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Ca(y)wood Family: Washington County Virginia Marriages

Jack Hockett – 21 Oct 1997

Prof. Arthur Keith, University of South Dakota, in the 1930’s performed extensive and meticulous research which was written up into a manuscript which was eventually (1970) deposited in the Newberry Library, Chicago, IL. From a review of the manuscript, it is apparent that he relied both on public records as well as written and verbal family accounts. The following is some information summarized from his manuscript which deals with Washington County VA persons and their marriages. A comparison to official records is given, where appropriate as well as other comments (in italics): (Note that the below work is based on the work of Prof. Keith, not more recent works such as McNew Memorabilia in which more information is available.)

pp. 62, 102-5: Children of Stephen Cawood and Esther Berry: (Berry, Moses, John, Benjamin, Joseph, Stephen, Thomas, Priscilla, Esther, Elizabeth, Mary Ann Rebecca):

A.Berry Cawood, s/o Stephen & Esther; m. Nancy Scott. “Berry Cawood… was b. in 1747 or 1749 (the reading in the family Bible in uncertain). In his application for pension in 1834, he gives his age as 76. I accept the reading of the Bible as more likely correct inasmuch as tradition says he was the oldest son. He served under George Rogers Clark in the Revolution in KY and IL. He entered 120 acres in WCV in 1782. On 14 Feb 1894 he was granted 400 acres in Rich Valley of the same county… He m. in VA about 1780, Nancy Ann Scott (not listed in WCV mars.). Unverified tradition states that she was half-Indian and Berry Cawood’s first cousin. If the cousin ship is correct, it might indicate a very early Cawood-Scott or Berry-Scott marriage. In this connection I note the tradition that Esther Berry who m. Stephen Cawood, was the d/o an Indian chief named Keyhtey. Another tradition says that Berry Cawood was 1/4th Indian, his wife Nancy Scott, 1/4th Indian, and that they were first cousins. Children of Berry Cawood & Nancy Scott (Moses, Delia, Esther, John, Nancy & unnamed dau.)

(A.1.)Moses Caywood, b. 06 Apr 1782; d. 03 Jul 1856; lived entire life in WCV; m. Tabitha McNew in this county, 29 Jan 1807 (lic.). Issue: (see also: McNew Memorabilia, J. Carroll, et al.). ch. of Moses Caywood & Tabitha McNew (Delia, Stephen, Bettie, Moses, John M., Margaret, & Berry):

(A.1.a.)Delia (Delila) Caywood, b. 23 Mch 1817; m. William (F.) Clark (not listed in WCV mars.; 1850c, WCV: CLARK, William H., 31; Delilah, 22; Elizabeth J., 12; Mary C., 8); issue (as one can see, the marriages are reversed in the Keith manuscript):

(A.1.a.1.)Elizabeth Clark, m. John Burns (Margaret Catherine Clark, d/o Wm. F. & Delila, m. in WCV on 08 Jul 1858; John Burns, 25, s/o John & Betsey. T. Colley, p. 45; 1860c,WCV: BURNS, John, 26; Martha, 18; Adaline, 6/12)

(A.1.a.2.)Kittie Clark; m. William Nunley (?) (William Daniel Nunley, s/o Milly, m. in WCV at age 22y on 01 Mar 1860, Elizabeth Clark, 18, d/o Wm. F. & Delila. T. Colley, p. 281)

(A.1.b.)Stephen (Trigg) Cawood, b. 17 Mch 1819; d. 28 Dec 1899; m. Nancy McNew; issue: (m. in WCV, 03 Aug 1856; Nancy McNew, 23, d/o Jonathan & Nancy (sic: d/o Catherine Evitt); issue listed by Prof. Keith: Joseph Cawood; Samuel Cawood; Tobias Cawood; Amanda Cawood. (1860c, WCV: CAWOOD, Stephen T., 41; Nancy, 29; Samuel, 1; 1880c, WVC: CAYWOOD, S. T., 60; Nancy, 47; Samuel, 21; Joseph, 18; Steven T., 16; Amanda, 13) (See: McNew Memorabilia for extensive account of this family.)

(A.1.c.)Bettie Caywood; (b. 16 Nov 1807) m. (Joel Meadows in WCV on 21 Aug 1835; Joel b. 1805; d. in MO, 1848) Meadows and moved to (Waverly, Lafayette Co., M) MO. Ch.: Stella Meadows & Wm. Meadows [ref.: McNew Memorabilia, p. 134)

(A.1.d.)Moses Caywood, b. 04 May 1822; d. 03 Apr 1856; m. Harriett Scott in WCV,11 Dec 1845 (lic.); issue:

(A.1.d.1.)Moses Caywood (died young by drowning in 1856 (?)

(A.1.d.2.)Margaret Ann Cawood

(A.1.e.)John M. Caywood, b. 25 Aug_____; d. Jul 1881 [d. 27 Jul 1881]; m. Lucy Dishmon (not listed in WCV mars.; 1850c, WCV: CAYWOOD, John, 40; Lucy, 26; John, 7; William, 5; Stephen, 1; 1860c, WCV: CAWOOD, 46; Lucinda, 30; John, 17; William, 15; Wiley, 10; Moses, 6); issue:

(A.1.e.1.)John Caywood [a. 17, 1860c; appears to have left the area?]

(A.1.e.2.)Wiley Caywood (William Amanuel Caywood, b. 17 Nov 1878; d. 31 Jan 1950; bur. Baptist Cem., Glade Spring, VA; m. in WCV on 26 Aug 1875, Nannie E. Thompson, 27, d/o Mary F. T. Colley, p. 59; 1880c, WCV: CAYWOOD, Wiley, 27; Nancy E., 21; George, 3; William M., 1; 1910c, WCV: CAYWOOD, William, 30; m. 9 yrs; 4 ch.; 2 alive; Myrtle (Myrtle King Blackwell, b. 14 Nov 1881; d. 19 Mar 1959 – ref. Ms. Barbara Martin]; Bertha, 7; Cora W., 2; Ms. Martin states tht Bertha Caywood, b. 28 Aug 1902; d. 12 Aug 1977; m. Denton H. Martin and had 10 children; the two children who died before 1910 were Ira Caywood, b. 1904; d. 1905 and Annie Caywood, b. Feb 1906 and d. Jul 1907; Cora Willie Caywood m. W. Harrison Cox and had 6 ch.; Bascom Caywood, b. 17 Nov 1910; Ms. Martin also states that Wiley T. Caywood was married three times with Nancy Thomson being his econd wife and Emma Goff his third wife. “He had a dau., Florence (West) by wife No. 2 and she was raised in TN; 2 sons by Nancy and no children by Emma.”]

