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Legal Distilleries in Alleghany and Ashe Counties, North Carolina – 1880

The following list of legal distilleries in Alleghany and Ashe County, North Carolina is taken from the 1880 Census of Manufactures. In order to be included a business establishment was supposed to produce at least $500 worth of goods. Most of these distilleries did not meet the criteria and were crossed through on the original report.

Alleghany County

A. Cox – Not in operation during census year
J. D. Parsons – Products less than $500.
Weaver & Weaver – Product less than $500
Brakins, F. B. – Out of Business unable to make report
L. Wolf – See Note (not found)
D. F. Jones – Less than $500
R. F. Davis – Less than $500
Edwards & Co., produced 1038 gallons valued at $600.

Ashe County

W. M. Watson, Distiller of Brandy
G. S. Sexton, located on South Fork of New River
J. Miller, See note. J. H. Miller, Not in operation during census year.
W. A. Beng, mill distilling, located on South Fork of New River
J. L. Johnson, product less than $500.
Valson Sheets, (see Note – not found)
A. L. Ham, Distilling, located where Horse Creek empties into New River
C. E. Harris, Distilling, Roaring Fork of Laurel Creek
W. Woodie, See Note
Jesse Bare, located on S. Fork of New River
E. Blevins, Brandy Distilling
G. G. Upchurch, Product less than 500
W. K. Wilcoxen, Product less than $500
Plummer, Miles & Co., Whiskey, located on Buffalo Creek
Wm. Bower, See note on schedule (Not found)