1860 Floyd County, Virginia Mortality Schedule

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The 1860 Floyd County, Virginia Mortality Schedule

1860 Floyd County, Virginia Mortality Schedule
Name Age Sex Color Free Md. POB Month Trade Cause Days Ill
Stump, George D. 2/12 M VA Apr Croup 5
Infant 1/365 F B S VA Jan Unknown 1
Parsons, James H. 1 M VA Jan. Consumption of the brain 2
Richards, Susannah 74 F W VA Oct. Farming Paralysis 161
Vest, Samuel S. 4/365 M VA Nov. Unknown 1
Akers, Blacksburn 87 M M VA Oct. Farmer Pneumonia 10
Gillenwater, Riley 45 M M VA May Pneumonia 12
Infant 2 hr M VA Oct. Not Known 2 hr
Carrell, Daniel 11/12 M VA Jun Congestion of the brain 11
Wilson, Eliza A. 4/12 F VA Feb. Pneumonia 11
Chirpenheal, Julia A. 20 F M VA Oct. Childbed fever 6 mo.
Proside, Thomas 85 M W VA Jan. Hatter Pneumonia 17
Bill, Servant of J. Wilkes 31 M B S VA Jan. Farm Hand Hernia 2 mo
Infant of J. Wilkes 2/52 F M S VA Feb. Not Known 2 wks
Gray, Elley 78 M W VA Oct. Pauper Palsey 2 yr
Infant 3 hr M VA May Unknown 3 hr
Infant 1/365 M VA Aug. Unknown 1 day
Infant 3/52 F VA Mar Unknown 1
Blankenship, Mary 27 F M VA Mar. Seamstress Pluersial 6
Gearheart, Anne 1 F VA Aug. Croup 12 hr
Cox, Martha 19 F M VA Jun Seamstress Pueripeal Peritonitis 10
Conner, Sarah J. 22 F VA Sep. Spinning Quinsey 30
Connor, Jesse J. 19 M VA Aug. Farming Quinsey 8
Bartlett, Joseph P. 12 M VA Sept. Farming Quinsey 6
Bartlett, James J. 8 M VA Sept. Quinsey 6
Huff, Manda 4 F VA Mar. Croup 2
Mills, Tabitha C. 1 F VA July Diarr hea 9
Aldridge, Catherine 71 F M NC Feb. Spinning Dyspepsia 2 mo
Kempleton, Mary 68 F VA May Kidney Disease 3 mo
Sowder, Floyd D. 3 M VA Mar. Croup 7
Guerrant, Peter 65 M VA Aug. Farm er Dropsey of Chest 30
Sowder, Catherine 75 F W PA July Seamstress Old Age 8 mo
Infant 10/12 F B S VA July Croup 5
Infant 12/365 F VA Apr Unknown 6 hr
Sylvia, servant of J. Litteral 4/12 F M S VA May Quinsey 3
Gray, Miriam 11 F VA Feb Billious Fever 3 mo
Otey, Ann Eliza 10 F VA July S corfula 2 yr
Otey, Rachell 3 F VA Jun Scorfula 6 mo
Henrietta svt. of O. Fergson 3/12 F B S VA Dec Hooping Cough 3 mo
Payne, Lewiss 67 M M VA Apr Farmer Suicide by Shooting sudden
Yopp, Catherine 11 F VA Aug. Flux 13
Dunn, Melissa 4 F VA Dec Croup 2
Dunn, Sarah A. 2 F VA Dec. Croup 8
Howard, Major 62 M M VA July Farmer Hydrothorax 5 mo
Infant 1/12 M VA Dec Hooping Cough 8 wks
Phlegar, Isaac 62 M M VA Sept Farmer Scorfula 6 mo
Goodson, James W. 42 M M VA May Farmer Apolexy sudden