(A.1.e.3.)William [W.] Caywood, b. 27 May 1845; m. in Sullivan Co. TN, 19 Nov 1876, Rebecca Fry; lived at Meadowview, VA [1880c, WCV: CAYWOOD, William W., 34; Rebecca, 18; 1910c, WCV, Saltville Dist.: CAYWOOD, William, 64; Rebecks, 49; no children born to this couple; married 30 years; living with them is EASTRIDGE, Mary, servant; 1920c, WCV: CAYWOOD, Wm., 74; Rebecca, 58]

(A.1.e.4.)Moses [G.; Moses George or George Moses] Caywood [b. 27 Oct 1876; d. in TN – ref. Ms. Barbara Martin], m. Elizabeth Fry [1910c, WCV, Saltville Dist.: CAYWOOD, Mose, 64; Elizabeth, 49; m. 14y; 4 ch.; 4 alive; Isaac, 16; Annie, 9; Robert, 4]

(A.1.e.5.)Mary Ann Caywood [b. 16 Oct 1862; d. 25 Dec 1883 – ref. Ms. B. Martin], m. her first Cousin, Van B. Caywood, s/o Berry. [1850c, WCV: CAYWOOD, John, 40; Lucy, 26; John, 7; William, 5; Stephen, 1; 1860c, WCV: CAWOOD, John M., 45; Lucinda, 30; John, 17; William, 15; Wiley, 10; Moses, 6; note that the WCV Mar. Reg. lists Mary’s father as “Benjamin”, assuming then that “Van” and “Ben” must have born a phonetic closeness to the clerk!]

(A.1.f.)Margaret Caywood, b. 24 Apr 1827; d. 1873 (?); m. Samuel Sturgeon(m. in WCV, 24 Feb 1853; 1860c, WCV: STURGEON, Samuel, 34; Margaret, 25; J. Peyton, 5; Joseph, 4; unnamed female 1/12; 1880c, WCV: STURGEON, Sam, 54; Mack, 26; Joseph, 24; Harriett, 20; Margaret, 18; Virginia, 14; Francis, 12); issue (censuses and Prof. Keith’s account seem inconsistent):

(A.1.f.1.)Joseph Sturgeon [1900c, WCV, age 42; single]

(A.1.f.2)Vida (or Uda) Sturgeon [not listed in censuses]

(A.1.f.3.) Jennie (?) Sturgeon; m. [in WCV on 09 Dec 1896] James [W.]Gregory [s/o Jacob & Elizabeth] (1910c, WCV, Saltville Dist.: GREGORY, James W., 49, twice married; Jannie, 44; m. 13y; 3 ch.; 11 alive; Henry, 19; Lena, 11)

(A.1.f.4.)Fannie [Frances]Sturgeon, m. _____ Grubb [m. 15 Jan 1870, Robert Grubb, b. 1868, s/o Wm. & Margaret]

(A.1.f.5.)Lou V. Sturgeon; m. _____Ryburn [1900c, WCV: STURGEON, McTeer, Mar 1855, 45, single; Joseph, Feb 1858, 42 (bro); Margaret, Feb 1868, 32 (sis); SMITH, James R., Mar 1861, b. OH [bro.-in-law]; m. 12 years to Lou, b. Jun 1864 (sis); Ira, Apr 1890, 10 [nef]; Willie, Jan 1891, 9 [nef]; Bertha, Jun 1880, 19, OH, [niece]

(A.1.g.) Berry Caywood, b. 20 Jul 1833; d. 11 Jan 1866; m. Mary Crabtree (m. 14 Aug 1856. T. Colley, p. 59; 1860c, WCV: CAWOOD, Berry, 26; Mary, 20; Cassandra, 3; Vanburen, 1; SCOTT, Joseph, 30; 1880c, WCV: CRABTREE, Joseph, 76; Sarah, 68; Samuel, 23; CAWOOD, Van Buren, 21 [gsn]; Arkansas, 18 [gdau]; Annah, 16 [gdau]); issue:

(A.1.g.1.)Van B. Caywood; m. lst cousin, Mary Ann Caywood, d/o John M.

(A.1.g.2.)Anna B. Caywood

(A.1.g.3.) Arkansas Caywood

(A.1.g.4)Casie (Casandra) Caywood

(A.2.)Delia Caywood, d/o Berry & Nancy, m. Edward McNew (bro. of Tabitha who m. Moses Cawood); ch.: (1) John McNew m. Minerva Murdock; one child: a dau. (Harriett McNew) who m. John Gallerher (sic: Galliher; See McNew Memorabilia for this family.).

(A.3.)Esther Caywood, d/o Berry & Nancy, m. Matthew Tolburt (not listed in WCV Mars.); their children: (1) Liza (Eliza?) Tolburt, m. John Dishmon (not listed in WCV Mars); (2) Michael Tolburt; (3) dau. m. _____Taylor; and (4) dau., m. _____ Whitaker (latter two appear also not to be listed in WCV Mars.) (1850c, WCV: TALBERT, Matthew, 55; Easther, 55; Nancy, 24; Mary, 18; Thomas J., 14; it is noted that also dwelling in WCV, 1850c are: Talbert, David M., 35; Mahaley, 25; Wiley, 7, and Elizabeth; listed relative near Matthew & Esther in 1850c are: WHITAKER, David, 25; Caroline, 25???)

(A.4.)John Caywood, s/o Berry & Nancy, moved to Harlan Co. KY c1813 where he m. Nancy turner, 03 Mar 1814; ch.: Berry Caywood b. 5 Apr 1815; m. Lucy Bailey & moved to MO; Susan Caywood; Moses Caywood; Wm. Caywood; Nancy Caywood; Elizabeth Caywood; John Caywood; & Stephen Caywood (See Famlies of Lee Co. VA for information on this family.).

(A.5.)Nancy Caywood, d/o Berry & Nancy m. John Sturgeon (not listed in WCV Mars); issue: (1) Samuel Sturgeon m. Margaret Cawood; (2) Harvey Sturgeon m. Mary McNew; (3) Harriet Sturgeon, m. Dr. (Eli) Barbrow (Barbian, b. FR, m. 07 Apr 1863, Harriett Sturgeon. Colley, p. 14) and (4) John Sturgeon

(A.6.)dau., of Berry & Nancy m. ______Meadows.

