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A Brief History of Marion College

by Goodridge Wilson, Jr.

Published by the Class of 1948 and the Alumnae Association in Commemoration of the Seventy- Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of the College

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IN DECEMBER of 1947, Miss May Scheter wrote me requesting me to prepare a short history of Marion College for publication in time for the Commencement of 1948, the seventh-fifth anniversary.

At first I felt that I would be obliged to decline the invitation because my duties as Executive Secretary of the Synod of Tennessee of the Presbyterian Church in the United States are such that I did not see how I could find the time for it. but because Miss May Scherer, an old friend whose requests I am accustomed to grant if possible, had asked me to do it, because of my affection and admiration for the college acquired during nearly’ sixteen years of intimate acquaintance with it while I was Pastor of the Royal Oak Presbyterian Church in Marion, and because of my gratitude to the college for the kind of education and training it gave to my two daughters, I determined to undertake the task.

It was the first of March before I could get started on it. My only regret about having undertaken to write this history is that with the limited time at my disposal and the pressure of other urgent work I was not able to do it as well as it should hare been done.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the co-operation of Dr. Henry E. Horn in giving me free access to college records, in preparing the biographical data on all the presidents after Dr. Seherer, and in having the lists of names in the Appendix prepared, the helpful assistance of Miss May Scherer in turning over to me records, manuscripts and other material in her possession, in giving me valuable information in personal conservation, and in other ways,’ and to the College Secretary, Miss Edith Richardson, for help in securing and preparing material. Without their help I could have done nothing.

I also wish to express appreciation to Miss Pauline Bridgewater, my office secretary, and to Mrs. Sue Wooten, secretary, for the Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Nashville, fur their work in typing the manuscript.

Goodridge Wilson

Nashville, Tennessee,

March 30, 1948.

The Marion Ideal

To Care for What Is, rather than for what Seems; to be loyal to what is Best in the Traditions of the Past and yet open to the Discoveries of the Present and the Hopes of the Future; to find Freedom in Knowledge of the Truth, Beauty in the Common Sphere of Daily Living; Joy in Love and Friendship, and Strength in Constructive Service; to Play Happily and Work Honestly; to Believe in God and God’s Children; and to Serve where Service is most Needed….

This is the Ideal of Marion College