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Death Record Abstracts – Post 1912

Washington County, Virginia

From Shelia Steele Hunt

This listing of Washington County, Virginia deaths is only a partial listing of those listed on the death registers for the years as listed herein. This listing was compiled by various people as abstracted from microforms housed at the Library of Virginia… Please note that this listing has not been edited for corrections. The reader is urged to consult the original in every case for further verification. The copies of the microfilms from which some of these listings were taken were very faint and difficult to read.


Library of VA
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Death certificates (post-1912)
[Washington Co. VA portion only]


Louise Hatcher, fem., col., single, b. 13 Jan 1921, aged 8 mo., b. Wash. Co. VA., d/o James Hatcher, b. Abingdon, and Druce [?] Williams b. Mountain City, d. 20 Jan 1921, “mal nutrition”, premature, bd. Citizens Cemetery.

James Thomas Cocke[?], 5y, 11m, b. VA, s/o G. W. Cocke b. VA and – Thomas b. VA, d. 24 Jan 1921, pneumonia, bd. East Hill.

Death record of fem white child [most of record illegible], appears to be aged 2y 6m, b. Wash. Co. NC, fa. b. Wash. Co. VA, mother b. Johnson Co. TN, d. 1 Jan 1921.

Richard A. Wilcox, male, white md., aged 67, contractor, b. VA, parents not listed, d. 4 Jan 1921; died of double pneumonia, bd. East Hill Cemetery.

Nannie Nichols, fem., white, wid., w/o Elbert Nichols, aged 55, b. TN, d/o — Booher b. TN and mother not known, d. 11 Jan 1921, died of pneumonia, bd. Booher Cemetery.

Albert Wheeler, male, Negro, md., farmer, aged approx [illeg.], d. 9 Jan 1921, mitral insufficiency, bd. in Kinderhook Dist.

Francis D. East, fem., white, wid., w/o S. A. East, aged 89, housewife, b. Mercer Co.,  d/o John R. Carter [Caster?] b. VA and Katherine Rorow b. VA, d. 5 Jan 1920 [probably should be 1921], d. arterio sclerosis, bd. [Pardues Graveyard?].

Robt. Tate Sanders of Saltville, male, white single, b. 31 Jan 1908, aged 13, school boy, b. Saltville, Smyth Co. VA, s/o T. G. Sanders  b. Saltville and Mary Walker b. Saltville, d. 8 Jan 1921 of rupture of liver, bd. Elizabeth Cem.

James William Wassum, male, white single, 12 months, child, b. Marion VA, s/o T. J. Wassum b. Marion and Blanche Bell b. Smyth Co., d. 11 Jan 1921, bd. Round Hill Cem.

Eugeon Baker, colored, child, 23 months, b. Abingdon, s/o Ben Baker b. NC and Janie Jones b. Meadowview VA, d. 8 Jan 1921, bd. Abingdon.

Rebecca Dickerson, fem., black single, dob unkn., aged about 70 or 75 yrs, father unkn. b. VA, mother unkn. b. TN, d. 7 Jan 1921, bd. County Cemetery.

William Austin, male, col., md., aged 65, barber, b. Fincastle, Botetourt Co.; s/o Samuel Austin b. Fincastle, Botetourt Co. VA and Mrs. Austin, d. 8 Jan 1921 of chronic Bright’s disease, b. Abingdon, VA

Margaret Susana Craft, fem. Col., wid., b. 26 Feb 1841, aged 80 yrs, no occ., b. Abingdon, father b. AL, mother was Lucinda Perry b. Abingdon, d. 13 Jan 1921 of mitral regurgitation, bd. Abingdon.

Irby Johnson, male, white, single, 7 months, child, b. Abingdon, VA, s/o C. A. Johnson b. VA and Lorena Repass b. VA, d. 21 Jan 1921, bronchial pneumonia, bd. Sinking Springs.

Clay Anderson, male, col., single, b. 22 Aug 1894, automobile driver, b. Abingdon, VA, s/o Henry Error! Bookmark not defined. Anderson b. Watauga Co. NC, and Lavinia [?] Anderson, b. Ashe Co. NC, d. 19 Jan 1921 of diabetes mellitus, bd. Abingdon.

