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Ashe County Directory — 1883

Population in 1880 14,437
   White 13,471
   Colored 966
Value of real estate, 1882 $ 555,198.00
Value of personal property $ 320,046.00
Tax on Real Estate $ 386.96
Tax on Personal Property $ 291.97
County Levy $ 7,074.83
County Levy for Schools $ 3,610.66

Ashe was formed in 1799, from a portion of Wilkes county, and was named in honor of Governor Samuel Ashe.

It belongs to the Western Division, lying in the extreme northwest corner of the State, and is bounded on the north by the State of Virginia, on the west by Tennessee line, on the east by Alleghany, and on the south by Watauga. The county has an area of 404 square miles (258,506 acres) and the land has an assessed average of $2.58 per acre.

Its captial is Jefferson, and is 202 miles northwest from Raleigh. Population, 196.

Surface: Hilly and mountainous and soil clay, loam.
Products: Corn, wheat, rye, oats, hay, buckwheat, and very fine vegetables
Fruit: Apples, cherries, grapes, berries
Timbers: Oak, hickory, walnut, sugar maple, poplar, cucumber

1883 Post Office Locations
Location Location Location
Apple Grove Idol’s Mill Silas Creek
Beaver Creek Jefferson Solitude
Bristol Laurel Springs South Fork
Chestnut Hill Mouth of Buffalo Stagg’s Creek
Elk X Roads Nathan’s Creek Sutherlands
Furches Nettle Knob Walnut Hill
Gap Creek Ore Knob Weasel
Helton Riverside Weaversford
Husk Scottville Wheeler
Idlewild Shady Springs

County Officers

Clerk of Superior Court: James M. Dixon
Commissioners: V. H. Waugh, —— Boushell, J. B. McMillan
Coroner: Freland Colvard
Register of Deeds: N. Loggins
Sheriff: John Baker
Solicitor (Superior Court): J. S. Adams
Solicitor (Inferior Court): J. W. Todd
Surveyor: John Welch
Standard Keeper: Tobias Smithdeal
Treasurer: John Baker
County Examiner: Q. F. Neal


Superior Court: meets 3d Monday after 4th Monday, March and September
Judge: A. C. Avery
Clerk: James M. Dixon

Agricultural Implement Manufacturers

Eastridge, John – Creston

Attorneys at Law

Bower, G. W. – Jefferson
Grayson, J. W. M. – Creston
Neal, B. H. – Creston
Neal, Q. F. – Jefferson
Todd, J. W. – Jefferson


Upchurch, G. W. – Ore Knob

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights

Acre, Joseph – Ore Knob
Adams, N. C. – Jefferson
Church, M. – Furches
Clark, A. – Apple Grove
Collins, Michael – Ore Knob
Dollar, John – Creston
Dollar, William – Creston
Gilreath, Luke – Ore Knob
Goodman, Simon – Ore Knob
Green, S. P. – Gap Creek
Ham, Alvin L. – Apple Grove
Ham, Thomas M. – Apple Grove
Ham, William – Apple Grove
Hicks, Joseph – Creston
Lewis, Jacob – Creston
Maize, James – Ore Knob
Mann, F. A. – Gap Creek
Maxwell, William – Creston
Myers, L. – Creston
Osborn, George – Wheeler
Osborn, R. – Apple Grove
Ray, Jesse – Beaver Creek
Richardson, Joseph – Furches
Robbins, L. R. – Gap Creek
Roberts, Adam – Jefferson
Shaw, M. M. – Creston
Sheets, T. M. – Weasel
Snider, Lander M. – Wheeler
Sterger, J. – Creston
Warrick, James – Ore Knob
Weaver, A. – Apple Grove
Williams, M. F. – Furches

Boarding Houses

Baker, M. – Creston
Ham, J. – Apple Grove
Henritze, M. P. – Creston
Maxwell, J. A. – Creston
Williamson, Walter – Ore Knob

