1850 d. ca. 1931,
Md. Harvey Phipps B. 10/25/1844, s/o Benjamin Phipps and Nancy Richardson, Jincy Phipps B. 4/5/1852 Md. Ken
Boyer and moved to Nebraska.  Nancy Phipps Md. Warner Daniel and moved to Nebraska.  Zachariah Phipps, B.
2/24/1856 D. 9/12/1924 Md. Cynthia Caroline Daniel, B. 11/22/1855 D. 7/23/1932, d/o Pinkey Daniel and Ruth Cox.
Joseph K. Phipps Md. Emma Warrick.  Elizabeth Phipps Md. Chap Delp.  Mallie (Molly) Phipps, B. 7/20/1862, Md.
Harden Todd.]

80.   Phipps, Peggy           58            Keeper of House     500
        Martha                20
          John                16
[See p. 80 Phipps Family of NC and VA.]

448.Phipps, Rebecca         60 B            Keeping House
            Wm              10 B

442.Phipps, Zebedee           45            Farmer    1000      773
    (Busick) Elvina           39
          John                14            Farm Laborer
        Joseph                12
         Nancy                10
        Harvey                 8
          Troy                 6
         Isaac                 2
[This was family 825 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Zebedee Phipps, s/o Benjamin "Little Ben" Phipps and
Nancy Richardson Md. Melvina Busick, d/o John Busick, Sr. and Susannah Barton, 10/3/1852, Ashe Co., NC.
Zebedee Phipps was born 9/5/1825 and died 1/8/1888.  She was b. 11/10/1830 and d. 3/16/1911.  John Frederick
Phipps Md. Rosa Osborne, 2/3/1884, d/o Enoch Burton and Irena Cox.  According to family tradition, Joseph Phipps
Md. Lisa Fogleson and Nancy Phipps Md. Elze Cox, s/o Capt. Joseph Cox and Polly Osborne; Harvey Phipps Md.
Mary Estelle Webb.  Isaac Phipps Md. Margaret Virginia Jones, 8/10/1899, b. 9/17/1872 d. 3/10/1936.  Margaret
Jones was the daughter of Abner Jones and Jemima Pool.  Both are buried in Payette, ID.]

198.  Pinion, Lydia           47            Keeping House
  Daily R. (m)                14            Farm Laborer

503.          Pinion, William R.                    32          Farm Laborer
          Rosy                29
       John W.                10
     Jarvis W.                 3
    William E.                 1
[William R. Pinion served in Company C, 45th Virginia Infantry, CSA.  W. Riley Pinion enl. 5/29/1861 at Wytheville,
captured at Cloyd's Farm 5/9/1864, POW at Camp Chase, exchanged 3/2/1865, in Richmond Hospital 3/13/1865.
Living in Grayson Co. in 1898, then age 64.  William was the s/o William & Elizabeth Pinion.]

506.Pinion, William           65            Farm Laborer                          NC
     Elizabeth                62            Keeping House
         James                24            At School
     Granville                22            Appr to Farmer
      Richmond                20            Afflicted
      Caroline                18
         Betty                15
[William Pinion's children were:  John Pinion b. 1833; Mary Pinion b. 1834; William Pinion b. 1836; Amanda Pinion b.
1838; James Pinion who served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA, Md. Rosie Carrico, d/o Jno. & M. Carrico,
12/28/1879; Granville Pinion b. 1847; Richmond Pinion b. 1850; Caroline Pinion Md. Hugh J. Brown, s/o M. & J.
Brown; and Betty Pinion Md. William K. Vaughn, s/o W. K. & E. Vaughn 1/30/1878.]

454.     Poe, James           45            Farmer    400       235
 (Ward) Julina                46            Keeping House
Elizabeth Jane                22
         Sally                20
       William                14
Nancy Caroline                12
         James                10
       Chapman                 9
Minnie Melissa                 3
     Elizabeth                67
[This was family 817 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James Poe, s/o Adam (d. before 1850) & Elizabeth Poe
(1800 - 1880+), md. Julia Ann Ward, d/o Stephen Ward & Abigail Osborne.  Elizabeth Poe above was James Poe's
mother.  Stephen Ward was s/o Nathan & Sarah Ward.  James & Julia Ann Poe's other children were:  Nathan Floyd
Poe, b. 1844; John Andrew Poe b. 1846; Seraphina Poe b. 1850; Drucy Poe b. 1852 and died in childhood; Jesse A.
Poe b. 1854 and died in childhood.  Some of these children moved to Ashe Co., NC.  James & Julia Ann are buried
in the Saddle Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.]

100.  Poe, Jeremiah           37            Farmer
(Anders) Celia                31
      Thos. M.                10
      James C.                 8
     Newton G.                 6
      Robt. F.                 4
      Sarah A.                 2
[This was family 805 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Jeremiah Poe, youngest s/o Adam & Elizabeth Poe, md.
Celia Anders d/o Thomas & Sallie Anders, on 6/31/1857.  Thos. M. Poe Md. Jeannette Blevins 5/29/1880.  Jeremiah
Poe served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  Jerry Poe also taught school in addition to farming.  Jerry & Celia are buried
in the Boyer Cemetery, Independence, VA.]

453.      Poe, John           24            Farm Laborer             125
  (Moss) Sarah                25
          Lucy                 2
        Emmitt                 1
[John Poe s/o James W. Poe & Julina Ward, Md. Sarah Moss, d/o James & Lucy Moss, 9/16/1866.  A John Poe
served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA another John Poe served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA, probably this one.]

449.   Poe, William           40            Farm Laborer             114
         Peggy                37                                             NC
          Lucy                16
     Elizabeth                14
        Martha                12
          John                10
         James                 8
         Nancy                 6
       Malinda              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[William Poe was s/o Adam & Elizabeth Poe.  William & Peggy are buried in the Saddle Creek Primitive Baptist
Church Cemetery.  Lucy Poe, Md. Wm. Poe, s/o James & J. A. Poe, 12/17/1876.  William Poe served in Co. K, 51st
VA Inf. CSA.  William's brother Jesse Poe moved to WV and was elected sheriff of his county (Wyoming).]

549.    Pool, Creed           46            Farm Laborer             100
     Elizabeth                48            Keeping House                         NC
         Isaac                15
      Thos. C.                13
        Martha                10
   Perry, Jane                55            Domestic                         NC
[Family #31 in 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Creed Pool served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  Other children not at
home were:  John R. Pool b. 1848 who md. Elizabeth C. Sexton, d/o Jane Sexton, on 12/25/1864; and Susan Poole
b. 1842.]

166.Pool, Granville           48            Farmer              180
 (Catron) Catherine           44
      Caroline                18
        Martha                16
         Celia                14
      Margaret                12
         James                10
        Ludema                 8
      Wiley F.                 6
     Granville                 4
     Eldora F.                 3
      Jonathan              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
[Granville H. Pool Md. Catherine Catron 11/13/1851.  Celia Pool Md. G. W. Cornett, s/o J. M. & E. Cornett 5/8/1878;
Margaret E. Md. Monroe Carrico, s/o Sims & S. Carrico, 8/30/1877; Ludema A. Md. Eli J. Cornett, s/o James & Polly
Cornett 11/20/1881.  Family 27, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  This family migrated to Mullins, NE where Granville
became a court judge.]

682.Pool, Granville           48            Farm Laborer             100
     Catherine                46
        Jemima                17
        Martha                15
         Celia                13
      Margaret                12
         James                 9
         Wiley                 7
     Granville                 5
[Jemima Pool Md. Wm. W. Pool, s/o B. & J. Pool, 6/17/1875; Celia Pool Md. G. W. Cornett, s/o J. M. & P. Cornett,
5/8/1878; Margaret Pool, Md. Monroe S. Carrico, s/o Sims & S. Carrico, 8/30/1877; James K. Pool Md. Caroline
Delp, d/o John & F. Delp, 10/25/1878.  Granville Pool served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  Appears to be a duplicate
of family 166, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

548.  Pool, John R.           22            Farm Laborer
 (Sexton) Elizabeth           23
         David                 3
[Son of Creed Pool, resident of #31, 1860.  John R. Pool Md. Elizabeth C. Sexton, d/o Jane Sexton, 12/25/1864.]

652.  Pool, John F.           42            Farmer    1500      855
      Rosamond                40
         Sarah                17
        Martha                15
      Robt. H.                12
         James                 9
       John W.                 6
       Stephen                 4
        George             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
 Muncus, Baker                25            Farm Laborer
[One daughter, Mary S. Poole, b. 1850, was no longer at home at this census.  Martha A. Pool, Md. A. Jennings, s/o
Sol & S. Jennings, 10/31/1872; Robt. H. Pool Md. Bettie J. Austin, d/o L. P. & M. Austin, 12/19/1878.]

567.  Pool, John R.           46            Farmer    600       1468
   (Boyer) Missouri           25
      Floyd W.                 2
   Bedwell, John K.           14
[John Riley Pool, s/o Jonathan Pool & Anne Cannoy, Md. (1) Malvina Jane Elliott, d/o Abraham and Margaret Cornett
in Ashe Co., 2/18/1855, Md. (2) Missouri Boyer.  They moved to NE, where youngest daughter Rosa Md. Boyd K.
Boyer, s/o Hugh Boyer and Margaret James in 1903.  Maggie A. Pool Md. Charles P. Hicks 3/23/1880.  John R. Pool
may be the same as was living in household 1385 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  John R. Pool, s/o Jonathan
Pool Md. Missouri Boyer, d/o John & Jane Boyer 3/24/1867.  John's age above may be incorrect.  John R. Pool
served in Company C, 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA and/or as 1st Lt. in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.]

569. Pool, Jonathan           74            Farmer    400       675
         Annie                45
         Celia                37
      Rosamond                24
      Margaret                12
[Family 29, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Jonathan Pool Md. Annie Cannoy b. ca. 1800, on 6/14/1821.  Their
other children were:  Catherine Pool b. 1827; John R. Pool b. 1830; Celia Pool b. 1833; Rosamond Pool b. 1834;
Lucinda Pool b. 1836; Henley C. Pool b. 1838; James V. Pool b. 1841 who served as 2nd Sergeant in Co. C/G, 63rd
VA Infantry, CSA; Wiley F. Pool b. 1843; and Jonathan Pool b. 1834 and possibly others.]

277. Pool, Jonathan           36            Farmer              260
 (Funk) Amanda                34
      Missouri                10
      Jonathan                 8
      Sarah A.                16
        Alfred                 4
         Polly                 2
[Jonathan Beeks Pool appears to be the same as was living in household 216 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.
Jonathan Pool served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  Jonathan, s/o William Pool (b. 1799) & Jestin Roberts (b.
1795) was B. 3/9/1833 D. 11/25/1928 Md. Amanda Jane Funk on 6/9/1859.  Ref. P. 83, Stephen Bourn and
Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants and Related Families.]

181. Pool, Rufus H.           46            Farmer
       Jane E.                36
       William                16            Farm Laborer
     Elizabeth                11
      Margaret                 9
        Weldon                 7
        Newell                 5
       Tobitha              8/12            (B. Nov. 1869)

217.             Pool, Samuel B.                    42          Farm Laborer
(Wright) Julia                47
       Matilda                21            No Occupation
    William F.                17
         James                13
   (Rebecca) Jestin           11
[This was family 164 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Samuel Benton Pool Md. Julia Wright 6/29/1848.  She
may have been the daughter of Jacob Wright and Rebecca Porter.  William F. Pool Md. Victoria Livesay

566. Pool, Wiley F.           27            Farm Laborer
         Nancy                26
         Laura        __ (Blank)
[Wiley F. Pool served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  Wiley F. Pool was s/o Jonathan Pool & Annie Cannoy.]

276.  Pool, William           71            Farmer    300       175
   (Roberts) Jestin           73            Keeping House
         Clark                17            Farm Laborer
      Mitchell                21            Farm Laborer
[This was family 217 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Wm. Pool Md. Jestin Roberts 3/4/1819, B. ca. 1795 D.
4/21/1894, d/o William Roberts and Lydia Lewis.  Clark Pool may have been a grandson.  Mitchell Pool, Md. Hannah
E. Hines d/o Frederick & R. Hines, 12/28/1873.  Ref. P. 82, Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982,
Descendants and Related Families.]

491.   Poor, Joseph         23 M            Farm Laborer
        Lovicy              23 M
        Daniel               2 M
         John             2/12 M            (B. Apl. 1870)
 Bourn, Alsany              65 M             Domestic
     Alexander               9 B
       Houston              10 B

122.   Porter, Alex           37            Farm Laborer        150  100
 (Jones) Matilda J.           36
      James C.                14
     Samuel C.                12
     Thomas C.                10
     Alexander                 8
       Mary A.                 6
     Martha J.                 4
[This was family 408 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Alexander Porter b. 10/12/1832 in Wythe Co., VA moved
to Grayson Co., in 1850 and d. 3/20/1913 and is buried in the Ebenezer Church Cemetery, Spring Valley, Grayson
Co., VA.  Alexander Porter, s/o Samuel Porter & Martha Bratton, md. Matilda Jones, illegitimate d/o Polly Jones, who
was in turn d/o George Jones of Brush Creek.  Alex & Matilda's children were:  James Calloway Porter b. 6/17/1857
who md. Sarah Elizabeth King and lived at Austinville, VA; Thomas M. Porter b. 4/20/1859 d. 10/23/1912 md. Jenny
Vaughn; Alexander Porter b. 1862 md. Lydia Alley; Mary A. Porter b. 1864 md. Isaac W. Copeland; Martha J. Porter
b. 1866 md. Richard Vaughn; Robert Allen Porter b. 8/11/1870 who never md.; and John Felix Porter b. 1873 d.
1942 md. Hannah Walton Gray.  Samuel Porter's relationship to this family is unknown, but probably a nephew.]

585.           Porter, Andrew J.                    31          Farmer    700  200
       Lucinda                30
        Harvey                11
         James                 5
      James A.                 3
[Andrew J. Porter served as SGT in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

192.   Porter, Andy           22            Farm Laborer             105
(Vaughn) Betsy                30
        Amelia                18            No Occupation
      Margaret                16            No Occupation
[Andrew J. Porter, b. 11/4/1848 d. 10/29/1932 and is buried in the Ebenezer Church Cemetery, Spring Valley.  He
md. (1) Elizabeth Vaughn, d/o William K. Vaughn & Permelia Davis of Wythe Co. in 1869.  Andrew Porter md. (2)
Ellen A. Brown in 1889; and md. (3) Cora Virginia Barner in 1903.

282. Porter, Daniel           55            Farm Laborer             700
  (Early) Elizabeth           44            Keeping House
        Wm. H.                 7
       Geo. W.                 2
[Daniel Porter Md. Elizabeth Early, 1/31/1846 in Carroll Co., VA.]

27.            Porter, George A.                    23          Works at Farming
  (Trent) Elizabeth           18            (Married Oct 1869)
[George A. Porter md. Elizabeth Trent of Alleghany Co., NC in 10/1869.]

110. Porter, George           23            Farmer    210       200
 (Byrd) Levina                25
         Lewis                 4
          Andy                 2
[George Porter was the youngest of 9 children born Stephen Calhoun Porter & Nancy Littrel.  George Porter b.
4/5/1846 d. 4/18/1884 and was buried in the Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, Spring Valley, Elk Creek, VA.
George Porter md. Leveniah Byrd, b. 4/9/1843 d. 1/9/1913 illegitimate child of Cassie Byrd.  (Cassie Byrd later md.
Clark Vaughn.)  They had three children:  Lewis F. Porter b. 1866 who md. Mertie Byrd; Andrew Jackson Porter b.
1867 who md. Lelia Vaughn; and Lonnie Mitchell Porter b. 10/3/1874 who md. Virgie C. Thompson.]

67.   Porter, LeRoy           24            Farming   800       150
         Annie                20
       Matilda                 2
         Ettie              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[LeRoy Porter was s/o Robert Porter (b. 1805) & (2) Hollie (b. 1820).  See household 443, Elk Creek District, 1870
Grayson Co., VA Census.]

443. Porter, Robert           65            Farmer    1000      730
         Sarah                25            Keeping House
         Renie                23
    Roberts, Violet           19
   Francis (f)                20
[This was family 826 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Robert's wife at that time was Mary.  Robert Porter's
children were:  James Porter b. 1828; Minitree Porter b. 1830; Jane Porter b. 1832; Sally Porter b. 1835; Rena Porter
b. 1838; Frances Porter b. 1840; Leroy Porter b. 1842; and Violet, aged 10 in 1860, no doubt, Violet Roberts above.]

191.          Porter, Stephen C.                    45          Farmer    400  130
   (Litteral) Nancy           40
    Micajah M.                17            Farm Laborer
[Stephen Calhoun Porter b. 8/3/1825 in Wythe Co., VA d. 6/26/1910 and is buried in the Ebenezer Methodist Church
Cemetery, Spring Valley.  He was the s/o Andrew Porter and 1st wife, Jane Porter, a cousin.  Andrew Porter md. (2)
Elizabeth Jones, d/o George Jones of Brush Creek.  Stephen Porter md. Nancy Litteral b. 5/16/1828 d. 7/12/1902,
d/o Lewis Litteral & Sally Jones, d/o George Jones.  Micajah Porter md. Martha S. King, d/o Austin King & Cynthia
Vaughn in 1873.  Micajah Porter d. 1944 and is buried in the Providence Methodist Church Cemetery.  Stephen C.
Porter served in Co. D, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA.]

