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Daniel Black Family Cemetery

Clifton Township, Ashe County, North Carolina

Submitted byGail Ferverand Wayne Houck.

8-10 adult graves and 10 small, children graves.

Ottis Ray BLACK, born Feb.4, 1931–died Oct.31, 1933
Earl W. BLACK born Sept.3, 1937–died Sept.18, 1960
Jesse BLACK born Oct.25, 1866 –died Nov.15, 1947
Ruth HANKS BLACK (wife of Jesse) born Aug.19,1872–died April 23, 1913
Troy BLACK born May 19, 1888 –died Oct.8,1909
Gerttie (wife of Troy) born Aug.19, 1892–died April 14,1915
Maggie BLACK STURGILL born March 1885 (or 1881) –died July 14, 1937
Carl S. STURGILL (son of Maggie) born Nov.7, 1917 –died Dec. 29, 1935
Louisa MILLER BLACK (wife of Daniel) born Nov.15,1845 –died Dec.25, 1921
Daniel BLACK born Oct.20, 1840 –died June 6, 1901
Guy BLACK born May 19, 1888 –died Oct.8, 1909
S. I. Rose born April 21, 1889 –died May 1889
L. N. Rose born April 3, 1901 –died June 3, 1903
Virginia Dare BLACK born March 5, 1948 –died Aug.25, 1965

The next two markers were apart from each other but with the same identical inscription on each, as follows:
? BLACK born Aug.19,1872–died April 23,1913 (it is probably the first stone of Ruth HANKS BLACK and then when her husband Jesse died, they had a joint headstone).
? BLACK born Aug.19,1892 –died April 11,1915 ( this would be the headstone of Crettie BLACK, daughter of Jesse & Ruth Hanks Black).