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Andrew Eastridge

Submitted by Steve Yarbrough

Andrew Eastridge: born 4-16-1844 in North Fork (now Creston) in Ashe County, NC , died 12-21-1904 in Creston and is buried with his wife Martisha at the Mtn. View Church Cemetery on Brushy Fork in Ashe County. He was a mason and the masonic symbol is on his headstone. The attached picture is of Andrew and Martisha. (Martisha’s family was for the South)

Andrew and Martisha Eastridge
Andrew and Martisha Eastridge

He was the son of Pleasant Eastridge (born ~1808) and Phoebe Graybeal Eastridge (born 1810) – married in 1830.

Andrew had several brothers and sisters:

William b.1831, d.1888
John b. 1833, d. ?
Henry b. 1835 d.
David b. 1836,d. ?
Joel b. 1838, d. ?
Eli b. 1840, d.?
Lucy b. 1841 d.?
Mary b. 1843, d. ?
Martha b. 1846, d. ?
Sarah b. 1849, d. ?

This is the way the story goes as told by my grandfather Roby Eastridge: During the Civil War the Rebels got Andrew and were going to make him fight for them. His mother (Phoebe) outtalked them, telling them he wasn’t 16 yet. She took him home and dressed him in a dress and hoops like a woman so he could get through to the Yankee side to join their Army. I don’t know anything about his experiences in battle, but he was known as “Brave and Ready” because he was brave and ready. He drew a pension after the war.