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New Garden MM Marriages

Marriages from the New Garden Monthly Meeting, North Carolina Quaker Records which may have bearing on settlement at Chestnut Creek, Virginia (full records at Guilford College Library)

Arranged alphabetically by groom

Daniel Beales, son of Thos., Surry Co., married Susanna Jackson, dt. of Samuel, same place, 5-4-1776 at Tom's Creek. Wit: Amos Kersey, Jacob Jackson, Bowater Sumner, Wm Hiatt, John Burros, Joseph Hiatt, Miriam Carr, Mary Hiatt, Hannah Hiatt, Phebe Beales, Mary Jessop, Hannah Hiatt.

Wm Beals, son of Thomas, Surry Co. married Priscilla Horton dt. Abraham, same place, 14-5-1777 at Tom's Creek, Surry Co., NC. Wit: Joseph Hiatt, Joseph Jessop, Curtis Jackson, John Hiatt, Daniel Horton, William Hiatt, Hannah Hiatt, Phebe Beales, Ann Hiatt, Sarah Beales, Mary Jessop, Ann Jackson.

Samuel Bond, Surry Co., son of Joseph, deceased, married Elizabeth Beales dt. Thos., same place, 11-1-1775 at Tom's Creek. Wit: Thos. Jessop Jr., Thos. Mills, Thos. Carr, Isaac Jones, Joseph Hiatt, Lydia Bryant, Susanna Hiatt, Mary Jessop.

Garner Bryant, son of John, Surry Co., m. Hannah Davies dt. Thomas, Montgomery Co., VA, 30-10-1782, at Tom's Creek Mtg. Witnesses, John Bryant, Thos. Davis, Charles Davis, Caleb Sumner, Moses Grigg, Daniel Beales, Elizabeth Davis, Elizabeth Ballard, Sarah Beales, Phebe Sumner, Mary Sumner, Mary Ballard.

Benjamin Carr, son of Thomas and Miriam, Surry Co., NC, m. Patience Beales dt. Thomas & Sarah, same place, 11-2-1784, at Tom's Creek Mtg. Wit: Thomas Jessop, John Beales, Bowater Sumner, Thomas Branson, Richard Pinson, Samuel Bond, Sarah Beales, Phebe Sumner, Hannah Hiatt, Jane Branson, Rachel Beales, Mary Jessop.

Abraham Cook, New Garden, son of Thos. Cook of Pennsylvania, decs. m. Phebe Mills dt. John of Deep River, 23-9-1756. Wit: John Mills, Hur Mills, Wm Hunt, Nathan Dicks, Thos. Thornburgh, Enos Thomas, Mary Cook, Sarah Mills, Martha Hiatt, Hannah Ballinger, Mary Dicks, Sarah Hunt.

Charles Davis, son of Thomas of Montgomery Co., VA, married Miriam Carr dt. Thomas, Surry Co., NC, 1-2-1779 at Tom's Creek. Wit: Thomas Davis, Thomas Carr, Jacob Jackson, Thos. Beales, Wm Hiatt, Bowater Beales, Sarah Beales, Patience Beales, Mary Carson, Miriam Cook, Ann Hiatt, Elizabeth Jackson.

Thomas Davis, son of Thomas of Montgomery Co., VA m. Rebeckah Bryant, dt of John, Surry, 30-10-1782, at Tom's Creek Mtg., Wit: Thomas Davis, Curtis Jackson, Jacob Jackson, David Ballard, Isaac Jones, Moses Grigg, Elizabeth Davis, Lydia Bryant, Elizabeth Ballard, Sarah Beales, Mary Ballard, Hannah Bryant.

James Horton, son of Abraham, Surry Co., m. Margaret Beales, dt. Thomas, same place, 17-1-1778 at Tom's Creek. Wit: John Hiatt, Thos. Beales, John Beales, Samuel Bond, John Horton, John Burris, Ruth Beales, Mary Jessop, Sarah Beales, Hannah Sumner, Rachel Beales, Ann Hiatt.

Jacob Jackson, son of Samuel, Surry Co., NC, married Ann Beales dt. Bowater, same place, 10-8-1774 at Tom's Creek. Wit: Thos. Jessop, Moreman Ballard, John Bryant, Amos Kersey, Daniel Beales, Samuel Bond, Ann Jessop, Jemima Jones, Susanna Hiatt, Elizabeth Beales, Hannah Hiatt, Ann Hiatt.

James Johnson son of of Joshua of London Grove twp., Chester Co., PA married Margaret Cook, dt. John of the same place 20-2-1748. Wit: Joshua Johnson, John Cook, John Smith, Isaac Jackson, Thos. Carleton, Abra' Darlington, Sarah Johnson, Eleanor Cook, Jane Albin, Mary Baker, Mary Swayne, Elizabeth Lamborn.

John Mendenhall of Guilford m. Mary Stanfield (widow of Samuel Stanfield) 1-8-1771 at Deep River. Wit: Wm Thatcher, John Maris, John Sanders, John Baldwin, Hur Mills, Joseph Dew, Elizabeth Mendenhall, Jane Stanfield, Charity Mendenhall, Hannah Beeson, Martha Hiatt, Mary Shelly.

