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Beaver Creek Christian Church

The History of Beaver Creek Church can be broken into three time periods as follows: In the year of 1890 a minister by the name of Savage came to the Three Top Community and began preaching in a one room log school house, around the turn of the century (1900-1903) a church was built along the banks of Three Top Creek and was known as the Willow Veil Church. Among the early ministers serving the church were:

Tom Arnold, James Garner, Conley Greer, Roy Gentry, Johnson Miller and big Jim Heaton. Two of the early elders were: James N. Worley and Joe Calloway. Gaston Greer and J.W. Grogan served as deacons during this same time period.

As time passed and many of the original members died and the younger ones moved away during the depression years it became necessary to relocate at Beaver Creek.

About 1931 an old store building was purchased from Bob Hardin in the upper Beaver Creek Community and the church was reorganized, ministers who served at this location were as follows:

Roy E. Gentry, Conley Greer, Claude Calloway, David Brooks, Harry Bowers, Harahm Lester, Joe Stump, Clarence Herrin, Billy Stout, Wallis Gentry and Johnny Baldwin.

Some of the officers serving during this same time period were as follows:

J.N. Worley, A.C. Black, Mrs.Lela Greer, Elza Cooper and Ovan Worley, Some of the teachers were: J.N.Worley, Mrs.Gertrude Black, Ovan Worley, Wilma Gentry, Lucille Edwards, Margaret Edwards and Pauline Edwards.

As the congregation grew it became necessary to build a new church building in 1956. This building is currently in use and is known as “The Beaver Creek Christian Church” Ministers who have served in the present location are: Johnny Baldwin, E.E. Vaught, Richard Piper, Charles Carmen, Jerry Rudberg, Owen Crouch, Wayne Harrell and Mark Huddleston. Johnny Baldwin returned in 1976 and is presently serving as minister.

A point of interest – the bell that currently rings each Sunday morning at the Beaver Creek Christian Church is the same bell that rang almost a century ago at the Willow Veil Church at Three Top.

The above information was provided the church historian, Ovan Worley and church records.