(B.)Moses Cawood, s/o Stephen & Esther (died young without issue)

(C.)John Cawood, s/o Stephen & Esther, m. Lucy_____ who d. in WCV 03 Jul 1816; (ch. Stephen Cawood, Nancy Cawood, Bettie (?) Cawood and Esther Cawood):

(C.1.)Stephen Caywood, s/o John & Lucy, b. 1793 (?); d. Mar 1863; m. Helen McNeal, b. 1804 (?) (not listed in WCV mars.). “Her mother was a Scott, sister of Nancy Scott who married Berry Cawood”. (1850c, WCV: CAYWOOD, Stephen, 50; John, 22; Amanda, 18; George, 17; Ann E., 14; Louisa, 12; Mary, 8; Malinda, 4; Thomas, 2; Ellen, 41); children as listed by Prof. Keith: ch.: (Mary Caywood, Amanda Caywood, Florence Caywood, Lottie/Laura Caywood, Anna Caywood, George Caywood, John Caywood & Thomas Caywood):

(C.1.a.) Mary Caywood, d/o Stephen & Helen, b. 26 May 1837; d. Oct 1862 (sic); m. John Hurt (Prof. Keith gives her marriage date as her death date: In WCV, 12 Apr 1858, John Hurt, 22, b. Smyth Co, s/o Washington & Rebecca, m. Mary J. Kaywood (as written), 19, d/o Steve & Hellen Caywood. T. Colley, p. 185). This family is will dwelling in WCV, 1880c: HURT, John, 40; Mary, 13; Stephen, 13; Louvinie, 11; Susan, 9; John, 7; Daniel, 5; Lillie M., 3; William W., 6/12, Nov.; Prof. Keith gives only one child: John W.)

(C.1.b.)Amanda Caywood, d/o Stephen & Helen, m. Moses Bronson (Branson; not listed in WCV Mars; 1860c, WCV: BRANSON, Moses, 26; Amanda, 28; Laura, 4; Isaac, 22, listed next to: CAWOOD, Stephen, 60; Helen, 52; George, 29; Laura, 20; Mary, 18; Florence, 14; Thomas, 12)

(C.1.c.)Florence (Virginia) Caywood, d/o Stephen & Helen, m. Simon (C.) Daniel, Baptist Minister (m. 17 Mar 1864. T. Colley, p. 86); issue: Flora Daniel, Mary Daniel, George Daniel, Joseph Daniel; Thomas Daniel [See Thomas Caywood, bro., below.]

(C.1.d.).Lottie (or Laura) Caywood, d/o Stephen & Helen, m. John Peters (not listed in WCV mars)

(C.1.e.)Anna Caywood, d/o Stephen & Helen, m. Chapman Roberts (Ann E., age 14 in 1850, b. c1836; Ann Caywood & Chapman Roberts were m. in WCV in Oct 1867 (T. Colley, p. 317; Chapman Roberts, wid., 43, s/o Sally, m. in WCV (2) 06 May 1876, Kesiah Eastridge, 35, d/o William Eastridge & Pheby Taylor). Issue: (1) William Roberts; (2) Ellen Roberts, m. _____Goff; (3) Katharine Roberts, m. _____Smith; (4) Mary Roberts, m. _____Carpenter.

Note: I am searching for the wife of James Carpenter, b. 1849, s/o Andrew Carpenter & Mary Calhoun. This family is listed very near that of John & Ann Roberts, 1860c, WCV. John & Ann have a dau., Mary Roberts, 20 (1850c, WCV: ROBERTS, John, 33; Ann, 30; James; 11; Mary, 10; Dorcas, 5) whose age matches that of the wife of James Carpenter, s/o Andrew & Mary. Interestingly, James Carpenter & Mary_____ had a son, Wiley Carpenter!

(C.1.f.)George Caywood, s/o Stephen & Helen, d. by drowning, single.

(C.1.g.).John Caywood, s/o Stephen & Helen, m. Minerva Scott (Minerva, b. 12 May 1834; d. 16 May 1909 age 75y 4d, a d/o Thomas Scott & Sarah udson (d/o John Hudson); 1850c, WCV: SCOTT, Thomas, 47; Sarah, 35; Jane, 20; Minerva, 17 – ref.: Ms. Janice Snead, Abingdon, VA; not listed in WCV mars.;1860c, WCV; Cawood, John, 35; Minerva, 34; Elizabeth, 8; Connally, 5; Harriet, 3; Trigg, 1; 1880c, WCV, Saltville Dist.: CAYWOOD, John, 52; Manervey, 46; Milton, 17; Sallie, 10]. Issue listed by Prof. Keith:

(C.1.g.1.)Bettie Cawood, m. Baker McNeal (Elizabeth G. Cawood m. Daniel B.(aker) McNeal/McNeel in WCV on 12 May 1873; moved to Lincoln Co. NE; see below.)

(C.1.g.2.) Milton Cawood (Milton Caywood, b. 1862; d. 1935; m. Mary Virginia Holbrook of Russell Co. VA – info of Ms. Janice Snead, Abingdon, VA)

(C.1.g.3.) Sarah Caywood, m. _____Nunley (Sarah Caywood, b. 12 Mar 1879; d. 06 Feb 1917; m. in WCV, 28 Mar 1899, A.(rthur) C. Nunley, b. 02 Mar 1872; d. 19 Apr 1945.)

(C.1.h.)Thomas Caywood, s/o Stephen & Helen, b. 1847 (?); d. Apr 1915 [1910c, WCV, Saltville Dist.: CAYWOOD, Thomas, 60, single, in house of sister, DANIELS, Florence, 63, wid., 9 ch. With 5 alive; Flora C., 36; Mary E., 29; WCV DB 53:443 (J. Snead): 20 Aug 1892: Deed between Thomas S. Caywood & Florence V. Daniel, first part & Manerva Caywood, M. W. Caywood & Sallie L. Caywood of WCV and Elizbeth McNeal of Co. of Lincoln, State of NE, second part, heirs of Stephen Caywood, dec.]

(C.2.)Nancy Caywood, d/o John & Lucy, “said to have been b. 1772; d. 1836. The date of birth is probably too early. She married George Scott and died without issue.”