Mary E. Buck, fem., white, wid., b. about 1842, aged 79, b. Wythe Co. VA, d/o Jacob Buck b. Wythe Co. and Rethe Williams b. Wythe Co., d. 23 Jan 1921, extremely old age, bd. Washington Chapel.

Sarah Katherine Lindsey, fem., white, wid, aged 61 yrs, 11 mo., 5 da, b. Wash Co. VA, father unkn, mother Janie Hutton b. VA, d. 27 Jan 1921 of paralysis, bd. Greenfield Cem.

Julius L. Bunting, male, white, single, aged 19, tobacco buyer, clerical, b. Norfolk, VA, s/o Julius L. Bunting b. Eastern VA, and Martha J. Hailes b. Norfolk Co. VA, d. 27 Jan 1921 of pneumonia, bd. Norfolk, VA

Arsa Roark, male, white, single, b. 27 Apr 1918, aged 1 yr, 9 m, 1 day, b. Ashe Co. NC, s/o Tilson Roark b. NC and Ella Pope b. NC, d. 24 [?] Jan 1921, bd. family graveyard.

Florence Virginia Kestner, fem., white, single, b. 1 May [yr illeg.], b. Wash. Co. VA d/o Philip Kestner b. Wash. Co. and Jane Davis b. Wash. Co., d. 1 Jan 1921 of apoplexy, bd. Old Glades Spring.

John B. Terry, male, white, md., husb. of Sallie Terry, b. 26 Dec 1853, aged 67/1/23, farmer, b. Wash Co., s/o Wm. Terry b. Wash Co. and Sarah Ann Clark b. Wash Co., d. 22 Jan 1921 of cardio–, bd. Lebanon Cemetery.

Mary Elizabeth Dickerson, fem., white, b. Dec. 1920 Glade Springs, d/o, Martin Dickerson b. Glade Springs and Mable Dickerson b. Glade Springs, d. 8 Jan 1921, premature delivery, bd. Glade Springs.

Robt. Thomas Craig, male white, md., husb. of Georgie B. Craig, aged 46 9/28, farmer & stock dealer, b. Rogersville, Hawkins Co. TN, and Sallie Walters b. Pulaski Co., d. Jan. 1921 of cancer of stomach, bd. Old Glade.

Sarah Elizabeth Berry, fem., white, single, b. 20 Jan 1853, aged 66 11/26, houselady, b. Wash Co. VA, d/o James S. Berry b. Wash. Co. VA and Dorcas Lowry b. Wash Co. VA, d. – Jan 1921 of pulmonary T.B., bd. Cleveland Cemetery.

Ida Broady, fem., Negro, md., b. 26 May 1882, domestic, b. VA, d/o Alexander Gillenwater b. TN and Martha Gaines b. TN, d. 19 Jan 1921 of acute nephritis, bd. Cemetery Wyndale.

Almar Eugene Blevins, fem., white, inf., b. 13 Nov 1920, aged 2m, 9d b. Konnarock, Wash. Co., d/o Ezekiel Blevins b. NC and Ana Belle Anderson b. Wash Co. VA, d. 21 Jan 1921, suffocation, bd. Agee [?] Cem. [accidental death].

Unnamed child, fem., white, b. 18 Jan 1921 Damascus, d/o of R. Widner b. Wash. Co. and Myrtle Lee Thomas b. Wash. Co., d. 18 Jan 1921, premature birth, bd. Mock —

Mary Elizabeth Canter, fm., white, wid., w/o Jos. E. Canter, b. 11 Jan 1865, aged 56y 11m, housework, b. VA, d/o Thomas Stewart b. VA and Margaret Crew b. VA, d. 25 Jan 1921, bd. Memorial Cemetery.

Clarence Ray Browning, boy, white, b. 19 Nov 1920, aged 2m 1d, b. Wash Co. VA, s/o Charley Browning b. Washington VA and Hanah Goff b. Washington Co. VA, d. 22 Jan 1921, strangulation, bd. Goff [?] Cem.

Mary Elizabeth Anderson, fem., white, wid., b. 18 Aug 1833, aged 87y 8m 25d, housewife, b. NC, d/o Isaac Orr b. VA and Nancy Powers b. NC, d. 3 Jan 1921 of carcinoma of stomach, bd. Littles Cem.