586.Porter, William           30            Farmer    400       200
   William Sr.                61            Blacksmith
      Margaret                66            Keeping House
[William Porter, Jr. served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  William Porter Jr. Md. Margaret W. Elliott, d/o Abraham and
Peggy Elliott 1/22/1872.]

216.          Powers, William E.                    50          Farm Laborer                     NC
       Mary A.                44                                             NC
       John W.                24            Farm Laborer                          NC
        Helena                21            No Occupation                         NC
      Virginia                16                                             NC
    William P.                17                                             NC
      Lucinda                 14                                             NC
       Mary A.                 9                                             NC
      James M.                11                                             NC
      Henry W.                 3                                             NC
Scott, John W.                19            Farm Laborer                          NC
[It is possible, that Helena C. Powers Md. Jno. W. Scott, s/o F. H. & N. Scott 5/11/1870, though there is room for

537.   Pugh, Thomas           28            Farmer    600       482     England
          Mary                28            Keeping House                         VA
      Margaret                70                                        England
 Hayton, James                23            No Occupation                         VA
  Pugh, Thomas                49            Farmer                      England
[This was family 420 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

692.  Rector, Jacob           43            Farmer    800       558
 (Pool) Mahala                44            Keeping House
        Hastin                18            Farm Laborer
         Cenia                15
      Rosamond                10
       Stephen                 8
          John                 2
    Stewart, Wesley         16 B            Farm Laborer
    Pool, Henderson           72            No Occupation
         Sarah                72            House Keeper
[Jacob Rector Md. Mahala Pool (b. 4/21/1826 d. 8/5/1905), d/o Henderson Pool, 2/9/1848.  Henderson & Sarah Pool
were family 716 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Jacob & Mahala Rector were family 675 in the 1860 Grayson
Co., VA Census.  This family lived on Little Rock Creek and their son John lived at the home place.  Most of the
family is buried in the Rock Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, but some graves are not marked.  Hastings
Rector md. Jestin Poole, d/o F. & F. Poole on 12/16/1875.]

546.Red, William J.           23            Farm Laborer
         Sarah                27
       Lucinda              1/12            (B. May 1870)

562.    Reeves, Ann           42            Keeping House       2540 570
    William L.                18            Farm Laborer
      Sarah C.                14            At School
       Stephen                14            At School
       Cynthia                 5
[Joshua Reeves b. 1824 md. Leann Thomas on 12/30/1847, Ann above is probably his widow.  Another daughter
was Martha b. 1849.]

581.  Reeves, Banks         35 B            Farm Laborer
        Millie              25 B
       Houston               3 B

563.  Reeves, Enoch           40            Farmer    1500      373
         Peggy                35
         Alice                14            At School
      Angeline                 9
[This was family 829 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Enoch Reeves was s/o George Reeves & Jane
Osborne.  This George was s/o of an older setter.  Siblings of George Reeves were:  Jesse Reeves, George Reeves,
Jr., Mary Reeves, Nancy Reeves, Rebecca Reeves, Cynthia Reeves, and Hardin Reeves.  Alice Reeves, d/o Enoch
& Peggy Reeves, Md. J. F. Baker, s/o J. C. & J. Baker, 6/30/1872.  Enoch Reeves served in Co. C, 45th VA Inf.,
CSA, enl. 3/26/1863 in Independence.  Died 1898.]

575.   Reeves, Isom           40            Farmer    1800      300
  (Billings) Amanda           36
      Columbus                12
      Sophrona                11
       Caldona                11
         Haley                 9
       Cynthia                 1
[This was family 793 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Isom Reeves, s/o Jesse & Margaret Reeves Md.
Amanda Billings, d/o Richard & Mary Billings, 1/25/1857.]

467.  Reeves, Jacob         24 B            Farm Laborer
      Caroline              22 B
        Martha               4 B
      Isabella               1 B
           Amy              65 B            No Occupation
     Turk, Ann              25 B            Cook
   Christy (m)               5 B

591.  Reeves, Polly           42            Keeping House       3000 745          NC
        Emmett                20            At School
       Preston                18            At School
Burchett, Francis (f)              17       Domestic                         NC
 Gibson, Henry                15            Farm Laborer                          NC
  Reeves, Mary                 4                                             NC
[Polly Reeves was widow of John Reeves, Jr. b. 1827 d. ca. 1856.  John Reeves, Jr. md. Mary Reeves, a 1st cousin.
George Reeves (1735-1811) was the first Reeves settler to locate in what is now Grayson County.  He married Jane
Burton of Chesterfield Co., Va.  George Reeves settled on New River in 1767 on a tract of land totalling 384 acres.
He served in the American Revolutionary War as a Lieutenant in the local militia first under Captain John McDowell
and later in Captain John Cox's Company.  George Reeves' children were:  Prudence Reeves who md. Andrew Cox
(b. ca. 1760) and was first married to Elizabeth Terrill and 2nd to Mary ____; William Reeves who md. Ann Terrill;
George Reeves, Jr. who md. Jane Osborne; John Reeves who md. Bartholomew Austin; Polly Reeves who md.
Joseph Doughton; Lucy Reeves who md. David Cox, Jr.; Charity Reeves who md. Zachariah Osborne; and Susan
Reeves who md. a Tolliver.  The Reeves family came to America from England and settled first in Isle of Wight
County, Va.  The first of the name was Henry Reeves and wife Elizabeth, whose children were (according to his will)
Henry Jr.; Joseph; James; Rebecca; Elizabeth; Martha; Mary; and Ann.  Henry Reeves, Jr. was b. ca. 1665 and with
wife, Sarah moved to Essex Co., Va. where he died in 1728.  His children were:  Henry Reeves, III; John Reeves,
Samuel Reeves, Thomas Reeves, George Reeves, Patience Galewood, Elizabeth Reeves, and Ann Reeves.  Henry
Reeves, Jr.'s son Thomas moved to Spottsylvania Co., Va. where he died intestate in 1760.  Thomas' known heirs
were:  Thomas Reeves, Jr., George Reeves, Henry and John Reeves.  George Reeves, Jr. who md Jane Osborne's
children were Jesse, Enoch (b. 6/18/1801 d. 6/18/1871) md. Mazie McMillan in 1821, George, Mary, Nancy,
Rebecca, and Cynthia.  Jane Osborne Reeves married 2nd Jesse Edwards.]

659. Reeves, Samuel         50 B            Farm laborer
         Tempy              45 B
         Betty              23 B
          Jane              12 B
          Mary               9 B
         Cinda              10 B
         Floyd               3 B

279.           Reeves, Zachariah                    50          Farm Laborer                     NC
         Sarah                62                                             NC
     Catherine                15                                             NC
        Hannah                22                                             NC
         Nancy                20                                             VA
     Elizabeth                14                                             NC
     Jefferson                 9                                             VA
      Caroline                 9                                             VA
          John                 5                                             VA
       William                 1                                             VA
[This was family 201 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census, though the ages are not coincidental to those listed in the
1860 version.]

240.   Rhudy, D. W.           22            Miller    2500      200
    (Austin) Amanda           23
        Minnie                 1
 Eversole, Mon                20            Clerk in Store
[Daniel Wesley Rhudy, s/o William and Charlotte Rhudy Md. N. Amanda Austin, d/o Bledsoe Austin and Nancy
Moore, 12/25/1867.]

189. Rhudy, Ephraim           21            Farm Laborer
   (Vaught) Evaline           21
       Jackson                 3
[Ephraim C. Rhudy, s/o Stephen Rhudy & Lorintha "Patty" Swinney Md. Emaline Vaught, d/o Jackson Vaught &
Mandy Miller, 12/12/1865.  Ephraim Rhudy was member of household 198 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.
Stephen Jackson Rhudy (1866-1929) md. (1) Emaline Vaught, b. 12/12/1865, d/o Jackson Vaught and md. (2)
Amanda Miller.  Another son was Boyd Alexander Rhudy (1879-1933) md. (1) Sena M. Vaught.]

356.Rhudy, Floyd S.           28            Farmer    500       250
   (Cornett) Thursa           31
          Mary                 6
         James                 4
    William E.                 1
[Stephen Floyd Rhudy, s/o William Rhudy and Charlotte Cornett, Md. Thursa Ann Cornett d/o Eli & Lena Cornett,
5/22/1862.  Floyd Stephen Rhudy served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.]

185.            Rhudy, Granville                    48          Farmer    1100 620
(Warrick) Catherine           43
      James A.                17
    William M.                12
     George W.                 9
       Mary E.                 5
[This was family 196 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Granville Henderson Rhudy b. 8/27/1821 d. 8/20/1891
was s/o Jacob and Elizabeth Rhudy, B. 8/27/1821 D. 8/20/1891 Md. Catherine Warrick, B. 8/20/1823.  James Austin
Rhudy Md. Rosamond Ann Bourn 1/29/1874.  William M. Rhudy Md. Olive P. Bourn, d/o E. & K. Bourn 3/4/1880.
George Washington Rhudy Md. Martha E. Andis, Mary E. "Molly" Rhudy Md. Mitchell Bourne.  One son, Samuel K.
Rhudy B. ca. 1849 D. 4/25/1859 of Scarlet fever per death register, age 8 yrs, 5 mo.  Ref. P. 84, Stephen Bourn and
Rosamond Mallory Descendants and Related Families, p. 84.]

190.Rhudy, James L.           31            Farmer    840       165
(Litteral) Julia A.           30
[James Lee Rhudy, s/o Stephen & Kitty Rhudy Md. (1) Julia A. Littreal, d/o Lewis & Sally Littreal, on 2/22/1864.
James Rhudy md. (2) Margaret Littreal Porter, d/o Lewis & Sally Littreal and widow of Robert Porter.  James Rhudy
md. (3) Sarah .....  James had no children by any marriage.  He was apparently the same as was living in household
200 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James L. Rhudy served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA.]

357.Rhudy, James W.           25            Farmer    1000      600
    (Stone) Mary A.           25
        Wm. A.                 4
    John E. C.                 2
 Mitchell, Jonathan            9
[James Washington Rhudy, s/o William Rhudy and Charlotte Cornett, Md. Mary M. Stone 2/5/1866.  A daughter
Jennie Rhudy, b. 1876, md. Robert Wright.  James W. Rhudy served in Co. G, 14th VA Cavalry, CSA.]

188. Rhudy, Stephen           62            Farmer    300
     Catherine                61
 Funk, William                14
[This was family 198 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Stephen Rhudy, s/o Jacob Rhudy & Elizabeth Cock, Md.
(1) Betsy Byrd and Md. (2) Lorintha Swinney 2/26/1831.  Catherine is a third wife, but no marriage record was found.
Stephen Rhudy's children were:  Jefferson Rhudy b. 1831; Martha Rhudy b. 1835; James Rhudy b. 1839; and
Ephraim Rhudy b. 1850.]

241. Rhudy, William           53            Farmer              1000
(Cornett) Charlotte           51
       Levi H.                22            Farm Laborer
     George A.                20            Farm Laborer
     Alexander                12            At School
        Linnie                14            At School
[William Rhudy, s/o Stephen Rhudy and Elizabeth Cook, Md. Charlotte Cornett, d/o William Cornett & Jane
Sutherland, 2/13/1838.  Eldest daughter Amanda Jane Rhudy, B. ca. 1839 D. 7/28/1866, Md. Augustus Beecher
Stone.  Son, Stephen Floyd Rhudy, B. ca. 1841 Md. Thursa Ann Cornett, d/o Eli and Olive Cornett, w/o Reese Hale,
5/22/1862.  Daughter Nancy Elizabeth Rhudy B. ca. 1840 Md. (1) Anderson Taylor, s/o Daniel and Sophia Taylor
4/1/1858.  Dau. Margaret Matilda Rhudy B. ca. 1843 Md. Samuel Edmond Boyer, s/o Stephen Boyer & Nancy
McCraw, 11/20/1860.  Son William Friel Boyer, B. ca. 1843 Md. Callie J. Cornett, d/o Alexander and Jemima Cornett,
12/24/1868.  Son James Washington Rhudy B. ca. 1845 Md. (1) Mary M. Stone, d/o John and Nancy Stone,
2/8/1866; Md. (2) Sallie Greer 9/21/1902, who was B. 1852 in Smyth Co.  Son Daniel Wesley Rhudy B. ca. 1847 Md.
N. Amanda Austin, d/o Bledsoe Austin and Nancy Moore, 12/25/1867.  Son Less Hicks Rhudy B. 9/3/1848 D.
4/8/1928, Md. Callie S. Dungan, d/o William P. & E. J. Dungan 2/19/1873.  Son George Alfred Rhudy, B. 1850 Md.
Nannie C. Austin, d/o Lewis F. & Martha Ann Austin, 9/12/1877.  Daughter Olive Jemima Rhudy B. ca. 1851 Md.
Alex W. Goodpasture, s/o W. L. & J. C. Goodpasture, 1/17/1870.  Daughter Julia Ann Rhudy was stillborn 7/5/1853.
Dau. Teresa Linne Rhudy B. 1/28/1855 D. 4/23/1892 Md. G. W. Jackson, s/o Thomas & A. Jackson, 3/18/1874.  Son
Alexander Mitchell Rhudy B. 12/28/1857 D. 1/2/1897 Md. Emma E. Gentry, d/o E. & N. Gentry 4/3/1879.  William J.
Rhudy served in the Grayson Co., Militia.  Ref. P. 166, Nuckolls and family bible in possession of Fred B. Wright,
Chapel Hill, NC.]

239.           Rhudy, William F.                    25          Farmer    500  400
(Cornett) Callie J.           23
    Noel B.(m)              9/12            (B. Oct. 1869)
         Lewis               8 B
[William Friel Rhudy b. ca. 1844, s/o William Rhudy and Charlotte Cornett, Md. Callie J. Cornett, d/o Alexander
Cornett and Jemima Rhudy, 12/24/1868.  They had at least 13 children.  William F. Rhudy' later had:  Nellie J.
Rhudy b. 1873 who md. A. Martin, s/o William & Sarah Martin, on 5/22/1895; Lillian Rhudy b. 1878 md. R. L.
Messengill on 10/11/1905; and Bessie C. Rhudy b. 1874 md. John L. Lamb of England, s/o John & Martha Lamb, on

535.           Rhudy, William J.                    38          Farmer    300  250
  (Swinney) Lucinda           28
       Loretta                16            At School
      Caroline                14
       Stephen                12
         Saml.                 9
         Nancy                 4
        Elbert                 1
[Wm. J. Rhudy Md. (1) Melissa Caroline Atkins, d/o James Atkins & Lydia Swinney, 4/20/1852, Md. (2) Lucinda J.
Swinney, d/o Anderson Swinney & Zilpha Byrd, 2/26/1867 Md. (3) Malinda Wysong.  Loretta Rhudy b. 7/2/1854;
Lydia Caroline Rhudy b. 8/11/1856 d. 1875; Stephen James Rhudy b. 2/22/1859 d. 1926 Md. Sarah Swinney, d/o A.
& S. Swinney, 12/28/1882; Samuel Rhudy b. 1861 moved to OK; Nancy C. Rhudy b. 1865; Elbert Rhudy b. 1869.
William J. Rhudy served in the Grayson Co. Militia.  Lydia Caroline Rhudy B. 8/11/1856.]

627.           Richardson, Isaac                    26          Farmer    500  300          NC
        Martha                22                                             NC
 Tedder, Hawks                18                                             VA

  Richardson, Annie            1                                             VA
[Isaac Richardson served in Co. I, 61st NC Infantry, CSA.]

158. Ring, Henry M.           23            Farm Laborer             100
(Phillips) Nancy T.           25                                             NC
        Wm. P.                 1
[Henry Martin Ring, s/o Peyton Ring (b. 1828) & Cynthia Ann Carrico (b. 1825) md. Nancy Phillips.  Henry & Nancy
had 6 children:  William P. Ring b. 1869 d. 1893 md. Mollie P. Roseberry Hale; Johnson Ring b. 1872; Joshua
Wright Ring b. 1873 d. 1964 md. Virginia McNew; Martin Fleming Ring b. 1876 d. 1951 md. Lena Wright; Mary Bell
Ring b. 1878 md. William H. Gore; Riley Ring never md.  This family moved to Texas.  Peyton & Cynthia Ring's
children were:  Henry Ring b. 1847; Nancy Ring b. 1849; Jefferson A. Ring b. 1852; Asha M. Ring b. 1855; Rachel A.
Ring b. 1857; and Mary A. Ring b. 1859.  Peyton Ring was living in the Old Town District in this census.  Peyton Ring
was s/o John (b. 1796 in NC) & Margaret Ring (b. 1800 in NC).]

354.Robbins, Daniel           50            Farm Laborer             500          NC
          Mary                49                                             NC
     George W.                12
         James                 9
      Virginia                 5
[Family 91, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Daniel Robbins served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.  George W.
Robbins md. Nancy Taylor, d/o John & Rosa Taylor on 9/30/1881.]

321.          Robbins, Daniel F.                    45          Farmer    700  400
 (Hackler) Rossanah           45
       Mary E.                17
        Wm. R.                16
       Fleming                15
     Alexander                14
      Wiley E.                 6
      Sarah J.                12
[Family 83, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Daniel F. Robbins Md. Rosannah Hackler, d/o Peter Hackler and
Barbara Sutherland, 10/12/1850 in Wythe Co.  Mary E. Robbins, Md. George M. Carrico, s/o S. & J. Carrico,
10/29/1872; William K. Robbins md. Sara C. Cole, d/o David & America Cole, on 9/9/1873; Sarah J. Cornett, Md.
Ambrose Cole, s/o David & M. Cole, 2/22/1874.  Daniel F. Robbins served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

456.            Robbins, Jackson                    53          Farm Laborer
           Eve                54
        Martha                28
         Susan                27
      Franklin                21
         Ellen                16
         Kenly                13
         James                 3
[Family 97, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Susan Robbins, Md. Stephen Wright, d/o Dennis & Rosamond Wright,
12/25/1873; Franklin Robbins, Md. Polly A. Sexton, d/o Levi & M. Sexton, 6/20/1872; Ellen Robbins, Md. Lafayette
Shaver, s/o Alex and L. Shaver, 8/30/1877; Kenly Robbins Md. Thursey J. Hale, d/o J. L. & L. Hale, 12/23/1874.]