(C.3.)Bettie (?) Caywood, d/o John & Lucy

(C.4.) Esther Caywood, d/o John & Lucy, m. Samuel Miller (not listed in WCV mars); issue: (1) Hugh Miller, (2) Jane Miller & (3) Nancy Miller (1850c, WCV: MILLER, John, 60; Hugh, 62 (is this an error and wife is skipped?), 62; Mary, 22; Nancy, 20; see McNew Memorabilia – family of George McNew Sr.’s child, John McNew m. (1) Polly Brown; (2) Nancy Miller)

(D.)Benjamin Cawood, s/o Stephen & Esther, m. 29 Dec 1801 (lic.), Polly (prob. Mary) Poston; died without issue in Harlan Co. KY (Is this the correct Benjamin Cawood who went to Harlan Co. KY?)

(E.)Joseph Cawood, s/o Stephen & Esther, d. c1849, Harlan Co. KY; prob. married and left a dau.

(F.)Stephen Cawood, s/o Stephen & Esther

(G.)Thomas Cawood, s/o Stephen & Esther, m. Sally Scott in WCV, 17 Jan 1799 (lic.). No Issue. “It is reported to the writer (Prof. Keith) that his tombstone, near Glade Springs, VA, gives his death as 1844 and his age as 68, therefore, born about 1776, which seems too late by about 10 years, since he was a tithable in 1788”.

(H.) Priscilla Cawood, d/o Stephen & Esther, m. James (?) Cochrane.

(I.)Esther Cawood, d/o Stephen & Esther, m. 07 Feb 1792 (lic.), John Walker

(J)Elizabeth Cawood, d/o Stephen & Esther, m. 24 Mar 1795 (lic.), John Berry

(K)Mary Ann Cawood, d/o Stephen & Esther, d. single; said to have been an early convert to Methodism

(L)Rebecca Cawood, d/o Stephen & Esther, m. in WCV, (check date) Jun 1798 (lic.), Wm. Lovelace; their ch.:

(L.1.)Elizabeth Lovelace; m. William Taylor (not listed in WCV mars.;family appears to have exited WCV by 1850c); ch.: (1) Mary Taylor (m. John Rooney and had James Patrick Rooney, Elisabeth Rooney and Sarah Buchanan Rooney); (2) Sarah Taylor, b. 1838 (?); living in 1920, Knoxville, TN, single; (3) Thomas Taylor (m. Elizabeth Ryburn and had Minerva Taylor, William Taylor, Ell (?) Taylor, Robert Taylor, Minnie Taylor, Margaret Taylor, Charles Taylor, Richard Taylor, and Ethel Taylor); & (4) Emily Taylor (m. John Daniels and had Joseph Daniels)

(L.2.)John Lovelace

(L.3.)Thomas Lovelace (Virginians in TN. M. Williams. 1988 lists a Thomas Lovelace, 45 and wife, Nancy, 50, in Henderson Co. TN?)

Rebecca m. (2) bef. 06 Nov 1810, _____ Lewis and had one ch.:

(L.4.)Polly Lovelace

Keith’s note: The connection of William McNew m. Elizabeth Cawood in WCV, 05 Jun 1806 (lic.) is noted. “The association between the McNew and the Cawood families had been close for many years but I am unable to determine who this Elizabeth Cawood was. Possibly she was the Bettie Cawood, d/o John Cawood (above) or else a hitherto unknown d/o Berry Cawood (above), two other of whose children married McNews”.

p. 83:Stephen Cawood, s/o Stephen, b. c1765, m. 07 Dec 1790 (lic.) in WCV, Sarah Kelly (WCV Mar Register States “Keller”); moved to Claiborne Co. TN, were he d. 03 Feb 1806. After his death, his widow m. a Rogers and “reared a large family of Rogers Children”. Ch. of Stephen & Sarah: Sarah Cawood, Stephen Cawood, Polly Cawood (m. _____McRundles); Rachel Cawood, (m. Bud Fleming); Rebecca Cawood; Bettie Cawood (m. _____ Lynch) and Esther Cawood (d. young).

pp. 83-4:Moses Cawood, s/o Moses, m. in WCV, 12 Oct 1795 (lic.), Nancy Gregory; moved to Blount Co. TN c1800. Their son, John Cawood, b. c1799 was said by Prof. Keith to have likely been b. in WCV, just before the family moved to Blount Co. TN.

The deed books (DB) beginning with DB 3 (1802-1808) of WCV were reviewed.

–1803, 24 Jun: WCV DB 3:59: Indenture between Berry Keywood & Ann, wife, one part & James Caughron [likely Cochran], $33, 1/3 to James Caughron, 25 acres in Rich Valley which was granted to Berry Keywood by patent of 06 Jul 1802, line of Alesworth’s land, [likely Benjamin Aylesworth who had come to WCV from Saratoga, NY. – jh]

–1803, 22 Sep: WCV DB 3:98-9: Indenture between Benjamin Lee & Sarah [Friend -jh], wife & Thomas Slope, $200, 800 acres on both sides of Keewood’s Mill Creek, granted to Benjamin Lee by the commonwealth 16 Nov 1801, cor. John Donnel, to Halfacre, cor. to Poston’s adjacent survey, adm. to record 19 Oct 1803. See also IBID., p. 495: Indenture of 12 Mar 1806 between Thomas Slope & Wm. McNew, WCV, $12, 7 acres,part of tract that Benjamin Lee conveyed to Slope, on John McNew’s line, Waters of the bank of Cawood’s Creek, John Daniel’s land,/s/ John McNew; Neil McNeil; John McNeil; /s/ Thomas (his mark) Slope; adm. to record. 19 Aug 1806. [After selling his WCV land, Thomas Sloped moved to Grainger Co. TN; see WCV DB 6:249: 02 Nov 1813: Thomas Slope, “Granger” (Grainger) Co. TN to Francis Smith, land, both sides Keewood’s Mill Creek.]

–1803, 30 Nov: WCV DB 3:219: Indenture between Michael Hoffacre & Catherine, wife, WCV & John Scoggins, James Cochran, James McReynolds, Isaac Hoffaker & Joseph Pendleton, trustees in trust, for the use & purposes hereafter mentioned, all parties of the State[sic]of Virginia, ?50 specie, sell to (Trustees), all the estate, rights, title, interest, & property claim in land in WCV, (Trustees) shall erect and build a house of place of worship for the use of the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church,(here follows a long description of the church charter).. John Scogging, Test: Samuel Woodward, Isaac Woodard, Neel McNeile, ackn. 19 Feb 1805.