John Woods, male, white, single, b. 12 Jan 1921 Wash Co. VA, s/o John Woods b. Wash Co. and Roxie Eastridge b. Wash Co. VA, d. 26 Jan 1921, no physician, probably hives, bd. Little

Julia Price, fem., white, wid., b. 1853, about 67, housekeeping, b. Va, d/o George Washington Nunley b. VA and Roda Wright b. VA, d. 31 Jan 1921, no physician, probable arterio sclerosis, bd. Akers Graveyard.

Walter R. P. Ratliff, male, white, b. VA, d. 15 Oct 1922, s/o Wm. Henry Ratliff b. VA and ___ Sproles b. VA; suicide by drinking carbolic acid… “was dead before I arrived at his home”; bd. Booher; aged 20y.

Lula Ames Rouse, fem., white, b. KY, d. 2 Oct 1922, w/o W. H. Rouse, d/o W. H. Ames b. PA and Lilly, b. PA; shock due to a probably infection ___ as due a ___ utsic or gall bladder; bd. ___ Hill, aged 46y.

Jas. B. Preston, male, white, b. VA, d. 21 Oct 1922, s/o John F. Preston b. VA and Jane N. Rhea b. TN; bd. Hollywood Cem., Richmond, VA; organic heart disease, aged 76y, 10m..

Elizabeth Lunsford, fem., white, b. NC, d. 27 Sep 1922, father b. NC, mother b. NC; w/o Edward Lunsford; typhoid fever; bd. Rosedale, TN. Mother Eliz. Yelton [?]; aged 75y, 3m.

Nancie Leonard, fem., b. VA, d. 22 Sep 1922 at home, d/o Lilburn Leonard b. VA and __ Hensley b. VA; pulmonary tuberculosis, bd. Zion Church.

MartinTate, male, white, b. 25 Mar 1893 Fugates Hill, Va, d. 1 Sep 1922, s/o Robert F. Tate b. Fugates Hill, Russell Co. VA and Mary Catherine Burdine b. Rogersville, Hw Co. TN; hemmorhage from typhoid fever; aged 29y, 5m, 6d.

Jno. Shaffer, male, white, no record of birth, supposed to be VA, d. 24 Sep 1922, s/o Weslie Shaffer b. VA and ___ Booher b. VA; Brights Disease, bd. Holus G. [Graveyard]; aged 70y.

Margrett Pullon, fem., white, b. VA, d. 8 Sep 1922, d/o Jas. ___ Larkey b. VA and ___ Gardner b. VA; cancer; bd. family plot; aged 66y. [parts first affected glands of neck]

Wade Petty, male, white, birthdate unk, b. VA, d. 1 Oct 1922, parents unk, miningites, bd. Marion, VA, aged 39y.

Franceth [?] Snead, fem., white, b. 9 Dec 1866 Abingdon, VA, d. 6 Oct 1922, father b. Abingdon; mother Darcus Elizabeth Larmer b. Rock Springs VA, w/o F. B. Snead; paralysis; bd. Sinking Springs; aged 54y, 9m, 10d.

Earle Fuqua, male, colored, b. 10 Oct 1909 Abingdon VA, d. 10 Oct 1922, s/o Tom Fuqua b. Abingdon VA and Ora Campbell b. Abingdon VA; perforated small bowel (traumatic); p bd. Abingdon VA; aged 12y. [On back of document: “thrown heavily to earth while playing with some boys. Landed on abdomen.”]

Dan Smith, male, Negro, b. unk, d. 4 Oct 1922, parents unk; chronic glomerular nephritis; bd. County Alms [?], aged ca 48y.

Whitly Fulle Henduson [Henderson?], male, white, b. 14 Sep 1877 Wash Co. VA., d. 22 Oct 1922, s/o W. J. Henderson [Henderson?] b. VA and Sallie Blackwell b. VA; perforated gastric ulcer; bd. family graveyard; aged 45y, 1m, 8d; h/o Nora A. Henduson.

Sadie Cregger, female, white, b. 27 May 1916 Saltville VA, d. 29 Oct 1922, d/o Jas. Cregger b. Wythe Co. VA and Missouri Campbell b. Wythe Co. VA; acute appendicitis & acute general peritonitis; bd. Saltville VA; aged 6y, 5m, 2d.