325.  Roberts, Arad           36            Farmer    1000      500
(Delp) Frances                30            Keeping House
       Lucy M.                 9
        Amanda                 8
     Bettie A.                 7
      Julia M.                 5
    William E.                 3
         Ellen              5/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[Arad Roberts md. Frances Delp, d/o John & Mary Delp, on 8/23/1857.  John F. Carrico, Md. Jane Parks, d/o Wm. &
Catherine Parks, 8/10/1871.  Arad Roberts served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  The Roberts family of Grayson
Co. is of Irish descent.  John Roberts came to this country from County Cork in 1760.  William Roberts had a land
grant in what has become known as Roberts Cove in the Flat Ridge section of Grayson Co., VA.  Jonathan Roberts
was s/o William Roberts.  The Roberts settlement remained intact for many years until their offspring scattered.
Arad Roberts served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA early in the war but later in the Civil War they were Union
sympathizers, and on one occasion brought into court for their activities.  They were joined in the Cove by Henry,
Pilgrim, Sanders and Eli Long, descendants of the Long's Gap Longs; Washington Parks and family.  They
established the Ball Rock Church and the Rosette Post Office.]

353. Roberts, Celia           51            Keeping House       600  380
    William J.                17            Farmer
[Celia Roberts was the widow of Zachariah Roberts, b. 1824.  Their children were:  Wesley J. Roberts b. 1844; Elvira
A. Roberts b. 1847; Julia Ann Roberts b. 1849; Eliza J. Roberts b. 1848; Martha E. Roberts b. 1853; Lydia E.
Roberts b. 1855; and Julia Roberts b. 1857.]

434.           Roberts, James W.                    46          Farmer    1000 367
        Martha                43
     Elizabeth                18
          Lucy                16
         Lumia                 9
[This was family 281 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Children no longer at home were:  Polly Roberts b.
1845; Micajah Roberts b. 1846; and Peter Roberts b. 1850.  Elizabeth M. Roberts Md. Newton C. Cole, s/o J. & H.
Cole, 7/23/1874; Lucy Roberts Md. F. R. Delp s/o L. & E. Delp 4/19/1872; Lennie Roberts Md. James P. Stroup, s/o
A. & S. Stroup, 7/5/1878.  It is possible that Lucy married a second time in 1876, did F. R. Delp die shortly after their
marriage?  A James Roberts served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.]

173.           Roberts, John Mc.                    22          Farm Laborer
(Edwards) Elizabeth           17
       Lucy B.              2/12            (B. Apr. 1870)
[John Mc. Roberts s/o James & M. Roberts Md. Elizabeth E. Edwards, d/o W. & L. Edwards 8/17/1869]

314. Roberts, Julia           34            Keeping House            300
      Laura B.                13
[Julia Roberts widow M. E. Roberts; Laura B. Roberts Md. James M. Ross, s/o John W. & E. Ross.]

133.            Roberts, Micajah                    48          Farmer    1000 425
(Brewer) Eliza                36
      Margaret                21
    Evaline H.                19
      James L.                11
     Elisha C.                10
       Olly E.                 8
   Melville W.                 6
      Nancy M.                 4
 Cornett, Elizabeth           69            No Occupation
[This was family 237 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Micajah Roberts, s/o John & Elizabeth Roberts, Md.
Elizabeth Roberts as her second husband Jesse Cornett on 1/1/1850.  Micajah Roberts md. (2) Eliza Brewer d/o
Samuel and Elizabeth Brewer 1/10/1858; Elisha C. Roberts Md. Sarah Wampler, d/o A. C. & H. Wampler 11/7/1878.]

167.           Roberts, Peter P.                    20          Farm Laborer        115
      Margaret                23
          Mary              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)

372.            Robinson, Daniel                    33          Teacher   160  150
  (Bourne) Julia J.           30
     Nancy Ann                11
   David Frank                 8
        Wm. M.                 6
       John P.                 3
      Margaret                 1
[Daniel Preston Robertson, B. in Pittsylvania Co., VA on 8/29/1836 D. 6/2/1915 in Santa Monica, CA was s/o William
& Ann Robertson, Md. Julia J. Bourn, d/o George & Nancy Bourn 12/31/1858 B. 8/3/1839 D. 1/12/1911 in Topeka,
KS; Nancy Ann Robinson, Md. F. M. Robinson, s/o G. L. & T. V. Robinson of Kansas, 7/4/1877.  David Frank
Robinson B. 9/28/1861 D. 1/27/1943 in Downey, CA. Md. (1) Mary Walters B. 2/25/1865 in Alleghany Co., PA; Md.
(2) Stella Weber B. 8/6/1877 in Hamilton Co., OH.  William Minitree Robinson B. 4/13/1864 D. 4/21/1944 in Los
Angeles, CA, Md. Caroline Robinson in 1891; John Preston Robinson B. 1866 D. 9/11/1945.  Additional children
born after the 1870 census were Sarah, B. ca. 1872 and Rosamond B. ca. 1874.  Ref. P. 51 Stephen Bourn and
Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants and Related Families.]

551.            Robinson, Harvey                  60 B          Farm Laborer
        Hannah              55 B
         Moses               9 B
        Reuben               7 B

83.Rutherford, Andy           45            Farmer    350       100
      Sarah E.                17
        Thomas                 5
      Polly A.                 3
       Stephen                 1

294.   Sage, Andrew           39            Farm Laborer             100
    (Harvill) Nancy           22
      Robt. A.                 2
       Geo. W.              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
[Andrew Sage served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA.  Andrew Sage, s/o George and Susannah Sage md. Nancy
Harvill, d/o Littleton and P. Harvill on 12/24/1866.  Other information indicates that he was s/o James Sage, Jr. (b.
1783) and Catherine Cannoy (b. 1793) who md. on 11/13/1809.  Andrew Sage served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry,
CSA, was wounded at Gettysburg and discharged for disability resulting from that wound.]

289.Sage, George W.           43            Farm Laborer
  (Hale) Nancy                35
         Ellen                15
      Susan S.                11
     Martin V.                 6
      Laura A.                 3
    William J.                 1
[George Washington Sage, s/o Martin Sage (b. 1804) & Susannah Wright (b. 1808), Md. Nancy Hale 4/15/1855.
Susannah Wright d/o William Wright md. Martin Sage, s/o James & Lovelace Sage, on 4/5/1835.  James Sage
served as Lt. in Montgomery Co. Militia under Col. Crockett d. in the 1820's.  Lovelace Sage d. on 8/28/1854.  Other
children of James & Lovelace Sage were: Peggy, Charles, James, Lovice, Polly, Betsy, Esther, Sampson, Caty Sage
(the Indian captive) and Margaret Sage (b. 1790).  Other children of Martin & Susannah Sage were:  Charles who
went to MO then to OR, Samuel, Thompson and Caty Sage.  Of George W. & Nancy Sage's children, Ellen Sage
Md. Saml. Funk, s/o Jesse & Sally Funk, 1/5/1882; Susan S. Sage Md. Jno. M. Pennington, s/o Jas. & S.
Pennington, 7/14/1876.  George W. Sage served in Co. F, 4th VA Inf., CSA and was wounded at Manassas and
discharged for jaundice on 11/11/1861.]

211.    Sage, James           31            Farm Laborer             100
 (Hale) Louisa                29
      Franklin                 8
        Robert                 6
       William                 4
         James                 1
[This was family 209 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James F. Sage, s/o Martin Sage & Susan Wright, Md.
Louisa Hale d/o Fountain & Serena Hale 3/2/1859.  James Sage served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry.]

210.   Sage, Martin           67            Farm Laborer             200
(Wright) Susan                64            Keeping House
Burris, George                29            Farm Laborer
    (Sage) Polly A.           25            No Occupation
[This was family 206 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Martin Sage Md. Susan Wright, d/o William Wright,
5/5/1825.  Geo. Burris, s/o Polly Burris Md. Polly Ann Sage, d/o Martin & Susan Sage 1/5/1861.]

557.   Sage, Martin           28            Farm Laborer
        Phoebe                28                                             NC
         Sally                 5                                             NC
         James                 3
       Cynthia                 1
[Martin Sage was probably s/o Martin Sage & Susannah Wright.]

209.Sage, Van Buren           29            Farm Laborer
     Elizabeth                25
         Molly                 7
      Clara V.                 4
        Wm. O.                 2
[Van Buren Sage was s/o Martin Sage & Susannah Wright, (who md. on 5/5/1825).  Molly Sage Md. Scot Barker, s/o
B. & P. Barker 1/16/1879.  Van Buren Sage served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, and in Co. C, 63rd VA
Infantry CSA and deserted from both units.  Pension was disapproved for this reason in 1909 but was approved in

387.            Sawyers, John M.                    48          Blacksmith          300
      Caroline                45
         Nancy                19
          Mary                18
        Thomas                16
        Ludema                15
         Robt.                13
     Granville                10
          John                 7
          Isom                 3
   Jackson, Fielden           13            Farm Laborer
[John M. Sawyers was s/o Zachariah Sawyers & Mary Martin.  Thomas Sawyers Md. Rebecca Comer, d/o J. & E.
Comer, 9/16/1875.  Another child, Kastin Sawyers b. 1858 may have died by this census.  John M. Sawyers had a
brother, Richard Sawyers who sometimes lived with this family.  Richard served in the Confederate Army and had a
red beard and black hair and was often mistaken for an officer due to this.]

571.  Scott, Larkin           26            Farm Laborer
        Phoebe                24
       William                 2
         James              8/12            (B. Oct. 1869)
[William Scott served in the Grayson Co., Militia and in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry, as 2nd Lt.  He deserted and took the
oath of allegiance and discharged from custody on 3/1/1864.  Prewar resident of Smyth Co., VA.]

570.       Scott, Permillian (f)                    64          Keeping House  400  200          NC
    Phadis, Leander           25            Farm Laborer                          NC
          Jane                34            Domestic                         VA
       William                 3                                             VA

553.Sexton, Charles           76            Farmer    700
      Rhoda H.                73            Keeping House
         Nancy                53            At Home             250
          Jane                45
    Bedwell, Amanda           20            Seamstress
[This was family 301 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Other children no longer at home:  Noah Sexton b. 1818;
Rosamond Sexton b. 1822; Levi Sexton b. 1831; Martin Sexton b. 1834 who served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry CSA;
Charlotte Sexton b. 1837; John H. Sexton b. 1839 who served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry CSA; Bettie Sexton b. 1848;
Thomas Sexton b. 1850; Amanda Sexton b. 1852; and Cena J. Sexton b. 1852.]

554. Sexton, Hardin           45            Farm Laborer             150
      Rosamond                48
      Caroline                16            Domestic
         Julia                10
[Hardin Sexton served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  Other children no longer at home were:  James W. Sexton b.
1847; and Noah Sexton b. 1848.]

622.  Sexton, Hardy           43            Miller    100
       Rebecca                45            Keeping House
       William                17
         Sarah                21
       Lorenzo                16
       Eveline                14
       Adaline                 8
    William R.                 4
[This was family 1417 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Hardy Sexton served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry CSA.]

656.  Sexton, James           25            Farm Laborer
          Mary                25
          Jane                 3
         Betty                 2
         Robt.                 1
[James Sexton served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.  He was the s/o Hardin Sexton in household 554 Elk Creek
District 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

601.Sexton, John C.           68            Farm Laborer             125
        Seline                48
        Martha                24
         David                17
       Jackson                16
      Franklin                15
         Nancy                12
       Geo. W.                 6
[John C. Sexton b. 1802, was probably the s/o John Sexton & Elizabeth Ingram who md. on 10/29/1795.  John C.
Sexton md. Edith Nicholls on 3/12/1833 and may have been md. twice.  David Sexton Md. Sara Ward, d/o S. & J.
Ward, 10/6/1872.]

466.   Sexton, Levi           40            Farmer    1000      150
        Martha                35
         Polly                16
         Chas.                13
         Wiley                12
       Levi T.                 8
       Letcher                12
[This was family 783 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Levi Sexton was s/o Charles & Rhoda Sexton.  Polly A.
Sexton, Md. Franklin Robbins, s/o T. Jackson & E. Robbins. 6/20/1872.  Polly & Franklin Robbins are buried in the
Dickey Cemetery, 2 mi. North of Independence.  Another daughter of Levi Sexton was Lara Sexton who md. James
Moss.  Levi Sexton served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

598. Sexton, Martin           37            Miller
Boyd, Caroline                27            Keeping House
      Chas. H.                14
     Jefferson                10
[Martin Sexton was s/o Charles & Rhoda Sexton.]

614.          Sexton, William P.                    44          Farmer    600  397
      Pricilla                44
          Mary                27            Afflicted
  South, Sarah                39            Domestic
       William                17            Farm Laborer
          Mary                15            Farm Laborer
         David                13            Farm Laborer
        Jemima                11            Farm Laborer
       Rebecca                 9            Farm Laborer
       Adaline                 9
         Nancy                 4
Grubb, William                21            Farm Laborer
[William P. Sexton served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.  Early Sexton pioneers were 4 brothers who took up land on
Rock Creek at the end of the American Revolution.  John & Elizabeth Sexton; Prior Sexton; Archibald Sexton;
William Sexton b. 1747 d. 1830 and went to KY.  The children of these settlers on Rock Creek fell on hard times and
lost their land and were scattered through out Grayson Co., VA and Ashe Co., NC.]

452.Sexton, William           58            Farm Laborer             100
     Elizabeth                44
   Clodfelter, Jane           15
        Powell                11

333.Shuler, Abraham           48            Farmer    1840      928
    (Bonham) Hannah           47
          Jane                20
         Riley                12
      Ruse (m)                 9
          Troy                 7
[Family 53, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Abraham Shuler served in the Grayson Co. Militia, and in Co. B, 4th VA
Reserves, CSA.  Abraham Shuler's father was probably Michael Shuler (b. 1776).  Michael Shuler md. (2) Anna
Russell on 3/9/1837.  Michael also had a daughter, Catherine Shuler who md. Hezekiah Hall on 1/19/1828 and a
daughter Suffira Shuler who md. Joshua Cannoy on 3/8/1831.  Michael Shuler b. 3/1759 in Philadelphia, PA d.
2/23/1862 md. Charity Myers b. 1769 d. 12/17/1856 buried at Comer's Rock.  Michael Shuler's children were:
Sophia Shuler b. 1784 in NC md. John Delp; Daniel Shuler md. Elizabeth Eller and moved to MO; John Kendrick
Shuler b. 1797 d. 1/31/1878, Ashland Gap, Morgan Co., IN, md. Sarah Cornett, d/o James Cornett; George Shuler b.
1804 d. 100/24/1869 md. (1) Phoebe Russell on 3/24/1830 and md. (2) Margaret Anderson; Catherine Shuler b.
1808 d. 1878 md. Hezekiah Hall on 1/19/1828; Michael Shuler, Jr. b. 1810 d. 8/26/1855 md. Anna Russell, d/o Philip
& Rebecca Russell, on 3/9/1837; Suffira Shuler md. Joshua Cannoy on 3/8/1831 d. in Morgan Co., IN: Adam Shuler
md. Elizabeth Hall, d/o Richard Hall and moved to Lee Co., VA; Elizabeth Shuler b. 1812 d. 1885 md. James Carrico
2/23/1836; Abram Shuler b. 12/25/1822 (above) md. (1) Hannah Bonham in 1840 and md. (2) Barbara Frances
Parks, d/o William & Catherine Parks, on 5/12/1871.  Children of Abraham & Hannah Shuler were:  Joseph Milton
Shuler b. 1841, served in the Confederate Army and was listed as missing after Lee's surrender; Ludema Elvira
Shuler b. 1842 md. George Cornett, s/o Lloyd Cornett' Rosamond Cansada Shuler b. 1842 md. Jeff Wright; William
Marshall Shuler b. 1845 md. (1) Nancy Comer and md. (2) Ellen Vaught; Allen Troy Shuler b. 1848 md. (1) Luzanna
Hale Boyer and md. (2) Julia Roberts; Martha Jane Shuler b. 1850 md. Lee Russell Moran; Emaline Shuler b. 1853
md. Creed Carrico; Hensley Powell Shuler b. 1856; Elbert Highly Shuler b. 1858 md. Elizabeth Matilda Parks; Emory
Reece Shuler b. 1861 md. Hiamie Parks, sister of Barbara Parks; Ira Fleming Shuler b. 1863 d. 8/1/1889 md. Eliza
Roberts, d/o Arad Roberts.  Children of Abraham & Barbara Shuler were:  Saphiria Catherine Shuler b. 7/17/1872 d.
1/22/1888; Rush Floyd Shuler b. 5/22/1874 d. 2/16/1964; Letha Rahamy Tobitha Shuler b. 3/25/1876 md. Noah
Haga on 6/8/1894; and Cornelius Columbus Shuler b. 3/19/1878 md. Roberta Nelson.]