Moses Mendenhall, Son of Mordecai, Deep River, Roan Co., married Dinah Rudduck, same place, 18-1-1764. Wit: Mor. Mendenhall, John Rudduck, Jaas. Mendenhall, Benj. Beeson, Thos. Kendal, Wm Kersey, Charity Mendenhall, Jane Ruddock, Grace Mendenhall, Hannah Kersey, Ruth Hoggatt, Mary Kendal.

Thomas Mendenhall son of Mordicai, Deep River, Roan Co., married Phebe Rudduck, dt. John, same place, 17-1-1764. Wit: Mordicha Mendenhall, John Ruddock, Jas. Mendenhall, John Hoggatt, Thos. Kendal, Wm Kersey, Charity Mendenhall, Jane Rudduck, Grace Mendenhall, Ruth Hoggatt, Ann Floyd, Dinah Ruddock.

William Morgan, Roan Co., son of John of the same, m. Rebecca Mills, dt. Thomas, Roan Co., 10-7-1760 at New Garden. Wit: William Baldwin, John Mills, Hur Mills, Wm. Beeson, John Hodgson, Richard Beeson, Elizabeth Mills, Elizabeth Baldwin, Sarah Mills, Mary Mirphew, Phelis Baldwin, Mary Beeson.

John Ruddocks, son of John, Guilford Co., married Sarah Tomlinson, dt. Josiah, deceased, Craven Co., 8-12-1774 at Camden. Wit: Sarah Russel, Martha Tomlinson, Beulah Gaunt, Ann Kelley, Mary Millhouse, Sarah Pidgon, Samuel Milhouse, Zebulon Gaunt, Wm Tomlinson, Wm Ruddock, Jesse Kersey, Josiah Tomlinson.

Jesse Sanders, son of John, Guilford Co., married Sarah Ruddock, dt. John, same place, 6-5-1778 at Springfield Meeting. Wit: John Hoggatt, James Pendry, Wm Rudduck, Moses Mendenhall, John Sanders, Stephen Mendenhall, Charity Mendenhall, Ruth Hoggatt, Sarah Braselton, Phebe Hoggatt, Jane Ruddock, Phebe Hoggatt.

Charles Simmons, son of Peter & Elizabeth, Surry Co., married Elizabeth Jackson dt. Samuel & Catherine deceased, 8-3-1786, Tom's Creek Mtg. Wit: Peter Simmons, Jacob Jackson, Caleb Sumner, Daniel Beales, David Ballard, Moses Grigg, Elizabeth Simmons, Susanna Beales, Ann Beales, Phebe Jackson, Ruth Jackson, Mary Sumner.

Ryal Simmons, son of Peter, Surry Co., NC m. Ruth Hiatt dt. Wm., of same place, 6-12-1781 at Tom's Creek. Wit: William Hiatt, Joseph Hiatt, Jacob Jackson, John Briant, Wm. Jessop, Caleb Sumner, Susanna Hiatt, Ann Hiatt, Elizabeth Simmons, Miriam Jones, Elizabeth Jackson, Rebeckah Briant.

Bowater Sumner, Surry Co., son of Robert, deceased, married Rebeckah Burras, same place, 10-12-1777 at Tom's Creek. Wit: Curtis Jackson, Uriah Carson, William Neal, John Hiatt, William Beales, John Burras, Phebe Beales, Ann Hiatt, Ruth Jackson, Hannah Sumner, Eleanor Sumner, Phebe Sumner.

Caleb Sumner, Surry Co., son of Robert deceased, m. Mary Carson, widow of Uriah, 9-10-1782 at Tom's Creek, Surry Co. Wit: William Sumner, Bowater Sumner, William Hiatt, John Bryant, Jacob Jackson, Moses Grigg, Martha Grigg, Ann Jackson, Abigail Sumner, Ruth Worley, Sarah Beales, Susanna Beales.

Thomas Sumner, Surry Co., son of Robert, deceased, m. Hannah Hiatt dt. Joseph, same place, 8-10-1777 at Tom's Creek. Wit: David Ballard, John Jackson, William Beales, John Hiatt, Thos. Beales, Isaac Jones, Ann Hiatt, Ruth Jackson, Mary Carson, Sarah Beales, John Burras, Phebe Beales

Joseph Thornburgh, son of Thomas, Guilford Co., m. Rebeckah Morgan, widow of Wm Morgan, deceased, same place, 5-2-1778 at Deep River Meeting. Wit: David Brooks, Thos. Thornburgh, Thos. Mills, Henry Mills, William Morgan, John Beeson, Elizabeth Morgan, Ann Bond, Sarah Mills, Martha Sanders, Sarah Hunt, Martha Mills.

James Williams, son of Amos, Montgomery Co., VA m. Mary Davis dt. Thomas, same place, 1-11-1783, Tom's Creek Mtg. They had declared marriage intentions at New Garden MM. Wit: James Williams, Thos. Davis, William Reddocks, Solomon Reddocks, Thomas Williams, Thomas Ballard, Phebe Williams, Ann Reddocks, Elizabeth Davis, Lydia Bryant, Ann Williams, Lydia Sandfield.

from elsewhere (not New Garden MM)

Richard Williams, son of George, m. Prudence Beals dt. John of Monocacy, Prince George Co., MD, 11-10-1746. Wit: Wm Kersey, John Wright, Anthony Chamness, Joseph Wells, Geo. Mathews, Matthias Pooley, Daniel Matthews, Thos. Hunt, Eleazar Hunt, Sarah Beals, Ann Hunt, Elizabeth Pooley.