Jessie Pauline Henry, female, white, b. 19 Aug 1921 Wash Co. VA, d/o Shannon Henryb. Wash Co. VA and Gertie Lane b. Wash. Co. VA; broncho pneumonia; bd. Mt. View Cem.

Ruby Pauline Wyatt, female, white, b. 10 Jul 1922 Clinchburg VA, d. 18 oct 1922, d/o H. Scott Wyatt b. Smyth Co. VA and Minnie Sue Tansy b. Ash Co. NC; allulitis of the post nasal region; bd. ___[?].

Roscoe William Bowyer, male, white, b. 17 Dec 1897 Emory VA, d. 13 Oct 1922, s/o Henry L. Bowyer b. Rocky Mount VA, s/o Henry L. Bowyer b. Rocky Mount VA and M. K. Painter b. Wythe Co. VA; pulmonary tuberculosis; bd. Emory VA; aged 24y, 2m, 4d; medical student.

Peter Weaver Minnick, male, white, b. 5 Dec 1839 Wash. Co. VA., d. 7 Oct 1922, s/o Isaac Minnick and mother not stated; paralysis from ___ degeneration; bd. Maple Green Cem.[?]; aged 82y, 9m, 27d.

Mrs. Nancy Cantrell, fem., white, b. VA, d. 20 Oct 1922, d/o Jeff Fleenor b. VA and Mary Goodman b. VA; w/o W.[N.?] E. Cantrell; pulmonary tuberulosis; bd. Clear Branch VA; aged 26y.

Franklin F. Thurston, male, white, b. 6 Nov 1857 Damascus VA, d. 21 Oct 1922, s/o Joseph Thurston b. NY and mother [not stated] b. NY; chronic myocar—tis; h/o Annbella C. Thurston; bd. Ca—NY; aged 64y, 11m, 15d.

J. R. Smith, male, white, supposed to be born VA, d. 3 Oct 1922, s/o Hiram Smith b. VA and ___ Ringley b. VA; paralysis; bd. Smith Graveyard; aged 82y.

Spencer W. Tate, male, white, b. 1854 VA, d. 6 Oct 1922, father b. VA; mother ___ Whiteb. VA; Bright’s Disease; bd. Valley View; aged 68y.

Chester Robert Dunn, male, white, b. 13 Feb. 1852 VA, d. 31 Oct 1822, s/o John F. Dunn b. VA and Martha Tinder[?] b. VA; typhoid; bd. Lendy[?] Cem.; aged 30y, 8m, 18d.

John A. Singleton, male, white, b. VA, d. 7 Oct 1922, s/o Richard Singleton b. VA and Sarah Helton [bp unk]; chronic cystitis from Bright’s Disease; bd. family graveyard; aged ca72y.

John Ambury, male, white, b. 21 Nov 1861 KY, d. 20 Oct 1922, s/o Wm. Amburgy b. KY and mother not known; pulmonary tuberculosis; bd. county graveyard; aged 60y, 10m, 1d.

Reel 118

Lewis David Kuse, male, white, b. VA, d. 26 Feb 1923, s/o Wm. Kuse b. VA and mother not unknown; labor pneumonia; bd. Sharrett Cem., aged 73y.

George Hardin, male Negro, b. 15 Mar 1847 NC, d. 3 Mar 1923, s/o Stark Harding b. NC and Ruth Harding b. NC; inerstitual newpherds; bd. Citizens Cem., aged 75y, 11m, 18d.

___? Hattie Sannders[Saunders?], fem., Negro, b. Nov 1867 VA, d. 11 Mar 1923, d/o Moses Scott b. VA and Manerva Richardson b. VA; pulmonary abscess; bd. Glade Springs VA; wid.; 55y 3m.

Bert C. Nave, male, colored, b. TN, d. 23 Mar 1923, s/o John Nave b. NC and Julia Robinson b. NC; typhoid fever; bd. Johnson City TN; aged 46y.

Jno. Nathaniel Arnold, male white, b. 1854 VA, d. 25 Mar 1923, s/o Jake Arnold b. VA and ___ Mosley b. VA; chronic bright’s mitral insufficiency; bd. Lomards [?] [Leonards?]; aged 69y, wid.