Broom Manufacturers

Ham, S. – Apple Grove

Carpenters and Builders

Ausborn, Wiley – Ore Knob
Badger, W. H. & Sons – Mouth of Buffalo
Barker, Ambrose – Nathan’s Creek
Barker, Wiley – Nathan’s Creek
Blevins, James – Weasel
Cooper, A. S. – Elk Cross Roads
Cooper, James – Elk Cross Roads
Elliott, Jesse – Apple Grove
Figgett, James – Ore Knob
Ham, A. L. – Apple Grove
Haney, John – Furches
Hopkins, J. B. – Gap Creek
Idol, J. C. – Gap Creek
Idol, J. N. – Gap Creek
Jackson, J. W. – Elk Cross Roads
Jenkins, Lewis – Ore Knob
Jennings, Allen – Wheeler
Keslin, James – Ore Knob
Love, Caleb – Weasel
McConnell, Jno. E. – Jefferson
McMillan, Jesse B. – Nathan’s Creek
Osborn, William – Ore Knob
Osborne, Jesse – Apple Grove
Ray, G. W. – Jefferson
Roark, James – Ore Knob
Sheppard, J. P. – Furches
Smithdeal, Tobias – Jefferson
Upchurch, J. F. – Furches

Cattle Dealers

Baker, John – Mouth of Buffalo
Baker, M. – Creston
Blanton, G. W. – Elk Cross Roads
Bledsoe, Jesse – Nathan’s Creek
Bledsoe, Wm. M. – Nathan’s Creek
Clark, A. – Apple Grove
Cox, S. V. – Nathan’s Creek
Eller, J. – Mouth of Buffalo
Finley, J. E. – Elk Cross Roads
Graham, John – Elk Cross Roads
Graybeal, C. – Mouth of Buffalo
Graybeal, Eli – Beaver Creek
Hamilton, W. H. – Beaver Creek
Hardin, H. H. – Beaver Creek
Hardin, John G. – Beaver Creek
Hulcher, W. C. L. – Elk Cross Roads
Knight, William – Wheeler
Lewis, J. C. – Creston
McMillan, Alex B. – Nathan’s Creek
McMillan, A. N. – Nathan’s Creek
McMillan, E. R. – Nathan’s Creek
Maxwell, L. – Creston
Miller, James S. – Apple Grove
Miller, T. R. – Ore Knob
Miller, Wells – Weasel
Osborn, Marion – Wheeler
Osborn, S. – Wheeler
Perkins, W. H. – Mouth of Buffalo
Sutherland, D. D. – Creston
Sutherland, David – Solitude
Sutherland, Thomas – Creston
Thomas, A. H. – Creston
Thomas, W. P. – Creston
Vannoy, John H. – Apple Grove
Waters, L. M. – Gap Creek
Welbourn, James – Ore Knob
Welbourn, W. N. G. – Ore Knob


Blevins, James – Weasel
Brooks, W. M. – Apple Grove
Campbell, W. A. – Beaver Creek
Church, M. F. – Furches
Daughtery, John – Ore Knob
Greer, S. H. – Gap Creek
Jenney, E. – Apple Grove
Jones, J. & Co. – Creston
Jones, N. B. – Weasel
Mash, Frederick – Jefferson
Pennington, Larkin – Ore Knob
Price, Solomon – Wheeler
Richardson, J. N. – Furches
Swift, M. & Sons – Creston


Baker, Lewis – Creston
Sharp, J. W. B. – Stagg’s Creek
Wagg, W. H. – Jefferson
Wilbar, Joseph Q. – Jefferson

Distillers – Brandy

Richardson, J. F. – Furches

Distillers – Whiskey

Blevins, E. – Nathan’s Creek
Denny & Sapp – Creston
Grayson, J. W. M. – Creston
Ham, A. L. – Apple Grove
Jenney, E. – Apple Grove
Norris & Winebarger – Creston
Reeves, Howell – Weasel
Sapp, Jesse – Stagg’s Creek
Taylor, John – Nathan’s Creek
Wiles, Alexander – Stagg’s Creek


Blevins, Wesley – Weasel
Latham, T. E. – Stagg’s Creek
Neal & Smithdeal – Jefferson
Warren, C. E. – Mouth of Buffalo
Worth & Lillard – Creston