–1805, 17 Dec (date of recording): WCV DB 3:426: Indenture made and concluded between Thomas Keewood & Sarah, wife, & Wm. McNew, all of WCV,for $100, Thomas Keewood hath sold & hereby conveyed to Wm. McNew, 39 acres, on south waters of North Fork of Holston, on a line of George McNew’s survey, cor. to Michael Huffacker’s land, cor. to Stephen Keewood’s survey, grant issued to said Thomas Keewood date of 26 Feb 1800, defend from all persons whatever their claim thereto.

–1807, 20 Jan: WCV DB 3:552: Release of Moses Cawood, WCV, released and forever quit claim to Berry Cawood, all my right, title & claim to land in Rich Valley on waters of North Fork Holston River,260 acres, land Berry Cawood deeded unto Moses Cawood, bounded by James Caughron, Wm. Fullen & others

–1809, 21 Jul: WCV DB 4:23: Neil McNeil sells to exrs. of Wm. King, dec., & “State” of VA, land where he now lives, adj. Michael Huffaker, 1 ½ miles from Saltville in Rich Valley.

–1809, 29 Dec: WCV DB 4:340-1: Indenture of 29 Dec 1809 between Michael Hoofacre & Steven Keywood, both of WCV, Michael Hoofacre, 32acres, land, part of 400 acre survey, /s/ Joseph Cawood; Thomas Cawood; Benjamin Cawood, adm. to record 21 Aug 1810.

–1809, 08 Nov: WCV DB 4:388: Indenture of 08 Nov 1810 between Stephen Keywood & Esther, wife, one part & Thomas Keywood, other part, $666, 110 acres on waters of North Fork of Holston River whereon Thomas Keywood now liveth, Walker’s old survey, /w/ Pace Caughran; Nathan Taylor; Samuel Miller /s/ Stephen (his mark) Cawood; Esther Cawood; adm. to record 20 Nov 1810.

–1813, 16 Feb: WCV DB 5:176-7: Indenture of 16 Feb 1813 between John J. Hayter & Elizabeth & Wm. Davis,$1000, 25 acres in Rich Valley, land conveyed by Berry Cawood to James Cochran, 04 Jun 1803, 176 acres, to Hayter 17 Sep 1822, adm. to record 16 Feb 1813.

–1814, 11 Apr: WCV DB 5:397-8: Indenture between Elizabeth Johnston, Reuben Alesworth [Aylesworth – jh] & Reuben Johnston, one part & Moses Keywood, other part, for $300,140 acres which formerly belonged to Benjamin Alesworth, in Rich Valley, waters of North Fork Holston River. /w/ Wm. Scott; Edw. McNew; Augustus Johnston,/s/ Elizabeth (her mark) Johnston; Cyrenius (HM) Johnston; Reuben A. Aylesworth, adm. to record 19 Apr 1814. See also WCV DB 6:327: Indenture of 16 Dec 1816 between Joseph Scott & Mary & Obadiah Scott, WCV, $80, land on waters North Fork Holston River, land purchased of Reuben Alesworth & Elizabeth Johnston, Joseph sells his part to Obediah, Joseph Talburt one of witnesses. [WCV DB 6:81 indicates that Obediah Scott moved to Warren Co. KY; perhaps it was Obediah Scott Jr (?) who with wife, Jane, sold in WCV on 25 Aug 1829, for $650, 121 ¾ acres to Elizabeth McNeel,land on line of Aylesworth’s survey,WCV DB 7:80-81.]

–1814, 07 Oct: WCV DB 6:12: Indenture of 07 Oct 1814 between Lucy Cawood, wife of John Cawood, dec. & George Scott & Nancy, wife; John McNeal & Sarah, wife & Esther Cawood & Stephen Cawood, heirs of John Cawood, dec., one part & Daniel Arnett, other part,for $62 & ½, 2 surveys adjoining and intersecting,viz, 39 acre patent to John Cawood, decd. And 150 acre patent to Saml. & James Bradin [Braden; Breeden -jh], transferred to John Cawood, dec, in Rich Valley on North Fork Holston River, followeth the Braden Tract, supposed to be Walker’s old line, cor. to Stephen Cawood’s line,/w/ Wm. Scott; James McReynolds; Edw. McNew. /s/ John McNeil; Sally McNeil; George Scott; Nancy Scott; Easter Cawood; Stephen Cawood; Lucy Cawood, adm. to record 22 Dec 1814.

–1816, 04 Mar: WCV DB 6:220-1: Indenture of 04 Mar 1816 between Walter Hill, Sr., & Benjamin Cawood, WCV, one part & Henry Huffaker, WCV, for $80, land on south side Walker’s Mt., waters of North Fork of Holston River, 340 acres, cor. to Samuel Sturgeon’s land, west side of Saltworks Road, joining Robert Johnston’s land, thence with Allison’s line,/s/ James Denniston; John Chance; Daniel Arnett; /s/ Walter Hill; Maryan Hill; Benjamin Cawood; adm. to record 19 Mar 1816.

–1816, 15 Apr: WCV DB 6:256: Indenture between William Walker & Sarah, WCV & Abram B. Trigg, $250, land, 55 acres, on waters of North Fork of Holston River, 39 acres whereof was sold and conveyed to Wm. McNew by Thomas Cawood & 16 acres by Thomas Slope, etc, near a path to Stephen Cawood’s survey,crossing Cawood’s Creek, ackn. 16 Jul 1816.

–1817, 16 Sep: WCV DB 6:404: Indenture between Abram B. Trigg & Joseph C. Trigg, $100, ½ certain tract, 55 acres, waters North Fork Holston River, 39 acres whereof was sold & conveyed to Wm. McNew by Thomas Caywood & 16 acres by Thomas Slope, line of George McNew, Michael Haffacre’s land, Cawood’s Creek, cor. to John Donnel’s land,etc.

[WCV DB 7: No prominent mentions noticed.]

–1822, 03 Jun: WCV DB 8: 38: Indenture between Berry Cawood, Harlan Co. KY, one part, John Cawood, of same, one part, & Moses Cawood, WCV, other part,?200, land on North Fork Holston River one tract of 110 acres whereon Moses Cawood now lives; second tract of 100 acres on south side “paralel” with first tract; third tract of 60 acres on north side of first tract, said Cawood’s old survey, leaving Alesworth’s line,/s/ Geo. Brittain; Allen S. McNeal; Samuel More; John More, adm. to record 17 Dec 1822.