Esther Wilson, fem., Negro, b. NC, d. 30 Mar 1923, d/o Ben Shilpatrick [Kilpatrick?] b. NC and Bettie Shilpatrick [Kilpatrick?] b. NC; bd. Citizens Cem.; aged ca 80y; w/o Geo. H. Wilson.

Mrs. W. M. Cole, fem., white, b. TN, d. 23 Jan 1923, d/o Melvin Harris b. TN and Jane Collins b. TN; influenza and pneumonia following; bd. New Bethel TN [Sullivan Co.?]; aged 30y.

Chassie Thomas Cross, fem., white, b. Sullivan Co. TN, d. 5 Mar 1923, d/o George Smith b. Sullivan Co. TN and Josephine Emmeretty[?] b. Sullivan Co. TN; [chronic myocar—tes with decompensation?]; bd. Ordway Cem.; aged ca31y; w/o R. L. Cross.

Mary S. Minor, fem., white, b. 22 May 1865 Abingdon VA, d. 1 Mar 1923, d/o Wyatt Chappell b. VA and Frances Good b. VA; broncho-pneumonia; bd. Abingdon VA; w/o John Minor; aged 57y, 9m, 9d.

James Peak, male, white, b. 28 Sep 1844 Bradley Co. TN, d. 7 Mar 1923, s/o William Peak b. VA and Heallman [?] [Keallman?] b. VA; bronchial pneumonia; bd. Keagg[?] Cem., aged 78y; h/o Laura Peak.

Leona Gosey, fem., white, b. VA, d. 16 Mar 1923, d/o Wm. Andrews b. VA and Martha Durham b. VA; broncho pneumonia; bd. East Hill at Bristol; w/o E. W. Godsey; aged ca 38y.

Edward Wm. Mort[?], male, white, b. 22 May 1853 Strawburg [Strasburg?] VA, d. 14 Mar 1923, parents not known; bronchial pneumonia; bd. Emory VA; h/o Anna Mort[?]; aged 69y, 10m, 20d.

Harriett Martin, fem., colored, b. VA, d. 17 Mar 1923, d/o ___ Martin b. VA and Lucy Martin b. VA; pyonephrosis [?] right kidney; bd. Black Burg [Blacksburg]; wid; aged ca28y.

George Wesley Hutton, male, white, b. 14 Aug 1840 Center Hall PA, d. 22 Mar 1923, parents unknown; apoplexy; bd. Sinking Spring Cem.; wid; aged 81y, 8m, 14d.

Mary Ellen Greenwood, fem., white, b. 17 May 1900 Wythe Co. VA, d. 27 Mar 1923, d/o J. D. Lindsey b. Wythe Co. VA and Josephine Umbarger b. Wythe Co. VA; puerperal elaupsia [?] (post partum); w/o C. B. Greenwood; bd. Rural Retreat; aged 22y, 8m., 10d.

Mary Jane Harris, fem. colored, b. 11 Aug 1842 Salem, VA; d. 26 Mar 1923, d/o Wm. Rensler[?] b. near Raleigh NC and Mary Jane Thomas b. Salem VA; cardio-vascular-renal disease; bd. Abingdon VA; wid; aged 80y, 5m, 24d.

Martha Jane Miller, fem., white, b. Wash Co. VA, d. 5 Mar 1923, d/o Jacob Miller b. Wash Co. VA and Isabella W. Caldwell b. Wash Co. VA; chronic ___ ___ [?], failing ___[?]; bd. Zions Cem.; single; aged 89y, 5m, 19d.

Cynthia Lewis, fem., colored, b. “don’t know”, d. 30 Mar 1923, d/o Harless[Farless?] and mother not known; bronchial pneumonia; bd. Abingdon VA; wid; aged ca50y.

Peter Cunney, male, white, d. 6 Mar 1923, parents unk; “was found dead ___ recling[?] on rocking chair after eating dinner; bd. Liberty NY; single; aged ca55y.

Vinven[?] Lane, fem., col., b. Saltville VA, d. 12 Mar 1923, d/o unk and Marrey Branch bp unk; tuberculosis complicated with influenza; bd. Glade Springs VA; w/o Henry Lane; aged 48y.