General Merchants and Tradesmen

Brooks Bros. – Apple Grove
Brooks, H. M. – Creston
Brown, J. J. – Creston
Carson, J. M. – Jefferson
Cowles, Arthur D. – Gap Creek
Cox, Solomon V. – Nathan’s Creek
Foster, J. E. & N. A. – Jefferson
Greer & Roten – Creston
Hamilton, R. A. – Beaver Creek
Hulcher, W. C. L. – Elk X Roads
James, J. D. & Co. – Apple Grove
Jones, R. A. – Solitude
Latham, T. E. – Stagg’s Creek
Long, A. W. – Furches
Maxwell, A. M. & Bro. – Creston
Maxwell, L. & C. – Solitude
Neal, J. B. – Jefferson
Patrick, Jerry – Ore Knob – Fish Dealer
Perkins, W. H. – Mouth of Buffalo
Richardson, James C. – Furches – Groceries & Liquors
Sullivan, Lewis – Apple Grove
Thomas, W. P. – Jefferson
Trimble & Cotran – Apple Grove
Tucker, John W. – Apple Grove
Vannoy, John H. – Apple Grove
Warren, P. M. – Mouth of Buffalo
Whiting, M. L. – Wheeler
Worth & Eller – Mouth of Buffalo
Worth & Lillard – Creston


Jefferson – Jefferson
Mountain Hotel – Jefferson
Traveler’s Home – Creston

Leather Manufacturers & Dealers

Transou, S. M. – Ore Knob

Livery and Sale Stables

Upchurch, G. W. – Ore Knob

Lumber Dealers

Barr & Severt – Jefferson
Bear, J. – Ore Knob
Blackburn, W. & H. B. – Elk X Roads
Blevins, W. H. – Weasel
Brown, Martin & Sons – Nathan’s Creek
Cooper, James – Elk X Roads
Ham, E. L. – Apple Grove
Ham, Thomas M. – Apple Grove
Hulcher, W. C. L. – Elk X Roads
James & Brooks – Mouth of Buffalo
Maxwell, J. A. – Creston
Miller, Allen – Weasel
Miller, James S. – Apple Grove
Miller, Troy – Ore Knob
Norris, L. – Creston
Prather, M. – Creston
Robinson, B. F. – Creston
Sapp, John & Co. – Creston
Shepherd, John – Furches
Welbourne, J. C. – Ore Knob
Worth & Lillard – Creston

Mills – Corn

Hopkins’, G. W. Hopkins & Son – Gap Creek
Johnson’s, Mathew Johnson – Furches
Lewis’, J. Lewis, Apple Grove
McMillan’s, J. B. McMillan – Nathan’s Creek
Rich Rock, A. M. Maxwell, Creston
Shepherd’s – John Shepherd, Furches
Weasel, Blevins & Miller, Weasel

Mills — Flour and Grist

Ashland, D. Worth & Son, Creston
Bear’s, Joseph Bear – Ore Knob
Blackburn’s, W. & H. B. Blackburn – Elk Cross Roads
Fender’s – John Fender – Ore Knob
Graybeal’s – C. Graybeal – Mouth of Buffalo
Elizabeth Ham’s – Apple Grove
John Ham’s – Apple Grove
Thomas Ham’s – Apple Grove
Hamilton, R. A. Hamilton – Beaver Creek
Hartzog’s, D. Hartzog – Gap Creek
Idol’s, Barnett Idol – Nathan’s Creek
Idol’s – J. C. Idol – Gap Creek
Johnson’s, Z. T. Johnson – Creston
Maxwell’s, Sidney Maxwell – Solitude
Miller’s, George Miller – Ore Knob
Miller’s, John Miller – Apple Grove
Perkins’, J. Perkins – Helton
Wilcox’s, Dr. J. O. Wilcox – Staggs Creek


Barr’s, Felix Barr – Jefferson
Barr’s, Barr & Severt – Ore Knob
Bear’s – Joseph Bear – Ore Knob
Clarke’s, A. Clarke – Apple Grove
Cooper’s, James M. Cooper – Gap Creek
Fender’s, John Fender – Ore Knob
_______, Graham & Blackburn – Elk Cross Roads
Graybeal’s, E. Graybeal – Creston
John Ham’s, Apple Grove
Thomas Ham’s – Apple Grove
Hopkin’s, G. W. Hopkins & Son – Gap Creek
Howrel’s, James Howrel – Gap Creek
James & Brooks – Mouth of Buffalo
Maxwell’s – Sidney Maxwell – Creston
Miller’s – George Miller – Ore Knob
Meyer’s – L. M. Myers – Creston
Sheppard’s – John Sheppard – Furches
Sheppard’s – Sheppard & Johnson – Furches
Worth’s – D. Worth – Creston


