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Ashe County, North Carolina Post Offices

While many people have roots in Ashe County, North Carolina, many with these roots have never visited the mountains their ancestors called home. Ashe County is a rural area, with three communites which actually resemble towns - Jefferson, West Jefferson, and Lansing. None of these communities actually have the requiste number of residents to meet the formal definition of a town - 2,500 residents.

Folks inquire regularly about various "towns" in Ashe County. With the exception of these three, none exist. Several rural communites, however, do exist, and are identified by the post office in the area. The following list notes the post offices which exist in the county, or that operated in days gone by.

Ashe County, North Carolina Post Offices
Name Dates of Operations Consolidated With
Algiers 1902-1904 Laurel Springs
Amy 1909-1950 Warrensville
Apple Grove 1875-1971 Lansing
Asheland 1911-1954 Creston
Ashley 1888-1905 Lansing
Aster 1900-1905 Crumpler
Ava 1903-1907 ?
Baldwin (Shady Springs) 1885-1941 West Jefferson
Ball 1937-1953 Lansing
Bare 1908 Charter Revoked.
Beaver Creek 1856-1930 West Jefferson
Beldon 1901-1914 Laurel Springs
Beng 1903-1953 West Jefferson
Bentoland 1902-1913 Asheland
Berlin 1886-1918 Name changed to Bina
Bernice 1889-1902 Grassy Creek
Bina 1918-1953 Lansing
Blevins 1889-1906 Crumpler
Bly 1890-1903 Apple Grove
Bowers' Store 1830-1844 Name Changed to Gap Civil
Brandon 1898-1950 Lansing
Bristol (Manly) 1881-1889 Grassy Creek
Brownwood 1919-1953 Todd
Bud 1894-1908 Grassy Creek
Burnt Hill 1899-1914 Laurel Springs
Calloway 1892-1895 ?
Carsonville 1834 ?
Chase 1890-1891 Wagoner
Cherry Lane 1858-1867 Alleghany County
Chester 1903-1905 Clifton
Chestnut Hill 1853-1882 Nathan's Creek
Clifton (Stagg's Creek) 1882-1953 Warrensville
Coment 1882-1953 Lansing
Council's Store 1823-1850 In Watauga Co. (now Boone)
Creston (North Fork) 1882- Active
Crow 1894-1905 Lansing
Crumpler 1885- Active
Dandy 1905-1923 Apple Grove
Danish 1905-1909 ?
Dresden 1888-1916 Warrensville
Dyson 1894-1913 Asheland
Edison 1902-1922 Comet
Eldreth 1922-1932 Grayson
Elk Creek 1855-? ?
Elk Cross Roads (Todd) 1837-1890 Name changed to Todd
Ellis 1911-1917 Laurel Springs
Eugene 1893-1906 Grassy Creek
Eye 1889-1906 Park, VA
Faw 1894-1895 Goss
Fig 1888-1969 Creston
Fleetwood 1898- Active
Flow 1917-1925 Nathan's Creek
Furches 1880-1955 Laurel Springs
Gale 1898-1921 Nathan's Creek
Gap Civil 1846-1860 Now in Alleghany Co.
Garren 1931-1933 Fleetwood
Garretson 1902-1910 ?
Glade Creek 1854 Now in Alleghany Co.
Glen 1908-1919 Grayson
Glendale Springs (Venus) 1905- Active
Goss 1894-1895 Obids
Grassy Creek 1882- Active
Graybeal 1894-1906 Hemlock
Grayson 1882- Active
Green Valley (Wheeler) 1905-1908 ?
Grigsby 1894-1911 Jefferson
Harmon 1900-1936 Vannoy
Hastings 1888-1895 Jefferson
Helton 1849-1953 Lansing
Hemlock 1902-1949 Grayson
Hermitage 1890-1904 Concert
Hopkins 1899-1934 Deep Gap
Horse Creek 1858-1876 Discontinued
Husk 1882-1990 Lansing
Idlewild 1880-1958 Discontinued
Idol's Mill 1879-1916 Discontinued
Index 1905-1926 Wagoner
Jeffersonton 1831-1834 Name changed to Jefferson
Jefferson 1934- Active
Jones 1898-1902 Laurel Springs
Lansing 1882- Active
Laurel Springs 1839- Active
Line Hill 1878-1879 Discontinued
Linney 1889-1915 Jefferson
Mahone 1891-? ?
Manley 1849-1881 Name changed to Bristol
Mast's 1832 Now in Watauga Co.
McGuire 1903-1918 West Riverside
Milam 1935-1953 Todd
Moretz Mill 1841-1849 In Watauga County
Mouth of Buffalo 1874-1888 Name Changed to Dresden
Mulkey 1908-1914 Scottville
Naomi 1886-1887 Discontinued
Nathan's Creek 1850-1953 Crumpler
Nettle Knob 1858-1936 West Jefferson
North Fork 1830-1882 Name changed to Creston
Obids 1883-1953 West Jefferson
Old Field 1829-? ?
Orion 1899-1908 Jefferson
Ore Knob 1874-1937 Name changed to Transou
Othello 1901-1953 West Jefferson
Oval 1898-1953 West Jefferson
Parker 1897-1954 Creston
Parsons 1901-1906 Grassy Creek
Peakland 1853-1857 Discontinued
Pinkton 1884-1909 Discontinued
Potato Creek 1853-1854 Discontinued (now in Alleghany)
Ratler 1903-1914 Laurel Springs
Raven 1902-1916 Todd
Rawl 1909-1923 Idlewild
Reno 1914-1934 Glendale Springs
Rhine 1901-1923 Wagoner
Ripple 1903-1910 ?
Riverside 1879-1938 Todd
Roark 1898-1913 Asheland
Roberts 1892-1905 Grassy Creek
Roten 1887-1905 Clifton
Roundabout 1901-1905 Solitude
Samar 1890-1912 Laurel Springs
Scottville 1855- Active
Shady Springs 1871-1885 Name changed to Baldwin
Silas Creek 1876-1953 Lansing
Sly 1906-1953 Fig
Smethport 1916-1958 West Jefferson
Solitude 1872-1911 Asheland
South Fork 1850-1889 Obids
Staggs Creek 1871-1882 Name changed to Clifton
Sussex 1891-1902 Grassy Creek
Sturgills 1887-1953 Lansing
Sugar Grove 1837-1849 In Watauga County
Sutherland 1875-1910 Trade, TN
Tam 1903-1905 Lansing
Thaxton 1889-1934 Grayson
Theta 1908-1926 West Jefferson
Todd (Elk Cross Roads) 1894- Active
Toliver 1902-1953 Todd
Transou (Ore Knob) 1888-1953 Laurel Springs
Treetop 1890-1951 Smethport
Trout 1892-1933 Creston
Tuckerdale 1915-1966 Lansing
Valle Crucis (Watauga) 1845-1853 Now in Watauga Co.
Vannoy ? ?
Venus 1899-1905 Name changed to Glendale Springs
Vernon 1892-1907 Helton
Wagoner 1896-1953 Jefferson
Walnut Hill 1858-1892 Silas Creek
Warrensville 1902- Active
Watauga 1944-1846 Name Changed to Valle Crucis
Weasel 1880-1912 Park, VA
Weaver's Ford 1858-1940 Mouth of Wilson, VA
West Jefferson 1915- Active
West Riverside 1916-1919 Name changed to Brownwood
Wheeler 1885-1905 Name changed to Green Valley
Wilcox 1884-1885 Mouth of Buffalo
Woodford 1899-1925 ?