Mrs. Ann Perkins___ [Hen_sucke?/Hunsucker?], b. Glade Springs, fem., white, b. 18 Mar 1848 Grayson Co. VA, d. 30 Mar 1923, d/o Genda[?] Perkins b. Grayson Co. VA and Rownea Prichett b. Grayson Co. VA; valvular heart disease; bd. Baptist Cem.; wid of Martin H___ [?]; aged 75y, 5d.

Emma Ellis Sage, fem., white, b. NC, d. 30 Mar 1923, parents unk, w/o Lee Sage; malignant goiter[?]; bd. Glade Spring; aged 42y.

George Washington McConnell, male, white, b. 21 Jul 1842 Abington, Wash. Co. VA, d. 25 Mar 1923, s/o Jas. S. McConnell b. Abington, Wash Co. and Barbara E. Duff b. Abington, Wash Co. VA; mitral regurgitation, chronic interstitial nephritis, arteriosclerosis; bd. Glade Springs VA; wid. of Eliza A. McConnell; age 80y, 8m, 4d.

James Blevins, male, white, b. 28 Jul 1851 Ashe Co. NC, d. 2 Mar 1923, s/o Ned Blevins b. NC and Nancy ___ b. NC; peritonitis; burial place not listed; aged 71y, 7m, 3d.

Robt. Henry Wadkins, male, white, b. 7 Jun 1843 NC, d. 11 Mar 1923, s/o Joel Wadkins b. NC and Catherine Perdueb. NC; old age, no doctor; bd. M—[?] Graveyard; aged 80y, 9m, 4d. (Damascus, VA).

Alex Owins [Owens?], fem., white, b. 15 Aug 1861 Johnson Co. TN, d. 31 Mar 1923, s/o David Owins b. NC and Susie Ann Jones b. Ashe Co. NC; bd. Mock Graveyard; single; aged 62y, 7m 16d.

Wiley Davidson, male, white, b. 20 Jun 1896 Saltville, VA; d. 6 Mar 1923, s/o Samuel Davidson b. Rich Valley, Smyth Co. VA and Allie Wyric b. Smyth Co. VA; bd. Saltville VA; aged 27y.

Sarah Hoss, fem., white, b. 24 Jun 1854 VA, d. 4 Mar 1923, d/o Jerry Fleenor b. Va and Ellen Taylor b. VA; chronic nephritis; bd. Valley View Graveyard; w/o G. G. Hoss; aged 69y, 9m, 8d.

Dec. 1923, Reel 125

Mrs. Minnie Stout, fem, white, b. Casselwood [Castlewood], d. 10 Dec 1923, d/o Ephrim Skeen b. Russell Co. VA and Ella Carroll b. VA; malignant endocarditis; bd. East Hill Cem., widow, 46y.

Mrs. Elyolrel[?] (Cassell) Keser[?], fem., white, b. VA, d/o John Cassell b. VA and mother unknown, b. VA; artichler phenobur[?], bd. Walnut Graveyard; w/o Robt. Keser; aged 72y.

Sarah Olliver, fem., white, birth info not listed; d. 25 Dec 1923, parents unk; infurmatus of age, invalid for rheumatism; bd. East Hill; wid. of Gro. [Geo.?] Olliver.

B. H. Keeling, male, white, b. Knox Co. TN, d. 25 Dec 1923, s/o Jas. Keeling b. PA and Mary Harper; tuberculosis of bowels; bd. East Hill Cem.; h/o Mollie Keeling; aged 68y.

Oda Smith, fem., white, b. 2 Apr 1873 b. VA, d. 27 Dec 1923; d/o A. H. Elkins b. VA and Margaret Phipps b. VA; cancer of uterus; bd. Toffle[Tuffle/Stuffle?] Cem./ w/o R. F. Smith; aged 50y, 8m, 20d.

Isaac H—[?] Ketron, male, white, b. 27 Jul 1853 VA, d. 29 Dec 1923, s/o Orasc Ketron b. VA and Rebecca Ketron b. VA; bd. Reedy Creek Cem.; aged 71y, 5m, 3d; cancer of stomacelar[?].

