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Frazier Cemetery

Carroll County, Virginia

Sulphur Springs District

Location: Laurel Community

Directions: In a field on the north side of Rt. 742 (McGhee Road), 2 miles from Rt. 740 (Oak Grove Road). The cemetery is beside a private driveway, marked with a sign, just off McGhee Road and is not visible from the road.

GPS Coordinates: N 36.813696 W 080.886766

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson; 06 Feb. 2013;

Comments: The cemetery is well fenced and in good condition. Several of the graves are marked with a plain stone and a metal funeral home marker with no dates. Information in [brackets] is not on the stone.

Frazier Cemetery, Carroll County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
Row 1
DAVIDSON, Sena A. [14 Dec] 1897 [Jun] 1976 Shared stone with next two; Sena Ann; d/o Isaac Bowman & Mahala Alice Vass; 2nd w/o Albert Davidson
DAVIDSON, Albert 1871 1956 s/o Andrew Davidson & Polly Freeman
DAVIDSON, Mary F. 1873 1919 d/o Greenberry Nicklous Frazier & Polina Woods; 1st w/o Albert Davidson
Row 2
UTT, Dorothy Elizabeth Frazier 03 Jan 1932 29 Feb 2012 Shared stone with next; d/o Henry Strader Frazier & Martha Davidson; w/o Arkie Lee Utt
UTT, Arkie Lee 22 Feb 1936 s/o Roy Utt & Thelma Davis
FRAZIER, Martha D. [12 Aug] 1912 [May] 1964 Shared stone with next; d/o Albert Davidson & Mary Frazier; w/o Henry Strader Frazier
FRAZIER, Henry S. [11 Jul] 1911 [19 Sep] 1992 Henry Strader; s/o John Cooper Frazier & Polly Fowler
Row 3
FRAZIER, Walter [02 Jun 1902] [08 Aug 1915] FHM William Walter; s/o William T. Frazier & Lucy Isabell Grimes
Row 4
FRAZIER, Lucy FHM Lucy Isabell; d/o Allen Grimes & Sarah Elizabeth Settle; w/o William T. Frazier
FRAZIER, Tommie [28 Aug 1878] [02 Jun 1915] FHM s/o Greenberry Nicklous Frazier & Polina Wood
Row 5
FRAZIER, Alice Allena Hanks 17 Mar 1880 30 Oct 1953 Shared stone with next; d/o Alexander Fielden Hanks & Mary Ann Wilson; w/o Leftridge Benjamin Frazier
FRAZIER, Leftridge Benjamin 25 Dec 1881 16 Oct 1942 s/o Greenberry Nicklous Frazier & Polina Wood
FRAZIER, Polina [1852] [1932] FHM d/o Thomas & Mary Wood; w/o Greenberry Nicklous Frazier
FRAZIER, Nicklous [1847] [1909] FHM Greenberry Nicklous; s/o Charles Henry Frazier & Parthenia Wilson
Row 6
FRAZIER, Ranzie [12 Jun 1914] FHM s/o Leftridge Benjamin Frazier & Alice Allena Hanks
Row 7
EDWARDS. Brenda Sue 1950 1953
Row 8
FRAZIER, Milburn 20 Apr 1924 13 Nov 1991 PFC U. S. Army WW II; s/o William B. Frazier & Bertha Roxina Alderman
EDWARDS. Bonnie Jean 15 Mar 1939 19 Mar 1939 d/o Bruce Edwards & Ethel Frazier
EDWARDS, Bruce 1900 [Apr] 1952 Shared stone with next; per census b/d is May 1897; s/o Rebecca Ellen Edwards
EDWARDS, Ethel Frazier 1906 1964 d/o Leftridge Benjamin Frazier & Alice Allena Hanks; w/o Bruce Edwards
FRAZIER, Arnold [18 Aug] 1927 [11 May] 1980 U. S. Navy; Shared stone with next; s/o William B. Frazier & Bertha Roxina Alderman
FRAZIER, Blanche 1935 Annie Blanche; d/o Bruce Edwards & Ethel Frazier; w/o Arnold Frazier
TEDDER, Albert & Elbert 1930 1930 From a previous survey. Stone is illegible now.
BRYANT, Baby 1913 1915