–1824, Sep: WCV DB 8:321: Indenture between Benjamin Keywood & Jacob Lynch, $1, land devised to him by his father, Stephen Cawood, dec, (blank) acres, Keywood to pay Alexr. Smyth $600, within 60 days, Indenture in trust adm. to record 30 Sep 1824. IBID, pp. 333-4: Indenture of 20 Aug 1824 between Benjamin Kewood & Peter Mayo, Keywood indebted to Daniel Sheffy, $800. For $1,260 acres on both sides of Saltworks Road.. to Benjamin Keywood by Stephen Keywood by will 12 Nov 1810, adj. lands of Thomas Keewood, recorded 04 Sep 1824.

–1825, 23 Apr: WCV DB 8:458-9: Indenture between Benjamin Kaywood & Jacob Lynch, $1,5 acres & grist mill on Keywood’s Creek, debt due, recorded 23 Apr 1835 [I did not record, but this is likely a deed of trust. – jh]

–1826, 19 Sep: WCV DB 9:241: Benjamin Cawood, for $50 bargained & sold unto Mary Prator a certain chestnut sorrell mare with a bald face and white legs, being the same the said Mary Prator has kept in possession for some time.

–1831, 07 Sep: WCV DB 10:496-7: Indenture between Charles C. Dunn & Elizabeth, wife, WCV & Allen McNeel, State of Missouri, Helen Amanda Caywood, Lauretta Ann McNeil [She m. Moses Looney and moved to AL – jh] & Austin D. McNeil, heirs of Simon McNeil, WCV, for $1,land in WCV, Rich Valley, south side of North Fork Holston River, 171 acres, land conveyed to Obediah Scott & Jane, wife to said Elizabeth Dunn, formerly Elizabeth McNeil, dec., 25 Aug 1819, recorded 23 Sep 1831. [WCV DB 16:57-9: Indenture of 12 Jun 1839 between Moses Luney & Loreta, wife, WCV & Austin McNeel,$100, all right, title, & interest which they now have in tract of land formerly purchased by Elizabeth McNeal from Obadiah Scott & now in posession of Stephen Cawood./s/ Moses (his mark) Looney (as written); adm. to record 29 Nov 1842]

[No prominent mentions noticed in WCV DB 11.]

–1835, 16 Jan: Indenture of 16 Jan 1835 between Thomas Cawood & Sarah, wife & Lucretia Allison, WCV, one & Obadiah Scott, other part… $300, one undivided 1/2 interest in land in Saltville Valley, waters of North Fork of Holston River, by estimate (blank), same land which Joseph Scott, Senr. now dec., formerly lived. He [Scott] died intestate; had 12 children of whom the said Sarah & Lucretia are two. Recorded 28 Mar 1836.

[No significant Caywood mentions found in WCV DB 13.]>

–1839, 02 Dec: WCV DB 14:153-4: Indenture of 02 Dec 1839 between John Cawood, Harlan Co, KY & Moses Cawood, WCV, $700, land on North Fork Holston River in Rich Valley, one moiety of 3 surveys sold by Berry Cawood to said John Cawood & Moses Cawood. Recorded 27 Jan 1840.

[No significant Caywood mentions found in WCV DB 14.]

–1843, 12 Jul: WCV DB 16:232-3: Indenture of 12 Jul 1843 between John M. Cawood & Richard H. Lynch, $1 property, my crops of corn, wheat, & oats now growing on the land of Moses Cawoods, to pay John Dunn sum of $72.84. Indenture in trust adm. to record, 12 Jul 1843.

–1845, 27 Jan: WCV DB 17:106-7: Indenture between Stephen Cawood & Chas. J. Cummings, $1, personal property & interest in a certain tract of land conveyed to my wife, Helen A. Cawood by C. C. Dunn by deed, to pay to Austin D. McNeal, $180.77, Indenture in trust adm. to record, 27 Jan 1845.

–1848, 26 Aug: WCV DB 18:473-4: Indenture of 26 Aug 1848 between Rebecca Cawood, widow & devisee of Thos. Cawood, dec. & heirs of Wm. King, late of said county. Said Thos. Cawood dec. did in his lifetime, to wit, 24 Jan 1804, execute to John Walker his title bond conditioned to convey to said Walker ½ of tract of land bought by said Thos. Cawood dec. from Catherine McNew & heirs of Elisha Mcnew and whereas said John Walker on 23rd day of Sep 1808 assigned all his right & interest in said land to Wm. King who shortly thereafter to wit on the 13“th day of Oct 1808 departed this life & whereas a division line has been agreed upon between the heirs of said Wm. King having been in the use & occupation of their half of said land for last 30 or 40 years and no title having been made by the said Thos. Cawood in his lifetime, I, the said Rebecca Cawood being widow & devisee of said Thomas Cawood and the title to the whole of said tract of land being supposed to be vested in me, and the said heirs of Wm. King wishing the title to be vested in them & I being willing to convey, interest in ½, in consideration of premises & $1, bargain, sell, release & convey.. All right, title, interest.. land on a line of Humberson Miller where the present division fence between said Rebecca & said heirs if extended would intersect, line, through middle of Sinking spring, /s/ Rebecca (her mark) Cawood; /w/ Solon Buchanan; James M. Stone; James (his mark) Casy; adm. to record 28 Aug 1848.

–1848, 05 Oct: WCV DB 19:25-6: Indenture between Rebecca Caywood & Matthew R. Clark, $2500, all right, title, & interest in land, about 220 acres in Rich Valley, waters of North Fork Holston River, devised to Rebecca Cawood by her husband and which land was patented to Stephen Caywood, adm. to record 05 Oct 1848.

–1857, 06 Jun: WCV DB 23:393-4: Deed between John M. Cawood & Lucinda, wife, WCV & John G. Kreger, WCV, 30 acres, same, land, which Moses Cawood, dec. by his LWT willed & bequeathed to John M. Cawood, in trust to secure Stuart & Spiller, payments of $229.12 7 interest from 26 Feb 1851 (or 57). Deed of Trust adm. to record 06 Jun 1857.

–1858, 28 Dec: WCV DB 24:257-8: Deed between Steven T. Cawood & Matthew H. Buchanan, land, part willed to said Steven by his father, Moses Cawood, dec., 110 acres on waters of North Fork of Holston River, land on which said Steven now resides, In trust to secure to Wm. King Heiskell, $150 note, 28 Dec 1858 on or before 01 Jul 1859, adm. to record 28 Dec 1858.

