Carroll County, Virginia Wills 1842-1852

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Carroll County, Virginia Wills 1842-1852

AILSWORTH, George, (of White Co., TN). Will proved ........... 1843. Names wife, Susanna and grandson, Alvis A. Swift.

BASKERVILLE, John. Will proved July 1848. Names sisters, Alice g. Pringle and Polly Guthrie of Halifax Co., VA; Elizabeth Baskerbille of Sumner Co., TN, Patsy Steele, of Graves Co., KY, heirs of sister, Fanny (wife of Henry Seal, of Graves Co., KY and John B. and George W. Baskerville, of Pulaski Co., Va.

BEAMER, Peter, deceased. Adm. settlement closed January 1843. Begun 1835.

BOBBITT, James. Will proved March 1849. Names wife, Rosanna and children, William, Lacy, Ann Moore, Acenah Wheeler, Jane Moore, Patsy Williams and Celesta Goad.

BRYANT, Thomas. Will proved November 1843. Names wife and children, no names given.

CARICO, Simms, deceased. Dower assigned wife, Margaret December 1844.

COCK, James, deceased. Apr. returned May 1845.

COOLEY, Benjamin. Will proved May 1847. Names wife, Jane and children, Amandy, Elizabeth, Juliann Martin, William D., James D., Polly Smith, deceased, to her heirs, Nancy Smith and Rebecca Worrell.

DeHAVEN, James. Will proved January 1847. Names sisters, Drucilla Shockley, Patsey McClure, Nancy DeHaven. A niece, Drucilla DeHaven, daughter of Brother Abraham. Bulk of estate to Ruth, wife of Granville Burnett.

DURNEL, John. Will proved July 1843. Names children, Eli, James, Andrew J., Febe Philips, Sarah Dalton, Alley Goad, Mary Stillwell and Hetty Dalton.

EDWARDS, Annuel. Will proved March 1846. Names wife, Mary and children, Isaac, Jeremiah, Sally and others, number or names not given.

FARMER, James. Will proved October 1850. Names sisters, Elizabeth and Rebecca Newman, brothers, MMichael and Isaac. His father was James, deceased.

FRANKLIN, John B. Will proved October 1850. Names children, Henry, Joel, Mary, John and Robert.

GARDNER, James. Will proved May 1849. Names wife, Tabbitha and children, Matthew, Andrew, Washington, Sarah, Mary Jane, Elizabeth, James, William, Alexander, John and Nancy.

GRAY, William. Will proved December 1846. Names wife, Mary and children, R. T., and others, number or names not given.

JACKSON, William. Will proved November 1849. Names wife, Jemima and children, Patsy Spence (wife of Eli), Margaret Silvan (wife of William), Matson, Branson, William, Elizabeth Haley (wife of John), Sarah Ann Bowman (wife of Elisha), Mary, John and Carroll.

JENNINGS, Thomas. Will proved January 1850. Names wife, Sarah and children, Jonathan, Andrew, William, Clifton, James, Peter, Nancy Durnell, Sally Huffy and Mary Jane.

JOHNSON, Levi. Will proved March 1846. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Charles A. Warner, Edaline, Fontlroy, Jane and Joseph.

KENNY, Willaim. Will proved January 1852. Names children, Robert and William and three daughters, names not given.

LINDSEY, Henry. Will proved December 1845. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Sally, Henry and Elizabeth.

LINEBERRY, Jacob. Will proved February 1852. Names children, Jeremiah, George, Francis, Martha Farmer, Catherine Coulson, Elizabeth Coulson, Polly Edwards Lorana Wilkinson, Euphreny Robinson, Joseph and Jacob.

MABRY, Joshua. Will proved April 1849. Names children, Lemina, Mary Francis, Jesse and Joshua P. C.

MALLORY, George. Will proved March 1846. Names wife, Elizabeth and children, Nicholas, Joel, Benjamin, Henry, Stephen, George, Mary Stone and Hannah Kenny.

MOORE, George. Will proved August 1843. Names wife, Nancy and children, Goodson M., Judidiah, Edward, George, Anderson, William and others, number or names not given.

NESTER, William, deceased. Estates apr. ordered February 1843.

PHILLIPS, Tobias, deceased. Settlement of estate January 1843. (begun in 1841)

PRATT, Elisha, deceased. Inv. of estate May 1844.

PUCKETT, Woodson, deceased. Apr. of estate ordered April 1844.

QUESENBERRY, Moses. Will proved ............... 1843. Names wife, ................... and children, George, James, Rhoda Davis, Mila Hogan, Patsa Durnell, Sarah Phillips, Ginia Gallimore, Nancy Henson, Frederick and Amos. Heirs of Polly Largin, (Patsa, Theopolis, Caroline and Nancy Quesenberry); sons-in-law, John Bullard and Aaron Largin.

SMITH, Polly, deceased. Apr. of estate June 1843.

SPENCE, Burwell. Will proved May 1844. Names wife, Nancy and children, Isham, Drury, Uriah, Joseph, John, James, Elizabeth, Mary and Lewis.

STANDIFF, Oliver, deceased. Inv. ordered May 1843.

STARR, Jeremiah, deceased. Inventory ret. August 1846.

STEPHENS, Peter. Will proved May 1849. Names John Early, his brother, James Stephens and the widow of his deceased brother, Joseph.

STILWELL, Elias. Will proved April 1844. Names wife, Susannah and children, Iven, Amos, Polly, William, Vincent and Lewis.

WILSON, Jeremiah. Will proved December 1844. Names heirs of deceased son, John (living in Selby Co., OH); heirs of deceased daughter, Nancy Osburn and his children, Jeremiah, Jesse (of IL), Ann Hodson (of Hendricks Co., IN), Kathering Sickfrit (of Guilford Co., N. C.), Mary Hodson (of Hendricks Co., IN), Elizabeth Ward and Ruth Williams (both of Jackson Co., TN)