316.  Shuler, James           35            Farmer    1500      723
    (Perkins) Lovie           35
      Virginia                12            At School
     Cleopatra                10            At School
       Leander                 5
        Phoebe                60            Tailoress
Martin, Levina                19            Domestic
[Family 80, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James Kenly Shuler, b. 1/15/1834 d. 6/27/1925 s/o George Shuler &
Phoebe Russell, Md. Lovie Perkins, d/o Joseph Perkins & Mary Hale, 8/14/1856.  James R. Shuler served in the
Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  George Shuler md. (1) Phoebe Russell (d. 5/1870), d/o Philip Russell, on 3/24/1830.
George Shuler deserted Pheobe & md. (2) Margaret Anderson on 3/11/1861.  Children of George & Phoebe Shuler
were:  Polly Shuler b. 1829; Philip L. Shuler b. 1831; and James K. Shuler.  Children of George & Margaret Shuler
were:  Stephen C. Shuler b. 1868 md. Susan Tabitha Parks on 3/28/1893; John William Shuler who md. Julia
Roberts; Sarah Shuler b. 1859 d. age 6 of diphtheria; Enoch Shuler.]

313.           Shuler, Philip L.                    39          Farmer    1200 350
  (Hackler) Mary S.           40
     Alexander                11
       William                10
          Mary                 7
Hackler, Carroll L.           20            Farm Laborer
        Phoebe                18            (Md. Mar. 1870)
[Philip L. Shuler, s/o George & Pheby Shuler, Md. (1) Easter E. Gallehan; Md. (2) Mary Susan Hackler Hounshell,
d/o Peter & Barbara Hackler, 4/14/1864; md. (3) Lucy Hackler and md. (4) Charlotte .....  Children of Philip L. &
Easter Shuler were:  Alexander Shuler b. 1859, a Methodist minister, who md. Amanda Emaline Herrington, d/o
William Herrington & Matilda Hall; J. William W. Shuler b. 1860 d. 1963 in Hellsboro, TX and was also a Methodist
minister md. (1) Rose Elvira Cornett, d/o Lloyd Cornett & Anna Catron and md. (2) a Copenhaver; Mary E. Shuler,
Md. A. P. Delp, s/o Levi & E. Delp 12/27/1879.  Carroll L. Hackler, s/o Peter Hackler and Barbara Sutherland Md.
Phoebe E. Cornett, d/o Loyd Cornett and Anne Catron on 2/6/1870.]

330. Shuler, Thursa           38            Keeping House
         Sarah                16
        Jestin                14
        Amanda                12
        Martha                10
       Melvina                 8
         Linie                 3
[Thursa was widow of John Shuler, s/o Adam (b. 1802) & Elizabeth Shuler (b. 1804).  John Shuler md. Thurza Poole,
on 1/29/1853.  John Shuler died on disease at Staunton, VA on 6/14/1862 while serving in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry
CSA.  Martha M. Shuler, Md. William M. Wright, s/o Abner & Tiney Wright, 9/9/1881.]

334.          Shuler, William M.                    25          Farmer    800  410
 (Comer) Nancy                24
        Joseph                 2
         James                 1
    Cornett, Marion           10
[William M. Shuler, s/o Abraham & Hannah Shuler, Md. Nancy C. Comer, d/o John Comer, 11/26/1863.  See Elk
Creek District household 376, 1870 Grayson Co. VA Census.  Marion Cornett md. Flora V. Hale, d/o Charles Hale,
on 9/13/1882.]

222.            Shupe, Austin A.                    35          Farmer    250  200
 (Swinney) Rosey A.           27
      David A.                 5
      Sarah F.              5/12            (B. Jan. 1870)
[Austin A. Shupe, b. 1835 d. 1934 age 99, was s/o David Shupe b. 1808 & Nancy Lanter b. 1808.  Austin Shupe md.
Rosamond A. Swinney, d/o Anderson Swinney & Zilpha Byrd.  Austin A. Shupe served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry,
CSA.  They had 3 children:  David Anderson Shupe b. 1863 d. 1937 md. Mary Vaughn; Sarah Frances Shupe b.
1870 md. William Johnson Edwards; and Cora Alice Shupe b. 1874 d. 1901 md. John W. Vaughn.  Austin Shupe's
siblings were:  Sophia J. Shupe b. 1834; Austin Shupe b. 1835; Rosa Shupe b. 1838; Frances Shupe b. 1840;
Ephraim Shupe b. 1844 who served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA; and Henderson Johnson Shupe b. 1847 who
was listed on a postwar roster of Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA.]

196.Shupe, Benjamin           69            Farmer    300       200
   (Garrison) Polly           62
         Sally                32            No Occupation
           Lee                24            Farm Laborer
[Benjamin Shupe, b. 10/17/1802 s/o John Shupe & Louisa Ferguson, Md. Polly Garrison, 7/1/1827.  Polly was the
d/o Isaac Garrison, III and Lucy Jones.  Benjamin & Polly Shupe had 10 children:  Peyton Drew Shupe b. 10/8/1829
d. 3/18/1921 md. Martha Ann Rhudy; Hester Ann Shupe b. 8/26/1831 d. 7/21/1905 md. Abram Galloway Wampler;
Isaac Lehue Shupe b. 6/5/1833 d. 9/21/1899 md. Sophia S. Rippito; James Shupe b. 9/4/1835 d. 2/28/1845; Sallie
Shupe b. 9/4/1835 d. 4/25/1891, she N/M; Garrison Jones Shupe b. 6/23/1840 d. 5/11/1891 who served in CO. K,
51st VA Infantry, CSA and md. Lucinda Poole; Rufus Whaley Shupe b. 2/28/1842 d. 7/2/1884 and served in Co. K,
51st VA Infantry, CSA and md. Sarah Jane Bedwell; George Shupe b. 11/2/1843 d. 7/1/1861; Martha Frances Shupe
b. 6/3/1846 d. 7/5/1914 md. Jasper W. Swinney; Henry Lee Shupe b. 4/2/1850 d. 11/17/1937 Md. Amanda Evaline
Sweeney on 6/20/1875, B. 7/27/1857 D. 5/4/1924.  Ref. P. 77, Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982
Descendants and Related Families.]

658.             Shupe, Garrison                    30          Farm Laborer
    (Poole) Lucinda           33
        Wm. R.                 2
     Wesley P.              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[Garrison Shupe served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.  Garrison Shupe was s/o Benjamin Shupe & Polly Garrison, in
household 196 Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

105.Shupe, James A.           25            Farmer              125          VA
   (Porter) Barbara           25            Keeping House
    William M.                 4
      Susannah                 2
      James W.              4/12            (B. Feb 1870)
[James Andrew Shupe b. 7/15/1843 d. 9/22/1904 was s/o Andrew Shupe (1816-1844) and Susan Vaughn.  Susan
Vaughn was d/o Nathaniel Vaughn & Elizabeth Carrico.  Susan Vaughn md. (2) Richard Byrd.  James Andrew
Shupe served in Co. H, 37th VA Cavalry Battalion, CSA as a special courier where he contracted consumptive
tuberculosis.  James A. Shupe md. Barbara Ann Porter, who was born in Wythe Co., VA.  They had 10 children 3 of
whom died in childhood:  William Andrew Shupe b. 1865 d. 1917 md. Mary Susan Vaughn; Susannah J. Shupe b.
1867 d. 1910 md. John Warner; James Wiley Shupe b. 1870 d. 1936 md. Martha Ann Burris; Amanda Elizabeth
Shupe b. 1872 d. 1951 md. George T. Moore; John Nathaniel Shupe b. 1874 d. 1880; Malinda Frances Shupe, b.
1877 d. 1953 md. John F. Koontz; unnamed female; Eli Richard Shupe b. 1882 d. 1928 md. Nannie Florence Porter;
Stephen Edward Shupe b. 1886 d. 1887; and Emma Ruth Shupe b. 1886 d. 1939 md. Montague H. Byrd.]

184. Shupe, Johnson           22            Farm Laborer             105
 (Swinney) Caroline           21
     Samuel G.                 2
[Henderson Johnson Shupe b. 1842 d. 1902, s/o David Shupe & Nancy Lanter.  He served in Co. K, 51st VA
Infantry, CSA.  Johnson Shupe md. Amelia Caroline Swinney, d/o Anderson Swinney & Zilpha Byrd.  They had 10
children:  Samuel George Shupe b. 1868 d. 1937 md. Amanda Vaughn; Albert Canary Shupe b. 1870 d. 1955 md.
Liza Jane Vaughn; Minnie Catherine Shupe b. 1872 d. 1959 md. Levi Anderson Funk; William Monroe Shupe b.
1875 d. 1896; Jettie Iris Shupe b. 1877 d. 1961 md. John Andrew Bonham; Mary Ida Shupe b. 1879 d. 1963 md.
Mickel Byram Funk; Fleming Anderson Shupe b. 1884 d. 1967 md. Cora Cornett; James Orville Shupe b. 1887 d.
1976 md. Lizzie Vaughn Byrd; Dellie Frances Shupe b. 1889 d. 1890; Cora Lee Shupe b. 1891 d. 1928 md. Early
Carter Moore.]

481. Simcock, Nancy           68            Keeping House
        Judida                45            Weaver
[This was family 863 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  The Simcocks were early settler in the Upper Meadow
Creek Section of Grayson Co., and originally from NJ.  Since they were originally from NJ they were probably
Quakers as most local Quakers were from that state.]

362. Simms, John L.           26            Farm Laborer             100          NC
         Nancy                29                                             NC
         James                 7
         Robt.                 5
          Rosy                 3
        Elbert                 1

256.  Simms, Samuel           21            Farm Laborer             200
(Sage) Mary J.                18
    Sage, Elizabeth           46            Seamstress
      Laura A.                 9
[Saml. Simms, Md. Mary J. Sage, d/o Betsy Sage, 12/31.1868; Elizabeth Sage was the widow of J. Sage, decd.;
Laura A. Sage, Md. Crisley Pennington, s/o Jos. & S. Pennington 12/10/1874.]

172.            Smith, George W.                    32          Farm Laborer        150
        Jemima                38
      James A.                13
     Alexander                11
      Peter F.                 9
     Thursa E.                 7
        Rachel                 5
         Nancy                 1
[This was family 303 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  George W. Smith served in Company C, 45th Virginia
Infantry, enl. 5/29/1861 at Wytheville, AWOL 6/15/1862.  Died in Carroll Co., VA June 1898.]

319.Smith, Lewis A.           36            Farm Laborer                          SC
     Catherine                26                                             NC
     Andrew J.                 9                                             NC
       John E.                 5                                             NC

636.           Smith, William H.                    54          Farmer    1400 455
      Emmanuel                27            Farm Laborer
         Nancy                23
 Anders, Sally                50            Domestic
        Sabina                14            No Occupation
[William H. Smith, s/o Nancy Smith, Md. Elizabeth Stephens, d/o Wm. & Jane Stephens on 4/14/1861.  Perhaps she
had died by 1870? and perhaps a 2nd wife.  His first wife's name was apparently Tempy b. 1815.  William & Tempy
had a son named Rollin Smith b. 1843.]

103. Spans?, Alfred           22            Farm Laborer                          NC
      Nancy J.                21
[Surname could be Spurs or Spears.]

433. Spears, Andrew           35            Farm Laborer             100          NC
(Hill, Lina?) Cenia           37
        Martha                13
        Sidney                 7
         Sarah                 4
      Margaret                 3
         Betty                 2
          Mary                 1
[Andrew Spears, s/o John & Jane Spears Md. Lina Hill, d/o Arter & Nancy Hill, 2/19/1857.]

82.             Spurlin, Jackson                    39          Farmer    600  500          NC
         Nancy                34                                             NC
         Susan                16
       Matilda                11
       Cynthia                 4
        Joseph                18                                             NC
 Taylor, Wiley                 8
[Family 28, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

141.            Stamper, Ephraim                    63          Farm Laborer        110          NC
(South, Hall) Sarah J.             36
[Ephraim W. Stamper, s/o John Stamper Md. (1) Susan Hackler, d/o Peter Hackler, on 9/15/1831 and Md. (2) Sarah
J. South Hall 4/18/1867.  He was living in household 75, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  John Stamper was s/o
Jonathan Stamper who moved to Wilkes Co., NC and then Surry Co., NC in 1765.  Ephraim Stamper's sons Franklin
Stamper served in the Confederate Army and after the war moved to Frenchburg, KY.  Franklin Stamper md. Betty
Wingate, d/o John Wingate.  Ephraim Stamper, Susan Hackler Stamper and several of their children who died in
childhood are buried at the Rush Shuler farm on Fort Ridge.]

303.            Stephens, Keziah                    38          Keeping House                    NC
      James R.                14
    William M.                 3

407.   Stone, G. B.           36            Farmer    2500      487
(Perkins) Elizabeth           26
        Martha              8/12            (B. Oct. 1869)
  Parks, Creed                12            Farm Laborer
   Hale, Clara              16 B            Domestic
[Augustus Beecher Stone, s/o John Stone (b. 1804) & Nancy Fields (b. 1806), Md. (1) Amanda Jane Rhudy, d/o Will-

iam Rhudy & Charlotte Cornett;  Md. (2) Elizabeth Perkins, d/o S. & E. Perkins, 11/14/1868.  John Stone, s/o William
Stone b. 1766, md. Nancy Fields, d/o Joseph Fields of Bridle Creek, on 3/10/1824.  William Stone was s/o Jeremiah
Stone (b. 1742 d. 1823 at Elk Creek, VA) who was a soldier in the American Revolution and his wife, Susannah.  G.
B. Stone, age 21, was living in household 135 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  At that time household 135 had
Amanda, age 21, William, age 2, and John W. Stone, age 1.  Augustus Beecher Stone served in Company F, 4th
Virginia Infantry, CSA.  G. B. Stone's family died of the "flux", perhaps during an epidemic.]

418.    Stone, John           66            Farmer    1000      1091
(Fields) Nancy                64
      Kenly C.                20            Farm Laborer (Md. Nov. 1869)
      Carry E.                21            No Occupation
  Hale, Hannah              20 B            Domestic
          Mary               4 B
[John Stone Md. Nancy Fields, d/o Joseph Fields, 3/10/1824.  John & Nancy Stone's children were:  William Stone
b. 1831; Gustavius Stone b. 1834; Elizabeth Stone b. 1835; Eliza Stone b. 1838; Rachel Stone b. 1842; Rachel
Stone; Mary Stone b. 1846; Kennerly Stone b. 1849 Md. (2) Rosa Cornett d/o John Cornett & Lucinda Boyer.  This
was family 133 in the 1860 Grayson County Census.]

416.  Stone, Joseph           44            Farmer    900       556
 (Cannoy) Catherine           47
      Rosamond                22
         James                20            Farm Laborer
        Thursa                17            At School
         Nancy                16            At School
        Elbert                 8
       Rebecca                 4
[This was family 134 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Joseph Stone, s/o John Stone & Nancy Fields, md.
Catherine Cannoy, d/o Christian & Rebecca Cannoy.  Rosamond M. Stone Md. James J. Cornett, s/o Wm. J. &
Charlotte Cornett, 6/29/1873;  James Stone Md. Nannie C. Hale, d/o F. & E. Hale, 8/24/1877; Thursa Stone Md. G.
L. Hall??, Nancy C. Stone Md. John Trimble, s/o Mastin Trimble, 11/23/1881; Elbert W. Stone Md. Polly J. Lundy d/o
Joseph Lundy, 1/26/1882.  Joseph Stone served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA and in Co. I, 37th Battalion VA
Cavalry, CSA.]

396.           Stone, William E.                    45          Farmer    1000 420
       Matilda                42
    William A.                16
      Sarah J.                14
    Charles J.                12
        Joseph                10
     Thursa E.                 7
      Nancy M.                 2
[This would appear to be family 668 of the 1860 Grayson County, VA Census, but this is by no means certain.
William E. Stone served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.  William Stone was s/o John Stone & Nancy

668.           Stone, William E.                    39          Farmer    1200 540
    (Wright) Martha           22
         Sarah                13            At School
[This was family 119, 1860 Grayson Co. Census.  William E. Stone  Md. (1) Eliza Caroline Sutherland, d/o John &
Isabella Sutherland.  Eliza died 8/22/1868 of cancer, age 33.  William E. Stone Md. (2) Martha J. Wright, d/o H. & S.
Wright, 8/27/1869.  William E. Stone served in Co. F, 4th VA Inf. CSA.]