Mary Ollie Mitchell, fem.., white, b. 27 Jun 1894 Holston VA, d. 20 May 1923, d/o S. F. Atwell b. Holston VA and Martha Scyphus; tuberculosis of lungs; bd. Brumley Gap; w/o J. W. Mitchell; aged 30y, 10m., 3d.

Aranella Blanch Camper, fem., white, b. 9 Apr 1900 VA, d. 20 Aug 1923, d/o J. C. Cox b. VA and Eliabeth Worley b. VA; cause unknown; bd. Cox Cem.; w/o K. R. Camper; aged 23y, 4m, 11d.

Clara Mae Gillenwaters, fem., white, b. 15 Aug 1912 Holston VA, d. 4 Sep 1923, d/o C. C. Gillenwaters b. Alyn Wells, Wash Co. VA and Addie Scott b. Holston, Wash. Co. VA; diptheria; bd. County cem; aged 11y, 19d.

Milton Hunus Smith, male, white, b. 16 Sep 1867, d. 25 Nov 1923, s/o Frances Mileton Smith b. Jonesville, Lee Co. VA and Nannie Virginia Garrison b. Saltville VA; chronic in—ticial nephritis; burial place unk; h/o Texas Emla Davison; aged 56y, 2m, 11d.

Pocahuntas R. Trigg, fem., white, birthdate unk, b. Wash Co. VA, d. 1 Dec 1923, d/o Wyndham Robertson b. VA and Mary Smith b. VA; uremiz [convulsions] [?]; bd. Sinking Springs; wid. of C. H. Trigg; aged ca76y.

Mrs. John N. Huffman, fem., white, b. NC, d. 8 Dec 1923, parents unk; [puceperur sepsia?], bd. Piney Creek NC; w/o Jno. N. Huffman; aged ca42y.

Wm. Floyd Troxel, male, white, b. 3 Jun 1899 VA, d. 9 Dec 1923, s/o Gro. R. Troxel b. VA and Myrtle Musser b. VA; acute [perforati- ga-grenan diverticultis of sigmoid?]; bd. Lebanon Church; single; aged 24y, 6m, 6d.

Lula Hart Gose, fem., white, b. 19 Jun 1875 Russell Co. VA, d. 13 Dec 1923, d/o I. D. Hart b. Russell Co. VA and Elizabeth Samples b. Russell Co. VA; bd. Abingdon VA; bronchial pneumonia, chronic glumerula nephritis; w/o Geo. C. Gose; aged 47y, 6m, 2d.

Lucinda Neal, fem., white, birthdate unk, b. Stokes Co. Nc, d. 5 Dec 1923, d/o James Langs b. Rockingham Co. VA and ___ Skelton b. Stokes Co. NC; cancer, heart disease, and nephritis; burial place not listed; w/o Wm. Neal; aged ca 76y.

Maude May Craft, fem., white, b. 11 Jan 1882 b. VA, d. 26 Dec 1923, d/o S. D. Owens b. VA and Dollie Galliher b. VA; “could not determine exact cause”; bd. East Hill Cem.; aged 40y, 11m, 15d.

Elizabeth Crawford, fem., white, b. 9 May 1849 Abingdon VA, d. 25 Dec 1927, d/o Norman Crawford b. VA and mother unk; Addison’s Disease; single; 74y, 7m, 15d.

Roosevelt Kestner, male, white, b. ___ Russell Co. VA, d. 28 Dec 1923, s/o Wm. Kestner b. Russell Co. VA and Mollie Davis b. Russell Co. VA; crushing injury to chest and upper abdomen due to coal mine accident; single; aged ca 18y; bd. Williams Graveyard.

Nannie Florence Gilpin, fem., white, b. Jan 1858 Watauga, Wash. Co. VA, d. 20 Dec 1923, d/o Robt. L. Berry b . Watauga, Wash. Co. and Neuldah [Huldah?] Reed b. Wash. Co. VA; cerebral apoplexy or hemorrhage in brain; bd. Mt. View Cem.; w/o Jas. P. Gilpin; aged 65y, 11m. 19d.

James Layman, male, white, birthdate unkn, b. NC, d. 17 Dec 1923, parents unk; apoplexy, suddenly became unconscious and remained so until death; bd. Glade Springs VA; aged 56y.