Grayham, Mary E. 10/12 F VA July Unknown 3 mo
McDaniel, Malinda 4 F VA Mar Hooping cough 2 mo
Palmer, Samuel 62 M M NC Sept Farmer Suicide - cutting hand 1 hr
Martin, Celia A. 1 F VA Dec Unknown 3 wks
Haavell, Lucina 30 F M VA July Consumption 1 yr
Thomas, Martha B. 6/12 F VA Mar. Hooping Cough 3 wk
Wygal, Samuel 1 M VA Jun Dysentery 12
Dickenson, George 3 M VA Dec. Croup 2 wk
Graham, Leroy 18 M VA Jan. Farming Consumption 8 mo
Infant of J. E. Wade 2/52 F VA Apr. Hooping Cough 11
Epperly, Margaret 6/12 F VA July Bold Hives 1 mo
Weeks, Ennis 5 M VA Nov. Croup 3
Booth, Susan 2/12 F VA Aug. Pneumonia 1 mo
Chafin, Sarah 88 F VA May Old Age 2 yr
Reed, George 2 M VA Apr Pneumonia 3 wk
Moore, Wm. B. 25 M M VA Mar Farming Murdered by Shooting 1 hr
Mitchell, Samuel 6/12 M VA Jun Teething 11
Infant of G. Quisenberry 9/365 M VA Aug. Bold Hives 3
Spencer, Jackson 1/12 M VA Mar. Croup Sudden
Harvell, Juda 19 F VA May Consumption 7 mo
Duncan, Charlotte E. 1 F VA Feb. Hoo ping Cough 2 wk
Dickerson, Rowena E. 3 F VA Nov. Unk nown 6
Speaker, Mary E. 3 F VA Oct. Crou p 1
Wade, Keaton 22 M M VA Apr. Farmer Killed by falling limb sudden
Wade, Sarah 49 F M VA May Housekeeper Dropsey 1 yr
Dickerson, Sarah 30 F M VA Dec. Housekeeper Puertial fever 3 wks
Dickerson, Leonard 95 M W VA Jan. Farmer Old Age 3
Smith, Jane 68 F W VA Jun Housekeeper Cholera morbus 14
Herd, Jas. M. 4/12 M VA Jan Pneumonia 3 wks
Mayberry, Elizabeth 3 F VA May Hooping Cough 30
Turman, John W. 2 M VA Sep. Death from Scald 2
Herman, Mary E. 9 F VA Sep. Croup 14
Weddle, Nancy A. 40 F M VA Apr. Housekeeper Eresypelas 10
Weddle, David 85 M M PA Oct. Farmer Old Age 4 yr
Pratt, Stephen 4/12 M VA Feb. Unknown 1 mo
Gillhem, Hezkiah 52 M M VA Oct. Stonemason Killed by fall 5
Sutphin, Sarah E. 2/12 F VA Feb. C roup 3
Weddle, Dennis 56 M M VA Feb Farmer (illegible) 3 yr
Weddle, Elizabeth 51 F W VA Feb. Eresyphelas 7
Pugh, George R. 1 M VA Aug. Dia rreha 8 wks
Phlegar, Michael 79 M W PA Nov. Farmer Kidney disease 3 mo
Hambleton 19 M VA Feb Farmer Consumption 10 mo
Ballinger, Michael 79 M M VA July Farmer Dropsey 10 yr
Hoff, Frances 89 F W VA Feb Old Age 4
Malinda slave of Augustus Hite 9/12 F M S VA Mar. Hooping Cough 2 mo.
Reedes, Lucy A. 24 F M VA May Consumption 4 mo
Hopkins, Wm. 23 M VA Sept. Dentist typhoid fever 3 wks
Kitterman, Peter 22 M VA Aug. Dep. Sheriff Cholera Morbus 6
Elliott, Laura 1/12 F VA Sept Unknown 1 mo
Elliott, Alla A. 26 F M VA Aug Procphical fever 3 wks
Infant of M. H. Holt 1/365 M VA Apr Anemia sudden