–1858, 06 Mar: WCV DB 24:546-7: Indenture between Stephen Cawood, WCV & James Sanders, Smyth Co., $319, 21 acres & 45 poles in WCV, running with land of Abraham Smith, cor. lands of Moses Cawood, Jr, with land of Austin McNeal. /s. Stephen T. Cawood; Nancy (her mark) Cawood. 21 Feb 1860, for $304.50, land, 20 acres, adm. to record, 21 Feb 1860.

–1857, 09 Sep: WCV DB 24:548-9: Indenture between Berry Cawood & Mary C. Cawood, wife, & James Sanders, $390, land in Rich Valley on waters of North Fork Holston River, 13 acres, north edge of Valley Road on a line of Alexander Scott’s land, /w/ William Eastridge, J.P, adm. to record 21 Feb 1860.

–1859, 28 May: WCV DB 25:16: Agreement between Berry Caywood, one & Grandison Scott, other; Cawood borrows $160 and is willing to secure repayment on about 25 acres of land, Alexander Scott’s line to the Valley road, adm. to record 09 Apr 1860.

–1860, 27 Aug: WCV DB 25:99-100: Deed between Berry Cawood, WCV & Chas. S. Bechem, land, in WCV, adjacent land of Alexander Scott & Stephen T. Caywood, willed to him by his father, about 130 acres and personal property (enumerated), In trust to secure John C. Linticum payment of $1500 due by notes before 15 Dec 1860. Adm. to record 27 Aug 1860. [Note: John C. Lintecum moved to Russell Co. VA by 1860 where he is enumerated in that census. His wife, Helen, was b. in WCV, does anyone know her surname?]

–1860, 24 Sep: WCV DB 25:129: Deed between Stephen T. Caywood & Connally T. Litchfield, 2 tracts, 100 or more acres, balance of interest in estate of Moses Cawood, dec. devised to Stephen Caywood by will, adjacent lands of Berry Caywood, James Sanders, Abram Smith & others knows as “The Caywood Tract of land in the Rich or Saltwork Valley”.. adm. to record 24 Sep 1860.

–1861, 01 Jun: WCV DB 25:359-60: Deed between Stephen T. Caywood & Nancy [McNew], wife & Wm. Galliher, $250, land in Rich Valley, 23 acres, line of Berry Cawood’s land,/s/ S. T. Caywood; Nancy (her mark) Caywood, adm. to record 12 Nov 1861.

–1866, 28 Jun: WCV DB 26:245-6: Deed between John Cawood & Margaret A. Cawood, wife, & James C. Campbell, Cawood indebted to James W. Sheffey, $100 & interest from 25 Jun 1866, likewise indebted to Campbell & Humes, $100,bond of $300, with Elisha McNew his surety, for $1, sells land, same land devised to Moses Cawood in the seventh clause of the will of his grandfather, Moses Cawood, signed and sealed 19thJune 1856 and which land descended to said Margaret A. Cawood, land where said John & Margaret A. Cawood are now living, adjacent lands of Austin McNeil, Stephen T. Cawood, James Saunders & others, about 100 acres, pay before first day (blank) 1867, deed of trust adm. to record, 27 Jul 1866 [p. 280].

–1866, 11 Oct: WCV DB 26:414-5: Deed between John B. McNew, one & Mary Caywood, WCV, consideration of compromise and conveyance, all interest held by said Mary Caywood, wid. of Berry Caywood, dec. in tract of land knows as the Caywood tract, to Mary Caywood, tract north Fork Holston River, 20 acres, cor. of tract of land conveyed by Berry Caywood to Grandison Scott, division line between John B. McNew & Mary Caywood, on Sanders land, on James Sanders land, 22 Oct 1866, IBID, pp. 415-6: 11 Oct 1866: Deed between Mary Caywood & John B. McNew, for 20 acres land, estimated $500, in lieu of her right of dower in estate of dec. husband, Berry Caywood, all her right, in lands formerly owned by said Berry Caywood,118 acres ¾ acre ¾ acre, adm. to record 22 Oct 1866.


–1840, 25 Feb: WCV WB 9:255: Sarah Cawood, LWT: sister, Nancy Talbert; father, Thomas Talbert; sister, Betsy Talbert, James B. Cawood, admr. Of my late husband, Benjamin S. Cawood, dec.; bro., Jefferson Talbert, 25 Feb 1840, had moved to Sullivan Co. TN, 31 Aug 1843, presented; exhibited in WCV 24 Apr 1843 with Jefferson Talbert, exr., he now dead; Bazel S. Talbert appointed admr. Recorded 27 Jan 1844 [p. 282]

–1842, 12 Jul: WCV WB 10:94-5: Thomas Kaywood, WCV, LWT, wife, Rebecca, farm, etc, slave, Henry, to be free, slave, Rhody, free or remain with family, /w/ Samuel Dunn; Geo. W. Hopkins; Solon Buchanan; /s/ T. (his mark) Kaywood, proved 27 Apr 1846.

–1849, 26 Feb: WCV WB 11:158-9: Court order of 26 Feb 1849, appraise personal estate of Moses Caywood, Jr., dec, 08 Mar 1849, Harriett Cawood, adminx. Mention of A. B. Trigg; Joseph Warsham; John Hockett; J. M. Ropps, adm. to record 23 Apr 1849. Bill of Sale, pp. 159-60,John McNew; Stephen T. Caywood; Jacob Crosswhite; Austin McNeel; James McNew; Wm. Murdock; Wm. Warsham; Thomas Dolan; Granderson Scott; James Kelly; Samuel Arnett; Joseph Murdock; John Jackson & James Scott, adm. to record 23 Apr 1849.

–1856, 19 Jun: WCV WB 14:73-6: LWT of Moses Cawood, sons, Stephen & Berry, all my old tract of land, all my live stock, etc., daus., Delilah & Margaret; son, John, 30 acres where he now lives; grandson, Moses Cawood, son of son, Moses, “Johnston tract of land”; dau., Delilah Clark, slave Elizabeth; dau., Delilah my negro boy Lilburn; dau., Margaret, my negro girl Jane & her children (except Lilburn), etc.; dau., Elizabeth Meadows; sons, Stephen & Berry, my exrs.; 19 Jun 1856. /w/ John C. Crabtree; W. P. Milner; /s/ Moses Cawood, 26 Nov 1856, proved.IBID., pp. 130-32: Inventory of property of Moses Cawood, dec, value of $4,300, adm. to record 24 Feb 1857.