Squire Miller Henry, male, black, b. 10 Sep 1845 Rockbridge Co. VA; d. 6 Dec 1923, w/o Woodrow Henry b. VA and Francis Henry b. VA; cardio-renal condition; bd. Blacksburg; h/o Mary Brown Henry; aged 78y, 2m, 21d.

Mrs. Chatwell Yost, fem., white, b. 1 Oct 1836 Wytheville VA; d. 18 Dec 1923, d/o Shaithler[?] Chalwill b. Wytheville VA and Katherine Gose b. Wytheville VA; fracture of neck of right femur (patient slipped on rug and sustained this fracture), contributory cause pneumonia; wid.; aged 87y, 2m., and 17d.

Mrs. Margaret Hagy Clark, fem., white, b. 20 Mar 1844 Abingdon VA, d. 30 Dec 1923, d/o Wm. C. Hagy b. Abingdon VA and Eliza Hortenshire; cardio-renal problem; bd. Hayters Bridge; w/o P. O. Clark; aged 79y, 9m, 10d.

Mary Hamilton Newton, fem., black, b. 19 Jan 1898 Marion VA, d. 30 Dec 1823, d/o Wm. Henry Hamilton b. Nelson Co. VA and Nannie Henry b. Wash. Co. VA; pulmonary tuberculosis; bd. Blacksburg; w/o Thos. Newton; aged 25y, 11m, 11d.

Wells Blevins, male, white, b. 9 Sep 1856 NC, d. 18 Dec 1923, s/o Allen Blevins b. NC and Malinda Privitt b. NC; gastric carcinoma; bd. White Top; wid.; aged 67y, 3m, 7d.

Mary A[nn?] McVey, fem., white, b. 2 Nov 1853 Wash Co. VA, d. 3 Dec 1923, d/o Gidram [Gideon?] McVey b. VA and mother unk; broncho pneumonia; bd. Widner Valley; single; aged 70y, 1m., 3d.

Norman McEllyea[?], white, male, b. 5 Feb 1878 TN, d. 7 Dec 1923, s/o Larken A. McEllyea b. TN and Martha Perdue; pulmonary tuberculosis; bd. Mock Graveyard; h/o May; aged 45y, 10m, 2d.

Jerdon Ashley Wiles, male, white, b. 2 Mar 1848 Wilkes Co. NC, d. 28 Dec 1923, s/o Geo. B. Wiles b. Wilkes Co. NC and Sallie Wiles b. Wilkes Co. NC; “from heart & lungs”; bd. New Luthins [?]; h/o Mary Jane Wiles; aged 75y, 9m, 26d.

Mrs. Barbary Offield, fem., white, b. Wash. Co. VA, d. 12 Dec 1923, parents unk; larysiphs; bd. Maple Grove Cem.; wid; aged 75y.

Wm. Rust, male, white, no record of birth, supposed to be VA; d. 1 Dec 1923, s/o J. M. Rustb. VA and ___ Pitt b. VA; blood poison; bd. family plot; married; aged 70y.

Mrs. L. L. Kaylor, fem., white, b. 27 Dec 1884 VA, d. 11 Dec 1923, d/o Andy Dishner b. VA and Sallie Worley b. VA; carcinoma of uteris; bd. Memorial Cem.; aged 38y, 11m, 14d.

[next entry same as above; obviously duplicated]

Nancy Whit, fem., white, b. Wash. Co. TN, d. 3 Dec 1923, parents unk; chronic nephritis; bd. Clear Branch; w/o Joseph White; aged ca 70y.

Henry T. Barrett, male, white, b. 25 [28?] Aug 1841 VA, d. 14 Dec 1923, parents unk; cardio-vascular renal disease; bd. Cuddy Graveyard; h/o Martha Barrett; aged 82y, 3m, 17d.

Leeannah Scyphers, fem., white, b. 4 Mar 1882 Holston, Wash. Co. VA, d. 9 Dec 1923, d/o Calvin Kestner b. Wash Co. VA and Mahalia Gobble b. Wash. Co. VA; tuberculosis of lungs; bd. County Cem; w/o James; aged 42y, 10m, 5d.