417. Stuart, George         40 B            Farm Laborer
          Mary              30 B
          Jane              15 B
         Susan              13 B
          Geo.               9 B
        McLean               5 B
        Hannah               2 B

406.            Sutherland, Alex                    59          Farmer    3500 700
    Wright, Fielden           36            Farm Laborer
    (Wright) Thursa           30            Keeping House
          Rosy                34            Seamstress
         Eliza              60 B            Domestic
      Margaret              20 B            Seamstress
[Alexander Sutherland may be the same as the Alexander Sutherland living in household 142 in the 1860 Census of
Grayson Co., VA.  Fielden Wright, s/o Abner & Tina Wright Md. Thursa Wright 1/18/1860.  Rosy Wright Md. Patrick
H. Ingoldsby 1/7/1875 as his second wife.  Alex Sutherland was s/o Alex Sutherland b. 1743 in Scotland and d.
11/1843 about 100.  The elder Alexander Sutherland came to America as a British soldier and deserted to fight in the
American Forces and remained here.  Alexander Sutherland md. Margaret Elizabeth Bryan b. 1771 in Culpeper Co.,
VA d. 1845.  They are buried at Elk Creek, VA.  Their children were:  John Thomas Sutherland b. 2/1/1785 md.
Didema Cornett b. 11/17/1789 d. 1862 and moved to Sutherland, Ashe Co., NC where they are buried; Jane
Sutherland b. 9/19/1787 d. 6/19/1869 md. William Cornett, Sr. b. 1778 d. 1863 s/o James Cornett, and they are
buried in the William Cornett Cem. on Elk Creek; Joseph Alexander Sutherland b. 7/9/1788 d. 1/10/1867 md. (1)
Susan Robinson who d. 11/16/1824 and is buried on Elk Creek md. (2) Sarah King b. 11/10/1803 d. 8/1/1874 and
buried on Laurel Creek, Johnson Co., TN; John Sutherland b. 1790 d. 4/4/1844 of pneumonia and buried on Elk
Creek md. Rhoda Isabella Johnson b. 5/15/1794 on Roaring River, Wilkes Co., NC and d. 1844 on Elk Creek; Phyllis
Sutherland b. 9/14/1794 d. 10/29/1879 md. Griggs Hampton b. 11/22/1788 and lived in Carroll Co., VA; Margaret
"Peggy" Sutherland b. 12/2/1799 md. Hale Burris on 6/13/1816 and are buried in the Old Sutherland Cemetery;
Sarah Sutherland b. 1804 md. Thomas Hale who d. 4/8/1892; Mary Sutherland b. ca. 1800 d. 3/1/1842 md. William
Thomas b. 3/13/1802 d. 2/15/1871 and are buried in the Thomas Cemetery, Sutherland Ashe Co., NC; Barbara
Sutherland b. 5/22/1805 md. Peter Delp on 2/12/1823 and buried at Crockett, VA; Phoebe Sutherland b. 4/1809 d.
3/5/1885 md. "Blue" David Cornett b. 11/3/1805 d. 1/24/1886 and buried in the Central Cemetery, Flat Ridge,
Grayson Co., VA.]

392.         Sutherland, Richard                    48          Farmer    1200 630
  (Reed) Arina                36
        Martha                19
     Alexander                16            At School
          Mary                13            At School
         James                 4
         Cecil                 2
        Allice                 1
[This seems to be family 137 of the 1860 Census of Grayson Co., VA.  Ref. P. 95, Our Cox Family by Alice Cox
Phillips, Richard Henry Sutherland, B. 2/7/1822 D. 7/24/1903, s/o John Sutherland and Isabella Johnson Md. (1)
Ruth Jane Cox, Md. (2) Arania Reed.  Their children were:  Nancy Caroline Sutherland B. 4/3/1850 D. 2/14/1913 Md.
James Marsh Elliott 2/7/1867, s/o Abraham Elliott & Margaret Cornett; Martha Sutherland b. 12/26/1851 d.
10/25/1905 md. Elbert Cox; Alexander Mack Sutherland B. 10/18/1853, Md. Eliza Catherine Comer, d/o John & S.
Comer, 3/28/1876; Mary Sutherland B. 3/15/1856 D. 2/14/1941 Md. Jasper Roberts;  James Sutherland b. 5/26/1866
d. 3/9/1942 never md.; Creed Sutherland b. 9/7/1867 d. 7/26/1941 md. Macalene Hale; Alice Sutherland b. 7/5/1868
d. 9/11/1944 never md.; Ellen Sutherland b. 10/7/1870 d. 1/25/1905 md. (1) Elbert Cox and md. (2) C. L. Jennings;
Victoria Sutherland b. 4/24/1942 d. 12/17/1911 never md; Joe A. Sutherland b. 11/23/1874 d. 2/19/1942 md. (1)
Bessie K Cornett and md. (2) Cora Cornett; and Preston Sutherland b. 7/25/1877 d. 3/31/1901 and never md.]

420.          Sutherland, Samuel                    43          Farmer    6000 1220
  (Sutherland) Jane           39
       Fielden                10            At School
    William H.                 8
         Ellen                 6
     Terry (m)                 1
 Surratt, Jane                15            Domestic
 Callahan, Wm.                25            Farm Laborer
[This was family 140 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Ref. Our Cox Family by Alice Cox Phillips, John
Sutherland B. ca. 1826 Md. Jane Sutherland, b. 6/25/1830 d. 1/10/1897, d/o Joseph Alexander Sutherland & Susan
Robinson, on 5/24/1852.  They are buried in the Lebanon Church Cemetery, Elk Creek, VA.  Their children were:
Fielden Sutherland b. 1860; William H. Sutherland b. 1862; Ellen J. Sutherland b. 1864 md. Fleming J. Cornett on
4/28/1884; Terry Sutherland b. 1869 md. Maggie Simms, buried on the Old Jimmy Sutherland place on Maiden Ro-

bert's Farm, Elk Creek; Ettie Sutherland md. Steve Bennington; Sarah Jane Sutherland died young of scarlet fever.]

593.  Swain, Virgil           25            Farm Laborer             100          NC
        Dianah                24            Keeping House                         NC
          Emma                 1                                             NC

107.           Swinney, Anderson                    56          Farmer    200  500
         Susan                33
        Martha                15
        Amanda                13
          Jno.                10
         Sarah                 8
[Anderson Swinney was s/o James Swinney & Betsy Byrd.  Anderson Swinney md. (1) Zilpha Byrd on 11/3/1836,
md. (2) Sally Shupe on 9/16/1850 and md. (3) Susan ....;  Anderson Swinney's known children were:  Jasper
Swinney b. 1839; Christopher Swinney b. 1841; Rosamond Swinney b. 1843; Frances Swinney b. 1845; Lurinda
Swinney b. 1846; and Milly Swinney b. 1849.]

108. Swinney, James           81            Retired Farmer           100          NC
      Mourning                69
Fuller, Violet              65 B            Domestic
[This was family 427 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James Swinney md. (1) Betsy Byrd on 11/5/1807 and
md. (2) Morning Byrd on 1/23/1831.  Their known children were:  Marena Swinney b. 1832; Isaac Swinney b. 1834;
Friel Swinney b. 1839; and Matilda Swinney b. 1843.]

195.Swinney, Jasper           31            Farm Laborer             100
        Martha                27
       Lucinda                 4
       Leander                 2
      James E.              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
[Jasper N. Swinney served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA.  He was wounded at Groveton, VA on 8/28/1862 in the
left thigh.]

665. Taft, Chas. C.           74            Farm Laborer                          NC
(Barber) Sarah                49            Keeping House
       Ezariah                13            Farm Laborer
[Charles C. Taft, Md. Sarah Barber, 11/12/1850.  This was family 674 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

358.            Taylor, Anderson                    35          Farmer    700  334          NC
 (Rhudy) Nancy                29
       William                 8
          John                 6
         Friel                 4
        Emmitt                 2
         Floyd                 1
[Anderson Taylor Md. Nancy E. Rhudy, d/o William & Charlotte Rhudy, 4/1/1858, perhaps the same family.]

464.Taylor, Anthony           55            Carpenter                        NC
    (Smith) Purlina           49            Keeping House                         NC
         Rosey                15
       Johnson                10
        Pinkey                 8
[This was family 383 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Anthony Taylor b. 11/6/1815 md. Polina A. Smith b.
2/22/1821 on 9/20/1840.  Their children were:  Melissa Ann Taylor b. 9/6/1841 who md. Joseph D. Taylor, s/o Daniel
David Taylor, brother of Anthony; Mary Elizabeth Taylor b. 11/15/1843 d. 9/30/1854; Martha Louise Taylor b.
11/7/1845 d. 10/13/1854; Charity Jane Taylor b. 1/20/1851 md. John Carrico of Fries, VA; William Henry Taylor b.
3/1853 d. 4/1853; Robert T. Taylor b. 4/1/1854 md. Nannie Smith, a 1st cousin; Rosamond M. Taylor b. 9/17/1858 d.
1946; Johnson A. Taylor b. 10/20/1860 d. 3/11/1936 md. Elizabeth Jane Catron b. 11/7/1874 d. 9/28/1896 on
5/6/1896; Mary Ann Taylor b. 4/16/1861; and Pinkey Alice Taylor b. 1/2/1862 md. Charlie J. Sutherland on 6/5/1879.]

79.  Taylor, Bazile           50            Farmer    1500      650
      Nancy A.                54
         Wiley                22            Farm Laborer
         Sarah                18
        Joshua                16
       Mary A.                14
         Celia                12
       Preston                 9
      Thos. J.                 7
[Older children of Bozwell Taylor were:  John Taylor b. 1843 who served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA; Lucy Taylor
b. 1844; William Taylor b. 1846; and Polly Taylor b.1850.  Sarah Taylor Md. John Spurlin, s/o William & F. Spurlin
1/2/1880.  This was family 811 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

306.Taylor, John W.           32            Farmer              245          NC
    (Hale) Rosamond           26
      James W.                 9
      Sarah J.                 7
      Nancy V.                 3
     Jestin A.              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[John W. Taylor b. 1/4/1838, s/o Daniel (b. 1799) & Sophia Taylor (b. 1808) of Rockingham Co., NC, Md. Rosamond
J. Hale b. 1/25/1843, d/o Alfred Hale & Elizabeth Jones, widow, 1/10/1861.  Elizabeth Jones was d/o Minitree Jones,
Jr. & Celia Blair.  Celia Blair was d/o John Blair & Charity Bourne.  Charity Bourne was d/o William Bourne &
Rosamond Jones.  John W. Taylor served in Company C, 8th VAa Cav., CSA.  John & Rosamond's children were:
James W. Taylor b. 1861; Sarah Jane Taylor b. 1863 md. James Wright; Nancy V. Taylor b. 1867 md. George
Robbins; Jestin A. Taylor b. 1870; Julius E. Taylor b. 1870 d. 1880; Martha Elizabeth Taylor b. 1872 d. 1945 md. Foy
Leftridge Wright b. 1856 d. 1949 and are buried in the Union Church Cemetery, Comer's Rock, Grayson Co., VA.]

488.   Taylor, John         35 B            Farm Laborer                          NC
        Hannah              30 B
          John              15 B            Farm Laborer
          Mary              12 B
       Lucinda               8 B
           Wm.               6 B

305.Taylor, Mary B.           35            Keeping House            120
      James C.                20            Farm Laborer
      Nancy E.                18            No Occupation
       Lilburn                17
       Malinda                15            Domestic
       Geo. R.                13
        Martha                11
        Joseph                 9
       Jno. M.                 7
[Mary "Polly" B. Bourn, d/o George and Nancy Bourn, was B. 3/13/1834, Md. Joseph A. Taylor who died during the
Civil War, but his death may not have been war related.  Nancy E. Taylor, Md. Fleming Cornett, s/o A. & Elizabeth
Cornett; 8/31/1870; Martha Md. Wm. Shaver, s/o Alex & L Shaver, 9/13/1879.  Lilburn M. Taylor Md. Nellie Frances
Martin; George Reeves Taylor was b. 4/18/1857; Joseph Taylor Md. Etta Funk.  Ref. P. 50, Stephen Bourn and
Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants and Related Families.]

587.Taylor, Richard           48            Farmer              300
         Nancy                44            Keeping House (Blind)
         Peggy                22
      Caroline                21
       Matilda                19
        Samuel                17            At School
         David                14            At School
       William                11            At School
         Nancy                10            At School
         Sarah                 4
         Emily                 2
    William E.             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
[This was family 833 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  David Taylor Md. Samantha Benge 3/21/1880.]

66.Taylor, Zachariah          43            Farmer    200       120
       Rebecca                42
       Letcher                 1
        Melvin                 3
  Hill, Martha                13
        Monroe                11
        Nathan                 5
         Peggy                 7
[Zachariah Taylor served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

26.Thomas, Fleming S.              55       Farmer & Physician 400   797
(Phipps) Emily                48
     Joseph J.                21            At School
      Sarah E.                14            At School
       John W.                11            At School
   Margaret E.                 7            At School
Meredith, Jas.                19            Works at Farming                 NC
[Fleming P. Thomas Md. Emily Phipps, d/o Capt. Joseph Phipps, per P. 175 of the Nuckolls History.  See also pp.
125-7, Phipps Family of NC and VA.]

73.   Thomas, Hiram         53 M            Farmer              100          NC
  Gamble, Jack              18 B            Works at Farming                 NC
          Mary              20 B            Works at Farming                 NC
          Rena              13 B            Works at Farming                 NC
          Jane              12 B            Works at Farming                 NC
      Sarah A.               7 B                                             NC

147.  Thomas, Isaac           30            Farmer    600       250
    (Perkins) Nancy           27
          Jno.                 2
         Betty                 1
         Oscar                35            Farm Laborer
[Isaac Thomas, s/o Wesley (b. 1803) & Elizabeth Thomas (b. 1803), Md. Nancy N. Perkins, d/o Levi & W. Perkins,
1/1/1867.  Isaac Thomas served in Co. C, 45th VA Infantry.  Isaac Franklin Thomas B. 10/2/1837 enl. 5/29/1861 in
Wytheville, VA.  He was captured at Winchester, VA on 9/19/1864, POW at Point Lookout, exchanged 3/15/1865,
died 6/10/1906 and is buried in Elk Creek.  Isaac Thomas' siblings were:  Catherine Thomas  b. 1832; Philander
Thomas b. 1833; Peter Thomas b. 1836; Mary Thomas b. 1836; Rebecca Thomas b. 1840; Jacob Thomas b. 1845;
Rufus Thomas b. 1847; and possibly others.]

159.   Thomas, John           40            Farmer              105
         Sarah                30
      Isaac F.                10
    William J.                 9
      Nancy M.                 5
        Amanda                 5
     Joseph L.                 1
[John Thomas was s/o Jonathan Thomas (b. 1805) and Cena Harper who were md. on 9/9/1824.  John Thomas
served in the Grayson Co. VA Militia, CSA.]

154.            Thomas, Jonathan                    73          Farmer    2000 266
        Amanda                27
       Cynthia                22
    Mary R. F.                 3
       Mark H.                35            Farmer
 (Canon) Sarah                23            (Md. Apl 1870)
        Walter                 8
          John                 7
        George                 4
   Carson, Molly V.            1
[Jonathan Thomas was probably the one who md. (1) Cena Harper on 9/9/1824 and md. (2) Jane Rutherford, d/o
Gene Hall, on 3/4/1856, both of whom were dead by 1870.  Jonathan Thomas' children were:  John Thomas b. 1830;
Martha Thomas b. 1832; Polly Thomas b. 1833; Mark H. Thomas b. 1835 who served in Co. I, 51st VA Inf. CSA;
Rebecca Thomas b. 1837; Marilda Thomas b. 1839; Amanda Thomas b. 1841; Caroline Thomas b. 1843; Lucinda
Thomas b. 1846; Cynthia Thomas b. 1846 and Eliza Thomas b. 1848.  Sarah Thomas, wife of Mark H. was d/o A. &
P. Canon.]

558.          Thomas, Mavell (m)                    60          Farmer    2000 600
     Catherine                64
Wagoner, Eliza                20            Domestic
   Parks, John              23 B            Farm Laborer
[This was family 853 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

134.           Thomas, Philander                    35          Farmer    500  210
 (Wright) Mary                34
      James R.                12
     Elizabeth                 8
[Philander Thomas, s/o Wesley & Elizabeth Thomas Md. Mary Wright, d/o Tolbert Wright & Elizabeth Harper on

132. Thomas, Wesley           66            Farmer    1200      650
     Elizabeth                66
      Jacob A.                24
      Rufus F.                22            Farm Laborer             100
(Mitchell) Elizabeth F.            18
  Brewer, Catherine           38            No occupation
      Hiram M.                12            At School
      Rufus A.                 8
[This was family 240 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Rufus F. Thomas Md. E. F. Mitchell 12/8/1869.  Jacob A.
Thomas served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.  Wesley Thomas Md. Elizabeth Crigger in Wythe Co., on 4/15/1830.]

72.  Thompson, Hugh         25 M            Farm Laborer                          NC
          Edde              27 B                                             NC
         Betsy              19 B            Farm laborer                          NC

41.  Thompson, Jane           41            Keeper of House          150
         Sarah                14
        Hannah                14
         Nancy                11
[This was family 1377 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Jane was the widow of Isom Thompson who died of
consumption on 2/18/1863 at home in Grayson Co., VA while serving in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA.  Sarah
Thompson Md. Fielden Vaught, s/o John & P. Vaught 11/16/1872.]

40.  Thompson, Troy         19 B            Farm Laborer                          NC
        Hannah              20 B
         James               5 B
       Mary J.               2 B
     Laura A.             3/12 B            (B. Mar 1870)
       Cynthia               8 B

711.  Todd, William           22            Farm Laborer
      Caroline                18
        Warren                 2
      Anderson              3/12            (B. Apr. 1870)
   Hale, St. Lewis.           65            Farm Laborer
[William Todd was s/o Andrew (b. 1828) and Susannah Todd (b. 1832).  Siblings were:  Susan Todd b. 1853;
Bledsoe Todd b. 1854; Hardin Todd b. 1856; and Norma Todd b. 1858.]

607.Toliver, Robert         37 B            Farm Laborer
         Betsy              40 M
         Friel              12 B
       Fleming               9 B
     Elizabeth               6 B
       Adaline               3 B
        Edward               1 M
[Friel Toliver Md. Ellen Grogan, 12/31/1881.]

128.           Tomlinson, Burgis                    34          Farmer Laborer      100          NC
        Martha                38
      Noell A.                 4
         Molly                 2
    Harriet R.                13            At School
     Robert L.                 2
    William F.                 1
[Burgess Tomlinson served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA.  He was b. 3/25/1838 in Iredell Co., NC and d. 5/29/1900
in Spring Valley, Grayson Co., VA.]

