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Boyd Cemetery

Carroll County, Virginia

Pine Creek District

Location: Little Vine Community

Directions: In a pasture field at the intersection of Rt. 749 Little Vine Road & Rt. 897 Pioneer Circle

GPS Coordinates: N 36.816742 W 080.786690

Surveyed by: Buford C. Wilson; 13 Dec 2012;

Comments: The cemetery is well fenced, but is badly overgrown and in poor condition. There are many graves marked only with fieldstones. I assume there are members of the James P. Boyd family buried here. Also the daughter of a nearby Hardy family that was killed in a fall is said to be buried here. Information in [brackets] is not on the stone.

Boyd Cemetery, Carroll County, Virginia
Name Birth Death Comments
MARSHALL, Henry B. [18 Dec 1836] Co. I 45 VA Inf. CSA; Henry Bouldin; s/o Joseph Davis Marshall & Sarah Catherine Samuel; h/o Celia Willis who is likely buried here too.
PARNELL, John 23 Nov 1841 02 Oct 1913 John Rufus; s/o Henry Parnell & Sarah J. Davis; CSA
PARNELL, William G. Aug 1843 11 Jul 1910 William Gaston; s/o Henry Parnell & Sarah J. Davis
PARNELL, Spicey E. [Jul] 1848 29 Apr 1904 Spicey Elizabeth; d/o Joab Caviness & Elizabeth Mann; w/o William Gaston Parnell
PARNELL, James M. 13 Jun 1886 06 Sep 1892 s/o William Gaston Parnell & Spicey Elizabeth Caviness
CAVINESS, Mary Ann 20 Feb 1890 21 Sep 1893 d/o John W. Caviness & Eudoxia Florence Myers;
CAVINESS, Robert Isham 29 Apr 1888 29 Sep 1893 s/o John W. Caviness &Eudoxia Florence Myers;
CAVINESS, Eudoxia F. 25 Oct 1866 17 Nov 1894 Eudoxia Florence; d/o Samuel Wesley Myers & Mary Ann Wilson; w/o John W. Caviness
CAVINESS, Bertha May 08 Nov 1894 08 May 1895 d/o John W. Caviness &Eudoxia Florence Myers;
CAVINESS, M. B. c/o John W. Caviness &Eudoxia Florence Myers;
MYERS, Joseph S. 09 Sep 1845 04 Jul 1902 s/o Thomas J. Myers & Rebecca Privett
BEASLEY, Jemima 12 Oct 1829 01 Apr 1890 nee Allen; w/o Thomas Kristopher Beasley
BEASLEY, Thomas K. 22 May 1822 16 Apr 1890 Thomas Kristopher; s/o Richard H. Beasley & Sarah Hardy
BEASLEY, James M. [1848] [29 Apr 1891] s/o Thomas Khristopher Beasley & Jemima Allen
BEASLEY, Drewry K. 16 Feb 1887 22 May 1894 s/o John Franklin Beasley & Lydia Marthenica Robinson