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David and Catherine Farmer War of 1812 Pension Application

War of 1812

WO 36576 and WO 28866 bounty land warrants
51270 for 80 acres in 1850 and 15064 for 80, 1855.
He enlisted August 7, 1814 and discharged Feb. 9, 1815.
Residence of soldier 1853 and 1855 in Grayson County, Va.
1879 the widow lived in Grayson County, post office Green Cove, Washington Co., Va. Her maiden name was Catharine Edwards, they married Nov. 1813 in Ashe County North Carolina, and the soldier died Jan. 16, 1862 in said Grayson Co., Va., and widow subsequent to July 9, 1891.

DECLARATION made in Grayson County, Va. by Catherine Farmer age 78 in 1879 May 17, states she is the widow of David Farmer who served as Lieut. In Capt. Trunbull’s regiment of Va. militia for six months and was discharged at Norfolk, Va. 1812; that he was age 22 when enlisted; that they married in Ashe Co., North Carolina Nov. 1813 by John McMillan, a J.P., that he name before marriage was Catherine Edwards; that he died at his residence in Va., Jan. 16, 1862; That they had resided since his discharge in Ashe Co., NC and Grayson Co., Va.; that she still remains his widow.

CATHERINE FARMER filed her family bible records in 1879 in Grayson Co., Va as follows:

David Farmer born Jan. 12, 1788
Catharine Farmer born April 1, 1797
Ahart Farmer born March 29, 1817
Alford Farmer born April 1, 1819
Elizabeth Farmer bron Dec. 13, 1822
Henry Farmer born Feb. 26, 1825
Rosemond Farmer born May 3, 1827
Nancy Farmer bron June 19, 1829
Andrew Farmer born June 2, 1831
David Farmer, Jr., born Oct. 19, 1833
Lucinda Farmer born Jan. 23, 1836
Calvin Farmer, born Jan. 7, 1839
Isaac Farmer born March 24, 1843
and that her said husband died about 31 Dec. 1861 and she remains his widow.

DAVID FARMER filed declarations 1853 and 1855 in Grayson Co., Va.