129.            Tomlinson, Frank                    60          Farmer
     Elizabeth                22
     Ham, Mary                60            House Keeper
Hale, James A.                10            At School
[Speculation that Burgis Tomlinson may be the same as B. Tomlinson, s/o Franklin & Harriet in household 741 in the
1860 Census of Grayson Co., VA.]

104.          Tomlinson, Noel H.                    22                    350          NC
(Walsh) Ida E.                18                                   (Philadelphia) PA
      Hally L.                 1                                             VA
[Ida E. Walsh, d/o J. & L. Walsh of Grayson Co., VA, Md. Noel H. Tomlinson on 3/19/1868.  Noel Tomlinson was
listed on the 1898 Grayson County Confederate Veterans Roster as a member of Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.]

430.   Trent, Celia           65            Keeping House
          Lucy                30            Weaver
[Family 763 in the 1860 Grayson County Census, in that record she is called Drucilla, age 40.]

338.   Trent, Henry           50            Farm Laborer
         Sarah                48
        Martha                23
       Malinda                20
[This was family 430 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Malinda J. Trent, Md. A. J. Cornett, s/o J. C. & Churla A.
Cornett, 3/16/1871.  Henry Trent served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

251.   Trent, James           40            Farm Laborer
 (Brown) Polly                40
         Ellen                15
         Robt.                13
         Lotty                10
      Margaret                 6
        Amanda                 6
       Stephen                 4
[This was family 251 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James P. Trent Md. Polly Brown, 7/10/1852.  J. Ellen
Trent Md. Lewis F. Farmer, s/o David & R. Farmer 5/19/1874; Robt. Trent Md. Mary F. Wyatt, d/o Sarah Wyatt
8/15/1879; Laura (Lotty) Md. Monroe Farmer, s/o D. & S. Farmer, 9/26/1878; Margaret A. Trent Md. Neal Autry
6/23/1881; Amanda E. Trent Md. Preston Tate, s/o Alex & C. Tate, 3/3/1880.  James Trent served in Company F, 4th
Virginia Infantry, CSA.]

583.            Trent, Milton G.                    43          Farmer    1000 300
    (Daniel) Violet           51
        Joseph                16            At School
         James                15            At School
[This was family 832 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Milton G. Trent, Md. Violet Daniel on 3/8/1846.  Milton G.
Trent served in Company C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.  Milton G. Trent served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  Other
children were:  Eli J. Trent b. 1847; Frederick Trent b. 1849; Mary Ann Trent b. 1850; Bettie Trent b. 1853; and
Joseph Trent b. 1854.]

250. Trent, William           30            Farm Laborer             100
         Phebe                65
          Edie                60            No Occupation
[Could possibly be William J. Trent, s/o N. & P. Trent, Md. Lydia A. Hawks, d/o A. & B. Hawks 1/25/1877.  William
Trent served in Company F, 4th VA Inf., CSA.]

339.           Trent, William J.                    25          Farm Laborer
   (Hines) Huldy M.           27
         Sarah                 4
[William J. Trent, s/o Henry & Sarah Trent, Md. Huldy Malinda Hines, 12/13/1865; Sarah Trent Md. Emory Long, s/o
L. D. & Sarah Long 4/1/1881.  William J. Trent served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

427.    Troy, Henry           68            Farmer    600       326          NC
    (Carrico) Nancy           57
         Sally                23
      Rosamond                24            Farm Laborer
         Olive                19            (Md. Aug, 1869)
[This was family 263 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Henry Troy b. 1802 d. 10/20/1872, md. Nancy Carrico b.
1813 d. 5/12/1876, d/o Joseph Carrico, on 12/21/1829.  Joseph Carrico was s/o Abel Carrico, and md. (2) Patsy
Isom b. 1813.  Joseph Carrico's children by his first wife were:  Catherine Carrico md. John Patton; Flora Carrico md.
Peter Butner; a daughter md. Joseph M. Calvin; Weldon Carrico; William A. Carrico; Samuel L. Carrico; John W.
Carrico; a daughter who md. Absalom McCarter; Malinda J. Carrico; Mary A. Carrico who md. James M. Hillman;
Sarah Carrico; Sibby C. Carrico who md. Thomas F. Evans; Mumford Carrico; and Alexander Carrico who was killed
in a fight in Wise Co., VA.  Joseph Carrico's children by Patsy Isom were:  Joseph Carrico b. 1840; Susan Carrico b.
1842; Caroline b. 1845, and Patsy Carrico b. 1847.  All the last 4 were underage when Joseph died.  Patsy received
as her dower a parcel of land on both sides of Bull Run Creek, present site of Providence School.  She sold out after
a great deal of litigation and moved to Washington Co., VA.  Henry & Nancy Troy settled on a farm acquired on
Turkey Fork Creek which later became the property of the Jacksons who md. into the family.  After Henry Troy's
death, Nancy was cared for by her son-in-law John C. Hale.  Henry, Nancy and son Marcus are buried in the Old
Lebanon Cem. on Elk Creek.  Henry & Nancy Troy's children were:  William Troy b. 10/30/1830 moved to Lawrence
Co., OH returned md. (4) Malinda Calvin of Wytheville, VA and moved to Catlettsburg where William died and is
buried; Caroline Troy b. 4/13/1836 died age 30 of diphtheria and did not md; John Jackson Troy who md. Polly Troy
on 7/20/1856; Susan Troy md. John C. Hale; Emily Troy b. 7/8/1837 md. James Calloway Wright, s/o John &
Malinda Wright; Rev. John W. Troy; Mary Lock Troy md. John S. Jackson; Marcus Lafayette Troy b. 10/8/1845 d.
4/5/1901 of blood poisoning; Sarah M. Troy b. 8/22/1842 never md; Martha Elena Troy b. 8/1/1849 never md and
died of diphtheria and buried with sister Tina in the Atkins Methodist Church Cemetery, Providence, Grayson Co.,

264.     Troy, John           32            Farmer              250
       Rebecca                33
     George W.                 8
    William K.                 6
     Robert F.                 4
      Sarah A.                 2
 Lundy, George                53            Carpenter 1500
[George Lundy appears to be the same, living alone in household 228 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  This
may be John Jackson Troy s/o Henry & Nancy Troy of household 427 Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA

458.  Vannoy, Wiley           23            Farm Laborer                          NC
        Almada                18            Keeping House                         NC
    Pugh, Elizabeth           35            Weaver                           NC

183.Vaughn, Abraham           39            Farm Laborer             120
(Hines) Hester                39
      Sarah C.                12
       Mary E.                 7
   Wampler, Frances            3
          Mary              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
[Abraham S. Vaughn, s/o David Vaughn & Ann Steffy, md. Hester Elizabeth Hines, d/o John Hines & Sally Funk, on
5/16/1859.  David Vaughn md. (2) Susan Davis and md. (3) Charlotte Byrd b. 1815, d/o John Byrd, on 7/23/1849.
Other children of David Vaughn were:  Hannibal Vaughn b. 1840 md. Sue Lester; Sarah Caroline Vaughn b. 1841
md. Wiley Ballard Bourne; William Vaughn b. 1843 md. Laura Jane Eversole and lived in Wythe Co.; George
Vaughn b. 1846; and Ann Vaughn b. 1848.  Abraham served in Co. E, 16th VA Infantry, CSA.  Abraham & Hester
Elizabeth Vaughn had 9 children:  Sarah A. Vaughn md. James L. Roberts; Mary Susan Vaughn md. William Andrew
Shupe; Fielden Vaughn md. Ellen Anderson; W. A. Vaughn; Nancy C. Vaughn md. J. H. Jones; John W. "Abe"
Vaughn md. Phoebe Crigger; Samuel Montague Vaughn md. Birdie Clark; Willis M. Vaughn md. Leva Byrd; and
Thomas Cole Vaughn md. Lelia Clare Vaughn.]

176.           Vaughn, Charlotte                    52          Keeping House       100
        Amanda                18
          John                 6
[Charlotte was the 3rd wife and widow of David Vaughn; Amanda J. Vaughn Md. Wiley Ballard Bourn, s/o S. & M.
Bourn 7/10/1879.]

117.  Vaughn, Clark           60            Miller              110
 (Byrd) Cassia                50
    Johnson B.                25            Farm Laborer        300  150
      Franklin                15
    Temperance                13
      Sarah J.                 6
[This was family 398 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Clark Vaughn, s/o William Vaughn & Elizabeth Fielder
md. Cassia Byrd, d/o William Byrd, Jr. & Sally Martin.  Clark Vaughn's children were:  Lorenzo Dow Vaughn md.
Mary Jones; Johnson B. Vaughn md. Malinda Ellen Bourne; Franklin C. Vaughn md. Orpha King; Julia Vaughn md.
Chrisman Fielder; Temperance Vaughn md. Billy Clark; and Sarah J. Vaughn md. Tom Porter.]

270.Vaughn, Cynthia           62            Keeping House            100
      Polly M.                21            Seamstress
    Frances J.                12
      Caroline                12
        Dennis                11
[Cynthia Vaughn was widow of Calvin Vaughn, s/o Dennis Vaughn & Jane Hill.  Calvin Vaughn md. Cynthia Funk,
d/o John Funk & Polly Vaughn, and was his 1st cousin.  Calvin Vaughn served in the Union Army during the Civil
War and his death date has not been found, presumed that he never returned from the war.  Cynthia Vaughn md. (2)
James Leath a Wythe Co. widower, on 6/8/1879.  Calvin & Cynthia's children were:  Mary M. Vaughn b. 1848 md.
Thomas Lane; Tobitha Vaughn b. 1851 md. ?; Kenly A. Vaughn b. 1853 d. 1855; one son died in infancy; Caroline
Vaughn b. 1857 md. Charles C. Sexton; and Dennis R. Vaughn Md. Elizabeth Carrico, d/o Barnabas B. & Celia
Carrico, 12/15/1881.]

115. Vaughn, Harvey           29            Farmer    500       123
         Sarah                18
         Chas.              6/12            (B. Dec. 1869)
 Hampton, Saml                12            Farm Laborer
  Jenkins, Meredith           25            Farm Laborer                          NC
 (Anders) Elizabeth           24
       Mary A.                16
      Nancy C.              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[Harvey Vaughn was s/o Robert Vaughn & Patsy Pritchard.  Harvey Bourne Vaughn served as a sergeant in Co. F,
4th VA Infantry promoted to Lt. and transferred to the 37th VA Cavalry Battalion.  He was b. 6/26/1841 and d.
9/4/1901 in Spring Valley, Grayson Co., VA.  Meredith "Mertie" Jenkins served in the Confederate Army in NC, died
on 1/12/1929 and is buried in the Independence Methodist Church Cemetery.  He md. (1) Elizabeth Anders b. 1846;
and md. (2) Jane Wooten, d/o William Wooten & Matilda Warren.  Mertie & Elizabeth Jenkins' children were:
George Jenkins; Stephen Jenkins; Nancy Jenkins; and Mary A. Jenkins.  Mertie & Jane had one child:  Verna
Jenkins who md. Davis Benge.]

530.Vaughn, Haywood           31            Farm Laborer        500  300
  (Byrd) Nancy                31
         Sarah                10
       Melvina                 8
     Elizabeth                 6
      Nicholas                 4
       Alverta                 1
[Haywood Vaughn b. 4/12/1839 d. 8/21/1913, s/o John N. Vaughn & Susannah Jones md. (1) Nancy Byrd b.
4/15/1842 d. 1/1/1880, d/o Richard Byrd & Sarah Rhudy.  John N. Vaughn was s/o Nathaniel Vaughn.  Haywood
Vaughn md. (2) Malvina Robertson, d/o William L. Robertson & Jane Thomas.  Haywood and Nancy had 8 children:
Sarah A. Vaughn b. 1859 d. 1934 md. George Porter; Stephen Vaughn b. 1860 d. 1861; Melvina C. Vaughn b. 1862
d. 1891 md. Mart Robertson; Nancy Elizabeth Vaughn b. 1864 d. 1959 md. John L. Stanley; Nicholas Dobson
Vaughn b. 1866 d. 1945 md. Mary Jane Swinney; Alverta A. Vaughn b. 1869 md. Elbert Patton; Eliza Jane Vaughn
b. 1871 d. 1940 md. Elbert Canary Shupe; Amelia S. Vaughn b. 1876 d. 1968 md. Fred L. Manning.  Children of
Haywood & Malvina Vaughn were:  Amos Vaughn b. 1882 d. 1968 md. Lottie Vena Vaughn; and Crockett L. Vaughn
b. 1885 md. Martha Criggar.]

560.  Vaughn, James           27            Farmer    500       300
    (Reeves) Martha           21
         Edwin                 2
          John              1/12            (B. May 1870)
Taylor, George                13            Farm Laborer
[James C. Vaughn, s/o John & Julia Vaughn, Md. Martha C. Reeves, d/o Josh & A. Reeves, 2/11/1867.]

21. Vaughn, John W.           36            Dry Goods Mrcht     4000 6000
      Sarah A.                28
      James E.                10            At School
     Mattie R.                 8            At School
     Linnie E.                 3
    Lemmons, Emily            20            Domestic                         NC
  Almeyous (m)                 1
    Vaughn, Jno. W.        9/100            (B. Feb 1870)
[John Wesley Vaughn b. 5/8/1833 d. 2/16/1920 and was buried in the Independence Town Cemetery.  John W.
Vaughn served in Company F, 4th VA Inf., CSA.  During the Civil War John Wesley Vaughn attained the rank of
Colonel in the Commissary Department was detailed to collect food for the Confederate Army in the Upper New
River Valley; as a result he became very unpopular.  John Wesley Vaughn's children were:  James E. Md. Laura
Hale 5/10/1881; Mattie R. (C?) Vaughn Md. Enoch Frank "Little Enoch" Cox, son of Joshua R. & Mahala (Osborne)
Cox 5/19/1879; and Linnie E. Vaughn who became a physician practicing in Independence, VA and who was
accidentally killed by a boy playing with a .22 calibre rifle.  This was family 15, 1860 Census.  Emily Lemmons was
born in Rockingham Co., NC.]

257.   Vaughn, John           52            Carpenter 600        15
  (Bedwell) Matilda           45
       Lilburn                19            Apprentice to Carpenter
       Malinda                17
      Caroline                16
       Geo. C.                15            Apprentice to Carpenter
      Julia A.                 2
        Martha                10
       Stephen                 8
        Alfred                 6
[This was family 310 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  John Vaughn s/o William Vaughn & Elizabeth Fielder
Md.(1) Julia Ann Rhudy, Md. (2) Matilda Bedwell, d/o Wilson Bedwell, on 12/16/1849.  John Vaughn md. (3) Martha
Ham on 10/21/1870.  John & Julia Vaughn's children were:  Stephen Freel Vaughn b. 7/30/1839 d. 4/30/1844;
William Harrison Vaughn b. 4/15/1841 d. 1867; James Camel Vaughn b. 11/15/1842 d. 1920; Alex Cornett Vaughn
b. 12/7/1844 d. 9/19/1864; Lewis Clark Vaughn b. 4/5/1847 d. 9/4/1856; Alfred Augustus Vaughn b. 4/15/1849 d.
6/10/1852.  Children of John & Matilda Vaughn were:  Lilburn Johnson Vaughn b. 9/26/1849; Malinda Elizabeth
Vaughn B. 11/2/1851 D. 3/22/1903; Rosamond Caroline Vaughn B. 8/3/1856; George Curren Vaughn B. 7/2/1854
Md. Nannie N. McLean, d/o Joel & Polly McLean 7/8/1881; Julia A. Vaughn B. 4/30/1858; Martha Jane Vaughn B.
12/11/1859; Stephen Clark Vaughn B. 12/25/1861 D. 7/6/1877; Alfred Crockett Vaughn B. 6/28/1865.  John Vaughn
served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  Ref. P. 87, Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants
and Related Families.]

116. Vaughn, Joseph           26            Farmer    400       175
     Elizabeth                22
         Emily                 5
        Allice                 3
(Fielder) Elizabeth           93
[Joseph Vaughn served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry.  Joseph Vaughn was s/o Robert Vaughn (b. 1801) and
Martha Pritchard (b. 1803).  Robert Vaughn was s/o William Vaughn b. 11/18/1760 in Hanover Co., VA and
Elizabeth Fielder who was living with her grandson above.]

118.  Vaughn, L. D.           23            Farm Laborer
  (Jones) Mary                20
         Fanny                 1
[Lorenzo Dow Vaughn s/o Clark & Cassia Vaughn, Md. M. A. Jones d/o Wm. & J. Jones 12/24/1868.  Fanny Olive
Vaughn was the only child of L. D. & Mary Vaughn and she md. Orville M. Moore.]