Blevins, W. H. – Weasel
Cockram, Irving – Nathan’s Creek
Cockram, James – Nathan’s Creek
Ham, Nathan – Apple Grove
Heinteze, M. P. – Creston
Idol, Barnett – Nathan’s Creek
Idol, J. C. – Gap Creek
Maxwell, J. A. – Creston
Myers, L. M. – Creston
Osborn, Simpson – Ore Knob
Sheets, T. M. – Weasel


Ashley’s – C. F. Ashley – Mouth of Buffalo
Carson’s – S. M. Carson – Nathan’s Creek
Church’s – J. H. Church’s & Co. – Elk X Roads
Copper Knob – North State Mining Co., 52 Broadway, New York, Gap Creek
Creston – W. P. Thomas, Geo. Reeves, David Worth, T. J. Lillard – Creston
Elk Knob – N. Wagoner – Taylorsville, Tenn
Ore Knob – Ore Knob Copper Co., J. E. Clayton – Ore Knob
Stuart’s – J. Stuart, Mouth of Buffalo

Mines – Iron

Ashley’s – C. F. Ashley – Mouth of Buffalo
Graybeal’s – C. Graybeal – Mouth of Buffalo
Rose’s – Wyatt Rose – Mouth of Buffalo
Stuart’s – J. Stuart – Mouth of Buffalo

Mines – Mica

Dobbin’s – H. A. Dobin – Elk X Roads
Ray’s – Larkin Ray – Elk X Roads

Mines – Soapstone

Warren’s – P. M. Warren – Mouth of Buffalo


Adams, R., Dr. – Ore Knob
Carson, William – Ore Knob
Woodil, G. W. – Ore Knob
Worth, David – Creston

Painters – House & Sign

Aldrich, D. B. – Creston
Badger, W. H. & Sons – Mouth of Buffalo
Dollar, John – Creston
Lomax, W. A. – Jefferson
Miller, Joseph – Ore Knob
Osborn, Jesse – Apple Grove


Adams, R. – Ore Knob
Blevins, Wesley – Weasel
Gentry, L. C. – Jefferson
Graham, R. – Elk X Roads
Houck, A. F. – Gap Creek
Jones, R. W. – Creston
Jones, Thomas – Mouth of Buffalo
Lemley, J. T. – Elk X Roads
Warren, C. E. – Creston
Wilcox, J. Orin – Stagg’s Creek

Sadde and Harnessmakers

Plummer, Samuel – Ore Knob
Rollins, H. H. – Jefferson

Schools & Colleges

Brookside Institute – Creston
Brushy Fork – R. Osborn – Wheeler
Jefferson Academy – E. F. Wakefield – Jefferson
Weasel – P. Graham – Weasel


Bartlett, E. C. – Jefferson
Cox, S. V. & W. T. – Nathan’s Creek
Elliott, E. C. – Creston
Hardin & Hart – Creston
Jones, Alexander – Creston
Perry, John – Apple Grove
Transou, S. M. – Ore Knob

Watchmakers and Jewelers

Newman, James – Creston
Sharp, J. W. B. – Stagg’s Creek
Wilcoxen, William – Gap Creek

Wood Dealers

Bear, Elias – Ore Knob
Bear, Henry, Sr. – Ore Knob
Bear, Nelson – Ore Knob
Davis, P. – Ore Knob
Harrison, R. R. – Ore Knob
Osborn, Marion – Wheeler
Thomas, R. A. – Wheeler

Principal Farmers

Apple Grove – E. Ham, F. Hampton, Abram Ham, Benjamin Greer, Melvin Shepherd, Calvin Shepherd, Harrison Elliott, Stephen Elliott, John Ham, E. Miller, Thomas M. Ham, E. Weaver, Ambrose Weaver, A. Clarke, Isaac Miller, A. Miller, W. M. Brooks, Larkin Ham, William Perry, Joshua Ham, Floyd Eldreth, Stephen Perry, Joseph Lewis, Porter Calhoun, Lee Hurley, Jesse Miller, Ransom Phillips, Adam Miller, J. Miller, William Miller, J. W. Tucker, David Tucker, Sidney Tucker, E. Tucker, James S. Miller, John P. Tucker, H. B. Spence, G. Ham, John Ham, Sr., William Taylor, W. A. Greer, E. Greer, Alex. Greer, James Greer, John Greer, H. M. Broosk, Charles Henson, A. Ham, R. Osborn, John H. Vannoy, Solomon Perry, Wesley Thompson, E. Taylor

