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Annual Announcement of Elk Creek Academy, Ursus, Grayson County, Va., 1899-1900

Calendar for 1899-1900

  • Fall Term begins Monday, Aug. 28
  • Fall Term ends, Friday, Nov. 17
  • Winter Term begins Monday, Nov. 20
  • Christmas Vacation, Dec. 22 to Jan. 1.
  • Winter Term ends, Friday, Feb. 16.
  • Spring Term Begings Monday, Feb. 19
  • Spring Term ends Friday, May 11.

Board of Directors
Judge G. W. Cornett, President
R. G. Nuckolls, Secretary
B. B. Cannoy, Treasurer
W. S. Hale, A.B.
G. L. Delp
K. C. Stone
H. C. Delp
L. K. Cornett
J. F. Thomas


M. L. Roark, A.M., Principal (Peabody Normal College, University of Nashville, Grant University)

Sue M. Hale, Assistant (Sullins College, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College)

Margaret M. Cornett, Music (Martha Washington College)


Elk Creek Academy is located in a beautiful and fertile valley in Grayson county, Va., twenty four miles southwest of Wytheville and nine miles north of Independence.

Its location gives it many advantages as an institution of learning. Its high elevation between the Blue Ridge and the Alleghany system, and its pure mountain air and excellent cold water tend to keep its pupil in the best of health.

Purpose and Methods

It is our aim to make Elk Creek Academy a first-class preparatory school, where young men and women may prepare themselves for College or the actual duties of life.

We believe with M. Compayre that “The mind is not a vase to be filled, but a fire that is to be made to glow.” Instead of “cramming” the mind with mere facts we seek to develop its faculties.

We always do everything in our power to encourage our students in their purpose to obtain a higher education, believing that we have done the best thing possible for them when we have inspired them with a determination to take a full college course.


“As is the teacher so is the school.”

The Principal, M. L. Roark, graduated (L.I.) from the Peabody Normal College in the class of ’93; (A.B.) from the University of Nashville ’95; and A.M. from U.S. Grant University in ’98.

The special courses that he has taken in Pedagogy and Psychology and his experience as teacher give him special fitness for the work of instruction.

Miss Sue M. Hale, who will have charge of the primary department, attended the City Schools of Lynchburg, Va., three years, Sullins College one year and afterwards took a course in Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. She has had experience as tacher and is well qualified for the work.

Miss Margaret M. Cornett the music teacher is just from the Conservatory of Music of Martha Washington College. She is full of music, a good performer and understands her business.

Course of Study

Primary and Grammar Department

First Grade – Reading from Chart and First Reader. Board Exercises and Slate Work. Lessons in Number.

Second Grade – Second Reader, Spelling, Writing, Primary Arithmetic.

Third Grade – Third Reader, Spelling, Lessons in Geography, Writing, Primary Arithemetic.

Fourth Grade – Fourth Reader, Spelling, Primary Geography, Intermediate Arithmetic, Language Exercises.

Fifth Grade – Spelling, History of Virginia, Primary Geography, Elementary Grammar, Arithemetic, Penmanship.

Sixth Grade – Spelling, History of U.S., Manual of Geography, Advanced Grammar, Arithmetic Intellectual and Written, Physiology.

Academic Department

First Year
First Term Second Term Third Term
Arithmetic Arithmetic Civil Government
Geography Geography Physical Geography
Advanced English Advanced English Advanced English
Elementary Algebra Elementary Algebra Elementary Algebra
First Latin First Latin First Latin
Second Year
First Term Second Term Third Term
Higher Algebra Higher Algebra Higher Algebra
Rhetoric Rhetoric English Classics
1st Greek or French 1st Greek or French 1st Greek or French
Caeser & Latin Prose Caeser & Latin Prose Cicero
Third Year
First Term Second Term Third Term
Geometry Geometry Geometry
English Classics English Classics English Classics
General History General History General History
Cicero Virgil & Mythology Virgil & Mythology
Anaba’s or French Anaba’s or French Illiad or French

The above course is arranged with reference to the requirements for entracne to our best colleges.

Students not preparing for college will be allowed to elect such studies as they are prepared to pursue.

Normal Course

It is to our Academies that our Public Schools must look for their teachers. The teacher of any school should have taken a course in an institution of higher grade than the one in which he proposes to teach. Scholarship is the first essential qualification of the teacher. To this should be added a knowledge of Pedagogy and Psychology, such as in necessary to convert the scholar into the teacher.

In this department such branches from the academic course are taught as are most essential to the teacher, to which is added a course in Pedagogy and Psychology.


Elk Creek Academy is one the cheapest schools of its grade in the state.

Our school is located in a community of well to do farmers who have the interest of the school at heart.

Good board including washing and everything furnished in the very best families at $6.00 per month.
Tuition from $1.00 to $.250 per month.
Music $2.00 per month
Incidential fees .50 per session

Tuition is free to all pupils in the school district studying the public school branches during the first five months, and for each branch not in the free school course a charge of fifty cents per month will be made.

Other Items

Students may enter at any time, but it will be greatly to their advantage to enter at the beginning of the term and attend regularly.

Parents and students should consult the principal before purchasing text- books.

No immoral conduct will be tolerated.

The association of the young men and young ladies must be in strict accordance with the regulations of the school.

We have one of the best communities in the state, entirely free from saloons and the other immoral influences of cities and towns.

We respectfully ask you to compare the culture and refinement of Elk Creek with other communities and the qualifications of our teachers with those of other schools. For further information address the principal at Ursus, Va.