114. Vaughn, Martin           20            Farmer    400       175
        Robert                69            Sawyer
 (Pritchard) Martha           67                               KY
       Stephen                26            Farmer    400       175
        Thomas                20            Farmer    450       110
   Ham, Martha                24            Domestic
[Robert Vaughn & Martha Pritchard's children were:  Elizabeth Vaughn b. 6/2/1827 d. 1880 md. Joseph Elliott on
2/11/1845; Cynthia Vaughn b. 7/5/1829 d. 10/14/1918 md. Austin King on 8/15/1847; James Calvin Vaughn b.
2/12/1831 d. 12/3/1920 md. in Coeburn, VA; John Wiley Vaughn b. 6/18/1835 and was killed in the Battle of
Springfield, MO in 1863; William Freel Vaughn b. 5/13/1837 d. 1907 md. Fannie Hicks; Ellis Leftwich Vaughn b.
3/20/1839 d. 10/10/1896 md. Kate Lester; Harvey Bourne Vaughn b. 6/26/1841 d. 9/4/1901 md. Sarah Ann Hale;
Stephen B. Vaughn b. 7/17/1843 d. 11/8/1871 served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA; Joseph Pritchard Vaughn b.
8/15/1845 d. 8/26/1905 and served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA and who md. Betty Jacobs; Martin Luther Vaughn
b. 8/29/1848 d. 4/14/1919 md. Sarah Jane Wright; Amelia Jane Vaughn b. 8/10/1850 d. as a child; and Thomas
Couch Vaughn b. 10/29/1852 d. 12/4/1943 md. Lucy Jane Hale.  Wiley, Lee, Joseph, Leftwich, Harvey, Freel, and
Stephen served in the Confederate Army.]

647.            Vaughn, Meredith                    57          Farmer    900  400
 (Shupe) Polly                54
         Creed                25            Farm Laborer
          John                22            Farm laborer
        Thomas                10
          Mary                 9
[Meredith Vaughn, b. 5/6/1813 d. 1900, possibly an illegitimate son of one of the early Vaughn girls, Md. Polly
Shupe, d/o Jacob Shupe & Madeline Phillips, 4/12/1836.  Meredith & Polly had 7 children:  Fielding Vaughn b. 1838
d. 1863 md. Julia Ann Phillips; a male child who died as an infant; Elizabeth M. Vaughn b. 1843 d. 1855; Creed
Nuckolls Vaughn b. 1844 d. 1910 md. Margaret Jennings; John A. Vaughn b. 1848 d. 1900 md. (1) Susan .... md. (2)
Nannie M. Hall; Margery F. Vaughn b. 1851 md. Robert Weldon Morton; and Sarah J. Vaughn b. 1853 d. 1855.
Thomas& Mary Vaughn were children of Fielding Vaughn.  Thomas M. Vaughn b. 1859 d. 1899 md. Martha Frances
Moore, d/o Joshua L. Moore & Eleanor Byrd; Mary Jane Vaughn b. 1861 md. Alex Hall.]

144.Vaughn, William           71            Farm Laborer
  (Hines) Elizabeth           68                                             NC
     Elizabeth                23
         Naomi                 2
         Bryam              3/12            (B. Mar 1870)
[This was family 225 in the 1860 Census of Grayson Co., VA.  Wm. Vaughn Md. Elizabeth Vaughn, 10/18/1836.]

664.          Vaughn, William F.                    34          Farmer    400
       Frances                34
        Samuel                 4
        Orland                 2
Hicks, Rebecca                74            No Occupation       400  250
[William Freel Vaughn b. 5/13/1837 d. 1909, s/o Robert Vaughn & Martha Pritchard.  Rebecca Hicks may have been
Frances Vaughn's mother.  A Freeling Vaughn served in the Grayson Co., VA Militia.]

204. Vaught, Andrew           57            Farmer    400       300
 (Pool) Sidney                59
       Stephen                19
       Barbara                70            No Occupation
[This was family 185 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Andrew Vaught, s/o George Vaught (b. 1783) & Barbara
Mees (b. 1790), Md. Sydney Pool 7/15/1833.  Barbara Vaught, age 70 above, was listed as age 62 in 1860, but
actually died on 3/26/1869.  Other children were:  Stephen E. Vaught b. 1835 who served in Co. B, 29th VA Infantry,
CSA; Lewis Peyton Vaught b. 1837 served in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA and who md. Melvina Hale, d/o Dudley &
Susan Hale, on 1/13/1858; Mary Vaught b. 1843; Celia Vaught b. 1845; William Vaught b. 1850.  Andrew Vaught's
siblings include:  Jackson Vaught b. 1812 who md. Amanda Miller; Betsy Vaught who md. Rial Martin on 11/4/1824;
Elizabeth Vaught md. Allen Nelson on 2/15/1834; Sally Vaught who md. Jesse Funk on 9/18/1834; and Polly Vaught
who md. Harrison Wright on 1/24/1837.]

199.Vaught, Jackson           48            Farmer    500       300
    (Miller) Amanda           44
       Ephraim                19            Farm Laborer
     Alexander                17            Farm Laborer
         Sarah                15
          Geo.                11
      Franklin                10
      Caroline                 8
         Ellen                 4
[Jackson Vaught, s/o George Vaught & Barbara Mees, Md. Amanda Miller, 10/8/1843.  Ephraim Vaught Md. Amanda
Mastin, d/o Lucinda Hall 1/26/1875; Sarah Vaught Md. D. R. Pinion, s/o John & L. Pinion 11/17/1877; N. Caroline
Vaught Md. S. E. Hawk s/o I. & A. Hawk; Ellen Vaught Md. Elbert Hale, s/o Lef. & Elvira Hale, 11/17/1881.  Jackson
Vaught served in the Grayson Co. Militia.]

202.        Vaught, Lewis Peyton                    31          Farmer         219
(Hale) Malvina                31
      Celia A.                11
       Mary M.                 9
       Tobitha                 4
     Alfred W.                 2
      Sarah A.             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
[Lewis Peyton Vaught, s/o Andrew Vaught & Sydney Pool on 1/13/1858 Md. Malvina Hale, d/o Dudley Hale & Susan
Wright.  Celia Ann Vaught Md. Dow G. Brewer 8/1/1878.  Mary M. Vaught Md. M. C. Martin, s/o Spotswood Martin,
4/7/1881.  Lewis P. Vaught served in Company F, 4th VA Inf., CSA.]

578.  Wagoner, Adam           50            Farmer    4000      916          NC
          Mary                52                                             NC
         Allen                19            Farm Laborer
         Nancy                16            At School
       Haywood                14            At School
      Susannah                11            At School
        Monroe                 7
          Mary                75            No Occupation                         NC
    Woodruff, Cindy         18 B            Domestic                         NC
[Haywood Wagoner Md. Cynthia E. Spurlin, d/o A. V. & N. Spurlin, 3/4/1877; Susannah Wagoner Md. G. M. Watson,
s/o B. F. & Thursa Watson 8/19/1880.  Family 785 in the 1860 Grayson County Census.]

579. Wagoner, Berry           20            Farmer              120
   (Elliott) Jemima           16            (Md. May 1870)
[Berry Wagoner, s/o Adam & Mary Wagoner, Md. Jemima Elliott, d/o A. B. & Peggy Elliott, 5/23/1870.  Ref. Our Cox
Family by Alice Cox Phillips, indicates that Jemima C. Elliott, d/o Abraham Elliott and Margaret Cornett, B. 1848 D.
4/6/1937 Md. Berry Wagoner and had 11 children.  He lived in household 785 in the 1860 Grayson County Census.]

47. Walls, Peter J.           34            Farmer    400       150          NC
 (Sales) Susan                32                                             NC
   Margaret R.              1/12            (B. May 1870)                         VA
         Jacob                60            Farm Laborer                          NC
  Elizabeth E.                24            Domestic                         NC
[Peter J. Walls served in Co. C, 45th Virginia Infantry, CSA, B. 9/5/1835, enl. 5/29/1861 at Wytheville, sick when
regiment moved from Wytheville, 7/12/1861.  Captured at Piedmont 6/5/1864, POW at Camp Morton, exchanged
2/26/1865, in Hospital at Richmond 3/9/1865.  He died 3/10/1919 and is buried in Coxes Chapel Church Cemetery.
Peter J. Walls md. Susan Sales in NC.]

106.    Walsh, John           54            Minister            400     Ireland
   Luceilla M.                38                                             PA
      Adela L.                11
          Emma                 9

219.  Ward, Chesley           43            Brick Mason         600  250
   (Wynn) Jane                43
       Jno. W.                19            Apprentice Brick Mason
         Sarah                13
       Jas. H.                12
      Sarah E.                11
[This was family 370 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census and was living in Smyth Co., VA in 1850.  Chesley Ward
b. 12/1826 d. 4/6/1918 in Freemont, NE was s/o John W. Ward & Mary Brown of Wythe Co., VA.  He was a builder
of both stone and brick chimneys, some of which still survive.  He was not Chesley, s/o Stephen & Mahala Ward and
not to be confused with Jonathan & Polly Ward of Saddle Creek who had no children.  Chesley Ward was SGT in
Co. I, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA.  Chesley W. Ward md. Jane Wynn b. 8/27/1823 in Tazewell Co. d. 5/20/1891,
d/o David Wynn and Mary Ann Hopess, on 1/3/1850.  Chesley & Jane moved to Grayson Co. about 1856 and lived
on Turkey Fork near Elk Creek.  Jane Ward is buried there in the Lebanon Methodist Church Cemetery on Elk
Creek.  After Jane died Chesley md. (2) C. A. Anderson Cooper of Wythe Co., VA in 1900.  Chesley was buried in
Freemont, NE and when he died was declared the oldest mason of Elk Creek Lodge 217.  Chesley Ward's children
were:  John Wesley Ward Md. Juliana Warrick, d/o John W. Warrick & Ellen Carson, 7/29/1873; A daughter Mary
Ann Ward died in childhood; Sarah Catherine Ward Md. Rev. Samuel Kenly Byrd, s/o A. B. & M. Byrd 8/28/1877 and
moved to Kingsport, TN; James Harvey Ward md. Nancy Jane Jackson, d/o John Sprager Jackson & Mary Lack
Troy and moved to Nickerson, NE in 1910 but back to Grayson Co., in 1928 and are buried in the Lebanon Methodist
Church Cemetery, on Elk Creek.  Sarah Ward was adopted but not legally, and was d/o Chesley's sister Lourettia
Caroline Ward.  Sarah Ward died in her late teens.]

485.    Ward, James         35 B            Farm Laborer                          NC
       Phyllis              30 B                                             NC
        Phoebe               7 B                                             NC
           Bud               5 B                                             VA
          Mary               3 B                                             VA
        Leler             9/12 B            (B. Nov. 1869)                        VA

44.Ward, Riley                48            Farmer
       Rebecca                36
      Tamsy T.                14            At School
     Andrew J.                12            At School
  Zachariah F.                 2
        Elbert                21            Farm Laborer
[This was family 1277 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

262.   Ward, Wayman         24 B            Farm Laborer
         Julia              24 B
      Caroline               5 B

65.   Ward, William           67            Farming   500       200
       Abigail                64
[William & Abigail Ward were members of household 1293 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

288.            Warrick, Ephraim                    51          Farmer     250  125
(Roberts) Elizabeth           48
      Susan M.                21
       Geo. W.                15
       Sophina                13
        Wm. F.                11
       Fielden                 9
        Calvin                 9
         Wiley                 1
[Ephraim Warrick, possibly s/o John Warrick (b. 1776) and Betsy Roberts (who md. on 10/17/1805), Md. Elizabeth
Ann Roberts on 12/26/1847.  Susan M. Warrick, Md. Jacob Hall, s/o James & Polly Hall, 6/29/1873; Geo. W. Warrick
Md. Rose Hall, d/o James & Polly Hall 9/27/1877.  Ephraim Warrick may be the same one who served in Co. D, 37th
Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA.]

285.          Warrick, George W.                    43          Farmer    1000 671
     Elizabeth                34
      Margaret                16
      Eliza J.                14
       John W.                12
      Laura A.                10
      Nancy C.                 8
       Jas. E.                 6
       Stephen                 4
      Virginia              4/12            (B. Feb. 1870)
[This was family 172 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  George W. Warrick was eldest s/o James Warrick (b.
1792).  George Warrick's siblings were:  Ann Warrick b. 1829; Stephen Warrick b. 1832; Betsy J. Warrick b. 1833;
James Warrick b. 1834; William Warrick b. 1838; and Kenly Warrick b. 1840.  Eliza J. Warrick, Md. Lewis K. Cornett,
s/o Levi & Olive (Hale) Cornett, 8/24/1876.  George W. Warrick served in Company C, 8th Virginia Cavalry, CSA and
in the Grayson Co., VA Militia.]

163.           Warrick, James J.                    30          Farmer         234
     Elizabeth                29            Keeping House
        Elvira                11
       John W.                 8
      Floyd R.                 6
    William S.                 4
      Cenia V.              3/12            (B. Mar 1870)
[James J. Warrick Md. Elizabeth Cornett Carson, d/o Eli Cornett and Olive Hale on 8/23/1857.  James J. Warrick
was probably the s/o James & Sookey Warrick.  Elizabeth had previously been Md. to Samuel Dolphus Carson, by
whom she had a son, Samuel D. Carson, Jr.  Samuel Carson Jr. Md. E. E. Scott 3/28/1872.  Elvira Warrick Md.
Isaac Austin, s/o Lewis & Martha Austin 6/23/1881.  James J. Warrick served in the Grayson Co., Militia, CSA.]

707.            Warrick, Stephen                    35          Farmer         250
    (Hudson) Mariah           35            Keeping House                         NC
[Stephen Warrick, s/o James & Sookey Warrick, Md. Mariah M. Hudson, d/o L. & M. Hudson, 9/17/1868.  Stephen
Warrick served in Co. C, 8th VA Cavalry, CSA.]

584.          Watson, (B.) Frank                    42          Farmer    1000 347
        Thursa                37
         James                15            At School
     Granville                12            At School
         Bessy                 9
         Laura                 7
       Everett                 6
        Martha                 2
[This was family 300 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Laura Watson Md. James Anders, s/o Berry & J. Anders,
6/20/1880.  Frank Watson served as 2nd Lt. in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry CSA and resigned on 9/17/1861 due to illness
and later served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.]

174.  Welsh, Andrew           67            Farmer
    (Harper) Martha           63            Keeping House
       John A.                23
       Stephen                20
        Amanda                16
[This was family 241 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Andrew Welsh, md. Martha Harper on 11/5/1829.  They
lived at Clito on lower Elk Creek where Andrew ran a grist mill.  Andrew Welsh's children were:  Susannah Welsh b.
1831; Emaline Welsh b. 1834; George A. Welsh b. 1839 who served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA; John Welsh b.
1841; Frances Welsh b. 1843; Friel Welsh b. 1848; Stephen Welsh b. 1850; and Amanda Welsh b. 1854.  Stephen
Welsh assumed Andrew's grist mill, updated it and which operated until the 1930s when it was destroyed in a flood.
Stephen Welsh also kept the Clito postoffice in 1889 and ran a general store.  Stephen Welsh sold out in 1906.]

673.             Whitaker, Lewis                    27          Farm Laborer        100
(Funk) Sophina                30
    Lafore, Stephen            9
[Lewis Whitaker would appear to be the son of Nancy Whitaker, and was living in household 232 in the 1860
Grayson Co., VA Census.  Lewis Whitaker Md. Sophina J. Funk, d/o J. & F. Funk, 3/10/1869.  Lewis Whitaker
served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

674.Whitaker, Nancy           45            Keeping House
      Columbus                21            Farm laborer
       Mary A.                14
[This appears to be family 232 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Columbus Whitaker Md. Malinda J. Funk, d/o
L. & M. Funk, 12/19/1878.  A daughter Nancy Whitaker was b. 1848 and was no longer at home.  Nancy Whitaker
was widow of Lewis Whitaker.]

419.  Whitman, John           48            Farmer    4000      1265
  (Hale) Celia                37
        George                17            At School
       Francis                 8
[John Whitman Md. Celia T. Hale, 5/22/1848.]

96.Wiles, John                40            Farm Laborer
         Susan                36
     George H.                 3
      James L.                 1
[J. T. Wiles served in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.]

626.            Wiley, Calvin J.                    28          Farmer    500  150          NC
         Celia                28                                             NC
         Rosey                 4                                             NC
          Levi                 2
     Gillie R.              1/12            (B. May 1870)
[Calvin Wiles served in the Grayson Co., VA Militia, CSA.]

517.  Wiley, Eli R.           27            Farm Laborer             120          NC
   (Bedwell) Nannie           21
         Edgar                 1
Dick, James T.                12            At School                        NC
       July A.                12            At School                        VA
[Eli R. Wiley of Guilford Co., NC, md. Nancy Bedwell, d/o Lorenzo Dow Bedwell on 8/23/1868.  Nancy's siblings
were:  Stephen Bedwell b. 1840 and David Bedwell b. 1843, but Nancy was the only heir to her father's farm which
had been in the Bedwell family since granted to Robert Bedwell in the late 1700s.  Lorenzo Dow Bedwell md. Jane
Elliott on 5/12/1842.  Eli R. & Nancy Wiley are buried in the Flat Rock Methodist Church Cemetery.  James T. & July
A. Dick were children of James & Mary Jane Dick.  Other children were Alice and Robert in the home of Madison
Dickey (#484, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA Census.)  James & Mary Jane Dick may have moved away
by this time.]

75.Wiley, John                33            Farm Laborer             100          NC
     Elizabeth                34                                             NC
[John Wiley served in Co. F, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA.]

489. Wiley, John W.           31            Farmer    500       579          NC
   (Dickey) Mary J.           20
          Lula                 1
  Dickenson, Martha         23 B
 Wiley, Robert                18                                             NC
     Elizabeth                58                                             NC
[John W. Wiley, s/o Robert & Elizabeth Wiley, Md. Mattie J. Dickey, d/o William & M. Dickey, 2/25/1866.  John
Wiley, age 22, was living with his presumed family in Alleghany Co., NC in the 1860 census, family 498.  Mary J.
Dickey may be a second marriage, his wife in 1860 was named Elizabeth, aged 24, in 1860.  B. F. Nuckolls says this
family went west.  Martha Dickenson was a freed slave who belonged to John Dickenson.]