Beaver Creek – R. T. Harden, W. H. Hamilton, James Shepherd, Joseph Harden, Thomas Calloway

Creston – Marshall Baker, R. O. Sutherland, O. H. Thomas, Alfred Graybeal, John Graybeal, Jr., William Maxwell, George L. Price, Marion Goss, D. Worth & Son, A. M. Maxwell, S. C. Jones, E. Graybeal, David Graybeal, D. L. Graybeal, John P. Osborn, Moses Tucker, John Osborn, S. Maxwell, John Robinson, Calvin Lewis, Henderson Graybeal, C. W. Osborn, H. Winebarger, Jacob Lewis, B. H. Neal, Newman Mafaffy, J. Craven, R. H. Jones, T. M. Jones, D. Grayham, S. F. Owens, L. Tiley

Elk X Roads – William Howell, Wiley Howell, H. A. Dobbin, G. Graham, J. H. Church, J. T. London, Wiley Church, A. F. Devine, R. G. McGwin, E. Tatum, H. Claroson

Furches – Alvin Richardson, A. Waddill, L. W. Ross, C. B. Richardson, D. T. Jones, John Church, Wilson Woodie, J. R. Sheppard, W. A. Richardson, A. W. Long, W. M. Richardson, E. C. Church, J. Richardson, M. M. Waters, Alfred Thompson, J. C. Richardson

Gap Creek – S. A. Yates, H. Phillips, E. Phillips, A. Mikeal, S. A. Cooper, David Howell, C. M. Graybeal, D. A. Cowles, J. F. Taylor

Helton – Johnson Perkins, William Waddell

Jefferson – Eli Graybeal, W. K. Wilcoxson, W. P. Thomas, G. H. Hamilton, A. Dixon, J. E. Foster, L. C. Gentry, J. Blevins, S. C. Waugh, Jacob Graybeal, J. W. Todd, E. C. Faw, A. P. Coldiron, Isaac Little, S. Lunceford, John H. Carson, J. C. Plummer, William Jones, D. S. Perkins

Mouth of Buffalo – J. Eller, J. P. Ashley, John Baker, W. H. Perkins, C. Graybeal, J. Graybeal, H. A. Eller, M. Duval, Jesse Reedy, E. Weaver, John Duval, John Johnson

Nathan’s Creek – Jesse B. McMillan, Alex B. McMillan, A. N. McMillan, Hardin McMillan, S. V. Cox, William Miller, Jesse Bledsoe, John Gentry, Freeland Colvard, Marion Woody, Eli Chandler, Andrew J. Vannoy, Joshua Cox, Andrew Dixon, Marshall Dixon, Ambrose Barker, James Gambill, Jesse Gambill

Ore Knob – G. E. Miller, H. S. Vannoy, G. W. Ketchum, G. W. Sheppard, N. C. Sheppard, J. B. Austin, Wilson Woodie, James Woodie, I. Cox, Michael Miller, James Miller, J. B. Miller, Wiley Sheets, Mathew Sheets, David Sheets, Alfred Sheets, John Poe, Timothy Poe, William Lyles, John Bear, J. H. Wagoner, David Ausborn, Jesse Ausborn, James Ausborn, T. Woodie, Calvin Woodie, John M. Woodie, Wiley Bear

Shady Springs – W. B. Call, W. M. Baldwin

Solitude – John Pennington, William Graybeal, Calvin Lewis, James W. Oliver

Stagg’s Creek – James Latham, G. L. Price, R. Sutherland, David Eller, L. Eller, Joshua Roark, Alex Jones

Walnut Hill – E. Blevins

Weasel – Allen Miller, Wesley Blevins, W. H. Blevins, Edward Blevins, C. C. Davis, David Tucker, Sidney Tucker, Jason Weaver, Paterson Graham, E. C. Stuart, Elisha Roop, John Roop, Jr.

Wheeler – Stephen Osborn, Richard Osborn, Milton Knight, Alex. Martin, Alfred Osborn, William Knight, Richard Vanover, John W. Osborne, Joseph H. Tyree, Johnson Roark, Andrew Eastridge, R. A. Osborn, Samuel Price, David Cornett, George Cornett, Jerry Cornett, John Price, Stephen B. Osborn, Jonathan Osborn, Milton Roark, A. Vanover, Calvin Vanover, Joseph M. Taliaferro, David Osborn, Alpheus Allison