–1859, 26 Oct: WCV WB 15:22-3: Settlement of estate of Moses Cawood, examine executorial account of Stephen T. Cawood & Berry Cawood, exrs. of Moses Cawood, dec, $26.27 remains in their hands, At court 23 Apr 1860, settlement (dated 26 Aug 1859), filed with court by Samuel Sturgeon one of heirs legatees of Moses Cawood. Settlement confirmed and adm. to record 26 Oct 1859.


–1842, 29 Nov: WCV MB6:26: Indenture of bargain & sale between Moses Luney & Lauretta [McNeil], his wife, one part & Austin McNeal, other part, was exhibited in court and appearing to be duly acknowledged before two justices, was ordered to be recorded.

–1843, 28 Jan: WCV MB6:__: Wm. Foran vs. Thomas Cawood.

–1843, 25 Jul: WCV MB 6:165: LWT of Sarah Cawood, dec. again exhibited. Wm. Walling & other witnesses reside out of commonwealth, to wit, Sullivan Co. TN, on motion of Nancy Talbert, legatee under will, directed to justices of Sullivan Co. (TN).

–1846, 27 Apr: WCV MB 7:276: LWT of Thomas Kaywood exhibited. Samuel Dunn & Solon Buchanan, witnesses, ordered recorded, Rebecca Kaywood, extx. With Solon Buchanan & George N. Cole her securities.

–1846, 23 Nov: WCV MB 8:2: John Dunn & Sons vs John M. Cawood, [mention of Mathew Talbert].

–1848, 22 May: Moses Cawood Jr. & Moses Cawood, Sr. [mention],Robert Crosswhite [mention]

–1848, Aug (?): WCV MB 8:261: Indenture of bargain & sale from Rebecca Cawood to heirs of Wm. King, dec., for land, acknowledged.

–1848, 23 Oct: WCV MB 8:272: Indenture of bargain & sale from Rebecca Cawood to Mathew R. Clark for land, acknowledged.

–1849, 23 Apr: WCV MB 9:2: List of sales of estate of Moss Cawood, Junr., returned and ordered recorded.

–1849, 30 Aug: WCV MB 9:67: Docket: Harriet Cawood, admr. vs. Moses Cawood.

–1850, 27 May: WCV MB 9:177: Motion of Stephen T. Cawood, appointed guardian of Moses Cawood & Margaret Cawood, orphans of Moses Cawood Jr., dec.

–1850, 30 May: WCV MB 9:184: Motion of Harriet Cawood, the mother of Moses & Margaret Cawood, orphans of Moses Cawood, Jr., dec, that Stephen T. Cawood be summoned to show cause, why shall not be removed in office as guardian.

–1850, 25 Jun: WCV MB 9:193: Harriet Cawood, admx. of Moses Cawood, Jr. vs. Moses [or Stephen T. ?] Cawood, dismissed.

–1851, 26 Nov: WCV MB 10:128: Moses Cawood & wife vs Sally Hurst stricken from docket.

–1853, 26 Jan: WCV MB 10:335: Harriett Caywood vs. Stephen T. Caywood, agreed, dismissed.


CAYWOOD, Ruby H., 1923 – (Mt. Rose Cem., Glade Spring, VA, WCV)

CAYWOOD, Robt. L., 06 Mar 1906 – 23 May 1963 (Mt. Rose Cem., Glade Spring, VA, WCV)

WCV, 14 Mar 1864, Simone C. Daniel, 26, b. Martin Co. NC, parents not stated, m. Florence Virginia Cawood, 19, d/o Stephen & Helen A.

WCV, 09 Aug 1865, Josep T. Scott, 48, s/o Obediah & Mary J., m. Delila Clark, 48, d/o Moses & Tabitha Cawood. George R. Barr.

WCV, 26 Aug 1875, Wiley Caywood, 25, div., s/o John M. & Lucy, m. Nannie E. Thompson, d/o Mary F. A. Little.

WCV, 03 Apr 1881, Van B. Caywood, 23, s/o Berry & Mary, m. Mary A. Caywood, 20, d/o John M. & Lucinda. H. Taylor.

WCV, 27 Apr 1896, Samuel Caywood, 38, s/o S. T. & Nancy m. Jennie McNew, d/o Julius. A. Little. [Samuel’s parents, Stephen Trigg Cawood, 30, s/o Moses & Nancy McNew, 23, d/o Jonathan V. & Nancy sic, d/o Catherine (Evitt) m. in WCV, 03 Aug 1856. By Isaac Forkner]

WCV, 21 Dec 1896, Jos. Caywood, 29, s/o S. T. & Nancy Caywood, m. M. E. Clark, 25, d/o Margaret Clark. A. L. Little. The record of this marriage is repeated in the register: WCV, 15 mar 1890, Joseph Caywood, 29, s/o Stephen & Nancy Caywood m. Malinda E. Clark, 225, d/o Mag Clark.

WCV, 23 Dec 1909, James William Brody, 40, wid., s/o David & Nancy Jane (Carpenter) Broady m. Lennie Keywood, 28, div., d/o Benj. & Mary Keywood. Mar. by W. G. Barnett [Likely clerk heard “Van” as “Ben”, hence the error in Lennie’s father’s name.]

WCV, 19 Apr 1905, Joseph B. Caywood, 21, s/o Thos. & Arkansas Caywood m. Rebecca Davidson, 22, d/o James R. & Mary Davidson.

WCV, 09 Mar 1907: C. B. Caywood, 20, s/o V. B. & Maggie Caywood m. Susie Woodward, 22, d/o H. C. & Ellen Woodward

WCV, 01 Sep 1933, James Cawood, s/o Chas. B. Caywood & Susie Woodward m. Virginia Blackwell, 21, d/o George Blackwell & Florence Patrick

–1920c, WCV (Saltville Dist.): 121/121: Keywood, Wm. 74; Rebecca, 58; 122/122: Keywood, Moses, 68; Lizzie, 54; Robert, 13; 121/124: Caywood, Wm. 41; Myrtle, K., 38; Cora W., 11; 146/138: Caywood, Tobias, 48; Sallie E., 35; 235/279: Broady, Wm. J., 51; Lennie M., 38; David R., 7; Elmer L., 5; Thomas J., 3 2/12; Annie D. (or L.), 1 2/12; 257/281: Caywood, Isaac G., 25; Ruth K., 17; Blanche V., 1 3/12 [f]; [#?]: Cawood, Jennie, 58 [mother-in-law], MOORE, High, 38; Hattie, 32; Edith, 14; Lake, 12 [f]; Campbell, 9; Kate, 7; Dallas, 3 6/1