4. Williams, James P.              40       Carpenter           100          NC
   Margaret E.                30                                             NC
   Franklin P.                13                                             TN
     Amanda C.                10                                             VA
      Miles P.                 5
  Madow B. (F)                 3
      Lewis L.             10/12            (B. May 1869)
[This was family 724 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  James P. Williams served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf., CSA.]

675.            Williamson, Mary                    43          Keeping House
         Henry                25            Farm Laborer
         Sally                16
      Caroline                13
[This was family 253 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Mary Williamson was listed in the 1850 Census as a
seamstress with 3 children:  Hannah Williamson b. 1847; Clara Williamson b. 1842 and John Williamson b. 1842 in
Surry Co., NC and md. Caroline Thomas 9/14/1865.  Henry Williamson Md. Lydia A. Jones, d/o M. & F. Jones,
5/17/1874 and Henry Williamson served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry.]

543.Wingate, Wright           54            Farmer    5200      2940         NC
    (Cassell) Eliza           49            Keeping House
         Nancy                21
         Isaac                17            At School
         Emily                16            At School
          Mary                14            At School
       Richard                13            At School
        Daniel                10            At School
        Thomas                 4
     Elizabeth             10/12            (B. Aug. 1869)
 Seward, Henry              22 B
[Wright Wingate was s/o John & Frances Wingate of NC.  Another son, John Wingate came to Grayson Co., and is
buried in the Potato Creek Cemetery.  Wright Wingate md. (1) Elizabeth Wyatt, d/o Elder Elijah Wyatt of Saddle
Creek.  Wright Wingate md. (2) Eliza Cassell of Wythe Co., VA.  Frances Wingate came to live with this family after
the death of her husband.  Her other children and Wright Wingate's siblings were:  Melissa Wingate b. 1821;
Elizabeth Wingate b. 1818; John Wingate; and William Wingate.  Frances Wingate is buried in the Independence
Cemetery.  Children of Wright & Elizabeth Wingate were:  Frances "Frankie" Wingate b. 1841 md. John Burton;
Rachel Wingate b. 1842 md. (1) Melton McKennon and md. (2) Zebidee "Little Zeb" Hash, s/o William "Blind Fox
Billy" Hash; John Wingate b. 1844 served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry CSA, md. Caroline Kirk; Elijah Wingate b.
6/9/1845 d. 10/22/1905 md. Catherine Wingate, d/o John Wingate & Nancy Spence on 12/25/1864; Nancy Wingate
b. 1849 md. Johnson Ward, s/o Stephen Ward Jr. & Charity Barton; Isaac "Ike" Wingate b. 1851 md. Joicy Boyer,
d/o William & Catherine Boyer on 1/3/1877; William "Bill" Wingate b. 1853; Emily Wingate b. 1854 md. Reuben W.
Cornett, s/o Alfred & E. Cornett; and Jane Wingate b. 1848.  Children of Wright & Eliza Wingate were:  Thomas
Wingate b. 1865 md. Etta Boyer, d/o Johnson Boyer & Peggy Stone; and Elizabeth Wingate b. 8/1869.  Wright
Wingate lived on the home place on Peach Bottom Creek, near Long's Gap.  John Wingate had bought 999 acres
land from Henry Snider, Matthew Dickey's son-in-law for $200 which Wright obtained from his second wife.]

401.  Wright, Abner           66            Farm Laborer             120
 (Vaught) Christina           64
         Polly                30
          Lucy                17
[This was family 147 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Abner Wright, s/o William and Susannah Wright, Md.
Christina Vaught, d/o George Vaught and Barbara Mees, 2/7/1836.  Polly A. Wright Md. Jno. W. Hale, s/o F. & E.
Hale, 4/7/1871; Lucy Ann Wright Md. Andrew Jackson Bolt, s/o Tyre Bolt & Alley Nester, 9/18/1872.  Other of
Abner's children were:  William M. Wright Md. Catherine Cannoy, d/o John & Cena Cannoy 1/6/1857; Fielding
Wright Md. Thursa Wright, Prob. gd/o Thompson Wright and Polly Hall, 1/18/1860;  George W. Wright Md. Comfort
E. Wyatt, d/o Enoch and Edy Wyatt, 1/12/1863; Freeling R. Wright B. ca. 1843, died in the Civil War; Martha J.
Wright Md. William E. Stone, s/o John & Nancy Stone, 8/29/1869 as his second wife.]

393. Wright, Dennis           46            Farmer    1000      280
 (Cornett) Rosamond           44
       Stephen                20            Farm Laborer
     Granville                10
         Rhoda                 8
     Alexander                 3
       Morning                84            No Occupation
[Family 105, 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Dennis Wright, s/o Jeremiah Wright and Mourning Fielder (above), Md.
Rosamond Cornett 4/24/1842 in Ashe Co., NC.  Mourning Fielder was probably d/o Dennis Fielder.  Stephen K.
Wright Md. Susan Robbins, d/o Jackson & Eva Robbins, 12/23/1873; Rhoda A. Wright Md. John W. Cornett, s/o D.
Cornett.  Dennis Wright served as 2nd Lt. in Co. B, 4th VA Reserves, CSA.  He was wounded at the Battle of
Saltville and lost 2 fingers.  Ref. P. 59, Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory 1650-1982 Descendants and Related
Families.  This reference indicates this family moved to Battle Creek, NE after the 1880 census was taken.]

161. Wright, George           30            Farmer              229
       Malinda                25
         Betty                 9
       William                 8
      Olive J.                 6
       Tolbert                 2
[George Wright Served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry and in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  George Wright was
s/o Abner & Christina Wright, md. Comfort E. Wyatt, b. 1845, d/o Eda Wyatt, on 1/12/1863.  Malinda may have been
a second marriage.]

212.            Wright, Harrison                    54          Farm Laborer
[Harrison Wright and his family are a little puzzling.  He Md. Mary "Polly" Vaught, d/o George Vaught & Rebecca
Porter on 1/24/1837.  The 1860 census lists him with a wife, 3 sons and a daughter.  In 1880 he is living with son
Creed Wright, his wife, Evaline and their 3 children.  Harrison is listed as married, not widowed or divorced in the
1880 census, but wife and children are not listed.  The whereabouts and fate of his wife, Mary and their children is a

300.  Wright, Jacob           30            Farmer    600       455          VA
          Jane                28
     Elizabeth                11
       John S.                 4
      Virginia                 2
[Jacob Wright s/o Mitchell Wright and Elizabeth Cannoy Md. Louisa Jane Cornett, d/o John Cornett & Lucinda Boyer
on 4/23/1857.  Daughter Matilda, died of unknown cause 4/1/1865 aged 3 months.  Daughter Elizabeth Md. J. R.
Stephens, s/o George & K. Stephens 4/14/1881.  A son, John S. was probably the unnamed son born on
12/29/1865.  They had 4 additional children born after the 1870 census.  Jacob Wright served in Co. F, 4th VA
Infantry was discharged for disability, recovered and enlisted in Co. I, 37th Battalion VA Cavalry, CSA and attained
the rank of 2nd Lt. in that unit.]

384.  Wright, James           52            Farmer    6200      1165
     McKlalana                54
       Avaline                18
         Sarah                16
         Julia                14
        Elvira                 9
      Jeremiah                22            Farm Laborer
(Cornett, Rosamond) Rosy           16       No Occupation
 Hackler, John                30            Farm Laborer
[This was family 144 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  At that time his wife was Margaret, leading one to
conclude that McKloma above is in error, but seems to be the best transcription of what the census taker recorded in
1870.  Another possibility was that McKloma was a second wife.  (Evaline) Avaline Wright Md. J. C. Catron, s/o J. &
E. Catron, 3/21/1872; Sarah J. Wright Md. M. L. Vaughn, s/o R. & P. Vaughn 7/11/1872; Elvira Wright Md. M. H.
Delp, s/o John & R. Delp, 3/12/1880; Jeremiah Wright Md. Rosamond Cornett, d/o W. & E. Cornett, 1/1/1870.
McKloma was most likely a Delp.]

351.Wright, John W.           40            Farmer    1200      595
(Cornett) Elizabeth           34
    Cornett, Jestin           15
         James                13
     Robert J.                 8
 Wright, Reese                 4
          Mary                 2
         Sarah              7/12            (B. Nov. 1869)
[John W. Wright served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.  Elizabeth was widow of Wiley Cornett who died
while serving in Co. C, 63rd VA Infantry, CSA.  John W. Wright, perhaps the s/o Isom and Susan Wright Md.
Elizabeth Livesay Cornett.  Wiley Cornett, s/o James Cornett and Sarah Boyer, and Elizabeth Livesay were Md.
11/18/1852.  Jestin Elvira Cornett Md. Charles H. Hall 1/6/1876.  James F. Cornett Md. Elizabeth J. Hackler
4/14/1881.  Another child, Rosamond J. Cornett Md. Jeremiah Wright 1/1/1870.  Reese J. Wright Md. Sarah J. Hall

695.  Wright, Lewis           48            Farm Laborer             100
(Hall) Emaline                39            Keeping House
       William                10
           Eli                 8
         Sarah                 6
          John                 4
   Exer A. (f)                 3
          Jane                 1
[This was family 658 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Lewis H. Wright, s/o Jeremiah Wright & Mourning
Fielder, Md. (1) Emaline Hall, d/o John & Sarah Hall, 3/27/1859.  Emaline died 8/25/1870, age 35.  Lewis Md. (2)
Nancy Bryant Leganes, d/o William & M. Bryant. 10/30/1872. Lewis Wright served in Co. K, 51st VA Inf. CSA.]

153.Wright, Malinda           56            Keeping House            100
[Malinda Sweeney Md. John Wright 8/27/1829.  He died prior to the 1850 Census.  She was living in household 342
in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  This family is confusing, and this may not be correct.]

347.          Wright, Stephen L.                    30          Farmer    700
  (Cannoy) Polly L.           34
      James P.                 8
       Troy R.                 5
    Foy L. (m)                 4
        Eva M.                 3
         Laura                 2
[Stephen L. Wright, s/o Isom & Susan Wright, Md. Polly L. Cannoy, d/o John & Evy Cannoy, 1/3/1860.  James P.
Wright Md. Sarah J. Taylor 3/24/1881.  Troy R. Wright Md. Emma C. Boyer, d/o Edmond Boyer and Margaret Matilda
Rhudy, 2/25/1885.  Stephen L. Wright served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.]

540.  Wright, Susan           50            Keeping House                         VA
          Rosy                18
       Lucinda                16
[Susan was apparently widow of Isom Wright (b. 1812).  Susannah's children were: Elizabeth Wright b. 1836; Sally
Wright b. 1838; Stephen Wright b. 1840; John Wright b. 1842; William Wright b. 1842; James Wright b. 1844; Nancy
Wright b. 1846, Rosanah Wright b. 1849-52 Md. George Copybarger 10/14/1870; and Lucinda Wright b. 1854.]

160.Wright, Tolbert           62            Farmer    3000      700
(Harper) Betty                53            Keeping House
          Judy                25
      Caroline                21
         Patsy                26
[This was family 271 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Tolbert Wright Md. Elizabeth Harper, d/o George Harper
2/26/1833.  Judah Wright Md. J. K. Griffith, s/o Saml. & H. Griffith 2/1/1877; Caroline Wright Md. Rush F. Boyer s/o
Stephen & Nancy Boyer 6/24/1870; Family 146, Elk Creek District, 1870 Census of Grayson Co., VA.]

150.          Wright, William F.                    35          Farmer    600  180
       Emaline                26
      Virginia                 1
      Margaret                13
[William F. Wright served in Co. K, 51st VA Infantry, CSA.  William Fielding Wright, was perhaps s/o John Wright
and Malinda Sweeny.  Margaret may be the Ellen Wright, d/o Fielden and Emaline Welch who Md. M. W. Cornett
4/22/1875.  Grayson birth records would indicate Margaret Ellen was born 8/10/1857.  Birth records give birth of
Virginia H. as 11/12/1868.  They also had children born in 1859, 1865 and 1868.  Emaline's age on the 1860 census
was 24, and age above appears to be in error, or she was a second wife.]

369.          Wright, William J.                    28          Farm Laborer    90  120
       Rosy C.                26
          Lucy                 5
         Sarah                 3
       Tolitha                 1
         Nancy              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
[William J. Wright served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry, CSA.  He was originally from Wythe Co., VA and may
have been the s/o Isom & Susannah Wright (see household 540, Elk Creek District, 1870 Grayson Co., VA

386. Wyatt, Stephen           31            Farm Laborer
    (Delp) Margaret           25
       John W.                 3
         James                 2
      Archelus              3/12            (B. Mar. 1870)
[Stephen Wyatt, s/o Enoch (b. 1799) & Elizabeth (Edy/Edith) Wyatt (b. 1809 in NC), Md. Margaret Ann Delp, d/o
Jacob & Elizabeth Delp, 1/21/1862.  Stephen Wyatt served in the Grayson Co. Militia, CSA.  Stephen's siblings were:
John Wyatt b. 1832; Caleb Wyatt b. 1835; Morning Wyatt b. 1836; Archy Wyatt b. 1841; Rhoda Wyatt b. 1843;
Comfort Wyatt b. 1845; William Wyatt b. 1846 and Franklin Wyatt b. 1849.  Enoch & Elizabeth Wyatt moved to
Grayson Co., VA from NC about 1835.  Stephen Wyatt served in the Grayson Co., VA Militia and in Co. C, 63rd VA
Infantry, CSA.]

402.   Wynn, Amanda           42            Keeping House
    William D.                17            Farm Laborer
          Mary                15            At School
          John                13            At School
         Henry                11
        Albert                 9
[Amanda Jane Dutton was the widow of Josiah Wynn who moved to Grayson Co., VA in the 1850s.  Josiah Wynn, b.
1825 in Tazewell Co., VA, was a farmer, serving in Co. F, 4th VA Infantry, CSA and was killed in the 1st Battle of
Manassas in 1861.  Josiah & Amanda's children were:  Sarah E. Wynn who md. Fletcher Hale; William D. Wynn;
Mary A. "Molly" Wynn Md. Darius G. Meredith, s/o Dennis Meredith of Forsyth Co., NC, 3/12/1873; John Wynn;
Henry Hoppes Wynn md. (1) ? and md. (2) Ollie M. Dills of Wytheville, VA and lived at Rural Retreat, Wythe Co., VA;
and Albert Joseph Wynn Md. Mollie Jane Boyer, d/o Edmond S. Boyer and Margaret M. Rhudy, 7/14/1884.]

533. Wysong, Andrew           38            Farm Laborer             150          NC
          Mary                34                                             NC
        Martha                 8                                             NC
[This family moved to Grayson Co., VA in the 1860s lived near Clito and Knob Fork and left the area shortly after this
census was taken.]

532.  Wysong, Henry           64            Farmer    1000      265          NC
  "Ginsy" Jane                56            Keeping House                         NC
         Julia                29                                             NC
         Sarah                28                                             NC
         Linie                22                                             NC
         Lewis                20            Farm Laborer                          NC
         James                19            Farm Laborer                          NC
[Julia Wysong Md. Andrew Martin s/o Ryal Martin & Elizabeth Vaught, 12/13/1877;  Andrew Martin Md. (1) Susannah
Sage 6/7/1853.  James Wysong Md. Thursa Brewer d/o Kick (sic) & Nancy Brewer 1/26/1871.]

230. Yonce, Stephen           32            Boot Maker               1000
   (Moyers) Malinda           38            Keeping House
    Myers, Eli                17            Apprentice to Boot Maker
      Nancy E.                15            At School
 Griffy, Jacob                17            At School                        NC
[Stephen Younce Md. Malinda J. Moyers, d/o Wm. & S. Rogers (Moyers) 6/14/1866; Nancy E. Younce Md. George
W. Henley, s/o William & Barbara Henley 3/24/1881.  Stephen Younce served in Company F, 4th Virginia Infantry.]

59.  York, Lewis N.           44            Farmer    200       250
(Darnell) Elizabeth           40
      Napoleon                 5
[This was family 1052 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.  Alleghany County Heritage Book, article 819, indicates
that Elizabeth Darnell York B. 5/24/1820.  Lewis N. York was a minister in the Methodist circuit.  Napoleon York, B.
7/31/1864 Md. Rebecca Beck, d/o Perry & Rachel E. Beck.  Poley was a printer by profession and was a job printer
in Independence, VA.  He was deeply religious and printed flyers on his religious views.]

519.   Young, A. M.           38            Farmer    6000      2330         NC
      Sabra A.                37
       William                16
       Mary B.                12
          John                 5
[This was family 740 in the 1860 Grayson Co., VA Census.]

127.   Young, Abner         63 B                                             NC
         Mirah              19 B                                             NC
         Fanny              16 B
           Aly              11 B
         David               9 B
    Esther (f)               9 B

125.  Young, Alfred         36 B
       Harriet              25 B
         Henry              12 B
        Lawson              10 B
          Vina               8 B
      Caroline               6 B
       Mary J.               4 B
       Ninaona              70 B

126.Young, Pleasant         29 M            Farm Laborer             354          NC
          Lucy              28 B                                             NC
      Caroline              12 B
          Jane              10 B
         Laura               8 B
     Henderson               6 B
       Marinda               4 B
Anderson, Geo.              20 B            Farm Laborer
   Young, Josephine          2 B

536.Zimmerman, John           27            Farmer    250       260
          Mary                27
     George A.                 2
         Susan              7/12            (B. Dec. 1869)